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Take Back the Mainstream!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-18 15:00 +0000

Husband and wife team John Bowman & Claire Ketteler are excited to announce our candidacy for the two House seats representing Newbury and New London, N.H., Merrimack County District 7.

We gratefully ask for your support in this marginally blue district. (2.5%)

83% of Americans believe our country is going in the wrong direction.  This understanding proves that the mainstream public is sensible and can be trusted!  Our state is sliding down the same path, and it is time for citizen volunteers to step up and “throw the rascals out.”

We chose to run because our state government is not responsive to the citizens. We witnessed the Senate lawyers tell our New Hampshire Supreme Court that our constitutional right to Petition and Remonstrance has “gone out of fashion” and is now just a right to ask permission to petition or remonstrate, with no obligation by the legislature to act.  This same body allowed the Feds to mandate shared bathrooms in our schools under the threat of losing school lunch funding.  This violates our Constitution in several ways.

Indeed, the US Supreme Court has held forever that school policies should be determined by community values.  When did this change?  The right to protest in the abortion debate is allowed only for one side.  Mask mandates, school and business closures, and medical freedom all have devolved into hypocrisy.  It appears that even at the local level, FREEDOM is held sacred only for some.

HB1431, the Parental Rights bill, failed by 5 Republican votes.  Parents’ right to know what their children are being taught can only be controversial in a world turned upside down.  That is why we run.

A biased media calling itself “mainstream” will tell us that Conservatives are radicals. That any crazy policies and their devastating consequences are not.

  • Loving your country is mainstream. Hating your country and teaching that to our youth is radical.
  • Respecting differences is mainstream. Censorship of unwelcome views is radical~~also evil.
  • Wanting your kids to gather self-esteem from achievement is mainstream. Forcing crazy social experiments on them is radical.
  • Judging people by the content of their character is mainstream. Demanding they admit their oppressor/victim status based on skin color destroys self-esteem~~not to mention being pure racism. That is as radical as it gets.
  • Mainstream America is honest and fair: one standard applies to all. Only radical partisans use double standards and deception to manipulate the truth. One of a thousand examples:  If one side questions the integrity of the vote, it is noble; If the other side does the same thing, it is a threat to democracy!
  • Mainstream America knows a duck when it quacks. Radicals silence the duck.

The most recent example: MAYRA FLORES made history as the first Mexican-born woman to be elected to Congress.  Now, we don’t care what her social status is, but the biased media does, and they were completely silent.  She did not fit the accepted ‘conservatives-are-bigots’ narrative.  Ms. Flores responded to her election by stating that Mexican culture is based on conservative values of “faith, family, and hard work”.  She added “patriotism” further on.  You will not hear that on the news.

Claire and I believe that FREEDOM is a mainstream value held in very low regard by the Left.  Indeed, it is a Natural Right given or revoked only by the Creator.

Freedom of thought brings freedom of conscience.  Neither can exist without the right to speak your mind.  Conservatives allow this.  Radicals do not.

We believe that people should be free to express their views on any issue without being abused by the force of law.  Our legislature has difficulty with this concept.

We believe that parents should be free to question whatever their children might be experiencing at school.  No item of curriculum or behavior, happy activity or wrongdoing, should be able to escape full disclosure by law.

We believe that our State Constitution–and that other one–exists to limit government, not our rights.  We approve of the NHGOP platform, but I didn’t read the word “God” in it once.  So perhaps they too believe our rights come from the government–and can be revoked by the government also.  This needs to change as well.

We understand that votes in the House do not always represent what they seem to, as many buried words and phrases can change the entire bill, making a flawed Bill a worthless Act to be disposed of forthwith.  That will be our combined task, to investigate all the words and phrases in bills, listen to all interested parties, and to vote according to our core beliefs in

  • constitutional freedom,
  • sensible stewardship, and
  • full transparency in the functions of government and schools.

One final thought.  We support TERM LIMITS for all elected offices, including the school boards, legislature, executive council, and the courts. We can’t be a citizen-volunteer government if we allow politicians to stay in business indefinitely.

Please check out our websites.  We start marching as soon as the yard signs arrive!       

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Progressives and the New Lysenkoism

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-18 13:30 +0000

Unless you have studied communist Russia’s history the name Trofim Lysenko likely means nothing to you. Given the current political climate, however, Lysenko and his story are one we should all know and share with others, especially representatives.

Lysenko’s story is one of both science denial and the utter failure of the progressive/communist approach to agriculture.

Lysenko was born and raised in Ukraine, where his family owned a farm. He learned the basics from his father and then went on to study at the University of Kyiv where he was a middling-level student who was weak in math and lacking also the talent for ingenuity. Lysenko became radicalized by the growing popularity of Marx’s socialist view, which he then adapted to his anemic understanding of agriculture.

Lysenko learned of the two types of wheat grown in those parts, summer and winter wheat. Confusing plagiarism with genius, he took credit for a hybrid style of winter wheat which he claimed to adapt by subjecting summer wheat to extremely cold temperatures, which he also did in reverse with winter wheat, believing he could make them hardier. This method had already been done by reputable agronomists in the 1800s as well as likely any number of farmers throughout human history.

Human nature being what it is, Lysenko was able to take this agronomical plagiarism and turn it into opportunity. As Russia was under the iron grip of Stalin’s communist regime, Lysenko took his “discovery” and curried favor with the dictator, who made him director of Genetics for the Academy of Sciences in 1940. A handful of Russian scientists at the time saw the irony in this appointment, given that Lysenko rejected Mendelian genetics as a scientific fact. As a result, Lysenko had power over both Russia’s agricultural practices and the scientists who might speak out against him. This would prove to be disastrous for both.

Lysenko, a peasant, and lifelong proletarian developed scientific theories based on his ideology over science. Adapting communistic thinking to plant life he surmised plants behaved in Marxian solidarity that led to a type of utopia of the soil. His theories included plants having a sacrificial nature and that proximity bred cooperation among them rather than competition for nutrients. Other Soviet ideologues were enchanted by his synchronizing theories and this caused major media like Pravda to essentially shape the cult of Lysenko. With his newfound fame and power, he was also able to imprison his critics and even have some killed. This included those which had placed Soviet genetics at the top of the global scientific community by the 1930s.

In practice, his agricultural theories led to famines in both Russia and later in Mao’s China. Russians lost numerous millions while creating a food shortage from Lysenko’s pseudoscience. Mao, also an adherent of Communist science, adopted the same measures costing between 15-55 million during the Great Chinese Famine of 1959-1962. What Stalin and Lysenko had touted as a communist victory that would lead to annual harvest booms and year-round work delivered the opposite. Lysenko’s critics increased and would ultimately have him removed from his directorship to live out his days in shame for his failures.

