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Labeling the West as an Oppressive Patriarchy is Fundamentally Flawed

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-25 01:30 +0000

The new left, same as the old left, has a goal. The revolution. Burn everything down and from these ashes will arise something better. At least that’s what it says in the Marxist’s tri-fold marketing literature which is spoon-fed to younger generations.

College campuses have long been recruitment centers with indoctrination programs that inculcate these ideas. Burn it all down, no matter what it is because IT is oppressive, and make sure you text your friends with your iPhone, from the Uber, on the way to one of a dozen coffee houses, where they have electricity, heat (winter) cool (summer), music, ambiance, all in walking distance to whatever you want or need.

Well, everything and that idea that you are not privileged to live in that part of the world. That your circumstances are not the result of great efforts and advancements despite the reality that there’s always something messed up about how we go here and where we are going.


Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson are chatting with John Anderson about how good things are compared to how they’ve ever been. That the problem isn’t that there’s bad stuff – every culture, every civilization has that and most of them were far worse than this one. It’s a short video, about ten minutes, but well worth the time as both Rubin and Peterson talk about the problem and why we need to learn from history and all the things we got right. THings the new left and its army of young acolytes would burn to the ground and replace with what?

Dave Rubin speaks on how young believe they are oppressed despite the great privileges they enjoy that past generations could only dream of. Jordan Peterson then enters the discussion, stressing that labelling our society as an oppressive patriarchy is fundamentally flawed, explaining how our system is superior to alternative worldviews, like socialism.



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NHRTL Praises Dobbs Decision; Announces Resources for Mothers in Need

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-06-25 00:00 +0000

(Concord, NH – June 24, 2022) NH Right to Life celebrates the Dobbs decision, which allows states to resume their role as the primary protectors of life and liberty.

Now that Dobbs has overturned Roe v Wade, it is up to every state to decide how to protect the human rights of the preborn; the American genocide of almost a million preborn persons per year is over, and we now have an NH genocide of unknown proportions. NHRTL calls on all those who value human rights to pray and work to protect the rights of the preborn here in NH.

A peaceful gathering to give thanks for the decision and to pray for the human rights of the preborn in NH will take place tomorrow (Sat, June 25) at Manchester City Hall Plaza at 5pm. It is organized by Paul Galasso. To support mothers and their children who find themselves in a difficult situation, NHRTL also announces that it has created a list of NH maternal and women’s resources (many of them free) on its website at

Note: Shared Content may not necessarily reflect the views of, its Ad sponsors, Donors, or individual authors.

Jason Hennessey, President of NH Right to Life:

“Praise God that today He has answered the prayers of many here in NH and around the world today to end oppression. What this means for NH is that it is now our decision whether to oppress the most vulnerable in our society or whether we will affirm and protect them”.


Jason Hennessey,
President, NH Right to Life
(603) 230-8136


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Friday Open Thread: IT’S SCOTUS!!!!

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 23:15 +0000

Sorry, but with the facts that the Supreme Court of the United States continues to restore our Second Amendment Rights in the case of NY (that said NY’s “may issue” permitting for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is unconstitutional. Of COURSE?  Think of the insanity of having to ask Daddy Government for permission to buy, train with, use, and carry those arms that were deemed necessary by our Founders to overthrow our Government if it turned tyrannical?

And today’s decision that overruled Rowe vs Wade properly resets the responsibility for the killing of unborn children back for the “various States” to decide (to use the language of the Left) for their “communities”. After all, more local decisions are FAR better than ones made more distantly.

But, this is YOUR thread – celebrate the first weekend of summer YOUR WAY!

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Liz Chaney Begs Wyoming Dems to Switch Parties and Vote for Her in the State GOP Primary

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 22:30 +0000

Liz Chaney played the establishment tune, chose the Lincoln Project Never-Trump narrative, and has been a darling of the Left for her willing participation in the Democrats J6 Star Chamber Dinner Theater. But she doesn’t want to have to pay a political price.


#NeverTrump Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney reportedly has sent instructions to Wyoming Democrats on how to change their party affiliations so they can vote for her. …

Wyoming does not have open primaries. You must vote in your registered party’s primary but you can change your “affiliation on the day of your primary” no matter your “previous party affiliation.”

A poll from May showed 56% of the participants would vote for Harriet Hageman, the one who has Trump’s support. Only 26% chose Cheney.

Cheney is Wyoming’s one member of congress, but it looks like that job is about to end, and she has only herself to blame. She acted like a Senator. They get six years. Five to do the wrong thing and one to make up for it in time for re-election. Cheney has managed to cling to her seat, but Trump’s endorsed female replacement is kicking her RINO ass in polling.

Lizard Cheney was censured by county delegations (that sounds familiar), and now she is so desperate to continue being a bad republican that she’s asking Democrats to switch parties and drag her swampy flea-bitten carcass past the primary.

Are there enough Democrats in Wyoming to make that happen? I have no idea, but how about this?

If you want to be and vote like them, why don’t you just run as a Democrat?

Because you’d lose?

And winning isn’t about projecting your party platform values in the name of your constituents. It is about using them to attain a position of power through which you can undermine those values.

I hope the polling is correct, and you lose your primary by 30 points, and to a Trump-endorsed candidate at that.



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It’s Time To Tame Big Tech

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 21:00 +0000

Big Tech has spent years silencing and censoring conservative voices. There is little debate about that – and there is mounting proof, even if anecdotal, in the latest Twitter saga.

