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An Open Letter to Libertarians

Free Keene - Mon, 2018-02-05 00:00 +0000

One of the great things about the internet is the availability of information at the push of a button, and the ease with which people from around the globe can communicate. While this can be a powerful tool to help minority voices (including libertarians) publish their views, it has contributed greatly to the prevalence of the 24-hour news cycle. And with so many outlets competing for views, you end up with sensationalism, or what is now called click-bait. When social media is added into the equation, you end up with manufactured news, i.e. news reports about tweets and other posts on social media, and libertarians are not exempt from this either.

There’s an old saying, “you don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to.” And this is the reason I’m writing this letter. Stop! Yes, I know that arguing on the internet isn’t a new phenomenon and has been happening since the internet existed; I also know that libertarians have been arguing with other libertarians for decades. As Mark Twain once said, “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

I know, someone was wrong on the internet. Let it go. Whether you argue online for the sake of arguing, or you’re actually trying to convince people they’re wrong, there’s a very good chance that whomever you’re arguing with isn’t going to suddenly change their mind because of your comment or post. Research actually shows, “individuals who receive unwelcome information may not simply resist challenges to their views. Instead, they may come to support their original opinion even more strongly – [in] what [is] call[ed] a ‘backfire effect.’”

Believe me, there is life outside of social media and facebook drama. I’m not going to tell you how to spend your time, however I am going to suggest that maybe arguing on facebook isn’t the best use of your time and energy. If the goal “is nothing more nor less than a world set free in our lifetime,” then maybe you want to consider: volunteering in your community; attending and speaking at legislative committee hearings; running for office with a goal of educating voters about your beliefs, or volunteering to help such a candidate. And above all else, enjoy life. Go for a hike, go to the gym, run a 5k, watch a TV show, go to a sporting event, etc. Because at the end of the day, what’s the point of having a world set free if all you’re going to do with your freedom is argue on the internet?

In Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry

Originally published on Free Press Publications

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Free the Nipple Appeal at NH Supreme Court – Video

Free Keene - Sat, 2018-02-03 19:42 +0000

Attorney Dan Hynes, also an A+ rated state representative by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, appeared in the New Hampshire Supreme Court on Thursday morning and pointed out the absurdity of prohibiting female toplessness, absolutely eviscerating the city of Laconia’s clearly discriminatory ban. In contrast, the state’s attorney actually argued that it was an issue of morality as she simultaneously admitted that a woman could wear pasties over her nipples and then it would be legal, even if the pasties were printed photos of nipples!

Are there really people who believe that the sight of nipples on a woman is immoral, but because it’s legal to cover them with photos of nipples, then it’s now moral?

Further, what exactly is immoral about female nipples being shown in public?

Here’s the full hearing in front of the NH Supreme Court:

(Thanks to NHPR’s Annie Roepik for the audio.)

In case you missed it, here’s the original Free the Nipple trial from the original Gilford arrests (the case prior to this one, where the ladies won at the district court level). Hynes does an excellent job and the entire thing is pretty entertaining:

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Hundred Nights Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin & Ether!

Free Keene - Fri, 2018-02-02 23:41 +0000

Hundred Nights, Downtown Keene, NH

The same year Bitcoin was released by its anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Keene’s privately-run cold weather shelter and drop-in center, Hundred Nights, was also launched. I reported at the time on founder Don Primrose‘s courageous civil disobedience of opening without the permission slips from the local ruling gang known as the “City of Keene”.

Ever since, I’ve been a supporter of the unique approach that Hundred Nights has taken to helping the homeless. Rather than give them a place to stay every day of the year, Hundred Nights opens for the hundred coldest nights. At 7am, all those staying overnight have to get their stuff and leave for the day. They aren’t completely out in the cold, as Hundred Nights also operates a drop-in center open year-round, where the homeless can work on finding jobs, putting together a resume, or just get warm.

