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Narrative Shattering News With Global Consequences That Has Nothing to do with Kyle Rittenhouse

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 13:00 +0000

Special snowflakes melting makes for great blogging, so we have more Rittenhouse hot takes, but “man cannot read blogs about Rittenhouse alone.” And this news is not just huge.

It WILL be summarily ignored by the so-called watchdog, truth-seeking, fact-checkers in the American media.

“Sea Level Alarmism Unravels As Earth’s Coastlines Are Observed Expanding Since 1984”

From 1984 (Hello, Mr. Orwell) to 2019, the earth’s coastlines expanded at a rate of 0.26mm/year.


A 2019 global-scale analysis of 709 islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans revealed 89% were either stable or growing in size, and that no island larger than 10 ha (and only 1.2% of islands larger than 5 ha) had decreased in size since the 1980s (Duvat, 2019).

Likewise, the globe’s beaches been growing by 0.33 m/year since 1984 (Luijendijk et al., 2018).

In a press release for a 2016 paper on coastal land area changes from 1985 to 2015, scientists acknowledged this:

“We expected that the coast would start to retreat due to sea level rise, but the most surprising thing is that the coasts are growing all over the world – BBC

“Accretion is the dominant trend…across the world”


Son of a Beach, right?

We’ve reported on some of that in the past, like the swanky, top-dollar travel destination that has been milking climate fear for global handouts over decades. But the island nation has more land mass now than it did in 1943.


Related: Reminder: No Arctic Ice, Manhattan Underwater, and All 1200 Maldives GONE in Six Weeks


And the data supports the scientific fact that none of this is man-made.


According to Mao and colleagues, Australia’s coasts have been growing at a rate of +0.10 m/year. Asia’s coasts have been expanding +0.64 m/year. Europe’s coasts are accreting +0.45 m/year. And the African continent has been observed expanding at a +0.31 m/year clip since 1984.

The only two continents where coasts have not been observed expanding in recent decades are South America, 0.00 m/year, and North America, -0.29 m/year.



The prophecy of melting ice on land or sea would create rising tides across the globe, not just along two continents. Behavior typical of an interglacial, especially in places like North America where verticle land motion or isostatic rebound accounts for the change.

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David Meuse’s Moronic Response to the Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict … Outlaw the Second Amendment!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-20 02:30 +0000

Every insinuation in Meuse’s tweet is a LIE.

It was not a protest. It was a destructive and violent riot. The Democrat Party’s street militias … Antifa and BLM … were burning and looting and gratuitously destroying businesses and property in downtown Kenosha. And the Democrat politicians held the police back because they believed that the rioting would benefit Biden and Democrats.

Kyle Rittenhouse did not “ramp up the heat.” He was attacked by multiple rioters.

First, while on his way to extinguish a fire in a car lot, he was ambushed by Rosenbaum, a pedophile who had earlier threatened to kill Kyle with a chain that he was carrying, who attempted to seize Kyle’s rifle. After shooting Rosenbaum in self-defense, Kyle … who was then on his way to turn himself in to the police … was pursued by a mob and knocked to the ground and attacked. In self-defense, Kyle shot Huber, a felon convicted in a strangulation case, who was smashing Kyle’s head with a skateboard, and Grosskreutz, who pointed a handgun that the was illegally carrying, at Kyle.

At no point was Kyle ever the aggressor in the sequence of events. Every action he took was defensive.

Meuse’s bill should be titled the Antifa/BLM/License-to-Kill bill. Kyle would be dead if he had not had an AR-15.

Meuse’s response, needless to say, would be that Kyle had no business being there. Wrong … soy boy. When the authorities refuse to do their jobs and leave us at the mercy of Democrat Party street-militias, we have every right to defend our communities, our property and our lives. As much as soy-boy Meuse and his beta-male ilk would like the streets to belong to Antifa and BLM, they don’t.

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Stop Arresting Parents For Protecting their Children

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 23:30 +0000

Is schooling about padding the pockets of unions, about indoctrinating our children, about dominating taxpayers and parents, or about educating a child to the parent’s satisfaction?

The problem with any government monopoly service is that once it realizes that it commands the violent power to force its customers to obey, the government service providers forget that they are supposed to be acting like a servant—serving paying customers.

Inevitably, power corrupts, and government servants transform into petty tyrants. They, after all, can exploit “legitimized” police power to fund their service and enforce their edicts. Taxpayers must donate regardless. Parents must submit their children nonetheless. Children must suffer the tyrants’ abuse.

The free market has a simple remedy for an abusive service provider. The parent picks up her child, cancels the service, and takes her money and child to patronize a different provider. The donor withdraws his contributions and reinvests them in a more service-oriented charity. And if a better service doesn’t yet exist, they invest in teachers to create a new one that matches their values and goals.

And because of this, service providers in a freed market either remember that they serve their customers at their customers’ pleasure, or they cease to exist — the most important lesson of the market, which not coincidentally is wholly missing from government lesson plans.


The Pelletiers were customers of, and (coerced) donors to, their local Timberlane school. They were upset because they believed the school was abusing their child. Whether you agree or disagree that it is “abusive” to mask a child throughout the school day for an entire school year to arguably reduce an already infinitesimal risk to children is not relevant to our exploration here. The Pelletiers do believe that. And, do I have to remind the reader, we are here talking about their child and their money?

A free market in schooling would have precluded any kerfuffle. The Pelletiers would have taken their child and their money to a school that better matched their family’s values, their risk assessments, and the tradeoffs that they were willing to make for their child. We would not be wasting our time worrying about tyrants trampling minority rights nor wondering when they will set their eyes on our rights.

But because we still live under the archaic, oppressive government schooling system, the Pelletiers did not have that free-market option. They could only travel to their school board to petition their masters for relief for their child, a petition that they already knew the tyrannical Karens were sure to deny. These government service monopolists have the arrogance to believe that they know best for the Pelletiers’ Kayla and that they should overrule the parents with the force of law.

Critical to the outrageousness of this story, one must remember that tyrants far too often demand a show of obsequence when they grace their commoners with their presence. And so, despite no one wearing masks anywhere else in the town, and despite there being only thirty or so, other commoners spread far across a high ceilinged auditorium with 938 seats.