Are we seeing a type of Lysenkoism among today’s progressives? Are those who called out, even panic-yelled, “follow the science” actually following pseudoscience based on bad ideology? Is the “Woke” movement a cornucopia of pseudo-scientific theories being pushed as social rights? If science is based on testable, repeatable, reliable models that offer universal truth about the natural order the answer is – yes they are.

Pick from any one of the mRNA-vaccine, fat-shaming, gender theory, queer theory, or even climate change hot topics and the discerning and scientific students will discover the incongruous of their “scientific” claims. Aside from weak and even backward thinking, these popular ideas share Lysenko’s political affinity for Marxist communism.

Unless you have $600-$1000 lying around to buy a copy of Survival of the Wisest by Jonas Salk, the same Jonas Salk who developed a polio vaccine, you probably haven’t read it. I was fortunate enough to get a copy from the Dartmouth College Library after listening to a review of it on YouTube. Given its controversial content, I had to read it for myself. Despite parting ways with Lysenko on genetic theory, Salk shares his communist-globalist leanings with some eugenics to boot. Salk explains how we can use mRNA vaccines (circa 1973) to essentially hack human beings and create a superior race of “wise” people. This highly engineered race would also need to leave the troglodytes from what he referred to as Epoch A behind since Epoch B would be for the ascended masters who moved on from traditional values in favor of super science values that mirror such Marxists as Marcuse and Foucault’s vision of a sexually liberated Illuminati – seriously. As we look out our windows we can see the effects of his pandemic theory and, like Lysenko’s, they are disastrous.

As a fitness expert, I am stunned by the ignoring of established science regarding healthy body weight metrics to avoid “fat-shaming”. I can only assume the champions of this new counter-fat craze never bothered to look up the etymology for the abdomen. Ab is to “go away from” and domeni is Latin for “God”. Named that because as one got fatter, the clearer was their gluttony. Conversely, the more one focuses on having ripped abs, the clearer their vanity. If only it were simple gluttony, obesity doesn’t add to the quality of life in any health metric. Furthermore, obesity disqualifies you from many joys of life, like with the 240-pound Tik Tok star recently denied her horse-riding adventure thanks to her excess body fat. Singer Adele was shamed for actually losing weight. Excessive fat is exactly that – excessive, as in unhealthy. We know that thanks to exercise science and modern medicine.

Gender theory is yet another farcical “science” based on the philosophical notions of Dr. John Money who simply borrowed sex grammar and applied them to people to validate his quackish attempt to change two boys into girls. At the expense of both of their lives ending in suicide, Money urged them and their parents to play along under the guise of his credentialed theory, which lacked any scientific merit. The loss of life is eerily reminiscent of Lysenkoism, and the rise in this practice among progressives seems to offer the Marxist Utopia that never comes while leaving destruction in its wake.

Gender theory is outdone by queer theory, ostensibly beginning in 1984 with Gayle Rubin’s essay “Thinking Sex” where she defends all manner of perversity, her words even, up to and including sadomasochism and even pedophilia which she euphemizes as “cross-generational attraction”. Dr. James Lindsay, Peter Boghosian, and Helen Pluckrose caught on to this, along with many others, and with the rise in pseudo-academic journals. These three exposed with their “Grievance Studies Affair” which was made famous by simply revising the thirteenth chapter of Mein Kampf as a submission to a Women’s Studies Journal only to see it applauded for the excellence of its aims (namely to subjugate men). Queer theory now openly states its aim is to queer everything to create a new normal – where boys can be girls, men can swim against women, and animals can be married to humans. The new normal seems to fit the Biblical warning of calling evil good and good evil.

Lastly, knowing Vermonters take Climate Change more seriously than they do murdering babies, this pseudo-science has been debunked numerous times by scientific experts unafraid to point out the climate kings have no clothes on. I’m no climatologist but I can see the polar bear population has doubled rather than died off per Al Gore’s warning. Ice caps contract and expand, which exposes another of his threats to mankind. Parts of the earth have seen the coldest temperatures in years and warming is not occurring, hence the name change to “climate change” from global warming. Manhatten is still above sea level, and with any luck, carbon dioxide will continue to create greater amounts of greenery leading to more arable land and the ability to sustain our desperately needed population growth. Yet the climate crazies would rather halt development in the third world by curbing their fossil fuel use, which will also cost millions of lives and the hope of prosperity.

One begins to wonder if this universal incompetence is even that, or if they have destroying human flourishing down to a science.

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Is Almost 30,000 Dead From the COVID Vaccines Enough Bodies to Raise a Red Flag?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-18 12:00 +0000

Not that long ago, a few adverse vaccine events were enough to raise the alarm. If that event was patient death, the threshold was low. A handful of fatalities would end that treatment, and the public would be warned. Not anymore. Adverse events in the US from the COVID19 “vaccines” is nearing 1.3 million.

These “vaccines” have permanently disabled at least fifty-three thousand people. They are linked to 41,000 cases of myocarditis or pericarditis, nearly 15,000 heart attacks, and 28,714 confirmed deaths.

A search of WMUR, our local ABC affiliate, produced zero results for “VAERS.”



A search of “VAERS” at New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, The Union Leader, produced one result. A reprint of an article from the Washington Post (under crime) from Sep. 2021, which only mentions VAERS to downplay its accuracy.

There are zero articles by local NH “journalists” on the subject.


And it is understood and accepted by almost everyone in the public health apparatus that due to rampant underreporting, VAERS numbers are low. But how high do they need to be for this to stop?

It used to be policy to stop a pharmaceutical treatment after a few deaths. Tylenol pulled their entire inventory after seven people died from laced pills bought from store shelves and then went on a very real campaign to ensure product and public safety.

When three elderly people died after receiving the Swine Flu shot in 1976, cities and states halted inoculations. Others died, hundreds contracted a rare neurological disorder, and the nationwide rollout was halted; facts that are being scrubbed from the history or marginalized to hide the deliberate destruction of lives or quality of life in the wake of the COVID19 injections.

There is a conspiracy to hide the truth.

According to the Governments own reporting system, Pfizer/Moderna jabs resulted in over 3600 deaths the day they were administered and another 2875 the day after. Death is possible up to 28 days after a COVID shot, about the same time the alleged anti-flu benefits have waned from ineffective to useless.

In New Hampshire, of the 3,836 VAERS reports up to Jun 3, 2022, 79 people have died after receiving a COVID “vaccine” in the Granite State, and 102 more have been permanently disabled.

