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UPDATE: Parents Arrested Several Months After Bringing Kids to Concord Playground

Free Keene - 3 hours 44 min ago

Concord Police Target Parents, Kids at Playground

It late April I shared some outrageous video of uniformed, masked Concord gang members threatening a group of peaceful parents who had come to a local playground with their kids during the “stay at home” lockdown. The masked bullies targeted the small group of parents but the same gang ignored mass anti-lockdown demonstrations at the state house with hundreds violating the “orders” of “HIS EXCELLENCY” Chris Sununu. The armed gangsters knew they don’t have the numbers to challenge 400 demonstrators, but picking on a few peaceful families when no one else was around, now that’s more their speed.

Now one of the parents, Rochelle Kelley of Weare, NH says that even though she left the playground when the armed gang members ordered her to, several months later they issued a warrant for her arrest on charges of “Criminal Trespassing” and “Disorderly Conduct”. Two other parents from the same playground incident, Pamela Jewell and Tyler Workman were also arrested recently, according to WMUR. Curiously, WMUR was able to get the Concord police gang to comment on the story and actually provide information. The government lapdog media gets special treatment, apparently. When I requested the information about the case from the Concord gang records division on Tuesday I received a response back saying it could take up to ninety days. It wasn’t just me, Kelley herself requested records from CPD and was also given the same response. WMUR had no such difficulty, apparently.

The good news is that Kelley is planning to fight the charges and has retained liberty lawyer Dan Hynes to take the case. ReopenNH founder Andrew Manuse has put together a fundraiser for her legal defenses that in just a few days has raised over $2,600 of its $10,000 goal.

Just to be clear, multiple parents in the so-called “Live Free or Die” state are now facing two years behind bars for bringing their kids to a playground. It’s a perfect example of how insane this Fear World is and how far the state is willing to go to ensure people’s obedience. Were the parents at risk of infection by bringing their kids to a playground? Maybe, but it should be their risk to take. We are always taking risks. Until 2020, risk was a regular part of life and still is. It was probably more risky to just drive to the playground in the first place, but few people worry every day about getting behind the wheel of a rolling deathtrap.

The police gang would have you believe they are enforcing these draconian measures to help keep people safe. What would be worse for the kids, though? A young family coming down with an easily-defeatable virus, or mom or dad going to jail for two years? The reality is that the government gang is doing this to centralize their power and further their control of our lives and sadly most people are just doing what they are told, even if it destroys their business and freedom. I will continue to cover those like Kelley who are willing to stand up and fight. Her arraignment in Concord at district court is October 19th.

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Aria DiMezzo & “Pho Keene Great” Suing NH Governor and “City of Keene” over Mask Mandates!

Free Keene - Sat, 2020-09-19 01:03 +0000

Ian Freeman, Malaise Lindenfeld, Aria DiMezzo, co-plaintiffs lawsuit against mask mandates in NH.

In a fifty-seven page lawsuit filed today in federal court in Concord, New Hampshire, Aria DiMezzo and other plaintiffs including downtown restaurant “Pho Keene Great” are targeting the mask mandates issued by the “City of Keene” and “His Excellency”, NH Governor Chris Sununu.

Attorney Robert Fojo, who also sued Nashua earlier this year over their mandatory mask ordinance, is heading up the suit. In the detailed complaint, Fojo argues the City of Keene’s mask mandate is illegal, as New Hampshire is not a “home rule” state. Municipalities in New Hampshire are only allowed to create ordinances if state law authorizes it. Fojo says cities and towns do not have that authorization when it comes to masks. Additionally, Fojo says the Keene ordinance and Sununu’s state-level mask mandate on groups over 100 people is also a violation of people’s constitutionally protected rights.

