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Essay vs. Research Paper: Similarities and Differences

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 03:45 +0000

Students are often tasked with writing assignments, as this is an important skill to develop. Some of the most common assignments are essays and research papers. Suppose you have experience with one and not the other. In that case, you might want to read this article as we explore the basic similarities and differences between an essay and a research paper.


Essay vs. Research Paper: 3 Similarities and Differences

Before we can begin to analyze the similarities and differences between an essay and a research paper, we must define what they mean.

An essay is a short piece of writing that is usually used to test students’ writing skills and an ability to explore certain topics and draw conclusions. It involves writing from a certain view on a topic, so an essay on a particular topic might differ heavily in content depending on the writer.

A research paper is usually longer, and it involves a lot of information gathering, experiments, and deep analysis. While the writer’s talent is important, ultimately, the result of a research paper would be based on the research results and not the writer’s creativity.

Similarities 1. Need for critical thinking

While research papers tend to involve a lot more critical thinking, essays are by no means left out. You need to present your argument straightforwardly, whether writing an essay or a research paper. This requires a bit of critical thinking, as you need to draw links between the arguments and conclusions you mention in your writing.

2. A single theme or topic

Whether you’re writing an essay on medieval tools or a research paper on alternative energy sources, you need to have a specific theme and stick to it. Attempting to cover more than one topic will almost certainly lead to confusion on the reader’s end. However, many students tend to stray from the main topic and have trouble keeping to a single point in their essays. Such students often reach out to GrabMyEssay or another academic writing service to get an essay sample or order a custom research paper. Hired academic help is an excellent option because the essay you receive will be straight to the point.

3. Writing structure is maintained

While an essay and research paper might differ in content, a writing structure remains. This is important to guide readers as they progress. For example, conclusions might be drawn before supporting evidence. A piece of writing without a structure would be poorly graded.

Differences 1. Final length

An essay can vary between 1 and 3 pages with multiple paragraphs. This will depend on the topic you’re writing on, but most importantly, on the teacher’s requirements. On the other hand, research papers take about 15 pages. A research paper must include its information sources, an outcome of conducted experiments, and much more.

2. The time it takes to complete

Depending on the essay topic you’re assigned, you might need to do a bit of Googling before you can write a proper essay. A research paper requires gathering information, too, but generally takes a lot longer to finish. A research paper will require you to conduct studies, experiments, surveys, etc. Analyzing the information you’re getting from these different sources can be challenging. Hence, research papers are much more time-consuming.

3. Level of formality

Essays usually give writers greater freedom when choosing words, grammar, and writing style. An essay typically reflects the author’s viewpoint. A research paper requires the final work to be based on evidence rather than views. Writing is relatively strict.

Grab a Pen and Dig In!

Writing is a skill that can take a while to master. However, enough practice should help you learn fast. Whether you’re writing an essay or a research paper, you need to make sure you understand the requirements of the tasks before writing. This will save you time and help improve the final quality of your writing.



Author’s Bio

Joanne Elliot is a freelance writer and English tutor. She enjoys working with students and professionals on their writing assignments. Joanne understands what it means to be a good writer, so she regularly shares helpful articles on the subject.

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What Is Education’s Role in America Today?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 02:00 +0000

I want to say that I am a strong advocate for our public school system in the order of the excellent education I received 56 years ago. We need to reinstate educational excellence in our institution of public education. This is what I want. This is what parents want and this is what Commissioner Edelblut wants in my conversations with him.

I am concerned that democracy is threatened. But the threat comes from the institution of public education itself and not the Commissioner. Horace Mann, the founder of the American public school system, is quoted as saying that “public education is the cornerstone of our community and our democracy”. This is the educational philosophy that Edelblut wants to restore to public education.

Unfortunately, the institution of public education expelled Mann’s philosophy many years ago and replaced it with the educational philosophy of Dr. John Dewey. Dewey’s philosophy is to destroy the value of our individual Rights and our free-enterprise system and replace it with a collectivist economy like that of Soviet Russia.

We want to thank Joseph Mendola for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Dewey visited Stalin’s Soviet Russia and was amazed that children could be indoctrinated with a collectivist economic system and built a case for destroying the free-enterprise system that made America the greatest economic system in the world by lifting more people out of poverty than any other system.

After returning from Stalinist Russia, Dewey wrote a series of articles in the New Republic magazine, Impressions of Soviet Russia, that explained all he witnessed in the Russian school system. That philosophy was then taught in American Teachers Colleges that the rights of groups should prevail over individual Rights; it still is taught to our future students today. Need any more be said about how public education today is the threat to our democracy and not Commission Edelblut.

Some educators take issue with the NH law that prohibits “divisive concepts” from being taught in the classroom. President Biden ran on the platform to unify our nation not divide it more. The word “divisive” is defined as language that divides us, not unites us. We need to teach our children what unites us as a people and that which divides us. Even Vice-President Harris, in her remarks at the installation ceremony of Justice Jackson to the Supreme Court, quoted the Preamble to the Constitution which says” we the are achieving a more perfect union.” This is unifying language.

Some educators say that we should be teaching that we are a systemically racist country. You do not elect an African-American President of the United States twice and appoint an African- American woman to the US Supreme Court if we are a systemically racist nation. These are the accomplishments we need to teach our children not that we are systemically racists.

Commissioner Edelblut home-schooled his children because he wanted to give them an excellent academic education. He had the financial resources to have that choice. The Commissioner wanted to have parents who do not have such resources to be able to home-school their children if they thought their children would get a better education in another school. That is why he promoted the Education Freedom Accounts so parents of lesser means could have a choice in how their children are educated.

