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State Prosecutes, Convicts NH Cop Blocker for Harboring “Illegal”

Free Keene - Sun, 2018-07-15 15:51 +0000

Think you have a right to privacy? Think again. These bureaucrats think they own your dog and will prosecute you over a $4 dog license in New Hampshire to prove it. Cop Blockers Michael and Angie Gordon of Alstead took a ticket for an “illegal” unlicensed dog to Keene District Court. They lost, but made the bureaucrats work to get their coerced money. Kudos to them for standing up against the oppressive police state where not even dogs are safe from state regulation. Here’s the full video:

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Video: Conan on Trial for Uninspected Vehicle

Free Keene - Sat, 2018-07-14 20:44 +0000

Vehicle inspection is nothing more than a racket for auto shops being operated by the people calling themselves the “State of New Hampshire”. As Free Keene blogger Conan Salada points out during his testimony at trial this week, the auto repair shop he went to gave him quotes for what Conan determined were unnecessary repairs in order to pass the vehicle inspection. This happens to people all the time and allows unscrupulous auto repair shops to take advantage of ignorant drivers.

But wait, don’t we need mandatory yearly inspections to keep cars as safe as possible on the roads? Actually, no. Not all really cold states have mandatory vehicle inspections and there’s no evidence those states’ roads are any more dangerous. Turns out, the market handles safety just fine.

Meanwhile, the crime gang known as the State of New Hampshire continues to prosecute and convict people for taking care of their cars how they want. Here’s the full trial video from this week in Keene District Court. Conan is ultimately found guilty and sentenced to a little community service:

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NH Libertarian Senate Candidate Answers Questionnaire on Gun Freedoms

Free Keene - Fri, 2018-07-13 17:15 +0000

When I ran for governor in 2016, the NHFC gave me an A.

As the Libertarian candidate for NH Senate district 10, I’ve begun posting my answers to the various questionnaires I receive from interest groups. Here’s the four-page questionnaire I received from the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition.

This one was easy. Libertarians are always in favor of individual rights, in this case the right of self-defense and the defense of others. Given that libertarians are against aggressive force, they support the use of defensive force as a way to stop aggressors. No one should have to ask permission to defend themselves or own whatever they feel is necessary to defend themselves. That includes felons who should have their gun rights restored.

You can see my answers to the questionnaire from the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition here.

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Another Anarchist Website

Free Keene - Mon, 2018-07-09 23:18 +0000

A month ago I started my website Unlike Free Keene, this site will not be limited to issues and events pertaining to New Hampshire. We will discuss current events, common philosophical questions, and film shows hopefully once a week. The goal is to spread the message by taking the NAP to its logical conclusions.

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Keene Selected As Test Market for “DASH-Back” – Instant Cryptocurrency Rebates at Local Merchants

Free Keene - Sun, 2018-07-08 18:15 +0000

Anypay founder Steven Zeiler (left) talks with Darryl W Perry at the grand opening of Portsmouth’s Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in September

Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based cryptocurrency merchant payment processor Anypay has officially announced their exciting new DASH-Back program and Keene was chosen as one of the test markets! What is DASH-Back? Imagine instant rebates on every purchase you make at award-winning local merchants. No filling out forms, giving up your personal information, or waiting weeks for the rebate. It’s instant.

Now stop imagining, because this is real and it’s really happening in downtown Keene and the Monadnock region (and now all of New Hampshire).

A local group of cryptocurrency users has launched a new blog at whose first post explains how this works and where the extra DASH comes from.

I’ve tested DASH-Back in and around Keene and it’s working at what I would call ridiculous levels. It’s not hard to get 20% or more back on a purchase at merchants like Corner News, Local Burger, Hot Hogs BBQ, Little Zoe’s Pizza, Curry Indian Restaurant, Thirsty Owl, Lineage Vapors, and Route 101 Local Goods. (Plus in Alstead there’s Kirby’s Q and Hillsboro’s Taco Beyondo.) Even service providers like Wilder Automotive and Dr. Drower Dentistry are accepting DASH via Anypay’s system, which means DASH-Back is active at all those local businesses! Here’s a handy map of area businesses that accept DASH as well as area DASH Vending Machines.

Thanks to Anypay for the awesome incentive to spend cryptocurrency at local merchants across New Hampshire.

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NH Libertarian Senate Candidate’s Response to NEA Questionnaire on Education

Free Keene - Mon, 2018-07-02 21:28 +0000

National Education Association – New Hampshire

Hello, I’m Ian Freeman. As you may know by now, I filed last month to run as a Libertarian for NH Senate district 10 (the Keene area). As with my previous campaigns, I’m not accepting campaign contributions though I will certainly accept media requests and fill out candidate questionnaires sent by various interest groups from across NH and beyond.

