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Are We Heading for Champagne Power at Gunstock Mountain or Are They Still Stuck in the Crud?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 10:30 +0000

Wednesday night was the March GAC meeting. The first issue after the approval of previous meeting minutes was spent dealing with the Rusty McLear issue. Is he or is he not a legitimate GAC Commissioner with respect to what NH RSA 399:4 says about appointments.

Finishing the term of a Commissioner that has left office.

Peter Ness offered a Resolution that carried the day and set the stage for the next video snipped from the entire meeting.


After the Commissioner status of Rusty McLear had been dealt, per the GAC By-Laws, elections for the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

Interesting given the Power Plays over the last couple of months:


While I will be putting up snippets from the meeting, here is the entire uncut/unedited video from this long meeting:

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If This Doesn’t Get the “Stand with Ukraine Libs” to Sit the Hell Down I Don’t Know What Will.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 01:30 +0000

Ukraine, not surprisingly, is just another post-Soviet toilet swirling with corruption. As we pointed out Wednesday on Life with Liz with Grok, it’s what they know. And that, I surmise, is why the Left is so keen to support it. But this could put their panties in a twist.


Ukraine’s martial law requires all biological males between the ages of 18 and 60 to remain in the country and fight. And it makes no exceptions for trans women.


Transwomen trying to cross the border into Poland have been stopped, “frisked,” had their identity as biological male “confirmed,” and sent back into Ukraine. If you are a man, regardless of what you may think, you are being returned for active duty.

That’s gotta sting.

Writing at Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden notes that (emphasis in original), Interestingly, the American press didn’t pick up the story. Could this be because it might undermine the bright shiny (definitely not nazi-ish) new heroic image of the Ukrainian government, which has been the subject of almost unanimously positive coverage in the American press?

Do you think?

Look at how enflamed the Demorrhoids got when Gov DeSantis signed a law forcing public schools to wait until 4th grade to groom other people’s children. They lost their minds. (If the media went wide with this Ukraine story, progs would be pulling the yellow and blue bars off their social media avatars faster than it took Joe Biden to fubar domestic oil independence.)

This would unhinge them, not that it takes much.

But keep this in mind as you ponder that? Imagine if the transwomen wanted to fight, and Ukraine said no?

It’s gotta be exhausting being a Liberal.




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A Look Ahead to 2024

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 00:00 +0000

In normal times, the President announces his run for re-election as soon as he takes the oath. This declaration shows continuity and a commitment to the job and party. These are not normal times.

President Joe Biden always adds the caveat that if he is healthy, he will be on the ballot in 2024. He also claims that Vice President Kamala Harris will be his running mate. Neither of these statements is good news for half of America, and the other half may not be thrilled either.

As the approval ratings continue to fall for both Biden and Harris, the Democrats may hope that fate will intervene and save them from a second chance to make the same mistake again..electing a feckless leader and an incompetent sidekick. Nobody wishes ill-will on our President, but they certainly wish they could hit the Re-Do button. Putting this team in the White House may have removed the evil Orange Man but losing the House and Senate was not part of the plan.

The 2020 pool of Democrat potentials was weak at best. Nobody was impressive, and Kamala Harris dropped out before the first vote was cashed. She was polling at 1-3% when she folded her tent. Nobody on the Left wanted her as President, and being female and Black are the only reasons Harris was on the ticket. She was Biden’s first mistake with many to follow.

The problem with Biden stepping down is Kamala Harris sitting behind the resolute desk. Nobody on either side wants that. We hope Biden stays healthy enough to finish his term but not entertain another four years. Biden has to keep talking 2024 or become a lame-duck President. Becoming a lame President would stall his lousy policies domestically but weaken America worldwide.

So what does a one-term Biden mean for 2024? Let’s weigh some options. Should Biden step down in 2024, the natural choice would be for Harris to move into the top slot. Nobody, save maybe her close family and friends, wants to see Harris at the top of the ticket. Well, perhaps many Republicans would love to see Harris in 2024 bumper stickers.

