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Portrait of a Blameless President

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 10:30 +0000

One-time Vice President Hubert Humphrey learned a thing or two about politics during his long political career.  He once quipped, “To err is human…To blame someone else is politics.”  A young Joe Biden must have been taking notes.

Today, Biden clearly sees his administration as the most successful in history, unblemished by the miscalculations and mistakes that scarred so many other past presidencies.  He reached that conclusion through wishful thinking…and his carefully honed ability to blame others for his blunders.  That ability has become a compulsion for this lifelong politician.

We saw it early on with the issue of illegal immigration.  Donald Trump’s policies had effectively eliminated the problem of illegal immigration.  During the month of April, 2020, for example, during President Trump’s final months in office, Customs and Border Protection reported 17,106 encounters at our southern border.  It was a miniscule number, by today’s standards.  After Biden reversed Trump’s policies, and issued his own executive actions, utter chaos erupted on our southern border.  In April, 2021, during Biden’s first year in office, the number of border encounters had exploded to 178,795.

And as the surge in illegal border crossings, illegal drugs, and human trafficking began to impact his approval ratings, Biden did what he does best.  He blamed someone else.  In that case, incredibly enough, he blamed Trump.  During a friendly interview on the “TODAY” show, Biden whined that his administration inherited “one god-awful mess at the border.”

Then there’s the crime rate, now skyrocketing across the country – the direct result of the insane efforts by Democrats to defund police departments.  Incredibly enough, the Biden administration has tried to pin that on Republicans, as well.  The twisted logic Biden used went like this:  Republicans opposed the inflationary $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan (ARP).  The plan included $350 billion to help states and cities impacted by the pandemic.  So while Democrats were still demanding that police departments be defunded, the Biden Administration was trying to convince the country that Republicans were responsible for the increase in crime because they opposed the ARP.

Now, the country is facing another crisis – soaring gas prices and inflation, and Biden is putting the blame entirely on Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.  While it’s clear that the invasion accelerated the increase in gas prices, it’s just as apparent that the prices began a meteoric rise long before the invasion, before there was any inkling of an invasion.

The proof is indisputable and readily available., for example, charts the average price of gasoline in America.  In this chart, it’s clear that that gas prices rose from $2.09 per gallon, when Biden was elected, to $3.40 per gallon, before Americans even became aware of the imminent invasion of Ukraine in November 2021.

The chart confirms what most rational Americans already knew.  It was Biden’s self-declared war on fossil fuels and the drastic measures he took against the oil industry via Presidential Executive Action that actually sparked the surge in prices.

Admittedly, Joe Biden is not the first president to blame others for his failures.  But the audacity he’s shown in deflecting blame is breathtaking.  What he and his administration lack in honesty, they make up for in unadulterated moxie.

There are obvious reasons why people in power rarely accept blame for their failures.  Most of them have mammoth egos that simply won’t allow them to take responsibility.  Besides that, they believe, rightly so, that repeated failures can make them look weak or ineffective.  So, like the Wizard of OZ, they try to create and maintain the illusion that they can be trusted to lead, and that they have all the answers.

But that approach to leadership creates one major problem:  No president can solve the problems facing our country if he refuses to believe they exist, and that he bears responsibility for them.

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GrokStore – The Deplorable Collection is On Sale NOW!

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 01:30 +0000

The Entire GrokStore Deplorable Collection has been reduced for the next three days. From T-shirts to sweatshirts to mugs and stickers.

We knocked a few bucks off each item, and we hope you’ll check them out along with all the other offerings. All proceeds go to support

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Deplorable and Proud of It Quick Links

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Manchester School District – Aborting Parents from Their Child’s Life like Democrat’s Abort Children from Their Mom’s Lives

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 00:00 +0000

My original title was “Manchester School District Made Their Lying to Parents about Their Kids Even Worse – Policy JBAB,” but I don’t think that adequately conveys my feelings.

Just like Democrats that have demonized and reduced unborn babies to a null status, so is the Manchester School Board is demonizing and reducing Parents to a null status when it comes to their children.

Both the unborn babies and Parents have no standing. This is happening all over the country and is revealing its Hydra-head here in NH. Are you, Parents, going to be hip with this?

Given that we are a Dillon’s Rule State (which means that there has to be a State Law/RSA that authorizes “subdivision of a State” in order for any town, school board, water district, et al. to do anything.

Any town ordinance, any school board policy, any operation or procedure MUST have the ability to point to that NH RSA. And that is the nub of the problem in Manchester, Gilford, Exeter, and any other NH School District that has adopted Policy JBAB (Transgender and non-conforming).

Manchester School District is now being sued – they lied to a Parent about the transgender status of her child, and now she has to pick up the pieces that the school not only allowed but, so it seemed, to help push that child down the Transgender road. Now, Mom has to pick up the pieces that the District lied about (by omission – refused to inform the Parent).

And Mom has now sued the District over forcibly taking away HER responsibility in raising her child even as the District, with this policy, is saying:


We judge you to be an unfit Parent simply because you may not agree with how WE are raising her in this aspect of her life.  Additionally, we judge you to automatically wanting to cause harm to this child under our care because you disagree with our sexual morality – you WILL cause harm so we have to protect the child by keeping you in the dark.

I find it really “coincidental” that just as this suit is winding up, the School District decided to “make a change” to the policy. If their purpose was to recognize “Oops, we screwed up,” they ended up making it worse by changing it from:

School personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status or gender-nonconforming presentation to others, including parents and other school personnel, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure.


School personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status or gender-nonconforming presentation to others unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure. Nothing herein shall be construed to change the obligation of the school to take action when student safety is concerned.

And there you have it:

  • We give ourselves the authority to lie to Parents EVEN IF we cannot present an NH RSA that gives us that Power to lie.”
  • We declare that the same Parents that have given their child to us to educate are a severe risk to the child.

Yet when there’s a real truancy case, is the Manchester District going to go after the child or the Parent (er, the latter, right after they call the Parent to see if they can give aspirin to said child).

In the aspirin example, State Law mandates that a Parent be called before administration.

In the first case, transgender status, ask the District if they can quote what RSA gives them the power to lie and take away the right of a parent to raise their child as they see fit?

When will School Boards start realizing their overreach has gone too far?

Or rather, do they even care as they, like all other Government agencies, continue to weave their way into more and more areas way beyond their original mandate.

And like all other Government agencies in doing so, they take YOUR Responsibilities and decisions from you, believing that they are superior to you…simply either because they either got one more vote than the other guy or get a Government payroll check that has your name on the front (as it’s your money).

Concord-based attorney Richard Lehmann is representing the mother in the lawsuit. He said he doesn’t expect the changes made to the policy to impact his client’s complaint.

