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State University Diversity Center Gathers to Debate How to “Cancel” Thanksgiving

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 22:00 +0000

I never graduated from the University of Buffalo, but now I am happy to say I did not. The Universities Intercultural and Diversity Center (never had one when I was there 40 years ago) is trying to cancel Thanksgiving.


Last week, the IDC hosted a Zoom talk on the holiday’s purported “whitewashed history” titled “The Real History of Thanksgiving,” which is part of the office’s “Tough Topics” discussion series.

The description for the Nov. 8 event stated, “Come out to the IDC to discuss the real history of Thanksgiving and what America should do in place of this celebration.”


According to one attendee of the zoom meeting,


“The essence of the event was fundamentally anti-American and full of inaccurate history to further their agenda,” she added. “The event only showed leftist arguments, and when I asked them to back up their historical claims with facts, they continued to make faulty historical claims.”


We could expect nothing less from something called the Intercultural and Diversity Center. It’s not about culture or diversity; it is about homogenizing a progressive political response to whatever offends them.

Related: Pilgrims, Indigenous Peoples, And Progressive Reprogramming on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the traditional European harvest festival older than the discovery of the Americas.

The “Indians” who celebrated with the first colonists (the Wampanoag) were thankful for new allies against the genocidal Iroquois.


Thanksgiving honors the bravery and perseverance of two cultures that came together in defense of shared interests against a tyrannical culture obsessed with its own supremacy. A celebration of appreciation for the good things we can do when we self-associate in positive ways for mutual benefit.

The Modern Democrat party is a lot like the Iroquois. There is no interest in a diversity of cultures or ideas. Their goal is to conquer us and reduce us to slaves, physically, culturally – psychologically. 


The Intercultural and Diversity Center is part of that plan to rewrite not just American history but Americans. To turn us against each other by finding ways to divide us. Even if they need to rewrite the history of Thanksgiving.

Related: By the way – Thanksgiving isn’t Racist Oppression. It Isn’t Even Cultural Appropriation

As with every flanking maneuver on our culture, the answer is to outflank them. Don’t let them redefine the holiday. Refute their misconceptions about the history.

Instead of letting them cancel Thanksgiving, Cancel their narrative.



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Sun-King Sununu on Kyle Rittenhouse Versus Sun-King Sununu on George Floyd

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 20:30 +0000

Sun-King Sununu had plenty to say about St. George Floyd and the Chauvin trial (see below). But not so much … in fact nothing that I can find … about Kyle Rittenhouse and the not guilty verdict.



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Alu’s Thoughts On The Rittenhouse Case

The Liberty Block - Sun, 2021-11-21 19:05 +0000

During the BLM riots in the summer of 2020, an armed citizen was attacked by violent rioters, and he defended himself successfully. Kyle Rittenhouse used his firearm to repel three attackers, killing two of them and injuring a third. The white BLM rioters all had disturbing criminal histories, and threatened, chased, and physically attacked the armed teen before being shot. At least one of the attackers had a pistol and raised it to Rittenhouse before being shot. Rittenhouse demonstrated exemplary trigger and muzzle discipline, far exceeding what we’ve come to expect from American law enforcement officers, who often fire dozens of rounds at peaceful people, shoot the wrong people, and handle their firearms with extreme carelessness. 

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Palate Cleanser – These aren’t the Birds and the Bees when I was growing up

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 19:00 +0000

It was pretty straight forward except for a small percentage of deviancy. Nowadays, many Normal Parents are being forced into Progressive / SJW / Anything Goes! sense of Morality – and you’d best not disagree or the Twitter / Facebook mob will descend upon you with all of the false and fake outrage they can muster:

This is how we get our Constitutional Rights of Free Speech and Freedom of Religion canceled. And it’s all by design.

It’s time to stand up and say “ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE”!  Society should not be forced to pander to every single micro-offended fempto-group out there. Tyranny of the micro-Minority.

(H/T: Powerline)

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We Americans Used to Not Need Much Government but Progressives Screwed Us Over

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 17:30 +0000

“Here in America you can see how slightly a people needs to be governed… Here are governments, but no rulers – governors, but they are clerks.

“All the great educational establishments, the churches, the great means of transportation, etc., that are being organized here – almost all of these things owe their existence not to official authority, but to the spontaneous cooperation of private individuals. It is only here that you realize how superfluous governments are in many affairs in which, in Europe, they are considered entirely indispensable, and how the opportunity of doing something inspires a desire to do it.”

-Carl Shurz (US Secretary of the Interior, US Senator from Missouri)


This is the same observation that Alexis De Tocqueville had as he toured America in the 1830s. Both saw that Americans both wanted their Freedoms but understood their responsibilities to others (aka Civic Duty and not that horrific phrase in vogue today of “Giving Back.” The former are the actions of a Free Man, the latter the reverse of that such that men are owned by Society.

These earlier Americans were Volunteerists – when something needed fixing, they fixed it themselves in conjunction with other like-minded people. And once the problem was licked and put to bed, they disassembled and went their own ways.

Progressives, once the Socialist ideas grabbed them later on that century, believe that the only good things happen with Government involved in some way. Look around – how many former charities (now known as “Non-Government Organizations”) have tied themselves to the Government via their grants and YOUR tax monies. How much more insular have we become because we say “I gave at the office”, or worse, “Government took it from my paycheck already,” and think all bad things are someone else’s responsibility – The government.

And as Ronald Reagan told us, the closest thing to eternal life is a Government program because it NEVER seems to solve the problem it was started to handle.  Of course not – there’s no incentive for them to do so for if they do, they would rightly work themselves out of a job. Instead, the problem always becomes “worse” and needs more Government workers to “solve”.

And if we, who are involuntarily dragooned in to paying for it (“Taxation is Theft”), complain, we are labeled as insensitive, uncaring, and coldhearted when all we really mean is “if you can’t solve the problem, it’s being done the wrong way”.

Government shouldn’t be a “job provider” just because other people are too lazy to “do their Civic Duty”. Well, almost right.

Some, if not many, problems CAN’T be solved by Government and it is a fool’s errand to believe it’s possible. Those in Government and those whose “pet project” is to have Government solve that problem willfully put blinders on so as to not see the problem (often, the problem lies with those the program is supposed to “help”) and are not willing to give up that Power.  Too many of these Government-philes truly show that believe that Individuals can’t solve anything on their own.

