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Silence Is Golden

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-13 13:30 +0000

Silence is golden, not only golden but smart after thirty or forty years of declaring “the End is Coming” and yet nothing has changed.  

Back when it all became the great “Save the World!” movement, 97% of environmental scientists agreed (and their computer models proved it) that the Arctic ocean would, by long past the predicted time now, be ice-free. Tundra would thaw all around the globe and release suffocating methane gas trapped below.

The lower half of our Temperate Zones would be raging worldwide forest fires and becoming deserts in the Southern. Oceans would become desalinated and flood coastal cities around the globe. Imagine a divided U.S. with the sea coming up the Mississippi from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes.

Maybe I missed it on the 6 pm news but I think you did, too. That’s because not one of these disasters has happened or shown any signs of happening. Facts indicate that the earth may actually be going into a cooling period (there is as much evidence of that as there is for the warming theory).  So here is my advice for all the panic-promoting environmentalists.

Declarer victory! Hooray, we won! We stopped global warming/climate change! Brake out the confetti and balloons, happy times are back. And now move on.

So moving on from that, there is really no need for our government to be subsidizing things like expensive, inefficient electric cars/trucks, solar panels (made in China) wind turbines (made somewhere else), or any of the related things being pushed.

I’m not saying that if someone want’s to go electric that I would object but it should be by choice not by coercion by any pressure group or government mandates. If the electric car can compete with the internal combustion engine-based car in price and efficiency, it will find a market. Still, there is room for both I’m sure.

Internal combustion engines have become so fuel-efficient and clean-burning, they are a far, FAR cry from my old gas-guzzling Buick from the sixty’s (it’s almost sci-fi). From reading, it appears engineers aren’t quitting on them just yet either so electrics better get better too. See how competition can be very good for all we regular people? Choice can be a good thing too, something capitalism stimulates that socialism doesn’t.

Okay, time to hit that fastball. A bad, bad decision, pushed by environmentalism, forced the government to shut down the gas/oil industry and lifted restrictions on a very bad dictator who is invading a peaceful neighbor. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and is on the brink of starting WW III.

He is funded by oil. Oil he gladly drills, pumps, and sells to fund his war. It is criminal neglect, if not being a criminal accomplice, not to open this nation’s oil industry to full capacity to shut down Putin’s oil money which funds his crimes against humanity. Instead, Biden instead is off groveling to oil-producing despots begging them to pump more oil.

Aren’t all of you who voted for this swaggering braggart convinced yet that he’s incompetent? If not, I’ll bet you’re really proud of him and yourselves?

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Major US Airline Allows Unvaccinated Employee to Return to Work (But for The Wrong Reasons)

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-13 12:00 +0000

The more famous case of workers rejecting forced vaccination among US airlines was Southwest. After announcing its plans, pilots “called out sick” en masse crippling the carrier.

That’s what Southwest called it. It was a walkout, and the airline eventually backtracked (way back) on its no exemptions policy. But not every commercial carrier went along for that ride.

United was disunited and not at all friendly over the issue. They not only sidelined unvaccinated workers, but they also fired 200 of them. But now that the idiots running this confidence scam (FEDs, NIH, CDC, etc.) tweaked the metrics to make things look better (when they were never worse), United has embraced its eponym and called everyone back.


Kirk Limacher, vice president of human resources at United, said the change was due to the plunge in COVID-19 cases and COVID-19-related hospitalizations across the country in recent weeks. Many states and cities are lifting COVID-19 restrictions, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dramatically eased its masking guidance, he noted.

“These changes suggest that the pandemic is beginning to meaningfully recede. As a result, we’re confident we can safely begin the process of returning our RAP employees to their jobs,” Limacher wrote.


Unvaccinated employees who were not fired can return on March 28th. This assumes the Deltacron or some other unsuspecting variant doesn’t raise its political head – of which the highest probability is this November If I was a guessing man.

United says any relapse in the COVID culture will put the kibosh on this reunion.


Has no one at United read any of the recently released Pfizer/FDA documents that show they knew in the clinical trials that the vaccine wasn’t safe or effective? That it might have offered some protection for a month, but little or none after, and that multiple injections exponentially increased the risks of side-effects (of which there are over 2,900).

They knew it made recipients more susceptible to infection and death. Not, Joe Rogan knew, the friggin FDA and Pfizer. But why doesn’t United Airlines know this? hy are they basing future policy on the debunked garbage of COVID Christmas’ Past?

Is it because no one in the Legacy media is getting paid to report these facts?

That’s a sad thing to have to report if true, and it is true. The Establishment press is still ignoring every Pfizer/FDA doc release (you can see all 50,000 pages released to date, here, if you’re the sort to sift such a thing).

United Airlines has chosen to fly on the new narrative instead of reacting to actual scientific facts released by the same government.

Not exactly brilliant.

You might not want to fly on planes run by people who think and act that w y. But that’s your call.



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Maybe Rep. Mike Bordes Should Start Following the Law

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-13 10:30 +0000

Rep. Mike Bordes (RINO, Laconia) recently came to aid his close confidants Gary Kiedaisch and Rusty McLear by demonizing Norm Silber.

Norm wrote a letter pointing out some factual, even if unintentional, violations of the 1959 Enabling Statute as amended by HB 1442 (2020).

Mr. Silber pointed out that Gunstock Commissioner Rusty McLear was only appointed to complete the term of Steven Nix, who had resigned. The Statute is clear that in the event of a resignation, the delegation is to appoint someone to complete the 5-year term, which in this case, expired in Nov. 2020.

Regardless of Belknap County Delegation Chair Mike Sylvia’s error on the length of term, the GAC has a legal obligation to abide by the Statute, which requires them to notify the appointive body of an upcoming vacancy.

That should have happened in the fall of 2020. It didn’t.

Mr. McLear is serving without a valid appointment. The delegation will need to immediately appoint a successor to complete the term (till Nov. 2025). Of course, Mr. McLear is free to apply. However, his public behavior of politicizing the Gunstock Area Commission (GAC) and his openly hostile treatment of other Commissioners make his reappointment unlikely.

We want to thank Kevin Leandro for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Another issue is that Kiedaisch and McLear refused to recognize that Dr. Strang was a legitimate commissioner. They insist that the bylaws state that new commissioners must be sworn in at the next regular meeting. However, the bylaws were amended to allow commissioners to be sworn in immediately upon their appointment.

Mr. Kiedaisch is fully aware of this as he voted for the amendment and used it to have McLear sworn in immediately.

Interestingly, during the 3/11 special meeting of the GAC, Kiedaisch suddenly recognized Dr. Strang as a commissioner. What changed?