The school board Karens insisted that any parent appearing before their majesties must wear a mask — even (and you must appreciate the Kafkaesque absurdity here) those parents who were asking for relief from the mask mandate imposed on their child. The order was pure Submission Theater, to remind the parents who is Ruler and who is Peasant.

Delores Umbridge (or Kim Fuhrer, or Kim Farah, or whatever name this particular tyrannical Karen goes by) directed her police thugs to threaten the Pelletiers, who were sitting in the back row — not six feet, but 20 feet, from the next nearest attendee in the nearly empty auditorium. Either the Pelletiers submit to her Glory, or they would be arrested.

The father, Nolan, is not a parent to bully; a tall, powerful tradesman, he is, after all, also the Chairman of the New Hampshire Libertarian Party. He saw no reason that he should falsify his status, to say that he had a “disability,” and thus need not wear a mask as long as he and half the parents attending sat in a distant, segregated, and cordoned off “Disability Section” which Delores always seemed to relish regularly mocking.

And so, Delores (Oh, I mean Karen – Darn it, it’s Kim, right?) had this father of two, this industrious small business owner, this proud contributor to Plaistow of 17 years, arrested, chained, kidnapped, and caged, to face charges that might steal the product of his labor and restrict his ability to ever again be allowed in Her presence, should he want to again (probably uselessly) petition her for relief for his child.

Look at this problem!

Instead of enjoying an easy, free-market solution, we must endure a gigantic political battle over whether “all children, parents, and donors” must follow Delores’s demands or whether children like The Pelletiers’ have any right to an exception. We must argue whether a bulwark of the community should be threatened, jailed, and extorted because he refused to bend the knee to a petty tyrant just so he could plea in her uncaring ears for his child.

These silly, unnecessary public battles will escalate in number and intensity until we separate school from state.

It is ironic that the school board politically arrested this father this week. Just this week, the education subcommittee in the NH House offered a brilliant solution: All families, regardless of income, would be eligible to take their children, and their children’s schooling dollars, to the schooling provider of their choice. Bingo, Bango! Problem solved!

That would obviate all political battles over masking children, over indoctrinating children that they sin simply because of their reproductive organs or the color of their skin, over siccing the FBI on protesting parents as “domestic terrorists”.

With so many avoidable political battles, we desperately need a law like this HB 607 that allows families like The Pelletiers to escape from their small town tyrannical Delores Umbridges’, while it enables those same school boards to focus their “service” on those parents who submit to their values and preferences.

You don’t submit? Great! Here’s your child; here’s your money; go with god. And in this way, neither minority families nor school boards would have to fight, despite divergent goals for the children.

Unfortunately, HB 607 is not yet law, but we can urge our House, Senate, and Governor to restore parental rights. They’ll have to ignore the profits, power, and preferences of cronies, busybodies, and little Deloreses. But by so passing, they would ratchet down acrimony artificially created only because diverse families are needlessly being forced-fit into a one-size-fits-few monopoly government service.



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Normalizing P3dophilia – We’re Supposed to Call Them “Minor-Attracted Persons” (MAP) …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 22:00 +0000

Adults who like having sex with children are so vile even career criminals are offended by them. But there are adults “on the spectrum” who like or want to have sex with minors.

They seek out occupations that give them access to children. It’s an addiction, a compulsion, and that’s always been a problem. The other problem (not there are not more than two) is that there’s a movement that has, for many years, been trying to normalize this. The P3dophilia.

The goal is to make it acceptable. Commonplace. Like men in women’s bathrooms which, surprise, we’re not allowed to question. But there are also large numbers of people “on the spectrum” who find both wrong and in the case of p3dophiles, disgusting and reprehensible. Criminal.

And it is a “debate” new legs after, “Virginia University … placed an assistant professor on administrative leave after the educator sparked heated backlash for saying it isn’t necessarily immoral for adults to be sexually attracted to children.”

The ass prof is the author of a book titled, “A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.”

They/Them participated in an interview with “a San Francisco-based child protection organization” called the Protasia Foundation.

The two are a match made in hell.

The extent of Protasia’s child protection operation can be summed up thusly. They (allegedly) exist to normalize and protect the idea that it’s okay for adults to have sex with children. Any adult, any child. If you’d like an amusing deeper dive, here’s a YouTuber who dug into Protasia and, well-tried to have some fun while exposing the ugly business.

Long story short, the term p3dophile comes with a lot of baggage and child rapists are still people or something. Someone needs to help. And sure, therapy would be great but that’s not what this is. It is a concerted well-funded effort to make schtupping minors as every day as well, every day.

To do away with the sex offender registry and make these relationships normal. You know, just another phase in the epic lie that “you can’t help who you fall in love with …”

Yes, you can.

And as for making sex with minors normal, no.

Just, no.



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Breaking: Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty on All Counts

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 20:30 +0000

This is blowing up everywhere or will be (cough cough). The jury in the Rittenhouse trial has delivered a verdict. Not guilty on all counts.


After three and a half days of deliberation, the jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on all counts. “Jurors in the polarizing case said they had voted to acquit Rittenhouse, 18, of homicide, attempted homicide and other charges related to the August 2020 shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin” reports The Washington Post.


This is a win for self-defense but one we should never have had to chase.

Congrats to Kyle and his team for presenting the facts to the jury and the jury for refusing to be intimidated by the Lefty mob.

This is not over, of course – it can’t be. The left hates to lose, and if they can’t take it out on Kyle, the judge, or the jury, they’ll take it out on whoever is at hand.

No rioting as I write this, but it’s early.


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Taking Back the Future Starts with You!

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 19:00 +0000

America as we know it is on the verge of extinction and little can be done to stop it with the balance of power teetering in favor of the current administration.

Currently, Democrats control the US House of Representatives by a narrow margin and the Senate is evenly split with Kamala Harris able to turn the vote left on any tied Senate legislation. All is not lost, however.

And this is when New Hampshire citizens will rise to the occasion and make a difference.