Wished they’d move themselves to a Socialist nation and leave the rest of us alone.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

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“Football Icon Is Set to Depart the Game After…(He) Suffered a Cardiac Arrhythmia”

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 16:00 +0000

I know almost nothing about soccer, nor do I care to, but athletes in the sport have been dropping dead or dropping out in the mandatory COVID vaccine era, so this is big news. Sergio Aguero is retiring, and yes, I’m told he has been vaccinated.


The 33 year-old football icon is set to depart the game after 18 years at a professional level, following recent complications that came to light in one of his first La Liga matches at the Camp Nou club.

The former Manchester City striker suffered a cardiac arrhythmia during a 1–1 home draw against Alavés at the start of November – a problem that had originally ruled the Argentine out of action for three months

Aguero may be one of the most high-profile defections from the sport in recent months, which makes it big news. He’s leaving after suddenly developing heart problems, unlike many who have just died on the field or shortly after having heart attacks.

Taken with all the other news that athletes are dropping dead with sudden cardiac issues in significant excess to the norm, Aguero should consider himself blessed.

He didn’t die.

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Uncomfortable Fact: More Black Americans are in Prison Because of Democrats

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 14:30 +0000

Internet justice is having its day as dopey Dems spew outrage over the Rittenhouse verdict. And we’ve had ample coverage here, but let’s not forget the thing Democrats never talk about when addressing the incarceration of black Americans. It’s their fault.

Crime is generally a last resort for most, borne out of desperation from the inability to achieve upward mobility in a society.

Democrats run nearly every urban area in America.

The majority of all crime occurs under their watch.

Removing a handful of Democrat-run cities from the total places gun-crazy America, way down the list of countries when tracking gun-related crime and murder.

Public Education in Democrat-run areas has some of the worst outcomes in the nation.

Increased violence, assault, sexual assault, property crimes, and murder happen under and as a result of their governance.

The majority of so-called racist cops, if they exist, are the result of decades of Democrat political oversight.

The majority of blacks imprisoned were arrested, tried, and convicted in courts in Democrat cities and states.

Democrats created the problem of generational poverty. They created and defended the system that traps people in it. Democrats destroyed every educational opportunity and block every effort to allow them to pursue charter or private schools to escape their trap. They then incarcerate them when the only path to upward mobility left to them is crime.

The thing oppressing black Americans is not white Americans. It is Democrats.

We don’t have a White Supremacy problem; we have a Democrat Supremacy Problem.

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Normalization Continues: Colorado Board Rebrands the Term “Sex Offender”

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 13:00 +0000

The uppity-ups on the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board had a problem to solve. Some folks claim the label sex offender, in reference to people who commit sex crimes, negatively impacts the ability to rehabilitate them.


The Sex Offender Management Board of the State of Colorado has voted to rebrand the term “sex offender,” replacing it with the euphemistic phrase, “adults who commit sexual offenses.”


The watering down continues.


This official decision to change the language that is used to denote sex offenders comes just days after a national controversy erupted in response to assistant professor Allyn Walker of Old Dominion University publicly advocating for pedophiles to instead be referred to as “minor attracted persons” in an attempt to destigmatize pedophilia. Walker has since been put on administrative leave by Old Dominion University following widespread backlash.


We covered the Allyn Walker story yesterday, and while the academy is pretending to care about what other people think, in the end, this is a goal of the machine. Normalizing pedophilia is on the Left’s bucket list and has been for years. But the general public is not prepared for that leap just yet.

Walker got ahead of the narrative, but he’s not the only one, and storms announce themselves with the slightest breeze.

The Colorado Sex Offender Management Board’s decision has limited scope, even in Colorado. Still, it sets the tone for the next assault on Women’s rights and privacy in that state, as well as the normalization of pedophilia.

The term sex-offender has been put on notice.

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The Left’s “If Rittenhouse was Black” Narrative Just got Wrecked!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 11:30 +0000

Kyle Rittenhouse was set free, and the left couldn’t handle the truth. Self-defense is a natural right, even when a white guy shoots white guys in its exercise. They create what-ifs, like what if Kyle was black? Okay, what if he was a black man named Andrew who shot and killed a cop?


VERO BEACH – A Gifford man who claimed he was defending himself and his girlfriend when he fired shots at deputies during an early-morning raid in 2017 was acquitted Friday of charges that carried a life prison term.


Twenty-seven-year-old Andrew “A.J.” Coffee IV was found  “not guilty of second-degree felony murder, three counts of attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer by discharging a firearm and one count of shooting or throwing a deadly missile.”

A black man was acquitted of crimes after shooting a police officer in self-defense. That’s not exactly what was supposed to happen.

Sadly, while he avoided life in prison, AJ is a felon in illegal possession of a firearm, so he’s going back to jail for violating his parole. His residence also contained several drugs, including marijuana and cocaine.

I’m sure, in the minds of the left, any incarceration will justify their late’s diatribe despite the jury wrecking their self-defense narrative, but it doesn’t hold water.

A black man shot and killed a cop during a police raid on his residence, and he was acquitted because he was defending himself.




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Democrat Bill Would Ban Open Carry In New Hampshire

The Liberty Block - Sun, 2021-11-21 03:00 +0000

No person shall openly carry or display a loaded or unloaded pistol, revolver, firearm, or other deadly weapon whether licensed or unlicensed, while participating in, affiliated with, or present as a spectator at any parade, funeral procession, picket line, march, rally, vigil, or demonstration or other event organized or held for political, religious, or other First Amendment related purpose...”

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Rep. Nicole Klein Knight’s (At Best) Appalling Ignorance

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 02:30 +0000

As a preliminary matter, I am aware that Rep. Nicole’s tweet appeared in a post by another author regarding her and other NH-Democrats’ reactions to the Rittenhouse verdict. But I think it is worth taking a deeper look at Rep. Nicole’s tweet.


To begin with, it appears that Rep. Nicole may not have even watched any of the trial. The three men shot in self-defense by Kyle Rittenhouse were all white.

The tweet that Rep. Nicole retweeted and commented on links to a piece in the hard-left HuffPost. The HuffPost piece omits … obviously deliberately … that the three men were white in order to create the false impression that racial animus was present:

Rittenhouse shot three men, killing two, during protests that erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man.

Perhaps Rep. Nicole’s “understanding” of what transpired is based only on what she read in the HuffPost and read/saw in other hard-left media?

I watched parts the trial. Here is what the UNDISPUTED FACTS were:

The first man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse was Rosenbaum. Previously, Rosenbaum had threatened to kill Kyle with a chain that Rosenbaum was wielding. Later, when Kyle was on his way to extinguish a fire in a car lot, he was ambushed and cornered by Rosenbaum, who attempted to seize Kyle’s rifle. Kyle then shot Rosenbaum in self-defense.

