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The Spider’s Web

Granite Grok - 1 hour 51 min ago

Since the rodents have now had 248 years to study our Founding and Forefather’s words, maybe we should do the same, and good old Sal Alinksy is perfect to decipher our nation’s current happenings. His Rules For Radicals cites, “Power is the very essence, the dynamo of life.”In the same paragraph, he defines it with the positive and negative of “a man-killing explosive or a life-saving drug.” Later, he states, “Our concern…how the Have Nots can take power away from the Haves.” In his eyes, America, based upon its success, deserves taking. Really, all this means is that the no-accounts want what we have worked for and produced.

So it stands that our American Republic is in critical need and must be saved by all of us doing whatever is possible. First, we need to admit that the attack is real and that what was once ‘liberal’ is now communist; the Democrat Party demonstrates this by both their words and their actions and policies. Remaining free will depend solely upon an unselfish loyalty by “we the people.” Some may find this unbelievable but then again, so is today’s America.

As expected, there are also individual cases on the Republican side, who, on certain issues, reveal a similar disloyalty. Those holding elected office are already lost, so whether their drive is from that evil doctrine or the greenback matters little since it’s the results that will harm all our people.

In addition to a general revamping of one party and the need for certain individuals to be replaced, what is now happening initially emerged with the overseas relocations of American corporations, followed by downsizing, then spiced with early retirement options. Today’s mass transition, ala John Deere, is just the latest act of disloyalty!

We need to critically consider our changing landscape. Leading the devalued list is public education. Most notable was when the Bible was removed from schools. History then underwent censoring until today. It’s not even considered beneficial or essential to know the past. It took a while, but traditional math also became incompatible with today’s Common Core world. Forget about reading “the Classics” and the ability to spell properly since it’s now spelling by word sounds.

Journalism’s devalued state has propagandized its product, so it’s difficult to latch onto sources that report the truth. Being without the facts about current events is vulnerable and essential for creating this pliable American mindset.

And now, we watch as our once fantastic medical industry is being engulfed by the corporatized world. How can we justify neutering the young and unsuspecting? It is hard to justify a procedure that is requested out of the normal “growing pains” of youth.

Electric generation cannot be our future when the government policy is to shut down every coal-fired plant and, eventually, all fossil plants. Hell, just the air-conditioning load in the summer is pushing today’s limits, but again, who knows? At the same time, there’s been a non-stop campaign for electric vehicles, EVs, of which the distance is greatly reduced versus our traditional gas vehicles. But, similar to our traditional gasers, EVs need “refueling.” Where to go? Still, while all this EV is BS, it serves the hoax of climate change and the totalitarian need for public immobility.

Our looming clean-up is massive, and we all need to get involved. Mothers showed us the way at recent school board meetings. Not only is being labeled a“ domestic terrorist” ridiculous, but it’s also an indication of overkill from a growing governmental threat with a message that no doubt was meant to chill any further parental outbursts. “We the people” complaints must be snuffed out immediately since its talent is homegrown.

That spider never stops weaving its web. It’s taken well over a century, but the government has for some time permitted the departure of many industrial and manufacturing centers. Those remaining cannot meet our Country’s demands against a threat from abroad. Therefore, our nation’s current health and strength are weakened and very vulnerable.

This will not stop unless “we, the people,” protect our God-given Blessings! George Washington said it best, “The time is now at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves.” These few facts show that this crusade of turning America into third-world status, or worse, is no damn joke! Once again, it’s “we the people” time!

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The War on Children

Granite Grok - 3 hours 50 min ago

In American society today, we are seeing a “War on our Children.”   This is an orchestrated attempt by “Big Tech” to gain control of our children’s minds and hearts, and they have been doing an excellent job so far. Smartphones are their weapon.

We want to thank Charles & Marie Bradley for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

Because of our great concern over this issue, we want to get the word out to parents, grandparents, and guardians there to help with this battle. In an attempt to stave off the damage caused to our youth by continuous smartphone usage (it is said children spend at least 5 hours a day on their phones), three major counter-offensives have been launched to give guidance on how to break this strangle-hold and allow our children to have a happy childhood.

  1. California has historically started many major movements in American society. So, it is not as surprising as I first thought that Los Angeles (The City of Angels) would show us the way to save our children: “Ban Smartphones in the Classroom!”  Over 429,000 students in grades K-12 of the LA Unified School District will be prohibited from using smartphones and social media platforms during the school day.  Educators believe this will curb classroom distractions and protect students’ mental health.
  2. Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist who has written the book “The Anxious Generation (How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness)”.   He opines smartphones have led to a rise in mental illness in childhood.  This book is flying off the shelves, and he may be the most sought-after public speaker in the USA as parents are increasingly concerned about smartphones destroying the mental health of their children.  His message is simple: “Don’t let the children have smartphones!”  (There are phones available without internet access if they must have a phone.)
  3. The U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has been sounding the alarm about the harmful effects of social media and the way technology is affecting the brains of our youngest population. Murthy states we have “a mental health crisis in adolescents” and “our children’s well-being is at stake”.  He is receiving bi-partisan support in Congress for a bill known as the “Kids Online Safety Act,” which is an attempt to require online platforms to take steps to protect minors while using social media.

As a community, we have an obligation to protect our children.


Let’s give childhood back to our children!

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Breaking: Biden Less Likely Nominee Than Kamala – According to the Bets

The Liberty Block - 4 hours 43 min ago

Some time on Thursday, July 11th, Biden lost his spot as the odds-on favorite to win the Democrat nomination for President, according to The 81-year-old is already the oldest President in history, and his age has rapidly been catching up with him of late. He would be 86 years old by the end of his next term. After an undisputedly pathetic performance in the June 27 debate against Trump, Democrats have been rapidly leaving the Biden bandwagon. Biden’s apparent dementia was noticeable during the 2020 election and is now impossible to ignore. As of today, 18 Democrat Congressmen have called on Biden to leave the race for reelection. 

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Build Back Biden Going About as Well as You’d Expect …

Granite Grok - 5 hours 50 min ago

The post-debate Build Back Biden scheme is going about as well as you’d expect. The White House sold the NATO summit as a chance for the world to see that Biden’s still got it, by which they must have meant the thing they’ve been hiding that showed up at the debate a few weeks ago. He’s still got it!

And this is a NATO Summit. There is no hope of the Regime hiding behind the cheap, fake, deep, fake label unless, by that, they mean themselves and the guy who is supposed to be running the country.

Joe Biden’s senior officials struggled to keep their composure when the president mistook Donald Trump for Kamala Harris last night – as dozens of Democratic lawmakers prepared to turn against him.

The major blunder came near the top of Biden’s ‘make-or-break’ press conference and shortly after the commander-in-chief introduced Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky at the end of the NATO summit as ‘President Putin.’

As Skip likes to say, Moa statues.

The internet is abuzz with opinions, but it is impossible to accuse CSPAN of fast editing to make Joe look bad. He did that on his own, and it has already circled the globe at least a few times.  Yes, NATO has proven to be Joe’s coming out party, as in, still out of it, and yes, our allies are watching, and our enemies are laughing. The press is nearly all out on Biden, and they are pushing Dems to join them because Trump and Republicans are. As if the problem of some unknown number of months or years without a functioning elected Predicen – hidden by unelected interests, spaclked over by the media that is now pretending it is not complicit isn’t actual treason.

Has a First Lady ever been tried for that? Jill could be the first. She wasn’t elected, so she has no immunity, and she reportedly hates Kamala.

Democratic advisors are struggling to push past the powerful role that Jill Biden‘s loathing of Harris, 59, is playing in Joe‘s resistance to pass the mantle to his VP as pressure ratchets up for him to step down as presidential candidate and allow another Democrat tackle Donald Trump.

According to one former Democrat operative in Jill’s circle, the women’s long-seated animosity is ‘one hundred per cent’ part of Jill’s resistance to having her 81-year-old husband step aside.

Because the truth, according to a source who knows the First Couple well, is that Jill’s is now the only voice to which the 46th president listens.

And as far as Jill, 73, is concerned, the only thing worse than her husband stepping down would be Kamala stepping up to replace him.

I can’t disagree with Jill there but then I must. Like her or not, whether we agree with the election results or not, they were certified, and Kamala was on the ballot. If put before a court, she is the next in line, and as bad as that would be for America, she was at least technically elected. Build Back Biden has only shown that Joe is a bigger threat to national security than Harris.

Doc Jill isn’t anything (she isn’t even an actual doctor), despite the Dem’s (since Hillary’s) efforts to turn First Ladies into policy experts, co-rulers, or wreckers of public school lunches.

Now, according to one, ‘It’s not about Kamala and it’s not really about Joe. It’s more about her holding on to her status as First Lady. She doesn’t want to give that up.’

Another voiced the way that Jill is ‘absolutely unwavering about Joe staying [in the race] but if he is forced out or opts out, she would be fully opposed to Kamala replacing him.’

One insider revealed, ‘Kamala never runs competent organizations. Every office, every campaign, devolves into toxicity. And Jill is keenly protective of Joe’s legacy.’

Jill? This is NOW Joe’s legacy, and you did that.

As you were.


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Friday Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - 7 hours 51 min ago

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Speaking of, from this week, Monday Edition.


*** Warning, definitely a few off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***






I remember seeing a needs-lip-reading clip of Barry and Michael, where Michael says “All this for a damned flag” and Barry nods.

Michelle Obama’s “All this for a damn flag” shown at three different speeds (

Speaking of Michael:


Bet Barackus slept on the couch for quite a while after that.



Lift her up in your heart and prayers.  And all wounded warriors.




Fishing too.  Counting and rolling coins from a coin jar.  Working in the garden.  Walking along the shore and picking up shells, etc.




That a German, in Germany, is convicted for the “crime” of advocating for Germany is weapons-grade self-hatred.




Between his age, dementia, and increasingly poor electoral chances, our enemies are weighing acting before his time is up.



That’ll leave a mark.




Remember, Klaus is very proud of the WEF infiltration of various national cabinets.



OOH, good.  OTOH, uphill fight.  Necessary, but don’t have any illusions it won’t be fought tooth and nail.



Match the above with the below:





Incredible burn.




Third box, every damned day.





Of course they will.  They got away with it last time.



They had a Death Jab to push.  Depopulation goals.  And a President to weaken.






“Journalism is printing something that someone does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”

― George Orwell





Applying Caligula.  “Let them hate, so long as they fear”.