“The proposal goes nowhere near far enough,” said Lehmann. “For the very simple reason it encourages school personnel to lie to parents. I can’t imagine a context where it’s appropriate for school personnel to lie to parents about their children.

Too bad, Rick – they certainly have. And no longer care what Parents believe as well.

(H/T: Union Leader)

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Sex Toy Story

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 22:30 +0000

Four Disney employees were arrested in connection with a human (sex) trafficking operation, and Disney/Pixar has decided that refusing to groom 6-year-olds justifies adding an adult same-sex kiss back into a kid’s movie.


Previously, the scene had been cut out of the movie, but child-grooming LGBT creeps from Disney’s Pixar division wrote a letter demanding that it be included in order to stick it to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his bill banning predators from talking about sex with young children in the classroom.


The movie is Lightyear, a Toy Story prequel.


Lightyear revolves around the origin story of the fictional Buzz Lightyear, the character who inspired the action figure in the Toy Story films. In this film, Buzz does his first test flight in order to explore new galaxies for Star Command to come in peace. However, when the evil Emperor Zurg threatens the universe’s safety, Buzz may be its only hope to save it.[3]


Take that premise and tell me how an adult same-sex kiss (any adult kiss, really) has relevance or context?

It doesn’t, but after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting public schools from talking about sex and gender to children, many of whom have not even achieved the universal age of reason, “Disney” decided it was a must-see.

Or Disney caved to the pressure of the Gaystaop – same difference.

What’s next, Sex Toy Story?

The main characters could still be named Buzz and Woody. Imagine the trouble they could get into when their owner wasn’t around?

Related: Sherry Frost Wants You To Send Gay! Postcards to Ron DeSantis but Two Can Play That Game

In related news, as noted above,



Those are the four they caught.

Everyone knows pedophiles choose occupations that give them access to children and the priesthood is not the most popular choice. Public school teachers would be the winner by a large margin.

But Ron DeSantis is the bad guy.



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SR. Management at Gunstock (And at Least One Commissioner) Want to Drag Their Feet on This, EH?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 21:00 +0000

Kicking and screaming as hard as they can, there at Gunstock Mountain Resort! The heart of the issue? Power – and the ability to do what they want, when they want, and how they want.

That they are only a subdivision of the State and not a real “company” makes it even worse. And as I’ll be putting up stuff going forward, I’ve got receipts!

In this case, its all about “presentation”. An old trick/technique where stuff that SHOULD be updated, like a website, isn’t. Like with the NH GOP website back in 2013/214 when Walt Havenstein was their nominee for Governor and Scott Brown (husband of  Gail Huff who is now running for US Congress from NH’s CD-1 ) was running for US Senate. That year, the Delegates to the NH GOP voted for a stronger plank concerning unborn babies – much more of a pro-life stance. Problem was that both Havenstein and Brown, contra the NH GOP Platform.

After the Delegate vote, the Platform on the NH GOP website didn’t change for MONTHS to reflect the change. I implored Matt Mowers to update it (he’s now running for US Congress for the second time in CD-1) as he was the Executive Director of the NH GOP. Lots of unanswered calls and emails but when I did get answers, it was along the lines of “we’re busy campaigning for our candidates” even though he AND I knew it was literally a 3-minute update. In fact, I offered many times to update – as well as a bunch of other folks who were “website savvy” as well.

It didn’t get changed until they both lost their races by substantial margins. IMHO, because Scott Brown was seen as both a carpet bagger and anti-2A guy (based on his actions while being a Massachusetts politician AND for me, bragging about how he started voting more with Democrats than Republicans as his Senate term was ending to prove his “bipartisan” cred. And with Havenstein, it was his refusal to apologize for joining in with Democrats in slurring the TEA Party movement as teabaggers. He alienated the Liberty and Freedom / Conservative wing of Republicans – and paid a heavy price for it.

So, with that background, what goes around, comes around and this time with the NH governmental agency, wholly owned by the subdivision of the State known as Belknap County, called Gunstock Mountain Resort: failure to properly and promptly update their website because of political changes they don’t like. At this point, given what I now know, I lay this at the feet of Gary Kiedaisch (Vice-Chair and has assumed the title of Acting Chair, Gunstock Area Commission (“GAC”) ) and Tom Day (General Manager /Prez) of Gunstock Mountain Resort.

As I reported yesterday, Rusty McLear has been removed, by the Belknap County Delegation (that has oversight over the GAC) from the seat that he did not legally hold as of March 16th and his “squatter” seat is now open for vacancy:

Can’t get more plain that that, right? Yet, his name is still listed as a Commissioner. Stubbornly holding onto the idea that if GMR Sr. Mgt doesn’t have it changed, McLear is still a Commissioner? I even had a “to do” over it with Tom Day (GMR’s GM) that started after he denied that he was going to give me the information I demanded in an RSA 91:A demand (GMR’s budget at the General Ledger line item – just like the Town of Gilford has and the Gilford School District has (among others). Abstracted (but can supply the full emails if I need to) and emphasis mine:

From: Skip <>
Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2022 9:33 PM
To: Tom Day <>; Gary kiedaisch <>; Peter Ness <>; Jade Wood ( <>;
Cc: Cathy White <>
Subject: Re: [External] Budget

Note: I have removed Rusty from this response as he is not a valid Commissioner – Belknap County Delegation Chair Mike Sylvia’s words of yore do NOT trump the black and white letter of State Statute (RSA 399:4). His email of today has sprung out into the wild and now contraindicates what you’ve been quoting for a while (along with Gary Kiedaisch) and is now aligned with State Statute. Change my mind.

It does put you into a bit of a logical conundrum – insisting he was right in this regard when Rusty was confirmed even as you and your staff have made sport of him over the subject of Succession – that shows intellectual dishonesty via cherry-picking. Or is it that you prefer the Strong Man style of governance – for that’s where it, if taken to its ad nauseum limit, leads to. We either stand as a Republic on the Rule of Law or we are lawless; you can’t have it one way in one moment and another in the next moment. But I digress…

While you think of Gunstock as a company, it is legally just a mere political subdivision of Belknap County which is, in turn, only a subdivision of the State. Being a Public Sector entity, GMR is not a “commercial” entity – only the facade of being one. Thus, that exception is off the table; it is yet just another government body providing a service (like the DMV) when all is said and done.

Thus, there is nothing “proprietary” even if you believe your focus is out-competing other ski areas. If that was REALLY the case, and you believed in yourselves that you could, all of you would have made the offer to either lease it from the County or offer to take it private and reap the reward. Having done neither leaves you in the state of just being yet another Government agency – no less but no more and still subject to all statutes thereof as well as the expectation of good governance providing the greatest amount of openness and transparency.

Jade has a great line in this regard on her email signature – ask her what her email tagline says (or said if it has been removed). Instead of striving for that openness and transparency, you slammed the rhetorical door. Wrongly.

