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Gunstock Mountain Resort – So the Prez and GM Think It’s Fine to Electioneer While on Government Time?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 16:30 +0000

So, how are the GMR Gunstock Area Commissioners going to take this news? More importantly, Commissioners, what are you going to DO about this? And this is not the only email of electioneering while “on company time”.

Even though his email is very short (just a fowarding), he’s sending it to all of his Senior Management:

From: Tom Day
To: Senior Planning Team
Subject: FW: Pls share this!!
Date: Friday, March 11, 2022 5:26:35 PM

Now, I have no problem with anyone playing in the Politics Game – unless you aren’t supposed to be. We DO expect our government officials (yeah, I know, stop laughing for a sec or two) to be neutral.  But let me put a bit of context into play here. After all, there is an NH State Law that prohibits them from doing so while on State time and CERTAINLY not using State property to do so (emphasis mine):

659:44-a Electioneering by Public Employees. –

I. No public employee, as defined in RSA 273-A:1, IX, shall electioneer while in the performance of his or her official duties.

II. No public employee shall use government property or equipment, including, but not limited to, telephones, facsimile machines, vehicles, and computers, for electioneering.

III. For the purposes of this section, “electioneer” means to act in any way specifically designed to influence the vote of a voter on any question or office.

IV. Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

But look at the SUBJECT field – when a senior manager tells his reports to do something, they need to. Sure, I get the “Please” part giving it a voluntary flair to it but generally, that still means “do so” and with what I’ve seen already, Gunstock Mountain Resort really is a Democrat Frat House for Middle-Agers. Thus, while “Please” is part, I’m fairly sure that it got a wider spread. Who knows, though? But causing his reports to also break the Law?

We Groksters have oft used that Democrat statement of “Government is the only thing we all belong to” (with the nuance that they mean the stronger sense of “belong” as in own). And with this, it is quite clear that they don’t like any intrusion by Republicans (or even worse, Conservatives or Libertarians) into their little Democrat playground – after all, they’re “entitled” to it, yeah?

And on the flip side, let’s see what he was forwarding, shall we?  I have a bunch of landscaping projects to get done and I already have a couple of quotes out there.  To be sure, however, this guy isn’t going to get any even if he’s the largest landscaper in the County.

And note the cast of characters on the TO including the former Gunstock GM (Greg Goddard), the most recent Gilford School Board Chair, Gretchen Gandini (no big surprise there), Heidi Preuss (the “non-partisan” who applied to be the next Gunstock Commissioner but lost out to Dr. David Strang), Hunter Taylor (former County Commissioner, R turned D), Johanna Davis (Democrat), Ruth Larson (HARD Progressive).

Now, the link goes to a post on the decidedly Leftist InDepthNH website and it lists several Belknap County Republicans talking about secession from the United States. Not that it would make much difference anyway – these are hardcore Democrats (except Russ Dumais is a head-scratcher here being a Republican) that hate Republicans anyways. But both Day and Rebecca LaPense (Gunstock HR Director) just couldn’t help themselves:

From: Hayden McLaughlin <>
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2022 10:03 AM
To: Tom Day <>; Al Posnack <>; Greg Goddard <>; Gretchen & Keith Gandini <>; Hayden McLaughlin <>; Heidi Preuss <>; Hunter Taylor <>; Johnna Davis <>; Russ Dumais <>; Ruth Larson <>; Scott Wilkinson <>; Steve and Chris Fay <>; David Hershey <>; Ben barr <>; Larry Greeley <>
Subject: [External] Pls share this!!

Thought I would share this as it lists who voted for this. Let’s do our job and get them out this fall!!

New Hampshire Secession Goes Down in Flames









And this is not the only email of electioneering while “on company time”.

From: Rebecca LaPense
To: Tom Day; Senior Planning Team
Subject: Re: Pls share this!!
Date: Friday, March 11, 2022 6:59:03 PM

This part is something else holy hell…

“You don’t want to live in my county,” Santonastaso said, “I certainly don’t want to live in yours.”

The union needs to split before it is too late, he said.

Becky LaPense
HR Director
Gunstock Mountain Resort

Apparently she isn’t keeping up with the “political times” as there has been much talk across the country, both on the Left and the Right about secession and the possibility of a second Civil War happening as it is clear that there are irrconcilable and huge differences between the Left and Right as to the Proper Role of Government and the place that Citizens should be within that discussion.

Sidenote: And it’s clear that Brodie Deshaies ( R-Wolfeboro) had GOT to read the NH Constitution before making a fool of himself (“a bad idea constitutionally as it violates both the U.S. and New Hampshire constitutions.”).

So what are the Gunstock Area Comissioners going to do about those they’ve been appointed to oversee that break the Law?

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If Leftists Are Serious About Canceling “Russians” When Does Vladimir Lenin Get The Boot?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 15:00 +0000

The Left’s adoration for all things far left is well documented. They love the historical “leaders” of Marxism. An obsession fueled by generations of White Tower Academics propagandizing future generations of petty thieves and tyrants.

I present the current US congress as proof of their success.

But we don’t see any of them goading college critters to topple statues of Lenin or to ban the Communist Manifesto. The indoctrination continues apace without pause or even consideration.

It seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me.

While Marx and Engles were not Russian, the Soviet Union rose on the back of their shoddy work and propelled its spread for a century. There is nothing quite as Russian as Marxism without which (at least speculatively) the CCCP never really gets off the ground or goes anywhere, possibly ever.

The failed economic lies that lead to the level of tyranny required in such a system sit idle, though not forgotten by history – men will always seek ways to accumulate power and then abuse it.

But without that success, China may never have gone so far left, and hundreds of millions would not have died. Many a likely dictator would have lacked the backing of these evil empires to feed the ideological desire for absolute rule.

Though I think we should accept that the absence of all that death would give these same intellectuals the sads.

Marxism isn’t just beloved for its tyrannical micromanagement of everyone and everything. It also “legally” cleanses the population. The ideological Left loves eugenics when they are the ones who decide who deserves to live and who must die.

Hitler may have tarnished the idea of the master race, but he got it from American progressives, and it is foundational to their program. So, is it ironic that history suggests that many of these same intellectuals will be the first ones up against the wall when the purge comes?

People so bright they are dim, obsessed with a worldview that should, if left unobstructed, be the end of them.

