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Why Progressives Should Support Peaceful Separation

Mon, 2021-09-20 23:27 +0000

Now that talk about peaceful separation is becoming increasingly mainstream, we’d like to take a look at why progressive left-leaning individuals may support such a movement. Typically, people believe that state independence is a purely right-wing phenomenon. However, progressive states are actually leading the way when it comes to reclaiming state sovereignty from DC.

According to federal law, cannabis is currently a schedule-1 controlled substance, which is the highest level of prohibition on any substance that the US government has. Stated another way, nothing is more harmful, dangerous, and addictive than cannabis, according to DC politicians. Federal law includes a 1-3 year prison sentence for anyone caught with any amount of cannabis. Selling large amounts of cannabis could result in life in prison, according to current federal law. In response to the insanity of DC politicians, progressive states from California to New York have ‘nullified’ federal law by simply passing legislation to tell all their law enforcement officials to ignore the federal laws that contradict the progressive values held by the citizens in the state. 

Similarly, progressive states all over the union have nullified federal immigration law. Many individuals and legislators on the left side of the spectrum believe that the immigration policies and enforcement controlled by DC politicians violate their values. So, they have nullified federal immigration law by passing legislation to become sanctuary states. 

The problem? 

At any moment, DC politicians can step up their enforcement and/or begin to punish states that flout their laws. The federal government takes billions of dollars from taxpayers in progressive states each year. They send some of that money back to the state governments, but only as long as they obey the wishes of DC elites. If the US government decides to stop sending that money back to any state that does not obey federal cannabis and immigration law to a tee, life would change drastically for around 50 million progressives overnight. 

Additional issues that might be of concern to progressives include the extreme prohibition of abortion that the Supreme Court of the US government recently refused to block, federal politicians rolling back gun control, and the elimination of democratic voting rights measures, and the passing of voter ID laws. 

What could be done to prevent this disaster? 

Progressives who are concerned about the conflicting ideologies between DC politicians and their own state legislatures may want to consider peaceful separation from DC before matters make such a separation difficult or impossible. 

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Peaceful Separation Now Endorsed By Progressives, Centrists, Conservatives, & Libertarians

Fri, 2021-09-17 17:19 +0000

With Sarah Silverman announcing to her 12 million Twitter followers that the united states must split up, the progressives appear to be coalescing around the idea of a national divorce. Tim Pool, one of the largest independent media personalities in the world has also come out in strong support for secession. Many conservatives and even more libertarians and voluntaryists have supported the idea of balkanization for a while. 

On September 12th, actress and comedian, Sarah Silverman, posted a video to her Twitter explaining that the union is not working and should be split up. “…if people aren’t getting along, like in a relationship, they break up…..why don’t we finally realize that these states aren’t working, and like divide up into two or three countries.”, Silverman said. The comments on her post are overwhelmingly supportive of a national divorce. Make no mistake; I almost never agree with the radical leftist who hates conservatives and libertarians – and that is my exact point. We need to break up. Silverman joins a growing group of progressive Democrats who want to secede, including the Calexit movement.

When a leftist author with a blue check on Twitter announced that he’s praying for COVID to kill Laura Loomer because she is a conservative, Tim Pool, an independent centrist journalist with nearly a million followers retweeted him, adding that “at this point, divorce seems the only reasonable solution. When a married couple begins praying for the other to die maybe it’s time to just peacefully walk away.”

Eric July and Michael Malice are among the many prominent figures calling for secession increasingly often. 

A few months ago, we published an article in which we mentioned that influential conservatives including Candace Owens and Matt Walsh had endorsed secession. More recently, we wrote about Dan Bongino’s daily calls for a national divorce. The trend will continue until politicians can no longer ignore the desire of individuals across all states and all areas of the political spectrum: We want to govern ourselves, and we don’t want DC politicians from wildly different states controlling us. 

Early this morning, Matt Walsh (one of the most influential conservative journalists/podcasters) posted a poll on his Twitter. Of the 73,000 respondents, 61% support splitting up the united states.

In the same week, Ben Shapiro endorsed secession, as well.

I recently spoke with a tenth state representative in New Hampshire who supports independence and agreed to vote in favor of the CACR and to possibly sign on as a co-sponsor. If you live in New Hampshire, visit the state website and find your state representative. Email and call them every day until they agree that the people of New Hampshire should at least have a chance to vote on independence. Some Representatives are hellbent on stopping us from voting on our future. What are they afraid of?

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Breaking: NH Legislator Submits Legislation To Divorce DC; Declare Independence

Tue, 2021-09-14 00:08 +0000

On Monday afternoon, New Hampshire Representative Mike Sylvia officially submitted language to the Office Of Legislative Services for a constitutional amendment concurrent resolution (CACR). If the amendment passes the House and Senate with 60% of the vote in each chamber, it would be placed on the ballot in the November 2022 statewide election. If 66% of the voters choose to accept the amendment into the NH Constitution, it would immediately be added to our state’s governing document, and the Live Free or Die State would officially sever all ties with Washington DC, becoming a self-governing nation-state. 

On September 1st, The Liberty Block published an article listing over 70 powerful reasons why Granite Staters should support state independence from the federal government. And then, Dictator Biden announced that he would bypass Congress and mandate that American workers submit to his power and accept the COVID vaccine, regardless of whether they already had immunity to the virus. When Republican Governors voiced their concerns about executive/federal overreach, Biden threatened to “run over” the delinquent Governors using his power as the President. 

The language submitted today asks that a bill be filed to ask the legislature whether the following language should be placed on the ballot for the people to vote on:

“[Art.] 7-a. [Independent Nation.] New Hampshire peaceably declares

independence from the United States and immediately proceeds as a

sovereign nation. All other references to the United States in this

constitution, state statutes, and regulations are nullified.”

