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New Hampshire Survey Shows Disdain For DC, Support For Independence

Fri, 2022-07-22 02:33 +0000

A recent poll conducted by SurveyUSA on behalf of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence (FNHI) shows that while the peaceful separation of New Hampshire from the federal government has low support among politicians, it has significant support among registered voters.

According to an overwhelming number of respondents, the people of the United States are getting more and more divided over important issues like LGBT rights, guns, abortion, election integrity, race relations, involvement in foreign wars, climate change, immigration, and so on (91%).  Nearly as many fear that if this trend continues, it will lead to increases in political violence (89%).

Large majorities of respondents agreed that the federal government doesn’t have their best interests in mind (67%); that it violates their rights more than it protects those rights (65%); that it produces laws, regulations, and court rulings that are incompatible with New Hampshire’s culture of freedom (63%); and that its financial decisions and economic regulations hurt our livelihoods, and could lead to inflation and bankruptcy (77%).

In short, 63% of respondents feel that their state can be trusted more than the federal government.

One possible way forward would be for New Hampshire to begin ignoring federal laws and regulations regarding matters reserved to the States by the 10th Amendment. Fewer than half of respondents believe that the federal government should be able to force New Hampshire to follow federal mandates and laws regarding cannabis (27%), medicine (37%), public health (42%), education (41%), welfare (42%, firearms (42%), businesses (38%), and abortion (33%).

This approach, also referred to as ‘nullification’ is common, currently being utilized by dozens of states, and is consistent with the recent enactment of New Hampshire HB 1178, ‘prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms’. 

However, a more comprehensive way forward would be for New Hampshire to reclaim its sovereignty, peacefully separating from the federal government to govern itself as an independent country, an idea that was supported by 29% of respondents and 52% of Republicans. Only 58% of respondents do not support immediate and full secession from the federal government today. More than 2/5 of respondents agreed that the state should be able to do this without securing permission from the federal government (43%). And only 3% of respondents would support the use of military force by the federal government to interfere with such a separation.

Again, while politicians declined to put the question to the people, more than 2/5 of respondents support the idea of placing independence on the ballot (42%) while only 47% currently oppose it.

History is filled with proposals that seemed at first to be politically impossible, but after serious discussion and evolving circumstances, proved to be politically inevitable. To take just one example, shall-issue laws for concealed carry licenses, once viewed as extreme, are now the law in nearly every state. As the results of this poll show, peaceful separation already has more support now than shall-issue laws had in 1990. Today, not only is shall-issue the norm, but 25 states allow their residents to carry concealed guns without even requiring a permit. If New Hampshire independence follows a similar path, it may only be a few short years away from broad adoption. 

The survey also found strong support for independence and extreme discontent with DC politicians among all 8 states polled. In Texas, 90% of Republicans recently endorsed putting secession on the ballot, officially placing the position in their platform. California progressives have a strong independence movement of their own, and surveys show that around half of Californians support or are open to independence from the union. Progressives in Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington also support independence. States like South Carolina, Florida, and many other states have new independence movements that are rapidly growing, as well. 

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Top 100 Reasons New Hampshire Should Be Independent

Sat, 2021-11-13 01:28 +0000

Over the past few weeks, a group of pro-freedom activists in New Hampshire has been holding informal meetings to brainstorm how to best promote independence in the next legislative session. Predictably, progressive authoritarians have already begun to attack the concepts of independence and liberty. A few conservatives cling to hope that they can fix DC and all 50 states, convince all Democrats to embrace conservative liberty values, and ‘save America’. 


I have written dozens of articles, published three books, and produced hundreds of videos making the case for a national divorce from the authoritarians. Here are just 100 reasons why every New Hampshire citizen who supports freedom should support a bill and a ballot referendum on independence from DC. 