So, why are some Republicans so quick to side with the liberal democrats and defend them? The answer is simple. The answer is money.

While it is no secret my opponent, Maggie Hassan, has raked in thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Big Tech companies like Amazon, their employees, and trade associations, Big Tech is now targeting Republicans in Congress to help them defeat antitrust legislation that would finally allow us to hold these companies accountable.

The liberal Silicon Valley tech giants continue to seize control of the dialogue around our elections in an attempt to influence outcomes. If you want to understand why liberal and career politicians are constantly doing Big Techs’ bidding you need only to follow the money.

We want to thank retired General Don Bolduc for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to

Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and their employees are consistently some of the biggest donors to campaigns, and as a result, they are able to wield an uncomfortable amount of influence over our elections. Recent efforts to pass antitrust and data privacy legislation have the tech giants worried. Look no further than millions of dollars spent lobbying the House and Senate lately – with Apple reportedly spending more on lobbying last quarter ($2.5 million) than in any previous quarter.

We must ask ourselves if we want to continue electing politicians who are bought and paid for by Big Tech.

Right here in the Granite State my opponent, Maggie Hassan has spent her entire time in the Senate pushing for Big Tech’s interest. Amazon alone has shelled out thousands of dollars in contributions to her campaign, and the employees of some of the largest tech companies have contributed tens of thousands more.

Antitrust legislation is a way to fight back against the tech giants that have dominated the market, stifled innovation, and suppressed conservative voices. If a few big companies control the market, consumers don’t have choices. And choices have long made America the greatest nation in the history of humanity – choices that range from simple everyday items to electing the leader of the free world.

These companies have spent years harvesting consumer data only to turn around and use it to suppress conservative voices and censor information. Big Tech has risked our national security by allowing bad actors like China and Russia to infiltrate our data and security to weaponize and influence elections.

Google, Facebook, and Amazon’s reign over our data privacy, free market, and free speech need to end. Holding members of Congress accountable for how they vote on this legislation is the best way for us to send a message to Big Tech that our views as conservatives will not be silenced anymore.

One thing I can promise you as your next United States senator is that my allegiance will always be to Granite Staters and our working families – not to the elites in Silicon Valley. Together, let’s stand up to these bullies, get rid of the censorship, and continue to make our economy freer and fairer for everyone.

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The Left’s “Constitutional Scholarship” Distilled Down to a Handful of Words …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 19:30 +0000

My commute is short but every now and again I try to listen to a few minutes of Howie Carr. On rare occasions, I hear something other than ads, and yesterday, Howie read a text that distilled the Left’s Constitutional scholarship down to a handful of words.

One of his listeners wrote, (paraphrasing) that to Democrats the second amendment only covers muskets but the 14th covers abortion and gay marriage. We can add that to, the popular maxim; the second amendment only covered muskets but the first applies to strippers and the internet.

But Am 1 is not limited to quills, soap boxes, and pamphleteering.

Oh, and Muskets WERE weapons of war.

But such common-sense truths fall on deaf ears. It’s a living document you neanderthal, or whatever other pithy nostrum finds their quivering pale progressive lips. Oh, and everyone who disagrees (on the gun thing) is a member of the NRA.

They don’t even have to say it, you can spell it out in the veins popping from their foreheads. But if they do speak (and they will), thank nature’s God for their obsessive mask-wearing or you might get a few Jabberwocky “droplets” on you as they project their idiot opinion – along with whatever other plague rages through their bodies – onto your person.

It’s the only application of the things that I am willing to admit actually works. Masks keep angry leftists from spitting on you but not much else.

They also mirror their failed thinking on numerous topics including the Constitution.


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They’re Coming for Your Lawn Mower

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 18:00 +0000

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-CA) unveiled her ridiculous Green New Deal three years ago, her ‘fact sheet’ lectured us about the perils of cow farts and the need to eliminate airplanes, while simultaneously waxing poetic about the need to financially support those who are “either unable or unwilling to work.”

Excuse us for our skepticism, AOC, but it seems like you have ulterior motives when you try to scare us about global warming and then attempt to leverage that fear to enable fellow, lazy leftists to sit on their asses all day.

So, when we see an article such as the one published yesterday by Yahoo News titled “Leaf blowers, lawn mowers and fertilizer: How lawns contribute to climate change,” we need to scrutinize every aspect of their assertions. Consider the following points from the report:

“’[Lawns] are huge nitrogen consumers, and nitrogen is the most energy-dense nutrient that we manufacture,’ [scientist] Kent said. ‘When you add all that energy we’re dumping in lawns and compare it against the amount of biomass that’s being stored in the soil and the tissue, you come up with 1 acre of lawn [that] contributes approximately 3,112 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, which has the energy equivalent of 156 gallons of gasoline’ Kent added.”

“Likewise, short, regularly cut grass does not absorb much water — an increasingly important task as climate change leads to more flooding from heavier storms — and that runoff can funnel fertilizer and herbicide into lakes, rivers and oceans, potentially poisoning fish and harming swimmers.”

What are the solutions? You won’t be surprised:

“There are also lower-impact ways of caring for a lawn. Using only manual tools, like a push mower, or electric ones, will remove the emissions from two-stroke engines. According to the Electric Power Research Institute, replacing half of gas mowers in the United States with electric mowers would save as much emissions as taking 2 million cars off the road. Taking a more natural approach to lawn management — cutting it less often, skipping the weed killer and letting the clovers and dandelions grow — would also minimize the impact.”

