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Omicron Summer! – CDC Calls for More Testing and Masking: Dartmouth Wants to Boost Your “Babies”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 18:00 +0000

If you have not invested in companies making test kits for COVID, you may not be too late. The Health Care Industrial Complex people are all in, and now they say we need more testing! MORE TESTING!



Four or more shots?

Who the wow, that’s some degree of stupid not yet truly comprehended. Sure, we made jokes about the 26th booster, but this is real. There are (apparently) people who’ve gotten four or more shots, and the CDC still wants them tested.

Are these the folks who built the armor on the bottom of the Humvees during the Iraq wars? Turns into Swiss cheese when you hit an IED?

In local COVID news, the Dartmouth (Hitchcock) Death Cult wants to remind us that boosters are approved for ages 5-11.


The US Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommend a booster dose for all children ages 5 to 11 at least 5 months after the primary vaccine series (two doses):

      • For children who are moderately or severely immunocompromised, the recommended primary series is 3 doses of an mRNA vaccine followed by a booster (4th dose).

Adults, age 50 and older should get a second booster (with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine) if you had your first booster shot at least 4 months ago:

      • People ages 18 to 49 years of age who received the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine for both their primary series and 1st booster may receive a 2nd booster (with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine) at least 4 months after their first booster.


Or, and here’s a crazy idea, you could get your Vitamin D3 level tested or supplement with D3, C, and Zinc. Mortality from COVID and Omicron, in particular, for almost everyone with adequate D3, is near zero. You can still catch it and have “the flu,” but there are fewer total cases, fewer hospitalizations, and significantly fewer deaths. There are tons of studies to prove this.

The Jab’s track record is atrocious by comparison.

And D3 doesn’t come with 32 pages of side effects.

Speaking of near zero, not a single kid in NH under 20 died with or from COVID until after we started jabbing them with these experimental injections.

One child under ten is reported to have died “from” COVID in NH a few months after they started sacrificing the little ones to Fauci’s dark god. But more than that have died because of the COVID vaccine. At least two dead under the age of twenty with nine reported cases of Myocarditis, and over 250 adverse reactions reported to VAERS from NH in the under 20 age group.

We know there were more.

We’ve also demonstrated on these pages (using state data) that these injections did not improve cases or mortality in the granite state. Still, the band plays on as so-called health experts continue to push testing and experimental pharmaceuticals on children that don’t benefit them.

It’s disgusting.

Dartmouth Health? No, I don’t think that’s what this is at all.



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Consequences Are Not Problems

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 16:00 +0000

Sadly, there has been another school shooting, this time in Texas.  Also sadly, there are people who have been waiting around to use something like this as an excuse for dragging out every anti-gun measure that they haven’t been able to enact in the past.

This is especially sad when it should be clear to any fifth-grader that the proposed measures would have had absolutely no effect.  In this case, for example, the shooter was able to pass a background check in order to buy the weapons he used.  So naturally, the proper response to this is to expand the set of circumstances in which background checks must be performed.  Right?

‘When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?’ asks President* Biden.  But by ‘gun lobby’, he actually means people like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and other founders.

(Actually, if we want to prevent more school shootings, it’s not the gun lobby that needs standing up to.  It’s the school lobby.)

Anyway, it seems appropriate just now to re-examine something I wrote a while ago, about the kind of trouble we can get into when we use the word ‘problem’ — something we don’t want — to describe what is actually a ‘consequence’ of something we need.

Here are a couple of examples of ‘problem-based thinking’:

If people have access to guns, some small number of them will misuse those guns.  That’s a ‘problem’, and the ‘solution’ is to take guns away from everyone.

If people have access to drugs, some small number of them will misuse those drugs.  That’s a ‘problem’, and the ‘solution’ is to take drugs away from everyone.

But really, these are just special cases of a more general ‘problem’:

If people have freedom, some small number of them will misuse that freedom.  That’s a ‘problem’, and the ‘solution’ is to take freedom away from everyone.

But consider Daniel in the lion’s den. Does he have a problem? Or is he just experiencing the consequences of his refusal to compromise his beliefs?

Or consider Jesus, about to be crucified. Does he have a problem? Or is he just experiencing the consequences of accepting his identity?

What about Socrates? Joan of Arc? Thomas More? Nathan Hale? The signers of the Declaration of Independence?  Problems or consequences?

Would we want any of them to compromise their principles in order to get a different outcome?  In fact, don’t we hold them up as examples of why it’s important not to do that?

If we adopt some principles, and they lead to certain undesirable consequences, then that’s just something we live with, and try to prepare for.

(Perhaps the ultimate expression of this would be our state motto. No, not the new one, ‘Public Health Trumps Everything‘.  I’m talking about the old, un-truncated version: ‘Live Free or Die. Death is not the worst of evils.’)

But as soon as we call one of those consequences a ‘problem’, we flip the normal process (‘Be true to your principles, and accept whatever follows from that’) on its head.

Suddenly the most important thing isn’t following some principles, but obtaining some outcome; and the fact that there’s a ‘problem’ means that everyone will look for a ‘solution’, even when that’s not appropriate.

For example. We don’t have a ‘gun violence problem’, or an ‘opioid use problem’, or a ‘disinformation problem’.  In each of those cases, what we have is a ‘consequence of freedom for which some of us have not adequately prepared.’

Given the inherently lazy and short-sighted nature of political processes, the ‘solutions’ to various ‘problems’ will invariably require ignoring, or even reversing, some of the principles that we have long declared to be essential.

Someone has been shot? Let’s take away guns! Someone has said something hurtful? Let’s outlaw unpopular speech! Someone might get away with a crime? Let’s presume guilt instead of innocence! And so on.

As Confucius noted, the first step towards wisdom is to call things by their right names. So the first step away from wisdom would be to call things by their wrong names.

The surest way to accelerate the erosion of our rights is to continue to elevate outcomes above principles, which begins by talking about consequences as if they are problems.

That’s what’s about to happen now. So pay attention, and when you get a chance, vote accordingly.



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Announcement: PayPal Has Decided to Shut Granitegrok off from Its Services

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 15:35 +0000

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. In uploading some documents for information they requested, they didn’t like the answer and last night, told us that we were effectively locked out of our account from using it (we can log in but can’t send or receive money). I’ve heard that this has happened to Conservative sites so I’m not surprised.

I’m on hold with Paypal as I write this to see if I can straighten this out.

Now, we have a backup Paypal account so we can still pay the bills (good thing we are an ultra-low-budget/frugal entity compared to our competition!)  and we’ll start redirecting people, as needed, for sponsored posts and for those of you who have been nice enough to support us on a monthly basis.  If you get any kind of a bounceback because of their action that we can’t take the money you’ve offered, we apologize and will let you know either then it has been fixed or we’re going elsewhere.  I’ll be first shutting off the DONATE page, then moving it around to our backup account. If you would, give me a couple of days since it has been years since I did this last and I’m betting things have changed as well.