You are being replaced.  Your vote is being diluted by those with no loyalty to America or its Constitution and systems and culture.  Here, The Potato threatens to veto a bill that would repeat the prohibition against non-citizens from voting.





And you are being put into harm’s way.  From here:

The Biden Admin Is Practically Begging For Our Planes To Be Hijacked By Terrorists

Senator Steve Daines exposes instructions for illegal migrants to board our planes and enter America with no ID. It tells illegals to use their CBP One App appointment request as their ID

“This popped up at the Delta terminal, the Miami Airport, instructions for illegals to use their CBP One app, that’s the Customs Border Patrol app at TSA checkpoints, as a valid form of ID to board a plane in the United States.

For those who don’t know, the CBP One app provides appointments for migrants who are claiming asylum at the border. Migrants, particularly those wanted for crimes, can fill in any basic information they want in the app and be let into the country.

The goal was to, and I quote, validate adult non US citizen travel documentation when the traveler does not otherwise have an acceptable form of identification. However, it also notes that photos are optional.

It says that multiple times. It says it can provide biographical information if requested, but knows that information is not stored, again, multiple times. How is this even serious? Illegals coming to the United States from countries that are designated state sponsors of terror and on terror watch list can use this process. Americans, think about this for a moment.

We, as Americans, are gonna be forced to acquire a real ID by May of 2025, or you or anybody else here, myself, we barred from boarding a flight in the United States. How in the world can we justify this when illegal immigrants are allowed to board planes with unverifiable information they filled out on an app?”

WallStreetApes (


New voters.



Or, at least new warm bodies on which to base more mail-in or harvested votes.



It’s not just the vote.  It’s also the apportionment and distribution of House seats that factor in illegals.  And with birthright citizenship, every female of even remotely-possible fertility is doubtless “engaged” to get preggers ASAP.  What I said about that:


E Birthright Citizenship Immigration and Voting


But don’t fret.  Our intellectual and moral superiors have assured us that the Great Replacement is not real.  And related to the 14th Amendment:

Ending ‘Treason Citizenship’ | Frontpage Mag

The legal basis for deporting non-citizen terrorist supporters is fairly straightforward and needs to be implemented immediately, but there is also an accompanying need to address the growing number of ‘enemy citizens’ residing in this country. Generations of open borders and mass migration has made it possible for many Islamic terrorist allies to be born in this country.

Birthright citizenship and treason citizenship remain major obstacles to securing the nation.

While the birthright citizenship problem posed by the 14th Amendment is not as easily dealt with, the legal infrastructure to deal with treason citizenship is already in place. What is needed is the will to deal with it before terrorist supporters stop being a minority and become a majority.

And sleep tight.  Xi-den is on the case to secure us.

China Releases Documentary on How to Illegally Enter the U.S. from China (





So what’s next?  Breaking up of married couples in the name of “equity”?








I remember what Brigitte Gabriel wrote in her book BECAUSE THEY HATE… that in Lebanon, once the Muslims took power, all the liberal advocates for “being nice” and “welcoming immigrants” were held down and raped / murdered as they bleated “But we advocated for you”! And were told STUPID INFIDEL.




Now… watch the Mobius strip “logic” to get him off the hook from that law, while leaving Trump guilty.





Houston, we have a problem.



One can argue, from principle, that the act was illegal.  But that’s not the point – look who supported this.



Any guesses on which way she votes?  The stupid, it burns…






I have to ask if this is real.  Assuming it is… no country can last like this.  Which, of course, is the end goal.  Chaos and uncertainty coming, by design.



Israel, from north to south, is less than 500 km.  424 to be precise.  And 114 from east to west.  Even including the Golan, plus Judea and Samaria, it’s area is not much bigger than New Hampshire.  Just imagine what might have been.




How One Israeli Peace Activist Changed Her Mind | Frontpage Mag

Remember this video?


A lesson from Israel to the US’ internal strife: You cannot coexist with people who want you destroyed.









They’re ginning themselves up to be violent based on a perceived threat from our side.  More:



NY Times Reporter: ‘I Wish Somebody Would Kill Trump’ – Geller Report







Link Section (some mine, some from my Jarhead friend):


In a “win” for the good guys, Biden’s reinterpretation of Title IX to include transgenders is being challenged in court, and has been blocked in several states:


Idaho Pride event diminished after 2023 protest (

CA parents stop radical school health center (

Fighting back.  But they fight back too.



Activists oppose California bill that makes child prostitution a felony. Their reason? “LGBTQ people … are more likely to be charged with sex offenses” | Not the Bee

If you’re opposed to a bill that punishes child prostitution…



Look at the goobers behind him – smiling and clapping as they’re being supplanted and replaced by MEN with mental disorders.


And in Switzerland:


The Opening Ceremony Of The Gotthard Base Tunnel, The World’s Largest Tunnel, Was A Satanic Ritual – Infinite Unknown

Axios wrote a “hit piece” on about President Trump getting elected again.  It reads like a campaign speech FOR Trump (at least from our perspective):

An interesting read on how our TLAs were subverted by Marxist influences:

Maine Governor Janet Mills is being sued for not disclosing information that an FOAA request has asked for:

Maine Wire Sues Janet Mills for Violating Freedom of Access Act – The Maine Wire

The WHO and the UN and trying to drum up hysteria about “bird flu” to get power over small farms and backyard chicken runs:

An interesting article about a group in Utah trying to set up a self-sustaining community:

Jarhead thoughts on this:  They say they don’t have a militia, and that’s their choice.  What happens when a large, organized group of people show up with intent to do harm and take all your supplies (and that could be the government)?  Or someone who is already in the community allows their extended family to just “show up” when things get bad in the USA?  How to you intend to defend yourselves?  These places only thrive when external forces keep the “bad at bay”.  A true “community” thinks about how to defend against “those who would do us harm”.  The Spartans had (and the US Marines still have) the right idea:  Everyone has a mundane task they are trained to do, but also everyone is a fighter (rifleman, sniper, spotter, communications, even mess duty is valuable).  You do your chores in the farmyard with your rifle on you (or maybe nearby) so you can be ready when the call goes out.

In the “double-plus ungood” category come this article about China doing illegal bio-weapon research to increase the lethality of naturally occurring viruses:

Multiple US Presidents Have Admitted the US “Government” Is Run By Inter-Generational Organized Crime (

Fascinating how Teddy Roosevelt chimed in on this.  Very interesting read.



From here:

During his 40-year career as a pathologist, Dr. Arne Burkhardt had never observed this type of unusual blood clot until after the rollout of the C19 injections

This type of clot was found in several living vaccinated patients, including a 40 year-old former marathon runner.


New ‘crackpot’ EV scheme emerges to steal power back from charging cars – American Thinker

In OZ, but still… I think I read something about CA considering this too.

Nolte: Portland Power Company Takes Control of Home Thermostats to Avoid Outages (

Oh, no, they’d never do that with smart meters and smart thermostat controls. You’re just overreacting and are paranoid.

Pakistan blocks 210,000 SIM cards to encourage tax payment – Insider Paper

Like TPTB wouldn’t do that here if they had CBDC.  Related:

All of your stocks and bonds can be taken with total legal certainty in the next financial collapse – The Expose (

Is Our Money Safe? On Financial Censorship, Bank Accounts Closures & Confiscations (


World War 3 Watch:

NATO allies have begun transfer of F-16 jets to Ukraine: Blinken – Insider Paper

37 Chinese aircraft skirt Taiwan on way to drill: Taipei – Insider Paper

66 Chinese aircraft surround Taiwan in biggest sortie of year – Insider Paper

Russia plans ‘response’ to contain ‘serious threat’ from NATO: Kremlin – Insider Paper

NATO agrees to say Ukraine on ‘irreversible path’ to membership: diplomats – Insider Paper

Related to national security generally:

West ‘Stunned’ by Weaknesses Found in Defense Industrial Base (

Doug Ross @ Journal: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: “Don’t!”— Or Ten Ways to Guarantee a Theater-wide War (

Republican Party Implements Emergency Platform Change After Seeing How Close They Are To Winning Landslide Victory | Babylon Bee

Too many GOP members would rather stay in the minority party – kept “useful idiot” pets of the Left – than actually fight for their voters.

US spies resurrect ‘Russiagate’ claims — RT World News

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me three times?  I deserve every single thing coming.



COMPLAIN: Tell the BBC to stop ‘blackwashing’ English history! (

What was it Orwell said?



He, and others:



Jab / vaccines / medical:

Top Scientists Confirm Covid Shots Cause Heart Attacks in Children – Slay News

Don’t forget this video about them knowing very early.


MORE LEAKED AUDIO: Australians in Shock Over Former President of Australian Medical Association Prof. Kerryn Phelps’ Leaked Audio on Vaccine Injuries (

The cracks in the dam multiply.

New Migraines: A Sign of Extreme Danger (

“Sonia Elijah: Study Shows How MRNA Shots Ruin Women’s Menstrual Cycles” (

On vaccines generally:


Long.  Read.  Read again.

Scientists Say It’s Now Possible to Vaccinate w/ mRNA Via Milk (

Climate “Communicators” Say Best Way to Persuade Voters About Global Warming Is to Lie to Them – America First Report

Remember, they truly believe that they are angels of light saving the planet.  When people are convinced they are doing good, that’s when they do the greatest evil.

Slip-Sliding Towards Hell with a Good Conscience – Granite Grok

France’s far-left NFP proposes 90% tax on the rich after securing most seats in election | Human Events |



It’s because they’re MISSIONARIES.

The Nationwide 500,000 EV Charger Charade › American Greatness (

Where’d the money go?

Google is rolling out an app for biometric travel passports – The Expose (

And Real ID is being forced on Americans.  Speaking of passports and ID:


And didn’t Google’s motto used to be “Don’t be evil”?  Related, on META:



I could spend all day gathering links, but these are plenty.  But… concluding with Surak on the accelerating death spiral of the West:

Farewell, England and France – Surak substack blog

With an extra bonus video from France:

Muslims in France celebrate the defeat of the French right by marching in the streets and chanting, “Death to France, D*ath to the Jews, Death to the police”

Channel@No_More_Islam Chat@ISLAMNOMORE


Civilizational collapse incoming.

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 1) – Urban Scoop

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 2) – Urban Scoop

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 3) – Urban Scoop




Pick of the Post:



I really like him on vaccines.  But someone who does not trust me to own a way to fight when a government goes bad does not deserve my vote.




To access the bumper sticker you’ll need to adjust your filter settings.

