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We Already Knew Fauci Made It All Up … When Is He Going Prison?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-06-05 14:00 +0000

So Fauci … the Godfather of COVID … has admitted UNDER OATH that masking and social-distancing had no scientific basis. They just made it all up. Those of us who are still capable of independent thought already knew that … it was all so nonsensical. For example, you could take your mask off to eat on a commercial flight because … because airplane food somehow repels COVID?

You could go on and on and on and on and one with examples of how absurd and illogical the “COVID rules” were. But what I want to know is … WHEN IS FAUCI GOING TO PRISON? When is an Attorney-General in a Red-State going to indict that demonic, arrogant dwarf?

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Nashua Must Like Getting Sued

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-06-05 12:00 +0000

Our own illustrious Beth Scaer is pushing the buttons and pulling the triggers of the snowflakes cluttering up Nashua City Hall. She has requested that they fly another flag, and they’ve returned with a hard no.

At least one version of the flag is featured above, and there is no good reason to deny it. Maybe the City has decided it doesn’t like Beth? She made news and waves a few years back when she wanted to fly a Save Women’s Sports flag on the People’s Pole in front of City Hall. The flag got permission and was raised, but within 24 hours, whiney mayor Jim ‘The Douche’ Donchess had it pulled down (His pole appears to have a partisan case of ED).

When pressed with legal concerns after Boston lost 9-0 in the US Supreme Court—another flag pole and a different flag—Nashua removed the citizen flag pole webpage as if the solution was to do what Boston did after losing: stop raising citizen flags altogether. If we can’t control the speech then there shall be none! I’m actually okay with that. It seems wholly inappropriate for cities to be flying black Marxist banners and Gaystapo gang colors, given how intolerant the militant factions among each tend to be.

But, cities like Boston wanted to fly pride flags and BLM flags, but if they did that, according to the court, “…it will probably have to allow a Proud Boys flag. That’s just what the First Amendment requires.”

Damn, you First Amendment!

You may also be familiar with longtime ‘Grok friend and occasional contributor Hal Shurtleff. He took his case against Boston to the high court and won. We interviewed him about that journey here but back to Beth. The City must still be raising citizen flags because she asked permission to fly the NH Pine Tree Flag.

Nashua’s brave soldiers fought and died at the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775. I applied to raise the Pine Tree Flag, which our soldiers carried into battle that day, on the Nashua City Hall Plaza to commemorate this solemn anniversary. My request was rejected because the “flag is not in harmony with the message that the City wishes to express or endorse.” The citizens of Nashua would be quite alarmed and ashamed to know that the City does not endorse the message of commemorating our soldiers fighting and dying at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

I am writing to appeal this decision by Jennifer Deshaies of Risk Management and requesting that my application to raise the Pine Tree Flag on June 15 be approved.

See my application and the rejection letter below.


As noted above, that was a hard no. Beth adds, that,

Mayor Donchess should be deeply embarrassed about his administration rejecting the raising of the Pine Tree Flag on Nashua City Hall Plaza in commemoration of the Battle of Bunker Hill. I am asking him to overturn the decision by the Risk Management office and approve my application to fly the flag.

(Law) Suit Yourself

After Shurtleff v. City of Boston, Nashua has very little room to move. As arrogant and intolerable as the City’s legal counsel is, they can’t possibly think they could survive a pricey trip through the American legal system given that Free Speech cases in general, and one identical to this, resulted in a unanimous verdict against a similar rejection. Every Justice agreed, and that trend continues with Sotomayor writing the latest 9-0 opinion in opposition to another deliberate case of viewpoint discrimination.

If Nashua has flown anyone else’s flag, they will lose, and having an unconstitutional pole policy is no excuse.

It’s not even a shadow of a penumbra. The only possible victory for Nashua is if a lower court has the sense to save taxpayers millions by stopping their viewpoint discrimination in the lowest court possible.

That seems unlikely. Another feature of the Gate City is that the mayor is just as arrogant as his legal counsel. As I write this, Beth has informed me that her appeal has been rejected.

20240604 Response to B. Scaer Appeal

Is there a national legal outfit willing to drag Donchess and the City into Court? I’m guessing Donchess doesn’t think so. Maybe someone will surprise him, not that his city doesn’t love being sued. Just look at how they handle the right-to-know requests (or the spending cap, for that matter).

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Maryton’s Second Generation Professional Nail Drill: A Game Changer in the Nail Beauty World

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-06-05 11:00 +0000

The world of nail care and beauty is a world of precision in the sense that any mistake can lead to bad results that are clearly visible. Nail beautification means shaping the nails with what can be termed an “art approach.” In the olden days only those with years of experience were able to shape nails with very precise results, but today, things have been made easier with the development of technology.

The electric nail drill is a game changer in the world of nail beauty because of its speed, precision level, and ease of use. There are many electric nail drill products available in the market and can be purchased online but only a handful of them live up to expectations. One of them is what Maryton has come up with the rechargeable Second Generation Professional Nail Drill.

This portable nail drill retails for only $220.00 but its capabilities far exceed its price. In other words, this electric nail drill is definitely worth buying.

Why is this nail drill worth buying?

The answer lies in the features and capabilities it offers:

LCD display: This nail drill machine is capable of operating in full view thanks to the LCD screen embedded in it. For you users, you can control the operational parameters with the control knob and know the changes from the screen, for example when you want to increase the rotation speed of the drill. This electric nail drill is capable of rotating from 1,000 to 35,000 RPM.

Handpiece holder stand: Each purchase includes a premium quality nail drill pen holder stand, ensuring you can put your nail drill down without worrying about it slipping off.

Safety features: This nail drill features a three-pin plug to prevent falling during operation. It also features a nail safety lock switch for increased safety.

Brushless motor: With the brushless motor you can operate this electric nail drill without worrying about it making noise. In addition to reducing noise, the brushless motor can also reduce overheating. As an end result, the lifespan of the device can be longer.

High torque: This nail drill is high-torque so it is very reliable in various situations.

Ergonomic design: Weighing only 150g, this handpiece is easy to carry around.

A 2-meter stretchable cord: This cord makes it easy to operate while the nail drill is charging.

With a charging time of 4 hours and a battery life of up to 8 hours, this electric nail drill is ideal for everyday nail beauty needs. Whether you want to use it in your salon or just beautify your own nails at home, this nail drill is more than enough.

