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What About Adam Cordano and Other Children Who Suffered at the Sununu Youth and Services Center?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 17:30 +0000

My question is: who fights for the disadvantaged? That’s what I want you to ask yourself as you read the story of Adam Cordano and other children who suffered at the Sununu Youth and Services Center.

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Last week, I sat down with Adam Cordano to talk to him about what he experienced in the NH state foster care system and at the Sununu Youth and Services Center. Adam is one of many plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Sununu Youth and Services Center. The lawsuit alleges that state employees sexually and physically abused many children who were detained at the center.

I will just highlight some of my takeaways from the interview. I encourage you to watch the whole interview to hear Adam for yourself.


The foster care system needs to be overhauled.

Adam stated that he was constantly running away from foster parents because he always felt abused.

The abuse was not always physical, but it was emotional. The reason for that is that he was always one of many, many foster care children in a house, and he was treated like a paycheck.

One family had ten foster children and four biological children. They fed the foster children state rations. While the biological children ate store-bought food.

Because he was made to feel less, he ran away, and he did that repeatedly.

Can I trust the law enforcement community to take care of disadvantaged people?

After running out of foster homes to live in, at 13 years old, Adam was forced to live at YDC, which is now called the Sununu Youth and Services Center. At YDC, he was sexually abused repeatedly by Stan Watson. Stan would come into his room in the middle of the night and force him to have sex.

He reported the abuse to Joe Peters, the unit manager, but Peters refused to send Adam to the medical facility for an exam. Instead, he talked to Stan about it. After that, Stan beat Adam for reporting him.

Next, Stan asked Adam’s case worker, Evelyn Blaze, to let him be Adam’s foster dad. Adam told Evelyn that Stan was raping him. She told him that if he didn’t go with Stan, he would be forced to stay in King Cottage, a prison-like facility at YDC.

Without a background check or the usual hoops that foster parents need to go through, Stan was allowed to bring Adam home.

After some time of living with Stan, Adam got fed up and decided to hold Stan at gunpoint. The cops were called, and he told the cops what was going on. That’s when Stan’s dad, the chief of police from Merrimack (a different county from the arrest), stepped in. He told Stan that if he talked about what went on, he would never see the light of day.

So, Adam went back to Stan’s house.

According to Adam, Evelyn Blaze became the head of DCYF.

Where are all the good people at YDC?

If Adam had trouble learning, they would cuff him to a poll and put him in seclusion. How did that help Adam learn anything? Why didn’t someone step in and say, stop hurting these children?

Adam said that he was forced to wrestle other boys naked at YDC. Then, if a child was hurt, they brought them to medical. At medical, the workers never questioned why children were always getting hurt.

Why did it take so long for these things to get out?

Stan probably abused more children, not just Adam. Yet, why didn’t those children come forward after getting out of YDC?

If they did, what happened to their complaints?

Were the complaints treated like Adam’s complaint? Are we not a country that believes in innocence until proven guilty? Why were these children treated like liars if they reported their crimes?

Is that how the state treats all children who came forward with claims of abuse?

Why did it take so long for the state to investigate these crimes?

If there are over 300 people that have come forward to add their names to this lawsuit, many people have surely come forward in the past to report abuse.

Why did it have to take a class action lawsuit brought by so many people to get the state to investigate and question the system.

Who is fighting for these children?

Adam obviously felt very alone. His foster families used him as a paycheck. His case worker didn’t fight for him. Workers at the state facility were abusing him. When he reported crimes, his crimes were dismissed. The police threatened him if he spoke out.

Who was he supposed to turn to?

If you want to read about the horrors that went on at the Sununu Youth Center and other facilities for disadvantaged youths, check out this NPR article.



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The Post Pandemic Rise of COVID-VAXX-Free Dating Sites

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 16:00 +0000

You might be one of the few who thought to yourself, “you know what, I don’t think I need that COVID vaccine.” Did you also think, assuming you are single and don’t want to be, that you don’t want the certain someone to have gotten it either?

There are dating sites for you.


Depending on where you look, the mainstream reporting about apps like Unvxxed or Unjected have called them (Guess?) “anti-vaxxer” dating sites.


The app, meant to “connect critical thinkers across the world dedicated to a healthier tomorrow,” is called Unjected, and intends “on being a safe place for covid19 unvaccinated individuals to connect and find each other in their own communities.”


The mainstream also used to say things like you can’t get COVID from vaccinated people and some still do.

Hello, that is why the medical establishment stopped reporting the vaccine status of people hospitalized with COVID. If there was even the slimmest majority of unvaxxed filling beds, you’d never hear the end of it. Ergo, we know the truth, and thanks to the UK, Isreal, and a few other nations that cough up good data regularly, we know it’s true.

But what else should we expect? Even if you felt duped, what can you do about it but pretend you made the right choice and if you’re Liberal enough, make fun of people who were not sheeple? In other words, the vaccine, like masks, or their absence, became a gang sign. That passport business didn’t help.

So here we are a few years in, and the lines are drawn. Most of the people who got it, regret it or not, can’t undo that. More than a few feel like it was a mistake, and some of them have pursued detox programs. But a lot of them are just belligerent intolerant assholes who call people who never needed that needle anti-science or vaccine deniers.

Who wants to wade through the damaged dating gene pool only to watch that scum repetitiously rise to the surface? And you don’t have to do that. Dating apps have been popping up all over the planet to help pure bloods (their term, not mine) find each other and maybe make a connection. And since you already have that in common – and more than a few covid war stories along with it – odds are good you’ll have something to talk about.

Whether that conversation translates into anything meaningful is another matter, but that is for you to work out.

Unjected, for example, which started in 2021, isn’t just a dating app. It sells itself as a community that helps unvaccinated folks access all kinds of relationships, including with friends, family, and medical professionals. Sort of a package deals away from what, at that time, was an increasingly intolerant vaxxed community that in some places hasn’t much improved since.

So, would someone who is vaxxed try to connect with anyone in that community? And not just for detox advice. If you are dating and desperate, you’d have to be stupid not to try.

I didn’t sign up to find out any terms or conditions (I’m happily married to my unvaxxed mate), but what are the odds the potential paramour would ask you to take a blood test? German Researchers lead a multi-nation working group that proved you could identify people who are vaccinated by their blood. It’s different.

Awkward? Maybe, but when AIDS first reared its ugly head, it almost became socially acceptable for two people who were thinking about getting serious to volunteer to get tested together.

Maybe that’s the next new old thing in dating.

Swipe right, blood test, dinner, movie …


By the way, if you want a good laugh, check out the 2021 Mediaite piece I quoted. It’s quite the time capsule of approved opinion at the time. Talk about ideas with a shelf life.



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8 Tips to Win Parental Rights

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 15:00 +0000

If you are a parent going through a divorce, you may be wondering how to win parental responsibilities. Here are eight tips to help you get the most out of your divorce and protect your relationship with your children.

1. Get Organized

The first step is to get organized. Gather all of the important documents related to your divorce, including financial records, custody agreements, and any other relevant paperwork.

This will help you keep track of everything and make sure that you are on the same page as your ex-spouse.<

2. Communicate with Your Ex-Spouse

It is important to communicate with your ex-spouse, even if it is difficult. You need to be able to discuss things like parental rights, visitation schedules, and child support payments in a calm and rational way. If you can’t communicate directly, consider using a mediator or collaborative law attorney.

3. Put Your Children First

Your children should always be your first priority. This means that you need to put their needs above your own and make sure that they are comfortable with the arrangement that you have agreed upon.

It can be difficult to let go of some things, but it is important to remember that your children’s happiness should be more important than anything else.

4. Be Flexible

Be prepared to be flexible in the parenting agreement. There will likely be times when one parent needs to adjust the schedule due to work or other commitments.

It is important to be able to adjust accordingly so that everyone is still able to spend time with the children.

5. Cooperate with Your Co-Parent

You need to cooperate with your co-parent as much as possible. This means sharing information about doctor’s appointments, school events, and anything else that is going on in your child’s life.

It can be difficult to do this if you are not on good terms with your ex-spouse, but it is important for the sake of your children.

6. Keep Communication Open

Make sure that you keep the lines of communication open with your children. They should feel free to come to you with any questions or concerns that they have about the divorce or the new arrangement.

You need to encourage them to spend time with both parents so that they don’t feel like they have to choose sides.<

7. Seek Outside Support

If you are finding it difficult to cope with the divorce, seek outside support from friends, family, or a professional counselor.

It is crucial to talk about what you are going through so that you can process your feelings and move on in a healthy way.

