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Night Cap: Judge Sotomayor Was Great, But That Was Then, We Need Her Out Now

Granite Grok - 6 hours 55 min ago

Thank you, Soto. You served your purpose, but your time has come. You are 70, and, yes, that is twelve years younger than feeble Joe, but we need your robe for a younger dudette. BTW, we need this to happen soon so we can replace you before Joe loses to Trump on November 5.

This will not be a repeat of Merrick Garland (thank God we kept that evil man off the Court), as the Democrats have the White House and Senate. The only monkey wrench will be when Sotomayor says, no way. I think I still look good in black.

I have more respect for the Supreme Court but channeled Democrat discourse for that opening paragraph. The Democrats are treating her like bananas, too brown for banana bread. It’s time to throw them out. She was championed as the first Latino female justice, proving how diverse and WOKE the Democrats are for elevating her to the Court. They do not want to take any chances on Biden losing and Trump replacing Sotomayor with a young MAGA, abortion-hating judge that tilts the Court to 7-2. If the Dems cannot pack the Court, they have to replace Sotomayor now, years before she planned to exit.

This is not the first time the Democrats have called this play. They feared the Red Wave that everyone saw coming in 2022, so they looked to Justice Stephen Breyer and convinced him that he should take the gold watch and bow out gracefully/ The Democrats saw the Republicans gaining the Senate Majority in the mid-terms and had to act. They successfully convinced Breyer to retire and make room for the Black female that Biden promised he would deliver. The call went out to Ketanji Brown Jackson, who had clerked for Breyer. During her confirmation hearing, she could not define the term woman, but she favors abortion, and that is all you have to say to a Democrat to get their vote.

Democrats have become the One Trick Pony that Biden used to enjoy calling members of the press. They do not appear concerned about the economy, fentanyl poisonings, homelessness, Ukraine, or the chaos at the border, but have anyone intimate restrictions on the unfettered right for a woman to obtain an abortion, you will feel the wrath of Khan. Abortion is the singular issue that will stimulate voters of all ages to come out, vote, and support.

Ironically, Biden has shown little respect for the Supreme Court. In a classless act, he belittled the Justices during the State of the Union Address, and by defying their decision on Student Loan Forgiveness, he kept pushing on with his plan and enhanced it more every week. But he does recognize he needs the Court to support him. He wants it both ways.

I am not a fan of Justice Sotomayor, but I do hope that she resists this effort to replace her. She is still a young Justice and should be able to plot her own career path, including when it is time to step down.


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Miscellaneous Thoughts from Day 5 of Ortolano vs. City of Nashua

Granite Grok - 8 hours 55 min ago

Before leaving for court Thursday morning, I submitted a mockery of Attorney Celia Leonard and provided a link to a Simon and Garfunkel song that mentions her name.  This time, the song I will share is a few years older.  In fact, it’s older than me, and it’s called The Cheater.

I happen to like the song, and the vocalist, Walter Scott, and I have a special connection, or “nexus,” to use one of Judge Temple’s favorite words.  We were both born in Missouri. Missouri calls itself the Show Me state, and isn’t court all about SHOWING the evidence?  And considering the timeliness of the Red Sox opener, let’s discuss my mentioning of Alex Cora in my last article.

His scandal was all about being caught spying on the other team’s pitcher and catcher. I can’t yet prove that the Dream Team coached Celia on the witness stand, but some people deny that coincidences happen. Point out to such people that OJ Simpson died and tell Marylyn Todd to get him removed from the voter list before Governor Nuisance gets his vote, but let’s get back to the “Alex Cora thing.”

My own agenda item was to look for security cameras that are likely to cover the front sides of three lawyers, considering that Attorney Steadman was seated facing the jury box instead of the witness stand. I spotted a camera on the wall over the door that Judge Temple uses and made a note to find out how to get the desired raw footage. During lunch recess, I turned to Laurie Ortolano, the RTK guru, and expressed my objective. With unsurprisingly lots on her mind, I didn’t want to push too hard for her input. However, she said what to do and how I will, as Daniel Richardson would say, “be given the finger.” Note that Laurie has made this exact kind of RTK request for camera footage inside city hall, but Nashua does not have a monopoly on stalling such camera footage requests.

Remember the 10/13/21 executive council arrests? Of course, you do!  Plenty of video was taken by WMUR, Chau Kelley, and lots of ordinary, untrained people, but the legal world’s gold standard seems to be raw footage. Attorney Gens, defense counsel to the arrest victims, requested such footage from the police academy’s security camera(s) and got stonewalled for almost the whole duration of his clients’ 20 months of tormenting lawfare. I want to at least get my request of Wednesday’s footage of Celia’s time on the stand on record, just in case it becomes useful for future litigation.

I asked Mr. Buckmire, the head of security, how to go about requesting it, and he disappeared into his office for a few minutes and returned with a Post-it note.  I was expecting a website, email address, or paperwork to complete, but he gave me the 800 number that he said is answered by a real person with instructions to say “Courtroom 3” in my request.  It’s been a long day, and it’s now outside business hours, but I plan to follow his directions.

I would also like to put in a good word for all of the security staff (that I’ve interacted with or observed) at Nashua Superior Court.  They’re cordial, friendly, and helpful, above and beyond their duties. In fact, I first didn’t know Mr. Buckmire was the boss because he was helping Laurie Ortolano carry some of her voluminous discovery when I first met him.  A class act and the polar opposite of Peter Hamilton and the 32 Clinton Street counterpart courthouse security in Concord.  Just ask any of the NH9 defendants or their supporters in attendance for any of their court dates.  If you want the unfiltered version, talk to Frank Staples to hear that they’re bootlicking tyrants.

If you were expecting a traditional report on how the case is going, I would finish by saying that three witnesses took the stand today, starting with New Market tax expert Mr. Cannon, who was very hostile, followed by Mr. Lannan, who looks like Rep Horrigan and was less hostile than Mr. Cannon, but still not friendly.  The last witness was economic development Director Cummings, who looked at the clock countless times and will likely win the prize for being the most hostile witness when he finishes up tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is the last day, and Judge Temple refuses to allow any extra days, so we’re in for a marathon day.  I would make a joke about the NH House and its known marathon days, but I don’t have to because the real marathon is Monday, isn’t it?

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Biden’s Stenographer Releases Unauthorized Tell All – Says Biden Should Be In Prison

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 22:00 +0000

Mike McCormick’s “The Case to Impeach And Imprison Joe Biden” has been out for a few months, but the uniparty has not tried to have him killed. Sorry, I meant to say Mike has not committed suicide. McCormick was Biden’s stenographer for four years and traveled with him around the world. He’s seen things.

I guess he’s lucky it wasn’t the Clintons.

Book Blurbage.

The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden is Mike McCormick’s eyewitness account from six years as Joe Biden’s White House stenographer, traveling with him to Ukraine and Honduras and many other countries. During this assignment, he found the vice president buffoonish and unpresidential. McCormick, who made national news in April 2023 by revealing he submitted evidence to the FBI that would impeach Joe Biden, confirms that he was interviewed extensively about his knowledge of Biden’s corruption and evil by investigators from the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Homeland Security Governmental Affairs Committee.

McCormick ultimately recognized the crimes that then-Vice President Biden perpetrated in his dealings with Ukraine and Honduras only after receiving a verified copy of the Hunter Biden Laptop. By cross-referencing materials in the Hunter Biden Laptop with President Obama’s White House website and congressional testimony by Joe’s co-conspirators, plus his own recollections, McCormick weaves a devastating timeline that pinpoints Joe Biden as the mastermind of a kickback scheme with Burisma Holdings that enriched him and Hunter Biden.

I’m a bit curious as to why we’d not heard more about this sooner. Has he testified before the Potemkin COngressional Committee on pandering to the idea that they’d ever try to impeach Joe Biden? Not it’s formal name but a correct description. If so, I have managed ot miss it. I also missed Mike’s Substack titles Midnight in the Laptop of Good and Evil: musings, Biden tips, tricks, and observations about the systemic cover-up of his Crime Family business.

Worth a look, with some free stuff and some requiring a paid subscription. If you are interested in the book, you can find it linked above or here.

I think I’m going to have to take a look myself. It is too compelling an insider story not to grab a copy before it is banned by the people protecting us from misinformation.


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62% of Americans are Wrong

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 20:00 +0000

Robin Hood took from the rich to give to the poor. Robin Hood was a textbook Socialist. It made for a good story but not a good lesson. What Joe Biden is doing is the opposite of Mr. Hood. With Biden’s plan, 30 million Americans, regardless of income, can take their Student Loan Note and give it to their neighbor. Regardless of income, every man and woman in America will be on the hook for as much as $430 Billion. Biden has been claiming that Bidenomics, his failing economic blueprint, is built around the middle class. This illegal plan that Biden keeps pushing in defiance of the Supreme Court will take money from someone who may make $1.5 million in their lifetime for someone who will earn upwards of $5 million in their lifetime. It appears that the graduates will have a better lifetime thanks to people they do not know.

Polls show that 62% of Americans think that there should be some level of forgiveness for graduates. 62% of Americans are wrong. There is no justification for this forgiveness. The only reason is for votes, plain and simple. Joe Biden used this shell game successfully in the 2022 midterms. He put the promise out, and Democrats garnered the extra votes on this issue before the Supreme Court shut it down. The graduates did not get the cash, but the Democrats did get the votes. Can graduates be foolish or naive enough to fall for the same ploy again? Biden is banking on it. The scheme is actually twofold. He is hoping for votes, but the attention focused on the subject is blowing smoke on the hobbled Biden economy.

The Biden Plan is one symptom of the financial pandemic seizing higher education. The other, fueled by easy tuition financing and the promise of forgiveness, is out-of-control increases in tuition rates. It seems like we were aghast at $60,000 annual tuition just a year ago, but this year, we see numerous schools pushing the bar to $90,000 and more. These are not just the Ivy League schools; Tufts in Boston is proud of their $95,000 rate. The sky is the limit if students are willing to pay or mortgage their future.