Each purchase comes with a full set of accessories as mentioned above. Every Maryton nail drill is certified by ROHS, FCC, and EMC, ensuring that they are perfectly safe to use even by non-professionals. Maryton also guarantees that its entire wholesale nail supply is safe to use. Overall, it can be concluded that Maryton’s Second Generation Professional Nail Drill is worth buying.

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Everyone Loves The Yellow School Bus

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-06-05 10:00 +0000

Vice President Kamala Harris has given us dozens of videos and sound bites worthy of SNL skits but not of the second-highest-ranking member of the Executive Branch. From giggle sessions to sitting with young professional actors posing as interested students as the VP talked about the marvels and mysteries of outer space, these sessions gave fodder to comedians and talking heads. Unfortunately, we do not have many digital clips of our Vice President interacting meaningfully with any other person. One of Harris’ most viewed clips was her trip to Seattle to announce funding for electric school buses to replace our diesel fleet.

I concede that an electric bus will operate on the road in a cleaner fashion than its diesel counterpart, but it offends me when the administration professes the factless claim that electronic buses will increase test scores for student riders. There is never a discussion of what goes into generating the electricity required to charge these buses for three hours. They want you to not think about that element of the debate. I drive a school bus and am not interested in driving an electric one. It concerns me that there have been reports of incredible car fires when the EV battery ignites—the thought of 40 children on a bus with two massive rechargeable lithium batteries keeps me up at night. We are not ready to put our most precious cargo, our children, on an electric bus.

Let’s look at the numbers. There are nearly 500,000 diesel school buses in America. The cost of these buses is about $100,000, while the replacement cost of a new electric bus is $400,000. To replace the American fleet with Buses would cost the people of the United States $200,000,000,000. That is $200 billion, and it does not include the charging stations and the retraining of our techs from diesel engine experts to electric motor mechanics. We are not prepared to make this transition at this time. That is a significant issue with this administration. They do not think through the ramifications of their lousy decisions. Their plan is tantamount to putting cars on the road before the invention of tires. Their need to satisfy the Green faction of the Left is more urgent than a sound plan Americans can embrace. By the way, what will we do with 500,000 retired diesel buses? Maybe we can dig a giant crater in New Mexico and bury them. Again, we don’t have a plan.

The American people are not prepared to spend that massive amount of money on a bus program that is not suited to the various climates of our country. Here in New England, we have documentation of an entire fleet of a district’s buses sidelined in the winter because the harsh winters are not a friend of battery-operated motors. There is another major problem for the government issuing grants to facilitate this diesel to battery conversion. Some buses are owned by cities and towns, but far more are owned by private companies under contract with specific school districts. Is it legal for taxpayer dollars to fund vehicles given to private companies, or will they be forced to absorb $400,000 per bus to make their fleet conform to government regulations?

There are far more questions than answers on the yellow school bus that Kamala loves so much, but that is what we have with all of Joe Biden’s half-baked plans. I work with many bus drivers and have yet to find one excited about driving an E-bus. It’s too bad Kamala didn’t come to us to ask about Joe’s earth-saving program. We love our buses, but we also love the sound of a dependable diesel engine.

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Night Cap: Fight Back … Or Just Shut Up

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-06-05 02:00 +0000

Memorandum regarding Trump “conviction.” Either fight back or shut up. Enough with the “double standard,” “hypocrisy,” “eroding confidence in rule of law,” blah, blah, blah rhetoric that the Left just laughs at. Fight back or shut up and go away.

An example of fighting back is Sun-King Sununu’s wingman, Formella, who could indict Cinde WORMington for lying about oxycontin. Call her a drug dealer. Find a crime or crimes … or invent one or some.

“We’re better than that” is the excuse of cowards and losers who don’t want to fight … which, unfortunately, is most of the GOP.

To be clear, bitter-clingers, I am NOT saying New Hampshire is a Red State. It is NOT. But if you have power … use it. And we supposedly have “Republican” control of the Executive Branch. So call the Sun-King and ask him when we can expect the indictment of WORMington.

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Links Overflow

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-06-05 00:00 +0000

After compiling a yuuuuuge file of links that I’ve seen plus my comments, and from my Jarhead friend, and seeing how long it’s gotten, I’m putting it here this time – separate from the memes.  But a few memes scattered within as well.  I don’t want the links that I’ve compiled – important stuff IMHO – to overwhelm Monday’s meme post.

Peruse as you will.

‘What could go wrong?’: Woke Boston mayor seeks to decriminalize theft, not punish thieves | The Post Millennial |

And WHEN the inevitable happens, and Boston spirals down into crime and squalor with businesses fleeing, they’ll be as baffled as liberals have been the last… dozen?… times this has been done.  And given the number of times the same pattern has happened, I can only conclude that this is by design.

World War III watch.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Misdirected | NC Renegades

It’s one thing to supply small arms.  It’s a step up to supply advanced arms to be used within the territory of the nation being attacked to push invaders out (think Stinger missiles in Afghanistan, for example, or Javelin missiles against invading Russian tanks).  But to have that provided weaponry be used against the territory of the attacking nation?  That’s casus belli against you.

Poking the Bear | NC Renegades

While everyone is focusing on the Trump verdict, Biden has given permission to Ukraine allowing the use of US supplied weapons to target Russian territory.

The countdown for WWIII has started in conjunction with CWII.

Biden lets Ukraine hit Russia with US arms to defend Kharkiv: official – Insider Paper

It won’t stay local.

Cyberattack could trigger Article 5 – NATO — RT World News

Today Is a Good Day to Be Vigilant | NC Renegades

And Russia is, once again, issuing an OR ELSE:

We are not bluffing about nuclear war, Putin ally warns as US raises WW3 threat by granting Ukraine permission to fire its missiles INTO Russia | Daily Mail Online

Ukraine, Allies to Receive Devastating Response If Western Arms Used on Russia – Medvedev (

“The former Ukraine and its NATO allies will receive a response of such destructive force that the alliance itself simply will not be able to resist being drawn into the conflict,” Medvedev wrote on Telegram.

My wife – who insists that “nothing will change, don’t be paranoid” – is currently visiting her family “over there”.  It’d be truly ironic, albeit catastrophic for our family even beyond the obvious world implications, if WW3 kicks off while she’s there and can’t get back here.

But more broadly, Russia cannot issue OR ELSE statements like this and then not follow through.