  1. Without the federal income tax, we’d each save around $25,000/year right off the bat.
  2. The IRS is corrupt, tyrannical, and about to grow by 80,000 employees and billions of dollars. Years ago, they were caught targeting conservatives. Now, they are surely much more polarized and hateful against us. I could live without them.
  3. The ATF is extremely anti-gun. They have been one of the biggest reasons that federal gun control laws have grown increasingly strict. The ATF passes laws and bypasses Congress. Once the murderous criminal, Dave Chipman is confirmed as the new ATF director, things will get much worse. I could live without the ATF. Once we divorce DC by declaring independence from the union, the ATF will no longer have jurisdiction over us. 
  4. The CDC is out of control, and the agency will only ever grow more tyrannical. This was before corona-fascism made the CDC into the most harmful agency to liberty of all 400 illegal executive agencies. By the way, did you know that the CDC took legal ownership over every rental property in the united states?
  5. I don’t trust Joe Biden to run my life or to do anything that could impact me. I have around 28 trillion reasons for distrusting that corrupt, evil, demented sociopath. 
  6. I don’t trust Congress to run my life. They have proven time and again that they support authoritarian socialism. Even with majorities in the House and the Senate and even with Trump in the White House, Congress did nearly nothing to expand liberty. But they did pass many laws that violated my natural rights. 
  7. The federal government benefits from terribly untrustworthy elections, such as the one in 2020. Once HR1 passes into law, all elections in the united states will be required to abide by the same insane rules that caused us all to doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
  8. Once HR51 passes into law, DC will be a state, complete with two more hardcore socialist Senators. The Democrats will control the Senate forever.
  9. If you aren’t a big fan of sobriety checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  10. If you aren’t a big fan of immigration checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded and/or conducted. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  11.  Local cops only use tanks, drones, BEARcats, and other aggressive military gear against us because the feds give them those toys. Once we cut ties with DC, our local cops will return to their proper role as peace officers instead of acting as soldiers against us.
  12. One of the reasons that Dictator Sununu locked us down and derailed our economy involved pressure and money from DC encouraging him to do so. 
  13. If you don’t like being forced to pay for the DC politicians to wage futile endless wars in dozens of countries all over the world while veterans, women, and babies in our own communities starve on the streets, it means you want to separate from DC. 
  14. If you are ready to give up on the war on drugs and stop sending cops to homes to punish people for consuming a plant, separating from DC is the first step you must take. DC politicians STILL consider cannabis a schedule one top-tier dangerous substance that is 100% illegal to possess. 
  15. Do you love it when cops steal your property (car, house, money, guns, etc.) without convicting you of a crime? Well, federal law allows law enforcement to seize any property that could be involved in a past, present, or even future crime. And the feds have ‘extended’ that authority to state and local cops. Once we sever ties with DC, cops in NH lose the power of civil asset forfeiture.
  16. If you ever wondered why bad cops almost never receive any punishment, you should know that ‘qualified immunity’ is a federal doctrine. Without DC, local cops become much more accountable to their neighbors.
  17. The millions of federal regulations cost businesses over 2 trillion dollars each year in lost productivity. Once we divorce DC, our businesses will truly be able to unleash their creativity, making New Hampshire more prosperous than we could ever imagine.
  18. Who should decide whether NH accepts illegal aliens or Afghan refugees? Biden and Pelosi or our governor and legislature?
  19. Are you tired of being ruled by nine lawyers in long black robes who live in DC and have the power of Gods? If five out of the nine rule a certain way, that becomes the law for all 330,000,000 people in the united states.  
  20. The federal reserve and DC politicians have overseen a decline in 99% of the US dollar’s purchasing power over the past century.
  21. DC politicians have run up a debt of 28 trillion dollars and counting. And they claim that you and I are responsible for it. 
  22. Nearly every politician has ambitions and eventually wishes to be sent to DC. This affects nearly every decision they make. Once DC is no longer in their minds, they will focus on what is most important: you.