Why hasn’t Kiedaisch offered a full public apology?

Maybe Rep. Bordes should start following the Law. His chief legislative priority is to remove daytime speed limits on the big lake. Last year, to not upset either Republicans or his Democrat handlers, he cowardly left the chamber to avoid having to cast a recorded vote on Right-To-Work Legislation.

His priorities are elitist and only benefit himself and others who spend their entire summer on expensive boats. Rep. Bordes needs to understand that his constitutes are not as passionate about his priorities. They are struggling to pay their bills.

Bordes has not shown any concern for the significant increase in the County tax rate. He voted to increase the budget every chance he had. He’s a big government, tax, and spender, the type of legislator that does nothing that doesn’t benefit himself or his wealthy friends.



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Repeal of NH Conversion Therapy Ban Gets Support of Transgender Lawmaker

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-13 03:30 +0000

The bill to repeal New Hampshire’s conversion therapy ban for minors, HB1077, had a public hearing on February 15 at the NH House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee.

You can watch the full hearing on YouTube.

There was detailed testimony from therapists who said they have stopped accepting pediatric clients because of the risk of legal action against them and that this has led to lengthy delays in kids and teens getting therapy.

The most effective testimony was from clinical psychologist Dr. Deborah Warner. She broke down carefully for the committee the wording of the law and how it severely restricts therapists’ ability to counsel young people. Watch her testimony here.

Related: Stop Hurting Kids, Repeal the Therapy Ban

Surprisingly, the representative from GLAAD, which opposes the bill, testified that his parents sent him for conversion therapy and that the therapy was not coercive or abusive.

There was excellent testimony from a high school senior speaking up in support of his sibling. Watch it here.

On March 7, the committee met again and an amended version of the bill was proposed. The majority made up of all the Republicans and two Democrats, including Rep. Gerri Cannon, who is transgender, voted Ought to Pass on the amended bill.

HB1077 is expected to be voted on at the next session of the full NH House being held on March 15, 16, and 17. A vote to concur with the committee’s recommendation of Ought to Pass would advance the bill to the NH Senate.

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Palate Cleanser – Well, It’s Not Quite a Real Star Wars Lightsaber but Still Pretty Cool!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-13 03:00 +0000

A YouTuber in Russia has set a new world record for the first working, retractable lightsaber. The Star Wars-inspired technology uses white-hot elemental plasma, can run for up to 30 seconds at a time, and can even cut straight through steel. And even better: it’s mostly crafted from old, discarded parts.

In January, Guinness World Records recognized Alex Burkan, the mind behind the DIY lightsaber, for his invention. He frequently posts zany, but technically impressive projects on his YouTube channel Alex Lab, which has over 875,000 subscribers as of press time. There, you can find his epic builds, including hydrogen generators, Iron Man suits, and of course, his lightsaber, which produces an impressive three-foot-long plasma “blade” that can reach temperatures over 5,072 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a press release.

But since he mentioned Hacksmith Industries, I thought I’d show you that one as well:

Please, folks, you may wish to think hard and long before trying this without any training.

(H/T: Popular Mechanics)

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Gunstock Area Commission Special Meeting – The Anti-climatic Part: The Vote

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-13 01:00 +0000

So, as newly appointed Commissioner Strang pointed out, we saw the fireworks about Rusty McClear’s untenable situation on continuing as a Gunstock Area Commissioner (the term he was appointed to ran out months ago).

However, the Special Meeting was called for a reason: to vote on whether or not to appropriate the monies to pay for the deposit on the HVAC equipment and installation services:

A special meeting of the Gunstock Area Commission will be held on Friday, March 11 at 11 AM in the Historic Main Lodge at Gunstock Mountain Resort. To view the public notice and meeting agenda, please click here.

Like I said – anti-climatic, short, and sweet:

The March meeting of the Gunstock Area Commission will be held on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, at 6 PM at the Gilford Public Library.  Could be interesting…



So with all that, a few more fireworks coming in the next post.

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Friday Open Thread on Saturday – oops!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-13 00:15 +0000

It’s not that I’ve got nuttin’. Rather, I’m overloaded and can’t keep up. So I missed the time. So here it is.

Your thread – fill it up with what’s on your minds!

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Ukranium Bio-Labs R Knot an Conspirsee Theery

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 23:30 +0000

When your website is as popular as ours, people send you stuff – lots of stuff – and more than we can process (but keep sending it). They ask questions and float trial balloons, and one of the more recent subjects is US Biolabs in Ukraine.

Yes, there is documentation that they exist and that then VP Joe Biden probably oversaw putting them there.

The White House denies it, despite this evidence and recent congressional testimony stating that there is concern they will or have come under Russian control.

How does that happen if they don’t exist? Great question.

And I know many readers knew that too. But we still need to plant a flag for the folks who are not clear as Vodka and for those searching the internet machine that are not regular readers (yet)

Oh, and so DuckDuckGoogle can down-rank us for spreading “дезинформация.”

Luckily for us and all of you, Tony Heller has condensed these details into four minutes of video touching critical points.

The labs exist. The United States funded them and staffed them. It began under Obama in 2010 (when Biden was the point man in Ukraine). The labs are still there and operating on biological “material.” Russia has proof they have shared with the UN.

Biden and his sycophant media have been plying the lie that these facts are a conspiracy theory, but that’s hardly a marketable strategy at this point so true to form we should expect Joe “Pass the Buck” Biden to blame someone else.

And they think you are dumb enough to fall for that and the media intends to make it stick.

Don’t let it. And I’m not judging their m motivations or even the players except that they are all lying again, and they keep lying and not just about this, or COVID, or Climate Change, or J6, or Trump, or do you sense a pattern?

Here’s Tony’s 4-minute overview with clips, quotes, and sound, along with that requisite jab at the Establishment and the media, which inspired me to share it.


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Belknap County Republican Committee – Keynote Speaker: NH State Rep Tim Baxter

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 22:00 +0000

So much to do and so little time in which to get it done.  This past Wednesday, March 9th, was the monthly meeting of the BCRC at the Gilford (NH) Library. There, NH State Rep Tim Baxter spoke to the attendees.

Tim is running to be the NH GOP nominee in NH’s First Congressional District (NH CD-1) which is a rather crowded field right now. However, that field is already starting to sort itself.


Entertaining, sure of himself (without being cocky), and organized; he’s got his stump speech down. And he knew his audience.

His website is here.

