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Puh-Tay-Toe – Pah-tah-toe, Kutter – Kuh-Tahr (Qatar) … Let’s Not Call the Whole Thing Off.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-12-02 02:30 +0000

Did you know that 400 to 500 people died preparing the infrastructure required for the tiny Arab nation with all that oil money and the flip-flopping name to host the World Cup? They added 200 billion to stadiums and transportation infrastructure in a country whose name you still don’t know how to pronounce.

When I was growing up, I had some stamps (I collected) from Qatar. We pronounced it Kuh-Tar.  But not long ago, everyone insisted that it be pronounced “Cutter.” I’m thinking that maybe Obama said it like that, and the sycophant media faithfully repeated what dear leader said.

I have proof of that. It’s just a whimsical presumption (the sycophantic media bit is genuine). But rumor has it – and I could care less about the World Cup (Go USA!) – many of the English-speaking announcers have returned to how I said it growing up. Kuh-Tar. Kuh-TARRRRRRR. (UK: /ˈkætɑːr, ˈkʌt-, ˈɡæt-, ˈɡʌt-, kæˈtɑːr, ɡæ-, kə-/, US: /ˈkɑːtɑːr, kəˈtɑːr/).

Why not Cater? Seems like a compromise to me.

As in, if you’d catered to some notion of safety, 400-500 people might still be alive – a number that is in dispute “as in” no one seem to know precisely how many Qatari lives were lost to steal the plans to the Death Star. But many lives were lost.

I think that’s pronounced KuhTar-ee.

And to be honest, I’m not sure any KuhTar-ee lives were lost, exactly. It sounds like they imported the workers. Many migrants were brought in (think Egypt and Pyramids, but with invitations and a minimum wage you might not have to pay if the worker dies), ala Longshanks from Braveheart. “Arrows cost money. Use up the Irish. Their dead cost nothing.”

Qatar is also an Islamic nation, so there’s not much fun to be had if you could care less (like me) about The World Cup. It’s not well known for its concern about human rights, which might be why so many people died to bring it to you. But I’ve yet to see any soccer balls with blood on them, probably because I’m not looking for them or hard enough or in the right place.

That and this is one of those whimsical all-over-the-place posts that started as a curiosity about the pronunciation of Qatar. And it turns out everyone is wrong. The best case for the average western moron is to say Ki-terr. The official pronunciation requires a bit more explanation. Gidrrrrr (or Gi-ter).

Hey, let’s learn something together. Here’s an actual Gi-ter(ee) to explain it.




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NH SOS in Jeopardy – Contact Your Legislator

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-12-02 01:00 +0000

We have great election results to share with you, but first, we need your help with the Secretary of State election. The Legislature will meet on December 7th to vote for the Secretary of State.

Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases to
Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

Current SOS, David Scanlan, is being challenged by liberal activist Melanie Levesque. A “senior analyst” for the NH Democrat Party, Levesque would likely be a very partisan SOS. You can read more about this race here. Please contact your legislators today and ask them to vote for David Scanlan for Secretary of State.

Liberty Wins Big
While we understand that the election might not have had the outcome many anticipated, we at RebuildNH had record wins! 101 endorsed state representatives and four endorsed state senators are headed to Concord to defend individual, economic, and religious liberty. NH Liberty Alliance also had a record 97 endorsed wins. This is the largest liberty contingency in the Legislature ever!

On a personal note, I would like to thank everyone who reached out to me with kind words after I lost my state representative’s re-election bid. I want to assure you that there are many legislators who will continue to fight for your rights, including two of our own RebuildNH board members, Leah Cushman and JR Hoell, who both won their state representative races.

Towards Liberty,

Melissa Blasek
Executive Director, RebuildNH

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Mitch McConnell Wants Herschel Walker To Lose

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 23:30 +0000

Mitch McConnell … leader of the controlled opposition also-known-as the Senate GOP wants Herschel Walker to lose the Georgia Senate run-off. What else would explain the timing of floating a trial balloon of cutting Social Security:

And it’s not just intentionally stupid politics. It is immoral to suggest cutting Social Security at the very time Mitch and his cronies are pledging to spend whatever forever to support Ukraine’s kleptocrat dictator Zelensky, who is every bit the despot that Putin is, if not more.

GOP “leadership” despises and loathes GOP voters. They despise and loathe Herschel Walker because he … unlike them … actually wants to represent GOP voters.

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TIKTOK Another Example of Who Pulls Biden’s Strings

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 22:00 +0000

Joe Biden cannot deny the facts. China, specifically Xi Jinping, manipulate him, which should concern every American. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are already stealing too much of our kid’s time and minds, but TIKTOK takes control to a much higher level.

TIKTOK is owned by a company in China called ByteDance, which means it is an arm of the Chinese government, the CCP. This app, on every cellphone owned by an American teenager, is known to steal and harvest personal info from the host device.

President Trump warned us of the dangers of TIKTOK, urged Americans to avoid using the app, and even suggested it should be banned in the United States. Many Democrats now admit that Trump was right, but Joe Biden is not one of them. Like everything associated with China, Joe remains neutral, always afraid to be critical of the Chinese hierarchy. Biden doing this does not serve America’s best interests, but it does China.

Joe Biden has refused to chime in on the recent protests by the oppressed people of China. The protestors are taking to the streets to show their disdain for the COVID restrictions they have been living under for two years. Many of China’s provinces are under strict lockdown, with no travel allowed outside one’s residence. Recently, a family was burned to death as they were under lock and key in their home while it was on fire. Rescuers could not reach the family through the locked doors. Again, Biden’s silence works in China’s favor.