Returning to forgiveness, why should we even think about it. Well, Congresswoman Cortez has the answer. These people deserve it. Whether they use the money to buy a house, have a child, or tour the world, it is life-changing. That is Liberal bullcrap. I would like to tour the world in my retirement, but I do not see the President saying here’s $20K for you, Ray, compliments of your neighbors. Credit card rates are over 30%, which used to be the rate the Mob charged. I don’t see the President going after those rates, but is attacking the $10 late fee, like that makes a difference. There is no legitimate reason. There is only Progressive spin and their hope that the votes get harvested before the Supreme Court shuts down this farce.

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Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 18:00 +0000

From the Women’s Defense League: The MOST important gun control hearing of the year will be coming up next week in the New Hampshire Senate Judiciary Committee.

On Tuesday, April 16th at 2:00 PM, the Judiciary Committee will hear arguments on House Bill 1711. The hearing will take place in room 100 at the State House.

What is HB 1711?

The proposed legislation targets gun owners. If a gun owner has a mental health crisis and a court requires them to be committed, their firearms will be confiscated.

If someone is so dangerous to themselves or others that they are committed to a mental health institution, WHY are they being let out before they are well again? WHY are they being let out if they are NEVER well again? These people are IN the hospital, they have already lost all freedoms. What is the necessity in confiscating firearms they don’t have access to?

**People with mental illness are more likely to be victims of crime rather than commit crimes.**

No other potential ‘weapons’ are confiscated from a person who is adjudicated to a mental hospital (VERY similar to Red Flag Laws).

NO laws will have been broken by the gun owners to whom this legislation applies. People intent on harming themselves or others WILL DO SO, regardless of the law.

The sponsors are IGNORING the real issues of mental health and violent behavior and how to address them. It’s much easier to attack gun owners than to fix an incredibly broken system, that was broken by the government.

Who Sponsored HB 1711?

This is one of the most draconian gun control bills that has ever been pushed by a Republican in the history of New Hampshire. Representative Terry Roy is the main sponsor of the bill. His reasoning is emotional because an unarmed former law enforcement officer was killed while working as a security guard at the state mental institution (Roy is also former law enforcement). A huge ‘red flag’ is that this bill is co-sponsored by one of the biggest gun control pushers in the legislature, David Meuse.

Meuse is one of the NH Democrats who went to Biden’s White House to learn more about gun control they could pass in New Hampshire. It’s unfortunate some Republicans decided to help him in that effort.

Another ‘red flag’ against this legislation is that the ATF supports it. The sponsors supposedly worked with the ATF. If there is one federal organization that can NEVER be trusted by gun owners or 2nd Amendment supporters, it’s the ATF.

Who Supports HB 1711?

The majority of support for this bill has come from gun control proponents. No true 2nd Amendment supporters, upholding their Oath of Office to protect Granite Staters’ 2nd Amendment rights, voted for this legislation in the house:


What can you do?

SHOW UP at the hearing. You don’t have to testify. You can sign in and show your opposition by being there. The gun control crowd REALLY WANTS this bill to pass. They’ve spent over $1 MILLION to push gun control this session. YOUR presence helps negate their out-of-state money.

CALL and EMAIL the Senate Judiciary Committee members. CALLING to let them know your opposition is EXTREMELY important. The person who takes the call will write down how many people are opposed. That number is kept track of, whereas emails are not. Emails MAY get to the senators, so they are still important. You can reach the senators below:

Name Email Address Phone
Daryl Abbas (R) (603) 271-4151
Sharon Carson (R) (603) 271-3266
Shannon Chandley (D) (603) 271-3092
Bill Gannon (R) (603) 271-3077
Rebecca Whitley (D) (603) 271-3092

SIGN IN online opposing the bill –

If you have ANY questions at all, please email We will help you write testimony if you’re interested; help you walk through signing in online if you need it, and be available on the day of the hearing at the State House.

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Friday Meme Overflow-Overflow

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 16:00 +0000

To all those who are sending in memes, thank you!  Many, many good ones!  Please do share this post, and if you share an individual meme, consider mentioning you saw it on the Grok!

Speaking of, from this week, Monday Edition and Wednesday Edition.  Also check out my latest Israel-focused meme & commentary post if this is a subject of interest to you.


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about.  No, not possibly… definitely in this case.  Be aware! ***







They’re international.




Too many parents are more interested in being their kids’ “pals” than in being a parent.



I’m not forgiving or letting him off, but… think about it.  In the run up to 2020 he saw judges assaulted, homes protested at, attempts at cancellation, what happened with Kavanaugh.  Now, imagine if SCOTUS had ruled the other way, the election was given to Trump.  Multiply the above by a million.

Or he might have been bought / have kompromat on him.



As above, NO JUDGE wants to be the one who did this.

Imagine going through your life known as “THAT JUDGE”… the one who flipped an election.





Personally, I bet NO.







I suspect truer than I want to admit.









I was a waiter early on; I appreciate that tips are their main income and tend to be generous.  But this is a pet peeve of mine – ASKING to keep the change.  I almost got fired for that once.









And swapped mostly physical jobs to mostly desk ones.
















That this can happen is beyond vile.  Understand that there really are people this evil – and even worse, like the depopulation people – in this world.











My solution?








Cue this Prager video:

How Dark Were the Dark Ages? | 5 Minute Video (






Wouldn’t surprise me, but… I’d like to see the hard data on this one.









I’ve been in debates where – IMHO of course – any objective viewer would understand that I clearly know orders of magnitude more than the other person.  But they will refuse to even think that I might have points…



Yeah, being thought insane is absolutely spot-on.



Exactly.  As this guy foresaw:







See above about deliberately creating chaos and uncertainty.







I’m still dubious on this, but I’m willing to at least entertain things now.





Link Section (some mine, some from my Jarhead friend):


The Carbon Emperor has no Clothes – American Thinker

Big Green is Big Business and Big Money.  Never mind, on top of that, Big Political Power.  Related, at least to me:

Sherpa tiny house takes a modern approach to space-saving design (

Notice the beautiful woodlands location for the photoshoot.  Now, imagine this in a giant building in a 15 minute urban warren.  Yes, that’s the goal.

Hamas Treats Captive Israeli Women as Animals – American Thinker

Many people don’t realize that Islam explicitly condones this.  And while there’s the prohibition against having sex with a married woman, there’s also a passage/doctrine that states a kaffir woman is automatically divorced from her husband when captured.  Convenient, no?  And take a look at what happened to the wife of a tribe Mohammed conquered:

Genocidal ‘Khaybar’ Chant Sounds Again in London | Frontpage Mag (bolding added):

Some of the treasure was found. To find the rest, Muhammad gave orders concerning [the tribal chieftain] Kinana: “Torture him until you extract what [information about the tribe’s wealth] he has.” One of the Muslims built a fire on Kinana’s chest, but Kinana would not give up his secret. When he was at the point of death, one of the Muslims beheaded him. Kinana’s wife Safiyya bint Huyayy was taken as a war prize; Muhammad claimed her for himself and hastily arranged a “wedding” ceremony that night. He halted the Muslims’ caravan out of Khaybar later that night in order to consummate the marriage, or more precisely, to rape Safiyya.

Imagine the horror of not JUST having your husband murdered after being tortured, but being forcibly married to the man in charge of that, and raped by him that very night.

Obama’s Continuing War on Suburbia, Courtesy of Joe Biden – American Thinker

Into your 15 minute city, serf.

PRESIDENT TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELL Letter From Stormy Daniels…”I am denying this affair because it never happened” | The Gateway Pundit | by Patty McMurray

I remember this from back then.

Seattle dance squad says they were told American flag shirts made audience members feel ‘triggered and unsafe’ | Fox News

Words fail me.  “Triggered” by your own country’s flag?  Leave.

UK Gov’t Data Reveals 16X More Deaths In Vaccinated Cohort As ‘Tsunami of Death’ Sweeps Nation – The People’s Voice (

Word is slowly, slowly getting out.

Ground-up chicken waste fed to cattle may be behind bird flu outbreak in US cows (


Biden: I’ll Consider Further Unilateral Action on Guns, Can’t Believe Trump Said ‘No One’s Going to Touch Your Guns’ (

Hey Biden!



And available as a bumper sticker!  (May need to adjust your settings as it’s rated PG-13.)



Bayou Renaissance Man: So much for sinking islands…

Remember the kerfuffle raised by climate change activists over the past three or four decades, alleging that many island chains would soon be submerged beneath the waves due to rising sea levels?

Judicial Watch: FBI Records Reveal Posthumous Criminal Investigation of Ashli Babbitt | Judicial Watch

Why does this seem, to me, to be a post facto rationalization effort.

Biden Regime Seeks to Change ‘Insurrection Act’ Ahead of Expected Domestic Unrest Over 2024 Election – The Politics Brief

Of course.  And the penalties will be very high, doubtless.




Pick of the Post:



Using their own rules against them.  Love it.




Palate Cleansers:


I’ll show myself out.  TGIF!




And don’t forget… come back Monday for another edition.  Same Meme Time.  Same Meme channel.

Please do consider buying me a coffee.

Buy Me a Coffee




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“Celia” is Breaking My Heart, and that of Lady Justice.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 14:00 +0000

I never thought I would have an opportunity to name an article after my favorite Simon and Garfunkel song, but here we are. I am talking about Attorney Celia Leonard, locally known as Deputy Corporation Counsel, and a direct report to Attorney Bolton.

Wednesday was Day 4 of Laurie Ortolano vs. City of Nashua, a case that Judge Temple adjourned after three days of court in December.  The whole day was spent with Attorney Leonard, who I will refer to as ‘Cecelia’ just because it’s fun, on the witness stand.  And what a hostile witness she was! I won’t get into regurgitating every detail, but anyone interested can request a copy of the transcript if they have the case number handy.