After shooting Rosenbaum in self-defense, Kyle was pursued by a mob howling for his death, and knocked to the ground and attacked. Kyle shot Huber who was smashing Kyle’s head with a skateboard, and Grosskreutz, who pointed a handgun that he was illegally carrying, at Kyle.

At no point was Kyle ever the aggressor. Every action he took was defensive. Had he not taken these actions, he likely would have been killed or suffered life-threatening damages.

Before comparing these UNDISPUTED FACTS to the HuffPost piece that apparently informs Rep Nicole, a little background on the three men shot.

Rosenbaum was a convicted pedophile. Huber was convicted in a felony strangulation case. And Grosskreutz was illegally carrying the handgun that he pointed at Kyle.

And now let’s look at the “facts” presented by HuffPost:

“Rittenhouse first shot and killed 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, who was unarmed but chasing Rittenhouse during a confrontation, video played at the trial showed.” As noted above, it was undisputed that the pedophile had previously threatened to kill Kyle with a chain, and was attempting to seize Kyle’s AR-15.

Several people attempted to stop Rittenhouse, who testified he was running to find police. Anthony Huber, 26, hit Rittenhouse with his skateboard in an attempt to stop him. Rittenhouse fired his gun, shooting Huber once in the chest and killing him. As noted above, the mob chasing Kyle was howling for his death and felon Huber did not just “hit Rittenhouse with his skateboard” he was hitting him in the head, which could have killed him or given him brain damage.

Rittenhouse also shot paramedic Gaige Grosskreutz, who was wounded. Grosskreutz was also armed with a gun, but he testified that his arms were raised in surrender when Rittenhouse shot him. This goes beyond omission to outright lie. Grosskreutz, who was ILLEGALLY carrying the gun, testified that Kyle did not shoot him until he pointed his gun at Kyle. Again, Grosskreutz’s OWN TESTIMONY was that he pointed his gun at Kyle.

At best, Rep. Nicole is appallingly ignorant.

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House (test only) Gold Standard – January 01, 2015

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Sun, 2021-11-21 02:14 +0000

(white) goldstandard-06-24-21-J.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-06-24-21-J-y.pdf

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“…How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs”

Granite Grok - Sun, 2021-11-21 01:00 +0000

Education Conference: “2021 LGBTQ+ Issues Conference, Beyond the Binary: Identity & Imagining Possibilities. “

Moral of the article?  Teachers hate Parents. They hate what you stand for, they hate your concerns, they hate what you believe – and they believe your kids belong to them.

Just one more example of a decades-old trend among teachers – and now they are no longer hiding it. Go ahead Teachers, change my mind. I’m not going to put the whole thing up but here are the “best of the worst.” Reformatted, emphasis mine:

A leaked audio recording revealed California teachers mocking parents over concerns about homosexual and transgender indoctrination at school, said a source who attended a recent teachers union conference in Palm Springs.

The recording, obtained by The Epoch Times, captured two seventh-grade teachers, Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira from Buena Vista Middle School in Salinas, Calif., telling other teachers how to recruit students into LGBTQ clubs, also known as “Gay-Straight Alliance” (GSA) clubs, at school.

“Rebecca  Murphy” attended the California Teachers Association (CTA) conference in late October. She told The Epoch Times the teachers “mocked” parents for their concerns, and suggested they know better than parents about what’s best for their children.

“They laughed at the parents,” Murphy said.

Kelly Baraki:

No picture found.


Lori Caldeira:

(Click to enlarge)


As of this writing, they are still listed as staff on the Spreckels District roster.

Or could the title have been “Teachers abusing children to further their Ideology“? Seems to fit – and it is clear that Teachers are “grooming” their students as in “how to recruit students into LGBTQ clubs” just like Steve pointed out; it’s the normalization of what used to be considered deviancy.  What else could the next thing be that Teachers may be pushing after homosexuality and Transgenderism?

This is the Age in sexualizing minor children – which is exactly what Teachers are doing even as Parents are trying to keep their children as innocent as possible. Who should have the upper hand in this, and who is actively MAKING it their upper hand? Is this a Proper Role of Government?

School Boards are going all in as well else they’d be shutting it down. How many Districts have adopted the NHSBA’s Policy JBAB here in NH, that essentially is pushing Transgenderism (or at least, turning each District upside in support of it), they’re all in as well. To the point of throwing away your childrens’ Constitutional Rights and calling YOU Domestic Terrorists if you object.  Or a Bigot. Or homophobe / transphobe / misogynist / child abuser.

Mocking and laughing is the epitome of ridicule – they don’t respect you, Parents. Not one bit.   We see this is School District after School District. Why else do School Boards “Silence” and why do Democrats as a Party do the same when their largest Unionized donor base (er, Teachers Unions).  Even a Republican here in NH – NH Governor Chris Sununu – took a shot at someone who is on the side of Parents – his own NH Dept of Ed Commissioner Frank Edelblut when he spoke at the Government Integrity Project’s “Empower Parents” conference.

Sidenote: hey Republican Parents, remember this in November – Sununu, by his own words:

“Given this fringe group’s history and support of anti-government actions, the Commissioner’s decision to attend in his official capacity was inappropriate. He has given me his assurances that he will use better discretion going forward.”

Better Discretion? That would translate to “I’m running to retire Chris Sununu; he doesn’t think Parents are needed either.” Edelblut spoke to empower YOU; Sununu sounds like Ray Buckley in flacking for Teachers Unions.

Back to the piece – and this is what is so important that Sununu either misses – or willfully is ignoring:

However, according to Murphy, the purpose of conference in Palm Springs appeared to be about teachers showing other teachers how to undermine the authority of parents and school administrators and conceal activities related to gender inclusion and sexual orientation from them. The three classes Murphy attended were designed to recruit middle school students to GSA clubs, she said. “The overarching theme of the classes that I attended were California Teachers instructing other teachers on how to sneak in the LGBTQ+ curriculum in a manner that does not alert parents,” Murphy said.

So, Parents, do your schools have such “Ally” groups?  How many of those groups promote Christian or Jewish affinity school clubs?  Zero, I bet – teachers are swinging in only one direction and it isn’t Christian values (or even respecting those that hold to such). Why else is SAU16 Exeter School District essentially that freshman football player a bigot by totally favoring the unconstitutionallity of violating his Free Speech rights.

And Teachers are figuring out ALL the angles to accomplish THEIR Morality imperatives and not leaving a trail that Parents can go “THAT’S WRONG!”