If the legislation passes the House and the Senate (the governor does not need to sign a CACR) it would give the people of New Hampshire an opportunity to vote on their future relationship with Washington DC.

The voters of this great state have not had an opportunity to reevaluate their relationship with our Lords in DC ever in their lifetimes; their ancestors made the decision to join the union 240 years ago, in a different world, one in which the federal government did not violate our every right, and did not steal half of our money to fund their tyranny. 

If you believe that it’s time to give voters a choice – all this legislation does is give voters a voice – then please tell your state representatives and senators to support this constitutional amendment. 

In an interview with, Mike Sylvia said: The people of America have forgotten their history, if we take the time to look at our roots we can see that our constitutions have received ‘lip service’ for far too long. While I can not change the direction of the federal government, I can hold up the New Hampshire constitution and demand that we honor its clear directives. Article 10 reads in part, “whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government.”

To find out more about New Hampshire independence, visit The Foundation For NH Independence, NH Exit, Americans United For Peaceful Separation, and read our many articles on independence and self-governance.

*UPDATE: A fourth Representative has indicated that they will co-sponsor this legislation.

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Guess Which Injection Will Be Mandated Next!

Fri, 2021-09-10 13:45 +0000

In January of 2019, The Liberty Block reported on a national emergency, which is becoming more of a crisis each day. Dozens of politicians and influential figures have warned that this epidemic is destroying the united states, and many offered some solutions to solving what is quickly becoming one of the most difficult issues of our time: Toxic masculinity.

Once corona-fascism begins to wane and morph into the next crisis-du-jour, those who believe in liberty should be prepared for the inevitable tactics and policies that could be implemented by DC politicians. 

I have discussed some candidates for the next ‘crisis’ that the authoritarian communists in DC may use to justify their next massive power grab, including firearms deaths, racism, and global warming. Another potential candidate is manhood because it represents the strength and confidence to fight back against tyranny itself. Of course, tyrants would love to feminize the male citizens who present the greatest threat to their power. Now that a large portion of Americans has accepted the DC politicians’ power to force people to get injections of ‘important’ substances, the progressives in charge can likely implement a once-radical policy: mandatory estrogen injections for men. 

In general endocrinology, estrogen has the opposite effects of testosterone. The hormone is naturally very high in women and very low in men. Higher than normal estrogen levels could cause men to have lower libido, infertility, weaker muscles and bones, lethargy, and depression. All of these effects play perfectly into a tyrant’s desire to de-masculinize men who could potentially threaten their power in any way. 

It seems more plausible with each passing day that the radical left – which will control DC from here on out – will propagandize every single violent crime perpetrated by men in order to achieve this Orwellian agenda. Once DC politicians and their media friends begin to fill the majority of their programming with stories about rape, murder, and how men are evil, we should be on high alert that this policy is incoming. 

Can you imagine this being a real headline in a year? I can.

Of course, politicians are smart. They would likely begin the estrogen injections as ‘voluntary’, ‘only for convicted violent felons’, and ‘temporary’. As time passes and distractions mount, they could pass a bill or a minor ‘rule change’ to expand their estrogen program. Within a year, they could easily turn the majority of pro-liberty men in the united states from threats to feminine subjects who are unlikely to rebel against tyranny. 

Just imagine how little opposition there would be if Biden quietly (or loudly) directed the DOJ to administer temporary experimental estrogen injections to a few murderers and rapists in federal prison. The program would be voluntary and the prisoners would receive a 10% reduction in their prison sentence for accepting the injection and being part of the study. The policy would likely be popular, especially considering that violent criminals appear to have testosterone levels much higher than average men, which could be the primary cause for their violence.

Other tools that our lords could use to implement the policy could be using Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to coerce or encourage men who are ‘at risk of toxic masculine behavioral outbursts’ to get the shots. The government could make it free (read: fully funded by taxpayers), it could refuse medical insurance coverage to men who refuse the shots, etc. 

If you believe that this is totally impossible and is a ‘crazy conspiracy’, read our many articles that went from conspiracy to reality in around a year, including mandatory speed limiters, self-defense being illegal, gun control being pushed as an ‘emergency measure’, all of corona-fascism, election fraud, global warming being called an emergency, the Wuhan lab leak, and much more. Mandatory estrogen injections could be our ‘new normal’ within a matter of months. The best way to avoid that future? Cut all ties with DC as soon as possible.

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Did Congress Pass A Law Mandating Vaccines For Americans?

Fri, 2021-09-10 00:55 +0000

On Thursday afternoon, Townhall reported that a new law was passed in DC which brings corona-fascism to an entirely new level. The new legislation – which was obviously passed by the legislative branch (Congress) begins the long-feared policy of forcing private employers to vaccinate or fire all of their employees. 

As always, the legislation begins softly. It only applies to medium and large companies, and it also allows the employers to simply test their employees for COVID weekly if they are not vaccinated. Of course, the aforementioned provisions could very easily be amended at any time in the future. 

How easily? 

Well, considering that Congress doesn’t actually pass laws anymore, it would not even take ‘an act of Congress’, so to speak. In fact, the new law was created by Biden simply telling The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to make this the new law. And that is what they are doing. Tomorrow, Biden can tell them to adjust their law so that it no longer allows for the employers to substitute the tests for vaccines. The puppet-in-chief could also tell OSHA to make the rule apply to all employees regardless of their company’s size. It would be as easy as coaxing Biden to string together one coherent sentence, which is, admittedly, no longer an easy task.

Did you really think that you were being represented in DC and that you had an influence on the lawmaking process? 

If you want to have any actual input on the laws that govern your life, you will need to convince your state legislators and fellow citizens to cut all ties with DC. Yes, this means declaring independence from the sick tyrants once and for all. 