I think she said “I don’t know” more often than any graduate of the Lionel Hutz law school. But ‘Cecelia’ had her boss and his Dream Team there to coach her.  Because of where I was sitting in the bleachers, I could not see the antics of Alex Cora possibly being carried out by First Chair Attorney Hilliard et al.

I feel like I am doing the readers a disservice by making this article so short, but ATTORNEY Ed Mosca does that often, and I do see him as a Grok role model, after all.

Plus, I don’t want to be late for the start of Day 5 at 10 am and need to leave in a few minutes.  However, one item on my to-do list is to look for a security camera pointed at the faces of the Dream Team and possibly see about getting a copy of Wednesday’s footage.  Stay tuned, my friends.

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Arguing for A Spectrum With Only “Two Sets of Plumbing”

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 12:00 +0000

Nature endows all of us with (basically) one of two sets of “plumbing.” There are rare or odd exceptions involving mutations that produce both or none, but these are uncommon and not nature’s design. Anyone enamored of Darwin’s thoughts on evolution knows this. The survival of any species depends on its ability to procreate.

Evolution theory is about survival (of the fittest). Successive generations in a given environment carry on traits that the theory presumes were better, like refusing to let the public school convince their kids to cut off their genitals. Birds don’t do it, Bees Don’t Do it, and even dedicated fleas won’t do it. They don’t do it because they don’t send their “kids” to public schools.

Ending one’s own genetic succession is not nature’s way; that would be a fabrication of human imagination followed by choices and deliberate action. It is certainly your right not to procreate – not to pass down genetic copies of yourself. There’s an entire political movement obsessed with the idea. Master-race-like thinking from progressive minds without the pomp of swastikas and genocide. Unless you think a cultural movement to neuter other people’s children isn’t at least similar.

The premise is that what nature chooses is not natural but that what people can pretend or imagine is. But for all the shouting, posturing, and presumption, the gender warriors, with their socially constructed 57 flavors, are still trapped in a two-plumbing paradigm. The one nature gave them. Regardless of which body parts are removed, the “therapy” insists that the pinnacle of modern transition is to try to mimic those of the other set (sometimes) with recreated flesh (in that image) that doesn’t do any of the things of which the original was capable. That a permanent life-altering bait-and-switch is natural.

You trade a natural body for useless flesh—an affectation of transition after which physical pleasure is difficult to impossible. And this is supposed to make you feel better, and when it doesn’t, it is someone else’s fault.

Such a Drag

Regardless of where you are on the socially constructed gender spectrum, the other “two sets of plumbing paradigm” paradox is clothing. The television people have been working as hard as librarians to normalize drag queens. Men who think they are entertainers dressed up as a caricature of a slutty woman. Dresses, high heels, and lots of sexual innuendo. If that’s what floats your boat, but what’s so brave about abandoning one social construct for another?

It is not edgy or even empowering, certainly not to women who have for centuries worked to expand their choices, only to have men take their womanhood (trophies, ribbons, awards, scholarships) and characterize it as entertainment. Again, I’m not dragging drag queens. I’m observing a lack of ability to escape the paradigms the movement insists on having skewered in the name of progress. Progress?

Men dressed up like women in Elizabethan England because women were not allowed to perform on a stage. Is that next? Are transwomen or drag queens going to replace women on screens, small and large, because they are underrepresented? Has it happened already? And if so, how is it empowering to replace real women with men dressed up like women? Is the problem that women have been able to dress like men and look a lot better doing it? Or that none of it matters. At the end of the day, this movement has loosened laws allowing predators to gain access to children and ladies in once-safe spaces—places where the two sets of plumbing problems result in the authentic act of rape.

A price the gender cult is willing to make someone else pay for empowerment in service to a kink.


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NH House Republican Attendance for the Week of 4-11-2024 (It Was Quite Good, Actually!)

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 11:00 +0000

The NH House was back for a session this week to vote for and against things that matter much more than they should, and we’ve got the receipts.

Republicans showed up in better numbers than we’ve seen since we started this project, but as we noted in the beginning, that doesn’t always translate into legislative wins. Attendance is a double-edged sword. It tells part of a story. Reps need to be there to represent their constituents but, in some cases, can’t for a day or a vote. And sometimes, they show up to vote the wrong way.

While I heard we had some legislative wins yesterday, some of them (Republicans) voted with Democrats to ensure legislative losses we otherwise could have avoided. You’ll have to dig into the roll call votes yourself to work those out, but our own Judy Aron covered the session day here if you want bill numbers, so we’ll get on with this piece of the puzzle; here are the missed roll call votes by Republican Rep for 4/11/2024.

What they mean is up to you.

4/11 YTD
20 Sanborn, Laurie (R, Bedford) 216
20 O’Hara, Travis (R, Belmont) 140
20 Harley, Tina (R, Seabrook) 66
20 Nagel, David (R, Gilmanton) 32
8 Infantine, William (R, Manchester) 45
6 Trottier, Douglas (R, Belmont) 97
4 Guthrie, Joseph (R, Hampstead) 41
3 Berry, Ross (R, Manchester) 13
1 Doucette, Fred (R, Salem) 14
1 Smith, Steven (R, Charlestown) 9
1 Potenza, Kelley (R, Rochester) 3
1 Seidel, Sheila (R, Goffstown) 2


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So Kids, What Did We Learn From This Week’s House Session (4/11/24)?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 10:00 +0000

We learned that one of the most outstanding renditions of the national anthem was sung by the Seacoast Men of Harmony and that the Scottish Arts Center entertained us for Tartan Day with bagpipes and fiddle music. It was superb.

Many House members, and the House Clerk and staff wore kilts and tartans today. It was a grand celebration of NH’s Scottish Heritage and their winning their independence from Britain. Tartan Day has been a House tradition since 1997. Rep John Hunt (R-Rindge) led the ceremonies.

We learned that the House warmly greeted the Consul General of the Republic of Korea, Kim Jae-hui. He addressed the House and spoke of the large and vibrant Korean community in NH and how NH and Korea are working together in areas of commerce and sharing of culture. He spoke of the gratitude that Korea has for the 10,000 Americans who fought in the Korean War between 1950 and 1953 and how those who sacrificed their lives are remembered and commemorated, both here and in Korea.

We learned that Rep. Mel Myler (D-Contocook) delivered a heartfelt memorial to the Hon. Arthur Ellison who passed away on March 23rd. Members of the House Democrat caucus also wore decals with the words “Feed the damn children”, which was a quote (and some say a last wish) from Rep. Ellison in regards to HB1212 – a bill relative to the eligibility for free school meals (see more below).

We learned that today was Crossover Day (the last day to act on all House bills) and House Finance Day. All the Early bills that went to Finance came back to us, and we began working to pass or kill them at 11 AM after all of the morning festivities and speeches were concluded. We had around 36 bills to get through, plus a motion to concur on HB261, Relative to tenants’ rights, which passed on a voice vote.

We learned that House Democrats still want no part of removing obscene and harmful sexual materials from NH school libraries. After they succeeded in Indefinitely Postponing HB1419 weeks ago, this meant that no similar bill could be considered without a 2/3 vote of the House. So today, House Democrats blocked the bill introduction of SB523 (regulation of public school materials) with a vote of 182Y-192N, which clearly did not have enough to clear the 2/3 vote hurdle. House Democrats want to keep age inappropriate and pornographic materials in our schools, Please remember this in November.

We learned that HB318 (relative to bail commissioners and making appropriations to the Judicial branch) passed on a voice vote. This bill incorporates SB249, SB252, and HB1005. The Finance Committee adopted earlier approved House actions on bail reform. This bill supports a new bail information system (a one-time $1.7 million expense), increases the bail commissioner fee, and establishes a new training coordinator who will oversee judicial and bail commissioner training and continuing educational requirements. This bill also appropriates $750,000 to the Department of Safety to develop and implement a system to electronically share an individual’s bail condition status with law enforcement and $986,000 to the Judicial Branch to develop and implement a Judicial Branch bail data platform to enable electronic sharing of an individual’s bail condition status with law enforcement. That being said the next bill on our agenda, HB1005, was tabled (348-33) and did not get a “Get of jail free card”.

We learned that HB1199 ended up being Indefinitely Postponed (192-190) after a motion to OTP failed (190-191), and then a motion to OTP failed (191-192) and a motion to Table failed (189-193. It appeared we had run out of motions at that point. In any case, this bill deserved to die. The bill’s aim was to use one-time ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds to establish a new position in the Office of the Child Advocate to deal with child homelessness. And although well-intentioned, House Democrats still do not understand the financially sound concept of not funding ongoing positions with one-time money. By the way, a child is now apparently defined as someone up to the age of 25. This bill would have placed under the supervision of the Office of Child Advocate any persons under the age of 25 whose parents are unable to provide shelter, who live in a trailer park, or who share housing and this bill was also written to include adults who are employed and renting a mobile home with friends. Hah! and I bet you thought that those who are over the age of 18 are considered adults, should be treated as such, and who should be able to live life in society on their own. The sponsor of this bill, Rep. Patrick Long (D-Manchester), doesn’t think so.

We learned that HB1212 was tabled 192-191, and the Speaker broke the tie vote. The bill would have expanded free meal eligibility in schools. In his speech, Rep. Daniel Popovici-Muller (R-Windham) mentioned that HB1212 proposes a budget-breaking expansion of the federal lunch program, asking the New Hampshire taxpayers to pay $50 – $75 million or more a year to address a hunger problem that nobody even showed exists in New Hampshire public schools. Later in the day there were two failed attempts made by Rep. David Luneau (D-Hopkinton) to remove it from the table. His attempt at 4:10 PM failed 188Y-189N, and his subsequent attempt at 4:44 PM failed 185Y-188N. In a related story, Walmart treated everyone to lunch in the cafeteria today… so no wonder that House Democrats think there really is such a thing as a free lunch. Psst … Walmart paid for it.