And a late-comer, a mini-pick on someone waking up to their tax burden:


The beauty of things like this, like the #walkaway movement for example, is that once people start to see, they start noticing more and more and more.




Palate Cleansers:



I assume that’s ex-wife now?




A new NITZAKHON QUOTABLE (well, from 2019 and edited):





And don’t forget… come back Monday for another edition.  Same Meme Time.  Same Meme channel.

Please do consider buying me a coffee.

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That Trump was Putin’s stooge is literally a matter of faith for them.  As is the Charlottesville lie.  As is “suckers and losers”.  As is everything else they believe.  Facts and evidence and logic do not make an impact, per Yuri B.

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The Houthis Are Winning …

Granite Grok - 9 hours 50 min ago

I am old enough to remember when … Jimmy Carter’s attempt to rescue the American hostages being held in Iran ended in abject failure, and added to the perception of an impotent President and weak, declining nation, and which helped elect Ronald Reagan.

History is repeating itself in the Red Sea, EXCEPT the corporate media is NOT covering it the way the botched hostage rescue was covered in 1980.

It should be “front-page” news. But that would inevitably lead to Americans realizing that the Biden-Regime has been indirectly funding the Houthis.

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You Saved Tractor Supply But Can You Save John Deere?

Granite Grok - 11 hours 51 min ago

Word broke that Tractor Supply had decided to jump into the slimy, divisive, gender-bending, DEI, Woke, CRT end of the cultural swimming pool. Two weeks later, TC pulled that toe out and promised to stick to the business of being in business. You told them, they listened. Are the folks running John Deere likely to listen, too?


@JohnDeere has been one of the most beloved brands by conservative farmers but recently on CEO John May’s watch, they’ve gone woke. Here’s some of what we found:
• Funding a pride event for kids as young as 3
• “Genderbread man” training
• They ask employees to list their “preferred pronouns” on all communications
• Bill Gates is listed as their largest shareholder
• John Deere celebrated their accounting and finance team taking United Way’s 21 day “United For Equity” program
• When I did “United For Equity” program it promoted Ibram Kendi, the woke children’s book “Anti-Racist Baby”, “Awake to Woke to Work”, a podcast on the concept of “Whiteness”, woke activist Robin DiAngelo, bigotry against Christians who supposedly have “Christian Privilege” and more
• The woke policies have spread across the global John Deere brand with many of their DEI policies also being forced on their Latin America and India branches
• LGBTQ & race based identity groups at corporate
• A total commitment to DEI policies • 95/100 CEI score from the HRC John Deere also just announced layoffs in the US and that they plan to shift large segments of production away from the US to Mexico.

To put it mildly, John Deere seems to have forgotten who their customers are.

Having a farm myself, I’m disgusted that a once great American brand is now taking this turn to seemingly embrace leftist policies that are diametrically opposed to the values of most farmers. What’s unknown is whether CEO John May is knowingly forcing these policies or if it’s gotten out of control and he’s out of the loop on how bad it is. His response to this story will be very revealing as to his culpability in the implementation of woke policies. This report is only the beginning. We have so many pieces of news to report that it’s going to take weeks, maybe even months to report it thoroughly.

I plan to report what we’ve found piece by piece so customers and potential customers are informed on the brand’s policies. If they’re proud of adopting woke policies then John Deere and their CEO should be overjoyed by my reporting on their policies, positions, donations and culture. Next we’re going to be doing a deep dive on donations, interviews their executives have given, hiring practices, woke causes they’ve supported, the difficulties some farmers have faced trying to repair their products and much more. If you think John Deere’s values don’t align with yours and you’re a customer or potential customer who wants to speak out, I’ve provided their email and corporate customer service number at the end of this video.

Please ALWAYS be respectful and remember that many of the employees disagree with the corporate policies. The majority of your local dealers likely also disagree with this culture change so be very respectful if you reach out to them about your concerns. My goal with this reporting is never destruction. My goal is to inform consumers about the values major companies are adopting so they can make choices about what they’re willing to support.

When we use our voices and wallets to vote our values, we can change the world and we can restore great American companies to a culture of sanity, meritocracy and culture war neutrality OR we can inspire competitors to step up to the plate to fight for our business. As we saw with my Tractor Supply stories, millions of people spoke out against these types of woke policies and ultimately Tractor Supply did the right thing by eliminating woke policies, donations, trainings and positions because of your voices. The customer is king and most of us just want companies we shop at to stop virtue signaling about divisive social, cultural and political issues. If you agree then share this video and tag your favorite accounts so they see this news too.

Here’s the tweet with video.

Remember to be polite and remind them hey – you make tractors, but you’re not the only one.

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If You Want To Earn $50,000 a Month, You Can Choose Mar Mining Professional Cloud Mining Platform.

Granite Grok - 12 hours 51 min ago

Since 2018, when stock exchanges around the world began accepting cryptocurrency investments, cryptocurrencies have become one of the preferred ways for investors to decide where to invest.

On the other hand, this market is still complex for many, so simplicity and profitability are crucial when choosing a platform to start investing. Cloud mining is a method of mining cryptocurrencies that is a good choice for beginners looking for a “simpler” option.

In this context, MAR Mining is one of the main cloud mining platforms today. And, in an effort to improve on this alternative, it has launched its new Antminer – a series of ASICS cryptocurrency mining devices manufactured by Bitmain – creating a more powerful and efficient method of extracting Bitcoin (BTC).

It can be seen that MAR Mining is about to enter a new era of cloud mining, with higher profitability for BTC mining. Over the past five years, the platform has gradually grown and has seen a 500% increase in activity.

How to Get Started: 

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DemocRATS and Sinking Ships

Granite Grok - 13 hours 50 min ago

Forget Watergate, the Blue Dress, or Obama’s citizenship—those are small potatoes compared to the Joe Biden Reelection Operation. The Biden Fiasco involves every Democrat, staff member, and the media in a coordinated action to reelect Joe Biden and, more importantly, keep Donald J. Trump out of the White House. The only element we don’t understand is who is coordinating the operation.

Since the debate, the curtain has been pulled back, and Biden is exposed as the aging incompetent we have all known for the last three years. The Dems are trying to act surprised, but their acting is horrible. Those who interact with Biden, like KJP, Kirby, or any of his cabinet, persist in telling how sharp the President is behind the scenes.

“I’m With Joe” and “We’re Ridin’ With Biden” are lousy catchphrases used by people like Chuck Schumer and Jim Clyburn, but the other Dems have lost their voices. Even Eric Swalwell, who never walked past a microphone, came out of the DNC without flinching as he walked past reporters yelling for comments.

After three years of lying to all of us, they realize that Joe Biden is out of gas and coasting toward the pits. Joe screwed up and challenged Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate and could not have been more incoherent. Now, the reality of a possible bloodbath in November has dawned on these Congressional members who are in swing states and may be voted out on a down-ballot windfall.

About twenty members of Congress have publicly asked for Joe to step down, while most Democrat members are holding the banner for Joe. The clock is ticking, and the time to change is short. Outside of Congress using the 25th Amendment, the ultimate decision comes down to Biden, his inner circle, and the donors. Because Trump is strong in battleground states like New York, Michigan, and New Hampshire, Democrats must spend money where they typically do not need to. The donors are quite anxious, and the checkbooks are staying closed. In the meantime, Trump is raising money at a record pace. None of this is good news for the Biden camp.

They looked foolish and guilty of deceiving the American people, so Biden consented to an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. Everyone expected a softball-throwing exhibition, but Biden was peppered with tough questions and even tougher follow-ups. Biden hoped this would be a rebound opportunity, but the plan failed. The fake tan and relaxed format gave supporters something to cling to. They woke up Saturday morning empty-handed.

Biden has placed himself in a no-win situation. He has exposed his diminished capacity. He can step down and admit he has been playing a con game on America. He can stay in the race and be beaten badly by Trump, destroying whatever destiny he had built with the Democrats. Either way, the Biden legacy is complete, and he ends his career as the worst President, replacing Jimmy Carter.

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Night Cap: Lack of Separation between Church & State explains the NH YDC Sex Abuse Cover Ups

Granite Grok - 21 hours 50 min ago

To understand the New Hampshire Youth Detention Center’s Cover Ups of child sex abuse, think about the Diocese of Manchester, its attorneys, investigators, the AG’s office, and decades of a partnership supporting corruption above the law — there is no separation of powers.

In 1997, an Act was introduced in the NH State House, which was supposed to take effect in 1999 but never did — AG Phil McLaughlin, appointed by Governor Jeanne Shaheen, was in office. He succeeded Jeffrey Howard. Under the two Attorneys General and Governor (and successors), abuse of children under state care at the Youth Detention Center was covered up.

Had House Bill 1557-FN taken effect, the public would not be footing the $160 million + bill today for child abuse at the Youth Detention Center.


“AN ACT establishing the New Hampshire racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act.”

“The Department of Justice has stated that although this bill places requirements on the attorney general, they are unable to determine if this could be done by existing staff or if new staff would be necessary.”

We want to thank Claire Best for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

Four years later:

April 27, 2003 — The Concord Monitor:

“New Hampshire’s child endangerment law offered state officials wide leeway in bringing a case against the diocese. That law extends beyond parents or legal guardians to include anyone who violates “a duty of care” to a child — in other words, not just abusers themselves but those who have a responsibility to protect children from abuse. “

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has failed to protect children from abuse because of the lack of division between Church and State and Attorneys, non-profits, and “independent” investigators/police working with the two.

That lack of division continues today since former Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin is currently the “independent investigator” for the Diocese of Manchester, while the Concord Police have denied access to her disciplinary records “for privacy reasons.”

There shouldn’t be any privacy, especially because Curtin covered up the felony-level sexual abuse of a senior administrator’s son (13 or 14) by an 18-year-old student, which is referred to in civil suit 1:18-cv-00390 (Jane Doe v St Paul’s School filed on May 11, 2018) — Paragraphs 43–47:

This felony-level rape is known about by many in the St. Paul Community and attorneys introduced by Julie Curtin to the case.

So why did she cover it up?

New Hampshire. RSA 169 C:3:

“VII. “Child placing agency” means the department, Catholic Charities of New Hampshire, child and family services of New Hampshire, or any successor organization. “

On March 3, 2003 — the New Hampshire AG’s report on priest sex abuse at the Diocese of Manchester was published. The names on the front page of the report are:

Peter W. Heed
Attorney General

N. William Delker
Senior Assistant Attorney General

James D. Rosenberg
Assistant Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General
33 Capitol Street
Concord, N.H. 03301–6397
(603) 271–3671

What happened to these? –

AG Peter Heed stepped down in 2004 after being accused of sexual assault at a State-funded convention on sexual assault and domestic violence.