To Avoid Nuclear War, Putin Needs to be a Little Crazier | NC Renegades

Enclosures To Defend F-15Es From Drone Attacks Eyed At Seymour Johnson AFB (

In my post about the grid, I mentioned sabotage teams targeting the grid.  Not the only thing they could target, and target easily.  Now consider this about the water outage in Atlanta:

Atlanta Continues It’s State Of Emergency Status Over Water Outages

US Government launders billions to defense contractors as America’s infrastructure continues to crumble

“Atlanta, There is multiple water main breaks, in the whole city is without water, and they’re telling the people they don’t have a time frame on when it will be fixed. My question is, how does a whole city’s water supply get knocked out? Systems are set up, so this does not happen. But how do multiple water mains break in the same city at the same time?

Now I’ve seen some people talking about the pressure. If one water main breaks, it can affect the pressure on another one. Listen, there’s valves, and they have separate systems all throughout cities, so this cannot happen.

So my question is, how did this happen, and is this suspicious to you? Please leave a comment below.”

WalkStreetApes (

WEF Orders Govt’s To Burn Millions of Bees To Usher In ‘Global Famine’ – The People’s Voice (

I cannot even wrap my mind around how evil this is.  Aren’t there people who say NO?  Or will we follow orders to global famine?

Banana republic, and you can keep it – Surak substack blog

“Live and let live” doesn’t work when the other party doesn’t want to let you live.

34 REASONS the Bragg-Biden Show Trial Should Have Been TOSSED OUT — Each One Alone Providing Grounds for a Mistrial | The Gateway Pundit | by Paul Ingrassia

Moonbattery Why Even Trump Haters Must Vote for Trump – Moonbattery

China Weaponizing 90%-Fatal Ebola | NC Renegades

As I read this, a scene from the movie “Conan the Destroyer” comes to mind:

Evil wizard: We will control him (evil deity Dagoth whom they want to bring back to life)

Akiro: Nobody can control him. His power and his evil are too great.

Bill Gates’ New Plan: Cut Down 70 Million Acres of Trees to “Combat Global Warming” – Free West Media

Block the sun.  Remove CO2 from the atmosphere.  Cut down forests.  These people are, actively, anti-life.

Moonbattery Vermont Moves to Outlaw Energy Production – Moonbattery

Spicy Time commentary.

Bless her heart. She thinks she is going to win. – Gun Free Zone

Not only do these guys grow and ship food to the cities, they know how to hunt.  Every hunter is a sniper.

Cut off food, water, and electricity – especially the latter – to the Blue Hives and within a week they’ll turn on each other like rats in a flood.  Related to Spicy Time / SHTF:

Items People Would Kill for in a Crisis – Ask a Prepper

How to Protect Your Car from Becoming a Target After SHTF – Ask a Prepper

How to Communicate When the Grid Is Down – Ask a Prepper

I got a satellite phone through Shepherd Group.  Not cheap, but doesn’t rely on the phone / internet structure.  It DOES need line of sight to the satellite (so to make a call I have to go to a clear area).  He also has IT security and other products.  If you contact him, please mention me as – in full disclosure – I get a commission.

Moonbattery Episcopal Church Replaces St. George With LGBTism – Moonbattery

Their tendrils penetrate everywhere.  And people react:

One million United Methodists quit the church after sex rule change

Communist Democrats like Bennie Thompson want to deny Trump Secret Service protection (

They don’t want him disgraced or out of the race.  They want him dead.  But that’s not all.  They want YOU dead.



The Universal and Imperialist Islamic Mandate | Hungarian Conservative

Know your Islamic enemy.

Desperate, Lying Biden May Abuse AI To Pull The Ultimate Race Hoax | ZeroHedge

We know that AI voice fakery can fool most people.  We know that AI videos are not perfect, but… we don’t know what the alphabet agencies actually have available (doubtless far, far, far beyond anything we’ve seen).  Watch out for outright fakery.  And censorship dialed to 11:

FEDS ATTEMPT TO SHUT DOWN INFOWARS TONIGHT – Alex Jones Breaks Down in Tears on Live Show – Heartbreaking Video – Steve Bannon Urges Alex to Take Them to the Mattresses! | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Megyn Kelly EXPLODES In Fiery Monologue Calling To Toss Democrats In Prison: ‘The ONLY Way’ (

I agree with the fire in the belly.  I disagree with the theme.  First… RINOs.  Second… courts.  Third… you have to win elections to do this.  And the Left has proven they will stop at nothing.  Do you think, seeing what Trump is experiencing, that people who might otherwise run for office will shy away?  Yes.




The mysterious disappearance of a Mexican ‘supermodel’ Gabriela Rico Jiménez who emerged screaming from glitzy hotel claiming the elite were ‘eating humans’ … and then vanished | Daily Mail Online

I remember seeing this video, years after the fact.  Not surprised she got disappeared.

Tulsi Gabbard on how the verdict against President Trump in New York has caused a major degradation of our Rule of Law in the country:

Our “DEI” military in action.  If we need them to defend the country, we’re screwed.  Of course, if we have to fight them, I like our odds…

Pharma giant Merck was caught fudging the data for the effectiveness of their MMR shots.  But when taken to court, the (probably bought off) Judge says:  That’s OK, the government knew about it and will mandate them for kids anyway. Do you still “trust the science”?:

Irons in the Fire: Holy crap… at what point do we start taking corrupt bureaucrats and pharma execs (

Related:  It’s now coming to light that Dr. Fauci were not just pushing the “Covid-19 came from a wet-market” narrative, they were actively covering up the REAL origin (the Wuhan lab), and the fact that THEY were FUNDING the gain-of-function research at the lab.  To paraphrase a good friend:  Rope, Tree, and Criminal.  Some assembly required:

Fauci & Co. need to pay a price for funding Wuhan lab research — and trying to cover it up (

Pro-Vaccine Doctor Realizes She’s Been Injected With Poison — Video (

Fauci admits ‘science’ behind masking kids, 6-foot social distancing was made up | The Post Millennial |

NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers, a fact they tried to hide (

Just call BRIBES… “Royalties”.

In the 1970’s, the UK used blood supplies from HIV patients that they KNEW were infected to give to people who needed blood, which helped “kick off” the AIDS epidemic.  Our current FDA is now opening up the blood supply to accept gay men.  What could possibly go wrong?:

Rishi Sunak Admits to ‘Infected Blood Scandal’ – American Thinker

Wealthy conservatives who donate to Donald Trump are getting “visits” by the FBI.  This is why I all my political donations are done anonymously, through postal money orders, which I pay cash for. And I mail the letter from a place far from my home.  Read the comments also, as several stated that after a large donation, their business got audited by the IRS.