In response to the federal mandate, 17 GOP-led states have declined to obey the tyrannical law. Inevitably, a court will rule in favor of the law, the DC politicians will cut funding and use other punishments to coerce states into obeying the federal mandate, and the Governors will have to choose between remaining in an abusive relationship with DC or declaring independence once and for all.

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The Dangerous War Against Ivermectin

Fri, 2021-09-10 00:16 +0000

Despite lots of evidence demonstrating that ivermectin is very safe and very effective against COVID, corrupt FDA officials have stepped up their war against the drug. Over 110 studies have found that the common, old, and cheap generic anti-parasitic drug is extremely beneficial for COVID patients. The studies also found very little risk related to the medication. 

For the past few weeks, DC politicians and their friends in the media have launched a full-scale war against ivermectin. Of course, the drug helping patients recover from COVID would substantially diminish the billions in profits that their cronies at Pfizer and Moderna are expecting in the coming months and years. Additionally, good news in the battle against the virus means that people will want to get back to living their lives and may be less willing to obey corona-fascist lockdowns and mandates. 

VIDEO: Best ivermectin meta analysis

The war has entailed big tech censoring or removing content about ivermectin unless it painted the drug in a negative light. The media has been referring to ivermectin primarily as a ‘horse dewormer’ because it could also be used to treat various parasites in horses. Of course, readers with more than a few brain cells know that it’s extremely common for medications to be used in multiple mammals; not just in humans. By constantly referring to it as horse medicine and condemning anyone who takes it as retarded, the media has convinced leftists and some centrists that the drug will kill anyone who takes it. 

A few days ago, the Associated Press was forced to issue a correction after it falsely claimed that 70 percent of calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were about people ingesting ivermectin to treat COVID-19, as reported by InfoWars. Other leftist media outlets have been pushing propaganda about ‘ivermectin overdoses’, another story that is totally fabricated. The picture they used in their article of people waiting in line to get into the overdose-filled ER was a totally unrelated picture, as well. It was actually from people getting the vaccine in the winter.

States in India and Peru have crushed COVID by using ivermectin. Specialists like Dr. Pierre Kory, who is board certified in internal medicine, critical care, and pulmonology and who runs fellowship programs use ivermectin for COVID patients and believe that it’s extremely effective and very safe. 

It is now nearly impossible to find ivermectin in the united states, likely because the Biden administration has pressured doctors not to prescribe it for COVID patients. However, the DC politicians are seemingly giving ivermectin to refugees. 

On August 21st, the Biden FDA posted a tweet mocking those who take ivermectin, clearly sticking with Biden’s promise to be the uniter-in-chief: “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” Of course, the FDA approved the Nobel-Prize-winning medication for use in humans years ago, but expecting politicians to hold consistent principles is akin to expecting horses to fly space ships.

Needless to say, people are surely dying as a result of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin being suppressed by intense campaigns perpetrated by the federal government and their allies in the media. Dictators in some states actually banned doctors from prescribing HCQ for COVID.

If this is what your government thinks of you, and if they are willing to kill people in order to benefit themselves, why would you want to remain under their rule? Don’t you trust your own state legislature more than DC politicians? 

Additional links:

Dr. Malone – ‘Ivermectin works, I used it myself’

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Breaking: Biden Rescinding Evil Anti-Gun David Chipman’s Nomination For ATF Chief

Thu, 2021-09-09 13:50 +0000

After a months-long pressure campaign from many pro-freedom groups, Biden and the radical left may have suffered a rare defeat. 

Fox News reported on Thursday morning that the White House is officially withdrawing the nomination of Dave Chipman, clearly fearing that he would not be confirmed by the Senate, despite anti-gun democrats holding a massive majority in the chamber. 

Chipman has been working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives for decades, and has been a proud opponent of gun rights for his whole career.

The anti-freedom activist famously posed on the rubble and ashes of the victims after the 1993 Waco massacre. Under President Bill Clinton, the US government burned down a building in Waco, Texas, killing many men, women, and children. They were all innocent and were not even charged or under suspicion of committing any violent crimes. One many had allegedly purchased weapons, and that was enough for the DC politicians and their killers to burn the structure down, without caring about the children inside.

Chipman has committed to restricting gun rights throughout the united states if confirmed by the US Senate. 

Ironically, his allegedly racist comments may have played a larger role in the tyrant’s diminishing support among the woke chamber than his history of killing innocent people and restricting the natural right to bear arms. 

While this would be good news and a rare win for liberty in the united states, the next ATF nominee would surely support a total anti-gun agenda, much like Chipman. 

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States Continue To Polarize; Dissolution Of The Union Looms

Wed, 2021-09-08 18:21 +0000

“Texas is becoming leftist!”, said many political commentators, including this author. 

Is Texas really becoming more Democratic and less conservative, thorough?

In the past few weeks, the Republican stronghold state has removed the permit requirement for carrying a concealed firearm and banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Texas is the 18th state to allow for permitless concealed carry. Most of the other states that allow it have only recently adopted the ‘extreme gun rights’ law.

The new laws reflect increasing polarization in both red and blue states. And many leftists are promising to boycott Texas because of its conservatives laws. Some leftists want the federal government to send doctors into Texas by force in order to kill babies. Does that sound like one united country or two distinct peoples?

In the past few months, Florida has become much more conservative, going as far as banning mask mandates by localities and punishing big tech companies that curate content.

New York continues to legalize and encourage abortion while criminalizing firearms, conservatism, and economic freedom. 

Progressive states are banning everything, including computers. 

New Hampshire just banned late-term abortion, cut multiple taxes, increased school choice, and banned critical race theory and vaccine passports. 

California continues to pass extremely progressive policies, such as legalizing hard drugs, further restricting guns and ammo, and getting softer on those who transmit HIV and or have sex with children. 

Meanwhile, states like West Virginia are giving free guns to citizens who get the vaccine. 

New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Illinois grow more progressive each day. Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, and Missouri grow more conservative. 