If you are all that paranoid that I’m just going to turn around and just hand it to other ski areas, you need assistance. That action wasn’t even on my radar – yet you assumed that it is was but without any evidence behind that reasoning; not my purpose. I have RTK’d other subdivision’s budgets with no pushback at all – so what are you hiding (as Occam’s Razor has left me with no other option)?

Thus, my RSA91:A demand stands and I await the fulfillment of it.


 Skip Murphy
Co-Founder, co-owner |
Dominating the political Bandwidth in New Hampshire


—— Original Message ——
From: “Tom Day” <>
To: “Skip” <>; “Gary kiedaisch” <>; “Peter Ness” <>; “Jade Wood (” <>; “” <>
Cc: “Cathy White” <>; “Rusty McLear” <>
Sent: 3/18/2022 12:56:31 PM
Subject: RE: [External] Budget

Don’t really know what you are rambling on about.

But as I stated before I am not sharing my budgets.

Rusty is cc’d on this. Not up to you to tell me who is a valid commissioner.

Tom  Day
President and General Manager

Also note, however, that “Open Position” listing. Sorry, but that position HAS been filled – by a valid vote of the County Delegation and was duly sworn in – Dr. David Strang, M.D. from Gilmanton. They are upset because of ideological difference (Day and Kiedaisch) on how Gunstock Mountain Resort should be run – you know, according to The Law for governmental entities. So, instead of taking it like men, they’re having tantrums like 6 year olds pounding the floor in a figurative sense (I’m not around so I don’t know if it is true in a literal sense).

From Treehugger to Gunstock Mountain Resort, it always seems that the Left is always trying to make strawman arguments – and a big part of that is putting words into your mouth that you never said:

—— Forwarded Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
To: “Tom Day” <>; “Gary kiedaisch” <>; “Peter Ness” <>; “Jade Wood (” <>; “” <>
Cc: “Cathy White” <>
Sent: 3/19/2022 8:40:21 AM
Subject: Re[2]: [External] Budget

>> Rusty is cc’d on this. Not up to you to tell me who is a valid commissioner.

I told you to do nothing of the sort – merely advising you that the County Delegation made that decision. You may take that anyway you want.

And by the way, the clock is still ticking on my other Right To Knows – the Law requires responses from the Gunstock Area Commissioners to whom the RSA91:A demands were directed.

You are merely their employee and serve at their sufferance.


But while this is an existential threat to their way of governance (the addition of David Strang bringing a much more lawful, Conservative voice to the GAC, it’s not the biggest problem they face.

I just LOVE, as Doug posted, RSA 91:A – the greatest tool we citizens have in holding our government officials accountable to US! And for all his bluster, Tom Day is merely a Government employee. And Mr. Day doesn’t like it. Just WAIT for another one coming up soon

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Bill Hearings for Week of March 21, 2022

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Sun, 2022-03-20 20:37 +0000
  • These are the most liberty-critical hearings for the week
  • Click on the bill number to read the bill.
  • Click on the committee name to email the committee your thoughts.

Of the 1 hearings in the House, we are recommending support of 0 and opposition of 0 with 1 being of interest.
Of the 33 hearings in the Senate, we are recommending support of 3 and opposition of 3 with 3 being of interest.

Position Bill Title Committee Day Time Room State Analysis
Support HB1021 prohibiting regulation of religious land use based on the religious nature of the assembly or speech taking place on the land or in the structure. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 3/21 1:00 PM SH Room 100 This bill prohibits the regulation of religious land use based on the religious nature of the assembly or speech taking place on the land or in the structure.
Support HB1026 relative to budget information provided to a budget committee. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 3/21 1:15 PM SH Room 100 This bill provides that a municipal budget committee may require that the governing body provide budget recommendations in full line item detail in active spreadsheet format.
Of Interest HB1661 Public hearing on non-germane amendment #2022- 1111h. The amendment makes a $35,000,000 appropriation to
the legislative branch for a new legislative parking garage and for razing the department of
justice building and the Storrs Street garage. The amendment also establishes a temorary road
toll refund.
Finance Mon 3/21 2:00 PM LOB Room 201-203 This bill requires sending district schools and career and technical education (CTE) centers to enter into an agreement to include scheduling, access, transportation, and credits for CTE students. The bill makes an appropriation to the legislative branch for a new legislative parking garage and for razing the department of justice building and the Storrs Street garage. The bill also establishes a temporary road toll refund.16Feb2022… 0356h2022 SESSION 22-2513 10/11HOUSE BILL 1661-FN-LOCALAN ACT relative to regional career technical education agreements. SPONSORS: Rep. Ladd, Graf. 4; Rep. Umberger, Carr. 2; Rep. Lynn, Rock. 7; Rep. Boehm, Hills. 20; Rep. Cordelli, Carr. 4; Sen. Hennessey, Dist 1; Sen. Watters, Dist 4; Sen. Kahn, Dist 10; Sen. Reagan, Dist 17COMMITTEE: Education—————————————————————– This bill requires sending district schools and career and technical education (CTE) centers to enter into an agreement to include scheduling, access, transportation, and credits for CTE students.
Oppose HB1011 relative to the penalty for criminal mischief. Judiciary Tue 3/22 1:00 PM SH Room 100 This bill increases the penalty for criminal mischief for destruction or vandalism of public property.
Support HB1411 relative to transparency of federal agency operations within New Hampshire. Judiciary Tue 3/22 2:15 PM SH Room 100 This bill requires the attorney general to request information from federal agencies operating in New Hampshire and to compile and display such information on a website.
Of Interest HB1110 relative to windshield tint waivers. Transportation Tue 3/22 1:45 PM LOB Room 101 This bill increases the required light transmittance of after market tinted windshields.
Oppose HB1059 clarifying limits on licensure by operation of law. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 3/23 10:00 AM SH Room 103 This bill clarifies that the executive director of the office of professional licensure and certification shall issue licenses pursuant to RSA 541-A:29-a only if applications for such licenses otherwise meet the requirements for licensure.
Of Interest HB1581 relative to the use of open source software by state agencies. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 3/23 10:15 AM SH Room 103 This bill requires state agencies to consider whether technology solutions containing proprietary or open source software offer the most cost effective solution for the agency.
Of Interest HB230 relative to child day care monitoring visits, requirements for child day care providers, and the appeals process for child day care providers. Health and Human Services Wed 3/23 9:00 AM SH Room 100 This bill: I. Revises the procedure for posting results of child day care monitoring visits on the department of health and human services website and expands the licensees’ opportunity to respond to the department’s findings. II. Requires a child day care agency employee to obtain at least 6 hours of annual continuing education or professional development. III. Establishes minimum qualifications for certification as a child care associate teacher. IV. Permits a child day care agency to appeal the decision resulting from the informal dispute resolution process; provides that, with limited exception, the agency may operate pending appeal of the department’s decision; and prohibits the department from retaliating against the child day care agency.