Two explicit acts of suppression of free speech by the world’s biggest company and the White House’s response is silence. The CCP recently had Apple disable the Airdrop feature on all devices in China by including the change in an update. Airdrop was the only way people in China could communicate freely without monitoring by the government. Apple is complicit with the oppression of the Chinese people and is rumored to be contemplating removing Twitter from the iPhone platform. This action would result in the death of the Twitter platform and force Musk to bankrupt the company.

Since the midterms, the tone in Washington has been changing. Moderate Democrats are taking shots at the President. This disrespect is a product of Biden’s days on a count. They know there is no chance of Biden being nominated for a second term. The Dems cannot wait for this ever-changing Presidency to end. Joe’s popularity hovers in the low 40s, which makes no sense unless you believe 40% of the public has not a clue about the Joe Biden Presidency. Joe Biden has not been on the right side of a policy decision in two years. There is nothing to show that will change in the next two.

Many situations are in play with china. Two are critical—the increase in nuclear warheads and the persistent threat to Taiwan. Unlike the United States, which is bound by a treaty with Russia on the number of atomic weapons we can have, China has no such limit. They are taking advantage of that lack of control and building up a significant inventory. They will use this inventory to keep America at bay should we attempt to foil a mainland take-over of the island of Taiwan. As long as Biden is in office, there will be no check on either of these situations. This is not a healthy option for the United States.

The House investigation of Hunter and Joe Biden is so vital to our National Security. If proven that our President is indebted to our adversaries, we must take corrective action. The Republicans take the Gavel on January 3. The search for truth must start that same day.



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Biden’s to Serve Climate Killing Beef and Banned Maine Lobster at First State Dinner

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 20:30 +0000

In the left-Wing tradition of hyper-hypocrisy, President* Biden is serving climate-killing beef and banned Maine lobster to the Macron’s this evening at his first State Dinner. You read that right. According to Reuters, we are nearly three years in, and Joe and Jill are only holding their first State Dinner.

Sounds risky but not as precarious as the menu.


From Maine lobster to California wines, President Joe Biden will showcase the flavors of America at a state dinner on Thursday for French President Emmanuel Macron. … The menu will feature some American specialties, butter poached lobster from Maine, American Osetra caviar, and beef and potatoes followed by cheeses from Oregon, California and Wisconsin.



Why not impossible beef and a cricket salad in keeping with the agenda for your people? And this is France you’ve invited. They might be familiar with what happens when you tell the peasants “to eat cake” (or, in this case, impossible burgers) while dining on the finest things other people’s money can buy.


[Qu’ils mangent de la brioche] had “great symbolic importance in subsequent historical accounts when pro-revolutionary commentators employed the phrase to denounce the upper classes of the Ancien Régime as oblivious and rapacious.


Oblivious. There’s a good word to describe Joe Biden. And so he is. Maine Lobster is a prohibited food. Trapping lobster has been linked to harming endangered whales. Whole Foods just dropped it from its stores. And Maine just elected a bunch of lefties a few weeks back. What a bunch of rubes. Talk about useful idiots.

Useful idiot. Two more words that describe Joe Biden. This will become evident at the State Dinner, as will the reason behind this administration waiting so long to have one.

Are there blue plates, and will they be served at 4 pm? Joe’s not much use an hour after the sun goes down, and thanks to that racist Daylight Savings change (we’re on Standard time now), the sun sets a lot earlier. Is that why the US Senate passed a bill to end the twice-yearly clock dance? Joe’s bedtime.

Will he be a rambling-mumbling man even before he’s had a chance to drink too much wine, or does his medication prohibit the consumption of alcohol?

At least Melania could speak French (English, Slovenian, German, and Italian). Jill needed Seantor Biden to help her get a Doctroate in “education.”

I bet she drinks.



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Why Are So Many Kids Opting Out of Standardized Tests?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 19:00 +0000

Believe it or not, the Manchester NH SAS test scores have dropped yet again. Instead of recovering from the COVID Learning Loss, we are falling further behind.

Or are we? I have been speaking at the public comment portion of the School Board meetings, Last year, it was about the mask mandate, and this year it is about the holes in their Transgender policy, which allows boys in the girl’s locker room. It also allows boys to play on the girls’ sports teams. There is no gatekeeper for these policies. Any boy at any time can decide they want to identify as a girl, and they are in.

I respect Transgender individuals, but the School Board has left the door wide open for anyone to abuse it. In North Carolina, a biological boy playing on a girls’ volleyball team spiked the ball directly in the opposing girl’s face at such a tremendous speed (~70 mph) that he knocked her out, and she lay on the floor lifeless. Weeks later, she still had long-term concussion symptoms, including vision impairment.

The Manchester School Board also wants to enable teachers to have private gender change discussions with our youngest children without parental knowledge. There is no age restriction for this “right” they have gifted teachers. I know we have many WONDERFUL teachers in Manchester. But it only takes one bad teacher to destroy the lives of many innocent children.

Don’t you dare call me Transphobic. When I hear people poking fun at Transgender people in public, I yell at them to stop and show more respect. They are all human. But no one is looking out for our kids because the School Board is doing everything possible to lock us out.

We now have a pornographic comic book in the Bow schools sitting on the counter in classrooms. The images are too graphic to show, as they include images of children performing oral sex. These hidden books are appearing everywhere because of a truckload of books “anonymously” donated to schools all over the country. Manchester also received many books donated anonymously. Who is vetting these books?

