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Joe Biden’s Message To Morehouse Grads … You Need The Great White Father More Than Ever

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 18:00 +0000


What a sick bitch … or more accurately, team of sick-bitches because #DirtyJoe obviously was on drugs and neither wrote the speech or even knew what he was reading … to write/say such things on a day meant to celebrate and inspire the graduates. The sick irony of course is that if any candidate is a RACIST it is #DirtyJoeBiden … if you’re not voting for me then you’re not really Black.

Here is the racist-in-chief spewing hate and division:


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Are Trump Voters Defecting to RFK?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 16:00 +0000

We want to think we were out in front, telling Donald Trump to stop bragging about Operation Warp Speed. We were early adopters of the change in messaging (early 2021, I think). It didn’t stick then, but when I saw him speak in Claremont, New Hampshire, in Early November 2023, he wasn’t tooting any warp-speed horns.

Regular readers will know I’ve been on 45 for years to back away from all his warp-speed talk. To accept that he was snowballed like many of us and took longer than some to realize it – or, at least, his speech writers took too long.

He didn’t talk about it at all except to say that as president, he would (and I’ll add, try to) block funding to schools that teach CRT, that gender-bending grooming business to young kids, and that impose any mask or vaccine mandate.

Lots of applause.

He also mentioned the need to clean out the bureaucracy, which includes the healthcare industrial complex.

This was long before RFK changed to a third party, but there’s some punditry out there on how this has changed Trump’s view on “vaccines.” It likely has and should at least in how Trump frames it. But this headline strikes me as a bit much: “Trump Voters Are Defecting to Robert Kennedy Over the Vaccine Issue.”

It’s May, 2024. If this issue has you thinking Robert Kennedy Jr. is a better deal for America than DJT then low information voter is a compliment. As I noted here, RFK would be a great big finger in the eye as a pick to head HHS in a Trump administration.

Wouldn’t it be the best thing ever if he nominated Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be his Secretary of Health and Human Services? I realize that Kennedy’s ascension to the gig would be another hurdle (similar to the one just described), but this is a dream sequence, so go with it. The smoke clears. He gets the job, and Trump says, welcome to the team, no go clean that shit up.

Would anyone object to that, assuming we woke up and it actually happened?

But when you get off the health freedom plantation (RFKJR is also good on deregulation), he’s a regular Democrat on much of the rest of his platform, and his VP choice is a dead end for anyone even remotely aware of what being MAGA is supposed to mean.

If RFK Jr.’s progressive proclivities beyond individual health rights and reigning in the regulatory abuses were a risk worth taking, Shanahan, the mega-wealthy, ultra-left-wing albatross, is too much to bear.

She is being marketed as a young, pulled-up her own bootstraps girl lifting herself out of poverty. She loved public school, was sexually harassed in the workplace (at least once), and finally rose to financial and social prominence by marrying a billionaire she later divorced and milked for a small fortune. Be that as it may, these days, she is a left-wing lawyer and a proglodyte “philanthropist” who married into big money, amassed wealth, and is a threat to liberty and individual rights.

Not to take Rick Moran at PJ Media to our tiny little woodshed, but his post is about how Trump has to change his messaging to avoid losing his voters to RFK on the vaccine issue. Again, who are these people he is losing, and are they our equivalent of low-information abortion voters?

We are expected to believe that these young American women will trade jobs, wages, safety in public bathrooms, safety on the street, financial privacy, economic liberty, and health freedom (on everything but abortion) for what amounts to the slim chance they might need to end a pregnancy in the third trimester? That’s the debate in my state.

That seems to be the case. Dems won in 2022 (or at least mitigated losses) running on one side of that debate because no one ran on the other side of it.

It must then follow that Trump supporters will give up a chance at cheap gas and electricity, property rights, secure borders, low taxes, global stability, Combustion engine vehicles, an improved economy, better wages, enemies in check, and safer streets for the chance that the Federal government could stop the Blue States from imposing vaccine mandates. I’m having a hard time with that, not because the Democrats are dumb enough to trade everything for third-trimester abortions – some clearly are – it’s that I can’t imagine Trump’s supporters being equally stupid.

Some, no doubt, are just ask DeSantis supporters. His health freedom message was crystal clear during the early part of the campaign, and he was good on almost everything else. Trump was not clear on health freedom, especially vaccine mandates. But when Trump spoke in Claremont, he said no vaccine or mask mandates for American kids. He promised to investigate the FDA and CDC as part of clearing out the bureaucratic morass and corruption. And he claims he’s set his sights on big pharma, including price gouging and outsourcing manufacture and R&D to foreign nations.

If you didn’t know that until just now, that’s his campaign’s fault. They need to fix that if for no other reason than to make it easier for voters who can’t vote for Biden but might not vote for Trump, which is the real problem from where I sit. Trump isn’t losing his voters to RFK; in fact, I think he has been getting them back as RFKJR’s stances beyond health freedom trickle into the collective consciousness.

He might be losing some fence-sitters because of unclear messaging, but he is getting a lot of middle-of-the-road Democrats, including minorities and women, and that’s his key to a potential numerical victory even Democrats can’t steal.

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Can You Guess What Drugs Joe Biden Is On?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 14:00 +0000

So here is a picture of Joe Biden … America’s figurehead, imposter President … with one of New Hampshire’s extremist Woke-Communists, Little-Miss Angie Brennan.

Look at his eyes!

Are you telling me the people running the Biden Regime are NOT drugging Joe before public appearances? Come on, man … JOE IS HIGH AS A KITE.

I will concede that we cannot see Joe’s left hand … and that the smile on Little-Miss Angie’s face seems contrived or maybe could be a painful grimace. BUT I still believe that #DirtyJoeBiden IS ON DRUGS:

And as for Little-Miss Angie’s #Decency … RECALIBRATE YOUR MORAL COMPASS, BABY GIRL. If your conception of #decency is Biden showering with his daughter, sexually assaulting Tara Reade, touching and sniffing women and children at public events, etc. … you don’t know decency, Baby-Girl.


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Atlantic Hurricane Season is Almost Here – Get Your Climate Hyperbole Ready!

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 12:00 +0000

You can feel it in the air (Phil Collins or Bernie Seigle?)—the promised energy of a heated Atlantic hurricane Season. The oceans are boiling, and we are overdue for an above-normal number of storms in the Atlantic Basin. This should be a banner year for storms.

The obvious predicament here is that the Cult will declare victory no matter what happens. For example, if we have the coldest May on record, that would be a sign that they have accurately predicted the anthropogenic climate apocalypse.

There’s no losing unless you mean the prediction game. They are bad at that, so let’s review the best guess for 2024.

If you like to bet the NOAA line on hurricane predictions, an easy way to lose money, they’ve got another best guess for 2024: 23 storms, 11 of which will become hurricanes and five of which will reach Category 3 or stronger. Stories of a warm Atlantic suggest this could be closer than in recent years, in which NOAA has blown the call by a wide margin in one form or another. Two years ago, not even close. Last year, total storms were good, but few made landfall, and NOAA had guessed there’d be more.

The reality is they have no clue what the weather is going to be like in a few days, so months, years, or decades are, at best, guesses – a well poisoned by politics and climate cult narratives. It’s not so much science and faith, but there are resources out there that stick to the data and trends based on past years. Weatherbell analytics, for example – and they say we’re screwed on Hurricanes this year.

Basin Forecast

Names Storms 25-30
Hurricanes 14-16
Major Hurricanes 6-8

Impact Forecast

Named storm Impacts 10-14
Hurricane Impacts 5-8

Major Hurricane Impacts 3-5


I trust Weatherbell more than NOAA—there are no politics in the analytics. But we won’t know until we know, and the season doesn’t start until June 1st, which is only a few days away. We’re due for some hot days this week after more than a handful of unseasonably cool nights and mild days. Given the hype about Ocean temps and the 2024 El Nino hysteria, you’d think things might get started early.

Eleven days to June 1st.

At the moment, there is nothing to see in the Northern Hemisphere—no activity. It means nothing, but the consensus would have loved a story about a May Hurricane formation. They would say it’s a sign of the apocalypse. We need more money to combat climate change. Stop modernity!

There have been four May Hurricanes since 1889. Two were in 1889 and 1908 when the meaningless concentration of CO2 was even less prevalent. The next was in 1951, and the last was in 1970 when the weather fascists were promising we’d all freeze to death (global cooling, not warming).

May storms are rare  – nor are they indicative of anything related to CO2 or Western living or the fear-mongering to bring it low. Of course, this has no bearing on a cult. More snow supports earlier claims we’d never see snow again. The absence of accelerated sea level rise doesn’t mean it won’t happen if they keep predicting it. More storms, fewer storms, you can’t win. Or can you?

There has been some movement toward sanity. The Cult has been unable to sustain its moratorium on contradicting science. The question as to why we can’t question it, especially given how poorly their models have been, has gained favor.

One monster hurricane could wipe that all out, though. They’ve been working in this room for forty years, and this is not a jury. One dissenter is not enough to find the West not guilty of the climate crimes of which she is accused.

So we keep chipping away.


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Does Freedom Of Speech Need To Be Redefined

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 10:00 +0000

By including Freedom of Speech in the First Amendment, our brilliant forefathers recognized the importance of a person’s right to express their thoughts without rebuke. This freedom was essential at a time when there was so much angst about the British government, emotions were high, and people were stimulated by each other’s actions to speak their minds. Though our forefathers were some of the most incredible thinkers, they could not see hundreds of years into the future and write a law covering the magnitude of changes in how we communicate. The spoken and written words were the only means of communication in the 1700s, and nobody envisioned mass media or the internet. There are so many ways that speech can be twisted and manipulated today. There are also many more ways that people can be vilified and canceled in retaliation for speaking their minds. It is all of these new dynamics that led me to my belief that the First Amendment needs an edit.

I was shocked, though I should not have been, that a petition drive to have Harrison Butker removed from the Kansas City Chiefs is closing in on 100,000 signatures. A tremendous number of close-minded individuals want someone to lose their career because they have the courage to express their thoughts and beliefs in a commencement speech. I will guarantee that only a minute fraction of those signers took the time to listen to the entire speech, but it probably would not change their minds or actions. These people are stirred by the plethora of like-minded celebrities and talking heads who look for a moment of attention by criticizing a person who did nothing but speak his mind. These critics have as much right as Harrison Butker to express their views but no right to call for retaliation against Butker for his. Unfortunately, that is where we have come to, as discussion and debate have been replaced by attacks and cancellations. No way our forefathers saw these times coming.