If totally altering our economy is unnecessary for addressing climate change – and credible analyses on the matter state exactly that – then what meaningful impact would we accomplish by having a nation scattered with clover and dandelion-filled lawns in constant need of mowing? The answer seems pretty obvious. Nothing.

Why are the climate cultists targeting lawns? Because they need to come up with new topics and ideas. Billions of dollars are being spent on climate change research worldwide, and they have to look at something. So, the real question is.. why not attack green lawns? They’re probably owned by money-hungry conservatives anyway.



Jordan Case Writes at The Blue State Conservative

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Irony Alert: Law Democrats Passed and Biden Signed Kneecaps The Left’s Green Energy Dream

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 16:30 +0000

Remember that time, in the 117th Congress, when virtue-signaling leftists passed a law called the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act. Me neither, but it requires proof that certain Chinese products are not made using forced labor.


The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act requires proof that any products coming from Xinjiang, one of the main sources of products crucial in making batteries, were free of forced labor, the NYT reported.


The law took effect on Tuesday, and so what? Xinjiang is a primary source of parts used to make electric car batteries and other green energy components. According to experts, you won’t likely find an electric car battery without some. In other words, the Left, having done a good thing – trying to protect the Uyghurs from oppressive Chinese Communists – accidentally did a better thing.

Without breaking the law, they can’t screw us with their failed green agenda or ram millions of overpriced underperforming electric vehicles down our throats. And you can add solar panel components to that list as well.

The downside?

The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act is just words on paper – their words on their paper, but for as long as they pull the levers, there is no law, no force, no limitation that shall deter. They will ignore or break the law and not prosecute themselves to get what they want; or lie for their Chinese friends to keep us sliding down their slippery slope.

And anyone who complains too loudly, well – they might find themselves in a labor camp.

Don’t laugh. That’s on the menu in every authoritarian regime, and after the COVID crackdown, if you don’t see that coming, you need to lay off the Kool-Aid®.



HT | Daily Caller

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Quick Thought: Roe vs Wade Overturned

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 15:03 +0000

I’m trying to get caughtup at SCOTUSblog which has huge draw when the Supreme Court’s opinions and decisions are revealed.  Steve has the Breaking News – good that SCOTUS redid a bad decision as the Constitution never enumerated that abortion was to be within a Power of the Federal Government to oversee.

I’ll have more to say but I think this comment by Amy Howe summarizes much of the outlook of Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer (the Liberals on the Courts given to being a Super-Legislative body):

9 minutes ago
“Whatever the exact scope of the coming laws,” the dissenters write, “one result of today’s decision is certain: the curtailment of women’s rights, and of their status as free and equal citizens.”

Their concern is ONLY for the woman (and I will add “BIOLOGICAL woman” and not a “birthing person” although I wouldn’t have been surprised to have seen that phrase) that concerns them – there is NO mention in that abstract from their dissent about the Child that is within them.  Women are still free and they are still equal – but biologically have different purposes/responsibilities/capabilities based on their biological sex/gender.

It’s as if the three of them, along with the Left, believe that this new life is but a “penumbra and emanation” (see what I did there?) and not to be considered at all.

I’ll be writing much more on this later. Amy Howe of SCOTUSblog has a brief synopsis here.



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Breaking News: Roe v. Wade Was Just a Clump of Words – Roe and Casey Overturned

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 15:00 +0000

The US Supreme Court has released its final decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson. The one that was leaked as a draft to grab the news cycle. The left has promised to riot if it stands, so get ready to rumble.

After weeks of threats and intimidation, the decision is still 6-3 – Roe and Casey have been overturned.

Emphasis mine.

Held: The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.

(a) The critical question is whether the Constitution, properly understood, confers a right to obtain an abortion. Casey’s controlling opinion skipped over that question and reaffirmed Roe solely on the basis of stare decisis. A proper application of stare decisis, however, requires an assessment of the strength of the grounds on which Roe was based. The Court therefore turns to the question that the Casey plurality did not consider


Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act is supported by the Mississippi Legislature’s specific findings, which include the State’s asserted interest in “protecting the life of the unborn.” §2(b)(i). These legitimate interests provide a rational basis for the Gestational Age Act, and it follows that respondents’ constitutional challenge must fail. Pp. 76–78. (e) Abortion presents a profound moral question. The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. The Court overrules those decisions and returns that authority to the people and their elected representatives. Pp. 78–79. 945 F. 3d 265, reversed and remanded.

ALITO, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which THOMAS, GORSUCH, KAVANAUGH, and BARRETT, JJ., joined. THOMAS, J., and KAVANAUGH, J., filed concurring opinions. ROBERTS, C. J., filed an opinion concurring in the judgment. BREYER, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN, JJ., filed a dissenting opinion.


More after I have time to read this thing.

Dobbs v Jackson

And a quick reminder to would-be arsonists. You can be shot and killed in self-defense in New Hampshire while attempting to burn a building so please (PLEASE) do not try to torch any churches or crisis pregnancy care clinics or centers. Today’s Decision does not change any abortion laws in New Hampshire.

Note 2: prepare yourself for a parade of stupid remarks including (very likely) from Gov. Sununu.