In multiple counts, the suit points out the mask restrictions violate the right to assemble, due process, freedom of religion, and the freedom of speech via facial expressions and literally having one’s air passages restricted. Attorney Fojo cites some strongly-written Texas court decisions from this year including Abbott 20-0291 where the Texas Supreme Court agreed unanimously that, “The Constitution is not suspended when the government declares a state of disaster.” and Salon A La Mode, et al 20-0340, where the same court wrote, “All government power in this country, no matter how well-intentioned, derives only from the state and federal constitutions. Government power cannot be exercised in conflict with these constitutions, even in a pandemic…If we tolerate unconstitutional government orders during an emergency, whether out of expediency or fear, we abandon the Constitution at the moment we need it most.”

Sadly, too many people in New Hampshire have been obeying myriad outrageous infringements on our liberties. Some obey out of irrational fear of a relatively unremarkable virus that the media and governments across the world have blown way out of proportion. Others obey the draconian edicts because they are afraid of what their obedient neighbors might think. Business owners comply too, some because they either believe the government’s propaganda or think the restrictions are what their frightened customers want and they don’t want to lose their business. Other business owners obey the diktats simply because they are afraid of what the government goons will do to them if they don’t do as they are “ordered”.

As a result of this pervasive culture of fear, very few NH business owners have stood up against these arbitrary “orders” endlessly emanating from “His Excellency”, and yes, Sununu’s orders really do refer to him in that way.

Magician and Comedian Penn Jillette Wearing a Pho Keene Great Shirt!

Thank goodness for Pho Keene Great, the best-named restaurant in all of New Hampshire that made international headlines after the “City of Keene” gang threatened their moniker during the 2018 Christmas holiday. Owner Malaise Lindenfeld is a local entrepreneur with a knack for opening and operating successful, trendy restaurants. Sadly, like so many businesses across New Hampshire and elsewhere, two of her three area restaurants, Audrey’s Cafe and Piedra Fina have been closed permanently due to the power-mad restrictions imposed this year by tyrant king Sununu.

When asked about her involvement in the lawsuit, Lindenfeld – who immigrated from Venezuela – said, “I am leary of being forced to do things “for the greater good”. Historically, the government starts with small actions and then moves on to sweeping changes that erode our freedoms. COVID-19 could be a case study on how this is true. We started with closing restaurants for two weeks to flatten the curve, and moved on to general lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing. Every time a new rule is made we are told that it is just one small sacrifice for the greater good. “If we could save one life”, we are told, it will all be worth it. But each small sacrifice adds up to one large violation of our rights. I have seen this as a Jew and as a Venezuelan, and I know that ultimately this is not about the greater good after all, but about the greater concentration of power. I am not willing to quietly relinquish my freedom.”

Lindenfeld’s co-plaintiff needs no introduction to those paying attention to the news in the last week. Aria DiMezzo who launched from relative obscurity to international headline-grabber by securing the republican nomination for Cheshire County Sheriff despite being a self-described “Anarchist She-Male” who also happens to be the High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church in Keene. Given Keene’s mask mandate targets all “business” including non-profits, her Keene-based church has standing to sue the city gang.

We will not obey.

DiMezzo weighed in regarding her reasons for being co-plaintiff in the case, saying, “It’s not about whether masks are effective or ineffective. That isn’t the issue here. It’s about whether the government can force me to put on a identifier…It’s about whether the government can turn you, my brothers and sisters, my friends, my family in humanity, against me on the basis of what I wear. This is not a Jewish star in Nazi Germany. However, precedents are important. If we allow this to happen, there is no telling what might come next.”

The third co-plaintiff is me, Ian Freeman, co-founder of Bitcoin Embassy NH in Keene and also minister of the Shire Free Church, which in addition to operating the Embassy, owns the building housing the Embassy. The Embassy also runs the local cryptocurrency meetup group that continued to hold meetings even in the early days of COVID in defiance of governor’s orders prohibiting gatherings of over ten. All the lawsuit co-plaintiffs were co-organizers of a mask freedom rally held in Keene’s Central Square after Sununu issued his “order” banning unmasked gatherings of over 100. The order targets organizers of such events with the penalty, not the attendees, much like the Keene mask ordinance that puts the consequences on local business owners, turning them into unpaid enforcers against their own customers, effectively forcing them to cut their own business’ throats.