I may be the only parent speaking at the School Board meetings most of the time, but I believe many other parents are speaking up in another way. The SAS test scores count every absent child as a zero score if the total absences are more than 5%. An absence can be a child present in school who opts out of the test. That means many zeros were counted in the scores, which could partially explain the drop in overall test scores.

Why are so many kids opting out of standardized tests? I believe it is because parents no longer trust the school system to do right by them and their children. Over the past four years, the SEL and CRT-based policies pushed by the School Board have been untrustworthy at best. If the School Board doesn’t want to lose accreditation and its reputation, they need to bring parents back into the equation. On everything. They need to change their policies immediately. Transgender lawsuit or not. Parents are speaking up in a more effective way than my speeches.

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18 State AG’s Are Asking if UPS and FedEx are Tracking Firearms Deliveries For the Feds

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 17:30 +0000

I’ve purchased a few firearms online, and contrary to Dem talking points, they do not show up on your doorstep in a nondescript box. They must be shipped to a  FederalFirearms License (FFL) holder recognized by the seller. You must then go to the FFL to complete a Federal Firearms background check.

Relate: Sununu Signs HB1178 – An ACT Prohibiting Enforcement of the Feds Anti-Gun Laws, But Does it Matter?

The FFL runs the details through the appropriate legal channels, and if you pass the check, you pay them for their time and trouble and get to leave with your purchase. If not, you leave empty-handed.

Just like you would at a gun store.

It is heavily regulated, but recent changes in how UPS and FedEx require firearms or parts to be shipped have eighteen State AGs (including New Hampshire’s) asking: Did a Federal Agency ask you to do this?

From the letter:

In recent weeks, several Montanans who hold Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs) have reached out to my office with concerns about your company’s updated policies. Specifically, they allege that the new regulations allow your company to track firearm sales with unprecedented specificity and bypass warrant requirements to share that information with federal agencies. …

Perhaps most concerning, your policies allegedly allow FedEx to “comply with requests from applicable law enforcement or other governmental authorities” even when those requests are “inconsistent or contrary to any applicable law, rule, regulation, or order.” In doing so you—perhaps inadvertently—give federal agencies a workaround to federal law, which has long prevented federal agencies from using gun sales to create gun registries.

You can read both letters here.

From Fox Business.

Knudsen and the other state AGs are calling on the companies to clarify whether the new policies were enacted with the “goal of information sharing with the ATF or any other federal agency;” if the policies were enacted at the request of a federal agency; and to name the federal agency if the policies were enacted at the request of the federal government.

State attorneys general who signed one or both letters include Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.


If you’d like my opinion, and if you didn’t, you would not be reading this, the Feds “asked” or encouraged, and both carriers said yes, and here’s why.

There is no reason to add all the additional hassle required to manage additional shipping accounts at a single vendor location. I’ve worked for UPS as an unloader, loader, and driver, and supervisor, and we use both carriers where I work. I’m familiar. Adding these layers of opportunity for failure is not moving at the speed of business. It’s more like moving at the speed (and added expense) of Government.

Adding extra accounts based on the shipment contents runs contrary to the very nature of how UPS and FedEx try to innovate. It’s backward, and no one with any sense does that unless there is force or incentive.

The government, on the other hand, doesn’t care about efficiency or expense, so it makes sense that the ATF or someone inside the Federal Government encouraged this, and eighteen AGs can smell the rat.

Whether either carrier will come clean remains to be seen, as does what the AGs, including my own, intend to do about it (if something’s up) other than sign a letter.



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More “nonsensical, unintelligible gibberish” in Describing a College Course Description and Academia in General

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 16:00 +0000

This from Kenyon College that can cost up to $80,000/year.  The PJ Media author, George Harbison, is beside himself putting up the description from his alma mater.  Good thing that my SAT score made me immune to having to take a college English class but I certainly can’t make much heads or tails of this:

Reading and Writing Gender and Sexuality ENGL 214 CREDITS: 0.5

How do you read gender? How do you read sexuality? How and in what ways have gender and sexuality been written and rewritten? This course serves as an introduction to queer and transfeminist theories and practices in gender and sexuality studies. Conceptualized through its intersections with race, ethnicity, coloniality, class, and ability, the sex/gender system of oppression has long served as a taxonomizing apparatus. And yet, the literary, in league with anticolonial, civil rights, and LGBTQ social movements, not only sheds sharp light on how gender and sexuality are regulated and troubled, but also animates the liberatory potential of imagining embodied relations otherwise. At once world-building and world-shattering, representations of gender and sexuality can leverage critiques against normativity in the same gesture as they bow to reproducing it. Taking our transnational cue from subjugated knowledges and intersectional epistemologies, we’ll constellate the diverging genealogies and methodologies that have shaped the politics and aesthetics as well as the ethics and affects of gender and sexuality. Against the traffic of binary opposition, we’ll index the possibilities of intimacy and performativity that determine desiring subjects and their objects. As a class collective, our aim will be to read and reread as well as write and rewrite texts that interrogate and complicate how gender and sexuality, as contested sites of pleasure and pain, are embodied and experienced. The geographic and generic focus of this course may vary; for more information, students should contact the instructor. This counts toward the methods requirement for the major and an elective for the women’s and gender studies major. Open only to first-year and sophomore students. Prerequisite: ENGL 103 or 104.

My first take is that the person who wrote this is really full of his own ego thinking that he’s impressing others with his expertise in wordsmithing. I guess he never learned that less is more and even less generally is more understandable.