It’s funny, Steve and I were just starting to talk about finding a “Right side” / Conservative payment processor. Turns out to have been the right question to ask, just a wee bit late in asking it. So there are several out there now (The Left taunted the Right “well, go create your own if you don’t like ours”. Now they’re ticked because it has happened and we on the Right ARE leaving. So if you know of any, or are using any yourself, let us know in the comments.

So, let us know if you have any questions – we’ll answer them the best we can.  In the meantime, know that the lights will stay on! And please “hang with us” while I start tinkering with stuff “under the hood”.

And we DO thank you for your support!

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National Legal Foundation Corrects Gov. Groomer’s Erroneous Positions on Parental Rights and the Constitutionality of HB1431”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 14:00 +0000

I had called the Prime Sponsor of HB1431 (a Parental Bill of Rights) yesterday afternoon (NH State Rep Paul Terry) while traveling back from Massachusetts. Having been away from my keyboard for more than a few hours, I wanted to see if there were any updates on this bill.

Did Governor Groomer (Chris Sununu) admit he was wrong and allow this bill to become Law? Unfortunately, he had no update on that but DID say that the National Legal Foundation had written a Letter concerning the fallacies that Sununu (and before him, the weak legal tea from NH AG Formella) had uttered.

They were logically the same as the Left complaining about the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida that only stated that NO sexuality lessons or discussions were to be taught or held in K-3 classrooms.

HB1431 does not do what either Sununu or his legal lackey claim so their only purpose was to throw shade at those who believe Parents are in charge of their kids and that we do not consent to the idiotic idea that we “co-parent” our children with Government.

Here is that Letter; it starts thusly:

Re: Constitutionality of HB 1431– NH Parental Bill of Rights

Dear Speaker Packard and Majority Leader Osborne:

The National Legal Foundation (NLF) supports parental rights, which the U.S. Supreme Court has declared as a fundamental right. NLF therefore supports HB 1431 as presently drafted. NLF is a public interest law firm dedicated to the defense of constitutional liberties. We write on behalf of ourselves and our donors and supporters, including those in New Hampshire. The NLF has had a significant federal and state court practice since 1985, including representing numerous parties and amici before the Supreme Court of the United States and the supreme courts of several states.

The Fundamental Right of Parents to Direct Their Children’s Education

Beginning with Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390 (1923), a case involving a state
education policy for minor children contrary to the desire of their parents, the Supreme Court has consistently recognized the fundamental right of parents to direct the welfare, education, and upbringing of their children without undue interference by the state. This liberty interest is protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and was long established previously in the common law.1  The “Fourteenth Amendment ‘forbids the government to infringe . . . “fundamental” liberty interests at all, no matter what process is provided, unless the infringement is narrowly tailored to serve a compelling state interest.’” Wash. v. Glucksberg, 521 U.S. 702, 721 (1997), quoting Reno v. Flores, 507 U.S. 292, 302 (1993) (emphasis in original); see Jordan by Jordan v. Jackson, 15 F.3d 333, 343 (4th Cir. 1994).

I really do like this line on page 3 – it seems that Sununu, Government as a whole, and Schools HAVE forgotten this:

Public schools must not forget that “in loco parentis” does not mean “displace parents.”

And this, too:

HB 1431 declares this “oldest of the fundamental liberty interests” to be also a fundamental right under New Hampshire law, and imposes upon the government the usual burden if the State seeks to limit this fundamental right – the State and its political subdivisions and/or schools must show that its limitation is “reasonable and necessary to achieve a compelling state interest and that such action is narrowly tailored and cannot be achieved by less restrictive means.”

Limitations – now flip that around: do you believe that either Sununu or schools boards recognize the founding idea of Limited Government?  Add to that, is coercing someone’s Free Speech (insisting on the use of only Government approved “preferred pronouns”) and lying to Parents (“Ve vill tell you NOTHING!”).  How is either of those a “compelling state interest” other than “they’re doing it because they believe they can” (which is no limitation at all).

And with Sununu giving NH School Boards “cover”, they are actually doing so – displacing parents and their Constitutional Authority. Here is the entire Letter:

NLF Letter_NH HB1431

It is clear that Sununu believes that “He Trumps Parents” in this regard of Schools/Government having the Power to insert themselves in between Parents and their children. It is clear that, unlike both Sununu and Formella, the NLF has brought real legal firepower to the argument. Both Formella and Sununu merely waved their hands, set off a teeny-tiny smoke bomb to try to hide behind, then mumbled a bit about discrimination and transgenders, and believe the rest of us would simply and calmly accept that codswallop.

Yeah, not happening.  The Gilford School Board make it PERSONAL to me by lying (by refusing to tell me) what the transgender status of my legal son is. And that Mom in Manchester has the same problem with her daughter who, it seems, the Manchester School District turned trans and refused to tell her, either.

And Sununu is perfectly fine with this. His Leftist Social Justice side makes it impossible for him to have any empathy for Parents trying to protect their children from the Government they used to trust; he’s now sowing Distrust and Disinformation on what we have actually caught the NHSBA (who has retracted their Policy JBAB that is the source of why HB1431 is needed in the first place) and various school boards across the state.

Remember, they “govern” by our consent – I hope that, just like with Policy JBAB having been retracted, we withdraw our consent in allowing Governor Groomer to continue to Rule.



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“God-Fearing Catholic” Nashua Alderman Says Fly Satanic Temple Flag With Save Women’s Sports Flag

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 12:00 +0000

At the May 10 meeting of the Nashua Board of Aldermen, after I spoke during the public comment period about my Save Women’s Sports flag being taken down from the Citizen Flag Pole by the order of Mayor Jim Donchess in October 2020, Alderman-at-Large Melbourne Moran responded by saying:

I’ve had many, many people in this city that have approached me to say that the Satanic flag needs to fly with the Save Women’s Sports flag in the city because they are so closely related together.

And these aren’t my words. These are the words of my constituents and I just want to share them with you that it might be a good idea and symbolically to have these two flags flying together as they are so closely related.

I’m a God-fearing Catholic. I can’t stand on the side of the Satanic Temple but thankfully people like Ms. Scaer can lock arms with them and I do appreciate that and for the sake of freedom and the freedom of speech for everyone around the country.

Related: City of Nashua Admits They Were Wrong to Take Down My Save Women’s Sports Flag

This was my response to Alderman Moran during my public comments at the May 24 Board of Aldermen meeting:

Alderman Moran,

After I gave my public comment at May 10’s Board of Aldermen’s meeting about my delight that the Mayor and the City of Nashua admitted that it was wrong to have my Save Women’s Sports flag removed from the Citizen Flag Pole, I was prepared for sharp remarks in opposition to my flag.

Criticism of my flag is welcome because it keeps the dialogue going about what should be done about the issue of men competing in women’s sports and because freedom of speech is a right that I, and I assume all of you, hold dearly. If no one criticized the SWS flag, I would have no opportunity to defend it.

I was shocked when you went beyond criticizing my flag into a personal attack, calling me out by name and saying that I “lock arms with [the Satanic Temple].”

You, the person with power, disparaged me, the person without power, to your friends and colleagues and did in front of me but you spoke as if I weren’t there in the room with all of you, and with the residents of Nashua watching from home.