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The Supreme Silence of New Hampshire’s U.S. Senate Wannabes

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 19:30 +0000

What we have learned about the Biden-regime’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson? … That she believes sex crimes against children are the equivalent of driving ten miles over the speed limit:

And that she is a Neo-Marxist who hates America:

Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith have both found the time to tweet about Putin:

Ketanji Brown Jackson is far more of a threat to America than Putin and his obsolescent 1980s-throwback military. Why haven’t Morse and Smith commented on her obvious unfitness to be confirmed to the Supreme Court?

Are they unaware that, unlike in New Hampshire, there is no “Executive Council” in the federal government and “advice and consent” is the job of the Senate? Or did they hear that CNN interview where Sununu opined that he thought it was just swell that the Biden-Regime was making the U.S. Supreme Court more diverse and they don’t want to cross the mighty Sun-King?


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More Huge Waste at Gunstock

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 18:00 +0000

This is the story of how the Gunstock Area Commission (the “GAC”) and its so-called “leadership” wasted over $100,000 of taxpayer assets.

On November 11 of last year, the GAC had a large law firm based in Manchester file a lawsuit in Belknap Superior Court against the Belknap County Convention, which is also known as the Belknap County Delegation, consisting of all 18 elected state representatives in the county.

Although the suit was brought in the name of the GAC, it actually sought injunctive relief solely for the benefit of 3 individuals who were described as commissioners of the GAC, namely Gary Kiedaisch, Brian Gallagher, and Rusty McLear. That suit sought to enjoin the Convention from removing the three individuals from the GAC, so rather than seeking some sort of protection of the GAC itself, it was simply seeking to preserve the status of the three individuals in question, who should have brought any such suit in their own names and on their own dimes.

There has been no explanation of why the suit was brought in the name of the GAC rather than in the name of any or all of the 3 commissioners involved in the matter. Of course, if it had been brought in the name of the individuals, presumably they would have had to pay their own legal expenses for the suit.

The enabling law that established the GAC in 1959 expressly provides that the Convention has the power to appoint and remove commissioners from the GAC.

After the suit was filed, the Superior Court denied, without even holding a hearing, the request for a temporary restraining order against the Convention, and later, after an extensive hearing, denied the request for a preliminary injunction, stating in its order, in part, that . . .” it appears that the Plaintiff-Commission now seeks to preliminarily enjoin the Defendant¬Convention from removing the subject Commissioners, despite their statutory authority to do so . . ..”.[emphasis added]

In recent weeks, after the resignation of Commissioner Gallagher, and the appointment of a replacement commissioner to serve out the balance of his term, a majority of the GAC commissioners, including the newly appointed commissioner, voted to terminate the lawsuit. But that has apparently not yet been done by the counsel for the GAC in the suit. So, presumably, the legal “meter” of charges for legal expenses is still running.

It has now been disclosed that the GAC has paid its counsel for work on that suit the sum of $94,150.62 through the bill paid in January of this year, which presumably covers through the month of December of 2021, but does not include any charges incurred this year.

Aside from those sums having been paid and to be paid by the GAC, the suit against the Convention necessitated that the Convention obtain its own counsel to defend it, and that counsel must be paid with county funds.

Gunstock is a county-owned property, so every taxpayer in the county has a vested interest in its operations and finances. How do the taxpayers feel about having over $100,000 of their assets being wasted in a fruitless exercise that simply sought to protect the status of 3 individuals in the face of clear language in the enabling law that authorizes the Convention to remove GAC commissioners?

For those who have asserted that it is not taxpayer money that has been spent on legal fees, the natural question that arises is: if not the money of the taxpayers of the county, whose money was being spent? Gunstock’s money is money belonging to the taxpayers of Belknap County, plain and simple.


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And Still More Evidence That The 2020 Election Was RIGGED

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 16:30 +0000

There is a recent post about the New York Times finally admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop was NOT “Russian disinformation.” There is also a good article in the Federalist:

Big Tech, the corrupt corporate media, and Democrats throttled the completely legitimate Hunter Biden laptop story one month before the November 2020 election by lying that the reporting was Russian disinformation.

Now a year and a half after a mere mention of the story got you nuked from the internet by power-hungry tech oligarchs, and with Joe Biden safely in office, the propaganda press is quietly admitting what conservative media immediately verified: that the story was legitimate all along. The president’s son did abandon his laptop, which contained a treasure trove of damning and compromising information about Hunter Biden’s sketchy foreign business dealings and their connection to the now-president.

This is just more evidence that the 2020 election was rigged. For example, I have previously posted about “Zuckerbucks” … how Mark Zuckerberg funneled $400 million to various swing-States where the money was used by election offices in these States to push Democrat voter turnout, but not GOP.

It is totally legitimate to … AT A MINIMUM … question whether Biden would have been elected if the playing field had not been so heavily tilted in his favor. Indeed, the election was rigged in so many ways that one can say it is fair to simply call Biden an illegitimate or an imposter President. But we never hear any of our GOP “leaders” going after Biden in that way … even though the Democrats did it to Trump for four years based on total falsehoods.

The reason, I think, is simple. They are afraid that acknowledging that the 2020 election was rigged … although it clearly would push GOP turnout in the midterms … would also help Trump secure the nomination in 2024. And RINOs like McConnell and McCarthy would much rather have the Biden-Regime in the White House than Trump because that leaves them in control of the GOP.



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This Can Not Be Allowed to Continue

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 15:00 +0000

Been reading that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been recalibrating the COVID death counts. Apparently, there were considerable overestimations.

If so I would not be surprised at often the officials were asked how many died with covid as opposed to from covid?

Those questions were never answered and given how intense the administration was pushing the “vaccine” shots and the huge money involved didn’t seem there was much incentive to do so.

This could explain why currently reported drops in the death from Covid counts by “tens of thousands” it is claimed, are quietly being released.

I’m not about to give our current Administration any brake on this as it has studiously avoided straight talk to the American people.

Remember “the border is under control” while over two million illegals, many criminals, none seeking to do America any good waltzed across? This was a bald-faced lie and said with straight faces while creating huge rises in crime and drug deaths.

Penn State swimmer “Lie” Thomas recently won the “women’s” 200-meter event setting another record in women’s swimming. Thomas though comes fully equipped with testicles and a penis but “identifies” as a female.

Call this a fantasy or lie, either way, it makes Fed law “Title 9” designed to give women equal access to WOMEN’S sports a mockery.