Another good reason to keep you head on a swivel:

NEW Info About the Chechen Illegal Who Was Shot While Possibly Surveilling Special Ops Soldier’s NC Home – RedState

This is an excellent article by Jeffery Tucker of the Epoch Times showing the “3 layer state” that exists today, and how they are REALLY the ones in charge, and that they don’t care about the law, or the Constitution:

The 3 Layers of the Technocratic State | The Epoch Times

Those of you in Maine Stands Up will recognize Dr. Meryl Nass, who hails from Ellsworth, Maine.  Here she is writing about how the next “pandemic” to solidify total control over the populations:

Pandemic Preparedness: Coming to a Country Near You | The Epoch Times

Jeffery Tucker on how most internet searches are being manipulated by the government to only allow you to see what they WANT you to see.  This is a good reason to have access to a 2nd form of communication that bypasses government (like ham radio):

Some good news:  School choice is working very well in Florida, to the point that several public schools are looking at being shut down, saving taxpayer money.  Of course, the teachers union and various people who benefit from forcing children into public schools are having fits:

School choice programs have been wildly successful under DeSantis. Now public schools might close. – POLITICO

6 Best Laying Chickens for Your Backyard – pets indoor


A digital wallet is the first step: How Estonia built its digital state | Biometric Update

It is being held up as an example.

The Amendments to the IHR have been adopted (

Even as we crow that we won, no, they are moving forward.

Even Alone – Please Read All And Pass On To Others – Western Rifle Shooters Association (

Compare militaries.

‘Highway robbery’ by U.S. police gets green light, thanks to ruling | WND | by Bob Unruh

Asset forfeiture.  All they have to do is declare whatever-it-is the product of drug trafficking, and it’s gone.  Good luck getting it back.

Megafossil Carbon Dating Indicates Sweden Was 2-3°C Warmer Than Today During The Last Glacial (

New Study: China’s Loess Plateau 7-8°C Warmer Than Today For Much Of The Last 4000 Years (

But… but… but it’s warming now, right?



And did you miss Zuckerberg’s mega yacht?

Lavrentiy Beria was Stalin’s chief of secret police in former Soviet Union & he said in his reign of terror “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”; he meant he can create a crime out of anyone, (

That’s exactly what the situation is.

Of Course They’ll Put Trump in Jail – PJ Media

Time To Fight Dirty – PJ Media

Farmers must kill 4.2 million chickens after bird flu hits Iowa egg farm – ABC News (

Food shortage incoming.

Closing out – Surak with info:

COVID-related resources – Surak substack blog




I know, a lot to go through.  But information is life these days.  And even the above only scratches the surface.


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BMW, Pride (Month), and Prejudice

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 22:00 +0000

The Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) makes world-class automobiles, motorcycles, things that go vroom vroom, and all that. Thye’ve got Bimmers, Beemers, and the like. BMW also knows, like all of corporate America, that pandering can be good for your Social Credit Score so every June is Rainbows its Logo.

But only in places friendly to the imagery.

BMW’s official corporate account on X said the quiet part out loud when someone dared to ask why the car company’s Middle East-facing logo had not been subjected to the same Pride-Month-rainbow-flag treatment as the logo seen in the United States: it wouldn’t be culturally acceptable there.

Libs of TikTok reminds us that it is not just BMW.

But someone asked BMW why, and it responded.

…”However, as is customary with such communication and marketing activities, it is at the discretion of our sales companies and independent distributors to decide if they wish to join centrally initiated communication and marketing campaigns or not. (3/4)”

In other words, BMW doesn’t want its sales teams in Islamic countries getting beheaded or thrown off a roof.

Very brave.

And we’re not picking gon BMW. The rest of them are likely no less courageous. As in, wow, we really support this thing, and we’re against discrimination, and support you being you but not anywhere that it matters.

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“Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 20:00 +0000

Ossipee “selectmen’s chair Jonathan Smith said the Main Street Program is essentially defunct.” “In fact, he and the other selectmen voted 3-0 not to give the Main Street Program $2,500 that voters approved at the annual meeting last week.”

Tuesday, May 28th, the meeting was going to be a public session on the demolition of The Building used by Main Street Ossipee and others at 15 Moultonville Road. Apparently, a few Ossipee Residents circulated a petition to force this issue to be voted on at a public town meeting.

My name was on the petition.

When I started paying attention to and voting on local issues, I voted for the $2500 to go to Main Street Ossipee. Two days later, I read that the selectmen rescinded the money. The Main Street Ossipee group sued the town for failing to notify them. Well, apparently, the notifications required are minimal, and that is what the selectmen did—the absolute minimum.

Sometimes, something may be “Legal,” but that does not make it “Right.”

This has a stink on it. When the Chair, Jonathan Smith, finished his statement on planning a special town meeting to vote on this issue, he looked at the people who submitted the petition and said, “This is a waste of money.”

We want to thank Ken Goodall for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

Well Mr. Smith, we may end up voting to demolish the building, and very well may, but it will be on the People of Ossipee to weigh the options and make that decision. There was a lot of talk about moving the Police Station to 43 Chickville Road.

Would it be a better decision to move the police into the Highway Department Building and have the police take over the building behind the Town Offices? There were many pros and cons in the discussion.

One of the gentlemen who got the signatures feels this way as well, but the topic was driven by Dallas Emery Jr. Everyone there agreed the building is a deal and the town should buy the building no matter what. A couple of people kept defending the purchase, even though no one there was against it.

Mr. Emery was discussing different options and reasons for the move, and the Chair Laughed and said he was going to set a time limit for Mr. Emory. I stood aside out of camera view and watched and listened, but as soon as the chair said this, I spoke up and said, “I Yield my time to Mr. Emory!” It may not be in the transcript since I did not properly state my name, but it should be heard on the video.

All we are asking for is transparency and better communication, legal or not.

The profits from the sale of 5 Dore Street, the old police station, is another issue; if it does not sell, they may have to temporarily divert paving funds to cover the price and return the money if and when the property sells.

It brought back a lot of bad memories dealing with these local boards, but I had already been banished from Exeter, and Ossipee was our Dream place, so I really did not have anywhere else to go. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

So, it goes.