Caldeira and Baraki led a workshop called “How we run a ‘GSA’ in Conservative Communities,” and they described the obstacles they faced as activist teachers in concealing the activities of these clubs from parents.  In the audio clip, Caldeira advised teachers who lead LGBTQ clubs to maintain an air of plausible deniability so they can play dumb if they are questioned by parents.

“Because we are not official, we have no club rosters. We keep no records,” said Caldeira, who is also an LGBTQ club leader. “In fact, sometimes we don’t really want to keep records because if parents get upset that their kids are coming? We’re like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe they came?’ You know, we would never want a kid to get in trouble for attending if their parents are upset.”

And keeping their hands clean at the same time. Exactly like how Policy JBAB outlines how District staffs can lie to Parents by both omission and commission.

Baraki backed up Caldeira’s advice, suggesting activist teachers to disguise the nature of GSA clubs by calling them something less obvious. Baraki provided an example of this deception, pointing out she avoided naming her LGBTQ club a GSA. Instead, she called it the “Equity Club” and later changed the name to the “You Be You” club. The teachers bragged about spying on students’ online searches and activity as well as eavesdropping on their conversations to identify and recruit sixth-grade students into these LGBTQ clubs whose membership rolls are kept hidden from parents.

Spying on their students to groom them for their clubs – is this getting into “fetish” territory?  That being indoctrinating the kids sexually or the feeling they’ve put another one over Parents? Or a two-fer?

They suggested that parents who refuse to call their child by pronouns of the child’s choosing should be arrested and charged with child abuse, Murphy said.

And we’re back to Lenin on having the children on this part:

Caldeira also spoke about how she controls morning announcements at the school. “That’s another type of strategy I can give you,” she said. “I’m the one who controls the messaging. Everybody says, ‘Oh, Ms. Caldeira, you’re so sweet, you volunteered to do that.’ Of course, I’m so sweet that I volunteered to do that, because then I control the information that goes out. And, for the first time this year, students have been allowed to put openly LGBT content into our morning announcement slides.”

The District took notice and has put some “obstacles” in place but will it be enough?  Probably not; teachers hate Parents so much they’ll figure out something else. And those obstacles may only be for legal purposes because I’m betting some parents are going to sue.

The takeaway for me is:

  • Help form a charter school
  • Start putting in a LOT of Right to Know / Freedom of Information Act demands.
  • Go with your child to these clubs
  • Sit in your child’s classroom(s).

This is just another in a long series of articles that show that the Teachers believe your kids are theirs to do with as THEY want – stay out of the way, Parents!


(H/T: The Epoch Times)


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Where Gov. Chris Sununu Picks a Fight with His Republican Base

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 23:30 +0000

It’s bad enough that the Democrats aren’t liking Chris Sununu all that much  – and the closer the election this time, the less they will. But now he is REALLY out of step with the Republican County Committee.

Aren’t his poll numbers dropping fast enough as it is?  Just goes to show that he’s not as good of a politician as his Dad.

Seven of the state’s ten Republican County Committees have approved two Resolutions. Calling a special session of the legislature to oppose vaccine mandates, and Investigating the arrests at the second NH Executive Council meeting (including that of Therese Grinnell who was arrested for saying “Amen” while quietly sitting in her seat at the meeting).

So a MAJORITY of the Counties have now approved these resolutions (e.g., Belknap, Carroll, Coos, Merrimack, Strafford, Sullivan and I hear that more are coming – except for Rockingham County for obvious reasons – Sununu lives there).

So while I did use the NH GOP logo as the “Featured Image” above, I really wanted to use this one but in the larger form to send a message:


Yep, another little birdie sent me this – it’s going all over Facebook right now (which I haven’t been a part of for a while now). Ridicule.  Perfect.

A single AMEN lead to an arrest. Maybe a single AMEN will lead to something else.

Tone-deaf? Out of Touch? Or back to the mode of absolute Leader as if he’s re-invoked “Public Health Trumps ALL” except now it’s “controlling the Narrative for a fourth term.”

Sure, the NeverTrumper NH Journal (H/T for the image) is flacking for him with “nice” polling:



However, the little birdie whispered in my ear that all of his talk about not wanting to be 1 of 100 Senators but being an “executive and getting things done” might be cover for some internal polls that suggest Sununu would lose to Maggie Hassan even if a Red Wave happens.

I have no idea – his office ain’t sharing much with GraniteGrok anymore – but I wouldn’t be surprised at this rumor. After all, I DID get two separate accounts of Sununu going bananas at a meeting about how all this talk about Voter Fraud and Vaccine Mandates HAS TO STOP.

A meeting with some of the Chairs whose Committee voted for the Resolutions.

Way to win friends and influence people, Chris!

Remember, politics is often ALL about the little slights, perceived or real. That was real and wasn’t little if what I was told was real (and given my sources, I believe them). When I hear that, I also heard, in my head, that phrase “lifting a finger to help” swirling around in my sometimes vacuum-filled mind.

So is that future foretold?

I remember “all the help” that Joe Kenney got from the NH GOP when he defeated the NH GOP’s Anointed One (who shall remain anonymous for now) and ran for Governor. Diss the base and what happens???

NH Chair Steve Stepanek must be pulling his hair out right about now – just not sure over which side of this.

If those two resolutions are getting under your skin, we’re happy to oblige. But think of this, Chris, how good of a look is it when a majority of Republicans in the base that are SUFFICIENTLY ACTIVE that they participate in the NH GOP Committees.

And those two resolutions are passing by wide margins in those counties (almost unanimously) – even in Merrimack County where Committee Chair Scott Maltzie is refusing to sign the Resolution as mandated by the 25-3 vote (or thereabouts). And that’s AFTER he had Andrew Georgevits (Chair, Concord City Committee) show up to help squash this – to no avail.

So, what level of retaliation is about to happen?  Well, it seems that the NH GOP has either chosen a side or is being forced to do this. From yet ANOTHER little birdie

Sidenote: with all these little birdies coming to roost a bit on the Grok logo, does it mean that sides REALLY ARE being chosen? I haven’t had this much inbound traffic of this type in a while.  You read, folks, and you decide.

I got this NH GOP email forwarded to me unsolicited (you know, like the unsolicited texts of Marylyn Todd and hubby Albert but not “aimed” at me).  CYA and PR disaster prevention now in play?  A fisking:

From: Info NH.GOP <>
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2021 3:04 PM
To: Info NH.GOP <>
Subject: Notice to NHGOP State Committee Members

Members of the State Committee and Executive Committee,
Many of your committees are hearing from individuals that were arrested at the October 13th, 2021 Executive Council meeting.

