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Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 16:30 +0000

They’re flying so thick and fast it is amazing.  And take heart – there will be a Meme Overflow and I will back-edit to include the link.  And potentially there will be a Friday Meme Overflow-Overflow.  Here’s the Overflow-Overflow from last Friday.

Remember, ridicule and mockery are effective weapons:

  1. Ridicule cannot easily be fought
  2. Ridicule makes the enemy angry, and angry people make mistakes
  3. For those in the “squishy middle” a Thought Splinter (and Part II and Part III) can often be hidden inside humor.  Stand by for Thought Splinters IV… it’s coming, I swear!

Now, let the mockery and mayhem begin.

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***




But first, a random sampling of three of my cartoons.  Please note these are my concepts but I pay a professional to do them.



(Buy the mug)











Citing Sowell:



With regards to every vaccine, and the Jab in particular (I separate it out because it’s not a vaccine, even if the CDC did change the definition to help The Jab Cause)… no company will face any consequences unless fraud is shown, at which point – at least, in theory, fraud vitiates everything.  This is why the pharma companies, with the help of the FedGov, are so ruthlessly attempting to squash accusations of fraud.

Whether injections or, honestly, at this point almost any medical intervention… the doctors, the hospitals, and the companies making it need to have a skin in the game.  And speaking of the game:



I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t share data.  You want to inject something into me, then try and hide the data about it, that’s a brick-on-the-jeweler’s-scale red flag for me.  Same for making changes to the energy grid, farming, etc., based on data and analyses that are not open to independent verification.

Concealed Data: My BS Meter Pegs Out – Granite Grok









As I said in a prior meme fest, showing a similar quote by Barackus Rex, you must – MUST – understand that population dilution/replacement is THE GOAL for the Left.  Thus statements by every single Democrat on stopping illegal aliens was all just a misdirection to make people believe they intended to fix it.  Remember, they have a LONG GAME and are perilously close to the end.  As I predicted in Survival Sunday what the Left will do if they keep the House and make even one Senatorial gain in the Senate:

1. Nuke the filibuster entirely – everything will now be straight majority.

2. Their all-encompassing voting bill, which will cement Democrat majorities at the federal level forever. Included in this will be amnesty and citizenship by 2024 for the millions of illegals that are coming over and getting onto the welfare train. LBJ’s comments about owning blacks in the “Great Society” will echo here with these illegals-now-citizens.

And then, insofar as voting, it’s over.  Done.








Understand, I do not advocate or recommend this.  But whether Antifa or the greenies or whomever, their protesting and blocking traffic or whatever is only tolerated because people tolerate it.  We don’t want to get arrested for anything and we believe in the right to protest.  But I am predicting that, sooner rather than later, people will lose patience.  Patience with the protestors, and patience with the political class that enables this behavior.  And again – not advocating – but if someone’s family or cherished friend dies because an ambulance couldn’t get through due to road blockages, well, use your imagination.  Related to spoiled brat misbehaviors that only continue with the tolerance of society at large:

Furious motorists DRAG Just Stop Oil protesters out of the road as one glues himself to police van | Daily Mail Online

Extinction Rebellion protesters glue hands to Picasso painting at National Gallery of Victoria | Daily Mail Online







Pick of the post:



Most will not make that leap.

Understand I am not a psychologist, nor do I play one on TV.    But I’ve got more than a few years under my belt, have learned an awful lot about psychology especially from Doctor Sanity (alas she’s stopped blogging), as well as other readings and video viewings.  And in dealing with people with a curious incuriosity (Part 1 and Part 2) I’ve learned that, for the vast majority, they won’t even look at information that makes them uncomfortable, e.g.:

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”

― Frantz Fanon

Whether climate change, or the Jab, or the appeal of Socialism / Globalism, or anything else – people have tied their sense of moral superiority to a specific belief.  It’s a hard hill to climb to get someone to challenge a belief that makes them feel good about themselves.  And thus, per Sowell, it’s generally fruitless to try and change their minds:



Instead, we need to follow this advice.  The question is… how; on a practical level… HOW?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller







An Italian-American’s Heartwarming Defense Of Columbus Day – The Lid (





Palate Cleanser:





And while I certainly am captivated by the biblical implications of this… just the sheer, raw miracle of getting 2000-year-old seeds to sprout, grow, and resurrect an extinct species:



I love dates.  I’ve always played with the idea of trying to make date wine.  Maybe next year in my “copious free time”.

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Armageddon Requires Strong Leadership

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 15:00 +0000

Misspeaking is a tremendous problem for this President. I am not talking about the situations where Joe Biden has been picked up by a “hot” mike and dropped four-letter expletives like he was in a locker room. I am referring to the President describing the nuclear situation we are facing with Russia and Ukraine as Armageddon.

He said this is the closest America and the world have come to nuclear conflict since the Bay of Pigs. Unfortunately, if this claim is true, we do not have JFK in the Oval Office. We have JRB vacationing in Delaware. It took Karine Jeanne-Pierre a couple of days to walk back the President’s statement. That act should not make us warm and fuzzy.

KJP has as much credibility as JRB. That is not much. Just this week, Karine was emphatic that the White House had no plans to withdraw any additional petroleum from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Less than twenty-four hours later, Biden announced another ten million barrels to be withdrawn. Do these two ever communicate with each other?

Neither option is a good one for Americans. First, Biden should be calming the American public. He should not be using hyperbole, as Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) said in defense of Biden’s comments. Auchincloss went on to say we have been enjoying superior leadership from Joe Biden. What planet is he living on? Oh, that’s right. He is from Massachusetts. If he misspoke, then the President should have clarified his comments. If he stands by his words, why is he relaxing in Delaware and not in the Situation Room, working to assuage the global situation? Apparently, to Joe Biden, the potential nuclear option by Russia is tantamount to the Border Crisis, record high gas prices and inflation, and the country now in a recession. None of them warrant concern or action. That is not superior leadership.

The world’s bad actors were licking their lips on January 20, 2021. Donald Trump held these regimes at bay. Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran did not dare to act up while 45 was in the office. With Biden, it is a different story. They know that Biden is weak, and they are all testing his resolve, and they are winning. It is inevitable that Putin will dip into his arsenal to save face and reverse the momentum in Ukraine. Success is the only option for the Russians.

Biden is negating our strength on the global stage. He is weak with some of our foes and is groveling with Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela to fill the gap in our petroleum supply caused by his bad policy decisions. This is so concerning for Joe that he is in Delaware for another weekend of peaceful repose. Americans would like one of the weekends but have not had one since Biden took the oath.

By the way, the Secret Service responded to a Freedom of Information Request this week about the people who have visited Joe Biden during the forty weekends he has spent in Delaware. They claimed there were no records to disclose. For the most transparent administration in history, what are they hiding? There is no way that Biden has not seen anyone during these weekends, but that is the story they expect us to believe. They can expect it, but they will be disappointed. Nobody is buying the word of the Secret Service, which appears to have joined the list of compromised government agencies. Washington needs a deep cleaning. We can all agree on that.


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POLLING Data On Obscene Books in Public Schools

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 13:30 +0000

One would think that you wouldn’t need a poll to tell you that most Americans oppose obscene or sexually explicit content in public schools. Since this is turning into a national debate, let’s take a look at some of the polling. According to a new Rasmussen poll, voters are overwhelmingly against obscene books in public schools.


A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and the Capitol Resource Institute finds that 89% of Likely U.S. voters think it is important that public schools fully inform parents about what is being taught to their children in classrooms, including 70% who say it is Very Important. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Sixty-nine percent (69%) of voters believe books containing explicit sexual depictions of sex acts, including homosexual sex, should not be present in public high school libraries. The majority opposed to sexually explicit books in public school libraries rises to 79% for middle schools and 85% for elementary schools.

The survey found broad agreement across political and demographic categories. For example, 79% of whites, 73% of both black and Hispanic voters, and 72% of other minorities were at least somewhat concerned that school-age children are being exposed to sexual material that is not age appropriate. Majorities of Republicans (85%), Democrats (56%) and 69% of voters not affiliated with either major party believe it is Very Important that public schools fully inform parents about what is being taught to their children in classrooms.

To those who continue to push these grooming practices, the vast majority of voters do not support this. These are the same people who will be voting on school budgets and other funding for public schools.

The small minority of people who do support these grooming practices should not be working in a public school. They are a danger to your children.

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How to be Happy in the Post-Covid World

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 12:30 +0000

Summer seems to be over for good, even in New Hampshire, where harsh temperatures are driving more and more people to take refuge in the warmth and comfort of their homes.

The transition from one season to the next is never easy; on the contrary, sometimes it is so sudden that it manages to catch people completely off guard, even causing them some mild physical ailments and a general feeling of loss. It is the time of year when people, when not working, prefer to stay indoors, with the exception of the occasional evening spent out with friends.

