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Muslims Fundraising to Open Full Time Mosque in Keene

Free Keene - Thu, 2017-08-17 16:58 +0000

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Shirefest 2017

“America’s Favorite Redneck Muslim”, Will Coley has made a major announcement! The host of Muslim radio show, “Call to Freedom“, and his family are moving from their longtime home of Tennessee to beautiful Keene, New Hampshire and they’ll be opening a full-time mosque in property donated by the Shire Free Church! Fundraising has begun over at Muslim fundraising site Launchgood with an $11,000 target, the Coleys have already raised over $2,000 with just over two weeks to go.

He’s calling it the Masjid al Latiff and Interfaith Community Center, (aka the MALIC Center) and on his fundraiser page says it will be the first house of worship of its kind in all of New Hampshire! Though it looks like Concord’s Muslim community is also making similar plans, Keene’s seems on target to open its doors sooner than Concord. As one of the founding ministers of the Shire Free Church, I’m elated to be able to dedicate our property to this historic and worthy religious purpose. If it were just a full-time mosque, that would dovetail perfectly with our interfaith church’s mission to foster peace, but Will has promised that the space will also be usable at times by other area religions of peace, such as the Quakers.

In addition to the goal of creating a Muslim community in Southwestern New Hampshire, Will is also planning to conduct outreach to the community and helping dispel the pervasive myths that many Americans mistakenly hold about Islam. When I was in jail for civil disobedience I took the time to read the entire Quran and studied with a Muslim who was in my cell block. I’ve been grateful for Will’s many appearances on my talk radio program, Free Talk Live. We’ve had him on for multiple segments of “Ask a Muslim”, where he fields all kinds of questions from listeners who know little about Islam. I’m excited to have him on more often live in-studio.

Will Coley Conducting his Ramadan Dawah at Porcfest

Many who have attended the Porcupine Freedom Festival will recognize Will as the generous man who each year has come up from Tennessee to serve food to the festival-goers during Ramadan as his “dawah” (Muslim outreach). In addition to his generosity, he’s a talented speaker and is currently completing his Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic studies training in the Maliki school.

It’s truly an honor to assist in this new addition to the Keene community that will hopefully attract more Muslims to the area and bring a new level of understanding about Islam to the community at large.

Do you have a few dollars you can spare to help Will and his family make their move to the Shire? Please contribute to the Launchgood fundraiser here (you don’t need to be Muslim to contribute). Here’s Will’s vision for the MALIC Center:

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The Curious Case of Christopher Cantwell

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-08-16 18:59 +0000

Only advocates of peace are allowed to blog at

This week the Keene Sentinel published a front-page article about Christopher Cantwell, a racist, white-supremacist podcaster who lives in Keene. Unfortunately the Sentinel’s original version of the article, which appears in the print edition, erroneously claims that Chris Cantwell was a Free Keene blogger. Thankfully, the Sentinel quickly corrected that error in their online edition, as Chris has never been a blogger here at Free Keene. Free Keene’s motto is “Peaceful Evolution”. Chris’ message over the years has never been one of peace, so he never has been invited to blog here. People advocating violence and hate are not welcome to blog on this site.

If you search for his name on this site, you’ll find a bunch of articles about him. That’s because until the last year or two of his life, he’d been a libertarian activist with no known racist streak. Free Keene reports on libertarian activism statewide, so we’ve covered some of the things he’s done over time.

When Chris first moved to Keene several years ago, he was just an angry libertarian comedian who had a major hatred for the police. His then-beliefs about using violence against the state’s agents were immediately controversial among the various libertarians who’d moved here as part of the Free State Project. Those beliefs aren’t atypical of some libertarians, especially those who’ve been directly affected by the police state, as Chris had back in New York, where he was born and raised. However, they were voiced by him loudly enough to get him kicked out of the Free State Project and ostracized by a bunch of people.

Chris in Simpler Times, Acting as Security for the Hallowkeene Dance Party in 2014.

As I predicted, once Chris was able to connect with the Keene police, he started to see them as human beings, just as I had a decade ago after moving here with a similar axe to grind against police. Unfortunately, Chris’ anger shifted away from the police and onto people who look different from him.

A couple of years ago, he began down this road to his current skinhead-racist form and once that happened, we had to dump him as a co-host of my radio show, Free Talk Live. As libertarians, we believe in the individual and don’t see people as groups based on color, gender, or religion. Chris now only sees the group rather than the individual. He’s one of the few people who has turned away from the libertarian message after having embraced it.

As long as I’ve known him, he’s always fed off the hate directed towards him. He’s even said that the more people hate him, the more money he makes. Now he’s more hated than he’s ever been after this weekend’s huge publicity explosion for him after his involvement in the protests and fights down in Charlottesville. Here’s a 20 minute VICE documentary that has gone viral featuring his horrible, racist views.

Is this racist turn just a money-making scheme for him? Others believe Chris is actually an undercover agent or confidential informant for the federal government. While I don’t personally believe that about him, having known him pretty well for several years, I understand why they believe that. He fits the bill for an agent provocateur. The advocates of this theory say that Chris came into the libertarian movement advocating for violence against police, but when that didn’t work, he got reassigned to advocate for violence in the white supremacy movement. It wouldn’t be the first time the federal government had a radio host working for them inside the white supremacists.

Regardless of whatever the truth is about Chris and his motivations, his racist views are despicable and I think I can speak for all the bloggers here (if not, they can reply with their own blog) when I say we don’t support racism or hating people because of their religion or gender. Individuals should be judged on their actions and words, not the circumstances of their birth.

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NH Hempfest Documentary Released Free Online!

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-08-09 19:30 +0000

Last year I had the pleasure of attending and broadcasting my talk radio show, Free Talk Live, from the third annual NH Hempfest! This year it’s back, rebranded to the “NH Cannabis Freedom Festival“, again at the beautiful Roger’s Campground from August 25th-27th. Like last year’s event, this year promises to be packed full of wall-to-wall live musical performances by some great bands. (And this year they are accepting bitcoin – get your tickets here!) If you were wondering what this excellent festival was like last year, Free Keene blogger and radio host Robert Mathias was there and spent the last year of his life putting together a feature-length documentary about it!

Set to the music of the live bands that were recorded professionally throughout the weekend and filled with gorgeous aerial shots of the vistas at Rogers Campground, the new NH Hempfest Documentary features plenty of footage giving you a taste of what it was like to be there in person. Mathias’ lovingly crafted, somewhat trippy feature film shows the beginnings of the festival from the setup day, through the weekend, including three full music videos recorded live from performers “Pigeons Playing Ping Pong”, “Zach Deputy”, and “Twiddle”. The documentary also keeps viewers up-to-date on the latest developments regarding cannabis decriminalization in New Hampshire, and does an excellent job portraying a solid anti-state, pro-liberty message to the cannabis crowd, a demographic ripe for the ideas of freedom. Kudos to Spirit Love Productions‘ Robert & Ann Mathias and Justin Campagnone for the stellar job putting this together.

Watch it in full, free on Facebook or YouTube here:

The NH Hempfest Documentary is the third feature-length documentary produced by people who’ve moved to New Hampshire as part of the NH Freedom Migration. Prior to this was 2014’s “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire” and 2012’s “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree“. New Hampshire is the destination for freedom lovers from around the globe. Nowhere else has this solid level of media and activism coming out of it. Join us here, ASAP!

Hope to see you at this year’s NH Cannabis Freedom Festival, August 25th-27th at Rogers Campground in the stunning White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. Tickets and more info available here.

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Bitcoin Breaks Record High, Now Over $3,200 After Risky “Fork” into Competing “Bitcoin Cash”

Free Keene - Sat, 2017-08-05 22:18 +0000

Bitcoin has Forked into Two!

After squabbling for years over how to fix the growing pains of the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency, one of the sides in the ongoing Bitcoin Geek War has finally made a bold move. This week, on August 1st, a small number of the “big blockers” performed a “hard fork” and broke away from the main Bitcoin blockchain, creating a new currency, “Bitcoin Cash“. This had the added benefit of giving everyone who already held Bitcoin an equal amount of the new Bitcoin Cash! Ever heard the phrase, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”? Bitcoin’s first fork into two has proven that statement wrong. Read on to learn more about this historic week in Bitcoin.

The blockchain is the distributed, decentralized ledger that contains every transaction that has ever occurred on the Bitcoin network. It’s approximately 150 GB in size. Since the hard fork, there are now two “Bitcoin” blockchains competing for market dominance. Both of them have the exact same transactions from the beginning of Bitcoin nearly a decade ago, running until August 1st, 2017, when at just after 2pm Eastern time the first “Bitcoin Cash” block was mined into existence, at greater than 1 MB – in fact, its size was about 4 MB.

Since the original Bitcoin blockchain has a 1 MB limit per block, it was at this point that the one blockchain became two. The supermajority of miners are still mining the original Bitcoin chain, let’s call it “Bitcoin Core” or BTC. However, a small portion of miners have joined the mining of the new “Bitcoin Cash” or BCH. If you thought Bitcoin Core’s growing pains were challenging, take a look at how Bitcoin Cash had to start:

Bitcoin mining doesn’t actually look like this.

