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‘New Hampshire Together’ Looks Like Another Prog-Funded Fake Middle-Ground Group

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-16 16:00 +0000

Ever since the organic rise of the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) movement in 2009, the Democrats and their donor class have been propping up Chimeras, pretending to be ‘middle-of-the-road’ answers to “extremism.”

Think of it as your typical Marxist third-way front group tapping into “voters” disenfranchised by polarizing language that makes these cutouts appealing. Progressives yell and scream about how far from the center the right is while their donors fund these groups to attract them to their fake middle.

We had the Coffee Party, No Labels, Gen Z Pop, and The Lincoln Project (which bilked uniparty money from both sides) – there are others, but the newest might be New Hampshire Together.

Join fellow Granite Staters for an (in-person) Citizens Assembly in Manchester, the third weekend of June (21 – 23rd, 2024) to discuss how to ensure confidence in New Hampshire elections, reduce extreme polarization, and improve political responsiveness to the public 

Then let’s work together to identify proposals that can make a difference.

The New Hampshire Together Citizens Assembly will consider specific options for addressing the above issues, and, if participants see a path forward that can produce real change, commit to a plan that can deliver results in the 2025 legislative session.

This process is nonpartisan, citizen-driven, and open to all.

Before you start practicing your kumbayah, this new (old) thing is a project of The People, a non-profit (The People Inc.) whose stated mission is to “gather and enable everyday Americans to find common ground and take action together to create a more responsive government of, by, and for the people.” This is a worthy goal, but not unlike its left-wing-funded predecessors, it says the same things and has, you guessed it, a lot of left-wing funding.

The People’s last 990 shows just over one million in ‘donations” from Foundations like,

Skoll Foundation 100K
Bohemian Foundation 250K
Equal Citizens 142K
Rockefeller Foundation 400K
Bipartisan Policy Center 14k
Civic Health Project 25K

I have yet to find any evidence that any of these organizations are not funded by Big Left money and pushing far-left priorities. The Skoll Foundation, for example, is “working to incorporate equity into every aspect of our work.”

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!”

It gets worse.

The Bohemian Foundation’s founder is Pat Stryker (a beneficiary of her grandfather’s medical technology company – which sold $18.4 billion worth of medical equipment in 2022). She’s a “philanthropist” (worth about 4 billion) who likes to give buckets of money to Democrats and their causes.

In 2006, Stryker gave $500,000 to the Coalition for Progress, a political action committee that donated heavily to support Democratic party candidates in Michigan elections.[9]

In 2008, Stryker gave $87,500 to the Presidential Inaugural Committee for President-Elect Barack Obama.[10]

Stryker donated $3 million to defeat a 2002 ballot initiative regarding bilingual education in Colorado.[6]

Stryker donated $1.5 million to Priorities USA Action, a Super PAC supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.[11] She was among the largest donors in the 2016 election.[12][13]

The rest of the list appears populated with like-minded skinwalkers pumping money into another Potemkin third-way middle-ground front group whose true purpose is to move the middle further left.

The Rockefeller Foundation is a notorious supporter of left-leaning political endeavors. Equal Citizens, founded by “money isn’t speech” goof Larry Lessig, is fighting to “fix democracy” and wants reforms to achieve citizen equality.

I think you can paint the rest of the picture. Get people who aren’t sure what stealing liberty looks like and convince them to support fake moderates in the Democrat party while framing their left-Wing proprieties as the middle of the road.

They may protest too much or not at all at this unmasking, but the evidence is what it is. None of these groups would fund The Peoplee so it could then fund a movement that tempers the ideological goals of the modern Democratic Party.

The event and the effort may still be helpful if anyone plans to attend. Public supporters of New Hampshire Together or advocates for it are probably a threat to natural rights and human liberty or soon will be, and some of them will be registered as Republicans.

That would be useful to know.

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Election Interference vs Election Manipulation

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-16 14:00 +0000

The Democrats are constantly accusing the Republicans of Election Interference. Voter ID, Election Interference. Limit Absentee Ballots, Election Interference. Don’t allow drinks, Election Interference. With all of these baseless claims, vote counts are increasing with every election.

But any time the Democrats can make noise complaining about Republican interference, they take it, and the MSM echoes their rhetoric.

But how about we take a minute to look at Election Manipulation? A very quiet movement is underway, spearheaded by the Democrats and especially by Joe Biden. As a preface, American citizens’ right to vote is restricted per our Constitution. It is a privilege that many of us believe should be protected, and why we are offended by some cities, like New York, allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. Though not directly related to elections, the Right and Left also debate counting non-citizens in the census. The Left wants them counted to ensure population consistency and avoid redistributing. That is just their first step in an evil process to ensure we will never see a Republican in the Oval Office again.

The next step is complex and devious. Conservative estimates put the number of unnaturalized residents in America at 30 million. Joe Biden has directed every federal agency contacting these nonresidents to give them a packet explaining how to register to vote and the paperwork they need to get on their local voter registry.

The next step is probably unconstitutional and should be challenged by every state. Biden has signed an executive order that forbids any city clerk in America from asking about the citizenship status of anyone registering to vote. This means that any of these 30 million can fill out the form a federal employee handed them, present it to their local town officials, and miraculously, they are now non-citizen voters.

This process to swell the Democrat voter lists explains why Biden opened the human spigot at what was once the southern border. Even if they only coerce a third of the target audience, they have gained 3 million voters. If you strategically place these migrants into the proper Red states, they can easily change the makeup of the electoral map.

This is a perfect example of all that is wrong with the Democrat party. They have no interest in the truth. They are openly deceitful to the American people and use projection to hide their true intentions. They have no respect for the Constitution. Whether the issue is abortion, forgiving student loans, immigration, or the right to vote, the Democrats will try every conceivable method to circumvent the law.