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Irony Alert: The Left Puts Energy Politics Ahead of the Environment

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 18:00 +0000

Dave “Whale Killer” Watters ended up having his meeting yesterday despite the lack of a quorum and took time to listen to the peasants’ objections to offshore wind projects off the coast of New Hampshire. One participant noted how disrespectful Whale Killer Watters was to the rabble’s concerns.

!function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+"/?url="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&args="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify([].slice.apply(arguments))),e.parentNode.insertBefore(l,e)}})}(window, document, "script", "Rumble");

Rumble("play", {"video":"v4x3omr","div":"rumble_v4x3omr"});

That’s a lot of video; I’ve not sifted it yet. Time has been at a premium for the past several days (no comment of the week if you’d not noticed). If the crowd has time to source examples, send me time stamps, and we’ll see about pulling those out for display purposes – and not just clips of Watters being a weenie. Good questions with bad or no answers are good, too.

There is an obvious disdain for suggesting that these leases not get done. The project is being fast-tracked. They want to get out there and kill some whales, and on that point – here’s Robert Bryce – (author, filmmaker, public speaker, and energy sector observer) – with some unpleasant observations.

Related: Of Course Offshore Wind is a Bigger Threat to Right Whales than Lobster Fisherman

Why are they developing offshore wind infrastructure on top of endangered Right whale habitat?

You might recall a California pressure group called Seafood Watch and its smear on Maine Lobster fishermen. They were endangering right whales, they said. They banned their lobsters, and they did. But we don’t eat whales, so Seafood Watch isn’t watching right whales when it comes to wind. Neither is Greenpeace, which actively promotes offshore wind. They have a page to stop commercial whaling, and they oppose offshore drilling/mining ‘cuz whales, but wind? Nothing.

A Group Called Save the Whales issued a 78-page report as part of public comment for an East Coast wind project that challenged many of the assumptions about offshore wind and included concerns about harm to the endangered right whale.

  • The findings of federal scientists at NOAA-Fisheries (National Marine Fisheries Service) were that the project represented a threat to the continued existence of the North Atlantic Right Whale. The agency wrote a letter in May of 2022 to BOEM recommending, for harm mitigation, a buffer zone bounded on the east by the depth line where the Nantucket shoals depth measures 30 m and extending southwest for 20 km (12 mi). There was a big exposé by Bloomberg News in November of 2022 that BOEM was not heeding the federal government’s own scientists at NOAA-Fisheries. The Mayflower DEIS reveals that BOEM ruled out doing this because it considers the power purchase agreement to have irretrievably committed whatever portion of the lease area is necessary for power production outlined in the agreement, which was formed in 2020, three years before conclusion of the environmental inquiry as to the project’s effects. This means the decision as to whether to commit ocean resources to any specific purpose is being made ahead of the environmental review which examines what the environmental consequences will be. This runs counter to the intent of the environmental law.

That seems to parallel the experience here in New Hampshire regarding BOEM and the alleged tri-state offshore wind commission upon which Dave ‘Whale Killer’ Watters so proudly sits.

Of course, whales are not the only issue. Despite the massive growth of wind generating capacity in the US, electricity generated by the infrastructure declined last year.

But what happens when you build massive amounts of wind energy capacity and it doesn’t deliver — not for a day or a week, but for six months, or even an entire year? That question is germane because, on Wednesday, the Energy Information Administration published a report showing that U.S. wind energy production declined by 2.1% last year. Even more shocking: that decline occurred even though the wind sector added 6.2 GW of new capacity!

A hat tip to fellow Substack writer Roger Pielke Jr., who pithily noted on Twitter yesterday, “Imagine if the U.S. built 6.2 GW new capacity in nuclear power plants and after starting them up, overall U.S. electricity generation went down. That’d be a problem, right?”

Something about weather-dependent intermittent energy capacity … blah, blah, but don’t you dare point it out, or you are just being political. Damn right (whale!) I am because nothing about this is NOT POLITICAL. It is all political, and we know that because if it were not, more environmental groups (who have become cutouts and proxies for the Federal wind and solar agenda) would be up in arms.

A much younger Jeanne Shaheen proudly protested the construction of the Seabrook Nuclear power plant to protect the environment, including sea life. I’m unsure if she’s raised a drawn-on eyebrow regarding the rise in whale deaths following the rapid expansion of offshore wind along the East Coast. Not even one blue-ribbon committee.

And the whales don’t get a vote, but I was out over Jeffreys Ledge Saturday (19 miles out from Portsmouth), and we saw a lot of whales—groups of three. Here is a quick clip of one of them.

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It Is With Great Sadness That I Inform You … That You Have All Failed

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 16:00 +0000

Dear Attorney General of Michigan, Attorney General of Washington, Attorney General of Maryland, Diocese of WA, Detroit, and Baltimore. It is with great sadness that I inform you that you have all failed to report and communicate with each other about the sexual abuse of Father Leonard Foisy.

He worked in high-level positions within your dioceses—the highest of positions. I encourage you all to contact the Attorney General of New Hampshire, this is where Father Leonard Foisy abused me and others. This was after he abused victims elsewhere.

Your only solution is a simple 3-step process
-Communicate with each other.
-Accurately name his assignments.
-Then, type the 12 characters of his name into Credibly Accused. Though NH uses this rather loosely in my opinion. I encourage you to do better.

We want to thank Niko Roswell for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

I am disgusted that states are not communicating with each other as it pertains to, but not limited to, the abuse by clergy. By 2023, states should not rely on bias groups such as Church Militant, SNAP, and Bishop Accountability. False information harms victims, and these groups should all be held accountable.

This is not rocket science. It is common sense to “restore trust” in the Diocese of Manchester, NH.

Fix this so that victims have some sense of justice.

Lawyers all seem to want to toss money around, and victim advocates seem to cash in on our trauma.

Transparency + Truth =’s Justice
Money = Silence – Accountability

Kindly but with an abundance of directness.

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Global Gifting Made Easy: Discover the Best International Gift Delivery

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 15:00 +0000

In an interconnected world, showing appreciation or celebrating milestones across international borders has never been easier, thanks to services like best international gift delivery. Whether it’s for friends, family, or business associates abroad, sending a thoughtful gift can bridge any distance. This article will guide you through the nuances of international gifting, from choosing the right gift to ensuring it reaches its destination without a hitch.

Understanding the Power of Gifting Internationally Strengthening Connections

Gifting is a universal language of love, gratitude, and recognition. When it crosses borders, it not only strengthens personal bonds but also reinforces business relationships by showing care and respect despite the physical distances.