Many see it as a foregone conclusion that Biden will not run. If they can get Harris to step away, who will be riding the Donkey in 2024? The pool is as weak on the Left as strong on the Right. DeSantis is the current front-runner to be the Republican choice. The fact that the Left has not dug up anything to tear him down may indicate his past is clean. If not the Florida Governor, most Conservatives could give you a dozen viable alternatives. The Left does not have that luxury.

The two names that rise to the top on the Left are Stace Abrahms and Hakeem Jeffries of New York. One still thinks she is the Governor of Georgia, and the other is best known for his part in the impeachment of Donald Trump. I think anyone on the Right would relish either or both of these Left-wingers as the Democrat flag bearer in 2024.

Please do not insult us by talking about Pete Buttigieg, AOC, Gavin Newsome, Elizabeth Warren, or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton. With these names on most Top 10 lists, it is evident how weak the Democrat bench might be. The biggest mistake the Dems, and Biden, made was going for a Black woman and not the best person for Vice President. Had they done the latter, they could let Biden walk into the sunset and still have a fighting chance in 2024. Now, they are dead in the water.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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COVID Cult’s New Boogeyman – The Omicron BA.2 Variant (But What About the BS Variant?)

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 22:30 +0000

Vermont is very concerned. There’s a new variant in town, and the public health industrial complex is keeping an eye on it. Yes, I’m sure you are – and wondering if there’s a teat on it so you can milk taxpayers to pad your budgets.


The BA.2 variant is said to be more contagious than the omicron variant, but to date most cases have been less serious, Levine said. It’s uncertain whether the U.S. will see a “slight surge” in new cases or a prolonged tail to the omicron outbreak, he added.


March is a strange time to be making public statements about a flu virus, but that’s all part of the new world order. Flu in spring and summer was not a thing until the vaccination intimidation. Now, what 60-75% of the nation has accepted an experimental drug that makes them more susceptible to infection and spread, everything is COVID, and the slightest breeze elicits a warning.

The mass media is calling BA.2 the stealth variant.


(CNBC) That’s the new Covid subvariant, which preliminary research indicates is even more transmissible than the original omicron variant — but doesn’t necessarily cause more severe illness.

Less severe than the flu that 99.8% of people who got it survived? And that’s the people who actually caught it, which is a fraction of the whole. But hey, maybe they’ll get BA.2 and create antibodies that actually work?

Scientists need more research to determine how well COVID-19 treatments hold up…

“BA.2 has a whole mess of new mutations that no one has tested,”…

Like the original omicron, BA.2 makes our vaccines less protective against infection than earlier variants…

You know what that means. Get Vaccinated!

No. No thanks.

I’d rather remain unmodified, so I can continue my research on The BS variant untainted. That’s the public health industrial complex erected and funded by politicians.

The real contagion in desperate need of a cure.



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Well, I Have a Biology Degree So, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, I Can Answer “What Is a Woman?”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 21:00 +0000

This is a PERFECT example of Ideological Fealty over what-we-see-in-actual-life reality.  It is a PERFECT example of the chaos that the Left is deliberately sowing into American life – universal gaslighting of us all that we are not to believe our lyin’ eyes. They want to get us to the point of accepting 2+2=5 and any of their other dastardly “beliefs” they held.  Sorry, I know what a woman is – my undergrad degree prepared me for that. It’s not a man.  It is the complementary gender to a man, but can never be a man.

Yesterday, during Jackson’s first full day of Senate confirmation hearings, one of the progressive left’s major dogmas related to transgender ideology and politics was torn asunder by none other than the good judge herself. Ironically, the destruction of this basic tenet of transgenderism (if it is an -ism) occurred as Jackson was attempting to be too clever and too politically correct by half when she was asked to perform the simple task of defining “woman.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asked the good judge to perform the simple task that most pre-schoolers can accomplish. The exchange reflects a level of intellectual stupidity that only can be attained at America’s leading graduate schools… in this case, Harvard.

The above is from Townhall and I disagree with this:

That last addendum, “I’m not a biologist,” was a gratuitous little insight into a nasty little attitude that Jackson holds for the likes of Blackburn, who would dare to presuppose that such a thing as defining a woman could be glibly achieved in such a vulgar setting as this.