Another example of this new culture is Enes Kanter Freedom. Freedom is originally from Turkey and came to America to pursue a basketball career. Freedom was very good at his craft and was playing for the Boston Celtics when his career was cut short. The NBA blackballed him for having the courage to speak out about the human rights violations of the Chinese government and the hypocrisy of the NBA’s involvement with China. Freedom has become a vocal opponent of China, Turkey, and other similar regimes and has developed a public speaking career. Still, he is denied the opportunity to play the game he loves because of his beliefs.

In the last five years, we have had the Summer of Love and the Black Lives Matter Movement; many people canceled for their criticism of the COVID vaccine, the successful yet divisive Trump Presidency, the lying and deceitful Biden Presidency, and the anti-Israel campus unrest of 2024. Freedom of Speech protects all, but none are healthy for the country or society.

Freedom of Speech is no longer the protection of one’s thoughts but from the retaliation to those thoughts. Still, those words of response are also protected. Do not get me wrong. I am not suggesting that we have government intervention to decide what is and is not protected, but somebody has to intervene when it comes to outright falsehoods or hurtful speech. Who that would be and when is open for debate. As I said, rethinking Freedom of Speech would be a complex undertaking, but until we find someone with the brilliance of our forefathers to accept the challenge, we will continue to watch it degenerate.

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How Solar Generators Help You Celebrate a Happy Easter

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 09:00 +0000

Easter holds a special place in the hearts of over 2 billion Christians worldwide. This is a time to celebrate new beginnings and hopes. In Canada, Easter brings the long-awaited transition from winter to the fresh bloom of spring. Families come together to celebrate and commemorate the occasion’s spiritual significance and the joyful family customs and traditions associated with it.

As you celebrate a happy Easter, solar generators may serve as a convenient tool. These devices offer a dependable and clean energy source for various activities that are part and parcel of the happy Easter celebration.

They can light up your garden with festive decorations, keep outdoor gatherings bright and cheerful, and ensure all your devices stay charged. They align perfectly with Easter’s themes of renewal and sustainability. This blend of tradition and innovation enriches the happy Easter experience.

Jackery offers a wide range of solar generators and portable power stations that can alleviate much of the stress during your happy Easter celebrations. Their solar solutions are designed to power almost all the appliances you may need for this Easter. Read on to learn more.

When Is Easter?

The date of Easter is a topic of curiosity and confusion for many as it is determined in a unique way. As Easter falls on different dates every year, people continue to ask: when is Easter this year?

Unlike holidays with fixed dates, Easter’s timing varies annually, falling on the first Sunday after the first full moon (known as Paschal full moon) occurring on or after the vernal equinox. This calculation places Easter anywhere between March 22 and April 25. This year, the Paschal full moon appeared on March 25, so Easter will be on March 31, the first Sunday after the full moon.

The variability of the date of Easter underlines the importance of early preparation for happy Easter celebrations. Knowing that the date can shift from year to year, families, churches, and communities must stay informed to organize events, services, and gatherings that mark this significant occasion. Advance planning ensures that all the elements of Easter unfold smoothly, allowing everyone to fully engage in the joy of the day.

Early preparation also include booking venues, arranging catering, and, importantly, considering how to power any Easter activities. This is where the integration of electric solar generators will be beneficial, as these devices offer a reliable and eco-friendly energy solution that aligns with the true value of a happy Easter.

How Solar Generators Elevate Easter

Solar generators bring a unique blend of convenience and sustainability to your Easter festivities. Here’s how they can play a pivotal role in different aspects for happy Easter celebrations.

  • Easter Decorations

Incorporating solar generators into your Easter celebrations opens up a variety of possibilities for innovative and eco-friendly decorations. For instance, you can power not just Easter lanterns and electric bunnies but also a whole array of festive adornments like glowing garlands draped around your garden, vibrant LED egg lights nestled in flower beds, and even solar-powered moving figures that add an elegant touch to your decor. 

Solar generators allow you to extend your decorations beyond the confines of your home to gardens, patios, or any outdoor space. This way, you can illuminate your surroundings in a warm and festive glow that captures the essence of Easter without relying on traditional power sources, which can be highly unreliable at times.

  • Easter Dinner

Solar generators will revolutionize your Easter dinner preparations by offering a seamless solution for indoor gatherings and majestic outdoor dining experiences. With a solar generator, all your electric cooking appliances will remain functional throughout the festivities, which will help you keep your celebrations lively and allow you to try new Easter dinner ideas. Some examples of what you can power through a solar generator include an electric oven, electric stove, portable cooktops, electric grills, blenders, refrigerators, warming trays, portable heaters, coffee makers, and electric kettles. This means that you can create an exceptional dining experience in any scenic locale.

  • Easter Picnic

The breathtaking scenery of national parks like Jasper National Park in Alberta offers the perfect backdrop for Easter hikes and picnics. But this is not the only place for a memorable picnic in Canada. The country is filled with scenic landscapes that offer unparalleled picnic opportunities to Canadians.

A solar generator can really enhance your Easter picnic experience by bringing modern comforts into the great outdoors. It can also power cameras and drones, ensuring that capturing and sharing fun moments and scenic views remain uninterrupted. It allows you to bring along portable appliances such as refrigerators, heaters, or air conditioners. With a solar generator, you can enjoy a guilt-free outdoor experience, preserving the natural beauty of the locations.

  • Easter Hiking

Portable solar generators are an essential companion for hikers during Easter. Solar generators provide the reassurance that your devices will remain powered for safety, communication, and capturing the serene beauty of the landscape. Utilizing solar generators for your hike not only enriches your outdoor adventure but also demonstrates a commitment to eco-friendly practices, aligning with the themes of renewal and sustainability celebrated during Easter and the spring season.

Jackey Empowers a Happy Easter

Jackery offers reliable, efficient, safe, and dependable solar generators that are perfect for different types of electricity needs. Two of their popular solar generators include:

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus is a versatile and expandable solution for a wide range of scenarios like Easter gatherings, camping, off-road travel, and home emergencies. With its unparalleled output, it stands as the top choice that guarantees you a happy Easter.

Its top features include:

Compact Powerhouse

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus offers an impressive capacity of 1,264Wh and a robust output of up to 2,000W, capable of powering almost 99% of devices. Its compact design belies its powerful performance, making it the perfect companion for a variety of Easter celebrations. Whether you’re illuminating the night with decorative lights, preparing an outdoor Easter feast, or simply ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus is ready to support your festive activities.

Expandable Energy

You can enhance the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus by connecting it to up to 3 additional battery packs, expanding its capacity to approximately 5kWh. This expandability ensures 1 to 3 days of backup power, making it an ideal solution for prolonged happy Easter or emergency power outages.

Smart and User-Friendly

Equipped with cutting-edge smart technology, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus comes with an intuitive APP that facilitates control via WiFi or Bluetooth. This innovative feature simplifies power management, ensuring that your Easter celebrations, and other events, proceed without interruptions.

Usage beyond Easter

The versatility of the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus extends beyond seasonal celebrations. It is an invaluable asset for outdoor activities and a reliable backup during home power outages. Its benefits are also evident for remote workers, outdoor events, and those who lead a dynamic lifestyle requiring portable power solutions.


Safety is paramount in the design of the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus. It features ChargeShield technology, which ensures a stable power output and safeguards your devices from potential damage.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

Jackery presents another innovative and sustainable solar generator: the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus. Its other features include:

Unmatched Capacity and Expandability

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus boasts a substantial base capacity of 2 kWh, expandable up to an incredible 24 kWh. This capability is particularly beneficial for prolonged Easter celebrations or emergencies, ensuring a steady supply of power for your devices and appliances.

High Performance for Heavy-Duty Use

Designed to support heavy-duty devices with a power output of up to 6000W, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus can deal with a broad range of energy needs. This solar generator is a one-stop solution for you, from powering electric grills for your happy Easter feast to ensuring your home essentials remain operational during any possible outages.

Rapid Solar Charging

Leveraging advanced IBC Technology, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus offers ultra-fast solar charging, capable of reaching a full charge in just 2 hours with an optimal solar panel configuration. This swift charging ensures that you always have access to a sustainable power source for all a happy Easter and other power needs.

Multiple Charging Options

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus provides flexibility with three convenient charging methods: solar, wall, and car charging, ensuring that you always have access to power regardless of your location or situation.

Durability and Safety

The core of the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus is its long-lasting LiFePO4 battery, which guarantees a lifespan of 10 years. Coupled with ChargeShield Technology, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus provides a safe and efficient charging experience.

Solar generators represent a remarkable advancement in technology. They are known for providing reliable power backup in emergencies and outdoor activities. These solar generators not only offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to power various activities for a happy Easter but also embody the themes of renewal and sustainability inherent to the Easter season. With products like the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Plus and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, individuals and families can enjoy the convenience and reliability of clean energy this Easter. The versatility and efficiency of these solar generators extend beyond the Easter season, as they provide valuable support for a wide range of activities and emergencies throughout the year.


Jackery is a household name due to its focus on innovation, sustainability, and exceptional customer support. Founded with a vision to bring green energy everywhere, Jackery pioneered in the field of solar generators and solar panels, enabling adventurers to harness the sun’s power for more sustainable outdoor experiences. With a focus on safety through advanced R&D and intelligent manufacturing, coupled with hassle-free customer support, Jackery has become a trusted partner for sustainable and reliable outdoor power needs.

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How SearchMyExpert brings the best to Your Business

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 08:00 +0000

Navigating the complexities of the digital marketplace can be daunting for any business. That’s where Search My Expert steps in. Established in 2023 by Simranjeet Singh and Amritpal Singh, our platform rapidly became the go-to B2B marketplace in India.

We specialize in connecting business leaders—from CEOs to startup founders—with over 18,000 verified agencies spanning more than 50 service categories, including app development and digital marketing. At SearchMyExpert, we pride ourselves on facilitating precise matches based on your project’s scope, budget, and timelines, ensuring a seamless fit between businesses and agencies.