For some, getting back to spending more time indoors means resurrecting the ghosts of Covid-19 and lockdown periods, of all the restrictions due to the global pandemic and those measures that, in one way or another, have prevented most people from having a social life, forcing them to stay indoors and spend their time with loved ones. But the arrival of the cold seasons does not necessarily represent bad news for New Hampshire residents: all that is needed is a little optimism, in the full knowledge that autumn and winter can represent exceptional opportunities to regain control over one’s life, to achieve certain personal goals, to engage in those passions and pastimes that had long been neglected.

Something new

To avoid bringing back the hardest moments of the health emergency, such as those associated with lockdown periods, you can try following these simple tips: while you are at home, engage in new activities and pastimes that you have never tried before, even during the most complicated months of the global pandemic. Try to avoid all those activities that helped you fill your days during the lockdowns, because they might bring back to the surface all the discomfort and pain you experienced during those days, with very unpleasant consequences for the serenity of one’s mind.

Even if these are activities to which you have become accustomed by now, and which are now among your absolute favorites, you can take the beginning of the new season as a valuable opportunity to devote yourself to something new, thus breaking out of the temporary comfort zone you had created for yourself and thus discovering other aspects of your personality, other passions, other tastes that you did not even know you had. In fact, you must avoid at all costs that your home activities evoke the ghosts of Covid, since they would be able to generate harmful (and silent) effects on your happiness and productivity, without you almost noticing them.

The strategy of opposites

From this perspective, you should take advantage of the strategy of opposites: if during the lockdown you spent most of your time in front of Netflix or TV series, now you should engage in something different, manual or intellectual. Repair a few household items or furniture, change the arrangement of furniture in a few rooms, improve the appearance of your home with small manual tasks. You might also think about devoting yourself to studying, reading, or improving some specific skill that might also come in handy from a professional point of view. The possibilities are really endless: you will just have to keep your mind busy, trying as much as possible to chase away any negative memories related to the two-year global pandemic.

This method also applies in the opposite direction: if you have spent most of the lockdowns working, doing physical or manual activity, you will now have the opportunity to devote yourself to something else, to activities that are more relaxing and less physically strenuous. Why not take a look at all the media content you have available on your smart TV? You may discover a new passion for a movie or TV series you had never heard of, or for a series of documentaries that can illustrate the wonders you will see on your next trip, such as the spectacular landscapes and numerous entertainment opportunities encapsulated in some Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand.

One of the benchmarks for online entertainment is certainly the world of gambling and online casinos, known in Thailand as คาสิโนออนไลน์, which are undoubtedly becoming a favorite option for those who prefer to spend the cold autumn and winter months at home. With the wide selection of casino games offered by these portals, users will be able to discover more about themselves, their personal tastes, thus approaching an exciting world full of entertainment opportunities. The useful guides and reviews on the sites, moreover, will also help even the most inexperienced players to settle in smoothly and start their online adventure quickly and easily.

Getting out of your comfort zone sometimes requires going in with a different spirit, alert and ready for change.

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Florida’s Surgeon General Warns Men 18-39 Years of Age About Cardiac Risks From the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 12:00 +0000

Florida no longer recommends that men ages 18-39 get the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines because the data suggests potential cardiac complications with significant health risks.


Based on currently available data, patients should be informed of the possible cardiac complications that can arise after receiving a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. With a high level of global immunity to COVID-19, the benefit of vaccination is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiacrelated death among men in this age group.



Isn’t that refreshing?

A state took the data it collected and, instead of ignoring what it told them about public health because of Pfizer or Federal money (The New Science), arrived at a conclusion in the actual interest of the public’s health.


Results from the stratified analysis for cardiac-related death following vaccination suggests mRNA vaccination may be driving the increased risk in males, especially among males aged 18 – 39. Risk for both all-cause and cardiac-related deaths was substantially higher 28 days following COVID-19 infection. The risk associated with mRNA vaccination should be weighed against the risk associated with COVID-19 infection.


My favorite New Hampshire example is the push to vaccinate Granite Staters under twenty. Before the introduction of the Emergency Use pharmaceuticals (in the name of preventing COVID infections), very few (for lack of a better word) children got COVID or advanced to severe illness. None died. With the help of the media, politicians, and the Hospital cartel, the State pushed them anyway.

Buckets of money and all that.

The “vaccine” killed more kids than COVID, and we’ve numerous indications of increased health risks from other causes post “vaccination.”

But neither the State nor its “experts” have said boo about any of it, and we are still taking federal money to promote these inoculations despite known risks.

You will have noticed that the Florida Surgeon General prefaced the recommendation by saying that the benefits of a high global immunity outweighed the risk presented by the mRNA injections.

Wouldn’t it be great if your state health apparatus did the right thing and told your friends and neighbors that there are risks to these experimental therapies, and some of them are greater than the virus?

We’re waiting.



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Nashua Alderwoman Shoshanna Kelly Needs to Return the Money

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 10:30 +0000

BUMPED from 1/18/22 at the request of the author.

The Nashua taxpayers should think that our Board of Aldermen are looking out for the taxpayers’ however they are not.  I had to send an email to remind them that it is their duty to look out for the Nashua taxpayers.

Email read as follow:

This email is an official request to the Board of Aldermen to take action on City Clerk Lovering’s letter sent to Board members on December 17, 2021 re Alderwoman Kelly. This email requires more than just procedural actions of placing this email on file.

The December 28, 2021 Agenda for the Board of Aldermen meeting, contained the letter sent by the City Clerk to inform the President of the Board of Alderwoman Kelly being absent more than three times for regular board meetings. Aldermen O’Brien motioned to put this item on indefinite hold.

Per NRO-5-6: any member of the Board of Aldermen that is recorded absent at three or more regular meetings of the board, the City Clerk shall transmit a communication stating that fact to the Board of Aldermen, and the stipend for that quarter shall be withheld.

This letter needs to come before the board again. However, this time I request that all Aldermen that have done business with Alderwoman Kelly’s company (Kelly Creative also doing business as The Do it Left Project) abstain from voting on this item.  As you can see below it will show a direct conflict of interest on the part of the Aldermen that had used Alderwoman Kelly’s company for campaign literature.

Clearly, some of our Aldermen have financial ties to each other.  It appears that Alderwoman Kelly’s marketing company does a lot of work for some of the other Aldermen and other city officials. Perhaps the work required to support the Aldermen prevented Alderwoman Kelley from performing her elected duties. Below are some examples of the Creative Kelly bills that were paid for the campaign:



Board of Aldermen members that gave contributions to the Nashua Democratic Party, approximately $22,000 in contributions, should also abstain from casting their vote due to a direct conflict of interest because the Nashua Democratic Party used Alderwoman Kelly’s company for campaign literature.

One of the Board of Aldermen’s functions is to be accountable to the Nashua taxpayers and therefore the stipends paid to Alderwoman Kelly should be returned to the Nashua taxpayers.  Taxpayers should not be paying for work that was not done.

I ask that Alderwoman Kelly’s stipend for the 3rd quarter of 2021 be returned to the City of Nashua. I have enclosed a copy of the December 17, 2021 memo to President Wilshire just in case any board member needs a reminder.


Nashua BOA Memo on Alderwoman Shoshanna Kelly 12.17.21

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When Is Pornography Not Pornography?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 01:30 +0000

Steve MacDonald, editorial partner at GraniteGrok, wrote an article about porn. At least, I think it was about porn. I don’t remember the article, but I remember the photo of two book covers that appeared with it. One was called Lawn Boy, and the other had the word “queer” in it.

We want to thank Mary Maxwell for this Op-Ed Please direct yours to

Unrelated to Steve’s item, I get very antsy if I see anything that connects Republican conservatism with, um, the virtue of heterosexuality. I am heterosexual, and I don’t consider it virtuous to be so. Likewise, I don’t consider homosexuality to be good or bad. There can be a gay man who’s a horrendous human being, or he might be just middle of the road or be some kind of saint. It’s not predictable from his sexual orientation. (If it is, please tell me how. Same for gals.)

Let me tell the Lawn Boy story quickly, so I can get Steve off the hook and then get back to my ranting about cultural conservatism.

I ordered, from, the kids’ book entitled “Lawn Boy,” by Gary Paulsen. It was cheap (used, falling apart.) I haven’t yet ordered the other one, the LGBT one, as it’s a bit pricey. The reason for investing in the book is that I got caught red-handed at Granite Grok making a remark in support of the LGBT book, using only Amazon reviews as my source. (I commented under Steve MacDonald’s article.)

Yep, I was mighty embarrassed and thought I had better spring for a copy, belatedly. The book, Lawn-Boy, arrived today. I assumed it would focus on pedophilia. I wondered if I’d get persuaded that schools should teach a 12-year-old boy that if a man invites him to his house, he should be wary. (We tell little girls not to accept candy or get into a stranger’s car, don’t we?)