Terese Grinnell and Frank Staples were the major cause of disruption at the preceding September 29th, 2021 Executive Council meeting. A clear video of their disruption, taking over the room, can be found here:

And here:

And also here is WMUR Coverage of the September 29th meeting:

Like most Republicans will take reporting from WMUR with anything but laughter?

C’mon man, you REALLY think that Republicans take the Left and Leftier moving WMUR as an “unbiased source”? I know that I watch it for only the weather – and even then, seems to be more accurate lately.

These outbursts led to the postponement of the meeting – a meeting in which the Executive Council was poised to vote the way Ms. Grinnell and other protestors wanted them to vote.

These same agitators came to the October 13th, 2021 Executive Council meeting as well and, despite their claims, they disrupted the meeting as well, including shouting and yelling during official government proceedings in an attempt to stop the Council from having a vote.

Hmm, I wonder if it is also a shot against GraniteGrok as well, since I posted the video from the Belknap County Republican Meeting. Frankly, they are missing the point.

Here is a video from October 13th, recorded by a protester in attendance, showing multiple disruptions by the crowd and warnings regarding the disruptions. All in the crowd are informed several times if they continue to disrupt the meeting process they will be asked to leave. The full, unedited, video is here:

When left-wing agitators storm meetings of the government, operate sit-ins, and protest outside elected official’s homes, conservatives rightly and justifiably condemn those acts.

That would be Absolute Defense.  And as I pointed out at the time, they had the legal right to be able to do such protests PROVIDED that they stayed on public property. And that the town did not have the POWER to pass an ordinance to stop them as there is no NH State Statute giving them the power to “make stuff up”.

That was akin to colleges and their “free speech zones” in which “protesters” had to acquire prior permission and could only try to “table their pamphlets” during certain days and times – far away from where most students passed by.

These individuals are not Republicans; they are radical agitators that have stormed meetings of the government, disrupted government proceedings by using radical tactics, and they have protested for over a year outside of the Governor’s family home and have recently begun doing drive-by protests by Majority Leader Osborne’s house.

This is not Republicanism. This is not conservative.

When ALL of the NH GOP affiliated elected Representatives vote more in line with the Party Platform (and I have the scores to prove my point) than some Democrats, that line can ring true. When ALL of the NH GOP affiliated elected Representatives vote AS Conservatives (and Jeb Bradley is the quintessential example of mucking around and making NH free markets beholden to the Government) then we’ll talk.

AND WHEN THE REPUBLICAN AFFILIATED GOVERNOR starts to say “The CONSTITUTION trumps all” and ACTS that way, then we’ll talk about what is Republicanism and what is conservative.  Why aren’t you demanding that Republicans BE Republicans instead of going after others? THAT’S your main problem – hypocrisy.  After all, The Tennessee Star picked up something that I had written at the very end of this post right after the NH GOP got wiped out after the 2018 elections:

If the NH Republican Party wants to win, and win Consistently, act like you believe in the Platform.  Speak like you do and at each and every turn.  Vote like you do at each and every opportunity.  And Legislate like there’s no tomorrow because two days ago was that “no more tomorrow” – and you blew it.

It’s another way to combine two of my favorite memes:

  • Consistency breeds Trust which yields Votes
  • Winning is only a precursor; what you do afterwards is more important

That was 3 years ago. Glad to see that you’ve ignored “common sense” political advice. Instead, you’re going to war to protect a single candidate.  Pick one – Party or a candidate.

To speak directly to the resolutions being voted on at our county and city committees. One Resolution calls on the Governor to call for a special session of the legislature to combat vaccine mandates, despite the fact that the legislature has the power to do so itself and has not to date.

It is beyond hypocritical to hear from the same people who have argued the governor has overstepped his bounds when dealing with COVID-19 who now want him to call upon the legislature to meet – presumably now in December before the legislature reconvenes as a whole in January.

This is pure deflection. If the Governor can call a special meeting, WHY are you intimating it isn’t part of his job? People are “seeking redress” and the Party is trying to guilt-trip the “elected base”? Or lecture them like some schoolmarm with a ruler in her hand looking for hands to spank?

Like I said above, how about doing that to your elected Representatives who DEMONSTRABLY are acting “UNRepublican” and UNconservative”????  Your outrage is false and your targets ill-chosen.

The legislature has been working on retained bills and proposed bills relating to the Federal Vaccine Mandate issued by President Biden. We do not have a legislative process in New Hampshire that facilitates reactionary tactics and policies – this is a good thing. We have legislation dealing with COVID Vaccine Mandates that have passed through committees and will be considered by the full House in early January.

Then why are so many Committees up in arms about this?  You have a problem; this is not dealing with it.

The Governor and the Attorney General have led the charge nationally against the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates, as the resolutions suggest. We have seen wins in court on the matter and I believe we will continue to see victories in the judicial system to fight back against the Federal mandate. OSHA is not enforcing their mandate while the court has placed a stay on the mandate, so continuing to pursue these legal challenges is our best course of action.

And then sign documents, LEGAL documents, that give our State Sovereignty over to the Federal Government via Contract – the whole nub of this. Haven’t you been reading GraniteGrok lately?  Your “Attorney General” spouts that a legal document, duly and properly signed with “strings attached” language in it that CONTRACTUALLY obligates to do the Federal Government’s “guidance” and E.O.s is of no account?

Oh, yeah, we’re Domestic Terrorists according to the Federal Government so don’t listen to us.  Yet, when we endorsed Chris Ager for RNC Committeeman, the NH GOP listened.

The second resolution calls for an independent investigation into the October 13th arrests and clarification from the Executive Council as to the charges being brought against those arrested and the involvement of the Governor. This resolution is being pushed without all proper context evident in the videos above, with the claim from those in support that Ms. Grinnell’s only crime or disruption was saying a prayer before being arrested. Ms. Grinnell and the other agitators that were arrested will have their day in court (they are being arraigned today) and the State will have the opportunity to present evidence while the defendants will have the opportunity to defend themselves in the court of law.

I think it’s appropriate, now, to drop an AMEN – just like on the image above.

We believe in our criminal justice system and our law enforcement in New Hampshire as Republicans should. Everyone arrested at the October 13th Executive Council meeting will have their day in court and sunlight will be applied to the process just as any other criminal proceeding would have; calls for independent investigations before the criminal justice system can fully execute their own process are premature, and coddling conspiracy theories by calling for an investigation of the Governor’s involvement is unbecoming of any serious organization.