Access to Premier Experts

At SearchMyExpert, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our platform is home to a vast network of over 18,000 verified agencies, each rigorously vetted to meet the highest standards of service and expertise. Whether you need a cutting-edge app developed or your digital marketing strategy overhauled, we connect you with the best in the business. This access to top-tier professionals not only speeds up the selection process but also ensures that you partner with agencies that are equipped to handle your specific challenges and goals.

Customized Solutions for Every Business Need

Every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and objectives. SearchMyExpert excels in understanding these distinct needs and matching businesses with the perfect agency that’s equipped to meet them. Our process is highly personalized, beginning with a detailed assessment of your project requirements. From there, our sales team introduces you to 3-4 agencies that align with your budget, timeline, and scope of work, allowing you to choose the best fit for your project.

Streamlined Communication and Project Management

Efficient communication is key to any project’s success. SearchMyExpert facilitates seamless communication channels between you and your chosen agency. Our platform ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page from the outset, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring a smooth workflow. We also provide comprehensive project management support to oversee the project from inception to delivery, ensuring deadlines are met and outcomes exceed expectations.

Cost-Effective Strategies

Hiring through SearchMyExpert is not just about finding the right agency; it’s also about doing so cost-effectively. Traditional hiring processes can be lengthy and expensive, with no guarantee of results. Our platform, however, streamlines these processes and reduces overhead costs by connecting you directly with pre-vetted agencies. This approach not only cuts down on the initial financial outlay but also maximizes the return on investment through efficient project execution.

Continuous Support and Follow-Up

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end once an agency is hired. SearchMyExpert provides ongoing support throughout your project and beyond. We ensure that agencies deliver on their promises, and we are always available to address any post-completion issues. This continuous support guarantees that the solutions implemented will continue to perform and adapt as your business grows and evolves.

Enhancing Business Growth and Innovation

By partnering with innovative and skilled agencies, businesses can leverage the latest technologies and strategic insights to stay ahead of the curve. SearchMyExpert not only connects you with these agencies but also opens up new avenues for growth and innovation. Our clients often report significant improvements in operational efficiency and market reach as a result of the collaborations facilitated by our platform.


SearchMyExpert is more than just a marketplace for finding agencies; we are a partner in your business growth and success. By connecting you with verified, high-quality agencies and providing ongoing support, we help you harness the full potential of your business projects. We encourage businesses seeking reliable, effective, and innovative solutions to reach out and discover how we can make a significant difference.

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Night Cap: Football’s Patriots (And Putin)

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 02:00 +0000

A few weeks ago, I did a column about a Los Angeles Laker documentary on Hulu—“Legacy: The True Story of the L.A. Lakers.” Since then, I’ve had the chance to watch another sports documentary about another team with a greater local following—“The Dynasty: New England Patriots.”

Based on the book by Jeff Benedict, this ten-part series can be seen on Apple+ TV.

“The Dynasty” was a nice trip down memory lane. Unlike “The Last Dance” (a documentary on one Chicago Bulls title season in 1998), this Patriots story is a 20-year saga. This Brady/Belichick era saw the team go to nine Super Bowls while narrowly missing out on at least a couple of others.

Dynasty indeed.

No two people would ever create such a story the same way. With twenty (plus) years of material, what should be included and how? The first three episodes covered the 2001 season, which led to the Pats’ first Super Bowl win in 2002. And what a great story that Cinderella Season was.

The producers did a great job getting interviews with people. Quarterback Tom Brady features prominently throughout, as one would expect. (What if he’d opted not to participate? I wonder what they paid him.) Ditto re: Coach Bill Belichick and owner Bob Kraft.

But the many cameos by Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe added context and understanding of how the dynasty came about. Brady’s family members, including Brady’s parents and sister, Nancy, added insights and pathos. (Giselle was not part of the cast, but I’m sure that was discussed. I wonder if she was approached.)

Numerous players, media people, and others also helped tell the tale.

I was already familiar with much of the story, i.e., how the New York Giants ruined the Pats’ perfect season in Super Bowl XVII in 2008. But many pieces I’d forgotten or never knew about in the first place. (Like how Vladimir Putin stole a Super Bowl ring from Kraft during the latter’s trip to Russia. Seriously!)

The series could have strictly focused on football. Twenty years of gridiron excellence provide a cornucopia of fabulous “on-the-field” action. But Dynasty is a story of people and communities, with compelling “off-the-field” chapters: Spygate, Deflategate, and the Aaron Hernandez show, all about the late Patriots tight end who was imprisoned for murder.

“F-bombs” were dropped by almost everyone, except maybe Brady’s mom. How profane our sports world is.

A consistent theme involved the relationship between Brady and Belichick, with the quarterback emerging as the sympathetic protagonist and the coach as an unsympathetic jerk—aside from his countless F-bombs. We already knew that Belichick was arrogant and taciturn. But winning six Super Bowls earned Belichick a unique cachet. His success gave him a “diva license.”

The longstanding Brady-Belichick tension was more than I realized. Belichick had such an apparent lasting need to criticize and diminish his GOAT QB—eventually driving him out of town.

Brady won a Super Bowl his first year in Tampa Bay while the Pats quickly descended into mediocrity. Belichick had a losing record in Cleveland and New England before Brady (41-55) and in New England after Brady (25-38). He apparently is interested in another head coaching job. But Dynasty is not going to help his prospects.

Dynasty confirms what we already suspected: that Brady, indeed, was the straw that stirred the Patriot drink and that he deserved the “last laugh” re: his public and not-so-public conflict with Belichick. That outcome is probably the biggest “take-away” from a splendid documentary that brought back many memories—pleasant, poignant, and perplexing.

In addition to reviving memories, Dynasty raises some questions to which answers will likely emerge as time passes.

Like is Putin ever going to return Kraft’s Super Bowl ring?

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Striving to Preserve Your Culture against False Charges of Racism

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-21 00:00 +0000

In an ongoing cultural controversy in Vermont, a former House member named Kiah Morris has launched a video attacking Vermonters and their culture as racist. Ms. Morris has employed the empty trope that Vermonters who wish to preserve their traditional culture employ “political tactics [that] are historically consistent in the acceleration of increased discrimination, bias, and hate crimes against ethnic minorities and other marginalized people.”  It becomes necessary to expose the absurd toxicity of such rantings.

Ms. Morris’s words reveal that she is not “from” Vermont.  Yet this student of “gender studies” proclaims that “[u]nless you are First Nations, you have no right to claim who are real Vermonters. Nativist platforms are the basest level of discourse.”  Having immigrated to Vermont, Kiah has decided that she will decide who are real Vermonters.  But does calling herself “African” American make her an appropriator of a foreign culture that she has likely never even visited?  Is Ms. Morris asserting that those who “identify” themselves as disparate from other Americans because of a distant genetic link to Africa “employ the basest level of political discourse” to establish bias against white, “non-African” Americans?

If Louisiana tried to preserve Mardi Gras, Nevada invited people to gamble, or Missouri challenged people to “show me,” would they be guilty of advancing “base nativist platforms”?  In Vermont, a woman from Chicago who self-identifies as “African-American” but is not from Africa is scolding Vermonters for defending the culture into which they were born (that is, to which they are actually native) based solely on their non–American Indian DNA.

This sleight of hand is not so slight. Vermont conflates culture with race in its opioid crisis — blaming higher rates of incarceration of out-of-state (urban) blacks and Hispanics on systemic white nationalism. Ms. Morris further agitates by exerting a novel claim to superiority (of opinion) over the locals, in the process denigrating Vermont’s historic agricultural Green Mountain creed.  The city mouse has determined that the country mouse must be silenced, her guns seized, and her rights to an opinion stripped.  Who here is the usurper of culture?

The cautions of T.S. Eliot in The Waste Land are evidenced in today’s nihilism. Vermont is now being condemned for seeking to preserve its values by those who patch together their own mutable culture from a world where culture is itself being dissolved. Globalization is a destroyer of culture, as world trade has always been.  But there are no new worlds to be colonized — the new oppressors must land on existing shores, plundering from within. Thus, in the name of diversity, Vermont’s schoolbooks are to be rewritten.  But after all the other cultures have been integrated after Vermont country bumpkins have been inculcated into the teachings of the Dalai Lama, the art of hip-hop, and the culture of the ghetto, will Vermont export its culture to Harlem or Tibet in exchange?  Will there remain a distinct Vermont culture, like Louisiana, or Maine, or Texas — or must all submit to the imprint and domination of the Kiah Morris conquistadores?  Will all cultures then meld into a meaningless “Waste Land,” as Eliot predicted?

Per Ms. Morris and her ilk, only “First Nations” people have authority to override her determination of what constitutes Vermont culture — that is, only people of a certain race.  She uses racism to select an extinguished race as authority to dismiss an entire culture as a racist invasion — how convenient, if circuitous.  By this logic, America has no claim to culture.

Vermont is a culture of individualism, not government dependency; farming, not commuting; free speech, not stifling autocracy; of seeing all people as equal.  This existing and longstanding culture will not yield to invasive transplants who foment discord for personal advantage.

Tragically, many white Vermonters have unwittingly joined this insidious virtue-signaling, revealing their nihilistic disconnect from their own culture.  Vermont writer Bill Schubart perorates:

“What to you is a real Vermonter?”  The conventional answer I’ve heard and tacitly subscribed to all my life is — a white person, often from an agrarian background, descended from at least three generations of the same.

But Mr. Schubart’s “tacit subscription” is hardly the truth, as all Vermonters know. Throngs of “foreign-born” people have comfortably integrated into Vermont’s culture, even as many native-born opportunists have become exploiters of Vermont’s land, landscape, and culture for financial gain.  It is Mr. Schubart who designs to equate culture with race and bloodlines, and he, of all people, should know just how pernicious and vicious that is.

