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Review: The Method to the Madness

Libertarian Leanings - Fri, 2019-10-25 17:11 +0000

The Method to the Madness
By Allen Salkin and Aaron
Short 300 Pages, All Points Books


On the inside of its dust jacket The Method to the Madness describes itself as “a Rosetta Stone for understanding Donald Trump.” It falls far short of living up to that billing, in large part because the authors seek only to explain how the unthinkable could have happened. How could the egotistical and unsuitable Donald Trump have ever succeeded in becoming President of the United States of America. Salkin and Short focus on the years between 1999 and 2017, and by doing that they miss a more important story.

For that story you have to go back to a 1987 interview with Larry King in which Donald Trump laid out his complaints about the conduct of American foreign policy. In that interview Trump explained that America was being ripped off. Sound familiar? America was spending its treasure defending nations that should have been defending themselves, and that America's dependence on oil from the Middle East was forcing it into unnecessary military involvement there.

Here we are, going on three years into Donald Trump's first term as president, and we find that President Trump's accomplishments to date include reviving the U.S. energy industry making America energy independent for the first time in decades, forcing NATO partners to pick up more of the costs of there own defense, withdrawal of military forces from the Middle East in a way that does not permit the resurrection of ISIS, as opposed to the Obama administration's precipitous troop withdrawals that brought about the rise of ISIS in the first place. While all this is going on Trump has been renegotiating trade deals with the aim of correcting trade imbalances that cost American jobs. In other words, starting in 2017 Trump has been attacking the problems he described to Larry King in 1987.

It's the story that Salkin and Short don't tell, but the one they should have, since it demonstrates that Trump had reasons to run for president that went beyond just being president. Perhaps it's because he continued to hold those beliefs for over thirty years that his journey to the White House took decades. It's likely that Trump had one shot, and one shot only, for accomplishing the goals that he hoped to achieve for America.

Unfortunately, writing the wrong story is not the book's only flaw. It is organized for unreadability. Each chapter starts with an italicized summary of what is to follow, and then there are several pages of paraphrased snippets from source interviews conducted by Salkin and Short that buttress their points. Slogging through them becomes tedious.

The first chapter of the book, Tipster, ends with a snippet from Donny Deutsch, and advertising executive and MSNBC TV host – not a fan to Donald Trump. He said:

“Trump is not well read. He's not a sophisticated thinker, but he's an evil genius. Call him an idiot savant, whatever you want, but I've never seen a guy who understands messaging and consistency of messaging and staying on brand and being able to be true to the brand but also evolve the brand at the same time. The guy's a genius.”

That Deutsch passage, obviously of prime importance since it's the last word in the chapter, seems to sum up the book. Whatever your bias on Donald Trump, The Method to the Madness has something for you: Unsophisticated and not well read, call him an idiot savant. But the guy's a genius. In the end no minds will be changed.

Oh, and did I mention Trump's a racist? Chapter 11 is about “The N-word,” in which Trump is accused of using it and others swear it never happened. But with Trump and his perceived flaws, what may be true must be true, so the benefit of doubt goes to the accuser. Nothing new there.

The last chapter, The Announcement, ends with the thoughts from Justin McConney, Trump's social media director, as Trump concluded the announcement that he was running for President of The United States. There is no doubt about McConney's distaste at having to work for Donald Trump.

“My boss was running for president and now I was doing his social media unwillingly. It wasn't something I wanted to do or work on. I was trying to leave before it happened.”

How tragic and heart rending. And then we get to the epilogue, “The Centre Cannot Hold.” The title is from a poem by William Butler Yeats, the first stanza of which goes like this:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.”

Trump is elected. Anarchy is loosed upon the world. Or so say the authors. But Salkin and Short, and their book, are off the mark. Anarchy has only been loosed upon the Democratic Party. Salkin and Short spend 300 pages trying to show how Donald Trump made it into the White House. The bigger and more important story is about what he's done since he got there.

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Why The Democrat Clown Show?

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2019-09-18 20:27 +0000

Why, we might wonder, have alarmist Democrats amp'ed up their slander of Trump and his supporters as "white supremacists?"  Why the loony push for impeachment?  Why do they pick now to resuscitate those fabricated sexual assault charges against Justice Kavanaugh?  Why have Democrats become so completely unhinged?  Katrina Pierson explains:

African Americans, like all Americans outside of the lily-white socialist fringe of the Democratic Party, vote for candidates who can deliver a strong American economy that materially improves their lives. That’s what Donald Trump promised, and it’s what President Trump has delivered.

Median household income is at its highest point, and poverty at its lowest, since the dot-com boom of the late-‘90s. We’ve had quarter after quarter of robust economic growth, stellar job creation, and rapidly increasing wages.

Unlike some previous boom times, African Americans and other minorities haven’t been left behind. They’ve been front and center in the gains, just as candidate Trump promised. The African American unemployment rate hit an all-time low early in President Trump’s administration, and since then it’s gone significantly lower, reducing the disparity between black and white employment to its lowest point in history.