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But, But … The Surveillance State (Social Credit System) Will Create Lots of Good Paying Jobs!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 20:30 +0000

This is disturbing. Yahoo! Finance has an article on the wealth opportunities of a sanctioned surveillance state. It’s worth over 16 billion. They even list the companies that are ready to benefit.

Names, you know.



And that’s just business, but if you keep reading, they explain – without blinking – what’s involved—emphasis mine.

  • Social credit systems represent the ability to identify (mostly people but also some “things”) and track activities for purposes of grading behaviors and applying “social credit” scoring. A given grading/scoring methodology depends largely on social credit system objectives and metrics.
  • Social credit system infrastructure includes analogue and digital surveillance, Internet-enabled devices like smartphones, wearable devices, security systems, sensor-enabled physical objects, and surveillance devices that use biometrics and computer vision. Technologies include broadband wireless (WiFi, LTE, and 5G), IoT, AI algorithms, and big data analytics platforms, processes, and procedures.


Say it with Me

Big Brother. Well, maybe not by that name. Brother is probably far too gender-specific for this day and age. Maybe they’ll name it Julia (as in Life of Julia, but with cameras, biosensors, and 24/7 digital tracking).

Winston Smith’s lover was named Julia, no coincidence, that, I think.

‘Sometimes,’ she said, ‘they threaten you with something–something you can’t stand up to, can’t even think about. And then you say, “Don’t do it to me, do it to somebody else, do it to So-and-so.” And perhaps you might pretend, afterwards, that it was only a trick and that you just said it to make them stop and didn’t really mean it. But that isn’t true. At the time when it happens you do mean it. You think there’s no other way of saving yourself, and you’re quite ready to save yourself that way. You want it to happen to the other person. You don’t give a damn what they suffer. All you care about is yourself.’

Maybe we’ll even get our own room 101.


Privacy Trampled

Hey, this will create a lot of good-paying jobs. Both for the technology, its upkeep, and, lest we forget, 24/7/365 system management (monitoring).

Trust me. They’ll go there. A police state supervised by people who decide what the idea of good behavior means “largely on [the] social credit system[s] objectives and metrics.”

Someone has to decide the objectives and metrics. Guess who?

If you are even remotely okay with any of this, then there’s something wrong with you, or you do not understand the implications. It’s why we pushed back on plate-reading cameras and intersection cameras, and traffic cameras. Once we allow this, it is never going to go away. And it will only, ever, get more intrusive.

Just think about what the vaccine passport psychos were after and amp it up. Then do it every day, forever.

It will be a lot like the last few years, on steroids. Approved violence or destructive behavior will not be logged or punished, while any peaceful objection to the regime will.

States need to step in and stop this now because the Fed-Machine wants this, and Big Tech is eager to help. It’s worth billions to them.



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Gunstock Area Commissioners Kiedaisch and McClear Are like the Gilford School Board – Refuse to Follow the Law

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 19:00 +0000

This morning was a special meeting of the Gunstock Ski Area (Gilford, NH) Commissioners (“GACs”) with the agenda item of approving an expenditure of $63,000 that would be a down payment on the $225,000 HVAC update.

This would give the main lodge air conditioning capability.

It’s clear that it is needed – the Belknap County Republican Committee held a gala there last summer, and it reminded me of why I always say that I wait all summer for February. It is needed.

But it isn’t about “a need” when it comes to Government and then “getting it done.”  The expenditure, in this case, is minor to the real problem.

It is a case, which isn’t over by a long shot, of non-Transparency and not Following The Law. Neither happened today. But that’s what happens when “good ole boys” start running things – and then get surprised (and then angry) when those for whom those attributes really are important start looking into things and getting involved.

The problem is that of the three GACs that called for the Special Meeting (Jade Wood, Gary Kiedaisch, and Rusty McClear), the latter may not be a valid GA Commissioner as according to the authorizing Law (from HB 1442):

399:4  Appointive Agency.  The county convention for the county of Belknap, hereinafter sometimes referred to as the “appointive agency”, shall, acting as a body, appoint the members of the commission.  [Not more than two of the] Members of the commission shall be residents of [the same municipality] Belknap county.  At least one member shall be an experienced skier and at least one member shall be experienced in the field of finance, banking, or accounting.  The term of office of each member shall be five years, except that initially, one member shall be appointed for a term of five years, one member for a term of four years, one member for a term of three years, one member for a term of two years, and one member for a term of one year.  Thereafter, appointments shall be made for five years.  No commission member shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms. Each member shall continue in office until his or her successor has been appointed and qualified, and each member shall be subject to removal for cause by the appointive agency after public hearing.

Thus, it seems that he was to only serve the remainder of the term of a former GA Commissioner that quit (Steve Nix) – and that term expired months ago. A free rider (or as someone at the meeting said, a “squatter”. Interesting word choice – someone who “inhabits” a place to which they are not entitled.

In this clip (more coming), newly elected GA Commissioner David Strang, MD, pointed out that any decision made at the meeting may be in legal jeopardy as the meeting was called by only TWO GA Commissioners (excluding McClear) – the GAC by laws require three valid GA Commissioners. Listen well.

It is clear that both McClear and Kiedaisch worked hard to take this eligibility issue off the table in order to get to what they wanted to do – the means justified the ends. They wanted to make it irrelevant – principle be danged.

They forgot who they are (or in the case of McClear, was). They ARE Government – in the case of Gunstock, the face of the mountain. They are representatives who swore oaths of office  (NH Constitution, Part 2, Article 84):

[Art.] 84. [Oath of Civil Officers.] Any person chosen governor, councilor, senator, or representative, military or civil officer, (town officers excepted) accepting the trust, shall, before he proceeds to execute the duties of his office, make and subscribe the following declaration, viz.

I, A.B. do solemnly swear, that I will bear faith and true allegiance to the United States of America and the state of New Hampshire, and will support the constitution thereof. So help me God.

I, A.B. do solemnly and sincerely swear and affirm that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all duties incumbent on me as …………………………………………., according to the best of my abilities, agreeably to the rules and regulations of this constitution and laws of the state of New Hampshire. So help me God.

Any person having taken and subscribed the oath of allegiance, and the same being filed in the secretary’s office, he shall not be obliged to take said oath again.

Provided always, when any person chosen or appointed as aforesaid shall be of the denomination called Quakers, or shall be scrupulous of swearing, and shall decline taking the said oaths, such person shall take and subscribe them, omitting the word “swear,” and likewise the words “So help me God,” subjoining instead thereof, “This I do under the pains and penalties of perjury.”

Honor the Constitution? Follow the Law? Not so much.

When those that have been voted into places of authority abuse that authority, they should be rebuked. And then trying to sweep it under the rug should make that rebuke even harsher.