Doesn’t this also point out the absurd concept of the “Trans” movement being promoted by the WOKE left? And doesn’t it contradict the lefts pro women’s agendas? One thing about the Left is it’s never consistent with its beliefs and agendas. It will give credence to anyone or thing that will garner votes and campaign contributions even if they sell their souls in the process.

Recently propagandist Mike Luckovich had a cartoon published in the Laconia Daily Sun blaming “Big Oil” for the shortages and high costs of oil. Now can anyone not see the absurdity of such a position? We were energy independent under the Trump Administration, prices were low and stable, jobs plentiful. Then Biden cut our production, catering to environmentalists, and the moment he did oil prices began to rise because like anything that becomes less abundant its price rises.

That goes for anything from peanuts to gold. We lost jobs, lost stability, gave the dictator Putin the ability to invade Ukraine, and made America less safe.

Let us not forget the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan which Biden tried to blame on Trump saying he followed Trump’s plan, a total lie. We left hundreds of American citizens behind and ten’s of thousands of our Afghan allies and their families who are being hunted and killed by the Taliban.

This was not only a disaster it was criminal neglect perhaps even aiding and abetting crimes against humanity and this can be placed no place except right at Biden’s feet.

Hoping all Americans are seeing just what the extreme left has done to us and the world? Nothing will change, it will only get worse unless voters remove these extremists from positions of power. We must start in November this year and continue in 2024.

Without any doubt, the leftist Democrats have proven they are incapable of managing anything more complex than a political rally. Blood is on the left’s hands from everything from state, national or foreign policies. This can not be allowed to continue.

Let’s go Brandon!

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Senator Blackburn and the Senate GOP Could Stop KJB’s Nomination to the Supreme Court … But Won’t

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 13:30 +0000

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn recently keynoted a NH-GOP fundraiser:


Senator Josh Hawley has documented an “alarming pattern when it comes to Judge Jackson’s treatment of sex offenders, especially those preying on children. Read the whole thread … Hawley’s staff has done its homework; for example: ” In every single child porn case for which we can find records, Judge Jackson deviated from the federal sentencing guidelines in favor of child porn offenders … ”



KJB is also a supporter of the Neo-Marxist “Black Lives Matter,” anti-white racist “Critical Race Theory” and the anti-American “1619 Project”:



But have no fear. NH-NeverTrump Journal has reported that Blackburn and her GOP colleagues are going to ask KJB the tough questions:


Blackburn said, while Jackson is “approachable, friendly and likable,” that doesn’t mean she will escape tough questions.

Blackburn and her GOP colleagues could do much more. Because the Senate is split 50 – 50, they could prevent the nomination from ever coming to the floor for a vote. Emily Jashinsky in the Federalist explains how:

Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee killed Sarah Bloom Raskin’s nomination to the Federal Reserve this week by boycotting a committee vote, denying Democrats the quorum needed to advance her nomination. Raskin pulled out of the running.

Months ago, Rachel Bovard explained in The Federalist how Senate Republicans could use the same rule to leave Biden’s Supreme Court nominee in procedural limbo.

“By failing to show up to vote on the nomination in committee, Republicans could prevent the nomination from reaching the Senate floor by appealing to the Senate’s Rule 26, which requires that a majority of members, physically present, report the bill out of committee,” Bovard wrote.

Jashinsky asked Blackburn about using the same procedure to block KJB:

Referencing the Raskin case, I asked Blackburn, “Are there any circumstances in which you could envision Republicans denying Judge Jackson a quorum depending on how the hearing goes?”

“The best thing for us to do right now is to prepare for opening statements, prepare for our questions, and approach next week in a thorough vetting mindset process,” she told me.

I started to push one more time on the question of norms, noting how Senate Republicans haven’t forced Vice President Harris to break many ties and even voted to confirm some of President Biden’s nominees. Blackburn politely interrupted me. (It was fair, I was rambling.)

“Republicans,” she said pointedly, “should lead the way in saying, ‘This is the Constitution. This is what we’re required to do by the Constitution. This is where the Constitution places responsibility. And this is what is required of us.’ And I think that it is a very good thing for Republicans to show that we believe in the Constitution and the rule of law and have respect for the Constitution and the rule of law.”

In other words, the Senate GOP’s strategy is “lose honorably.” If the shoe were on the other foot, the Democrats would not hesitate to invoke Senate Rule 26 and block the Republican President’s Supreme Court nominee. All the Senate GOP intend to do, in contrast, is talk tough … and fundraise off their empty tough talk.

But at the same time they are refusing to fight for their voters, they are fixated on fighting a war against Russian that will do nothing to benefit these same voters and will hurt these voters by fueling yet more inflation.

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J6 Committee Seeks Fiction Writer to ‘Sex Up’ Their “Report”

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 12:00 +0000

The J6 Committee has been working diligently to draft a great work of fiction, but not one of them – despite being professional tale-tellers – has the skills to produce the sort of report that reads like a war epic instead of the pedestrian reality. They want to hire a writer.


They are beginning to prepare a multimedia presentation that will be available online when their final report is released (probably about six weeks out from the midterms).

And they plan to hire a writer as “part of its effort to turn its largely secretive work into a compelling narrative, multiple sources tell CNN.”


I wonder who they’ll get to do the storyboard, to produce and direct? And who gets to play Ashli Babbitt in the made by Netflix Movie or will they be “writing” that part out?

There are plenty of roles for FBI informants. And how about the Capitol Police Officers who opened the doors and let the “insurrectionists” into the US Capitol? None of them charged with much more than trespassing (in a public building, someone appears to have allowed them to enter).

We may not get to see that version (unless the Left completes its coup and this report turns into a screenplay) but whatever they produce in writing will be a work of fiction.

As Rick Moran at PJ Media suggests, A story released about six weeks before the November Mid-Term Election.

I wonder if I could apply for the job?

I’ve done a bit of writing.




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Croydon Leads the Way Again

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 10:30 +0000

House Bill 1393, which passed the House recently, seeks to make it possible for voters in school districts to do, as a matter of policy, what Croydon was recently able to do on a one-time basis:  Tell the school district what they can afford, rather than wait to be told how much will be demanded from them.

That is, it allows voters to present their school district with a yearly budget instead of being presented by those districts with a yearly ransom.

The idea is simple. The town says what it can afford to spend on each student who is to be educated at district expense. (In Croydon’s case, that was $10,000, for reasons explained here.) Multiply that by the number of students, and that’s the budget.

The figure is an average amount, so the district might have to spend more on some students and less on others. In fact, spending more on some kids would require spending less on others.

Perhaps the most fascinating implication is that parents who are considering having their children receive special education services would be confronted with the fact that the extra funds required for those services — which are often more medical than educational — will be taken from the budget for the district, instead of added to the ransom for the district, as they are now.