In Bitcoin, there’s a thing called mining difficulty that is basically designed to increase as more people enter mining and compete to discover scarce Bitcoins. However, should people leave the mining game, the difficulty will decrease. In BCH’s case, when they started their fork, their network was at the same difficulty level as BTC, but with a fraction of the total mining power. That’s why it took six hours for the BCH miners to find their first block! Normally Bitcoin blocks are expected to be found every ten minutes. So, this means BCH transactions were, in the beginning, taking hours to confirm! They are as of this writing, still taking longer than BTC transactions.

Worse still, no one who wanted to sell their newfound BCH was easily able to do so for at least the first couple days of its existence. Due to concerns about certain technical attacks that are possible in the time after a fork, cryptocurrency exchanges were extra cautious before allowing BCH deposits to trading accounts. However, while they weren’t allowing people to deposit BCH, they WERE allowing them to trade it. Huh? How can one trade something on an exchange to which one can’t deposit? Remember, after the fork, the people with BTC in their exchange accounts were given a balance of the same amount of BCH. (Except at the Bitfinex exchange, who screwed over their customers.) So, since trading was happening but no one could deposit, the price of the new BCH trended upward, even reaching as high as $800-$1,000 on some exchanges.

Bitcoin Core (BTC)’s price over the last week, according to Bitcoin Average.

Of course by Thursday and Friday, some exchanges began accepting deposits and the people who wanted to get rid of their BCH flooded the market and the price dropped precipitously, scraping new lows. Terrible news for BCH holders, right? Hang on a moment. Pull away from the moment-to-moment price fluctuations and look at what just happened:

  • On August 1st at noon Eastern time, BTC was worth just over $2,700 USD per BTC. There were roughly 16.4 million BTC in the market at that time, meaning the total value or “market cap” of Bitcoin Core at that time was 44.2 billion US Dollars.
  • About an hour later, because of the “hard fork”, “Bitcoin Cash” (BCH) was created. There were instantly 16.4 million BCH created that out-the-gate had a market value of approximately $300 per BCH, or about 11% of the value of a BTC. Nearly $5 billion additional worth of cryptocurrency was literally created from thin air.

Amazingly, the price of BTC did not respond to this new competitor by losing $300 worth of value as some had expected it to. Instead, BTC’s price held steady for a couple of days and last night shot up to a new record high of over $3,000 USD! Though the price of BCH has fallen to the $200-$250 range in the last couple days, the fact is, there are billions of dollars of extra value now where none existed before. As I’m editing this article, the price of a BTC is over $3,200 and BCH is just above $200. Less than one week from the fork, and BTC’s market cap is up to $52.4 billion from it’s pre-fork cap of $44.2 billion. PLUS BCH’s market cap is around $2.9 billion. Combined, that’s a total of $55.3 billion dollars of value. Meaning, since the fork, $11.1 billion of value was created in under a week’s time! Put another way, rather than going down in price as some predicted (including me), the combined value of BTC and BCH went up 25% since Tuesday!

BTC price is past $3,200 as I’m posting this!

That means if you had one bitcoin before the fork, you’re literally now 25% wealthier. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but this week has been an unqualified success. All the people from the Bitcoin Core side who’ve been hating on Bitcoin Cash and its supporters like Roger Ver, should be saying they are sorry as they cash in their BCH on exchanges for BTC or some other cryptocurrency they prefer. They got that free money because of the very thing they hate! How ironic.

It’s important to point out how incredible this is when compared to the fiat government/bank money we’ve had up until Bitcoin. In a system where a central “authority” prints money and forces people to use it (that’s what “legal tender” laws do), inflating the money supply is an insidous tax. It takes wealth from those holding the fiat currency (in our case US Dollars) and transfers it to the political class, like the Military Industrial Complex. This is one of the key ways the state is able to make endless war. They can just print the money, meaning more dollars chasing the same amount of goods, which devalues the currency. If the government’s Federal Reserve doubled the money supply tomorrow, prices would rise dramatically, as we’re seeing happen in Venezuela.

Price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over the last week. (Note, prices prior to the afternoon of 8/1 were futures prices.)

Conversely, in Bitcoin’s case, there now being about as many BCH in circulation as there are BTC has INCREASED the value in the BTC holders’ hands. Bitcoin is not centrally controlled and as we’ve seen this week, when one group feels strongly enough about a direction they want the currency to go, and can’t get everyone to agree, they can break off their own. Though BTC and BCH are both Bitcoin, they are using different blockchains and so are different currencies. Creating 16.4 million BCH from BTC didn’t dilute the value of BTC at all!

That’s not to say these forks should happen frequently. This week has been a confusing, fascinating, learning experience. I’ve been deep into it all week and haven’t gotten much else done besides follow this historic, developing situation. The world’s first and most successful decentralized cryptocurrency has split over an ideological divide, much in the same way as political and religious movements have done.

Indeed, this all-too-human aspect of the schism is the worst part of it. Plenty of actors on both sides, the “big blockers” and the “segwit supporters” both have behaved quite poorly throughout this Geek War. One might think that now that each side has its preferred version of Bitcoin that they could go their separate ways and focus on building the currency of their preference. But no! The petty war continues on now with BTC fanatics purposefully relabeling “Bitcoin Cash” as “Bcash”, as it serves their narrative that Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. They consider it an “Altcoin”, lumping it in with the hundreds of competing cryptocurrencies that have arisen over the years. On the other side, the BCH fanatics are claiming that their Bitcoin Cash is the true bitcoin, as they say it is the one that stays true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision. (Nakamoto is a pseudonym for Bitcoin’s anonymous creator. No one knows who it is and “he” disappeared years ago from public view.)

It’s not-so-civil.

My view is the sides in this conflict are ridiculous. Both currencies are Bitcoin. Unlike the hundreds of Altcoins, Bitcoin Cash has the original Bitcoin blockchain until it forked August 1st. It’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core is also bitcoin and it’s also still the king of the hill of cryptocurrencies. While the soon-to-activate “Segregated Witness” technology may not be Satoshi’s vision, whether it improves or hurts bitcoin will be up to the market to decide. To add some extra confusion to this situation, besides the branding frustrations, both Bitcoins’ wallet IDs are the same, which is going to cause some inevitable confusion and heartache as people accidentally send BTC to BCH addresses and vice-versa, meaning countless amounts of each currency will be lost. This has already started happening, so if you’re getting into BTC or BCH, make sure you know which one is which and pay attention to which wallet you are using, and what kind of wallet you’re sending to. If you’re not sure, don’t do it! If you’re in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, drop into the Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network meetup group in real life, or the facebook group, and also the NH Bitcoin forum. We discuss stuff like this every eight days at our meetups, and online daily.

Regardless of its haters’ opinions, Bitcoin Cash appears to be here to stay. It’s been a rocky start, but that was to be expected. Now the market will decide based on competition, which is the most useful Bitcoin. I hope my week-in-review has been helpful. Of course, there’s a lot more that could have been said, like commenting on what’s happening with the mining of BCH or the very public reversal by top exchange Coinbase who last week told their customers to pull their BTC out before August 1st because Coinbase would not be supporting BCH. This caussed major withdrawal delays at Coinbase as untold numbers of customers tried to get their BTC out before the fork. Then, a day or so after the launch of BCH, Coinbase emailed their customers again to say they were going to implement it after all and credit all their BTC customers with BCH in their accounts. Though, it may take them the rest of the year to do it! It’s been a really interesting week in cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest on the growing, exciting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scene here in New Hampshire! If you like my post, please go ahead and vote it up on Steemit and follow me there. (Steemit is a cryptocurrency based social blogging site where you can actually get paid to post content if people like it. Accounts are free.)

P.S. If you have your Bitcoin in a non-custodial wallet as I recommended you do before the fork, here’s one of the easiest ways to get access to your BCH via the Coinomi wallet. Keep in mind though, it’s still very early and it may be best and more secure to just wait until more wallets implement BCH support.

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Bitcoin Feature Story Hits Front Page of Keene Sentinel!

Free Keene - Sat, 2017-07-29 22:16 +0000

Front Page, Above-the-Fold, Twice!

What’s that? You say Bitcoin has not been the front page feature story your local newspaper where you live? You must not live in Keene, New Hampshire – the capitol of real-life business acceptance of the world’s first cryptocurrency!

About one month ago, the Monadnock Shopper News featured Bitcoin and the regional businesses that accept it on their front page, above-the-fold! Not to be outdone, the Keene Sentinel’s business section had a massive article in today’s paper that was not only the front page feature but was also promoted above-the-fold in the headline of the front page of the century-plus old newspaper. You can read it online here at the Keene Sentinel’s site. (Here’s a PDF of the piece.)

Reporter Paul Cuno-Booth did a thorough job interviewing various owners of the local bitcoin-accepting businesses about their reasons for backing the amazing decentralized currency, including Monadnock Makerspace founder Johnny Bolster, area computer tech Michael Gordon, Bob Maibusch of Pine Springs Golf Course, Ken Urbanski of Kirby’s Q, and Steve Wilder of Wilder Automotive. Cuno-Booth also focuses on the Shire Free Church’s media outreach along with our local meetup group for Bitcoiners and other cryptocurrency users and newbies, the Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network.

Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network Meetup at Rick’s Ice Cream

As we have reported here at Free Keene, according to CoinMap, Keene is the number one city in the world for bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita. Obviously not all businesses have the same results, of course. Though the golf course has yet to have a customer with bitcoin, Wilder Auto reports approximately a dozen customers regularly using bitcoin. Bolster, who also is the creator of the Portal Map, reported that he was able to sell ads to some new customers on his yearly map of area businesses, because he is accepting bitcoin as payment! That’s money that otherwise would have been left on the table had Bolster decided against accepting the cryptocurrency.

Bolster’s story really exemplifies one of Bitcoin’s strongest aspects. Even though it’s an international currency, it has a strong local feel. Unlike other attempts at local currencies that are based on the US Dollar and therefore subject to the whims of politicians, Bitcoin cannot be manipulated by politicians and banks. It’s truly a money for the people. Plus, Bitcoin accomplishes what a local currency is supposed to do – it keeps more money in the community – unlike credit card providers, who take approximately 3% out of every transaction away from the Keene area and into major bank coffers. It’s really exciting to see downtown businesses doing business with each other in bitcoin, and not just accepting it from customers and converting it to cash (which they could do if they wanted).

Keene-area Bitcoiners Visit Little Zoe’s to Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day!

What you’re seeing here in Keene is what’s possible with only a dozen or so dedicated activists. Keene’s already the top in business bitcoin-acceptance and that’s now getting acknowledgement in mainstream media. Combine our success here in Keene with Derrick J’s new bitcoin-only store out in Portsmouth, this year’s major political win with the NH “Bitcoin protection bill“, and NH’s overall dominance in the Bitcoin universe, and its no wonder that libertarian and voluntarist cryptocurrency fans are moving here in large numbers. In case you needed more reasons to come, here are 101 of them.

In a time when governments are trying to crack down on cryptocurrency, we need a haven now more than ever. Please come join us in real life and make the move to the Shire as part of the ongoing NH Freedom Migration and get active with us. In addition to the local meetup group, we also have NH Bitcoin forums that you’re welcome to join and connect with other cryptocurrency users across the Shire.

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2017 Legislative Session Recap

Free Keene - Mon, 2017-07-24 17:10 +0000

Before the 2017 Legislative Session began, Liberty Lobby LLC CEO Darryl W Perry began identifying bills of interest. This was initially done based solely on the titles of the Legislative Service Requests (LSRs), which are made public shortly after being filed. The text of the LSRs are then made available once the wording is finalized and has a signature from the sponsor. Not every LSR gets a bill number; a Representative or Senator can ask to withdraw the LSR. This often happens if there are multiple LSRs on the same topic with the same objective, or if the sponsor learns there is little chance of passage.

Of the LSRs marked as “of interest” by Liberty Lobby LLC, 39 were withdrawn before the text became available. Another 3 were withdrawn after the bill text became available, but before being assigned to a committee. Once committee hearing began in January, bills could not be withdrawn. However, the sponsor of SB82 (relative to labeling for maple syrup) requested the bill be deemed “Inexpedient to Legislate,” and the public hearing lasted less than one minute.

Click here to read the full recap of the 2017 Legislative Session.

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Libertarian Activists Enforce Headlight Law

Free Keene - Sun, 2017-07-23 22:32 +0000

Manchester PD was one of 7 gangs to receive a share of $1,304,118 (pages 63 and 124) in grants to conduct “sobriety” checkpoints. One of the checkpoints was conducted this past Thursday, July 20th 10pm through July 21st 2:30am. The checkpoint was located on the westbound lane of Bridge St. Manchester PD records indicate that there were 3 stops on Bridge Street during those hours. There were no arrests, and no citations are listed. No DWI arrests occurred during those hours anywhere in Manchester, according to the gang’s website.

As always, a group of libertarians showed up to warn drivers of the presence of the gang members. Though it seems that the MPD gang did not remove any unsafe activity from the roadways, the libertarians warned several drivers, both those who drove through the checkpoint and those who did not, that their headlights were off. One car was pulled over in the right turning lane turning onto Elm St. This was promptly filmed by several libertarians and the driver seemed to me to be let go without any further violations of their rights beyond the initial kidnapping/death threat.

A “Utility Work Ahead” sign was on the sidewalk next to the right turn lane turning onto Bridge St (towards the checkpoint). There was no visible utility work in the area. The sign was facing away from any traffic that would have seen it. Due to the design of the sign, it was easy to walk behind to walk down the sidewalk with a sign to warn drivers. (These drivers would have seen the blank metal back of the utility work sign.) The only drivers who this sign would realistically been visible to would be a driver driving east on the westbound side of Bridge St.

If you want to be warned of checkpoints in the geographical area occupied by New Hampshire before they happen, you can follow Checkpoint Free New Hampshire on Twitter, Facebook, or send an SMS saying “follow @NoCheckpointsNH” to 40404 to get SMS alerts.

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“Dash Force News” Covers New Hampshire’s Bitcoin, DASH Outreach

Free Keene - Sat, 2017-07-22 19:00 +0000

Dash Force News Covers NH Cryptocurrency Activism

Originally, Keene, New Hampshire was the civil disobedience capitol of the libertarian movement. The new activist zeitgeist across New Hampshire and especially in the activism epicenter of Keene, is around cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH. Spreading cryptocurrency is a great method for helping keep wealth in the community and hopefully enrich it, presuming Bitcoin and the others continue to rise against fiat currency like the US Dollar. Bitcoin has been very good at this over the years.

While some old organizations like some big banks and the governments of the world may feel threatened (every activism has its haters, if it is effective), cryptocurrency is rising worldwide and there’s little the old money people can do about it.

Even better, the real strength in Bitcoin and most of its competitors is that of decentralization. The more people get into decentralized currency, the more power transfers from the government and bankers’ hands to the hands of the people, like you.

To that end, the Shire Free Church entered the Bitcoin vending world in 2014 with a mission of spreading bitcoin and therefore, fostering peace. I believe cryptocurrencies are one of the greatest tools for working towards peace, as every dollar that transfers to bitcoin is one fewer with which governments can go to war with the world, or against their own people.

Because of our efforts at spreading bitcoin in the area, Keene has become the city with the most bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita in the world. I recently had the pleasure of sitting in with Joël Valenzuela as his guest on the YouTube version of Dash Force News. We discussed the ongoing merchant recruitment, outreach, and bitcoin vending projects happening in New Hampshire, along with the recent rise in DASH acceptance and vending:

If you’re a libertarian who loves cryptocurrency. You really need to plan your move to New Hampshire and join the fun. We need your help making sure New Hampshire stays a haven for cryptocurrency users and businesses. To connect with others already here, check out the Shire Forum, which also as areas about cryptocurrency.

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Does “Valerian” Top “Fifth Element”?

Free Keene - Fri, 2017-07-21 20:30 +0000

Me Gusta


How did the new Luc Besson movie “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” compare to the now-two-decades-old film of his, “The Fifth Element“? Both were very funny and action-packed. It would be interesting to ask someone who saw the two movies but Valerian first. With that said, here are my impressions:

Valerian might as well have been played by Keanu Reeves, since the actor is basically channeling him. Actor Dane DeHann will inevitably be compared to Fifth Element’s much-older-than-the-female protagonist Bruce Willis. However, this time it is Valerian’s co-heroine Laureline who feels more like Willis’ “Corben Dallas”, doing both cracking-wise and kicking-ass. Actress Cara Delvingne apparently sang a song for the soundtrack, too, which is always fun. (That happened in a similarly trippy action fest from 2011, “Sucker Punch“, too.)

It has similar pacing, production design, fun dialog, and incredible visuals, just like Fifth Element. However, though the scale is much more grand – Valerian spans planets and thousands of creatures – the movie just doesn’t feel quite as important.

Both films have the process of a character coming to understand the horrors of war. In the Fifth Element, its “Leeloo” who in a heartbreaking scene, experiences it through a super-speed computer history lesson. In Valerian, it’s an entire group of tribal, peaceful characters who explain in a narrative flashback that they, after having their planet exterminated by an unrelated war from space, learned about the self-destructive human race who caused the genocide. It’s the same theme in both films, but Leeloo’s eye-opening scene just felt more important, perhaps because Fifth Element focused on just her individual evolution in that scene.

Leeloo is just more lovable than the tribe in Valerian.

It’s such a powerful paradigm shift for Leeloo that actress Milla Jovovich cries. In Valerian we’re told the same thing about the human race’s penchant for war and hate, but during a flashback about a group of characters, none of whom we really have any attachment to or character development for, so it’s just not as moving. One can still empathize for the tribe’s plight, but by the time the evolution in understanding happens to Leeloo, the viewer is already in love with her character.

In addition to being one of the main protagonists in the Fifth Element, Leeloo is also the title character and essentially the MacGuffin (the object around which the plot centers), all in one. However, as we learn in the film’s climax, the final element is more than just Leeloo – it’s love. Without it, they’d never have saved the world. In Valerian, the MacGuffin is a little creature that can reproduce and multiply whatever you stick in its butt. Besson’s message about love is present however, just in another way. In a movie with more than one self-important government agent character, Laureline is the character who puts love over the law at the climax of the film, in one of the film’s deeper moments.