The one common trend is this: States are increasingly polarizing either to the left or the right. Progressive states are moving towards radical leftist socialism, while right-wing states are moving towards libertarian minimalism. This spells trouble for the group that still clings to hope that ‘America’ can one day unite under one set of values. 

Though they are diminishing in numbers, at least a few million people (including most politicians) still believe that every one of the 330 million individuals in the united states will one day agree with each other and become one united nation. Will everyone suddenly support abortion? Absolutely not. Will everyone support pre-born life? Absolutely not. Will everyone support gun rights? No. Will everyone support the prohibition of guns? Definitely not. The list goes on. The uncomfortable truth is that the united states are totally divided either 50/50 or 45/45/10, depending on the particular issue. Those who have faith that God will unite everyone are not thinking realistically; they are hoping for an impossible miracle to occur. 

How could people who hold polar opposite values share one country? If one group believes a baby is a life and the other group believes that killing babies is sacrosanct, how could they coexist? 

Pragmatically, the increasing polarization will continue to make it very clear that there is only one solution: Make America states again.

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Private vs. Government Currency

Sun, 2021-09-05 12:50 +0000

It’s morning, you awaken and decide to go to the local gas station for a cappuccino. At the counter the cashier rings up your purchase, she slowly blinks her baggy sleep-deprived eyes and utters to you.

“That’ll Be $10.80”

Inflation is a monster that is constantly being fed by, well, the Fed. Each year the purchasing power of the US Dollar is weakened, to the point the Dollar today has the same purchasing power as 4 Cents in 1913. Eventually, we’ll reach a point like Weimar Germany where Americans will be using wheelbarrows to pay for a loaf of bread, so what do we do? What is a way to escape from the further weakening dollar?

Private Currencies.

Before that, we must answer the question that  we should be asking ourselves: “What exactly is money?” The founder of the Austrian School of Economics Karl Menger laid out his perspective where money started as barter and over time the most saleable commodity would become the medium of exchange that was used for all transactions in history this has led to two commodities coming out on top.

Gold and silver.

For the scope of this article, we’ll be focusing on gold. Gold throughout history has been used as a primary means of exchange, there’s only one big problem, well, a big value problem. The overall value of Gold is so high that for the most part, you can’t use it for everyday purchases, at the time of this writing a gram of gold is sitting somewhere between $90-100, you’re not buying a cappuccino at the local gas station with a gram of gold, that’s an expensive cup at that rate. For a time the solution to this was hosting your gold in a bank and lending out promissory notes that would be valued for a certain weight of gold. These notes ended up becoming so convenient to use that people stopped retrieving their gold and just stuck with the notes. With regret, however, this made the move from a gold-backed system of money to a dangerous alternative form of currency easier.


Fiat money in very simple terms is money that is only backed by the government’s word, an IOU. As fiat currency becomes less attached to the physical gold reserves, its value decreases and becomes based only on supply and demand, largely influenced by the issuing government. . Don’t ask questions. There’s a bit more involved in the value of fiat currency such as being partially determined by debt to GDP ratios, taxes aiding in the demand for the money, and the actual money supply. Money supply is relevant in this day and age due to the overprinting of federal reserve notes to fund government programs and wars, increasing the money supply is called ‘inflation’. While at first this doesn’t seem to affect the daily lives of the average citizen soon enough prices begin to rise. This isn’t because the quantities of materials and products are becoming more scarce, it’s due to the increase in money supply decreasing the value of the currency. This has been called ‘Taxation by Inflation’.

So what do you do?

There are ways to mitigate the risk of inflation for yourself or your household. Investments in stocks while carrying risk can net you earnings over time. But a way to hedge against inflation is the purchase of precious metals including silver, gold, palladium, etc… because these are commodities with demand attached to them, they have built-in mechanisms in retaining their value. There are also crypto-currencies that can act as stores of value and mediums of exchange. These include coins like the well-known Bitcoin, but also include coins like Monero, and Dash, however might be a bit esoteric for the average person to attain without people knowing about it and also truly owning the coins themselves. If you’re unconcerned about that, sites like Coinbase have custodial keys so while you aren’t actually owning your coins (until you transfer them into a personal wallet) you are still purchasing coins as a store of value. However, I’d like to point out a product that actually can act as physical cash while maintaining a stored value.


Though there are two other articles and a podcast episode on Goldbacks from this publication, I’ll give new readers a basic rundown of what Goldbacks are. Goldbacks, simply put, entail small amounts of gold made into a bill that is usable as a currency. This is done by atomizing the gold and putting it between two strong polymer sheets, making the gold storable and usable. So unlike the promissory notes that were mentioned previously in this article, a goldback is the gold itself. 

I conducted a short interview with Benjamin Shaffer, who is the Legal Counsel and Chief of Marketing Services for Goldback Inc.

“Local currencies are important because they give control back to the local area and entrepreneurs instead of far-off entities and corporations.” Stated Shaffer. This is done by having to use local services and businesses with said currency instead of a large business that likely would not accept it. In the case of the Goldback, this is accomplished by the fact it is also gold and not just a thing local denizens trust. Walmart may not accept something like the Goldback, but your local food Co-Op might. As Goldbacks have somewhere between a 25-50% acceptance rate among small businesses, this is where you’d be spending your money. The quality of gold-backed money is sound, but there is one problem that Goldback has to overcome that the US Dollar is privileged to not suffer.

Gresham’s Law.

Gresham’s Law states that in a competition between currency, bad money will win out over good money over time, in other words, the average person will be more likely to use their US Dollars to purchase goods and services over their Goldbacks because the gold will maintain value, while the US Dollar won’t. Shaffer gave his answer to the dilemma of Gresham’s Law.