8.  Seek Professional Help

If you are having difficulty reaching an agreement with your ex-spouse, seek professional help from a mediator or collaborative law attorney who can assist you in negotiations.


Custody battles are never easy, but by following these tips, you’ll give yourself the best chance at winning parental responsibilities for your child.

Click here if you need the help of a parental rights lawyer!

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Is Your Child’s Personal Data Collected By Google Classroom?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 14:30 +0000

GOOGLE – has NOT protected Privacy: Parents need to evaluate what is happening in their Schools with Data collection by Ed Tech companies. More than half of K-12 grade Students use GOOGLE every day in the classroom.

Google has agreed to a $391.5 million settlement with 40 states in connection with an investigation into how the company tracked users’ locations. This has been called the largest multi-state privacy settlement in U.S history.

Google to pay 40 states $392M in location-tracking settlement
The investigation by the states, which officials said was spurred by a 2018 Associated Press story, found that Google continued to track people’s location data even after they opted out of such tracking.

What about Google in the classroom?

“Today, more than half the nation’s primary- and secondary-school students — more than 30 million children — use Google education apps like Gmail and Docs, the company said. And Chromebooks, Google-powered laptops that initially struggled to find a purpose, are now a powerhouse in America’s schools. Today they account for more than half the mobile devices shipped to schools.” Full article.

Oklahoma received 6.8 mill from Google for TRACKING Oklahomans: “This type of data is extremely personal for consumers,” said Attorney General O’Connor. “I am glad Oklahoma will benefit from this historic settlement which proves that no entity, not even big tech companies, is above the law.

Google “records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.” – AP In the largest multi-state AG settlement ever, the attorneys general found that Google violated state consumer protection laws by misleading consumers about its location-tracking practices since at least 2014.

Is my child’s Data Collected by Google Classroom?
Educators need to obtain permission from parents or guardians before implementing Google Classroom, and ensure they approve of their children using the internet and Google products. It also would be a good idea for students to be reminded by both their families and teachers that when using technology at school, they need to be responsible digital citizens. Make sure they are familiar with internet safety and the importance of refraining from sharing private or sensitive information over the internet.

Googling Education – Is Student Data Really Private with Google? 

Denise Tayloe is CEO of PRIVO and is a recognized leader and authority in children’s online privacy, customer identity and consent management. Tayloe’s company helps organizations navigate the opportunities and challenges of implementing COPPA. “We have spoken to countless developers and online service providers over the years who are quick to tell us they are COPPA compliant and do not trigger COPPA since no personal data is directly being collected from children under 13,” said Tayloe. “Companies also like to boast their lawyer has made sure they are COPPA compliant. Being in the trenches for over a decade helping companies obtain COPPA certification, we can tell you in most cases, companies are not 100 percent buttoned up as they should be, especially in the school setting. The FTC has brought 31 cases to enforce it, in addition to enforcement from state attorneys general like New York’s Operation Child Tracker and New Mexico’s AG suing Google, Twitter and other companies for violating children’s privacy.”

Mississippi Attorney General Sues Google Over Student Data-Privacy

“Through this lawsuit, we want to know the extent of Google’s data mining and marketing of student information to third parties,” Hood said in a statement. “I don’t think there could be any motivation other than greed for a company to deliberately keep secret how it collects and uses student information.”

In 2015 The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a complaint against Google, “for collecting and data mining school children’s personal information, including their Internet searches.”

Part of Google’s response was: “We track student browser history because it is helpful for the development of classroom products.”

If you view G Suite’s Privacy Policy you will learn Google will share children’s personal information with others.
Some of us do not want Google to share our children’s personal information with others, or to track our children’s browsers history to help them develop products. The problem is this is done without parental consent and most parents have no idea what’s going on.


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Trump is Running in 2024 – Dem vs. Republican Response

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 13:00 +0000

The big news that’s not so big ‘cuz everyone should have seen it coming is that Donald Trump has announced he is running for President in 2024. There are many good reasons to do it this soon, but the consensus from the Machine is he should have waited, which is why he didn’t.



The Machine (r)epublicans are tripping over themselves to find a microphone to claim it is a Yuge mistake while the Machine Democrats dispatch media teams to early primary states.





Guess who’s more likely to be ready when the time comes?

Until then, Republicans are saying we need to focus on Georgia. That’s not untrue, but McConnell didn’t focus on Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire (in the last weeks of the mid-term campaign), which is why Georgia is suddenly so damn important.

McConnell supported the stooge RINO in Alaska instead of an America-first Republican.

Before you get too spun up about the Trump announcement, take some time to think about the good stuff Trump did. Yeah, he screwed some stuff up, but he did more good for America than any President I can recall, and I’m a big fan of Ronald Reagan.

He tried to put the American people first, and the ruling class in both parties are terrified of the damage he could do to their establishment. That’s always worth a great deal of consideration.

What the establishment fears most is what’s best for America. Why do we think McConnell bailed on good candidates in Nevada, Arizona, and New Hampshire and backed the RINO stooge in Alaska when her challenger was a solid pro-American Republican?

I think the GOP should be thanking him. When the Republican Party loses Georgia, they can blame Trump when the fault lies with the RNC.

And now that Trump has announced, the J6 Dems will have to crank it into overdrive to try and disqualify him from running before January. That is, after all, the only reason for that Star Chamber.

I assume Trump knows this, so I’m interested in how he thinks that will proceed and what he has planned in response.

Oh, and didn’t we say the 2024 campaign would start right after the midterms?


Update: Care of MAGA 2024 :


Key excerpts:

President Trump: “The decline of America is being forced upon us by Biden and the radical left lunatics running our government into the ground. This decline is not a fate we must accept.”

President Trump: “Together, we will be taking on the most corrupt forces and entrenched interests imaginable… This is not a task for a politician or a conventional candidate. This is a task for a great movement.”

President Trump: “This will not be my campaign. This will be our campaign all together. Because the only force strong enough to defeat the massive corruption we are up against is you, the American people.”

President Trump: “The radical left Democrats have embraced an extreme ideology of government domination and control. Our approach is the opposite, based on freedom, values, individual responsibility and just plain common sense.”

President Trump: “We are going to restore and secure America’s borders just like we had them before. We built the wall and now we will add to it.”

President Trump: “Every drug dealer during his or her life on average will kill 500 people with the drugs they sell, not to mention the destruction of families. We are going to be asking everyone who sells drugs, gets caught selling drugs to receive the death penalty.”

President Trump: “We will abolish every Biden covid mandate and rehire every patriot who was fired from our military with an apology and full back pay.”

President Trump: “I will push a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress. I will ask for a permanent ban on taxpayer funding of campaigns, a lifetime on lobbying by former members of Congress.. a ban on members of Congress trading stocks on insider information”


Feel free – as I know you do – to add your thoughts on those priorities.

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SAU 3 Berlin – Public School Library RTK. Pushback.

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 11:30 +0000

Well, I did make a request for the card catalog for SAU3/Berlin, NH – a single entity that describes the books/other materials that are considered to be the “library collection” (“SAU 3 Berlin – Public School Library RTK“).

Sidenote: when dealing with a School District, always, ALWAYS first deal with the School Board members.  THEY are the Elected Representatives and THEY are responsible

However, even though it is a “public” record, it was clear that it wasn’t going to be given up.  WHY?  It’s just a list of books, right?

Yeah, not so much. Emphasis mine:

—— Original Message ——
From: “Julie King” <>
Cc: “Ann Nolin” <>; “Marion Clancy” <>; “Jeanne Charest” <>; “Matthew Buteau” <>; “Nathan Morin” <>; “Eamon Kelley” <>; “Julie King” <>
Sent: 10/5/2022 10:34:38 PM
Subject: Response to RTK request


In response to your demand under the Right to Know Law, the catalog of the collections in both school’s main libraries are open for the public to browse on our website using the following:

Library / Homepage (  select which library then “Destiny Catalog.”

We do not catalog or maintain logs of classroom collections.