This lawsuit isn’t perfect. It targets only the most symbolic of the insane restrictions put in place over the last six months – the mask mandates in Keene and statewide. It’s merely a starting point. The ideal suit would be to target all the governor’s orders and the statutes that enable him to issue them in the first place, however our attorney says that needs to be done in state court and our case here is federal. Attorney Fojo already has a couple of relevant cases pending in state court with other clients. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for updates regarding any progress or failure in regards to the legal pushback against this insane medical authoritarian state growing around us. Whether our suit prevails or not, we’ll never win so long as people keep obediently doing what these government goons tell them. When will you stop obeying?

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Haters Spraypaint Penis & “FAG” on Aria DiMezzo’s Convertible, Slash Top and Tire in Overnight Attack

Free Keene - Sun, 2020-09-13 22:38 +0000

On Friday, Free Keene broke the news about the self-described “Anarchist She-Male”, Aria DiMezzo who made it through the primary as a republican candidate for Cheshire County Sheriff. On Saturday, after NH Journal’s Damien Fisher ran his story, FOX News published a front-page piece. From there, it went international, FAST. Early this morning some hater and likely cop-supporter targeted Aria’s campaign car, a Mitsubishi convertible, with multiple acts of property destruction including slashing a tire, the cloth top, and spraypainting a huge penis with “FAG” written inside it on the passenger side:

Aria DiMezzo’s Car Vandalized: Slashed top, tire, and tagged.

They say if you don’t take flak, you’re not over the target. It’s clear that those who are supporting the status quo are feeling threatened by her campaign and there’s also a good chance the perpetrator is uncomfortable with his or her own sexuality and is lashing out rather than coming to grips with his likely secret attraction to she-males. When I asked her to comment on the attack, DiMezzo said, “I find it rather funny. Imagine being so motivated by hate that basic morality flies out the window. But, all in all, rather funny, though I have to admit they’re lucky all my guns were lost in that tragic boating accident.”

The same night as the attack against her car, someone stole the “Fuck ’em Both” presidential campaign sign from her front yard, but left the “Aria DiMezzo for Sheriff…F*** the Police” signs standing.

You can donate to Aria’s car repair GoFundMe

Estimates at repairing the damage to her vehicle go as high as thousands of dollars for a new paint job, new tire, and new cloth top. A GoFundMe has been launched to help her out as she works full time at a local pizza place.

With this terrible act of vandalism against her, the haters have proven that DiMezzo is relevant and a threat to the status quo. Kudos to her for her courage to continue forward despite the waves of hate coming against her from multiple fronts. Media interested in interviewing DiMezzo can reach out through her campaign email, Supporters can follow her on social media including her Twitter and Mastodon and also join the public campaign chatroom here on Telegram.

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“She-Male” Defeats Longtime Republican Candidate to Face Incumbent Democrat for Sheriff in General Election

Free Keene - Fri, 2020-09-11 05:06 +0000

Aria DiMezzo, on Cheshire TV’s Spotlight on the Candidates during her 2018 campaign.

Aria DiMezzo, the self-described “she-male” anarchist running for Cheshire County Sheriff as a republican has soundly defeated longtime candidate-for-sheriff Earl Nelson 10-to-1 and now moves on to face democrat incumbent Sheriff Eli Rivera in the general election on November 3rd!

Nelson has been the challenger against Rivera for the last several election cycles, but has never been able to defeat him. This year during the filing window for candidates, Nelson hadn’t filed as of two days prior to the deadline, so Aria decided to run for Cheshire County Sheriff– again.

She previously ran for Cheshire Sheriff as a Libertarian candidate in 2018, back when the Libertarians had major party ballot access status in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the transsexual anarchist founder of the Reformed Satanic Church only received just over 2.3% of the vote in the three-way race. However, at that point she had not yet legally changed her name, which she now has. Since the two major parties make it so hard for Libertarians and other parties to run for office, we might as well run in the two parties.