Really, “how do you read gender? How do you read sexuality?”???  Sorry, you are BORN with a gender and your sexuality is an ACTION and an EXPERIENCE.  It’s clear to me that he starts badly – and it all goes down hill from there.  It’s almost like a smarter Kamala for “word salading” in using bigger words but no better in comprehension.

I’m not even go and attempt more of an analysis – it’s just not worth my time and effort. However, Harbison did use one line as an example:

Conceptualized through its intersections with race, ethnicity, coloniality, class, and ability, the sex/gender system of oppression has long served as a taxonomizing apparatus.

Note that this is a statement of fact, rather than a reference to a topic that is to be discussed in class. In fact, it is the basis of the class, and it reveals its true agenda: indoctrinating students in cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism. Of course it is – unintelligible, unworkable, unable to make it real, and always ends up in failure.

However, if any of you want to take a crack at what this absurdity is supposed to mean, have at it because I have no idea. This is only for a close community sheltered in what passes for the vaunted Ivory Tower denizens who don’t speak to God but certainly do believe they are smarter than He is.


(H/T: PJMedia)

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World Health Organization Finally Admits remdesivir Doesn’t Work on COVID19 – Stop Using It!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 14:30 +0000

In May 2020, when remdesivir was “approved” for emergency use against COVID-19 in hospitalized patients, we still didn’t know much. Soon after, it became clear that this was a hostage situation and the real pandemic was Stockholm Syndrome.

Related: Johns Hopkins Claims to Have Found a Way to Make Otherwise Useless Remdesivir’ More Effective’ Against COVID

It’s been a rough road since, with almost everything the Public Health Industrial Complex promised being a lie. They’ve been trying to sneak in without waking the wife, lipstick on the collar, smelling of Ode du BS. This little message from the WHO fits that profile. Oh, um, don’t use this for that anymore, please.


WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.

This recommendation, released on 20 November, is part of a living guideline on clinical care for COVID-19. It was developed by an international guideline development group, which includes 28 clinical care experts, 4 patient-partners and one ethicist.


There’s an excellent reason for this guidance. Remdesivir never worked unless by work you mean getting someone banished from a social media platform for saying, before the WHO, that it didn’t work. And no, do not expect Facebook to behave like Musk’s Twitter and offer amnesty for this or any of the truths you told for which your traffic or reach was suppressed, perhaps thrown in Facebook jail, some combination of things, or were just banned outright.

We told many of the truths that the establishment is pretending are just a thing no one needs to talk about and for which our massive Facebook following was obliterated. Zuckerberger-Meister-Berger’s minions limited our reach until sharing on the platform was a waste of time. That will continue to be our position until someone like Elon Musk buys it out from under and vents the anti-free speech #Wokeistanains into unemployment space.

Oh, and feeding Meta’s “Face” funds Democrat politics and election meddling, so there’s that.

As for ‘Public Health,” the remdesivir flip-flop is just the latest of what we expect to be a long line of corrections. “Sorry dear, I have no idea how that blonde hair got on my jacket.”

Keep track, or at least share the WHO release with “COVID-Karen” (former?) friends and family.

Hey, did you see this?

WHO has issued a conditional recommendation against the use of remdesivir in hospitalized patients, regardless of disease severity, as there is currently no evidence that remdesivir improves survival and other outcomes in these patients.


Try not to strain your own face from all the grinning if you do that.



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Back to School in NH: Technical Advisory from the NH Dept of Ed on Colds/Flu/COVID-19

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 13:00 +0000

To better keep parents informed, you will want to see this technical advisory from the New Hampshire Department of Education on Colds/Flu/COVID-19:


The New Hampshire Department of Education (the “Department”) is working diligently to support parents, keep children healthy, and make sure students have the ability to learn in-person and in the classroom. When local school districts plan for school health and safety, it is important that these policies are consistent with state laws regarding compulsory school attendance and ensure that a student’s educational progress and access to a FAPE are not adversely impacted.

NHED offers the following guidance on health and safety policies to public schools, both traditional and charter:

• Staff and students who are feeling ill, have a fever, or have new or unexpected symptoms (cough, running nose, etc.) should stay home until their symptoms have improved, and they are void of any fever, vomiting, or diarrhea for 24 hours without the aid of medication.
• The Public Health division of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Humans Services follows CDC guidelines, which recommend that individuals and families test for COVID-19 if an individual is presenting symptoms. Neither CDC nor Public Health requires testing for COVID-19.
• Staff and Students who test positive for COVID-19 should follow CDC guidelines for isolation and quarantine.
• It is inconsistent with state law and beyond the authority of the local school district to require a student’s exclusion from school as a result of local school district policies that require testing or masking of students (without a positive COVID-19 test).

For questions related to this Technical Advisory, please contact:

Elizabeth Brown, legal counsel for NHED 603-271-6388

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CNN Tries to Blame White People But Democrats are to Blame

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 11:30 +0000

The COVID News Network (CNN) has a breathless expose on an “until now” unrealized inequity. Researchers, always a suspicious term when applied by the MSM, report that ‘People of Color’ are more likely to experience “inequities seen in sleep health” than white folks.

The article mentions Daylight Savings versus Standard Time but exerts most of its effort on how badly we sleep. Yes, it admits that the white folk suffer from adverse health outcomes that can follow “poor sleep,” but certain “social and environmental factors” disproportionately affect non-whites.


“Among those are housing conditions, noise pollution, light pollution, air pollution, stress from different sources – including perceived racial discrimination – and jobs or working conditions,” he said, adding that the convergence of all those factors may explain why getting the recommended amount of sleep “may be less common among Black adults than among White adults.”