William Delker went on to marry Annmarie Timmins — a journalist — who had covered the Diocese scandal in the Concord Monitor. Delker is now a judge and on the Judicial Conduct Committee. He teaches at the University of New Hampshire, where AnnMarie Timmins moderated a discussion on freedom of information with her husband on the panel for: “Keeping the Light On: Holding Government Accountable,”

Alex Walker of Divine Millimet is the head of the Board of Trustees for UNH. Walker is also the CEO of the Catholic Medical Center.

James Rosenberg was allegedly the best man at William Delker’s & AnnMarie Timmins’ wedding and is godfather to one of their children. He is now a partner at Shaheen & Gordon. His role in the Diocese priest sex abuse cases appears in articles that have been removed from links to the Concord Monitor archives — perhaps with some help from Annmarie Timmins.

Peter Heed had been an attorney in Keene who represented claimants (especially children) referred to him by Keene Police Detective James F McLaughlin, who was on the State’s “Laurie” list of corrupt police officers but had his crimes hidden from public view. Peter Heed was DA of Cheshire County (Keene) before he became AG, taking over from Phil McLaughlin, who saw an opportunity to investigate the Diocese. James F McLaughlin was hired as a primary investigator into the Diocese priest sex abuse for the AG.

James F McLaughlin framed Father Gordon MacRae, who has been incarcerated without due process since 1994. The police detective failed several times with false stories — (which included one from Jon Plankey, who worked in a family business he had. Peter Heed was the attorney for Jon Plankey) — that he’d picked up from DCYF/Children’s Catholic Services employee Sylvia Gale. Finally, he convinced the drug-addicted son of another employee for DCYF, Thomas Grover, that he could get several hundred thousand dollars from the Diocese if he accused MacRae. James F McLaughlin currently works for Chris McLaughlin (no relation), who is the DA of Cheshire County Superior Court.

Thomas Grover would visit the Youth Detention Center (YDC) with his wife, Trina Ghedoni, to visit her son, Charles Glenn. In 2008, Charles Glenn gave a statement to former FBI agent James Abbott that was used as part of a habeas corpus for Father MacRae to get a new trial.

It was rejected by Judge Larry Smukler. The statement claimed that Thomas Grover had admitted to Charles Glenn, during his visits to see him at YDC, that he accused Father MacRae for money. Grover was bribed.

Charles Glenn is a victim of YDC abuse. He is John Doe #9 in the original Youth Detention Center complaint of David Meehan v State of New Hampshire, which was filed by Russ Rilee and rejected by the State for “victim negligence.” Charles Glenn would be sent to a doctor associated with the CMC while he was at YDC.

Charles Glenn’s case was transferred to David Vicinanzo and Nixon Peabody when he joined Russ Rilee to sue the state for YDC abuse sometime in 2022. David Vicinanzo was involved with the cozy NH Bar club, which has been around for several decades, was criticized in a 1999 Washington Post article, and has largely ignored ABA Rule 8.3 regarding the reporting of professional misconduct.

Vicinanzo’s primary business appears to be defending against Government investigations.

Vicinanzo started representing the Diocese in early 2002 after he’d joined Nixon Peabody in November 2000. He switched sides from being a federal prosecutor for New Hampshire to representing the Diocese, under investigation by the State. Gordon MacDonald joined him shortly after. Julie Curtin — the current “independent investigator for the Diocese worked for MacDonald when he was AG— thus further showing the links between the Diocese and the State. He knew she’d covered up the felony-level sexual abuse of the senior administrator’s son at St. Paul’s school because he had access to all the records, and she was working under him and at his direction.

Nixon Peabody was formed in 1999 and was based between Boston and Manchester.

Growing a legal business required new clients with deep pockets. The Diocese of Manchester was perfect, especially in light of the headlines coming out of Boston, which AG Phil McLaughlin found attractive for his office and his subordinates, James Rosenberg and Will Delker.

“Worried the sex abuse scandal enveloping the Boston Archdiocese wasn’t confined to our neighbor to the south, and armed with information from a top church official, McLaughlin called two of his young staffers, Jim Rosenberg and Will Delker, into his office.

With a copy of the Globe on his desk, its banner headline of “Church allowed abuse by priest for years” revealing a dark secret, McLaughlin said what was on his mind.

“I do not believe that news of this event stops at the magic border, the fictitious line in the sand that divides New Hampshire and Massachusetts,” Rosenberg, now a lawyer at Shaheen and Gordon, remembered his boss saying. “I believe we’ve shared diocesan priests. We need to look into this.”

And so they did. Fourteen months later, after assembling a task force of investigators and state and local police, the attorney general’s office released its report, which detailed hundreds of accusations of sexual abuse against dozens of priests.

The 154-page report described in even greater detail a follow-up to the crimes uncovered by the Globe’s investigative team, called Spotlight.

That’s the name of a recently released movie detailing how the Globe cracked the case, which tarnished the Catholic church in a city that held it in the highest possible regard.

The movie ends with the Globe’s initial report funneling through the city at dawn, before the lightning-quick internet totally changed the face of news coverage. Slowly, over morning coffee, Boston learned it had become the center of what would later evolve into a worldwide scandal.

And after that final scene, New Hampshire’s law enforcement community was next in a long line of investigations, subpoenas, and news media reports that shook the faith of parishioners and led to the imprisonment of priests.”


“It was an extraordinary event,” (Phil) McLaughlin said in an interview. “The idea that the hierarch could permit such evil here was emotionally incomprehensible to me.”

McLaughlin began digging by meeting with Monsignor Edward Arsenault early in 2002. Arsenault assured the attorney general there were no issues in New Hampshire; no wrongdoing had occurred.

McLaughlin relayed Arsenault’s comments to the Union Leader, but the newspaper’s next-day story set off a chain reaction, beginning with a call to McLaughlin by Ovide Lamontagne, whom McLaughlin trusted despite sharp political differences.

Lamontagne twice was the Republican nominee for governor and once the party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate. He’s now the general counsel of Americans United for Life, a pro-life public-interest law and policy organization.

On that day early in 2002, though, Lamontagne was the source who alerted the attorney general’s office that big problems existed within the diocese, according to McLaughlin.

“I remember sitting at my desk, and he said the (Union Leader) story wasn’t exactly accurate,” McLaughlin said. “He said there had been some issues.”

Lamontagne, who later began representing the church legally, declined to confirm McLaughlin’s account or comment at all, citing attorney-client privilege, leaving it unclear how Lamontagne knew about the church abuse or how long he’d been aware of it.

But armed with this new information, McLaughlin acted instantly, calling Arsenault into a meeting at Lamontagne’s Manchester law office. McLaughlin said he had a “frank discussion,” with Arsenault, adding that he entered the meeting “agitated.”

“The core of the conversation was not only the fact that there had been incidences, but Monsignor Arsenault’s position was that these matters should and could be handled internally by the church,” McLaughlin said. “My position was that if the matters involved criminality, then they should and would be handled by the attorney general’s office. The way it was expressed was somewhat more theatrical.”

Nixon Peabody and Vicinanzo’s relationship with the Diocese was with Father Edward Arsenault, who briefly went to jail in 2014 for defrauding the Diocese, CMC, and a dead priest’s estate in the 2000s. Ovide LaMontagne of Divine Millimet advised Nixon Peabody on the settlements for the Diocese. Vicinanzo went on to give generously to LaMontagne’s political campaign.

“Lamontagne claimed that McCormack and other prominent church members wanted a speedy settlement and, in an example of behaving “pastorally” rather than as a litigant, instructed their attorneys to take a moderate stance and eschew hardline legal tactics. Lamontagne said of the diocese’s legal strategy, “That is not typical in terms of client requests.”

Lamontagne “served as a senior advisor to Senator Kelly Ayotte’s 2016 re-election campaign, co-chairs the Bishop’s Summer Reception to benefit the Bishop’s Charitable Assistance Fund and also chaired Northeast Catholic College’s Fidelity and Courage Dinner. Additionally, Ovide chairs Granite Action, a 501(c)(4) conservative issues advocacy group, and serves on the Executive Board of the Daniel Webster Council-BSA. “

The intertwining of Divine Millimet, Nixon Peabody, Catholic Charities, the Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire’s non-profits with their relationship with the AGs, DHHS, PD, UNH, Children’s Advocacy Centers, NHCADSV, and elections is central to understanding the corruption knot:

“Ovide’s practice areas include healthcare, not-for-profit charitable trust litigation, and construction law. He also serves as general counsel for a number of not-for-profit organizations and has significant experience representing religious organizations. “

Edward Arsenault trained as an accountant before he joined the Diocese. He was essentially the Chief Operating Officer for the Church and in charge of increasing business for the Diocese, Catholic Risk Retention Management (insurance), and the Catholic Medical Center, which was fined $3.8 million a couple of years ago for a kickback scheme.

In 1999, he founded “Virtus LLC — Protecting God’s Children” which is part of Catholic Risk Retention Management.

“Let the children know they have a say in what happens to their bodies and that they have a right to be safe. Remind children that most people and most touches are safe. Discuss safe adults and special safe adults, and ask the children if they have any special safe adults in their lives:”

The program has been trademarked and sold all over the world. But at the New Hampshire Youth Detention Center where priests worked, it had no significance, and it didn’t with the victims advocacy groups advising the NHPD and NH AG in best practices either.

Edward Arsenault was supposed to go to prison for 4–20 years per the NH DOJ’s site and a statement made by Assistant AG Jane Young who shook his hand in the courtroom and allowed him to continue “consulting” behind bars. But he didn’t go to Concord men’s prison — he got immediately transferred to Keene jail. Jane Young got promoted to become US Attorney for New Hampshire. Vicinanzo’s son, Matthew, works for her, having clerked under former AG Jeffrey Howard on the First Circuit.

David Vicinanzo takes credit for introducing the NH Internet Sex Crimes Unit. He had to be non-phased by James F McLaughlin’s use of federal entrapment in US v Paul Gamache (1998). Deals could be sorted out when a corrupt police officer is involved who can bribe others, as he did with Thomas Grover, and Peter Heed was James McLaughlin’s pal. He’d made a business from referrals by the police detective. Every which way, it looks shady.

By 2002, AG Phil McLaughlin had plenty of resources to investigate the Diocese where money could be made, whereas in 1999, his office claimed it did not know if it had enough resources to protect against racketeering.