Additionally, I’ll be posting those filled-out questionnaires online for everyone to see. Starting with the first one I’ve received and just mailed back today, to the National Education Association of New Hampshire (NEA-NH). Click for PDF.

I’ll also use these posts as an opportunity to state my position in much-easier-to-read text on the various issues raised by the interest groups. So, here’s a summary of what I said to them regarding education:

The problems with public education today aren’t the people running the system. They are good people who genuinely want to help educate the youth and are doing their best under the circumstances. The problem with the system is that it is “public”, meaning government-run and funded through coercive taxation.

Government schools, whether they be standard or charter are never going to rise to the level of quality they could reach if they were self-owning competitors in a free market in education. Instead, because of the one-system-fits-all structure of the government schools, everyone is brought down to the lowest common denominator and there are constant public fights between interest groups and political parties over how the money is to be spent. The NEA questionnaire brings up multiple issues that people are frequently warring over including pensions, charter schools, and vouchers. None of these things would be an issue in a free market in education. People could just choose to support the school models they like. No need for fighting with your neighbors.

The school people are good, but the system sucks.

I’ve proposed this before locally on a talk show and was told by the host (a former city councilor, Cynthia Georgina) that it would be great, but that it can’t happen.

Well, why not? Just because government schools have existed in our lifetimes and have been funded through taxes doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. Change your beliefs, and you’ll change reality.

How do we get from here – where education is provided by the slow, expensive monopoly on violence known as the State of New Hampshire – to the free market in education where a thousand ideas can bloom without any coercion?

In order to create as much of a win-win transition to the market as possible, I propose each government school be turned into a self-owning, market-based school with shares of ownership distributed to all current and retired school staff. This would set the schools free to determine their own future. They figure out funding, retirement, rules, curriculum, etc. If they fail, they can sell off their assets, like anyone else who fails in the market. If they succeed, they’ll do that by satisfying their customers. Anyone who doesn’t like their educational model would just choose to send their child elsewhere.

We can all just get along… without the coercive state turning us against our neighbors.

Ended would be all controversy over how to spend the “public” money, because there wouldn’t be any to fight over. Presumably the best way to implement this would be to set the schools free as self-owning entities as I described and give them some final deadline for when their last taxpayer funding would come in – give them a buffer and then take off the training wheels, so-to-speak. Then abolish the NH Department of Education and terminate all existing ties to the federal education bureaucracy and its bribe money.

But what about the poor? Don’t we need the government schools stealing money to help educate the least wealthy? The answer is never to threaten our neighbors, and that’s what taxes are. In New Hampshire, if you’re a homeowner and you decide you object to the system and don’t pay property tax, the government will steal your home from you – or what you thought was your home. The poor can be educated through charity. Charity is always more efficient than government. Whether it’s scholarships offered by the schools themselves or other local charitable groups or churches, the community can handle it. They’re already paying through the nose now – here in Keene schools are the majority chunk of the property tax bill. Charity in the free market will help the poor better than a coercive government program.

Stay tuned here to the Free Keene blog as I address more issues as the questionnaires come in over the next few months. For more about my near-zero budget campaign (spent a total of $0.50 so far to send this response to the NEA-NH) and the main issues I’m promoting, please visit my campaign page here at

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City of Dover Attempts to Adopt 433

Free Keene - Mon, 2018-07-02 20:47 +0000

There are reports that the city of Dover, NH have passed a law that threatens anyone under 21 who possesses tobacco products. There are approximately 433 people in Dover who are under 21 and not already victimized by regular laws that oppress adults under the age of 18. The ordinance takes effect on July 4th. 

I don’t think that there is any dispute that people who smoke are engaging in self-destructive, stupid behavior. Preventing people from engaging in self-destructive and stupid behavior is the purview of parenting, not of strangers with police cars and bearcats. And of course, the State takes the rejection of peaceful parenting to the extreme. Violently robbing people is not a particularly effective way to convince them to make beneficial behavioral changes; it just adds a violent robbery to an already bad situation. It is an ad hominem, but violently attacking people for engaging in unhealthy behaviors will just make them more likely to defend their unhealthy behaviors. When the State aggresses against people for doing something that they ought not do but has no victims, the conversation shifts from whether or not they should engage in that behavior to whether or not they should be violently attacked for engaging in that behavior. If the goal actually was to prevent smoking among young people, the State would not cause those who seek to do so to first confront a person who is upset about being victimized, or even just threatened, by the State. It wastes time and it confuses the issues. It shouldn’t; people should be more logical than that. But it does, and the State can not be unaware that it does.