We learned that HB1288 passed 196-184 after a move by House Democrats to Table it failed. This bill establishes certain due process rights for students, student organizations, and faculty members facing disciplinary actions by state institutions of higher learning. The framework presented in the bill is a guideline, and if a state institution already has these rights respected (as the institutions claimed in hearings) then they don’t need to change their procedures. Testimony from a state higher education executive was that of the 2,000+ cases in 2023, only 80 had a formal hearing, which would be the same under these guidelines. Rep. Mary Hakken-Phillips (D-Hanover) argued that the state could be sued by the federal government, and federal funding could be put into jeopardy with these guidelines in place. Rep. Bob Lynn (R-Windham) said there was no conflict between this bill and federal law, or that we’d get sued because the federal government would say that they should defund NH because we have a system in place to resolve disciplinary problems that’s “too fair”. He ended by saying,”I would pay to sit in the back of the courtroom and listen to that argument before a judge…. defund NH because they have a process that is too fair… that argument would go nowhere”.

We learned that HB1363 was Tabled 195-186. This bill would have added members of the General Court and their families to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) operated through Health and Human Services with the cost paid for by the legislative branch. We know the EAP is a great state employee benefit however, your elected officials have no business partaking of these benefits courtesy of NH taxpayers. We elected legislators are neither employees nor entitled to a fully funded benefit (which would be applicable to every legislator and his/her family in this bill) without making any financial contribution towards the new expense of this government expansion. It’s a shame this was not roll-called because then you would see who believes in featherbedding.

We also learned that unfortunately, HB1394 passed 195-187. This allows music therapists to be licensed and regulated, of course, so they can bill insurance companies for their “therapy” services. Testimony in the committee revealed that approximately 30 music therapists practice in New Hampshire, either for private pay or in clinics that provide their services. Will this turn good music into a real “racket”?

We learned that HB1466 passed the House with a unanimous Voice Vote. This was my bill, which provides disaster relief funding to municipalities. Currently, there is no statutory mechanism for towns to get financial help from the state after a disaster (like flooding) occurs. Please ask your Senator to support this. Thanks in advance!

We further learned that HB1577 – relative to digital images of ballots – was Tabled 193-188 (roll called). New voting machines scan ballots and then store the images and related information on internal memory cards. This bill and the amendment would have allowed citizens to view ballots and purchase copies of memory cards from the Secretary of State. Municipalities store ballots and other election information, and the Secretary of State only obtains them in the case of a recount. This bill would enable an inexpensive means for the public to informally audit election results. People could see for themselves if there were possible irregularities (ex: determining if the vote totals agree with the machine report totals).

We learned that HB1583 passed 205-177 after a motion to Table failed 180-201. This bill, as previously approved by the House, establishes an adequate education payment by the state of $4,004, and it sets forth guidelines for fiscal disparity aid for districts where property valuations are lacking to support educational needs. The changes affect the calculation of final adequacy grants to public school districts, aid to public charter schools, and education freedom accounts (EFAs). The Legislative Budget Assistant (LBA) estimates the average cost for this program at $68 million/year for each of the next three years. Seeing as the New Hampshire Supreme Court is hearing a case relative to base education adequacy grants and the general education funding formula, it would seem that this kind of bill is jumping the gun and perhaps holding off on changing the funding formula until the Supreme Court decides something might be more prudent. But hey – it’s off to the Senate now, and we’ll see what they do with this $68 million off-budget year can of worms.

We learned that HB1564 (relative to the child support guidelines) passed on a Voice Vote. The bill makes welcome adjustments to the child support guidelines. The bill increases the self-support reserve, allows for expenses related to childcare, healthcare and extracurricular activities to be split, and allows for rebuttable presumptions of deviations based on shared parenting time. In contrast, HB1595, which also makes adjustments to child support guidelines, went to Interim Study with a vote of 208-176 after an OTP/A motion failed 190-193.

We also learned that HB1633 – Cannabis legalization and regulation – passed 239-136 on a roll called vote. This bill legalizes and regulates cannabis to ensure that these products are tested and labeled and that consumers are informed and protected. Cannabis will not be sold to minors under the age of 21. The bill would limit initial cannabis retail outlet licenses to 15 while providing a pathway for expanded licenses. The Finance Committee amendment tightened up the bill, corrected penalty vagueness, and moved financial responsibility from the general fund to the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. Opponents of the bill echoed the language that Virginia Governor Youngkin used in his veto message, “States following this path have seen adverse effects on children’s and adolescent’s health and safety, increased gang activity and violent crime, significant deterioration in mental health, decreased road safety, and significant costs associated with marijuana that far exceed tax revenue. It also does not eliminate the illegal black-market sale of cannabis, nor guarantee product safety. Addressing the inconsistencies in enforcement and regulation in our current laws does not justify expanding access to cannabis, following the failed paths of other states and endangering our health and safety.” Rep. Erica Layon (R-Derry) said, “It’s high time we pass this legislation”. Even though it is known that the Senate and the Governor both hate the provisions of this bill, it is off to the Senate now, and maybe it should have been sent along with a box of munchies.

We learned that the biggest debate of the day was for, HB1649 (prohibiting certain products with intentionally added PFAs), with three amendments offered. The first amendment offered by the bill sponsor, extended the effective date out 18 months. That amendment passed 233-147. The next two amendments intended to narrow the scope of PFAs chemicals defined in the bill. Both of those amendments failed 165Y-216N and 156Y-223N respectively. The bill passed OTP/A 233-140 on a roll call vote. We all know PFAs are toxic and don’t belong in our landfills, but the problem with this bill is that not all chemicals or products defined in this bill can really be considered toxic. Also, instead of states banning products, it would seem that the federal government, through the EPA, should be regulating certain products so that a patchwork of regulations isn’t created from state to state. Consider too that even California, which has some pretty stringent PFAs legislation, is having difficulty implementing their own legislation. The other issue is that producers are already making great strides in taking the PFAs chemicals out of their products. We are already starting to see labels saying “PFAs Free” because that is what consumers want. In any case, our friends in the Senate will be digging though yet another landfill reduction bill and deciding whether or not we should ban things like textiles, upholstery, linens, menstrual products, cosmetics, toys and other common consumer products.

We also learned that HB1678 passed 191Y-182N after a motion to Table failed 181Y-192N and a motion to ITL failed 179Y-193N. This bill establishes a Farm to School pilot program costing $241,000. The Finance Committee recommendation was not to pass the bill (ITL 13-12) because most of the money will be used to administer the program and last summer the Fiscal Committee accepted $559,000 from the federal government for essentially the same purpose. This program is duplicative of that effort, and more bureaucratic. But hey (say it with me)… “It’s for the children”.

Finally, we learned that Finance Committee Chair Rep. Ken Weyler (R-Kingston) tried twice to remove HB1560 off of the Table. Both attempts failed 177Y-201N and 167Y-204N. He needed 2/3rds to prevail. The House Democrats would have none of it because HB1560 allows access to unassigned moneys in the Education Trust Fund (ETF). The problem is that a whole load of money is now tied up in that fund and unavailable to use to pay for all the things everyone passed today! Chair Weyler was quite annoyed, I dare say irate, that all of the Finance bills passed today needed funds tied up in ETF to pay for implementation. I suppose the Senate will now have to figure all of this out in a nonbudget year. Good luck with that.

Next week, we get a break, but we’ll be back with more bills and motions on April 25th, when we will begin work on Senate bills and Concurrences for House bills that the Senate, in their infinite wisdom, has changed.

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Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massganistan

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 02:00 +0000

Since the 1930s, governments, politicians, leaders, and members of freedom-crushing movements have been using the word “Crisis” to accomplish goals that “The People” would never have voted for or allowed to occur if we were not told that it would “Solve a Crisis” of some type.

You name the crisis, and I’ll show you the politicians and the people who will profit from it, often to the detriment of the rest of us. In most cases, the crises are NOT REAL. They are imagined to achieve a political end or goal, and they are thrust upon the population with all of the legal (and illegal) brutality that the politicians and their masters can muster.

Currently, our leaders and people who would profit from it have the following crises in progress: the climate change crisis, The Mental Health Crisis, The Homeless Crisis, The Opioid Crisis, The Extinction Crisis, the next Pandemic Crisis, The Crisis of our Democracy, etc., etc. These same people have also declared a “Solar Eclipse Crisis.”

Yes, the SOLAR ECLIPSE CRISIS!! Run for the hills, folks. Batten down the hatches and hoard all of the TP and water you can carry. The sun is coming for you—or is it the moon? Either way, IT IS NOT A CRISIS. It was not a crisis, but they tried to make it into one.

We want to thank John Cawthron for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

While I admit that there are problems to call every problem that comes along, “A CRISIS” diminishes the meaning of the word and does a disservice to us all. That brings me to the latest crisis being foisted upon us by Mayor Jim Donchess; most of the Nashua Alderman, Governor Sununu, State Rep. Joe Sweeney, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Developers, some huge corporations, and government entities will profit from it. THE HOUSING CRISIS!!!

To be clear, despite what the above-mentioned people are shouting from the rooftops, there is not, there never has been, and there never will be a housing crisis in New Hampshire.

When the first settlers arrived in NH, there was NO HOUSING WHATSOEVER. To be sure, if ever there was a time that NH had a shortage of housing, that was it. Did these settlers declare a crisis?

Did they send a letter to King George III declaring a crisis and ask for a Royal edict and Royal $$ to build workforce housing that would subisdize housing for some people while making others work for every square foot of housing space?

Did they build multi-unit, block house, soul-crushing, communal living spaces to keep and attract more settlers

The answer is, no, they did not.

Yet somehow, despite not having these Royally injected and spread amongst the leadership funds, these settlers managed to build enough housing to form a state. Crazy right? Hard work and perseverance get you somewhere.