Edward Arsenault made a phone call to Father Gordon MacRae, which would have been recorded by Concord Men’s Prison/DOC in the Spring of 2002. He wanted Father Gordon MacRae to send him his case files and for them to be handled by David Vicinanzo, with whom he claimed he was developing a business relationship. Arsenault wanted Gordon MacRae to cease corresponding with the Wall Street Journal and Dorothy Rabinowitz, who would later publish an expose of his case. MacRae sent his files but never heard anything from Vicinanzo, who’d taken over the Diocese business from Sheehan & Phinney’s Bradford Cook.

Of all people, the Diocese investigator, Julie Curtin, knows what a sham has been going on since she worked with James F McLaughlin on the Grand Jury Investigation into St Paul’s School, obtaining student and alumni files without warrants, cold calling anyone who could be convinced they could be a victim for cash, training them for intercept calls to wealthy targets who could hear her training them on the other end of the line. She did this in December 2018 to one alumni target who contacted me to let me know about it. Julie Curtin and her pals David Vicinanzo and Gordon MacDonald got away without having the Grand Jury Criminal Investigation into St Paul’s School published because, as Judge McNamara wrote:

“grand jury testimony can involve “all sorts of false, damaging and one-sided information.” In holding that the Diocese of Manchester Report did not protect the privacy rights of those named, Judge McNamara concluded:

“Mark Twain famously said that a lie is halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. In an internet age, he might have added that the lie will forever outrun the truth as search engines become ever more efficient.”

Now comes the kicker:
The final list of accused priests suggests serious racketeering was going on between the AG’s office and the Diocese of Manchester, Catholic Charities, the attorneys representing these, and the police detective: James F McLaughlin and the attorneys he was involved with, including Peter Heed, the AG.

The omissions suggest that the AG’s office or the Diocese were hiding child sex abuse at YDC, where some of the priests also worked.

Father Francis Talbot, whose name Bishop McCormack supplied to AG Phil McLaughlin’s office in 2000—preceding Nixon Peabody’s involvement with the Church—is glaringly missing from the list.

Talbot went to prison, where he died. He pled guilty — whether or not he was guilty. The denial of due process, over prosecution and sentencing of Father Gordon Macrae in 1994 was enough to scare any priest into a plea deal.

Julie Curtin knows all about this because she fabricated claims against Owen Labrie and tampered with witnesses and evidence in order for the State to overcharge, over prosecute, over sentence Owen Labrie just so the blackmail/extortion racket that was so successful with the Diocese could continue with St Paul’s School with her and James F McLaughlin’s help. He was hired especially for the mission.

Talbot’s absence from the list indicates that either he wasn’t guilty and the Diocese and AG’s office knew it, or that he was guilty and that there was a cover-up of his crimes because he worked at the YDC and the State didn’t want a probe into what was going on at their youth facilities.

The Diocese paid out for crimes allegedly committed by Father Francis Talbot. Chuck Douglas represented one of the claimants. One of his accusers wanted transparency on the deals between the Diocese and its attorneys. It was never provided.

“Talbot was suspended from his priestly duties in October 2000, just a month before the Manchester Diocese reached a confidential settlement with Cody Goodwin for $200,000. Goodwin has a lawsuit pending against Talbot and is trying to have his agreement with the church rescinded by the court.”

“A Concord man, who hasn’t identified himself, and Robert Plourde of Manchester, both allege in civil lawsuits that Talbot molested them in the 1960s at the Youth Development Center, which was then called the New Hampshire Industrial School.”

“The Manchester Diocese asked for a comment on the priest’s guilty pleas issued the following statement:

“Bishop John McCormack and the Diocese of Manchester continue to be deeply concerned over the harm of any victim of sexual abuse by a priest. In this situation, when the diocese learned of the abuse, it reached out to assist the victim and permanently removed the priest from all ministry.”

It is highly unlikely that the Bishop’s statement did not get run past the attorneys for the Diocese: Nixon Peabody (David Vicinanzo, Gordon MacDonald) and Divine Millimet (Ovide LaMontagne, Alex Walker).

The judge in Talbot’s case was Robert J. Lynn, who went on to be New Hampshire Supreme Court Chief Justice. Strangely enough, he presided over Owen Labrie’s denied appeals, which Gordon MacDonald argued while Julie Curtin was working for him in the AG’s office.

The New Hampshire AG’s report from 2003 concludes with the following statement:

“On November 16, 1999, Bishop McCormack wrote a memo to the file regarding observations made by Auxiliary Bishop Christian about MacRae’s conviction. (B3513). That memo concluded: “The sentencing in the [John Doe XVI] case was not proportionate to the sentencing in similar cases. He was convicted as a pedophile. The [John Doe] children possibly lied. Even though there may be some irregularities in the handling of his criminal trial because of the lying, based on the fact that he was criminally convicted, the Diocese did not think it could win a civil case or be able to defend, therefore, that they had supervised him appropriately and correctly.”

On November 14, 2001, Attorney Bradford Cook wrote to Bishop McCormack with his comments and observations on MacRae’s continued challenges to his convictions and sentences. (B3515). Cook made the following observations to Bishop McCormack: “Throughout the process, it was obvious that all of [Jane Doe II’s children] were expansive in their testimony, and it was aimed at getting a certain result, and frankly, none of the attorneys involved in the criminal or civil cases trusted their testimony to be completely accurate. Whether it was all trumped up or totally manufactured is impossible to know, but unlikely. That it was embellished was clear.”

(B3515). There is absolutely no indication on what Attorney Cook based these conclusions.”

While the facts detailed above would have supported a prosecution for endangering the welfare of a minor against the Diocese, such a prosecution likely would have been barred by the statute of limitations. Based on the civil lawsuits filed by the victims in the 1990s, it is clear that the victims knew that the Diocese breached a duty of care to them by failing to take effective steps to protect them from MacRae’s sexual misconduct when the Diocese first learned of MacRae’s misconduct in 1983. Because the victims were aware of the Diocesan response to MacRae’s conduct more than one year before the present investigation, the State could not have relied on the discovery provision to toll the statute of limitations.”

Father Gordon Macrae was criminally prosecuted in 1994 for fabricated sex abuse that took place eleven years earlier, in 1983. Thus, the “Conclusion” in the AG’s report is completely nonsensical and essentially a shoddy excuse to block discovery which would have revealed the shenanigans going on between Church and State, the attorneys, non-profits and police tied to the two.

In light of the absence of Father Talbot’s name in the list of accused priests for the Diocese and considering his work at the YDC and accusations coming from that, it’s obvious that someone is running a cover-up. But is it the Diocese, Nixon Peabody, or the State?

Another cover-up is that of Brother Paul Crawford.

According to an August 14, 2019 article by Mark Hayward in the Union Leader, Bishop Peter Libisci “restricted the ministry of Brother Paul Crawford to people 21 years or older” following a lawsuit filed against the Diocese by Peter Hutchins Esq accusing Lucien Poulette and Brother Paul Crawford of sex abuse at YDC in 2011.

Brother Paul Crawford had worked at the YDC chapel. The article in the Union Leader has been suppressed, disabled recently — suggesting that someone is working with the paper to disable it. I believe that person to be David Vicinanzo or an affiliate of his (possibly his pro bono client — the NHCADSV who boast that they are able to create and control media in civil and criminal cases).

Brother Paul Crawford’s obituary suggests that the most likely reason the Union Leader article is disabled is that Brother Paul was the outreach director for Catholic Charities from 2002 to 2011. The organization was a primary client of Divine Millimet and thus associated with Nixon Peabody.

Brother Paul was also President of the board of directors of the Franciscan Action Network in DC and president of the Granite State Organizing Project — these two connecting him to: Eva Castillo.

“For 33 years, from 1987 to 2020, Brother Paul faithfully served the people of God in Manchester, N.H. He was a pastoral associate, youth minister, and religious education director at Blessed Sacrament Parish (1987–2002) and an outreach coordinator for Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Manchester (2002–11). He held other offices in the diocese as well. From 2002 he resided at St. Anne-St. Augustin Friary and served for six years as guardian of the Capuchin fraternity.

Brother Paul was a longtime advocate for social justice, serving as president of the board of directors of the Franciscan Action Network in Washington, D.C., and past president of the Granite State Organizing Project in Manchester.”

The scandal of scandals is not the YDC, not the Diocese, not St Paul’s School, Dartmouth College, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Concord School District — which have all been accused of cover-ups of sex abuse. It is the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office and a club of attorneys, including Chuck Douglas, David Vicinanzo, Gordon MacDonald, Peter Hutchins, Shaheen & Gordon, and others who have figured out how to game the system with a little help from “Monsignor” Edward Arsenault, PD James F McLaughlin, their proteges, affiliated Victim Advocacy non-profits and the news media tied to these which includes the Boston Globe, WMUR, NH Press Association and the Associated Press.

Where there was money to be made from bribery and extortion, civil suits became more important than the reporting of child sex abuse — a mandatory requirement for all adults in New Hampshire regardless of whether or not they are members of the NH Bar or public officials.

“After Thomas Grover’s initial testimony at MacRae’s 1994 trial, Dean Clay read of it in a local newspaper. The next day, Dean Clay showed up in the courtroom. Before the trial resumed, he told MacRae’s defense counsel that he knew Tom Grover and had been told by Mr. Grover that he was involved in an insurance scheme or scam for which he will get a lot of money. Mr. Clay believed that the scam Grover referred to was this trial. After strenuous objection by prosecutors, Judge Brennan declined to allow the jury to hear testimony from Dean Clay.”
“Dominic Martin and his wife, Brianna Martin, were arrested in Boston in 2003. They pled guilty and were convicted of the extortion of a priest with false claims of sexual misconduct. Dominic Martin had changed his name. He was formerly Todd Biltcliff, a Keene, New Hampshire resident who, in 1992, received an undisclosed settlement after accusing a New Hampshire priest, Fr. Stephen Scruton, of molesting him in a hot tub at the YMCA. “

Edward Arsenault never explained whether or not claims against the Diocese resulting from the AG’s task force investigation in 2002 were credible. He told members of the Diocese that insurance would pay for the claims. He himself was expanding an insurance business for Catholic Risk Retention Management.

Edward Arsenault and James F. McLaughlin were fraudsters. Their fraud worked for the AG’s office, Nixon Peabody, Chuck Douglas, and Peter Hutchins because it brought lucrative business.