You used the classic bullying tactics – singling me out, making false accusations against me, humiliating me, and encouraging others to turn against me. I would compare it to middle school except this is the real world and canceling people has much more dire consequences.

And you violated the Board’s Code of Conduct and all of the members of this Board in attendance also violated it when they did not speak up about your violation.

You may say your attack on me was justified because my message is an attack on LGBTQ people. If that is so then why do Martina Navratilova and Caitlyn Jenner, two of the most famous LGBTQ people in the world support the cause of saving women’s sports? It is because as former elite athletes, they know better than anyone what a disadvantage women are at in physical competitions against men.

Last year, Martina retweeted this statement:

“The reputation of the gay rights movement is tarnished when activists that claim to represent us deny biological reality and undermine the sporting chance of girls and women.”

When you make a personal attack on me because of my message of saving women’s sports, you may score points with the powerful and connected of this city and you may believe you are being virtuous and speaking up for vulnerable people but you are in fact piling on and helping to cause serious harms to girls and women who only want to compete on a level playing field.

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Maggie Hassan Exemplifies Desperation and Misinformation

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 10:00 +0000

Maggie Hassan is the junior Senator from New Hampshire and our former Governor. A great question is how she achieved either office. Hassan is a poorly rated Senator and votes 100% along party lines.

According to GOVTRACK.US, there are only four Senators rated lower than Hassan. Hassan knows that she is vulnerable and has been in desperation mode since last fall. One year out from the 2022 mid-terms, you could not watch any channel for more than fifteen minutes without seeing a Re-Elect Hassan campaign spot. Her ads went dormant for some time but have started up again in earnest. They target her followers and those not aware of the facts.

Her latest ad is hugely disingenuous and misleading. She claims she will get us relief from surging gas prices at the pump. She plans to pass a bill, against the will of her party, that would halt the Federal Gas Tax for the remainder of the year. The Federal Gasoline Tax is 18.4 cents a gallon for gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel. The average price per gallon of gas in 2020 was $2.19 and is now $4.59. With an increase of $2.40, a 110% increase, how much relief do we realize with a suspension of the Federal Tax? My tank holds 25 gallons. It would cost $115.00 to fill the tank. The tax savings would be $4.60. It would still cost me over $110.00, so, please, Maggie, don’t insult our intelligence.

The other claim in her ad is she will urge President Biden to release more barrels per day than the 1 million barrels he is already withdrawing each day. Biden predicted his action would have an immediate reversal in the rising costs. Instead, we have seen a new record high gas price every day since he started to tap the strategic reserve. By the way, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is supposed to be used in the case of natural disasters or external impacts like war. It is not to be used to repair lousy policy decisions by a failing President who lousy Senators like Hassan support.

We know that politicians will say anything to get into and stay in office. Somebody running for re-election should be able to tout their record. Maggie cannot count on her record to entice people to vote for her. She has to go to the “promise” mode and fabricate vague statements that make it sound like she has been productive. She has not.

Congress has a lower approval rating than even Biden and Harris. Congress does not accomplish very much, and that is unfortunate. When the Legislature does not legislate, they leave the door open for the President to use Executive Orders. EOs are not binding and are not law. We need Congress to step up and negotiate solutions to some of our most dire issues. Crime, Border Security, and Comprehensive Immigration should be priorities, but not in this partisan branch.

Hassan claims she is for an increased effort to curb the rash of Fentanyl deaths, but she does not want to address the need for securing the border and completing the wall. If she is not concerned with the entry point, how serious is her effort?

Hopefully, we are coming to the end of Maggie Hassan’s political career. In the meantime, we need to make sure we call her out on every mistruth or any effort to color the truth.

Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Take A Stand! You Could Be The Difference!

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2022-05-26 03:54 +0000

In the words of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, “Right is still right, even if you stand  by yourself.” Will you stand and be courageous? Will you act?

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Dark Thoughts in the Small Hours

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 02:00 +0000

Many years ago I read an article called The Three Conjectures, at PJMedia, the Belmont Club.  It’s about radical Islamists getting nuclear weapons and it did not paint a comforting picture.  I’ve struggled for years with that essay, desperate to find the flaw in the argument.  Thus far I have not.  I had a similar feeling here, writing this.  I desperately want to find a flaw in the argument, lest my small-hour musings – and what I believe to be their logical follow-on implications – prove true.



I’ve long had an ability to see second-and-third order effects from events very quickly.  Most of the time that has proven very useful, especially in my chosen career.  A domestic example: one time my younger child came from the playroom giddily dragging one of the educational posters that had been on the wall.  It took me a scant moment to realize what they were dragging, and my immediate second-order thought was What about the thumbtacks?  (I searched for them, found them all, and remounted the poster.  Phew!)

Sometimes that ability takes a darker turn.  I discussed, in my piece The Danger of Knowledge, the potential dangers of the mRNA in the Jabs reverse transcribing into cell DNA:

We now have had THE JABS out for enough time, methinks, that there should be couples who have had the Jabs pre-conception and have given birth – there should be an effort to survey such parents to see if their children have the mRNA in them producing the spike proteins.  If even one child is shown to have the mRNA now in their DNA… time to start building gallows.

A fear not only expressed by me but many others:



Now, watch this video by Dr. David Martin – it’s long (just over an hour) and has a lot of good nuggets in it so I recommend it in full, but note the original purpose of Moderna’s initial founding which he starts discussing about 11 minutes in:



Yes, that’s right, the federal grant that helped get Moderna going was specifically founded to research using mRNA to edit new info into living cells’ DNA.  Let that sink into your head as you also contemplate the Bayer Executive who admits these shots are gene therapy (link in the original, bolding added):

The president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division told international “experts” during a globalist health conference that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are indeed “cell and gene therapy” marketed as “vaccines” to be palatable to the public.

Stefan Oelrich, president of Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division, made these comments at this year’s World Health Summit, which took place in Berlin from October 24-26 and hosted 6,000 people from 120 countries. Oelrich told his fellow international “experts” from academia, politics, and the private sector that the novel mRNA COVID “vaccines” are actually “cell and gene therapy” that would have otherwise been rejected by the public if not for a “pandemic” and favorable marketing.

And while the debunkers soothingly claim that mRNA vaccines will not enter a cell’s nucleus we know from multiple studies that it does, with potential changes to the cell’s DNA.  Here, and earlier here.

Combine that with the findings that the mRNA gets into everywhere, including testes and ovaries… and shudder:

The high concentration of spike protein found in testes and ovaries in the secret Pfizer data released by the Japanese agency raises questions, too. “Will we be rendering young people infertile?” Bridle asked.

Just look at the curves showing the accumulation of spike proteins in the ovaries:


These discussions concern infertility.  I’m concerned too, but there’s a different concern as well.  And from here, based on the same reverse-transcription studies as above (bolding added):

Another question is, in which type of cells does this gene embedding occur? If it occurs only in individual organs, then it will affect only the cells in these organs. However, if it occurs in an embryonic cell, it will affect the next generation.

In general, there is no more information to answer these questions. However, the Lund University study had at least one breakthrough. That is, it made people see clearly an exogenous viral gene sequence, mRNA, being inserted into the human chromosome.