For baddies, we’ve gone from Gary Oldman’s zany Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, or “Mr. Zorg”, a power-mad weapons manufacturer to Clive Owen’s power-wielding Commander Arun Filitt. I had to look up Owen’s character’s name on IMDB – in the movie, he’s just the “commander”. Maybe he’s named a few times on-screen, but I didn’t retain that info.

Yes, Zorg coolly walks away from an explosion while smoking. Valerian’s “commander” cowardly orders another man to press a button destroying an entire planet. No contest who is the badder-ass.

Owen was fine in the role for what it is, but the character can’t hold a candle to Zorg, where much of the entertainment besides Oldman’s over-the-top acting was watching him interact with his subordinates in the film. Here, Owen is just a typical corrupt military bad guy who instead of human subordinates, is surrounded by a crack team of badass-looking robots, which communicate solely via a colored light on their forehead.

These are really minor quibbles, though. Valerian is a lot of fun – maybe as fun as Fifth Element, but maybe not. Graphically, Valerian is as beautiful today as the Fifth Element was in 1997. Some practical effects purists will complain about the large quantity of CGI, but I suspect that the reason Besson made this movie today is because the CGI is there to do it in the way he’s been envisioning it since he was a kid reading the comic books on which he based the film.

There are even some nods to the Fifth Element in the production design that fans will notice on the first viewing and I bet more will pop up on subsequent viewings as the movie is packed with things happening on-screen at once. (Of course, Fifth Element was highly influenced by Besson’s childhood interest in the French sci-fi comic “Valerian and Laureline” in the first place.)

I kept wondering if Ruby Rhod was going to pop up in Valerian.

Valerian’s probably always going to be in the shadow of Fifth Element for fans of that film, but surely fans of that movie couldn’t be disappointed with this latest dive into Besson’s amusing and creative mind, unless they are the cynical, angry type. If you’re cynical and angry, you probably didn’t like the Fifth Element in the first place.

Most movies, I wouldn’t see a second time. This one, I will. The one real disappointment was with the audio mix in the theater. Maybe it was me going deaf, or the theater just trying to not offend some ears, but the front channel, while dialog was very clear, sounded suppressed on things like gunfire and musical score. Or, perhaps the movie was meant to sound that way? I suspect it was the theater trying their best to find a tolerable volume level for large audiences (there were less than ten people there for opening night in Keene, NH – sadly), so I look forward to a blu-ray viewing in a home theater where I can crank it up.

If you like Besson’s work, you’ll probably really like Valerian. If you’re not familiar with Besson or the Fifth Element, and you enjoy action/sci-fi/comedy, you should check out “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” in theaters now.

Here’s a review I found via Rotten Tomatoes that I quite enjoyed reading:

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Poker Legalized In-Home in New Hampshire!

Free Keene - Thu, 2017-07-20 16:56 +0000

Home Poker Games Legalized in NH!

The political wins for libertarians in NH just keep coming! Home poker games will become legal in New Hampshire on September 16th! Last week, the new governor, Chris Sununu, signed HB 164 which makes legal:

A poker game held in a private residence so long as the house takes no compensation from the prize pool, no admission fee or seat fee is charged, no one receives any money or anything of value for conducting the game, for allowing the use of his or her residence for the game, or for any other reason except his or her own winnings as a player, the game’s odds do not favor a “house” or any player, there is no house bank, the game is limited to no more than 10 players, and the game is not advertised to the public.

Thus far in 2017 we’ve seen lessened penalties on cannabis, concealed carry with no permit, bitcoin and cryptocurrency protection, legalized firecrackers, and now this news. New Hampshire is clearly on a positive trajectory towards freedom. It’s thanks in part to the ongoing NH Freedom Migration and the liberty-loving natives who’ve lived here for generations, protecting NH from the ravages of big government.

We need more liberty-minded people to move here, ASAP and help us end prohibitions entirely. Here are 101 reasons why you should join us in the Shire.

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Raising Voluntary Children in Community

Free Keene - Thu, 2017-07-20 14:26 +0000
Why critical mass makes all the difference

This is a cross-post from, and was posted in an effort to raise awareness for the Fourth Annual Freecoast Festival. Hope to see you there!

From 2010-2014 I ran a summer camp on the Northern shores of Oneida Lake in Upstate New York. We had 850 acres and a private 45 acre lake to ourselves for most of the year, and during the summers we welcomed in hundreds of children to help them understand what it meant to live in a community that put consent and voluntary interactions ahead of everything else. My living expenses were taken care of, and with the camp thriving, we could have stayed there forever had we chosen to. But, we left.

In 2014 we moved to the Seacoast of New Hampshire, leaving behind security and mostly free living to join a growing community of liberty-minded folks that had left other destinations around the world to try and create something new.

Why take such a risk when life was mostly going great? I’ll explain.

When we lived in New York, we were doing our best to raise our kids to live out the non-aggression principle, to think critically, and to dream big. There was one problem, though – basically no one around us shared our values. Libertarians were few and far between, and many of the “liberty minded” people we did meet were far closer to Ted Cruz than they were to Ron Paul.

Now, I don’t believe in sheltering my kids from competing ideas. I believe that the ideas of liberty hold up to the most intense scrutiny, and I am prepared to teach my kids the intellectual self-defense they’ll need to engage in discussions with entrenched statists. But group-think is a very powerful thing, and the reality of living in Upstate New York was that none of my kids’ peers would see things the way they did. They would have no access to a community where they could see children parented in the same way that they were. No access to grown-ups (besides their parents) who could answer their questions through a principled lens of liberty.

Don’t get me wrong – we met a lot of kind, well-meaning people. But raising our kids in an area with exactly zero voluntaryists just felt sort of risky. What if our kids decided that we were the kooky ones with our off-the-wall views, and that our conservative neighbors were far more “realistic?” What if they never gave the idea of principled liberty a chance because it seemed too Utopian, or too far off? What if the number of people who loved the American Army was so great that they were persuaded to think that engaging in war was heroic?

Moving to New Hampshire, for us, meant moving to a place where at least we could guarantee there would be some people who saw the world similarly to how we did, so we decided to give it a chance. And man, it’s so far exceeded our expectations that I don’t know where to begin.

I won’t pretend that all of our next-door neighbors are freedom loving people (though many of them are more liberty-minded than you’d imagine), but the liberty-community that lives nearby means we can spend every single day hanging out with liberty folks if we’d like. I’d love to share with you what this looks like on a week to week basis, and what that’s wound up meaning for us.

Celebrating Independence Day a little differently

This last Independence Day was easily my favorite ever. I’ve largely found the 4th of July to be a pretty cringe-worthy day, so it wasn’t exactly a high bar to clear, but it’s hard to believe I’ll ever forget this one.

My family and I woke up, and our kids were asking about their friends, so we figured it’d be a good excuse to invite over a few other families and their kids over to hang out for a bit. We’d do a little grilling, maybe catch the fireworks in town, and give our kids a chance to hang out. Immediately two other families with young kids answered the call, and came over to celebrate.

When everyone arrived, the kids got to playing immediately. A few of them played on the Xbox together, taking turns without any issues. A couple others did art projects, while the rest played an imaginary game together. Some disagreements popped up, but the kids worked through them without adult intervention.

Meanwhile, the grown-ups were outside hanging out by the grill. We talked about everything from little things our kids were working through, to the libertarian roots of our country, to silly city ordinances against fireworks, to the unique struggle of raising kids voluntarily. None of the adults present ever raised their voices with the children present, and handled the little disputes that did come up as peacefully as you could imagine.

Once it got dark out, our liberal neighbors gave us a private fireworks show, setting off the types of fireworks normally reserved for huge displays directly over our house. We marveled at them together, the kids looking on in wonder. Our neighbors shared sparklers with our kids, and explained how our town has an ordinance against fireworks, but that they’ve been violating it for 10 years.

“No one complains,” he told me. “This is New Hampshire. Do you think the cops want to come bother people for celebrating their independence? Come on.”

Yep, in New Hampshire, even the liberals practice libertarian civil disobedience.

At this time, my toddler held my hand and guided me across the street to another one of our neighbors, Mike. Mike is a liberal as well, but also qualifies as a “New Hampshire” liberal.

“You must love this holiday, huh?” he asked, knowing by now that I’m deeply libertarian.

“Depends,” I responded, “I love the independence, but don’t really love the nationalism.” He nodded knowingly.

We peacefully talked about politics for about 40 minutes, and he concluded, “I was just telling my girlfriend about you today. I think we actually agree on the ends of a peaceful society, but we just disagree on the means. You always give me a lot to think about, anyway.”

As a quick aside, I’ve had more peaceful political discussions with people who think differently than I do in NH than everywhere else I’ve ever lived combined.

Around this time, the local town was shooting off its fireworks downtown. Some kids wanted to go, and some didn’t, so we brought the eclectic crew who wanted to see them downtown with us. Thousands of locals were gathered around different parts of town taking in the show, lighting sparklers, and having a blast.

When we got back, a 10 year old girl who had joined us threw out the idea of sleeping over. We have 3 boys – ages 7, 4, and 1 – but what the heck? We agreed immediately, and she slept in our guest room. It went fantastically well. You see, she has also been raised by liberty-loving peaceful parents, and it didn’t occur to her that it might be unusual for her to hang out with kids who were both younger than her and a different gender. Her family and ours also unschool our kids, so the fact that she was sleeping over on a Tuesday didn’t mess up anybody’s schedule. It was perfect.