  23. Federal law enforcement (including the FBI) have shown themselves to be thoroughly corrupt. Even conservative commentators like Dan Bongino have called for their abolition. A few months ago, the FBI and other federal cops came to New Hampshire and violently kidnapped six of my friends. They are charging them with crimes that could result in them spending the remainder of their lives in federal prison. Their excuse? That my friends committed some victimless crimes by using and selling cryptocurrency. Once we leave DC, that will never happen again. 
  24. Want a suppressor so that you can save your hearing? They are only illegal because the feds prohibit them. Without the feds, NH would be totally free, and you could put a suppressor on your SBR without any worries. 
  25. Are you worried about increasingly strict EPA restrictions on vehicles, houses, and everything else? Once we divorce DC, they will have no jurisdiction over us.
  26. Are you sick of random federal judges issuing injunctions that overrule actual laws passed by Congress or state legislatures? An independent NH would not have to worry one bit about federal judges.
  27. The DC politicians are destroying the once-mighty American military. Their current secretary of defense and commander-in-chief continually insist that the #1 priority for their military is pleasing LGBT individuals. An independent New Hampshire could have a military with a top priority of defending us against hostile militaries. As it should be.
  28. Have you accumulated a respectable net worth? Soon, the federal government will tax your net worth each year in addition to all of the other taxes. 
  29. The US Congress literally does not represent you or me.
  30. The federal government hates you. Especially if you are white. 
  31. Multiple federal court rulings have declared that the first amendment does not protect any speech that is insulting, especially towards a government agent. 
  32. Right now, even policies that you think are set by state lawmakers are really controlled by the feds via extortion. 
  33. If the thought of Pelosi’s Capitol Police Force growing worries you …. You might support NH independence from DC. 
  34. If you would rather have your highway taxes spent on highways … You might be a NHexiter.
  35. Do you think that Facebook and Twitter are too powerful and too damaging to liberty? Federal law grants them effective immunity from lawsuits while also granting them the power to manipulate content. They get to act as both a publisher and a platform, whichever suits them at the moment. 
  36. If you support sound, free-market money like gold and silver (and crypto) ….You already support NHexit. It’s only a matter of time before the feds ban them.
  37. If you are afraid that Donald Trump might become President again …. You just might be a NHexiter.
  38. If you are afraid that Kamala Harris might become President…. You just might be a NHexiter.
  39. If you think that Title IX is a major reason that free speech and due process in colleges were destroyed, you support NHexit.
  40. If you believe that boys should not have a free pass to the girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, you support NH independence. 
  41. If you can’t count the billions of federal laws….you might support independence.
  42. The FDA hurts and kills patients by stifling innovation and preventing people from using medications until the FDA spends decades of time and billions of dollars approving them.
  43. Cutting ties with DC would immediately and drastically cut prices and improve the availability of drugs like epinephrine, insulin, loperamide, and many others. 
  44. DC politicians use the federal department of education to brainwash your children to hate freedom. Once we are independent, that goes away.
  45. The federal government believes that showing online ads to specific cohorts is a crime.
  46. If you are not comfortable with the REAL ID becoming a dystopian federal identification card, you might be an NHexit supporter.  
  47. Support in Congress for a magazine ban is getting very close to a majority. In a few years, your magazines will be federally illegal. 
  48. Once HR127 passes Congress, every firearm will be effectively illegal. Hope you’re ready to turn in your guns to the feds! You are a patriot and not a criminal, so you’d never violate federal law, right? 
  49. It is very likely that Congress (or federal regulators) ban armor plates for all civilians very soon. Hope you’re ready to turn in your plates!
  50. Even the best ‘conservatives’ in DC are working with Bloomberg to take away your guns.
  51. Technically speaking…the federal government should not exist anymore. 
  52. Federal judges have ruled that police have no legal obligation to protect you. 
  53. The federal government thinks it can take your property by force, as long as it plans to use the property for anything that could benefit the government, including giving your property to companies like Pfizer. Without DC, states and localities have no power of eminent domain (AKA theft of property).
  54. Federal politicians from Biden to McConnell and everyone in between consistently sell us out to oligarchs like Putin and Xi to enrich themselves. 
  55. We can’t take power back from Congress, even with a Convention of States.