IF… and I admit IF… mRNA has gotten to the sperm or ovum and that one is the winner of the reproduction cycle, that alien-to-humans genetic sequence, a sequence that makes a protein that we know is toxic (video, 17 minutes), now potentially enshrines that production in every lineal descendant of that person.  As outlined by Dr. Peter McCollough:


If… IF… this occurs we now have a pharma-made genetic sequences entering the human genome.  Whether by accident or by design, and I personally suspect the latter, we are now entering a phase where the human species is being genetically engineered without consent.  Added: Imagine the genius, the sheer diabolical genius, of genetically engineering people to produce a substance that is toxic to their health.  That helps answer the 7.3 billion person question, doesn’t it?



If we find even one case where pharma mRNA has been reverse-transcribed into a sperm or ovum, which subsequently becomes a birthed baby carrying that gene, things get into infernal territory and we are faced with horrific options – absent any way to edit it back out.

Has it happened?  Take a look at this video, below.  If… IF these multiple kids have had the above happen to them, resulting in these odd eyes, holding up their head at four days old, trying to walk at two months…



Then we are facing the real-world proof something has happened.  Something double-plus ungood.  This needs to be tested.  And while Dr. McCollough, video above, discusses many researchers looking to verify and replicate this reverse transcription into human DNA, we face a problem of species-wide implications.  For who here, even the Jabbed, signed on to take it knowing this could implant genetic material created by a pharma company into every single one of your descendants?  Anyone?  Anyone????




If this has provably happened, Hell is coming for humanity, laughing joyously.



So let’s assume – with some arguable but IMHO not-yet-definitive evidence– that this has already happened.  For with dead-cinch certainty if it can be proven and verified that it has happened once, then it has happened multiple times as sheer numbers of injections would statistically lead to that… then we are faced with a dire decision point.  A decision point with no good choices.  I see three options:

First, if we as a global society do nothing except mourn, rail, and gnash our teeth then eventually – as generations pass – those who have had this incorporated into their DNA will eventually dominate the species.  Thus we will, through inaction, have permitted private entities to have started to engineer the human race to their needs, not our own.  To what end, with what consequences?  Remember Murphy: He’s out there, and he’s an SOB.

Second, the apartheid option.  Strict, and I mean STRICT, separation of Jabbed vs. unJabbed in terms of breeding.  Which is, theoretically, possible… but how to enforce it 100%?  No, even a little leakage through the barrier will result in the first possibility being true.  I don’t recall where I saw it, but this analogy applies (italics replaced by underlining):

A cup of sewage poured into a large container, no matter how carefully poured, will not remain only in the place you poured it.

Third, a total war against the Jabbed.  Please note that I’m horrified beyond imagining about this, but it has to be listed.  It would mean the total destruction of virtually every government and transnational institution, not to mention the entire medical and pharmacological establishments, and – at the absolute least – the outright sterilization of anyone who ever took the Jab, from infants upwards.  Plus execution of every UN member, every pharma exec, and everyone in the WEF, WHO, and who knows what else.  (I personally vote for impalement.)  At most, it would mean slaughtering the Jabbed on a genocide the scale of which the world has never, ever seen.  And it would have to be to the last Jabbed person on earth lest, if there was even one reproducing survivor, the genetic contamination start to spread again.

Added: Leave us not forget that the Jabbed will not sit down and just consent to the slaughter.  They’ll fight back.  And it will a global war of extermination with both sides dead-set to eliminate the other to the last person – survival will necessitate it.  Rivers of blood?  No.  Whole oceans of it.

Remember: “There will be a need to kill many billions…”  This was said, openly, in 2015.



If we do nothing, the first option, then the Globalists will have succeeded in their first step to transform the human species.  Over generations the sewage of that genetic manipulation will diffuse into the purebloods by breeding no matter how careful people are.  If we do the third option, it would destroy humanity’s soul, for nobody surviving would be untouched by the horrific deeds necessary to accomplish this (and that’s assuming the Purebloods win!).  Our very existence on the planet would be tainted forever by that deed, and Satan would win again in having permanently corrupted our souls through his eager and willing tools, the Globalists.  While we might physically survive, I am not sure about our humanity continuing having that large a dark act on our collective souls.

Do I have a solution?  Is there a “good” way out?  I don’t know.  But we cannot play ostrich to the possibility we are being genetically engineered, as a species, against our will.  If we are, this is genetic rape of the entire species by men violating the First Commandment to play G-d with the species.  And remember, it’s being done is being done by people who believe they are doing good:

Most people are good and occasionally do something they know is bad.

Some people are bad and struggle every day to keep it under control.

Others are corrupt to the core and don’t give a damn, as long as they don’t get caught.

But evil is a completely different creature.

Evil is bad that believes it’s good.

— Karen Marie Moning



Pray that I and this worry are wrong.  Pray with all your heart the answer to the question is NO.  For we await an answer to a dread question… and I tremble that the answer may be a YES.  And if yes, pray that there are significant-enough fertility and health issues in those children so born that are so dire and destructive – Hashem forgive me for even the thought – that they either cannot breed successfully, or do not live until reproductive ages.



Such are the things that keep me up at night.


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We Just Got Ourselves a Bit More Health Freedom Here in New Hampshire

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 00:00 +0000

New Hampshire has recently passed some laws that advance Health Freedom, including a bill prohibiting healthcare providers from refusing care or services based on vaccination status.

HB1003 is An ACT “prohibiting health care providers from refusing to provide care or services based on patient vaccination status.”

It’s my favorite sort of bill. Short, sweet, and to the point.


52:1 New Paragraph; Patients’ Bill of Rights; Vaccination Status. Amend RSA 151:21 by inserting after paragraph XXI the following new paragraph:
XXII. The patient shall not be denied admission, care, or services based solely on the patient’s vaccination status.

52:2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect upon its passage.


That’s the whole thing. Nice work, that.

HB1035 removes the requirement that any religious exemption from vaccination needs to be notarized. Parents can submit a form with their objection to a school, and the school is required to honor that request.


II. A parent or legal guardian objects to immunization because of religious beliefs. The parent or legal guardian shall sign a [notarized] form stating that the child has not been immunized because of religious beliefs.

55:2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.


And HB1608 requires the New Hampshire State Department of Health and Human Services to advertise (notify the public) that their constitutional right to privacy (New Hampshire has one of those) allows them to be removed from the state’s vaccine registry.

Here’s the Right in Article 2-b: “An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent.”

And this, from HB1608.


The general court finds that the state should not continue to keep the private medical information of individuals that were not afforded the opportunity to choose if they wished it to be collected.


The COVID era brought unprecedented attempts to violate bodily autonomy and privacy. And while we’ve not been able to eliminate the vaccine registry itself, this at least requires DHHS to let people know they can ask to get off the list if they are on it and DHHS has to remove them.

Not massive changes, but necessary, and we can add them to a growing list of bills that are taking back or adding health freedoms post-COVID-tyranny.

And there’s plenty of work left to do, but it’s nice to see them put some points on the board.