Mr. Schubart unintentionally reveals his cultural ignorance when he writes of “the memorable Abenaki land ceremony which made so clear that we are all part of a continuum of stewardship … hardly, as we imagine, the beginning of civilization.”  Perhaps this gentleman just now learned from Abenakis that all humans are necessarily involved with stewardship — and never read Aldo Leopold, Wes Jackson, Wendell Berry, or John Muir.  (By his own admission, he only recently learned from children that he is “a white, privileged, cis-gendered male.”)  But it was he — and not all Vermonters — who apparently imagined himself “the beginning of civilization.”  Vermonters have always known that their ancestors were settlers and that they were stewards of forests and farms.  As Wendell Berry observes, intergenerational farmers (of any color, not just the white ones maligned by Mr. Schubart) are the best stewards of the land.

I was born John Stoddard Klar in Connecticut after being conceived in Vermont.  I am thus a flatlander by birth but a Vermonter by creation!  I live off-grid in Vermont on land purchased by my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Solomon Stoddard, in about 1815.  My paternal grandmother was of significant Abenaki blood, and my paternal grandfather was a German Jew.  My identity has always been woven into this land and Vermont’s rural, anachronistic culture — not my DNA.  When people like Kiah Morris and Bill Schubart employ racism to defame my dozens of forbears, they are calling my mother, grandmothers and grandfathers, cousins, aunts and uncles — and my children — all racists, all invaders with no claim to their own culture.  How absurd can these people be?  What kind of Vermonter labels all Vermonters, and all white people, as racist?  Have they never met any of us, or did they simply gulp down the progressive Kool-Aid in lieu of (native) maple syrup?

Identity politics seems to best serve those who lack identity — Vermonters are already quite aware of their cultural traditions and identity and wish to protect them from carpetbagger vultures (of any color and any birthplace).  We are frugal, tied to our land (often for many generations), in the midst of a national society that flips houses, consumes conspicuously, and is highly mobile.  As the global disintegration, urbanization, and industrialization of human relationships increase, “real” Vermonters wish to preserve those nurturing traditions and values that have weathered time well.  We are trying to reclaim our decaying communities, not denigrate them and their humble histories.  We cling without racism to our nativist traditions.  And without shame.


John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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Letter to the Editor in Rebuttal of “Anonymous”

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 22:00 +0000

Recently, Granite Grok published an opinion piece entitled “Something Smells Like Rotten Fish.” I agree: the rotten fish is the anonymous author. My name is David Goethel. I am a semi-retired commercial fisherman with over fifty-five years’ experience and the author of the book Endangered Species, which describes my life as a small boat fisherman in New Hampshire. I am also a dues-paying member of the New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen’s Association.

The author states Erik Anderson supports offshore wind and selectively quotes from the electronic newsletter to support his belief. Nothing could be further from the truth, and reading anonymous’ comments, I feel like I am in a “through the looking glass” moment. The author has apparently never attended a BOEM public hearing. I have, numerous times. Hell no, we won’t go is not considered by BOEM to be valid public comment. Erik always starts each statement with a preference for no offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine(GOM) but then modifies the comment by citing scientific papers or verifiable charts of where fishermen fish.

Our comments have been successful as BOEM repeatedly references our use of science as they have shrunk the call area from over 140 million acres to a little over one million. Remember, we are up against the full force and weight of the federal government, which has been ordered by President Biden to get these areas leased before the next election. Erik’s comments in the newsletter were to people like Anonymous, who have steadfastly refused to engage in the process and are now enraged that leasing is about to commence. As Erik points out, the next possible remedy will be through the courts. Unless someone has spare three-quarters of a million dollars lying around, do not expect equal access under the law.

Next, anonymous states there are hundreds of members paying fifty dollars per year dues. That, too, is false; there are 47 dues-paying members, but the attack does not stop there. Anonymous then selectively cites information from the newsletter to imply fiscal impropriety. The facts are that the corporation was dissolved to save money. The chief expenses are dues to the Responsible Offshore Development Alliance (RODA), which has paid legal experts and biologists to represent fishermen nationwide in their uphill battle against OSW. The association also provides funds from collected dues to pay for educational scholarships for sons and daughters of commercial fishermen attending institutions of higher learning. On advice from an accountant many years ago, the association maintains di minimus status with the IRS because we handle so little money.

Not content to just liable Mr. Anderson, anonymous moves on to attempt to smear candidate for Governor Kelly Ayotte. Perhaps Anonymous is a political operative for another campaign? What I do know is there is lots of inference but no fire. I also know I have worked with Kelly Ayotte when she was a senator. She visited fishermen in both Seabrook and Portsmouth and acted on their concerns in Washington. She also held a field hearing about NOAA Fisheries in Portsmouth, saving fishermen the considerable cost of flying to Washington to testify. During those hearings, I found her knowledgeable on fishing subjects, highly intelligent, and decisive. Her grilling of a NOAA Regional Administrator at a hearing at which I testified was memorable. I believe she will be an excellent governor and support the organization’s endorsement.

Finally, anonymous drags suspended Port Authority Director Geno Marconi onto the web, stating without offering any proof that he was suspended because he opposed offshore wind. The waterfront has been buzzing with gossip since the suspension occurred, and Erik, along with numerous others, is listed as the supposed cause of the suspension. Gossip is an unfortunate occurrence in small towns. The only fact we know is that the matter was briefed to the Pease Developments Authority Board by the Attorney General’s Office in a closed session. That body issued a statement saying Mr. Marconi was suspended with pay over a ‘civil matter’. Anyone who tells you anything else is spreading venal gossip and showing their own ignorance.

Erik Anderson donates well over 1000 hours of his time annually to the association so that active fishermen can stay fishing. He covers legislative hearings in Concord, Fish and Game Commission hearings wherever they occur, ASMFC public hearings, as well as NOAA Fisheries hearings. He is not reimbursed one dime, including gasoline, for that coverage. How many of these meetings has anonymous attended?

As an author, I am loath to request Anonymous’s post be taken down. After all, freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. But the First Amendment has limits. One of those is the tenant that you cannot make knowingly false statements that libel another. I do believe, at the very least, that editors should request Anonymous identify themselves so the public can judge the motives for the article.

I am proud to sign my name to this document. I have attached a full copy of Erik’s May 8, 2024 newsletter so readers can see the whole story for themselves.

David T. Goethel
F/V Ellen Diane Too
Hampton, NH

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Heil Diversity … Heil Equity … Heil Inclusion

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 20:00 +0000

Which ‘ism does today’s New Hampshire Democrat Party most resemble (‘ism meaning a manifestation of socialism or collectivism or communism or whatever appellation you prefer to describe a system of government where under the guise of serving “the common good,” or achieving “equity” or “social justice,” or some other pretext the citizenry is conned and ultimately coerced into serving the interests of a ruling class)?

(And I believe that the parenthetical above is a damn good description of socialism, collectivism etc.  Think about it … somebody has to decide what the “common good” is, or what “equity” looks like and that somebody is the ruling class. And, needless to say, the ruling class always and inevitably defines “common good,” “equity,” etc. as what serves their interests.)

If you answer with “Marxism” … WRONG. Theoretical Marxism is socialism based on class … that bourgeois exploiting the proletariat thing. Today’s NHDP is led by rich, white liberals who are obsessed with abortion, race, LGBTQ, “climate change,” etc. … NOT seizing the “means of production.” Indeed, they want the Zucks and the Bezoss to keep control of the means of production.

This post would become quite lengthy if I were to address the practical manifestations of Marxism … the principal being Stalinism and Maoism, and different forms of fascism. So let’s cut to the chase … the answer is National Socialism as in NAZIs.

Before I explain why, understand that the NHDP (and the Democrat Party as a whole) is its own unique brand of socialism … hence, my calling the NHDP Woke-Communists. But if we are going to confine the answer to the historical ‘isms … that is, the manifestations of Marxism, fascism, National Socialism …. the answer is National Socialism

To show you why, I am going to use a chart from TIKhistory. I will post the source video at the end, which I strongly encourage you to watch.

What sets National Socialism apart from fascism in terms of theory is that it was race-based and not nationalistic. Hitler’s National Socialism was based on maintaining the purity of German blood from Jews and uniting all the Germanic people. Mussolini’s fascism in contrast did not involve “identity politics” until Benito decided to become the Fuhrer’s lapdog and even then it was more nominal than practical (for example, Mussolini would not send Italy’s Jews to Hitler’s concentration camps). Mussolini’s fascism was based on making Italy the ideal Socialist State.

Today’s Democrat Party resembles National Socialism much more than fascism because it is based on identity politics. America’s Democrats see Americans not as individuals, but as competing tribes … and view American history in terms of some tribes oppressing other tribes. The Democrats message and mission is that they are on the side of the oppressed tribes and will redress the oppression; i.e. create a more “equitable” society.

Check out this tweet:

It is women versus men … Blacks versus Whites … Latinos versus Whites … “transgender” vs “cis gender,” etc.. In the NHDPs’ America, there is no unum from pluribus, only pluribus. An endless battle between different tribes.

The NHDP’s perspective is much more similar to Hitler’s German versus Jew than to Mussolini’s fascism.

Another similarity is that Hitler did NOT care about sovereign borders. His goal was to unite all the Germanic people and obtain “living space” for them. Similarly, today’s Democrats do NOT care about America’s borders. Indeed, the Democrats support inverse-lebensraum … America’s borders should be opened so that the tribes favored by the Democrats can find “living space” in America.

Here’s the video.



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Palestinian ‘Student’ Compares Being Shot in Burlington, Vermont to Being Shot at in Gaza

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 18:00 +0000

The New York Times (NYT) has a breathless piece by a Palestinian “shooting victim.” Hisham Awartani survived a gunshot wound he received in Burlington, Vermont, so why not compare that to getting shot at in Gaza?

Talk about a nice contrast. Here he is, on being shot at by Israelis in Gaza.

So that night in November, when my two friends and I were shot while we were walking on North Prospect Street, I was not particularly surprised to find myself lying on the lawn of a white house and blood splattered across the screen of my phone. Back home in Ramallah, I knew that I was one wrong move away from bleeding out; Israeli soldiers have been known to prevent or hinder paramedics from tending to injured Palestinians. But I had never expected to feel this on a quiet street in Vermont, on a stroll before Thanksgiving dinner.