Examining the Book

I am very aware of child abuse (from working on court cases in Australia). Last week, I posted an article at GraniteGrok entitled “Pedophilia Is Not a Side Issue” or something like that. So if it’s a biggie, maybe — just maybe — it’s OK for a school library to have a book that deals with it.

I go to the back page first — About the Author, Gary Paulsen. It starts out nice: “Gary Paulsen is the distinguished author of many critically acclaimed books for young people.” These include “Molly McGinty Has a Really Good Day,” (you wonder what she was doing?) “Woods Runner,” (OK, maybe the kids had to run away from a pedo) and — wait for it — “The Amazing Life of Birds.” (Surely, surely, Gary Paulsen is not going to discuss bird sex, is he?)

Then I went to the front of the book and found that Publishers Weekly said: “Witty, quick moving… Readers will find this madcap story a wise investment of their time.” Yeah, but that source works for the publishing industry and hardly ever knocks a book, right? (Publishers Weekly praised my first book, Human Evolution, in 1984, whereupon my librarian-ridden family told me that a review from PW is a sales technique.)

Then I view the pre-loved background of this Lawn Boy book: a stamp inside the front cover indicates it was formerly held by “Omaha Public Schools.” Well, I guess you know the child abuse that went on in Boys Town, Omaha. I can see my Dad now, placing a one-dollar bill in the envelope when we were asked to contribute yearly to Boys Town. Quel racket!

Also, Omaha is the stamping ground of David Shurter. In 2010, I went to Nebraska to stamp with him. He made a video to show the walking distance between the Omaha Police Station and the place where he regularly got beat up (sexually) by a club of businessmen. About 80 feet. Omaha is also written up in Nick Bryant’s tome, “The Franklin Sandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, and Betrayal.” David Shurter’s book is “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

Next, I look at the back cover for a precis of Lawn Boy. Or a little teaser, as the case may be. It says: “The grass grew and so did business [lawn mowing]. Arnold [the likely suspect] invested my money in many things. One of them was a prize fighter. …That’s when my summer got really interesting.” Aha! I get it. A heavyweight champ is going to rape the 12-year-old.

Reading the Book

Remember the context of Steve’s displaying the cover of Lawn Boy is the question of school libraries foisting dirty ideas on children. Luckily for me, this book has only 88 pages. I went through it in order, no cheating, please. (I always cheat on long YouTube videos, don’t you?) It started out sweet and funny, especially about the kid’s grandma, who had actually bought the lawnmower for him.

Not until page 24 was there even the possibility of a lascivious moment. The kid who is writing this, as an autobiography, never reveals his name, but one of the main characters is “Arnold,” a stockbroker, who shows him how to invest his big cash intake from the lawnmowing job. On page 24, Arnold offers to help Lawn Boy employ other men and says “Can you come back after dark?


Well, it turns out that the need for doing business in the dark has to do with the fact that the men, who will mow lawns as subcontractors for our 12-year-old, could be illegal immigrants, and we don’t want ICE, DHS, or IRS coming around, do we?

Dear Groksters, it’s time for me to put Steve out of his anxious state and make an announcement about the Lawn Boy book (Copyright 2007, Random House publisher). Here goes:

There is not one sentence, not one word, not even a comma, that is pornographic. There is nothing at all in this book, about pedophilia. Also there’s not so much as a locker room joke or a bathroom joke. There isn’t even a slightly suggestive riddle like “What do you call the guy who swam the English Channel with his hands and feet tied behind his back? A clever Dick.”

Nothing, nada, cipher. This book is about the stock market! It shows how the broker took the kid’s summer earnings of $4800 and turned into 48 thousand for him. It teaches a young reader such terms as investment, subcontracting, offsetting your gasoline expenses, and — amazingly — the need to postpone capital gains.

Here’s what we find on page 40 about Bill Gates. Oh, I should warn you, this book really is humorous and clever. Arnold is teaching the boy that the $8,000 he just made by investing the lawn money is not really a big amount at all:

“Everything,” Arnold said, “is relative. Eight thousand dollars is not all that large. If Bill Gates, who owns Microsoft, could hold all his wealth in his hands and he suddenly dropped it, just on the way to the ground it would make over forty thousand dollars in interest.”

(Parents may need to worry that their youngster will get an overly rosy idea about increasing their allowance!)

Back to My Rant, Please

So where was I? oh yes, I was saying that it pains me to think Republicans would reject a person or disapprove of a person based on his/her sexual orientation. I guess the excuse is that “cultural conservatism” means we should go with the norm, as in conserving the cultural past. Oh yeah? Well, it was standard in the past (say, 1905) for women to “sun” on the beach in bathing suits that covered from shoulder to ankle. Is that how you want to spend your summer at Hampton?

As a former candidate for Congress, I’m trying to see how “republicans” would have anything to say about culture. Isn’t it the essence of this Party, especially of the New Hampshire flavor, that we don’t want nobody telling us what to do. No seatbelts, no mandatory vax, no “official guides to true happiness.”

If I recall, in the Supreme Court case about the baker who refused to decorate a gay wedding cake, he made his case on First Amendment grounds. A baker should be able to make wedding cakes according to his artistic inclination type thing.

Also, there is no constitutional scope, per Article I, sec 8, for Congress to legislate about marriage. “The Defense of Marriage Act” is null on the face of it. (Sure, I know that nullification hasn’t really been hot stuff since the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of 1798, but I can dream, can’t I?)

Anyway my “appallment” isn’t mainly legal. It’s small-c christian. Or maybe it comes from my Australian “fair-go” mentality. All persons have a right to marry the one they love, if it’s based on a long-term commitment. Many lesbians do in fact marry, and live as a couple, but for the little piece of paper at the Registry office. (Nowadays they can get the paper.)

Hey Mary, haven’t you learned that there’s a sinister move to destroy the family? Yes, yes, I do know of it and I oppose it heartily. But think for a minute how that applies to a gay couple. Are they harming family life? No. They are enhancing society’s family-basis by being in a marriage.

Beats me how anyone can not see that.

I also dislike the attack on transgender people. Granted, it’s statistically unusual. Granted most of us have a brain wiring that makes us recognize every individual as being male or female, not “other option” or “customize.” But some persons really do feel that they belong to both genders, or neither. They, too, have a right to flaunt the motto “Live free or die.”

Is transgenderism being propagandized? Yes, Blind Freddie can see that someone is pushing it. But even so, a person who has settled into being the opposite gender from the one they had at birth shouldn’t be punished as a propagandist. Most likely he or she plays no part in that sort of PR activity.

Sexualizing Children

For the record I am strongly opposed to puberty blockers or encouraging any person to change sex before, maybe, age 25. Many years ago, my hairdresser was taking up a collection for a friend who was going “to get operated on.” Probably I contributed, having no clue what it was really about. But by God, no surgeon should do it to a person who feels “mixed up.”

Anyway, I am furious, as I’m sure you are, that schools are teaching sex — of any kind — to kids. Don’t teachers know better than to do that? Perhaps they think that the kid may encounter it online anyway, at risky sites. And thus it’s better for them to hear it in school where it can be criticized?

I don’t know. So I’ll shut up now. I thought I was writing a book review for Lawn Boy but it kinda got outta hand.

LGBT’s, you rock. Propagandists, you suck.

Gary Paulsen, thanks for the delightful and useful book. And for reminding us of that soon-to-be non-existent phenomenon: capital gains.


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Forrest Gump Goes “Woke”

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-10-10 00:00 +0000

Readers are encouraged to remember the fictional Forrest Gump character was a poor, simple, fatherless, southern boy from Alabama brought up by his single-parent mother. And whose book and movie life sparked reflection on America’s 1950,’60, and ‘70s political turmoil. He is back in that role, resurrected as an enlisted 2022 American soldier.

We want to thank Jim Betti for this Op-Ed Please direct yours to

Dear Mama,
After six months in the military, I thought I would write you a letter and let you know how things were going. First of all, when you come up North to visit do not be surprised when in front of my superiors, I call you my “birthing person”. Saying “mom or dad” is not encouraged on base. The military says these terms are divisive and would violate something called the doctrine of “gender neutrality”. And could be hurtful to others who were brought up differently from us regular Americans.

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It has taken a bit of time to get used to, but I now understand that being born a white man I have profited from “white privilege”. I know you worked two jobs bringing up the family by yourself. And, how when the school principal wanted to throw me out of school, you went to his house and convinced him to let me stay. It must have been hard to convince him because when you came out it almost looked like you had been in a fight. Your make-up was smeared, and your dress was all messed up. Even so, when the school principal came out to say goodbye, he had a big smile on his shiny face and seemed very happy with your convincing. I finished school and didn’t let you down. And I learned the value of good old fashion American hard work, but my sergeant says that just makes the point: If you were not born a white woman and instead were brought up in an unprivileged home, you probably would not have had the opportunities to work those two jobs and do what it took to bring me up and keep the family off of welfare.