I dryly note that not a single mention that many think that these were due for political reasons – can’t allow Baby Huey look bad as yet another election is coming up – and at the time, it was widely believed for US Senate. Can’t have any political bad mud flying or bad optics placed in front of voters, right?

Several county committees have passed these resolutions within the last week and I wanted to reach out with some more facts and context that are being presented at the meetings for any future county going forward. You may vehemently disagree with me; that is your right. I wanted to ensure the State Committee Members had all the context, and not just selective outrage from a few agitators, before deciding on how to vote.

So, now ALL of the Committee members are now AGITATORS?  If you are SO SURE of what you’re doing, name the names. Go ahead – here’s all the names of the NH GOP Executive Committee  hierarchy here:

  • Chairman Stephen Stepanek
  • Vice Chairman Pam Tucker
  • National Committeewoman Juliana Bergeron
  • National Committeeman Chris Ager
  • Treasurer Alan Glassman
  • Assistant Treasurer  Jim MacEachern
  • Secretary  Jane Lane
  • Assistant Secretary   Elliot Gault
  • Assistant to the Chair on Town Committees Kate Day
  • Area 1 Vice Chair: Vacant
  • Area 2 Vice Chair Tanya Donnelly
  • Area 3 Vice Chair Ray Chadwick
  • Area 4 Vice Chair Marilyn Huston
  • Area 5 Vice Chair Jade Wood
  • Belknap County Chair  Norman Silber
  • Carroll County Chair  Wendy Richardson
  • Cheshire County Chair  Richard Merkt
  • Coös County Chair Eli Clemmer
  • Grafton County Chair Bruce Perlo
  • Hillsborough County Chair Chris Ager
  • Merrimack County Chair  Scott Maltzie
  • Rockingham County Chair Jason Grosky
  • Strafford County Chair Seamus Casey
  • Sullivan County Chair Michael Aron
  • Concord City Chair Andrew Georgevits
  • Manchester City Chair William Infantine
  • Nashua City Chair Chris Buda
  • Derry Town Chair Jim MacEachern
  • NH Federation of Republican Women President Elizabeth Girard
  • Young Republican Chair Joseph Alexander
  • College Republican Chair Matt Denaro
  • Governor Chris Sununu
  • Executive Council  Janet Stevens NH Senate Republican President Chuck Morse
  • NH House Republican Speaker Sherm Packard
  • Executive Director Joe Sweeney
  • Finance Director DJ Burke
  • Press Secretary Maya Harvey

Unity as Republicans does not mean unity behind a singular candidate, but unity behind our values and ideals. We believe in the system of law; we believe in the governing process and peaceful protests. The protests at Executive Council meetings, the Governor’s House, and the Majority Leader’s House have been far from peaceful. An angry mob took over a press conference held by House Republicans against vaccine mandates in September.

Our best way to fight back against the Federal Vaccine Mandates, beyond the lawsuits the Governor and Attorney General have already pursued, is to send Republicans to the U.S. House and Senate from New Hampshire next year who can fight back against Joe Biden and the Democrat mandates.

– Team NHGOP

Really, TEAM? So who was the impetus behind this email? Who WROTE this email?  Stepanek? Sweeney? Gault?  Baby Huey himself?  Papa Smurf (Sununu Sr)? Glassman? Or someone else?  Or a combo?  HOW DARE YOU not have the cojones to put your name to to?  And given that you’re now fighting with a majority of the County Committee (Belknap, Carroll, Coos, Merrimack, Strafford, Sullivan plus some smaller groups such as the Mt Washington Valley Republicans, Tri-County in Alton (Carrol Strafford, Belknap)), how can you say TEAM?

Such a bastardized term “UNITY” has become. Like I said earlier when the GOPe (GOP Establishment) starts to act, speak, vote, legislate as if they mean it, this is nothing other than:

UNITY is what WE say it is – stop being children as WE decide what is UNITY or not, not you “agitators”.

Screw that. GRANITEGROK is more Republican than the vast majority of that GOPe.  Go ahead, I’ll match you point for point.  And we make it clear multiple times EVERY DAY.

And this is one of them.  You’re being bullies instead of asking “WHY are you doing this”?  Once again, we see the Aristocracy belittling the base because “Wrong Think.”


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DISQUS Shows Its Leftism – Comments are Getting Blocked for Moderation for NO Apparent Reason

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 22:00 +0000

This is getting well past Stupid.

For a few months now, Commenters on our posts have been complaining that WE (or me) have been moderating their comments left on various posts that we put up.  These fall into two categories:

  1. You’ve used a “naughty word” as decided upon by DISQUS.  Even common parlance four-letter words and, lately, “words” like #FJB or phrases (“Let’s Go Brandon”) as if some SJW snit in their underground “fact-checker” cave decided to silence you.
  2. For no apparent reason at all.  Full Stupid.

The first one I can understand – and to some degree (a slight one) we agree as I’ve always said that we are an Adult Theme But Kid Friendly site. Yes, I can be a bit of a prude but them’s the Rules.  Yes, I’ve heard some of you in real life while you “created a speech comment” but that’s fine with me. How you speak for real is “you” and in real life, I’m not going to say anything. Here, it’s a bit different.  Spammers get the permanent boot as well (and I thank you all for “flagging” such comments – I don’t have to go hunting for them).

The SECOND one, however, is driving me absolutely nuts – and from the emails and comments, we’re getting, you too!

There ARE times when someone has gone over the Trollish line and they get banned. I’m not going to allow anti-semitic language here and ESPECIALLY comments vowing or threatening violence (and that includes the old joke of “what do you think of a 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?  A good start”).

However, there are a lot of comments that are starting to end up in DISQUS Moderation’s “time-out” (called PENDING) that I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THEY ARE THERE!!!!  I look at one and go “ok, what’s ‘hidden’ in there that I’m not seeing?” and then I look again, and that irate look on MY face starts to show up.

I read it s-l-o-w-l-y in trying to figure out what is it that DISQUS is seeing that I’m not.  Lately, the conclusion is that some DISQUS “comment checker” is bored and just wishes to waste my time and rile me up.

For example, I “approved” 11 comments yesterday because there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. It’s starting to really drive me nuts!  No, not you folks – DISQUS as there’s absolutely no need for this.  However, I’m hearing that it isn’t just on GraniteGrok that this “activity” is happening – other sites are reporting this as well. Even ‘Grok commenters have said that this is happening to them elsewhere.