Two of those deaths were under the age of 18. Twice the number the state alleges have died from COVID*.

Not a peep from corporate media, probably because they took state/federal money to run ads contingent on the requirement that they promote only positive stories about the COVID vaccine scheme.


All the major networks are named, including Fox and Newsmax. So, who in New Hampshire got laundered federal money to promote the most dangerous “vaccine” in modern human history?

Who took the advertising dollars, and did they ever report anything negative about vaccines after that? Did anyone even dare to question their effectiveness outside the approved narratives?


It would be nice to have an NH whistleblower, but the evidence screams the truth.

As of Jun 3, 2022, at least 28,714 people have been killed by the COVID19 “vaccines.” If that number is accurate, it’s a huge story. If the number is undercounted, it’s a huge story. If that number is a fraud (and why), it’s a huge story. If even a fraction of those deaths is legitimate, it’s a huge story.

VAERS used to be the bellwether for medical professionals, the CDC, the FDA, and everyone. Now, we must believe that the government’s only resource for reporting vaccine safety issues is a crank line. It has magically become unreliable, and anyone who points to it need not be taken seriously while Fed-paid media outlets repeat that narrative, if they even mention VAERS.

Why bring all this up again?

Approval has been given to jab the youngest among us, including little kids and infants who, like everyone under 20, have no reason to need or want this pharmaceutical intervention, and some of them will die from that.

And when it happens, all we can expect from the experts and the media, if not silence, is criticism for trying to warn people about the risk.




*It is unclear if the COVID death was of a vaccinated individual or if the vaccine is why they contracted and died from or with COVID.

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Coos County Republican Committee Votes to Censure NH Governor Chris Sununu

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-18 10:30 +0000

Well, this was rather interesting!  Once again, a little birdie coughed a nice gushy worm – just in time for the start of the 2022 Governor Campaign:



I’ve watched his polling number drop as fast as Biden’s cognitive ability in just over a year – and that’s no small feat.

Gov. Sununu has violated a lot of Republican norms here in what may no longer be the Live Free or Die State (meaning Individuals no longer have control). From taking over complete control of the NH economy during the pandemic (we know what that’s called, right?). His the government deciding winners and losers. To removing local control over a range of issues.

First and foremost, though, is the total disregard for Constitutional order with his “Public Health trumps EVERYTHING” and no longer letting grown adults absorb the latest pandemic information and make their own rational and measured decisions for their lives and that of their families.

Sun-King, indeed!

I do have one small nit with this Resolution – I wasn’t at the meeting when this was voted upon (only two objectors concerning it from what I was told by my source) as they failed to include a most important and personal insult to Parents:

whereas Governor Sununu threatened to veto the Parental Rights bill and in continuation of the Left’s disdain of Parents as of no account in their children’s education in Government schools inflaming the NH Republican base of voters against the Party,

OK, it needs a bit of wordsmithing, but you get the gist of it. It’s not enough that he’s already ticked off the Conservative / Liberty & Freedom wing of the Party (remember what happened to Scott Brown, Kelly Ayotte, and Walt Havenstein when they did that??). But then again, I live in Belknap, not Coos, so my thoughts on it are a bit immaterial on this petition’s verbiage.

It will be interesting to see what the reverberations will be.  I’ve been told it’s on its way to the NH GOP Executive Board and I’m sure, given Elliot Gault’s revolving door status between being the NH GOP Executive Director position (past and present) and being on Sununu’s NH Government staff (past), Sununu will get the message pronto-fast.

Will there be other “renegade” counties that will stymy Governor Groomer – and NH GOP Chair Steve Stepanek – with similar actions?  What if there arises a full-fledged revolt?

And does this open a door for Julian Acciard, Thad Riley, and Karen Testerman (his opponents in the Republican Governor Primary)? I’m sure this will be incorporated into their stump speeches.

Hey, if the Left can automagically turn men into women and women into men and go into each other’s bath and locker rooms, does this mean I can change and be a fly on Sununu’s office wall and during the next E-Board meeting?  Heh!



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Data Point – Inflation up, Credit Cards go into use

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-18 01:30 +0000

Forget CPI: the week’s most important data point is today’s monthly consumer credit update. Last month we saw a blowout, record surge in credit card usage as consumers tapped out…… and sure enough it was, while again confirming what we have been saying for month: any excess savings accumulated by the US middle class are long gone, and in their place Americans have unleashed a credit-card fueled spending spree.

Click to embiggen.

While it is traditionally viewed as a B-grade economic indicator, the April consumer credit report from the Federal Reserve was another shocker especially after last month’s stunning surge in credit card debt which saw the biggest increase in revolving credit on record which is why we said that today’s G.19 print straight from the Fed would be just as important as Friday’s CPI print…

Living on a fixed income during high inflation is not easy – but we are doing the opposite of most. I lived through the Carter years and then the Reagan years and I know it will HURT just from the financial side to get through this deliberate and planned chaos that the Obama retreads and Davos Elite are putting us through – America Last.  Finances, inflation, energy, food, basic good, healthcare (we just ran around the last couple of days trying to find the Grandson’s medications that, all of a sudden, can’t be found. We finally did, today).

ALL of this is government inspired and I am convinced that this isn’t by accident or stupidity.  Brace yourselves, folks, this is not just a “bumpy ride” coming at us.

If you are one of those using the cards to maintain your standard of living, STOP IT NOW! Lower it and and don’t finance it if you possible can.  Discipline is going to be the watchword gong forward.

And if you really need to be persuaded of that advice, just click on the link below and be prepared to be shocked.

(H/T: Zero Hedge)

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Biden Speaks (lies) to AFL-CIO. Facts Matter

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-18 00:00 +0000

Joe Biden spoke to the AFL-CIO this week in what can only be called a stump speech. It was a campaign speech complete with volume changes from whispers to yelling. It was big on style but weak on content. His speech was filled with lies and was both embarrassing and insulting.

I think we are starting to see the media call out Biden in his speeches filled with myth and short on facts. The fact is that Joe Biden does not only stretch the truth but rewrites it. How does he get away with this? Why is he not called out for his apparent mistruths? Joe Biden is losing the support of the media as they realize that his Presidency is beyond salvation, and the media needs to look to self-preservation.

Biden began his speech by patronizing everyone in attendance. Speaking with a phony accent, he thanked the members for bringing him home. He claimed to run on the promise of the most pro-union president in history, and he claims he has delivered. He might want to explain that to those who have lost their jobs due to his war on the fossil fuel industry.