Until then, it is reasonable to cancel Tchaikovsky (who was Ukrainian) but not Stalin.



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Full Analysis: Two Victories and a Narrow Defeat in NH House Session

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 13:30 +0000

The New Hampshire House met this week and oversaw two victories and one narrow defeat on Cornerstone-priority bills. This week’s developments should be emboldening—but also a reminder of the urgent work that remains to be done.

We give thanks to God for these hard-fought victories—and pray urgently for His continued mercy upon our state and intercession on behalf of His people.

In the most secular state in the country, we are grateful to count so many godly and righteous men and women among our elected representatives. If your representatives helped in these efforts, please take a moment to call or email them and thank them for doing the right thing.

HB 1625—Restoring Free Speech Outside Abortion Clinics—Bravely Passed by the House

For years, New Hampshire’s “buffer zone” law has allowed private abortion clinics to ban sidewalk counseling and protesting on the public sidewalks outside their facilities. This law is a naked violation of the First Amendment. However, as abortion clinics have never actually enforced the law, it cannot be challenged in court.

Knowing that the law would be struck down if it is ever actually enforced, New Hampshire abortion clinics have avoided enforcing the law while, at the same time, campaigning vigorously against any legislative attempts to repeal it. The clinics’ goal is to keep the law on the books in order to deter pro-life speech through the lingering threat of possible punishment.

HB 1625, introduced by Rep. Niki Kelsey and passed by the House this week, will repeal the buffer zone law. Please thank your Republican representatives who voted for the bill—zero Democrats did so—and especially representatives Kelsey, Mark McLean, and Jeanine Notter for their leadership on the House floor and during the Judiciary process.

Several Republicans voted to allow prohibiting free speech outside abortion clinics, including representatives Joe Alexander, Joseph Depalma, Brodie Deshaies, Ned Gordon, John Graham, Bonnie Ham, Claire Rouillard, Dennis Thompson, Dan Wolf, and Josh Yokela.

Most of these votes are unsurprising. Rep. Alexander was instrumental in a previous attempt to destroy the state’s six-month abortion ban—although he fortunately listened to his constituents and voted to defend the six-month ban this week. Rep. Josh Yokela likes to portray himself as an advocate of liberty, but he apparently believes in forcibly suppressing the speech of those who disagree with his views on abortion.

HB 1673—A Bill to Destroy the Six-Month Abortion Ban—Heroically Defeated in the House

HB 1673 is now the fourth bill to come up for a vote this session which would have repealed or completely destroyed New Hampshire’s modest six-month abortion ban: the Fetal Life Protection Act. HB 1673, the second such bill to be created from scratch by the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee, would have entirely gutted the FLPA by removing all enforcement mechanisms from the law—as well as adding an open-ended exception that would make abortionists the final word on when abortions can occur.

The House defeated this bill on Wednesday in a 165-163 vote. The vote occurred late in the evening and many Republicans were absent, contributing to the narrow margin.

In a voice vote, the House then passed an amendment proposed by a minority of the Judiciary Committee—using language originally introduced by Rep. Matt Simon—which instead protects the FLPA by reiterating and further clarifying the limited scope of the law’s ultrasound requirement. Identical language was passed by state Senate Republicans in February in an amendment to SB 399.

Cornerstone is grateful to all the Republicans who voted to protect New Hampshire’s six-month abortion ban—no Democrats did so—and especially for the fearless leadership of representatives Matt Simon, Jeanine Notter, Erica Layon, and Kurt Wuelper, among others, on the House floor and during the Judiciary process. Please express your appreciation to your Republican representatives who voted for the bill, and especially to these key leaders for their bold, Christlike example. The roll call can be found here.

Please also thank and encourage representatives Bill Boyd, Oliver Ford, and Andrew Prout—who we were pleasantly surprised to see voting to defend the six-month abortion ban. We are grateful to representatives Boyd, Ford, and Prout for listening to their constituents.

We are also thankful for the support House GOP leadership provided in defeating this bill. We hope that GOP leaders will continue to move in the right direction. However, if the FLPA is to survive this session, it is important to continue to call on House GOP leaders to intervene in the House Judiciary Committee.

Under the leadership of pro-abortion Republican Ned Gordon—who state GOP leadership appointed—the Republican-led Judiciary Committee has acted as a factory of extreme pro-abortion legislation, forcing pro-lifers to play whack-a-mole and to be constantly on the defensive.

If Chairman Gordon is not finally stopped, he will soon rewrite SB 399 into the fifth bill this year aimed at gutting or repealing the FLPA—the third such bill to be created by the GOP-led Committee itself. Additionally, Judiciary member Rep. Joe Alexander has also shown—through his vote on HB 1625—that he still cannot be trusted to defend the Republican Party platform on future abortion legislation.

On the House floor, several Republicans voted to pass the Judiciary Committee version of HB 1673 and return to unlimited abortion up to birth, including representatives James Allard, Lex Berezhny, Joseph Depalma, Ned Gordon, John Graham, John Lewicke, Bob Lynn, Diane Pauer, Claire Rouillard, Dan Wolf, and Josh Yokela. Most of these Republicans have long records of pro-abortion extremism.

Unfortunately, representative and former Chief Justice Bob Lynn—although always pro-choice—was previously willing to compromise with pro-lifers and support a prohibition at six months of pregnancy. If you are in Windham, which Rep. Lynn represents, please politely and graciously ask that he return to his previous moderate position. If you are not Rep. Lynn’s constituent, please pray that he will do so.

In contrast, Rep. Diane Pauer of Brookline ran for office on a pro-life platform, then became a pro-abortion extremist seemingly the moment she took office. Amazingly, Rep. Pauer continues to openly distort her position on her website, where she claims to support prohibiting abortion with limited exceptions. By voting for HB 1673, however, Rep. Pauer once again voted to remove all restrictions on abortion in New Hampshire whatsoever.

HB 1180—State Recognition of Biological Sex—Defeated by Only 8 Votes

New Hampshire currently has liberal laws regarding gender and state ID, allowing Granite Staters to freely select whatever gender they choose on their driver’s licenses. Elsewhere in the country, liberal federal courts are interpreting similar state laws to mandate that any distinction between the sexes must be made according to state documents alone—without regard to whether someone has even received medical transitioning.

In order to prevent these kinds of abusive interpretations, Rep. Linda Gould and other women legislators courageously introduced HB 1180: “relative to state recognition of biological sex.”