To that end, Onesmallstate.Com has been created to identify, promote and elect candidates dedicated to preserving American values based on the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the New Hampshire State Constitution.

Linking voters to candidates vested in protecting our medical freedoms, opposing race-based education, ensuring election integrity, and protecting our first and second amendment rights is crucial to saving America.

Onesmallstate.Com accomplishes this mission by hosting town hall-style private events allowing New Hampshire Candidates for the US House, US Senate, and Governorship to express their views and visions then offering citizens an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns whereby increasing the numbers of informed voters across the State.

New Hampshire’s only two Congressional House seats and two US Senate seats are currently occupied by Democrats in lockstep with the current radical left administration. In 2022, New Hampshire has the opportunity to shrink Pelosi’s majority advantage in the House. Further, we have the opportunity to remove Maggie Hassan and restore NH’s Senate seat to a candidate with a voice of reason, more representative of our citizens at large.

We are not California or New York, thankfully, but our one small State of New Hampshire can change the direction of America for the better.

Visit Onesmallstate.Com for upcoming events, become informed, support the best NH candidates and change the course of history.

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Infamous Left-Wing Pollster Has Biden Approval Falling to 36%

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 17:30 +0000

Build Back Better needs some clarification. Its purpose is to destroy things so that the Left can then Build it Back in their image. Better for them, not you and American’s are catching on to the scam.

F. Joe Biden’s approval is suffering, not that he ever deserved any approval.

From Breitbart, care of Ace,


Joe Biden’s job approval rating has sunk to 36 percent in the latest poll from left-wing Quinnipiac, and the Republican party is up eight points on the generic congressional ballot.

Keep in mind that Quinnipiac is an infamously left-wing pollster. So anything Quinnipiac can do to juice a poll in favor of Democrats, Quinnipiac will do. And still, this poll is ALL bad news for Democrats.


A number destined to crater further, setting perhaps new record lows as we turn the corner in 2022. The supply-chain aches and pains we are feeling now will likely explode after a knee-capped holiday season trips on a curb and can’t get back up.

Things we need to make other things are becoming difficult to get. The impact on prices is causing manufacturers to refuse any long-term pricing deals with retailers. Why? They have no clue week to week how what material costs will be looking forward. If producers can’t write contracts for a year or even a few quarters, the whole process begins to fall apart.

Volatility has reached a point where they can’t guess a month out what it will cost. You can’t plan, project, budget, buy, coordinate discounts, even advertise if you have no idea how long inventory will take to get from producer to seller and everywhere in between. A between with increasing lag as worker and driver shortages increase delays.

2022 will be an awful year, if I had to guess – before we even get into the public health tyranny. The people will take that frustration out on the ruling party.

Buden won’t have to be Amendment 25’d out of office. He’ll get booed off the stage by his own party looking for any ray of light between the darkening storm clouds of the US economy.

There will be much blameshifting, but here’s the thing.

Democrats were all in on this guy and their program. And it’s not overreaching. Whatever happens, this is the minimum amount of damage they could manage. If they grow their majority, they’ll do a lot more.

As we struggle into 2022 and on toward the midterms, picture how the maximum amount of damage might look?

It’s not a pretty sight, but it has to be one that will tip enough votes to overcome the Left’s new and improved cheating. That’s a tall order but one we have to try and fill.



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Young Americans for Liberty Launches New Petition to End the “Endless” COVID-19 Pandemic

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 16:00 +0000

Austin, TX — Today, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is launching a new petition drive to end the seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic, rallying students to speak out against the “unprecedented government overreach” of the COVID-19 era.

YAL urges students, faculty, and alumni to stand up for “an America where you can work freely, raise a family, and make your own decisions.”

The petition, which is expected to garner 100,000 signatures, will be promoted heavily on social media and circulated widely on college campuses around the country. It can be accessed here.

Since the onset of the pandemic, YAL has fought COVID-19 vaccine mandates on 23 college campuses, most notably at Rutgers University, Virginia Tech University, and the University of Colorado Boulder. At Rutgers, Sara Razi—a junior at the school and one of YAL’s New Jersey state chairs—organized a protest against Rutgers’ vaccine mandate earlier this year, rallying hundreds of students in support of medical freedom. At Virginia Tech, YAL activists circulated a petition encouraging students to protest mandatory vaccination on campus, garnering hundreds of signatures in a matter of weeks and delivering them to the administration.

YAL has also influenced policymaking at the state level, rallying legislators to fight back against COVID-19 tyranny. Members of YAL’s Hazlitt Coalition—the organization’s growing network of more than 170 pro-liberty legislators from nearly 40 states—have filed 25 bills defending American citizens’ rights against COVID-related infringements.

You can follow YAL on Twitter @YALiberty. To schedule an interview, please contact Luka Ladan at or (617) 932-9120.


Young Americans for Liberty is the nation’s most active youth libertarian organization. YAL represents over 5,000 student activists at more than 500 colleges and universities across the country. The organization’s Hazlitt Coalition, dedicated to advancing the cause of liberty at the state level, features over 170 pro-liberty legislators from nearly 40 states.

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With “GraniteCrok” A Failure Jeanne Dietsch Changes the Name and Adds a Podcast

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 14:30 +0000

Remember GraniteCrock? It was supposed to be former Democrat State Senator Jeanne Dietsch’s fact-checking vehicle. Sorry, debunking. It failed to be that from day one.

Imagined as a way to counter the content from GraniteGrok (about her), and then from GraniteGrok and NH Journal, and then…whatever, it never rose to the challenge.

The debunking was lame, lefty, echo-chamber messaging.

And while Dietsch did manage to expand her mailing list a bit, the original vision got blurry in short order.

Related: Jeanne Dietsch’s GraniteCrock “Debunking Site” Still a Floundering List Building Scam with No Readers

Dietsch has money, so the project ambled along, sloughing off flesh like the undead until earlier this year when it got rebranded. Granite State Matters.

As with the original project, we wish Jeanne good luck. There’s not much local political content outside the mainstream in these parts. Previous efforts have had limited success and ultimately failed for obvious reasons. Democrat politics focuses on the centralization of everything. Money, power, and messaging.