The institution of public education is a monopoly. As it is with most monopolies, they eventually deliver a mediocre product or service at an ever-increasing cost to the customer. The customers of our public schools are parents and taxpayers. This is what we have in New Hampshire. We graduate students across the state on average with barely a 50% proficiency in grade-level reading and math skills. We cannot keep doing this and expect our graduates to achieve success in this highly technical society we live in.

The only way to get a monopoly to deliver at its highest level is to create competition to that monopoly. And that is what “school choice” is designed to do. Competition will require public education to return to its position of delivering an excellent academic education that I received 56 years ago. This is what Commissioner Edelblut wants for our students: excellence in academic education.

Since the concept of family values means different values to different families, educators need to stick to the teaching of academics and stay out of our living rooms where parents will teach their children their family values.

We cannot afford to abandon the values that our nation created. These values are equal access to education that can be found in the Education Freedom Accounts for parents and that, as an imperfect people, we are still striving to be a society that believes we are all created equal and that each day we are striving to create a more perfect union.

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Breaking: Former Republican House Leader Says Sununu Must Be Removed!

The Liberty Block - Wed, 2022-05-25 01:06 +0000

On May 20th, a very popular Republican legislator publicly called out the Dictator on Facebook. In the scathing post, Baldasaro tagged Chris Sununu’s public and personal profiles (they are Facebook friends). 

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Disinformation Is the Information They Won’t Give You

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 00:00 +0000
More and more people here in the Granite State and across this wide land, realize that the weakest link in the whole Democrat anchor chain is Maggie “the Magster” Hassan (D-Phillips Exeter Academy). Nothing underscores this sad tale of woe more than when the Democrat leadership, sans the input from the rapidly failing Uncle Joe Biden, the same Tio Pepe Biden the tsunami of illegal immigrants have on their lips while their newly issued t-shirts proclaim him.

Nope, the Democrat honchos decided to let the whole rotten edifice of the “Disinformation Board” come crashing down in a heap of rubble rather than allowing Frau Jankowicz to testify or to expose Sen. Hassan with a vote or comments, her actual job in DC, as I read it, on this distinct bit of ‘1984’ insanity.

We want to thank John Burtis for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
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“Democratic leaders were reluctant to have Jankowicz face Republican questioning, however, prompting them to nix the hearing,” the Washington Free Beacon reported. “They yanked it when the entire ‘disinformation board’ blew up,” one senior aide told the Free Beacon. “They realized there’s no way they could reschedule without Nina Jankowicz being called to testify.” “We have at least one Democrat who has a tough reelection coming up this cycle,” the aide said, referring to New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan. “It’s pretty insane.” Hassan and her staffers, both in her official U.S. Senate office and on her hiccuping political campaign, have declined to respond to repeated requests for comment about the disinformation board, Hassan’s support for it, or the report that she’s being protected from this major blunder by the Biden administration. I mean, why would Maggie Hassan and her staff, even with their fears keeping her DC office closed due to the terror of upcoming insurrections or that dreaded killer, Covid-19, not ask or answer a few questions?  Is it because of the simple fact that when the Magster’s on the spot she natters nonsense and votes against the wishes of a rapidly growing number of Granite Stater’s? “Democratic leaders were too frightened of the potential fallout to have Frau Jankowicz face Republican questioning, however, which led them to nix the hearing,” the Washington Free Beacon reported. Hassan and her staffers, both in her official U.S. Senate office and on her political campaign, have declined to respond to repeated requests for comment about the disinformation board, Hassan’s support for it, or the report that she’s being protected from this major blunder by the Biden administration.  The latter outfit desperately needs any kind of a live elected body for future votes. After all, the Magster once firmly decried: “We make progress only when people are willing to speak about what their lives are like and what they care about. We make it possible for others to understand our perspective.”  But the ability to understand Maggie’s perspective seems to apply to everyone except its author in the above case of demonic disinformation. Frau Hassan has also stated that: “Our democracy flourishes when people stand up for themselves and engage in the political process.”  All except Maggie, it seems, especially when the chips are down and we are approaching her November denouement.  Yet the Democrat leadership is utterly fearful that Maggie might actually stand up for herself and…and speak.  No, they just don’t dare have Senator Maggie “the Magster” Hassan (D-NH) actually express herself and cast a telling vote on a far left political outfit plucked right out of a dystopian novel . As Emily Dickinson said – “Saying nothing sometimes says the most.”  Et tu, Maggie? Yup, when currently viewing Frau Jankowicz, whose past has been prologue to her public fall, and poor Maggie Hassan, whose silence in the face of adversity is so telling, we can recognize one key and nevertheless salient issue – disinformation is the information they won’t give you.

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Joint Recommendations Gold Standard – May 26, 2022

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Tue, 2022-05-24 22:56 +0000

(white) goldstandard-05-26-22-J.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-05-26-22-J-y.pdf

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Groomers and Governor Sununu VERSUS Parents

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 22:00 +0000

Why is the Parental Rights Bill (HB1431) needed? It is needed because we have examples of groomers who are GROOMING and SEXUALIZING children IN our public schools. They are telling children to HIDE this from their parents.

The 603 Alliance also put out this fact sheet:

Here are the facts:

  1. HB1431 does not require the “outing” of kids questioning their sexuality or gender identity.
  2. It does not “target” gay and transgender kids for discrimination or disparate treatment.
  3. If a child wants to confide in a staff member at school that they are questioning their gender or sexuality, that is completely permissible under the bill.
  4. However, if a child needs counseling, requests a change to their official record or requires “action by school authorities pursuant to school policies” then parents will be notified.
  5. The bill also gives parents rights to information, transparency and other protections that are fundamental to the very difficult job of parenting and educating their kids.
  6. For those tragic circumstances where parents constitute a risk to their children, we have existing laws and institutions to address those risks.

Listen to this parent describe what happened to her daughter in her local public school. Parents are now considered evil until proven innocent.