The analogy, as I told TMEW, as back in day when crime was quite rampant in NYC. Then, Rudy Giuliani became mayor and starting the Broken Window philosophy of policing. To wit – often those that commit small crimes continue on to do larger crimes. Take care of those Broken Window crimes, as he did, stopped it. The applied penalties ended up as being very effective deterrents.

It works in politics as well when officials deliberately skirt abiding by the Law. WE, all of us, should be Giulianis in monitoring our elected officials – and in his piece on this, as expected Michael Mortensen of the Laconia Daily Sun breezed over this important aspect. WHAT was said was covered correctly – my video will back that up. WHAT was broken, the Rule of Law, was not mentioned. WHY it was broken was not explored. NOTHING was presented to help educate readers as to “who is right”…

…as if it doesn’t matter at all. Recount the happening but don’t bother about the Law with what is right and lawful and what is not. “Glazed over” comes to mind.

All three of the GACs that called the special meeting are implicated in this. How can McClear and Kiediasch believe they can hide behind Mike Sylvia’s wrong opinion (who has admitted that he was wrong) when confronted by Strang with actual Law? Yet, the Gilford School Board is doing the same – refusing to Follow The Law (or rather, recognizing that there IS no Law allowing them to do what they are with Policy JBAB).

What are we supposed to think, believe, or act when confronted by those that refuse to do the right thing.

Jade Wood knew the situation. While she took no part in the sharp words between Strang and Kiedaisch, she knew about the controversy when she signed onto calling for the Special Meeting. She said that her only purpose was to get that equipment for the money.

Sorry, doing a “right” thing the wrong way makes all of it wrong. The Broken Window here was “looking past” that window in the first place. The means justified the ends.

No, not when YOU are the Role Model to which others are watching. All three got their way – even Strang said yes as the fourth vote. But that meeting should never have been allowed in the first place. The GAC should take its lumps, apologize, and redo that meeting – which DOES mean they would have to rescind that down payment and pray that the equipment hasn’t “moved on”.

Sorry, being comfortable is no reason to deny the lawful strictures placed upon you.

Note:  As you listen to the video, Dr. Strang said that the vote could be in legal jeopardy.

Well, guess what? When I talked with someone after that meeting, waiting for my Irwin Ford in trying, yet again to fix my truck (hit by a minivan owned by Dartmouth College while I was up there for the Dartmouth College Republicans’ Andy Ngo event), he offered legal assistance if I wish to pursue this.

I am apt to take up that offer if it stands.

Then what are the GACs gonna do?

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Take Action by Contacting Your Representatives on These House Bills up for Vote This Week:

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 17:30 +0000

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Calls and Emails Needed. The NH House Plans Marathon Session to Vote On Most of Our Bills; Senate Plans to Make Two Bad Decisions!

OTP = Ought to Pass
OTP-A  = Ought to Pass with Amendment
ITL = Inexpedient to Legislate (If “Yea” wins, bill is killed)
Interim Study = A polite way to kill a bill.

 SUPPORT OTP-A – HB 1131, relative to facial covering policies for schools.This bill prohibits public schools from creating policies that force students or members of the public to wear masks.
 SUPPORT OTP: HB 1241, prohibiting a school district from mandating a COVID-19 vaccination for school attendance. This bill’s title says it all, and it’s a good idea.
 SUPPORT OTP-A: HB 1022, permitting pharmacists to dispense the drug ivermectin by means of a standing order. This would make ivermectin over-the-counter medicine in New Hampshire.
 SUPPORT OTP-A: HB 1379, relative to the department of health and human services’ rule-making authority regarding immunization requirements. This bill would remove authority from the Executive Department of Health and Human Services to determine what vaccines children must receive to go to school, and restore the Legislature’s sole authority as the lawmaking branch of government to determine what vaccines ought to be required (religious and medical exemptions in other laws would still apply).
 SUPPORT OPT: HB 1455, relative to state enforcement of federal vaccination mandates. This is the Speaker of the House’s bill to prohibit state officials from enforcing federal COVID-19 mandates.
 SUPPORT ITL: HB 1481, repealing the statute relative to medical freedom in immunizations. Here’s another from Progressive Rep. Tim Horrigan, who apparently thinks the government ought to be able to force you to take a vaccine. On efforts like this, it’s not just the bill that needs to be defeated; we need to take special note of the sponsors and make sure they lose the power of elected office come next election. In America, we don’t force people to inject untested liquids into themselves.
 SUPPORT OTP: HB 1425, relative to the taking of real property by eminent domain. This bill would require the government to compensate a private property owner for any property taken during a state of emergency for public purposes, and it would provide other protections so the eminent domain cannot be abused.
 SUPPORT OTP-A: HB 1210, relative to exemptions from vaccine mandates. Originally, the bill would have created a broad religious, conscientious or medical exemption to vaccine mandates. With the amendment, the bill now only allows for a simple, streamlined exemption process (still medical, religious, and conscience) for businesses that receive any money from the state or federal government.

Please contact the following representatives who will need your pressure to support our positions:

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So Michael Graham of NH Journal, Hit Piece Much?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 16:00 +0000

That’s the quick conclusion when I read the title of his hit post on Karoline Leavitt:

Leavitt Faces Questions After Ally Calls Ukraine President a “Thug”

Now to be sure – I have no favorites in the First Congressional District race right now.  We are going to start our GrokGauntlets soon to ask the questions that Conservatives want to be asked so I’ll wait until then to make up my mind.  It IS rather obvious that NH GOP Establishment leaning Graham believes that spunky Leavitt isn’t his cup of TEA – and someone else is. So Graham goes further:

North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a rock star of the fringe Right who’s campaigned in New Hampshire with GOP candidate Karoline Leavitt, is under fire for calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug.” It’s a politically tone-deaf move at a time when Americans are rallying around the war-torn nation and many consider Zelenskyy a hero in the model of Winston Churchill.

Apparently, Graham has lost all sense of the history of Ukraine before Putin’s invasion.  A Rock Star now for standing up to the Evil Empire (and in THIS, there can be few complaints), he’s no choir boy in his own right.  I have to admit that while I don’t know enough of Zelensky’s past, if Graham is going to do the “Zelensky is the new Churchill”, Churchill wasn’t all that well thought of at the time by a number of people “of Power” either.  Let me throw in someone that, at the time, was called a drunkard, a reprobate, and a monster – yet, he was also one of, if not the best, of Lincoln’s generals during the civil war.  That doesn’t change his past and the same holds for Zelensky’s.