This bill would not have forced any school board or state agency to change their current policies. Instead, it would have protected the status quo by clarifying that public entities retain the ability to use biological sex as a factor when making decisions about athletics, incarceration, and other areas. In other words, this was the most modest bill on gender issues that a conservative could have possibly introduced.

Unfortunately, all House Democrats and 14 Republicans believe that assignments in athletics, incarceration, and other areas must be made on the basis of self-declared gender identity alone, without regard to whether someone has received gender reassignment surgery or even hormonal medication. In California, this position has led to a scenario where multiple men with male genitals are the cellmates of incarcerated women.

The Republicans who voted to help bring this kind of cruelty to New Hampshire include representatives Joe Alexander, Cody Belanger, Kevin Craig, Joseph Depalma, Brodie Deshaies, Ned Gordon, John Graham, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Claire Rouillard, Robert Theberge, Dennis Thompson, Karen Umberger, Nick White, and Dan Wolf. As a result, HB 1180 was defeated by only 8 votes.

Please thank the other Republicans—167 of them: 49% of voting representatives—who voted to protect women and girls by supporting the state’s ability to continue considering biological sex. We are especially grateful to prime sponsor Rep. Linda Gould, and for the leadership on the House floor of representatives Mark Pearson, Erica Layon, and Dennis Acton. Cornerstone is grateful for Karoline Leavitt’s passionate support of the bill.

The narrow defeat of HB 1180 followed a one-sided debate in which three Democrats spoke consecutively against the bill, while Republicans were barely allowed to utter a few sentences on the substance of the bill before the vote could occur.

It is undemocratic that a measure supported by 49% of New Hampshire’s elected representatives was not even given a debate in the People’s House. Despite this temporary setback, however, momentum around the country, and in New Hampshire, is overwhelmingly on our side.

The cultural left has no breaks—and its increasingly deranged and totalitarian views on gender are steadily alienating former liberals. Cultural progressives, whether Democrats or Republicans, will not succeed in sacrificing the dignity of women and girls on the altar of crazed gender ideology.

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The Danger of Knowledge

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 13:30 +0000

Some years ago, as an intellectual exercise, some friends and I were talking about what we thought was the single biggest advance in human history.

Medicine, monotheism*, science-in-general, fire, language, the Rule of Law not men, and many others – all were excellent propositions with good evidence and argumentation behind them.  After batting things around for an hour or so I threw out the idea that writing was the single biggest advance – because it allowed knowledge to accumulate.



Some agreed, some didn’t, and that’s fair.  I am not the font of all wisdom, and people can reasonably differ.  But here’s my take…

Until writing came along human memories and oral traditions were the only way of retaining, communicating, and passing on knowledge.  Memory is fallible, whether in details or just a whole sweep of a subject forgotten.  Oral traditions and recitation are subject to the limitations of having to be physically with a person to pass that knowledge on.  And, of course, as you age, hearing drops as well so what you hear imparted from another can be misunderstood or completely missed.

A brief aside: my late father one described a childhood memory of when his grandmother took ill, and the doctor came and said “Stuff her to the gills with blue cheese”!  This was before Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.  A brief but interesting anecdote that captures how, even then, there was knowledge of  “something there” in that specific cheese that was useful when people were sick.  But that was a memory – and had he not told it to me it would have been lost forever.  Now, of course, it’s written down in my journals for my kids – along with many other memories and pieces of advice.  This is my attempt to document my life and *cough* wisdom for them so that in their life they make many mistakes… just not repeating the ones I’ve made.  I’m on Volume 7.


(Image source)


Memories and stories are great.  But writing – ah, writing – one can write something down and, years later, decades or even centuries later, a person can pick it up and read that piece of knowledge.  Of how to farm, or measure & mark the passage of seasons, or what local plants are edible.  The list, obviously, is endless.  More, that knowledge captured in marks on a medium can be copied and disseminated to places that one person’s memory – captured within their skull – could not possibly travel.  Thus, knowledge can spread far faster and far more broadly than any vocalized bit of information.  And consider the creation of wealth as Bill Whittle described in one of his videos: take a pad of paper and a pen or two, write a story and screenplay which gets bought and made into a hit movie.  Thus, writing can lead to the creation of enormous wealth from the product of pure imagination – the Ayn Rand-recognized output of the mind.

And while not actual writing per se, consider the distance these Roman coins traveled.  The same holds true for the written word to spread, in general, even in those times.



Overall, the accumulation of knowledge is a good thing.  One need not reinvent everything every generation and can share that information far more readily and with fewer errors than human memory – and far more widely.  For example, from the book Armies of Pestilence about the role plagues played in human history, I learned that in one of the plagues that hit Greece in ancient times a physician wrote down the symptoms of what he was seeing and IIRC experiencing that modern doctors said it had to have been typhoid.  Trivial, perhaps, in the scheme of things… but a fascinating insight into an event long, long ago.  Experience, as lived by people in a situation, can later be captured regardless of the topic.

Experience and learning can be, as I’ve mentioned, widely communicated.  In my youth I was captivated by the show Connections which described how ideas and developments passed from person to person to person, each then incorporating them, trying them themselves, adding to them, and passing that new development on in turn.  (I just bought it on DVD and hope to play it for my kids…)



Like a pearl growing, layer by layer, human knowledge grew and often was aggregated into knowledge centers, i.e., libraries.  Now sometimes, alas, those precious places were destroyed, whether by accident or human intent.  The library at Alexandria, possibly the most famous example, is just one.  Others here.  And in reading this article I had a thought: how was the knowledge of preventing mildew, or recovering damaged books, transmitted through the world?  By writing down techniques that worked after much trial and error and disseminating that knowledge by making copies of that writing!



“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

While Heinlein’s point is broadly accurate as to the human condition, as knowledge in specific fields developed past the point where the average person could understand we started to get people who specialized in a particular field.  People who specialized in building buildings… architects.  People who specialized in medicine… doctors.  The law… lawyers.  Making machines, designing circuits or roads and bridges… engineers.  Handling our taxes and retirements… accountants and financial planners.  Protecting our communities… police.  Protecting our nations… soldiers.  Our elected officials… to keep the good of the nation in mind and pass needed rules.  Et cetera.  Now so long as these people were bound by ethics and morality and a code of conduct – e.g., the Hippocratic Oath – and cleaved to those codes, we have a functioning system.  In some cases, like police and soldiers, we even expect them to put themselves between us and harm at a risk to their own lives.