Biden then immediately went into his attack on the economy on the day he was inaugurated. He failed to qualify his comparison with the Pandemic and did not refer to the Trump Pre-COVID economy. He talked about the three thousand Americans dying per day under Trump, while more people died during the Biden term than during the Trump term. Facts matter. He called out the twenty million lost jobs but again did not refer to the country shutting down due to COVID. Facts matter.

I’m not kidding, believe me, and I am being honest, are his go-to phrases, and if he were not lying continuously, he would not have to use such terms. He reiterates that Wall Street did not build America, but the unions did. Of course, he forgets to say where the investments come from to fund the building of America. Facts matter.

He spoke of the rich getting richer at the expense of the middle-class but did not mention the highest increase in middle-class wages in history under Trump. Facts matter. He talks about the spending bills he has passed and the trillions of dollars put into creating jobs but does not talk about how those dollars created the fastest and highest inflation rate in history.

That inflation hurts every American, has eaten up all gains made by Trump on wages, and is a “tax” on us all.

He claims the fastest growing economy in the world, which is false, but our economy contracted in the first quarter of 2022, and we are on the verge of a recession should that trend continue into the second quarter. Because of the Biden Inflation, the Fed has raised interest rates impacting mortgage and credit card rates. These, like inflation, will impact everyone. Facts matter.

When he talks about the jobs created under his watch, he does not say we are still below pre-Pandemic employment levels. Under Biden, we are chasing numbers set by Trump, but the Biden Economy is setting us back years. He talks about the increases in the Stock Market under his watch while we have given back all of the Trump gains and 401K levels will delay retirement for millions.

The union members in attendance cheered him on, which says they do not understand or know the truth. As long as there is a high level of ignorance of the truth, Biden’s lies will work with some people. We have to work hard to spread the truth because facts matter.



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The System Isn’t Broken, We Are!

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 22:30 +0000

The other day I heard someone say, “our system of government is broken,” and then they went on to point to corrupt politicians who continue to ignore what the people want in favor of special interests or bad ideology, which have been in Washington for decades.

They also pointed to big money from corporate America as a cause of elected officials being bought and paid for and not doing the people’s will.

This viewpoint, on its face, is compelling. It is also indicative of the societal shift (and not a good one) to blame everyone else but yourself for what misfortunes befall you. Our no-fault society has kicked out the underpinnings of our Republic in a way that is far more damaging than most would give credit and far more complicated to repair than the two sentence conversations of our social media mentality will allow.

Prepare to run to your safe space because you may be triggered by what you read next. The system is not broken! We are. The corrupt politician that gets elected time and time again doesn’t gain access to the office unless YOU vote for them.

We want to thank Greg Hough for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to

If you have had it with the people in office, then run for office yourself! I see and hear so many folks complain and then do nothing except blame. How about you get into the game. The only way to not elect trash is to pay attention and get involved or to run for office yourself!

“I don’t like the party,” some say. The party is the people who are in it. Look at the Democrats, for example. They aren’t Democrats anymore. They are Socialist/Communist. That’s who showed up at the meetings, so that’s who they are now.

To the money problem, it costs a lot to run for office. In NH, the pay is $100 a year at the General Court. When was the last time you gave a candidate a contribution? It costs anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 to run for the House of Representatives and $30,000 to $100,000 to run for the Senate here in New Hampshire. If you don’t pony up, someone will, and that someone won’t be interested in what you want.

What makes more sense paying the gas prices, food prices, housing prices, health care prices, and high property taxes year after year or giving a candidate that you know will fight for you and your interests a $25, $50, or a $100 contribution.

Get involved, learn about the people running, find the ones you like, and support their efforts. Hold signs, go to meetings, have fundraisers, write letters, donate your time or money, or both. It’s a much smaller price to pay than the one we are all paying now.

Those who say our system is broken want you to believe so they can change it such that you will never have a say in what happens to you. Stop belly aching and complaining and blaming anything and everyone else. Take a look in the mirror and get involved! Our country isn’t going to take back itself. We have to do it!

The system works fine. It is the greatest system ever devised. It cannot, however, run on autopilot, and you’ve seen what happens when you leave it to others. It needs YOU. Together, “Let’s keep the government off your back and out of your wallet.”

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Our Enemies Won’t Be Cold If It Makes You Feel Any Better

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 21:00 +0000

No one likes to have their truth busted, and no one denies that better than the Climate Cult. For forty years, their models have been wrong, their predictions have not come to pass, but still, they cling (bitterly?) to their funding. Sorry, I meant “science!” and the false god named “consensus.” So this is for them.

This is the entire UAH Sattelite temperature record for the earth’s lower atmosphere.



You see warming throughout the timescale following the flip from the global freezing consensus of the 70s to the global warming consensus that has harassed us since.

The pause they denied in the oughts is visible as a flat and slightly declining temperature trend. That was followed by some more gradual warming until the Solar Maximum ended (NASA said late 2018 or early 2019). That’s where we are now – the beginning of a solar minimum. The global trend has stopped rising and is beginning a gradual decline (red box) without regard to CO2 emissions.

The average temperature actually is down 15% from 2016. It looks like we are getting cooler.


Red is El Nino, Blue is La Nina, and gray is neutral months.


As if the sun, not progressive policy advocates, determines the earth’s average temperature. And if true, the global mean will continue to edge downward for the duration, which is estimated at 30-50 years.

How much cooler? No one knows, but the Left is undermining cheap, abundant, domestic energy at a time when we may need more (not less) to weather the next few decades of cooling. From heating oil and gas to electricity, Democrats in the US and liberal governments worldwide are using policy to price these essential commodities out of the reach of many.

Our enemies won’t be cold if it makes you feel any better.




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Tim Baxter Announces That He’s a “Hell No” on McCarthy for Speaker

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 19:30 +0000

The radical Democrats are destroying this country by rubber-stamping Joe Biden’s Socialist agenda. Chris Pappas, my opponent, is no exception. But, the truth that no one wants to talk about is that we have corrupt career politicians on both sides of the aisle that are destroying this country.

We must get rid of these corrupt scoundrels that are destroying this country, and that’s why I’ve pledged to vote no on Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House. Every other candidate in this race has already endorsed McCarthy, or they’ve stood silent. If you don’t have the courage to stand against McCarthy as a candidate, how should we expect you to stand against him if elected?

Politicians only become less principled once elected, not more. I’m the only proven conservative fighter running for Congress with a proven voting record.  You can trust that I’ll fight for you in Congress. It’s what I’ve done in Congress. Send me to Washington, so I can fight to annihilate the Swamp.