AG Phil McLaughlin described the Diocese settlements as “creative” upon his retirement in 2015. In 2020, an anonymous person posted a review of his law firm and his of wife, Janice, who worked with him:

“Posted by anonymous

November 04, 2020

Family Law

Hired Attorney Janice McLaughlin

Horrible excuse for a human being and a horrible excuse for a lawyer!! She was “hired” by the court to represent my daughter and protect her from her abusive dad who had a history of violence, mental issues, and drug use. So what does the wench do? She represents my ex-husband in court even though she signed papers saying she was representing my daughter!! My dad complained to her about her lack of caring for my beautiful daughter as well as all the slanderous lies she said in court about me and my family. Janice said, “I’m a lawyer and so I’m not under oath!” My dad said, “I’m reporting you to the board!” Janice responded, “Go ahead! My husband is the Attorney General so you won’t get far!!” My daughter is now an adult who is determined to put the pain and suffering caused by Janice behind her. However, the scars that Janice put on my poor baby will never be healed. Janice is a true demon in every sense of the word! I truly hope God can forgive her because we never will.”

AG Phil McLaughlin’s and Janice McLaughlin’s son is Timothy McLaughlin, who was at Shaheen & Gordon until recently.

He represented the NHCADSV and Concord City Councilwoman Amanda Grady Sexton, who chaired the Public Safety Committee and approved former police detective Julie Curtin’s investigations into St Paul’s School.

The NHCADSV had hired Brian Harlow, one of the first “victims” for the Diocese of Manchester, sought out by James Rosenberg in AG Phil McLaughlin’s office. They hired him in 2012, on the 10th anniversary of the Diocese cases, to expand their business. David Vicinanzo of Nixon Peabody provides “pro bono” legal counsel to the NHCADSV who work with him for the current YDC cases against the state. The AG’s office refers claimants of YDC abuse to the NHCADSV, and then Nixon Peabody, Shaheen & Gordon, Douglas & Leonard, and others get the business.

Under AG Phil McLaughlin, the sex abuse of David Meehan, Charles Glenn, and others at YDC was covered up by his office and by his successors: Peter Heed, Kelly Ayotte, Michael Delaney, Joseph Foster, and Gordon MacDonald.

It is extremely likely that Nixon Peabody had a role in the self-described “narrative” for Edward Arsenault published on 4th March 2014 by the Diocese. The “narrative” conveniently omits Edward Arsenault’s development of a business relationship with David Vicinanzo in 2002, leading to Arsenault personally sorting out 250 claims against the Diocese filed largely by Chuck Douglas and Peter Hutchins of Wiggin & Nourie, where MaryAnn Dempsey is an insurance coverage attorney. She also happens to be General Counsel for New Hampshire’s Judicial Branch, while Meredith Cook (a relation of Bradford Cook, I believe), who also works at Wiggin & Nourie, is the “Chancellor” for the Diocese, listed on the same page as the investigator, Julie Curtin.

Ovide LaMontagne at Divine Millimet law firm had called AG Phil McLaughlin, essentially egging on an investigation for the Catholic Institution his law firm represented.

“Lamontagne, who later began representing the church legally, declined to confirm McLaughlin’s account or comment at all, citing attorney-client privilege, leaving it unclear how Lamontagne knew about the church abuse or how long he’d been aware of it.

But armed with this new information, McLaughlin acted instantly, calling Arsenault into a meeting at Lamontagne’s Manchester law office. “

Lamontagne wouldn’t confirm the AG’s account, having called the AG to trigger the investigation of the Diocese & Edward Arsenault wouldn’t confirm the validity of any of the claims against the Diocese.

To see how entangled Lamontagne, Arsenault, Nixon Peabody, David Vicinanzo, and Gordon MacDonald were in 2003 — see this:

AG Michael Delaney’s resignation as Attorney General when after Edward Arsenault’s fraud upon the Diocese was being discovered in Spring 2013 looks like it might be tied to fear of the AG’s office getting exposed for collusion with Arsenault & the Diocese attorneys back in 2002 when Delaney worked under Phil McLaughlin.

Delaney would have been fully aware of the scam in the Diocese cases and the cover-ups of YDC abuse. He withdrew from consideration for the First Circuit in 2023 after a letter was received by the US Senate Judiciary Committee from a State Witness/Complainant in the high-profile trial of Owen Labrie of St Paul’s School. The letter stated that Michael Delaney had tampered with State witnesses before they gave testimony. One of those witnesses, Andrew Thomson, had a deal made for him per the prosecutor’s statements to Judge Larry Smukler. Thomson’s mother, Lucy Hodder, was on the board of the NH Charitable Foundation, legal counsel to Governor Maggie Hassan, and on the board of St Paul’s Board of Trustees. The NHCADSV’s Amanda Grady Sexton knew about the tampering because she was the messenger to the prosecutor in the courtroom, according to the statement provided to the US Senate Judiciary Committee. She had a duty as a public official for the City of Concord. If she knew there was felony witness tampering in a criminal trial, it would have been her duty to report it to the judge, given she was attending the trial as a public official. She did not. Jane Young attended the trial, too, and also said nothing.

“Jim Rosenberg, who, with Will Delker, the head of the criminal division, undertook the inquiry, said that McLaughlin was the architect of the approach that eschewed criminal proceedings against the church hierarchy in favor of full disclosure and a commitment to cooperate with law enforcement. Rosenberg said that the outcome was preferable to what could have been expected from criminal proceedings. Noting that McLaughlin assembled a coalition of victim advocates and law enforcement officials, he stressed that “creative remedies were achieved by Phil’s leadership.”

“Victim advocates” in New Hampshire means the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, who get kickbacks from the attorneys who sue institutions and the state. They train the police and supply the victims to the attorneys, and then train the victims and the prosecutors. They control the media for all. They are supposed to provide training to prevent sexual assault in the state’s facilities and in schools, but the primary interest is in lawsuits and settlements.

Access to the Diocese, St Paul’s School, and Phillips Exeter Academy records is what feeds the lawsuit and settlement machine. The NHCADSV is the “victim advocacy” front to gain access to the records. Julie Curtin is the informant who fabricates, hides, and manipulates anything to please the people who pay her, whether it is the AG, the PD, the NHCADSV, Nixon Peabody, Divine Millimet, or Shaheen & Gordon.


The views and opinions expressed by contributors are those of the author and may not reflect the opinion or position of  Grok Media,, its authors, advertisers, donors, or sponsors.

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Elon Calls Out Our Rigged Elections … But What Can Republicans Do About It?

Granite Grok - 23 hours 50 min ago

In a nutshell, our elections are designed to allow the Left to cheat. It’s that simple. Mail-in ballots and drop-boxes are unverifiable. Yet that is how the so-called “swing States” conduct elections.

Finally, thanks to Elon’s purchase of twitter, people who are willing to believe what they see and hear, and who can think for themselves, know that our elections are SHAMS. Thank you, Elon.

New Hampshire might not allow universal mail-in voting or employ drop-boxes. But the Granite State’s elections are also SHAMS. The NHGOP makes a lot of noise about stopping out-of-state college students, out-of-state “campaign workers,” etc., from voting in our elections … BUT does NOTHING of consequence to stop it.

Laws get ignored by Leftist local election officials … go unenforced by the Left-wing Attorney-General’s office … and are treated as wax figurines by the incompetent, activist “judges” in the state courts. Hell … one of the biggest defenders of rigged elections in the AG’s office … Anne Edwards … was rewarded by being made a Superior Court judge by Sun-King Sununu and the supposedly GOP-controlled Executive Council.

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Are We Trapped in a Lie at the End of Which There Is No Justice at All

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 22:00 +0000

Have you ever considered the problem we have created for ourselves? We let relativists, humanists, and scientistism strip the world of mystery and meaning beyond what they see. Their vision is the revealed truth. Their words are sacred.

Take a breath. Think deeply. Are you really allowed to disagree? Are they not, having infiltrated and unraveled nearly every cultural institution, angry earth-bound gods who brook no dissent?

A society increasingly run by men and women who cannot imagine any power greater than themselves (or their faction) is doomed. Not just human liberty. That can’t possibly survive the capricious whim of our temporal masters. We see the weight of it stressing the foundations of our Republic. Disagreeing gets you canceled. Something as simple as a meme could get you arrested. Our cities are overrun by foreign invaders, but not until after those who claimed a monopoly on public safety swore that policing was an injustice.

Even science, the foundation of rationalism, must be of the proper pedigree and toe the “party” line, or it is blaspheme.

Wrong thinking is the problem, but before you can have such a thing, someone with power and influence must decide what it is that is right.

There can be no science in such a place. Ideas, learning, innovation, exploration, and imagination all begin with questions, queries, and wonder. Morality itself, that thing we are supposed to agree on together, that which represents the basis for even common law, is impossible. Not where it is both denied existence but defined for us. A moving target whose restrictions are not universally applied but directed like a weapon at anyone who dares question why?

And our terrestrial gods want it that way. They need it that way. The infiltration of politics into every corner of life brings with it the desire to make everything a moral question, but in the absence of any shared morality. Rather than tell the politics to stay away, tell it that it has no business here, we let the venom exhaust us, followed like day follows night by the political will to intervene in the name of justice.

A lie at the end of which there is no justice at all.

They have so thoroughly poisoned the well that even theft and murder, once universally accepted as violations of our basic human rights, have been turned on their head.

The value of life has been eroded out from under us, beginning decades ago with abortion and moving on more recently to “assisted suicide, whose inevitable path toward state tyranny I have documented elsewhere. But to summarize, life is useful when it serves the temporal gods but a burden even when it is through their actions that it has lot some value.

In numerous American cities, theft has become an acceptable occupation up to an arbitrary point. The local deities who oversee order and justice are content to ignore property crime as if it is beneath them to care about those from whom it has been stolen.

Having stripped the “tree” of its fruit, those short-sighted fools motivated by immediate acts of transitory self-enrichment then act amazed down the road when nothing further grows.

No worries. The government is here to help.

These are not new problems. Human behavior is what it is. It is why the Bible remains relevant. It is why America’s founders framed our government, as best they could, to protect against it. A Republic, if you can keep it. A system of government for a moral people.

Can we? Keep it. Can we keep it in the absence of at least some shred of a shared morality?

Those who have worked patiently for generations to bring it down don’t think we can, and their work is proof enough. They who shouted about fears of a theocracy created a temporal one of their very own—a political belief system in nothing but themselves.

It is one of the many things Democrat-Socialism shares with Fascism and communism: nothing matters but the state (and those who run it).