I just have to chuckle – “fringe Right“?  Really, Graham?  Stooping to use the language of the Leftist Democrats thrown like a Progressive?  Fringe, extremist, Free Stater – all are epithets in terms of the Left used against anyone violating their rules, their principles, and throwing shade on their Narrative.  Nice to see you’re all in.

Throwing in with them, Mr. Micheal?  That’s what the GOPe did during the TEA Party movement that sought only to have a Free Marketplace (left alone by an overbearing ton of laws and regulations), Government living within OUR means (e.g., stop the spending), and follow the Constitution.  Heck, I’VE been called an extremist just for believing in what our Founding Fathers set for their vision for this country.

Et Tu, Brutus Graham?

For Leavitt, who declined to criticize Cawthorn’s comments, this incident may reveal the limits of a GOP primary campaign targeting the most extreme members of her party.

“Remember that Zelenskyy is a thug,” Cawthorn said last Saturday in a video obtained by a local TV station. “Remember that the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and is incredibly evil and has been pushing woke ideologies.”

I guess Graham forgot ALL about this as far as Ukrainian Government corruption is concerned – and Biden was right in the thick of it.

I’m not going to go through all of this Never-Trumper’s post but I will point this out: Karoline Leavitt sent a rebuttal to Graham – he ignored it.  I won’t:

Why is Matt Mowers laying out the red carpet in New Hampshire for anti-Trump 2024 candidates Nikki Haley and Chris Christie as they return to the Granite State in the coming weeks? Why is his entire campaign funded by Chris Christie and his New Jersey cronies, who hate President Trump and believe Joe Biden fairly won the election? Matt Mowers owes the America First movement and voters in New Hampshire answers.”

Mr. Graham has treated Mowers with kid gloves (full disclosure – Matt now lives in my town. Not that it will make a difference in what I write but I figured I’d point that out).  Again, I don’t have a dog in this fight – yet. But he may push me a whole lot faster than not.

And remember, he did a hit interview on Bill O’Brien just before Bill’s “announcement event” at the start of his run for US Senate.  Given that I was there early, I had already set up cameras and I decided just to start rolling – and picked up every word. So doing this isn’t his first “hit parade rodeo”.

But two can play this game.

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From Incompetent to Dishonorable

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 14:30 +0000

“Let me be very clear” is the favorite preface to any response from our aged President and hapless Vice President. It triggers you to know that whatever comes next is not true. Let’s call it like it is, and let me be clear, whatever comes next is a lie.

From “incompetent to dishonorable” was how Senator Lindsey Graham described the Biden Administration as he vented this week on FOX News. The frustration and disappointment were palpable in every word of his passion-filled monologue. I do not always agree with the senior Senator from South Carolina, but he was spot on this day.

It is painful and redundant to write about the failings of the Biden/Harris/Psaki Administration, but there is nothing positive on which to focus. Everything these three touch turns to coal, and we know how they feel about fossil fuels. Let’s look at a statement made by Kamala Harris on Thursday in Poland:

“The United States and Poland are united in what we have done, and are prepared to do, to help Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. Full stop”

What does that even mean? That is 27 words put together to sound impressive but to say nothing at all. Why is she there? Why did we waste the fuel to deliver her and her staff to the people of Poland? President Zelenskyy wants planes, the people of Eastern Europe want security from Putin, and we send them Kamala Harris. Talk about a bad consolation prize. This trip will go down as another failed effort for Harris.

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley summed it up by saying we do not need photo-ops. We need to stop the carnage being rained down on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin. So with nothing to offer, why is the Vice President in Poland? There is no answer forthcoming. Her visit is symbolic of an administration with no clue what it is doing. You being our Vice President, Kamala Harris, is worthy of a cackle.

Wednesday may have been one of the most upsetting days of the conflict. Watching the bombing of innocent mothers and babies in a Maternity Hospital to the vision of dead Ukrainians wrapped in plastic bags dumped into a mass grave stretches the limits of what the world can tolerate. Europe and the United States appear willing to sit on the sidelines, watching Ukraine and its people destroyed. These countries contribute to Ukraine’s cause, short of sending troops. But the inconsistency in their effort is mind-boggling.

The United States is willing to send Javelins, Stingers, and Patriot systems to destroy Russian tanks and planes. But we call it escalation if we allow Poland to send them planes. It was okay last week, but the White House has reversed its decision this week. According to Psaki, it was decided that the aircraft would be construed as NATO involvement in the war and that the planes would be no help to Ukraine. That logic is tantamount to saying we can give them pistols but not rifles. It is insanity. Is there no logic, common sense, or decency left in this administration?

How much longer are we going to watch innocent women, children, aged, and crippled being bombed and killed. When will the sight of the dead thrown into a mass grave with no respect or dignity finally sicken us to a point where we have to act? Maybe, God forbid, it will be when Putin resorts to chemical or biological attacks on Ukraine If it gets to that point, we have already failed. Somebody has to push this feckless group, led by Biden, to the sidelines and change this situation We do not know who that person will be, but we need to find them sooner than later. The Ukrainians are starving, freezing, and dying. They are running out of time.

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Don’t Forget About F#∉!*^$! Daylight Savings Time (DST) This Weekend

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 13:00 +0000

Blame the Germans. They invented Daylight Savings Time. Something to do with saving fuel and power. An idea the US adopted then abolished at the end of World War I.

States had the option of adopting them if they wanted until 1966 when the Department of Transportation was founded and given regulatory power over time zones in the name of safety.  One of the first things they did was nationalized Daylight Savings Time and we’ve been suffering with it ever since and likely will continue to, at least in the Northeast.

It is impractical for a state like New Hampshire to drop the change while its neighbors do not. A lot happens on the clock and there would likely be commercial or transportation issues. That was, after all, what got us into the Time Zone business in the first place. The Railroads created them in 1883 because trains running at different times ran into each other.

Given how hot the pro-government crowd is to herd us back up on trains, with our digital ids and social credit scores, DST isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It’s this Sunday, March 13th, if you weren’t sure. Spring Ahead!



All of the riveting historical details come courtesy of this link.

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Black Students Accused of Hate Crimes Must Have the Left Losing Its Hive Mind

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 11:30 +0000

We have a report of a Middle School Near miss in Broward County Florida. This near-miss isn’t about firearms but there are troubled kids and troubled educators, but not the way you might imagine.

From PJ Media, Five black children who attend Lyons Creek Middle School in Broward County, Fla., are being charged with hate crimes after assaulting several white students.

Let’s pause to let that sink in.

Black students are being accused of profiling white students and targeting them for physical abuse based on the color of their skin.