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Move Over Squad, The Quad is in Town

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 13:30 +0000

The Squad has been making noise and pushing the Democrat Party Left for four years. Led by AOC, this group of Congresspeople has been loud but ineffective. They have negatively influenced the party and, more importantly, the country. They garner media attention, but none of them have passed any significant legislation. We can only hope they are a passing fad.`

These members of the Squad were elected as a protest against Donald Trump. Activists, bartenders, and an ungrateful child rescued from a country in turmoil all hate this country and want to see it torn down and rebuilt in their image. They embrace socialism but probably could not define it. They had their moment in the spotlight, but the bell had tolled. It is time for them to move on. There is a new gang in town. The adults are back in charge.

A new class of women politicians is making their way through the primary system and gaining momentum. These women are young, over-achievers, ready to do what is necessary to bring this country back to normal, back to greatness.

This past Tuesday, four of these women were elected to move on against incumbents in November. They are a diverse group, with some white and some of color. They are mothers, professionals, and military trained. These women love America and are ready to reclaim it for their children and families. The women are nicknamed the Quad; they know their mission and are anxious to get started.

Winning For Women Action Fund has already seen success this election cycle with primary wins by Rep. Nancy Mace in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District and Monica De La Cruz in Texas’ 15th District, as well as Alabama Senate candidate Katie Britt advancing to a runoff Tuesday.

WFW AF was formed in 2019 to get conservative Republican women elected. So far, they are showing success in primaries and now need to keep the momentum going through the mid-terms.

Jen Kiggans defeated three challengers to win the nomination in Virginia’s coastal 2nd District and will take on U.S. Rep. Elaine Luria. And Yesli Vega, an auxiliary deputy, and county-level elected official prevailed in a crowded field in the central Virginia 7th District. Vega will face Rep. Abigail Spanberger in the general election, where Republicans are bullish about their chances of flipping the seats currently held by the two centrist Democrats.

These women are seasoned and serious. A former Navy helicopter pilot and a geriatric nurse practitioner, Kiggans has represented parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk in the state Senate since 2020.

Yesli Vega, a military wife, mother, and law enforcement officer, embodies the American Dream. Born in Houston, Texas, to Salvadoran immigrants fleeing civil war, her family has taken full advantage of the freedom and opportunities available only in America.

Monica de la Cruz owns three successful small businesses and lives the American Dream. She believes in giving back to her community and has strong ties through her work with various community service organizations.

“Conservative women are built tough and are tired of being silenced by the Left and the media. That’s why I’m traveling the country campaigning for conservatives which include some of the strongest ladies I know. Now is not the time to sit back, but to press forward. I can’t wait to see the next class of freedom-fighting women gets elected,” Nikki Halley said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

The actions of Democrats in the last few years have woken a group of angry women who are ready to fight. They are fighting for the future of this country and, unlike the Squad, are mature, prepared, and ready for a real fight. These are just a few of the twenty-one women supported by WFW AF, and the group claims there are more to come.



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Kamala’s Coup

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 12:00 +0000

No one thought Joe would make it this long and I’ve likened both the campaign and the presidency to elder abuse, not to be confused with abusive elders. Joe’s revenge. A nation that is a reflection of Biden, himself. A child groping, mentally deficient, mumbling train wreck.

The king is the land, the land is the king and the “king” is a mess.The economy is acting as if we never created a private-sector job in our entire history, the way Joe has never worked one.

And what goes around comes around. Democrats abused Joe and now Joe is abusing them. The mid-term outlook is so bad Democrats may not even be able to steal enough elections to remain relevant. What is a party to do?

Not much, if you consider your backup plan is worse. As bad as Joe is even Democrats don’t want Kamala, but Harris might be getting ready to make her move. Rumor has it there’s been more than the typical level of Amendment 25 chatter and the Bidenistas are reacting.


We’ve known about tensions between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for some time now, but former President Bill Clinton strategist Dick Morris believes Biden’s aides are now leaking damaging stories on Harris out of concern that she will attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.


Unity Joe couldn’t bring the nation together – not that this was ever the plan – and now he’s decided to divide his own administration. Well, his people have. I doubt Joe knows or suspects and if he did he’d have to ask his wife who, some belief, is the one ruining the nation. But these are collectivists so let’s make sure we spread the “wealth” when it comes to responsibility for the historical disaster that is the Biden presidency. A legacy that only goes away if they complete the transformation to a Marxist authoritarian state so they can rewrite that history.

He was a real leader after that barbarian, Trump.

So, Kamala the girl to make that happen? Could she complete the Marxist makeover? She’s well-connected to America’s communist element. Her parents are life-long socialists (if I remember correctly). But she’s a frikkin idiot climber with little in the way of skills and as noted previously, her own party doesn’t like her. It’s so bad that if she was working for the Clintons she’d have already been ‘suicided’ along with all the other “Clinton associates” who have suddenly “killed themselves.”

Could a Biden/Obama/Clinton, the enemy of my enemy “coalition” arise, or is it, Biden that they all want gone?


There is certainly plenty of reason for Biden’s people to believe Kamala might pull such a stunt. The fact is that Biden’s age and cognitive decline are huge liabilities for the party. According to a recent report from the New York Times, there’s growing concern about Biden within the party, and some think that their only chance of holding onto power in 2024 is giving Biden the boot. Those problems are only going to get worse.


Kamala as VP is not much of a legacy and one over which she appears to have no control and not just because of Biden.

And maybe she thinks being the first woman president (and one with a bit of color) will salvage some of that, but can it?

Obama was the first black president and if not for Biden, he’s arguably one of the worst. So, what if Kamala has the distinction of making sure Biden and Obama are the second and third-worst presidents in modern history (Jimmy Carter’s gotta be smiling there in 4th place).