Local talking heads aping the national narrative has a limited shelf life and an even smaller potential audience when your audience can get the same message in a slick and flashy package.

But the timing is good. Elections are coming, and a presidential contest that is likely to get fiery on the Left. Biden was always a temp and a second term is not in the cards.

Harris is at least as bad as you’d expect, so any thoughts of using her time warming the VP title to get into the big chair – even if she lands there before 2024 will not translate into her independent success for the office. Democrats don’t even like her.

But the race itself means lots of (potential) high-profile candidates whom Jeanne can corral for an interview.

She’s also, in my opinion, used these platforms to advance her political career, which is never a bad idea, but these projects can quickly begin to consume your time and energy. She has money to advertise and promote it, so that would help.

But in the end, unless it finds a niche, it’s probably doomed. And including Steve Marchand’s podcast is not exactly filling a void.

Jeanne needs to create a show with a refreshing personality and has messaging the rest of the Left is missing (and wants to hear).

One more thing. Dietsch is now calling herself an independent. That’s the new invasion strategy from Democrats. Neil Wetherbee tried it in Derry, and now Dietsch appears to be in on the scam.

An independent with guests like Oliva Zink?

And this is the woman that said she wanted to roll back a business tax cut for which NH business owners did not ask.

Independent from reality, perhaps.


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Another “Association” Working Against Accountability in the Public Schools

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 13:00 +0000

Carl Ladd, a paid lobbyist for the New Hampshire School Administrators Association, is fighting against accountability in the local public schools.

This past year, Ladd opposed HB140 which creates a private right of action for bullying and cyberbullying. HB140 was signed into law by Governor Sununu which means any person aggrieved as a result of gross negligence or willful misconduct in violation of any provision of RSA 193-F:4 may initiate an action against a school district or chartered public school and may recover court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees as the prevailing party.  This was a big win for parental rights in New Hampshire.



The old anti-bullying law had no teeth. If you don’t have highly motivated administrators in your district, some of these bullying cases were being swept under the rug.

RSA 193-F:7 is the section that gave immunity to school districts and employees for “good faith conduct arising from or pertaining to the reporting, investigation, findings, recommended response, or implementation of a recommended response under this chapter.” 

Section 9 of the law explicitly stated that the statute created no private right of action for a student who is harmed because the authorities didn’t follow the law, and failed to protect the student from bullying. The court case of Gauthier v. Manchester School District, 168 N.H. 143 (2015) demonstrated how useless the anti-bullying law was.

A female student was assaulted on a school bus. The school principal failed to notify the student’s parents as required by the law. Eleven days later, the young bully assaulted the female student again in the cafeteria, this time causing injuries that required hospital treatment.

The mother of the injured student sued the School District for failing to follow the law to protect her child, but the case was dismissed due to the immunity section of the law.

HB140 was a way to hold accountable those who showed gross negligence or willful misconduct:

Any person aggrieved as a result of gross negligence or willful misconduct in violation of any provision of RSA 193-F:4 may initiate an action against a school district or chartered public school and may recover court costs and reasonable attorneys fees as the prevailing party.  For the purposes of this chapter, “gross negligence” means deliberate indifference.

Who could possibly oppose HB140 when there is gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the school administrator? Carl Ladd from the NHSAA!!

Now Ladd is back trying to protect school employees if they violate the new anti-discrimination law. He’s not happy that the Education Commissioner set up a system so that those who violate the law can be reported to The New Hampshire Department of Education. Who is he trying to protect? Those who discriminate against students or teachers?

The new law applies to discrimination practices which have been aimed at teachers too. Since teachers have been subjected to Critical Race Theory propaganda in professional development, they now have an avenue to present evidence.

There are teachers who do not appreciate the blame and shame CRT message aimed at them through the propaganda presented during professional development. I know, they’ve reached out to me!

Parents know that the vast majority of teachers come to school with a professional attitude to help their kids learn the academics. They are valued and appreciated by all of us.

Carl Ladd denies that this propaganda is being used in our public schools. He says that CRT is taught at the college level. He is technically right, but CRT has been co-opted by radicals who want to push prejudice, hate, and discrimination. I know, I’ve seen the evidence in our New Hampshire public schools.

Some of the administrators have scrubbed their websites knowing that what they published contained hate-filled CRT propaganda. In Litchfield, when parents complained to the school board, the Superintendent removed the links he had posted and apologized to the residents. Instead of denying this has happened, he took responsibility, rectified the situation and apologized. I give him a lot of credit for his response. He put to rest concerns by taking responsibility and correcting the situation.

Carl Ladd is claiming this isn’t happening.  Maybe he should attend the school board meetings once in a while. I was at the Litchfield School Board meeting with those angry parents who addressed the CRT related materials that were published on the website.

School districts take valuable resources from their budgets and pay dues to the NHSAA. So in essence, parents pay this organization to fight against them. Talk about a scam on taxpayers.

Parents should tell their local school board members to stop paying dues to the NHSAA. If school administrators want their lobbying services, pay for them out of their own pocket. Teachers have to pay their lobbyists. Why should taxpayers fund lobbyists who lobby against parental rights?

If you are wondering, why there is little or no accountability in our local schools –look no further than the NHSAA. They are at hearings every year lobbying against parental rights and against improving the academics in your local schools. They even opposed parents who wanted better quality standards than what Common Core offered.

The new anti-bullying law now allows parents to sue school districts if administrators do not follow the law. That is a financial penalty that holds administrators accountable. Moms of Liberty will now pay $500 if a public school staff member breaks the anti-discrimination law. One financially penalizes through the courts, the other rewards a whistle blower. Both are a means to hold accountable, those who are violating the rights of your children.

Who opposes that kind of accountability? Carl Ladd and the NH School Administrators Association.

Who supported HB140 and accountability in our public schools? I did. I’m an unpaid lobbyist focused on parental rights and academic excellence in our public schools.

The NHSAA is not working for families in New Hampshire but working against them, and you pay their salaries.

