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Legislative Alert: Important State House Hearing February 7, 2018

Thu, 2018-02-01 18:21 +0000

Please show up for a crucial State House hearing next week on a bill written by Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform. SB-393 would make the Department of Corrections get all of its administrative rules approved by lawmakers. The testimony on the bill starts at 9:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7, in Room 101 on the first floor of the State House.   Read about it here:

Please direct any questions to Chris Dornin, Legislative Policy Chairman for Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform, -


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Volunteers Needed Now

Tue, 2018-01-02 18:25 +0000

Immediate Openings Available

Please visit this page for more information:

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Wishing you the very best for 2018

Sat, 2017-12-23 15:10 +0000

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“A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid

Tue, 2017-11-14 16:42 +0000
Understanding sex offenders: the untold story

An inside look at the people on Nebraska's sex offender registry


read more

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Read our latest Legislative Alert - New DOC Commissioner to be appointed

Mon, 2017-11-06 18:42 +0000

Read our latest Legislative Alert


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