And what if that Amendment 25 trail balloon fails to float? Then what? You might become the first female vice-president (with some color) forced to resign by your “boss” and your party but there is a bright side.

You’ll finally have some time to visit the border.



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Red Flag Law Hypocrisy

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 10:30 +0000

To anyone who voted for Joe Biden and believes in Red Flag laws, which Biden supports, I ask you this: Why then isn’t Hunter Biden in jail? It has been reported that he lied on his gun permit application (ATF Form 4473) about his history of drug use.

And remember when his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, threw his gun in the trash near a high school in 2018 because – in Hunter’s own words- she felt he was “an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies”? And how in his texts to her he said he was outraged that because of this he might be investigated by the FBI? Yet to this day the FBI has denied ever being involved. Hunter also mentioned in those texts that his dad had 5 guns in the house, although the President has said he owns just 2 – part of his talking points for gun control.

So then, why hasn’t the President reported his son as a possible danger to himself and others? After all, the state of Delaware does have a Red Flag gun law that went into effect in 2018.

“Rules for thee and not for me!“ That’s why! The government is corrupt and cannot be trusted, and this is why the American people cannot give one single inch when it comes to the 2nd Amendment! Not a single one! We cannot put any faith into the political elite who surround themselves with armed guards! Gun control has nothing to do with the safety of our kids or anyone else in society! The government wants submission, period!

When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny. And guns are the equalizer!

You might say- but the government has the tanks and bombs. That is true, but look at Afghanistan…how’d that work out?

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Please Don’t Park Your Logic and Common Sense in a Hole So Deep You Can’t Find It.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 01:30 +0000

Lie to Congress, it’s a felony; if Congress lies to us, it’s just politics. Dislike a Black person, racist; if a Black person dislikes whites, it’s their 1st Amendment right. The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals; they do almost nothing for the victims. You can kill an unborn child, but it’s wrong to execute a mass murderer.

We don’t burn books in America, we now rewrite them. We got rid of the communist and socialist threat by renaming them progressive. Unable to close our border with Mexico but send millions to protect Ukraine’s border. Protest against President Barack Obama’s policies; you’re a terrorist. Burn an American flag or George Bush effigy; it was your 1st Amendment right. Pornography on television or the internet: yes. Nativity scene in a public park during Christmas: offensive.

We take money from those who work hard for it and give it to those who don’t want to work. We all support the Constitution, but only when it supports our political ideology. We still have freedom of speech, but only if we are being politically correct. Parenting has been replaced with Ritalin and video games; the land of opportunity is now the land of handouts; the similarity between Hurricane Katrina and the gulf oil spill is that neither president did anything to help.

And how do we handle a major crisis today? The government appoints a committee to determine who’s at fault, then threatens them, passes a law, raises our taxes, and tells us the problem is solved so they can get back to their reelection campaign. Please don’t park your logic and common sense in a hole so deep you can’t find it.

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Governor Groomer Is A Congenital Liar

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-06-24 00:00 +0000

I grow more and more bewildered and exasperated that anybody can still support Governor Groomer, a/k/a Sun-King Sununu, as he continues to LIE. A recent post by Cornerstone Action discussed Governor Groomer’s LIES about supporting certain pro-life policies:

… it now seems that if Governor Sununu promises in a signed letter to pursue any specific policy on abortion, he can be trusted to do exactly the opposite. It is a sign of the laziness and unquestioning obedience of Granite State media that, outside of the pro-life community, the Governor has continued to get away with his systematic dishonesty. …

I recently posted about Governor Groomer rewriting history to make it appear that he had no idea … NO IDEA … that his stealth candidate, Joe Biden, intended to destroy the domestic fossil fuel industry.

Because so many GOP in New Hampshire continues to support Governor Groomer … either apparently because they are in denial about what he really is, or because all that matters is the candidate with an “R” after his name wins … the nail merits being hammered again.

Here is Governor Groomer FALSELY claiming he had no inkling … none whatsoever … that the Biden regime was going to go to war against the domestic fossil fuel industry:



And here is a video from the RNC showing Biden OVER and OVER and OVER again … THROUGHOUT THE YEAR PRIOR TO “DAY ONE” … saying he intended to destroy the domestic fossil fuel industry:

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GIP: Meet Senate Candidate General Bolduc and Congressional Candidate Tim Baxter!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-06-23 22:45 +0000

Dear Friends,

In a few months NH will be voting in the primaries to choose the best candidates for the November general election. Maggie Hassan in the US Senate and Chris Pappas in the US House are up for re-election. Before you cast your votes in these races, please do your homework and learn as much as you can about how they have represented NH, as well as each of their opponents.

The Government Integrity Project will host FREE informal and intimate opportunities for you to meet some of the candidates who have chosen to run against Senator Hassan and Congressman Pappas. Please take these opportunities to meet the candidates up close and personal.

The first opportunity will be THIS FRIDAY (tomorrow, 6/24/22), at 7p in Brentwood. General Don Bolduc (US Senate) and NH State Rep Tim Baxter (US House) will be available to share their visions, as well as answer your questions regarding their candidacy. Click the link for details.

More importantly… show up and participate!

It is important that you cast an informed vote in the primary. Please come THIS FRIDAY (tomorrow, 6/24/22) and learn about these two candidates. Let them know who you are, and what you expect from them if they are elected! Together, we can hold them accountable!