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Wake Up And Laugh: Failing Out of Kindergarten

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 11:30 +0000

We’re back with Dennis Regen who continues to make me smile. And who among us doesn’t want or need to start the day off with a smile?

This part of the special is about school, math, cheating and, I found it amusing (it should jump to the section just after 8 minutes). Then air travel, and dealing with the airlines, and you can keep on watching, or stop whenever you want or go back to the beginning.

We have no rules for this. Be ungovernable.

And if this isn’t that funny to you scroll down for something that might.




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Molecular Biologist: When You MIX Politics with Science, the Result Is a Toxic Potion.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 02:30 +0000

SCIENCE: FDA reports and CDC confirms: Sars-COV2 RT-PCR tests have been inaccurate. Unable to differentiate COVID from the common cold, they officially join the scrap heap in December 2021. Were there ever any “super spreaders”?

POLITICS: Officials use faulty PCR tests to promote dangerous public policies. The oxymoron of social distancing is invented, and millions of healthy people worldwide are forced to cover their faces and hide. The use of early, life-saving treatment is prohibited. Doctors are forced to ignore sick patients until “too short of breath to reach the bathroom.”

Treatment with Remdesivir and vancomycin, drugs known to cause kidney failure, is mandated. Input from the medical and scientific community is strictly prohibited; the press is invited. The curable become critically ill, and many die.

Why are we not allowed life-saving early treatment?

POLITICS: New “vaccine” edict: Endure experimental injections that have taken a minimum of 52,647 lives in the USA*, and injured exponentially more. Casualties include precious friends and family, our elderly, our unborn infants, perfectly healthy children, and adults, accomplished athletes- none are spared.

Why such devastating losses?

SCIENCE: The man-made, SPIKE protein our cells manufacture post mRNA or DNA injection IS the most dangerous component of the Sars-COV2 virus. We become human factories for bullets that cause systemic blood disorders, nervous system disorders, immune and autoimmune disorders, myocarditis, and massive systemic inflammation. There is no off-switch.

What could possibly go wrong?

POLITICS: They claim our antibody response to the “spike” would gain us immunity. Yet “fully vaccinated” people are catching, spreading, and dying of the disease.

Do they understand science at all?

SCIENCE: According to the CDC, the chances of making a full recovery from a Sars-COV2 infection are at least 99.987% (even better with early treatment); a child’s chances are 99.998%. Once a person has recovered from COVID19, their natural, robust immunity will last a lifetime.

POLITICS: Ignore the facts and do what we tell you because we know better than you.

Why do we continue to comply, when we know something is terribly wrong?

SCIENCE: Healthy people are not a danger to others. Your breath is not a poison.

You do not need to cover your mouth and nose in order to live- quite the opposite!

God gave us all an amazing immune system; it works best when we use it.

Where scientific discovery is silenced, an alternate agenda is always at work. Governments do not protect families; they protect governments.

Time to step out of the Twilight Zone, shake off the political fog, and refuse to let fear drive our decisions.


Mary Anne Alliegro – Career Cell and Molecular Biologist

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Pandemic-Vaccine Theater: “The Jabbed are Trojan Horses” Edition

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-19 01:00 +0000

Think about it. Employers, venues, airlines, and others want you to pass a COVID test or provide proof of vaccination to continue life as you knew it. But neither can prove you don’t have COVID if that’s supposed to be the point.

But it can’t be.

If the test is done correctly, you might not have this Flu, but you’ll then be elbow to elbow with Jabbed folks who might. The Jab is a joke. It not only does not prevent infection or transmission, it defeats the point.

It turns everyone into COVID Mary while you, having passed your test, will have been granted access to crowds of people who could have it but never needed to be tested for access.

If you have symptoms stay home. If not, you’d have to test everyone that is asymptomatic regardless of vax status or test no one.

The level of “safety” is the same. You might be a carrier, and you might not. Vaccination makes no difference.

But the Jab is not just pointless political theater, as are the “passports or vaccine cards.” And it is more than a Potemkin cure. The Jab presents a genuine risk of harm on multiple fronts.

Healthy vaccinated people are dropping dead. Athletes, entertainers, family members, ordinary Janes, and Joes. For what? The opportunity to say they are preventing the spread when that is precisely the opposite of the truth.

The vaccinated are Trojan horses, not just invited but allowed inside the “city” walls.

The Vaccinated workplace is not safer, nor are concerts, air travel, shopping, meetings, sporting events, or anything else.

The vaccinated are the most dangerous people in America because they will be afforded more access to the most vulnerable. That small number of us that truly need to pay attention take care, and use caution. I other words, the entire point of this is subverted.

This access increases the odds that they will carry the virus to people those few whom it can actually harm and bad news. They’ve also been lying about the mask and distancing theater. That won’t protect them either.

So, getting vaccinated accomplishes one thing well. You are allowed to infect people, including those who might suffer and die, without guilt. This is why they invented the pandemic of the unvaccinated, which makes no sense.

We have to get tested to do all that stuff, so we’re not the ones doing the spreading.

You are.



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Friday Open Thread – Second Amendment to the Right to Self-Defense affirmed

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-18 23:45 +0000

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges – Leftist mobsters and SJWs hit hardest.  MSNBC covers itself in glory by trying to dox a jury member. Defense falls in ignominy with one of the worst schemes ever and the Prosecutor beclowned himself by pointing an AR-15 at the jury – with his finger on the trigger. So, Kyle’s week has ended well.

Yours?  I liked seeing the snow and more parents fighting the Man (aka, School Boards) for control of their own children.

The thread is now yours – make of it as you wish!

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Hb1169 – So Elected Representative Masquerading as School Board Members Want to Continue to “Silence” Their Constituents?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-18 23:30 +0000

According to the National School Board Association, I’m a self-acknowledged Domestic Terrorist. Eighty percent of the Gilford School Board agreed with them (after all, the Left has taught us that Silence is Complicity, right?) when I asked if they thought I was one.

Only one responded that I was not. Only one.

The rest “silenced” me with their silence (ok, stay with me here for a couple more minutes). So, I appeal to the FBI to put me on the list the Garland “School Board Domestic Terrorist Task Force” is compiling even though he has backed down (sorta).