  56. The DC politicians incentivize single motherhood and discourage employment. 
  57. If you don’t believe that global warming is the biggest threat to our lives, you should not be in the same union as DC, the federal government, and the other states. 
  58. If you don’t appreciate being spied on by the NSA and other creepy DC agents and politicians, you should consider divorcing them. 
  59. If you don’t want to support the Taliban by providing them with money and military weapons and helicopters, you should leave the union and stop paying federal taxes. 
  60. The federal government considers people guilty until proven innocent – the opposite of how it was supposed to be. Peaceful protesters have been receiving punishments in prison for months despite never being convicted. If you support due process, you support NHexit.
  61. The federal TSA regularly violates our natural rights, despite literally missing 95% of actual threats. 
  62. DC politicians maintain a horrifically managed ‘no-fly list’, which mistakenly puts many people (including babies) onto the list, preventing them from flying. It’s also nearly impossible to get off of the list. 
  63. Conservatives from Candace Owens to Matt Walsh have spoken in support of state independence from DC. 
  64. Federal government leaders believe that if you don’t wear all the masks they recommend and if you don’t get all of the vaccines they recommend, you are just like the Taliban suicide bombers. 
  65. DC politicians prohibit beneficial pipelines that would have been amazing for our national security and economy while simultaneously supporting pipelines for nations that are hostile to us. 
  66. Who is arming the violent Mexican drug cartels? Federal agents from DC!
  67. The federal government has kidnapped innocent Japanese people and put them in concentration camps. New Hampshire has never done that. And they couldn’t ever do that. Because we all have lots of guns. 
  68. The US government banned firearms and ammunition from Russia. New Hampshire would never do that.
  69. The US government puts many kids in cages at the border. New Hampshire would handle immigration in a much more sensible and humane way. 
  70. Things will literally never change for the better. Even with Trump in the White House and Republicans controlling Congress and the SCOTUS, freedom only diminished and tyranny continued to grow.
  71. New Hampshire citizens are the hardest workers and earn the most money, which is demonstrated by our continent-leading median household income. We don’t need DC politicians to be wealthy.
  72. New Hampshire is the freest state. Nearly all of our issues are caused by federal laws. Once we are independent, we will be almost 100% free to live as we please!
  73. New Hampshire is the safest state. We don’t need DC or other states bringing violence to our peaceful paradise. 
  74. Half of the people in the united states believe that Biden was legitimately elected and that Republicans are all traitors, while the other half believes that Biden lost the election and progressives are traitors. How could one country be united if its people hate each other so much? 
  75. The DC politicians now feel so entitled to infinite power that they essentially ban medications that could help treat COVID, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. 
  76. DC politicians are so arrogant that they no longer feel the need to pass legislation in Congress; they now use executive orders to pass new laws, including the most recent one forcing all private companies in the united states with over 100 employees to vaccinate their employees or test them for COVID weekly. This will affect 80 million employees. If you don’t want DC sociopaths coming between you and your employer (or you and your doctor), you support independence. 
  77. When conservative states began having success treating COVID with monoclonal antibodies Biden and DC politicians began to BLOCK the life-saving treatments from getting to pro-freedom anti-Biden states like Alabama and Florida, potentially causing people to die.
  78. DC politicians have made it clear that they will continue to prioritize foreign nationals and illegal immigrants over American citizens like you and me.
  79. On the other hand, DC politicians have made it very clear that Cuban immigrants are not welcome here (because they tend to vote for freedom and against communism). 
  80. The Biden IRS is now going to monitor every bank account with over $600 in it so that they can tax all people who make any money in any way. Those who receive more than $600 in PayPal transactions in a year will also be subject to taxation, according to experts. Peaceful separation solves this IRS issue because the IRS would no longer have any jurisdiction over us. 
  81. When NH adopted federal food laws, it made selling mushrooms illegal, among many other prohibitions. Now, the only way to make it legal for anyone in NH to sell mushrooms is to create more regulation requiring ‘licenses’, which is somewhat counterproductive. The only other way to make mushrooms legal in NH would be to sever ties with DC. 