I hope to see you FRIDAY, 6/24/22 at 7p in Brentwood!

Best regards,


P.S. SAVE THIS DATE (July 14th) FOR THE NEXT MEET AND GREET: US Senate Candidate Kevin Smith and US Congressional Candidate Karoline Leavitt will be at our next informal Meet and Greet on July 14th. Details will be sent out soon. I hope to see you there as well!

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Separation of Church and SLATE

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-06-23 22:30 +0000

On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court said that Maine “need not subsidize private education” [but] that “once a state decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious.” Why? The First Amendment.

Democrats, who’ve never read it, or don’t understand it, are off the rails about the decision. It is idiocy echoed everywhere, but no one seems to have done it like SLATE.


The Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority effectively declared on Tuesday that the separation of church and state—a principle enshrined in the Constitution—is, itself, unconstitutional. Its 6–3 decision in Carson v. Makin requires Maine to give public money to private religious schools, steamrolling decades of precedent in a race to compel state funding of religion.


Um, no.

Separation of Church and State, not in the Constitution. Not for real, not enshrined. There is no shadow of a penumbra. The concept is a left-wing invention cherry-picked from one letter by one founder. This does not constitute decades of precedent.

It does attempt to justify discrimination but repeating it over and over with your fingers in your ears (lalalalalalalalala) does not change that. Or this.


The dissents are wrong to say that under our decision today Maine “must” fund religious education. Post, at 7 (BREYER, J., dissenting). Maine chose to allow some parents to direct state tuition payments to private schools; that decision was not “forced upon” it. Post, at 4 (SOTOMAYOR, J., dissenting). The State retains a number of options: it could expand the reach of its public school system, increase the availability of transportation, provide some combination of tutoring, remote learning, and partial attendance, or even operate boarding schools of its own. As we held in Espinoza, a “State need not subsidize private education. But once a State decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private schools solely because they are religious.” 591 U. S., at ___ (slip op., at 20)….

Maine’s “nonsectarian” requirement for its otherwise generally available tuition assistance payments violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. Regardless of how the benefit and restriction are described, the program operates to identify and exclude otherwise eligible schools on the basis of their religious exercise.


It is against the law (unconstitutional) for the State to refuse access to public funds based on religion.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


Congress and the States are prohibited from playing favorites. Refusing to fund certified sectarian schools is no different than refusing to fund a certified public school. The Constitution projects equality as both a matter of faith and assembly.

If this equality is unreasonable, the Justices have made it clear that Maine has other paths it could follow to address the concerns, but discrimination based on religious beliefs is not one of them.

But since you seem to think they have that power, when will these outspoken defenders of the separation of church and State publicly refuse tuition to kids attending schools run by Muslims?




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David Ryan’s Departure from SAU16/Exeter: Tips on Hiring a New Superintendent

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-06-23 21:00 +0000

Good Superintendents are hard to find, and yet, they are the leaders of our schools. We can learn a lot from the problems that plagued SAU16/Exeter school district under the leadership of David Ryan- so let’s start by looking at what parents can do when it’s time to hire a new Superintendent.

David Ryan was the former Assistant Superintendent in the Manchester public schools. Manchester School Board members discovered problems during his tenure as you can see in this video below. If the board members in SAU16 had done some google searching, they would have realized that the Superintendent they were hiring had some issues while working in the Manchester school district.

Ryan exposed his agenda to politicize schools and children when he presented to the Manchester School Board what a Civics Class would look like in the district under his leadership:



You can clearly see that the focus was not on quality academic content. Instead, the focus was on turning Manchester children, into community organizers. This education political agenda is called action civics. This is what Stanley Kurtz warned about in his article titled: “Action Civics” Replaces Citizenship with Partisanship. He writes:

Unfortunately, widespread adoption of Action Civics will definitively politicize an already politically tainted K-12 educational system, irrevocably cementing the partisan Left’s hold upon our culture. Action civics amounts to school-sponsored indoctrination and political action in support of progressive policy positions………

Do you see the difference? Action Civics denies a child academic knowledge, and instead, seeks to indoctrinate the child with political partisan viewpoints. This is a way to turn a child into an illiterate community activist. Deny them knowledge, and instead focus on teaching them how to become community organizers.

David Ryan eventually left the Manchester school district, and was hired in SAU16. Critical Race Theory became his next political agenda in SAU16/Exeter.

He collaborated with the radical political group 2Revolutions to train the teachers in SAU16.  2Rev’s categorizes every home-owner in New Hampshire as a White Supremacist because they pay property taxes to their local schools.  They spent taxpayer money, so that the teachers would get a good dose of political indoctrination too.

Books were purchased for middle school students that categorized children as either in the dominant culture, or the subculture. Children would be instructed to break down their identity so that they fit into one of two boxes:  the oppressor box or the victim box. Regardless of what they have done in their 12 years of life on earth, many of the children would be categorized as oppressor, and the rest would find themselves as victims. This wasn’t an education, this was an indoctrination using pseudo-psychology in the classroom.

Not only would this violate the civil rights of some of the teachers, but many of the children too. Thankfully the legislature stepped in and affirmed our civil rights in the anti-discrimination law that was recently passed. School personnel cannot humiliate, or blame and shame children for what some people have done in history. We have equal protection under the law, and the Civil Rights Act applies to all of us.

So how do you avoid hiring a Superintendent who is following a national agenda to dumb down public schools, and replace a quality education with an indoctrination? Good luck, they are hard to find. Many just manage the garbage instead of lead their respective schools to excellence.