“The group looked at (the student) and stated “he is white” before another student “tackled him to the ground which subsequently allowed the group of middle school kids to start hitting him with their hands, feet and phone chargers,” the reports said.

This didn’t happen on school property which, suddenly, doesn’t require the school to act. That’s odd. I’ve heard stories of Public schools punishing students for online engagement off school property, off-hours, on private digital networks. But this, they can’t touch that. And why would they? Odds are good they are the reason why those kids were attacked.

I haven’t seen the curriculum but this is Broward County Florida. I can guess.

Whites are born racists. There is no such thing as reverse racism. And there is nothing white kids can do to absolve themselves of the crimes of slavery of which they played no part.

Not convinced that’s the deal?

[End transcript]

Listen to the rest on the latest episode of the Real Resistance Podcast.



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You can also listen on Spreaker, iHeart Radio, or Google Podcasts.

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Full Video of CACR 32 State House Floor Discussion

NHexit.US - Sat, 2022-03-12 05:43 +0000

It was a historic day as New Hampshire was the first state since the “Civil War” to have a house floor discussion about secession.  As reported on this blog previously, CACR 32 – the constitutional amendment that would have allowed NH voters to decide the question of declaring peaceful independence from the United States – was voted down 323-13 on Thursday.  Now you can watch video of the full discussion from the floor of Rep’s Hall:

Don’t miss this post at Free Keene which gathers together seventeen hysterical posts from SHOCKED democrats in response to the heroic thirteen state reps who voted to try to stop CACR 32 from being killed.

We’re just getting started promoting independence for New Hampshire. CACR 32 was just the beginning to get the conversation going. Stay tuned here to NHexit.US for more. Meanwhile, be sure to sign the petition and join the community via the links in the top menu and help us do even more!

Historic NH Exit Constitutional Amendment Heard by Full State House: VIDEO + Dem Reaction Tweets

Free Keene - Sat, 2022-03-12 04:34 +0000

Statists on social media are freaking out over the thirteen heroic state representatives who voted in favor of the historic NH Exit constitutional amendment, CACR 32, which would have simply placed the question of peaceful independence from the United States federal gang on the ballot.

Of course, the lying pro-Empire reps and mainstream media are acting like CACR 32’s vote was a vote on secession, when it was just a vote to let the people  of NH vote on the question. That means the 323 reps who voted it down are telling the people of New Hampshire that, as democrat representative Tim Egan admitted in an email, “legislators can absolutely not trust voters with this decision”.

Sadly, there were a bunch of so-called “liberty reps” who had nothing but excuses for why they didn’t support CACR 32.  Nonetheless, bill sponsors Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso spoke in favor of freedom from the tyranny of the evil federal goons, as you can see in the full video from the house floor yesterday:

Here are some of the hysterical reactions by the Empire Loyalists on Twitter.  Click the names above the images to find the actual post on their profiles:

NH Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D), Manchester:

NH Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D), Nashua:

State Rep David Meuse (D), Portsmouth:

State Rep Rosemarie Rung (D), Merrimack:

State Rep Sherry Frost (D), Dover:

State Rep Tom Loughman (D), Hampton:

State Rep Manny Espitia (D), Nashua:

@sophiabeetweets NH High School Democrats Expansion Director:

Timothy C @granitepolitics:

“PT – get vaccinated!” @pt35mm:







Kathy Sullivan, former NH Democrat Party Chair:

Finally, here is a list of the thirteen heroic reps that voted to stop CACR 32 from being killed:

Abramson, Max
Aldrich, Glenn
Bailey, Glenn
Bershtein, Alan
Dodge, Dustin
Green, Dennis
Howard, Raymond
Kelley, Diane
Santonastaso, Matthew
Sylvia, Michael
Terry, Paul
Warden, Mark
Yokela, Josh

Budget or Ransom?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 02:30 +0000

I printed these up to hand out at our annual district meeting tomorrow.  I thought I’d post it here in case anyone else wants to try something similar in another district.


Budget, or Ransom?
Croydon School District Meeting
March 12, 2022

What we’re being asked to vote on today isn’t a budget.  You all know how a budget works.  You’re given some amount of money to work with — your salary, your pension— and you find a way to live within those limits.

What we’re being asked to vote on is a ransom.  You also know how a ransom works.  You’re told that if you don’t pay some amount that is being demanded, someone or something will be taken from you.

I propose that we amend the amount in Article 2 to reflect a budget — that is, the amount that the voters in the district want to pay — rather than a ransom — that is, the amount that district officials feel like demanding. 

So what would a reasonable amount be?  To answer that, it helps to have some historical perspective.



This graph confirms what many people suspect:  that there is no correlation between what we spend on education, and the results we get.  These are the government’s own numbers, adjusted for inflation.

Over a period of half a century, we’ve more than tripled spending, with no increases in student achievement — as measured using tests designed by the people who claim to be experts in how to educate children. 

We could triple it again, and we would have no reason to expect things to get better. 

Similarly, we could cut it to 1/3 of what it is, and we would have no reason to expect things to get worse.

We all know that money can’t buy love.  Turns out, it can’t buy education, either. 


Here is a graph of what each state spends, on average, per student, plotted against those same scores.  There are a couple of things to notice. 

First, no state is getting the equivalent of a passing score. 

Second, all states are getting pretty much the same score, regardless of what they spend.  States that spend $7000 per student get the same results as states that spend three times as much. 

In a very real sense, it doesn’t matter what we choose to spend. 



Adjusted for inflation, all districts are now spending more than the richest districts were spending before the Claremont decisions.  About $10,000 more per student, on average. 

In terms of spending, every district is a rich district.  And it hasn’t made any difference at all.

So how do we choose a number?  Here are some numbers for comparison:

  • The legislature (RSA 198:40-a) has said that the cost of an adequate education is less than $4000 per student.
  • The state gives each charter school less than $8000 for each student.
  • Newport Montessori and Mount Royal charge less than $9000 per student — and the latter, at least, gives substantial discounts for additional students from the same family.
  • VLACS charges nothing

 So $10,000 per student seems like it should be more than enough to educate a child, doesn’t it?

We currently have a little less than 80 students.  If we round up to 80 (to be ready in case some children move into town), a figure of $10,000 per student gives us a budget — not a ransom — of $800,000.

 Therefore, I propose that we amend Article 2 in the district warrant by changing the amount from $1,705,496 to $800,000.

There are a lot of fundamental questions that never get serious consideration under the ransom-based model of school funding.  One such question is:  Why are we doing this in the first place?