Our 4 year old decided to sleep on a blow-up mattress in the room with her, which wound up being the first night he’s ever slept in a room without one of his parents helping him fall asleep. Independence Day, indeed!

So what’s the point of this little snapshot? Well, before I moved to New Hampshire I couldn’t have imagined a day like this one in my wildest dreams. Having kids changed everything about my priorities as a liberty-loving person. Creating a nurturing environment where kids can learn to love themselves (and love liberty) is exceedingly difficult everywhere I’ve ever lived, until I moved to the Seacoast of New Hampshire. Here, it happens as a matter of course.

And this one little day wasn’t unusual, it was a microcosm. Families (and single folks as well) here are getting together several times per week, supporting one another and giving our kids access to other people who share the same values that they do. We go to the beach together, go to the farmer’s market, share potluck dinners, and more. Nothing is ever perfect, of course, but in the years we’ve lived here we haven’t experienced any drama, or people who have violated the trust of the community we’re building.

See you soon?

If you’re like me, you worry that your kids will feel like a fish out of water wherever else you are. You worry that being surrounded exclusively by statism might lead to all sorts of negative consequences. You struggle to imagine that there’s a critical mass of liberty-loving families raising their kids to respect others and stand up for themselves.

Well, good news – we’ve already got one. I hope you’ll come out to the Freecoast Festival this year. You can meet all the people that make this community so great, as well as others who are considering making the move and joining us. If you have any questions, or are planning to attend, I’d love to chat with you! You can email me at Hope to see you really soon.

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Manchester Bitcoin Vending Machine Adds DASH, Making NH #1 For DASH Vending

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-07-19 17:37 +0000

Bitcoin Vending Machine Adds DASH!

With all the Bitcoin drama going on, it’s easy to get distracted from what is important. What is important, whether Bitcoin stays on top or not, is the idea of cryptocurrency, of which Bitcoin was the first. While I personally believe Bitcoin can survive its internal turmoil, I could be wrong. After all, no one buys the Model T these days, even though it was the first car. The Model T is a clunker compared to what we have now.

Though there isn’t much mainstream media coverage of its alternatives, Bitcoin is far from the only cryptocurrency. There are hundreds of them, most based off of the original code for Bitcoin released by Satoshi Nakamoto, its anonymous creator.

One of those competitors that libertarian cryptocurrency enthusiasts in NH have been using recently instead of Bitcoin is DASH, or “Digital Cash”. Due to the growing pains Bitcoin has been experiencing, people here have been looking hard at other alternatives. DASH has started to appear in use at various libertarian market days across the state. Its fees are much lower than Bitcoin’s and DASH has an interesting governance structure that really sets it apart from many of the “me-too” cryptocurrencies out there vying for Bitcoin’s #1 position.

With DASH, the “Masternodes” (people who’ve invested into at least 1,000 DASH and are running special software) can vote on how to promote and expand DASH. They do this via proposals that have been made regarding how to spend 10% of the mining rewards, which are earmarked for the purpose of promoting DASH. It’s a smart system that the other major cryptos don’t have and has resulted in DASH appearing in various places other cryptos have not.

Satoshi Nakamoto, Anonymous Creator of Bitcoin

Last month, Portsmouth’s Bitcoin Vending Machine became the first in New Hampshire to offer DASH in addition to bitcoin. Now, NH’s top Bitcoin Vending Machine, the Manchester “General Bytes” unit at Murphy’s Taproom has also added DASH, making New Hampshire the #1 state for DASH Vending Machines per capita with one DVM per 0.67 million population compared to Oregon’s one per 1.3 million, and Florida’s one per 2.25 million. (These numbers per CoinATMRadar and Census data.)

To be fair, there aren’t a whole lot of DASH Vending Machines in the world. Most Crypto Vending Machines globally are bitcoin-only, but it’s still worth noting the crypto-haven of New Hampshire is already leading the rest of the world in providing an alternative to the struggling Bitcoin. Given the uncertainty of what could happen with Bitcoin in the coming weeks, it makes sense to rebrand Shire BTC Vending, which launched back in 2014 as part of the Shire Free Church, as Shire Crypto Vending.

Hopefully we’ll see the DASH option (and possibly other cryptocurrencies like Ether) expand out to include the Keene and Concord Bitcoin Vending Machines, but for now that’s not possible until Lamassu, the manufacturer of those machines, adds other coins as a possible option for vendors. We’re told they are working hard at doing just that, so stay tuned to Free Keene for more exciting cryptocurrency news from the Shire!

Also, if you’re looking to connect with other cryptocurrency enthusaists in New Hampshire, check out our forums.

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It’s Official: NH Governor Signs Cannabis Decriminalization!

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-07-19 03:18 +0000

Libertarian Party of NH Chairman Darryl W Perry Takes a Rip

After it passed with veto-proof margins for the first time in New Hampshire’s history, cannabis decriminalization was signed today by new NH republican governor Chris Sununu.

Marijuana decrim is the latest feather in the cap of the NH Freedom Migration that has been tipping the political scales of the state in favor of more liberty. This year alone, there have been multiple political wins, from multiple elected state representatives flipping to the Libertarian Party of NH, to the constitutional carry bill passing, the bitcoin/cryptocurrency protection bill, and even legalizing firecrackers!

This isn’t the best decrim bill possible, but it’s a big step in the right direction for the Live Free or Die state. Police have sixty days before the bill goes into effect to arrest as many users as possible, because after sixty days, they’re only allowed to ticket for cannabis possession. HB 640 eliminates criminal penalties for the possession of up to 3/4 of an ounce of cannabis and/or up to five grams of hashish for those age 18 or older. Under the new law, first time offenders will receive a civil violation punishable by a $100 fine. Unfortunately, if the person is caught three times in three years, then the fourth ticketing would be a class B misdemeanor, but the person still cannot be arrested. The first offense is fined at $100, but subsequent offenses within that three year period would be $300 each.

New Hampshire Loves Bitcoin and Cannabis!

Hopefully, after a year of this decrim, the state reps and senators will see that the world in NH has not turned into a satanic hellscape, and we’ll see further decriminalization in the future, right down to the total elimination of all penalties for possession, growing, or sale of any amount of cannabis. Ideally, New Hampshire, if it were truly a free place, would have no regulatory or taxation structure around the cannabis plant at all. If that miraculously happened, the cannabis industry would explode in the Shire and we’d all be better off for it.

If you like that vision and you’re a libertarian, voluntarist, or liberty-loving anarchist, we need you here to help make NH the best state for cannabis freedom. Sure, other states have legalization, but there’s an insane amount of regulation and tax around the industry. What if NH could be the one state without that legal garbage? It could happen if you were here to help. We need more people to move here and join the most successful freedom migration in the world. Here are 101 reasons why you should.

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Why We’re Temporarily Shutting Down Bitcoin Vending Machines on July 31st

Free Keene - Sat, 2017-07-15 19:27 +0000

Will Bitcoin “Fork” on August 1st?

In a recent, in-depth article, I discussed the out-of-control fees to send bitcoin. The executive summary is that Bitcoin is somewhat broken due to the high fees that have been caused due to the Bitcoin network not being able to scale to consumer demand. The reason for this is because there has been an ongoing “geek war” for a couple years now behind the scenes that centers over some fundamental disagreements over how Bitcoin should handle its growing pains with scaling up. Meanwhile, the fees have been rising over the last six months and have killed off the previous usefulness that Bitcoin had for microtransactions, or even small dollar transactions. Again, see my original piece for more about the fee difficulties.

Now the ugly Bitcoin not-so-civil war that has been playing out behind the scenes on message boards, reddit, and social media for months and months is going to come into public view on August 1st. Here’s my non-technical explanation for what’s happening and how, if you’re a bitcoin holder or bitcoin-accepting merchant, it could affect you:

To oversimplify a complex situation, there are basically two “sides” in this ridiculous conflict. (For those who want the more complex, technical explanation, there are no shortage of excellent articles you can find by searching for SegWit2x, UASF, and UAHF. Here’s one.)

Satoshi Nakamoto, Anonymous Creator of Bitcoin

One side is those who say that a new technology for Bitcoin called “Segregated Witness” or “SegWit” for short, is necessary to fit more transactions into Bitcoin’s “blocks”. Blocks are the guts of the “blockchain”, the distributed, decentralized, public ledger that is the essence of what makes Bitcoin special. The problem causing the fees to be bid up is that these blocks are full of transactions, leaving the lower-fee transactions stuck waiting for hours or even days to confirm. As a result, people are paying 10-100x more than they used to just to get their transactions through in a decent amount of time.

The other camp are those who support increasing the block size. It’s currently one megabyte and they’d like it raised to two and beyond. The “big blockers” argue that limit was originally put in place to fight spam transactions. They say Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision was clearly against limiting the block size.

I’m not a computer programmer, so I have no real opinion about which technical change is the best one, and ultimately it doesn’t matter what I think, the people with the most sway in the Bitcoin universe are the miners. What they decide to do, is likely the way things will go. Likely. Let me explain from a more philosophical perspective, before getting back to what could happen on August 1st.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that transcends national borders.