All victimless crimes have the effect of shifting focus away from the merits of the criminalized behavior. Understandably so, because someone being robbed, kidnaped, battered, and possibly killed is a more pressing issue than smoking, excessive drug use, public nudity, promiscuity, etc. To the surprise of no one, State agent or otherwise, it is more difficult to convince someone who is a victim of State violence to change the behavior that was used as an excuse for their victimization. It appears to be a justification of the aggression, even though it isn’t. Criminalization also has the effect of obfuscating the negative effects of harmful behavior. Does an individual have problems in life because they engage in a harmful behavior or because State agents keep aggressing against them? Both, but it is difficult to assign particular ill effects to each cause, and even more difficult to present a convincing case while the State is still there aggressing against them. Criminalization perpetuates harmful behaviors and partially isolates them from critique.

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Though Physically Caged, Ademo Freeman Remains Mentally Free

Free Keene - Tue, 2018-06-26 22:25 +0000

As many readers of are aware, Ademo Freeman’s physical body is now caged. His crime? Well, there is none, as ‘crime’ implies a violation of the law. Ademo did not do that — he did not cause harm to another person. He is, however, guilty of violating legalese — the arbitrary, convoluted dictates penned by some busy bodies and enforced by an unthinking chain of their colleagues.

As Ian Freeman wrote here on over 16 months ago:

Cop Block founder and Free Keene blogger Ademo Freeman has been arrested while driving in Lebanon, Ohio by Ohio State Police. Despite Ademo not consenting to a search, trooper Jeffrey Martin claimed that because he allegedly smelled the odor of cannabis, that he had probable cause to search.

After that road pirate interaction, in which over 20 pounds of cannabis were discovered in the vehicle Ademo was driving, he was threatened with the prospect of spending decades caged. After weighing his options, on April 10th of this year, Ademo took a plea deal. The ‘distribution’ charge hanging over his head was tossed and he pled guilty to possessing cannabis. He’s due to be free(r) on November 27th of this year.

During Ademo’s less-than 10 minute legal land appearance in April even Robert S. Fischer — the person donning a black robe that some refer to as ‘your honor’ — agreed with Ademo’s statement that he didn’t deserve to be in a cage. Sadly, Fischer acted otherwise and directed his colleagues to transport Ademo to exactly such a place. Yet the fact that enforcers of this legalese are speaking against it so matter-of-factly speaks volumes. Due to decades of pushback this senseless war on drugs / war on people / war on an individuals’ right to alter their conscience seems to be reaching its terminus.*

In a 2014 interview with Wired Edward Snowden said that we can end mass surveillance today — not through politics, but through use of encryption. It’s why I use the email service Tutanota and the smarthphone app Signal and find value in the site Yet, sending some love to Ademo, who I’ve shared many adventures with since we first met almost a decade ago, was worthy of a plain text exception.

So a couple weeks back I sent Ademo a letter. Knowing full well that his captors may help themselves to the prose, I was sure to include some content that I hoped would resonate with them. Not by being accusatory or demeaning but, akin to the tact taken at, by plainly recognizing and unpacking the structure and incentives of the system to which they currently lend their allegiance. To hopefully, in some small way, act as a bellows to the flame of their conscience and motivate internal reflection.

Last week I got a response from Ademo. He too took the opportunity to present his captors with a perspective to consider — a quote attributed to Gandhi on the envelope:

Despite his physical confinement, Ademo sounds like he’s a good place. He has been reading, working out, and not too surprising due to his outgoing personality, befriending others. Indeed, he’s been using the opportunity to grow, to better himself both physically and mentally. Indeed, a better response could not have been received.

If you have the time and interest to exchange some thoughts with Ademo there are two ways to go about it:

  1. Via email. Visit, create a profile, fund your account, and locate Ademo via his ID: A743397. Note that his birth name is Adam Mueller.
  2. Via snail mail. Send your letter to:

Adam Mueller #743397
Noble Correctional Institution
15708 McConnelsville Road
Caldwell, OH 43724

Ademo may be moved to a halfway house in the future. When that happens this post will be updated with his new address. UPDATE: Ademo is slated to be moved to a halfway house on July 10, 2018. Please do not send him mail to the address above. When his new mailing address is known it will be updated here.

It has been heartening to hear others, including Ian Freeman and Joshua Scott Hotchkin, have already written to Ademo. Thanks in advance to those of you who make the effort!



*The harm caused by people obeying draconian prohibitionist policies has not just harmed millions within the political boundaries of the U.S. but has had negative unintended consequences elsewhere. Consider just two examples: the 17+ year occupation of folks wearing U.S. flag-laden outfits in Afghanistan who seek to control opium production and distribution and the fact that in less than 10 years over 100,000 in Mexico have lost their lives as lucrative supply routes are fought over. Ted Galen Carpenter’s Bad Neighbor Policy goes more in-depth on this topic concerning Central and South America. For a broader look at the far-reaching, meddling impact of these DC-based criminals see William Blum’s Killing Hope.