The shooting of three Palestinian Americans in Burlington has received more sustained coverage than any single act of violence against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank since Oct. 7. Why did reporters and news channels interview our mothers and take our portraits when young men my age have been shot at by snipers, detained indefinitely without trial and treated as a statistic?

I’m not sure you can say with a straight face that there has been no sustained coverage of violence against Palestinians in Gaza. For one, you don’t typically protest against something for which there is no awareness. Two, the sort of people inclined to “protest” on a college campus tend to get their information from corporate media (and TikTok). It therefore follows that there is sustained covered or there would be no protest. (What there isn’t, referencing the same sources, is sustained American media coverage of “violence” from areas designated as “Palestinian” against Jews in Isreal).

As for Burlington, give it time. Like it’s larger progressive cousins, the more violence there is against minorities, the less coverage or detailed coverage it will get. Five years from now, it might not even make the news. And I don’t mean to belittle the realities or bemoan an effort to expose an injustice or ask important questions, but this work of art reaks of a career NYT scribbler, not a visiting international college kid.

 Instead of settlements, the Oslo Accords or the intifada, the conversation around our shooting involved terms such as “gun violence,” “hate crimes” and “right-wing extremism.” Instead of being maimed in Arab streets, we were shot in small-town America. Instead of being seen as Palestinians, for once, we were seen as people.

Burlington, Vermont, isn’t exactly a small town, certainly not in Vermont. It is, in fact, almost as big as Ramallah (45K/49K respectively), where he and his friend were “shot at” by IDF (May of 2021) in the opening of the piece. But he’s right about the Western media focus. Gun violence. Right-wing extremism. Both are paired liberal tropes the author makes no effort to correct. James J. Eaton, the shooter, was a hippie progressive and pro-Hamas. Underreported facts if that’s of interest to the Times. So, in Burlington, the Israeli Security forces didn’t leave your friend bleeding on the street a few years later. It was someone who, at least ostensibly, had the Palestinians back.

The NYT piece continues the theme that Hisham Awartani could or should accept that he will always be a target because of who he is, which fits the NYT’s victimology tropes just as well. Did you mean like the Jews? And nowhere does anyone consider how things might have been different. Imagine a world where Israel’s sworn enemies are not using the Palestinians as a human shield and an easy point of access to launch attacks on Israel.

What if Iran’s Mullahs (more recently) and Islam’s extremists in general had never engaged in a three-quarters-of-a-century campaign of violence against the state of Israel? Against everyone who is not Muslim? What if it never happened? What if it just stopped?

I have news for you.

If it just stopped, peace might be possible. The end of terrorism. Productive trade that is beneficial to all. Real Peace in the Middle East and an end of Islam’s holy global Jihad. We can pretend that is possible but for as long as Demcorats are in charge of Burlington, Vermont, your odds of getting shot there will just keep going up.


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Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 16:00 +0000

Monday.  Can’t trust that day.

Last week’s Friday Edition.

Remember, ridicule and mockery are effective weapons:

  1. Ridicule cannot easily be fought
  2. Ridicule makes the enemy angry, and angry people make mistakes
  3. For those in the “squishy middle” a Thought Splinter (and Part II and Part III and Part IV) can often be hidden inside humor.

Now, let the mockery and mayhem begin.


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***


I took a 50+ question political quiz some years ago – remarkably in-depth; as I recall approaching 100 questions.  Here are the results.



So when I say that I’m to the Right of the Republican party… that’s the truth.  Not a joke.  (See what I did there?)







But to accept this comment, they have to admit that those whom they felt themselves superior to, were actually right.  Few have the strength to do that.






And, as I understand it, almost all are fighting-age, fit men.  As you weigh that, remember that to leave China (at least, legally) you have to have a good social credit score.  Doubtless all their SpecOps guys do.



For the most part, Western Civilization has lost its survival instinct.  Related:

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 1) – Urban Scoop

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 2) – Urban Scoop

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 3) – Urban Scoop

And especially related to the first one:







It’s not the biggest story in America because the enemedia – a wholly-owned Leftist industry – doesn’t want you to know.  And the GOP is really the controlled opposition party.



Same playbook.  And we never learn.






If you even suggest that doctors and scientists can be bought, it typically brings a horrified gasp.  The idea that anyone with an MD or PhD has a price, whether financial, fame, leverage, or just plain threats, is unthinkable to most.  Apparently, in the minds of some, getting an MD or a PhD somehow confers upon that person an air of angelic and incorruptible nature.









On LinkedIn I see people salivating that all the cars will become electric to saaaaaaave the plaaaaaaanet.





No to the WHO pandemic treaty too.



They’ve been captured by the bamboozle.



You mean booed HIM…









Activating charcoal:

8 Steps To Make Activated Charcoal (

How to Make Activated Charcoal (with Pictures) – wikiHow

DIY Activated Charcoal With Step By Step Instructions (

DIY Activated Charcoal: A Step-by-Step Guide Make It At Home (

Why is this a PSA?  Because most of us rely on city water.  What happens if the grid is down for more than a day or two?  The water will not flow.  My own thought process on this is that there are two things in water that need to be removed to make it potable:

First, chemical contamination.  The above filtration system should handle that.

Second, infectious agents.  Boiling.  I’m researching UV disinfection on a home-made, no-grid basis.

There are several ways to distill water too.  And on using bleach:

How to Use Bleach to Purify Water for Drinking – Super Prepper

Remember that bleach has a surprisingly short effective shelf life.  And generally related:

Best Prepper Recipes Ideas: What to Do with Stockpiled Food – Backdoor Survival

Don’t forget my (now idle) Survival Sundays.



40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World – Backdoor Survival

What To Do If Martial Law Is Declared: Survival Tactics Explained  (

8 Steps to Make Soap from Fat and Ashes (With Pictures) (

17 Items To Get Before Societal Collapse (

35 Items Everyone Will Be Looking For After The Collapse (

40 Valuable Items to Start Hoarding Now (

15 Food Storage Methods – Which One Is Best? (

17 Items To Get Before Societal Collapse (

It’s coming!  The only questions that matter are:

1. When does it start?

2. How bad does it get?

3. How long will it last?

4. What does the aftermath look like?

Just keep in mind that without a LOT of money and time, you can never be fully prepared.  But even doing SOMETHING puts you well ahead of the sheeple.








It was thanks to a white supremacist video that I actually began to consider how diverse white people are:





Trump is the Left’s “Emanuel Goldstein”.




Watch The Potato drain the last drop of oil from the strategic reserve to try and lower prices before the election.






That’s an awful lot of coin for a teenager.  Not impossible, mind you, but IMHO statistically unlikely.  And even if the savings were legit, that points to a years-long, single-minded determination.



Except not everyone knows this.




You MUST buy and read his book Vision of the Anointed.



I pay cash just about for everything.




Delicious mockery.





Nobody is above the law.  Except Democrats / Deep State servants.




True.  Also remember that people who are retired / being cared for are not producing for The State.  Thus, useless to The State – and a drain of The State’s resources.





Apparently Columbia has – had? – a Moscow campus.  Trying to research this but can’t find anything.  But if true – IF – it would explain a lot.  No wonder his Columbia records are sealed.



Do not ever forget what that forgotten patriot, Larry Grathwohl, learned about the “Weather Underground” plans years ago.

I brought up the subject of what’s going to happen after we take over the government: we become responsible then for administrating 250 million people. And there was no answers. No one had given any thought to economics, how you’re going to clothe and feed these people.

The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.

They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter revolution and they felt that this counter revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing reeducation centers in the Southwest where would take all the people who needed to be reeducated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be.

I asked, well, what is going to happen to those people that we can’t reeducate that are diehard capitalists and the reply was that they’d have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers. And when I say eliminate I mean kill – 25 million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people and they were dead serious.”

And don’t forget there are very strong rumors that Barackus was an acolyte of Bill Ayers.

Obama Needs to Explain His Ties to William Ayers (

Ayers and Obama crossed paths on boards, records show –







Except Trump never said that.

Mark Alexander: Leftmedia Still Propagating the Fake News Trump — Charlottesville Narrative | The Patriot Post


Trump Has Condemned White Supremacists -


But this just proves the power of The Narrative, and the effectiveness of controlling the information flow.  It’s like a person I’ve known for years who said that Trump said to inject bleach.  Was adamant about it, even sent me a link to the entire press conference.  I watched it.  He said no such thing.  But can I possibly convince them of that?  No.  They WANT to believe, and so they do.

“Never underestimate the power of the human mind to believe what it wants to believe, no matter the conflicting evidence.”

― Brian Herbert, House Harkonnen

Especially the things that make them feel morally (or educationally or intellectually) superior.





Link section (some mine, some from my Jarhead friend):


CDC Links 84% of Measles Cases in Chicago to Illegal Aliens from Venezuela | The Gateway Pundit | by Cassandra MacDonald

Look what is coming to your neighborhood.

Measles is an RNA virus.  (So is Smallpox, if it ever returns, which I think it will.)  Vitamin C, D, Zinc, Quercetin (or Ivermectin / Hydroxychloroquine), plus some others that I’ve heard are good additions are NAC, Star Anise tea, Vitamin K1 & K2, magnesium…

The bigger danger are antibiotic resistant bacteria IMHO.  Like TB.

UK government advisors say smart water meters should be made compulsory – The Expose (

And doubtless tied to the digital ID they want to force you to have.

Top Japanese oncologist says COVID-19 vaccines are “essentially murder” (

6-foot (six foot) SOCIAL DISTANCING rule ALWAYS a fraud lie BASED on ZERO science, just MADE it UP! told you this years now, Redfield told me, Gotlieb confirmed! Francis Collins headed NIH & FUCKED us (

Judicial Watch Sues for Official Emails of Key Fauci Advisor on Non-Government Email Account | Judicial Watch

Cracks in The Covid Conspiracy are starting to multiple.

Depopulation via Mass Vaccination: The Recovery Rates From All Jabs Each Year Since 1991 (

And a three-parter on Eugenics:

The New Eugenics Movement – Part 1 – Flopping Aces

The New Eugenics Movement – Part 2 – Flopping Aces

The New Eugenics Movement – Part 3 – Flopping Aces

Here We Go: FDA Warns for Potential Bird Flu Pandemic That Could Kill One in Four Americans | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft

Remember the scene in The Running Man?  “Food riot in progress… all they want is food for G-d’s sake…!”