No, it isn’t just towards “the likes of Blackburn” – it is total disparagement towards anyone not in their tribe, including yours truly with a biology degree. What we Normals need to do is to start laughing at them at each and every time that they try to have us believe 2+2=5 or that a man can be a woman and that a woman can be a man.  All three are impossible. Oh, for sure, that latter two can have you dress up as the other sex than what you were conceived. You may even have surgery whose purpose is to fool others into believing that he is a she or a she is a he.

But neither can ever biologically be what they are not. Chromosomes (which I’ve been told doesn’t “follow the science”) make it clear as a permanent marker.  But your bone structure, your muscle mass and types, your pulmonary and cardiac capabilities, the internal and external organs, and even how your brain is wired is different than the other sex/gender.

Sidenote: remember, “gender” has been redefined by the Left to be other than what it used to be: a more genteel way during the Victorian Age, of saying “sex”. Both were defined as the same thing and up until lately, were synonyms for each other. Now enter in “social construct” that allows the Left to redefine anything they want so you SHUT UP!

You can’t change those no matter what you believe you want to believe about yourself as well as demanding that others do the same.

For Harvard trained Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to state that she can’t is a lie in fealty to the Marxist social gospel she is wedded to. And make no mistake, the culture war in which we find ourselves being shoved into.  No, it’s not the classic socioeconomic Marxist class that Communists and Socialists are infamous for but the Frankfurt School and Antonio Gramsci American twist by turning

I also like this retort that I saw in a Twitter video that demonstrates this insanity of what we Normals are being subjected to:

Ah yes, the “Totalitarianism of the Experts” in real life.  No one is to decide for themselves regardless.  This is “certification” run amok.  It is what the Left desires – to make you internalize and think normal that you are NOT allowed to opine on ANYTHING in which you don’t have a degree/certification.  ANYTHING.  And they are quickly looking to make it mandatory for all – you drone!

“I’m not a vet but I know what a dog is”

Short, to the point, and an utter refutation of the Left that makes them look silly.  Senator Blackburn, upon hearing Jackson say “I’m not a biologist”, could have used that. In fact, all of us can use that for ALL of the ways that the Left is trying to gaslight us – state something simple that can’t be refuted but stuff’s their point into a little box – and then stomp on it.

(H/T: Townhall Daily Caller)


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The March 2020 ‘Grok Invasion of Life With Liz

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 19:30 +0000

Skip and I found our way to Nashua yesterday to hang out with Liz Gabert at the WSMN 1590 studios. Lots of topics to cover along with call-in guest Melissa Blasek who talked about wins for health freedom legislation in the NH House.

Skip gave a summation of the Gunstock Mountain situation. I discussed the Federal transparency legislation that would require the AG to report the number of refugees dumped here monthly. With a few cheap shots at the Governor and the AG, along the way.

You can listen here, or watch below.

The audio version has been edited down to reduce the file size but only bumper music and some housekeeping content were removed. No edits were made to the video version of this braodcast.


Listen – Real Resistance Podcast Page – Spreaker


Watch and listen – LWL on YouTube.

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Gunstock Mountain Resort – Right to Know: Budget. All of it. At the General Ledger Account Level

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 18:00 +0000

At the end of the Public Comment section, last night, I made a bit of a stir, having previously submitted an RSA 91:A Right To Know demand for the entire budget, at the General Ledger line/account level.

Tom Day, President and General Manager of Gunstock Mountain Resort (“GMR”) told me that he was not going to do that. Period, end of story. He made it clear that he was “protecting the Business.

I capitalized Business but he had it in lower case. Claimed that because of competition and financial information: RSA 91-A:3

(j) Consideration of confidential, commercial, or financial information that is exempt from public disclosure under RSA 91-A:5, IV in an adjudicative proceeding pursuant to RSA 541 or RSA 541-A.

There’s a reason why I capitalized it and it has become increasingly evident that the former Commissioners, the GMR Senior Staff, and employees (as I found out last night at the regularly scheduled meeting of the GMR’s Gunstock Area Commission (GAC)) all believe that it is THEIR business and just not a wholly-owned entity of Belknap County, New Hampshire.

Which, by definition, makes it a political subdivision of the County which, in turn, is a subdivision of the State of New Hampshire.

Thus, not a business.