One of Bitcoin’s greatest strengths is that it was not created or issued by big banks or government. It was the world’s first decentralized digital currency. It’s cryptographically secure and can’t be hacked or taken offline because of its distributed, decentralized, global network. It’s truly an amazing creation and has changed the future of money as fundamentally as the way the internet has changed communication.

There’s also a major difference between how centrally-issued currencies like the US Dollar are administrated. The US Dollar, controlled by the Federal Reserve for the benefit of the evil, aggressive US Federal Government, is administered at the whim of politicians, whichever ones happen to be in power at the moment. They can inflate the money supply at will, destroying the value of any dollars you might be holding. This is a fundraising method for them, a hidden tax. Bitcoin on the other hand is decentralized, which means that it’s not subject to the will of one man or a group of unaccountable men. That’s good because it means Bitcoin’s value can’t be debased to benefit anyone “in charge”, because there’s no one in charge.

However, its decentralized nature means that while Bitcoin can be upgraded over time, it can be a messy process. There are various types of stakeholders in the Bitcoin ecosystem: Miners, Programmers, Full Nodes, and Users (which include merchants, individuals, exchanges, merchant services providers, etc).

Is it over yet?

Now that you know the various types of stakeholders and the possible options to scale the network, you may be wondering, “How do these people come together to improve Bitcoin technically and allow it to scale up to consumer demand?” The answer is, they might not come together, and those who are refusing to come to the table to talk and compromise are planning to possibly break away on August 1st.

What could happen? Lots of different things. Here’s what I hope will be the most likely scenario:

In late May at the “Consensus” event in New York an agreement was finally reached by major Bitcoin-related businesses and holders of approximately 83% of the mining power in the world. This agreement gives the SegWit advocates what they want, SegWit, then within six months increases the block size from 1 MB to 2 MB. The “SegWit2x” or the “New York Agreement” plan includes a timeline that they have been following, thus far. They’ve released their beta software to the miners and as of right now, more than 86% of the world’s mining power is signaling their support for SegWit2x. In order to change Bitcoin, you need ideally a supermajority of miners to support the proposal. SegWit2x appears to have this support. If a proposal doesn’t have the miners’ support, that idea is basically dead in the water.

Some People Really Like the Segwit Proposal, Others, Not-So-Much

In less than a week from now, on July 21st, SegWit2x-supporting miners are expected to be running the new SegWit2x software and signal their activation of SegWit. If they do as agreed, SegWit will activate, likely before August 1st. With 86% of the mining power currently behind this proposal and everything going as planned so far, this seems the most likely scenario.

However, even if SegWit2x goes into action before August 1st, there’s still at least one wildcard in play called “UASF”.

The “User Activated Soft Fork” or UASF is the reason why August 1st is the big day in question. There is a group of people who run Bitcoin “Full Nodes” that are SegWit fanatics who are planning to split the Bitcoin network with a “soft fork” on August 1st. I realize that’s a lot of jargon, so allow me to clarify:

“Full Nodes” are those computers in the world that are running special Bitcoin software that includes a copy of the entire Bitcoin blockchain – currently over 140 GB of data. While the miners are arguably the most important decision makers in the Bitcoin universe, the Full Nodes also perform an important role of block and transaction validation. In this case, right now about 15% of the approximately 7,900 Full Nodes are signaling their support for the UASF.

Bitcoin mining doesn’t actually look like this.

The UASF people, as I understand it, do not support the SegWit2x plan, despite their support for SegWit. Presumably, they do not wish to see the block size raised, and that’s why they oppose SegWit2x. Despite not appearing to have any significant mining power or even the rest of the full nodes behind them, this vocal minority is plotting a schism in the Bitcoin network on August 1st. They plan to accomplish this by ordering their nodes to refuse to validate any blocks that do not include a signal that indicates the miner who mined the block supports the UASF proposal. If the UASF full nodes are backed by some small amount of miners, they will “soft fork” the Bitcoin blockchain.

A “soft fork” would mean the point in time at which the blockchain, (Bitcoin’s public ledger that goes back to the beginning of the currency in 2009 and contains every transaction that has occurred), will fork into two. Each would have all the transactions from 2009 through August 1st at the time of the fork, but after that time would have different transactions logged to each chain. That means there would be two Bitcoin networks, each competing to be the “real” Bitcoin.

It also means that anyone holding bitcoin (in a non-custodial wallet where you control the keys) before the fork would then have the same amount of BOTH types of bitcoin. For the sake of this discussion, let’s call them “Original Bitcoin” and “UASF Bitcoin”. If you had 10 bitcoins before the split, afterwards you’d have 10 original bitcoin and 10 UASF bitcoin.

Which will be the “real” Bitcoin if a fork happens?

This is where things can get dangerous and even more confusing, if it wasn’t flummoxing enough already!

In Jimmy Song’s blog post where he covers multiple potential scenarios, he does an excellent job of explaining a likely outcome of the UASF scenario if they don’t have much mining support (and they don’t appear to):

In this scenario, the Users have something like 0–13% of the July 31 network hash rate on August 1. The obvious consequence of having such a low hash rate is that blocks will come very slowly (one per 80 minutes+). This leads to two big problems.

The first problem is that there will be a tremendous backlog of transactions on the Users’ fork. Transactions will take a very long time to confirm, and since block space is scarce, fees will be very high. The cost and time of transacting Users’ fork coins may put downward pressure on price.

While there’s a chance the UASF Bitcoin could be snuffed out due to lack of miner support there’s also a chance it could continue on competing in the marketplace to be considered the “real” Bitcoin. This will be quite difficult if they have low miner support for the above reasons. For more detail on “forking”, check out this article.

For an unknown amount of time after a fork, it’s risky to send or receive bitcoin. This has to do with the fact until the dust settles after the fork, you can be subject to “replay attacks” until the exchanges and wallet providers come up with a way to protect against these attacks. There’s also the risk that one of the two sides of the fork will be eliminated through competition, which would destroy any transactions that happened on that chain. Further, some companies may side with one chain or another rather than allowing both, which will lead to extreme confusion as to which Bitcoin is which.

Bitcoin Vending Machine at “Route 101 Local Goods” Will Shut Down Temporarily on July 31st.

Is this starting to sound like a nightmare? I’ve only scratched the surface on what could happen, but as a non-programmer who has done a fair amount of reading on both “sides” of this subject, it seems to me that these are the two most likely scenarios:

1. SegWit2x activates before August 1st and UASF supporters abandon their plan out of expected failure.
2. SegWit2x activates before August 1st and UASF supporters and a small percentage of the mining power fork Bitcoin. It could then be days or weeks before the dust settles and we can safely send and receive bitcoin again.

Please note, I’m oversimplifying and haven’t even touched on the “User Activated Hard Fork” (UAHF) that is planned as a response to the UASF being more successful than expected.

Given that the situation is going to be very fluid and potentially risky, we at Shire BTC Vending and Shire Bitcoin are shutting down the Bitcoin Vending Machines in Manchester, Concord, and Keene temporarily on July 31st. We at Shire BTC Vending will be monitoring the situation and will post updates on the Shire BTC Vending website and NH Bitcoin forums. Shire Bitcoin, who operates the Concord BVM, will post updates to their site as well.

If you are an individual or business that holds or accepts bitcoin, I can’t tell you for sure what you should do, but here are some ideas:

It’s best if you hold your private keys yourself.

  • Check Your Keys: If you have some amount of bitcoin, make sure it’s in a “non-custodial” wallet to which you hold the private key. Some examples of non-custodial wallets include Jaxx, Blockchain, Mycelium, Airbitz, Copay,, Breadwallet, Electrum, and Exodus. If you had to write down 12 words to back up your wallet – you have your private key. If you have the private key and Bitcoin forks, you’ll come out on the other end with both types of bitcoin. If, on the other hand your bitcoin is being stored in a custodial wallet where someone else, like Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Paxful, Backpage, Xapo, Freewallet, GDAX, Kraken, BitStamp, Poloniex, or any bitcoin exchange, has control over the private key, then you are subject to their whims regarding how they handle the fork. Maybe they’ll give you access to both bitcoin, or maybe only one of them. It’s best to hold your bitcoin in a wallet which gives you access to your private key, instead of giving corporations control over your key, and therefore your bitcoin.
  • HOLD: Once you’re sure your bitcoins are in a non-custodial wallet, hold on for the ride. If Bitcoin forks, you shouldn’t spend or receive BTC if you can avoid it until the dust has settled. If you’re a bitcoin-accepting merchant, lock up the point of sale device and instruct staff to politely decline any customers who want to use bitcoin to pay until the confusion no longer remains online. Stay positive! There’s a good chance the bitcoin price could drop dramatically during a fork and any ensuing reorganizations. Bitcoin can survive this challenge – we’ve had drops in price before, dramatic ones. Watch, wait, and keep up with the latest.
  • Bail Out: If you’re too spooked by the possibility and uncertainty of a fork, you can always cash out for fiat currency like US Dollars or trade your bitcoin for other competing cryptocurrencies. Keene-area merchants who want to cash out should contact the Keene Bitcoin Network and we can probably help with that or any questions you might have.
  • Pick a Side: If you really want to take some risk, you can try to pick a winner in the event of a fork and as soon as the two competing bitcoins appear on exchanges for trading, you can try selling your least-favorite bitcoin and buying your favorite (or other altcoins). I personally will not be taking this level of risk and will instead HOLD.