Let’s see. Democrats want us all crammed into cities with more “noise pollution, light pollution, air pollution,” and the more of us there are, the more we will have.

We can add crime to that as well. Dem-run urban areas have some of the highest crime rates on earth, much of it black-on-black crime, so I could see that making folks a bit restless.

And the left creates discrimination out of thin air in their pursuit of political power and can’t shut up about it to the degree that actual racism gets lost in the noise.

In other words, most of the environmental factors affecting sleep are a product of Democrat priorities, regardless of color. However, I suspect Democrat leaders like Sharpton and Jackson, Patrisse Cullors, or Maxine Waters sleep very well. Those folks make their living selling racism and corralling people of color into these sleepless Democrat urban paddocks.

Sleep is important. Truth is important.

And yes, I think the Daylight Savings Time flip-flop needs to go away, but it’s not racist, CNN. That – as usual – is the Democrat’s fault.




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What happens in NH Prisons?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 02:30 +0000

Do you know what is really happening behind NH prison bars? To find out what goes on there, you would need to talk to someone who was on the inside. Frank Staples could help you with that. He was there and is willing to share his story with us.

We want to thank Megan Davis for this Op-Ed – Please direct yours to

Frank Staples is a freedom fighter who stands up for the oppressed and is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. While sitting silently, he was one of the nine people arrested for disorderly conduct on October 13, 2021, at an Executive Council meeting.

Frank’s story started in foster care. Then because he got into some trouble, he was forced to live in the Sununu Center. After that, he was apprehended for selling drugs, and he was put in the county jail while he waited to go to trial.

In jail, the guards came up with many reasons to give Frank a lot of punitive segregation time, which landed him in solitary. He spent a year and nine months there.

Frank kept asking why he was there, and eventually, they told him that he asked to go to the hole.

After he told me that, Frank found a probable reason for his solitary. He was using the jail’s kiosk to report and document abuse. Then, he was banned from using the kiosk.

Next, Frank refused to go to court, so while handcuffed and shackled, Frank was beaten, dumped in his cell on his face, and left there for five days before he was sent to medical.

After that incident, Frank started to fight back more inside the jail, destroying sprinklers and irritating the staff.

Although there weren’t any legal grounds to send Frank to the state prison, one day, he found himself being sent to prison. To warrant prison before a trial, the guards said that he had been assaultive towards staff.

At the state prison, he spent five years in solitary.

I asked Frank how he got through those years, and he said that books were important to that. But, for a time, the guards weren’t allowing any of them to have any books. Frank fought that because it was in the prison policy that they could have books. He ended up being tasered and kicked in the face.

Frank said that the warden probably didn’t know about what was going on. He let the guards do whatever they wanted unless it caused him trouble.




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Is NH-NeverTrumpJournal Funded By The CCP?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-12-01 01:00 +0000

So I just perused the twitter feed of NH-NeverTrumpJournal … not a peep about the protests in China … which begs the question, WHO FUNDS NH-NEVERTRUMPJOURNAL. Globalists who are heavily invested in China like Apple?

You know who is also silent about China? His Majesty, Sun-King Sununu … the same Sun-King who wrapped himself in the Ukranian flag:

Silence also from the NHGOP lobbyist-elite:


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Notable quote – I Just Wish That the GOP, Especially the NH GOP and Elected Republicans, Showed as Much of a Grasp on Things as Musk

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-30 23:30 +0000

Actually, several of them. And of course, being Elon Musk, it has to be in the form of tweets.

Sidenote – He’s a brilliant guy – Telsa, SpaceX, Boring Machine, StarLink, and now Twitter. And with the latter, who knew he could be an insightful and amazing great comedian? He takes on all sorts of stuff-shirts and hands their heads back to them on a silver platter with just a word or short phrase. It’s glorious!

From this post at RedState, he takes a more serious side though. HE GETS it. While so many Republicans just keep prattling on about lowering taxes and getting rid of regulations, he shows how brilliant of an engineer/entrepreneur he is when he switches to politics. He goes right to the root cause as an engineer and as an entrepreneur, figures out a solution. In this case, the war against Free Speech so he buys Twitter and starts to remake it. But that’s just a tool in what really matters – the regressive repression that the Democrats, Progressives, Totalitarians, and other regressives (like most of the Mainstream Media, but I repeat myself) that demand a single fealty to their ideology (as Steve wrote about the Burlington, VT’s Gardening Loyalty Oath).

Anyways – the quotes from Nick Arama and Elon Musk. Hate to quote most of the post but it all “hangs together” as a single piece (reformatted slightly, emphasis mine).

Quote One:

Elon Shows Just How Much He Gets the Culture War in a Stunning Thread

…When Musk asked, “What do you think of the culture war?” Musk revealed in his responses that he understood things far better than even some people on the right do. He noted that the media is only allowing one narrative.

Go ahead, ask some of the NH GOP Establishment what their take on the Culture War is doing to Republicanism; I’m betting you’ll get a look of disgust and simply walk away (re: former Republican Speaker of the NH House Doug Scammon (who was elected by Democrats and abortion) never having a clue about Breitbart’s observation of “Politics is downstream from Culture” meaning that if the Culture changes, it also changes the Politics in that culture. Most Rs have not clue one that the Left has worked hard for decades (since the 60s) to change the culture right out from underneath the underpinnings of Republican blatherings.

Quote Two:

“Accurate” – acceptance of a root cause. And Quote two realizes the legitimacy of Brietbart’s observation.

