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Live With Liz – the extended version

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 22:00 +0000

Extended because I’m usually on the phone and only for 15-20 minutes a segment. This past Wednesday was different as Liz invited me into her studio for the entire hour of her show. It was FUN!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a mic in front of me; nice to talk face to face instead of via a phone. We talked about:

  • Veterans Day
  • Sununu’s sleight of hand in hiding his electoral choice (deciding to stay a Governor instead of trying for the US Senate),
  • the latest lawsuit against the Exeter School District (taking away a student’s Free Speech and coercing speech over transgender “preferred pronouns”)
  • Marylyn and Albert Todd and their Voter Integrity Group.

An hour show was hardly enough time!

Here’s the audio:

Or the video if you prefer (didn’t know she did this!):

What was nice is that this week was the first one that Liz decided to starting taking call-ins.  And call in they did – 5 longish calls in an hour was a lot. Each was concerned with the Todds.

Listen well.

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Karoline Leavitt: Firewall For Our Future- Why I’m Running For Congress

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 20:30 +0000

Freedom is the most important value we have as Americans. And the freedom of opportunity that New Hampshire provides truly makes it the best state in the country to grow up, raise a family, start a business, and achieve the American dream. I know, because I’ve lived it.

I grew up in a small business family in Rockingham County; my dad has been selling trucks and cars in Plaistow for nearly three decades, and some of my fondest memories are working at our family-owned ice cream stand in my hometown, Atkinson.

My upbringing ingrained in me an unrelenting work ethic and strong sense of personal responsibility at a young age, which helped me excel at St. Anselm College. Afterward, I earned the position of a lifetime – serving the American people and President Donald J. Trump in the White House.

For nearly 2 years, I helped advance President Trump’s America First Agenda, fight for the forgotten men and women of this country, and take on the biased fake news media alongside Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany in the White House Press Office.

We want to thank Karoline Leavitt for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Following the election, I served as the Spokeswoman for Congresswoman and House Republican Chair Elise Stefanik. As I worked on Capitol Hill, I watched in horror as our Representative, Chris Pappas, continuously voted with Nancy Pelosi to dismantle the America First agenda and undermine our precious freedoms.

In the past 10 months alone, Chris Pappas has supported tax hikes and a $15 minimum wage mandate on our businesses; unlawful vaccine mandates on individuals and businesses; gun control measures that are both unconstitutional and ineffective; unrestricted abortions paid for with taxpayer dollars; open border immigration policies; measures that demonize our law enforcement; and a federal government takeover of our elections that will threaten New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary status.

Everywhere you look, the Radical Democrats are trying to fundamentally change our American way of life, expand the size of the federal government, infringe on our freedoms, and censor conservative views.

Now more than ever, New Hampshire needs a bold, energetic, conservative fighter to beat Chris Pappas, retire Nancy Pelosi, and serve as a firewall between We The People, and the Radical Democrats in Washington, DC. That is why I am running for Congress. As your Congresswoman, I will never back down from our conservative values, and I will always put New Hampshire first.

I will serve as a check on the Biden Administration and oppose any tax increase on our hard-working families and businesses.

I will co-sponsor a constitutional amendment imposing term limits on Members of Congress.

I will stand proudly with law enforcement, protect qualified immunity, and fully fund our men and women in blue.

I will help end the Biden Border Crisis by proposing legislation that has zero tolerance for illegal immigration, finish construction of the border wall, and empower immigration law enforcement to do the jobs they’re trained to do.

I will be a fearless pro-life advocate to defend the lives of the unborn and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; and I will work to foster a national dialogue and culture that recognizes that without the right to life, no other right matters.

I will continue to stand up for free speech and take on Big Tech. They’ve been silencing and shutting down conservatives for too long, and it’s time that we do something about it.

I will also fight to stop Critical Race Theory and other radical ideologies from being taught in our schools. Tax-payer funded teachers and schools should be educating, not indoctrinating.

And as a proud alumna of both New Hampshire public and private Catholic schools, I will advance school choice at the federal level so children and parents, not powerful teachers unions and lobbyists, are empowered to make the best education decisions for their families.

The stakes for the future of our great country, for my generation, and those younger than me, are far too high to sit on the sidelines. Together, we must roll up our sleeves, step into the arena, and fight.

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Manchester Unions Still Getting Pay Raises despite Expired Contracts

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 19:29 +0000

MANCHESTER, NH  November 14, 2021--Despite the expiration of eight collective bargaining agreements covering hundreds of unionized employees, the city of Manchester is still paying “step” and “longevity” pay raises, Girard at Large has learned.

“Step” raises are automatically given to qualifying employees on the anniversary of their hiring.  “Longevity” raises are typically granted to employees on every fifth employment anniversary.  Step raises are typically 3% and granted to employees with less than 15 years of service.  Longevity raises are typically 3%, though they can be as high as 5% and are granted in addition to a step raise where the two coincide, depending on the bargaining unit.

Because these raises are “mandatory subjects of bargaining” and contract cost items, the city is not required to continue paying them after a contract expires.  Dating back to the mid-1990s, when Mayor Raymond J. Wieczorek froze paying step and longevity raises in expired contracts, the city’s general practice since has been to not pay them as a mechanism to encourage the unions to bargain in good faith for a new contract.

A review of the collective bargaining agreements on the city’s Web site shows that those covering the city’s firefighters and supervisors, Health Department workers (including school nurses), Water Works employees, laborers in the Highway, Parks, Environmental Protection, and Facilities divisions of the Public Works Department, and employees in the Central Fleet Maintenance Department expired on June 31, 2021.

On Tuesday, November 9th, Girard at Large emailed Manchester Human Resources Kathleen Ferguson to confirm the expiration of the contracts and ask whether or not steps or COLAs (cost of living raises, which are given in addition to step and longevity raises) are being paid.  If they were, she was asked for any action of the board authorizing the continued payment of these raises.

She answered that there were “no COLA’s (sic) paid on expired contracts.”  She wrote that the “City Solicitor’s (sic) is working on the information.”

As of this writing, there has been no response from the solicitor’s office.  However, Girard at Large has obtained a communication from Attorney Matthew Upton, with whom the city has contracted to negotiate contracts.  In that communication, Upton claims that because Mayor Joyce Craig included funding for the expired step and longevity increases in her budget proposal, increases that were included in the budget ultimately adopted by the Board of Aldermen, “the BMA approved step and longevity increases for all employees, including union employees.”

Upton asserts, correctly, that there’s “noting in the law that prevents the City (sic) from granting steps and longevities after a contract expires so long as the money was appropriated for that purpose and the union does not object.”  (Note:  The money need not be specifically appropriated for such payments during the process.  It just needs to be made available in the budget by the appropriating authority.)  He also claimed, dubiously, “that there was a past practice that when the BMA wanted to freeze union steps and longevities that were included in the budget it was done in conjunction with suspending the ordinance.  There was no action taken to suspend the ordinance.  I am told this practice dates back to Mayor Wieczorek.”

Upton then justifies continuing the raises citing “challenging negotiations” and “a significant morale problem for many employees that did not get state or federal stipends during the pandemic yet came to work each day exposing themselves and their family members to the increased risk of contracting the virus.”

Upton’s response indicates that the Board of Mayor and Aldermen took no specific action to authorize the continued funding of these raises.  While including the money in the budget may facilitate payment of these raises, which likely cost taxpayers millions of dollars, it does not authorize their payment.  Moreover, Upton fails to reference “the ordinance” he says has been “suspended” in the past when such raises have been funded in the budget.  As union step and longevity raises are governed by the contracts, there is no ordinance in need of suspension to block their payment.  There should have been a vote in public to authorize them, which would have identified their cost and argued their justification.  In the absence of a vote authorizing their continuation, the default position is that they are not given in expired contracts.

No doubt, the thousands of Manchester taxpayers who also went to “essential jobs” during the pandemic and also did not receive any federal or state stipends while they toiled longer and more difficult hours  at grocery stores, retail outlets, package delivery companies, pharmacies, liquor stores, etc…will find the justification for why the mayor and Board of Aldermen appear to have snuck these raises past them of little comfort when their tax bills come due.