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NH Libertarian Camping Festival “Forkfest 2018”: Recap, Photos, Tentative Dates for 2019

Free Keene - Sat, 2018-06-23 18:32 +0000

Darryl W Perry interviews Porcfest head organizer Rodger Paxton in the LRN.FM Tent at Forkfest 2018

Forkfest 2018 was a success! From those I spoke with on the subject, we had way more attendees than last year (which was the first year of the new, decentralized libertarian camping festival). Numbers were noticeably heavier on the first day this year and we hit an estimated over 100 by Saturday. 150 more arrived Sunday for Jay Noone’s wedding and many stayed until the final day, Monday, which included parties thrown by Darryl W Perry and the now annual final night bash at Jim and Chris Babb’s campsite.

The attendees were much more geographically diverse with attendees from across the United States and even from as far away as Lithuania!

Of course, since Forkfest is decentralized and has no organizers or tickets, we really have only estimates of attendance based on observing the state of the campground. That said, it was clearly up maybe three times more than last year, and that’s if you don’t factor in the 150 wedding attendees.

The weather was excellent until the very last day when we were hit with a pounding storm during Free Talk Live‘s recording. Like last year, we broadcast from the event every day from one of the RV sites. Initially it was the opening night hangout for the hardcore campers who showed up for the always-least-populated first day of Thursday.

Rich Paul leads the traditional 4:20 celebration at Forkfest 2018.

Friday a group of us hit the US Border Patrol internal checkpoint on which I blogged and posted video from yesterday here.

On Saturday, we gathered at the LRN.FM broadcast tent for 4:20 with Rich Paul performing his invocation over the PA system. Much cannabis was smoked and a good time had by all.

Sunday was Jay and Shalon Noone’s beautiful wedding and reception, attended by a good portion of the entire park. You can see photos from the wedding as well as the LRN.FM tent broadcasts on my Google Photos album here.

Monday included the parties I mentioned above and many vendors arriving for the Porcupine Freedom Festival which is the long-running, centrally-organized, ticketed libertarian festival that begins at the end of Forkfest.

Speaking of vendors, with the exception of a couple of heroic breakfast vendors, food vending was largely a missed opportunity. Many Forkfest attendees had to acquire their own food throughout a good portion of the festival. Luckily, the restaurant at the just-down-the-street Cabot Inn, “The Olde Bostonian Tavern & Grill” had recently started taking cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) and DASH! Some of us ate there on multiple evenings!

Shalon and Jay Noone, shortly after getting married – the first ever at Forkfest.

Word has definitely gotten around about Forkfest and many attendees were only planning on staying for Forkfest rather than staying all the way through the Porcupine Freedom Festival (Porcfest). Attendees I spoke with seemed to appreciate the fact that no one was in charge, the decentralization, and the freedom found at Forkfest as a result. (Porcfest, as an organized, board-directed festival, has acquired a number of undesirable rules and vendor fees that has turned many away over the years.)

As with last year, this year’s festival had different names, depending on whom you asked. Whether Forkfest, Somaliafest, or Banned Camp, it’s intended to be the five days prior to the start of the Porcupine Freedom Festival. Forkfest is five full days of no rules (beyond what Rogers Campground already has, and they are pretty hands-off) and just good liberty-oriented company at a beautiful site located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Each attendee decides what to do, bring, or create for others.

Pencil in Forkfest on your calendar for 2019 from June 13th until the 18th. Those are tentative dates, based on what Porcfest organizer Rodger Paxton said about Porcfest 2019’s likely dates of 6/18-23. For the latest info and to plan for next year with other attendees, please join the unofficial Forkfest forum and Telegram chat, which you can find via the unofficial website at You can also RSVP via the Forkfest 2019 entry on Given we only promoted this year’s event for three months prior and we’ll be promoting 2019 for a full year, it should be even bigger next year! See you in 2019!

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Border Patrol Internal Checkpoint VS Camera-Toting Forkfest 2018 Attendees

Free Keene - Fri, 2018-06-22 21:02 +0000

Border Patrol Agent Salutes Camera at NH Internal Oppressive Checkpoint

On Friday, several Forkfest 2018 attendees drove an hour South of Roger’s Campground to I-93 around Woodstock, NH – the site of the repeating temporary internal Border Patrol immigration checkpoints. Based on activist reports, the checkpoint appeared to have been operating that day from noon until 7pm. As is typical of these checkpoints, they were stopping every car to ask occupants if they are “US Citizens“. They also had a dog they were walking up and down the line of waiting cars.

As it turns out, a car full of people with video cameras wasn’t welcome in their secondary screening area. After one agent orders me to pull into their secondary screening for refusing to answer questions, his commanding officer intervenes before I can even cross over a single lane of traffic, and even apologizes for not wasting more of our time with their invasive screening! In hindsight, I should have told him to apologize to all the cars without camera-toting occupants for wasting everyone’s time with their oppressive police state checkpoint. Here’s the ridiculous video:

No one in the car was planning to answer the agents’ questions, given one has a right to remain silent (that the US Supreme Court has now required be invoked in police encounters). Obedience to tyrants only encourages them. Besides, as someone who believes in liberty, I don’t believe in government borders. Peaceful people should be allowed to enter a free country. Of course, we all know by now the United States is not a free country, and in fact has been dropping on the various international freedom rankings.