“Gresham’s Law Is indeed a problem, it takes a more enlightened consumer to build these communities. There are business owners that are also working around this by making Goldback the preferred commodity over the US Dollar but adding a premium to the value of Goldbacks (i.e treating them as 115% value over their retail price). But it’s not just private entities that are working to beat Gresham’s law. Wyoming recently passed a law stating that sales in gold are not subject to a sales tax.”

So, although the answer to Gresham’s Law isn’t completely air-tight, there are steps being taken to mitigate it.

Now, for the question of durability and ease of transport.

Goldbacks are made with a strong polymer to prevent damage to the gold inside. They won’t tear or be set alight under normal circumstances and they are waterproof. They will however keep a crease if you intentionally fold one. As for transport, the company also has specialized wallets for carrying Goldbacks, though Shaffer explained that these weren’t absolutely necessary.

“The second-largest Goldback is the 25 Goldback bill which is the same size as a normal Federal Reserve Note. The 50 Goldback however is larger and might not fit in smaller wallets, but considering the 50 is worth somewhere between $180-200 it’s not likely the average person is going to be carrying one around, so a normal wallet is fine, and women’s wallets or a checkbook work as well.”

With the information I have provided in this article, I hope the reader will start to look into other options and find ways to diversify their wealth over time. If you have an interest in precious metals, APMEX is a good website with fair pricing and also an app that was released recently. For Crypto Currencies, websites like Coinbase exist but the appearance of Crypto-ATMs is becoming more prevalent, I’d recommend doing more research before you dive into Cryptocurrencies, though. And if you’re intrigued by the concept of Goldbacks, there are a few websites that sell them, including Defy The Grid, which has a link on our website.

Remember inflation is causing your money to lose its worth. Try to be ahead of the curve in some way.

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80 Reasons New Hampshire Should Divorce DC

Wed, 2021-09-01 16:56 +0000

Over the past few weeks, a group of pro-freedom activists in New Hampshire has been holding informal meetings to brainstorm how to best promote independence in the next legislative session. Predictably, progressive authoritarians have already begun to attack the concepts of independence and liberty. A few conservatives cling to hope that they can fix DC and all 50 states, convince all Democrats to embrace conservative liberty values, and ‘save America’. 

I have written dozens of articles, published three books, and produced hundreds of videos making the case for a national divorce from the authoritarians. Here are just a few dozen reasons why every New Hampshire citizen who supports freedom should support a bill and a ballot referendum on peaceful separation from DC. 