This time around DiMezzo’s campaign attracted some attention from some haters in Rindge who mounted a sizable write-in campaign on behalf of Nelson. It is not known whether they got Nelson’s approval for this and the official republican primary results from the state show their campaign had near-zero effect outside of Rindge. However the attacks against her had a reverse effect and actually brought her new supporters who excitedly put dozens of yard signs out around Cheshire County’s roads.

Yard Signs Available via

When I asked her to comment for this story, she said, “It is with great joy that I receive this nomination from the Republicans of Cheshire County, who, in an era of Donald Trump, showed their tolerance and dedication to the principles of small-government by nominating the trans anarchic High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church to be sheriff.”

With the ongoing nationwide protests demanding police accountability for attacking peaceful people of all colors, there’s no better time for DiMezzo’s candidacy. Given Rivera’s violent past, DiMezzo may actually have a chance to unseat him. As a trans person originally from the South, Aria can definitely relate to the problems plaguing government’s monopoly police. She addressed the issue in her introduction piece on her campaign website, saying she’s seen, “first-hand the dangers of bigotry, overt and subtle. These biases inform the actions of police in terrifying ways, since they are allowed to “exercise discretion” in which “crimes” to pursue and which to ignore. This leads to a disproportionate targeting of black people and LGBTQ+ people by police, who, like all predators, seek out the weakest prey they can find.”

A key campaign issue, according to her website, is making Cheshire County a sanctuary for all peaceful acts now prohibited by the state – a total end to enforcement of “victimless crimes”.

When not running for Sheriff, DiMezzo is a nationally syndicated talk show host on “Free Talk Live“, which is heard on over 190 radio stations across the United States. She also teaches people how to sell Bitcoin and has extensive experience in helping connect people with cryptocurrency.

It’s going to be a very interesting election. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on DiMezzo’s epic campaign.

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Government in the Time of Increasing Orchestrated Indifference

Adventures in the Free State - Thu, 2020-09-10 21:57 +0000

To the NH DMV Monopoly, 9/9/2020 ('cuz, c'mon: what good would complaining to it do, anyway?)

I needed to register a new-to-me vehicle that I purchased in MA on 8/31. I obediently followed, to the letter (but also including, undemanded and additionally, my phone number on the envelope), the instructions published on the NH DMV's own website to obtain the mandated temporary plates so that I could go retrieve my property without being accosted and plundered by opportunistic legalized road agents.

I submitted on 9/1 all demanded paperwork via the prescribed "dropbox" (because that's now the only acceptable mechanism for this transaction, in the age of irrational hysteria) at the "officially closed -- no appointments, even" Milford, NH, DMV outpost. On that "dropbox", notably, there is (or maybe at this point, was?) posted a sign that says in part, "Transactions will be processed within 24~48 hours. Unless otherwise noted the documents will be mailed to you." (emphasis your humble chronicler's)

I have yet, and also notably, to find any notation otherwise. So I obediently waited for my plates. My government wouldn't mislead me...

Around 3:30 or so on the afternoon of 9/9, still waiting, I (finally) called 603-227-4030, to be eventually connected, after over an hour on hold ("unusual volume" compared to what, exactly?), to someone who, confident she didn't work for me, clearly simply could not have cared less if I'd paid her extra to do so, and eventually hung up on me, "I-don't-have-to-listen-to-this-'cuz-you're-not-the-boss-of-me"-style, rather than answer uncomfortable questions -- as a competitive, customer-focused business would require that she do -- if it wanted to survive, anyway.