Celebrating Diversity

International gifts can also serve as a celebration of cultural diversity. By choosing gifts that reflect the recipient’s cultural heritage or local customs, the sender can show a deep appreciation for the recipient’s background and traditions.

Types of Gifts That Make an Impact Internationally Gourmet Gift Baskets

A universally welcomed gift, gourmet baskets can include a variety of foods and beverages from around the globe. Whether it’s fine chocolates, premium teas, or artisan cheeses, these baskets cater to all tastes and preferences.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts, such as engraved items, custom artwork, or monogrammed accessories, add a personal touch that can make the recipient feel truly special and thought of across the miles.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

With growing environmental awareness, eco-friendly gifts are not only thoughtful but also responsible. Items made from sustainable materials or that contribute to conservation efforts are particularly appreciated.

Choosing the Right International Gift Consider the Occasion

The type of gift should align with the occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or professional milestone, the gift should appropriately reflect the significance of the event.

Know the Recipient

Understanding the recipient’s preferences, interests, and cultural background is crucial. This ensures the gift is both appropriate and personal, increasing its impact and value.

Quality Matters

When sending a gift internationally, choose high-quality items that will travel well and arrive in good condition. High-quality gifts not only leave a better impression but also ensure durability and satisfaction.

Essential Tips for International Gift Delivery Research Local Customs and Regulations

Before sending a gift abroad, it’s important to research the recipient’s local customs and import regulations. Some countries have restrictions on what can be imported, and respecting these rules is crucial to ensure the gift arrives without issues.

Plan for Timing and Logistics

International shipping requires careful planning, especially during busy periods like holidays. Ensure you choose a reliable delivery service that offers tracking and timely delivery to avoid delays.

Packaging for Safe Transit

Proper packaging is essential to protect the gift during transit. It should be secure enough to withstand the journey while also being attractive, to reflect the thoughtfulness of the gift.


Choosing and sending gifts internationally doesn’t just show thoughtfulness—it also bridges cultural divides and strengthens relationships. With the help of services that offer the best international gift delivery, expressing love, gratitude, or congratulations across borders is simpler and more effective than ever. Whether it’s for personal reasons or to foster business relationships, an international gift can make a significant positive impact. For more insights into successful international gifting, visiting educational sites like Culture Crossings can offer valuable tips on cultural etiquette and gift-giving practices worldwide. By understanding the recipient’s culture, respecting international delivery practices, and choosing meaningful gifts, your offerings can bring joy and appreciation, no matter the distance.

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I Do Not Feel Trump’s Conviction Like I Do Biden’s Inflation

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 14:00 +0000

For the most part, politicians are very flawed individuals. The money and power of the political system are too enticing for many of these people to resist, and the longer they are in the game, the larger the temptation. That is a solid reason for term limits, but that is the topic for another day. We cannot say that the enticements corrupt all politicians, but I hope that there are some with the moral character to stay on the path and leave as clean as they entered. I would be tremendously disappointed if Jim Jordan (R-OH), Claudia Tenney (R-NY), or Elise Stefanik (R-NY) were ever implicated in any wrongdoings. There is virtually no presidential term that no members of Congress are indicted and found guilty of offenses ranging from Tax Issues to Spousal Abuse.

I have no issues voting for Donald Trump after his conviction, especially with the entire legal process corrupted from indictment to trial and finally to the jury decision. With the eventual reversal of the conviction and sentence by either an appellate or the Supreme Court, this charade was just done to bruise Trump before the election. This fiasco is an excellent example of election interference perpetrated by the Executive branch and the Justice Department. The mainstream media will continue their orgasmic reaction to The outcome of the Hush Money Case, but Trump will have the final laugh with increased ratings and windfall contributions. The traffic to Trump’s official site was so robust that the website crashed for a short time after the case.

On the flip side, Biden and the Democrats hoped the Trump conviction would divert attention from the issues negatively impacting Biden’s favorability numbers. Unfortunately for Biden, the pain of his lousy policies is too great for a historic happening to assuage. The election is five months away, but Democrats are getting very anxious, and talk of a replacement candidate is increasing. Many Democrat contributors on MSNBC and CNN do not see Biden as the candidate at the August convention in Chicago. He does not deserve to be.

Whether by replacement or loss to Trump in November, Biden/Harris should be a one-term nightmare. Whether his age or continuous anti-American decisions, his performance has assured him of leading the pack of the worst presidents in our history. There is no comparison between the damage done to America with anywhere between 11 and 30 million illegals crossing our border and a payoff to pornstar by Trump. People are far more damaged by the wild inflation caused by Biden’s big spending legislative successes or Bidenomics than any bogus fraud charges that New York has fabricated on Trump. Trump is proving to be the most resilient President and Presidential candidate. The Biden team is trying to break Trump’s spirit or drain his checkbook, and nothing they try is doing either.

Trump may owe Biden a big thank you for all of his failed efforts of a weaponized government. Biden has stirred up the Republicans, and people that were on the fence or never voted for Trump are clamoring to join the MAGA movement. Biden may be confining Trump in various courtrooms, but the outcome may be that Trump will sit behind the resolute desk come January. Trump has earned that second term, and for the America that Biden left for him, we need a Trump second term more.

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Democrat Cinde Warmington’s Huge Conflict of Interest “Problem”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 12:00 +0000

With His Excellency retiring from the governor’s office, New Hampshire Democrats are hoping this is their opportunity to take the office back. Before Sununu, they’d had a lock on it for many years, except for the Craig Benson hiccup (one two-year term).

One of the Left’s alleged rising stars is Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington, who is vying to be the next Democrat governor of New Hampshire.

Another is former Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig, whom I’m sure Warmington does not see as much of a threat. It is of little consequence. Warmington is her own worst enemy. And it is not her vocal support for far-left priorities, which play well in a primary but not in a general election. Warmington’s problem is Allisandra Murray.

A special interest group pays Murray a salary so she “can afford” to spend time in Concord as an elected representative. For those unfamiliar, NH’s citizen legislators get $100.00 a year plus mileage, so day jobbers and those lacking other income don’t run. Murray helped create a “non-profit” to compile donations to pay her to vote the way it wanted and didn’t think that needed to be disclosed.

Murray is a co-founder and employee of the Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire (RFFNH). …  RFFNH lobbyist Josie Pinto was paying Murray’s salary so the progressive could serve in the House and influence legislation. And while Murray had voted on many pieces of legislation related to abortion issues of interest to RFFNH, she had never filed a conflict of interest disclosure.