Hundred Nights’ BTC Wallet QR Code is 13rPdujR7Gg2v8pGHEF1UwCAP9gVjb6j8v

Recently, the Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network (MDCN) donated 1% of a Bitcoin Core (BTC) to the auction that Hundred Nights put on in December. The MDCN also offered to match the dollar amount of the winning bid on the coin as a BTC donation to Hundred Nights, up to a maximum of one whole BTC (which at the time was worth about $15,000). Turns out, despite having the chance to bid, a room full of mostly older folks only resulted in one bid… of $25. It was a lady buying it for her son, who had been telling her about cryptocurrency.

Given that the bid was so low, it was decided that a matching 1% of a BTC (worth around $150 at the time) would also be donated to Hundred Nights, rather than just $25. I dropped in to the office of Hundred Nights’ Executive Director Mindy Cambiar and helped walk her through signing up with Coinbase. While I’m not a big fan of Coinbase as a company, they do make it easy for people with bank accounts to acquire cryptocurrency as well as convert it to USD if they need or want, so I still recommend them to newbies. Indeed, within a short time, Hundred Nights was ready to accept cryptocurrency donations and the addresses are up now on their website. Whether you live in the area or not, if you’re a cryptocurrency user, please send them a donation to thank them for embracing the future of money!

As of now, Keene’s independent homeless charity is now accepting cryptocurrency including Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)! Here are the addresses to which you can contribute:

Bitcoin Core (BTC/XBT):

Ether (ETH):

Litecoin (LTC):

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC):

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Legislative Alert: Important State House Hearing February 7, 2018

Please show up for a crucial State House hearing next week on a bill written by Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform. SB-393 would make the Department of Corrections get all of its administrative rules approved by lawmakers. The testimony on the bill starts at 9:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7, in Room 101 on the first floor of the State House.   Read about it here:

Please direct any questions to Chris Dornin, Legislative Policy Chairman for Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform, -


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Liberty Lobby 2018 – Week 3 Videos

Free Keene - Mon, 2018-01-29 22:54 +0000

The actual Liberty Lobbyist, Darryl W Perry appears in some of last week’s videos as I was finally able to get into the election committee, where he spends the bulk of his time in Concord’s Legislative Office Building. Here are the hearings I recorded from last week:

HB 1431 would prevent police from acquiring any equipment not available on the open market. I spoke in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 1815 would partially undo cannabis decrim including increasing fines. I spoke against. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1540 would change NH’s voting system to Ranked Choice. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry had mixed feelings. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 1240 would implement Approval Voting statewide. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video.

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Testimony on Homeschool Regulation Bill

Free Keene - Fri, 2018-01-26 18:14 +0000






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Liberty Lobby – Week 2 Videos

Free Keene - Mon, 2018-01-22 17:14 +0000

I’m not actually a lobbyist. I don’t get paid to speak in Concord. I have to take time off from work to do it. Darryl W Perry is the Libery Lobbyist and you should support his efforts!

That said, I was in the house Criminal Justice committee last week, as usual. Thursday had a particularly interesting batch of bills including drug defelonization, and abolishing DUI checkpoints.

HB 1283 would eliminate DUI checkpoints in New Hampshire. I spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1678 would change the penalties for first-time drug possession from felonies to misdemeanors. I spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1792 would lower penalties for drug possession, transportation, or use. I spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1477 would allow those convicted of possession of under 3/4 oz of cannabis prior to “decrim” to file for annulment of their conviction. I spoke in favor, with reservations. Here’s the full hearing video:

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The Unhidden Front Door to State Overreach: School Vouchers

Free Keene - Thu, 2018-01-18 06:27 +0000

When you spend the day getting called “very wise” by State agents, hated by anarchists, and agreeing with the Teachers’ Union, you start to question yourself. Then you realize that that’s an ad hominem and all the best anarchists are ill received in their own communities for not being statist enough. 