I was told, essentially, that nobody knew nothin'. That, jeeze, says here the plates were ready and waiting in Milford! Had been, in fact, since 9/2, whaddaya want from us? That the DMV had, in fact, dearly wanted to contact me, but didn't have my contact info. Didn't have my contact info. The DMV. Yes, the Dept of "Safety". Arguably the heart of the police state.
And this was even despite my phone number having been helpfully printed on the envelope (remember the phone number on the envelope?) in which the paperwork (including the check that had nevertheless been cashed the week prior) was contained. That I was supposed to have known that I was supposed to do... well, something. Call them, maybe? At some time? At the office that officially isn't even open ('cuz, and among other things, the plates wouldn't be anywhere other than that closed office, right?)? And I should also somehow know to knock at the outwardly deserted outpost, with the "special" knock, hoping somebody just materialized. And I should know not to question my employees. EVER.
So the DMV having nowhere requested this suspiciously systemically missing -- and, indeed, unnecessary, since everything is gonna be, y'know, "mailed to you", right? -- data, how do you normally proactively contact your customers in situations similar to this where there aren't even any "complications"? How many of them nevertheless volunteer the data you somehow don't realize you need, right there on the envelope where you can't miss it?

No, she had not even the slightest passing interest in hearing a puny opinion that her system was fundamentally broken and consumer-unfriendly -- as if that would have been a problem, even if it were possible. Address it? Uh-uh. Suck it up. Not her department, anyway. <*click*> Hell, this is government: that department doesn't exist. Besides, even if, for some inexplicable reason, it had existed, like Washington's Monument, it would have been the first "service" on the chopping block. Long, long ago. 'We don't care. We don't have to. We're the fiat monopoly.' You ungrateful taxpayers, you...
And so now on 9/9, I (finally) have temp plates, prominently dated 9/2 (which is already a day later than I would have had them, in saner times), that nevertheless are good for only 20 days and need to get an inspection in 10 days, 7 of which are already gone. Do not even try to tell me that your enforcers "will understand" -- I'm telling you about my most recent experience with your officious bureaucrats right here.
I'm only now (finally) intending to pick up the truck to which they're to be attached tomorrow, 9/10, and proceed to the "registration" phase of this sadistic farce (not really, 'cuz as I belatedly remember, my town offices close at 1 on Thursdays, so I'm not putting this shitshow behind me quite yet -- 9/11 is really more appropriate anyway, don'tcha think...?).
And for those playing along at home, that will be 9 of 10 days gone -- and #10 would be a Saturday. Because my "servant" government has screwed me and exasperated me - without consequence, without remorse, with self-assured dismissive indifference -- yet again. And the thing is, I know I'm not alone. So do you.
And you refuse to even be ashamed, DMV. Ahh, to be unaccountable government...
Yes, I am personally well aware that there are <shudder> far worse DMVs than NH's out there. That excuses exactly nothing. Please assure me that's not your metric for grading mandatory force-monopoly government "services". Or politicians, for that matter...
And now, in this "shitshow-on-steroids" year of 2020, it's worse still. By fiat. Thanks, government...!!
But then, relentlessly making life more arduous (and expensive) -- at its own whim -- is why We the People instituted government, right...?
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Preserve Freedom of Choice in New Hampshire: Manchester Mask Mandate Puts Residents at Risk

Free Keene - Wed, 2020-09-02 16:02 +0000

Yesterday scores of people gathered outside of City Hall in Manchester, New Hampshire to voice their support for retaining freedom of choice with regard to masks. Some city alderman were scheduled to vote on a mandate that would require residents and visitors to wear face coverings at all times, regardless of their efficacy, or pay $1,000.00 for non-compliance. Allegedly, the decision was a split vote 7-7, with the mayor being the deciding vote, so the council decided to postpone the vote until next month.

The event, titled “Mask Mandates: Absurd, Slavish, and Destructive to Mankind” was organized on Facebook by State Senate candidate Carla Gericke with only 24 hours notice. The name is a nod to New Hampshire’s Tenth Amendment. Attendees held signs, distributed literature to passers-by, and addressed the crowd with a megaphone. The overall theme of the event was that health and medical decisions are a personal choice and should not be mandated by government agents. Similar events have taken place in Plymouth and Portsmouth, where local bureaucrats are considering similar mandates and fines.