They’re telling me that my child needs $160,000 worth of special education services. But that will take $2000 away from every other child in the district. That doesn’t seem right. 

Whether its sponsors intended this or not, what HB1393 can do — and this is something that’s been needed for a long time — is to stop pitting parents against the voters in their districts, and start pitting the parents against each other instead.

Having said that, for some of the lower-cost alternatives that the Croydon school board is looking at, what may appear to be a ‘special need’ in our current assembly-line system often turns out to be a normal difference in development.

It turns out that when a student is met at his level — in a system that is focused on helping him pursue his own path, at his own pace — he needs fewer special services. Who could have guessed?

And ironically, for less money, the students get more individual attention than in a normal school setting.

So what started as a shock to a lot of parents is shaping up to be a win-win situation for taxpayers and students. I predict that by next year, a lot of other towns will be looking at Croydon, and using HB1393 to say: we’ll have what they’re having.



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Is Coach K the End of the Road?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 01:30 +0000

Sports used to be so much more important in my life than today. We emulated our sports heroes because they were bigger than life. We would be at the ball field in summer hitting balls like Yaz, and in the winter, we would be on frozen ponds stickhandling like Bobby.

Under the streetlights, we would be stealing the ball like Hondo or sinking three-pointers like Larry. When not in school, we were the sports heroes of our youth. Either sport changed, or we did, but sports has taken a backseat to more pressing things in life.

I had many memorable events with my Dad that involved sports, but two stand out. I was in the seventh grade in 1967 when I got called to the principal’s office. Unnerved, though I knew I had done nothing wrong, I made my way to Mr. Webb’s office. He told me my Dad was picking me up but offered no explanation.

Until I got into the car, I had no idea Dad and I were going to Fenway Park for the opening day of what was to be The Impossible Dream season for our Boston Red Sox.

Being in Fenway Park has always been magical. But I can never go there without thinking about Dad while looking down at the box seats on the first base side and thinking about that special afternoon over 50 years ago.

The second day involved Fenway also, but it was a fall afternoon in 1965. Dad and I were in the grandstands as the Boston Patriots took on the San Diego Chargers. The game ended in a 13-13 tie, but what happened after the game made the impact last a lifetime. Dad led me down to the field, and we walked towards the Green Monster. Dad stopped, and we looked towards home plate.

Dad proceeded to tell me that this is where Ted Williams played and mastered left field for the Red Sox for so many years. Ted was a hero to my Dad, and this was his way of having us pay tribute to Number 9. Dad wasn’t one to shed a tear, but I do whenever I think of that moment.

I have few men or women left in sports that impacted me the way Ted did my Dad, but one of the last will end their career this month. Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski, will coach his final game when Duke wins or is eliminated from the NCAA Tournament. He has served as the head coach at Duke University since 1980, where he has led the Blue Devils to five national titles, 12 Final Fours, 15 ACC tournament championships, and 13 ACC regular-season titles.

Only UCLA’s John Wooden has won more NCAA championships among men’s college basketball coaches, with ten. Krzyzewski is widely regarded as one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time.

I have no tie to The Coach or Duke other than recognizing that this program was different early on. There was an air of confidence and excellence every time Duke took to the court.

No matter who the opponent was, there was an expectation of a win for the Blue Devils. These were college kids playing a game, but they seemed to take on the serious and professional approach of their Coach. Basketball was more than a game for Krzyzewski and his players usually delivered. For the last forty years, there have been many successful coaches and programs, but only one was successful for forty years, making Coach K a notch above the rest.

With Coach K retiring after four decades, college ball becomes just a game of one-year athletes using college to bridge their careers from high school to the pros.

There are no more teams, just schools where the stars of tomorrow make a quick stop. And there are no more Coaches like Mike Krzyzewski to take a bunch of boys playing ball to men who are ready for life. Thank you, Coach K. You are a fitting person to close the book on sport as I knew and enjoyed it.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Kool Aid Drinking Congresscritter says Blaming Biden for High Gas Prices is Un-American

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-20 00:00 +0000

Washington State Democrat Rep. Kim Schrier (D-Wash) shared some “thoughts” about the current man-caused disaster on motor fuel prices. But they’re not original thoughts.

She’s aping the White House email she probably got telling her how to respond to questions about high gasoline prices.


[A] Democrat in the House of Representatives said, claiming that blaming anyone but Putin is “denying reality” and “frankly un-American.” …

“What do you believe?” [Brandi} Kruse asked the Democrat, after noting that political pundits across the country differed on who to blame for Americans having to pay $4, $5, or even $6 for a gallon of gas.

“I believe a couple of things,” answered Schrier. “Right now, in the last two weeks, this is Putin. You should be blaming Putin, if anyone for this.”

“To not blame Putin, first of all, is denying reality, and second, frankly, I think is un-American,” the Democrat added. “So this is Putin’s fault.”

Gas prices are high because of Joe Biden and the Democrat party agenda. Period.


First, Democrats are flooding the economy with money for a succession of trillion-dollar spending sprees. Rule#1 about prices is this. If you invent (print) more money that money is worth a lot less (on the way to worthless) and prices rise.

Inflation is all on Democrats and Joe Biden.

Fossil Fuels

Prior to Biden’s ascension alongside the new Democrat congressional majority, the US was a NET EXPORTER of oil and gas. We have so much of it that we had enough for us and leftovers to sell to other nations. If demand were to rise – which can raise prices – we already had the supply to meet it and the ability to get more of our own.

On Biden’s first day in office that changed. Suddenly we needed to buy oil from foreign nations instead of selling it to them. In other words, no matter who or what Putin invaded it would have made zero difference to America as far as oil supply goes.

The fact that it does is entirely the fault of Biden and Democrats.

Supply Chaingher prices “could be blamed on the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent supply and demand reactions of the market.”

And that is all on Democrats.

Rep. Schirer is also on the record pointing out that prior to Putin’s invasion hi

Pointless forced shutdowns, closures, job loss, and vaccine and vaccine passport requirements are at the heart of that mess. We know the vaccine made people more susceptible to infection and spread as early as six months into the rollout so this all doubly idiotic.

Dems knee-capped the supply chain over a drug and mandates that did the opposite of what they claimed, that screwed up supply and, created shortages which only added to inflation, and it is all on them.



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A Government that Operates in Secrecy is a Danger to EVERYONE.

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-19 22:30 +0000

NH’s Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A, is probably the strongest topic that bridges the partisan party divide- or, at least it should.

The inverse is that both Democrats AND Republicans, along with each group’s favorite bureaucracies, often throw up roadblocks in the pursuit of transparency and openness.

This video hosted by NH PBS features an excellent exchange among several people and groups from across the political spectrum that in which this writer stands in full agreement.

A government that operates in secrecy is a danger to EVERYONE.