The public hearing for SB 193, which entangles public, private, and home schooling by expanding State funding, was yesterday. SB 193 titles itself “Education Freedom Savings Accounts” and if that’s what it was I would support it. The title of the bill gives the impression that it involves tax deductions for those who make deposits to an account earmarked for their child’s education expenses. In reality the bill gives grants, *currently*  $3600 per child to families that homeschool or use private schools. The bill also continues to give most of the previously available funding to the public school system. Proponents of the bill argue that funding three systems instead of the current one will not increase government spending.

Statists gonna State, but I expect members of my own community to recognize a combination power grab/welfare program when they see one. Actually, with few exceptions, no I don’t, but you get the point. I still exponentially prefer living in New Hampshire to anywhere else on earth, and usually it’s a good time, but I know that I can not always expect those who label themselves anarchists, voluntaryists, and libertarians to act like it. This bill is being lauded in my community as a “school choice bill.” But as of today in New Hampshire parents already have all those choices- private school is legal, and homeschool is both legal and unregulated. What this bill does is subsidize those choices. I have yet to get a response as to how subsidizing private and homeschool is anymore “school choice” than food stamps is “food choice,” Section 8 is “housing choice,” and grants and other subsidization to oil companies is “drilling choice.” When you invite the State, or anyone else for that matter, to fund your choices you invite control into your life. And if you are reading this from land occupied by the US then you have already seen what subsidization has done to the college system.

SB 193, and any other school voucher program, is not a refund of taxes paid. Vouchers are not based on taxes paid; they are based on number of children had, much like most personal welfare programs. There is no logical reason to support school vouchers if you oppose all other welfare. It could be said of any welfare program that some of the recipients have paid taxes and are getting their own money back (and like all welfare programs, some have not); there is nothing magical about school vouchers. I believe that there are philosophical arguments to be made that either all State property is ownerless and therefore homestead-able, or at least net tax victims are not thieves as they are appropriating from their aggressor what they are owed. (Though I think that voluntarily calling up the State to tell them to fund and make subject to audit your homeschool program is wildly negligent.There are also both strategic and moral concerns with being a program recipient.) But the question on the table isn’t whether personal or corporate welfare recipients are violating the NAP. We both drove here on the roads. If you are supporting a bill that creates or expands a welfare program, then the question is whether creating or expanding welfare programs violates the NAP. Handing power to the largest, most violent, and most heavily armed gang in the history of humans is most definitely a NAP violation.

This is a welfare program, but unlike most welfare programs it does not have the excuse of helping those in need. Even if you are a person that defines the State handing you things as “choice” this program does not give choices to those that do not already possess them. The grant amount is the amount of the State determined adequacy amount per pupil, and so the grant is currently  $3600. In order to benefit from this grant, parents have to either be able to afford for one parent to stay home full-time to homeschool, or be able to afford the difference between between the grant and private school tuition. Otherwise their child simply stays in the current public school system.The average private elementary tuition in New Hampshire is $8,621, and the median is $7,200. The average private high school tuition in New Hampshire is $29,576, and the median $14,550.There are only 4 high schools and 5 elementary schools located in the entire State with tuition below the grant level. Of course, the private schools will also benefit as they will be aware that their customers have access to these additional funds. In the future, the State will face the convenient choice of maintaining a subsidy program solely for the well-off or expanding its own power and substantially increasing the voucher amount.

Voucher programs are one more thing for the State to exercise control over. In this particular case, there is a weird middle man that preforms ministerial duties, but ultimately State programs are managed by the State. It should be self-evident not only to anarchists, but to humans, that giving the State a program to manage and fund gives power to the State. This is a near tautological proposition. It is also ridiculously foreseeable that the State and its supporters will use the excuse that something is funded by stolen money to demand even more power. The day after this bill passed the house, people were complaining that homeschool is unregulated and private school is not regulated enough to their liking.