Julie King

SAU#3 – Berlin Public Schools
District Office
183 Hillside Ave., Berlin, NH 03570
Phone: (603) 752-6500 ext.1108 | Fax: (603) 752-2528 |

Confidentiality Notice:  This message is intended only for the person to whom it is addressed, and may contain confidential information.  If you are not that person, any use of this message is prohibited.  We request that you notify us by reply that you have received this message in error, and then delete all copies of this message including any contained in your reply.  Thank you

Sidenote: Methinks someone ought to let Superintendent King know that ALL governmental emails are public records. Sorry, if confidential information is to be sent, use the US Postal Service or FedEx. At anytime, her email can also be RTK’d and for any reason or purpose that the person issuing the RTK can think up. That aside…

Well, my RTK was NOT a request of “How do I look up a book if that’s all I wanted?”.  No, the object of the RTK was the “card catalog” – the listing. Not the books in it and it is clear that ANY well run library system possesses the ability to immediately display/list/print/”save off to a file” that entity at any point in time. EVERY library system has that capability – it MUST in order to have accountability especially for inventory purposes (and a myriad of other reasons as well).

So, no, that answer was insufficient and I let Superintendent King know it (again, any emphasis is mine):

From: Skip <>
Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at 3:25 PM
Subject: Re: Response to RTK request
To: Julie King <>
Cc: Ann Nolin <>, Marion Clancy <>, Jeanne Charest <>, Matthew Buteau <>, Nathan Morin <>, Eamon Kelley <>

Good afternoon,

An RSA 91A demand is looking for the respondent to supply Responsive Records – in this case, the records contained in your District’s school library card catalogs. It is insufficient to provide mere links and a “look it up yourself” response. Thus, I consider this a non-response under the auspices of RSA91A to provide that which the Law demands. After all, SAU79, SAU73, SAU88, and others have already properly followed the Law’s requirements, accomplished the requested and proper action, and provided EXCEL spreadsheets with the information demanded in the Right To Know.

To recap:
* Name of the book
* Name of the Author(s)
* Content Summary
* ISBN identification (or other such designated ID)
* Name of the School
* If a School has multiple libraries, a designation of which library is being referenced (in the case of Brockton High, the five libraries: Red, Azure/Blue, Green, Yellow, and the Science libraries)
* Name/designation of the Classroom within a School

I would refer you to the original document I sent to the Board. It is the lawful expectation that the District will follow suit.

Best regards,


Skip Murphy
Founder, co-owner | | 603-630-6644 Dominating the political Bandwidth in New Hampshire

Again, a card catalog is a single datum – a list. It doesn’t require a clerk, or a group of clerks, running around a school building looking at all of the spines of books to gather or write down bibliographic information.  In fact, that is impermissible under RSA 91-A, NH’s Right To Know law:

91-A:4 Minutes and Records Available for Public Inspection. –

VII. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require a public body or agency to compile, cross-reference, or assemble information into a form in which it is not already kept or reported by that body or agency.

A Library’s card catalog / collection listing can be had by the push of a button. Period.  The database system is already set up to reference all that is necessary.

Sadly, that’s not what I got in return from Superintendent King.  Instead (emphasis mine) – it was from a lawyer:

—— Original Message ——
From: “Atty. Barbara Loughman” <>
To: “” <>
Cc: “Julie King” <>; “Karen Lancaster” <>
Sent: 10/11/2022 10:44:54 AM
Subject: Berlin PS/RTK/Gr.Gr.10.2.22req.

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I represent SAU #3, Berlin Public Schools and am responding to your October 2 RTK request and subsequent correspondence printed below. It will take me a couple of days to review the matter. I will get back to you by the end of the week.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara F. Loughman
Soule Leslie Kidder
PO Box 908
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

What is with a District that has to consult with a lawyer about a public document that even kids can access?  But, I decided to “play nice” (aka the movie “Roadhouse“‘s definition) – I offered to assist the Library Staff generate the report necessary to fulfill the RTK.  After all, EVERY Library system has such a query file (unless someone sabotages it):

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
To: “Atty. Barbara Loughman” <>
Cc: “Julie King” <>; “Karen Lancaster” <>
Sent: 10/11/2022 2:11:41 PM
Subject: Re: Berlin PS/RTK/Gr.Gr.10.2.22req.

Good afternoon!

Thanks for letting me know that you are evaluating my RSA 91A demand.

It’s not clear that there is any controversy surrounding it – nothing confidential, no privileged conversations, and certainly nothing of a personnel matter. It’s just a list of books that has been requested.

I’m quite sure that your Library Information System (as I don’t know of a single District in the State that continues to use a physical card catalog system based on paper cards anymore) is capable in fulfilling this request. Most likely, once the proper submenu navigation has been accomplished, a simple button press should be sufficient. Having an M.S. in computer science and 40 years in the industry, if the SAU staff librarians are unable to create a simple EXCEL spreadsheet file with the demanded data points in your SQL database system, I can talk them through it. It’s a trivial query.

Can you give me their contact information so as to ask prelim questions as to how they might need my assistance? As a former Principal Consultant, I’m always happy to help people!

Kindest regards,


I have the instructions – I could have mailed it to them in a step by step basis.  But then, again, lawyers. However, there’s a hook at the end of this story that will be amusing.

To Be Continued…

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MAGA Doesn’t Equal Conservative?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 02:30 +0000

So I read someplace that “MAGA doesn’t equal conservative.” So actually having a border with Mexico, not kowtowing to China, re-industrializing America, being energy independent, avoiding wars-of-choice, low inflation, economic growth, cutting taxes, deregulation, appointing originalist judges … to name certain MAGA policies … are not, I repeat are NOT, conservative?

MAGA is a set of principles, not a cult-of-personality. Trump won in 2016 … and materially improved on his performance in the rigged election of 2020 … because of the principles he espoused and followed. The notion that MAGA is a cult of personality is ass-backwards.

The notion that still supporting Trump is disqualifying is divisive and defeatist. I haven’t decided how I am voting in 2024. I will listen to what every candidate has to say, and then decide. The notion that I have to immediately and loudly say I won’t support Trump … before I even hear what he considers the top issues and how he proposes to address them … is the real cult-of-personality.



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Biden’s Climate Change Piggy Bank

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-11-16 01:00 +0000

We first must understand that the President has no authority to allocate U.S. tax dollars. Congress is charged with the sole responsibility of how and where the United States distributes the hard-earned money of the American People.

Joe Biden is on a three-stop tour to Egypt, Cambodia, and Indonesia, pledging our cash at a record pace.

When President Trump pulled America from the Paris Climate Change Accord, he took tremendous criticism from the Green folk but was praised by most who saw the accord as a money pit. The American industrial machine has made great strides to be more efficient and to reduce our carbon output. Most of this has been done voluntarily because it was good for business and the environment. The Paris Accord requires us the pledge millions of dollars to a global fund while doing nothing to force countries like China and India to reduce their pollution levels, which are actually getting worse. One of President Biden’s first official acts in 2021 was to rejoin America in the Paris Accord.

The Biden Spending Spree actually began on his Inauguration Day when he committed to rejoining the Paris Accord. Included in his Inflation Reduction Act, which was purposely wrongly named, was $369 Billion \\energy security and climate change resilience investments. These have significant implications for the world, as they demonstrate U.S. leadership abroad and change the trajectory of international climate action, according to the Democrats.

The first stop for Biden’s international spree was Egypt. There, he attended the COP27, the largest group of UN countries that gathered to solve the climate “crisis” by pledging vast amounts of their citizen’s money. Joe chipped in with his pledge of $250 Million to Egypt to unleash their energy initiative. His pledge came with an apology for Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord. Biden will never miss an opportunity to spend our money or bash Donald Trump and his supporters.

The ironic element of the Biden Monetary Windfall for climate change supporters is that most money will go to developing countries. You would think these countries would be in Africa or maybe the South Pacific, but the two countries on the list should anger those who find this a waste of our money. China and India are among the underdeveloped and impoverished countries, according to the brilliant folks at COP27. Our hard-earned money will be funneled to China. Thank you, Joe and the COP27 hypocrites.

We hope that the new Congress can intercept and squash these ridiculous pledges. The Republicans will have a slight majority in the House, but small is all you need to say, no. This is why the Midterms were so important, and though the gains were not near expected, Nancy Pelosi will grudgingly hand the gavel to Kevin McCarthy on January 3rd. What a great way to start the New Year.


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No, No, No – It’s Not “Where’s Waldo?” It’s “Where’s Dan Eaton (D-Stoddard)”?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 23:30 +0000

Yes, when the Eldest and Youngest were young, the book “Where’s Waldo” was very popular. Essentially, it was a book of illustrations with a lot of “densely drawn” pictures and the idea was to find this character, Waldo, in all kinds of situations. Sometimes it was obvious but also times when it was dang hard to find him. Find him. You know, he could be anywhere. 

And kids LOVED working to find him. It was the fad of the day. So much so, even today, most adults still immediately “get it” when “Where’s Waldo” is mentioned even if what is being sought after has nothing to do with “Waldo”.