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Where Did That Gunstock Soulfest Email Come From? A Right to Know, of Course!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-19 21:00 +0000

I get a lot of tips from readers and others but yesterday’s post (“Gunstock Mountain Resort – So this is what Tom Day, Rebecca LaPense, and Robin Rowe think of a large Gunstock Christian customer: SoulFest“) was obtained through an RSA 91:A Right To Know demand.

These demands are invaluable, given what is happening at Gunstock and within the Gunstock Area Commission (“GAC”). Or, what ISN’T happening. The proper oversight by the GAC of the staff.

Vice-Chair Gary Kiedaisch assumed the title of Acting Chair after Brian Gallagher resigned a while back. And he is very accomplished and has had a great professional career and good for him. The problem is that he’s still in CEO mode and has NOT shown any willingness during his GAC tenure to learn and understand how to work in a Government-role as part of a Public Sector agency (i.e., Gunstock Ski Area).

In the short time that I have known about him and watched him (literally just a couple of weeks + some emails from “birdies tweeting in my ear”) rules, laws, and By-Laws, they just get in his way.

Yeah, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no separation between the Overwatchers and the Watched at Gunstock – and my previous post showed a very small inkling of the overall attitude.  I know that this is going to get complaints from Gunstock fans.  They need to know that sometimes what is seen on the surface is masking a lot going on under the waterline.

My deal isn’t about skiing, it isn’t about Gunstock itself – it is all about the lack of Good Governance by the GAC and the senior staff.  Long-term readers understand that Good Governance is all about following the proscribed processes in Open and Transparent ways. Thus, when I saw and was told that none of that was happening, I decided to have a look-see. And, I understood that my only avenue is by RSA 91:A Right To Know demands.

The following is the first one – demanding emails about the General Manager Tom Day and the Chief Financial Officer Cathy White.  Just taking a look at emails of the Commissioners below and discovering that business that should be conducted in Public Meetings isn’t should tell you the story:

—— Forwarded Message —— From: “Skip” <> To: Cc: “Gary Kiedaisch” <>; “Mr Peter Ness” <>; “david strang” <>; “Jade Wood” <> Sent: 3/13/2022 12:44:51 PM Subject: RSA 91-A demand – Employee emails

Good afternoon,

This email is to serve notice that I am making a Right To Know demand for all emails sent to or sent from Tom Day and/or Cathy White for the period of March 1, 2022 to end of day today, March 13, 2022. A copy of this RTK is attached and presented online below.


Skip Murphy

Co-Founder, co-owner | | 603-630-6644
Dominating the political Bandwidth in New Hampshire    

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A:4 (I) ), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the below enumerated governmental records Otherwise, if this cannot be fulfilled with the mandated 5 business day window per RSA 91-A, please advise when the Responsive Records will be made available.

This request is for any emails involving Gunstock area employees Tom Day and/or Cathy White for the time period of March 1, 2022 through to end of day, today, March 13, 2022):

  • Individual outbound emails from the email accounts provided to Tom Day or Cathy White as part of their employment.
  • Individual outbound emails from the email accounts provided to Tom Day or Cathy White as part of their employment.

The information for each responsive record shall include:

  • TO fields, FROM fields – all addresses
  • CC fields, BCC fields – all addresses
  • DATE fields
  • SUBJECT field
  • And the Body of the email itself.

Per RSA 91-A:4 IV(c) If you deny any portion of this request, please cite the specific exemption used to justify the denial to make each record, or part thereof, available for inspection along with a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the information withheld.

As you are aware, in 2016, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that a governmental body in possession of records is required to produce them in electronic media using standard of common file formats: Green v. SAU #55, 168 N.H. 796, 801 (2016). Unless there is some reason that it is not reasonably practicable for you to produce these records in the requested format, I ask that you either do so or explain why it is not practicable for you to comply.

Please also note, per RSA 91-A:4 III, III-a, and III-b, you are required to maintain the safety and accessibility of such responsive records.

Please let me know when these records will be sent so me for inspection.

You may email the responsive records to me at If the volume is turns out to be substantial, I have already set up a Dropbox folder for all of your responsive records to which they can be uploaded

Thank you for your lawful attention to this matter.


Skip Murphy

And I did receive them.  Also know that there is more to come.

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Ode to Sister Maria Rosa, Principal at Presentation of Mary in Hudson, NH

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-19 19:30 +0000

Sometimes you meet an amazing person, and you never forget them. Sister Maria Rosa is one of those people; she is the current principal at Presentation of Mary in Hudson, New Hampshire.

What makes a great school administrator? Isn’t that the $100,000.00 question. I see training for principals all of the time but I don’t think they will ever capture what comes naturally to Sister Maria. It wouldn’t hurt for administrators, to follow her around, to see how she operates.

She can’t be more than 5’4″ but boy does she know how to run a school. One might think, she must really have some skills, and she does. But what Sister Maria has, that many administrators lack, (not all of them) is a genuine love for the children who attend her school. I know, my younger two children attended St. Benedict Academy in Manchester, NH when she was principal there.

Her greatest gift, among so many, is her genuine care and love for the children she is charged with educating. Everything else flows from that.

She makes sure there is discipline when needed, but when it’s administered, it comes from someone who is not just trying to correct a child’s behavior but to also teach them why they need to do better. She’s administering consequences, with love in her heart.

She has a commitment to academic achievement so that the children in her care are literate in the core subjects. She makes sure that they receive a well-rounded education so that, no matter where they go when they leave her school, they are prepared for the next level of learning.

There is joy within the school because there is joy in her heart. Because there is joy in her heart, the children receive the kind of emotional support you would want for your children. In turn, there is genuine love for her by the children in her care, and their parents/guardians.

There are no fads, programs, or schemes to use as an experiment on your child, it’s old school and it works. When you have the right leader in place, everything flows from that. She’s the right leader, and the parents know it.

When parents are looking for a good school for their children, and someone mentions Presentation of Mary, watch the comments. Parents chime in by sharing information with other parents so they know where they can send their children if they want something better.

When we moved to New Hampshire, I was skeptical, as I always am when it comes to finding a good school. I called her from Kentucky where we were living at the time to ask her some questions about how she ran the school. One of my questions was, do you teach the kids sex ed.? She said, no, that’s the parents’ job. She was right. It is our job. I’m sure if a parent or guardian needed her assistance, she would have done everything in her power to help them. But she knew that it was important for parents to educate their children on such a sensitive subject.  She wasn’t there to undermine good parents, she was there to support them. Today public schools groom and sexualize children in a harmful way. She never wants to put the children in her care in harm’s way.

It’s been many years since I’ve seen Sister Maria Rosa, but her legacy lives on. I’m sure the parents who have their children in her school are shaking their head in agreement if they are reading this. They know the value of education their children receive at Presentation of Mary because they know they have one of the best leaders you will find steering that ship.