BTW, next time you see your Elected Representative, ask him/her (yes, the ONLY correct pronouns!) if they can tell you Breitbart’s words. If they cannot, you’re screwed because they don’t understand the root cause.

“…pushing civilization towards suicide…counter-narrative”.  Not only in just providing a media outlet for that counter-narrative as he has done with the purchase of Twitter but telling the REST OF US to develop and express what that counter-narrative must be. You know, as we do here at GraniteGrok each and every day with every post – you all need to do the same!

Quote, Three – from Arama:

…That’s a pretty amazing response if you think about it. He gets that this is an existential fight, that our civilization as we understand it, is at risk in this fight. That’s a huge point to get when we see folks in the Republican establishment not seem to understand that (1), when we see folks who claim to have been on the right or “conservative” helping the left (2), thus helping that movement toward chaos. Would we even have imagined a few years ago that the Democrats would refuse to even define what a woman is? But here we are, with them denying even that order in life, that there is nothing you can point to that defines a woman. That’s chaos.

Although I would add there is a counter-narrative. We saw it being pitched perhaps prominently for the first time in Virginia during Glenn Youngkin’s race last year — that’s we’re on the side of sanity, the parents and the kids, of not indoctrinating children. That we support freedom and the individual, not the chaos. I suspect Musk means that counter-narrative needs to be heard more.

The above was going to be THE Notable Quote all on its own but the more I kept staring at it, the less sense it made IF the entire context was not presented at the same time. Sure, the gestalt of it is there but details count.

“(1)” – added by me to point out that I’m not the only one believing that the Republican Establishment just doesn’t get it. At all.  And if they don’t get it soon, it’s lights out on the GOP. Fortunately, there is so much grumbling that just like when the Whigs died out because THEY became irrelevant (and the GOP took its place), the GOP is trending down that same path. No, I don’t think that the Libertarian Party would take its place as it is currently constituted (some great ideas but extremely lousy campaign execution) but something will take the GOP’s place. After all, the Dems aren’t going to be able to fill that vacuum on the Right and the Good Lord above knows that, like Nature, Politics abhors a vacuum.

And because I’ve been on a tear about our sorry state of Education, I HAVE to put this up as it, too, is a root cause problem that if we don’t fix it, it’s lights out – permanently:

Look at who this depicts defending the ramparts (in a manner of speaking).  Yes, the Parents. Why else would the Left be doing all it can to cancel them and the idea of the Traditional American Family?

From “Screw DC, save New Hampshire” to “Screw Wokeism, save Civilization”. I guess that pretty much covers the gamut.

BTW, how many Woke TEACHERS would know what that image stands for? I’m betting they have no idea of history that far back. Can they even identify who the warring civilizations were at the time? And what was the purported reason for the conflict?

I doubt it.

Your thoughts?

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Proudly Vaccinated Country Singer Dies Suddenly in His Sleep at the Age of 37

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-30 22:00 +0000

It’s always sad when someone passes, especially when it is because they were lied to by the establishment. This tale, not quite as damning as the sudden death of Doug Brignole, involves a proudly vaccinated country music singer who died suddenly at the age of 37 – just hours after his wedding.

Related: Virologist Who Voted to Approve EUA Vaccines Dies Suddenly


On Sunday morning, Hosty got word that Flint had died in his sleep, just hours after exchanging vows with his bride.

“He was a singer-songwriter, through and through, and just a big personality, a big heart, and (he’d) bend over backwards to do anything for you. When any musician asks you to play at their wedding, it’s one of those most important days … and it’s always an honor,” Hosty said.

Jake Flint is gone but not forgotten. He left behind a social media post bragging about how vaccinated he was of which folks have since made note.




This really sucks. Guy gets married, has a great reception with family and friends, and dies overnight.

We can’t discount the obvious connection between a guy who bragged about getting vaxxed and boosted and the astronomical rise in sudden adult deaths, including his own. Sure, it could be something else, but how many times can you say that when the number of bodies piling up continues to grow?

There is no statistical explanation other than a mass-vaccination campaign with an experimental product without fully-informed consent.

I mentioned Doug Brignole. He was a competitive bodybuilder and health and fitness guy who famously said, “those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don’t die and have no ill effects, you were wrong and should admit it…

He died suddenly, and he’s not the only one. A rising number of high-profile people who should be with us are gone, and I’m wondering (not for the first time) who has to die before people accept that this was, at the very least, a huge mistake.

A Kardashian?

That would be a sad statement about the culture. Sad but accurate.

And what of the many, thousands, tens of thousands, or millions who have or will die suddenly as a result of a government-driven vaccination campaign based on the lie that these were safe and effective?

They were neither unless by effective, you mean sudden adult death syndrome.




ICYMI – Watch Died Suddenly: Stew Peters Network


HT | Gateway Pundit

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All Semi-Automatic Firearms, Joe? How Are You Going to Pull That Off?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-30 20:30 +0000

Is anyone else getting tired of Dementia Joe’s schtick as he seems to pivot to be the mouthpiece of every Left-leaning trope that has ever existed?  Part of me wants to believe that he really believes in all of this but his speechifying makes me think, like many others, that he’s being fed lines that he immediately mangles. Badly.  But that’s part, I believe, of what his handlers depend on. After all, after decades of malapropisms, it seems that most people are now immune to them and just go “Hey, it’s just Joe Biden. Again.” and move on to other things.

But this is what he said a few days ago now?

The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. Just sick. It has no socially redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.