Rather than attempting to learn everything on our own, we defer to their expertise, paying them not just for the knowledge they have that we don’t, but for the time it takes to develop the knowledge to the point where they can function in that specialization.  This is why, for example, we pay a heart or brain surgeon far more than a general practitioner.  When I had surgery some years ago I went to a specialist whose decades of focused education & experience in this particular medical field made him very expensive… and I was willing to pay for that experience.  After all, I didn’t want to have my surgery done by the owner of “Joe’s Fish, Chips, and Abdominal Surgery”… I wanted someone who had studied for years on this exact subject, and who had been hands-on for years more.  Same for when I had surgery deep inside my sinuses – I understood the risks to my sense of smell and, again, went for someone with both knowledge and experience.  And, pardon the pun, paid through the nose for that too.



But there is a critical factor in all this deferring to experts: TRUST.

When we engage any expert we trust that this person will not steer us wrong.  When I went to a lawyer for my divorce from my first wife, I expected him to give me good advice keeping my best interest in mind.  The same for my accountant.  The same for my doctor.  The same for the home improvement guy coming to quote us – heaven help our budget – on a major summer project.  We expect… we TRUST… that this person is putting our best interests first-and-foremost.  We expect… we TRUST… that they are focused on our wellbeing, not just following external diktats from outside forces.

We defer to these people because we do not have the years and decades to develop the expertise in every field… because the amount of knowledge is too great.  Hearkening back to Heinlein, yes, we can and should do many things – but time to learn all is not within our ken considering the knowledge required in every field which we need in our lives, never mind the demands on our time to live our lives, earn our own keep, raise children, etc.  (I used to read 2-3 “meaty” books a week prior to the financial drains children showing up.  Now I’m lucky to get one in a month.)

And this is the trap of too much knowledge: we trust them to steer us straight, but that trust can be abused.


(Image source)



Consider the fustercluck that is Covid and Covid Jabs as a present-day example.  From the denials of early treatments and the virus’ origin, to the ignoring of the 2005 paper showing HCQ was effective, to the utter damnation of for-real-effective Ivermectin, never mind the pushing of the Jab that is causing more harm than good – and even the silence surrounding the possibility of the mRNA reverse-transcribing to your DNA:


which is something that seems to be confirmed, at least in vitro.  This raises Seven Hairy Hells levels of alarm for me as I said (link in original):

In my career I have been introduced to the useful idea of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.  One of its fundamentals is that in assessing risk, it is not just the raw percentage chance of something happening that is important, but the consequences of it happening.  E.g., from memory, an article from a few decades ago said that the actual risk of an asteroid or comet impact is incredibly small… but that it’s a significant risk because of the potential damage should such an impact occur.

As a mundane example, consider two games with precisely the same odds: rolling a die… and losing $1 if you roll a six, and Russian Roulette.  Given the same reward for winning (1-5 or empty cylinders, respectively) which would you rather play?

Yet despite this potential risk to the integrity of the human species’ genome, even if it’s an infinitesimal risk, given the consequences of this gene editing, both governments and medical experts are push-push-pushing these Jabs despite the fact that it’s NOT safe and NOT effective – it’s become their religion.



We TRUSTED these people.  And they failed us, utterly.  Whether for the Globalist depopulation ideology, or for mere personal enrichment, and hospitals outright falsifying diagnoses for increased profits… we now know the medical industry cannot be trusted as they’ve traded integrity for blood-soaked lucre.



Many articles have now been written on the growing distrust of the medical profession.  We no longer trust our supposed truth-to-power watchdogs, the media.  The same for those we elect.  The same for an increasing distrust in the police & military as witnessed by their incredibly harsh just-following-orders treatments of anti-mandate protestors.  One by one, all the institutions that we trusted implicitly are failing.

While many are still starry-eyed about THE JAB and so much else, a growing number of people no longer trust.  That distrust of institutions spills over into distrust of individuals in society.  Chalk up another factor in the accelerating collapse of civilization.  For no low-trust society, to my knowledge, has ever had endurance.  And as we slide towards dissolution of what we know is familiar, understand this is part of the foundation the Globalists are laying for their dreamed-of Utopia.  It. Is. Deliberate.  Remember, all that is must be razed before all they fantasize about can be created… heedless of the cost.




Please check out my first essay, The Fly on the Urinal, at Tommy Robinson’s Urban Scoop.  And the second one The Right to Disagree.  And I have permission, for my next Urban Scoop essay, to cite ones here explicitly.  Going to be a challenge to write two pieces a week.  Plus this Sunday, here, I plan to resume Survival Sunday posts.


* Postscript:

As Bill Whittle says in this long but IMHO must-watch video, monotheism is an advance because – with one G-d – there is one, absolute standard of right and wrong.  If everyone in a civilization cannot even agree on what is right, what is wrong, and what code of conduct one should live by, that civilization is on shaky ground for survival.  (Sound familiar to today’s world?)





(Header image source)

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Senate Gold Standard – March 24, 2022

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Tue, 2022-03-22 12:57 +0000

(white) goldstandard-03-24-22-S.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-03-24-22-S-y.pdf

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Democrat Bill Would Legalize Letting Infants Die up to 28 Days After Birth without Consequence

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 12:00 +0000

For years, we’ve been saying that abortion is not about reproductive rights or women’s rights. It is about normalizing murder, and the Party of Death (Democrats) in Maryland have proposed the next step on that path.

Senate Bill 699 (666 would have been better) is titled the Pregnant Persons Freedom Act and would prohibit (in part) “investigations and criminal prosecutions for women and medical professionals for a “failure to act” in relation to a “perinatal death.” 

And what does that mean? “A definition on MedicineNet, a website owned by WebMD, defines it as “the 20th to 28th week of gestation” to “1 to 4 weeks after birth.” 

If signed into law, a newborn could be left to die at any point during the first month of birth and no one would be allowed to investigate that death.


“In other words, a baby born alive and well could be abandoned and left to starve or freeze to death,” Summers wrote, “and nothing could be done to punish those who participated in that cruel death.” 


LifeSite News notes that under Maryland Law there’s no reason for this change. Existing Safe Haven Laws allow new parents to drop a baby off at any hospital or law enforcement location and abandon custody, no questions asked.