If this Housing crisis does indeed exist, riddle me this…Why, when I take the drive on Rt 101 from Nashua to Keene, do I see a multitude of empty and abandoned houses just sitting there, unoccupied, rotting away? Surely, if there were a “CRISIS,” our local and state leaders would put their “powers of good” to use, fix these locales up, and have them re-added to the housing pool, yes? Why is this not being done?

I can tell you why…There is no Federal money in it. You know, DC dollars.

For Democrats, Federal money is like blood to a Vampire. They can’t live without it and just like a Vampire if sunlight was ever shined upon what they were doing with it and what they had to agree to, to get it, that sunlight would surely destroy them. Apparently some of our state’s GOP members have discovered what DC dollars can do for them as well. This does not bode well for our state because, for every DC dollar that is accepted, a little part of our state’s soul is traded away.

A little-known fact about this “crisis” is that under President Obama, an initiative was put in place to stop “Urban Flight” to the suburbs by bringing the “Urban” to the suburbs. DC dollars would flow to states that changed or violated their local zoning laws and to the people that brought these changes about. You know, politicians, Town Administrators, Real Estate Developers, etc. Let’s call them “The Gang” from here on out. Anyway, Obama and his ilk put this plan in place in order to economically and demographically “diversify” quiet, peaceful, and prosperous suburbia by getting the locals to allow cluster and high-density housing into areas that are not suited for it.

Obama and “The Gang” want to bring to suburbia what the Democrats have brought to most of the other places where they hold sway. High crime, bad schools, broken families, welfare state housing, and slow but unrelenting chaos. If you think that “The Gang” would tell you the TRUTH about any of this think again. Instead, WE HAVE A CRISIS!!

For the sake of argument and ignoring the fact that in the past five years, 20,000 plus or more apartment units have been built along RT 93 from Manchester to Boston, not to mention what has been built in Nashua, Manchester & Salem, NH, let’s say that there is a housing crisis here in NH.

Are “The Gang” telling us that the solution to this problem is that they and their DC dollars will build their way out of it? Ahhh, hello gang. Take a look at a map. What landmass sits below the southern New Hampshire border?  Let me point it out to you. It’s called Massachusetts. You know, the land of the uber taxed and universal mail in ballots.

For the sake of argument, let’s call Mass. what it has become under its current Soviet-style rulers “Massganistan.” Since NH borders Massganistan, every unit of housing built in southern NH is actually subsidized housing for northern Massganistan.

What was the saying in that movie…”If you build it, they will come?”

Massganistan is currently in the process of importing as many of the illegal masses as they can get from F Joe Biden. Since Massganistan is filling up every hotel, motel, warehouse and now volunteer’s homes where will the over flow go to?

Remember that the pols in Massganistan have plenty of DC dollars to house people anywhere that they want to. Even if the massive amount of illegal immigrants stay in Massganistan, the people who will be forced out of their homes and apartments or simply no longer wish to live in Massganistan because of the massive influx of people will come north, where rents and housing prices are cheaper.

Maybe that is the point, however….

In “The Gang”, the politicians get DC dollars, the Real Estate Developers get some too. The Real Estate agents and high density housing owners get rich off of the subsidized and artificially higher rents. Meanwhile, you, me, and everyone else that worked hard & played by the rules get the shaft as our towns and cities get urbanized and overrun with people that can’t afford to live in the places that the gov’t allowed/forced to be put here.

To make this more palatable and to bring in a bit of “false” humanity, “The Gang” calls this “Work Force” housing. I must say that’s very communist of them. Build brightly colored, Soviet-style, cell black housing for a workforce that doesn’t have “The Work” to pay for it.

As we all know, even with the HUGE amount of cluster housing that has already gone up, rents have not come down. In fact they are rising. Quite the opposite of how a free economic system is supposed to operate wouldn’t you say? So how is it that this can this happen?

Don’t ask me; ask “The Gang,” but my guess is that “The Gang” set themselves up nicely with tax breaks, low-interest loans, and DC dollars to “subsidize’ rents and fill their pockets as they destroy everything in their path that stands in the way of Obama’s plan for the USA and our state.

So as the complicit media types, DC Dollar-bought politicians, local leaders and town administrators, Real Estate developers, and Real Estate agents, you know, those that will profit handsomely from “THE HOUSING CRISIS” scream from the rooftops that “NH NEEDS WORKFORCE HOUSING!!” consider this. If “The Gang” really cared about the “workforce,” what they would be doing is bringing good-paying jobs to NH. If they did that, any housing issues would take care of themselves.

What is really going on is the planned and controlled DESTRUCTION of suburbia and all of the goodness that it brings to what used to be called “the fabric of America.”

This plan is for the benefit of a few and to the detriment of most. The “Housing Crisis” and “Workforce” housing lies need to be seen for what they are, not what the people who will profit from it tell you they are. These lies need to be exposed before every town and city in NH resembles the hollowed-out, and empty shamble of socialist and communist ideals that have failed everywhere that they have been implemented, for that is what this is.

Gov’t control, gov’t lies, gov’t complicity over the wishes and desires of the people that they are supposed to be serving.

If there is a crisis in NH, it’s a crisis of leadership, and I can see it with my own eyes.

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Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-04-12 00:00 +0000

This is an attempt to “break out” memes, links, and my commentary about the situation in Israel / the Middle East so as to not overload the standard meme posts that I do.  My last “normal” meme post.  In these Israel-related posts I don’t just have memes such, but lots of informative links as well as hopefully-insightful commentary.

Note that this is not meant to be a day-by-day update about what’s going on.  Rather, to highlight uncomfortable truths about the actual nature of the conflict, deep-history background, and so on, as well as to show the at-present immutable nature of Islamic hatred of Jews and why that matters to today’s events.

Also note that these posts generally do not repeat information (e.g., specific links or memes) – so there is a lot of stuff in prior posts.  Please do check them out too if this is a topic of interest to you.  In reverse chronological order:

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Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Still More Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: More Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Even More Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: More Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Memes and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Memes and Commentary – Granite Grok

With some Israel-related materials here:

Meme Overflow – Granite Grok

Don’t forget my special report on the *cough cough* hardships of pre-Oct 7 “Concentration Camp Gaza”:

Pre-War “Concentration Camp” Gaza – Granite Grok




From here:

A brave Iranian waves the flag that the Islamic regime hates the most – the flag of Israel.

Here’s another reason why I love Iranian people. They are so brave.









Douglas Murray Tears Apart Two-State Solution: “It’s Part Of The Problem”



As one commenter on the video said, two-state delusion.  More:

Now isn’t the time to push for Palestinian statehood and a two-state solution: Casey Babb for Inside Policy | Macdonald-Laurier Institute (

Related, at least to me:

Israel Is Risking Losing This War by Caring What People Who Hate It Think (

What do I keep saying?

Trying to please your enemies does not turn them into friends.

Doctors Without Borders Bombing: Obama Apologizes to MSF | TIME

All around the world in wars, rescue workers and aid workers are – sadly – killed.  Yet… why is it that ONLY when Israel has this happen, is it an international crisis?  Israel double-standard time again. Related:




RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: When U.S. troops kill aid workers, it’s ‘friendly fire’. When Israel does, it’s a ‘war crime’. The double standards are nauseating | Daily Mail Online

Now More Than Ever, Israel is the Best (

If it were Hamas, or Iran, or the Russians, or even the U.S. that had done this no one would bother to mention it. It would be lost in the noise, the assumed horrors of war.



Unfriendly Fire | Frontpage Mag

And from the link, about “starvation”:

Similarly, claims by Israel’s critics that it is fomenting a famine among Gazans, are, as Park MacDougald explains on The Scroll, dubious. More telling, MacDougald writes, “According to United Nations and Israeli numbers, Israel is already delivering twice the amount of food into Gaza than what the U.N. World Food Program (WFP) says is necessary to meet Gazan civilians’ needs.”




In their own words, their war will persist until Israel is destroyed:


“There is no difference between Hamas and the so-called ‘Palestinians’, as the vast majority of them support Hamas,” says son of co-founder of Hamas (

Take a look at the “secondary effect” of an Israeli air strike.  What’s that flying out?  Oh, wait, that’s a Hamas rocket.


Biden Admin Upset Israeli Gov Hasn’t Briefed It On Invasion Date | Frontpage Mag

Given how riddled The Potato’s administration is, not telling them plans is a smart move.  And related:

Shifa Hospital: Fortress for Hamas Fighters and Storehouse for Weapons | Frontpage Mag

At Shifa Hospital, the largest in Gaza, the IDF has discovered nearly a thousand Hamas fighters, and so far killed more than 200 of them and captured 500. The number of wounded fighters has not been made public. The IDF has also uncovered enormous stockpiles of weapons found throughout the hospital, in patients’ rooms, in operating rooms, in emergency rooms, behind MRI machines, in short, everywhere. Both those fighters and those weapons belonging to Hamas should convince everyone that this was not only, nor even mainly, a hospital in the ordinary understanding of that word.

Unorthodox-Jew A Critical View of Orthodox Judaism: How does one lose a war? This is how! (





Report: Hamas May Have Baited IDF Into Striking WCK Convoy in Error (

This would not surprise me at all.  WAR IS DECEIT said Mohammed.  And more importantly, Hamas knows that their relentless Pallywood is effective.

I highly recommend these three books:

ALL books by Robert Spencer

ALL books by Raymond Ibrahim

This book by Tommy Robinson




Video at the link:

On October 6, they were a family.

On October 7, they were burned alive and murdered by Hamas terrorists.

Johnny, Tamar, Shahar and Arbel (6) and Omer (4) Siman Tov.

It’s been almost six months.

We will never let this happen again.

Women denying the rape of Israeli women… and those who counter it.

Video at the link.  Unbelievable.

From here:

Never forget. Never forgive.