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Skip’s Sauntering Snippets #7 – Why Is NH Governor Groomer Protecting School Districts and Putting Them in Charge of Your Kids Instead of You???

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-05-26 00:00 +0000

NH Governor Chris Sununu (Governor Groomer!) has promised to veto the Parental Bill of Rights (HB1431) that would legally put you, Parents, in charge of your kids while in school.

WHY is he protecting School Districts that are refusing to tell you the Transgender status of your child? Or is this just another manifestation of his true political soul – a Big Government progressive masquerading as a Republican that’s decent on guns and taxes but swallows whole the Left’s social agenda? 

As I said on the Life with Liz show (gotta put that podcast up!!!), while I’m about to “borrow” information from the 603 Alliance post, here’s another person / organization you need to call before tomorrow:

NH GOP Chair Steve Stepanek and the Executive Director Elliot Gould:

New Hampshire Republican Party
10 Water Street, Concord NH 03301 | 603-225-9341

Let them know what the chances are of voting Republican if their Republican Governor decides to make you second class citizens and while uplifting School Boards and Teachers over you.  A Governor Groomer veto will make it less likely to get a vote from you.

Governor Groomer or Governor Anti-Parent.  Your choice, Parents!  Let him know that he needs to sign this bill because those kids are YOUR kids!



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Promoted From The Comments – The Real Definition of “Equity”

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Over at Mike Moffett’s post, Sports “Equity”, he talks about the recent decision by the US Soccer Federation to pay women players the same as the men even though the womens’ version of the game brings in FAR less money than the men.

The biggest reason is attendance – the female version just isn’t as exciting as the male version. They aren’t as good as the men as I’ve posted that female national teams get beat by high school boys teams on a regular basis here at GraniteGrok.  Mike writes (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Further, consider the differing followings for men’s and women’s World Cup tournaments. The 2018 men’s World Cup soccer tournament was watched by a record-breaking 3.57 BILLION people. In contrast, the 2019 Women’s World Cup was viewed by “only” 1.12 billion, according to FIFA. Men’s World Cup soccer generates much more revenue than does Women’s World Cup soccer. Should that fact influence the compensation levels for our respective national teams? Some think so. But would that be “equitable?”

To pay the females the same rate as the much higher quality male players is not “equitable”, IMHO.  Go ahead, convince me in the comments that I’m wrong. And that I’m wrong in stating that the US Soccer Federation is now engaging, not in “equal opportunity” but in “equal outcome”.  And you know what that latter phrase is leading to, don’t you?

Anyways, NHnative left this there:

Step back from this for a second and understand that the goal here is to destroy all that unites us.
What is more uniting than a stadium full of fans?

What is more uniting than the entire nation rooting for a team during the world series?
Look at the economy built around Super Bowl Sunday..
The goal is the destruction of America, one layer at a time.. one thread of the fabric of our society at a time.

All this “Equity” stuff is but a means, a tool, for that destruction.

Think of it like a massive wind farm, they destroy the planet to “Save It”.  It’s the same mentality, once you see it, you see it everywhere.

Destroying things to “Save Them”.

Equal Outcome is Socialism, boosting people to levels that they have not earned and bringing down excellence to a more common level. Do you really think that the US Women’s National Team could beat the US Men’s National Team?  Of course not.

But paying the women the same dollars that the men get is demoting the men – their speed, their strength, their better “soccer IQ”, and their endurance.  Better quality but “lesser pay” simply for political reasons.

Why work hard to be excellent when you see fewer people getting the same for less quality of work?

When no one is better than anyone else in any type of endeavor, it is a destruction of the human spirit for those well able to do far better.

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Who Wants to Stand Between Parents and Groomers in NH? Granite State Progress

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 20:00 +0000

We know that HB1431 does not “out” children to their parents as described by Granite State Progress in this email to Governor Sununu:

As your constituent, I urge you to oppose HB 1431, a bill that would force teachers and counselors to disclose the gender identity or expression of LGBTQ+ youth to their parents.

Schools are sometimes the only safe place for LGBTQ+ youth, but this bill would require mandatory, immediate disclosure to parents about student club and extracurricular activities, school counselor visits, and changes in gender identity and expression at school, with no regard for whether it puts a student in harm’s way or outs a child before they can have a safe and loving conversation with their family.

This legislation would interfere in parent child relationships, put LGBTQ+ students in danger, and undermine school efforts to create an affirming, inclusive learning environment for all students.

It is impossible to predict what harm this could cause a child who comes from an anti-LGBTQ+ home, and is particularly concerning given the high rate of suicide and homelessness among LGBTQ+ youth.

This would be devastating to the lives of LGBTQ+ youth and I urge you to please oppose HB 1431.

Here are the facts:

  • HB1431 does not require the “outing” of kids questioning their sexuality or gender identity.
  • It does not “target” gay and transgender kids for discrimination or disparate treatment.
  • If a child wants to confide in a staff member at school that they are questioning their gender or sexuality, that is completely permissible under the bill.
  • However, if a child needs counseling, requests a change to their official record or requires “action by school authorities pursuant to school policies” then parents will be notified.
  • The bill also gives parents rights to information, transparency and other protections that are fundamental to the very difficult job of parenting and educating their kids.
  • For those tragic circumstances where parents constitute a risk to their children, we have existing laws and institutions to address those risks.


These progressive organizations are attempting to come between children and their parents, with no due process. One would think that if they were going to advocate for the State coming between parents and children, they’d at least target parents who have some sort of criminal issues that were directed at their children. Protecting children from abusive parents should be a priority for all of us.

But there is no reason to withhold information on children as a general rule. Where does it end?

In this case:

The Jacksons are filing the suit “on behalf of all other parents whose children were subject to physical examinations” and “given access to and/or distributed birth control without the parent’s knowledge, consent or opportunity to opt-out…,” the court papers say, adding that “the precise number of such persons is unknown…”

The Jacksons’ lawyer, Mary Marzolla, said that a physical exam and the administration of birth control constitute “health services,” and that providing those services to a minor without the consent of the parents or guardians violates Public Health law and parents’ rights.

State education law requires parental consent for health services, treatment, and remedial care. The School Health Examination Guidelines also say that distribution of condoms to high school students is a health service requiring parental permission.

As you can see, there are plenty of examples of school officials usurping parental rights and putting children in danger. Birth control pills are not without risks. Right now many females on birth control are experiencing blood clots after COVID. Those who are prone to strokes, because of blood disorders, are also at risk if they are placed on birth control pills. If a female student isn’t aware of this, she might not inform the doctor prior to prescribing the medication.

What People Taking Birth Control Should Know About COVID-19 and Blood Clots

Increasing evidence suggests that COVID-19 can cause blood clots, and the risk for those complications may be increased among people who are pregnant or who take estrogen-containing medicine (including some kinds of birth control). So researchers are warning that we need to learn a lot more about how these two factors could converge with potentially lethal results.

In a recent article, published last month in Endocrinology, the two authors lay out the emerging connection between COVID-19 and blood clots—and call for more research into how the coronavirus might impact those who are already at risk for developing blood clots.

There is a lot to consider when the State comes between a parent and child.