Yesterday, agents in Concord, NH mandated that face coverings be worn by all people in most businesses or face fines — a move that the Liberty Defense Fund of New Hampshire says it will challenge in court. As more well-intentioned bureaucrats jump on the mask mandate bandwagon, they recklessly invite endless lawsuits and legal challenges for which their residents must pay. It is not enough to infringe on the people’s rights. To add insult to injury, they also make residents and business owners pay for the lawsuits to defend the infringement, win or lose.

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Nobody Interviewed on WASR-AM in Wolfeboro, NH

Free Keene - Mon, 2020-08-31 21:30 +0000

Talk show host Eric Scott had Nobody on his show on WASR-AM/FM in Wolfeboro for an hour last week and we captured it for you to watch. Enjoy and visit and be sure to vote for Nobody for Governor in the Republican primary on Sept 8th in New Hampshire.

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Rock/Metal Band “FUD” Plays First-Ever Concert at Forkfest 2020

Free Keene - Sun, 2020-08-30 23:43 +0000

While a bunch of scared, obedient people were cowering in their homes, liberty-loving freedom activists came to Forkfest 2020 the week leading to Independence Day. Despite ongoing threats from government gangsters, a good time was had by all, and a Forkfest first was achieved – a live musical performance!

“FUD” aka Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt featuring Captain Kickass, Aria DiMezzo, and Michael Gordon premiered their first concert, which featured some covers, a couple of parodies, and an original track.

Immediately after the fireworks show finished on Independence Day, FUD kicked off their show heard across Rogers Campground. Now you can hear it too, so enjoy!

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Anti-Mask Protest Threatens Lawsuits, Non-Compliance in Portsmouth, NH

Free Keene - Sun, 2020-08-30 21:41 +0000

A dozen people gathered in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire to protest the “Mask Mandate” ordinance that the City Council is passing this week. They want the Mayor to know that they will be presenting legal challenges to the mandate, which they view as unlawful.

Like the Health Freedom NH page and join the 8.3Leader group to stay informed of upcoming events.

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Trump Rally in Manchester Draws Crowd, Free Ross Supporters

Free Keene - Sat, 2020-08-29 13:07 +0000

I attended my first ever Trump Rally. This one took place Friday, August 28, 2020, the day after the Republican Convention commenced. I went with the goal of talking with as many people as possible about Ross Ulbricht and asking them to please sign the petition to Free Ross from prison. Trump has pardoned many political prisoners, and Ross deserves to be free. He is serving a double-life sentence (plus 40 years) with NO PAROLE for a first-time, non-violent drug offense. That’s C-R-A-Z-Y!

This is the full, uncut video from everything my camera captured today. Because of the Free State Project, there were 6 people from around the state who showed up on less than 24 hours notice to be there to support Ross. Amazingly, only one came from Manchester — the city where the event took place and the city with the most Free State Project participants. Sign the petition and let Trump know that Ross should be free!

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Karen vs Nobody: NH Governor Primary Debate VIDEO

Free Keene - Sat, 2020-08-29 03:29 +0000

Karen Testerman and Nobody, the Republican challengers to New Hampshire incumbent tyrant-king Chris Sununu debate various issues from COVID response to the War on Drugs, Government Schools, Riots, Secession and more!

Whether you’re registered Undeclared or Republican, please vote in the Republican primary on September 8th in New Hampshire and choose one of these two candidates over the incumbent! You can register to vote at the polls in NH.

Here’s the full hour-long debate. Thanks to both candidates for participating and to Mark Edge from Free Talk Live for moderating.

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Karen VS Nobody: NH Governor Republican Primary Debate Now Slated for 3pm Friday

Free Keene - Wed, 2020-08-26 21:05 +0000

Republican NH Governor Primary Debate 8/28 @ 3pm

Due to a scheduling conflict we’ve pushed back the start time for the “Karen VS Nobody” NH gubernatorial debate this Friday, August 28th to 3pm Eastern. The participants are Republican candidates for New Hampshire governor Karen Testerman, biologist and Franklin city councilor, and “Nobody“, the libertarian activist who changed his name to run for office.