Hispanics, Asian Americans, and women have all achieved record-low jobless rates, as well, largely because — for the first time in American history — the majority of new hires aged 25-54 are people of color.  [My emphasis in bold]

Decades ago Democrats began shifting to a new political strategy in line with their theory that America's changing demographics would inevitably bring on the demise of the largely white, well to do Republican party, and in so doing usher in progressive legislative majorities for a generation.  In order to help facilitate the Republican collapse, Democrats threw their full support behind illegal immigration and voter fraud.  This is what's behind Democrat calls for open borders, universal rights to migrate, expanded voter eligibility, and opposition to any efforts to confirm that people entering the voting booth are actually entitled to vote.

As part of this shift in strategy Democrats began to distance themselves from white blue collar workers, their traditional core of support.  The new demographically oriented strategy fit well with Democrats' time honored practice of demonizing their opposition as racist.  When they voiced their opposition to illegal immigration and their support for voter ID laws, the white blue collar class found themselves on the receiving end of Democrat accusations of racism.  They became Hillary's Deplorables.

That's when the brilliant new strategy began to break down, as Hillary discovered to her dismay in 2016 when blue collar voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania went for Trump and made him — not Hillary — President of the United States.  It was not a racist vote that blue collar workers cast for Trump, but  a rejection of Hillary instead.  It was because of eight years of Democrat failure to deliver.  Rust belt towns and cities were crumbling as jobs left America under Obama's globalist policies.  Hillary promised more of the same while Trump offered hope.

And Trump delivered. Through business tax cuts, cuts in excessive regulations, reductions in the volume of illegal immigration, and negotiations for new trade deals, Trump has reduced unemployment to historic lows, and achieved a formerly unimaginable milestone.  For the first time in US history, people of color make up the majority of new hires.

The Washington Post analyzed Labor Department data extending back to the 1970s and found that last year, new “working-age” hires were mostly people of color, outnumbering white hires. The Post defines these new hires as people within the “prime working age” of 25 to 54.

Unable to claim any credit for this, Democrats have little left to campaign on but racial scare tactics.  They look on in horror at a vast and growing block of minority voters who are reaping the benefit of Trumps robust economy and who are likely to vote their economic well being in 2020.  What else can Democrats do but pray for a recession and hurl the most bizarre and unsupportable accusations at Trump and the Republicans, hoping that voters will succumb to fear rather than reason when they head to the polls in 2020?

Through hard work and sound policy Trump is creating opportunity, making people's lives better.  And in doing that he's winning over more and more voters.  Meanwhile Democrats and their allies search desperately for the magical sound bite, the one that will convince voters that they, the Democrats, are the answer to something. And in doing that the Democrats are sounding more and more insane.

That is what's going on.  That's why the Democrat clown show.  Nothing to worry about.

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Not Tired Of Winning

Libertarian Leanings - Mon, 2019-09-16 13:00 +0000

From the New York Post, hat tip to Instapundit:

[N]o matter who wins next year, Trump has shown that, his intemperate rhetoric on the issue not withstanding, strict enforcement policies combined with the help of both the Supreme Court and the Mexicans can provide a way forward to fix an illegal-immigration problem that has long seemed insoluble.

Read the whole thing.

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Perils of Aging

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2019-09-14 12:25 +0000

Purloined from PowerLine:

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Polarization Explained

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2019-08-07 13:36 +0000

Why is our political polarization getting worse and worse?  Evan Sayet, conservative political commentator and comedian has the answer, and it's for the same reason that conservatives are generally pretty happy while leftists tend to be miserable:  Capitalists need friends and socialists need enemies. Think about it.

One reason conservatives are so happy and Leftists are so miserable is that capitalists need friends. They need business partners and investors, trading partners and customers so satisfied they come back again and again.

The socialist needs enemies. There must be people who hate him and oppress him. If he's not hated and oppressed then socialism doesn't exist.

If he can't find any such hatred, he's forced to make it up. "Dog whistles" - he knows what you're REALLY saying -- and "micro-aggressions" are all invented nonsense because this "oppression" simply MUST be true or else there's no socialist movement (and no free things.)

Conservatives do their part in our polarized political climate.  Every Republican president since Eisenhower is accused of racism by Democrats.  In the past Republicans would seek understanding, explaining that [insert conservative policy prescription here] is not racist, it's designed to help everybody.  Then they would meet the Democrats half way by compromising the policy's effectiveness away.  Nowadays Republicans are more likely to push back.

Maybe it's something they seem finally to be picking up from Trump.  He never lets a smear go unchallenged, recognizing that Democrat charges of racism are not about misunderstandings.  They are insufferable, intolerable insults.  The bad news for Democrats is in their success at creating enemies.  Their insults are alienating an ever growing block of the electorate.

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Dark Journalist: Reddit AMA Video - The Breakaway Civilization

Daily Paul - Sun, 2015-04-12 00:34 +0000

Dark Journalist will be joining the reddit conspiracy community for an AMA (ask me anything) question and answer session on April 16th at 4pm EST. He is happy to answer any questions that viewers may have on subjects such as the Black Budget Economy, The Breakaway Civilization, Deep State, Secret Space Program and UFO Secrecy.

