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Department of Justice releases data showing impact of COVID-19 in state, federal prisons

Fri, 2022-08-26 16:11 +0000


New data from the Department of Justice is reporting the number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 in U.S. prisons.

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Volunteers Needed Now

Mon, 2022-08-22 18:25 +0000

Immediate Openings Available

Please visit this page for more information:

Interesting Study from the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Wed, 2022-08-03 17:24 +0000

Interesting Study from the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

SEE .PDF File below

"Researchers and community agencies need to explore the needs of this forgotten population, especially as the country grapples with the loneliness associated with COVID-19 and various levels of quarantine. Individuals impacted by the incarceration of a loved one already have limited access to their loved ones behind bars. COVID-19 has dramatically decreased the amount and types of communication available to these individuals. Family members and friends, outside of prison walls, are also major sources of support for incarcerated individuals as they are released from prison (Sirois,2019). More than two million people are incarcerated in various facilities throughout the United States (Sawyer & Wagner, 2020; The Sentencing Project, 2020). Think about the number of individuals impacted by the incarceration of a loved one. Each of those incarcerated individuals have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, and others. There are millions more impacted by incarceration, not accounted for in the two million incarcerated throughout the United States. The secondary prisonization of family members and friends, outside of prison walls, needs to be more fully explored, so that their needs are being met, which might enable them to continue providing invaluable support to individuals who cycle through our prison system."


Wed, 2022-03-09 15:52 +0000

Invitation to Participate in Anonymous Survey for Post Incarcerated People (GIFT CARD)

Fri, 2022-02-11 17:02 +0000
A researcher (Dr. Morgan) at the University of Maryland (and a University of New Hampshire alum!) conducting a national study on the experiences of people who have been incarcerated (released at least two years ago) and have successfully avoided further re-arrest. I seek to honor the challenges, strengths, and resilience of those who have been incarcerated in the United States.   Survey respondents will receive a $20.00 e-gift card upon survey completion. Note: they are having IT difficulties with the link. Expectations are that it will be resolved by Monday.  In the meantime, you may contact Dr. Morgan directly. 

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ALERT - FEB 9 Please Call or Email NH House Criminal Justice Committee Members before Feb 9

Wed, 2022-02-02 15:34 +0000

Predicted Storm has postponed HB1105 hearing until Feb. 9 at 2:15 pm

The NH House Criminal Justice Committee will meet in LOB 202 and receive testimony on HB-1105, a proposal to reduce the “Earned Time Credit” of an inmate.

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MSNBC Airs Rittenhouse Prosecution Closing Arguments, but Not Defense.

Tue, 2021-11-16 17:02 +0000

If you only watch one news outlet you might not be getting all the news all the time, such as in the case of the Kyle Rittenhouse legal trial. MSNBC snubbed the defense team of Kyle Rittenhouse during closing arguments on Monday after only airing the prosecutor's case to the jury that the 18-year-old was guilty of murder.

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Alert Proposed Federal SORNA Regulations Moving Forward from the Office of Management and Budget.

Sat, 2021-10-30 17:11 +0000

Please join CURE-SORT and ACSOL in urging AG Garland and the Biden Administraton to reject the latest federal SORNA registration regulations!

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved proposed SORNA regulations issued more than a year ago.  This is a significant step forward toward finalization of the regulations which are now under consideration by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

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State Police are investigating the death of a resident of New Hampshire State Prison

Fri, 2021-08-27 16:54 +0000
  • New Hampshire Department of Corrections
  • For Immediate Release
  • Un-timely Death at New Hampshire State Prison for Men
  • (Concord, NH) – August 19, 2021 –

The N.H. Department of Corrections and State Police are investigating the death of a resident of New Hampshire State Prison who suffered a fatal medical emergency on Wednesday afternoon.

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Read the Latest CCJR Newsletter and Report of our Chairman

Fri, 2021-08-20 00:53 +0000
Read the Latest CCJR Newsletter and Report of Our Chairman Click Here

Newsletter from NH Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform - August 2021 Edition

Past Newsletters - Click

Sex offense registration for life unconstitutional, says SC Supreme Court

Sat, 2021-06-12 21:19 +0000

By Meg Kinnard . . . South Carolina’s Supreme Court says a state law requiring sex offenders to register for life without prior judicial review is unconstitutional . . .

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Laws driven by misinformation or by facts — which should we strive for?

Fri, 2021-06-11 00:00 +0000

By Dwayne . . . You may know someone or have heard through news sources of individuals ordered by courts to attend sexual offender treatment. It is relatively common for courts to mandate forms of “therapy” such as polygraphs, group sessions, and elaborate treatment programs claiming efficacy. While the science community is skeptical of the effectiveness of such schemes, there are defenders with artificial data that cling to it fanatically.

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Incarcerated Men Claim N.H. State Prisons To Blame For Berlin Outbreak

Mon, 2021-05-10 18:18 +0000

At the start of December of last year, there were no known cases of COVID-19 among the men incarcerated at the Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility in Berlin. By Christmas, there were 84. The state Department of Corrections says it can’t pinpoint how the virus got in. But now, a group of more than 40 inmates have signed a petition blaming the state Department of Corrections.

Department of Corrections.

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Inspections found lacking at NH county jails

Mon, 2021-05-03 18:21 +0000

“. . . the Valley Street Jail, the largest county correctional facility in the state, had a full-blown (COVID) outbreak on its hands: . . . “

When Hillsborough County Commissioner Toni Pappas toured the Valley Street Jail in Manchester last December, as she and fellow commissioners are required to do at least twice a year, she didn’t appear to find any cause for concern.

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Covid Outbreaks Devastated Prisons, but State Inmates’ Access to the Vaccine Varies Widely

Fri, 2021-03-19 15:29 +0000


This is an important analysis of the distribution of vaccine in prisons and jails. Vaccination varies by state. While Florida is not vaccinating inmates, New Hampshire vaccinates in the order they would become eligible if in the general public.

A state-by-state patchwork of vaccine rules has left prison inmates with different outlooks even as the C.D.C. has recommended prioritizing them.By Ann Hinga Klein and Derek M. Norman   March 17, 2021 New York Times

Nearly half of the roughly 8,700 state prison inmates in Kansas have received a coronavirus vaccine, and state officials say that all prisoners who want shots will have gotten at least a first dose by the middle of April.

But in Florida, no inmates in state-run correctional institutions have gotten shots, corrections officials said, not even those who would qualify under the state’s age and health guidelines if they were not behind bars.  “There’s no way you’re going to get some prisoner a vaccine over a senior citizen,” Gov. Ron DeSantis has said.

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Half of Americans Have Family Members Who Have Been Incarcerated

Sat, 2021-03-06 19:14 +0000

A first-of-its-kind study released on Thursday shows that about 113 million American adults have an immediate family member who is formerly or currently incarcerated.

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How Thousands of American Laws Keep People ‘Imprisoned’ Long After They’re Released

Sat, 2021-03-06 18:59 +0000

"Thousands of laws and regulations make it almost impossible to reintegrate fully into civilian life, trapping formerly incarcerated people in a state of quasi-citizenship that makes it more likely they will be sent back to prison. "  Across the country, people with felony convictions face a daunting web of small obstacles to rebuilding normal lives. What will it take to fix?

We issue punishment with the idea once your debt is paid to society most offenders will be reintegrated back in the community with the idea and hope you can start again. However, ". . .even after they have served their sentences, and long after they finish probation or parole, people with felony records are effectively imprisoned, but in their home communities."



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