(Yes, click to embiggen!)

Like Dan Eaton from what a couple of tipsters are telling. Where, oh, where might you be?  Are you living where you have stated you do?  People have sent me some stuff and I’ve talked with them.  Interesting anecdotes – but people are looking for harder information to see if he domiciles – or not – where he says he does.

No, I don’t have any hard evidence YET but I do have hard evidence where he says he is.  So, the topmost image is of the address Eaton has given as his place of Domicile (that IS the word that is used when talking about some types of fraud, right?). His Voter Registration Record from Stoddard shows him giving that as his address:


(click to embiggen)

I also have the entire Voter Record list (again, a public document) from which I have taken a bit of a slice:

And if anyone complains, I can put up the entire spreadsheet to confirm. There’s also this from the NH Secretary of State showing that Eaton did, use this address in filing his candidacy as shown by the NH SecState Winners listing:

OK, Skip, all well and good. So what?

My tipsters went to the home and looked around and saw that topmost image.



Doesn’t look like it’s occupied – shades down, driveway blocked – a typical summer “lake house” type building. As they took snaps, they came across a guy with a big dog and told him that they were looking for Dan Eaton. The response was telling: “No one knows…doesn’t live around here“.  This on a private road – this guy lives just a few houses down from 139 Powerline Rd.

And it’s not like Eaton owns the home, either. Here’s the tax information for the house – the owner lives in South Dakota:

Tax card 139 Powerline Rd Dan Eaton Earnest Getty


I was told, via hearsay, that someone went to “close up the place” – presumably for the winter season.

Questions, questions. I’m looking for more and have asked these ‘Grok tipsters for more info.  Who knows what will come of this – is this barely a ripple in a teacup or something on which someone will have to take action on?

Dunno.  I’m just laying it out there and if someone has more info, let me know.

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How Much Is the State of New Hampshire Hiding to Get Away with Gross Misconduct?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 22:00 +0000

In 2003, Carlene Hempel wrote an article in about New Hampshire’s top sex crimes police detective, James F McLaughlin.

We want to thank Claire Best for this Op-Ed Please direct yours to
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In January 2022, James F McLaughlin’s name appeared on the Laurie list of corrupt police officers in New Hampshire. It transpires that the State has known about him since 1985, a full 9 years before he framed Father Gordon MacRae, who is still in prison 28 years later despite his claims of innocence, several Wall Street Journal articles indicating his innocence, a 3-year investigation by an ex FBI agent indicating his innocence.

This summer, James F McLaughlin’s name was removed again from the Laurie List in a private arrangement.

Was James F McLaughlin actually a sex predator himself, hiding out in chat rooms as “Adam,” a teenage boy, taking photos of minors, lurking on campus under the color of the law?

How much is the State of New Hampshire hiding to get away with gross misconduct, and how much of that relies on protecting James F McLaughlin and others who worked with him? Is this the real reason that Father Gordon MacRae has been denied justice all these years?

One of the people who worked with James F McLaughlin was Monsignor Edward Arsenault, who went to prison in 2014 for defrauding the Diocese, a dead priest’s estate and the Catholic Medical Center. As he went to prison (where he was quickly transferred to Keene County Jail and then put on home confinement before being released with a new name Edward Bolognini and all his restitution paid while he was away), he shook hands with Assistant AG Jane Young who is now US Atty for New Hampshire.

One of the other people working with James F McLaughlin was Chuck Douglas Esq, who had been NH Supreme Court Chief Justice in the 90s during which time he sent a 13-year-old impregnated rape victim back to the Youth Detention Center after she failed to name her rapist. The State has suddenly found millions of documents regarding abuse at the center which have been hidden for decades.

Chuck Douglas Esq was the attorney who filed hundreds of suits against the Diocese of Manchester with little to no evidence. When Arsenault was sent to prison in 2014, Douglas said that he was very pleasant to deal with.

Earlier this year, the Catholic Medical Center was fined $3.8 million in a kickback scheme by the US DOJ. Chuck Douglas then stepped in to represent the whistleblower for his reward for reporting the fraud. It is my suspicion that in fact Chuck Douglas stepped in to gatekeep — to prevent the US DOJ from discovering more about the CMC and kickbacks which could have led to Arsenault as well as Gordon MacDonald (now NH SC Chief Justice), who represented the Diocese when Arsenault was there and who represented Purdue Pharma when it was sued by NH. Gordon MacDonald managed to block an external audit of Purdue’s internal documents, which could have exposed himself and Arsenault, who was in charge of increasing profits for CMC. Partnered with Gordon MacDonald at Nixon Peabody sorting out the settlements with Arsenault was David Vicinanzo, who is the legal representative for the NHCADSV and who praised Judge Richard McNamara for keeping the Grand Jury Criminal Investigation Report into St Paul’s School private following NH v Owen Labrie.

The settlement agreement with St Paul’s School was identical to the settlement agreement with the Diocese of Manchester and involved the very same people: Gordon MacDonald, who had represented the Diocese, was now AG. David Vicinanzo, who had represented the Diocese, was now repping NHCADSV who got a contract with St Paul’s School out of the settlement. Chuck Douglas, who filed the suits against the Diocese, was filing the suits against St Paul’s School and Chair of the NH Judicial Selection Committee.

Concord Monitor journalist AnnMarie Timmins worked with the prosecutors and was sent to interview Father Gordon MacRae in prison to ask him to speak about sexual assaults with people he’d never met. She is married to Judge William Delker who was involved in prosecuting the diocese cases and is now judge for the youth detention center cases.

Gordon MacDonald asked Father Gordon MacRae to confess to sexual assaults with people he’d never met for quick settlements. AnnMarie Timmins’ journalism would presumably help the argument.

David Vicinanzo was announced to be the AG back in 2003/4 and then suddenly withdrew. Lauren Noether, who was assistant AG at the time (2002–3) left to work for the Children’s Advocacy Centers, but one address she worked at (10 Ferry Street, Concord New Hampshire) was reported to the Boston FBI in 2016 for suspected child trafficking. Other addresses at 10 Ferry Street include Virtus LLC, “Protecting Gods Children,” which is listed in the Pandora Papers and was founded by Edward Arsenault in 1999.

On the board of the Child Advocacy Centers non-profit is Andrew H Crews, who was CEO of Autofair, also listed in the Pandora Papers. Crews is also on the board of Granite One Health (tied to the CMC, I understand), a board member of Primary Bank, and president of the NH State Lottery, for which Chuck Douglas’ 5th wife is Chair. Supporting the Children’s Advocacy Centers is a gambling enterprise as well.

Andrew H Crews stepped down from Autofair in December 2021, and the business sold to an address in West Palm Beach, Florida which coincidentally happens to be where Edward Arsenault has a company called DaFranz dealing in all things Italian, per its business registration. DaFranz was opened in 2021. Whether that is coincidental or not, I don’t know, but it’s odd.

James F McLaughlin won the lifetime achievement award from New Hampshire Police and Fire Department in 2016. The same year, Detective Julie Curtin from Concord (the investigator in NH v Owen Labrie and in the St Paul’s Grand Jury Criminal Investigation under Jane Young from the AG’s office when Gordon MacDonald was there) was given an award for her work in the Labrie investigation and “justice for the victim” despite failing to follow the most basic protocols and for failure to investigate DNA which did not match Owen Labrie’s and for lying on a sworn affidavit about a SANE nurse report (which the SANE nurse corrected in trial).

I found complaints against Detective Julie Curtin from 2005, which were turned down by the NH Supreme Court. I made complaints about Julie Curtin in 2020 to the LEACT commission, which resulted in my being stalked on social media by Amanda Grady Sexton and the NHCADSV. I was then threatened with a defamation suit by Shaheen & Gordon (representing Amanda Grady Sexton of NHCADSV) in July 2021, which I perceive to be witness intimidation for having the courage to speak up against public corruption by elected officials and state agencies.

It is impossible to separate Shaheen & Gordon from Senator Jeanne Shaheen on the one hand and the attorney general’s office, state agencies, and Governor on the other. Senator Jeanne Shaheen has spoken publicly about the importance of an independent judiciary for a functioning democracy, yet her own state can’t seem to follow the practice because her husband, a former US attorney for New Hampshire, is wrapped up in it.

There is clear and irrefutable evidence that there is a coordinated enterprise going on which started with the Diocese of Manchester and the framing of Father Gordon MacRae by James F McLaughlin. There is clear and irrefutable evidence that this same extortion racket was repeated in the framing of Owen Labrie (who had the same judge, Larry Smukler, who had turned down Father Gordon MacRae for a retrial in 2014) with the very same people.