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My review of The Most Dangerous Superstition

Daily Paul - Sun, 2015-04-12 00:02 +0000

I'm very proud to have written the most-upvoted review of Larken Rose's great book, The Most Dangerous Superstition. Somehow or other, I never got around to posting the review on the Daily Paul. So here it is, my last words on my late-great favorite website:

Little children learn morality from their parents: things are good or bad because Mommy and Daddy SAID so. A little later, they may be taught that things are good or bad because God SAID so, in some Holy Book. And still later, when they are taught "civics" in government schools, they will be taught that things are good or bad because "It's the law." (And it's GOOD to obey the law, BAD to break it.") But "the law" is just whatever politicians SAY it is.

A person becomes an adult when he outgrows the need to be given moral commandments from people he thinks of as "authorities," and learns to judge for himself what is right or wrong. This is a book to read to discover just how adult YOU really are. The book as a whole is a litmus test that will show whether the reader is an adult with independent judgment, or still a child, believing every fantasy and superstition that the "authorities" in his life have told him to believe.

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Over 1000 People Show Up At Las Vegas Rand Paul Rally Today..Over Capacity At Venue

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 23:49 +0000


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My Last Post To The Daily Paul Forces… To all who love Truth & Constitution, to all those patriots like my friend…

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 23:29 +0000

... the greatest Congressman in history, Dr. Paul!

It is to those who have lived, and to those who now live and plan to die, in the cause of Life, Liberty, Property, and the Rule of Law, I write:

It is time to speak briefly but solemnly, on behalf of the accomplishments of Dr. NO, and to help encourage a setting of the record straight, from one ‘friend of the family’ perspective.

Bring to mind once again this picture. You have all seen it!

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Diana Hengerer And Fishy Offer A Tribute To the DP

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 19:30 +0000

Much love to everyone who made this place what it was. See you on the new boat.

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Ron Paul & Glenn Greenwald - Today 4/11/15 @ U T - L B J Auditorium

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 16:42 +0000

“Stop the Wars on Drugs and Terrorism” will feature an all-star lineup of three dynamic speakers: Ron Paul, Glenn Greenwald, and Radley Balko.

The Future of Freedom Foundation and Young Americans for Liberty present a one-day conference on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin at the LBJ Auditorium in the Lyndon B. Johnson Library on Saturday, April 11, 2015, that will address the war on drugs and the war on terrorism.

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I'd jump onto the new lifeboat pretty quick everybody!

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 16:00 +0000

The party is just getting started. And this old ark seems to be springing lots of leaks today.

She was a good vessel, and we'll always love her, but the new ship is really streamlined and comfy! I think we're gonna have some fun at Popular Liberty.

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The Best Reason To Take Rand Paul Seriously Has Nothing To Do With His Politics New York Times

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 13:19 +0000

. Rands Team is Playing the Moneyball game in politics

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What the Media Hasn’t Told You About Rand Paul’s Announcement

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 13:07 +0000

What the Media Hasn’t Told You About Rand Paul’s Announcement

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The very best of Crabacado & goodbye Dale Lee Paul

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 08:01 +0000

I'm a late bloomer to defining liberty. I was always a true core libertarian, I never knew how to define it....until Ron Paul.

I'd completely missed the 2008 election due to private issues, never even heard of Ron Paul.

In late 2011, I watched the first 3 GOP Primary debates and discovered Ron Paul. His message resonated with me on a scale I'd never experienced before. A day later, I found the Daily Paul.

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In Closing Let Me Say That I Love Dr. Ron Paul As a Man of Peace and Principles

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 04:40 +0000

...and he really did cure my apathy in politics.

I did not vote in a presidential election for 32 years until Congressman Paul ran in 2008.

In addition to curing my apathy, Dr. Paul's candidacy put me on a road to learning which no average university political science or college program could have taught me.

I'm sad to see this site go away and I fear that many who are here will be lost even though a new site is scheduled to replace the DailyPaul.

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VIDEO: Special Op Veterans Groups Have Launched ‘COUNTER' Jade Helm’ Operation

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 03:54 +0000

VIDEO: Special Op Veterans Groups Have Launched ‘COUNTER' Jade Helm’ Operation


Initiative will "observe the attempted infiltration of our towns"


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My last post on dailypaul, I am going to war with Rand Paul, I will stand by his side

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 03:46 +0000

That is it, but I will see you all on of course. No politician can change this country, it is up to you and I, but I am seeing new people coming to the liberty message through Rand Paul. I am feeling that same fire once again. He isn't perfect, and neither are we, but I am jumping on the train and will choose to stand with him with no intentions of outcome, but moreso to educate people like we have been doing. People are ready to hear the message, Rand Paul is the newest vessel at this point.

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Judge Napolitano: Rand Paul's Base Is Broader Than Any Republican In Modern Times

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 03:01 +0000

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Remember kindness, as we evolve and move on

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-04-11 02:53 +0000

On this sad day, I am reflecting on many moments that I have experienced in my time with the DailyPaul. As I have previously commented/posted, the DailyPaul was instrumental in my evolution as a political (or rather anti-political) being. The times I shared here from 2007 onwards (though I joined much later) changed my life forever.

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