The state supreme court, in the Claremont decisions, stated that it is the responsibility of the state to

provide each educable child with an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and learning necessary to participate intelligently in the American political, economic, and social systems of a free government

Leaving aside the question of whether the state has any responsibility towards children who are not ‘educable’; and the observation that any child with a computer and an internet connection has the opportunity to learn practically anything that there is to learn; we can ask what it means to take the word ‘necessary’ seriously in this context.

The simplest, most straightforward way to do that is to admit that if some knowledge and learning are not required by everyone, then the state has no responsibility to pay for anyone to learn them.

Can you participate intelligently in the political, economic, and social systems of a free government if you can’t read, write, understand statistics, follow and construct a logical argument, and recognize a specious one?  No, you can’t.  So learning to do these things is necessary, and taxes may be used to pay for students to learn them.

Can you participate intelligently in the political, economic, and social systems of a free government if you can’t speak a foreign language, play a sport or a musical instrument, calculate a derivative, weld two pieces of metal together, or set up a spreadsheet?  Yes, you can.  So learning to do these things is not necessary,  and using taxes to pay for students to learn them crosses the boundary between public benefit and private charity.

Or to put that another way:  Unless everyone needs to learn something, no one can be compelled to pay for students to learn it. 

Here are some other questions that need to be considered:

  • If a kid wants to learn something, can anyone stop him?
  • If a kid doesn’t want to learn something, can anyone make him?
  • What is the difference in cost between (1) teaching kids to read, then letting them learn specific course content by reading, and (2) paying teachers to read that content to students who can’t read it? 
  • Does it make sense for poorer people to pay to educate the children of richer people?

These are all questions that can safely be ignored as long as districts are funded using ransoms instead of budgets. 

Will it be difficult for our school board to find a way to get by with $10,000 per student?  Only if it tries to keep taking the same failed approach.

The point of putting them on a budget is to force them to find ways to use an entirely reasonable amount of money to accomplish, not what parents would like, but what all of us need.

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SAU16/Exeter Administrators, Selling More Snake Oil to Spin the Failures of Remote Learning

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-12 01:00 +0000

In the latest article drafted by school administrators in SAU16/Exeter, David Ryan, Esther Asbell, and Christopher Adriski try to smooth over the disaster they helped create in the school district.

All three of these administrators offer readers a spin job on what drove parents in the district to show up at numerous school board meetings, and express how they have been failing their children.

The school shut-down in SAU16 was unlike many other districts that reopened in a timely manner. It took Governor Sununu stepping in and forcing SAU16 to reopen.

It was a little too late because many of these parents watched their children suffer academically and emotionally. Why did it take the Governor to force the reopening of this district? Where was the leadership? Where was the concern for the students who were struggling academically and emotionally?  Parents gave these administrators plenty of feedback that their children were suffering –but that fell on deaf ears.

These administrators are now trying to spin this disaster by assuring parents that the learning did not stop. It “looked different, but it didn’t stop.”  No one ever said it stopped, but for some children it was a disaster.  Many of these parents told you that their kids were falling behind academically and suffering emotionally.

Remote learning, as we now know, hurt children academically and emotionally. That can no longer be denied– even from a spin machine–or in this case, a public relations firm. Yes, SAU16 hired a PR firm to spin the problems that plague the district.

They referenced an article in the New York Times by David Leonhardt. (No Way to Grow Up, January 4, 2022) Leonhardt wrote that “children fell far behind in school during the first ear of the pandemic and have not caught up.” 

Instead of acknowledging the role these three administrators played in this disaster, they go on to publish an op-ed claiming the “learning didn’t stop;” as if that is going to comfort the many families who know their children were falling further and further behind academically. The op-ed is full of education buzzwords and edu-speak that has the reader scratching their head wondering what on earth they are talking about.

Let’s face it, this op-ed was an opportunity for these administrators to try to sell the reader on more education fads instead of acknowledging the obvious fall-out from their decisions, or a pathway to a correction.

They even mention their goal of getting students to think critically. Does anyone believe this kind of spin? When parents think critically, offer evidence, scientific studies, or honest feedback, they are dismissed and marginalized.

Then they capitalize on this disaster by trying to sell you on Competency-Based Education (CBE) in their op-ed. They ignored the honest critique of how these schools failed children during remote learning, and go on to then try to sell the reader on CBE. They don’t tell you that CBE is the old failed education fad from the 90s. Back then they called this education model Outcome-Based Education (OBE)– before that it was called Mastery Learning.

Benjamin Bloom came up with this theory of Mastery Learning in the late 60’s, but Mastery Learning failed in the US and was then rejected outright. In 1980, William Spady convened a meeting to propose the implementation of the OBE philosophy with Bloom in attendance. He said OBE would be a new name for Mastery Learning because it had been destroyed by poor implementation. Poor implementation is always the excuse they use to rename and repackage failed fads. Due to Spady’s influence, he convinced many states to implement OBE.  But by the early 90’s many states in the USA rejected OBE because it failed to help students progress academically.

Today CBE is a national movement that took hold during the Obama Administration when President Obama told us during a State of the Union Address that he was changing the education model. That model would shift from a liberal arts model focused on academics, to a workforce model focused on soft skills. New Hampshire legislators jumped on board and passed into law the Competency-Based Education model, where it remains in state statute today.

You will notice that the three administrators offered no independent or peer-reviewed studies that CBE improved academic achievement for New Hampshire students. They just spun this old fad in their op-ed with no proof of academic achievement– they then expected you to just accept their sales pitch. This is just like when they tried to tell you that 2Revolutions was a reputable organization for teacher training, when we know their materials categorize everyone in New Hampshire as white supremacists. These are the same people who pay radical extremists to train the teachers in this district.

Where is the critical thinking among these school administrators ? Is critical thinking really welcome at school board meetings by parents who take the time to research what is going on, and then present evidence to the contrary? Let’s be honest, critical thinking is not welcome by those in charge of schools if it is contrary to what they are selling.

In the op-ed, they say, “And if we are asking our students to be critical thinkers with the capacity for reflection and self-evaluation, then we must engage in those activities right on up the chain of learners, all the way to the lead learners. We must create the conditions where reflection and self-evaluation are not just something that we ask education professionals to do sporadically and in a vacuum.

Where is the self-evaluation and reflection by these three administrators? Maybe they should start with reflecting on the damage they’ve done to this district and the children they’ve harmed.

The worst part of their op-ed is that they downplayed the importance of students acquiring knowledge. Instead, knowledge is replaced by the “21st-century” mantra we are hearing from the education establishment. They seem to think we are all stupid and have never heard this sales job before. This kind of agenda has been around for many years, as I will explain.