In the past I have referred to programs that set the State up to obtain more power in the future as backdoors to power/regulation/etc. However, in this case, I believe we have arrived at the point where it is a front door. When I was testifying against this bill to the finance committee, the head of the committee said that I was “very wise” to fear regulations on home and private schools once they are funded by the State. I honestly do not know if I should take this as a compliment or a threat. The State did not even wait until the next legislative session after offering money to introduce regulations. SB 1263 is up for public hearing next week. State agents Edith Tucker, Larry Laflamme, Yvonne Thomas, and Robert Theberge who sponsored SB 1263 have not commented on the bill after being contacted on November 9th with the following questions:

  • Will this legislation return the pre-2012 requirements?
  • What requirements do you intend for this legislation to place on homeschooling families?
  • What, if any, ways does this legislation do to ensure that homeschool children who are educated but follow different curriculums from the public school are not penalized?
  • How do you intend to ensure that this legislation is compliant with Pierce v Society of Sisters 268 US 510 and its progeny?
  • Does this legislation put higher standards on homeschooling parents than on public schools? Are there any levels of failure on standardized tests at which public schools are forced to disband? Are there any levels of failure on standardized tests by the students at which public school teachers are forced to leave the field?

SB 1263 creates penalties for failure to maintain a portfolio of a homeschool child’s work and for failing (or failing to take) standardized tests. Currently there are no penalties for public schools who’s students do not achieve passing grades on tests, but this bill would allow the State to force a homeschooled child into public school if they do not achieve satisfactory grades. Children have different goals and different abilities, which is the purpose of homeschool in the first place, and so it make sense that they will pursue different curriculums. Even public school teachers will admit that different children excel in different areas. It is not particularly sane to test someone for one curriculum when they are pursuing another. And I’m not entirely sure why a State agent would want me and my child in their school.



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Liberty Lobby 2018 – Week 1 Videos

Free Keene - Tue, 2018-01-16 06:05 +0000

DISCLAIMER: I’m not actually part of Liberty Lobby (though I’ve donated my time to help). I don’t get paid to talk to the legislature. Last year Darryl W Perry launched Liberty Lobby (making him the first crowd-funded lobbyist) and I accompanied him to Concord’s state house and recorded a bunch of videos of our various testimony before the state house committees on a variety of issues. You can see them all on the Free Keene YouTube channel.

While we were both in Concord last week, the first week of the 2018 legislative session, we were actually never in the same committee hearing. He attends the election committee hearings (here’s his week wrapup post), and I’m frequently in criminal justice and judiciary committees. So, here are the videos from the hearings I attended:

HB 1566 – This is the most ridiculous video of all of them from Week 1. Keene’s worst state rep, Delmar Burridge, a lover of big, oppressive government, proposed a bill to restrict open carry in multiple places statewide. I spoke against it and he was literally bouncing in his seat with excitement when I pointed out how it was wrong to try to force societal change from the top down. He disagrees, of course. You can jump straight to my testimony here. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 1778 – State Rep Dick Marple proposes a bill to abolish driver licensing except for commercial purposes. I spoke in favor. This is the full hearing:

HB 1542 – Would legalize the concealed carry of guns on all NH state college campuses. I spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video:

CACR 16 – State Rep Neal Kurk proposes amending the constitution to enshrine the right to privacy from government. I skeptically spoke in favor. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1426 – This awful bill would make revenge porn a sex offender list offense. I spoke against. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1567 – A confusing bill from wannabe tyrant Delmar Burridge that adjusts prostitution penalties up and down. I spoke against. This is the full hearing video:

HB 1504 – Would add civil liberties violations to the purview of the Human Rights Commission. I cautiously spoke in favor. Here’s almost all of the hearing:

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Keene’s Imam Launches Weekday Radio Show; Makes Major Splash in NH Media

Free Keene - Sun, 2018-01-14 22:45 +0000

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Shirefest 2017

In the face of threats from the City of Keene, New Hampshire’s first full-time mosque opened its doors during the holiday season for both Islamic and interfaith gatherings. As a result, mainstream media covered the grand opening, including the Keene Sentinel and Union Leader.