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So, Marylyn and Albert Todd of the Voter Integrity Group Believe GraniteGrok Is Theirs to Make Demands Against? Part 4

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 19:00 +0000

So, dear readers, you’ve seen Marylyn Todds unsolicited texts to me (links at the bottom) because I simply refused to put up an ad for her Voter Integrity Project.  Albert Todd’s (aka, AJ) as well.

As a result of posting them, I can certainly state, without reservation, that the comment section has been rather amusing from my standpoint. After all, because of my refusal, “New Hampshire is lost, LOST I tell you!” according to her followers.

I’m smiling as I watch as calls for audits of the books and the mere presentation of their own words are redefined as lies and smears.  I just don’t get it – recounting of their own words is a bad thing (like when I put up former NH State Rep Liz McConnell’s own votes in the NH House was a smear job?) and simply doing what most non-profits do on a regular basis (audits on their book) is dastardly and mean?

Yeah, this whole thing is summed up in a text from her and my comment on it:

This will be my last message

And given what I just wrote, do you really believe what she wrote?  That the above really was the message she was going to send me? Yep, you only get one shot at this. Yep, she sent me 25 more texts. And emails on top of that. Sorry, but WHO DOES THAT?  Over an ad?  Yes, readers, you are correct.

Irony – it pretty much summarizes all of this in three lines. She couldn’t stop or help herself. And hubby hobbled in as well. And now commenters that support her.  Like I have outlined before – I just don’t wish to associate with them due to past performance and they won’t let go that I simply said “No”.

So, without a whole lot more, let me show you those 25 more texts from Marylyn Todd. But this time, I’ll both fisk and add my emphasis. I will say that she did send a few videos and some pics in this text stream – I don’t have the time nor the motivation to fish them off my phone to get them to my PC. She should, however, show them to her DONORS.  And for the record, I haven’t watched them as I don’t have the motivation to waste me time on that either.

I am betting that some of these texts are going to have your DONORS asking themselves more question – and then to you.

Granite grok I thought had balls grow some and next time why don’t you tell me to my face even by a phone call. The reason you’re not is because you know what you’ re doing is wrong and not in the best interest in New Hampshire. If we lose this you can blame yourself communist.

I told Sandy, the person that sent in ad, “no” – that should have been the end of it.  I told your husband, Albert, “no” as well.  My “no” to you was simply my silence. Trust me, you proved to me you are no mind reader with your above words and just made up my “intent” (“know you’re wrong”) out of pure vacuum.  Nice bullying attempt there in calling me a communist for not bowing to your demand.

You’re a bully. All we’re trying to do is help New Hampshire

Yeah, all it takes is a “No” to make one a bully now. Nice redefinition of the word “bully”. And in cloaking yourself in the NH Flag while you do so.

I’m sending you every receipt and I hope you take that down because I would never ever steal I sent a bank account showing 65k we have an account you’re reporting wrong information and trying to ruin my career at the same time. This is heartbreaking

I’M not the one that wants the receipts. I also didn’t say you stole. All I’ve asked is “where did $75K go – others have said what it was raised for (Jovan and an audit). You need to show your DONORS all of the receipts and not me. I really don’t care and never did.

I just sent you 50k in expenses sending you the rest

That was a useless exercise. I dryly note that 1) the number I was told was $75K, 2) your DONORS need to be shown this info, not me. I’m not interested in it and never asked to see it.

Say what you want but please do not say I stole anything but it’s simply not the truth

Look back through what I have written – you’ll see that I have never said anything about anyone stealing anything. You need better reading comprehension.

Check your email

Ann refusing to get in the car*

What you think happened I have documented evidence never happened

Jovans [sic] money*

That I’m in the process of paying him

This was three hours before that other video

I only haven’t released it because of Cynthia

I feel bad because she’s screaming at the top of her lungs

I just got off the phone with my attorney I’m adding you to a law suit you’re publishing fake news I’ve never stolen from anyone

Our country is being stolen and you’re attacking me

Because I was going to pay you to help us with canvassing

That was a lot of jumping around in just a few texts.

No, you weren’t going to pay me anything. Let’s try this one more time – I (and therefore GraniteGrok) said “no” to working with you. I can’t be bribed at any price. No means no!

I have all the videos of the car ride you’re going to look like wmur just because I don’t post them doesn’t mean Ann’s story is the truth

Nice shading. It also doesn’t eliminate that Anne is correct, either.

Ask John Irish how much dr Frank’s event costs

John and I have been personal friends for years. I called him since you mentioned him.

You’ll have those tomorrow. At least spread real news not fake

Are you calling your own words “fake” because that’s all that I have posted from you.

Canvassing for Jovan. And dr Frank’s audit and event payments*


Ypu [sic] have full reconciliation for the funds I hope you have enough humanity for a retraction

I’ve made no financial or other claims for which I need to issue a retraction – not a great try in trying to apply guilt to me concerning your texts.  I just watched the Brentwood Democrats try that stunt on an Independent for simply taking a picture.  Again, you need to give that reconciliation to your DONORS (who can then verify that data), not me.

Cynthia and Ann are going to be really embarrassed but I have those videos that are too large to send by text.

I have their stories along with a number of other folks’.  They will be posted later on. That, however, is between them and you – not me.

I’m not going to play your game and be a bully

Oops, too late.  Calling me a communist is not being a bully on your part?  Or trying to emotionally guilt me into believing that it will be all my fault if I don’t put up an ad if “New Hampshire is lost”?

YOUR NEXT TWEET TO ME isn’t the mark of a bully?  On this next one, it is verbatim except for the emphasis.

…because I know there is a much greater evil out there on America but there’s literally reports out there that you abuse your grandson and lock him in his room which is a fire hazard now

YOU JUST CROSSED A LINE THAT YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE – AND YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE IT.  You’d best either show REAL proof fast concerning this serious allegation or retract it. You have one day after publication of this post to do so and I’m not bluffing.

Otherwise, everyone will know that there is no limit to the emotional manipulation you are capable of and have no problem wielding when you think it can gain you an advantage.

I’m sure you have a side to the story and I haven’t attacked you because I know there’s two sides. I bring this up because people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. And the stories out there on you can cause way more damage than you can do to me. You’ll never get me to stop fighting for my country ever!!!

Having just said what you did, and again, making yourself a victim by cloaking yourself in the flag doesn’t undo you in calling me an abuser.

You can run my name through the mud all you like.

I’m not running you through any mud – I’m just posting your own words, and your husband’s, that you sent to me unsolicited. If there is any “mud” associated with your words, you put it there.

This self-victimization technique is wearing thin.

People are actually deleting people off their groups for sharing your “story” of me.

This is supposed to send shivers up my spine and have me fall on my knees in terror?  People “leave” GraniteGrok all the time for all kinds of reasons. Yet, we still dwarf the online reach of the Union Leader and others here in NH.

The people don’t want diversity they want unity don’t uou [sic] get it.

Calling me a Commie is supposed to make me feel all kumbayah?  You just called me an abuser – and you are talking about “unity?  You’re about the same level of being a Uniter as Joe Biden is.

How are you in politics and don’t see that?  Nhvigs team is doing the grunt work while you’re defaming us.

I guess you don’t know the legal definition of “defaming” either; quoting your own words is not it.  All I’ve been doing is simply putting up your own words.  That’s defaming you, your own words on GraniteGrok?

Stating that I abuse my grandson, however, is.

Please don’t forget I have all the evidence in the pudding of your so called testimonies.

Pudding?  Isn’t that something served as dessert?

Instead of fighting someone who literally has done everything in her power to fight for free and fair elections why don’t you fight the corruption! Post whatever you want but please be advised I am taking you to court and now that I have proof of sending you every dollar you can’t honestly think I won’t win the case.

You have no case – one cannot sue someone else just because they quote your own words that you sent to them. There’s a phrase “Protected Speech”; learn it.

Again Just because I stay quiet and haven’t released the proof doesn’t mean I don’t have it. In fact I have many many videos of the car ride home. Many. And you’re going to look like the bully that you are being. So go ahead keep trying to sink me but know this I WONT STOP fighting for New Hampshire EVER!!

And we’re back to “bully” again. Once again, quoting your words is not being a bully. It is, however, shining a Big Flashlight on you. Up and down and all around – you still haven’t formed a cogent argument for anything.  And running to cloak yourself in the flag is not a defense when you get challenged, it looks like desperation. Especially when it’s done time after time after time.