Is it any wonder that parents are showing up at board meetings, pointing to the lower proficiency scores and school rankings? You have three administrators who are still refusing to reflect on their failures and instead,  try to sell you on soft CBE. What good are those skills if a graduate does not have a foundation of academic content to draw upon?

Some history for SAU16 Administrators
Diane Ravitch, who is an education professor and historian, wrote an op-ed piece in the Boston Globe in 2009. Ravitch argued against the movement to emphasize “21st Century Skills” in K-12 schools. In her op-ed she explains how this approach, peddled by the SAU16 administrators, has the potential to harm students and public schools. These are discredited pedagogical efforts to teach life skills and replace content knowledge.  (

That is what the parents in SAU16 have picked up on. That is why these administrators must now try to spin their agenda and hope you don’t see what’s really going on.

Look at what Ravitch wrote:
…the focus on cooperative learning, critical thinking, and employment preparation recommended by advocates of 21st Century Skills has a host of precedents. Throughout the 20th century, she says, progressive pedagogical movements repeatedly called on educators to “abandon their antiquated academic ideals” and teach students relevant practical skills through project methods, hands-on activities, and discovery-learning approaches.

These movements eventually lapsed…..”

Ravitch argues that for “critical thinking, you need knowledge.

Parents across the state are starting to realize that content knowledge has taken a back seat to soft skills or “21st century skills,” thanks to the dumbed-down Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, along with CBE.

This was highlighted when a home-school mom contacted me a few years ago to complain about math projects her son had to do at Pinkerton Academy. After home-schooling her son k-8, she decided to place him in Pinkerton for 9th grade. She was dismayed when her son had to work on projects with a classmate during math class. She could see that he was spending a great deal of time on the projects instead of learning the math content.  But the math teachers are now forced to shift focus to these 21st-century skills instead of teaching the math content.

She could see that if she home-schooled him, they would have made it through the textbook, and he would have been further along at the end of the year. Instead, he fell further and further behind because the focus had shifted to him learning to collaborate with his classmate, instead of learning the math. If you multiply that by 12 years, is it any wonder that Singapore students are two years ahead of U.S. students by the time they reach 9th grade?

Why is it, these three administrators didn’t mention any of this in their op-ed? Maybe they lack the critical thinking skills they say they want to embed in the children they are in charge of. Ravitch has seen these fads play out before. She has seen the damage it does to children who attend public schools.

There is nothing good about illiteracy, but that’s what they want parents to ignore. For all of these social justice warriors in the SAU16 administration, what good does this downplay of knowledge do for your black and brown children? What good does this do for all of your students if, by the time they graduate, they lack the knowledge needed to qualify for a top college or for a job that, not only requires skills, but knowledge too?

Elitists sell this kind of education while making sure their kids receive the best from private schools. This is no way to treat public schooled children.

The parents have figured it out. The curtain has been pulled back and they now see what you are selling, and they want no part of it. They want their kids to learn the academic content, and they made that clear at numerous board meetings.

CBE may be a state law, but it would help if the administrators used some critical thinking skills, stop selling these fads, and give parents the truth.

For the progressives who do not understand that CBE is an avenue for the Gig Economy, take a look at this.
( Take a look at how CBE is supported by the far right-wing ALEC in order to supply a dumbed-down labor pipeline. CBE isn’t about developing the whole child in the core academic subjects or the arts, it’s about supplying a dumbed-down labor pipeline.  Many parents avoid this when they pull their kids out, home-school them or send them to private elite schools.

When CBE first came to New Hampshire, I could go to the district website and read the competencies for each class. Now it’s difficult to find any school district that posts the competencies online. Why is that? Parents want to know their child is mastering the academic content in Algebra I. Let’s see if the Algebra I competencies cover every concept that should be covered in the typical Algebra I class. If SAU16 administrators are sold on CBE and want to sell it to the parents, then post all of the Competencies for each class on the district website so we can review them. Are your children really competent in a good Algebra I class if they master all of the competencies?

An administration working for the families in this district would lay this all out. They would look at the good, the bad and the ugly of any education reform. They’d present all of the facts, then make a decision on how to move forward in the best way possible for the children who attend these schools. But that’s not what you got from their op-ed. You got more of the snake-oil that parents have been complaining about for months now.

MORE from Diane Ravitch: (NOTE: Common Core below is not the same as the Common Core Standards. The Common Core organization Ravitch was a member of, preceded the Common Core State Standards initiative and focused on academic content knowledge)
[Diane Ravitch is research professor of education at New York University and co-chairman of Common Core.]

The latest fad to sweep K-12 education is called “21st-Century Skills.’’ States – including Massachusetts – are adding them to their learning standards, with the expectation that students will master skills such as cooperative learning and critical thinking and therefore be better able to compete for jobs in the global economy. Inevitably, putting a priority on skills pushes other subjects, including history, literature, and the arts, to the margins. But skill-centered, knowledge-free education has never worked.

The same ideas proposed today by the 21st-Century Skills movement were iterated and reiterated by pedagogues across the 20th century. In 1911, the dean of the education school at Stanford called on his fellow educators to abandon their antiquated academic ideals and adapt education to the real life and real needs of students.

In 1916, a federal government report scoffed at academic education as lacking relevance. The report’s author said black children should “learn to do by doing,’’ which he considered to be the modern, scientific approach to education.

Just a couple of years later, “the project method’’ took the education world by storm. Instead of a sequential curriculum laid out in advance, the program urged that boys and girls engage in hands-on projects of their own choosing, ideally working cooperatively in a group. It required activity, not docility, and awakened student motivation. It’s remarkably similar to the model advocated by 21st-century skills enthusiasts.

The list goes on: students built, measured, and figured things out while solving real-life problems, like how to build a playhouse, pet park, or a puppet theater, as part of the 1920s and 1930s “Activity Movement.’’ From the “Life Adjustment Movement’’ of the 1950s to “Outcome-Based Education’’ in the 1980s, one “innovation’’ after another devalued academic subject matter while making schooling relevant, hands-on, and attuned to the real interests and needs of young people.

To be sure, there has been resistance. In Roslyn, Long Island, in the 1930s, parents were incensed because their children couldn’t read but spent an entire day baking nut bread. The Roslyn superintendent assured them that baking was an excellent way to learn mathematics.

None of these initiatives survived. They did have impact, however: They inserted into American education a deeply ingrained suspicion of academic studies and subject matter. For the past century, our schools of education have obsessed over critical-thinking skills, projects, cooperative learning, experiential learning, and so on. But they have paid precious little attention to the disciplinary knowledge that young people need to make sense of the world…

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