How do you duplicate that in your school? You find someone like Sister Maria Rosa, and you let her do what she does best. Focus on academic excellence, offer a safe school environment for your children, and respects the role of parents in their child’s life. It seems like a simple recipe, but in today’s society, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone like her running a school.

Set your standards high, and fight for leaders like her because they are becoming harder to find.

On behalf of all of the families you’ve served over the years, thank you Sister Marie Rosa. You are a true blessing to all of us.

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What if the Laptop Was Real

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-19 18:00 +0000

The deniers have finally acknowledged the famous laptop that no one could talk about in 2020. The New York Post, vilified for breaking the news when it happened, is now getting the last laugh.

The NY Post that was labeled a purveyor of conspiracy theories and no more than a grocery store tabloid was the only source of the truth.

The New York Post and FOX News broke this story in October of 2020, and news agencies like NPR called it nonsense, and they would not waste time reporting the story. NPR is taxpayer-funded, yet they were part of the cover-up. MSM quickly went to work to discredit the story, and Social Media suspended the accounts of anyone brave enough to speak of it.

The handling of the Hunter Biden Laptop Fiasco indicates how duplicitous this Press Secretary and the White House can be. Since 2020, Jen Psaki and the White House staff have spoken forcefully that the reality of a laptop belonging to Hunter even existed. They shrugged it off as Russian misinformation. Now that the New York Times has confirmed the existence of the Hunter laptop, the White House is treating it like a third rail.

“We will not comment and refer you to the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden’s legal representative” is Psaki’s response today. She goes on, “Hunter Biden is not a member of the Biden White House or the administration.” Well, the “Big Guy” may be part of the Biden White House, so how about answering the question.

The revelation by The NY Times this week is eighteen months overdue. The news should have been investigated and reported before the election when it may have made a difference in the outcome. People should have been aware of the nefarious activities of Hunter and Joe Biden. They instead were prevented from full disclosure by a cover-up by Joe Biden, the mainstream media, and the social media companies.

Every talking head on every network and media outlet echoed the same talking points about the Russian conspiracy every chance they got. Their message was so consistent that you felt they received their news briefs from the Biden Office each day. It was pathetic and shallow, but in the end, it worked. They all got the man they wanted in the White House, and the Orange Man was out. That was their goal, and surrendering all credibility was a small price to pay.

Go back and look at all of the clips. MSNBC, CNN, NPR, every broadcast channel, and social media platforms sang the same tune and condemned anyone who thought or spoke otherwise. This look into the Biden underbelly is one of the biggest orchestrated cover-ups by the government and the press in our history. This effort is also election manipulation and, to me, is far more egregious than the January 6th “assault” on the Capitol. Congress should investigate it, but never will.

How will the media handle the Hunter Story now that the curtain has been pulled away? Will there be apologies and retractions? Will people have to resign for their bad judgment and direction? How will the social media companies compensate those they canceled as part of this charade. And finally, will Hunter Biden and Joe Biden be held accountable for using the United States of America for their financial gains? I will not hold my breath for any of the above happening in my lifetime. There is too much at stake and far too many people in high places involved.

If we allow ourselves to close our eyes and think about what the world would be like if the laptop was confirmed in 2020. Donald Trump would be in the second year of his second term. We would be out of Afghanistan, but the Taliban would be nowhere in sight, and thirteen young men and women would have gone home alive. Mask mandates would have ended months ago, and the economic recovery would be in high gear. The wall would be nearing completion and the border secure. The flow of Fentanyl from China would not exist. Our Police would be respected, and our Justice system would have teeth. We would be energy independent, and gas would be $2.40 a gallon. Inflation would be in check, and people would be proud to return to work. And yes, Putin would be in Moscow, not even thinking of Ukraine.

But, alas, the country was hoodwinked, and none of those great thoughts are reality. We have Biden/Harris, thanks to a massive cover-up. God, sit on our shoulder until we escort Joe and Jill out of the White House for the final time. Then we can go about the job of healing this great nation. God bless us and watch over us as we navigate these next three years.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Sherry Frost Wants You To Send Gay! Postcards to Ron DeSantis but Two Can Play That Game

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-19 16:30 +0000

Florida passed a law. It prohibits “teachers in kindergarten through third grade from providing instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation.”


[And would] require schools to notify parents if there has been any change in a student’s physical, emotional, or mental wellbeing, and would also provide legal recourse to parents to sue if they believe a school has violated any of those agreements.


The Gaystapo were outraged, but why?

Because kids in Florida aged six through nine (ish) can’t be sex groomed in public schools. Think about that. They are mad because if they can’t wait until the kid turns ten to start the process they could get arrested and charged.

For doing what? Sex grooming.  And yes, it is sex grooming. According to Psychology Today (Oct 2020), Sexual Grooming is (emphasis mine),


“…the deceptive process by which a would-be abuser, prior to the commission of sexual abuse, selects a victim, gains access to and isolates the minor, develops trust with the minor, and often other adults in the minor’s life, and desensitizes the minor to sexual content and physical contact. Post-abuse, the offender may engage in maintenance strategies in order to facilitate future sexual abuse and/or prevent disclosure. While most of the sexual grooming literature refers to the sexual abuse perpetrated against children, there is some evidence that those who sexually abuse teenagers and young adults also utilize sexual grooming strategies.

One of the difficulties in detecting sexual grooming is that many of the behaviors that perpetrators engage in often mimic normative caring adult-child interactions.


The Party of Jeffy Epstein has been trying to institutionalize grooming for years, so anyone who dares stand in their way must be destroyed, or at least intimidated or embarrassed.

But this is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, so good luck with that, but try they shall, and local wingnut (and NH House Rep) Sherry Frost is leading the way. She recently shared a postcard she is sending to DeSantis as a part of a national campaign on awareness (about the outrage).




Yes, we know. You are hardcore supporters for the sex grooming of children. At ages when sex is not even a thing that they can understand. But you’ll make them understand, won’t you?

The Left inserts these ideas into their minds and perpetuates it with grooming literature and maintenance strategies – paid for by taxpayers who might object.

And they do object, and so should we. It’s disgusting.

So, in response to Frost’s support for the sexual grooming of young children, I’ve come up with this postcard that people could mail to Sherry. Her home address is available online, but she’s a snowflake, and it doesn’t take much to trigger her, so I chose the New Hampshire Statehouse address to her attention.

No, I don’t think anyone will take the time to copy or print this off and send it, but if anyone wants to, feel free to use this as a guide.




You will need an actual stamp, but gropey hair-sniffing Biden seemed appropriate given the subject matter.

And Sherry should not be the only recipient, but I’m just the idea guy here.  You folks can take it (or not) wherever you like.



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