After I wrote to John Scippa at Police Standards and training about Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin, he forwarded my complaint to the AG’s office. Jane Young, at the time assistant AG, replied to me saying that Geoffrey Ward, another assistant AG, would reply. Despite several follow-ups, he never did. Then Geoffrey Ward deleted the files of 28 corrupt police officers. I believe that Detective Julie Curtin was one of these because not only had I complained about her, and there was a 2005 complaint about her in a sex crimes case but also, in the book “Notes on a Silencing” by Lacy Crawford, there is a chapter in which Crawford states that Curtin went to St Paul’s school to get files without a warrant. This chapter irked AG Gordon MacDonald and Assistant AG Jane Young, who wrote to the publisher Little Brown about it, calling it “reckless.”

A small detail was missing in the above article: Police Detective Julie Curtin, most likely trained by James F McLaughlin, was working under the specific instruction of the AG’s office, who would have authorized the access to school files without warrants, and intercept calls trained by the NHCADSV to wealthy targets.

In March/April 2020, I was contacted by an alum of St Paul’s School who told me that he had been the target of one such intercept call from Julie Curtin, who had obtained the files of an old girlfriend of his from his time at the school. It transpires that Curtin had cold-called the woman and allegedly convinced her she could be a victim for money. The NHCADSV stated earlier this year that they train the police for these intercept calls. In this particular case, the alum was threatened with charges. He hired a local attorney who got hold of the intercept call and could hear Julie Curtin training the woman on the other end of the line. This alum was told that if he paid a large sum of money, the charges would be dropped. He complied, and the threat of bogus charges went away. He was told the woman was hard up and just wanted money. I wonder how much money she received after attorneys, police officers, victims advocates took their cut. The attorneys who sued Dartmouth College took 35% and the NHCADSV 20% .

When ABC/GMA was about to air an interview with Owen Labrie in July 2019, Amanda Grady Sexton of the NHCADSV and City of Concord Public Safety Committee, which approves the budgets for Concord Police, including payments to witnesses for Grand Jury (per a recent admission from Concord Police Chief Bradley Osgood) led a campaign to block the show from airing. She was successful. At the time the program would have aired, Chuck Douglas and Steven J Kelly were in mediation on a $70 million class action #MeToo suit against Dartmouth, which settled two weeks later for $14 million. The NHCADSV got an estimated $2.865 million from the suit, while Douglas and Kelly made $4.9 million. These were the same attorneys who sued St Paul’s School in the wake of the Labrie trial, one of the same attorneys who sued the Diocese in the wake of the MacRae trial.

At the time of the Diocese suits in the early 2000s, Jim Rosenberg of Shaheen & Gordon was in the AG’s office. He has been quoted about the Diocese case and how they went to find a victim in order to open the floodgates. Jim Rosenberg represented the State witness, Andrew Thomson, a snitch in the Labrie trial whose mother was legal counsel to Governor Maggie Hassan. The prosecutor admitted in a sidebar to Judge Smukler that the mother of a 15-year-old female had wanted the police to investigate Andrew Thomson for unlawful sexual relationship with her daughter. But within a couple of hours of his interview with the Concord Police he had emailed to sever his relationship with the girl, and he was quoted as a state witness in the affidavit the police used to frame Owen Labrie. His attorney, Jim Rosenberg, laughably claimed Thomson had done nothing wrong. Did Rosenberg, former AG Michael Delaney (representing St Paul’s) and the state prosecutor have a confab? It would appear so judging by the absence of Thomson’s name in the civil suits.

Full exposure of New Hampshire’s cover-up of James F McLaughlin and other police officers involved in sex crimes in New Hampshire will shed light on how sex abuse of minors at the state’s youth detention facilities continued for decades. But it will also shed light on an abhorrent racket to defraud the Diocese and St Paul’s School by framing a priest and a scholarship student to gain access to the institutions and to cover up the evidence by deleting police officer files and via “non-profits” who get kickbacks from civil suits.

Here is an introduction to my research.

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Red Wave Math With Mark Levin (Why It Was Never Meant to Be)

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 20:30 +0000

From Life, Liberty, and Levin, Mark takes a few minutes for post-election analysis to discuss the math behind the 2022 Midterms and the unlikelihood of a sweeping red wave. He also touches on who was predicting it, who they protected, who they threw under the bus, and why 2024 is the year to watch.

And by who, he means the Ruling Class DC insiders in the Republican political establishment.

He’s also got some advice for voters.



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To All the Republicans I Triggered

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 19:00 +0000

I’ve written a lot of op-Eds, but none have elicited the number of responses I incurred from my article titled “Postmortem Analysis of the Red Puddle.” I triggered Republicans, and maybe that’s necessary. We are losing, folks, and if we don’t identify the problem, we can’t fix it.

We want to thank Melissa Blasek for this Op-Ed – Please direct yours to
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Since losing my election, I wasn’t exactly sure what my next move was, but in the short term, it might be trying to wake up the local Republican base. My goal is to focus us as a party, so we stop being distracted by shiny things.

I seem to have evoked a reaction from three main groups: The Trump die-hards, the election deniers, and the pro-lifers. I have personal friends in all these camps, and my mission isn’t to offend anyone but to force us all to look in the mirror. My observations aren’t the only elements of the larger issue, but I believe they are part of it, and I want us all to put our heads together to see the bigger picture.


Trump may not be the entire problem, but he certainly isn’t the solution, and I am under no obligation to carry water for a man whose antics fundamentally turn off a purple state like NH. I received a lot of replies that were a generalized counter that Trump isn’t responsible for the hell this country is in. I didn’t make this point in my previous article, but since you’re asking, he is very much responsible for the following:

The birth of Covid fascism, where he cowardly handed this country over to evil medical bureaucrats and viciously attacked any governor attempting to buck lockdowns.

The out-of-control spending that resulted in inflation, and Trump punished any Republican who tried to stand in his way (Thomas Massie, for example).

He distracted the base from what really happened in 2020, so we never learned from all of the issues in 2020.

He was the primary GOP fundraiser, but he hoarded the money.

He led with personality instead of policy, resulting in a distraction from policy.

Trump did many good things, and I know that all presidents make mistakes and rarely own up to them, but Trump BRAGS about his failures. If I have to hear his gloating about Warp Speed vaccines again… Trump is a shiny thing, and he is not the second coming who will save us.


I don’t know exactly what happened in 2020 in every corner of this country, but I know this: election fraud isn’t new, and we cannot go another two years talking about machines. Both sides have fixed elections at some level for decades, and we all know it. But here in NH, the obsession with the machines distracted us. The NHGOP was panicked into pacifying the election deniers by focusing energy on “poll challengers” instead of coming up with a real campaign strategy.

We centered in on what was happening inside the polls while the Democrats ran a sophisticated, on-the-ground GOTV strategy to get people to the polls, and they probably laughed at us the entire time. Primary recounts in 2022 were dead on to the machines. But we were so obsessed with the machines we didn’t realize the Democrats were on to their next scheme: same-day registration. Was every person who registered same day legitimate? Maybe yes, maybe no, but this type of fraud isn’t new either. What is new is Republicans completely failed during a midterm year with a disastrous Democrat president.

Believe whatever you’d like, but please recognize there are many issues, not just election integrity. Machines are shiny things.


The last group has been gentle, but persistent. No less than a dozen people sent me this response from the good people at Cornerstone Action: It’s quite true that NH Republicans didn’t attempt to counter the abortion messaging from the left. They ignored it because polling suggested they could, and they didn’t want to be in defense mode.

A positive message Republicans could have employed was to celebrate the 24-week abortion restriction as being popular with the vast majority of the state. I contend this would have worked in any other year, but pro-lifers are failing to see just how monumental the Dobbs decision was to both the fundraising efforts of the left and the emotional response from the general population.

I contend that even the best pro-life message in NH would not have made any difference in the year of Dobbs. Pro-lifers embrace it just as the Democrats embraced Obamacare. They willingly sacrificed an election for Obamacare and their long-term goals. We sacrificed an election for Dobbs and those long-term goals. Take ownership.

Another point, the message of celebrating the 24-week abortion restriction would not have worked on Gen Z or any of the low-information voters I discussed in my previous article. It’s too nuanced of a message. Democrats fed them the line, “Republicans want to ban abortion.” Nothing less than a counter message of “Republicans will never ban abortion” would have worked on these people, and we know that most Republicans could never abandon a platform issue like that.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We can’t do what we have been doing the last two years and expect to win again. We lost in a year where every historic metric meant we should have won big. Let’s put out heads together, figure out what the Democrats are doing that we are not, and stop being distracted by shiny things.