But that’s how it is being run and decidedly acting as if the normal rules, regulations, and laws that bind subdivisions of the State, don’t apply to them.

And now there’s a battle going on:  business or a mere government agency whose product is just snow. Oh, it is a product that people want if it provides a downslope. Before my knees, hips, and back did their own downslope, I used to ski at Gunstock.

My kids learned to ski there. TMEW ran the childcare center there for a while.

But in this case, there are a number of things I want to know. As I’ve said before, I spent almost 10 years on our Budget Committee and as a Grokster, I’ve helped numerous others around NH with theirs; this is not unknown territory. So, here’s the demand:

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records: For the current fiscal year, the overall budgets for all operational entities commonly known, in the aggregate, as Gunstock Ski Area / Gunstock Mountain Resort / et al:

  • The complete budget(s) for each official entity to be presented at the General Ledger (“GL”) Account / line number with each line item to contain:
    • The GL account number / identifier for each line item
    • The GL textual description for each line item
    • The starting amount for each line item set at the beginning of the current fiscal year
    • Current balance / amount for each GL line item as of end of day March 13, 2022

Per RSA 91-A:4 IV(c) If you deny any portion of this request, please cite the specific exemption used to justify the denial to make each record, or part thereof, available for inspection along with a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the information withheld.

As you are aware, in 2016, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that a governmental body in possession of records is required to produce them in electronic media using standard of common file formats: Green v. SAU #55, 168 N.H. 796, 801 (2016). Unless there is some reason that it is not reasonably practicable for you to produce these records in the requested format, I ask that you either do so or explain why it is not practicable for you to comply.

Please also note, per RSA 91-A:4 III, III-a, and III-b, you are required to maintain the safety and accessibility of such responsive records.

Thus, knowing that all current accounting systems can output their General Ledger to spreadsheet files at the push of a button, I am requesting the above information be presented in either an EXCEL xls file or OpenOffice ods formats. Given that most budget processes include spreadsheets from the lowest level departments to the highest, this is not a out-of-bounds Right To Know demand (well within the abilities of a competent Accounting or IT department).

Please let me know when these responsive records are available for inspection.

You may email the responsive records (the spreadsheet files) to me at If the volume is turns out to be substantial, I have already set up a Dropbox folder for all of your responsive records.

Thank you for your lawful attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.


Skip Murphy

So he and I engaged in an email back-and-forth which I’ll post up later. The video of last night’s meeting will be available as well (the entire almost-4-hour long video is still uploading).  It came to a head, however, when I dropped this at the end of the Public Comment section in front of each Commissioner – a GMR Operational Budget that was deliberately let loose “into the wild” as GMR was looking to Belknap County to give it cash just as intensely as teen-aged Johnny asking Dad for the keys to the family car:

Gunstock FY 2017 Operating Budget

Developing – more coming.

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Feeble Old Man Pretending to be the US President Wanders Off Again (Watch)

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 16:30 +0000

This is a short picture in picture video featuring Ben Shaprio watching a clip of Biden getting off Marine One, but someone has added some amusing voice-over to the footage.

They are impersonating some command and control Secret-Service-Esque dialogue regarding the President’s* movements as he disembarks from the chopper.

And it’s funny; because Joe is obviously a victim of elder abuse. Head down, slumping along… incapable of simple directions that no coherent individual, let alone a leader of the increasingly less-free world, should need.

Biden needs them and can’t follow them, and this was their “nominee.*”

The Democrat’s 2020 field was so horrible they had to settle for Biden because they felt like they could push, pull, or drag him over the finish line regardless of the risks to their party or the country.


We are supposed to believe that this guy got more votes than Obama.

And here he is!


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Net-Zero Refers to Their Plans for Your Lifestyle, not Carbon Emissions

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 15:00 +0000

Big Green is a lumbering hulk whose only quality is its size and momentum. Nothing else about it makes any sense. The only thing green about it is the money printed to fund it. And it won’t make life better for anyone but a few elites who advocate for it.

And it is a tight circle within the ruling class—people who have been laundering “environmentally-conscious” programs into their pockets and those of supporters for decades.

There’s no evidence that what they claim is happening, and there is even less proof that their plans to address the non-problem would help. Unless by help, you mean paying the media with your money to write less-threatening stories to herald program successes when it appears politically necessary to do so.