Their quest for power and the destruction of America is the Democrat’s ultimate goal, and this operation to bolster the Democrat voter ranks is their most egregious effort. Republicans claim they must match the efforts, but we cannot stoop to this level. We cannot get into a situation where we are breaking laws to match punches with the Libs. We must call them out for what they are doing and find legitimate ways to negate their efforts. We must also publicize their tactics in every way we can. We will not get any help from the mainstream media.

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The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #206

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2024-05-16 12:33 +0000

Even some liberals are opining that Trump’s prosecutions are politically motivated; Biden agrees to 2 debates, with some conditions; is RFK’s campaign being taken less seriously because of his VP selection? NY appeals court turned down the appeal on the gag order against Trump in NYC. Is the media also suing? Washington Post demands people take showers; can America turn around like Argentina did? Are enough people questioning the value of “elite” colleges? Almost 10% of NJ residents are illegal aliens?

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This Bank is Going Cashless Now – Digital Transactions Only

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-16 12:00 +0000

Down Under used to have a quaint, exotic nuance. A sort of shadows of penumbras but with a fantasy feel. The underside of the world. Uusal wildlife. Creeping tyranny toward a political underworld as this once Western-style democracy is quickly reverting to its roots as a penal colony.

According to Armstrong Economics,

Australia has turned so far to the LEFT they have become the NUMBER ONE censoring free speech in the world, all to keep their agenda moving forward. As an Australian resident, you are taxed on your worldwide income. This means you must declare all income you receive from foreign sources in your income tax return.  The government wants two years in prison for anyone who paid for anything with more than $10,000 in cash. Australians have been blocked by Amazon from buying anything from their US site because the government has effectively imposed a tariff of 10% on anything an Australian may purchase under $1,000 from the internet overseas. The government directed Banks to hand over any information on the unexplained wealth of a convicted person in Australia. The socialists are insane down under. They want to impose that when you die, nothing goes to your children – it all should belong to the government.

And now a major Australian Bank is going digital. No cash, no checks (cheques).

Macquarie Bank has announced it will Abolish Cash and it warns customers to prepare for the new CASHLESS WORD to ensure the government knows everything about you and what you are buying or selling. Macquarie has just over $250 billion in assets. They have informed clients that. AU

Macquarie Bank will shift to digital-only payments from May 20, part of the group’s plan to phase out cash and cheque services for all of its products.

From next week, customers will not be able to access over-the-counter services at Macquarie offices, deposit or collect cheques or order new chequebooks.

From November 1, customers will not be able to write or deposit personal cheques, deposit or request bank cheques, deposit cash or cheques over the counter at NAB branches or make super contributions or payments via cheque.

Sky News

In a statement, Macquarie cited additional security and the speed of digital transactions as being the primary reasons for the shift away from cash, as well as emphasising its identity as an online company.

“As a digital bank, we’re committed to transitioning to completely digital payments, and continuing to ensure our customers can access secure and reliable digital payment options,” the bank said.

“Digital banking is a safe, quick, and more convenient way to transact because you can view and track transactions and other account activity in real-time.

Not a traditional bank?

The bank said less than one per cent of its customers made use of cash and cheque services, with the company keen to streamline operations toward purely online services in line with its overall business model.

This shift no longer has the CBDC punch implied by Armstrong, but CBDC is a real threat to privacy. If you’d like one of the best looks at the thing and the threat, it would be hard to do better than this.


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They want that granular level of visibility and eventually control, and the technology already exists. They are just waiting for an excuse to pull that trigger.


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Red States Are Banning DEI (Anti-White Racism) … Why Can’t New Hampshire

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-16 10:00 +0000

DEI is simply the sublimation of anti-white racism. Individuals are simply a factor of their skin color, and whatever other identity factors the Democrat Party decides are oppressed and need protecting. That fill-in-the-blank is too white, too male, too Christian, too heterosexual. The idea is to get people to view each other and themselves not as individuals but as members of a group, as the oppressed and the oppressors. Rather than creating “inclusion,” DEI spawns … as it is intended to spawn … division based on race, sex, etc., etc., etc..

Fortunately, other States are banning DEI. A couple of recent examples:

So … ask yourself: why not New Hampshire? Why are New Hampshire public schools paying huge salaries to “DEI officers,” etc., in order to divide our children into warring camps, to indoctrinate them into seeing their peers not as individuals but as mere factors of their skin color, ancestry, sex, etc., etc., etc..

And ask yourself: why isn’t banning DEI as other States have done and are doing a priority for the NHGOP. Why is legalizing pot a priority but not banning a noxious concept such as DEI? Why is banning single-family zoning a priority but not banning DEI?


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Night Cap: What Could Have Spiked Colorectal Cancer in Young People Starting in 2021?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-16 02:00 +0000

All sorts of strange comorbidity trends started spiking around 2021 that the Public Health Industrial Complex, despite all the confidence they expressed about their response to COVID, can’t seem to explain. I’m not sure what the problem is precisely.

Two of the most critical things we were all in together back then were the deliberately engineered virus that escaped from the Fauci-funded lab in Wuhan, China, and the engineered cure for that virus. Both were man-made disasters, so there is no need to call Scooby and the gang away from the Malt Shop. If it started in or around 2021, we know the cause. No, it wasn’t the unnecessary inhalation of microfibers from medical masks. It was the chemicals in those floor dots that leaked through people’s shoes into their bloodstream.


Or was it the election of Joe Biden?

Colorectal cancer cases have tripled in teens—and jumped by 500% in kids. That’s the headline from Fortune, and everyone is baffled.

First came public pleas for millennials and Gen Zers to be aware of the signs  of colon cancer, which has seen such a rise in young adults that it’s now the No. 1 cause of cancer deaths in men under 50 and No. 2 in women under 50.

This week, that plea expanded to adolescents, with news that colorectal cancer rates among kids between 10 and 14 and teens from 15 to 19 have risen by 500% and 333% percent, respectively, over two decades.

Are any NIH, CDC, FDA, or NIAID members invested in Cologaurd, that at-home colon cancer test kit? Those commercials were ubiquitous during the Pandemic. Did they know something we didn’t? And yes, I expect to see texts, emails, and ads propagate across my digital footprint for even thinking about it.