We currently have a parent in Manchester NH suing that school district from hiding information from her. Let’s not also forget Kristie Torbick, school counselor, who groomed and then sexually abused a student in Exeter.

So who will Governor Sununu stand with? Groomers or parents?

Governor Sununu has already said he’s going to VETO HB1431 because it included a provision that would require school personnel to divulge information under certain circumstances. Here is the language he just can’t seem to accept:

“The right [of parents] to be notified promptly when any school board, school district, school administrative unit, school administrator, or other school employee initiates, investigates, or finds the need for any action by school authorities relating to the student pursuant to school policies governing student conduct, truancy, dress code violations, sexual harassment, bullying, hazing, behavior management and intervention, substance use, suicide prevention, gender expression or identity, disability accommodation, and special meal prescription.”

Here is the final version agreed to by the Senate and House.

The opponents say that they don’t want school officials to “out” children to their parents if they are experiencing gender confusion. That puts the State between parent and child. But who is better to help their child wade through these feelings than parents?

They argue that some parents may not be “supportive.” That may be the case. But unsupportive parents do not give up their fundamental rights when their child walks through the door of a school. Those parents might not be supportive of many of their child’s decisions in life, but should a public school then stand between a parent and child? Shouldn’t that be reserved for abusive and neglectful parents, through a court system? Since when is it ok for the State to come between a parent and child?

As we learn from the parent in the video, she exposes an agenda in public schools to groom and sexualize children in school. If this was such a good thing for children, why is there a need to hide it from the public?

Some of this deals with psychological issues, and counseling a child. Shouldn’t that be handled by educated professionals? Someone who has clinical training, holds a PhD in Child Psychology, and follows a strict code of ethics?

Instead you have political activists who are pushing children into a lifestyle that they may not even want for themselves. In cases I’ve been involved in, some of the children have been sexually abused or felt pressured by their peers or even people working in the school district.

Should children who experience gender dysphoria or same sex attraction be nurtured and cared for? Of course. But this notion that the State should come between a child and parent under these circumstances is wrong and dangerous.

In the video, the parent also reveals how the district wants to keep suicide attempts hidden from parents. At what point will everyone realize how dangerous these groomers are to children? When they are dead?

Call Governor Sununu and tell him to support HB1431, the Parental Bill of Rights in New Hampshire. There is no good reason for the State to come between a parent and child unless due process is involved and a judge orders it. 603-271-2121

The sexualization and grooming of children needs to stop:

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NH-NeverTrump Makes The Case For NOT Supporting Governor Groomer

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 20:00 +0000

It is unarguable, at this point, that if you still support Governor Groomer … a/k/a Sun-King Sununu … you are neither a conservative nor even a Republican. You are a corporatist, a cultist, benefitting from the Sun-King’s grift, BUT you are NOT a conservative or a Republican.

But some good news: NH-NeverTrumpJournal has made the case … unintentionally I am sure … why the “lesser of two evils” rationale for voting for Governor Groomer does not apply in this year’s gubernatorial race:


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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Parental Rights Bill HB1431

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 18:00 +0000

The NH legislature is currently considering HB1431, the Parental Bill of Rights. The final bill will be voted up or down by the House and Senate this Thursday, May 26th. We need all hands on deck to make sure that this legislation makes it to the governor’s desk. Although Governor Sununu has threatened to veto the bill, we believe he may reconsider his position if he hears from enough New Hampshire voters.

Organizations like GLAAD, ACLU-NH, Granite State Progress, the AFL-CIO, and others insist that HB1431 is dangerous because it “would give parents the final word on their child’s health, education, and welfare.”  Yes it would, and that’s exactly how it should be.  Here are the facts:

  1. HB1431 does not require the “outing” of kids questioning their sexuality or gender identity.
  2. It does not “target” gay and transgender kids for discrimination or disparate treatment.
  3. If a child wants to confide in a staff member at school that they are questioning their gender or sexuality, that is completely permissible under the bill.
  4. However, if a child needs counseling, requests a change to their official record or requires “action by school authorities pursuant to school policies” then parents will be notified.
  5. The bill also gives parents rights to information, transparency and other protections that are fundamental to the very difficult job of parenting and educating their kids.
  6. For those tragic circumstances where parents constitute a risk to their children, we have existing laws and institutions to address those risks.


Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases for consideration
to Submission is not a guarantee of publication.


Here’s what you can do to help:

#1: Contact your State Representatives and urge them to vote for HB1431 this Thursday

#2: Contact your State Senator and urge them to vote for HB1431

#3: Thank NH House Majority Leader Jason Osborne and Speaker Sherm Packard for ensuring HB1431 passed with agreeable language through the Committee of Conference (Speaker:, Majority Leader:

#4: Co-sign the Letter to the Legislature and Governor Sununu in support of HB1431. Tell them there should be no more secrets between parents and their children.

#5: Support the Billboard Campaign. Our friends over at RebuildNH are investing in digital billboard advertising to help increase awareness and promote the passage of this bill.  Please consider making a donation to help fund that effort.


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List of Colleges that Accept Late Applications for 2022

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 17:00 +0000

As we are near the middle portion of 2022, many colleges have begun considering applications. At times, there might be some challenges that limit students’ abilities to apply on time, and colleges, with this in mind, often extend their deadlines to accept late applications. In this article, we’ll be going over four colleges you might want to consider applying to in late 2022.


1.    McGill University

If you’re an international student looking for good study abroad programs in Canada, McGill University is a great choice. It’s a public university that is located in Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 1821 and is one of the best universities in the world, according to data from QS World University Rankings. Tuition costs are relatively low, especially if you’re a Canadian citizen. On average, living expenses in Quebec are about CA$17,000 a year. Application fees vary between CA$50 to CA$120. The late application deadline for 2022 is January 15th.