It’s coming.  Just remember, it’s the constrictor’s SLOW SQUEEZE.  And most sheeple won’t notice until the crisis is nigh.

Déjà Vu | NC Renegades

Team Biden’s sleazy plan to get the unpopular prez reelected — by any means necessary (

Trickery and treachery.




Pick of the post:



Ruthless ridicule.







Palate Cleansers:





Come back Wednesday for another edition.  Same Meme Time.  Same Meme channel.

Please do consider buying me a coffee.

Buy Me a Coffee




PSA for those living in New Hampshire and who – like me, alas – cannot homeschool (or afford private school) – here is the state form for filing a religious exemption for your kids from vaccines.

What’s important to note is that you do not need to justify this.  You DO, insofar as I understand, need to file this every year.

Note that this is not “perfect” protection for your kids, but better than nothing.





Given what we’ve seen since The Potato got elected installed, I fear this was a grim but exceedingly accurate prediction.  And in closing, one of my short essays on my old blog with another grim prediction – hasn’t happened yet but with all the illegals streaming in in what looks more and more like a deliberate army waiting to be unleashed, WWIII looming and seemingly being pushed, an economic collapse, the predicted Jabpocalyse… I fear it still holds true:


QT A Grim Sense of Foreboding

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A Truckload of Manure

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 14:00 +0000

The rhetoric surrounding the passage of the Clean Heat Carbon Tax (Act 18) was full of talk about “social justice,” a “just transition,” “engaging traditionally marginalized communities,” and “moving at the speed of trust.” Yeah, well, shocker, that was a truckload of manure!

Under the law, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is required to hold a half a dozen public outreach forums to engage citizens and get feedback on the Clean Heat Carbon Tax proposal and how any potential rules might impact them/us. Two such meetings have already taken place, one in April and one in May, and the grand total from the public participating is, by my generous count, two. TWO! And neither spoke.

The first meeting, both held on Zoom, featured maybe a dozen people, three of whom were from the company hired to facilitate, the majority were from government agencies such as the PUC, Department of Public Services, Vermont Office of Economic Opportunity, plus a couple of usual suspect activist organizations. And TWO – I am giving the benefit of the doubt here — regular people. The second meeting was scarcely better attended at a little over twenty total, but this time it was ALL bureaucrats and activists. No members of the actual general public appeared at this ostensibly public meeting!

This would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that when it comes time next January to for the legislature to vote on the Clean Heat Carbon Tax rules, they’re going to say, “We held these public outreach meetings per the law, and wouldn-chya-know, the public agrees with everything we’re doin’! This is a box-checking, lip-service exercise to be sure.

Hilarious also if it weren’t for the fact that we taxpayers are footing a $20,000 bill to an outfit called The Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity to run this outreach program. On its “What We Do” webpage, the company boasts that it is a “proven, effective resource that Vermont leaders turn to for assistance, support, and advocacy related to inclusion, diversity, and equity in the public sphere.” Effective? Um… no.

Its executive director, Curtiss Reed, who moderated the meetings, proclaimed, “We are excited to be part of this process of bringing information about the Clean Heat Standard to populations that typically aren’t part of this kind of conversation.” That’s what you do, huh…. Apparently not so much.

Part of the problem, and even by his own admission, is that Mr. Reed does not understand and therefore cannot explain what the Clean Heat Standard does or how it works. Making an excuse for why nobody showed up the meeting he’s being generously paid to get people to show up to, Reed said, “This energy legislation and the whole concept of energy credits is, um, beyond the reach of comprehension of just your ordinary citizen. Even for me, I’ve read through it, and I’m still scratching my head about who gets credits, how are they monetized, when – uh – do they have a – uh – what’s the lifecycle of a credit?”

While I appreciate the honesty here, and have some sympathy because this law is, in fact, unworkably complicated (a system designed by idiots for execution by… not even geniuses; magicians maybe), one has to ask how Mr. Reed thought it ethical to accept the job of explaining in plain terms and answering the public’s questions (had he succeeded in getting any into the room) a program about which he is himself utterly clueless.

And how is it that the PUC allowed this guy to move forward with a public engagement process without properly and thoroughly educating Mr. Reed and his colleagues about the law they hired him to explain, and ensuring beforehand that he did, in fact, understand the material. My guess is, they don’t have any freaking clue as to how Act 18 works either! Prove me wrong.

In a revealing hot mic moment at the end of the first session, after everyone had left the virtual space and Mr. Reed was quietly wrapping up, Geoff Wilcox from Vermont office of Economic Opportunity, who administers the statewide weatherization program, popped back on for a one-on-one chat with the moderator. Here’s how that went:

WILCOX: I have to apologize because I hadn’t really read through Act 18. And after our call, I started reading through the bill as enacted, and it’s really not what I thought it was.

REED: Oh, yeah. Everyone that I’ve spoken to – cabinet secretaries, to the folks at the Public Utilities Commission, to the Equity Advisory Group, to the Technical Advisory Group – they’re going around in circles.

WILCOX: I can imagine why! I mean, I’m looking at this and you know the operative text of the bill is that obligated parties shall reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Commission shall adopt or create a system of Clean Heat Credits earned from the delivery of Clean Heat Measures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The obligated parties shall obtain the required amount of Clean Heat Credits, blah, blah, blah. The only obligated parties under this law are the fuel dealers.

REED: Right.

WILCOX: Then all it goes on to say is that the Commission shall establish a number of Clean Heat Credits that they are obligated to retire. Um, it doesn’t say amounts, percentages, or anything. It just says they will create a standard. And I’m just like –

Sadly, we will never know what Mr. Wilcox was “just like” because that’s when Mr. Reed remembered to stop recording the meeting. But a sufficient amount of shock and bewilderment came through in those last few words that we can make a good guess.

But here’s what I got out of that beyond more amusing evidence that nobody can untangle the catastrophic web of chaos and confusion our intellectually challenged lawmakers spun in Act 18: A full year after the law was passed, the Weatherization Program Administrator from the state Office of Economic Opportunity hadn’t even read the law. That’s your government hard at work looking out for you!


Rob Roper is a freelance writer with 20 years of experience in Vermont politics, including three years of service as chair of the Vermont Republican Party and nine years as President of the Ethan Allen Institute, Vermont’s free-market think tank. He is also a regular contributor to VermontGrok.

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Why Liquidity Matters in Your Forex Journey

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 13:00 +0000

Delving into the intricate world of Forex trading, one must first grasp the fundamental concept: liquidity. So, what is liquidity in Forex? In essence, liquidity epitomizes the fluidity and ease with which currency pairs can be traded in the market without drastically affecting their prices. It represents the robust availability of demand and supply, ensuring that currencies are readily exchanged among traders without undue delay or price distortion.

Liquidity, akin to the lifeblood of the forex market, pulsates through its veins, facilitating seamless transactions and maintaining market equilibrium. The significance of liquidity becomes pronounced against the backdrop of the forex market’s sprawling ecosystem, teeming with myriad participants ranging from individuals to financial behemoths such as banks and institutional investors.

Within highly liquid markets, transactions unfold with precision akin to a well-oiled machine, with orders executed swiftly at prices closely aligned with the real market value. Conversely, markets with tepid liquidity languish amidst prolonged order processing times and disparate pricing, owing to a paucity of demand for currency pairs and a dearth of willing buyers.

Why does liquidity hold such paramount importance? Picture a bustling marketplace where goods exchange hands rapidly, prices remain stable, and transactions are conducted seamlessly. Analogously, liquidity ensures:

Swift Execution: Transactions in highly liquid markets transpire at breakneck speed, with minimal slippage—the variance between desired and executed prices—ensuring optimal efficiency.

Mitigated Volatility: Robust liquidity acts as a stabilizing force, curbing erratic price swings and fostering a conducive environment for prudent decision-making, thus mitigating investor losses.

Tightened Spreads: The chasm between bid and ask prices, known as the spread, narrows within liquid markets, translating to reduced transaction costs and equitable pricing for market participants.

Zooming out to survey the vast expanse of the global forex market, one is met with a staggering daily volume of $2.4 quadrillion—a testament to its unrivaled liquidity. This mammoth marketplace hosts a kaleidoscope of participants, each contributing to the perpetual ebb and flow of liquidity:

Central Banks: Towering atop the forex landscape, central banks wield considerable influence, managing national currencies and shaping exchange rates to steer economic fortunes.

Financial Institutions: Serving as conduits for forex transactions, banks, investment firms, and brokerages play a pivotal role in intermediating trades and providing market access to clients.

Speculators and Hedgers: A diverse cohort comprising individuals, businesses, and traders, they engage in forex transactions either to capitalize on market fluctuations or to hedge against currency risks inherent in international commerce.

Yet, the ebbs and flows of forex liquidity are subject to a constellation of factors, each exerting its gravitational pull on the market’s liquidity quotient:

Market Size: Popular currencies like the US Dollar, Euro, and Japanese Yen enjoy lofty liquidity, buoyed by voluminous trading volumes and global demand.

Monetary Policies: Interventions orchestrated by central banks can sway market sentiment and liquidity levels, exerting a palpable impact on currency valuations.

Global Events: From geopolitical upheavals to economic milestones, external stimuli can roil the forex market, eliciting fluctuations in liquidity as traders recalibrate their positions in response to unfolding events.

Trading Hours: The temporal rhythm of major financial hubs dictates the pulse of forex liquidity, with trading activity ebbing and flowing in tandem with market hours.

Amidst this intricate tapestry of factors, measuring forex liquidity assumes a nuanced demeanor, characterized by an amalgam of quantitative and qualitative metrics:

Spread: The gulf between bid and ask prices serves as a barometer of market liquidity, with tighter spreads indicative of heightened liquidity and robust competition.

Trading Volume: An uptick in trading activity augurs well for liquidity, as a flurry of transactions underscores a vibrant market brimming with liquidity.

Price Action: The stability of pricing dynamics furnishes insights into market liquidity, with stable markets harboring deeper reservoirs of liquidity.

Market Depth: Peering into the market order book unveils the depth of liquidity, with a profusion of pending buy and sell orders heralding buoyant market conditions.