So what’s the thinking on the cause (since no one is going to publicly point the finger at the mRNA injections they bullied, pressured, intimidated, or mandated everyone get (including kids who were at zero risk from COID)?

 The leading hypothesis, he adds, is that, as humans, “We have done something to change our microbiome… I tell patients it’s like our own soil inside of us, with the bacteria that live in our GI tracts … which is like a rainforest that needs diversity to be healthy.” Marshall suspects that we’ve done something to fundamentally change our “bacterial mix,” whether from exposure to chemicals and “forever microplastics” or “not playing outside,” and sees a possible connection and “interesting parallel” to the rise in peanut allergies.

Wow, this guy wants to keep his license to practice, but does he get that one of the things “we’ve done” in the past few decades is exponentially increasing the number of injections kids are expected to uptake to attend the K-12 indoctrination camps? It used to be maybe half a dozen. I think it’s over two dozen these days. That’s something we did. I know it’s probably blue-lighted exposure from PCs, TVs, and smartphones or bullying on social media that spiked food allergies and spectrum disorders, but those are both good for Big Pharma, so, well – you know.

Weighty Issues

I’m sure the fatification of kids hasn’t helped. Still, body positivity is a comorbidity, and you have to pass a lot of something through a gut to earn that sort of respect from people who, given the liberty, would correctly refer to you as a fat bastard. If you were overweight, young, and herded into one of those pop-up health clinic paddocks at the local High School to do your part, that also makes you (or your parents) gullible.

That means they’ll likely buy into the preferred narrative on why children, beginning in 2021, suddenly had an inexplicable spike in colon cancer that, before 2020, was rare in patients under the age of fifty.

Colon cancer and a growing list of similar ailments that are debilitating, handicapping, or terminal.

I’m sure kids need to get outside more, but wasn’t that also frowned upon by experts during COVID?


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Exclusive Footage Of Becky Whitley Reacting To Mrs. Jake Sullivan (alias Goodlander) Entering CD-2 Primary

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-16 00:00 +0000

Ignore that this video says USA TODAY … I have no idea how that happened. Perhaps it was hacked by the Becky Whitley campaign when the campaign somehow learned about it?  I’ll ask Jake Sullivan, who as a key player in Hillary’s Russia collusion hoax is obviously adept at spreading misinformation. In any case, while I’m looking for Jake’s phone number, you can look at the video.

RAGE! That was the reaction of the Becky Whitley campaign to Mrs. Sullivan … who apparently now goes under the alias Tamposi-Goodlander or Goodlander-Tamposi … entering the Democrat primary in CD-2. RAGE the like that has not been seen since someone in the State Senate referred to ILLEGAL ALIENS as illegal aliens. RAGE!

And be sure to ignore anything else in the video that makes it appear that this EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of the Whitley campaign is not footage of the Whitley campaign at all. Slava Ukraine! SLAVA Becky Whitley! And have a good day!

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MIT Decides to Scarp Its Diversity Oath for New Faculty – Will It Make Any Difference?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 22:00 +0000

Has the Massachusetts Institute of Technology taken an unprecedented step for a woke University? It says it will no longer demand that faculty swear an oath – in writing – to the pantheon of gods known as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

MIT President Sally Kornbluth reportedly said,

“My goals are to tap into the full scope of human talent, to bring the very best to MIT, and to make sure they thrive once here,” Kornbluth said. “We can build an inclusive environment in many ways, but compelled statements impinge on freedom of expression, and they don’t work.”

So, inclusivity suddenly means people should be free to express their objections to the intolerant bullying of the “diversity” culture.

Prior to the change, MIT required candidates applying for faculty positions to submit a statement that “demonstrates knowledge of challenges related to diversity, equity, and inclusion” as well as outlining their “track record of working with diverse groups of people” and how they plan to advance DEI in their position at the school,…”

Elsewhere in the White Tower Universe.

Last month, a Harvard Law School professor penned a column in the Harvard Crimson urging the Ivy League to eliminate its mandatory DEI statements, arguing that they force faculty and staff to “toe a political line.”

“I am a scholar on the left committed to struggles for social justice,” Randall L. Kennedy wrote. “The realities surrounding mandatory DEI statements, however, make me wince. The practice of demanding them ought to be abandoned, both at Harvard and beyond.”

Talk is cheap. We’ve seen advocates for the CRT/DEI/LGBTP cabal make claims about academic freedom, but until you rein in the zombie horde of triggered whiners posing as students, this isn’t going to mean much. MIT has more than its fair share of diverse staff who, true to form, are what you’d expect.

MIT welcomed six new deans of diversity, equity, and inclusion, one for each of the institute’s main schools, as part of a “DEI Strategic Action Plan” launched the previous year. Aimed at boosting the representation of women and minorities, in part by developing DEI criteria for staff performance reviews, the plan pledged to “make equity central” to the university “while ensuring the highest standards of excellence.”

But according to a 71-page complaint filed with the university on Saturday, at least two of the six DEI officials may not be living up to those standards. The complaint alleges that Tracie Jones-Barrett and Alana Anderson are serial plagiarists, copying entire pages of text without attribution and riding roughshod over MIT’s academic integrity policies.

Cheaters and liars.

So they don’t have to swear allegiance to secular gods or diminished standards, but can you get them to encourage intellectual diversity? Will you punish faculty and students who cheat or lie or actively suppress free expression through threats of intimidation and mob justice regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or any other “enumerated” class?

Ending oaths to partisan cultural affectations looks nice, but I’m not convinced you are all in on protecting diversity of opinion. Until you do, are potential faculty with ideas outside the campus culture norm supposed to feel like they or like-minded students can speak freely?

I don’t think so.

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Ready to Break Free? Try One of These Unexpected Pathways to Lasting Sobriety

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 21:00 +0000

Overcoming addiction is an intensely personal journey. While the road to recovery can be challenging, it’s also a transformative process that offers a new lease on life. Keep reading to explore various innovative and unexpected approaches to achieving and maintaining sobriety.