Shortly thereafter, imam Will Coley was interviewed by WKBK‘s morning talk show host, Dan Mitchell. The interview is very good and you can listen to it here:

As of last week, Coley has launched a weekday afternoon drive talk radio show, “Call to Freedom” on Keene-based LRN.FM – the Liberty Radio Network. LRN.FM is a 24/7 streaming audio network heard online and on free-to-air satellite internationally. Coley’s new weekday show along with longtime nighttime show “Free Talk Live“, (on which Coley is a frequent co-host) are also both simulcast in HD video via the brand new LRN.FM Twitch channel.

Join our new Discord at!

Call to Freedom features a daily Crypto Hour, where all the conversation is focused on the world of cryptocurrency. Also, throughout the full three hour show per day, listeners have a chance to win cryptocurrency giveaways if they hear either a faucet sound effect, or a satellite targeting sound effect. You can listen live to LRN.FM from 4-7pm Eastern, Monday through Friday and call in to win free internet money at 603-283-6160. The show also features plenty of libertarian opinions on the issues with a rotating set of co-hosts including several area libertarian personalities as well as remote hosts including crypto-expert Aria DiMezzo aka, “the Anarchist Shemale” and attorney/wrestling manager Thom Gray.

The rapport between the hosts of the show is excellent and Coley’s sense of humor and energy is outstanding. Be sure to listen live on LRN.FM, or later on via their podcast.

Also, LRN.FM recently launched a Discord where you can text or voice chat with other listeners and hosts, so be sure to join us on the new Discord at Discord.LRN.FM!

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Volunteers Needed Now

Immediate Openings Available

Please visit this page for more information:

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Feature Article on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Runs in NH’s Largest Newspaper

Free Keene - Sun, 2017-12-31 22:35 +0000

The grand opening of Portsmouth’s Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in September

This summer, the Keene Sentinel ran an excellent feature story about Bitcoin and the local businesses here that accept it. Now the Union Leader has joined in the cryptocurrency coverage in a lengthy story featured on their website that focuses on three cryptocurrency-accepting businesses statewide.

Journalist Melanie Plenda does a thorough job in her story and gets some really useful and insightful quotes from the business owners she interviewed.

You can check out the story here on the Union Leader’s site.

If you’re a liberty-oriented cryptocurrency fan, ask yourself if this level of positive cryptocurrency news coverage is happening in your area. If not, you really ought to consider moving to the crypto-Mecca of New Hampshire. Here are 101 reasons why you should.

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DUI Checkpoint Activism + College Know-Your-Rights Outreach

Free Keene - Mon, 2017-11-20 23:01 +0000

Recently I wrote the eulogy for Cop Block, the national police accountability activist news website. Nothing lasts forever, especially in the world of activism, where doing the right thing rarely means one can make a living at it. Burnout is real and has happened to some of the brightest activists to ever hit the Cop Block scene.

Cop Block as a national organization may have died, but it’s not dead here in New Hampshire, where it was incubated – according to founder Pete Eyre – in Keene.

Though regular Cop Blocking patrols are more rare these days and more likely to happen in Keene than anywhere else, large numbers of activists still participate in the ongoing DUI checkpoint countering that happens multiple times a year in Manchester.

Toward the end of this summer, state and local police set up DUI checkpoints in Cheshire county for the first time in five years. Thomas Parisi from The Jail Paper came out with the group to document the checkpoint. It was set up just a few hundred feet from the bridge to Brattleboro, VT so we had multiple Cop Blockers on both points of entry to the checkpoint with multiple reflective signs alerting peaceful motorists to the upcoming harassment. Not surprisingly, state police statistics reported zero DUIs were found during the checkpoint, though they did write a bunch of motor vehicle violation tickets and make a few drug possession arrests. So, all victimless “crimes” – another huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

The Jail Paper also reported on Cop Block know-your-rights outreach that regularly happens in the Keene State College neighborhood. Here are both videos in one, courtesy of The Jail Paper:

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Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine Becomes Cryptocurrency Vending Machine, Adds DASH!