So, this is where I get to apologize for this inanity. IF you know that you’ve left a comment somewhere on GraniteGrok and it doesn’t show up or that you’ve received a Moderation email from DISQUS, email me at  I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can and rectify it (I may have to “slightly” edit it if its a “naughty word”) and then Approve it.

Also, time for a H/T (“Hat Tip”)! Moderating comments has been taking up more and MORE time. Several hours a day, in fact – one reason why I haven’t been posting at much.

It’s a rather good thing – our page traffic is going up and more of you are commenting – a lot more! I am thrilled that I am seeing “DISQUS handles” / names on comments that I’ve never seen before – many thanks for spending some time with GraniteGrok!

Unlike a lot of sites now, my aim is to keep the Comment Sections open. I actually have a great time watching where the conversations go and it’s fun to really see (and emphasis in REALLY!) how smart you folks are – I believe the comments are just as interesting and amusing as our Groksters’ posts are.

With all that said, please leave a comment for “Katie” – one of our readers that stepped up and offered to be our “first line” moderator.

The VAST majority of our comments are great, clean, and are no problem (moderation wise) at all. But some do come through that need to be dealt with. Katie will be looking for those, amidst the mountains of good comments, and then sending them to me to handle.  A thankless job but I thank her for doing so.

So, like all the rest of us here at GraniteGrok, she’s become our newest volunteer. Once in a while, please leave a comment for her so she’ll know she’s looking out for you!  We ran a test of our “system” yesterday so we should be good to go!

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NH Leftists Lose Their *Ahem* Minds over Rittenhouse Verdict

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 20:30 +0000

New Hampshire left-wing lunatics shared their lunacy in glorious displays of idiocy, outright lies, and absolute ignorance of the truth over the Rittenhouse verdict yesterday.

It appears there is a huge need for some serious mental health help for these people.

Let’s begin:

Three ‘innocent victims?’ I think she means the three men who were actively trying to harm Rittenhouse, including the scumbag who pointed a loaded pistol at his head. Yep, she’s an idiot.

Then there’s this moron who somehow ties CRT with the Rittenhouse trial involving ALL WHITE MEN:

Of course, here’s a Democrat State Rep who somehow manages to infuse race into a case involving… wait for it again… ALL WHITE MEN:

Not sure who this idiot is but clearly a leftist moron:

The ACLU of NH, once an actual Civil Liberties organization, also retweeted some absolute crap from their head organization. There was no white supremacy in the Rittenhouse case. EVERY person involved in the case was WHITE. The only people committing acts of violence where those in defense of BLM. If you really want to be disgusted, read the tweets from their head org here:

Another useless, ignorant, racist Democrat State Rep decided to chime in and prove her uselessness, ignorance, and racism:

She’s also proudly a co-sponsor of NYC billionaire, Michael Bloomberg’s ANTI-2nd Amendment legislation proposed by fellow hoplophobe David Meuse:

And of course, who could forget one of the biggest left-wing loons in the entire State of New Hampshire, Representative Sherry Frost:

Not only are all of these people completely WRONG about the case but it’s clear they never watched even ONE SECOND of the trial. These are the people who seek to hate and divide this country. These are the people who make up the New Hampshire Democrat Party.

They hate truth. They hate justice. They hate anyone who disagrees with them.

Don’t be like them. In fact, be the complete opposite of them, and while you’re at it, vote these psychopaths out of office. They hate you.

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New Study: “The Higher the Vaccination Rate, the Higher the Excess Mortality.”

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 19:00 +0000

One of the most annoying things about the “Public Health Trumps Everything” crowd is their zealous devotion to policies or methods demonstrably harmful to health and the public.

They demand we call what they want “science” while ignoring contrary science before their reformation and after. Penning new “scriptures” then demanding we all convert.

Sorry to disappoint; even if we thought there was some merit, your preferred delivery system – the medicalism of half-wit despots – is unacceptable.

That sort of governance will always have a much higher death rate than COVID19, and filling prisons to keep emergency room beds “available” is not a winning strategy. It’s not good for the public or their health.

Related: So Much for “Public Health” – Excess Deaths From All Causes Have Risen 40-50 Percent

And neither is your so-called vaccine. New research out of Germany shows (English translation) the “The Higher the (COVID19) Vaccination Rate, the Higher the Excess Mortality.”


The authors write (translated into English): “The correlation is + .31, is amazingly high and especially in an unexpected direction. Actually, it should be negative, so that one could say: The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the excess mortality. However, the opposite is the case and this urgently needs to be clarified. Excess mortality can be observed in all 16 countries…”

In plain English: vaccination makes things worse, not better.

Steve Kirsch has more here, including local reporting in Germany that notes (reformatted), The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality. The most direct explanation is: Complete vaccination increases the likelihood of death.

What if this is wrong, you say? Well, what if it’s right? Shouldn’t we investigate? If public health is that important, is it not wise to slow down and take a look.

Let’s start by not juicing the kiddies who, as a matter of public health, tend to have higher rates of Myocarditis than adults who – if you forgot – have been dropping dead from heart attacks and heart failure.

Related: Record-Setting Non-Covid Excess Deaths as The Pandemic Politics Piper Has Come to Call

If health and safety were at all a concern, even a casual connection would result in the research community digging into it. What we’ll get instead is indifference, accusations of conspiracy to mislead, and in some corners of the world, intimidation, arrests, and incarceration.

This makes no sense from a public health perspective unless public health has nothing to do with it.

And that’s what it looks like from here, and has for the last 20 months.

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School Board Arrests Libertarian Party Chair for Refusing to Sit in Segregated Section

Free Keene - Sat, 2021-11-20 18:47 +0000

Six months after arresting a grandmother and Sunday School teacher Kathleen Bossi for not wearing a mask at their meeting, the Timberlane School Board once again has arrested another peaceful parent. At this week’s meeting, Nolan Pelletier, who is also the chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, was arrested for “criminal trespass”. Why? For sitting with his wife in the main seating section instead of the segregated seating section for unmasked people. Here’s video, including some of what happened before and after his arrest:

Pelletier has been to every meeting this year and was witness to Bossi’s arrest in May. He and his wife Jessica have a child in the government school district and are not happy about the mask mandate being forced on the school kids. In an exclusive interview for Free Keene, Pelletier told me that at school board meetings, they even have a separate, segregated entrance for maskless people, who are then told they must sit in a segregated area of the auditorium.