Tim Baxter is a candidate for Congress in NH’s CD-01

We want to thank Tim Baxter for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to



Reminder: Content about candidates or by candidates is not an endorsement by or its authors.

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Dear Johnny: Please Help – My Dog Is A Bigoted, Racist, Sexist, Transphobic, Bully!

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 18:00 +0000

Dear Johnny,

I am writing to seek help with my dog who has been revealing himself to be a bigoted, racist, transphobic, bully and I don’t know what to do? For starters, he barks at all of the neighbors as they walk by our property with their dogs. I sat him down and explained to him (using my soft-tone voice) that it’s not okay to bark at the neighbors and their dogs as they walk by our house minding their own business. It’s bullying and unkind and they clearly are intimidated. He told me this is normal behavior for a Doberman, that he’s a guard dog and it’s part of his breed – he can’t help it, which I told him is just a cop-out. We can all change our behaviors, we can even change our identities. He asked what I meant by that and I told him he could choose not to be a Doberman if he wanted. I offered him an eager look so as to permit him and explained he could identify as a Pomeranian or even a cat! He cocked his head and stared blankly reminding me so much of Tucker Carlson I almost lost it!

“Why would I want to do that?” he asked. I said, “Because maybe on the inside you feel like a cat or a Pomeranian and you need to embrace those feelings and not be afraid to explore other identities.” “But I’m a Doberman” he insisted “cats are stupid and I’d almost rather be a cat than a Pomeranian”. I was heartbroken to hear him say these bigoted and transphobic remarks but he’s my dog and I can’t just have him canceled. We took a timeout and I offered to take him through a guided breathing exercise I learned from my mindfulness class. He insisted on playing with his rope toy shaking it like a rag doll but first had to demonstrably lick himself, which was such a micro-aggression I started to have an anxiety attack. After I rubbed some calming CBD oil on my temples and wrists I again tried to explain myself. I pointed out that when he barks at the neighbors in that manner it not only intimidates them but hurts the movement motioning to our Black Lives Matter yard sign (obviously next to the “I Stand With Ukraine” sign where we used to have our Biden/Build Back Better 2020 sign that I just couldn’t keep up after gas hit $8/gallon because our neighbor who drives a tractor-trailer stares at me like he’s going to roll it right over my tiny house) while reminding him that he’s black. “Yeah, but I’m not a Marxist. Marx was a racist, bigoted idiot who understood neither human nature nor economics.” This is the downside of getting a breed as smart as a Doberman because I looked into it and, honestly, he’s right about both. I couldn’t just let him win like that so I called him a Nazi and threatened to have him sent to a rescue program. I don’t want to have to do that because he’s bold and beautiful and looks amazing sitting on my lawn, but he’s also a transphobic, racist bigot. Johnny, what should I do?



Dear Woken-Hearted,

You sound like a cat person, maybe gerbils. Send him to the rescue. You’ll both be better off.

Johnny B.

(P.s. Please send pics. I’ve always wanted a Doberman.)

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This Is a Great Teaching Video – Exposing Why Militant Transgenders Are So Narcissistic: DON’T CALL ME SIR!

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 16:30 +0000

They expect you to bow down to them and all their whims – they prey on the sense of politeness and good nature of most in order to get what they want.

Matt Walsh, the force behind “What is a Woman” documentary (I STILL have to watch it), takes apart one Eden Torres, a militant transgender, from a video that Matt uses to PERFECTION as a teaching moment.  I try to do this with the posts I bring back from Treehugger but this was a master class in dissecting how this Transgender Militant used various techniques to belittle, berate, denigrate, and TRAP someone that simply just wants to get their job done: serve fast food.  And tried to be polite in doing so after seeing that the name on the credit card was male. This was all about him and his feelings.

I agree with Walsh.

Or as NotTheBee put it: This guy is going out there looking for trouble

It’s similar to William Thomas (recently “Lia”) in proclaiming that he only wants to make himself happy and live his “authentic life” (what a miserable, petty, and selfish phrase that is!) and doesn’t care that the women that he parades around in their locker room in his BDay suit and takes their swimming championships away from them aren’t happy at all (nice to go from #462 to #1 by changing your swimsuit, eh?).

I feel for the manager that had to come out and put up with this nonsense – it’s clear he DOESN’T care.  Good for him – he should be concerned with one thing and that’s getting the food out fast and hot and not having to trying to figure out genders, pronouns or other such stuff from a rather snotty person.

And yes, I know this was from a while ago but I just saw this now. Frankly, Eden Torres is an ugly person no matter what gender he thinks he is and forces people to believe their lying eyes to affirm him and make him good about himself.  The manager DOES get the last word, though:

Torres: What would you assume in looking at me?

Manager: I would assume that you are a man.

Me, too – I see the facial whiskers. And that voice is not like any female that I’ve ever met.

Sorry, he’s the kind of person that seems to only be happy when he’s mad.

The Blaze has some of the comments:

  • “So the guy asks your pronouns (I thought you all wanted this); you then ask him to assume what he thinks you are (I thought you weren’t supposed to do that?); and then you get pissed at the answer,” one commenter said. “Literally, there was no way the guy could have won.”
  • “What you want (besides attention) is to have everyone accept your make believe world where you pretend to be something you’re not while the masses cheer you on for your bravery,” another user declared. “Seek help. Accept reality. You’ll be happier.”
  • “It’s nobody’s job to affirm you,” another commenter replied.
  • “I love how you turn the camera around thinking it will show that he’s crazy for thinking you’re a man but…it doesn’t,” another user wrote.
  • “The employee asked you what you wanted to be called. Instead of answering, you told him to assume. When he did what you asked, you got upset. You had a chance to be called what you wanted but chose not to. This guy isn’t paid enough to put up with you,” another commenter explained.

(H/T: Frankly, I don’t remember where. Image H/T: Twitter video screenshot via @edentorres121; account has been deleted)

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Lazy, Corrupt Cheshire County Police Revealed in Fake Threat Case

Free Keene - Fri, 2022-06-17 16:09 +0000

Former Winchester Police Lt Penny Witherbee, photo from Brattleboro Reformer

Lazy and/or corrupt Cheshire county police have been featured recently in a lengthy article by award-winning journalist Damien Fisher. Fisher tells the complicated story of Donna Pelliccia and her daughter who were targeted by a neighbor, Hayley Philbrick, whose false allegations against Pelliccia and her daughter resulted in Pelliccia thrown in Cheshire County jail on charges that were eventually dropped. All thanks to shoddy police “work” by cops in Troy and Winchester New Hampshire. Winchester is a town known for its deep corruption.