Rutgers Professor Claims it is ‘Homophobic’ to Point Out How Hamas Brutalizes LGBTQ People | The Gateway Pundit | by Margaret Flavin

Words fail me.

Jewish Students at Tulane University Share Open Letter Detailing Harassment by Far-Left Group (Video) | The Gateway Pundit | by Margaret Flavin

Far LEFT group.  Why, it’d be nice if they had a sign from years ago about the Left’s view of Jews and Israel.  Oh, wait:



Note the Kavanaugh name.  This was years ago.




Since the beginning of the war, 369,990 tons of aid have been transferred to Gaza.



From here – what happens to the aid:

Hamas hijacks aid trucks in Gaza, fires at desperate civilians.


“PALLYWOOD” (aka Palestinian Hollywood) IS BACK – churning out fake stories, videos, and photos designed to vilify Israel (

A MUST READ!  Also this one:

The 2019 Pallywood Oscars – Israellycool

FACEBOOK disables Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov’s account for posting about the Hamas threat (Oct. 7th Coming to the USA?) (

FB is NOT your friend.  And note this about DEMOCRAT Senator Elizabeth Warren:



Dismantling the “Apartheid state” claim:

Former Arab Minister speaks at Israel’s Parliament: Israel is NOT an apartheid state.


And the genocide claim:

Austin says U.S. has no evidence Israel has committed genocide after interruption from protesters | Sara A. Carter (




Here in the West already.  This is the AL QAEDA flag.  In London.

Al Qaeda flag in London protest (

Does any of this surprise you? (

Nearly half of all Muslims in the UK are unapologetically radical and sympathize with Hamas terrorists. What’s more, 39% deny that Hamas committed any crimes on October 7th. And at least 32% would prefer to live under sharia law.

The US is not immune:

This Is Who Joe Biden Is Appeasing in Michigan As He Abandons Support for Israel – HotAir

Chanting DEATH TO AMERICA… in America.  More:

Nearly Half of U.S. Muslims, Like U.K. Muslims, Support Hamas in War (




US unwilling to supply weapons requested by Israel | World Israel News

Israel now must feel it cannot fully count on Washington’s military support, just as it can no longer count on its diplomatic support — that is, the use of the American veto — at the UN Security Council.

Thus highlighting what I’ve been saying for a while – that Israel must work to cut the apron strings to the US.  As, more broadly, must any country dependent on the US for defense, or anything else.  Especially a US that says this:

Blinken, in Eid Message, Links Palestinians to Uyghurs in Chinese Concentration Camps (



Speaking of demands:

Biden has setup Israel to fail in GAZA.

The Biden admin says it expects Israel to feed, clothe and house GAZA’s enemy population during the fighting – An expectation never before set in the history of warfare.

Jake Sullivan now says Israel must:
Provide tents for 1.4 million refugees.
Provide food & water for all of GAZA.
Provide sanitation for 1.4 million people.
Distribute aid in an enemy territory.
Fight without civilian casualties.
Defend the US pier Biden is setting up.
Defend aid trucks & ships bringing aid to Hamas.
Protect all aid workers per Biden.
Evacuate 1.4 million refugees – BUT NOT TO EGYPT one mile away, instead to a destroyed North GAZA.

Leaked from Jake Sullivan’s office:
Israel presented a plan to move 1.4 million civilians over several weeks from Rafah to tents that would be set up north of the city, officials said. But the Israeli proposal did not include plans for addressing sanitation needs or an assessment of how much food or water would be required or where it would come from, the US officials said. They said the Israeli officials had only thought through sourcing for a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of tents that would be needed. – NBC News.

Palestinian State: The Day After.

Clearly, the Biden administration is sabotaging Israel’s war effort. Wants to save Hamas; end the war; and install a new Palestinian Authority Unity Govt with Hamas as a junior partner in both GAZA and the West Bank to proceed to a 2 state solution.

Israel can’t meet these absurd standards never before set for any army in history fighting a war.

The Biden administration has pledged to DO NOTHING to assist with these ridiculous demands set by America. In fact, the demands ONLY increase as the days go by.

Please tell me how I am wrong? Thank you.

(Ron M. on X)

The Biden administration’s war against the government of Israel – Center for Security Policy

[Anti-Netanyahu protest leader] Dror told his colleagues that the White House was asking them to reinstate the riots.

Protests in Israel are being instigated by The Potato.  Well, by The Potato’s handlers.




Another view:

Sorry, Jew-haters, contrary to all the gloating mainstream media reports, Joe Biden did NOT force Israel to surrender (

The anti-Semitic Biden Regime plans to require labeling of goods made by Jews in Judea and Samaria, so they can be boycotted (

Recall that until the Trump administration’s decision in 2020, it was forbidden in the US to define products from Jewish settlements as “made in Israel.” The Trump administration changed this, allowing Israel to label products from territories under Israeli control as “Made in Israel” like any other product.

And the sample stickers I’ve seen?  Yellow.  Of course.

American Jews, WHO was friendlier to Israel?



Biden Just Betrayed Every American (Except Islamic Extremists) – PJ Media

War only ends because it is so difficult for one side and its populace to continue the war. And Biden wants to keep dragging it out; allow Hamas, which is committed to the destruction of Israel, to regroup and re-arm; and set the stage for more events like October 7, God forbid.

Hey, Joe, what about the hostages still being held by Hamas who are American citizens?

He can’t.  He has Islamic votes to court.




A Gazan woman tells the truth about who’s really responsible for the misery that befell Gazans since the #October7massacre.

Hamas is responsible.  Good for her for saying so.

Defunding UNRWA Is A Good Start, But We Should Scrutinize All Foreign Aid (

Sooner or later Israel needs to work actively to cut the apron strings to the US.  And IMHO the sooner the better.




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Connections Israel

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From here:

How Would You React If Told Your 3 Sons & Several Grandchildren Had Been killed?

This is the Top Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh’s Reaction as he hears for the first time that his three sons and ‘several’ grandchildren have been killed in Israeli Strike


Hamas Leader – cold blooded reaction when told of kids & grandkids dead (

There are two thoughts that come to my mind:

First, that this man is so consumed by his hatred of Israel that even the deaths of three (!) of his children, plus “several” grandchildren, does does not phase him – but he goes on to continue the meeting where, doubtless, they’re making plans focused on Israel.

But second… remember, as I’ve posted in multiple posts, including videos, THEY LOVE DEATH.  Those children and grandchildren died in the service of Jihad; therefore, they’re martyrs and in the highest place in paradise.  Understand this mentality.

Know your enemy.  Know what motivates them.  Understand that any death that happens in the pursuit of the enemy – the infidel – results in Paradise.

They love death.  And it begs the question – how do you deter someone whose religion says that your death in fighting the enemy gets you the highest reward?  How do you deter or even daunt an enemy who truly believes that anyone killed in this war – down to children and infants – is a soldier for the cause and thus, also, gets that reward of Paradise?

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Who is Running This Ship?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 22:00 +0000

Two years ago, NH Conservatives had an ideal opportunity to win the two House seats now held by Democrats Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas. We put up Bob Burns and Caroline Leavitt.

Burns was a virtual unknown who defeated Lily Tang Williams in the NH CD2 primary when the Tang-Williams message (having escaped Communism) was what was needed as we plunged further into the depths of a tyrannical govt. that continues to exhibit totalitarian characteristics, such as attacking political enemies and parents and changing the language. Leavitt was unschooled in running, and her message was delivered with more “I think” in it than “we,” or more importantly, “what ‘you,’ the voters want.”

Where is the push to get viable candidates out there? Why has the Republican Party leadership not been pushing our side, and if they have, why is the public not seeing it?

We want to thank Michael Smith for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
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Conservative candidates should be out there NOW. Their faces and messages should be on the news and in the papers every day. November is only eight months away. Are we going to make the same mistake by taking another win for granted, and then on election night, we will be shaking our heads and saying, “How did this happen again?”

Who is running this ship?

The country is circling the drain. We can take back two seats, and it seems like we are sitting on our hands. Give the public people they can rally behind. Give the public people who will make sane Democrats actually consider voting for a Republican.

And for the sake of this nation, stop allowing the Democrats to capture the one issue voters with the abortion question. The Left lies and lies often regarding the Conservative stance and refuses to acknowledge their own “moment of birth abortion” position.

There are good, hard-working, loyal Conservatives out there. Why are we not seeing them? They are household names in NH, and we can maybe undo some of the damage that has been done by creating a solid Conservative hold on the House.

We can change people. I know. I am a former liberal Democrat.

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Americas Greatest Teacher of Americanism

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 20:00 +0000

In the empty minds of generations of youth, the Marxist heroes like the Beatles, Fidel Castro, and the freakish rock revolution of pot , rock, and revolution filled their minds with the lie that there is no God. John Birch is a hero that American youth were not allowed to know. Another great American Patriot, my friend Jack, suffered the same silence.

John F. McManus (Jack), former President Emeritus of The John Birch Society, passed into eternity on March 4th, 2024. I first heard Jack speak at Newburyport, Massachusetts Town Hall in the fall of 1968. I was mesmerized by his brilliant evaluation and exposure to the fraudulent portrayal of the true nature of political and economic systems. He revealed, with candid eternal truths, the difference between the American Republican form of government ( “Americanism”) and all other forms of governmental systems. From that encounter, Jack became my mentor in my now 55-plus-year war to help expose the powerful worldwide conspiracy to destroy American independence by means of promoting the United Nations (“UN”) world government. Sadly, many American citizens lead the way to betray our liberty by passively supporting the UN Agenda through their inaction.