  82. Dictator Biden nominated an actual Soviet communist to be the comptroller of the currency. If you don’t want your country’s financial system to be run by an avowed communist, you support separation from DC.  
  83. On 10/8/21, the preliminary deal on a GLOBAL tax on businesses was officially agreed to. A total of 136 countries have signed onto the measure, guaranteeing that they will work together to stomp out businesses seeking to evade taxes by implementing at least a 15% tax on them, no matter where they come from. Once New Hampshire becomes a self-governing state, its low (or absent) tax on business could attract so much business to the state that it could cause the biggest economic boom in world history. 
  84. Dictator Biden’s OSHA implemented a vaccine mandate for nearly every worker in the united states. It is extremely unlikely that an individual could beat this in federal courts or via federal legislation. Separating from the union is actually the more practical way to nullify this mandate. 
  85. A federal law to require all new cars to have passive drunk-driving monitoring technology is about to go into effect, making all cars in the united states more expensive and much more intrusive. The law does not specify, but the new technology may be tantamount to perpetual breathalyzers and/or eye monitoring in every car. 
  86. The medical system and all medical institutions in the united states are becoming increasingly racist towards whites, and it all starts with DC politicians. 
  87. The Supreme Court is composed of 9 judges. The SCOTUS is perhaps the most powerful entity in the united states now. These nine judges are either evil or mentally retarded. They certainly do not believe in freedom. Is that who you want to be ruled by?
  88. The US House of Representatives passed legislation that would take over control of elections, taking the power that always resided with the states and granting it to DC politicians. Among the many measures in the legislative package was a law that prohibited any election in the united states from requiring ID in order to vote. New Hampshire citizens who would like to retain their voter ID law must either support secession or give up voter ID forever once this federal law passes. 
  89. DC politicians just passed a law mandating that all vehicles made after 2026 be equipped with perpetual monitoring systems to detect ‘impaired driving’. The vehicles must also have ‘kill switches’ that allow cops to turn them off at any moment. If you don’t like this policy, secession is the only solution. 
  90. In the summer of 2022, federal government will begin to require facial recognition/uploading pictures of your face in order to access tax/ documents on the IRS website.
  91. The President announced that the next US Supreme Court Judge he nominates will be a black woman. Upon joining the court, she will likely hear a massively important case involving ‘affirmative action’.
  92. DC politicians are literally stealing our organs. In 2021, a policy change at UNOS essentially caused nearly all organs from donors in New Hampshire to be sent to NYC, CT, and MA, harming New Hampshire’s patients who desperately need organs to live. DC is viciously fighting NH legislation that would allow Granite Staters to state their preference that their neighbors be granted priority over foreigners if they pass away with viable organs. 
  93. The brilliant experts in DC are using $30,000,000 in taxpayer funds to give out drug paraphernalia, including crack pipes, to drug users. The statement from the DC politicians specifically mentioned that they are being distributed primarily to minorities and that they are to be used for illegal drugs. 
  94. Our Lords in DC believe that they must force New Hampshire to build more housing projects so that our state could look more like the Bronx.  
  95. Our brilliant Lords in DC are destroying our savings and devaluing our salaries by printing so much money that annual inflation is now at a frightening 9.1% annual rate.
  96. DC politicians have been forcing you and me to pay for dangerous bioweapons labs in Ukraine for years. 
  97. Your federal tax dollars are being used to pay Tik Tok influencers to create and promote propaganda approved by Dictator Biden. If you don’t want to be forced to fund such endeavors, you may want to consider secession. 
  98. If you don’t enjoy paying $6 billion for the annual NIAID budget doled out by Anthony Fauci to fund foreign bioweapons labs and development and approval of ludicrously expensive patented pharmaceuticals and suppress use of cheap off-patent drug, you should consider supporting a vote of NH residents to leave the union.
  99. The federal government violates free speech in numerous ways. Leaving their jurisdiction solves these issues and restores freedom of speech, expression, press, association, and worship. 
  100. The federal government is increasingly racist. Most recently, Dictator Biden nominated a black woman to be a judge on the highest court because of her gender and skin color. Ironically, she will likely soon be ruling on an affirmative action case. 