Seriously – if you’re going to CALL me that, ACT like I am – after all, I’ve nothing to hide and you probably have all my emails and videos that prove it, right?

But I digress and I’m rambling.

But it’s this Silencing that School Boards are doing all across the nation. No, not always trying to silence those that are actually demanding answers to their questions (although some have been arrested like when Sununu had those folks arrested at the NH Executive Council meeting a bit ago, one for just saying “Amen” while otherwise sitting quietly).

No, it’s the Silence returned by the SB members to those questions asked by Parents, Voters, and others. Often, complete Silence.  Basically IGNORING those that come to the podium. They call it “Public Comment” in which they sit and listen – and nothing else. This is not how Elected Representatives should behave, but here we are.

But hopefully, not for long. NH State Rep Judy Aron (who is also a Grokster) and I wordsmithed the below in the attempt to fix the problem of School Boards refusing to address valid and important concerns.

Right now, we can’t COMPEL them to speak as “mere voters” and we have been stuck with them for the length of their terms. I “thank” the NH School Board Association for “grooming” them to not interact with us. The NH Superintendent Association and the NH School Board Lawyers Association are also part of this problem that is strictly part and parcel of School Boards. At least in MY town, no other Board or Committee behaves in such a manner.

So, if they voluntarily won’t answer questions, now they SHALL (if this is passed). Emphasis mine and slight reformatting to make it easier to read here:




AN ACT relative to public comment and inquiry during school board meetings.

SPONSORS: Rep. Aron, Sull. 7; Rep. Johnson, Belk. 3; Rep. Potucek, Rock. 6; Rep. Harley, Rock. 20; Rep. Cushman, Hills. 2; Rep. Lanzara, Hills. 28; Rep. Thomas, Rock. 5; Rep. Baldasaro, Rock. 5; Rep. Moffett, Merr. 9; Rep. Sheehan, Hills. 23; Sen. Giuda, Dist 2

COMMITTEE: Education



This bill establishes requirements for public meetings held by a school board to include a designated time period for questions from the public and answers from the board.  The bill also allows an attendee of a meeting of the school board to demand which New Hampshire statute or administrative rule gives the school board the authority described in a school policy or operational procedure.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Explanation: Matter added to current law appears in bold italics.
Matter removed from current law appears [in brackets and struckthrough.]
Matter which is either (a) all new or (b) repealed and reenacted appears in regular type.


In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Twenty Two

AN ACT relative to public comment and inquiry during school board meetings.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1  New Subdivision; Public Comment and Inquiry During School Board Meetings.  Amend RSA 189 by inserting after section 73 the following new subdivision:

Public Comment and Inquiry During School Board Meetings

189:74  Public Comment and Inquiry During School Board Meetings.  

I.  During any public meeting held by a school board there shall be a designated time period for interactive questions from the public and answers from the board, with sufficient time allotted to hear comments, questions, and complaints from members of the public. The public must be able to sign up to speak at the meeting, or otherwise be given time to speak during the meeting, where they may comment or ask questions.

II. During any public meeting held by a school board, the elected members of the school board, and any other school administrators present, shall hear from and shall respond to such direct questions, with as much detail as known at the time relative to a direct question, by one or more of the assembled elected school board members or school administrators, to such comments, questions, and complaints by members of the public assembled at the meeting.

And from my standpoint, shouldn’t we, the “Legislative Body” in each town or city, be able to hold our Elected Representatives accountable and ensure that they Follow The Law in everything they are doing? We are a Dillon’s Rule State which means that EVERY subdivision of the State (and School Boards are one of them) can only do such tasks or duties that the NH State Legislature (by the process of passing State Law) gives them permission to do. No State Law giving them a Power they say they possess?

No can do and this next part makes that crystal clear:

III. During any public meeting held by a school board, an attendee may demand which New Hampshire statute or administrative rule gives the school board the authority described in a school policy or operational procedure. The school board shall immediately respond with a citation to its authority.  If the school board is unable to respond affirmatively that there is such a New Hampshire statute or administrative rule, the school policy or operational procedure shall be immediately withdrawn until such time that the school board can show it does have such authority.

Making School Board / Elected Representatives Follow The Law – what a CONCEPT!!!  After all, if we, students, and school staff must follow their policies and procedures, shouldn’t they also do the same? All the above does is have School Board members ask themselves “are we allowed to do that? Is there an RSA (NH State law) that gives the authority to do this?”.

Isn’t that just RATIONAL to think “they can’t do what they’re not allowed to do”?

And to be clear, no one expects them to be genius level folks and know the answers to every question that is asked of them – that would be unreasonable. But the time to GET that answer must be reasonable as well – no “running out the clock”:

IV.  If any public question remains unanswered by the end of the public meeting, the school board shall be responsible for obtaining the answer and responding to the questioner within 5 business days.  Additionally, members of the public may also file a request pursuant to the right-to-know law under RSA 91-A:4 to the school board to obtain answers.

I say, do both!  Each “path”, asking during a Public Inquiry meeting or submitting an RSA 91:A (Right To Know) demand have different penalties to them.

V.  Members of the public may file a complaint to the commissioner of the department of education if the school board refuses to answer questions regarding school policy directly.  School board meeting minutes shall specifically state the names of the school board members or school administrators who refused to answer a specific question or questions posed to them by a member of the public, as well as specify the question asked of them regarding school policy or any other school matters.

2  Effective Date.  This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.

What this all boils down to is this: Right now, School Board members simply blow off constituent questions.  They “Silence” you when you ask an important question. My example is simple:  which RSA gives them the Power to grant a new Right to a minor child to be able to coerce the speech of others when it comes to Policy JBAB in which the Gilford School Board (and now the Exeter School Board – both has lawsuits against them for this very topic) demand that others use “preferred pronouns” when referring to people who identify as a sex/gender that was not established at conception.  Or suffer a penalty.

All I’ve wanted to know is where in State Law do they get that permission.  They “Silenced” me in not answering a basic Civics question.  They get away with doing unconstitutional activities because they won’t admit that they are wrong (as it is my contention that there IS NO such RSA that gives them the Power to coerce the speech of others and impose “Government Speech” upon them).