“HODL” – A now popular mistyping of “HOLD”, generally a simple an effective strategy with bitcoin.

For the sake of simplicity, I hope for the future where nothing happens on August 1st. However, there’s an argument that Bitcoin would ultimately be better off if it forks, since finally both sides in this geek war will get what they want – a version that conforms to their vision for what the currency should be. Ethereum, the current #2 cryptocurrency, survived a contentious fork into two Ethereums last year. Out of that split came “Ethereum” and “Ethereum Classic“. While both coins’ prices took a dive after the split, they’ve both risen in price since, becoming the #2 and #5 cryptos in the world according to, which measures the market caps (total global value) of hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

However, the big difference is that Ethereum was not (and still isn’t) used in the retail marketplace like Bitcoin is. No other cryptocurrency has the retail penetration Bitcoin does, which means if there are two Bitcoins, that could lead to some confusion about which one is “real” and which is the useful one. We’ll do our best to keep you informed as this situation does or does not develop.

Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest big news for Bitcoin in New Hampshire and the Shire BTC Vending website and NH bitcoin forums for more detailed information and discussion.

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City Commits Civil Disobedience Against Feds By Painting Blue Line Down Marlboro St.

Free Keene - Mon, 2017-07-10 22:23 +0000

Keene Signals its Support for Secession by its Recent Peaceful Civil Disobedience

In case you aren’t aware, the police have their own gang symbol. It’s called the “thin blue line” – a blue line horizontally sandwiched between two black bars. You’ll frequently see it on the back of vehicles presumably containing police or their immediate relatives. Of course, anyone can buy these stickers now, so police have other ways of recognizing their own, like these family “professional courtesy” passbooks, but regardless, the blue line is still seen on their cars, their clothing, and now flags. It helps create the “us vs them” mentality that some police have. Worse still, some people insist on treating the police as though they are better than the rest of humanity. Their word is gold in court, they get special burials when mass calamity happens, deferential treatment in many of the crimes the corrupt officers commit, and more.

In a recent Keene Sentinel piece about multiple city councilors gushing over their recent decision to paint a horribly garish blue line down the middle of Marlboro St, local commenter Johnson Rice points out that the city is actually committing civil disobedience against the federal government:

This doesn’t look like the kind of thing a “peace officer” should be sporting.

Interesting that the city decided to violate the law outlined by the USDOT & FHA when they clearly warned a few towns in New Jersey that this practice is illegal in that it creates unsafe road conditions because motorists don’t know what this line means. It could result in lawsuits for the city if the unsafe condition results in any legitimate accidents or even “accidents” involving less scrupulous people.

Good for the City of Keene though for adopting that rebellious “Free Keene” spirit and willfully violating federal law.

I think the bright blue paint is ugly, distracting, and possibly dangerous to clueless drivers. The police get far too much worship as-is, for the job of a supposed “servant” and don’t need any more blind obeisance. (They aren’t all saints. Here’s a story about a local NH police chief who also was a child rapist for several years at least.)

All that said, while I don’t agree with the issue they chose, I do appreciate the city government’s embracing of peaceful civil disobedience. Maybe they’ll see the light that the federal government is a controlling, abusive spouse and start openly supporting secession next?

Doubtful, but this does point out that the law means nothing to the state & city when they wish to ignore it. Who can blame them? Statutes and codes are just words on paper written by strangers. They are opinions backed by guns. Thanks to their “thin blue line” of police, the political class is protected from having to follow their own rules, yet the rest of us are jailed for victimless crimes in ever-growing numbers.

It might make you wonder who the police are really there to “protect and serve“, hmm?

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The Jail Paper Keene’s Video Interview of Free Keene Founder

Free Keene - Sun, 2017-07-09 12:00 +0000

Free Keene Founder Ian Freeman Interviewed by The Jail Paper Keene

New courtroom video/photo blog The Jail Paper Keene has been reporting from Keene’s district and superior courts recently, covering various criminal cases. This week, The Jail Paper Keene posted some of my mugshots and asked for comments on whether I am a hero or villain. Since I’ve been a longtime, publicly visible activist who has done a bunch over the decade plus I’ve been here in Keene, naturally some of the haters came around to post their uninformed vitriol.

I did my best to correct their misinformation and was amazed as some haters also attacked the Jail Paper Keene for even posting my photo to their page, accusing the page of being run by me or one of my supposed “puppets”. Their paranoia knows no bounds.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting The Jail Paper Keene’s Thomas Parisi and he conducted an interview on my front porch. You can watch it here on The Jail Paper Keene’s facebook page.

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Area Police Chief Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Multiple Rapes

Free Keene - Sat, 2017-07-08 21:38 +0000

Former Police Chief and Convicted Child Rapist Robert K Chambers Sr.

The reason why the government police can be so corrupt and violent is because they have a monopoly on violence. There’s no competition allowed in the marketplace. Worse, you’re forced to fund the police, even if they are doing things you disagree with, like arresting people for possession of cannabis, teens for alcohol, or committing multiple counts of rape against a child.

Area former police chief Robert K Chambers, Sr, who’d been the head of both the Gilsum and Marlow New Hampshire departments was recently convicted on several counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and sentenced to decades in prison, according to the Keene Sentinel. Chambers is 65. Here’s video of the harrowing victim impact statement his victim made at Chambers’ sentencing, as published by The Jail Paper Keene, a new court videographer on facebook.

Many people mistakenly believe all Cop Blockers are against the police. The truth is, I’m not against the police. I’m in favor of when police protect people from real crime involving a victim. I have even assisted the police when they were investigating real crimes. However if police are arresting people for victimless crimes, I will oppose that. I’m a police accountability activist, which means holding the cops to their promise of doing good by reporting on the bad ones. The worst cops are those like Chambers, who are clearly people in search of power over others, as this recent despicable example sadly proves.

It’s of course, not the first time that NH’s top cops have been caught up in ugly news, revealing some of them as corrupt, power seekers. Don’t forget the New London, NH chief who allegedly coerced college girls to take nude photos in the police basement when they were arrested for some victimless crime or another. Or how about the Canterbury, NH chief who allegedly used his position of power to engage in sexual acts with a female teen police explorer? There’s the Haverhill, NH chief who resigned after being busted for DUI. Obviously not all chiefs are low-life hypocrites, but you have to wonder how many of them are corrupt. There’s no way to stop a corrupt officer from rising through the ranks of power, since if you withhold taxes in protest, the very same police will come and attack you and your family.

Manch Cops Unnecessarily Intimidate Innocent People in Search for Suspect

Obviously Chambers is the lowest of the low – a now-convicted child rapist who also has previous murder allegations hanging in his past. However, as long as the state exists, power-seeking psychopaths like Chambers will continue to wield as much as they can, undetected for decades, if ever. Until taxes are made voluntary, there is no way for people to do anything more significant than continue to uncover, publicize, and complain about corruption.

Luckily, there’s an ongoing NH Freedom Migration where liberty-minded, peace-loving people are moving to New Hampshire and working to reduce the government here. Perhaps someday the state’s violent monopoly will be ended and the market will finally be able to provide important services like protection, where competition and the ability to say “no” to a bad company’s product or service will raise quality, service, and lower price. That will result in better protection services, provided by those seeking customer satisfaction rather than power.

If you are libertarian of voluntarist, especially if you’re interested in police accountability, here are 101 Reasons Why Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, and why thousands of people who think like you are migrating here, ASAP.

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Patriotism Displayed At Somaliafest

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-07-05 00:00 +0000

Shire Dude wishes you a happy Secession Day!

To celebrate, please watch this beautiful display of nation-love.  It’s episode 2 of Shire Dude’s new season!

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Bitcoin fees are WAY down! What happened, and why is virtually no one talking about it?

Free Keene - Tue, 2017-07-04 23:00 +0000

Charlie Shrem, COO of Jaxx, stumbled onto the lower fees, he told Free Talk Live.

I saw the headline in Coin Telegraph and couldn’t believe it: “Bitcoin Transaction Fees Significantly Decrease, Charlie Shrem Pays $0.25 Fee”. Even though I know and trust Charlie Shrem, I still thought this news was a fluke.

For those who haven’t been following the ugly geek war happening behind the scenes of Bitcoin, here’s a recap, oversimplifying a complex situation:

As little as two years ago, Bitcoin’s median transaction fee was as low as $0.02 worth of bitcoin. That means half of all bitcoin transaction fees cost less than $0.02 and the other half cost over $0.02.
With Bitcoin, there are fees to send, not receive. (This is the reverse of credit cards, where the merchant pays a fee to receive.) In the past, if one wanted, one could send bitcoin with no fee and it would go through, just without any priority. As you can see from this chart, the median transaction fee has shot up mostly in the last six months or so, and it has risen has high as $3.00 worth of bitcoin!

That means that had I wanted, in the last few months, to go buy a $2.00 drink at Corner News with bitcoin here on Main Street in Keene, NH, it might cost me $3 just to send the $2, making it a $5 drink! No sane customer would pay a crazy fee like that. This dramatic rise in fees has destroyed bitcoin’s previous usefulness for microtransactions. No more bitcoin-operated snack machines, no more using bitcoin for small online tips, no more Watch-my-Bit micro-donation video streaming service.