Also this weekend, NH Libertarian Party candidate for US Congress NH-2, Justin O’Donnell also traversed the checkpoint while live streaming to facebook. His friend in the passenger seat obediently answered the agent’s inquiry while O’Donnell debated with the agents, ultimately admitting to having been born in Boston, MA. Prior to this, the agent threatened to detain O’Donnell until he answered the question.

FK Bloggers Ian and Darryl at the 2018 NH ACLU Bill of Rights Dinner

The New Hampshire ACLU is requesting anyone else with video of the checkpoint to send it to them. Here’s part of their statement:

Based on videos of the checkpoint recorded by motorists, the way CBP is conducting these checkpoints is deeply disturbing, coercive, and unconstitutional. The CBP told motorists that they were “required” to answer their questions. This is inaccurate. All individuals going through these checkpoints have the right to say absolutely nothing. CBP officials also told individuals that, if they did not answer questions, they would be indefinitely detained until they agreed to answer. This too is not only a legally inaccurate statement, but it flies in the face of the Fourth Amendment and the cases interpreting it. The refusal to answer questions does not create reasonable suspicion or probable cause to prolong a stop at these checkpoints. If a person refuses to comply and CBP cannot promptly determine the person’s immigration status, CBP must immediately release that person. CBP should cease its practice immediately of lying about the law and what is required in order to coerce compliance.

The New Hampshire ACLU does excellent work for freedom and I’m glad to have attended their recent Bill of Rights awards dinner for the sixth year in a row this year. Stay tuned to the Free Keene blog for the latest on this continuing violation of everyone’s right to travel unmolested.

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NH Libertarian Camping Event “Forkfest” Launches Into Second Year, Runs Through Monday!

Free Keene - Fri, 2018-06-15 05:43 +0000

Liberty-oriented campers hanging out by the LRN.FM broadcast tent, Day One of Forkfest 2018

Forkfest 2018, the decentralized liberty camping event has started small but strong, kicking off yesterday at Roger’s Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of Lancaster, New Hampshire.

Like the first event last year, this year started slow on Thursday while many are still at work. By my estimates, more are here already this year than were here last year by this time. Not only that, the geographic variety of attendees is more pronounced. This year already has visitors from Lithuania and the United Kingdom as well as a couple from Virginia. Plus many others have indicated they intend to be here no later than Saturday.

What’s happening at Forkfest 2018? Good question! Parties, athletic events, a wedding, a letter-writing event for Ross Ulbricht, a Mesh Networking session, and others have been announced by various attendees. Of course, plenty of socializing and just hanging out by a campfire. There are already a couple of competing calendars that have popped up for attendees to use to promote whatever events they’re involved with. You can find those calendars via the unofficial Forkfest Forum.

Tavern Owner Laura Hardiman Poses with the Anypay App and Cryptocurrency-Loving Forkfest Attendees

If you’re in the area, come on up to Lancaster and join us. There are no tickets to Forkfest (and no organizers or board of directors)! Your only expenses to enjoy your time with other libertarians, voluntarists, and liberty-loving anarchists are your camping costs from Rogers Campground.

Or, stay in the hotel down the street, where the new hotel restaurant, ‘The Olde Bostonian Tavern & Grill” has started taking cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and DASH! A group of about ten of us went out to eat and several of us paid with crypto, mostly using DASH. The owner was super-excited to receive her first cryptocurrency transactions!

Forkfest continues through Monday the 18th and is expected to grow throughout the weekend. Of course, it’s not going to be the size of the fifteen year event that it was spawned from, the Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka Porcfest), which begins on Tuesday the 19th at noon and runs through Sunday the 25th

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Dash Force News’ Podcast Interviews Me About DASH Acceptance in New Hampshire

Free Keene - Sat, 2018-06-09 13:57 +0000

Dash Force News Logo

Yesterday while attending the TALKERS 2018 conference in Manhattan, I stepped away for an hour to be a guest on the DASH Force News’ “Three Amigos Podcast” to discuss the amazing success we’ve had getting business owners to accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH at retail point-of-sale here in New Hampshire.

In addition, we also discussed Forkfest, the active NH Freedom Migration, and the advertising proposal I made this week to get DASH to renew their sponsorship of Free Talk Live, my national talk radio show. Plus, I announced the public beta of a very cool website where you can create printable DASH tips you can leave with servers at restaurants or give to whoever you want to introduce to cryptocurrency! It’s called and it’s exclusive to DASH at this time. If you love DASH, you should give it a try and feel free to let me know what you think!