Questions are being submitted by both candidates to the debate moderator – nationally syndicated talk show host Mark Edge. We’re also asking you to submit your questions for the two Republican challengers to tyrant king Chris Sununu. By the way, Sununu’s campaign did not respond to the debate invitation. Should you wish to submit a question for possible inclusion, please post it to the comments here on this article.

There will be a post made here at Free Keene on Friday where you’ll be able to watch the debate stream live at 3pm. You can also watch it live via the LRN.FM DLive and Twitch channels.

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My Course is a Straight Line

George Donnelly - Tue, 2020-08-25 21:37 +0000

“George, what happened to make you switch from being a part of Bitcoin ABC to now openly criticizing Bitcoin ABC?” One-Word Answer Principles. The Short Answer The short answer is that Amaury Séchet, the owner of Bitcoin ABC, changed his position suddenly and without public warning and I, along with everyone else in Bitcoin Cash, […]

The post My Course is a Straight Line appeared first on More Liberty Now.

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Scientific Poll: Over 25% of Undeclared Voters Choose “Nobody” in NH Republican Primary for Governor – Candidates to Debate Friday 8/28

Free Keene - Tue, 2020-08-25 11:00 +0000

Nobody Speaks at Mask Freedom Rally in Keene

In the 2020 New Hampshire primary election for governor, virtually no polling has been done at all. According to the wiki article on the subject, there’s only been one poll thus far – by St. Anselm College – that has asked people whom they support in the state Republican primary on September 8th, and the poll excluded ballot-qualified republican candidate “Nobody” from their options, only asking respondents if they’d vote for Chris Sununu, Karen Testerman, Someone Else, or Unsure.

Given the pollsters regularly ignore liberty-minded candidates like libertarians, Free Keene hired polling firm Robocent to conduct the only fairly-written scientific poll of both Republican and Undeclared voters, thus far. We purchased a randomly selected list of landlines for actual New Hampshire voters: 25,000 Republicans and 25,000 Undeclareds. In order to have been included in our phone list, the individuals must have voted at least once since 2016. Democrats were not polled as they cannot vote in the Republican primary.

The poll consisted of three questions, the first being a question about which candidate the respondent is supporting for NH governor. Here is the exact copy as delivered over the phone poll:

In the republican primary for New Hampshire governor there are three candidates. Which would you want to have as your governor? Press one for Karen Testerman Press two for Chris Sununu Or press three for Nobody.

525 Undeclared voters took the poll, which by the way is a larger sample size than the unfair poll by St. Anselm. Of the 525 respondents, 132 of them (25.14%) chose Nobody! 24 (4.57%) chose Karen Testerman and 369 (70.28%) selected incumbent Chris Sununu. Primary Poll Results 2020

The responses from registered Republicans were different, however. More of them responded to the poll than the Undeclareds, with 694 respondents from the Republican list. Of those, 58 (8.36%) chose Nobody, 40 (5.76%) chose Karen Testerman, and 596 (85.88%) chose Chris Sununu.

In total, 1219 New Hampshire voters participated in this poll question. 190 (15.59%) chose Nobody, 64 (5.25%) chose Karen Testerman, and 965 (79.16%) chose Chris Sununu.

Nobody’s results are amazing considering he’s had near-zero media coverage for this primary. He had more media for his mayoral run in Keene last year. He’s also spent and raised next to nothing thus far on his campaign. That said, if the media had bothered to pay attention to Sununu’s two challengers, perhaps they would have fared better against the tyrant king incumbent. According to the rest of the poll, both Undeclared and Republican voters were largely unaware of Nobody and Testermans’ respective campaigns. Here is the copy for the second and third questions of the poll:

Prior to this poll, were you aware that Karen Testerman would be a choice on the republican primary ballot on September 8th? Press one if you were aware of Karen’s campaign. Press two if you were not aware. Prior to this poll, were you aware that Nobody would be a choice on the republican primary ballot on September 8th? Press one if you were aware of Nobody’s campaign. Press two if you were not aware.