So, we’ll see. Let’s see who is for fairness, openness, transparency, and willing to Follow the Law in supporting this…

…and who want to enable unconstitutional behavior and believe they can do whatever they want regardless of what the Constitution and State Statutes demand of them.

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How the FBI Looks at BLM and Antifa Compared to Concerned Parents

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-18 22:00 +0000

I feel confident saying that the modern Left’s brown and black shirts are interested in thuggery against parents appearing before school boards, but that’s not quite what I mean when I write BLM and Antifa vs. Concerned Parents.

I’m thinking Rittenhouse. The trial. Kenosha. The rising tide of promises that if the case does not go the way they would like, Antifa and BLM have promised to burn down the city. Probably more than one.

A little flashback to the summer of ‘peaceful protest.’

These advocates of “justice” are already harassing and attacking people who think Kyle Rittenhouse was practicing his constitutional right to self-defense. They are threatening the judge and jury.

Free speech, right, except for the hitting part.

You can say a lot, and while we might argue that these threats approach or cross the threshold of fighting words in the sense that they should not be protected, they are still speaking, and no one is getting interrogated. Not really. Not that we know.

Parents appear before school boards to tell their elected representatives that they don’t like teachers telling their daughter she was born a racist. That is she is one. That she can never atone for that even after she debases herself before the Progressive gods.

That’s free speech. It is required speech in the Constitutional Republic. In any Demcoracy.

The FBI is investigating parents. Where are they with regard to members of BLM and Antifa who are just looking for an excuse to assault, loot, and burn?

Educators bullying children (and now their parents) is a worthy cause while Americanas, mostly people of color, who will lose property and possibly their life is not.

The Left was always backward and upside down and parents are beginning to notice.

We just need the rest of the world to wake up. Sorry, not just wake up but stand up and push back. And yes, that sort of talk might get you on a list at the FBI but then, if you’re not on one yet are you doing it right?

I’m quite certain we here at GraniteGrok all have a file. Where’s yours?



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Palate Cleanser – If You’re Not a Senior Citizen Yet, but Don’t Totally Understand the Bickering Context

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-18 20:30 +0000

My grandparents used to bicker. My grandmother generally came out on top, as she was fierier. One time though, she was asking him to do a bunch of stuff, and he muttered:

“If you’d lose some weight, you could do it yourself.”

She fixed her gaze on him, and glowered:

“I’m thinking of getting rid of about 200 lbs of useless fat immediately…”

He replied

“You’re going to cut off your foot?”

(H/T: Acid Cow)

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Jab Judo: The Pharmacist Gambit

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-18 19:00 +0000

In Jab Judo I discussed using the Vaxxer’s rules and terminology against them – following the Left’s “patron saint” Saul Alinsky and – specifically – his Rule 4:

“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

to try and stop – or at least slow down – the Jabs, and especially into kids.  Adults?  Yes, there are known issues, but adults can make their own decisions as long as it is truly informed – but into KIDS?  No.

(Apologies for the length; as you read I hope you’ll understand why this needs to be a data and media-rich post.)



Or, at least, therapeutics that are off-patent.  HCQ + zinc.  Ivermectin.  Effective… and cheap.  As Dr. Zev Zelenko said, he believes that 600K or more Americans would be alive today if HCQ had been used, rather than shut down.  It’s no secret that Fauci knew from 2005 that HCQ was effective against Coronaviruses.

So a month-plus ago I got an Ivermectin scrip from one of the people who do this kind of thing called into a local pharmacy.  They would not fill it because I “might be using it for Covid”.  Now, first-pass, WTF business is it of theirs?  I’ve had myriad scrips for off-label use before.  So, I transferred it to another pharmacy where the response was the same.

Apparently, it turns out that pharmacists can refuse to fill a scrip, even a legal one.



My late father used to say that whenever he’d wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant insight, he’d write it down… and in the morning look it up to see who had it first.  I think I may have this one originated though, so here goes.

Since a pharmacist has the right to refuse to dispense medication based on a belief that it is being misused, or misapplied, then by simple logic a pharmacist should have the right to refuse to fill a scrip or – in parallel – administer a vaccine if there is evidence that the basis for governmental permission to administer it for prevention of transmission, its efficacy, and its safety, have significant doubts associated.




Pharmacies are the hand of the whole thing.  For all the power of the Deep State and the Globalists pushing this agenda – understand what’s coming – and for all the enemedia and Big Tech lock on the information flow, look for the weak points.  If Pharmacists can be made to understand the risks of the Jab, the unnecessary nature of them, their fading effect, and questionable safety, then… USE THEIR RULES AGAINST THEM AND DEMAND THEY NOT GIVE IT.



Hardly.  This is a gruesome video showing open-brain surgery to remove Jab-caused blood clots:


Tell me where such happens, outside of the Covid Jab.  I’ll wait.  Plus the information flow from the notable Surak in his weekly injection toll posts with great graphs (don’t miss his other posts too):


And this site, the Testimonies Project.  Also highlight Telegram channels like mRNA Death Toll and Covid Vaccine Injuries, each showing daily examples of the side effects up to and including death that people are experiencing.

D-dimer testing, as discussed by Dr. Charles Hoffe here with the speculated long-term damage:


and gone into with clinical observations here (video, 9:06)

Throw in this chart about myocarditis and ask “I wonder what could possibly be different about vaccinations in 2021…”:


More on clotting.  And the hits keep coming with the risk of cancers:


And the spike proteins also inhibit DNA repair.

As I wrote in one of my Quick Takes – Hat Trick posts, it is not just the risk of something happening, but the risk times the consequences:

[I]t is not just the raw percentage chance of something happening that is important, but the consequences of it happening.  E.g., from memory, an article from a few decades ago said that the actual risk of an asteroid or comet impact is incredibly small… but that it’s a significant risk because of the potential damage should such an impact occur.