  1. Without the federal income tax, we’d each save around $25,000/year right off the bat.
  2. The IRS is corrupt, tyrannical, and about to grow by 80,000 employees and billions of dollars. Years ago, they were caught targeting conservatives. Now, they are surely much more polarized and hateful against us. I could live without them.
  3. The ATF is extremely anti-gun. They have been one of the biggest reasons that federal gun control laws have grown increasingly strict. The ATF passes laws and bypasses Congress. Once the murderous criminal, Dave Chipman is confirmed as the new ATF director, things will get much worse. I could live without the ATF. Once we divorce DC by declaring independence from the union, the ATF will no longer have jurisdiction over us. 
  4. The CDC is out of control, and the agency will only ever grow more tyrannical. This was before corona-fascism made the CDC into the most harmful agency to liberty of all 400 illegal executive agencies. By the way, did you know that the CDC took legal ownership over every rental property in the united states?
  5. Many people do not trust Biden and DC politicians to run their lives or to do anything that could impact them. There are around 28 trillion reasons for distrusting that corrupt, evil, demented sociopath. 
  6. I don’t trust Congress to run my life. They have proven time and again that they support authoritarian socialism. Even with majorities in the House and the Senate and even with Trump in the White House, Congress did nearly nothing to expand liberty. But they did pass many laws that violated my natural rights. 
  7. The federal government benefits from terribly untrustworthy elections, such as the one in 2020. Once HR1 passes into law, all elections in the united states will be required to abide by the same insane rules that caused us all to doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
  8. Once HR51 passes into law, DC will be a state, complete with two more hardcore socialist Senators. The Democrats will control the Senate forever.
  9. If you aren’t a big fan of sobriety checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  10. If you aren’t a big fan of immigration checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded and/or conducted. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  11.  Local cops only use tanks, drones, BEARcats, and other aggressive military gear against us because the feds give them those toys. Once we cut ties with DC, our local cops will return to their proper role as peace officers instead of acting as soldiers against us.
  12. One of the reasons that Dictator Sununu locked us down and derailed our economy involved pressure and money from DC encouraging him to do so. 
  13. If you don’t like being forced to pay for the DC politicians to wage futile endless wars in dozens of countries all over the world while veterans, women, and babies in our own communities starve on the streets, it means you want to separate from DC. 
  14. If you are ready to give up on the war on drugs and stop sending cops to homes to punish people for consuming a plant, separating from DC is the first step you must take. DC politicians STILL consider cannabis a schedule one top-tier dangerous substance that is 100% illegal to possess. 
  15. Do you love it when cops steal your property (car, house, money, guns, etc.) without convicting you of a crime? Well, federal law allows law enforcement to seize any property that could be involved in a past, present, or even future crime. And the feds have ‘extended’ that authority to state and local cops. Once we sever ties with DC, cops in NH lose the power of civil asset forfeiture.
  16. If you ever wondered why bad cops almost never receive any punishment, you should know that ‘qualified immunity’ is a federal doctrine. Without DC, local cops become much more accountable to their neighbors.
  17. The millions of federal regulations cost businesses 2 trillion dollars each year in lost productivity. Once we divorce DC, our businesses will truly be able to unleash their creativity, making New Hampshire more prosperous than we could ever imagine.
  18. Who should decide whether NH accepts illegal aliens or Afghan refugees? Biden and Pelosi or our governor and legislature?
  19. Are you tired of being ruled by nine lawyers in long black robes who live in DC and have the power of Gods? If five out of the nine rule a certain way, that becomes the law for all 330,000,000 people in the united states.  
  20. The federal reserve and DC politicians have overseen a decline in 99% of the US dollar’s purchasing power over the past century.
  21. DC politicians have run up a debt of 28 trillion dollars and counting. And they claim that you and I are responsible for it. 
  22. Nearly every politician has ambitions and eventually wishes to be sent to DC. This affects nearly every decision they make. Once DC is no longer in their minds, they will focus on what is most important: you.
  23. Federal law enforcement (including the FBI) have shown themselves to be thoroughly corrupt. Even conservative commentators like Dan Bongino have called for their abolition. A few months ago, the FBI and other federal cops came to New Hampshire and violently kidnapped six of my friends. They are charging them with crimes that could result in them spending the remainder of their lives in federal prison. Their excuse? That my friends committed some victimless crimes by using and selling cryptocurrency. Once we leave DC, that will never happen again. 
  24. Want a suppressor so that you can save your hearing? They are only illegal because the feds prohibit them. Without the feds, NH would be totally free, and you could put a suppressor on your SBR without any worries. 
  25. Are you worried about increasingly strict EPA restrictions on vehicles, houses, and everything else? Once we divorce DC, they will have no jurisdiction over us.
  26. Are you sick of random federal judges issuing injunctions that overrule actual laws passed by Congress or state legislatures? And independent NH would not have to worry one bit about federal judges.
  27. The DC politicians are destroying the once-mighty American military. Their current secretary of defense and commander-in-chief continually insist that the #1 priority for their military is pleasing LGBT individuals. An independent New Hampshire could have a military with a top priority of defending us against hostile militaries. As it should be.
  28. Have you accumulated a respectable net worth? Soon, the federal government will tax your net worth each year in addition to all of the other taxes. 
  29. The US Congress literally does not represent you or me.
  30. The federal government hates you. Especially if you are white. 
  31. Multiple federal court rulings have declared that the first amendment does not protect any speech that is insulting, especially towards a government agent. 
  32. Right now, even policies that you think are set by state lawmakers are really controlled by the feds via extortion. 
  33. If the thought of Pelosi’s Capitol Police Force growing worries you …. You might support NH independence from DC. 
  34. If you would rather have your highway taxes spent on highways … You might be a NHexiter.
  35. Do you think that Facebook and Twitter are too powerful and too damaging to liberty? Federal law grants them effective immunity from lawsuits while also granting them the power to manipulate content. They get to act as both a publisher and a platform, whichever suits them at the moment. 
  36. If you support sound, free-market money like gold and silver (and crypto) ….You already support NHexit. It’s only a matter of time before the feds ban them.
  37. If you are afraid that Donald Trump might become President again …. You just might be a NHexiter.
  38. If you are afraid that Kamala Harris might become President…. You just might be a NHexiter.
  39. If you think that Title IX is a major reason that free speech and due process in colleges were destroyed, you support NHexit.
  40. If you believe that boys should not have a free pass to the girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, you support NH independence. 
  41. If you can’t count the billions of federal laws….you might support independence.
  42. The FDA hurts and kills patients by stifling innovation and preventing people from using medications until the FDA spends decades of time and billions of dollars approving them.
  43. Cutting ties with DC would immediately and drastically cut prices and improve the availability of drugs like epinephrine, insulin, loperamide, and many others. 
  44. DC politicians use the federal department of education to brainwash your children to hate freedom. Once we are independent, that goes away.
  45. The federal government believes that showing online ads to specific cohorts is a crime.
  46. If you are not comfortable with the REAL ID becoming a dystopian federal identification card, you might be an NHexit supporter.  
  47. Support in Congress for a magazine ban is getting very close to a majority. In a few years, your magazines will be federally illegal. 
  48. Once HR127 passes Congress, every firearm will be effectively illegal. Hope you’re ready to turn in your guns to the feds! You are a patriot and not a criminal, so you’d never violate federal law, right? 
  49. It is very likely that Congress (or federal regulators) ban armor plates for all civilians very soon. Hope you’re ready to turn in your plates!
  50. Even the best ‘conservatives’ in DC are working with Bloomberg to take away your guns.
  51. Technically speaking…the federal government should not exist anymore. 
  52. Federal judges have ruled that police have no legal obligation to protect you. 
  53. The federal government thinks it can take your property by force, as long as it plans to use the property for anything that could benefit the government, including giving your property to companies like Pfizer. Without DC, states and localities have no power of eminent domain (AKA theft of property).
  54. Federal politicians from Biden to McConnell and everyone in between consistently sell us out to oligarchs like Putin and Xi to enrich themselves. 
  55. We can’t take power back from Congress, even with a Convention of States.
  56. The DC politicians incentivize single motherhood and discourage employment. 
  57. If you don’t believe that global warming is the biggest threat to our lives, you should not be in the same union as DC, the federal government, and the other states. 
  58. If you don’t appreciate being spied on by the NSA and other creepy DC agents and politicians, you should consider divorcing them. 
  59. If you don’t want to support the Taliban by providing them with money and military weapons and helicopters, you should leave the union and stop paying federal taxes. 
  60. The federal government considers people guilty until proven innocent – the opposite of how it was supposed to be. Peaceful protesters have been receiving punishments in prison for months despite never being convicted. If you support due process, you support NHexit.
  61. The federal TSA regularly violates our natural rights, despite literally missing 95% of actual threats. 
  62. DC politicians maintain a horrifically managed ‘no-fly list’, which mistakenly puts many people (including babies) onto the list, preventing them from flying. It’s also nearly impossible to get off of the list. 
  63. Conservatives from Candace Owens to Matt Walsh have spoken in support of state independence from DC. 
  64. Federal government leaders believe that if you don’t wear all the masks they recommend and if you don’t get all of the vaccines they recommend, you are just like the Taliban suicide bombers. 
  65. DC politicians prohibit beneficial pipelines that would have been amazing for our national security and economy while simultaneously supporting pipelines for nations that are hostile to us. 
  66. Who is arming the violent Mexican drug cartels? Federal agents from DC!
  67. The federal government has kidnapped innocent Japanese people and put them in concentration camps. New Hampshire has never done that. And they couldn’t ever do that. Because we all have lots of guns. 
  68. The US government banned firearms and ammunition from Russia. New Hampshire would never do that.
  69. The US government puts many kids in cages at the border. New Hampshire would handle immigration in a much more sensible and humane way. 
  70. Things will literally never change for the better. Even with Trump in the White House and Republicans controlling Congress and the SCOTUS, freedom only diminished and tyranny continued to grow.
  71. New Hampshire citizens are the hardest workers and earn the most money, which is demonstrated by our continent-leading median household income. We don’t need DC politicians to be wealthy.
  72. New Hampshire is the freest state. Nearly all of our issues are caused by federal laws. Once we are independent, we will be almost 100% free to live as we please!
  73. New Hampshire is the safest state. We don’t need DC or other states bringing violence to our peaceful paradise.
  74. Half of the people in the united states believe that Biden was legitimately elected and that Republicans are all traitors, while the other half believes that Biden lost the election and progressives are traitors. How could one country be united if its people hate each other so much?
  75. The DC politicians now feel so entitled to infinite power that they essentially ban medications that could help treat COVID, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
  76. DC politicians are so arrogant that they no longer feel the need to pass legislation in Congress; they now use executive orders to pass new laws, including the most recent one forcing all private companies in the united states with over 100 employees to vaccinate their employees or test them for COVID weekly. This will affect 80 million employees. If you don’t want DC sociopaths coming between you and your employer (or you and your doctor), you support independence.
  77. When conservative states began having success treating COVID with monoclonal antibodies Biden and DC politicians began to BLOCK the life-saving treatments from getting to pro-freedom anti-Biden states like Alabama and Florida, potentially causing people to die.
  78. DC politicians have made it clear that they will continue to prioritize foreign nationals and illegal immigrants over American citizens like you and me.
  79. On the other hand, DC politicians have made it very clear that Cuban immigrants are not welcome here (because they tend to vote for freedom and against communism).
  80. The Biden IRS is now going to monitor every bank account with over $600 in it so that they can tax all people who make any money in any way. Those who receive more than $600 in PayPal transactions in a year will also be subject to taxation, according to experts. Peaceful separation solves this IRS issue, because the IRS would no longer have any jurisdiction over us.
This is what the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SECRETARY OF EDUCATION thinks of you if you are skeptical of corona-fascism. He hates you. Why do you want to live together with someone who believes that you are as evil as a suicide bomber? DC politicians forced you to pay federal taxes….which they used to purchase billions of dollars of weapons for the Taliban.