Call Governor Sununu and ask him to support HB1431. 603-271-2121


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Families Have Values, School Boards Do Not.

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We know that the education system in this country has been indoctrinating our children for decades. The process began in the colleges and universities where the Progressive and Socialist professors programmed the easily influenced students who thought they were
preparing to teach. They would graduate and go on to teach, but they were also, unwittingly, becoming part of the legion of influencers.

These students graduated and moved on to high schools and K-12 schools and began to spread what they had been programmed. The people at the top of this scheme were patient and realized it would not be until an entire generation had traversed the sixteen-year training to realize results for their efforts. The secret to success is consistency, patience, and building a high confidence level between the children and teachers. The students had to buy into the new dogma they were being fed. They also had to keep a lid on what was happening behind the curtain. The parents must not interfere with the process. It all worked for decades until the Pandemic pulled back the curtain.

When schools shut down during COVID, and remote learning replaced brick and mortar schools, parents were exposed to the tainted curriculum their children were involved in, and they exploded with anger. They wanted answers from their local school board and a seat at the table to decide what their children would be taught. The Boards closed ranks and resisted the parent interference. The battle lines were drawn, and the conflict got ugly.

Teachers’ Unions went to the Biden administration and demanded help shutting down parental involvement. The Justice Department classified these parents who attended school board meetings as “domestic terrorists,” which led to parents being arrested for showing concern for their children. Parents did not concede, and they got angry and took their fight to the ballot box. Governors and local officials who were sympathetic to the school boards paid the price of being removed from office. Entire school boards were replaced by candidates committed to involving parents in the process.

The other elements exposed in the curriculum were CRT, gender orientation, and alternative sexual lifestyles. Parents were furious. Government support for educators or parents depended on the color of the state. Blue states defended the schools while Red states sided with the parents. That alignment did not work out well for the Governor in Virginia as the Republican blitz of Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General seats in a traditionally Blue state. Those results may be a harbinger of things to come in November.

Hillary Clinton coined a phrase when she was First Lady. She said, “it takes a village” to raise our children. Parents disagree, and they want the village replaced with their input. This battle is not going to fare well for school systems. As schooling returns to the classrooms, parents continue to monitor what is happening in the classrooms. They do not want their children, especially in grades K-3, exposed to any talk of sex, gender, or racism. The parents argue that they are the ones who should share their values on these subjects with their children and not a teacher. Families are entitled to their values, and school boards, and teachers, do not share these values.

Parents will win this fight if they stay vigilant and continue to use the two powerful tools in their bag, their money and vote. Test scores and graduation rates show that educators have failed us. Angry concerned parents will get us back on track.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Country Music Star John Rich Asks Governor to Stop the Pornography in His Child’s Public School

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 16:00 +0000

When you have to fight or seek assistance to stop pornography from entering your public school, those in charge should never be allowed near children again. At what point will all parents demand better from those who care for their children?

It’s a good thing we are seeing some parents fight back. Finally.

John Rich from the country music group Big & Rich met with Tennessee Governor Lee who agreed that there was a problem with the pornographic literature that was permitted, for children to view, in school. The Governor has agreed to intervene. But this will take time. He is looking to draft legislation, so in the meantime, these children are still at risk of being exposed to pornographic material.

You can watch the interview with John Rich here:

Let’s not forget that some of this obscene material has been found in schools in New Hampshire. Bedford parents for instance, objected to some of the books found in their school library.

Please watch this video where the host admits he has had to deal with this in his school too. This is happening in many schools across the state and nation. You need to start a petition to remove the administrators if you find this in your school. Ask your local county attorney if the materials qualify as obscene and ask that they do something to intervene. These people should never be around children.

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How to Create a Solid Advertising Plan for Your Business

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 14:30 +0000

As you put together your future advertising budget, you’ll probably ask yourself whether it’s an excellent time to spend money on marketing. Isn’t everything getting more expensive nowadays? Shouldn’t we hold on to our cash?

This metric might help you with that question. The average small business gets back $3 in revenue each time that brand spends $1.60 on ads.

That’s a compelling reason to put together a winning advertising plan. And we are here to help with our guide to forming the perfect advertising strategy.

Your Business Strategy

Never pay for an advertising campaign because you think it’s the right thing. Advertising must always tie in with your high-level business goals. That will keep your strategy focused and effective.

So the first thing you want to do when putting together an advertising plan is to consider what your business needs to achieve in the next twelve months.

Do you want more customers? Do you want to launch a new product? Do you want more website traffic?

Advertising Goals

Once you know your high-level goal, you can translate this into advertising goals. Make these specific and measurable. For example, write down how much traffic you want and your time frame.

Target Market

Your next task is to find out more about your customer. That will help ensure your advertising is reaching the right people. Research your existing customers and use that to develop a customer avatar.

Find out as much as you can about their demographics, interests, and behaviors. The more information you know, the more effective your marketing plan is.

Campaign Timeline and Budget

You won’t want to burn through an entire year’s ad budget in the first month! So put together a detailed timeline of when you plan to advertise and your budget.

Once you have this information, you can start digging into the detail. Decide what type of campaign you’ll need at each point in that timeline to help you hit those company advertising goals.

Don’t forget about significant annual advertising events that you might need to add to your plan, such as Black Friday.


Once you have an overview of your campaigns, it’s time to find the perfect platform for your paid ads. You might choose to run a campaign across multiple platforms to get maximum impact.

Make sure you pick the most suitable platforms for your target audience.

It’s always tempting to pick the trending platform, especially if ad costs are low, but if your audience doesn’t use that website, it won’t bring you the results you need.


Finally, think about how you’ll gather and monitor data for your ad campaigns. Will you use a professional analytics tool? Or will you rely on reports from the ad dashboard for each platform?

That is a vital step in your business advertising plan because you’ll need those metrics to help you optimize and improve your ads. For example, Google ad optimization will help you position your search ad on the best keywords.

Find Your Winning Advertising Plan

The prospect of growing your business via advertising is exciting. But you’ll still need the right advertising plan if you want your marketing campaigns to succeed. Use this guide to help you get started.

And for more marketing tips to help you fine-tune those ad creatives, browse our latest business articles.



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Let Him Speak, Then Clean Up the Mess

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 14:00 +0000

The White House is faced with a huge conundrum. Do they let the President out of the house and let him speak and answer questions or keep him under wraps. If they muzzle the President, he faces criticism and increased speculation about his health and mental acuity. If they take off the reins and take their chances, he inevitably says something that requires a clean-up in aisle 5. Aisle five is the shiniest in the store; it has been cleaned so often.

That may be an attempt at humor in the first paragraph, but that is to temper the seriousness of the situation. The real question is, who is in charge in today’s White House? Who is so powerful in the White House staff that has the authority to edit the President’s actual words into what he really should have said? If the President says something, shouldn’t that be the official statement of the Executive Branch? The answer is obviously yes, but not in the Biden White House.

The latest example was this weekend when a White House pool reporter asked Joe Biden if he was prepared to use the military force of the United States to protect the sovereignty of Taiwan. He emphatically responded yes. He said that if China were to attack Taiwan, as they have threatened to do, we are under agreement to support Taiwan militarily. The White House was so quick to react that they issued a correction before the last period of the President’s statement.