In October of 2020, Philbrick was shopping false claims around to different area police departments, alleging her neighbor Pelliccia threatened her via facebook. She obtained a restraining order against Pelliccia based on the fake account’s messages and then told Winchester police on October 14th that the threats were continuing. Winchester police then requested Troy police to arrest Pelliccia for violating the restraining order. No one from either department bothered to investigate any party’s claims, including Pelliccia’s denial that the facebook account was hers. After successfully jailing Pelliccia for a day, the morning of October 16th, Philbrick went to Keene police and claimed further contact by Pelliccia. However, KPD’s Christina Paterno actually bothered to examine Philbrick’s claims and determined they were easily falsified.

Having had no success with KPD, Philbrick returned to Winchester PD on the same day she visited KPD and made more claims of harassment by the facebook account masquerading as Pelliccia. Winchester PD Lieutenant Penny Witherbee had Pelliccia arrested AGAIN and this time she was held for several days until October 21st. Despite Pelliccia being in jail, Philbrick continued to claim messages were coming to her from the alleged Pelliccia facebook. Lt. Witherbee finally began investigating the source of the facebook messages but started by talking to Philbrick who tried to blame Pelliccia’s daughter. So Witherbee got a warrant and seized Pelliccia’s daughter’s devices to ostensibly search for evidence of the threats or use of the facebook account in question, “pelliccia.donna”. The search and seizure was conducted on Pelliccia’s daughter while Pelliccia was in jail. Pelliccia’s daughter has a neurological condition and autoimmune disorder and can have difficulty walking.

A month after her release from jail, the case against Pelliccia was dropped. Seeking some form of vindication, she complained to the court and Cheshire Sheriff deputy Todd Faulkner was assigned to the case. His investigation over several months determined that Winchester PD never bothered to conduct any examination of the devices they seized, never bothered to investigate Philbrick’s claims before arresting Pelliccia more than once, and Witherbee’s botched “investigation” made it impossible for him to determine beyond a reasonable doubt that Philbrick had indeed created the account and posed as Pelliccia on facebook, though he believed that was the case based on a preponderance of the evidence.

Hayley Philbrick

However, according to Faulkner’s report, over a year later, in January of 2022 Philbrick went to Jaffrey police to claim that Pelliccia’s daughter was sending her threatening text messages via a phone number from a company called TextNow. Since the Jaffrey detective, Jeremy K LeBlanc actually bothered to investigate Philbrick’s claims, he easily discovered that the number from which the threatening messages had originated was associated with a TextNow account registered to Philbrick’s email address! The report filed by LeBlanc says Philbrick had sent him screenshots of the texts from the very same email. He confronted Philbrick with what he’d learned and she denied it, claiming someone was “setting her up”. LeBlanc subsequently arrested Philbrick and charged her with “False Reports to Law Enforcement”, “False Swearing”, and “Falsifying Physical Evidence”. The latter charge is a Class A misdemeanor, meaning Philbrick is facing up to a year in jail on that charge. According to court records, Philbrick has a “competency hearing” on August 9th in Jaffrey District Court.

Witherbee had worked at Brattleboro Police in Vermont from 2002 through 2018 when she resigned and sued the department over alleged sexual harassment, ultimately settling with the town government for a $35,000 payout. Not long after botching the Philbrick/Pelliccia case, Witherbee resigned from the Winchester police. Is she simply lazy and incompetent, corrupt, or all of the above? According to Fisher’s story, Witherbee has been hired again, this time by Chesterfield, NH police.

For even more background on this case, visit Thomas Parisi’s channel on YouTube, where various footage recorded by police when investigating this case has been posted, including Pelliccia’s first arrest, Witherbee’s interview with Philbrick prior to Pelliccia’s second arrest, and more.

Showing Images of Gun Violence Disrespectful to Families and Friends of Deceased

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 15:00 +0000

So I didn’t know that The Daily Sun allowed fictitious names to be signed onto submitted letters to the editor.

Very clever, though cowardly, of the writer from Meredith, in his letter titled “Why doesn’t the news show the gore of mass killings?”, where he promotes the idea of showing the public the mutilated bodies of dead children and adults killed by mass murderers (under the guise of blaming guns and calling them weapons of war), to sign his name as Ragnar Loftbrook, the main character — a pagan — in the bloody and cannibalistic Amazon video series, “Vikings.”

And also how disrespectful and outright despicable to the families and friends of these deceased innocents to suggest such a horror as displaying the carnage on mass media.

Sounds like a very pagan idea he has indeed.


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The Obama’s Want to Burn More Fossil Fuels at “soon to be underwater” Beachfront Island Mansion

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 13:30 +0000

If you want a story with layers of hypocrisy, this is probably it. The Daily Caller reports that Barack and Michelle Obama want to install underground residential-use propane tanks at their seven-bedroom, 8 1/2 bath Martha’s Vineyard Mansion. The one on a beach, at sea level.

The property, purchased in 2019, currently valued at about 19 million despite its imminent doom, sits on beachfront near Kingspoint. A fact of which we’d made sport. Climate Cult president cries sea-level rise for years, then buys hisself a swanky shoreline crib.

The headlines did write themselves.

And Martha’s Vineyard is all-in on the fearmongering. They’ve got sea-level-rise mitigation plans, contingencies, and even a video from 2013 showing what it will look like as catastrophic climate change starts to swallow their little paradise.

Barry and Michelle bought it anyway – they even got the owners to knock two million off the asking price. Imagine where we’d be if he strong-armed the Federal Budget like that?

Then consider a request for three large propane tanks amounting to 2500 gallons of capacity. Buried in the yard. Propane. A fossil fuel. Planet-destroying emissions-generating fossil fuels.

A little back-up for a home heated with natural gas (forced hot water)?

I know many folks are ranting about that, but 2500 gallons isn’t much for a home that size. It will keep the pipes from freezing for a good while and the people. Not that the Obama’s need to stay in the summer home over a New England Winter.

And Barry’s loaded. He’ll be more than comfortable, fed, and protected wherever he might rest his Marxist bones. So, the hypocrat has piled hypocrisy upon hypocrisy. Rich, fossil-fuel burning, beachfront owning, budget-conscious with his own money, Democrat who preaches class war, and climate alarmism.

Wait, here’s one more hypocrisy. According to Zillow, the property taxes have gone down over 20% since the Obama’s purchased the property (despite the estimated value going up).

Has anyone else’s property taxes decreased over the past few years – maybe ever? Asking for 81 million ‘friends.’