We want to thank Russ Payne for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
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If history books for posterity ever ring true, Jack will be considered one of the greatest Americans of his time. He could be honored equally with our founding generation, men inspired by almighty God, to give us our biblical-based blessings of liberty. Jack was Americanism’s greatest teacher. Jack taught that the founding premise of Americanism was antithetical to all other governmental systems in history. Jack echoed Jefferson’s powerful challenge to all the despots of his era and continues to resonate through the halls of history. Jack produced a two-and-a-half-hour presentation called “Overview of Our World” that graduated to a powerful 29-minute DVD in the 1990s, called “Overview of America,” detailing the key to Americanism’s success: moral character and limited government. Self-limitation, in hand with governmental-limitation, produces the only lasting deterrent to totalitarianism.

The core of our liberty once again goes back to the Declaration of Independence. The words of the birth of a nation never before contained: “We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.” For the first time, God was given credit as the author of all liberty. No other government described itself, as Jefferson so eloquently did, with a challenge to that generation and generations throughout all posterity, that governments are instituted among men to secure the God-given rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Jack’s work had a combined reach of hundreds of millions of Americans starving for the truth about the ever-increasing loss of their liberty.

The 89-year life of John F. McManus was rooted in the historical roots of Americanism. Our Founding generation poured out their lives, fortunes and sacred honors. Jack lived their creed through his John Birch Society leadership. His beloved Birch Society is named for a martyred Baptist Christian Missionary, Captain John Birch. Birch served God from 1940 to Pearl Harbor, preaching Christ to the Chinese people. Thereafter, he became a U.S. Army intelligence officer serving his country, coordinating America’s war against Japan on the Chinese mainland. Read the full story of the coverup and brutal murder of John Birch by Robert Welch called “The Life Of John Birch.” For as Welch prophetically wrote finalizing his book: ‘With his death and in his death, the battle lines were drawn in a struggle from which either Communism or Christian-style civilization must emerge with one completely triumphant and the other completely destroyed”.

John Birch was the first American to die in our current war for liberty. The battlefield has shifted from soldiers and guns to worldwide government encroachment orchestrated by the UN. John McManus inspired myself and millions of others to give their lives fighting this war in the public arena. Marxism has made its mission to box out Christ and his followers because liberty hinges on a people self-governed by moral character. John McManus taught America its long-hidden true identity more than any man. If we are to win this battle that John Birch and Jack gave their lives for, we must invite Jesus Christ back into the American system of government. Once, there were men like John F. McManus; may God give us more like him.

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Inflation Nation: Will America’s Economic Woes Worsen in 2024?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 18:00 +0000

In his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden claimed US inflation is a result of price-gouging by corporate bogeymen. Recent statistics suggest other causes, some of which will likely persist through this election year – and the president’s narrative is not likely to hold up as rents, wages, and taxes rise, all increases that are hard to blame on corporate America.

It is also difficult to fault businesses for raising wages or to ignore the ongoing impact of massive federal spending under this administration. Stubborn inflation may prove a sticky wicket for Biden-Harris 2024.

Pinning inflation on any one cause is always sketchy, but the Biden plan has been to point socialist fingers at the greedy rich, not the profligate government. This may be a credibility step up from perpetually linking sloppy monetary policy with COVID-19, but finger-jabbing about shrinkflation (smaller product packaging) was recognized even by the Associated Press as “part of a broader strategy to reframe how voters view the economy.” However, warping perceptions is more the province of Timothy Leary than economics and money supply – Joe Biden’s policies seeded the inflation he seeks to scapegoat onto others.

Biden doubled down on the inflation charade in his State of the Union address, proclaiming, “Too many corporations raise their prices to pad their profits, charging you more and more for less and less….” But the federal government doesn’t even offer products to taxpayers whom it charges more and more in taxes for less and less effective policies. There is no question that the Build Back Better legislation overheated the money supply and seeded inflation, further fueled by the oxymoronic Inflation Reduction Act that even Biden later conceded was misnamed: “I wish I hadn’t called it that. It has less to do with reducing inflation than it does providing for alternatives that generate economic growth….”

Sticky Inflation is Sticking

Recent inflation indices by the Federal Reserve present profound obstacles to the Orwellian “bad-company” narrative. Accurately tracking inflation is such a challenging economic exercise that several different measurements are monitored, including “core” versus “headline” inflation, but also between “sticky” and “flexible” costs for certain goods and services. Numbers out for February from the Fed suggest both are moving upward, and neither has anything to do with the size of a Snickers bar.

Sticky inflation refers to consumer prices that do not respond quickly to changes in demand, particularly wages and housing. These tend to exert a drag on the economy and can also be fueled by rising medical service and education costs – writing off student loans is not free, after all. The recent sticky-price CPI issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta suggests that sticky-price inflation may be sticking around due chiefly to higher wages and service prices. Wages are currently rising faster than inflation:

“The Atlanta Fed’s sticky-price consumer price index (CPI)—a weighted basket of items that change price relatively slowly—increased 4.0 percent (on an annualized basis) in February, following a 6.7 percent (revised) increase in January. On a year-over-year basis, the series is up 4.4 percent.

“On a core basis (excluding food and energy), the sticky-price index increased 4.3 percent (annualized) in February, and its 12-month percent change was 4.4 percent.”

Sticky inflation threatens to be a particularly sticky Biden campaign wicket because it can have an impact on monetary policy: the Fed seeks to keep inflation low (a target of 2%): sticky inflation threatens to become “persistent” inflation, pushing monetary authorities to raise or maintain interest rates. During COVID-19, Biden pitched that inflation was “transitory,” but again, those pesky facts of math persist. Though Biden and the MSM are signaling that the Fed will soften on rates, the sticky-price CPI prompted Fed Chair Jerome Powell to “single out persistently high services prices as a concern and indicated the central bank’s policymakers would like to see services inflation ease further before starting to cut their key interest rate.”

Flexible CPI Also Trending Upwards

The Fed also tracks “flexible” inflation, which monitors items whose prices change more dramatically or frequently. This flexible price measure is perceived to be more responsive to changes in the current economic environment or the “level of economic slack.”

Flexible CPI is also sounding warning signals. After spiking sharply in 2021 (2.27% in June and 2.09% in October), this measure was running cool in late 2023, even dropping .61% in October and another .34% in November. But after dropping an additional .39% in January 2024 to permit sanguine announcements of inflation defeat by the Biden team, the February number punched up .67% – an annualized rate of 8.04%. It is premature to announce inflation victory.

Price Forecasts for 2024

The complexity of accurately measuring inflation pressures fills textbook analyses and boardroom predictions but is also why government spending must be closely watched for what Milton Friedman dubbed “money mischief” – big spenders kick the can of consequences of reckless money-printing down the road while rewarding pet projects (like costly, regressive renewables). Large infusions of fiat currency inflate real estate and commodity prices first, and eventually wages – which never catch up. This is precisely what America has witnessed: For some time, inflation dramatically outpaced wages, which are now catching up, however anemically. Biden increased food and housing prices and now blames corporate food makers and the housing market for the resultant bubble. Using such logic, Biden’s pipeline shutdowns hiked gas prices, but price-gouging gas companies are to blame. The Biden administration seeks to pull the wool over voters’ eyes rather than own up to the dangerous economic forces it has unleashed.

Should consumer spending (already soft) start to dip and the global or national economy cool, America may be on the verge of a new period of stagflation. In order to shore up votes for the election, the Biden crew is pulling out all stops to blame someone else for the nation’s precarious condition: if not COVID-19, then Donald Trump, or Vladimir Putin, or corporate greed. Interest rates and housing prices aren’t higher due to sloppy spending; it’s the greedy banks! But other policies feed into this contagion, including open borders and floods of Haitian or Palestinian refugees, all in need of housing in a nation already short by millions of units. Higher electricity and fuel prices impact residential construction and rental costs.

However, Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has announced that sticky inflation will abate because rental and housing prices will cool in 2024:

“Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she expects a moderation in the rise of housing costs will help deliver lower inflation in 2024.

“….I have every expectation that the single largest contributor to inflation is going to be moving down over this year…. Inflation is down two-thirds from the high it reached in 2022,” Yellen said. “I wouldn’t expect this to be a smooth path month-to-month, but the trend is clearly favorable.”

That sounds like transitional inflation redux, a wishful narrative that may grow harder to sell as the year unfolds. It is truly to be hoped that the Treasury Secretary is correct. But claiming Joe Biden has not fueled inflation, or that it has safely abated, is tantamount to claiming the border is secure and a flood of new refugees will boost the economy. Joe Biden’s dissembling is persistent even if inflation is not. There is only so much baloney that an economic sandwich can hold.


John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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What Does The Deep State Have On Speaker Johnson?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 16:00 +0000

She’s crazy!!! She’s unhinged!!! That is what they … the GOP Establishment, the Regime-Media, the Democrats, etc. … want you to believe about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Read her letter below. Actually, the people who are crazy are the people who believe the “MTG is crazy,” “MTG is unhinged” propaganda, and that it is she and NOT Speaker Mike Johnson and his loyal cuckolds who are betraying GOP voters and wrecking the country.

At this point, Speaker Johnson is little more than the tax-collector/debt-financier for the Biden-Regime. On issue after issue after issue he has sided with the Biden-Regime and against GOP voters. He has fully funded the Regime’s noxious anti-America agenda. It is fair to ask what the CIA, FBI, etc. has on Mike Johnson. Is he being blackmailed, threatened?


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The Systemic “Odor of Mendacity”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 14:00 +0000

During Fani Willis’s trial, presiding Judge Scott McAfee, an inexperienced former employee of Fani’s, detected an “Odor of Mendacity” in the sworn testimony of Georgia County Attorney Fani Willis and her paramour prosecutor Nathan Wade. Any casual observer could see that Fani, her lover, and her law partner engaged in unlimited perjury.

This is unfortunately not surprising or unparalleled in the annals of American judicial history. In an article published by Jonathan Turley, a highly respected legal professor and scholar, on his blog “Res Lpsa Loquitur/ The thing itself speaks,” Turley expanded the “Odor of Mendacity” to the defamatory and constant shenanigans against President Trump occurring in New York and Washington D.C, details of which are all over conservative news but ignored by the mainstream press.