Liquidity Ratios: Metrics like turnover ratios furnish quantitative assessments of liquidity, offering a snapshot of a currency’s liquidity profile.

In contemplating the ramifications of liquidity dynamics, one confronts a dialectic of prosperity and peril:

Pros of High Liquidity:

Expedited Order Execution: Transactions unfold seamlessly within liquid markets, affording traders swift execution and optimal efficiency.

Dampened Volatility: Liquid markets serve as bastions of stability, tempering price gyrations and fostering an environment conducive to risk mitigation.

Narrowed Spreads: The compression of bid-ask differentials translates to reduced transaction costs, augmenting profitability for market participants.

Cons of Low Liquidity:

Escalated Costs: Scarcity breeds demand, driving prices higher and exacerbating transaction costs within illiquid markets.

Market Inefficiencies: Languid liquidity engenders sluggish order execution and heightened costs, dissuading prospective traders and sowing seeds of market inefficiency.

Price Instability: Anemic liquidity renders markets susceptible to whimsical price swings, as traders react impulsively to market news and events.

In conclusion, liquidity stands as the bedrock upon which the forex market thrives or withers. Its elusive essence permeates every facet of the market, underpinning efficiency, stability, and fairness. As traders navigate the labyrinthine corridors of forex trading, a nuanced understanding of liquidity dynamics empowers them to navigate tumultuous waters with aplomb, harnessing the currents of liquidity to chart a course toward prosperity.

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Massachusetts Houses Children and Pedophiles Together … Again!

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 12:00 +0000

If you need a poster child for the incompetence of a bloated government, Massachusetts would have to be at the top of any list of candidates. Yes, Hawaii and California are bad, but they lack the tenure of the Bay State. Once the cradle of liberty, it has long since devolved into an aged ineptitude its younger upstarts can’t quite match.

Massachusetts may not be as woke or as “crazy-liberal” as the Left Coast or the Islands, but it has been pursuing Democrat decline for longer than either. The time has allowed it to build layer upon layer of densely packed special interests doing business as public servants. A cancerous growth that is unresponsive to treatment, not that it was ever anything approaching operable.

The faces change, but the crime family of state government remains the same, with apologies to organized crime, which would never survive if they were this incompetent.

Headline: Blue State Housed Migrant Children In Hotels With Sex Offenders

A Massachusetts agency reportedly housed homeless and migrant families with young children in the same hotels as registered sex offenders, according to the Boston Globe.

The state placed hundreds of homeless migrant families in at least six locations with sex offenders convicted of crimes against children, including pornography, rape and assault, the Boston Globe reported. Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey’s Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities rejected the outlet’s requests for information on sex offenders, but said after the outlet identified offenders that the agency checks shelters against the registry every six months.

It is no secret that the third world is unloading its prisons and exporting its inmates to America, and the Biden administration is helping them get here and there and everywhere. Most of the rising crime in Burlington, Vermont, appears to be a product of its sanctuary city status and the influx of foreign gangs, drugs, and disparate cultures.

Blue cities and states are overwhelmed, cutting services to address the basic needs of these misnamed “migrants” at the expense of the minorities who are watching slack-jawed as invaders get better treatment than they do.

Democrats have been screwing their constituents forever, but we rarely get to see this level of escalation such that those getting screwed recognize it as something Democrats are doing to them.

In the case of Massachusetts, the child/predator issue isn’t new. The state has a history of claiming only it can protect families while doing what it can to undermine its claim. Two recent examples:

(2020) Rapist Freed by the Massachusetts Bail Fund Arrested Again for Rape (Kidnapping and Assault)

(2019) State Housed Displaced Children in Facility with Convicted Sex Offender

“The safety and wellbeing of the 7,500 families in Emergency Assistance shelter is a priority for our administration,” a spokesman for the agency, Keven Connor, told the Boston Globe. “We will continue to take all possible steps to ensure the safety of EA residents and carefully review any situation that comes before us to act quickly to protect families.”

Families in locations with sex offenders, like at the Baymont Hotel, where a man convicted of “repeatedly and indecently assaulting” a girl under 14 is reportedly living or at the Colonial Traveler Inn, where an offender convicted of rape and child abuse is reportedly living, did not seem to be notified, the outlet reported.

Talk about leaving plenty of room for sorry, but we did our best. All possible steps.

It is a tragedy that children will be irreparably harmed because the state’s best isn’t good enough, but the state’s best is never good enough, and the voters can’t seem to connect those dots in any meaningful way that would convince them to behave differently at the ballot box.

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Time to Pick Another Comment of the Week [Updated]

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 11:00 +0000

Another week, more comments, and your opportunity to decide which of these seven daily selections is our comment for the week’s winner.

We have also added, upon request, a “none of the above” selection in the event that you can’t pick one or aren’t moved by any of them.

Note: The selection of comments does not infer or imply that I agree or endorse the position(s) taken in the comment. And yes, after the fact, I realized I’d selected comments on two different days from the same commenter. I try not to do that, but this week, it happened.

The poll is live until 8 pm Tuesday evening.

Here are your comment choices

(apologies for leaving one out of the poll – It has been added below.)

Post: Holly Novelesky Running for Congress

Mike Chiasson Support for the “energy transition” (or whatever the Climate Cult term of the day is) is a non-starter. We need to eliminate EV mandates and taxpayer subsidies for EVs, charging stations, and so-called clean energies. Let the different forms of energy compete on an equal playing field, and don’t put up legal and political impediments to expanding oil production, refining, and distribution capacity. I also support a robust nuclear power program, but it’s an anathema to the left and Holly doesn’t seem prepared to fight that battle. I posed a few questions to Holly related to Speaker Johnson’s 3 betrayals on her campaign’s Facebook page, but she has not yet answered them. In sum, if Holly is the GOP congressional candidate for NH-1, I’d vote for a 3rd party or write-in candidate. She strikes me as having more of the same Uni-Party attitude, which has not done anything good for New Hampshire or America. Post: Scientists” Testing One-Jab-To-Kill-Them-All ‘Vaccine’ to Fight Multiple “Coronaviruses”

Martina Vaslovik There has never been any efficacious vaccine for any form of coronavirus, ever. There has never been any cure for the common cold, which is caused by a coronavirus, specifically rhinovirus 39. What they are hawking is not even a vaccine, which is made from an attenuated virus, it’s gene therapy using mRNA, to do God knows what to us, and it’s killed millions so far. They cannot make a vaccine for the *alleged* covid virus because it does not exist. It has not been isolated by anyone anywhere in the world four years later and the CCP conveniently announced they had ordered the original specimens destroyed. It’s my belief that COVID19, or the idea of it, originated not in Wuhan, but in Davos with Klaus Schwab and his merry men, who when they came out with their Great Reset’s pie chart had COVID19 smack in the middle of it and lauded it as a narrow window of opportunity to change the world. Note also that Klaus Schwab’s buddy Yuval Noah Harari has put us all on notice telling us “Frankly we really don’t need the vast majority of you.” Should that not tell us something? Dr. Derek Knauss: “When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive Covid-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO Covid in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of Covid. We did not use the bulls*** PCR test.’ At 7 universities not once COVID detected. ‘This virus is fictitious’ ‘I still need to find one viable sample with Covid-19 to work with. We who conducted the lab test with these 1500 samples at the 7 universities are now suing the CDC for Covid-19 fraud. The CDC still has not sent us a viable, isolated and purified sample of Covid-19. If they can’t or won’t, then I say there is no Covid-19. It’s fictional.’ ‘The four research papers describing the genome extracts of the Covid-19 virus never managed to isolate and purify the samples. All four papers describe only small pieces of RNA that are only 37 to 40 base pairs long. That is NOT a VIRUS. A viral genome normally has 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.’ ‘Now that Covid-19 is supposedly so bad everywhere, how come not one lab in the world has completely isolated and purified this virus? That’s because they never really found the virus. All they ever discovered were small pieces of RNA that were not identified as the virus anyway. So what we’re dealing with is just another flu strain, just like every year. Covid-19 does not exist and is fictitious.’ Which brings us to this: Seasonal Flu Cases in the US 2012-2013 34,000,000 2013-2014 30,000,000 2014-2015 30,000,000 2015-2016 24,000,000 2016-2017 29,000,000 2017-2018 45,000,000 2018-2019 36,000,000 2019-2020 38,000,000 2020-2021 1,822 Draw your own conclusions… graphic Post: Ashley Biden Confirms Diary Is Hers … And That Joe Biden Is A PEDOPHILE

Agent Liberty You have a far less cynical view of the average liberal than I do, as I think their motivations are less being ashamed over being conned as large numbers of these herds of dependent “thinkers” have been taught that there is nothing wrong per se with child molestation as long as it’s okay with the child, that being sold along with homosexuality as “liberating” and “being true to oneself.” Otherwise, I find their usual excuses are the following: “It’s their private life, it doesn’t affect policy” and “It’s not a crime when WEdo it, since we’re always speaking truth to power, thus our “intended” higher purpose far outweighs any harm Democratic misdeeds may cause”. Post: Night Cap: What Could Have Spiked Colorectal Cancer in Young People Starting in 2021?

TheOrneryNurse Health has been declining rapidly since the medical industrial complex starting pushing “low-fat” diets, a myriad of pharmaceuticals and toxic shots. Our children and grandchildren have been poisoned since birth and the Boomers are not enjoying a quality of life even close to that their parents had. Gen X is being worked to death or being disabled in their 50s because they were coerced into taking experimental injections to keep their jobs. The medical community has much to atone for, but the ruling/laptop class is still earning millions on death, so little, if anything, will change. The People are too fat, sick and sedated to rebel, I’m afraid. #NoAmnesty Post: Hillary Speaks the Truth?

Agent Liberty Yes, Grandma Vodka may have stated several facts here, but all of it just reminds me of what my Grandma used to say about persons like the Clintons, that is: “The Devil will often cite Scripture to try and make his case.” Cankles Clinton (and other Democratics) saying these things is a matter of trying to keep American Jews and their money in majority support of the Party and not a matter of telling the truth about these frauds known as the Palestinians that have brought misery and death wherever they have traveled (including several Islamic nations that have violently expelled them, after accepting them in as “refugees”.