From unconventional therapies to the benefits of traveling for rehab, we’ll uncover the paths that have helped many find lasting freedom from addiction.

Unconventional Therapies Making a Difference

Traditional therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and 12-step programs have long been the backbone of addiction treatment. But in recent years, unconventional therapies have gained traction for their effectiveness in helping individuals break free from addiction. These therapies, often seen as alternative or complementary, offer unique approaches that address the root causes of addiction and provide holistic healing.

One such therapy is equine-assisted therapy. Working with horses can help individuals develop trust, communication skills, and emotional regulation. The bond between the person and the horse becomes a powerful tool in the recovery process. Similarly, art therapy allows individuals to express their emotions creatively, providing an outlet for feelings that might be difficult to articulate verbally.

Another rising star in addiction treatment is mindfulness and meditation. Practices like yoga and guided meditation help individuals become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, reducing stress and promoting mental clarity. These practices teach individuals to live in the moment, reducing the urge to turn to substances as a coping mechanism.

Embracing Technology in Addiction Recovery

Today, tech plays a massive role in almost every aspect of our lives, including addiction recovery. Mobile apps, virtual support groups, and online therapy sessions have made it easier than ever to access support and resources.

Mobile apps designed for addiction recovery offer features like daily motivation, progress tracking, and immediate access to support networks. These apps create a sense of community and accountability, which are crucial for staying on the path to sobriety. Virtual support groups provide a platform for people struggling to share their experiences and gain encouragement from others facing similar challenges.

Online therapy sessions have become increasingly popular, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These sessions offer flexibility and convenience, letting people get professional help from the comfort of their homes. The anonymity of online therapy can also make it easier for people to open up and discuss their struggles.

Preventing relapse is one of the main components of long-term recovery, and technology can play a significant role in this. Wearable devices that track physical and emotional well-being, along with AI-driven tools that predict and mitigate relapse risks, are becoming invaluable resources in the fight against addiction.

The Power of Community Support

Recovery is not a journey that should be undertaken alone. The power of community support cannot be overstated. Whether it’s through family, friends, or support groups, having a network of people who understand and encourage you is vital for maintaining sobriety.

Support groups emphasize the importance of peer support and the collective goal of staying sober. The sense of belonging and understanding found in these groups can be incredibly empowering.

Family and friends also play a crucial role in recovery. Their support and encouragement can provide the motivation needed to stay on track. It’s critical for loved ones to educate themselves about addiction and recovery so they can offer the best possible support. Open communication and healthy boundaries are both essential components of this support system.

Community support doesn’t just come from people you know personally. Many find strength in participating in local or online communities focused on recovery. These communities offer a sense of solidarity and understanding that can be incredibly uplifting.

Creative Outlets for Healing

Creativity can be a powerful tool in addiction recovery. Engaging in creative activities provides an outlet for emotions and can help individuals process their experiences in a healthy way. Whether it’s through writing, painting, music, or dance, creative expression allows people to explore their feelings and find new ways to cope with stress and triggers.

Writing is a particularly effective tool for many in recovery. Journaling can help individuals reflect on their journey, track their progress, and identify specific patterns in behavior. Writing poetry or short stories can also be a therapeutic way to explore emotions and experiences.

Music therapy is another powerful form of creative expression. Listening to music can bring up different emotions and memories, while creating music allows individuals to express themselves in a unique and personal way. Whether it’s playing an instrument, singing, or composing, music can be a source of comfort and inspiration.

Art therapy, as mentioned earlier, provides a non-verbal way to express emotions. Painting, drawing, or sculpting can help individuals process their experiences and find a sense of calm and focus. These creative outlets not only provide a distraction from cravings but also promote self-discovery and healing.

The Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

Traveling for rehab can offer numerous benefits that contribute to a successful recovery. Sometimes, stepping away from familiar surroundings and routines is essential for a fresh start. Traveling for treatment allows individuals to leave behind the triggers and stressors of their daily environment and focus solely on their recovery.

Rehab centers in different locations often provide unique approaches to treatment. For example, coastal facilities may incorporate ocean therapy, where the calming effects of the sea play a role in healing. Mountain retreats might focus on nature therapy, using the tranquility of the outdoors to promote mental and emotional well-being.

California, in particular, is known for its innovative treatment approaches. Combining a stay at a California treatment center with an SCRC sober living home after rehab is a great plan of action. The state offers a variety of rehab centers that incorporate cutting-edge therapies and holistic practices. The warm climate and scenic landscapes also provide a therapeutic environment that enhances the recovery process.

Traveling for rehab also offers the opportunity to start anew. Being in a different location can symbolize a fresh beginning and a commitment to change. It allows individuals to build new, healthy habits without the distractions and pressures of their previous environment.

The journey to sobriety is unique for each individual, and finding the right path requires exploring various approaches and strategies. Sobriety isn’t only about quitting drugs or alcohol; it’s about rediscovering oneself and creating a new, healthier way of living.

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Something Smells like Rotten Fish in NH

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 20:00 +0000

Commercial fishermen are scratching their heads over the direction in which Erik Anderson, the president of the New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen’s Association (NHCFA), is taking their supposed organization.

There is not one commercial or sport fisherman that supports offshore wind (OSW) in the Gulf of Maine except Eric Anderson. The construction and operation of these monsters have affected marine life, from the largest endangered whale to the smallest crustaceans.

In a recent post, Mr. Anderson sent his members, he quotes, “It’s finally taking shape,” referring to the upcoming BOEM meetings and pending OSW in the Gulf of Maine. He has further gone on to tell people OSW is inevitable. The question is why he is not representing his members. He also referenced in the May newsletter that it’s too late to stop it, and the fishermen had their chance, blaming the fishermen. But the fishermen believed that was what Mr. Anderson was doing!

According to the NH state website on corporations, Mr. Anderson’s nonprofit, NHCFA, has been defunct since 2005. It is also not on the NH Attorney General’s list of current standing Nonprofits.