We want to thank Charles Bradley for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
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I have detected a flood of mendacity emanating from the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the FBI, and national news media. The deliberate boldface lying begins with the Biden-Mayorkas secure border hoax, which has allowed 10+ million illegal aliens over our southern border. Try getting into totalitarian regimes like China, Russia, or Iran with no consequences. These countries are sending the worst of their worst to invade the USA to cause chaos and even mayhem.

Having allowed 10+ million illegal invaders into the USA, Biden, the Demolitioncrats, and the McConnell Republicans encourage these invaders to vote. In my opinion, there are no liberals or conservatives anymore; there are the realists or the delusional.

The continual deliberate lying by those in power in our country portends a tragic end for the USA if it goes unchanged! Hopefully, this criminal conduct does not conclude in a catastrophic cacophony of chaos for our country.

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Public Health Messaging Your Local Media Continues to Get Wrong … And Everything Else!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 12:00 +0000

A general search of New Hampshire’s watchdog media continues to suggest that they are not so interested in the truth as they are in appeasing the political powers they should keep in check. A sort of, but I’ll lose my sources if I tell too much truth. We at the ‘Grok could care less.

The list of conspiracy theories that came true is long and distinguished. In fact, we did more for science and to help the medical freedom groups that rose to fight for your rights and liberties than any corporate media in the Granite State. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find much to challenge the approved narratives in the internet “media” subculture. InDepthNH won’t touch it, and NH Journal is content to fondle it the way a creeper touches women’s butts as they pass by on a crowded subway platform.

There are others, but most exist to parrot, not challenge. Sharing the wrong science might affect fundraising.

I rely on fundraising to pay my bills, but the truth and debate are more important here, even when we may disagree. How else are we to arrive at the truth? If we do not let writers write, commenters comment, or people share links, research, and opinions, no one will be able to hear anything over the chorus.

There are no better examples of this than the mRNA product and another of Pfizer’s miracle cures, Paxlovid. The Health Freedom sites and .orgs that sprung up have been ceaseless pursuers of truth. They share news, data, alternative opinions, research, and fight for human liberty. We’ve been doing that for eighteen years and appreciate the company. It’s a thankless task without which we’d have only had the approved narratives that continue to confound self-proclaimed media guardians of the truth.

There is very little left in the way of clothing (real or imagined) on the mRNA emperor, but you won’t find evidence of that truth in New Hampshire’s corporate media. They might still be on the hook for all the ad money they took to support the Public Health Industrial complex narratives. Even Newsmax and Fox were alleged to have been bought in return for some measure of favorable COVID Policy coverage.

Paxlovid is another Pfizer product that was demonstrably ineffective and, in some cases, dangerous from very early on but continues to be advertised (much like the COVID ‘Vaccines'( without any consideration for the risks. I was in a supermarket yesterday, taking advantage of a sale to stock up on essentials. They had a public service announcement about getting vaccinated for COVID.

While the COVID injections are all risk, no reward, Paxlovid appears to be, at best, useless. It does not shorten symptoms. It is no more effective than a placebo. Over at the Dossier, they are reporting that it doesn’t shorten symptoms, and Paxlovid Rebound – a problem known since launch – is twenty-five times more likely than advertised (not that you’ll find it advertised in local “media”).

The Union Leader shared some news about the Paxlovid rebound in 2022, with the caveat that the drug still saves lives. The Pfizer/FDA/CDC/NIH Laundromat said the same about mRNA. We encourage you to find your truth but it doesn’t look good for Paxlovid.

The Union Leader also has a very amusing article this year (from Bloomberg) on how the COVID tests don’t work as well as they used to. We’ve got dozens of reports of how badly these tests worked from day one because it was not designed for that. The FDA and CDC (even the WHO) repeatedly observed issues, issued recalls, and required alternatives. Where is any of this reporting in local ‘media’?

The Grok, at RebuildNH, LibertyBlockNH, Health Freedom NH, and a few others, were brave enough to challenge the approved narratives. I get that it’s a horse we’ve been kicking for years, but “The Media” are still at it, and tens of thousands of Granite Staters have yet to figure this out.

It is not just public health messaging that they get wrong, skew, message, or misrepresent. It is not just New Hampshire; it is not just that some stories are incomplete. There is a deliberate lack of balance and, let’s face it, honesty about the issues presented. It is also not always the reporter. They answer to editors, and if you want to keep your job, you stop trying to tell the whole truth.

It is, therefore, not in your best interest to trust them on any other story they tell.

One of the unwritten conditions for donating to Grok is that we will never allow donors to dictate content. Let me tell you, it makes it harder to reach goals, but so what? As I noted above, media that encourages open debate and disagreeing-our-way to some middle ground littered with unpleasant truths is preferable. We like it when people disagree and work through it, and as long as you can be civil, you are welcome to your opinion. Just be willing to hear someone else’s and hash out the details until you find a middle ground or agree to disagree.

It’s all good.

It is also how we prevent falling into some institutionalized echo chamber of which there is always some risk.

But the professionals don’t seem at all concerned about that.

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Democrats Have No Sanctity For Life

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 10:00 +0000

There are two major political factions in America. Yes, there are independents, but those are just people afraid of commitment or ignorant of the issues. Years ago, when the parties were philosophically closer, you could ride the middle and say there were beliefs on either side that you could back. Today, the divide between the two major parties is so vast that to say you are an independent means sitting on a chair balanced on a high wire stretched across the Grand Canyon. There is no middle ground. Bipartisan is a word with no meaning. Every debate or vote is decided along party lines.

There is a stark difference between the two parties, which may be the most important. Republicans value life. From conception to the grave, the Republicans want each individual to have the opportunity to maximize their life’s well-being. This is in stark contrast to the Democrats. The Democrats have no concern for life. They support abortion on demand up to the time of birth, and they also support Euthanasia. They have equal ambivalence to the beginning and end of life.

As far as the period between, they are content sitting on the sidelines as 100,000 people die of Fentanyl poisoning at the hands of the Chinese and Mexicans. They have opened the border to allow gang members, rapists, murderers, and terrorists to enter our country, roam freely, and traumatize every neighborhood in the country. The Dems want you healthy enough to get to the polls, pull the D lever, and then get back to your life. They will lie to your face, sell you a bill of goods, and have their media reinforce the story. Notice I said their media. It used to be yours, but those days are long gone. That peacock was replaced by a donkey years ago.

This is how I see it, and writing it gives me no pleasure. But I challenge any of my Left-leaning acquaintances to shoot holes in my assessment. When I was growing up, the Democrats were always considered the Party of the People, and the Republicans were all about big business and wealth. I remember my sister looking at me one day and saying that I could not be a Republican because I had no wealth. Ironically, she now lives in Florida and is a Republican. The coin has flipped.

The Republicans are the Party of the Little Guy, and the Dems have sold their soul to special interest groups, foreign countries that are still our enemies, and the Radical Left who despise America. Groups like the Blacks, Browns, and even the Reds have seen the light. They know they have been used for decades, and the promises ring hollow. They have been pawns and taken for granted. The inner-city folk are seeing the resources earmarked for them now going to illegals. Against the rulings of the Supreme Court, the President is going from state to state, promising to wipe out student debt in trade for votes. The Democrats are the Party of smoke and mirrors. The flame is going out, and the mirrors are cracking. Joe Biden and his media will not be able to convince Americans that they are better off with his policies. That dog doesn’t hunt anymore. Biden may be losing his mind, but Americans are finding theirs.

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Night Cap: Local GOP Makes a Dent with 2024 Town Election

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-04-11 02:00 +0000

My town, Merrimack, holds its SB2 elections later than most. Town election season in New Hampshire begins while the snow still flies and peaks in March, so an early April poll date is late for supper.

Merrimack’s nonpartisan town elections are always later, so you have more time to campaign (in slightly better weather). This year, the local GOP did something we need to see more of across the state.

It is nonpartisan but still party-driven. No Ds or Rs are on that paper ballot, but that doesn’t change who they are politically. The ones whining about high property taxes (Democrats) are the first to raise them, and slowing or stopping that falls to local Republicans—labeled or not.

The Merrimack GOP appears to have worked their butts off to get decent candidates, do some serious door-knocking, and get enough of their voters to the polls to hold back what is typically a progressive day of celebration. The police, fire, and teachers’ unions always seem to get their voters out, which means bigger budgets and higher taxes.

Deserving’s got nothing to do with it unless you mean we deserve to be able to afford to live here, and schools, in particular, suck all the air and dollars out of every room. Despite representing the supermajority of taxes paid by New Hampshire residents, local town elections are still the least attended. Turnout is typically a fraction of the total number of registered voters. The last time I checked, we had over 18,000 of them in Merrimack. If more than 20% show up for town elections, it’s a big deal.


Turnout was not great. I don’t think it exceeded 4000 (my back-of-the-envelope guess), but with good groundwork and messaging, the local GOP got several candidates on the Town Council, the School Board, and the Budget and Planning committees. Voters also had a mountain of new spending to accept or reject on town and school ballots and kept nearly eight million of it off their backs.

Not every Gimme-money warrant failed, but a new 4.8 million special services building was rejected, as were the school and town operating budgets. The defaults are each slightly lower – a few million on each side.

Take the win.

Informed no voters can make a difference, and more importantly, given the traditional turnout, if you can find 100 folks who don’t typically show up to do that and vote for your candidates and issues, you can move the needle in races and spending. The Merrimack GOP found a formula that worked, and with luck, they will duplicate it in future elections.

While we wait, it is up to the people who supported these candidates at the ballot box to support them in office. The establishment doesn’t take the loss lightly and will do what it can to bully, isolate, and demoralize dissenters. It makes it harder to find people to run and to keep them there when they win.

I hope the Merrimack GOP has a plan for that as well.


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