When used as such, it’s meant to put others into a bad light and you into a Moral High Ground from which you think places you beyond being challenged.

It doesn’t work that way and is a very poor look.

I’m not sure we can be in this fight anymore. I think I need to take a break do a bit. Aj is facing a vaccine mandate at his job and has been on interviews. The governor with his false arrest got him to lose his dream job. Now granite groks hit pieces for a week caused him to lose another.

You’ve been stating this the whole time – so answer this: how can quoting your own words be a “hit job”? You sent them to me willingly. I merely posted them.  I quoted the first batch of your texts…Monday.  And his texts to me went up… yesterday.  Methinks getting arrested played the much more major role of it, but then again, you seem to want to blame others for misfortunes

We have three mouths to feel [sic] and I’m not working to audit New Hampshire. Saddest part is this is supposedly our own peers doing this. Because I called granite grok out over not publishing an add [sic] the decided to write stories about aj and I for a week!!! And they tell us where the jerks.

Makes sense. I enjoyed my life a lot more before politics came into. Well congratulations granite grok we quit!!! I hope your happy!!

What type of person goes bananas because a single media outlet refuses to publish an ad? I will say that most of your techniques seemed to have been played here and your words gave life to them all on your own. Decisions have consequences and you’ve made your own with your words and actions.

And that kinda answers the “where the jerks” are, doesn’t it?


Previous Parts:

  • Part 1: Intro Post
  • Part 2: Marylyn Todd’s unsolicited texts to me (with commentary) Part 1
  • Part 3: Albert Todd’s (aka, AJ) unsolicited texts to me (with commentary)


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It Is Rinoflation and NeverTrumpflation as Much as it is Bidenflation

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 17:30 +0000

You probably know that U.S. inflation hit a three-decade high in October, delivering widespread and sizable price increases to households for everything from groceries to cars due to persistent supply shortages and strong consumer demand.

The genesis of this inflation was Democrat and RINO Governors shutting down their State’s economies … supposedly to fight COVID, but actually to crash the economy and prevent Trump’s reelection … which spurred the federal government to turn on the printing presses (devaluing the dollar). The Biden regime … with the help and support of RINOs and NeverTrumpers … has continued to flood the economy with new dollars (further devaluing the dollar), and has also exacerbated inflation by slashing domestic energy production.

The actions of the Biden regime were all foreseeable. They were foreseeable because Biden told us during the campaign … especially during the primary … that he intended to massively increase spending and regulation.

The RINOs and NeverTrumpers who supported Biden own Bidenflation every bit as much as Biden does … because they helped make him President. To them it was worth wrecking the economy … indeed, wrecking the country … in order to get rid of Trump, so they could once again control the GOP.

And the worst part is that the RINOs and NeverTrumpers … having been complicit in the wrecking of our economy … are trying to use the wrecked economy as the magic carpet to ride RINOs McCarthy and McConnell back into power. Disgusting.

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The Only Acceptable Purpose for Allowing Immigration into Our Country …

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 16:00 +0000

The only acceptable Purpose for allowing Immigration into our country is to bring people into our country who will benefit our existing citizens.  Immigration must not be to benefit non-citizens or special interests.

The Democrat Party is using immigration to change our society by importing people of foreign cultures without regard to whether they will benefit American citizens as long as they can be counted on to eventually support the Democrat Party whose appeal to middle income and poorer American citizens is declining after decades of false promises and oppression.

My Requirements for federal candidates for elected office:

  1. Define Birthright Citizenship as only applying to US Citizens and legal residents.  Define Birthright Citizenship as specifically not applying to illegal aliens, refugees, or people with tourist, education, or other temporary visas.
  2. Finish the Wall and Close the border with Mexico.
  3. End DACA.
  4. Deport ALL Illegal Aliens who have no evidence of being here more than 10 years.  Start with:
    1. Criminals of all types including:  all violent criminals, drunk drivers, domestic abusers, drug law violators, identity thieves, fraudulent voters, et al.
    2. Any who used any form of social services:  e.g., housing, food stamps, hospitals
    3. Anyone who cannot demonstrate that they were a net payer of Federal and State (if applicable) income taxes.
    4. Anyone who cannot show that they fully paid the social security and Medicare taxes on their income.
  5. Illegal aliens convicted of any crimes should be incarcerated in less costly foreign countries, perhaps Haiti.
  6. Make the penalty life imprisonment in a foreign prison for illegal aliens convicted of importing illegal deadly drugs into the US, e.g., opiates, fentanyl.
  7. Refuse entry to our country of any Immigrant or refugee who supports ideologies that are incompatible with Americanism, e.g., Marxism or Sharia.
  8. Pause immigration, including refugees, until the US labor force participation rate exceeds 70% and the unemployment rate is under 4% for all labor groups in which immigrants and their family members might compete for jobs.
  9. Refuse all immigrants or refugees who will not be self-supporting or who are ill.  Refuse any immigrant or refugee who doesn’t have a needed skill.
  10. End Visa Lotteries and Chain Migration.
  11. Establish biometric tracking for all non-US citizens entering the US and make sure these people depart the US by the end of their approved period. People entering the US on short-term visas must have evidence of pre-paid return transportation.
  12. Track all student visas to ensure the students are actually in school.  Immediately deport those who leave school prematurely or do not maintain passing grades.  Children born to people on student or temporary visas are clearly and legally determined to not be US Citizens.
  13. Require E-Verify for all employment.
  14. Any Cities or States that provide sanctuary for illegal aliens are to be denied all funding for any services used by or  because of illegal aliens, e.g., law enforcement, prisons, education, healthcare, welfare.
  15. The Federal Government must provide 1 week pre-notification of the intended settlement in a State of any illegal aliens, refugees, or others non-citizens without valid visas to the Governor and Legislature of every state to which is intended to be the recipient of such people.  The Governor or a majority vote of a State’s Legislature can deny the Federal Government the ability to settle all refugees or illegal aliens in a state.
  16. Make it the policy of the US to, when helping with refugees, support those refugees in a neighboring country with a culture and language similar to that of the refugees rather than bringing refugees to the US.  The goal is that refugees should eventually return to their home country.
  17. Legislate the “Stay in Mexico Policy” created by Trump.
  18. Deny the right to stay in the US to anyone who has illegally entered the US.
  19. Deny a path to citizenship to anyone who entered the US illegally and his/her family members.
  20. Put control of the naturalization under control of Congress.  Congress must limit the number of people who may become naturalized citizens annually to some number, perhaps 500,000.
  21. Require of anyone entering the US, proof of the same level of vaccinations required of US Citizens to go to school or hold a job.

Check back for my requirements for candidates running for federal offices on other issues, coming soon.

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CDC Forced to Admit That Natural Immunity Works

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 14:30 +0000

As I am sure you know, the CDC has been telling us that even if you have had COVID you should still get a “vaccine.” In other words, what the CDC has been telling us is that there is no such thing as “natural immunity” (immunity acquired from an actual infection) to COVID.

Well … the CDC received a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request back in September that essentially said “put up or shut up” … that is, show us all the evidence you have that there is no natural immunity to COVID.

Read the CDC’s response … the CDC admitted that is has no —zero-nada-zilch— evidence that there is no natural immunity to COVID. In other words, the CDC admitted, albeit implicitly, that there is no need to be vaccinated against COVID if you have had COVID … because if you have had COVID your natural immunity protects you from being reinfected with COVID.


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So Much for “Public Health” – Excess Deaths From All Causes Have Risen 40-50 Percent

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 13:00 +0000

I have a message for ‘Liberty-Hesitant’ Democrats. You know the ones. They are reluctant, fearful, even prone to spreading conspiracy theories about the negative benefits of Liberty.

That totalitarian-like top-down control is better for individuals and the public in general.

Recent data continues to debunk the theory.

In the name of public health, you supported or implemented policy choices under the notion that they were better for people. Better for their overall health and wellbeing. Lockdowns, quarantines, closing businesses, closing schools, manipulating every corner of daily life.

You micro-managed everything, from who could get health care, to products people could buy, to health care access, even mandating (or at least strong-arming people into getting) an invasive pharmaceutical treatment.

All in the name of protecting others. In the name of “public health.” So, how’s that working out?

All-Cause mortality in 2021 has risen 40-50% over 2020 levels.