Century-Old Main St. Icon Corner News, Accepting Bitcoin Since 2013

As someone who, as part of the Keene Bitcoin Network, has put a lot of effort into helping Keene be the the number one city for bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita in the world, the skyrocketing fees on bitcoin were quite disheartening. It wasn’t just me, many of the Keene Bitcoin Network had been desperately looking at the competitors to bitcoin like DASH and Ethereum as possible alternatives for the Keene-area businesses who had been early bitcoin adopters.

It was getting harder and harder, due to the rising fees, to want to spend and promote bitcoin. Bitcoin is essentially broken for small dollar uses, meaning it’s far less useful as an actual currency, which is what it was intended to be. Sadly, there is a group of bitcoiners who want Bitcoin to be damaged in this way, and they somehow believe it will stay on top of the world’s hundreds of cryptocurrencies, though it’s been losing its market dominance over the last several months, as the competing cryptocurrencies have been rising to meet the consumer demand for a fast, low-fee crypto, like Bitcoin once was.

Percentage of Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization –
Bitcoin Dropping Precipitously as Others Rise

Behind the scenes of bitcoin, things have been very ugly for a couple of years now. Like so many things in life involving groups of people, Bitcoin’s supporters are going through a schism. Unlike the schisms involving religion or politics, where people can just go their separate ways and do what they want, the Bitcoin schism involves people’s money – about 42 BILLION dollars worth, at the moment of this article’s writing. Combine that with the fact that almost everyone involved can hide behind their computer screen, and you can imagine how ugly this has gotten on the various forums, reddits, social media, and such.

Technically, the schism revolves around how to solve the growing pains that Bitcoin has been experiencing. The reason the fees have shot up is because the Bitcoin network is full of transactions and people sending the transactions are bidding up the fee prices to ensure their transactions get priority. Bitcoin has become so popular worldwide that the “blocks” are full. The blocks are what create the “blockchain”, which is the decentralized, distributed, immutable ledger that is the guts of the Bitcoin network. The blocks are “mined” onto the blockchain by powerful computers doing very complex math.

As I understand it, and I’m not a Bitcoin programmer, when the blocks are full, all the lower-fee transactions that didn’t make it into a block go into the “mempool”, where they have been piling up in large quantity. That means that not only have Bitcoin’s fees been super-high, but also that transactions with lower-than-the-median fees can get stuck, sometimes for DAYS. Bitcoin, despite its amazingly high price (over $2,500 at this moment), is pretty busted compared to how it was.

Bitcoin Mempool – Last 60 Days

That brings us to this recent surprising development. As the Coin Telegraph article about Charlie Shrem sending his recent transaction with a surprisingly low $0.25 fee explains, the mempool has recently become less-clogged, dramatically so. This handy chart from puts it in perspective. The Coin Telegraph article, which was published several days ago now, screwed up the numbers – they said the mempool had dropped from a high of 120 GB to around 20 GB. According to the chart, it’s MB, not GB, but otherwise, they are correct! The mempool has indeed dropped to below 20 MB, which means transactions are finally able to get through in a faster amount of time for lower fees! In fact, yesterday at one point the mempool was nearly down to 2 MB!

At Sunday’s meetup of the Keene Bitcoin Network at Rick’s Ice Cream, we put the claims of low fees to the test. Darryl pulled up his Airbitz wallet and sent me $1.00 worth of bitcoin. The recommended fee from Airbitz’ calculations was $0.01! Unbelievable, right? Recommended fees have been as high as $1.50-$3.00 in recent weeks, but sure enough, his transaction went through and was confirmed in under four minutes! Don’t believe it? I couldn’t either, but here it is on the blockchain. See for yourself. I then sent $1.00 worth of bitcoin to Darryl with my Airbitz wallet, and it recommended a $0.08 fee. Again, confirmed in under four minutes! (Bitcoin transactions can be seen on the network usually immediately after they are sent, but they “confirm” after being included in a block. They then keep getting more confirmations after that.)

Keene Bitcoin Network Meetup at Rick’s Ice Cream Last Weekend

Later that night, when re-stocking the Manchester Bitcoin Vending Machine, I sent some similarly low-fee transactions as what Darryl and I had sent earlier, but these took about two hours to get their first confirmation. So, I tried one for approx $0.28 worth of bitcoin and it confirmed in 12 minutes. While $0.28 isn’t as good as $0.02, it’s a major improvement on $2.80 fees. To be clear, we’re not out of the woods yet. Bitcoin is still backlogged, but there are some supposed fixes coming to Bitcoin in the next few months that should reduce the fees even further.

There are two very important questions, first, which bitcoin wallet software is working properly and recommending the new, lower fees and which ones are still recommending the higher fees?

According to our testing, Airbitz and’s wallets are working correctly, recommending saner fees, while Mycelium and Jaxx are still making very high fee recommendations. We had Jaxx’s Chief Operating Officer, the very same Charlie Shrem, on my talk radio show, “Free Talk Live” on Sunday night to talk about the new, lower-fees and if Jaxx will be updating their wallet to reflect it. Since we did not do an exhaustive check of the wallet software available, please feel free to post the normal recommended fee levels from your wallet(s) in the comments.

Today’s recommended fees are higher than Sunday’s. As I am writing this on Independence Day afternoon, Airbitz recommended a $0.47 fee to send, then it recommended $0.70 for a subsequent transaction. Perhaps this respite from insane fees will be short lived, but for now $0.47-$0.70 still feels a lot better than $2.50. The fact is, due to the mempool decrease that happened over the last month, bitcoin is now cheaper and faster than in recent months. However, the second important question is why did the mempool decrease as much as it has, when it did?

Satoshi Nakamoto, Anonymous Creator of Bitcoin

This question leads into conspiracy territory, because there’s probably no way to really know why the mempool dropped by over 100 MB in approximately one month’s time. However, it’s very interesting that the beginning of the drop coincided with the “New York Agreement” (Segwit2x). At the end of May, people representing some major bitcoin companies and 83% of the mining power in the Bitcoin world came together at a conference and after years of debate finally hammered out an agreement to implement both of the competing proposals to fix Bitcoin’s network capacity issues. It was shortly after this agreement that the mempool size began to fall. Why? Some have suggested that the Bitcoin network was being spammed with junk transactions and that whoever was spamming it, ceased after the agreement was put in place. That’s obviously speculation, but if it’s true, then who was doing the spamming? Was it the people supporting small blocks? The people supporting large blocks? Both of them? Heck, was it Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous and disappeared-for-years creator of Bitcoin? Who knows, but I hope whoever it was doesn’t start it up again. Whoever it was, was willing to spend a good amount of money doing it, as it has gone on for weeks, if that’s indeed what happened.

Confirmed Bitcoin Transactions Per Day, Last 60 Days

Others have said that it wasn’t the cessation of spamming, but that it was just the market choosing to use other cryptocurrency. On its face, this seems like the more reasonable explanation, given the high fees would drive away all the small dollar transactions from Bitcoin and into the arms of the eager, low-fee competitors like DASH. Indeed, when looking at a chart of confirmed bitcoin transactions per day, there is a decline over the last month, though not as drastic as the decline on the mempool chart.

I’m not a Bitcoin engineer or statistician, so I’m sure there are various interpretations and other charts to look at. However, if the explanation is that people all of a sudden started dropping off of spending bitcoin, then why did that drop happen so consistently over the last month, but not prior, when fees were equally as bad for quite a while? Why did the drop coincide with the New York Agreement? Obviously, correlation is not causation, but the coincidence is remarkable.

NH #1 Most Free State, #1 for Cryptocurrency

Whatever the reason for the decline in the mempool, the fees are down, and that’s a fact. Another amazing thing is that hardly anyone is talking about it. Though Coin Telegraph did run their piece on June 30th, since then there has been no explosion of news across the cryptocurrency industry. To me, this is one of the most important bitcoin stories of the year-so-far. Please share the good news!

The next question is what will happen in the Segwit2x/UASF controversy set to possibly boil over on August 1st? That’s a subject for a separate, somewhat more technical article. A quick google will reveal a large variety of opinions on the subject.

If you’re a libertarian and lover of cryptocurrency, you really ought to move to New Hampshire as part of the NH Freedom Migration – the Bitcoin capitol of the world! If you want to connect with other cryptocurrency users already here in NH, please check out the Shire Bitcoin Forums.

P.S. In case you were wondering why I used different capitalization for Bitcoin, it’s because as I understand it, “Bitcoin” refers to the Bitcoin network as a whole concept, while “bitcoin” is the currency aspect of it. Thanks for reading and sharing this article!

P.P.S. I’m posting this article first on Steemit. If you think this is much-needed good news for Bitcoin, as I do, please upvote it there (accounts are free), and share on social media.

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The New Secessionists Declare Independence!

Free Keene - Tue, 2017-07-04 19:14 +0000

This Independence Day, I am pushing the meme of New Hampshire Independence. It is its own country of 1,331,000 people with a unique set of cultural, economic, and philosophical values. It’s about time you and I start referring to NH as a country. Forget “draining the swamp” — Leave the swamp!

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