2.    University of Wyoming

This public university was established in 1886 and has remained one of the best destinations for students looking for quality education. This University is located in Wyoming, United States. The average cost of living there is $15,000. This university has an acceptance rate of 96%, which is rather high compared to most schools. The application fee is $50, and the deadline is August 10th.

3.    Swansea University

This public university is located in Swansea, Wales, and is home to some of the most advanced research projects. It was founded in 1920 and is one of the oldest colleges today. The average cost of living in Swansea is £1,400, making it quite expensive for most students, especially for students from low-income countries. Tuition isn’t very cheap either – you can expect to pay about £18,000 on average. The application fee is £20, and the deadline for late applications is June 30th.

4.    Indiana University

This public university is located in Indiana, United States. It was founded in 1820 and, since then, has continued to offer students a high-quality education at moderate tuition costs. This college has a 77% acceptance rate for their bachelor’s degrees, so you might want to use I Hate Writing to find the best writing service to handle your college application. With hired expert help, you will get a stellar application essay that will make getting into a college you want so much easier. The application fee at Indiana University is about $80, with the late application deadline being August 6th.


While many colleges accept late applications, you might still want to consider applying early. Some institutions accept students on a rolling basis, which means that if you apply late, you might find that there aren’t that many spaces left. This can limit your chances, so it’s always good to apply early. Make sure to prepare your documents on time, and your college application process will be smooth and hassle-free.


Author’s Bio

Joanne Elliot is a freelance writer focusing on writing content for students. She enjoys what she does as it allows her to share helpful advice regarding college. In her spare time, Joanne loves going to the gym.

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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 16:00 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.

Now, let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***








Lots of good ones, but my pick for best of the lot is this one.  This – as a part of Obamagate – makes Watergate look like a minor misdemeanor.  I call this high treason.


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HB1431 and the Logic of Parental Notification

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 14:00 +0000

There are many discussions happening right now regarding HB1431, the Parent’s Bill of Rights. Those who oppose it appear to be focused on one aspect alone: how they believe this bill would endanger students struggling with gender identity. Those who share this viewpoint do so despite the actual language in the bill, which only requires schools to provide notification to parents if the school finds the need for any action involving their child.

To those who believe that parents, and not school personnel, are the rightful, legal caregivers of a student, the language in HB1431 seems fair and reasonable. For those who believe that children must be protected from their parents, and school is the safest place to do that, then this bill is viewed far differently.

So how do we reconcile these polar opposite perspectives? We could test the limits of the parental notification argument by using a different scenario because that is really where we can gauge the strength of a reasoned assumption. Hypothetically, what would people think if we were talking about Christianity and not gender issues?

We want to thank NH State Rep Sue Homola for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

What if a deeply religious teacher felt compelled to provide students with a safe place to discuss their emerging Christianity because he/she felt that the suppression of a student’s innate moral beliefs was leading to increased depression? What if this kind teacher provided this outreach service after school, and invited students who he/she felt were personally struggling and who needed to hear the word of God? What if the kind teacher decided to call this after-school activity the “Art Club” so it would not attract any unwanted attention, and he/she could discreetly invite and encourage students to participate? What if this kind teacher then used this opportunity to expose the students to Christianity, and made sure that each God-curious student knew that the teacher would guide them through any questions they had? And what if this kind teacher encouraged the “Art Club” students to keep the conversations they had on Christianity a secret, because there was a concern that some of the students’ atheist parents would strongly object to their student’s newfound faith?

How would those who oppose HB1431 feel about parental notification then?

Very different, I surmise.

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How To Keep Mindfulness During Online Education

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 13:00 +0000

Online education has already become the same full-fledged format as offline. However, with the various possibilities of virtual learning, the requirements for the quality of online education have grown. After all, today online is not so much entertainment as the most effective way to receive and exchange information. For education, access to virtual resources is often a lifeline when the right materials or competencies are lacking. However, online concentration is lower than in reality, and the lack of live interaction complicates the perception of content. So let’s improve our focus on online learning using the tips in our article.

Concentration During Online Education

The format of online education has become familiar to us. All this time, teachers have been trying to determine what works in online education and what doesn’t. And now they can teach more effectively and support students during their studies. When we have hundreds of different educational platforms on the Internet with charismatic lecturers from around the world each speaker still needs to fight for the student’s attention. Let’s learn the main rules of how to keep attention during online education.

  • Create a space for learning. Set aside a place where you can teach lessons, read and be creative. If there is not enough space in the house, it can be just a desk, you need to equip it yourself. Arranging the workplace will help to better prepare and not lose attention while studying.
  • Set an agenda. The schedule should always be in front of your eyes, you can use the organizer or application on the phone. You need to follow the schedule: get up on time, get dressed, brush your teeth, etc.
  • It is important to take breaks during learning. This is especially important if there are problems with learning and concentration. Therefore, be sure to break the learning tasks into smaller parts and take breaks.
  • Support and encouragement are important for learning. It is important to monitor the performance of tasks, performing them should please yourself with something good, as if to give yourself a prize.
  • Control emotions. Body and mind are interconnected. If you experience frustration, emotional arousal, or sadness, this may be reflected in your physical condition. Understanding this helps you recognize and manage your emotions.
  • If you have other electronic gadgets in the house, except those used for education – if possible, keep them away from where you are. Turn off the phones or keep them in another room, hide the remote control from the TV. This way you will not be tempted to be distracted from your activities.

The inner desire to learn needs to be developed. Here the secret of success lies in the methods of retaining attention and the benefits of training. When you see the result of certain actions, it becomes more interesting to do something. In productive online learning, the teacher sets the direction and motivates students.

Immersion In The Learning Process

In online education, it is important to show the real benefits that everyone will receive in the case of maximum immersion in the learning process. Content, feedback, format, and submission of materials – everything should work effectively for the benefit of the student and bring visible results during online education. Particular attention should be paid to concentration and personal motivation during online education.