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Twelve Benefits to New Hampshire Independence

Fri, 2021-01-08 02:54 +0000

If New Hampshire were to leave the union and no longer be one of the ‘Divided States‘ of America, would our state be better off? Would it even survive? After all, it receives millions of dollars each year from the federal government and the state only has 1.3 million people! There is no way it could survive on its own. Even if it did, would its citizens’ quality of life improve if the U.S. government was no longer in their lives?

Originally published on The Liberty Block, the following is a guest post by Alu Axleman, which represents the personal opinions of the author, and not necessarily that of the Foundation.

1) No more federal taxes

Currently, the state of New Hampshire has no general income tax or sales tax. The average property tax for a home is around $5,000 in New Hampshire. In addition to property taxes, the average worker might pay roughly $1,000 in sales taxes per year on food and other small expenditures. Comparatively, the average New Hampshire worker may have around $15,000 stolen from them each year by the federal government via ‘income taxes’. Federal gas taxes, federal payroll taxes, and all of the other federal taxes, could push that figure well above $30,000 or even $40,000 annually. If New Hampshire left the union, workers could expect to save $15,000-$40,000 per year right off the bat. What could you do with that kind of money each year? Help your aging parents? Upgrade your home or car? Buy those firearms (and ammo and accessories) you’ve been longing for? Take your loved ones on a vacation?

2) No more gun laws

Considering New Hampshire has no restrictions on firearms, accessories, or ammunition (yes, it’s almost as if ‘anarchy’ isn’t as dangerous as your public school teacher made it out to be), all of the many gun laws that Granite Staters are forced to obey only come from D.C. Once New Hampshire secedes, all of those unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, ineffective, anti-freedom laws disappear. Get ready to enjoy fully automatic guns, suppressors, SBRs, and anything else you can imagine, and forget about ever needing to fill out NICS forms, tax stamps, or any other type of permission slip from politicians before obtaining firearms! Imagine – you could shoulder a brace and sell a short shotgun without worrying about the ATF killing you.

3) No more federally-funded police state

One of the many ways that politicians and ‘law enforcement’ officials in New Hampshire terrorize, control, extort, and abuse us is by utilizing federal ‘grants‘ to obtain tools that make tyranny much more effective. Among such tools are the BEARcats and other military vehicles that police in New Hampshire have been given by the U.S. government. The U.S. government also gives money to law enforcement agencies in New Hampshire and many other states for the express purpose of establishing suspicionless sobriety checkpoints. Most recently, the Portsmouth police were given seven new drones by the federal government. Remaining in the ‘Socialist Authoritarian State of America’ also allows federal agents to establish immigration checkpoints anywhere they desire in New Hampshire whenever they want to. As with sobriety checkpoints, these suspicionless searches violate natural rights to freedom and privacy and violate the U.S. and N.H. Constitutional protections of those rights. These illegal checkpoints all go away once we leave the union. While police in New Hampshire should do the right thing and refuse the federal (read: taxpayer) money, wouldn’t you love to see that temptation be removed?

4) Federal Department of Education

The U.S. government extorts money from individuals and uses $70 billion each year to mandate exactly how nearly every child must be taught. The Federal Department of Education is perhaps the biggest contributor to the decline in the academic success, economic success, culture, and freedom in the U.S. since its establishment in 1980. Parents in New Hampshire are currently part of the small number of parents in the U.S. who can still legally educate their own children. Within the coming years, the U.S. government will make it 100% mandatory that every child attend a government-operated school. Once that happens, do you want to be part of the U.S. or do you want to have the ability to ignore the ridiculous law that would be irrelevant to your sovereign nation?

5) Federal Reserve

The U.S. government currently allows the Federal Reserve to control monetary policy via complicated maneuvers, which include setting the interest rates that apply to the US government and nearly all banks in the U.S. The Federal Reserve’s board members are appointed by the president, but they enjoy the privilege of functioning as a ‘non-governmental’ entity, which allows them to be nearly 100% unaccountable to voters. The Federal Reserve may be the biggest reason that the U.S. is currently $22 trillion in debt. The Federal Reserve and the U.S. government also oppose alternative/competing currencies. Being that New Hampshire is the cryptocurrency capital of the U.S., it is inevitable that the U.S. government will begin to attack New Hampshire for allowing its people to use the currency of their choice.