You can start by demanding that the selection process be transparent. Too many parents have lost trust in their public schools under this kind of failed leadership. SAU16/Exeter is in court right now because the plaintiff alleges that the Superintendent hasn’t turned over documentation that was requested in a Right to Know Request (91-a). Instead of making everything as transparent as possible, parents are left asking, what are they trying to hide?

Make sure that any candidates up for this position are vetted, and that this process is transparent.

Do a Google Search. It is amazing how school boards in charge of hiring Superintendents miss numerous articles or information that exposes the problems that are causing candidates to leave their current position.

David Ryan hired Tonja Neve as Principal of Main Street School in Exeter. The Blaze covered a story on how Neve referred to the parents in her school district as wackos and pushy for contesting Critical Race Theory taught to their children. So either no one did any kind of examination of her performance in her prior school where she was employed, or Ryan purposely hired another administrator who would assist him in his quest to push the radicalized CRT agenda on children.  If the board members fail to search for information, then it will be up to you to conduct that search, and bring those results before your school board members.

Parents across the country and especially in SAU16/Exeter want to return their public schools into places where their children are learning quality academic content. Instead, the focus is shifting to remolding the child with a narrow political viewpoint. These are the same people who scream about social justice, but as you can see, they are denying a child their basic right to a quality public education. These social justice warriors are peddling illiteracy cloaked in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

Ask questions of the candidates about academics. Have they read the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards? Do they have a list of the numerous flaws in these academic standards. How have they worked to make sure that the children in the schools where they’ve worked, addressed the problems, and fixed them? This should have been an easy task.

Professor James Milgram, who served on the Common Core Math Validation Committee drafted a document that points to the flaws in the Common Core Math Standards. Can the candidates for Superintendent show how they worked to choose math programs that corrected the numerous flaws?

There are missing math concepts in the Common Core Math Standards, did they make sure that any math program they chose included those missing concepts?

Common Core Math puts children on a path to Algebra I by 9th grade, however; children in Singapore reach Algebra I by 6th and 7th grade. How did the candidate for Superintendent select a math program in their school so their  students would have those same opportunities as children in Singapore?

Here are some of the many flaws with the Common Core English Standards.

The Next Generation Science Standards are worse than the Common Core Math and English Standards. What did the candidate do to DE-politicize the science standards used in their school?  Read the testimony I presented to the New Hampshire Board of Education, and ask the candidates if they intend to use the NGSS as written. Will they support the effort to attack property rights in the NGSS?  Parents are fed up with the politicization in the classroom, and want their children educated.

Keep the focus on academics.

What about an exit survey from parents who withdraw their children from the school district? I was once interviewed by a private school principal on why I was withdrawing my children from the school. I listed the problems that finally drove us to send our children to another private school. Changes were made after several parents withdrew their children. They took the time to listen and act.

What was their position on school closing, and masking children?

How will they make sure that books in the school are not pornographic or contain sexually explicit material? Do you need a judge to rule on this, or will the Superintendent act to protect children?

How are they respecting both the families from the LGBT community AND families who hold religious sacred views?  In SAU16/Exeter, we heard from parents about the hostility aimed at children who were Christian.

Will they continue to support the DEIJ Director who shares his sexuality with children:

What if a parent in the district objects to this kind of sexual discussion with their children? How do they know what will be discussed ahead of time so they can remove their children from these sexualized discussion?

One SAU16/Exeter parent posted this after watching the video:

At the Exeter Elementary SB meeting recently. ‘I’m excited that students will see someone who identifies as bisexual in their space’ Unpack that.
K-5 Why and how would it come up that you’re bisexual? Also, if and when you tell the 5,6,7 year olds that you’re bisexual, how do you answer questions from there?
In our house we are focused on reading, writing and math. We haven’t exactly covered sex education yet. Anything more then, ‘I have a partner,’ ‘they have two moms or two dads,’ you’re crossing a line. If kids have questions in K-5 tell them to go ask their parents.

How are you an “inclusive” school if you are violating the rights of parents to direct the education of their children?

The district administrator does not have to subscribe to religious tenets in order to show respect their religious families. They simply need to stop stepping all over their values in an effort to change the values in their children. How can they do that in a public school? A good leader should be able to produce that information.

They can teach children some basic human characteristics like, kindness, compassion, and empathy. They do not have to push a religion or a sexual lifestyle to teach those characteristics. Remove the politicization and focus on the characteristics. Assign books that are not politicized but teach the reader that showing dignity and respect to others is an honorable characteristic to possess. You cannot claim you are inclusive while at the same time, undermine the religious families you are serving.

Families of any political persuasion will appreciate messages of kindness, compassion, and empathy. Leaving the political messages out will prevent the division that has taken over the community in SAU16/Exeter. Politicized schools become communities divided.

Public schools serve a diverse community, and anyone claiming to be for social justice, need to show they respect all viewpoints. Rise above the politicalization we are seeing in public schools across this country, and go back to focusing on providing children a quality public education in a building that is joyful and welcoming to all children.

How will a new Superintendent deal with teachers who also push a political narrative on children? A teacher is there to teach, not indoctrinate their students. Will a new Superintendent require teachers to remain neutral in the classroom? Teachers want and deserve respect, but when they cross the line and begin pushing a political narrative, that is a ticket to losing respect from parents and the community.