Free Keene - Sun, 2017-11-19 20:58 +0000

DASH, Now Available at the Crypto Vending Machine in Keene, NH!

Recent drama behind the scenes with Bitcoin has resulted in the world’s most popular and oldest cryptocurrency, that sadly can’t scale to increased demand, and as a result, has escalating, ridiculous fees.

Luckily, thanks to an NH-based upstart from the Seacoast called Anypay, now merchants can accept DASH at point-of-sale. In fact, here in Keene, New Hampshire, local mom-n-pop retailers Corner News, Hot Hogs BBQ, D’s Cafe, and Route 101 Local Goods all now accept DASH at the register via the Anypay app.

It’s a relief to be able to use cryptocurrency again retail in real life, with fees that are sane. Fees for sending are usually no more than 1-3 cents’ worth of DASH per transaction, and they’re expected to get even lower with DASH’s next upgrade. Compare that with Bitcoin’s recent, insane $10+ median fees recently. Over the last couple of days they’ve dipped, but are still over $6 worth of BTC just to send a transaction. It’s sad – Bitcoin is broken, yet amazingly continues an upward trend in value, just today setting a new record high of over $8,000 USD per BTC.

Right in the midst of the DASH retail explosion happening in both Portsmouth and Keene, Lamassu, the manufacturer of Keene’s first Bitcoin Vending Machine released a long-awaited system update that has expanded their software to allow for multiple cryptocurrencies to be vended. Since DASH is uniquely positioned as “digital cash” and has growing point-of-sale support in the Keene area, it is now the first additional cryptocurrency besides bitcoin to be offered as a vended product in this region.

Route 101 Local Goods is at 661 Marlboro Rd. in Keene, NH

That means DASH is now available in Cryptocurrency Vending Machines (CVMs) across southern New Hampshire! In June, Portsmouth became the first city to offer DASH in its vending machine(s). One month later, Manchester’s original Bitcoin Vending Machine at Murphy’s taproom had added DASH.

Route 101 Local Goods, the location of Keene’s CVM, is at 661 Marlboro Rd. and is open Mon-Sat 10a-6p, and Sunday 11a-5p. They accept multiple cryptocurrencies at the register and offer some really cool NH-sourced, hand-crafted products for sale. It’s a perfect place to do all your holiday shopping.

Thanks to Lamassu (originally based in Manchester, NH) for the system update to allow people to have a choice in the crypto-marketplace. If you’re a crypto-libertarian and you aren’t planning a move to NH, here are 101 Reasons why you should.

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Dash Contractor Points Remittance Users to Crypto ATMs Over “Funding the Wall”

Free Keene - Sun, 2017-11-19 02:24 +0000

Billions in remittances are annually sent from folks in the USSA to their friends and families elsewhere. For decades, firms like Western Union and MoneyGram took a hefty fee for this service. But today, with the emergence of peer-to-peer digital currencies like Dash, money transfers can be done more speedily and with a much lower fee. This latter route can now be pursued by residents of San Antonio, Texas thanks to the existence of a Dash-enabled General Bytes Machine at LOL Liquors.

This video features Danny Sessom of and Paras Arora of LOL Liquors.

LOL Liquors has two locations in greater San Antonio and offers one hour delivery within Bexar County (210-714-0036).

  • 12107 Toepperwein Rd., Ste. 6, Live Oak, Texas 78233
  • 7432 W Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78227
  • Bitso exchange in Mexico
  • Wirex pre-paid debit card
  • What Is Dash?
  • General Bytes is the World’s Largest Dash-Supporting ATM Network
  • Remittance Flows Worldwide in 2015
  • Trump threatens remittance blackmail to fund border wall with Mexico

[DANNY SESSOM] What I feel is kind of important about what we’re doing is trying to reach the immigrant community who are, of course, the unbanked and that’s kind of what cryptocurrency’s all about. And we want to teach them how to use cryptocurrency to cheaply send money home to Mexico or South America, Central America, wherever.