I am working really hard and doing good in the classroom and on field tests. At first, I didn’t understand why others who did not do as good, including a colored soldier and a female soldier who for some reason wanted to be a man, were given leadership positions ahead of me. There is another soldier, who in the shower sure does look like a regular guy, but he dresses like a woman and if by accident any of us refer to that guy as “him” we get reprimanded. It is hard to keep it all straight, but I think I’m getting it because I now understand all those folks deserved a leg up and special treatment because of all the “white male privilege “I have had.

Many of the colored soldiers are talking about getting paid cash money because of America’s terrible history of promoting slavery. They say the government is always spending more than they have and something called the Federal Reserve can just print another trillion dollars and send it out to their people. I know our great, great, northern cousin died in the Civil War, fighting for the North to free the slaves, but the colored soldiers have told me that doesn’t matter, and because of something called” Systemic Racism”, our cousin’s family don’t deserve anything.

The Secretary of Defense is a colored man named Lloyd Austin, and everyone says it is a good thing President Biden nominated him because of the need for something called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the top of the military chain of command. The first thing Austin did was order the entire military to look for extremists in the ranks. I’m not sure why the investigators kept asking all the troops who voted for Donald Trump, but the word is they couldn’t find any extremists. Not finding any of these bad-guy extremists didn’t change much and it sure seems like the folks who voted for President Trump are being watched and treated differently from everybody else. That’s because Secretary Austin knows there are an awful lot of white privileged Trump voters in the service, and the Brass says they are racist.

Secretary Austin appointed a colored woman to be responsible for our education in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. All of the officers were thrilled that another unprivileged minority person was getting authority over us privileged white people. It seemed odd she {It is ok to call her that because she dresses in a woman’s uniform?} sent out emails calling us white privileged folks” Karens”. I figured in today’s US army, being called a “Karen” should not be upsetting because Karen might be a man, and the whole thing could be a compliment. But some of the troops got really upset. The Department of Defense showed these upset soldiers immediate respect and quickly deleted any references to the incident, and we are to proceed as if it never happened.

The officers all say how fortunate I am to be part of the new military culture of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. They call it “Woke, “and they learned it at the military academies. They say with Biden as President, soon the whole country will be this way.

I heard our neighbors and everyone in town have stopped encouraging their children to sign up for military service. I hope, as my birthing parent, you would pass this letter along so they can see how great it is to be part of America’s new future.

Love you

In early 2021 President Joe Biden made a commitment to nominating cabinet members not on merit but solely driven by Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Retired General Lloyd Austin was nominated to be the Secretary of Defense and was confirmed by the Senate. His first action was to pause the military and search for and root out extremists. Many Americans felt this was really an attempt to identify and mark white Trump voters as extremists. In the end, Austin’s attempted purge found no significant evidence of extremism in the US military. In September 2022 Secretary Austin announced the formation of the Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion {DACODAI} with the intent to transform the military culture to become more aligned with the progressive “Woke” religion.

Kelisa Wing was appointed head of the military’s education department on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. She is responsible for the worldwide DoD’s department of education and oversees all children K-12. Multiple Emails have surfaced exposing Ms. Wing as an anti-white fanatic who often refers to white Americans in a derogatory way, describing them as” Karens”, which is a known degrading anti-white term. Ms. Wing’s social media accounts have been made private, and the DoD has no comment.

The Air Force Academy has been exposed as becoming a “Woke” institution, now encouraging all cadets to no longer use the terms mom and dad.

The” Woke” armed services of America are unable to fill their recruitment needs despite its attempt to advertise and entice people with alternative lifestyles. The US military is now considering lowering its standards to try and fill the ranks.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on record that if the “Woke” influence continues to infect our armed services and is not reversed soon, our military’s ability to respond to world events will continue to degrade, and America will no longer be safe.

The “Woke” contagion is not only spreading in our military.
Our schools, colleges, and corporations have also been infected, eating away at the fabric that brings America together. Instead of uniting, dividing us, using race and gender. Turning their back on what makes America great. That we are “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

There is only one way to defeat the “Woke” contagion, and it is not a vaccine.
November 8th is coming!

Vote like our country’s, and your family’s future depends on it!! Because it does!!!


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The FBI Is Today’s Gestapo

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 22:30 +0000

The FBI did NOTHING about the BLM/Antifa domestic-terrorists who torched police stations and federal court houses, who looted businesses and burned them to the ground, and who killed people throughout the summer of 2020. The FBI is doing NOTHING about the spate of “abortion-activists” vandalizing … including firebombing … churches and pro-life centers.

But the FBI is conducting a national-campaign of harassment and intimidation of peaceful pro-life protesters.

AND if you think the FBI will stop with pro-life activists … you are DELUSIONAL.

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Challenge Accepted, Tim Lang!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 21:00 +0000

NH State Rep Tim Lang decided that it was incumbent on him, as he may well be my next “new” Elected Representative” due to the redistricting of NH State Senate District 2 and the retirement of Senator Bob Guida (who also handpicked Lang as his anointed replacement), to pick a fight with me a la the soon-to-be-State-Representative Gregg Hough to berate me.

I remind you that the two of them (Guida and Lang were the ones that sponsored HB1397 (“They Lost Their Political Hold on the Gunstock Area Commission and They Are Pissed!“) that would have put the Gunstock Area Commission which was bringing uncomfortable and intrusive questions from Conservatives in the Belknap Delegation (and rightfully so). So Lang decided that enough was enough and sponsored the HB1397 that would have severed any overwatch of Gunstock Mountain Resort by the County Delegation AND the County Commissioners here in Gunstock. The Gunstock Area Commissioners, that cabal of connivers, would no longer have any “who watches the Watchers” problems.

And that was the intent – the GAC would be all on its own – just the way it was before rumors started to swirl around begging to be questioned.  Fortunately, the amendment failed but that’s when the Democrat Citizens for Belknap PAC jumped into view to accomplish electorally what was not done legislatively – control the Delegation and you control the GAC. Or, “put things back into the dark the way it was”. For example, Commissioner Doug Lambert (of DGF Industrial) is doing exactly that, in part, by not promptly handing over the Right to Know demanded Commissioner Strang’s emails – he’s deliberately stringing the time out and I’m betting what I do finally receive will be “curated” and redacted.  That’s his style.

But back to Tim Lang.  I wrote two posts he’s ticked over

  • That he’s taken Union PAC money, which along with Howard Pearl(also running for NH Senate, both getting $5,000 each from RINO Brodie Deshaies union funded Common Sense PAC), that should have any normal Republican thinking “Oh, bought and paid for when it comes to the Freedom to Work where ever I want without Union interference): “GOP Candidate Tim Lang (NH Sen. Dist. 2) Is Sucking from the Union PAC Teat…“
  • And then here, What’s the Over/ Under That Citizens for Belknap Will Endorse Democrat Lisa Dimartino over a “Reasonable, Responsible Republican”?, I ruminated on which Republican endorsed by the Democrat PAC, named Citizens for Belknap, would do the heave-ho to make room for, well, Democrats like Lisa DiMartino.

My conclusion was that only Harry Bean, my current Elected  Rep, PROBABLY would be the only of the 4 Republicans endorsed by the CfB during the Republican Primary to be endorsed in the General Election and that’s because he may be seen to be too difficult to unseat and he’s still been useful to them.  Read the Letter he sent to the Daily Sun (click on the DiMartino post link) but here’s the money line: “we should be capable of coming to a compromise on most issues. Communication is a must.”

Note the lack of a most important word: Principles

So Tim Lang decided that he had an email response to the supposition and questions I posited from Bean’s LtE:

—— Original Message ——
From: “Rep Timothy Lang” <>
Sent: 10/8/2022 6:29:25 PM
Subject: Harry

Harry is in the hospital, battling for his life. Probably doesn’t need your bullshit right now.


My snappy retort was:

—— Forwarded Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
To: “Rep Timothy Lang” <>
Sent: 10/8/2022 6:33:43 PM
Subject: Re: Harry

How’s that Union money doing fer ya, eh?


Well, that bit about Bean was news to me and after my post had been published.  While I get informed about a lot of things, it would be hubristic of me to assume that I know everything and Lang assumed I did. I’m not putting the details in this post but his condition is dicey and prayers go out to him to get better.

Regardless what Lang said, when politicians act and speak, it is always fair game to comment on and the post will remain up – Bean voluntarily put that into the public eye at time that he was NOT in the hospital (I presume). If you are going to participate in the Arena of Ideas, expect response.