In 29 countries in Europe, excess mortality in the last four months for people age 15-44 is running at nearly double what it was in 2020. For age 45-65 it is more than 50% higher, and age 65-74 some 40% higher. This is despite (or because of?) vaccination rates of at least 70% across Europe. In the USA, all-cause excess mortality is about 50% higher (so far) than 2020, but for people age 25-44 and 45-64 it is about 85% higher; for people under 25 excess mortality is nearly double last year.


After 43 weeks, the US has counted 362,067 excess deaths. That’s 118, 363 more than the pandemic year of 2020, or an increase of 48.56%.

I’m not blaming it on the vaccine specifically, though we know there have been a significant number of deaths caused by the secret sauce. I’m blaming all of it—the political response in its entirety. The do-goodery politicians swore was meant to protect us.

To save us.

We know that millions of Americans were prevented from regular checkups or other forms of medical surveillance. That there were long-term public health consequences both in mortality and quality of life. The policymakers didn’t care.

We know that the lockdowns and distance learning resulted in a significant rise in suicidal ideation and suicides. Experts soft-peddled and pandered but then created a federal suicide hotline.

Every warning was ignored, suppressed, sold as a conspiracy theory, or labeled as a product of ignorance. We were anti-maskers and vaccine-hesitant.

Talk about covid chickens coming home to roost.

The expert’s COVID policies, in the name of public health, are proving to be some of the most dangerous to public health in modern history.

Another reason why, for those of you who are liberty-hesitant, that we must continue to distrust government. Not necessarily because we think it has some sinister global plan (though it may).  But because it is lousy at almost everything.

If more people dropping dead due to their policy choices – sold as saving lives – isn’t proof, then your not Liberty hesitant; you are a liberty denier.

And you’re continued support for these policies and remedies is killing people.


HT | Toby Rogers/Substack

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The Nashua Legal Offices Abuse of Seniors

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 11:30 +0000

Senior citizen newcomers to Nashua filed an abatement on their 2016 residential property assessment believing the assessment unfair. The City denied it. The couple appealed to the Board of Tax and Land Appeals (BTLA) and lost the decision.

The folks did not understand the NH appeal process and did not present the required evidence to win the appeal.  However, the BTLA kept the door open and would not rule in favor of the city on several points.

With the release of the 2018 assessments, once again, the couple believed the assessment, set at $535,000 was incorrect. The property owner filed a 2018 abatement and determined the market value should be $485,000. Once again, the board of Assessors denies their abatement. An appeal was filed to the BTLA.

During this time, the BTLA ordered the City of Nashua to a hearing and opened a docket to “investigate concerns regarding the legality and proportionality of the City’s assessments. The Board’s concerns arise, in part, from a property tax appeal: Corazzini v. City of Nashua, BTLA docket No. 28712-16PT (September 13, 2018)…” This is the property issue of this article.

The legal office paid Horizon Associates to provide a written appraisal for this property. The appraiser determined that the market value was $495,000 very close to Corazzini’s abatement market value of $485,000. The assessment should be $463,000, not $535,000. This would reduce the property tax bill by over $1500.

The assessors, according to written office policy, are to mediate and negotiate residential property appeals. This light-duty work does not require the use of City Attorneys. However, Attorney Bolton and Attorney Leonard snagged this appeal, harassing the elderly couple, ensuring they would not be treated fairly. The attorneys repeatedly demanded entry to the home for an inspection, an unprecedented request not required by law. The couple refused entry to the City Attorneys. When the couple was called in to mediate, the city did not disclose the paid appraisal.

The couple was unaware that their market value was very close to the appraiser’s market value. Attorney Bolton was not willing to correct the property to fair value. Instead, he hoodwinked the elderly couple, keeping the property over-assessed and pocketing $1000 of their fair refund.  The assessment is now at $510,000 rather than  $463,000.

Attorney Bolton’s win at any cost mentality is unethical, has no place in determining property equity, and wastes taxpayer dollars. Most seniors on fixed incomes watch their money closely. Gaming 80-year-old people on their tax bills is not cause to celebrate.

We just finished a busy campaign season where the Mayor championed a charter change believing the Police Department needed to be under his control and subject to his personal agenda. Fortunately, this failed. Given the Mayor’s personal agenda to sic attorneys on citizens, perhaps we should focus on a campaign to reduce funding to the Nashua legal office and closely consider the powers given to our Mayor.

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BCRC November Meeting – NH State Rep Tim Baxter also makes his pitch to go to Congress

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 02:30 +0000

As with Matt Mowers and Karoline Leavitt, Tim Baxter is seeking to be the Republican nominee to take on US Congressman Chris Pappas and put the latter into retirement. While not the keynote speaker this time, I am taking that this is a taste of a longer speech in the future:


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Top 100 Reasons New Hampshire Should Be Independent

Foundation for N.H. Independence - Sat, 2021-11-13 01:28 +0000

Over the past few weeks, a group of pro-freedom activists in New Hampshire has been holding informal meetings to brainstorm how to best promote independence in the next legislative session. Predictably, progressive authoritarians have already begun to attack the concepts of independence and liberty. A few conservatives cling to hope that they can fix DC and all 50 states, convince all Democrats to embrace conservative liberty values, and ‘save America’. 


I have written dozens of articles, published three books, and produced hundreds of videos making the case for a national divorce from the authoritarians. Here are just 100 reasons why every New Hampshire citizen who supports freedom should support a bill and a ballot referendum on independence from DC. 