So, if there is no reason for the change why make it?

What possible motivation could Democrats have for proposing or supporting a bill that effectively legalizes infanticide during the first four weeks of life?

Either dead babies are a more important priority or it is the further devaluing life.

Why would a political party obsessed with the micromanagement of our daily existence want or benefit from a cultural indifference to life?

Stalin, Hitler, and Mao know the answer.

Abortion by any means, whenever needed, regardless of age.



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Chris Christie Supports Rigged Elections

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 10:30 +0000

Hide your donuts and other comfort food … Chris Christie, all 800 pounds of him, is back in town.

And he is telling NeverTrump and the corrupt media (remember he played the designated GOP clay pigeon on the George StepAllOverUs show when Trump was POTUS, where he gleefully undermined Trump every chance he got) what they love to hear from RINOs: that the 2020 election was pure as the virgin snow:



Right, Chris … the election wasn’t rigged in the same parallel universe where the sky is green, water flows uphill, and you look good in a speedo.


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Morality In A Free State – A Debate On Suicide

The Liberty Block - Tue, 2022-03-22 04:27 +0000

As I sit here at the keyboard, I find myself hoping-against-hope that in New Hampshire, the nation, and—indeed—the world, there are flavors of libertarianism that reject the one which I contested last week in my debate on legalized suicide at the SHELL. 

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Morality In A Free State – A Debate On Suicide

The Liberty Block - Tue, 2022-03-22 04:27 +0000

As I sit here at the keyboard, I find myself hoping-against-hope that in New Hampshire, the nation, and—indeed—the world, there are flavors of libertarianism that reject the one which I contested last week in my debate on legalized suicide at the SHELL. 

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Monday Meme Amendment

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 03:00 +0000

We’re excited to have the Monday Memes back, and this is not an effort to compete, but I was surfing iFunny and everything I saw looked good.

This is not NITZAKHON’s overflow this is stuff I stumbled on and figured I’d share.

So, here you go.













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Quick Thought: So Someone Else Is Finally Saying What I’ve Been Saying for Years.

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 01:30 +0000

I’ve been working on more important stuff than this but when I saw it, I had to say something: “Candidate to Replace Justin Trudeau Declares ‘Smaller Government Makes Room for Bigger Citizens‘.”

Not quite my version but really, REALLY close! My version is a verbal meme that’s in my verbal toolkit every I’m asked to speak at a rally – and it works in reverse as well. I started with this:

The Larger the Government, the smaller the Citizen

That was meant as a warning – realize, folks, where you stand in relationship to The State (i.e., Government).  It was meant as a rallying cry (and, perhaps, serve as a wakeup call to socialists as to what could happen to them as well.  And then, sometime after I crafted that,  I realized that the opposite is true as well:

The Bigger the Citizen, the smaller the government

No matter which version you pick, they are all correct.  Progressives / Socialists prefer a larger and larger government in which EVERYTHING is decided by it and you WILL be subservient to it; Ruling instead of merely governing (with our consent).

We all know about the Canadian truckers’ protest that happened a bit ago and saw how Totalitarian the son of Pierre Trudeau in invoking the Emergency Act, taking all those rigs, and freezing the bank accounts not only of the actual protesters (and taking their dogs if the police arrested the owners during the protest) and basically ruined their lives.

Big Government being even BIGGER Government.  Finally, it was good to see someone stand up and tell Canadian citizens something that was rather Trumpian:

See here is the problem, Trudeau thinks he is your boss, and he has got it backwards, you’re the boss. That is why I’m running for Prime Minister, to put you back in charge of your life.

What a concept, that I have control over me – instead of being trapped in political slavery by someone who doesn’t even know my name or that I even exist.

Trump spoke to the working man and the Wokesters and the Statists turned on him for doing so. And now with the “Davos Man” talking about The Great Reset which makes Government the Biggest it could be, I ask:

And what will you DO about it?

And just for the heck of it:

(H/T: RedState)

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NH House Passes Bill That Would Ban Sanctuary Cities in the Granite State

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-03-22 00:00 +0000

Sanctuary cities are all the rage with the liberal elite, but you can find plenty of so-called Republican bleeding hearts to help them. People who have decided that rule of law is situational, not foundational.

That is not the rule of law. It is the rule of man, ruled by emotion. It leads to a corrupt system of carve-outs based on ever-changing political interests, discrimination, and rampant injustice.

It is also challenging to live and work – or run a business – in a nation where the laws may or may not apply on a given day, week, month, or year.

In the interest of clarifying the need to follow existing law as written on citizenship status, the NH House just passed HB1266.

The state of New Hampshire, a political subdivision of this state, or any person acting under the color of state, county, or municipal law shall not adopt or enforce any law or policy that prohibits the state of New Hampshire, a political subdivision of this state, or any person acting under the color of state, county, or municipal law from cooperating with the enforcement of federal immigration laws, including but not limited to 8 U.S.C. 1373 with respect to a person who has been detained by or is already in the custody of the state, county, or local law enforcement agency for a suspected violation of state law to include the enforcement of arrest warrants issued by the courts.

Sanctuary cities defy federal law, and sometimes federal lawmakers and the Chief Executive are inclined to look the other way when they do.

Congress could rewrite the laws to accommodate their bleeding hearts, which might cost them votes or seats. Many Americans object, and many immigrants who did it the right way.

They could rewrite the law to encourage states to develop enforcement strategies allowing those that wanted it to the ability to declare sanctuary status without breaking the law, but many would create enforcement laws the Libs don’t like.

The best course for the liberal elite is to leave well enough alone and refuse to enforce the law as written. And that’s worked well for them, but New Hampshire is a Dillons rule State. No government at any level can do a thing if the Legislature has not granted them the authority.

You’d be right to ask where then does that happen on the matter of sanctuary cities or towns? It doesn’t. They don’t have it. We should not need HB1266. But there is this need to clarify the facts by stating clearly that this power has not been granted,

Will it matter?

Only if someone bothers to add some enforcement mechanism or penalty to HB1266 (I don’t see one), and we one day have an AG willing to enforce that without treating it like sanctuary city policy now – as in if and when someone feels like it.