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The Age of Mandates

Fri, 2021-08-27 18:55 +0000

In this age of hysteria and with the rapid rearranging of social norms, there is one question that we should all turn our focus to, no matter what our political leanings are.   

How should society ultimately deal with the people who don’t take government/employer-mandated pharmaceuticals?

Now that the FDA has approved one of the coronavirus injections and President Biden has urged businesses to mandate these shots for employees, it’s become clear that there is a coordinated effort to inject nearly everyone. 

However, this is simply not possible without mass amounts of coercion and the dangling of “carrots”. Once the bribes run out, it will be necessary to inflict financial and physical pain on those who are uncooperative. 

What happens when the donuts run out?

I’m not suggesting that these tactics are good or bad. I’m only asking my brothers and sisters, us common people, who have been desperately complying with the whims of our leaders and unelected health officials for nearly 2 years, to think about the implications of this. Consider what the final solution to this “crisis” might be. 

After the non-injected are terminated from their jobs and eventually excluded from society via medical passports, which were once just a conspiracy theory, there will need to be a system in place to manage these undesirables. 

Undesirables can’t be left alone to wander about and skirt the system. These people will have to be physically separated from the rest of the population to ensure the biomedical security of the public. This will necessarily lead to the need for internment camps.     

Perhaps you believe that quarantine and isolation facilities are a sign of humanity progressing to a higher and healthier state of being. Perhaps you believe that forcing humans to consume pharmaceuticals is a sign of peak of enlightenment and health. 

Unfortunately, these are the signs of a dark age nearing. For if we give up the individual claim to our bodies, then we have accepted our own slavery. If you think you’re safe now because you’ve taken the mandated injections, you’re mistaken. Understand that you will never be able to comply well enough because your body will no longer be yours. The booster shots will continue until your death and there will be no limit to the other medical procedures or pharmaceuticals that might be necessary to satisfy the biomedical police state.  

You are trading your human spirit for perceived safety from mild viruses. 

I’ve often wondered how the holocaust and Holodomor could be allowed to happen. Today, I understand it all very clearly. I’ve witnessed the good nature of my friends and loved ones be raped and used against them. I’ve witnessed intelligent people deny their own intuition and be hypnotized into a state of fear through media consumption. I’ve witnessed good people refuse to analyze their environments for themselves using instinct, and instead defer personal health decisions to bureaucrats and ‘experts’.

The logical conclusion of mass hysteria over invisible viruses is increased authoritarianism and ultimately death camps. We were all trained in our high school history classes to identify the signs of this, and for those of you who are having a hard time recognizing them, I’m writing to tell you that the signs are in front of you today.

This is not a call to be alarmed or to become more hysterical. This is a call to calmly and confidently assert your God-given rights at any opportunity you have. Whether you’ve taken the shot or not, it’s time for The People, to rip the control out of the hands of authoritarians and to take back our health freedom and sanity.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

The “experts” at the CDC are now recommending a third booster shot. When will it be enough?