The obvious question is why the person who “corrects” the President insists on remaining anonymous? According to a White House official, who refused to identify himself, the President meant that we would support Taiwan with equipment and arms, similar to how we are supporting Ukraine. The President did not mean we would put U.S. boots on the ground in Taiwan.

China responded as quickly as the White House staffer behind the curtain. They were not pleased with the President’s flippant remarks and went to the airwaves to denounce our President’s words. As the President spoke, the Secretary of State Antony Blinken shifted uncomfortably in his chair and went for his cellphone. I bet if you went to his call history, you would find the number of the anonymous staffer.

It is ironic that the agreement with Taiwan, The Taiwan Relations Act, was signed in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter, who has slid into the number 2 President on the Worst Ever List. It is a consensus that Joe Biden now holds the top spot, and with his recent performance, there is little chance of him relinquishing the title.

There is no way that Joe Biden will be on the 2024 ballot. He is not capable of the rigors of the job today, let alone what his mental capacity will be in two years. It would not be fair to talk about Biden’s age when talking about his ability and readiness for the top job in the country. There are people in their 80s who are sharp as a tack, and then there is Biden. He was not ready in 2020, but his condition was hidden as he was hunkered down in his Delaware basement. His handlers will not be able to use that game plan again.

We are stuck with this puppet President until 2025, along with his keeper behind the curtain. Indeed an embarrassing situation for America, but 81 Million voters created this mess. One thing is for sure. A staffer is permanently assigned to aisle 5 with a mop in hand.


Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Will Vetoing The Parental Rights Bill Cost Governor Groomer His Re-Election?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 12:00 +0000

Chris Sununu, Governor Groomer, is in trouble. His favorability has been collapsing in recent months, but it’s worse than he realizes. I don’t know many Republicans who like him much anymore, and now he’s decided to piss off parents across the spectrum.

Not a good idea.

And the genuinely amusing thing about it is that if Sununu does veto this bill, it is to appease the left, and wouldn’t losing re-election be the best way to do just that?

We’re talking about HB1431. A simple piece of legislation that Mr. Sununu has promised to veto. But the bill does not do anything discriminatory but does clarify that the kids belong to the parents and the parents have rights in that relationship that the state should not deny.


The general court finds that it is a fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their minor children. The general court further finds that important information relating to a minor child should not be withheld, either inadvertently or purposefully, from his or her parent, including information relating to the minor’s education. The general court further finds it is necessary to establish a consistent mechanism for parents to be notified of information relating to the health, education, and well-being of their minor children.


HB1431 ““would give parents the final word on their child’s health, education, and welfare.” That’s the opposition’s position, by the way. The one Sununu is backing. That’s not your job it belongs to the state and you don’t need to be involved?

We’re talking about people’s kids, and by promising to veto HB1431, Governor Groomer is telling those parents (and there are a lot of them) to f**k off.  Parents who might tell Governor Groomer to f**k off in November. And it’s not a stretch to suggest that.

Moderates are not all that indifferent to a real Democrat in the governor’s office, and neither are actual Democrats. And I think this is a straw that breaks a lot of camels’ backs.

I don’t want a Democrat governor, but all the projections suggest Republicans will keep the majority in the New Hampshire Legislature after November. If we take the Legislature we’ll probably hold the Executive Council (EC) as well. And Sununu?

If you can live with the stalemate for two years (GOP Legislature and EC with a Dem Governor), this is your chance to jettison governor Groomer.

And at this point, given the collapsing polls, Sununu may need them more than they need him.

Vetoing HB1431 is the final straw for many and if so, Sununu loses in November, and many Republicans who would never say it out loud will be happy to see him go so they can replace him with a real Republican in 2024.

Or, assuming it passes both chambers again (this week), and that looks likely, Chris could just leave it and let it become law without his signature. That might save him. Or perhaps Governor Groomer knows this and he’s working overtime to keep it from getting to his desk at all.

We’ll know soon enough but until then, contact your State Representatives and your State Senator and urge them to vote for HB1431. And sign the letter to Gov. Sununu asking him to sign the bill or allow HB1431 to become law.


If you missed it, Skip, Mike, and I talked about this at some length in the most recent episode of GrokTALK! that aired yesterday.



You can also listen on Spreaker, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or YouTube.

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Upper Valley Update: Business As Unusual?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 10:00 +0000

It’s difficult to know where to begin when talking about what’s happened in the Upper Valley since COVID hit back in 2020. However, the most obvious place to start is with businesses and the lack of help.

From small businesses to larger franchises there seems to have been a disappearance of willing workers and everyone on both sides of the river is wondering “Where is everybody?

Local business Allan’s vending has weathered the storm however the cost of gas along with the loss of some accounts due to the shift in employees working from home has put them in tough spots with reports of food shortages looming.

“We’re doing ok but it’s difficult to even get some items,” says Scott Allan who began running the operation for his family after his parents moved out of the office into semi-retirement. If the gas and lack of items aren’t enough, their trucks were hit repeatedly over the past several years for their catalytic converters. It’s anyone’s guess how things will shake out in the coming months, and the lack of qualified help has everyone concerned.

Pat Lundrigen who owns Lundy’s Landscaping and Auto Garage has seen three-quarters of his business disappear thanks to unwilling workers and the rise in lone landscapers. Were it not for his Auto Garage the landscape business he started back in his teens might not be viable.

“People don’t want to work and this next generation has no work ethic,” he says as he looks at his 14-year-old son Ryan who may or may not take on the family business someday. It’s anybody’s guess and Ryan, a standout baseball player, is just as disturbed by his generation’s lack of grit when it comes to his favorite sport. A sort of distant hope that things can get better seems to hang in the air as we consider the future.

Mary Hitchcock has always dealt with attrition as hospitals are wont to do, however, the current pattern in nursing is one that can’t be sustained. The rise in travel nurses, who see sometimes twice the pay as local staff, is bleeding both finances and morale.

“We’re operating sometimes two-thirds below our normal staff. The burnout is everywhere and nobody wants to get paid half of what someone who’s just passing through for a few months is making for the same job” explains a nurse who prefers to remain anonymous.

“We don’t have any OR (operating room) nurses, so surgeries are getting delayed.” This reminds me of the number of botched operations and third attempts among my friends and clients of late. One of my clients, a 21-year-old college student, is headed in for her third knee surgery on the same knee in three years. Her dad says he will not be paying for this one. Medicine is starting to feel third-world, and the third time is not the charm when we’re talking about surgery.

When asked what the solution is she doesn’t see one given the staffing issues that have existed since she’d gone into nursing. It’s just worse now with no apparent strategy given by administrators. A re-branding by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock board and marketing department is like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound.

A visit to Applebee’s in West Lebanon Sunday evening for my son’s sixteenth birthday found three-quarters of the tables empty yet the hostess told us the wait would be forty-five minutes.

“Forty-five minutes with all of these open tables?” I asked incredulously.

“We only have two waitresses and one of them, this is her first night. We only have one cook too.”