Thanks so much to the DASH Force News crew for the opportunity. Here’s the full interview:

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I’m the First Candidate to File for NH Senate District 10!

Free Keene - Fri, 2018-06-08 00:10 +0000

Ian Freeman @ Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Party

Yesterday morning I took a trip to the NH Secretary of State’s office in Concord and was the first candidate from any party to file for the NH Senate District 10 race. It was also my first time in the dozens years I’ve lived here that I’ve been able to actually file as a Libertarian! In 2014 and 2016 I ran as a democrat in the gubernatorial primaries, since at that time it was insanely difficult for the Libertarians to qualify for ballot access. Thankfully, all that changed after the 2016 election, when (probably thanks to the awful Trump and Hillary choices at national) the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire regained full ballot access status on par with the two big parties, for the first time in two decades!

As a result of this change, hopefully you’ll be seeing more Libertarian candidates on the ballot this year than ever. My campaign platform is the same as it was when I ran for governor:

  • End All Prohibition of Victimless “Crimes”
  • Secede from the United States
  • Make Taxes Voluntary

As before, I will not be accepting campaign contributions. This is a decentralized campaign. If you want to support it somehow, that’s up to you. I appreciate your support, in whatever way you choose to express it.

My goal with the campaign, as always, is to give voters the option to choose freedom and communicate the ideas of liberty in any media appearance, debate, or wherever I’m given the opportunity to do so. As a principled voluntarist, I advocate for the Non-Aggression Principle, which means that I believe that aggressive force should not be used against peaceful people. I’ll be explaining that during the campaign and what it means when applied to government, which is an agency with a monopoly on aggressive force.

I’ll be posting campaign updates via my Steemit blog and Twitter account, as well as here at Free Keene. Alternately, you can check the Campaign News section of my info page at the NH Liberty Party site, which I’ll keep updated throughout. You can also find my contact information there.

The campaign is a joint campaign with the Libertarian Party of NH, of which I am a life member, and the NH Liberty Party, of which I am a co-founder. District 10 includes the city of Keene and the towns of Alstead, Chesterfield, Gilsum, Harrisville, Hinsdale, Marlborough, Nelson, Roxbury, Sullivan, Surry, Swanzey, Walpole, Westmoreland, and Winchester. Please remember to vote FREEMAN for NH Senate District 10 in the primary on September 11th and the general election on November 6th!

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6 Hours to Start Giving - NH Gives Day June 6-7, 2018 - Please Make a Donation


Giving is Open Now The Smallest Gift Helps and every Dollar is Appreciated

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Rep. Sytek kills our bill to make Corrections go through the administrative rulemaking process

Rep. John Sytek helped to scuttle SB 373 this month, our bill to force the Department of Corrections to get its policies approved by lawmakers as formal administrative rules.

read more

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Help Us Make History | NH Gives Day, June 6, 2018

#NHGIVES Have you dreamed of making history? Of course, we all have. And now we have a chance to be a part of New Hampshire's day of giving - an opportunity to unite our community around causes in which we truly believe and help nonprofit organizations connect to the larger community.

We need your help! Please join our campaign and help us reach of our goal of $2,500 and 100 donors!  That is just $25.00 per person.  We need you to tell your friends and family members about the important work we do and ask them to join us in helping to make a difference.  With your help we can even surpass our goal.                                                                                                     CLICK THE PHOTO

Get ready to give! On June 6, starting at 12:00AM midnight, visit and make a donation to us. You will have 24 hours to make your donation, and all giving will end at 11:59pm on June 6, 2018.

read more

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State vs Federal Citizenship and Changing Parties to Libertarian

Free Keene - Mon, 2018-05-28 21:48 +0000

Great news! As of 2016’s election, the Libertarian Party of NH regained ballot status equal to the Rs and Ds for the first time in two decades! I’d previously been registered as a Democrat for the purposes of running for office but this year I made the switch to Libertarian, since it was the first time I’ve been able to do that since moving here in 2006.

That’s the short version of the story. There’s more, however. In addition to re-registering to vote as a Libertarian, I also modified the voter registration form to reflect my “state citizen” status and put the Keene City Clerk and Secretary of State of NH offices on notice of that.

What is a “state citizen”, you ask? Good question. Here’s my understanding, which the clerk and S.O.S. didn’t contradict. I present to you the notice I sent to the clerk and S.O.S. and the video of my visit to the clerk’s office to change my voter registration and notice them of my state citizen status, under duress. Below the video, I’ll discuss in more detail.

First, beware that there are a lot of “paytriots” out there who will sell you information purported to get you out of the state system if you just file the right papers in the right order in the right places. It’s all a bunch of crap, from what I can tell. If you try their methods and they don’t work, they’ll just claim you did something wrong. You didn’t study enough, didn’t buy the advanced course, etc.