However, let me turn this around. Mr. Lang, during a Belknap County Republican Committee meeting, you asked that, if GraniteGrok continued with our GrokGauntlets down to the NH State Senate level, you’d be included. Given that you decided that GraniteGrok was good enough to ask to be included THEN, I find your comment about BS rather self-serving right now. But POLITICS!

So, I challenge you NOW, in an abbreviated written fashion rather than our oral version.  Here are the same questions that were asked of Harry – now they are yours to answer albeit in a somewhat different construction:

  • Given that you were acting in concert with Democrat leaning Citizens for Gunstock group/Citizens for Belknap PAC and laundered money from Democrat leaning Union PACs, how would you vote on a bill that would institute an income tax, a sales tax, or any other broadbased tax?
  • Given that you were acting in concert with Democrat leaning Citizens for Gunstock group/Citizens for Belknap PAC and laundered money from Democrat leaning Union PACs – what’s your compromise on the Second Amendment where the Democrats want to put stringent restrictions on citizens bordering on complete civilian disarmement (think David Meuse) – how many of your firearms are you willing to compromise on?
  • Given that you were acting in concert with Democrat leaning Citizens for Gunstock group/Citizens for Belknap PAC and laundered money from Democrat leaning Union PACs – How about your compromise on Parental Rights? Both Democrat Congresstwits Kuster and Pappas just voted down legislation, sponsored by Republicans, that would put Parents TOTALLY back into control of the education and health concerns of their children. That members of your “Lang Gang” either voted for or took a walk?
  • Abortion? Republicans want to save the life of that unborn child.  How can you compromise with Democrats that are perfectly fine with killing it?
  • Charter schools? Homeschooling?  Other alternatives?  Education money to follow the child instead of remaining in a given zip code for teachers unions? What’s your answer?

And of COURSE, the elephant in the room question:

What is the compromise, Mr. Lang, where Republicans want anyone to have the freedom to work where ever they want (Right To Work) and Democrats want to continue to lock people out of those jobs via Union demanded “closed shops” (and vote against Right To Work, like the Lang Gang)?

I’ll repeat what I stated about Bean but to you this time:

You’ve helped the CfB in their aims, knowingly or unknowingly.  They call me an Extremist for simply holding Republican positions…Do you consider me to be an Extremist now?

No, Mr. Lang, you were not in the CfB voter guide published in the Daily Sun – I was surprised that the NH Senate races here in Belknap weren’t mentioned. But then again, the purpose was to take control of the Delegation to protect the what is being done in the dark cellar of the GAC.

So, here’s your chance to make it to GraniteGrok from “the other side”. It’s yours to lose.


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Footloose in Concord Court for “Disorderly” NH9 Trial Scheduling

Free Keene - Sun, 2022-10-09 19:43 +0000

Arrested for sitting peacefully at an Executive Council meeting in 2021, Frank “Footloose” Staples was back in court Friday for a trial scheduling conference on multiple “disorderly conduct” charges. As previously reported, things are always interesting when Footloose is in court. Here is the full video of the hearing in Concord District Court:

A Question on Don Bolduc Winning Against Maggot Hassan

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 19:30 +0000

I hear the GOP has pulled money for Bolduc in NH.

I hear Schumer supported Bolduc for the sole reason to have him win the primary over Chuck Morse as he figured Don Bolduc could not beat Hassan.

We want to thank NHDen for this Op-Ed Please direct yours to

I hear Don Bolduc has limited funds and is out there campaigning while Hassan has billions in campaign funds and will not host town halls or a debate etc.
I also hear Hassan keeps her events and appearances secret so to not have people against her show up and ask her the tough real questions she needs to answer.

I listen to Don Bolduc on NH radio, and he has great points, etc., and I will vote for him, and I hope he wins.
But he has limited TV ads to get the word out and wouldn’t be surprised if WMURino would not put his ads on.
I have little cash, but I can tell you if I had a lot, I would support him financially big time.

I drive by Scamman farm in Stratham who, in the past, had his big republican events.
I see a Sununu sign but not a Leavitt or Bolduc sign; why is that?
Maybe that has changed recently, but pretty sad and not surprised (RINOS ?)

I drive around the seacoast and see huge Maggot Hassan signs but very few Don Bolduc signs.
I told a friend who works for the RNC to get me some big-ass Bolduc signs and I will attach them to my van and drive around the seacoast (down town areas) with them attached.

Hassan has to be ousted, as we both know, and from what I see, I am thinking it may not happen.



Editors Note: We have corrected the spelling of the General’s last name. Thanks for the heads up.

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Vermont Is All-In on Universal Vote-By-Mail-Fraud: Every Election, Forever.

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 18:00 +0000

It is a well-regarded fact, even among globalist progressives the world around, that voting by mail improves the ease with which election fraud can be perpetrated. Even Democrats of eld thought the practice suspicious and likely to undermine confidence in election integrity.

But isn’t that the point?


Elections are also – even if rigged – a barrier to the progressive agenda. Central planning is inequitable, incompetent, frequently cruel, and destined to devolve into some form of despotism, but that’s what they are after. So when the Left insists that talk about election integrity is little more than wide-eyed conspiracy, what they mean is to thank you for invalidating the institution.


Vote by mail ensures that the chain of custody for any given ballot is not only broken but can be manipulated, which does not benefit voting rights. Quite the opposite. The moment that ballot leaves your hand, if it has not entered the ballot box, you have potentially given up or given away your vote.

Related: Reminder: Elections are Just Another ‘Institution’ The Left Needs to Destroy

It’s that simple. And last year, Vermont embraced 100% mail-in voting, all-in, all the time.


Vermont’s progressive election laws have put it in the top 10 among U.S. states in voter turnout for decades. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it switched to a universal vote-by-mail system for the 2020 election. Last year, it made that change permanent.

It’s easy to register to vote in Vermont — something you can do up to and on Election Day. The state doesn’t have strict voter ID requirements, offers an array of options to vote early in person, allows residents to return ballots by mail or drop box, and has an online voting system for voters with disabilities.


Election integrity in Vermont is officially equal to that of the average third-world dictatorship with a twist. Voting in Banana Republics is an exercise in fealty to the ruling party and its figureheads. Voting in Vermont is now no different. Though, I’m not sure why they bothered. Perception, perhaps? Vermont is already trapped in a cascade of blue failure. Their Republican show-governor aside, Democrats can have whatever they want if they want it bad enough.

And now that applies to elections.



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An Updated Guide On Measuring Instruments Supplies In 2022

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 17:00 +0000

Measurement has immense importance when it comes to calculating the quality and quantity of any substance and thing. Everyday life depends on a lot of measuring tools and instruments.

That’s why you will have to access the measuring instruments supplier in your life. Measurement has permeated almost all spheres of life and without which living a normal life is not possible these days.

You must be thinking about what you will learn from this blog. Well, you will learn about these instruments and why they are used. You will get to know about some measuring instruments and their uses.

What are measuring instruments?

As the name suggests, measuring instruments are those tools and instruments that are used and applied in the measurement of many quantities. The exact measurements are needed when buying, selling, and quantifying anything. For example, to measure the length of anything or a product, you will need measuring tape, and the length is measured in meters.

What are measuring instruments used for?

Measuring instruments are used for the following things.

  • Most laboratories and industries are running and working smoothly with the help of these measuring instruments.
  • Physical sciences and engineering are the main disciplines of science that are incomplete without these measuring instruments.
  • These instruments are used for quality assurance. You can find these instruments useful for comparing the different quantities.


Different types of measuring instruments and their uses:

An infinite number of measuring instruments are used for different reasons. Let’s just explore a few popular measuring instruments.

  • Measuring Tape:

Measuring tape is one of the most widely used instruments. This instrument is used for the measurement of the length of different objects. You can also use it to measure your height. You can fix one end of this tape and then stretch the other end to the respective side. Most carpenters are unable to work without this useful measuring instrument.

  • Thermometer:

This measuring instrument is used for measuring temperature. You can use it not only for measuring the surrounding temperature but also for measuring the temperature of your body. Both manual and digital thermometers are used for the same purposes.

  • Pressure Gauge:

As the name indicates, this measuring instrument is used to measure pressure. You can use it to measure the pressure of air and water. Even in medical fields, these instruments are used to measure the blood pressure of all those suffering from hypertension.

  • Speedometer:

Well, this instrument is used to measure the speed of different objects. Most automobiles are also containing these speedometers. You can also use these instruments for scientific purposes.

  • Compass:

Compass is one of the commonly used measuring instruments that is usually used for measuring the distance between any two points on all kinds of maps. You can use a compass for making and drawing circles as well.

Bottom line:

The use of measuring instruments supplies is increasing with time. Modern time has witnessed a big revolution in these measuring instruments. Carpenters, designers, architects, and many more professionals are unable to earn through their businesses and job without these measuring instruments supplies.