Children shouldn’t be able to determine where a teacher is on the political spectrum when they are teaching in a classroom. The best teachers will present information from varying viewpoints.

Safety is now a concern for many parents across America. We make sure our judges are protected if we enter a courthouse, so how will the district secure the buildings so teachers and children are not at risk of violence? 

What about Social and Emotional Learning/SEL? Teachers, in general, have always tried to support children socially and emotionally. But even this has been standardized to the point where children are now graded on emotions, and their values. SEL data are now collected and shared. This has parents questioning the data that is collected. Who has access to this information, and how will parents be informed on the SEL assessments?  This is another area where transparency is a must. Parents must be able to analyze how teachers are grading and collecting SEL data on their children.

Parents across New Hampshire are showing up to school board meetings and demanding a better quality academic education for their children. They are voicing their concerns that the public schools have turned away from quality academic content in favor of social engineering. They have seen what is going on in the classrooms, and they want better for their children. That is why the next step of choosing a new Superintendent is so important. SAU16/Exeter parents saw how one leader could lead their district in a direction they didn’t want to go. This one position has a significant impact on all of the children served in the school district. This is why it is important to choose the right leader in the future. One who prioritizes academic excellence, creates a safe and joyful environment, and respects all of the families they are serving.


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15 Republican AG’s Oppose Anti-Gun ATF Nominee…But Not Mine.

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-06-23 19:30 +0000

Steve Dettelbach, Biden’s second bite at the AFT director’s apple, has left a sour taste in the “mouths” of Republican governors and their attorney’s general. The former Obama-era US Attorney, as you might expect, has a history of anti-gun activism and the AG’s doth protest.


Dettelbach has a history of backing gun control measures, promoting several firearms restrictions during an unsuccessful 2018 campaign to become Ohio’s attorney general and making multiple posts on social media calling on America to take action in the wake of high-profile shootings. He told WOSU that he supported universal background checks and bans on so-called “assault weapons” during his campaign.


Republican AG’s doth protest but not enough, or should I say enough of them. The letter to Chuck Schumer is signed by fifteen AGs, from the states of Alaska, Arkansans, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

Conspicuously absent? New Hampshire – a state with a pro-gun governor. Chris Sununu just signed a law removing restrictions that prevented law-abiding gun owners from carrying on a snowmobile or SUV. He’s sitting on a bill that, as law, would prohibit the state from enforcing many arbitrary anti-gun laws or presidential orders not already supported by existing state statutes.

But the Granite State is mum on opposing the nomination of a guy to an agency that already has a growing history of abusing power against gun owners.

Mr. Dettelbach has a long history of activism to restrict Americans’ gun rights, going back to at least 2013 when he appeared alongside representatives from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the predecessor organization to Everytown for Gun Safety. This group has been described as “Michael Bloomberg’s well-paid propagandists,” as they seek to restrict Americans’ right to defend themselves. Nearly a decade later, Everytown applauded the “Biden – Harris Administration for doubling down” and nominating yet another anti-gun rights leader for the ATF.

Despite this outright hostilitytoward Americans’ gun rights,President Bidenhas tapped Mr. Dettelbach to lead the federal agency tasked with regulating the fire-arms industry. This industry helps power our economies and provides jobs in manyof our communities. In recent years, the ATF has proposed various rules that over-step the authority Congress has granted it, threatening those jobs and the rights ofour constituents

Dettelbach is a constitutional threat, but New Hampshire has again chosen the wallflower role, quietly watching without comment. That happened during NH resident Hal Shurtleff’s free speech case, which he won before the US Supreme Court.

I suppose you have to pick your battles, but with a motto like Live Free or Die, you’d think a Republican governor would be inclined to step up in the name of liberty and add his name or that of his AG to any action in the pursuit of liberty.

Or not, if you are also a Republican governor who, along with his AG, abrogated constitutional rights during the so-called pandemic.

Or maybe he’s just being a Sununu. Don’t irritate the lords and ladies inside the Beltway. You’ll need their indulgence if the sh!t hits the fan, and you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of their barbed wire fence.



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Politicians Who Want Gas to Be Expensive to Investigate Why Gas is So Expensive

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-06-23 18:00 +0000

In Momma’s Broken Heart, Miranda Lambert sings, “Leave it to me to be holdin’ the matches, When the fire trucks show up, and there’s nobody else to blame.” Someone looks guilty, and maybe they’re are or perhaps not, but when it comes to high gas prices, it’s no coincidence.

California’s legislature, which has worked diligently to make gasoline expensive, has decided to investigate why gas prices are so damn high.


California’s gas prices are currently the highest in the U.S., with the average price per gallon at $6.40 on Monday compared to the national average of $4.98.

“We have put ourselves in a situation because of our addiction to the gas-powered engine. Yet that is no excuse for the actions of those who pin California drivers down with a foot on our necks and a hand in our pockets,” Rendon said.


California has the second-highest gas tax in the nation. Additional costs accrue for buffet blends and a fee to reduce greenhouse gases. California has oil and gas reserves but won’t tap them, not any new ones.

The excess cost results from Left-Wing policy, but the politicians who made gas expensive won’t accept the blame or take the credit, which is odd. For years they’ve been saying gas needed to be more costly to make their preferred alternatives more competitive. But as the cost of motor fuels went higher, so did the cost of raw materials and manufacturing for those alternatives.

The problem, at least to the leftwing mind, is not to admit failure or to turn back. It is to set California (and the nation) on fire and then blame someone else when you’re the one holding the matches.



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