After being exposed, Murray sought a ruling from the ethics committee, which decided by a vote of 5-1 that Murray had to recuse herself from all legislation the RFFNH was lobbying.

Murray was violating NH House ethics rules. A special interest group is paying her to vote their way on legislation. It was never formally disclosed. Murray never filed or made public the obvious conflict of interest. Murray did not even consider the conflict of interest until the truth came out in the local media, and afterward, Cinde Warmington didn’t either. Warmington was the one who voted against declaring the situation a conflict of interest.

By the way, Warmington’s husband was Murray’s lawyer. Warmington is running for governor. She is either a total partisan hack willing to ignore politically favorable conflicts of interest or does not see elected officials being paid to vote a certain way as unethical.

We don’t need to get mired in a broader conversation about the history of politics, money, and ethics because this case is as clear as vodka. Murray was hired to run for office by a special interest she co-founded, which gives her a salary to be a State representative. Absent that salary, Murray could not run or serve. Murray’s job is to support abortion lobby positions and vote for bills that advance them and against bills that do not.

Warmington is good with all of that. She’s so good with it she voted to protect it.

The Craig Campaign could make a lot of hay in the primary on this but likely won’t. That will be left to Republicans and the same sort of media that forced Murray to address unethical behavior—not the Union leader nor the Concord Monitor, not WMUR. New media had to do that, and it will be up to the new media to keep them all honest.

All of them.


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Exchange Perfect Money to Tether ERC20 (USDT)

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 11:00 +0000

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The advantages listed above make it possible to apply for a cryptocurrency exchange at the presented service.

Very often, in the process of using a crypto exchanger, clients have a question about whether it is possible to exchange Perfect Money for Tether. Today, this service is irrelevant since the exchanger offers more than 374 different exchagers, among which everyone can find what suits them best. If a cryptocurrency exchange occurs for the first time, for this process to be implemented as correctly as possible, you will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with a special guide on the website.

The Bestchange portal provides cryptocurrency exchange services on the best terms, but the benefits of cooperation do not end there. Another nice feature is an affiliate partnership program with unique conditions.

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Soviet-Style Show-Trials Are Cause For Celebration

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 10:00 +0000

A big THANK YOU to Rep Damond Ford … for regularly pulling back the curtain and letting us see the Woke-Communists’ true nature. I’m talking about Damond’s X (twitter). I am sure it is just a matter of time until General Secretary Matty Wilhelm instructs Damond to stop tweeting his mind. So let’s appreciate Damond while we still can.

Here’s Damond tweeting about “celebrating” the Soviet-style show-trial of Donald Trump. That’s what Woke-Communists do … celebrate jailing their political opponents. I’m sure that Damond and his fellow Woke-Commies would claim they’re celebrating justice. But, needless to say but I’ll say it anyway, jailing their political opponents is justice to the Woke-Communists.


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Night Cap: The Selling Of America

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 02:00 +0000

The average American need not hold an economics degree to realize that America’s business complex must remain in America in order for our Country and her people to prosper and benefit. Furthermore, this is such sound reasoning that it’s merely common sense to all, including our CEO’s!

Using this understanding as our guide, why is it that for so long, America’s economic foundations have relocated overseas and with Washington’s “bon voyage” type blessings?

Sadly, the title cited refers to our present-day reality—quite frankly, the selling of who we are! Aside from the obvious corporate greed involved, which fuels the corporate world’s individual transactions and reasons for being, this “selling” reflects a national betrayal that shamefully shines upon a treasonous agenda!

Equally ominous is what can’t be sold to foreign markets—in other words, America’s intrinsic values of tradition, principles, and moral being are either ignored, revised, or outlawed! Whatever the case, we are at a point where to remain silent, as we have been so conditioned to be, is to sacrifice our own well-being.

But how is it that we have remained this dormant for so long? After the announced sale of the United States Steel Corporation (USS), I was stunned at our quiet disinterest. America invented the automobile, the TV, and the telephone, so what were the reasons behind industries being transferred overseas? America has been systematically bastardized, first by foreign competition, then influenced, infiltrated, and finally, totally taken over., and without a public whimper. Such quietness was also evident as America’s phones now offer the choice of Spanish or English dialogues!

In addition to our former one language country, America was also founded as a Judeo-Christian nation. So how is it that now, mentioning anything remotely Christian is offensive, or worse, intolerable and even illegal? This in a country where the Ten Commandments are still on display at our highest judiciary level? Yet, this blatant unconstitutionality had its start in that same courtroom when the Supreme Court outlawed prayer in public schools! From that initial “foot in the door,” Constitutional violations have become like a home grown adversarial termite.

America’s dismal educational product has paralleled this downhill avalanche into mediocrity, as today’s colleges and universities are also antithetical to the origins of their “hallowed ivy-covered walls.” Our oldest institutions, such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, began as Christian-based institutions designed for the “spreading of the word” in the new world. Today, the word they spread is anarchy!

How about our nation’s military and our ability to sustain a war effort, especially without US Steel? Our military dominance has also receded as services have been downsized in material and personnel. In addition, today’s ground forces shelved military tactics for the studies of sensitivities, white male superiority, racial discord, and gender discrimination—military tactics they are not!

This brief critique, while discouraging, is factual and incriminating to those pulling the policy levers. An official 1983 summation of our educational decline also applies to this present-day military deterioration. It accurately judges both deteriorating departments with: “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.”

America cannot continue in this helpless and dependent fashion since reliance upon foreign powers is a recipe for disaster. The reliable “then versus now” routine accurately incriminates not only those elected and/or appointed but those doing the electing. In a manner so subtle as to be unnoticed, many have been subliminally massaged into thinking and supporting with a certain bias that has been detrimental to our personal and national well-being. Also, finger-pointing or discounting blame will not accomplish what needs to be corrected.

Our countrymen and women need to appreciate and protect what is America. We need to self evaluate from a different perspective since whatever the thinking or priorities that were, at a minimum, they need re-examining on a broader scale. The fact that America went from being the strongest and best to third world weakness and a state of dependency should be enough to squelch any hesitancy towards rethinking previous beliefs. If not now addressed, America will go under, which also includes “we the people!”

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No Keith … Critical Race Theory Won’t Be On The Ballot In November

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-06-04 00:00 +0000

Rep. Keith Ammon’s reaction to woke judge Paul Barbadoro striking down a law banning “Critical Race Theory” from being taught in New Hampshire schools was that “Barbadoro just put stopping Critical Race Theory back on the ballot in November.” Unfortunately, that is highly and extremely doubtful.