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Survival Sunday

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 16:30 +0000

First, I am merely an “enlightened amateur”.  Please vet & check on your own.  Caveat emptor.  Consider these to be priming the pump for your own investigations.

Second, I fear spicy time is very close, but even a month of food, water, etc., puts you well ahead of most of the sheeple.  IMHO, set your minimum sights on a three-month period.

Third, two things will be critical for having the best chance of making it through:

  1. Mentality: first and foremost in survival is having a flexible mentality and cultivating the ability to adapt. Vanity has no place in survival.
  2. Develop a meatspace network of people that are likeminded: cultivate your community ties and build alliances with neighbors (note: don’t babble about the Jab or globalists or depopulation, or start pointing political fingers when doing this)… and remember, the first rule of PREP CLUB is that there is no prep club.

And please follow both me, Nitzakhon, on Gab… as well as my blog host Granite Grok and also on Telegram Tommy Robinson Official plus his Urban Scoop site.  And don’t forget posts sometimes get cloned on American Reveille as well.




Top of the fold:

President Clinton? – A Bad American

There is NO QUESTION in my mind that she’s running.  None.  None whatsoever.  But she will spin it as “reluctantly stepping forward for the good of America”.  And all the libs will flock to her to “right the wrong of 2016 when it was ‘stolen’ from her by Orange Man Bad“.



Potentially a $200 billion a year industry????  Saaaay, you remember when Barackus said medical costs were high because of “unnecessary surgeries”?  Pepperidge Farm Remembers.  Wood chipper therapy for everyone in the industry.  Stat.  And the parents who brainwash their kids to do this.  And the teachers.  Related:

Number Of Trans Youth in 2021 Up 70% From 2020… | Weasel Zippers

Moonbattery How Young Is Too Young? – Moonbattery

Watch: Planned Parenthood Cartoon Touts Puberty Blockers For Children – Summit News

Social contagion (

The Entire World Is Threatened by the Total Ignorance of American Governing Elites – LewRockwell

Never were Soviet leaders insulted and ignored in the manner that Putin has been.  President Reagan told the contingent that accompanied him to Reykjavik for his meeting with Gorbachev that anyone who took a rude or dismissal attitude toward the Soviet delegation would be fired on the spot.

In those long ago civilized days, the US government took no risks that could result in a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.

Now we have the Potato and others push-push-pushing to provoke Putin.  This is insane.  Very related:

Americans Better Wake Up and Realize the Russians Are genuinely Pissed Off (

My wife and the guy doing some work in our home are both from the former Eastern Block.  They’re both giddy over the bridge being blown up.  As though hemming the Russians, who are historically paranoid and jittery about enemies close to their territory, are just going to sit there and take it for long.

Reimagine Education | America’s Frontline Doctors (

For home schoolers.  I wish I could home school but my wife’s not on board.

Ebola Is Back: US To Screen Passengers From Uganda | ZeroHedge

Two articles on Ebola from 2019:

Raconteur Report: Do The Math, 2019 version

Bayou Renaissance Man: Ebola, rampaging superstition, and a complete ignorance of fact

To quote the latter article’s author, if Ebola actually lands and gets going in America, “Hell’s coming for breakfast”.




What’s a Little Pain When You’re Saving the Planet?

Go without anesthetic to saaaaaave the plaaaaaanet.  These people are insane.




Prepper Site URLS:

Most have daily articles; revisit daily.  Please recommend others in the comments.

Ask a Prepper, how to prepare, survive and thrive, latest news

Mother Earth News

The Organic Prepper Home – The Organic Prepper – The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times.

SHTF Blog – Modern Survival

Survival World – Everything You Need To Know to Survive

Homestead Survival Site – How to Live Off The Grid in Comfort and Style

Urban Survival Site | How to Survive a Disaster in the City

Mind4Survival – Survival and Preparedness

Gray Wolf survival

And three aggregate sites listing their top favorite sites & links too:


The 50 Best Survival Blogs

Prepper Website – Preparedness • Survival • Alternative News

Specific, one-up articles:

No-Electricity Cooking Techniques To Use During A Power Outage (

How to Make Homemade Herbal Cough Syrup (




Related to Spicy Time:

Looting “Will Get Progressively Worse” Amid Hurricane Ian Chaos, Sheriff Warns

Now… if the SHTF majorly, imagine this nationally.  Or internationally.




“God does His deepest work in our darkest hours.”

 A.W. Tozer




Short of years and untold wealth, you cannot possibly be fully prepared for everything (I have to keep reminding myself of that).  But even some preparations, ideally at least 90 days of food, water / water purification, etc., puts you head and shoulders in front of the vast majority of the sheeple who will be in jaw-gaping astonishment when the SHTF.  The only relevant questions are:

  1. When does it start?
  2. How bad will it get?
  3. How long will it last?
  4. What will the aftermath look like?







Foraging: One-up articles



Can’t wait for the part about how to shell the nuts efficiently.  We have a lot of black walnuts in the area.  And I just found a couple of streets that have quite a few hickory nuts as well.

A good oak tree, in a good acorn fall year, can produce over 1000 pounds of acorns.  So let’s assume a 1:4 ratio to get to acorn meal, dried.  That’s 250 pounds of acorn meal.  Speaking of acorns:



The Most Common Edible Trees Growing In Your State – Ask a Prepper

34 Wild Plants Every Prepper Should Know – Ask a Prepper

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat – Ask a Prepper

11 Things Native Americans Carried With Them To Survive In The Wild – Ask a Prepper

21 Wild Edibles You Can Find in Urban Areas – Ask a Prepper

Books (permanent feature):

Feasting Free on Wild Edibles (old but good)

The Lost Ways (much more than just foraging)

The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods




Deep State / Coming Tyranny / WEF / Globalists (broad):

And the stupidest thing you will read today.

Would not surprise me at all if this factored into the rush to push for a nuclear exchange.

She Just Admitted It – Summit News

Video, 4 minutes.

A UN official admitted at a WEF conference that the United Nations works directly with Google to rig the Google search engine.

Related IMHO:

The 2022 election is being rigged and stolen right this very minute- and on your dime – Flopping Aces

All of Us Are in Danger: When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition

I’ve had people tell me to BE QUIET and start to gray man.  Nuh uh.  I’m already on enough lists I’m toast.  Besides, I’d prefer to go fighting.

Surveillance State USA… Biden quietly unleashes spymasters in dramatic Executive Order… – Revolver News



National Security (specifically):

Number of illegals flagged as possible national security risks explodes under Biden (

Who is coming in???  More to the point, any hostile nation would be a FOOL to not take advantage and slip sleepers in.  More:

Bayou Renaissance Man: An organized terrorist threat from illegal aliens?

We have no functioning border.



Shortages (broadly):



California is the ‘sole producer’ of over a dozen crops. Here’s which ones (

So as California circles the drain faster than any other state – and that’s saying something – watch out.  Wait… not GARLIC!  Nooooooooooooo!  More:

U.S. facing butter shortage ahead of holidays (

No, not butter!  Similarly, no – not coffee!

Brazil’s Coffee Bean Supply To Hit Record-Low As Global Scarcity Worsens | ZeroHedge

Biggest EVER bird flu outbreak means 48MILLION chickens have now been culled across UK and Europe | Daily Mail Online

“Unprecedented” my ass.  Planned and facilitated, I call it.



Here’s How the Energy Crisis Will ACCELERATE the Food Crisis (

All interlinked.

U.S. barge backlog swells on parched Mississippi River | Reuters

One thing after another.  And this will ripple-effect.




Doctors are Causing Patients to be Brain Dead So Their Hearts Can be Harvested –

Murder for profit.

You think the Covid deaths in hospitals was a fluke?  You think the medical establishment wouldn’t squelch their consciences for enough dollars?  You think the profit motive isn’t what’s driving – in large part – the transing of our youth?  Video above… a potential $200 billion a year industry.







Video: CBS News Report Frames Removal Of Gay Porn Books From Children’s Library As ‘Book Banning’ – Summit News

Spin spin spin.  Related:



Media Hide Fascist Ideology Of Ukrainian Militia Which Visit Congress – Flopping Aces

The enemedia?  Hiding something?



Economy at large:



A good friend told me about the multi-day hassle he had withdrawing a significant amount in cash.  And this was months and months ago.

Economist Predicts 40% Market Drop Under Severe Stagflation

A Quarter Of San Francisco’s Office Space Is Empty | ZeroHedge

On The Path To Hyperinflation | ZeroHedge



A Hitherto Unthinkable Restraint

Italics replaced by underlining.