It sounds hopeless. As if, even were it to come to victorious armed conflict—civil war—how could we replace the common moral underpinnings upon which the Republic once stood? The Constitution is paper and words, and without right-minded people willing to view it as more powerful than their own will, it means nothing.

Human beings will be what they are, and absent some shared morality, each incarnation that follows is little more than another version of mob rule.

I still have hope.

First, I think we need to agree that human rights apply equally to all humans, as would the violation of those rights. Any ‘right’ that we do not all share, regardless of race, religion, age, or sex, is not a human right. It is something else. We should call them what they are – privileges, which, ironically, is the accusation flung by people seeking demographic carveouts that cannot be applied universally.

I’ll leave it at that for now because not much else can be accomplished until we can agree on this.

The people most likely to pursue power in any system are those most inclined to abuse it. They benefit if we are divided and at each other’s throats. The one thing we all share is humanity. If we are all truly equal, and there are natural human rights, then they can only be things we all share.

Everything outside that is a political affectation meant to keep us from agreeing on who the tyrants truly are and that it is they who are guilty of injustice.

| Substack

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LAST Newsletter from NH Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Thu, 2024-07-11 20:59 +0000


Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform Established January 2010
Last Newsletter - July 2024


Bananas: Handicapping the Debate

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 20:00 +0000

The first presidential debate of 2024 between the Orange Man and the Old Man went off with all the pomp and circumstance of a game of bingo at the local senior center.  Despite both candidates having a record number of voters in 2020 the hosts at CNN were unable to get any attendees to join the event likely due to the rise in Tourette’s like shouting that occurs among passersby during the fake news network’s on air reporting.  Experts say this new condition is in no way linked to vaccines nor are the rise in myocarditis, pericarditis, auto-immune disorders, miscarriages, heart attacks, strokes, excess deaths, and lawsuits.

CNN super-hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, who fight fake news crimes as the dynamic duo Hebrew and Shebrew, begun the evening by reminding everyone they would be exercising their freedom of the press by tightly controlling the speech of both potential leaders of the free world.  If a candidate were to speak out of order they would take turns applying the Milgram switch to ensure compliance, which many say explains the speech difficulties of president Biden who’s team had been using the switch liberally in preparation for the debate.

Things got off to a slow start at the introduction as it took former vice-president Biden nearly eleven minutes to make his way to the podium followed by president Trump who made his way to the podium at his now well-worn perp-walk pace.

The first question posed by Mr. Tapper put Biden on the defensive regarding an economy that has seen prices up nearly 40% across all markets.  After blaming Trump for “handing it to him” Biden reminded the listeners he was Brigadier General of Scranton, PA during World War II where he single-handedly defeated the German army invasion of the American mainland with his wingman Cornpop which created an economic boom in the “millions or billions”.  Trump’s rejoinder reminded everyone his economy was “a perfect economy” and like “nothing anyone had ever seen before” and “maybe the greatest economy in the history of economies”, which sent the nation’s fact-checkers into a panic as they furiously researched world economies from the past six thousand years only to find out Trump’s claims were “mostly true”.

Asked next what either candidate will do about America’s national debt, which recently passed the thirty-four gazillion mark and leaves us paying more in interest annually than we spend on national defense, both candidates blamed the other while missing the opportunity to celebrate setting yet another record.  Mr. Trump (the current record holder at $8.3 trillion) spent more than all the presidents combined from George Washington to George Bush, while Biden is on pace to break that record having spent just over $6 trillion with weekly phone calls from Volodomyr Zelenskyy and Benjamin Netanyahu expected.  After discovering his feat Trump stated “that’s a lot of presidents and a lot of dead presidents, which many say makes me the greatest of all the living presidents”.

National security threats, particularly those imposed by unborn babies, who could wreak havoc on the life of a young woman ready to have lots of unprotected sex but not ready to deal with the unprotected consequences, was discussed.  President Trump took credit for the overturning of Roe v. Wade back to the states while Mr. Biden took a long and winding road to discuss murderer immigrants and child molesters, with an uncanny level of detail and familiarity that was stopped abruptly by Dana Bash to the relief of everyone watching.

Much of the rest of the debate revealed the Jedi-like ability of both candidates to give answers, just not the answers you’re looking for.  Curious about COVID policy?  How about an explanation of how poorly the other guy is handling tax cuts.  World War III on your mind?  Wait til you hear about how far we can hit golf balls!  This middle schoolyard fight was two Capri Suns and a nap away from being the real deal.

Speaking of real, the Real Debate was held by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over on X where the third most popular candidate enjoyed the luxury of an audience, a free-thinking moderator and coherent thoughts supported by facts.  Despite having the vocal chords of a ’68 Camaro Mr. Kennedy patiently waded through each question pointing out where the other candidates fell short, a brief review of the data and how he would be different.  Kennedy, who’s father and uncle were both assassinated by the same government he hopes to lead, took issue with Joe Biden’s blatant censoring of political speech.  Biden responded ironically by stating “graggamuffins…look…the fact of the matter is…liddle-dee-diddle-dee-doo!”  With 11 million views on X to CNN’s 9 million views the many of the American people, unlike their presidential candidates, are speaking clearly – we’d rather take our chances on Demosthenes with brain worms.

Following the debate members of the media who had voiced unbridled excitement for Joe Biden were stunned to discover what the rest of America had been talking about since 2020.  Namely, Joe Biden had both the mental acuity and physical dexterity of a Roomba, just don’t tell his wife that.

In a related story Julian Assange was freed from incarceration after reaching a plea deal with the US Government.  After returning home was stunned to find another massive Wikileaks data dump revealing emails from inside the US intelligence community offering “three assassinations for the price of one” with the coupon code “NEWSOME2024” at the checkout.



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The New ‘Grok Goes Live This Weekend …

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 18:17 +0000

The design team has informed me that everything is ready, and the plan is to move to the newest iteration of The Grok this weekend. Just in time. The old site is not looking so good.

We should be on our new footprint and with our new hosting company sometime on Saturday, July 13th.

I expect an adjustment process, some tweaks, and fixes, and there are things we’ll need to do after the move. The home page is different from any layout we’ve used previously. As hinted previously, we are handling categories and such a bit differently, and not everything may fit or end up where it is supposed to go on day one.

Note that the Daily Grok newsletter will stop for a while, and ‘Grok email addresses will probably not work until we move that too. It’s a work in progress.

Minor site changes and updates will follow until it all works the way we imagined it would, and then I’ll start looking at the next “phases.”

The VIP/subscriber option and a Grok Mobile App.

Well, that’s the plan.

We’ll see how that goes.

And yes, we could always use more financial support. Thanks.

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So Much For Transparency

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 18:00 +0000

Joe Biden promised us the most transparent administration in history, which he did not have to commit to, for it is expected with the job. The President of the United States owes it to the American people, not just his supporters, to be truthful to every American. This administration fails miserably.

We have lost track of the number of comments by Joe Biden and his diversity hire press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, which have been corrected and walked back. They are masters of telling you what they want you to believe while giving reasons why they cannot disclose the facts. Here is a suggestion. Just answer the damn question.

Monday’s press briefing was as poor a performance as Biden’s debate debacle. Biden’s flop can be attributed to dementia, but KJP’s performance was pure incompetence. The press corps is turning on this administration out of an attempt to survive. It had been caught in the conspiracy to hide the condition of President Joe Biden at the debate, and now they are trying to act like journalists by devouring KJP. She was flustered, argumentative, and defensive, and at one point, she was pleading for respect from this group, who used to eat out of her hand.

She could not, or would not, answer the question of the day, which involved reports that a particular neurologist who specializes in the treatment of Parkinson’s patients appeared on recent logs visiting the President three times a week. If true, this is serious information that could explain the President’s recent health-related incidents. But KJP was not going to be the one to spill the beans on Joe. She manipulated her answer to avoid the question, and after the fourth or fifth attempt, she resorted to security reasons for not answering. It was unclear whether she was protecting the doctor or the President. Either way, it was a horrible effort. If she were anything except a Black, Gay Female, she would have been terminated as soon as she left the podium.

The topic of Joe Biden’s health and competence would be a non-issue if he had only kept his promise to America in 2020. Knowing his age was already a concern, he assured the voters that he would be a one-term president. He would bridge from the chaos of the Trump Presidency to a more stable Democrat-led future. But in true Biden fashion, he lied and now refuses to step aside for the next generation of leaders. He has gone from reassuring to defiant and shows little mercy to anyone who defects from Team Biden or dares to call for him to step down. It has become apparent that it is Joe and Jill’s mission to maintain the position of power they have achieved, though not necessarily earned. They know their popularity rating is dropping, and they hear the rumbles, but they also know that unless the Democrats use the 25th Amendment, there is no way they can lose their position unless they approve of the movement.

The 2024 Democrat Convention in Chicago may be the most volatile and nasty event we have seen in recent times. It is apropos that the convention is in one of the most violent cities in America.

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Kuster and Pappas Protect Non-Citizen Voting “Rights”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 16:00 +0000

Chip Roy’s Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act (HR8281) does this crazy thing. It says what the federal law already says: Non-citizens cannot vote in US elections. They can’t. It’s illegal. But there’s no mechanism to ensure that. HR8281 says you must prove you are a citizen to register and vote. Provide proof. Neither of New Hampshire’s Dem House Critters voted for it.

They both voted no.

I get that Kuster has short-timers’ diseases and tends to represent only 30-40% of her constituency, but this seems like a no-brainer. It’s a simple way to ensure Americans believe you when you say you want and that we have secure elections with integrity, especially in a climate where there may be tens of millions of potential non-citizen ballot box stuffers shambling across the increasingly fruitless plain.

Letting anyone who wanders across the border to vote sends a different message. One, we must admit, the Democrats have defended in New Hampshire for decades. As a matter of state policy, if you happen to be here on election day, they want you to join in the fun (they must think means more votes for them). And that was the Dem party-line vote in HR8281, but the bill still passed with bipartisan support. Five Democrats voted yea, and every House Republican supported it. 198 Democrats voted no. They are okay with people who are not Americans deciding who represents you in Washington, DC. But I suppose that also makes sense. The priorities of felons (illegal entry is a felony) are not typically the same as those of law-abiding taxpayers and with the exception of Donald Trump (and that guy Sotomayor’s Fed bodyguard shot), Democrats like felons more than they do you or me.