Critical Race Theory will only be on the ballot if the NHGOP has the balls to call out specific Democrats (Woke-Communists) BY NAME for supporting CRT. Some milquetoast “[name of GOP candidate] opposes Critical Race Theory” is not going to cut it. The Democrat (Woke-Communist) must be called out.

The NHGOP also needs to explain succinctly what Critical Race Theory involves because most voters have no understanding of CRT. “[Name of Democrat candidate] supports Critical Race Theory” is woefully inadequate. This, from NH-NeverTrump Journal, contains the level of detail needed to enlighten voters about CRT.

Unfortunately, the most we can realistically expect from the feckless, timid NHGOP is some cookie-cutter campaign literature extolling a “parental bill of rights” and pushing EFAs and maybe … just maybe … “opposes teaching Critical Race Theory.” That is NOT going to cut it. You have to name the names … in districts where there are still enough normal voters to make winning possible.

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ICYMI – Democrats Applaud Verdict, Outlaw President Trump, And Why This Verdict Will Die on Appeal

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-06-03 22:00 +0000

Now that Donald Trump is an Outlaw, he’s taken on a new (additional persona) that his followers have embraced, and why wouldn’t they? But it is not just the usual suspects. A growing list of people who would have never voted for Trump are saying they now will, and a few of them are donating large sums to his campaign.

Scott Adams called it the biggest political mistake in American History.

Democrats are still cheering for the partisan judge and jury (the prosecution’s case was loaded with reasonable doubt). Still, plenty of Americans now realize there is no check on the Bden government’s abuse of power.

Not for Nothing

Democrats won’t be smiling for long. They screwed up. The miscalculation was yuge, and the last thing they need is the orange man in an orange jumpsuit. That would elevate the sympathy factor to a level unseen in American politics. A door has been opened, a door they can no longer close: the political prosecution of opponents, including past presidents, who could all find themselves in a courtroom filled with an unsympathetic judge and jury. Clinton, Obama, and Biden’s handlers—Joe is allegedly not competent to stand trial, which is what every American Leftist looks for in a Chief Executive.

Actual crimes, not made-up ones. Actual high crimes and misdemeanors.

Trump is going to appeal, and the verdict will be thrown out, but not before the election (jump to 10 minutes to get to why the trial was such a joke and why Trump will win on Appeal).

I’d honestly be surprised if legal teams under Republican Governors, attorneys general, or their prosecutors were not building cases against high-ranking Democrats as I write this.

So, Trump might not be the only Outlaw president, although that might be reason enough not to prosecute Obama, Clinton, or Biden. The riots the left would raise in response are another.

And to lighten things up a bit, here is Impersonator Shawn Fararsh doing Outlaw Trump.

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$50 Million And Counting

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-06-03 20:00 +0000

Between the sham conviction and June 1, 10 AM, when I am writing this, the American people … or more accurately the remaining American people who are decent and you can actually call fellow-Americans … have donated over $50 MILLION to Trump:

What would be actual justice would be for petulant children like Jessica Grill … whose X account demonstrates almost daily, if not hourly, that she is anything but “the honorable” … to choke on their smirks and snark. You want to be an activist? Then DO SOMETHING. Donate to Trump. That’s the best way to deal with the smirk and snark off Woke-Communists like pea-brain Grill:

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It Does Not Look Like NH Is Getting Any Electricty From “Whale-Killer” Watters Wind Boondoggle

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-06-03 18:00 +0000

We’ve had our fair share of comments and coverage of ‘New Hampshire’s” effort to support offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine. The lead figure in this comic tragedy is Democrat State Senator David ‘Whale Killer” Watters. He’s all in for New Hampshire, but why? We’re not getting any of the power.

The proposed development is guesstimated to produce 13 GW of power. If history is any guide, it will be much less.

The point of ingress for power is (I am told) New Hampshire, but much like the much-maligned Northern Pass, we bear the burden without much benefit. Nowhere can we find evidence that Granite Staters, whose fishermen are affected by the project, benefit. We’re not getting any Gulf of Maine Wind energy in New Hampshire.

By the way, David ‘Whale Killer’ Watters is trying to cancel today’s trei-state commission meeting. He says they won’t have a quorum, and while he is willing to show up to answer questions, he’d rather cancel. I’m wondering how they ever have a quorum. The list of people on this commission is immense. But we don’t have many meetings left before go time, so this is damn convenient, given all the pushback from the BOEM meeting last week.

!function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+"/?url="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&args="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify([].slice.apply(arguments))),e.parentNode.insertBefore(l,e)}})}(window, document, "script", "Rumble");

Rumble("play", {"video":"v4vvt13","div":"rumble_v4vvt13"});

At approximately 1:06:00, BOEM says NH has no renewable energy goals but that we will have transmission lines to Seabrook and Schiller stations in Portsmouth.

There’s a lot here, but if the issue matters to you, it is worth sifting. As we’ve noted previously,

The process moves forward without much regard for the unexplained culling of sea life.

I’m no expert. I don’t know if offshore wind is to blame. The whole thing is fishy to me, but I do know that wind is not green, and it will kill sea birds and have some detrimental impacts. If there was a desperate need, we could take time to evaluate the risks further and manage loss because of some higher purpose, but replacing fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emissions is not it. Shutting down cheap, reliable energy for expensive intermittent alternatives is economically irresponsible and will result in real-world harm to people and businesses, including (are you listening, Whale Killer?) minorities.

Even if you believe the warming narratives about CO2, America isn’t the problem. Decarbonizing will only cripple our productivity and performance, hampering economic growth and lending to joblessness and systemic stagflation. India, China, Russia, Africa, and Asia will not leave their people in poverty, and neither wind nor solar, even if they were green and affordable, will ever alleviate that. That’s why they are burning coal, gas, and oil and ramping up capacity.

The sacrifice is literally for nothing, but to progressive resume plumping goofs like Watters, the threat to our lifestyles and sea life is worth it. Look! I got offshore wind! Shower me with accolades.

It’s a cluster and they’d like very much for people to stop commenting unless it is in support. I’m also certain that Whale Killers’ excuse for us not getting any power from this not-green boondoggle is that it will be there when we need it.

In the meantime, we’ll get to enjoy higher electric rates once (or when) the wind hits the New England grid.

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