The Fed refused to take the bitter medicine that was necessary back in 2008. They bought a lot more time than I would have imagined by kicking the can down the road, and the Covid lockdowns and “emergency spending measures” appear to have given them an additional two years. But now it’s October, historically a month when the debt chickens come home to roost, and two of the world’s biggest banks, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, have managed to get themselves in seriously deep trouble again, because no one ever stops doing what they’re doing when you prevent them from suffering the consequences of their actions.



Inflation (specifically):

Inflation pushing nearly 90% firms to raise prices in 2023 | Washington Examiner




Your Next Pain Will Be Soaring Electricity Costs As Energy Crisis Comes To America | ZeroHedge




US Stability (broad catch-all):

Border officials count 599,000 ‘gotaway’ migrants in Fiscal Year 2022: source (

This is an invasion.

Commentary: America Is Barreling Toward a Cliff’s Edge Because of Democrats – Tennessee Star

Luckily, elections are less than 50 days away: soon, Americans will have a chance to vote for House Republicans’ Commitment to America and get our nation back on track.

Only if we can overcome the margin of fraud, which will be off-the-charts yuuuuge.  Related:



And that’s assuming we even have an election.  I was talking with a good friend and he speculated “something” will happen that results in calls for the elections in November to be pushed back.  “Just a temporary thing”.

Hispanic voters stun MSNBC – ‘We’re for God, family, and hard work…Voting Red”’ — The Republic Brief

Also interviewed were Jose Arreola and Maria Batres of El Paso, Texas, both former Dems who now support Republicans because of their party’s radical policies.

“Maria,” asked Díaz-Balart. “You were a Democrat and you are now a Republican, why?”

“Because the fact that the Democratic Party has changed a lot, and I identify more with the Republican Party,” she said.

“We’re for God, country, family, and hard work,” Batres said when asked what things that she was referring to.



Note the times and dates… and the DROP in Youngkin’s vote total, i.e., 13,885.  This is 2021.  In three minutes that’s a 0.88% DROP in votes while McAuliffe picked up over 14,000 votes in that same three minutes.  You really think 2022 is going to be different?  And if they keep the House and get a pure majority in the Senate, here are my predictions for the very first day of voting in 2023:

  1. Nuke the filibuster entirely – everything will now be straight majority.
  2. Their all-encompassing voting bill, which will cement Democrat majorities at the federal level forever. Included in this will be amnesty and citizenship by 2024 for the millions of illegals that are coming over and getting onto the welfare train. LBJ’s comments about owning blacks in the “Great Society” will echo here with these illegals-now-citizens.


“I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years. [Said to two governors regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to then-Air Force One steward Robert MacMillan]”


  1. Sweeping gun control including registration. Confiscation of “assault weapons”.

That will, doubtless, be the first day.  And it will get worse from there.  At that point TINVOWOOT for 100% certain.  Alas.



New York Has More Than 3 Million Voters Lacking Proof of Identity: Analysis

How do they function in society?  Three million just in New York state???

Carjackings In Dem-Run Philadelphia Up Over 100%, 1,044 So Far This Year… | Weasel Zippers

A nation cannot long survive like this.  Which is the intent.



World Stability (broad catch-all):

Why the left keeps smearing its political rivals as Hitlers or Mussolinis (

This is not just an American issue.  This is a world issue.  To wit:

Now any election the left loses is treated as an existential struggle, the equivalent of war. And all’s fair in war. Calling your opponents Nazis justifies whatever you want to do to them, and makes you the good guy when you do it.

This is because they are the Anointed Intellects.  They truly believe themselves to be made from finer clay, far above the dross of the seething masses of humanity.

Greenwald: No One Talks About Ending Ukraine War For Fear Of Being Labelled A ‘Traitor’ – Summit News

We’re racing to nukes flying with nobody on the brakes.


Video, 30 minutes.  Meanwhile:

U.S. Buying $290M Worth of Anti-Radiation Drugs for Use in ‘Nuclear Emergency’ (

Nothing to see here, people.  Move along.  More:

“Declaration Of War Without Rules”: Russian Officials Fume Over Crimea Bridge Blast As Ukraine Celebrates | ZeroHedge

Speaking of casus belli… if this, image below, is true – and it needs checking and rechecking – that is very bad news.






There’s no stopping what can’t be stopped.  More:

A Hitherto Unthinkable Restraint




Specific to energy:


How Much Energy Will the World Need?

A lot less than now if the depopulationists get their way.

Washcloth instead of a shower? Europeans trying to save energy (

Don’t forget all the energy involved in making clean water, not just heating it!

Sweden Braces For A Winter Of Power Shortages

“Please Don’t Panic Buy”: France Taps Strategic Reserve After Gas Stations Run Out of Fuel



Gardening, animals, overall health, etc.:


Links on old-time food storage (permanent feature):

Thanks to the Canning and Preserving group on Gab, I now have these links:

Preserving foods by drying | How to dry foods safely (

USDA-Complete-Guide-to-Home-Canning-2015-revision.pdf (

Canning | SDSU Extension (

Food Preservation– Canning | Consumer Food Safety | Washington State University (

Canning Timer & Checklist App | OSU Extension Catalog | Oregon State University

National Center for Home Food Preservation (

Canning Recipes | Ball® Mason Jars (

If you see others, tell me in the comments.

Books (also permanent):

Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking & Curing

Salumi: The Craft of Italian Dry Curing

A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game

The Prepper’s Canning Guide

Pickled Pantry

Fermented Vegetables

Be Aware Of This When You Smoke Your Meat! – Ask a Prepper

18 Plants That Should Always Be Planted Together – Ask a Prepper

What Happens If You Smoke Garlic Cloves – Ask a Prepper




Big Tech in general:

Scientists tricked mosquitoes into delivering vaccines to humans (

Haven’t I seen a couple of horror movies that start like this?  And isn’t this the start of the Terminator concept?

Boston Dynamics Pledges Not To Weaponize Robots While China Arms Robo-War Dogs With Machine Guns – Summit News

Was going through my archives and found these:

The Tech Industry’s War on Kids. How psychology — a discipline that we… | by Richard Freed | Medium

What smartphone photography is doing to our memories – Vox

Social media firms like Facebook want us addicted to popularity & status (

New PayPal Policy Lets Company Pull $2,500 From Users’ Accounts If They Promote ‘Misinformation’ | The Daily Wire

As I understand it, they’ve pulled back from this, so it’s moot.  But the bigger picture is that they entertained the idea at all.



Self-defense (broad) & Hunting:

Mythbusting – What Happens When You Shoot a Deadbolt? (

It seems door locks are stronger than I’d suspected.



Gun Rights Not About Deer in Kevlar Vests, as 11 Incidents Show (

Speaking of Kevlar stuff, I’ve bought several through there:

Bulletproof Equipment for Personal Use & Law Enforcement | ZAHAL



A secret, off-the-books gun registry?  Would not surprise me in the least.

Expert: FBI Undercounts Armed Citizens Stopping Attacks

Paging Dr. John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime.  Also work by Gary Kleck.  If you can find it, ARMED by Kleck and Don Kates.



Catch-all miscellaneous:

Here’s What Happened When a Concerned Mom Dressed Like Drag Queen at a School Board Meeting – PJ Media

Give this mom a medal!  Not that it affected the school board in the slightest, but doubtless more people in the community became aware.

‘They got him’: The death of Che Guevara – American Thinker

The day he became a good Commie.


Wrap-up commentary if I am moved to do so:

Infidelity Reconsidered (

This is a defense of infidelity, and I’d like to address it on a couple of different levels.

1. Fidelity is hard.  It requires discipline and restraint.  A person who can control themselves in this – one of nature’s most basic drives, sex, can control themselves in others.  Which is why the Left is so adamant about destroying the idea of fidelity.  A society of people who cannot restrain themselves here… cannot restrain themselves in other areas.  And must, therefore, rely on The State.

2. Fidelity means no diseases.  You can’t catch an STD from a partner if both of you were clear beforehand and don’t stray.  Diseases can cause infertility, a Globalist goal.








Palate cleansers:



And this is just COOL!

daily timewaster: Oldest animation in world on a ceramic vessel dating back to 5200 years ago, found in Shahr-e Sukhteh Iran – when vessel is rotated it shows a goat leaping up to bite a leaf






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An Insight Into Everything You Need To Know About Popcorn Bags Bulk

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 16:00 +0000

Popcorns are considered to be those eatables that are rich in many natural ingredients and dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and many others. These are the best food items that are usually used as snacks and while watching a movie or any of your favorite shows.

So, their packaging is also important to keep them away from unhygienic conditions. That’s where you will need popcorn bags in bulk to store and keep your popcorn.

This article has included everything that you need to know about popcorn bags and why there is a need to buy these bags in bulk.

What do you mean by popcorn bags?

As per the name, popcorn bags are used for carrying and packaging popcorn for safe handling and shipping. These bags are used to store corns and to get a perfect solution for the packaging of corns. These bags are good for attracting customers with their colorful presentations of these bags.