[REMITTANCE FLOWS WORLDWIDE ONLINE ARTICLE] $134 billion in remittances was sent from the U.S. to other countries in 2015. About 1/6 of that was sent to people in Mexico.

[DANNY SESSOM] You know, one of the things that Trump was talking about as far as building the wall is this is the way that we’re going to pay for it, this is how we’re going to force Mexico to pay for it is, you know, raising the fees on remittance services and tariffs and stuff going across the border. Well hey, why would anybody want to contribute to something that’s such an insult to them? So we’re delivering the Dash ATM to LOL Liquors.

[WHAT IS DASH? VIDEO EXCERPT] Dash is digital cash. Money exchanged on a highly secure, open source, peer to peer network.

[PARAS ARORA] It’s such an honor to have it here at the store. I have a ATM at my second location but that’s not a Dash ATM it’s just a Bitcoin ATM so this is an upgrade to me. Number one it increases foot traffic. Bitcoin ATMs are not —Bitcoin and Dash ATMs I should say, are not as common still, so it’s a destination shop. You know, people are going to drive from all over the place and this machine should pull traffic from as far as 100 miles, even 150 miles. The San Antonio community is very interesting, very diverse number one, I should say. Predominantly it’s a hispanic community and we really got affected you know — people had friends and family you know — of course the natural disaster that happened in Mexico. So of course they all want to help and, let’s say it’s their hard-earned money and San Antonio is really also very much of a blue collar community so let’s say you only have $60 that you want to send your family and you’re paying $18, $20 out of that $60 to Western Union or MoneyGram — that really eats 20-30% off that cost, which is, you know, completely not right. You know, these people are trying to help their families and friends and they really can’t do it.

[WHAT IS DASH? VIDEO EXCERPT] With Dash, fees are extremely low or completely nonexistent.

[DANNY SESSOM] I’ve been a contractor for roofing for 30 years now. Well, the guys that worked for me and everything I would take them down to send their money through Western Union and they were always getting raked over the coals so when I did get into Bitcoin I realized that hey, this is something that I need to be teaching these guys about. There is going to be a 5% fee if they’re using the ATMs, which would be lower than the normal ATM fees. I think people are paying 10%, 15% or more to use the crypto ATMs with Bitcoin or whatever. So, we’ll have a coupon code for these people to use it and get away with 5%.What we’re hoping for is, you know, Bitso is going to be accepting Dash so they’ll have an exchange that they can work with on that side but I think what would be more effective for them is actually the Wirex card because the fees will be lower. Basically you would just send your cryptocurrency and since they added Dash recently, you’d be able to send your Dash there as well and it would just load onto your pre-paid debit card and you’d spend it as dollars wherever you go. It was available in Mexico and I spoke with some of the guys from Wirex recently and they’ve been in Mexico working on that, so they’re working right now on bringing it back online in Mexico.

[PARAS ARORA] You want to change the world — you don’t change the world by selecting the right politician, you don’t change the world by voting for X person or Y person, you change the world with modern technology. You change the world by coding. That’s crypto for you. This is how we can change the world.




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Brandon Pinney Victorious in Court in Free Speech Case vs NH State Police

Free Keene - Sat, 2017-11-18 19:15 +0000

Brandon Pinney Awaits Trial in a “Fuck Cops” Handmade Shirt

After being found guilty last year in Keene District Court of “disorderly conduct” for telling state police to “fuck off”, NH-native Brandon Pinney appealed to a jury trial. I’m happy to announce that thanks to a hung jury, Brandon is victorious, as the state has decided to not retry the case. In an email, Brandon says:

Just letting you know that the deadline has passed for the state to retry me and the hung jury stands. While i am disappointed I was not fully exonerated i am glad and fortunate that in my case a jury of my peers was able to see that the situation did not unfold as the state presented it.