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The Ugly (And Pretty) Truth About Kristi Noem

Fri, 2021-08-27 02:22 +0000

In light of the recent drama surrounding South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem’s status as a leader in the liberty conservative movement, I’d like to weigh in with some facts and opinions about the controversial governor. Along with many others in the conservative movement, a few members of The Liberty Block’s editorial staff have opined that Noem has totally squandered her chances for a 2024 presidential run and has even relegated herself to the bottom of the barrel in the conservative movement, rendering herself another Romney or McCain. Others in the conservative movement believe that she remains the best leader for liberty in the united states. So, who is right? Do both arguments have merit?

Here are my thoughts: 

Kirsti Noem is a politician. She’s a pretty good one. This is not necessarily a jab at her; every person in public office plays politics to some extent. Those that refuse to play politics never really see any electoral or legislative success. However, those who become typical politicians lose the favor of their electorate. Being sincere and transparent means alienating massive chunks of voters, so politicians seek to remain as uncontroversial and popular as possible. 

The good: Kristi Noem appears to be the only governor in the united states that never implemented corona-fascism. She stood up to tremendous pressures from all sides and never forced mask-wearing, never shut down businesses, and never mandated vaccines on individuals. This is one of the most courageous and controversial things that any public official has ever done, and this alone should make anyone who values liberty support and respect her. The other 49 state governors violated many laws and natural rights by shutting out their legislatures and ruling as dictators for at least a short period. My own dictator in New Hampshire, former liberty champion Chris Sununu rendered the legislature irrelevant and issued 86 tyrannical executive orders over a 16 month period. Needless to say, he has totally lost favor with many pro-liberty activists in the free state.

As soon as she was elected, the South Dakota governor signed SB47 into law, allowing all non-felons to carry concealed firearms without a permit. This makes her one of the most pro-liberty governors. Again, this cannot be overlooked or taken away from her. She stood up to massive pressures from the left and signed a momentous bill that drastically improved many lives by allowing them to exercise their natural right to self-defense.

As governor, Noem has signed multiple bills protecting fetal life. Again, this is something that we constantly see conservative champions fail to do. She stood up to political pressure and continued to support life. 

Young Americans For Liberty (YAL) invited Noem to speak at their conference in Dallas in August of 2020. At the last moment, the anti-liberty city council of Dallas cancelled the conference. Noem spoke at CPAC in 2020 and 2021.

Kristi Noem has vowed to refuse to accept any illegal aliens that Biden attempts to relocate to South Dakota. Under Obama, only eight governors refused to accept refugees from anti-American countries. It takes guts to defy a leftist president. 

The bad: A few months ago, many conservatives were disappointed when Kristi Noem rejected a bill that would have prevented transgender athletes from competing in sports that do not align with their biological gender. Despite initially supporting the bill, Noem issued a ‘style and form’ veto for HB1217, sending it back to the legislature for modifications. The conservative movement jumped on Noem immediately and called her out for being a sissy with no backbone to stand up to the left. The socially conservative governor argued that the legislation as written would be rendered ineffective by the courts the moment it is passed; the legislature could make the bill much more durable if they fixed some parts of it. Conservatives rejected this argument and doubled down on their condemnations of Noem. I have been conflicted on the issue. A part of me thinks that she is a fool for preemptively stopping a bill out of fear that the leftist NCAA lawyers may kill it. At the same time, I think that there could be merit to improving a bill before it is killed by the courts. Regardless, this debacle spelled the beginning of Noem’s fall from grace to many conservatives. Noem also launched to help protect biological girls in sports. 

One of the most contentious battles in the united states at the moment involves employers compelling workers to get the COVID vaccine. Conservatives like Ron Desantis have prohibited businesses from forcing their employees to get the vaccine. Pro-freedom lawmakers in South Dakota like Reps. Jon Hansen and Scott Odenbach would like to ban private businesses from mandating the shots for employees. Noem refuses to support the bill on the grounds that she does not believe that the government should ever compel businesses to do anything. I agree with Noem that the government should have zero authority over businesses. However, I have recently come to terms with the sad truth that businesses are no longer private; the government makes the majority of decisions for private businesses via hard and soft coercion (licensing, courts, lawsuits, incentives, regulations, etc.). Therefore, if Noem were as purely consistent as she claims to be about economic freedom and property rights, she would totally eliminate all taxes and regulations on businesses. Until she does that, she should support banning the semi-private companies from mandating COVID vaccines. 

It is important to point out that while I think that Noem is wrong on this issue, I do not believe that she is 100% anti-freedom or that she has no spine. She clearly supports freedom and clearly has a spine. She stood against corona-fascism much more strongly than any other governor in the united states. It is clear that she opposes vaccine mandate bans because she truly believes that such a law is beyond the rightful powers of the government. And she is right, but she is also wrong. Conservatives like Matt Walsh are idiotic for saying that Noem is totally useless to the liberty conservative movement. The blogger/podcaster said that Noem is just a pretty face and would be nothing without her good looks and “you put 50 pounds on her and another 20 years… I don’t think she gets any of the hype.” Walsh went too far for nearly everyone, including conservatives who oppose many of Noem’s policies.

In 2019, Noem vetoed a bill that would have legalized hemp. Liberty conservatives, including those in the South Dakota legislature, believe that people should be free to do what they want, as long as they harm nobody. Despite the claims made by Noem in the last section, she clearly does not believe that people should be free to grow whatever they wish. She has also signed a bill into law that makes it illegal to consume any cannabis in a vehicle. She really seems to hate cannabis.

When I asked her a question in a small meeting, Noem gave a classically disappointing answer that only a politician could manage. She did not even come near answering my question, which was pretty straightforward: 

“How tyrannical must DC become before you begin to consider nullification or full independence?” 

As I mentioned earlier, politicians have excellent instincts for avoiding controversial topics. And state independence is the most controversial topic in modern politics. 

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