  1. Without the federal income tax, we’d each save around $25,000/year right off the bat.
  2. The IRS is corrupt, tyrannical, and about to grow by 80,000 employees and billions of dollars. Years ago, they were caught targeting conservatives. Now, they are surely much more polarized and hateful against us. I could live without them.
  3. The ATF is extremely anti-gun. They have been one of the biggest reasons that federal gun control laws have grown increasingly strict. The ATF passes laws and bypasses Congress. Once the murderous criminal, Dave Chipman is confirmed as the new ATF director, things will get much worse. I could live without the ATF. Once we divorce DC by declaring independence from the union, the ATF will no longer have jurisdiction over us. 
  4. The CDC is out of control, and the agency will only ever grow more tyrannical. This was before corona-fascism made the CDC into the most harmful agency to liberty of all 400 illegal executive agencies. By the way, did you know that the CDC took legal ownership over every rental property in the united states?
  5. I don’t trust Joe Biden to run my life or to do anything that could impact me. I have around 28 trillion reasons for distrusting that corrupt, evil, demented sociopath. 
  6. I don’t trust Congress to run my life. They have proven time and again that they support authoritarian socialism. Even with majorities in the House and the Senate and even with Trump in the White House, Congress did nearly nothing to expand liberty. But they did pass many laws that violated my natural rights. 
  7. The federal government benefits from terribly untrustworthy elections, such as the one in 2020. Once HR1 passes into law, all elections in the united states will be required to abide by the same insane rules that caused us all to doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
  8. Once HR51 passes into law, DC will be a state, complete with two more hardcore socialist Senators. The Democrats will control the Senate forever.
  9. If you aren’t a big fan of sobriety checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  10. If you aren’t a big fan of immigration checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded and/or conducted. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  11.  Local cops only use tanks, drones, BEARcats, and other aggressive military gear against us because the feds give them those toys. Once we cut ties with DC, our local cops will return to their proper role as peace officers instead of acting as soldiers against us.
  12. One of the reasons that Dictator Sununu locked us down and derailed our economy involved pressure and money from DC encouraging him to do so. 
  13. If you don’t like being forced to pay for the DC politicians to wage futile endless wars in dozens of countries all over the world while veterans, women, and babies in our own communities starve on the streets, it means you want to separate from DC. 
  14. If you are ready to give up on the war on drugs and stop sending cops to homes to punish people for consuming a plant, separating from DC is the first step you must take. DC politicians STILL consider cannabis a schedule one top-tier dangerous substance that is 100% illegal to possess. 
  15. Do you love it when cops steal your property (car, house, money, guns, etc.) without convicting you of a crime? Well, federal law allows law enforcement to seize any property that could be involved in a past, present, or even future crime. And the feds have ‘extended’ that authority to state and local cops. Once we sever ties with DC, cops in NH lose the power of civil asset forfeiture.
  16. If you ever wondered why bad cops almost never receive any punishment, you should know that ‘qualified immunity’ is a federal doctrine. Without DC, local cops become much more accountable to their neighbors.
  17. The millions of federal regulations cost businesses over 2 trillion dollars each year in lost productivity. Once we divorce DC, our businesses will truly be able to unleash their creativity, making New Hampshire more prosperous than we could ever imagine.
  18. Who should decide whether NH accepts illegal aliens or Afghan refugees? Biden and Pelosi or our governor and legislature?
  19. Are you tired of being ruled by nine lawyers in long black robes who live in DC and have the power of Gods? If five out of the nine rule a certain way, that becomes the law for all 330,000,000 people in the united states.  
  20. The federal reserve and DC politicians have overseen a decline in 99% of the US dollar’s purchasing power over the past century.
  21. DC politicians have run up a debt of 28 trillion dollars and counting. And they claim that you and I are responsible for it. 
  22. Nearly every politician has ambitions and eventually wishes to be sent to DC. This affects nearly every decision they make. Once DC is no longer in their minds, they will focus on what is most important: you.
  23. Federal law enforcement (including the FBI) have shown themselves to be thoroughly corrupt. Even conservative commentators like Dan Bongino have called for their abolition. A few months ago, the FBI and other federal cops came to New Hampshire and violently kidnapped six of my friends. They are charging them with crimes that could result in them spending the remainder of their lives in federal prison. Their excuse? That my friends committed some victimless crimes by using and selling cryptocurrency. Once we leave DC, that will never happen again. 
  24. Want a suppressor so that you can save your hearing? They are only illegal because the feds prohibit them. Without the feds, NH would be totally free, and you could put a suppressor on your SBR without any worries. 
  25. Are you worried about increasingly strict EPA restrictions on vehicles, houses, and everything else? Once we divorce DC, they will have no jurisdiction over us.
  26. Are you sick of random federal judges issuing injunctions that overrule actual laws passed by Congress or state legislatures? An independent NH would not have to worry one bit about federal judges.
  27. The DC politicians are destroying the once-mighty American military. Their current secretary of defense and commander-in-chief continually insist that the #1 priority for their military is pleasing LGBT individuals. An independent New Hampshire could have a military with a top priority of defending us against hostile militaries. As it should be.
  28. Have you accumulated a respectable net worth? Soon, the federal government will tax your net worth each year in addition to all of the other taxes. 
  29. The US Congress literally does not represent you or me.
  30. The federal government hates you. Especially if you are white. 
  31. Multiple federal court rulings have declared that the first amendment does not protect any speech that is insulting, especially towards a government agent. 
  32. Right now, even policies that you think are set by state lawmakers are really controlled by the feds via extortion. 
  33. If the thought of Pelosi’s Capitol Police Force growing worries you …. You might support NH independence from DC. 
  34. If you would rather have your highway taxes spent on highways … You might be a NHexiter.
  35. Do you think that Facebook and Twitter are too powerful and too damaging to liberty? Federal law grants them effective immunity from lawsuits while also granting them the power to manipulate content. They get to act as both a publisher and a platform, whichever suits them at the moment. 
  36. If you support sound, free-market money like gold and silver (and crypto) ….You already support NHexit. It’s only a matter of time before the feds ban them.
  37. If you are afraid that Donald Trump might become President again …. You just might be a NHexiter.
  38. If you are afraid that Kamala Harris might become President…. You just might be a NHexiter.
  39. If you think that Title IX is a major reason that free speech and due process in colleges were destroyed, you support NHexit.
  40. If you believe that boys should not have a free pass to the girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, you support NH independence. 
  41. If you can’t count the billions of federal laws….you might support independence.
  42. The FDA hurts and kills patients by stifling innovation and preventing people from using medications until the FDA spends decades of time and billions of dollars approving them.
  43. Cutting ties with DC would immediately and drastically cut prices and improve the availability of drugs like epinephrine, insulin, loperamide, and many others. 
  44. DC politicians use the federal department of education to brainwash your children to hate freedom. Once we are independent, that goes away.
  45. The federal government believes that showing online ads to specific cohorts is a crime.
  46. If you are not comfortable with the REAL ID becoming a dystopian federal identification card, you might be an NHexit supporter.  
  47. Support in Congress for a magazine ban is getting very close to a majority. In a few years, your magazines will be federally illegal. 
  48. Once HR127 passes Congress, every firearm will be effectively illegal. Hope you’re ready to turn in your guns to the feds! You are a patriot and not a criminal, so you’d never violate federal law, right? 
  49. It is very likely that Congress (or federal regulators) ban armor plates for all civilians very soon. Hope you’re ready to turn in your plates!
  50. Even the best ‘conservatives’ in DC are working with Bloomberg to take away your guns.
  51. Technically speaking…the federal government should not exist anymore. 
  52. Federal judges have ruled that police have no legal obligation to protect you. 
  53. The federal government thinks it can take your property by force, as long as it plans to use the property for anything that could benefit the government, including giving your property to companies like Pfizer. Without DC, states and localities have no power of eminent domain (AKA theft of property).
  54. Federal politicians from Biden to McConnell and everyone in between consistently sell us out to oligarchs like Putin and Xi to enrich themselves. 
  55. We can’t take power back from Congress, even with a Convention of States.
  56. The DC politicians incentivize single motherhood and discourage employment. 
  57. If you don’t believe that global warming is the biggest threat to our lives, you should not be in the same union as DC, the federal government, and the other states. 
  58. If you don’t appreciate being spied on by the NSA and other creepy DC agents and politicians, you should consider divorcing them. 
  59. If you don’t want to support the Taliban by providing them with money and military weapons and helicopters, you should leave the union and stop paying federal taxes. 
  60. The federal government considers people guilty until proven innocent – the opposite of how it was supposed to be. Peaceful protesters have been receiving punishments in prison for months despite never being convicted. If you support due process, you support NHexit.
  61. The federal TSA regularly violates our natural rights, despite literally missing 95% of actual threats. 
  62. DC politicians maintain a horrifically managed ‘no-fly list’, which mistakenly puts many people (including babies) onto the list, preventing them from flying. It’s also nearly impossible to get off of the list. 
  63. Conservatives from Candace Owens to Matt Walsh have spoken in support of state independence from DC. 
  64. Federal government leaders believe that if you don’t wear all the masks they recommend and if you don’t get all of the vaccines they recommend, you are just like the Taliban suicide bombers. 
  65. DC politicians prohibit beneficial pipelines that would have been amazing for our national security and economy while simultaneously supporting pipelines for nations that are hostile to us. 
  66. Who is arming the violent Mexican drug cartels? Federal agents from DC!
  67. The federal government has kidnapped innocent Japanese people and put them in concentration camps. New Hampshire has never done that. And they couldn’t ever do that. Because we all have lots of guns. 
  68. The US government banned firearms and ammunition from Russia. New Hampshire would never do that.
  69. The US government puts many kids in cages at the border. New Hampshire would handle immigration in a much more sensible and humane way. 
  70. Things will literally never change for the better. Even with Trump in the White House and Republicans controlling Congress and the SCOTUS, freedom only diminished and tyranny continued to grow.
  71. New Hampshire citizens are the hardest workers and earn the most money, which is demonstrated by our continent-leading median household income. We don’t need DC politicians to be wealthy.
  72. New Hampshire is the freest state. Nearly all of our issues are caused by federal laws. Once we are independent, we will be almost 100% free to live as we please!
  73. New Hampshire is the safest state. We don’t need DC or other states bringing violence to our peaceful paradise. 
  74. Half of the people in the united states believe that Biden was legitimately elected and that Republicans are all traitors, while the other half believes that Biden lost the election and progressives are traitors. How could one country be united if its people hate each other so much? 
  75. The DC politicians now feel so entitled to infinite power that they essentially ban medications that could help treat COVID, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. 
  76. DC politicians are so arrogant that they no longer feel the need to pass legislation in Congress; they now use executive orders to pass new laws, including the most recent one forcing all private companies in the united states with over 100 employees to vaccinate their employees or test them for COVID weekly. This will affect 80 million employees. If you don’t want DC sociopaths coming between you and your employer (or you and your doctor), you support independence. 
  77. When conservative states began having success treating COVID with monoclonal antibodies Biden and DC politicians began to BLOCK the life-saving treatments from getting to pro-freedom anti-Biden states like Alabama and Florida, potentially causing people to die.
  78. DC politicians have made it clear that they will continue to prioritize foreign nationals and illegal immigrants over American citizens like you and me.
  79. On the other hand, DC politicians have made it very clear that Cuban immigrants are not welcome here (because they tend to vote for freedom and against communism). 
  80. The Biden IRS is now going to monitor every bank account with over $600 in it so that they can tax all people who make any money in any way. Those who receive more than $600 in PayPal transactions in a year will also be subject to taxation, according to experts. Peaceful separation solves this IRS issue because the IRS would no longer have any jurisdiction over us. 
  81. When NH adopted federal food laws, it made selling mushrooms illegal, among many other prohibitions. Now, the only way to make it legal for anyone in NH to sell mushrooms is to create more regulation requiring ‘licenses’, which is somewhat counterproductive. The only other way to make mushrooms legal in NH would be to sever ties with DC. 
  82. Dictator Biden nominated an actual Soviet communist to be the comptroller of the currency. If you don’t want your country’s financial system to be run by an avowed communist, you support separation from DC.  
  83. On 10/8/21, the preliminary deal on a GLOBAL tax on businesses was officially agreed to. A total of 136 countries have signed onto the measure, guaranteeing that they will work together to stomp out businesses seeking to evade taxes by implementing at least a 15% tax on them, no matter where they come from. Once New Hampshire becomes a self-governing state, its low (or absent) tax on business could attract so much business to the state that it could cause the biggest economic boom in world history. 
  84. Dictator Biden’s OSHA implemented a vaccine mandate for nearly every worker in the united states. It is extremely unlikely that an individual could beat this in federal courts or via federal legislation. Separating from the union is actually the more practical way to nullify this mandate. 
  85. A federal law to require all new cars to have passive drunk-driving monitoring technology is about to go into effect, making all cars in the united states more expensive and much more intrusive. The law does not specify, but the new technology may be tantamount to perpetual breathalyzers and/or eye monitoring in every car. 
  86. The medical system and all medical institutions in the united states are becoming increasingly racist towards whites, and it all starts with DC politicians. 
  87. The Supreme Court is composed of 9 judges. The SCOTUS is perhaps the most powerful entity in the united states now. These nine judges are either evil or mentally retarded. They certainly do not believe in freedom. Is that who you want to be ruled by?
  88. The US House of Representatives passed legislation that would take over control of elections, taking the power that always resided with the states and granting it to DC politicians. Among the many measures in the legislative package was a law that prohibited any election in the united states from requiring ID in order to vote. New Hampshire citizens who would like to retain their voter ID law must either support secession or give up voter ID forever once this federal law passes. 
  89. DC politicians just passed a law mandating that all vehicles made after 2026 be equipped with perpetual monitoring systems to detect ‘impaired driving’. The vehicles must also have ‘kill switches’ that allow cops to turn them off at any moment. If you don’t like this policy, secession is the only solution. 
  90. In the summer of 2022, federal government will begin to require facial recognition/uploading pictures of your face in order to access tax/ documents on the IRS website.
  91. The President announced that the next US Supreme Court Judge he nominates will be a black woman. Upon joining the court, she will likely hear a massively important case involving ‘affirmative action’.
  92. DC politicians are literally stealing our organs. In 2021, a policy change at UNOS essentially caused nearly all organs from donors in New Hampshire to be sent to NYC, CT, and MA, harming New Hampshire’s patients who desperately need organs to live. DC is viciously fighting NH legislation that would allow Granite Staters to state their preference that their neighbors be granted priority over foreigners if they pass away with viable organs. 
  93. The brilliant experts in DC are using $30,000,000 in taxpayer funds to give out drug paraphernalia, including crack pipes, to drug users. The statement from the DC politicians specifically mentioned that they are being distributed primarily to minorities and that they are to be used for illegal drugs. 
  94. Our Lords in DC believe that they must force New Hampshire to build more housing projects so that our state could look more like the Bronx.  
  95. Our brilliant Lords in DC are destroying our savings and devaluing our salaries by printing so much money that annual inflation is now at a frightening 9.1% annual rate.
  96. DC politicians have been forcing you and me to pay for dangerous bioweapons labs in Ukraine for years. 
  97. Your federal tax dollars are being used to pay Tik Tok influencers to create and promote propaganda approved by Dictator Biden. If you don’t want to be forced to fund such endeavors, you may want to consider secession. 
  98. If you don’t enjoy paying $6 billion for the annual NIAID budget doled out by Anthony Fauci to fund foreign bioweapons labs and development and approval of ludicrously expensive patented pharmaceuticals and suppress use of cheap off-patent drug, you should consider supporting a vote of NH residents to leave the union.
  99. The federal government violates free speech in numerous ways. Leaving their jurisdiction solves these issues and restores freedom of speech, expression, press, association, and worship. 
  100. The federal government is increasingly racist. Most recently, Dictator Biden nominated a black woman to be a judge on the highest court because of her gender and skin color. Ironically, she will likely soon be ruling on an affirmative action case. 