If you want to know the latest news about online learning and improve your results, Joanne will definitely help you. After analyzing the best texts and information on this issue, by using ProEssaysService the whole article turned out to be meaningful and useful. Respect for yourself, your workplace, the people you study with, and your teachers is the basis for building your online learning. And in general, it is necessary to study all life to be successful.


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Gracie Gato -Shilling for Bucks for her “Documentary”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 12:00 +0000

It’s been a long time since we talked about Gracie Gato (yes, we’ve written about her a lot) the Latina with a chip on her shoulder that kept on growing once she moved from California to New Hampshire.

She was/is a flaming Progressive Democrat that came out blazing against Republicans when she decided to make a splash. As it turned out, she actually united both Republicans and Democrats into the state of being that nobody could stand her and her perpetual outrage as she always made herself a Latina Leftist victim in everything she attempted.


Except for us – she provided much blog fodder and all we had to do was quote her tweets, Facebook, and her former blog, GraniteStateBuzz, which has gone dark. A bit more on that in a minute.

She even proclaimed, a la Krushchev, that her blog would bury us, GraniteGrok, in short order. And the more she talked, the more we followed her (and alert readers letting us know when she pulled a Jan Schmidt or Deb Stevens saying/claiming something rather inane.  Then she accused us of obsessing over her (rather than her utterances which really was the star for us) – rather narcissistic of her, IMHO. Her problem was really this:

Hard working, blue collar area. I thought since we are living the life, why not help this depressed little town attract big boy corporations that will force them into re-vocational training? Also – they would be exposed to other cultures. This could curb some ignorance about race in general.

So, one day, she PROUDLY announced that her first year here was only a dodge as her real reason was to create a documentary about corruption here in NH.  Big Ideas, she boasted. Shaking The Political Core of NH, she feveredly told everyone. She even asked if I wanted to be a part of it…silly question:

Just as you are turning NH into your documentary, you were the perfect example of “not from heah” Progressive for “mine”; someone who had a very condescending attitude towards everyone “not you” here in NH and was easy to spotlight in a place where a lot of people resent that attitude highly.  You just failed to either realize it or learn from it.

You came to NH with a full head of steam all willing to change everyone already here into being “you” and hated it when both Right AND Left (you certainly ticked off a lot of Democrats – bad enough such that I was contacted by them) refused to deal with you. You did it to yourself and then complained when everyone couldn’t take you anymore.  You simply reverted to being the Victim and flayed out at everyone – nothing was ever your fault. People don’t like that here. If you had taken the time to learn that NH is not California, if you had bothered to learn the Culture instead of disparaging it and then setting about to change it, and if you had been patient to learn about others instead of going off half-cocked with the hubris that you knew what was best for everyone, guess what?

You would have never made it onto the pages of GraniteGrok. Because if you had done all that, it would have shown you were respectful of others. But you didn’t – you doubled down.

Humility, by your own words, is not your strong suit.

Doubt that will show up in her documentary. She has a partner in this (a Democrat), says this new company is non-partisan (good luck with THAT claim!), has 10 parts to her documentary (er, 20% is still unplanned). However, an alert reader let me know how well her documentary is going in raising funds on Kickstarter – just about as successful as everything else she did while here for four years:

(click to enlarge)

That was yesterday: 1 backer, putting $1 dollar into the kitty, with 58 days left to raise the $575,000 she needs. Gosh, the time she announced it on GraniteStateBuzz (defunct, but now forwards to the documentary website), it seemed that everything was all stitched up and ready to go.  But $1. Heh!

Look, I’m not looking to make her a laughingstock.  I really am interested to see if she can pull this off – she had a lot of bluster early on but didn’t get much accomplished. I do wonder, given the failed attempt to bury us, if she can really pull this off. It seems that her episodic table of contents is a bit lightweight.

Normally I would say “To Be Continued” but I’m not going to bet the house on it.



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What’s going on between His Honor and Nashua’s Corporation Counsel?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 10:00 +0000

The Mayor announced at the May 16th Budget Review Committee Meeting that a Right to Know (RTK) paralegal position was added to the Administrative Services budget. In December 2020, the legal office hired an RTK Attorney to manage requests.  Attorney Neumann spent eight months in Nashua; his work resulted in four costly lawsuits.

Aldermen John Sullivan asked Attorney Bolton about the paralegal position at Monday evening’s meeting. Attorney Bolton answered that “I know nothing about that”. Did the Mayor create a new legal position without consulting with Attorney Bolton and place the management of this position under Ms. Kleiner? Why place a legal position under Ms. Kleiner who has no legal training?

His Honor blamed citizens filing requests for causing employee departures. He specifically spoke about the recently departed Assessing Chief who only intended to stay for one year. Did citizen requests cause the exit or did the tracking and fulfillment process created by city leadership increase the workload resulting in employee departures? Here is what is known:

[1] Basic records that were readily available are no longer available to shunned citizens seeking information. A few select citizens are forced to submit formal requests that are then processed in writing and tracked on spreadsheets – a more complicated process

[2] Ms. Kleiner forced the Assessing Chief to process basic assessing information requests for a targeted citizen. All other citizen requests were handled by the office clerk.

[3] The Assessing Chief was forced to respond to requests for abatement settlement records because the Board of Assessors was illegally using nonpublic sessions to seal these records. In 2019, before I became active in meetings, these abatement settlements were disclosed publicly during meetings.

This cumbersome process is happening in Ms. Kleiner’s other departments.

Attorney Lehmann represented Nashua citizens regarding RTK violations. He wrote a letter on behalf of a citizen to Attorney Neumann,

It is distinctly unbecoming for a public body such as Nashua to simultaneously attack its citizens for burdening the City by exercising their rights to access public records, and at the same time increasing the burden on itself (and by extension, the taxpayers) by hewing to the strictest reading of the law for no apparent purpose.