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Gunstock Mountain Resort – So, I’ve Started Out with an Right To Know for Emails

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 22:30 +0000

And we’re back to Gunstock Mountain Resort. So as you can tell, the goings-on by the Gunstock Area Commission and its Senior Management has caught the attention of more than one Grokster as well as other outsiders.  They have, as one way of putting it, put themselves into the microscope.  And they aren’t liking it at all.  From ignoring the Law, refusing to pay attention to their own By-Laws, what could be to Electioneering, disparaging customers – there is a whole bunch of stuff that will result in a lot of blog fodder.

So, I’ve started with an RSA 91:A Right To Know demand for emails:

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A:4 (I) ), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the below enumerated governmental records Otherwise, if this cannot be fulfilled with the mandated 5 business day window per RSA 91-A, please advise when the Responsive Records will be made available.

This request is for any emails involving Gunstock area employees Tom Day and/or Cathy White for the time period of March 1, 2022, through to end of day, today, March 13, 2022:

  • Individual outbound emails from the email accounts provided to Tom Day or Cathy White as part of their employment.
  • Individual outbound emails from the email accounts provided to Tom Day or Cathy White as part of their employment.

The information for each responsive record shall include:

  • TO fields, FROM fields – all addresses
  • CC fields, BCC fields – all addresses
  • DATE fields
  • SUBJECT field
  • And the Body of the email itself.

Per RSA 91-A:4 IV(c) If you deny any portion of this request, please cite the specific exemption used to justify the denial to make each record, or part thereof, available for inspection along with a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the information withheld.

As you are aware, in 2016, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that a governmental body in possession of records is required to produce them in electronic media using standard of common file formats: Green v. SAU #55, 168 N.H. 796, 801 (2016). Unless there is some reason that it is not reasonably practicable for you to produce these records in the requested format, I ask that you either do so or explain why it is not practicable for you to comply.

Please also note, per RSA 91-A:4 III, III-a, and III-b, you are required to maintain the safety and accessibility of such responsive records.

Please let me know when these records will be sent to me for inspection.

You may email the responsive records to me at If the volume turns out to be substantial, I have already set up a Dropbox folder for all of your responsive records to which they can be uploaded

Thank you for your lawful attention to this matter.


Skip Murphy

Tom Day is the GMR General Manager and Prez, Cathy White is the CFO. I WOULD have also RTK’d all of the Gunstock Area Commissioners’ emails except there’s one slight problem – they only use private emails.  So while I can ask (and full disclosure: once this was submitted, Vice-Chair Gary Keidaisch voluntarily sent me his. However, I have no way of knowing if that was all of them for the period of 3/1-3/13; that’s just the reality of doing official business with private emails). And recent stories have shown that a lot of government employees, appointed officials, and elected politicians all seem to like “the privacy” of not using their official email addresses.

Please note, however, that none of the Commissioners have been assigned “official” email addresses and I have advised the recently appointed ones to get them quick because of this problem and that they need the “indemnity” of using official emails for official business. Else, they’ll continue to have to deal with folks like me constantly. Let’s see if Tom Day, as GM, forks them over soonest (after all, the IT folks report to him) as I know that I can whip up a new Grokster email in just a few seconds after logging into our server. It’s no big thang!

And after receiving it, I started with this email that, to me as an Evangelical Christian, showed an anti-Christian bias.  Even if you don’t like the customer, is that proper governmental (or even corporate) behavior?  I think not.

You know what?  I think that the email lot I received isn’t complete – there were several telltale signs that several emails were missing. Maybe a lot.  So there will be another one shorting following that.

And I have five more outstanding that have not yet been answered.


And a few other folks are starting to take a bigger interest in this little investigation.

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Teachers Leaving Due to Behavior and Violence in the Schools

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 21:00 +0000

I’ve been warning about the behavior problems in New Hampshire schools. Parents and teachers in schools like Manchester and Nashua have been sounding the alarm bells that behavior problems are escalating.

I continue to urge you to revisit the New Hampshire laws that require schools to use a standardized approach to behavior.

The Multi-Tiered System of Support for behavior (MTSS-B) is a tiered system that standardizes behavior in the classroom. In addition, you can read how the positive behavior supports came from the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. If the state or school accepts federal money, they must then comply with the federal laws.  What does this mean? Go here:

This means that every single child in a school that takes this federal grant money under ESSA is a target for universal subjective behavioral screening, labeling with a behavior disorder — the criteria for which experts do not agree — and psychological modification using admittedly experimental means. Most of this process occurs before a formal special education evaluation that requires parental consent occurs.

What does this mean for your public schools? It means that they have become pseudo-mental health centers gathering mental health data on your children. Who is forced to do this? The teachers working in your public schools. What is this doing to your teachers? In Keene, they are quitting.

The Union Leader ran an article about the concern over the teachers in Keene quitting. Parents are now concerned over the number of teachers who are resigning.

Keene High School parents are sounding off about a spike in teacher resignations since the beginning of the school year.

Parents posted an anonymous email they received listing the eight resignations the high school had since fall. The school is now attempting to get grant money to hire for a position in an effort to work directly with problem students. This fits into the MTSS=B model.

They are blaming the behavior problems on last year’s in-person and online classes. No one is even looking at the MTSS-B standardized model. Instead, they are blaming the students’ for their emotional and developmental mindset. That’s code for mental health.

While a child’s mental health is always a concern, there are times when there has to be boundaries set and consequences for those who push through them. What we are seeing is this attempt to label all of these behavior issues as mental health issues. This in turn waters down consequences.  Some of these kids will push and push, especially if there are no real consequences.

As reported in “PBIS”: Behind the Feds’ Wacky Scheme to Modify Children’s Behavior, they provide an example of how one school at Deer Park Elementary school in Pasco County, Florida dealt poorly with the children’s behavior.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the school had decided to implement PBIS school-wide due to concerns about an increase in behavior problems. Without consulting parents, they placed posters all around the school that had this nonsensical, illogical, subjective, and backwards rubric about behavior:

In this wacky scheme, “D” — which is usually a near-failing grade — is the highest level, standing for Democracy. “C” — typically an average grade — is the next highest level and requires students to “conform to peer pressure.” “B” and “A” — which are considered high grades by most people — in this scenario are the bad or “red” levels and stand for “Bossing/Bullying” and “Anarchy,” respectively.