There are three basic kinds of firearms (hey, stay with me here – just trying to simplify things a bit because the Left DEPENDS on the ordinary person knowing little to nothing about firearms):

  1. Single round, single shot. Shoot a round and then have to manually load a new round (think many precision rifles)
  2. Semi-automatic – a firearm that has a limited round carrying capacity (a revolver with a round cylinder or a pistol/rifle with a box magazine) that will automatically feed a new round after every SINGLE pull of the trigger
  3. Burst or fully automatic – pull and hold the trigger and the firearm continues to fire until the box magazine or the belt feeding the firearm runs out (or the barrel “melts” from the heat of continuous firing).

So in Joe’s eyes, there is no need (“you don’t need that” being the ‘tell’ of Socialists and Civilian Disarmament totalitarians everywhere) for anyone to have anything but a single-shot firearm:

  • target shooting is not socially redeeming
  • hunting to feed your family is not socially redeeming
  • defending you and your family from a house invasion from multiple ne’er-do-wells is not a socially redeeming activity.

And of course, how would you ever fight off your tyrannical government that has F-15s and atomic bombs with just guns – even if civilians have over 410 million of them? I think that Afghanistan should rip that argument to shreds, right?  What wins wars is the determination to break your opponent’s will to fight – and you’d be more than halfway there on the losing side by declaring war on Americans.

So guess what, gun-owners (and I assume that if you have a single-shot, you also have a semi-automatic pistol or rifle in your collection. Several, I bet. And in some cases that I know, several SAFES full of them (and in a couple of instances, several rooms full), you are SICK individuals.

Obama called you clingers, Hillary called you deplorables, and now Biden has called you sick.

How does it feel to have your “Leaders” think of you so condescendingly? It’s almost like they feel free to let you know they HATE you and your traditional American Values – and believe in the philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Speaking of which…

…even as you can point to the Second Amendment and say “there’s my permit/license to own and use my Arms”. Special word there – “arms”. As in:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

In an originalist definition, arms mean military arms and just not guns. All KINDS of military equipment and such. Civilians back then owned the equivalent equipment that the militaries of the day owned. Sometimes, better. And contrary to what President Asterisk holds, private citizens could also own what are now called “destructive devices” -> cannons. Lots of them if one had the money (think a privateer with a Letter of Marquee roaming the seas looking for British ships to take or sink). Hey Lefties – just shove that thought that “we don’t need that” because you might see something being shoved right back – in your faces if Joe really tries to back up his words.

Or one of his minions with the puppet strings entangled in their hot little hands.

The Left keeps trying to convince us that times have changed and that you have nothing to fear from your government EVAH! Think “YOU DON’T NEED THAT” anymore.  I think there are a few Native Indians around that would be willing to dispute that claim and I bet many of us can point to other “problems” in history and even in current events. After all, Congress, the President, and government, in general, are usually at the bottom of most “who do you trust” polls (think Gallup).

Sorry, Joe, you aren’t going to ban the sales of new semi-automatics, whose technology has been around for 150 years or so, especially after the SCOTUS Bruen decision. Oh, you may TRY, you may SAY the words, you may SIGN such an Executive Order – but you won’t be able to say “Mission Accomplished” at the end.

Again, going to war with a civilian population that now has more firepower than when Yamamoto (purportedly) told the Japanese High Command before the start of WW II:

“You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

Also don’t forget, since he studied in America before WW II, he also said:

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Unfortunately, I think Biden may well go down the road of “Play stupid games, get stupid prizes”.

(H/T: RedState)

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Joe Biden and the Mystery of the Burning Nantucket Rental Cars

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-30 19:00 +0000

Joe spent the holiday on Nantucket Island with “the regular people.” To facilitate his transportation needs, the US Secret Service rented five vehicles. The day after Joe departed (probably for his twenty million dollar beachfront home), all five cars reportedly burst into flames.


The five vehicles had been rented to some of the dozens of Secret Service agents on the island providing security for President Biden and his family during their annual Thanksgiving visit, two sources confirmed to the Current.

The fact that the fire consumed the rental vehicles just hours after President Biden left the island has prompted widespread national media coverage of the story. Cranson said he had been inundated by calls from reporters on Tuesday.


The fire marshall says the cause is not suspicious, which is probably what the WH or Secret Service told him to say. So, I have two working theories. One is that one or more of these vehicles was electric, and it spontaneously combusted (as they are known to do), taking those nearby with it. The second is arson to hide (to paraphrase Rep. Ilhan Omar) something someone did in one or more of them.

Neither is all that credible and mostly fanciful, but not impossible given the notion that people still want us to believe that 81 million Americans “voted” for Joe Biden or that the COVID vaccine stops COVID. Neither of those things is true.

Alternatively, was anyone visiting from Ukraine or China? And can anyone say “Global Warming” (that’s a lot of emissions)?

The lies are still developing…


Video care of The Nantucket Current.



HT | PJ Media

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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-30 17:30 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.  Almost certain about a Friday Overflow-Overflow.  We’ll see.

Now, let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***





This, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Frankenstein… all are warnings.









I see things like the above IMHO principled stance, and have hope that Musk is, overall, on our side.  And then something like this, below, comes into view:










I think it was the Greeks who said “Eat small amounts of a wide variety of foods”… and I don’t recall who said “Always leave the table a little hungry” but I do know it’s an old, old saying.  Truth.  Interestingly, so much of the angst about saturated fats comes from the Seven Countries study, discussed here:



The near-gospel level adoration for this is a critical lesson on groupthink.  It’s also extensively discussed in this excellent book: The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

I’d argue a lot of health issues have to do with our sedentary lifestyle.  We’re idle, but too busy to exercise.  Guilty.    That, and the increasingly targeted flavors of processed foods to hit the addition centers in our brain.  So we eat more of the highly-processed food.