Or, perhaps, this is part of an expanded commitment to access without proof of identity—the opposite of two-factor identification. Not only do we not need to know who you are (no ID), but there’s no need to prove that you are a citizen either. Can we expect this level of detail at the DNC convention in Chicago? Whoever says they are a delegate can vote for Joe’s replacement. That’d be fun to watch, but we know it won’t happen. You can’t get into the local state convention without ID, and they check to make sure you are a Democrat.

Two-factor authentication.

Picking representatives for Congress or a president (and every other race or measure on the ballot)?



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Executive Council Funds Unethical Mental Health Practices in NH’s Public Schools

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 14:00 +0000

Many people contacted the Executive Council to ask them to turn down a half million dollar grant that would be used to further support the Multi Tiered System of Support for Behavior in our public schools. The MTSS-B is a framework focused on a child’s behavior and mental health. Now that the MTSS-B has been implemented in New Hampshire Schools, we are discovering all kinds of problems.

This article in Granite Grok explains some of this here.

The Executive Councilors voted to support the grant. Here’s how they voted:
Cindy Warmington (YES)
Janet Stevens (YES)
Ted Gatsas (YES)

Dave Wheeler (NO)
Joe Kenney (NO)

The Commissioner did clarify that the $9k grant would cover MTSS-B, and the rest would be used for substance abuse. One would think this would be an easy vote. They could vote NO on this and then support another grant that would fund substance abuse measures in the schools. Unfortunately, the four councilors still voted for the grant.

Progressives who believe in a cradle-to-grave government system will be thrilled. This is all part of the CDC community school model they want in all public schools.

Dear Commissioner Edelblut,

After listening to the Executive Council meeting on July 10th and your statement on the MTSS-B framework, I wanted to follow up with you on some information you provided to the Council members. I appreciate that you were able to break down the amount of the grant that would be applied to MTSS-B and how the rest of the grant would be distributed.

The concerns that I have raised, along with teachers and other parents, center around the mental health aspect coming from how MTSS-B is being implemented in NH schools. In addition, we also know what Transformative SEL looks like because of how it is presented in SEL programs like Second Step. Transformative SEL will focus on racial injustice through the political ideology of anti-racism. This is a call to political activism through SEL in the classroom. We know that Second Step is used in Merrimack.

Since you cannot be in each school throughout the state, you would not be able to give a firsthand account of exactly how this program is being implemented. We can only go by what the SEL vendors share.

In addition, when districts like Merrimack tell parents that the teacher will be discussing anxiety with students, again, you are not in the classroom where this information will be provided. I’m attaching a file that teachers sent home to parents in Merrimack, where they would be discussing how to control anxiety. This could be why a young student then self-diagnosed herself with depression. She came home from school, claiming to her mother that she believed she was depressed. Those who know this child best would describe her as well-adjusted and happy. Planting seeds of anxiety or depression in a child is not a healthy way to promote good mental health. Providing expert mental health care to a child who is experiencing anxiety in a clinical setting, may be a more appropriate way to address anxiety in a child.

Two young NH boys were playing with swords in the lunchroom with their plastic knives. One accidentally scraped his friend, who then needed a bandaid. The boy who scraped his friend was then given a Psych evaluation against the wishes of his parents. A normal childhood interaction was enough for the school to perform a psych evaluation. I immediately referred the father to an attorney, but today, parents sign all kinds of consent forms at the beginning of the year without realizing that their child could be evaluated for doing what normal boys do.

Now that a psych evaluation has been conducted on a child in a public school, how exactly will that information be used against that child if he wants to become an officer in the military or apply for a job in law enforcement? No one seems to be considering the ramifications of this new experiment on children in public schools. If Medicaid is used to reimburse the district for these services, they must code the child. There is no code for normal.

You also mentioned that this sensitive personal information is FERPA-protected, but you didn’t mention to the Councilors that FERPA was gutted during the Obama administration. The changes now make personal student data available to a list of those who are considered “exceptions.” Prior to the gutting of FERPA, there were no exceptions, and parents would be required to consent before this personal information was shared. This is why privacy experts continue to call for closing the FERPA loophole. We are seeing all kinds of personal information shared without the knowledge or consent of the student or their parents.

Let’s be honest: FERPA doesn’t protect the personal information of students anymore. I think you should have at least explained that to the Councilors. Most parents are misled into thinking FERPA protects their child’s private information, but prior to that change to the law, Keene State wouldn’t have been able to access that personal mental health information on students in our schools.

Keene State BHII accessed personally identifiable mental health information from school counselors as an “exception.”
But what I have a hard time reconciling is how they managed to do this without IRB approval. FERPA allows this personally identifiable information to be shared with “researchers” but IRB is needed when conducting research on children. What we are seeing unfold in our schools is disturbing, and needs to be addressed honestly.

We have schools that are struggling to teach kids to read by 3rd grade, and now they are tasked with providing mental health services. We are seeing unethical practices that violate a student’s right to privacy, guaranteed in the New Hampshire Constitution. This needs to be resolved. If you continue this program in our schools, parents need to be confident that their child’s personal information on behavior or their mental health isn’t shared with anyone without the knowledge or consent of parents. The only exceptions should be those identified by mental health ethicists who make exceptions when a child is in danger to themselves or others.

During the Zoom meeting, the NH LEAs discussed sharing this information among the staff to work as a team. Once again, they have no right to access this sensitive data without the consent of parents, yet here they are talking about how the school’s team should be able to access this private information.

Where specifically are the protections for students in our schools? FERPA is no longer adequate. While I believe those involved would like to provide mental health services to children, the implementation shows us that schools are not set up to do this in a lawful and ethical way.

How much money is being spent on MTSS-B Coordinators while children sit in our local hospitals for sometimes up to a week, waiting for a bed to open at the one mental health facility for children in our state? This program is not only fiscally irresponsible, it’s fraught with numerous problems.


Ann Marie Banfield

Newsletters (2)

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Green “Energy Transition” Spent Two Trillion in 2023 and … Fossil Fuel Use Rises

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 12:00 +0000

An electoral reckoning is due, but so is an electrical one. The two are intertwined. A radical movement led primarily by the progressive left insists Americans must spend more to have less. We must electrify everything, they say. We must build enormous Easter Island-like shrines and monuments to appease the sun and wind gods (as it turns out) for nothing.

Not nothing, I suppose. These investments in the so-called energy transition are crippling the American economy, harming the poor and middle class, growing the anchor of our unproductive democracy, and dividing people over yet another issue that, in real terms, is of no consequence. And even if it were (of consequence), their chosen course is, as usual, exactly the opposite of the one needed (assuming any of their lies were even true).

One of the many dirty secrets is that you can’t build monuments without fossil fuels. The other is that Countries like India and China are building coal-powered infrastructure faster than you can say “global warming.” 

The need for energy in India is so dire, the Modi government just leaned on the power companies to get their act together. Instead of adding the usual 1 – 2 gigawatts of new coal power, which they have for a lot of the last decade, last year they ordered enough gear to build 10 gigawatts. And this year Modi wants them to aim for 31 gigawatts. Which is about the same capacity as the entire coal generation of the Australian National Grid (and our gas plants too).

Somewhat miraculously, they are talking of building them “in the next 5 or 6 years”: India ‘Asks Utilities to Order $33bn in Gear to Lift Coal Output.’

India, like China, Africa, and many parts of Asia, is modernizing. They see an opportunity to no longer be poor. But you need energy for that, and cheap energy is best. It frees up resources to power growth and modernization—things like indoor plumbing, flush toilets, comfortable living, food security, improved quality of life, health care, and longevity. Basic comforts the moderns in the West despise – at least for others. You don’t see them turning in their Suburaus for rickshaws or their walled villas for dirt-floored hovels in overcrowded shantytowns. Job one for them is taking your comforts away and replacing them with uncertainty and fear.

And that’s not even working.

Globally, we spent almost $2 trillion in 2023 to try to force an energy transition. Over the past decade, solar and wind energy use has soared to record levels. But that hasn’t reduced fossil-fuel use, which increased even more over the same period.

I recently explored this in more detail on Substack.

From 2004 to 2022, for example, 4.1 trillion was spent (just on) on wind and solar. What did we get for that (feel free to tack on the added cost of the electricity it generates)? Wind and solar account for 5% of total generation. In the same span of years, energy from hydrocarbons grew 3.4 times faster.

There is no green transition unless, by green, you mean wealth, prosperity, technology, productivity, and influence from the West to the East. The energy transition shifts power (real and political) out of the hands of nations like America and into the hands of India, the Chinese, Russia, and Africa. And it is not a clean transition. Lifting these nations from second or third to first world will produce “emissions” the likes of which this world has never seen.

You’d be right to ask why these activists are trying to squeeze Americans into releasing fewer emissions and not over there demanding they stop working so hard to destroy the globe. America hs vast energy resources it could use (and would use) more cleanly) to lead an air-quality revolution it could share with the balance of the world – creating real jobs and wealth here and abroad in the process.

They are going to burn coal, oil, and gas. You can’t stop them. They are going to be further industrialized. They aren’t worried about air pollution. It’s a problem for the day after they’ve got enough energy and resources to tackle it.

Ignore whether their ideology or culture becomes a bigger threat to global peace and stability (which, in the case of China, seems likely). Just focus on energy, emissions, and Thr greens stated goals for the planet.

Does it make more sense for America to tap its affordable resources to create jobs and wealth for Americans by building technologies that allow the world to have cleaner, more affordable fossil fuel energy (at a fraction of the cost), or should we keep dumping trillions into “green projects” whose components are built by other nations burning coal that will never be capable of meeting basic residential and business needs (forget heavy manufacturing and transportation)?

Even if you believe the planet is in danger and that all of their prognostications are true, nothing about what modern American progressives have done or proposed begins to address the problem, and in most cases, it just makes matters worse.


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Gutless BidenX Declines $ONE MILLION DOLLAR Golf Match Challenge From Trump

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-07-11 11:00 +0000

Trump (at a rally on 7/9) called the Biden-Regime’s bluff … offering BidenX TWENTY STROKES in a golf match and to contribute $1 million to a charity of the Regime’s choice if that pathetic, incapacitated, desiccated husk Joe BidenX won. Of course, the Regime declined.

Because BidenX couldn’t even tee off once, he probably couldn’t make contact with the golf ball.

BidenX is an IMPOSTER. A FIGUREHEAD. In a Party of angry women and weak men, BidenX is the weakest of WEAK men. The Left has made this country an international embarrassment.



The post Gutless BidenX Declines $ONE MILLION DOLLAR Golf Match Challenge From Trump appeared first on Granite Grok.

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