And myriad other voices chiming in about the dangers:

German Chief Pathologist Sounds Alarm on Fatal Covid Vaccine Injuries: “Jab is Cause of Death in 30-40% of Autopsies of Recently Vaccinated”

“Stop This Experimentation on Humans”

FDA Panel Member on COVID Vaccines: ‘Heart Attacks Happen 71 Times More Often….’

German ‘Newspaper’ Prints List of Soccer Players Collapsing With Cardiac Issues

New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about

Over a 60X increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out


And did you see that the tag “suddenly died” has been spiking up like crazy?  It’s a mystery.


And if there’s even a chance this is true, no person with a soul can give the Jab to a kid.  A sample of Project Dread’s database:




There’s a reason Taiwan has suspended second shots for kids.



Point out the rising cases with a correlation between the more Jabbed and the more cases.

Worldwide vaccine failure

The positive relation between CoVID injections and new cases of CoVID

Discuss how the CDC says it can’t prevent transmission – and thus the whole Herd Immunity argument goes out the window.  The effectiveness fades after a few months, making it into – I suspect – the shortest-lived vaccine protection ever known.  And according to the NEJM, it may not even be a “few” months but rather just a “couple” of months.

Must Watch: Sr. British Medical Journal Editor Questioning COVID Vaccine Efficacy Goes Viral



In my own career I’ve faced multiple ethical challenges, from the trivial – whether to accept a paid dinner from a supplier when company policy said I cannot (I didn’t) – to the significant, e.g., I killed a massive cost savings because it violated a known safety rule and I wouldn’t put my name on it.

So ask them what they, who are held to an ethical code of conduct, make of this “adjustment” of the data in Pfizer’s favor:

BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer Hid from Public the Number of Deaths in COVID Clinical Trials — Actual Number Was 21 Which Was 6 More than was Reported and 4 More than Unvaccinated Group

21 is a lot more than 15 – 40% moreThat’s significant!  Or credible whistleblower allegations of data impropriety and study mismanagement; Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial (italics replaced by underlining, bolding added):

A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails.

And what insane entity deletes their control groups?  I’d be fired if I did that… fired and blackballed.  Let alone my own take on horrible data practices.

We now have admissions that these shots can reverse-transcript into the genetic code itself, with a seeming-confession by one of the Pharma execs that this is not just possible, but intended, and that kids are very, very low risk from Covid even if they catch it.


COVID-19 disease in children is usually mild, fatalities rare, UK study says

Based on Pfizer’s Own Data, Kids 5-11 Don’t Need Their “Vaccine”

Children and young people remain at low risk of COVID-19 mortality

Study: Children less likely to catch, spread COVID-19



For all the hullaballoo about The Jab being “approved”… it isn’t, and as I understand it cannot be until 2023 at the earliest.  Thus it is experimental, and the Nuremberg Code applies.



Go to CVS or Rite-Aid or Walgreens, and any other pharmacy you can think of, and find out the drug store addresses in your area, and for your children’s / grandchildren’s areas.  Same for hospitals.  Write a polite, non-threatening letter citing from the information flood above.  Remind them of a pharmacist’s ability to not dispense if they believe there is a concern.  In parallel, contact your governor and health officials, and state that given the information in your letter, they are now informed and will be held accountable for child deaths from the Jab.  Make sure to point out the potential data fraud in the Pfizer child trials.

After World War II we held the Nuremberg Trials where we held to account the entire Nazi regime for their war crimes.  We didn’t just hang Nazi officials.  We didn’t just hang the “just following orders” guards.  We didn’t just hang the journalists.  We hanged the medical professionals that helped experiment on people.  This is not a threat, this is history.


The mills of the gods may grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.  As the results of the Jab’s death toll is finally understood societally, they need to consider:

“Just following orders” and “I didn’t know” did not work last time… they will not work this time either.

Not for pharmacists.

Nor for school boards.

Nor for state medical officers.





Let’s Go Brandon!




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Do You Value Bravery over “Go along to Get Along”?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-18 17:30 +0000

I’ve been told that I don’t hold back much. Well, part of it is that I know who I am – and who I am not.

To the latter, I don’t much care what other people say (are you listening, Marylyn and Albert Todd) BECAUSE of the former. I know where I stand on the issues of the day.



But many don’t – and then live miserably as they see life around them going down the tubes kvetching “why won’t someone DO something about this?”.

The phrase “If not me, then who?” never enters their stream of consciousness. Get over yourselves – or lose everything.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

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$500 Reward For Catching a Public School Staff Member Breaking This Law

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-18 16:00 +0000

Moms for Liberty just issued a $500 reward for anyone who catches a school staff member violating the anti-discrimination law in New Hampshire. Parents are fed up with the political indoctrination and bias that has been forced upon their kids for years.

Parents will always support good quality professional teachers in the classroom. They know the value of a good teacher instructing children in the core academic content. However, we also understand that some teachers and staff want to push more political bias onto children. Critical Race Theory seems to be the last straw. Moms for Liberty in New Hampshire has taken this further to ensure that children receive a bias-free education in our public schools.

If you are a staff member doing your job without forcing a political worldview on students, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

If you are a staff member who thought you could take your political views and shove them down the throats of someone else’s child, think again. Not only will you be reported, but if you are violating the anti-discrimination law, you can lose your credentials.

Parents are fed up with this kind of indoctrination in their public schools. You do not get to force your worldview on someone else’s child.

Thank you to most teachers who show professionalism in the classroom and know that the public school is not a vehicle for indoctrinating someone else’s child. Parents will always support your efforts because they know how valuable you are to your students and families.

To those who push a political agenda in the classroom, parents will use every resource to counter that.  Right now, they are offering cash to expose your agenda.

I welcome the efforts from Moms for Liberty and every other parent group popping up around New Hampshire trying to bring our public schools back to an institution of learning focused on academic achievement. For those who want to continue to harm public schools by using them as an indoctrination center, game on. You will be met with resistance, and we will use every legal means at our disposal to fight back.

Go back to using your knowledge and skills to educate our children in the core academic content and make our public schools great again. Not only will this elevate the teaching profession, but it will also significantly improve the public schools in New Hampshire.

Moms For Liberty - Hillsborough County HB544 Incentive PressRelease

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