Aaaaaand, it’s gone from the news.  Nothing like not conforming to The Narrative.  Speaking of:










I was honored to have a correspondence, albeit infrequent, with this great man.  His framed picture, autographed to me, hangs on my wall at home.

In parallel, there’s a fantastic video by Milton Friedman discussing capitalism:



In which he said:

So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.

In a very interesting bit of serendipity, I have been discussing capitalism with an internet friend and how capitalism / the free market is great… so long as the behaviors & decisions are moderated by morals and human compassion.  Consider the H1B fraud, where companies game the system to replace American workers with lower-wage foreign workers.  And lawyers hold seminars on how to do this.  All purely legal, but not right.







Pick of the post:



Indeed, what a stunning coincidence.






I’ve worked at some very “relaxed” places, and I’ve often wondered how some of these people would fit in at a more conventional company.  One company had an engineering manager (male) who was “built” and, objectively, very good looking.  His attire was more suited to trawling the meatmarket bars than a workplace setting.  At the same place a female coworker liked to wear low-cut, or open, blouses, and several times had a one-piece dress “sl*tware” dress that was, as above, more suited to going out to a bar than a workplace.  A different employer saw a guy, always in Bermuda shorts, zipping up and down the halls on a two-wheel scooter.  Back in the Cambrian, when I was young, it was dress clothes, ties, etc., even for co-ops and interns.  In many ways I miss that; it gave a professional atmosphere to the place which, IMHO, elevated behaviors.





I’ve already told my kids that, if asked at school or by the doctor, to lie: Daddy doesn’t own guns.




Palate cleansers:





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Breaking: House Dems Replace Pelosi

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-30 17:00 +0000

Democrats in DC are in the minority this time around, and look what they did. “In a Wednesday vote, Democrats unanimously voted to make Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) the leader of the party in the House.”

In case you were wondering…



The minority leader is also an election denier.

But Nancy will have more time for her husband Paul, who clearly has some issues to hammer out at home.




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Advancing Liberty: 4 Essential, Foundational Principles

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-30 16:00 +0000

The “American revolution” was about much more than the war for Independence. In fact, as John Adams noted, the revolution was “effected before the war commenced.”

A “radical Change in the Principles, Opinions, Sentiments and Affection of the People” was the “real American Revolution.”

If we’re going to go from the largest government in history today – to a true “land of the free,” we’ll need to lean in on some of the wisdom and strategy of the founders and old revolutionaries.

Here are 4 essential principles to help the people set the foundation for the Constitution and liberty – whether the government wants us to, or not.

Rights are not gifts from government.

It’s not really “liberty” if it requires a government-issued permission slip.

When it comes to the founders and old revolutionaries, that means we’re talking about natural rights.

Samuel Adams put it this way in 1772:

Among the natural rights of the Colonists are these: First, a right to life; Secondly, to liberty; Thirdly, to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.

In 1776, John Dickinson reminded us that “our liberties do not come from charters, for these are only a declaration of pre-existing rights.”

And Thomas Paine noted that “it is a perversion of terms to say that a charter gives rights.”

Constitutions don’t enforce themselves.

They never did and they never will.

Writing in support of ratification, Dickinson, who was a primary author of the Articles of Confederation, acknowledged that even the best constitution can only “promote” a “good administration,” but it cannot guarantee it.

In Federalist 48, James Madison lamented that many seemed to rely on the ability of documents to restrain government power. But he wrote that such a “parchment barrier” could never do the job on its own.

“A mere demarcation on parchment of the constitutional limits of the several departments, is not a sufficient guard against those encroachments which lead to a tyrannical concentration of all the powers of government in the same hands.” 

In short – something else is needed to keep a government in check beyond pointing them to the rules they’re supposed to follow.

It’s up to the People to defend their own constitution and their own liberty. 

Whether the government wants them to, or not.

Dickinson emphasized that enforcement of the Constitution is ultimately up to “the supreme sovereignty of the people.”


Thomas Jefferson put it this way:

“A free people claim their rights, as derived from the laws of nature, and not as a gift of their chief magistrate.”

And future supreme court justice James Iredell summed it up like this during the North Carolina ratifying convention:

“The only resource against usurpation is the inherent right of the people to prevent its exercise.”

Not just a mere good idea, or something to try after everything else fails. The ONLY resource.

Here’s the “but”

It’s not going to be easy. Or fast.

To go from the largest government in history to an actual “land of the free”

In a 1790 letter to his friend, the Rev. Charles Clay, gave us the strategy:

“The ground of liberty is to be gained by inches.”

Each step forward needs to be relentlessly followed by another, and another, and another.

“we must be contented to secure what we can get from time to time, and eternally press forward for what is yet to get.”

There is no silver bullet to take down the empire – it will take tireless fortitude and perseverance, because, as Jefferson knew, it takes time to persuade the people “to do even what is for their own good.”

Facing the monster state of today isn’t going to be easy – we won’t, as Jefferson noted, go “from despotism to liberty in a feather-bed.”

But as the old saying goes, duty is ours.

A lot of people seem to prefer sugar-coating how bad things are, especially at a time like this when every message we get is about choosing team A over team B (or vice versa) for the fate of everything under the sun.

But we prefer to be straight-shooters.

When it gets down to it, Thomas Paine summed it up best:

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”



Republished with Permission from The Tenth Amendment Center

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