6) National ID

Within a year, New Hampshire citizens will be forced by the U.S. government to obtain a national ID card if they wish to continue to fly domestically without a passport. Within a few more years, everyone in the U.S. will be forced by D.C. politicians to obtain a ‘REAL ID‘, regardless of whether they want to use airplanes. While such a federal law might seem benign to some, nationalizing yet another significant institution would be one more large step towards the politicians’ goal: A singular American state.

7) Perpetual foreign interventionism

Millions of people – perhaps billions of people throughout the world, believe that peace and an end to perpetual war is the most important issue facing humanity. Tulsi Gabbard is the most popular candidate on the Democratic side in the U.S., and among many Americans, largely because she loudly condemns the culture of perpetual foreign interventionism. I used to support the military and all it does abroad; however I am beginning to consider that maybe some foreign people do resent Americans because ‘our’ (read: the politicians’) military has been occupying their land and abusing them for decades. If the U.S. military maintains a presence in 185 countries, maybe we’ve gone too far. If we have been fighting the ‘war on terror‘ against a few primitive terrorists in the Middle East for 20 years with few signs of winning or slowing down, maybe the U.S. politicians don’t really have an interest in winning. As George Orwell famously said, “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” As a sovereign nation, we could choose to have a truly defensive military and we would be free to create our own alliances.

8) Domestic surveillance

Between the NSA, CIA, FBI, and hundreds of other federal agencies, the U.S. government conducts massive amounts of illegal spying on innocent individuals. Over the past few years, Americans have largely realized that the government is a serious threat to our privacy. Americans have lost a ton of faith in these once-respected agencies. Do you enjoy being forced to pay politicians and their agents to spy on you and other innocent civilians? If not, you should support New Hampshire secession.

9) Civil asset forfeiture

While nearly everyone in the United States strongly condemns civil asset forfeiture once they learn what it is, few people know that it is a federal program. If not for the U.S. government, it would not exist. Civil asset forfeiture is the federal law which allows government agents to extra-judicially confiscate any property (money, drugs, guns, cars, houses, etc.) from people who have not been convicted of any crime. A person could have his property stolen by government agents without even being charged with a crime. When a Texas state senator proposed a bill that would require a person to be convicted before police could steal his property, President Trump and Sheriff Harold Eavenson openly discussed whether to ‘destroy his career‘. The U.S. government justifies this blatant theft by arguing that if any type of property may be connected to a crime in the past, present, or future, law enforcement should be able to seize it as soon as possible in order to prevent the suspect from committing additional crimes with the property. The U.S. government extended permission to state and local police to participate in this program – as long as they share their spoils with the Feds. They call it ‘equitable sharing’. Cops have utilized this tyrannical law to confiscate houses on the grounds that the homeowner’s teenage grandson may have once sold a bit of cannabis to a friend on the property. Police regularly use ‘civil asset forfeiture’ to steal whatever they desire, from drugs, to guns, to cars.

10) IRS

As is the case with many federal agencies, the IRS can use its power to target its political enemies. Under President Obama, the IRS unfairly targeted conservative groups. The abuse was so severe that even Obama’s IRS director admitted to it. As social media, technology, government surveillance, and data collection of individuals in the U.S. increase, it would seem entirely realistic that the IRS could target individuals as well as groups with unfair scrutiny and punishments. Do you want to remain in the union when the Warren-Castro administration directs the IRS to target pro-freedom individuals like yourself? I sure as hell don’t.

11) Economic regulation

A thriving, prosperous economy is the most important priority to many individuals. Those who have engaged in any type of business understand that the best thing for a society’s economy is lack of government restrictions. It’s the reason that our economy quickly became the best in the world. It’s the reason that New Hampshire’s economy is infinitely better than New York’s. It’s the reason that Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, and Japan, are booming while North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela struggle.