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Data Point – How Many Constitutional Carry States Are There Now?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 12:00 +0000

The number keeps rising and is now half the States in the Union as of March: 25.  Half the country now honors and respects the Second Amendment whose plain words put NO restrictions on the keeping and bearing of arms.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


Georgia was the last State that said that Citizens did not have to ask permission from The State in order in order to exercise their Rights enumerated in the Second Amendment. I always wondered about the cognitive dissonance of having to get permission (by obtaining a license or permit) to exercise a Right that is in the Constitution to defend ourselves against a Tyrannical Government…you?  If you were that Tyrannical State (or wanted to be in on the creation of such), would YOU issue such permits and licenses?

And for the trolls out there; if a person is a danger to themselves (e.g., suicide) or others (e.g., willingness to commit assault and battery, some leading to death), there are already laws that follow Due Process in removing them from Society and start the judicial process.  And not the inanimate object(s)

Just look at drunk/under-the-influence driving – they don’t take away someone’s vehicle, do they? They pull their license instead and revoke the PERMISSION to drive on the public by-ways.  And that is done by the judicial process in going after the PERSON and not the inanimate object.

It’s always been the Left (and supporting role Squish and Progressive Republicans) that go for the throat of our self-defense Right.  They simply want to disarm us.

Then what?  And telling me “oh, that can never happen here?” doesn’t wash.

A rather simple example of actions by Progressives promising such with the 16th Amendment that started income taxes.  “OH, you don’t have to worry about it, it’s only the top 2% that will pay it!” – yeah, we know how well THAT worked out for us, don’t we?   I’m getting off-topic here by talking about income taxes but AIER has a great history on how the 16th Amendment was created – and NOT just for the reasons we think today. It’s worth your time to read it carefully. And Mark Perry’s stuff as well.

The shift has been rather quick to realize that if one doesn’t have to get permission from The State in order to exercise their Freedom of Speech Right, one shouldn’t have to do so for a different one.

And don’t bother telling me that words don’t kill people.  Leaders in Communist/Socialist countries, operating from the words spoken and written by Marx and Lenin, have killed far more people (well over 100 million by most estimates) than American civilians.

(H/T: Crime Research)

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Comedian Has an Idea About How to End School Shootings.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 10:30 +0000

I’ve had similar thoughts (along this line) and shared them here, but this was still very amusing to me. Delivery and timing help. And the audience thinks it’s funny, probably because what he has to say sounds absurd but actually makes sense by the time he’s done with the gag.

There is some “adult” language, so tag this NSFW. But it is brief and poignant and amusing, and what better way to start a Friday morning than with a chuckle.

And let’s remember, people, it’s a joke.



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‘GrokGardening – Invasive Plant Thread

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 01:30 +0000

City folk, and urban dwellers, have no idea how nature works. If you live in New Hampshire (90% forested +/-), you know a thing or two about that. Clear some land, and nature takes it right back and right quick. And every year, by my reckoning, it’s something new or different.

We cleared some trees a few years back, and the open land has proven to be an excellent place for new growth. I clear it (mower or string trimmer – it’s not all flat enough for a lawnmower), and it grows back. A lesson the urban dwellers may not have learned living in a city.

If you don’t keep after it, it will swallow the world back up and a lot faster than you ever imagined.

This years grow back is a lot different from previous years. Not a bad thing, but an interesting one, and I thought I’d see if anyone else had seen anything similar.

When spring finally sprung, we found a handful of new plants taking over the open spaces we’d created—some pesky, some pretty, and a few that were familiar but more prevalent.

We have a type of ornamental landscaping, “weed,” in the sedge grass family. I call it a weed because it acts like one but when isolated as a landscape element it is a pretty “no-maintenance garden” green feature.



I’m no expert but a search produced “Carex Hystericina” as its formal name. They grow into a big rounded thing a few feet in diameter but low to the ground. Last year we had two or three; this year, there are dozens or scores of them. I’ve placed a few around the yard and mowed down the rest. Yeah, they grow back, and I don’t mind.



Keeping it company is something called horsetail. I didn’t see any of this last year, but it is EVERYWHERE this year.



This stuff is handy (to me). It fills in places where lawn grass doesn’t grow well, and when you mow it, it creates an even green look that makes my yard look better than it is. But as I said, I saw none last year, and it’s all over the place this year. Is COVID or Global Warming to blame? Joe Biden’s presidency. Vladimir Putin?

A little politics in the garden (gardening/landscaping thread).

The wet spring temporarily tuned a chunk of my yard into a swamp, in which grew this in large quantities.



An image search says it’s probably Soft Rush (Juncus effuses) -I call it swamp grass. It grows tall and gets mowed or weed-wacked, though there’s still a ton of the stuff I’ve not yet cut down. It is also everywhere this year; we didn’t have it last year.

Another new edition, and these have not elevated to invasive yet. I just started seeing it this season. Sheep Laurel or Mountain Laurel.



Pretty little plant.


I’ve also got a few of these popping up. Aquilegia or Granny’s Bonnet if the image search results are correct.



I’d like to see more of these, but I have to be careful what I wish for – I might be inundated next year.

There’s more, but I’ve no pics of that stuff, so maybe next time. Until then, what’s invading your landscape or garden? What might you be growing on purpose? Consider this an open gardening thread.



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NH State Rep Carol McGuire – Your State House 06/10/22: Wrap Up

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-17 00:00 +0000

I was prime sponsor for twelve bills this year. HB72, building code amendments, was killed because it duplicated SB 15, which passed. HB 628, legalizing possession and home grow of cannabis, was killed in the Senate (after passing the House 241-113!)

HB 1016, licensing speech-language specialists in schools; HB 1062, electrology licensing clarification; HB 1192, on acupuncture licensing; HB 1288, on names and titles in the department of administrative services; and HB 1398, studying centralized criminal records checks in schools, have all been signed by the governor. HB 1681, updating the state building code, is on its way to his desk.

HB 1061, on the midwifery council, and HB 1191, including duplexes as well as single family homes from the licensing requirement for plumbing, electric and gas fitting, are both in interim study in my committee. I expect them both to be resubmitted next year, in a modified form. Likewise, HB 1447, prohibiting facial recognition technology by state agencies, is in interim study in the Transportation Committee.

HB 1563, auto-enrolling new state employees in the deferred compensation plan, was killed after the public hearing convinced me that it should not be a legislative mandate, but rather something agreed on by the employees and their management.

We want to thank NH State Rep Carol McGuire for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

That’s 50% passing, plus three more actually being studied and one included in another bill – not my best year, but reasonable.