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COVID19 – Comparing the ‘Fear Year (2020)’ to the ‘Jab Year (2021)’

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-11-13 01:00 +0000

October was our 20th month of COVID. Ten months were in the fear year, 2020; ten months the injection year 2021. Jabs began mid-December, 2020.

In the USA, as of October 31, 2021, there were 768,920 deaths with COVID in 20 months ( The death count as of December 31, 2020, was 346,790.

There were 422,130 deaths with COVID in 10 months of the injection year 2021. This is a 15% INCREASE in deaths though we spent more than $3.5 trillion dollars on COVID mitigation.

New Hampshire did better, fear year 827 – jab year 770 a 9% decrease, still a pathetic result.

Cheshire County, where I live, had 7 in 2020 and 42 in 2021 as of 10/31 (six times as many!!!); law enforcement should investigate this, IMHO.

The USA, with less than 5% of the world population, had 51% of the world’s active cases, on 10/31/21. Why?

Never a medical professional of any sort, my best guess as a statistician and careful observer (MIT mathematics graduate 1973, Columbia Business School MBA 1991, former actuary) is: 1) too many tests with too many false positives, 2) systemic medical malpractice, 3) a “vaccine” that does significantly more harm than good, and 4) rampant corruption, greed, and fear – irresponsibility, cowardice, and dishonesty.

COVID is far less dangerous than most people think.

No one in NH under 20 years old has died with COVID in that 20 months. Yet we have “vaccine” mandates in some colleges, and Sununu and others are going after the 5-to-11 year-olds.

On April 29th, 2021, at the Governor’s press conference, Beth Daly of NH DHSS told us that only “one or maybe two” (out of 1303 then) had died in New Hampshire with COVID if under age 65 with no comorbidities.

Two state senators from Oregon, Kim Thatcher, and Dennis Linthicum, have formally requested the DOJ to impanel a grand jury focused on CDC and FDA statistical fraud and criminality.

They composed this refreshingly clear and informative document:




Weekly, new revelations emerge challenging the “COVID vaccine, as safe and effective.”


VRBPAC-10-26-21 presentation to FDA


For the big picture, see videos by Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Lee Merritt and/or read To take action join and For health, advice try



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BCRC November Meeting – NH Voter Integrity Group and my commentary. Mea Culpa

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-12 23:45 +0000

At the end of the November Belknap County Republican Committee November meeting, a lady by the name of Melody Fitts stood up to announce a VIG event on the 19th (It was also clear there was another lady sitting in another part of the audience that was associated with this group but I never caught her name).  Melody took advantage of the “last call for new business” to use the BCRC’s time to promote an event for the NH VIG without first seeking permission from the Executive Committee . She informed the attendees with details such as to date, time, location, and speakers that was totally unaligned with what the BCRC does.

Full Disclosure – I am running a series of posts here at GraniteGrok concerning the NH VIG founders, Marylyn and Albert Todd, over this same ad / flyer. I refused to publish it and made it clear as to why that was my decision. They refused to accept that answer.  With respect to the BCRC Wednesday night, one of the speakers called me out of the blue wanting to know what was going on with the Todds and the NHVIG event based on my posts.

So I stood up and asked for recognition after Ms Fitts finished and relayed that Seth Kesel and I had talked and that my impression was that he was no longer going to attend. It was also my impression that he was going to be calling the other two speakers.