President Obama utilized the mass hysteria caused by global warming propaganda to pass 4,000 new environmental laws. The EPA is only one example of politicians using regulations to destroy economies. When constituents become too prosperous, they threaten the government due to their increasing independence, weaponry, and overall influence. Therefore, politicians often seek to worsen economies and then swoop in and ‘save the day’ with yet another taxpayer-funded welfare program. Obama’s damage to the U.S. economy was so severe that the number of Americans requiring food stamps (ultra-poor) increased from 34 million to 44 million during his presidency. Politicians love having an excuse to increase welfare programs. It makes them appear very generous.

Regulations imposed by the FDA harm the economy and our health. Run by politicians and their cronies, the FDA regularly chooses winners and losers in the health and pharmaceutical industries. Many people remain unaware that the FDA was likely the primary reason for the massive EpiPen scandal of 2016. Due to their corrupt, strict requirements, it takes an average of 2.5 billion dollars and 12 years to bring a new medication to the market. This is not the case in other countries. No wonder companies have to charge a fortune for their medications! And we are forced to pay $4 billion every year to fund the agency.

Politicians since the inception of the US have passed seemingly infinite amounts of restrictions, each of which makes the economy more difficult to navigate. Now that politicians have illegally appointed unaccountable bureaucrats to do the dirty work for them, regulations are being created more than ever before. Depending on the estimate, federal regulations on businesses cost Americans around $2 trillion every year. Once New Hampshire separates from D.C., our economy – which is currently the best in the U.S. – would certainly improve dramatically.

12) Activists’ time, money, & resources

While it’s probably impossible to calculate exactly how much time and money New Hampshire’s passionate liberty activists spend on federal issues and candidates, we are certain that it’s significant. Every two years, pro-freedom activists in New Hampshire spend a lot of time and money on the state’s two U.S. House races. They always come up short, but even if they were successful in electing the ‘better’ congressional candidate, the U.S. Congress would remain largely unchanged. Even if New Hampshire could miraculously elect two Massies, the U.S. House would still be controlled by around 430 authoritarian socialists. The same goes for the U.S. Senate races and presidential elections.

Unfortunately, many activists in New Hampshire do not yet understand the multiple reasons that federal politics is a lost cause. If you think that New Hampshire’s domestic politics is teeter-tottering right now between good and evil (Democrats do win roughly half of the state’s elections) imagine how much better the state would be once we formally separate from D.C. Those millions of man-hours and the millions of dollars wasted by great liberty activists would begin to be used only on elections that occur inside of New Hampshire, like the race for governor, state house, state senate, executive council, and local races. The anti-freedom voters and politicians would begin losing so badly that they might deport themselves from New Hampshire to anti-freedom states like Massachusetts.

Any individual who lives in New Hampshire and values freedom and prosperity or who distrusts the politicians from D.C. should support the notion of New Hampshire governing itself. Such a declaration would free this great state from the control of people like Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, and the like. Leaving the union would also improve the quality of life for New Hampshire’s residents in nearly every way. Citizens of a sovereign New Hampshire would enjoy keeping thousands more dollars of their own income each year. They would enjoy defending themselves without any federal infringements on their self-defense tools and accessories. New Hampshire would thrive once free from the trillions of dollars worth of economic regulations established by D.C. politicians. If you want to be free from the corrupt central government that spends trillions on foreign interventions, forces you to pay for the massive amounts of welfare programs and unconstitutional agencies, and makes you a criminal for buying a firearm, talk to your legislator about New Hampshire independence today!

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NHExit launches podcast, interview series

Thu, 2021-01-07 00:14 +0000

NHExit, a grassroots group supporting independence for New Hampshire, has launched a podcast and interview series, now into its sixth episode.

Listen to the latest episode over at, on YouTube, or subscribe to their feed via RSS with your favorite podcast app.

The NHExit Podcast is hosted by Russell Kanning, former publisher of the New Hampshire Free Press and a longtime advocate for the Granite State’s freedom from D.C.

(Note: NHExit is a separate, unaffiliated organization from the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence.)

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