Bolton’s RTK Attorney and Kleiner’s RTK paralegal are unnecessary positions that increase costs to taxpayers. Train the city departments using the paid memberships of state agencies and allow employees to do their jobs. Willingly serve citizens by explaining how records exist and expeditiously providing those records. Stop dodging your lawful record duties and singling out citizens for requesting records and silence His Honor’s overstating of the burden.

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Tips On How To Pick The Right College Major

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 08:00 +0000

Contrary to what you will hear elsewhere, there is no absolutely right or totally wrong college major because it will always depend on a plethora of various factors that will help you get employed once you graduate. The most challenging part, however, is your level of satisfaction because if you are not happy with your college studies, you may choose not to use the knowledge you acquired there later in life, thus not taking full advantage of your education. The only solution is to take time and avoid impulse decisions as you explore available options and listen to your heart.


Tips On How To Pick The Right College Major

  • Choose What Truly Inspires You.

While it has been repeated over and over again, your college major must not only push your life and career forward, but also be rewarding and satisfying. It should inspire you, which is why your major can not be someone else’s choice. It is a deeply personal matter, where no outside pressure must take place. You can always try free online courses to learn the basics and see if it fits you. It is also possible to combine several subjects if you already have some experience and would like to change a specialty. Do not hurry and research any fitting possibilities.

  • Explore Available Employment Options.

It is recommended to calculate your future salary and see what future job you may consider. While it is good to know what you may get, it is not always efficient because things are changing fast. As you explore this information, think about what unique skills and qualities you may bring to the field of choice. For example, when majoring in Engineering, don’t forget that it is a choice that lets you work abroad.

  • Show Strong Personality Skills.

The problem these days is that the majority of college students who graduate do not really differ from the rest. The trick is to offer something that makes you stand out. If your college major involves participation in global research projects or includes social work, it will show that you have good social skills. Likewise, if you have a blog that offers relevant content, it will help you showcase your personality. If you are running out of time as you work on all these creative aspects, think about Writing Universe and let the experts assist you as you save some precious time. This way you can achieve the best results everywhere.

  • Research Available College Options.

Take your time to learn about requirements and see what fits your academic or any special merits. As you choose the right college major, the university or a college in question will also make its choice as they look through thousands of admission essays.

  • Academic Schedule VS Community Aspect.

Remember that choosing your major correctly is not only about what you learn, but also about how you feel with all the community factors involved. If you study subjects like nursing, consider learning about leading a stress-free life as a college student by focusing on the community and participating in various interesting projects. Your major must be connected to what you would like to do in life. Research your schedule and see how you can adjust it to make the most of your extra-curriculum activities.

Research Facilities Aspect

If you would like to join a research project or start something of your own, think about available facilities, labs, and publishing opportunities as you make this major choice. These things can be discussed with your academic advisor, yet it will always depend on the college in question. Even though one may assume that every engineer or a nursing student will have access to research resources, it is not always the case. If you are serious about research work, explore your course to see if there are any extra options.



The isn’t a single way to ensure that you pick a college major you won’t regret later on in your life, but there are steps you can take to maximize your chances to zero in on a major that will both benefit your future and give you joy every day. Follow our tips and your choice will become that much clearer!



As a researcher and educator, Joanne explores the most efficient learning solutions. Her posts provide helpful tips and approach education through the lens of a learner. Follow Joanne to learn and make your ideas come true.

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GAC – An Answer Back from My Right to Know about Costs at Gunstock Mountain Resort – Average Cost per Skier

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 02:00 +0000

OK, reporting back on this Right To Know on MY part is late.  Tom Day, President and General Manager of Gunstock Mountain Report, was given my RTK by the Gunstock Area Commission. I did post that up here: Gunstock Area Commission – A Right To Know Demand for a Revealed Government Record

He did reply to it (reformatted) AFTER I told the GAC that they were now out of compliance with the requirement of RSA 91-A that either the information be provided, they need more time, or that the request for the demanded information was being denied (“Well, I’m Still Waiting – And the Gunstock Area Commission Is Now Out of Compliance with RSA 91-A“).

—— Original Message ——
From: “Tom Day” <>
To: “Skip” <>
Sent: 5/15/2022 9:29:48 AM
Subject: Ticket numbers

ETP is Effective ticket price that is a compilation of all ticket prices. Sales per skier visit is revenue per skier visit. This is the one I referenced at the meeting.

This is the data that we operate from.

ETP for FY22:      $63.14

ETP for FY21:      $57.39

Sales per SV for FY22:     $77.60

Sales per SV for FY21:     $64.44

Now, I admit – I WAS LATE IN RESPONDING – that didn’t happen until today Fortunately, there is nothing in the statute that states that the person issuing must also do a response in return.  That said, I still replied with a thank you.  Then I reviewed Mr. Day’s email again and noticed that something was off with it.  As you can see, that wasn’t the primary reason for the Right To Know I issued:

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
To: “Tom Day” <>
Sent: 5/23/2022 12:14:16 PM
Subject: Re: Ticket numbers


While helpful in understanding the operation of Gunstock Mountain, knowing what the average revenue per skier was not what my RTK specified – this is only half of the demand.   I posted the RTK:

The relevant verbiage:

The approved Gunstock Area Commission Meeting held on January 19, 2022 at the Gilford Library (Gilford, NH) has the following:

“Rep. Bordes asked for the average cost per skier. Tom said that they have that number, but it is not something they want to share in a public forum due to competition.”