There are hundreds of members paying Mr. Anderson $50 a year for a defunct organization with no board of directors, minutes, or Internet presence—just a monthly email.


In his email newsletter in May, he claimed he has no board of directors and over $5k in an account a secretary, not named, manages.

Mr Anderson first published in his newsletter in May that the NHCFA was not a corporation or a 501c! This was new news to all his “members” since all prior newsletters did not have this disclaimer.

Mr. Anderson also unilaterally decided to back Republican governor candidate Kelly Ayotte in March 2024. Her website proudly boasts the backing of the defunct NHCFA organization!

Is it strange that a former attorney general does not check her campaign sources?

We tried repeatedly to find out if Ms. Ayotte would oppose OSW and received no replies.

There is unsubstantiated talk that Mr. Anderson was instrumental in getting Port Authority Director Gino Marconi placed on suspension but went out of his way to publish in his May newsletter that he was not involved. Perhaps Mr. Marconi doesn’t like OSW either.

Good or bad intentions, fraud is illegal. Were these fishermen who have been paying dues to an individual, some for nearly 20 years, duped into believing it’s a registered non-profit? They are owed answers.

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Comment of the Week Winner: NITZAKHON!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 19:00 +0000

Apologies for the delay in announcing last week’s comment of the week winner. Things come up and get in the way, but we are happy to announce that you have selected Nitzakhon.

Here’s thw inning comment:

Post: An unholy alliance: Leftism and Islamism Commenter: NITZAKHON If I might, I’d like to dig a level (or two) deeper on why these two seemingly-opposed ideologies are attracted to each other. BOTH Islam and Communism… * Ruthless authoritarian systems * Value the Collective over the Individual * Have America as target #1 * Have any competing religion – for as I’ve been saying for years, Communism is a religion – as enemies Now, what will be entertaining to watch is what happens if they succeed in bringing down America (and more broadly, the West)? Just how quickly will they turn on the other? And in a battle between atheistic Communism (not placing any value on human life) and religious-jihad Islam (ditto), with no more moral limits on WMD use, who would win? Two great books on this: Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam And the American Left United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror Nitzakhon, you know how to reach me.

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Biden Joins Hamas Against Israel

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 18:00 +0000

Since its founding in 1948, Israel has had a target upon itself for every other country in the Middle East to shoot at. Most Muslim countries, such as Iran and Syria, openly hate Israel and want it obliterated. Israel has been able to fend off these attacks with the help of America, Britain, and France.

These alliances had been unconditional and unyielding until Barack Obama took the Oath of Office in 2009. Biden learned the lesson well as Obama’s Vice President, and he is more aggressive and transparent about his hatred of Israel. This elevation of vitriol may be Biden playing to the radical left wing of the Democrat party.

Biden, Blinken, and Austin have been attempting to micromanage the retaliation by Israel to the Hamas since October 7. They have all been open and loud about the tactics of the Israeli Military. They have been concerned with the number of dead civilians in Gaza and pushed for more humanitarian aid and a cease-fire. Israel has been unyielding in its commitment to obliterate Hamas and its constant threat to Israel and all Jews. These two goals are diametrically opposed and have created considerable friction between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu.

It was discovered last week that Biden had withheld military arms, which had been approved by Congress and signed by Biden. The President is now claiming he will not supply arms to Israel that may be used to kill more civilians in Gaza. At the same time, Antony Blinken made comments over the weekend that may have fallen a word or two short of accusing Israel of war crimes. Israel is supposed to be our greatest ally in the Middle East, and Joe Biden is doing his best to sabotage that alliance and destroy 75 years of unity between our two countries. For this, Joe Biden should be impeached. This action by Biden is far more egregious than the phone call to Ukraine by Donald Trump, for which he was actually impeached.

These acts and comments come from an Administration that has repeatedly claimed to be in full support of Israel as she retaliates against a brutal insurgence by Hamas on October 7 that resulted in 1,200 dead and countless raped, mutilated, or burned alive. Hostages were taken and are still unaccounted for. There were Americans among the more than 100 taken, but the Biden administration has done little to retrieve our own who have been in captivity for eight months.

I have written about the failures of the Biden military, which makes it ironic that the Biden administration thinks they can tell anyone how to negotiate a war. That would be like me telling Jason Tatum how to run a fast break. All kidding aside, Biden and his team have abandoned Israel for the sake of the fringe element of the party, but what is worse is falsely calling out Israel and then denying them the strategic weaponry that will prevent excessive civilian casualties. For the sake of the Muslim vote, Biden is turning his back on Israel. Another huge mistake that Trump will inherit and be forced to correct.

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Mid-Week Memes

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 16:00 +0000

Before Nitzakhon took over taming the memeasaurus, I used to dabble a bit. I’m not saying I can manage the sort of commitment to it he has shown in the last few years, but since he needs the time, I thought I’d try to fill the space with … more memes.

Something to help you scratch the midweek itch (memes, you dirty-minded fools).

These are presented as is…they are memes. If you think they need to be fact-checked, you are an idiot. Just smile, laugh, shake your head, and when so inclined, share.

Funny Memes, Political memes. Memes! Biden memes. Lots of Biden memes.

And apologies for duplicates from previous meme posts, if there are any.

Here we go!




















































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Shake Up In The Seabrook Schools, GOOD

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 14:00 +0000

The Seabrook school board has been dealing with frustrated parents for a while now. Many of the complaints seem to center around the district’s poor proficiency scores and unresolved behavior problems.

From what I can tell, the board members have begun challenging administrators on some of the decisions they’ve made in the past. This is exactly what a school board should be doing under these circumstances.

Board members are elected by the people, and if the people are bringing them problems, board members need to turn their attention towards those who are in charge.

According to Seacoast Online, Seabrook Elementary’s Principal just resigned. Bryan Belanger began working for Seabrook Elementary School in January 2022, but will be leaving this school year. Seacoast Online: (emphasis mine)

In January 2022, Belanger’s career came full circle, he said, when he signed on to become Seabrook Elementary School’s principal. At the time he said he couldn’t be happier to return, adding he enjoyed every day at SES.