Thursday morning I saw the email from Mr. Kesel that he WAS attending the event contra my impression. Thus, I gave out bad information at the BCRC meeting. I have always maintained that there will be times I will get things wrong – once cannot write over 16,000 posts and be 100% correct. I make it clear that when one of my writers get something wrong, correct it.

I hold myself to the same standard. I got this one wrong.  I am sorry that my impression was wrong and I apologize to the BCRC Executive Committee and the other BCRC attendees Wednesday night for using it.

Here is the snippet at the tail end of the meeting:

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Most Vaccinated State Continues to See Record Positive Cases.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-12 23:30 +0000

Let’s get this out of the way. They’re still blaming the rise in cases on the unvaccinated. Even in Vermont, the most Jabbed State in the union, which is at an all-time one-day high for positive tests.

May I make a suggestion?

It’s not the first time I’ve made it, but maybe you missed that. Stop testing people. Your cases will drop to zero literally overnight. The cost of testing and surveillance will also plummet.

You can stop pouring money into those lousy vaccines that don’t even work. People could go back to thinking about the flu as if it were akin to a head cold instead of half-step below Ebola or the bubonic thing; what’s it called, oh THE PLAGUE!

This is none of those things, but the PR team has marketing goals, and Vermont is totally the best at The Jab. They are testing the crap out of everyone. The result is this.

Related: The Most Vaccinated State in the US Has Record Positive COVID Cases and They Have No Clue Why



Florida,  the COVID equivalent of the Anti-Christ, has one of the lowest case rates per 100,000 in the nation while Vermont, a left-wing COVID Karen Paradise, with record numbers of vaccinated, has the opposite problem.

Vermont is sparsely populated. Florida, not so much.

According to the state, 91% of Vermonters have had at least one does. Over 81% are fully vaccinated.

Here’s Vermont.


Here’s Florida





Florida is 59% vaccinated, with 68% receiving one dose.

If they vaccinate too many more people, they might start to look like Vermont.

Oh, they may need to add some mask mandates and other pointless junk. And, when the cases spike, remember to blame it on the unvaccinated.

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OSHA Wants Workplace Snitches to Help it Enforce the Biden Vaccine Mandate

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-12 22:00 +0000

While Employers with 100 or more employees decide who to fire to get down to 99, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is moving forward with plans to enforce its private business vaccine mandate.

OSHA openly admits that they will need snitches inside businesses to tell them if their employers follow the mandate. Call them whistleblowers or STASI informers; these are the people you’d wish you’d fired before the mandate begins.

Academic at this point, you say. True. A Federal Judge blocked enforcement until the court cases have their day. But Biden has suggested employers enforce it anyway. And they will try. And you will have rats on your ship.

OSHA will also, just spitballing here, use that as a reason to come in and look for any violation they can make stick even if the pain and suffering are no more than the process. Disruptions, paperwork, legal fees. That’s how tyrants get it done.

The mere threat of such intrusion might make you decide to enforce a Vax mandate even where one does not exist.

Not everyone will want to comply.

Some number of employees will leave, or you’ll have to fire them for noncompliance.

In the end, federal mandate or not, employers who impose a vaccine mandate will be forcing those who stay to do the work of those since gone.

Because of Bidinflation, they will likely be doing it for the same pay. This will, in turn, lead to more shedding of staff that move to employers who are also (likely) understaffed and paying better. To job creators less inclined toward vaccine tyranny.

They may even form their own schools, health care practices, or business to tap into the resources abandoned by the vaccine oligarchy at least until the feds start pressuring banks to lock down loans and credit for those who refuse to comply.

It’ll happen.

Welfare, food stamps, any free ride must inevitably meet the vaccine hammer and sickle. It’s the only good reason to create all those dependents. Remember, the Kool-Aid only “Works” if everyone drinks it.

Yes, even those untested illegals will have to line up, and that’s why they all get the free s**t. Easier to track them down.

And that all sucks but none of this is possible unless the Feds successfully build a permanent culture in which enforcement of unconstitutional edicts succeeds in its ability to convince Americans to rat each other out.

We already know they will; that’s how we got COVID Karens.


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Governor Sununu – You Need to Stop Advocating Workplace Discrimination

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-12 20:30 +0000

Chris Sununu wants to be John Lynch. Lynch was a 4-term Democrat governor of New Hampshire of decidedly squishy construction. Sununu is running for that 4th term, and he’s already squishy and in the same direction as Lynch.

Lynch sold himself as the affable moderate Democrat but was easily pressured by the left to abandon his priorities to give them key legislative victories.

Sununu is styled as the affable moderate Republican – who is easily pressured by the left to abandon his own party’s priorities to give Democrats key legislative victories. For Dems who want to argue, he’s pro LGBT, abortion, federal money (with strings), he’s #woke and into diversity and equity commissions, and – if the abusive onslaught of Maggie’s ads is any indication – shares identical small business priorities with Democrat Senator Hassan.

4th Time’s The…what?

His excellency has announced, this past week, that he is not going to challenge US Senator Maggie Hassan for the job of Junior delegate seat-warmer, so those ads may begin to taper off. I guess we can thank him for that, but not this.

He insists that it is not the State’s place – his place – to tell private businesses what to do. This is dishonest for hundreds of reasons we’ve covered. The state meddles and meddled with private business to excess before COVID.

At the top of the list is discrimination.

The State claims to have established a public interest in preventing businesses from discriminating against qualified prospective or existing employees. You can’t refuse to hire and retain suitable personnel based on age, sex, race, gender orientation, creed, or a wide range of physical handicaps or pre-existing medical conditions including being a “woman” with a penis or a “man” without one.

But it is acceptable to terminate their employment if the handicap is an objection to experimental pharmacological treatments for COVID19. Injections that are guilty of false advertising. Inoculations that, despite your objections, will have to be repeated (almost indefinitely given that the booster is just more of the same failed serum).

Shots that have been known to harm, handicap, and kill at record-setting numbers.

As far as Chris Sununu is concerned, in the name of Public Health, the State has no business there.

Competent citizens should be fired for refusing THAT vaccine. Not the dozen or so that are typical in America from birth to the age of majority. Employers need not care about those. But the COVID Vax, the least efficacious, that’s the redline.

Because it’s a virus that 99.8% of working-age residents in the state need not fear.

Let’s discriminate against them. That’s his position.

And that’s a problem, and forget whitey. There are women, gays, and minorities, people of diverse color and backgrounds, who do not want or need The Jab. By refusing to protect them, you set the table for discrimination by other means. They are losing their jobs because of you, Governor.

That should be Chris Sununu’s legacy, especially now that he has come out against the Biden vaccine mandate … for private businesses.

I’ll protect you from the Feds on vaccine mandates, well, this one at least, but not from anyone else.

That’s all for show. He doesn’t mean it. That goes for his status as a registered Republican as well. It’s a facade.

He’s not a Democrat, that’s true. They’d have had us locked down indefinitely, masked outdoors, and taxed and regulated into submission. But settling for less is not more.

Republicans are the only party we currently have that claims to care about Constitutions—those devices whose sole purpose is to explain how the government exists to protect our individual rights. But, as we can see clearly, Mr. Sununu, a Republican, is not in office to protect those rights.

If we can’t start a third party and we can’t change the leadership of this one, pardon me if I’m not terribly excited about Chris Sununu running for a fourth term.


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Keene & The Crypto Six Featured on Ledger’s YouTube Channel

Free Keene - Fri, 2021-11-12 20:20 +0000

A couple of weeks ago a film crew from Ledger, the hardware wallet company, came to visit the Crypto Mecca of Keene and produce a short documentary about The Crypto Six. Here’s the excellent ten-minute video they made, featuring me, Nobody, and Aria DiMezzo:

The Despicable Lie Democrats Can’t Stop Repeating

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-12 19:00 +0000

Let’s face it.  The human species is a deceptive lot – at least more deceptive than any other species you can think of. We’re all capable of bending the truth under the right circumstances.

It’s an innate defense mechanism that shows up early in life, the first time we utter those three little words, “It wasn’t me.”

While parents do their best to mold our character, to teach us the importance of honesty and integrity, throughout life, most of us find ourselves stretching the truth or fabricating stories to extract ourselves from difficult situations. “The dog ate my homework” has become a classic, used at one time or another by every kid in school. And how many times have we indignantly protested to that traffic cop, “I wasn’t speeding,” while we were actually thinking, “I really need to get a radar detector.”