When schools are turned into mental health facilities, we can see that there are negative consequences. First, the academics will suffer, but more concerning is, how bad behavior follows. If boundaries can be ignored by students, and there are no real consequences, it sends a message to the other kids that they don’t have to follow the rules either. This is exactly what parents in Manchester are reporting. Not only are the boundaries being broken, but they are also rewarding the students who exhibit bad behavior and ignoring the students who are following the rules.

Where will this eventually lead our schools? I don’t know. I am concerned though, that we may see an incident that is more serious than what has been reported by teachers and parents.  I hope I am wrong. I hope that someone will consider what is going on and work to reverse this trend.

That would mean rejecting federal dollars aimed at turning the schools into mental health facilities.

Use that money to support mental health treatment centers outside the school system so the children who truly need intervention have access to good quality mental healthcare. Divert that money to the facilities and social services that are equipped to handle the children who need it. That means that they may have to be diverted away from the classroom until they are deemed safe to return.

It would mean reversing the current law that currently exists in New Hampshire that directs schools to become mental health facilities. Instead, direct students who need extra help towards social services and direct funding so that there is support for those who need it.

The behavior problems are escalating. Teachers are reporting this trend and so are teachers in New Hampshire. You can either ignore it or go to the root cause and fix it.


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New Product Launch – ‘Stop Trying to “Mass Up” My New Hampshire’

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 19:30 +0000

In the spirit of Don’t California my Texas, we’ve come up with something of our own. For years the Mass (MA) migration into the Granite State has been a concern to defenders of liberty. Many leave MA to escape MA then vote like that here.

Not all of them left to escape, of course. Some came here to poison the well and they’ve got help. We’ve got Vermonters, New Yorkers, folks from all over. Many of them are choosing our low taxes and increasingly business-friendly climate.

They are drawn to the low crime, great quality of life, and defense of individual rights.

New Hampshire ranks well on most if not all metrics. It’s attractive on its own but compared to liberal urban hell holes with skyrocketing crime, it’s paradise.

It’s also an attractive target for Libs, Dems, and Progs, from MA, CT, NY, NJ, RI, VT, and now ME, looking to ruin something wonderful and good. Libs actually hate choice and free markets so NH being different is offensive to their Marxist economic insensibilities.

So they come here to vote like still lived in NY or NJ or CA, and yes – Massachusetts as – too often – do the folks who moved here to escape those places. It’s almost as if they are incapable of connecting the cause and effects of two things together.

Voting for Dems is like crapping in your kitchen. No matter how hard you try to ignore it the stench is going to catch up to you until you’re so deep in the sh!t there’s no escape.

And then where do you go?

We’re running out of road, so, in the spirit of leaving NH the way it is (and making it even better) we’ve come up with the first or what will probably be many ways to send this message.

Stop wrecking the joint, dammit!


Get a sticker!


If you want to live in a liberal toilet stay where you are, don’t come here. But if you want better, and you come here, don’t vote for the toilet.

If you came to wreck the joint we’d rather you didn’t. There are very few sanctuaries from Liberal overreach and incompetence left. We need to protect them, especially in the North East where New Hampshire is it.

There is no other frontier to settle in search of freedom.

So, here’s some merch if you want to send or share that message with those around you.


White Tee


Black Tee


Pint Glass


Womens Top




And you can view all the stuff on offer here.

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Why Aren’t Women Screaming

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 18:00 +0000

I am sickened on many levels as Lia Thomas continues to mock women’s sport. Thomas is destroying collegiate swimming, but how long will it take before this dilemma hits the Olympics, professional, or even high school athletics?

All of this damage to sport is aided by a Woke society that is willing to look past common sense to preserve the rights of one individual.

I thought this assault on NCAA women’s swimming by Lia Thomas would be short-lived. I wondered how someone could look themselves in the mirror and still dive into the pool, knowing they had a massive advantage over their competitors. I do not care if he is a he or she. He is a person who, if he has a conscience, would know he is doing wrong.

Earlier this year, USA Swimming changed its requirements for trans competitors, mandating three years of low testosterone levels. The NCAA declined to immediately adopt those restrictions, which would have barred Thomas from the female competition. But The NCAA will likely feel pressure from the public and politicians to adopt more stringent standards for trans athletes.

Several state legislatures are considering laws that would regulate trans sports participation, some of which critics claim are harmful to transgender children and discriminatory. The requirements and laws that are implemented or passed are not to infringe on the rights of transgendered. They are about protecting the integrity of sport and ensuring the safety of all participants.

Lia competed for Penn as a male swimmer and now as a woman. She is within the NCAA rules, but that does not make it right. She is taking the spot of a cisgender woman on the team and preventing her teammates from their potential success. Lia has the benefits of being born a male. She has a larger heart, bigger lungs, more muscular arm and leg muscles, and bigger hands. All of these physical traits lead to higher performance and unfair advantage.

Lia is rewriting the NCAA record book. Her competing as a woman is unjust for the women athletes she is supplanting. They earned their records as a woman competing against women. Lia is erasing their accomplishments by competing as transgender.

There were some transgender athletes competing in the Summer and Winter Olympics with mixed results. An incident in a recent MMA match is evidence of the danger. Transgender Fallon Fox fractured the skull and broke the eye socket of her female opponent. Her opponent claimed she had never been so mismatched.

I am not judging Transgender individuals, but when their decisions and actions impact others, they have overstepped. Common sense has to trump Woke thinking. Some states are taking action and restricting all sports to cisgender participants, and this appears to be the correct decision. Hopefully, the NCAA will regain their senses, stop trying to reinvent the wheel for the sake of a minuscule percentage of people, and preserve male and female sports.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 16:30 +0000

Let the mockery and other memes begin.  And note the sign about “UnJabbed need not apply” – from New Zealand.  Medical apartheid is coming.  Remember this cartoon?  There is an insane drive to put a needle into every arm.  This is the new One-Worlder religion.


And from what I’m reading about the UK, Australia, and other places… ADE and immune erosion are definitely setting in.  And while I have enormous sympathy and hopes for those who took the Jab early on – now, not so much given all that’s coming out.





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NH Proposes Gas Tax Holiday for Residents So, Who Exactly Do You Mean When You Say ‘Resident’?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 15:00 +0000

Today, the NH House Finance Committee will hold a hearing on a bill with an amendment. I can’t find either, but I don’t need them.

It recommends that the state drop its gas tax for three months over the summer but just for residents. I have questions.