In his resignation letter, Belanger said his primary goal at SES “has been to create an environment where every student and staff member can thrive, and I have dedicated myself wholeheartedly to that mission each day.”

That might be a lovely goal for him, but that doesn’t seem to be the problems that everyone wants fixed.  Here are the biggest problems:





As you can see, the parents and school board members have different goals from Belanger. They are focused on improving academic outcomes, Belanger is focused on school climate.

Belanger took some parting shots at the school board, as if they are to blame for all of this. Belanger said he, ” believes the School Board’s behavior in recent months has been unethical and detrimental to the students and families. Belanger also mentioned that he didn’t agree with, “the board’s decision on April 16 to turn down more than $1.3 million in two grants. Those grants would have supported student mental health.”

It appears as if the latest excuse for poor performance is to blame it on the students’ mental health. Where is the proof for that? Parents HAVE NOT been coming to school board meetings begging the district to become a mental health provider for their kids. They want their kids to be able to read and write.  They want kids to be accountable for their actions. Students need boundaries and consequences for their behavior.

A child’s mental health is important to everyone, parents included, but they send their kids to school to learn academics. That has to be the priority, and parents are now demanding this.

We know that personally identifiable mental health data (PII) on children has been shared by school counselors without the student’s or parents knowledge or consent. That violates the School Counselor’s Code of Ethics and is a gross violation of a student’s privacy rights. The PII was shared by some New Hampshire schools that received Project Aware Grant money. Why wasn’t Belanger bothered by that?

Charter School to the Rescue? 
The Seacoast is about to see another Charter School open in the Fall. Seacoast Classical Academy is the result of poor performance in SAU16. Parents there were fed up with the declining performance, and dismissing parental concerns. A few parents decided to open up a Charter school focused on academic excellence. The demand for parents to get their children into this school is growing, and they haven’t opened the doors yet.

Seacoast Classical Academy will be incorporating the Scope and Sequence from Core Knowledge. It’s free, and rich in academic content. I sent the link and information to the Superintendent in SAU21 a short time ago. This is what parents want for their children–a quality academic education.

Parents see that their children are struggling to become literate in the core subjects, and they are demanding better. The Seabrook board is responding by refocusing resources on academics. If the school administrators cannot fulfill their main mission, how do they expect to become experts in treating a child’s mental health?

It’s unfortunate Belanger didn’t rise to the occasion, and show the board proof that he would now be focused on academic excellence to reach the important goal of literacy. Instead he appears to be a disgruntled employee who was ok with the status quo, and was bothered that the board was listening to parents, and expecting better.


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In Biden’s America Murderer’s Face ‘Possibility’ of Deportation

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 12:00 +0000

A Mother’s Day party in Northboro, Mass, turned deadly when some “young men” with firearms shot and killed a 16-year-old. Several others were injured. A follow-up headline in the Boston Herald was particularly telling. It should have read ‘Welcome to Bide’s America.’

“Deportation hangs over suspects after fatal Northboro shooting.”

Wallisom Texeira Da Silva, 20, of Hyde Park; Arnoldo Nogueira Filho, 19, of Marlboro; and Pedro Desouza-Passos, 27, of Rockland, each appeared hidden behind a board in Westboro District Court on Monday.

Da Silva, the only defendant charged with felony possession of a firearm in addition to illegal possession of ammunition, was ordered held pending a dangerousness hearing later in May. Filho and Desouza-Passos, each charged with illegal possession of ammunition, were ordered held on $45,000 and $25,000 cash bail respectively.

Desouza-Passos has a criminal record with multiple defaults in court but no convictions, attorneys said Monday. Da Silva and Filho both had ICE detainers lodged against them, and all three used a Portuguese translator in court.

A few observations.

If they can be deported, then they are not of “Hyde Park,” “Marlboro,” or “Rockland.” They are here illegally. Massachusetts gave them sanctuary in violation of Federal Immigration law. They illegally obtained firearms in a Blue State with all sorts of ‘Common Sense Gun laws.’ At least one of them has a criminal record and has been arrested and released more than once). A 16-year-old is dead. They might be deported … for illegal possession of firearms.

And this one is going to hurt. Massachusetts residents voted for this. You embraced the Democrat Party line, its candidates, Joe Biden, and everything that comes with it. The crowded rec centers, hotels, and other facilities (I heard they are looking to put “migrants” up in school buildings). You voted for this, and if you say you didn’t know, why didn’t you? We did, and last time I checked, we’re not supposed to be smarter than the progressives.

Da Silva, Filho and Desouza-Passos were found in a vehicle several hours after the shots just before 3 a.m., according to their criminal complaints.

The car was being driven by a young woman, who had the party hosted in honor of her 21st birthday, and all three defendants were in the back seat, police said. With them, they allegedly had two purses with one partially empty 9mm 30-round magazines and two loose 9mm bullets. Da Silva’s passport was found in one bag, police said, and he claimed ownership of the bag, which held one of the 9 mm bullets.

When a 9mm firearm was later found in the grass near the house, Da Silva also claimed ownership of the gun, police said.

Neither Filho nor Desouza-Passos claimed ownership of any of the bags, ammunition or the single firearm, the report states.

There is so much wrong here, but what exactly are we to do or say? A 17-year-old got shot, and a 16-year-old is dead. Were they here illegally as well? How many individuals were illegals at this house party, at which there may have been more than 100 people?

Drugs, cartels, trafficking, illegal possession of firearms, criminal records, rap sheets, and maybe someone gets deported, which looks a lot like letting them go so they can return.

In Biden’s America, they can’t stop them. Both borders are overwhelmed, but Democrats shouldn’t let that affect how they vote. It never has in the past.

This appears to be the America they want to live in.