The results here were similar between the Undeclared and Republican respondents. In the Undeclared results, 474 respondents answered the second question about whether they were aware of Karen Testerman’s campaign before the poll. Only 133 (28.06%) of Undeclared voters were aware of her campaign. 638 Republicans answered the Testerman awareness question and 206 (32.29%) of them were aware of her campaign. Similarly, in the Undeclared results the number of respondents had dropped to 441 by the time the third question was asked, the one about whether they were aware of Nobody’s campaign before the poll. Just 123 (27.89%) of the Undeclared voters indicated they had. Republican respondents had dropped to 598 by the time they reached the Nobody awareness question and of them, 187 (31.27%) indicated they had heard of Nobody’s campaign. The numbers are clear, the bulk of voters were completely unaware of the challengers to Sununu, just two weeks prior to the September 8th state primary election.

We’re hosting a debate between the ballot qualified Republican candidates this Friday at 1pm Eastern on the LRN.FM DLive channel. An archive will be posted online later for those who are unable to watch live. Mark your calendars! So far, Karen Testerman and Nobody have agreed to debate, but Sununu has not responded to his invitation.

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Volunteers Needed Now

Immediate Openings Available

Please visit this page for more information:

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Forkfest 2020 Video: 42nd Year of Independence Day Fireworks @ Roger’s Campground

Free Keene - Mon, 2020-08-24 12:00 +0000

At Forkfest this year, I had the chance to interview Joel White, the pyrotechnician who has been putting on an annual Independence Day fireworks show at Roger’s Campground in New Hampshire now for forty-two years! Also spoke with Crosby Peck, park owner, about the history of the campground. Then I recorded the full fireworks show.

The video pales in comparison with the actual fireworks in real life, but apparently no one has ever recorded the full show before and I told Joel I’d send him the video, so here it is, for what it’s worth. It was a fantastic show, and an excellent way to close out a great week of Forkfest 2020!

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BCH Latam Jul 2020 Activity Report

George Donnelly - Thu, 2020-08-20 23:45 +0000

We picked up speed during Jul 2020 with some new liquidity and video tutorials as well as other work that has not been released yet. Who is BCH Latam? We are Bitcoin Cash Latam. We have a long-term vision and detailed plan to grow Bitcoin Cash awareness and use in Latin America through a bowling […]

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A Hopeful Sign in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Free Keene - Thu, 2020-08-20 13:22 +0000

Here is a high-res version of the poster that I found online by artist Ben Garrison:

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BCH Latam Jun 2020 Activity Report

George Donnelly - Wed, 2020-08-19 22:57 +0000

Jun 2020 was our first month back to work after a suspension of activities due to the coronavirus lockdown situation. Here is the BCH Latam activity report for Jun 2020. Digital Marketing Our goal with digital marketing is to provide a steady presence for Bitcoin Cash in Latin American markets, and to teach people how […]

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Mask Freedom Rally Speech Highlights from Keene’s Central Square

Free Keene - Wed, 2020-08-19 12:00 +0000

Well over one hundred freedom-loving people gathered on Saturday in Keene’s Central Square to protest both Keene’s mask mandate and “His Excellency’s” recent “orders” mandating groups over 100 to wear masks, or else. There were some great speeches including former law enforcement officer Dan LeClair – running for NH Senate District 10 – who struck at the root, saying, “It’s about government taking away our right to decide for ourselves what we should do with our own bodies…there is nothing greater than an individual’s right to freedom.”

Here are highlights from all the day’s speakers including organizer David Lheureux, Republican 2020 candidate for NH Governor Karen Testerman, Republican 2020 NH Senate District 10 candidate Dan LeClair, me, Republican candidate for NH Governor Nobody, and NH Health Freedom’s Cheryl Rounds:

It’s worth noting that this event took place after “His Excellency” Chris Sununu “ordered” any scheduled event over 100 people to have face masks, or else the event organizers will be hit with misdemeanor charges, and we definitely hit over 100 people. One count near its peak had 120. Big thanks to 8.3L organizer David Lheureux for putting it together.

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