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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 17:30 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.  Almost certain about a Friday Overflow-Overflow.  We’ll see.

Now, let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***









And that’s precisely what it is.  All over, I see references to Covidianism being a religion.  That’s why The Jab is so powerful – it’s a Rite of Passage.









There’s a video out there too:



They’re all singing from the same hymnal.  Here’s my take on what that means:



Available as a bumper sticker.








Pick of the post:



TINVOWOOT.  Like Matt says:



Related, at least to me, are these four pieces I wrote about how nations, and civilizations, collapse – and how they might survive.

Just Give Me Yavneh – Liberty’s Torch (

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 1) – Urban Scoop

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 2) – Urban Scoop

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 3) – Urban Scoop







Palate cleansers:



What a wonderful idea!





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Reaching Higher NH and a Lesson on CRT in Social and Emotional Learning

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 16:00 +0000

Reaching Higher NH has no track record for improving public schools in New Hampshire. Yet they try to remain relevant. Here is an email I recently sent to one of their team members on Social and Emotional Learning in the public schools.

I hope those in charge of policies and legislation will understand that their research leaves out important and critical information:

Dear Ms. Earle:

After reading your article posted on November 3rd, 2022 on Social and Emotional Learning in New Hampshire, one paragraph jumped out at me, and I wanted to bring it to your attention.    You wrote:   

Attitudes occasionally present obstacles to SEL as well. Though the practice has been widely embraced in New Hampshire and across the country, some conservative groups have recently attempted to connect SEL with controversial topics such as critical race theory.

To prevent the spread of such misinformation, local educators say they’re communicating regularly with the community about SEL practices and progress. 

  You linked an article posted on NPR but left out a great deal of information that contradicts what you reported. NPR did reference CASEL in their article, but also failed to report information directly from CASEL that has caused concern among many parents. For instance, Max Eden, Research Fellow at AEI, describes the transformation of SEL here: EXCERPT:

…. In 2020, CASEL fundamentally changed the ideological character of SEL in 2020. Before 2020, SEL was a broadly bipartisan enterprise. In 2018, the DeVos Department of Education touted it in their school safety report. In 2019, the Aspen Institute released a report on the promise of SEL based on the findings of a bipartisan commission. Why, then, did The Washington Post run an article last month titled: “In Social Emotional Learning, the Right sees Critical Race Theory?” Well, because in 2020, CASEL infused SEL with CRT-aligned ideology. SEL 1.0, as we could call it, focused on morally neutral student “competencies,” such as “self-awareness” and “selfmanagement.” Back in 2019, it struck me as an unsustainable enterprise: a morality-free attempt at moral education. In 2020, those neutral competencies became value-laden – with values derived from the left-academic ideology popularly known as CRT. CASEL embraced this ideological shift under the name of “Transformative SEL.”

In “Transformative SEL,” “self-awareness” encompasses “identity,” with “identity” defined now through the lens of “intersectionality.” “Self-management” encompasses “agency,” with “agency” defined through “resistance” and “transformative/justice-oriented” citizenship. “Transformative SEL” also embraces “culturally relevant/responsive” pedagogy. This approach was pioneered by Gloria Ladson-Billings, the professor who brought Critical Race Theory to K-12 education.

This information is not hard to find. CASEL revised their SEL definition to “emphasize the skills, knowledge and mindsets needed to examine prejudices and biases, evaluate social norms and systemic inequities, and promote community well-being.” Watch CASEL’s video here. 

The Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety-WestEd CISELSS has described equity as something that “introduces the notion of where power resides in leadership and decision-making,” and is now the top goal of SEL programs. CASEL believes that by expanding and aligning the use of both SEL and culturally responsive teaching, equity can be achieved.

They are now pushing to teach K-12 students about critical consciousness and oppression because it is crucial to a child’s social and emotional development.

CRT is a framework, or “lens,” for critically thinking about the significant culture, race, racism, social, economic, and power that influences people in the United States. It requires what critical race theorists and advocates refer to as courageous conversations about diversity as a way to guide teacher/student relationships in order to challenge racial injustice. (Simmons, 2019, para. 3)

The goal is to have children developing critical social-emotional learning competencies such as empathy, social consciousness, and apply critical thinking skills to the environment around them. The end goal is to have children question and analyze everything in their lives such as history, issues at school and outside of school—even at home. Once a child develops these abilities (academic and social-emotional) they will always view their world and make decisions through the lens of critical race theory.

I listened to the conversations by legislators many years ago when they were debating proposed legislation that added Competency Based Education to the public education model. At that time there was bi-partisan support for only measuring workforce skills like turning homework in on time. They wanted to make sure competencies would focus on skills that would help them succeed after graduation. The legislators agreed that they did not want competencies measuring dispositions, yet that is what we are now seeing with SEL. 

I hope in the future, you will take additional time researching these important changes to our public schools. Not only are conservative parents concerned about the shift away from a focus on academics, but parents of different political backgrounds are concerned too. 

As a parental rights advocate in New Hampshire, I hear from frustrated parents all across this state wanting our schools to get back to the basics. They see the transformation in their public schools, and have become concerned that their children will not receive the proper academic foundation they need to succeed. 

You can look at the public school enrollment numbers decreasing, and figure out what is going on. 

Parents are wise to look closely at what their schools are doing. Questioning SEL based on what CASEL has put forward shouldn’t be disparaged, it should be applauded. We need to support parents who are trying to make their public schools better for all children. 

I hope that administrators in New Hampshire see the problem with bringing in SEL using the new CASEL model. They should show parents the information on the CASEL SEL transformation and be completely transparent about what they are doing in their classroom.

Early on CASEL showed us that SEL in the classroom would shift public education away from a focus on academics because children now have access to the internet. I consider that a paradigm shift to illiteracy, and something I would never want for my children. 

No matter what SEL program is used, parents are questioning the validity of SEL in their public school. How will this impact the academics? Based on the video provided by CASEL directors, parents are rightfully concerned. If this continues, I predict more families leaving the public schools and looking for an alternative for their children.  That is not supportive of public education, that supports illiteracy in our schools. 


Ann Marie Banfield 

Parental Rights Advocate focused on Academic Excellence


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Hollis Social Library Coverup – Not So Social After All

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 14:30 +0000

Every day we are seeing the “woke” left trying to promote their agenda, including sexualization and gender confusion of our adolescent children. One of their tactics is to simply ignore existing policies or laws around transparency as to why they are doing certain things.

A current and very active example of this is promoting drag queen story hours for children at public libraries. For children. Adult, sexualized entertainment for children. Incessant normalization of the LGBTQ+ community, use of alternate “pronouns,” and allowing “furries” in classrooms are a few more examples.

Recently, yet another example happened in Hollis at the Hollis Social Library (HSL). This instance is not a drag queen story hour (yet) but is an instance where the public library violated both its own policies and New Hampshire law. And they blatantly tried to cover it up when they were called out on it.

In August of 2022, the HSL advertised a summer computer coding class open only to girls and non-binary people that was to be run in partnership with the Hollis-Brookline High School (HBHS). Biological boys were not invited to participate in the offering. They didn’t mention the HBHS participation in their advertising of the class and attempted to hide that in a response to a Right To Know (RTK) request that I submitted. They also tried to hide the name of another Hollis resident who had voiced concern over the class. Why you may ask, are they trying to cover it up? Because they know it was wrong and intended to advance the woke left agenda.

Impossible, you may think. This stuff is not happening in our public institutions. But it is. I will describe it in detail below. And for those interested here is a DropBox link containing my RTK request, the HSL’s response, and the un-redacted email from another concerned citizen. You can read it for yourself. All of the quotes provided below can be found in those documents.

Why is this a problem, other than just the immorality of the agenda? Specifically, the HSL’s own policy states that “All programs at the Library are open to the public and normally offered free of charge.“ And NH RSA 354-A:1 states “This chapter shall be known as the “Law Against Discrimination.” It shall be deemed an exercise of the police power of the state for the protection of the public welfare, health, and peace of the people of this state and in fulfillment of the provisions of the constitution of this state concerning civil rights. The general court hereby finds and declares that practices of discrimination against any of its inhabitants because of age, sex, gender identity, race, creed, color, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability, or national origin are a matter of state concern, that such discrimination not only threatens the rights and proper privileges of its inhabitants but menaces the institutions and foundation of a free democratic state and threatens the peace, order, health, safety and general welfare of the state and its inhabitants.”