Thus, with that remark, Mr. Day revealed the existence of a government record which IS a public record and subject to RSA 91-A. Thus, this Right To Know is demanding that Gunstock supply the following information:

      1. The average cost per skier for both last year and the current season just completed
      2. The average revenue per skier for both last year and the current season just completed
      3. If Gunstock Mountain Resort has broken out the various categories for either/both #1 and #2, this Right To Know is also asking for those breakouts.

Average revenue was item #2 and thanks for fulfilling that part of the RTK.

However, the minutes state that NH State Rep Bordes question was about cost, not revenue. Are you going to provide item #1 as requested in this RTK?


So, now we’re into Round #3. Let’s see what happens.

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Why Does A Daily Writing Habit Improve Your Life?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 01:30 +0000

A growing body of research demonstrates the enormous mood-boosting benefits of maintaining a daily writing habit. Simply putting pen to paper to record one’s daily thoughts can significantly improve productivity and reduce stress. So, how can keeping a diary help you? We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you understand all the benefits.

Improved self-control

Forming a writing habit can significantly improve your concentration and self-discipline. If you’re one of those folks who constantly procrastinate, there’s almost no better remedy than writing to help you break the cycle.

Writing helps you focus on what’s important by giving form to a concrete idea in your mind, zooming in on it, and filtering out all the other depressing thoughts. To be able to write clearly and professionally, however, you must consult with the best essay writing services that provide one-of-a-kind tips designed to raise your writing game. You must constantly develop your skills; otherwise, you may lose interest in writing altogether.

Boosted intelligence

Have you ever dragged yourself to work only to sit for a couple of hours waiting for your brain to warm up enough to be eloquent and constructive? That’s a huge waste of time, and it’s only happening because you haven’t trained your mind well enough to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Forming a daily writing habit can help make you smarter because it forces you to think. To write well, you go inward to search for the best verbal representations of your thoughts, training your mind to think deeply and fruitfully every single day.

Reduced anxiety

Journaling has been found to significantly reduce stress in numerous psychological studies. When you write every day, you have to translate your thoughts into words, thereby training your mind and automatically becoming much more aware of your thoughts, goals, and traumas.

The best way to start the day is to jot down a few pages as soon as you get out of bed. It’s fine to just let your first thoughts of the day spill out onto a piece of paper. It helps you to let out any bad feelings that have built up in your head, allowing you to start your day fresh.

Expanded vocabulary

Have you heard of the adage “use it or lose it?” That holds true for many aspects of life, including one’s vocabulary. In an age when texting and tweeting are the primary modes of communication, many people’s mental word banks are shrinking. That’s problematic if you want to nurture your writing skills, continuously enrich your vocabulary, and become a more talented person in general.

Wrapping Up

These are just a few benefits of forming a daily writing habit. Many things stress us out in today’s fast-paced world, so learning how to manage anxiety is essential. Consider devoting at least 15-20 minutes per day to writing down your thoughts and observing how dramatically it can improve your mood.



Joanne Elliot is a certified student support specialist. She enjoys sharing her knowledge through educational blogs in her spare time to help students perform better at college. Joanne aims to provide readers with up-to-date, reliable information that they may put to good use.

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Was it the LGBT Militants shutting down Dave Chappelle’s speech or just the normal faux outraged SJW again?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-24 00:00 +0000

Once again, the “outrage” shown by the Left tells the rest of us they can’t take a joke. Nor do they want anyone to MAKE a joke. Especially if it is at their expense which means EVERYONE ELSE SHUT UP! I remember, back when dirt was young, we all had our tool box of Polish, German, Irish, Swedish (last two would be me!), English, French jokes ready in a millisecond to blurt out. And we’d all laugh at the person who was the brunt of the joke but knew our time would be up soon.  Tough skins and toughened up personalities.

Not so much these crowds – always looking for the first opportunity to be offended because “ATTACKING OUR COMMUNITY”. C’mon, man!  Grow up, grow a pair, and stop the perpetual offense. It seems that even any kind of a sideways eye look is enough to set them off. I know that Libertarians (who the trans folks should take a couple lessons from in terms of REAL tolerance in that it works both ways) often use a porcupine as a “logo” but these folks have substituted those quills  for swords on springs for any little perceived slight (that’s another joke, son).

So what was the joke?  I had to look at it a couple of times even remembering that Chappelle, just a couple of weeks ago, was attacked during a show at the Hollywood Bowl by a guy that jumped out of the audience with a gun that had a knife attached to it:

So what was the joke?  It’s so small, at least to me, that I’ve bolded it:

Chappelle joked that the guy who tackled him was carrying “a gun that identified as a knife,” according to witnesses who were at the show, which was headlined by comedian John Mulaney at The Ohio State University’s Schottenstein Center.

…So apparently the ‘horrendously transphobic joke’ that Dave Chappelle said when on stage recently was that he was ‘attacked by a trans man that had a knife that identified as a gun.’ That’s barely even a throwaway Dad joke and people are out to Lynch him,” tweeted Gary Later Eyes.

Yeah, that’s what has them all up in arms!  So when you think of that, and the fury that they have shown that PARENTS must bow down to their ideology when it comes to schools keeping secrets about their children from them (right, Chris Erchull?), are they “those-that-must-not-be-provoked” – at all?

Or simply laughed at themselves? And trust me, they’ll complain about that as well.

Oh, by the way, are the BLM folks now going to scream at me for RACISM because I didn’t show an image of Chapelle?

See, a two-fer for the folks that don’t have a funny bone in their shriveled soul’d bodies.

(H/T: Daily Wire)


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How Did Putin Manage to Give Gay People Monkey Pox?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-23 22:00 +0000

Bad news for the Gaystapo. Pride parades and events are being flagged (that’s FLAGGED) as Monkey Pox superspreader events. “The Gran Canarian pride festival attended by 80,000 from Britain and across Europe is being investigated after being linked to numerous monkeypox cases in Madrid, Italy and Tenerife.”