Last year, I attended an online class called “Destination Freedom” by Christopher Gronski from Lee, NH. It was recommended by a good friend of mine, Jay Noone, a man who once put his own home on the line to test his own theories.

Christopher Gronski’s Presentation to the NH Liberty Forum in 2017.

To his credit, Gronski addresses the “paytriot” scammers and acknowledges that no amount of paperwork is going to stop the government from hurting you, if that’s what they want to do. Gronski does charge for his course and any consulting work, however he does give away some of his key information for free. Here’s a video of his presentation to the NH Liberty Forum in 2017.

Gronski’s research shows that the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledges three distinct definitions for the term “United States”. According to Hooven & Allison Co. v. Evatt. 324 U.S. 652 (1945), “the term “United States” may be used in any one of several senses. It may be merely the name of a sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations. It may designate the territory over which the sovereignty of the United States extends, or it may be the collective name of the states which are united by and under the Constitution.

Whenever you see “US Citizen” in government documents, you think you know what it means, but if it’s not defined, you’re jumping to a conclusion. US Citizen can mean you’re a federal citizen – one who owes the federal government a duty of allegiance in return for an obligation of protection. (A quick google search reveals the federal government’s Supreme Court has ruled again and again that they have no obligation to protect you, so we know federal citizenship is a lie and a scam.) However, under the third definition of “United States”, US Citizen can simply mean a citizen of one of the states – independent nations which joined together as the “United States”.

Keene District Court Judge Edward J Burke threatened me with violence if I didn’t get their driver’s license, becoming a state citizen.

Indeed, Gronski’s research reveals that, according to U.S. Supreme Court case United States v. Cruikshank. 92 U.S. 542 (1875), “There is in our political system a government of each of the several States, and a Government of the United States. Each is distinct from the others, and has citizens of its own who owe it allegiance, and whose rights, within its jurisdiction, it must protect. The same person may be at the same time a citizen of the United States and a citizen of a State, but his rights of citizenship under one of those governments will be different from those he has under the other.

Given citizenship is an agreement trading allegiance for protection, and considering that it’s already clear the federal citizen status is a scam, I don’t consent to being a federal citizen. However, this doesn’t mean I’m not a “US Citizen”. By their own definitions, if I’m a New Hampshire state citizen, then I’m also a US Citizen, just not a federal citizen.

But, why would I want to even be a New Hampshire citizen? I don’t. I don’t even believe in the idea of “the state”. The idea of the state is one that allows people to justify violence against their peaceful neighbors, and as a voluntaryist and a peace minister, I oppose the idea of the state entirely. Despite the fact that their own state constitution specifies in article one of its Bill of Rights that a government of right is by the consent of the goverened, the state government believers, specifically Keene’s judge Edward Burke, have threatened me to the point where I have accepted the state citizen status under duress.

Welcome to New Hampshire!

I explained all this in my notice to the city clerk, which she refused to accept in written form in person, so I read it out loud while re-registering to vote as a Libertarian, had my notice notarized, and then mailed a copy of that to them and the NH S.O.S. when I got home. So, it’s pretty clearly on-the-record. I invited them to rebut any of my legal conclusions and research within 30 days, and have never heard from them or the NH Secretary of State.

So, I’m working within the system for now, under duress as a New Hampshire state citizen, which means I’m also a “US Citizen” (but not a federal citizen), until New Hampshire secedes, which will be one of my next campaign platforms when I file to run for office next month.

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Local Business Owner Challenges Parking Tickets & Wins Thanks to New Keene Judge

Free Keene - Fri, 2018-05-25 18:44 +0000

New Keene District Court Judge Erin B McIntyre Smacks Down Prosecutor

Keene, NH business owner Christopher Waid received a parking ticket when he was downtown in late 2017 and immediately went to the parking department in the city building to demand his right to a trial. While inside the building, he received a second ticket on his car! He also immediately filed for his trial on that one. The double ticket trial was slated for early April and would involve two of the three Keene parking enforcers, meaning they couldn’t be on the streets victimizing other peaceful motorists if they are sitting in a courtroom! Even if Chris had lost the trials, just keeping the enforcers off the streets for a couple hours is a win on its own.

Chris entered the Keene District Court to face down the charges on April 9th and emerged victorious, with both tickets dismissed by new Keene judge Erin B McIntyre. (Longtime district court judge Edward J Burke is recently semi-retired and is only doing fill-in work.) Chris brilliantly challenged both parking tickets on technicalities. The first ticket was thrown out by McIntyre because the location of the alleged offense was not correct and the second ticket was tossed because parking enforcer Linda Desruisseaux lazily cited the wrong section of city code. Many judges would have simply allowed the prosecutor to amend the tickets upon request but McIntyre wasn’t letting the prosecutor have any slack! The exasperated Keene police prosecutor, Eleanor Moran, upon the second dismissal vowed she’d be filing a motion to reconsider, however she never did, according to court records. Here’s the full trial video:

There are a couple of important lessons here.