The Kode With Klossy website, which was the curriculum chosen by HSL and HBHS, specifically states on its website: “Camps are available to girls, gender nonconforming & trans students ages 13-18 who feel comfortable learning in a female-identifying environment.” The intent is kind of hard to miss…

This situation was brought to the attention of Tanya Griffith, HSL Director, and Amy Kellner, HSL Board of Trustees (BoT) Chair, and a response to why and how this occurred were requested. As expected, I got the run-around.

According to Ms. Griffith, the topic was to have been discussed at the September 2022 BoT meeting, but the email I sent on 30 August 2002 requesting that action “never made it to the BoT inbox,” according to Ms. Kellner. Well, it was delivered to all but two of the BoT members whose email addresses in the group address list supplied to me by Ms. Griffith bounced. All the others showed as delivered, including Ms. Kellner.

After inquiring as to the outcome of the September BoT discussion and being told it was not discussed, Ms. Kellner informed me that the topic was to be taken up in the October 2022 BoT meeting. And it was. There were five concerned citizens, including myself, who testified at that meeting. The BoT chose to discuss the topic in a non-public session. I wonder why that would be needed.

Despite numerous requests to explain, per NH RSA 91-A:3, why the discussion was non-public, no lawful reply was received from Ms. Kellner. Paragraph 91-A:3 II (c) was cited as the reason for a non-public session. It states: “Matters which, if discussed in public, would likely affect adversely the reputation of any person, other than a member of the public body itself, unless such person requests an open meeting.” That is an admission that one or more people acted inappropriately.

Further, Ms. Kellner repeatedly stated that everything discussed in the non-public session was attorney-client privileged information but failed to comply with RSA 91:A-4 IV (c) which states: “A public body or agency denying, in whole or part, inspection or copying of any record shall provide a written statement of the specific exemption authorizing the withholding of the record and a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the record withheld.” Merely parroting back the attorney-client privilege exception cited as she repeatedly did satisfies only the first part of that requirement. Also, I struggle to see how the HBHS is a “person” whose reputation could be adversely affected and therefore meet the attorney-client privileged exception. but the identity of the school was redacted from the reply to my RTK request.

A Right to Know (RTK) request under NH RSA 91:A-4 IV (b) was submitted to the HSL seeking clarification on six topics related to the offered class. That request in its entirety is included in the Dropbox link above.

It requires that the response be provided within five business days. The RTK request was delivered by Certified Mail on 21 October 2022 at 9:01 a.m. making a response due by 28 October 2022. Ms. Kellner replied to me after having received it that: “Your Right to Know request requires the Library Director, myself, and the other Trustees to sort through an enormous amount of information. In addition, the information must be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that any names are redacted so as not to violate the requirements of RSA 91-A:3II(c). This process will take time and, therefore, the information, excluding item 6, will be available on November 7, 2022.”

Extending the delivery by five days time requires a written statement of the time reasonably required as a justification for the delay, which Ms. Kellner provided. But it turned out to not be true. The response was delivered on 01 November 2022 at 8:39 a.m. Evidently, the time required to prepare the response was not well thought out.

There are several problems contained in the response provided by the HSL and some clear evidence that HSL staff knew about them and were attempting to hide what had happened. Here are some examples extracted from the RTK response and some detective work that I did.

In one of the email threads included in the RTK response, Ms. Kellner stated that the HSL BoT had just completed a policy review process: “I think this policy review process was an excellent way to establish a good working relationship with (redacted) which will be extremely useful going forward.” My guess is that the redacted item is HBHS, but that is just my guess. If a policy review had just been conducted one would think that they were fluent in their policies. Why were they not complying with their own policy in this instance?

In that same thread, Ms. Kellner states: “One of the complainants (that would be me) requested a response from the Trustees and Tanya will make it clear that the Trustees will provide a written response to their next meeting on 9/12. This is an excellent learning opportunity and an indication that the library will be under increased scrutiny going forward.” That written response never happened because the issue was not discussed at the meeting as promised. And why would the HSL Staff need to “learn” to withstand increased scrutiny? What are they hiding?

In another email thread between Ms. Kellner and Ms. Griffith, it was stated by Ms. Griffith that: “We did have an upset email from a man who claimed he wanted his visiting grandson to join the event and didn’t know what the word non-binary meant. I sent him a response, and then he sent me a reply sharing his thoughts. I am not going to respond at this point because I don’t want to encourage dialog.” And: ”I’m thinking that as he has had his say, he will disappear, but I just want to keep you in the loop.”

Ms. Kellner’s response was: “Ugh – I fear this is only the beginning. (Redacted, but it was me) posted about this on the coffee talk Facebook page. I think you handled it perfectly, and if you cancel the program, I’d personally like it made clear that it was canceled b/c of low enrollment, but it’s your call.”

Maybe enrollment would not have been so low if it was open to all citizens in compliance with HSL policy and NH law. Why did the HSL and the HBHS choose the Kode With Klossy curriculum, which openly states that it is for girls, non-binary and transgender people? Why not use something like this that is open to all individuals?

It is curious that an email from a redacted individual who was talking excitedly about the class stated: ”…and (I) already know a small group of girls who want to participate.” This person is clearly a student at HBHS. Read the email. But the class was canceled due to low enrollment. Right.

How do I know about the redacted HBHS partnership? Remember the other citizen who sent a complaint email that I mentioned earlier? His name was redacted but I figured out who it is. He is Dave Parry and I use his name and un-redacted email (in the DropBox folder, his email address is redacted by me) with his permission. In his un-redacted email thread, Ms. Griffith states: “We’ve partnered with some Hollis Brookline High School students for this upcoming program.” So much for sweeping it under the rug.

Move along. Nothing to see here.

I have no issue with gender-fluid or transgender people. As an adult do what you want. But leave the kids out of it. This must stop. Let our kids be kids. The woke left is insidious and relentless in pushing the agenda of the LBGTQ+ community through their policies at even the lowest levels of government like the town library. It is even happening in our elementary schools.

Interestingly, Ms. Kellner also sits on the Hollis School board as the Chairman. In her recent campaign page on FaceBook (also in the DropBox link above) she states: “In the coming years, I will continue to support our teachers and administrators as we navigate the global pandemic, negotiate union contracts, and develop policies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion, while being fiscally responsible.” There it is – policies for our kids that support DEI – which includes the normalization of gender fluidity.

Public servants should not be jamming gender confusion and overt sexualization down the throats of our kids or ours. It is rampant, it is wrong, and it is getting worse.

Aaron Penkacik
Hollis, New Hampshire

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After Court Loss The City of Boston Agrees to Pay 2.1 Million in Legal Fees

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 13:00 +0000

Hal Shurtleff and Camp Constitution won their day at the Supreme Court in May. The High Court voted 9-0 against the city of Boston, which is now on the hook for Shurtleff’s legal costs and fees totaling over two million dollars.


Boston has agreed to pay $2.1 million in legal fees and other expenses after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the city for refusing to allow a Christian flag to fly outside City Hall.

The settlement included an agreement to pay Harold Shurtleff and his Camp Constitution non-profit for legal costs incurred during the dispute

“We are pleased that after five years of litigation and a unanimous victory at the U.S. Supreme Court, we joined with Hal Shurtleff to finally let freedom fly in Boston, the Cradle of Liberty,” Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver, whose organization represented Shurtleff, said in a statement.

“The Christian flag case has established significant precedent, including the overturning of the 1971 ‘Lemon Test,’ which Justice [Antonin] Scalia once described as a ‘ghoul in a late night horror movie.’ The case of Shurtleff v. City of Boston finally buried this ghoul that haunted the First Amendment for 51 years,” he added.


We know Hal, so we followed the case, including an interview with him here, after the 9-0 decision in his favor.

What About Boston?

The City allowed the flag to be flown after the verdict but has since announced a change to the policy regarding flags in front of City Hall. “CBS News Boston reported that the proposal would push for any group that wants to fly a flag on City Hall Plaza will “now need either a proclamation from the mayor or a resolution from the council.”

Translation:  If someone wants to fly a flag on the “special pole” in front of City Hall, they’ll need a Democrat to declare it a thing first. Guess what that means for any flag that is not Progressive-approved speech?



HT | Daily Wire

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To Beat The Democrats … Just Be A Democrat

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 11:30 +0000

So Never-Trumper Mikey Graham knows exactly …. EXACTLY … why the NHGOP did so miserably in the 2022 midterms.  And it’s a really surprising and novel take (VERY HEAVY SARCASM HERE) from a RINO Never-Trumper.