For the full initial district court trial video, you can check out this post. At the time, he heroically wore a “FUCK COPS” homemade t-shirt into court. Free speech includes the right to say unpleasant things to government officials. The district court judge, Edward Burke, was wrong to uphold the charge against him and it was good to see some jurors could see the situation clearly. This is a clear free speech issue, and in the long run the state would have lost in its own courts. Brandon stated further:

I also want you to know that I don’t regret wearing my shirt. I am more than a little troubled that my arresting officer initially served as the prosecutor. I believe that a county prosecutor would have declined to take up the case after reading the witness statements. Some of the statements made by the ranger, the fish and game officer and state trooper, as well as their testimony at trial, were impeached and this fact demonstrates the weakness of their case. It is unfortunate that things ever went as far as they did the day I was arrested and in the ensuing legal process.

To learn more about jury nullification, your right to judge a case based on your conscience, please visit Congratulations to Brandon on his win, thanks to the jurors who voted not guilty, and sorry for the belated update on this important case!

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“A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid

Understanding sex offenders: the untold story

An inside look at the people on Nebraska's sex offender registry


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Two Newspaper Appearances in One Day!

Free Keene - Tue, 2017-11-14 03:48 +0000

NH’s Top Newspaper Regularly Features Libertarian Activists

I’ve long stated that libertarians in New Hampshire are making a bigger impact than anywhere else. That’s because we’ve concentrated our efforts here as part of an ongoing NH Freedom Migration, and turns out – concentrating activists in one geographic area actually works! Besides the haters who target our activists, you can also tell we’re effective because the media not only writes about our activism regularly, but also reaches out for comment on other issues that don’t even directly involve us.

This happens here because libertarians in New Hampshire are a relevant political force and we cannot be ignored, like happens to libertarians in other states.

Today, I had the honor of being included in two different newspaper articles, in two different newspapers.

First up, Union Leader reporter Meghan Pierce’s story about Dublin’s counterproductive new paraphernalia ordinance that was their top story of the day today. I was given the last word in the piece. Thanks Meghan!

“Apparently the chief (Suokko) and town council just can’t let go of the insane war on drugs and just have to keep pushing to extract more money and obedience from peaceful cannabis users who are our neighbors, co-workers, and friends,”

Also today, Steve Whitmore from the Keene Sentinel called me early this morning to get a comment on Christopher Cantwell‘s court hearing last week where two of the three felony charges were dropped against him. Here’s Whitmore’s story that appeared in today’s Sentinel.

In case you need more reasons to join the most successful libertarian movement in the world, here are 101 of them in a really entertaining documentary film.

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Imam Accused of Being Drunk by City of Keene Bureaucrat!

Free Keene - Sun, 2017-11-12 12:00 +0000

Will Coley, Imam of the soon-to-open MALIC Center in Keene, NH recently made the mistake of asking permission to put up a sign for the mosque he’s opening in Keene. Realizing that asking for permission only gives bureaucrats reasons to create hoops to jump and fees to pay, Will went in to inform them he intends to move ahead with or without their permission slip, per the freedom of speech and religion.

During the interaction one particularly rude bureaucrat insults me and then issues an even bigger insult to Will, as a Muslim. She actually asserts that he smells of alcohol, a ridiculous claim, given it’s been over a decade since he’s drank any. Here’s the full video of his interactions with authoritarian bureaucrats on Thursday afternoon:

With the story already hitting the one of the Sentinel’s front pages yesterday, it’s already looking like the people calling themselves the “City of Keene” are going to be an international laughingstock again! With such insulting and threatening behavior not long after suffering defeat after defeat, all the way to the NH Supreme Court in the Robin Hood case where they tried and failed to crush the free speech of activists who have rescued thousands of motorists from parking tickets.

Enjoy the video and subscribe to for the latest on the MALIC Center and any further threats or aggression from the city gang.

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