Belgium, which Legal Insurrection reports had its own Donkey Pox parade has instituted a 21-day quarantine for people with symptoms of the non-fatal infection.


The first mandatory quarantine for monkeypox has been introduced in Belgium, which recently hosted a massive gay pride and fetish festival attended by an estimated 80,000 people in Antwerp.

“Those infected with the monkey pox virus must be in isolation for 21 days,” the Dutch publication Standaard reported. “Not high-risk contacts, but they’re best watching over any symptoms. In the meantime, virologist Marc Van Ranst wants to investigate whether the virus can spread airborne.”


So, a pox on all your gay houses, is it?

Might I suggest that they start a few riots, sorry peaceful protests, in the name of some self-overdosed ne’er do well? That worked great in the States. Quarantine evaporated so that people could destroy black lives in the name of black lives. No masks, no distancing, just shouting and violence with a smattering or peaceful protesting.

It was difficult to make out through the smoke and the heat from the flames.

And that sort of thing aligns nicely with the Donkey Pox which is just a socialist revolution by every means. Disrupt that oppressive middle-class. Knock them out of their comfort zone. Ruin everything to which they’ve become accustomed.

A Donkey Pox on all our houses.


It was attended by people who have tested positive for the monekypox virus afterwards, with public health services from the Canary Islands now investigating the any links between the cases and the LGBT+ celebrations.

‘Among the 30 or so diagnosed in Madrid, there are several who attended the event, although it is not yet possible to know if one of them is patient zero of this outbreak or if they all got infected there,’ a health source told El País.


By the way, if you’ve been vaccinated for smallpox, that helps (citations removed).

The smallpox vaccine can prevent infection with 85% effectiveness. In 2019, a monkeypox vaccine, Jynneos (also known as Imvanex in the European Union and Imvamune in Canada), was approved for adults in the United States. The current standard for treatment is tecovirimat, an antiviral that is specifically intended to treat infections with orthopoxviruses such as smallpox and monkeypox. It is approved for the treatment of monkeypox in the European Union and the United States. Cidofovir or brincidofovir may also be useful. Reports of the risk of death, if untreated, are as high as 10% to 11% in the Congo Basin (Central African) clade of monkeypox.

So, survival in the first world is highly likely. But like most Flu viruses it has animal reservoirs so there’s no getting rid of it. You can treat it, wait it out, and it is curious that this is showing up almost entirely in the gay community.

Most of the recent cases of monkeypox in the U.K. and Canada have been reported among attendees of sexual health services at health clinics in men who have sex with men.

Regarding this trend, Dr. I. Socé Fall, the regional emergencies director for the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, cautioned:

“This is new information we need to investigate properly to understand better the dynamic of local transmission in the U.K. and some other countries.”


A predominantly Donkey Pox “constituency” has been plagued by Monkey Pox.

I guess the only question remaining is how long before Joe Biden blames Vladimir Putin?



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Awesome Assignment Writing Tips to Get Better Marks

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-23 21:12 +0000

Assignments are integral parts of an academic journey. No person gets through school without doing tons of assignments. In addition, these types of educational works are graded and add up to the final score. Therefore, you need to work hard to do well on your homework. With our awesome writing tips, you will get better marks on your assignments, so read on!

Manage Your Time

Effective time management gives you sufficient time to start and complete assignments. You can meet deadlines even when the timeframe is too short. When you are given a project or work, you will want to create s schedule to get it done. It will benefit you to allocate time for:

  • Planning.
  • Research/reading.
  • Organizing.
  • Writing.

The time you allocate to it daily should depend on the deadline. Nonetheless, you must stick to the schedule to finish on time. If you are too busy to complete an essay or a term paper, LetsGradeIt may be your solution to getting a good grade in school. You can use the information on this platform to carefully select the best writing service for you.

Understand the Assignment

Your ability to understand the nature of homework helps you complete it successfully. Therefore, it is essential for you to carefully read through the instructions for each term paper or essay. Doing this helps you know what your teacher or professor expects from you. If there are parts of the work you do not know how to approach, you may want to seek clarification from your educator or classmates.

Do the Research

Do not start working on a task unless you are knowledgeable about it. The best way to approach a topic or an assignment is to conduct research. Research is a crucial part of any writing skills you should acquire. Therefore, you will want to read through all the materials attached on the topic of your project and take note of essential facts you may need to remember. Once you are done, you can begin the task.

Start Strong

The best way of starting strong is to create a short yet informative introduction. Having an excellent intro sets the pace for your entire work, as it is usually the first part readers see. Your introduction should explain to the readers what is the topic and purpose of your work. If you will be answering any questions of resolving issues in the body of your assignment, you should outline said questions in the intro.

Develop a Writing Structure

Most tasks fail because of a lack of planning. Therefore, if you are not given a strict outline to follow, you should develop a structure for your work. Doing this makes your life easier when writing and compiling the assignment. A good way of structuring your work if it is an essay is to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction presents a general premise of your work. Next, the body gives the primary information of the assignment. Finally, you will need to have a conclusion that summarizes all the main points you have made earlier.

Proofread and Edit Your Work

Before submitting your paper, you need to make sure it is error-free. You can do this by proofreading and editing your work. Proofreading will help you find and correct inconsistencies, punctuation issues, and misspellings. While editing, you will want to review the structure of your work to ensure it is clear and consistent.

Time to Write Like a Pro!

Assignments are essential aspects of education. Therefore, you will want to work hard on them to get good grades. Even if writing is not your strong suite, dedication, attentiveness and hard work will help you deliver great assignments that your professors will rate highly.



About the Author

Joanne Elliot makes a living writing articles and doing research. She works with several top writing platforms that provide content for student development. In addition, Joanne runs online and offline workshops for students and educators.

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