Why is there a need for popcorn bags in bulk?

The popcorn bags bulk are needed to sell corn at an exponential rate. You will need these bags in bulk if you are selling corns. There are many reasons behind this bulk purchase of popcorn bags.

These bulk popcorn bags are used for their promotional advantages. If you add a personal taste or some identity to these bags, then you will better market and advertise your corn bags.

These bags have business branding advantages, so why not have them in bulk to get your products stored and delivered safely and make an attractive look for them?

Most shopping malls and movie theaters have bars offering corn, drinks, and many other things. You will see that these bags will give an attractive look and theme that will cast a lasting impression on your customer’s hearts.

These boxes’ attractive shapes and finishing will also help you save on your bulk popcorn bag purchase.

Getting these bags in bulk is essential if you want to impress the customers with the taste, quality, and price of your popcorn.

Go for that bag that can easily resist moisture, undesired things, and unstable temperatures.

You will be able to present the corn and popcorn in a unique, presentable way. So, these bags are protective of your products.

You can use them in bulk to get rid of the stock reduction issues and can save a huge stock for your regular use.

What are the benefits of popcorn bags?

The benefits and advantages of these popcorn bags are given below.

  • These are the creative ways to present your brand.
  • These are delivering you higher sales of your eatables.
  • These are best for keeping your corns and to show corns to the customers in a highly presentable way.
  • These are flexible packaging solutions.
  • The ultimate aim is to beautify the grace of your packaging.

The use of popcorn bags bulk is becoming popular because of the safe packaging of popcorn and beautifying the grace of your packaging. Getting these bags in bulk will help you a fair deal not only in saving money but also in getting rid of your regular purchase visits. You can use them in bulk to market and sell corn and popcorn in a much more presentable way.



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That Mass-Stabbing In Vegas … Joe Biden Did That

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 15:00 +0000

Did you hear about the recent mass-stabbing in Las Vegas? I actually saw it covered by the regime-media … of course, they left out the part about the stabber being an illegal alien:

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A Complete Guide To Bulk Canvas And Properties Of Canvas

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 14:00 +0000

Painting is regarded as one of the most loved hobbies all around the world. A lot of professionals are using their creativity and mind and making unique and wonderful paintings. However, these professionals need a bulk canvas to save their money on individual purchases.

If you want to go oil painting, the canvas will be your main ingredient in this regard.

Is buying canvas in bulk worth your purchase?

Buying canvas in bulk has a lot more perks that are beyond your expectations. You will get a chance to save on this stock for your future use and to get low price fabric in bulk.

Why should you buy canvas in bulk?

You should buy canvas in bulk for the following reasons.

  • Most art gallery applications use bulk canvases for their big orders. This fabric is a pocket-friendly ingredient for most painting applications.
  • Professional artists use this fabric in bulk because of their regular use and to get rid of the hassle.
  • Buying canvas in bulk is also good for Art and Painting teaching centers. Students and learners need canvas in bulk for their practices.
  • Moreover, stationary shop owners use this fabric in bulk. They can buy and sell them to gain profits.
  • Gift shop owners have to buy these in bulk because of their usage as the best gift wrap. So, for gifting purposes, this fabric is being purchased.
  • For all those people who are fond of painting and do it regularly, then they will need this fabric in bulk.
Properties of canvas fabric:

Several useful properties of the canvas fabric are mentioned below.

  • This fabric is made with high breathability. So, you can use this fabric if you want proper breathing in your clothes.
  • This fabric is also used for its ability to absorb moisture. You can use it for its moisture-wicking abilities. They have high moisture absorbance because of their soft and woven fabric.
  • This fabric is made with high heat retention power. You can use this fabric during winter.
  • You will find this fabric stretchable. So, the flexibility and stretch ability of this fabric make it unique and useful.
  • This fabric is used for making bags, sails, tents, backpacks, shoes, and many other art supplies.
Importance of bulk canvas:

The use of bulk canvas has made it essential to get highly durable and long-lasting fabric for all things, especially for painting surfaces. If you buy them in bulk, then you can make shelters, tents, and much use out of this fabric. Their ability to resist water makes them good enough for outdoor use.

You will see that most of the wedding halls, theaters, and restaurants have their sheds made out of this fabric.


If you want to get a high-quality canvas at a minimal price range, then do not go for a second thought and get a bulk canvas for all the reasons mentioned above. Canvas is used by painters, artists, and art gallery trainers for its ability to easily dissolve the harsh line that is usually the result of painting brushes. So, if you are satisfied with all these reasons and benefits, then you should go for this bulk canvas purchase.

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Sunday Spotlight: A Delivery and a Voice From My Past

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 13:30 +0000

Each Sunday, I take a step away from daily politics and focus on someone who has done extraordinary things or who we may need to know a little better. This week’s focus is on The Eck, a man who played baseball well, could bring the most boring game to life with his voice, and was a genuine man….he never changed in nearly fifty years.

There are few men in sports that bridged my youth with my elder years. Dennis Eckersley was a new type of player in his time. Like Big Pappy defined the DH, Eck defined the closer. His windup and delivery were unique, as was his nomenclature when he moved to the broadcast booth. He made the most boring game exciting with his analysis of every at bat and his unlimited stories. He was a gift for fans for fifty years

One of only two pitchers in Major League history to have both a 20-win season and a 50-save season (John Smoltz is the other), Dennis Eckersley actually had two distinct careers in baseball. Splitting his first 12 seasons between the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, and Chicago Cubs, the hard-throwing righthander was an effective, albeit somewhat erratic starting pitcher who compiled an overall record of 151-128. After joining the Oakland Athletics in 1987, Eckersley evolved into one of the greatest relief pitchers in baseball history, revolutionizing the role of the “closer” for future generations.

One of my greatest memories of the Eck did not happen in a Red Sox uniform. It was in 1988 when he was a prolific closer for the powerful Oakland A’s. It was the first game of the World Series, and Eck just had to do his thing and close out the win. Uncharacteristically, he walked the tying run, and Tommy Lasorda, the legend manager of the Dodgers, sent the hobbled, almost crippled Kirk Gibson to the plate. This should have been a mismatch, but it may be one of the most incredible at-bats in history. It lasted nearly ten minutes as the count went to 3-2, and Gibson started fouling off Eck’s pitches. Finally, Eck let one pitch take too much of the plate, and Gibson gave it a weak swing but strong enough to put the ball into the bleachers for a game-winning home run.

The crowd went crazy, and Eck watched in disbelief as the ball entered the stands. It was a surreal moment in a hall-of-fame career. It was one of those moments that you always remember. Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola called the game. Two of the baseball broadcast giants. The stars were aligned for something special to happen. Unfortunately for Eck, he did not come out on the winning side of this battle. Eck went on to redefine the reliever role and ended his successful career in Boston. He then moved into the broadcast booth to begin his second career.

Eck was special. He started in the studio as an analyst but soon moved into the booth. A very popular Jerry Remy was having health issues, and Eck was the fill-in until he became the primary analyst in the booth. The Red Sox Nation embraced Eckersley, and he them. He always said he gave the job the passion that defined a city.

Dennis Eckersley is an emotional man and showed that side of him many times during his final broadcast. There were honors from the Red Sox, and halfway through the game, the entire Red Sox team came out of the dugout to salute Dennis Eckersley. The tears flowed, but so did the memories.

Thank you, Eck, for a career to remember, but thank you more for being the bridge to my youth when baseball and sports were more fun. Eck and I are the same age, but he seems bigger than life in many ways. He always found a way to earn that respect. Godspeed, Eck, and may your tomorrows be as fruitful as your yesterdays.

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BlogHeadline of the Day – Seriously, Kvetching about Doing What You Boasted You’d Be Doing?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-10-09 12:00 +0000

Heh! Pinning virtue-signaling to the door with a railroad spike:

MAY I REPEAT MYSELF? BUTCH IT UP, MARY: Sanctuary New York City Mayor Declares Emergency Over Migrants Taking Sanctuary In NYC.
Your mouth wrote the checks. You should pay them.

Lots of Democrat Big City Mayors (and Governors) have proclaimed themselves to be Sanctuary Cities where ALL are welcome. Yeah, that lasted only long enough until the Red State Governors whose taxpayers have had to foot the bill for Biden’s open borders policies, decided to go all in on “share the misery – and cost”. Chicago, NY City, San Fran, and others are now screaming like stuck pigs over the 10s of thousands of migrants WHO THEY VIRTUE SIGNALED over actually showed up thanks to buses and planes coming from those border states.

But once again, we see that when policies have consequences, Democrats either deny they had it (like “defund the police”), get someone else to pay for it, or denounce others for holding up their own words (like “sanctuary”).  It shows that they are just one long series of cons for which they never want to be held responsible.

(H/T: Instapundit)

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