It’s all the fault of the … wait for it, wait for it, wait for it … the pro-lifers and … drum-roll please … DONALD TRUMP.

And the solution is simple. The NHGOP should give up on being Republicans and become pro-unrestricted-abortion, pro-BLM, pro-grooming, pro-woke-flavor-of-the-day, Democrats in virtually everything but name … just like His Wokeness, Sun-King Christopher Sununu:

Sununu’s example shows there are plenty of Granite Staters who will vote Republican. The job of the GOP is to give them Republicans they can vote for.


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What You Need to Know About Used Car Lemon Laws

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 10:00 +0000

You’ve done your research, you’ve gone on test drives, and you think you’ve found the perfect used car. But then, a few days or weeks after you drive it off the lot, problems start to crop up. 

Maybe the engine starts making strange noises, or the brakes don’t work as well as they should. Is your car a lemon? And if so, are you protected by law?

The answer, unfortunately, is that it depends. In many states, there are laws known as “lemon laws” that protect consumers who buy new cars that turn out to be lemons, and you may need to hire a Los Angeles lemon law attorney.

Here’s what you need to know about used car lemon laws.

What is a Used Car Lemon Law?

A used car lemon law is a state law that offers protections for buyers of used cars. These laws vary from state to state, but they typically provide protections for buyers who purchase a used car that turns out to be a lemon. 

Under these laws, the seller may be required to take back the car or provide a refund in case they are not able to fix the car and bring it to the right condition.

Do All States Have Used Car Lemon Laws?

No, not all states have used car lemon laws. In fact, only a handful of states have these laws on the books. 

If you live in a state that doesn’t have a used car lemon law, you may still be protected under the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This act requires manufacturers to provide written warranties for products that cost more than $15, and a used car certainly falls under that. 

Which States Have Used Car Lemon Laws?

Some of the states with used car lemon laws include California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. 

It’s important to note that each state’s law is different, so it’s important to research the specific law in your state before taking any action.

What Are Your Options If You Think You Have a Lemon?

If you think you may have purchased a lemon, your first step should be to contact the dealership or private seller from whom you purchased the car and explain the problem. Many times, they will be willing to work with you to fix the problem at no cost. 

If the dealer or seller isn’t willing to help, your next step will depend on whether your car is covered by a warranty. 

If it is, you can contact the manufacturer and ask them to repair the problem under warranty. If they’re not able to do so or if they refuse, you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle or a refund under your state’s lemon law.


Used car lemon laws are designed to protect buyers of used cars who end up with lemons. Not all states have these laws on the books, but some do. 

If you live in a state with a used car lemon law and you think you’ve purchased a lemon, you may be entitled to a refund or replacement vehicle. 

Consult a Los Angeles lemon law attorney for more information!


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When They Blame Pro-Lifers, Ask Them This One Question

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 02:30 +0000

As you all know, the midterms were not what many Granite State conservatives had hoped for. In the coming days, you will hear some in the New Hampshire GOP establishment lay these midterm setbacks at the feet of pro-lifers.

When you do, ask them this one simple question.

Every single poll, without exception, has shown that—when Granite Staters are actually asked to specify their position on abortion—the Democrats’ position of unlimited abortion-up-to-birth is highly unpopular.

While New Hampshire voters strongly reject both extremes on abortion, when they are asked specific questions by pollsters, they look favorably on moderate restrictions.

Given this indisputable fact, how can the GOP deny that the midterm losses were the result—not of our six-month law itself—but of Republicans’ near-total refusal to message and communicate on the law and on the Democrats’ extremism?

As the midterm defeats unfolded, the New Hampshire Journal moved quickly and relentlessly to frame the electoral losses as the fault of pro-lifers, citing numerous unspecified sources to that effect.

Yet the New Hampshire Journal’s very own polling, conducted with Praecones Analytica, showed that 62.2% of Granite Staters either support a six-month ban on abortion or favor a more restrictive abortion ban.

Of course, some establishment Republicans will present a straw man version of what Cornerstone is saying. They will claim we believe that the GOP should have pushed for more aggressive abortion laws.

But anyone who paid attention to anything that Cornerstone said during this election can tell you that this is not true.

The central problem is that, while New Hampshire voters reject both extremes on abortion, only one side focused on framing their opponents as extremists on the issue.

Republicans could have successfully sold themselves as moderates by attacking Democrats’ fanatical support for nine-month elective abortion. Instead, large Republican PACs and campaigns played ostrich, pretending that Democrats’ abortion ads did not exist and hoping that voters wouldn’t see them.

Cornerstone and other pro-lifers warned of this week’s outcome. We urged Republicans to adopt a moderate but proactive strategy supported by the data and our knowledge of the state’s abortion politics. But instead of listening to our advice, many Republicans followed a failed class of GOP consultants and “strategists.”

To those Republicans who are unconvinced of our analysis, consider a final question. Pro-lifers may have been the only conservative group in New Hampshire who continually cautioned that a red wave might not materialize. In contrast, so-called GOP strategists and out-of-state consultants assured you of the coming red wave until Tuesday night.

What are the chances that the very people who accurately warned you of the problem are now wrong in their analysis of what occurred, while those who entirely failed to anticipate the problem are suddenly correct?

“If you are explaining the abortion law, you are losing,” the consultants told New Hampshire Republicans. These consultants got their way. Many Granite Staters went to the polls believing that all or most abortion in New Hampshire is banned. Even more voted without knowing that the Democrats’ unanimous position is also unpopular and extreme.

In contrast, the Democrats’ consultants evidently gave their candidates, campaigns, and PACs much sounder advice: the side that is allowed to frame the issue will win. The side that silently acquiesces to that framing will lose.

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To the Special Committee on Voter Confidence:

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-11-15 01:00 +0000
The name of your committee is amusing.  We don’t need voter confidence, we need election integrity, then voter confidence would take care of itself.  The focus on “confidence” suggests that the powers that be want us to  believe elections to be  fair, though they do not actually want them to be so.

Before the 2020 election, I wrote in a  letter published in the Keene Sentinel, saying: “Both major parties cheat in elections. New Hampshire should spot-check the Democratic Party 2020 primary machine counts. ‘Democracy Lost: a Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries’ is an informative read (free online) — please note the executive summary and the tables on pages 39-40.” I hope the members of the committee read at least those two parts. It is clear that Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie  Sanders in 10 to 12 primaries because of the size of disparities from exit polls.  In Iowa in 2020, we had the cheating app that changed the uploaded vote counts and cheated Bernie again, giving the win to Buttigieg. Almost 20 years ago, I saw, perhaps on CSPAN, testimony from a programmer who said he had worked for a former Congressman from Ohio who thought vote counting machines would be a great business.  The programmer said he programmed the machines to cheat and that the company name was Diebold.  New Hampshire machines have Diebold in their corporate history. Republicans tend to disenfranchise or block eligible voters, Democrats tend to create eligibility where there is none. Please also consider two recent articles, compared to the “nothing to see here” testimony we heard yesterday: I believe to be unbiased: Bombshells Undercut the ‘BigLie:’ 21 confirmed illegalities. Irregularities from the 2020 election. This Granitegrok article discusses other election integrity issues as well: We’ve Got Another Case of Thumb Drives Flipping Votes in an Election. Too few states have made reform efforts. I would suggest the following reforms for NH: Facilitate ballot access to at least four parties.  It could be the top four in the latest Presidential election.  Alternatively, we could use a 1% rule to replace the current 4% rule.   According to Gallup, the plurality is independent 41% to 28% Republican and 29%, Democrat.  Look at the Democratic primary ballot – so few choices, Dr.Sherman and Kuster running unopposed.  The public wants recourse, not more control. Conduct exit polls and follow-up. Spot-check the machine counts, and recount maybe 5% of them.  Some checks should be random, with others having specific indicators like complaints or large disparities from last time, or disparities from the exit polls…  and some checks could be by subjective judgment of current election peculiarities. What’s with Congress’s reelection rate as compared to its approval rate?  Maybe reducing the advantages of incumbency would help. In New Hampshire we take defacing or removing election signs seriously. We let election mischief by the entrenched and elite slide.  We need to see justice as well as reform. “Voter Confidence” is a propaganda term, like “Vaccine Hesitancy,” each meant to bridge the gap between dishonesty and acceptance.  Consider also “The Big Lie” and “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.” I am running for State Representative in Cheshire District 15.

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