I also cosponsored 28 more bills – way too many! I didn’t actually work on very many of them, but when a friend asks you to cosponsor a bill that is a good idea, it’s hard to say no.

HB 20, education freedom accounts, is on the table in the House because its content was included in last year’s budget. HB 349, deleting the requirement for school nurses to be certified by the department of education (but not that they be registered nurses) passed the House and was killed in the Senate, as was HB 1401. This prohibited the federal government (but not the state!) from tracking individual vehicle mileage – likely as part of a mileage tax for vehicles that don’t pay much gas tax.

HB 457, which allows the legislative youth advisory council to meet remotely, has been signed by the governor. My committee radically simplified this bill, eliminating the changed scope and a new appointing authority; we weren’t convinced this council is useful, but decided to give them another year to prove themselves. HB 568, tapering out the interest and dividends tax, was killed as duplicative: a similar plan was included in the budget.

HB 1018, converting the board of medical imaging and radiation therapy into an advisory board, was another request of OPLC. This bill has been signed by the governor, as has the similar HB 1446, on the boards of recreational therapists and respiratory care practitioners. HB 1043, a study committee on regulations that apply to small food businesses, was killed in the House because they thought the state wide food truck license created by HB 1595 resolved the issue. I’m not sure, but at least it gives some relief from the inconsistent local regulations.

HB 1298, an increase in the income limit for the education tax credit scholarships, passed the House but died in the Senate. HB 1312, on water pollution and waste disposal rulemaking, is in interim study in my committee, looking at the interaction of the building codes (specifically the plumbing code) and the septic and sewer requirements, which are largely in rules. HB 1348, legalization of cannabis (and allowing home grow) was tabled in the House, in preference to the simpler HB 629. HB 1598, legalizing cannabis and setting up a regulatory structure for sales, passed the House and was killed in the Senate. I’m a member of the cannabis caucus, since prohibition doesn’t work and I believe cannabis should be legal – enough people seem to want it!

HB 1507, timely publishing childcare investigations, has passed both houses and is going to the governor. HB 1520, requiring guardians ad litem to provide itemized bills when asked, passed the House and went to interim study in the Senate – not sure why, it seems simple enough.

SB 221, a minor reorganization of the department of corrections, has been signed by the governor. SB232, clarifying that a school district’s retained surplus can only be used for emergency expenditures, or to offset taxes, was killed in the Senate. SB 264, transferring the low income energy assistance program to the new Department of Energy, went to interim study in the House to resolve some issues between the department and the Public Utilities Commission, which currently oversees this program.

SB 274, prohibiting project labor agreements in state government construction contracts, passed the Senate but was killed in the House. My committee heard all the union opposition to this bill, even though such an agreement has never been used in New Hampshire!

SB 282, revising some of the language in the acupuncture licensing statute, has passed both the House and the Senate and is on its way to the governor. SB 290, exempting ear acupuncture from licensing, passed the Senate and is in interim study in the House. SB 292, requiring a probation or parole officer be notified of an arrest, is also in interim study, but the study is mostly to make sure the automatic notification process the state police claim is within their capability actually gets implemented!

SB 310, allowing private organizations to use license plate scanners, was killed by the House as an invasion of privacy. SB 313, cleaning up statutory language setting license fees, and SB 330, on the authority of the OPLC to set fees, have both passed House and Senate and are headed for the governor. The same is true for SB 337, authorizing data sharing for EMT services, SB 398, creating an advisory committee on building code updates, SB241, clarifying the dual enrollment program between high schools and community colleges, and SB 443, requiring municipal amendments to the building and fire codes be reviewed and published by the building code review board or the state fire marshal.

A fairly productive year: twelve passed, five in interim study (at least three of which will actually be studied!) three combined with other bills, and eight killed. The ones I actually worked on were the building code process and most of the licensing changes, all of which went through my committee (it’s much easier that way.)

I also signed up for another term, this time in the new, larger floterial: Allenstown, Dunbarton, Epsom, and Hooksett. It’s a two seat district, and former representative JR Hoell, from Dunbarton, has also signed up for that district.

My husband Dan McGuire, is also running again, from the single seat Epsom district. He has a contested primary, against incumbent representative John Klose. Since I don’t, I won’t do much campaigning until August – Epsom and Dunbarton Old Home Days are both on August 13, and Allenstown’s (with Pembroke) is August 27. Hooksett doesn’t have an Old Home Day…

See you there!

Representative Carol McGuire

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YouTuber Ranks Every Republican Governor – Mine Got an ‘F’

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-06-16 22:30 +0000

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu’s slide from so-so Republican to establishment tool didn’t take long, but why would it. The Sununu DNA is predisposed toward ruling-class establishment policy. Toe the blue line to get a seat at the table, even if it’s the kiddie table.

It has endeared him to the corporate media and the Left, but does he know it will never be enough because it never is. That may be his biggest flaw, and he’s got more than a few, which is why he ended up at the bottom of this list of Republican Governors with Phil Scott and Utah’s Spencer Cox.

Maskachusetts governor Charlie Baker did better. Well, they all did better except for Scott and Cox, and maybe there’s room for Sununu to be the best of the worst in the F column if that’s a distinction with a difference. A sad little game if you ask me. And yes, he could always be worse.

So, what about the rest of them? Kristi Noem, a darling early in the pandemic, fell out of favor along the way. She got a D from this “pundit.” And she is in “good” company (that’s sarcasm). Nearly 60% rated ‘D’ or worse (so much for a majority of “republican” governors), with only Ron Desantis (Florida) and Greg Gianforte (Montana) earning an ‘A.’

I don’t think he was too tough on any of them, but you decide. See where your governor lands, and let us know if you agree with that or any of the grades assigned in this commentary.



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NOTICE: Sheriff Warns against Picking up Folded up Cash in the Street. Here’s Why

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-06-16 21:30 +0000

DUnno if this is happening here in New England but forewarned is forearmed:

A Sheriff’s office in Tennessee is warning the public against picking up folded dollar bills because of possible fentanyl and methamphetamine exposure. The Giles County Sheriff’s Department saw two incidents where a folded dollar bill was discovered on a local gas station floor that had a white powder inside that was later found to be fentanyl and methamphetamine, the office announced Thursday.

“This is a very dangerous issue! Please share and educate your children to not pick up any folded money they may find in or around businesses, playgrounds etc., without using great caution and even alerting a parent or guardian,” the announcement said.

The Sheriff’s office warned that the amount of fentanyl smaller than a penny could “kill anyone that it comes into contact with.”

(H/T: AmericanWire) (H/T: Matt)

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