Dr. Kimberly Farah, local sociopath and head of Timberlane School Board

The Pelletiers and some other freedom-loving parents refused to enter via the “separate but equal” doors and eventually were allowed in the front door, and then rather than sit at the “back of the bus” – as one woman referred to the segregated zone – the Pelletiers sat quietly in the main seating section, where no one was seated anywhere nearby.

Within moments of the start of the meeting, the chairman of the school board, Dr. Kimberly Farah, issued a threat to the audience, saying that anyone who in unmasked and not seated in the segregated section will be charged with “criminal trespass”, which is a misdemeanor that could carry up to one year in jail. After issuing the board’s threats, Farah said, “We sincerely hope to avoid taking the above actions during our board meetings, as we believe that such a decision would not serve the district.” Seconds later, board member Sheila Lowes requested the meeting be halted, “until people are complying with what we are stating”. Farah then “asks” that unmasked people move to the segregated area. Fifteen seconds later, she “asks” again, as no one had apparently moved.

Clearly she wasn’t just asking, as nine seconds later, she says to the mask-free people that she is going to order them to leave the premises, and tells the police present that she wants their assistance removing unmasked people as she “considers those to be in criminal trespass”. The two police make a beeline for the Pelletiers, focusing on Nolan. The masked, armed men continue to use terms like “asking” and “guidelines”, though obviously these are not simply kind requests. One officer attempts to get Pelletier to claim he doesn’t want to follow the “guidelines” before turning back to Farah and asking if she wants Pelletier criminally trespassed. She affirms and moments later the officers tell him if he doesn’t leave on his own, he’ll be charged with resisting arrest in addition to criminal trespass. Beating a resisting arrest charge is quite difficult, so Pelletier understandably complied with the threatening gang members.

LPNH Chair Nolan Pelletier Arrested at Timberlane School Board Meeting

Strangely, Pelletier told me the officers later claimed that he was never under arrest despite being handcuffed outside, put into a cruiser, and transported to the police station for booking before being released on “personal recognizance” bail. His arraignment is set for November 29th, 8am at Salem District Court.

Also, none of the other maskless people in the main seating area were charged, including Jessica Pelletier, who was seated right next to Nolan and left sitting there by police when they removed him. Others in the segregated section spoke out, including a man who told the school board they are slimeballs who belong in Massachusetts. He promised they would be publicly shamed and told them that they are disgusting. I hope he is right. People like these scum need to be shamed so much they quit their jobs and move out of New Hampshire. Eventually the government schools need to be ended entirely, but for now the best choice for freedom-loving parents is to get their kids out of the government schools, as soon as possible.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the sociopathic school board and the Pelletier case as it develops.

Mom’s Demand Head Hacktivist Loses Mind over Rittenhouse Verdict

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 17:30 +0000

Has anyone checked on Bloomberg’s Head Harpy, Shannon Watts? She seems to be more insane than her usual self after the Rittenhouse verdict of ‘not guilty’ on all counts. Of course, Watts is 100% AGAINST anyone defending themselves from criminals, especially women, and in this case, a teenager, but she seems extra shrill today.

Here’s the first tweet (that NH State Rep. David Meuse retweeted):

Black Lives Matter traumatized the community with their violence and destruction. Rittenhouse had the right to carry the rifle and defended himself against criminals who were attacking him, one who actually pointed a pistol at his head. The following tweet is especially ironic given that fact:

The criminal who pointed a gun at Rittenhouse’s head faced ZERO consequences for his actions. ZERO. And oh yeah, he was white.

The rest of Watt’s lunacy can be viewed below:

Bloomberg’s head hacktivist loses her mind over Rittenhouse verdict Bloomberg’s Head Hacktivist, Shannon Watts, loses her mind over Rittenhouse verdict. Part II

There’s much more if you’re interested. You can read the entirety of her insane thread on Twitter. Watts still can’t seem to get over the fact that it was our Founding Fathers who solidified our fundamental human right to self-defense in the Constitution in order to protect ourselves from psychopathic tyrants such as herself and her billionaire boss, who has armed security for his own family, of course.

And as I pointed out in my previous article about Representative David Misogyneuse and his new gun control legislation, it’s Bloomberg’s astroturfing organization that wrote it.

Gun controllers never stop trying to take away our rights. It doesn’t matter if they live in another state or get paid a lot of money to do so. They care nothing about facts, truth, or justice. They only care about denying Americans the right to BE free people and protect ourselves from those who seek to do us harm and TAKE our freedoms away.



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The College Democrats of America (CDA) are Self-Destructing

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 16:00 +0000

The College Democrats of America (CDA) have started their own internal ethnic war. Totem-Pole victim-class factions are carpet-bombing each other’s leadership with accusations of bigotry over…past tweets. It’s gotten so bad the DNC is ready to break ties with the national organization.


The group’s leaders are publicly firing off accusations of anti-Blackness, Islamaphobia and anti-Semitism at each other. Impeachment proceedings are now in the works against the organization’s new vice president, Nourhan Mesbah, who is Muslim. College Democrats say that screenshots of tweets that their peers sent in adolescence spread rapidly through group texts, which already caused a student running for president of the group to withdraw their candidacy in September. And national advocacy groups for Muslim and Jewish Americans are now weighing in with criticism.

The conflict has gotten so messy that the Democratic National Committee is considering disaffiliating with the national collegiate organization altogether and creating a partnership with the state groups underneath the national umbrella, according to a Democrat familiar with the discussions. The DNC declined to comment.


It’s a #Woke Civil War among College Marxists, and that’s certainly popcorn-worthy, but check out the Mea Culpa.

“I apologize for my words in 2016. My comment was in no way rooted in malice or anti-semitism, especially as a 13-year old, relatively new immigrant from North Africa, with a different regional dialectic linguist comprehension.” BUT “while I take responsibility for my actions, I am hurt by the Islamophobia and xenophobia that continues to unfold.”

In other words, I am not responsible for things I said years ago that may sound inappropriate given my current association with a political party that thrives on ending careers over past tweets.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve got national organizations other than the DNC squabbling. CAIR wants the “rampant anti-Muslim bigotry” in the CDA investigated. They’re upset because the party narrative on old bigotry is being applied to a Muslim. That’s rich coming from them. They’re as bad as the rest of them.

We’ve also got College Democrat Jews wailing about anti-Semitism, so everyone’s a bigot, and someone is about to learn an important lesson. This is good. College is supposed to be about learning.

Nothing matters if you are not advancing party power.

If your bickering is deemed a detriment compared to someone else’s bickering, you’ll get the ax, or you all may have to go.

In the end, only party power matters.


HT | Ace

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