Its a gimmick and a bad one because it hides the real pain and problems Biden and Democrats have created through deliberate policy choices. And when the gimmick ends, as it must, the whiplash will be brutal, and whoever signed off on it will take the blame, not the real culprits.

But that’s not the biggest problem.


I’m not worried about revenue. There’s plenty of that sloshing about from online gambling to higher business tax inflows (after we cut the rates) to redirect toward the hole left behind by electric vehicles a gas tax holiday. And as long as we keep Democrats out of control, that will continue to be the case.

And holiday or not, maybe, it’s an excellent time to ditch the NH gas tax as a road toll revenue stream altogether. It’s like smoking. They want to kill it but keep raising the tax, spending it, and relying on it, but the plan is to make it disappear.

Don’t just send it on holiday. Kill it and bury it behind the statehouse.

Residency Requirement

None of that will happen, of course. The tax is supposed to disincentivize use, and removing it would encourage more use. They’ll never go for that. But again, that’s not the biggest problem with the tax holiday amendment, as I understand it.

It proposes to give the discount to residents only and not tourists. Um, how…what?

I’ve been following politics in New Hampshire for nearly fifteen years, so I can ask this question with a straight face. Which residents?

We have students paying out-of-state tuition for four years treated as residents for voting purposes. Denying them that right as opposed to helping them put a stamp on a mail-in ballot for back home is a violation of human rights or something.

But not just them. For more than a decade, almost anyone can show up from any state where they can vote, and I can’t say they are thinking about living there, lying on an affidavit, getting a ballot, voting, then leaving the state.

Our elections have been polluted like this for most of this century and probably longer.

So, whose a frikkin resident?

What does that even mean?

Must you show ID to get the taxless gas price (RACIST!, Gas Tax Holiday Suppression!).

And even if we could separate voting tourists from the other sorts, how exactly do we execute this differential commerce at the pump or the counter?

Do tourists get a separate water fountain gas pump?

I’ve not seen the amendment, so I only have reports from Corporate Media cronies like Gary Rayno, but seriously, what’s the plan?

I have one. Kill the gas tax and use online gambling revenue to pay for highway and road stuff.

The gas stations pay taxes on their revenue, which will go up a lot from loads of secondary traffic.

Just a suggestion and better than the gas tax holiday, if you ask me.



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Liberals and Herman Cain

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 13:30 +0000

This brought back a flood of 10-year-old memories. I met Herman when he started stumping to be the next President of the United States back in 2019.

A Liberal talking head said that the Tea Party’s support for Herman Cain only further proved our racism, because Cain fits our stereotype of a Black Man.

So the stereotyping of Black men as intelligent, industrious problem-solvers who can become leaders in virtually any field they pursue … is racist?

–Liberal Logic 101

Almost immediately, I liked him. A very congenial guy – he almost always had a smile on his face and a big handshake that announced, without words, “Hey, glad to see you!”. And in my case, being in the First in the Nation Primary State of NH, I saw him a lot as he spent a lot of time here campaigning.

Sidenote: being an empty nester at the time, TMEW let me indulge in going all over.  With the Grandson now, I try hard to stay home more often than not.

I got the opportunity to yak with him often as well and it was clear that what Liberal Logic 101 was true – and more. A man of his convictions, he was rooted in American norms, traditions, and Conservative / Constitutional philosophy. To the point that I acquired a LOT of these T-shirts to hand out to others:

Yes, I endorsed who he was and what he stood for – I offered and became the campaign’s Belknap County Chair. Still have a number of those T-Shirts around.

The Liberals hated the idea that a Black man with his accomplishments wanted to do without them; they ran a scorched earth campaign against him by attacking his wife and his fidelity to her (including WMUR, NH’s only TV station of note). So, as it was, the next day he withdrew from the race.

Sadly, he passed away on July 20, 2020, from the Chinese WuFlu.

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NH Bill Would Require AG to Report Number of Refugees Feds Relocated to the State Monthy

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-21 12:00 +0000

New Hampshire House Bill 1411 is a wide-reaching piece of legislation that would require the NH Attorney General to obtain and publish a list of federal activities occurring in the state, including how many refugees the Feds had “resettled” here.

That was a fascinating find, a bill that has already passed the House and has a Senate Hearing this week (03/22/2022, Room 100, SH, 02:15 pm). These numbers would need to be acquired and posted publicly online, including the total number relocated in the past month and total years to date.

But the refugee requirement is just one of several requirements in the Bill.

The attorney general shall request that any federal government agency employing full-time law enforcement officers voluntarily notify the attorney general of the presence of permanent or temporary facilities and newly assigned officers or agents prior to the agency engaging in any law enforcement investigatory or surveillance activity in New Hampshire. …

The attorney general shall compile this data by agency, and create and maintain a public Internet webpage with a searchable database containing these key metrics and links to the public homepage of all federal agencies authorized to conduct law enforcement, investigatory, or surveillance activity in New Hampshire.


And what is to be included?

(a) Total number of agency facilities in the state.

(b) Total number of permanent staff positions assigned to New Hampshire with indicated number of increases or decreases occurring in the previous month.

(c) Total number of temporary staff assigned to New Hampshire with indicated number of increases or decreases occurring in the last month.

(d) Total number of completed federal surveillance operations on New Hampshire
residence year to date, updated monthly.

(e) Total number of completed federal investigations into New Hampshire residents year to date, updated monthly.

(f) Total number of federal warrants served on New Hampshire residents year to date, updated monthly.

(g) Total number of federal no-knock warrants served on New Hampshire residents year to date, updated monthly.

(h) Total number of federal arrests of New Hampshire residents year to date, updated

(i) Total number of federal foreign refugee relocations in New Hampshire year to date,
updated monthly


Sounds great but is it realistic?

I’m not picturing the agencies just giving up this information if it became law. There’s also the problem of the AG’s Office doing its job. And I’m talking about the AG of a Republican Governor.

If, for any reason, the Office refuses or drags its feet (as is the case with matters like voter and election fraud), who will investigate them or charge them or punish them? Not the AGs Office.

There may be mechanisms in place I’m not recalling, but the Legislature may have to intervene, and I’m trying to imagine them doing anything like that.

And I don’t see it. But please correct me. I’d be more than happy to see this level of visibility on these matters. I’m just a bit too cynical to expect that it will actually happen if it does become law.



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