Post: Ross Berry

Hunter Hmmmn, interesting to say the least. Not to put too fine a point on this, but I would be considerably more impressed with this inside baseball had the honorable representative not chosen to hide behind anonymity. Even though or perhaps especially because I understand the consequences that can arise from enthusiastically casting stones at fellow representatives, the speaker, and let’s not forget a regular writer here at the ‘Grok, regardless of whether actual hits resulted or any of these targets happen be someone whose work I’d critique or endorse <shrug>. In a case like this, the identity of an *elected* *official* pointing out the kinds of shenanigans we all know happen, not just in our own legislature but quite likely every such body anywhere on earth, is a very important part of understanding the context. If nothing else, in any tempest in a teapot, without knowing ALL the details the voters have a harder time deciding just who might need punishing at the polls in the upcoming election. Not hard at all for any of us following along at home to come up with all sorts of different scenarios to make just about any kind of story we want without the full context. Which again can be entertaining, but not necessarily the best way to inform your vote. Yeah, I can see the wisdom of Granite Grok ALLOWING said representative to hide under the cloak of anonymity if they so request. Protecting your sources is a fundamental principle of journalism, and political figures and commentators have been publishing anonymously pretty much since the invention of writing systems. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of the cave paintings were in this genre. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate the information, I just wish we had the full context. One thing I *require* of elected officials occasionally is a modicum of moral courage and willingness to do the right thing, damn the consequences. Even publishing anonymously, there ARE going to be consequences, even if it’s limited to fueling gossip, whisper campaigns, and (more) infighting. Anyone present for the events described will be able to narrow the field of suspects pretty dramatically should someone decide to go witch hunting. I wasn’t there, have only a few dozen times ventured within those ‘hallowed grounds’ for hearings and such, yet I could pretty easily do a bit of sleuthing with that article and resources I’m aware of easily available online to come up with a list of the usual suspects. There’s even a respectable chance I might have the actual author on said list were I to bother. <grin> One among many dangers, of course, someone might well choose to toss the wrong person into the tank to see if they float. While that can be entertaining, it can also be a bit rough on the innocent. Not like we don’t know a lot of folks up in Concord frequent and/or monitor the ‘Grok, and anyone who’s had any dealings with the statehouse can tell you word gets around. My bet is that within a week at most anyone who cares will have a pretty fair guess who it was they THINK wrote this article. Right or wrong, however just any motives might be, regardless of the facts of the matter, that can have all sorts of consequences whether intended or not. I admit, I am human and am rather looking forward to the rebuttals, accusations, finger pointing, and reprisals. (That might or might not be irony or sarcasm, I haven’t decided quite yet.) “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” didn’t after all start as a sociopolitical metaphor in the way Brandeis made the saying famous, but in either context has a lot to recommend it. Post: Government Overcriminalization Catches Unwary Americans Mike Remskiyesterday

Federally prohibitive criteria for posession of a firearm includes:
A person convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year whether or not sentence is imposed. This includes misdemeanor offenses with a potential term of imprisonment in excess of two years, whether or not sentence was imposed.

There is a reason for all of this; look at how many places are not charging or even going after real criminals, but Joe average law abiding citizen gets the book thrown at him for jaywalking and has firearms taken away.


Pick one Commenter as This Weeks Winner
  • Mike Chiasson
  • Martina Vaslovik
  • Agent Liberty - Biden Diary
  • TheOrneryNurse
  • Agent Liberty - Hillary Truth
  • Hunter
  • Mike Remski
  • None of the Above

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Becky Whitley Is A Bleach Blonde, And Has A Bad-Built, Butch-Body

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 10:00 +0000

Actually, I have no idea whether Becky Whitley dyes her hair. Nor do I care. Nor have I ever seen her body. Nor do I care what kind of body she has. I just figured that if it is okay for Representative Fake-Eyelashes, a/k/a Jasmine Crockett, to say that about Marjorie Taylor Greene, it would be okay for me to say it about Becky Whitley.

What’s that you say? It’s not okay? Tell me why; I’m all ears. Because I am a White male? Now I understand.

If I say Becky Whitley has a “butch-body,” it is homophobic because I am a White male, but when Representative Fake-Eyelashes says MGT has a “butch-body,” it is not homophobic and, in fact, is “owning” MGT because Representative Fake-Eyelashes is a Black female.

That actually makes a lot of sense once you understand that Woke-Communism is a religion and so is not rational or understandable. Preach it, DT Ford; preach it:


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Travel Worry Free Now With a GPS Tracker

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 09:00 +0000

Whether you’re heading off for your annual family satiation or you’re travelling abroad, the use of a GPS tracking device can prove to be rather useful.

You can attach one to your luggage and keep an eye on it, allowing you to pinpoint its location in the unlikely event that it gets lost or stolen.

Luggage Tracking

Keeping track of your Baggage safety is made easier with a GPS tracking device. These are a must-have for anyone who checks bags, and can especially come in handy in a busy baggage claim.

These tech gadgets show your suitcases’ location on a map via an app on your phone, giving you a little more control in a chaotic situation. They may also act as a deterrent to theft, since thieves know the bag is equipped with a tracking device.

Some travelers like to tuck their tracking devices into protective luggage covers, which hide the tracker and make it harder for someone to grab and remove. Many bags also have zipped pockets that are rarely used; slipping your tracker in one of those spots makes it less obvious. Alternatively, you can attach them to your Baggage safety with glue or strong adhesive strips. You can even use a travel organizer or packing cube to stash your tracker, which distributes it and makes it more difficult to pull out.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking systems are a powerful tool to help improve productivity, reduce costs and increase quality control. They provide real-time location data that enables fleet managers to better manage inventory, optimize routes and monitor vehicles on the go.

Discreet vehicle trackers are ideal for home deliveries, providing peace of mind and improving customer satisfaction. They send a new GPS signal every two minutes for accurate real-time vehicle tracking, and can also store historical data.

Choose from hardwired or plug-in trackers that run on battery power for maximum reliability. Plug-in devices, like the OBD GPS tracker from Linxup, plug into a car’s OBD port (standard on all vehicles since 1996). They are also easy to move between vehicles and can function without a battery, making them perfect for small businesses or concerned parents.

Family Monitoring

When your kids leave the house to hang out with friends or go on a field trip, you want to be sure they are safe. This is where a GPS tracker comes in.

Most tracking apps have a map that displays all your family members in real time. Some even allow you to create geofences and receive alerts when they enter or exit a specific location.

The same features can also be used to monitor older relatives or loved ones who may need help if they get lost or become ill. It is especially helpful when they are traveling alone, on vacation, or in places where crime is common, like a hotel.

Some apps, such as Locategy and SilverCloud, can even prevent automotive theft by tethering your kid’s phone to their car or other vehicle to keep it safe in case of an auto accident. They can also remotely wipe your child’s device in the event of a theft or loss.

Emergency Alerts

Whether it’s an evacuation during a hurricane or an outbreak of disease, location-based alerts can save lives. Using GPS, emergency response teams can identify specific landmarks and streets to locate and direct people who need care. This can greatly reduce the amount of time a person is unattended and improve their chances of receiving timely, effective treatment.

When you have a medical alert system with GPS, you can check in on your loved one’s location and get notified if they move outside of a defined geofence boundary. This is especially helpful for seniors or individuals with dementia who might wander from home.

A medical alarm with GPS can also instantly contact 911 and dispatch help, even if your loved one can’t speak. Moreover, the top-rated mobile medical alert systems with GPS include nationwide wireless voice and data, and emergency dispatch through the cellular network for faster assistance.

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Night Cap: Repurposing Leftover and Surplus Tootsie Rolls

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-05-20 02:00 +0000

While holding my totem at the corner of the Charlotte School campus during the 2022 election, my group and I were approached by a young lady who introduced herself as Angela.  I will call her a “volunteer intern” and explain why in a moment.

She had a plastic pumpkin bucket and said, “Would you like one,” and I was the only one among us to say yes.  Looking inside and only seeing Tootsie Rolls, which I consider to be fake chocolate, I was disappointed.  Being a rep candidate, I didn’t want to appear rude by changing my mind, so I took one, said thanks, and put it in my pocket.  It later wound up inside the interior driver door handle until I did some recent spring cleaning in my car.

Following the Tootsie Roll offer was some small talk between me, Angela, and a few others.  Angela was asked if she voted in Ward 2 as it was unclear if she was 18 or not at that point.  It was a yes or no question, but word salad was served.  She indicated that she was too young to vote and implied residency in Ward 2, but just for a few minutes until additional probing questions were asked.  She later claimed to be a Hollis HS student, which spawned some interesting discussion.  When asked what she was doing in Nashua or who she was working for, she toggled back and forth with her use of the words “volunteer” and “intern” interchangeably.  She also said that her dad works for the Union Leader.

While I was more puzzled by her deer-in-the-headlights look when I made a few comments about Nackey Loeb and Kevin Landrigan, a clear indicator of her unfamiliarity with such well-known figures, I didn’t see the forest from the trees. It was unclear if she was a volunteer(an uncompensated worker, by my definition), an intern(someone receiving school credit for performing a task, also by my crude definition), or both!

Because the situation, as perceived at the time, did not pass the smell test, some texts, phone calls, and emails were sent to look into it.  I was later told that a former Hollis rep went to their high school and asked some questions, and the principal actually looked into it and also had some questions.  Sorry to disappoint anyone expecting a juicy outcome, but nothing exciting came of it other than that I still have the keepsake from that day, the Tootsie Roll.

My late grandmother, a member of the Tom Brokaw-dubbed Greatest Generation, was the first person to ever say(to me), “Waste not, want not.” As a serial question-asking kid, I had to ask what that meant, and most adults in the English-speaking world knew the answer. My grandmother came from a large Irish Catholic family in working-class Roxbury; hence the thrifty values from her cohort, and her birthday was earlier this month. Shucks, I missed it.

However, there is another birthday coming up this month belonging to another Roxbury native, Ms Melanie Levesque.

What better way to honor my grandmother’s words “waste not, want not” with regard to Angela’s souvenir Tootsie Roll than to make some “kitty litter cake” on Monday, May 20?  Meow.


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