Parking Enforcer Linda Desruisseaux Fails in Court Again

First, if you can afford the time, always take tickets to trial. It clogs the courts and forces them to actually have to work to get their conviction. Usually, they will win, but you are guaranteed to lose if you just pay the fines and don’t go to trial. Plus, bureaucrats are lazy and frequently cut corners and screw things up. You’ll never know if you don’t look at the supposed evidence against you. In Chris’ case, they botched up BOTH tickets and the judge agreed with him! If he’d just paid the fines like most people do, that would only encourage their behavior. Thankfully in New Hampshire, we don’t have court costs like many states, so there’s no financial penalty for taking a ticket to trial beyond the time it takes you to do it. The more people do this, the more charges will just be dropped before trial, since prosecutors only have so much time in the day and they’ll have to start prioritizing actual crimes with victims over fundraising like parking and speeding tickets.

Kudos to Chris and everyone else who challenges tickets for victimless crimes. The state gets away with continual victimization because people won’t stand up. Examples like Chris’ are encouraging to those of us who care about freedom as much as they must be discouraging to people like the parking enforcers, who also lost their years-long anti-free speech court battle against Keene’s “Robin Hooders”.

Manchester Police’s Robert Harrington Threatens, Arrests Think Penguin’s Chris Waid

Chris is the owner of, a linux-and-privacy-focused computer hardware business and is also a part of the New Hampshire Freedom Migration. He’s a Keene homeowner and an activist who sets an example for others – despite having a lot to lose. He has put himself in harm’s way to defend the right to record police, for instance when he was arrested for crossing the street while doing just that at a DUI checkpoint in Manchester last year.

When I asked him for his thoughts on the trial, he told me, “No matter how hard the city tries they just can’t seem to catch a break with these parking meters- from the robin hooders of yesterday to anger over the new electronic meters- the people of Keene have repeatedly said no to the parking meters. It’s time that the city actually listened to the people of Keene and put an end to the parking meters in Keene”

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Forkfest Update: New Restaurant in Lancaster Announces Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Free Keene - Wed, 2018-05-23 21:30 +0000

Five-Hour Rave at Forkfest 2017

The fifteen-year libertarian camping event in New Hampshire, Porcupine Freedom Festival aka Porcfest has long been renown as a cryptocurrency hotspot. It’s the place where Bitcoin’s early successful investors like Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees,and Charlie Shrem have all come to hang out with the New Hampshire libertarian activists and hundreds of visitors, all considering a move to the Shire for more freedom. One year, Roger Ver (aka “Bitcoin Jesus”) famously gave away dozens of Casascius “physical bitcoins”, which became a collectors item and are now worth significantly more than a bitcoin!

Porcfest, like all growing groups of people eventually had a schism, or “fork” as its called in the cryptocurrency world. Out of that, Forkfest was born in 2017 (under different names). While both are libertarian camping festivals held at Roger’s Campground, Forkfest is a decentralized event, meaning that each attendee decides what to do or create for others to do while at the festival. There are no organizers and no board of directors. Given the name of the event and those planning to attend, it will likely be a very cryptocurrency friendly event as Porcfest is. Last year for instance, crypto point-of-sale provider Anypay‘s founders came and helped throw a rave.

The Olde Bostonian Tavern and Grill

This year, I’m excited to announce that cryptocurrency acceptance has now migrated off the campground and will now be year-round in Lancaster, NH thanks to the new restaurant just down the street from the campground: The Olde Bostonian Tavern and Grill located in the Cabot Inn. The restaurant was created by Rogers Campground’s longtime manager, Laura Hardiman. She was instantly interested in taking cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH due to her exposure to the various libertarian campers she’s met over the years. As of this week, she’s up and running and accepting multiple cryptos including BTC, BCH, ZCH, and DASH with the slick, easy-to-use, NH-based Anypay POS. If you’re planning to attend Forkfest and/or Porcfest, make sure you plan a dinner at The Old Bostonian at 200 Portland St and bring your cryptocurrency wallet. I recommend you pay with DASH and then watch your wallet to see what happens after the payment is sent.

Forkfest 2018 will be held this year from June 14th through 18th and Porcfest is immediately afterwards from the 19th through the 24th. That’s eleven days to give you a taste of what it’s like living around more liberty people than you could possibly know. You already know about the exciting NH Freedom Migration that’s been happening here – this is your chance to really experience it.

Unofficial Forkfest Logo

In other Forkfest news, more self-organizing is happening with two competing calendars springing up. One on Google Calendar, the other on There are discussion threads on the unofficial Forkfest forum about the calendars as well as food vendors announcing they plan to attend! Plus, according to one post on the forum, the lon

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