Offered to sit at the bar, we sat down only to listen to a disgruntled customer complaining about all of the food allergy accommodations she needed that weren’t being met. The bartender, Lexi, also new to the job, had to field the passive-aggressive comments from the woman who seemed more interested in complaining than enjoying a meal with her company. A capable manager came to Lexi’s rescue, however, the specter of wondering if this is the “new normal” we were warned about by our opportunistic world leaders who don’t seem to understand the better part of Build Back Better.

Leadership seems to be the real issue along with the ideologies that inform them. Luckily in the states, we still have the opportunity for local and state leadership to circumvent the failing state of the globalist vision that, for all its “Greats” and “Betters” is delivering neither.

Better for whom? So far the people and businesses of the Upper Valley beg the question.

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What Paper You Should Translate to Study Abroad

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 08:45 +0000

Surely, lots of students from all around the world dream about earning their diploma in a foreign university, and there’s a good reason for it. Essentially, studying abroad offers all possible student life experiences at their very best. The independence is full, there are lots of new people to meet, and plenty of new things to learn. Yet, in order to start gaining those experiences, one must make some effort first. There’s nothing extraordinary about translating documents required to enroll into a college or university abroad, yet one might find themselves in a somewhat inconvenient situation if they go unprepared.

Why Even Bother?

Before even enrolling in a university or college in another country, some might ask themselves, is it really worth it after all? Well, the answer here is certainly “yes,” no matter what kind of university you pick and what country you might need to travel to. If you’ll ever have a good reason to contact The Word Point, studying abroad would definitely be one of them. Here are only a few examples of how you can benefit from studying in another country.

If you conduct your education in a different country, you can:

  • Feel completely independent as your parents can’t visit you often.
  • Meet lots of fascinating people, the ones you’ll unlikely find in your country.
  • Get an opportunity to learn a new language in its natural habitat.
  • Travel
  • Get to know a different perspective on things, as scholars in different countries might view the same things differently.

Surely, enrolling in a foreign university is not the easiest feat, without mentioning studying there. Yet, challenges are worth worrying about only if you don’t know how to deal with them. And, while the challenges of student life can be solved right on the spot (and are often fun to solve), the challenges of enrollment are a different thing. You need to research the enrollment process in your target country, as well as collect and prepare all the documents you need.

Why Is Proper Document Preparation Important?

Essentially, documents play an extremely important role when it comes to important life decisions and steps. So, of course, as you enroll in any university in any country, you must have your documents ready to go One important difference in enrolling in a foreign university is that you should have those documents not just neat and ready, but also have them properly translated. Here are the documents that you’ll need to get specially prepared for a foreign university in most cases.

  • School record book to track your academic progress throughout your life.
  • Application form to know your motivation to study at that particular college or university and to make your enrollment initiated in the first place.
  • Personal statement to learn a little more about you.
  • Recommendation letters to know what you’re best at and how can the school enhance your potential.
  • Proof of language proficiency to be sure you can understand the material lectured to you and that you can communicate when you don’t understand something.
  • Admission test results to make sure you have the base knowledge to study a particular subject here and now.

Because the education system is not unified across the world, the documents from the list above might not always be issued in internationally accepted languages, like English. At the same time, some subjects might be titled differently in different languages or have different scopes in different countries. Essentially, that’s why the translation of those documents is required in the first place, to avoid any conflicts, misunderstandings, or inconsistencies that might arise. When studying at a foreign university, the only time when you might not need to put forth such an extended effort is when you buy a research paper online, as you can purchase it even before you enroll in the school. Otherwise, you need to comply with the requirements of the modern world and get your essential documents translated.


Nothing You Can’t Manage

As you can see, there are not that many documents you might need to translate to enroll in a foreign university. You should look into translating just a handful of papers, not all of which may be required by certain universities. So, if you’ve ever felt in doubt about trying to get into a college or university in another country, leave all that doubt behind and start paving that path today. No matter how much effort you might need to make to enroll in and then graduate from that school, it’s totally worth it.




Joanne Elliot career is truly fascinating for being rather diverse and rich despite its relatively short span. To that, Joanne always puts his all into writing and thinks that there’s much more to discover and share. And indeed, life often offers interesting lessons and findings quite unexpectedly, so Joanne doesn’t intend to stop his ever-lasting research.

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Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-25 06:00 +0000

NEWS ITEM: The U.S. Soccer Federation has announced a deal to pay the U.S. Men’s National Team and the U.S. Women’s National Team equally, eliminating a contentious pay gap that saw female players earn significantly less.

“Equity” is a common buzzword nowadays—kind of like “diversity.” It does seem equitable that members of our men’s and women’s national soccer teams be compensated similarly. Still, some feel that the quest for equity sometimes creates unfairness.

Men’s World Cup soccer has been around for almost a century. The first women’s World Cup was awarded in 1991. Does longevity matter?

Some wonder.

Further, consider the differing followings for men’s and women’s World Cup tournaments. The 2018 men’s World Cup soccer tournament was watched by a record-breaking 3.57 BILLION people. In contrast, the 2019 Women’s World Cup was viewed by “only” 1.12 billion, according to FIFA.

Men’s World Cup soccer generates much more revenue than does Women’s World Cup soccer. Should that fact influence the compensation levels for our respective national teams? Some think so. But would that be “equitable?”

Consider the disparate compensation levels for NBA and WNBA players. The average annual NBA salary is $7.5 million. The average WNBA salary is $121,000. That’s hardly equitable.

But the average WNBA attendance is around 2600 per game, as compared to an average NBA attendance of over 17,000 per game—92% of capacity.

So should market realities impact compensation levels for men’s and women’s sports?

Some wonder.

Federal “Title IX” legislation passed in 1972 prohibited sex-based discrimination at educational institutions receiving federal monies. Over time this helped create a whole new world of opportunity for female athletes. As a father to some fabulous Concord High School girls’ soccer players, I’m especially grateful that they had sports opportunities earlier unavailable to girls.

Still, sports equity came with a price. To accommodate Title IX requirements, countless male sports programs were eliminated.

Consider college wrestling. In 1982 there were 363 NCAA wrestling teams. In 2001 that number had dropped to 229 and dropped further still over the following years.

Was that “equitable” for wrestlers?

Some wonder.

Others feel the quest for “equity” negatively impacts education. Honors programs have been eliminated in California and elsewhere. Identifying and supporting gifted and talented students is not seen as “equitable” to progressives seeking those “level” playing fields—so to speak.

It may be “equitable” to teach to the lowest common denominator, but is it fair—or right—to hold back gifted students in the process?

New Hampshire is somewhere around 50th in the nation in terms of identifying and supporting gifted students. Fortunately, Governor Chris Sununu signed HB319 last year which finally requires school districts to pay some attention to this neglected population.

A facile reverence to “equity” creates new challenges. Ask those wrestlers whose programs disappeared. Or male swimmers, gymnasts, cross country runners, and so many others whose teams were sacrificed at the altar of “equity.”

Should reasonable qualitative fairness trump mandated quantitative equity in some sports situations?

Some wonder.



State Rep. Mike Moffett of Loudon is a former professor of Sports Management.

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