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Ashley Biden Confirms Diary Is Hers … And That Joe Biden Is A PEDOPHILE

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 10:00 +0000

Remember the Ashley Biden diary … in which she wrote about being sexualized and having to take inappropriate showers with her daddy, JOE BIDEN? Well Ashley has confirmed that the diary is hers … which means that anyone supporting Biden is supporting a pedophile. Yes, the President of the United States (albeit an imposter/figurehead who “won” a very rigged election) is a PEDOPHILE.

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Thank You for Riding Herd on SAU16

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 02:00 +0000

Ms. Banfield, fellow Grokster, thank you for riding herd on SAU16 and keeping us up-to-date on its numerous outrages, from Sharpie-gate to making athletic participation contingent on following Woke orthodoxy in private communication.

Regarding towns leaving SAU16: When Secretary Edelblut spoke in Brentwood last fall, our tireless pro-taxpayer activist Liz Faria asked him about Brentwood leaving SAU16.

We want to thank Spike for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

The unfortunate bottom line is that Brentwood can do whatever it likes, but there is no way for us to recover the capital we have invested over the years in various SAU16 programs. “You can check out anytime you want,” but your money will never leave.

Further frustrating this is that dozens of new Brentwooders who have borrowed half a million to live in MacMansions here participate in Town Meeting for the sole purpose of proving that they will do what it takes to Fit In.


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The Leftists Calling Us Fascists Doth Protest Too Much

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-15 00:00 +0000

When Ed wrote this (Yes, “They Are The Fascists” … But It Has Little To Do With Censorship), my first thought was that he would be referring to what I wrote here (They Are The Fascists).

The latter was about systematized government suppression of speech and the Fascist relationships between the government and Big Tech that facilitate it. Ed’s piece wasn’t about that at all. He shares some important facts, like how Fascism is just another type of socialism and how much Fascism looks like the current Democratic party agenda—that thing they sometimes refer to as Democratic Socialism.

Not anything most of us don’t know, but a refresher is often necessary, especially when you bring receipts. Not every reader will rasp the details or have read connections that add meat to the bones of the conversation.

Totalitarianism By Another Name

They are the same socialist whore in different dresses, which is timely because it all looks like what filmmaker Richard Jeffs describes as Stakeholder Communism. A top-down command-and-control economy that does business as a government because you need a police state to keep everyone in line. Something Klaus Schwab and the Davos globalists are working to develop across the globe. They call it many things, including a Great Reset, but what it is, is   Stakeholder Communism or just communism.

The government (local or global) controls the means of production without owning it. Oligarchs, who serve at the pleasure of The State, manage ‘industries,” projects, or sectors, and wealth is not prohibited among these proxies unless or until they find themselves out of favor. In Frank Herbert’s Dune, if you are useless, they kill you and take your water. Under the Chinese model, they kill you and take your organs. There is no freedom, no free speech, and mobility, and individual activity is monitored or controlled by the state to ensure everyone serves the state.

The political class includes the economic class, and everyone else serves their needs.

Schwab et al. are after a parallel system that is effectively global fascism, and the Chinese, if they don’t like it, will call it that. If you recall (or if you missed it), last Summer, I shared some reading I’d done explaining how, until Mao, Fascism was seen correctly and proudly as a kissing cousin of Communism.

During Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Chinese Communists and their water carriers in the West adopted the idea that everything to the Right of Mao was fascism, including Soviet Communism. Who knew there was something further Left until Mao?

Self-proclaimed Western Intellectuals were smitten with the Marxism of the early 20th century, Mussolini’s Fascism, and Maoist doctrine after it adopted the idea. Failure, poverty, and pogroms were just necessary “ingredients” then as they are now. But it was at this point (more or less) that all capitalism became Fascism. If it was not Mao, it was Fascism, and while future generations of Marxist thinkers in China may have moved past that internal designation (at least openly), American socialists doing business as the Democratic Party can still be heard shouting it from every rooftop.

If it is not what theirs is, it is Fascism.

As is often the case, they are not admonishing the system but projecting their erstwhile desire for it to be the manner in which Americans and the West conduct themselves.

Stakeholder Communism is Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics, which is simply a different version of National Socialism. Control of the memes of production without having to own all of it, but the owners exist only at the pleasure of the State or those who answer to it. Everything else is an affectation. A feudal arrangement, none of which has ever been anywhere near the individual small government liberty side of any political spectrum.

American Democrats calling us Fascists doth protest too much.


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Mullahs and Their Mercenaries Are Terrorizing Iran

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-14 22:00 +0000

The world’s most notorious state exponent of anti-Semitism, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is on a path to uproot not only all that is perceived as civilized but to annihilate the greatest threat to its existence, the Iranian people. The mullahs and their mercenaries are wasting precious human lives in order to maintain their power by terrorizing.

The Iranian people are simply hopeless and helpless. Even the United Nations does not come to their rescue. From its past performance, rather than its absence of performance, we know that the UN watchdog is a true disgrace to dogs since all it does is eat, sleep, and look the other way. Furthermore, the dog has no teeth. The vet had to pull all its teeth before the dog became acceptable to the crafty cats that constitute the UN itself.

The Islamic Republic is a unique creature – it is best described as a theocratic aristocracy. The “divinely ordained” rulers maintained themselves in power through an elaborate system of patronage. Lucrative positions, contracts and valued privileges are distributed in this way. The result is that the ruling mullahs enjoy a significant number of supporters in all strata of society – the civil service, the military, the powerful Revolutionary Guards, and the hooligans and thugs who are ready to unleash their vicious attacks on anyone or any group that dares to challenge the in-charge men of Allah.

The illegitimate government of the Islamic Republic is a quisling entity that has betrayed its people, its tradition, and its glorious pre-Islamic achievements and is incessantly working against Iran’s national interest. Iran, under the stranglehold and machinations of the mullahs, has been transformed, in less than three decades, into the lead perpetrator of all that is abhorrent to humanity.

The supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei, like his predecessor, Ayatollah Khomeini, whose callous disregard for human life was matched only by his consuming paranoia, allegedly has issued a decree to hang Iranian dissidents publicly in all the towns and villages with a population that exceeds 1,000 people. For Ayatollah Khamenei, dissident viewpoints represent an unacceptable threat. Anyone found questioning the Shari’a law – and many hundreds of thousands were – had to be “weeded out.” The Islamic Republic is on a mission to end human life in Iran.The Islamic Republic has the dubious distinction of executing more children, those under the age of 18, than any other country in the world. Such is the plight of the Iranian people.

Iran’s ruling mullahs are clustered around major factions such as the fundamentalists, the moderates, and the so-called reformists. Yet, the differences among these factions are tactical rather than strategic. One and all share the same overarching goal of defeating the “Crusader-Zionists” by any and all methods possible, bringing about the “end of the world” Armageddon, and thereby creating the requisite conditions for the appearance of the Hidden Imam, the Mahdi, to assume his rule of the world.

“What is the likelihood that the ruling mullahs will actually use the bomb?” you may ask. “If they remain in power long enough to have it, they are very likely to use it, in one form or another,” you are told. At the very least, they will use the bomb for blackmail and intimidation in the region. You may ask how you can help prevent this catastrophe. “Support the Iranian peoples’ struggle for freedom by at least petitioning,” you are told.

In order to achieve total control, the Islamic Republic and its lackeys spawned a series of immense internal purges, beginning in 1988 and known as the “Massacre of Political Prisoners of 1988.” They have intensified their domestic terror in recent months and weeks.

A society that is intense in its struggle for change has a flip side to its idealism: intolerance. This totalitarian regime sees enemies everywhere, enemies who want to destroy the Islamic Revolution and diminish the results of its hard work of creating an Islamic utopia in the land of Cyrus the Great.

The regime seems to be panicking with hyper-suspiciousness. They have installed watchdogs in schools, universities, factories, and all offices across the country and are urged to be vigilant against sabotage, against those who crave freedom and democracy. Many innocent Iranians are being victimized, and the saying has gone around that “when you chop wood, the chips fly.” As with Khamenei, it is believed that some who are innocent will have to be victimized if all of the guilty are to be apprehended.

In fact, they stigmatize, victimize, and murder people without any due process of law. On the slightest suspicion, they arrest, convict, and execute. Few people would deny any longer that Islam and its variants mean, in practice, bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal actions, forced hijab, fatal deportations, extrajudicial executions, show trials, and genocide. It is killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the greatest threats to the stability of the civilized world and humanity at large. It continues to impose this horrendous ideology called Islam on the Iranian population. The world must file legal charges against the leaders of the Islamic Republic for their wanton violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for their crimes against humanity and genocidal actions against religion. 

The regime seems to be panicking.

and political groups; for support of international terrorism; for demolition of religious sites and cemeteries; for rape, torture, and summary executions of prisoners of conscience; forgery of documents; for acts of blackmail and fraud; and much more.

To those misguided advocates of negotiation with the mullahs, beware. The mullahs are on an Allah-mandated mission. They are intoxicated with petrodollars and aim to settle for nothing less than complete domination of the world under the Islamic Ummah. It is precisely for this reason that they consider America and the West as Ofooli, a setting, dying system, while they believe their Islamism is Tolooi, a rising, living order. They are in no mood to negotiate for anything less than the total surrender of democracy, the very anathema to Islamism. This is only one reason, but perhaps one of the greatest reasons, for fostering democracy.

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“Scientists” Testing One-Jab-To-Kill-Them-All ‘Vaccine’ to Fight Multiple “Coronaviruses”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-05-14 20:00 +0000

If the global goal of the globalists was to use COVID to kill people and make them vaccine-hesitant, it did both of those things. But pharmaceutical executives and their investors don’t stay rich on government laundromat money alone. They need to keep innovating, so this strikes me as a step in the wrong direction.

And by step, I mean if the goal is to protect people and keep them alive, so you can keep charging them for things you claim will keep them alive. You need people to do that, and more people equates to more potential profit.

The goals of the depopulationists and these fascist-corporatist capitalists appear at odds. My guess is someone has the math worked out on the back of a cocktail napkin. The perfect number of the right sort of people to keep in their controlled environments ensures they can continue to live well at the expense of others.

And they will be burning fossil fuels. You can’t make and maintain 15-minute cities without them.

That Perpetual Vaccination Intervention

The opening paragraph begins with, “Scientists have created a vaccine that has the potential to protect against a broad range of coronaviruses, including varieties that are not yet even known about.” Before 2020, this would have aroused curiosity and a healthy amount of skepticism. We’d like to see the research, please, and let’s hope it is as promising as people looking for more free money to do more research claim it to be.

The experimental shot, which has been tested in mice, marks a change in strategy towards “proactive vaccinology,” where vaccines are designed and readied for manufacture before a potentially pandemic virus emerges. The vaccine is made by attaching harmless proteins from different coronaviruses to minuscule nanoparticles that are then injected to prime the body’s defences to fight the viruses should they ever invade.

Because the vaccine trains the immune system to target proteins that are shared across many different types of coronavirus, the protection it induces is extremely broad, making it effective against known and unknown viruses in the same family.

The magic, not ever again in your life words, are harmless, proteins, and nanoparticles. Nowhere are the letters m, R, N, or A in proximity, but that platform is the one with which we are familiar when the subject of harmless proteins and nanoparticles rears its uncontrollable side-effect-rearing head. Would those be “spike” proteins? They never say.

Has The Guardian banned the use of the term “spike protein”? A casual search did not produce any results in 2024 that included the two words together in that order.

If that is not enough to scare you away, perhaps this will do the trick.

Prof Mark Howarth, a senior author of the study, said: “Scientists did a great job in quickly producing an extremely effective Covid vaccine during the last pandemic, but the world still had a massive crisis with a huge number of deaths. We need to work out how we can do even better than that in the future, and a powerful component of that is starting to build the vaccines in advance.”

The senior author thinks the jab was extremely effective, which brings me back to my opening. Effective at doing what?


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