Of course, lies come in various shades, ranging from white to black. White lies are harmless and are usually intended to spare someone’s feelings.  On the other end of the deception spectrum are the filthy lies, self-serving lies usually intended to cause pain to others.

Lying isn’t a new character flaw that just appeared in our society. It’s been said that the Greek philosopher, Diogenes, spent his life searching for an honest man. The Bible tells us that lies have been around since the dawn of man.  The first one was told to Adam and Eve by a deceitful serpent.

Regardless of how it started, it’s pretty clear today that bamboozling is in our blood.

Generally, we find the best liars today in politics.  Politicians usually lie to get elected. Once elected, they lie to pass their agendas.  When their plans prove disastrous, they explain it away with more lies. Then they lie to get re-elected.  They hire and appoint like-minded people to lie for them. They live by the adage, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.”

With all these lies swirling around, it’s easy to shrug our shoulders when another one is exposed. And while it may be true that “everyone does it,” some do it better, more frequently, and with more catastrophic effects.

The Biden Administration is in a class by itself. Biden and his team seem to have a special knack. They lie enthusiastically, compulsively, and wantonly. For some reason, everyone in this administration seems more than willing – in fact, eager – to sacrifice his or her personal integrity for the sake of the party.

When Alejandro Mayorkas stared resolutely into the camera and declared, “The border is closed,” he was utterly convincing – to anyone who hadn’t seen the images of those kids packed like sardines in CBP facilities or who read the mind-blowing statistics.

Then there’s White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who seems genuinely proud of her ability to evade and distort the truth. She’s become so sure of herself that she no longer needs even a kernel of truth around which to weave her political doubletalk. We saw that when she confidently explained that those hordes of illegal aliens swarming into our country don’t need covid vaccinations because “They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.” 

The distortion of reality is just another way of lying.

Those same people tell us that the chaos on the border was merely a “challenge.” They say that the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan was an unparalleled success. Then there’s their favorite one – the one they used to justify President Trump’s second impeachment.  What common sense tells us was something more than a disturbance, but less than a riot, Democrats call an “insurrection” – an actual attempt to overthrow the government by Trump supporters.

And they’re still using the “it wasn’t me” defense to explain their catastrophic failures.  They blame OPEC for the surge in gas prices, even though America was energy independent when they took office. They blame President Trump for the border chaos, even though Trump handed them a secure border.  They blame FedEx for the supply chain backup, another calamity caused by Biden’s response to covid.

But there’s another lie, a particularly audacious and outrageous lie that Democrats just can’t stop repeating. It’s a filthy lie, deliberately crafted to tear the country apart: America is a systemically racist country

That lie is the basis for so many other lies, and for the deep anti-American sentiment. It feeds the defund the police movement and critical race theory. It equates voting integrity to voter suppression, and it brands political opponents as racist.

Nine years ago, Vice President Biden told an African American audience that Republicans would put them all back in chains. Today he’s telling us that America is a systemically racist country. His lies as vice-president are no different than his presidential lies. They’re inflammatory and deeply divisive.

Today, he and other race-baiters use cherry-picked statistics, rare, aberrant incidents of police brutality, and relentless propaganda to fabricate the illusion of systemic racism. Unfortunately, as we saw during the Obama/Biden Administration, that poisonous rhetoric has one predictable effect.  It divides the country.

America can never be united as long as Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to sow the insidious seeds of division.  During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden vowed to unite the country.

That, too, was a lie.

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Logistics Geniuses in Congress Create “Shovel Ready Jobs” – Now They Just Need to Find Some Workers, Oh, and Some “Shovels”

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-12 17:30 +0000

The passage of the so-called infrastructure bill has been heralded as a victory for Democrats and the Biden administration. I think not. While spending gobs of money that does not exist is always a win on the left, this exposes them to other failures.

Remember the early days of 2009, with Obama and his Democrat majority congress. Post-housing-Bubble crash, every bill had jobs in it. They were all jobs bills. Not really. Every bill had a lot of spending in it, sure, but those were not real jobs which are the sort that creates wealth instead of feeding off it.

Trump created jobs by cutting taxes. Record numbers of jobs in every sector, but with Dems back in charge that has fallen off a cliff. The Left pays people to do nothing and defends the practice while working on the legendary infrastructure bill.

Were they saving those people up for all the new jobs they planned to “create” with this bill?

Nope. The government never creates jobs. It just redistributes resources away from the true job creators. And Democrats understand the concept. And to them, they are creating “jobs.” Your job is to be dependent on them and to then reinforce this dependency at the ballot box.

Why else enforce mandates that drive people out of their jobs while promoting your job-creating infrastructure boondoggle.

Jab or job. Millions more jobless, and how long until getting welfare requires The Jab? It’s coming. Small business loans, mortgages, trust me, they’re looking for ways to line up the stragglers.

The job destruction didn’t stop there. Dems drove up the cost of energy and worked to shut down domestic production, creating more job loss.

Energy and food inflation eats away at everyone’s budgets, so there are more jobs people could have had lost due to meddling Feds and the hidden tax of inflation.

The infrastructure that worked great under trump has been decimated by Democrat interference, and roads and bridges or whatever we are pretending this will fix are useless without truckers, movers, and workers.

We get “shovel-ready” jobs, but no one can work and all the “shovels” are trapped on a container ship in the Pacific.

For the slow Democrat trolls reading this, these are euphemisms. I am not talking about actual shovels. This refers to the upside-down disingenuous crap show that is the Democrat party and Federal rule in general.

You created an infrastructure bill that requires the “infrastructure” you’ve spent the last ten months destroying.

What’s the actual goal here other than expanding the DC Laundromat and engaging in a fiscal circle jerk with your crony friends?

The only “infrastructure” you are interested in is that which sustains your grasp on power.

We knew that, but you sold this thing—the infrastructure bill. You went long, and now that you got your wish, you have a problem. A big shiny pile of crap but no “shovels” and no one to “shovel it.”

A few of the states will make it work. The rest will get lost like aid to third-world despotisms—a big show, some fanfare, and the oligarchy pocket the proceeds.


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Sometimes You Actually Have to “Fight” for Freedom

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-11-12 16:00 +0000

Some thoughts have floated through my head after attending the nice Veterans’ Day ceremony in Laconia this morning. Veterans’ Day now honors all active and retired Armed Forces members. It matters not whether they served in wartime or peacetime or whether they volunteered or were drafted.

Circumstances could change at any time. They wore the uniform and took up arms to protect the Constitutional Republic in which we live.

I think that even people who oppose a particular kinetic action can have some respect for the people who stepped up.

This is an interesting contrast to people who indulge in meaningless gestures but believe that they’re fighting some sort of fight. You know who I mean. The folks with the multi-sloganed signs in their yards proclaiming that “no human is illegal” (no, they’re just here illegally) or “love is love” (does that mean that I can have an intimate relationship with a family member?).

Or the people who fly the gay pride flag well after June. Or the folks (and the media) who continue to propagate the notion that the majority of our country are people who hate, so congregants fight that hate by turning on lights at houses of worship. Those lights will teach them, haters.

Recently, I saw a cartoon posted online that had several people who were portrayed as racists (or something). Several media and camera people focused on them, while behind them were a great many people holding signs with positive slogans. I futilely tried to point out that their cartoon illustrated the opposite of what they were trying to say—that the majority are haters. Sigh.

Freedom isn’t free. For practical purposes, tyranny is antithetical to freedom.

Again, I’m sure that I don’t agree with all of America’s military actions. I’m also sure that I know of no other country that permits the degree of free expression (including actually peaceful protests) that is allowed here. Actually, such expressions are enshrined in our Constitution. You know, the old parchment that outlines restrictions on government.

I shudder to think of how some Americans would be treated in other countries if they acted there the way they can act here. I guess that I’m not a “love it or leave it” American. We have room for civil discourse.

I’m glad that people can express themselves via virtue signaling. I generally don’t agree with slogans that can fit on a yard sign, bumper stickers, or T-shirts, but do your thing without violating the Rights of others.

As unpleasant as it sounds (and can actually be), sometimes one has to actually fight for freedom. Stern letters to the editor or tweets just don’t get the job done.

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