Look, we made a tiny difference. See, this is working! But we need more from you.

That “more” means less for you.

Net Zero, their latest marketing ploy to sell the fraud, has nothing to do with reducing carbon emissions. As we’ve noted often, their plans are as carbon-intensive as any, off-shoring “emissions,” which they then call reductions.

The truth is that their goal is not to improve the planet but to improve their own control over it and you and to grow the size (and emissions) of government to facilitate that.

Net-Zero refers to what their plans will do to your lifestyle (and your rights) and not much else.



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ICYMI – COVID “Circled Back Around” to Reinfect Double-Jabbed Jen Psaki

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 13:30 +0000

Nothing says ‘get vaccinated’ like Biden’s Baghdad Bob – the regime’s mouthpiece – getting COVID. Again! Jen Psaki, who has been nothing if not persistent in her promotion of the approved COVID narratives, caught the Rona a second time.


The 43-year-old mother of two previously tested positive for the coronavirus in late October. Psaki as a result did not travel with Biden on a week-long trip to Italy and Scotland, as she had originally planned at the time.


The 43-year old mother of two credits her mild symptoms to being vaccinated.

I’m not vaccinated. I avoided the masking protocols, never did the distancing, worked through the whole thing (where no one was masked). No quarantines or lockdowns for me, lots of public events, crowds, and I wasn’t even carrying a restaurant dining table to protect me.

No Jab.

No symptoms.

No Rona.

And I’m comorbid but not stupid. The Public Health sector has been bought out or leveraged by politicians and bureaucrats who have net-zero interest in actual health.

Related: Pfizer Docs Show They Knew Their Experimental COVID19 “Vaccine” was Neither Safe Nor Effective

That’s clear as vodka.

I did up my vitamin D and vitamin C over the winter, but I was more concerned about the effect of the lies spewed by the likes of Psaki and like-minded water carriers (including the FDA, Pfizer, and Corporate media) than the actual flu.

And I credit not getting vaccinated with not catching COVID. I know many people who got vaccinated (for work school travel), and almost all of them have had flu symptoms, gotten flu, or tested positive for COVID.

We know why, but Psaki can’t circle back to that because she’d have to cover it in detail for that linguistic sleight of hand to apply. Pfizer knew the COVID vax didn’t protect you for more than a few weeks and actually increased the likelihood of infection.

According to Pfizer’s science Psaki caught the Rona because she’s vaccinated. And I don’t wish COVID on Jen or her family or any of the 1290+ Pfizer-documented side effects, but that’s what they signed up for, and we’ve been publishing the evidence for nearly 10-months.

And they were aware of it. They’ve been calling it conspiracy theory which is Left-Wing code for truth we dare not tell.


No offense, but we’re not waiting for you to decide when it is politically expedient to reveal the truth.




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What is Biden’s New World Order

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 12:00 +0000

Was Joe Biden off prompter on Monday, or did he really mean to allude to a “new world order?” The phrase usually denotes a change in the geopolitical environment, but I am not sure Joe would recognize that shift.

We know that President Biden has been impacting the world order since his first day on the job. He has moved the balance of energy, set our economy back years, made us less powerful militarily, has opened the floodgates for illegal immigration, and disrupted our supply chain.

So, of all of these negatives, I cannot come up with a positive unless you embrace diversity. Which was he alluding to on Monday? To make things more confusing, he converged two issues with his statement:

“You know, we are at an inflection point, I believe, in the world economy — not just the world economy, in the world. It occurs every three or four generations,” Biden said.

Biden was referring to the assault by Russia on the independent and sovereign Ukraine. But in his desperation to deflect blame for our economy and inflation issues, he is looking for someone, or thing, to point his finger. This is not working. You can only go to the well so many times.

Before the Russian invasion, Biden blamed COVID for rising fuel costs and supply issues. Then it was Putin, and currently, it is major fuel companies. He has no evidence, but he and Psaki claim that the oil companies, especially on the west coast, are price gouging.

So what is this new world order Biden speaks of? We are sacrificing American jobs in the energy sector by shifting drilling and production to foreign entities. We are reclassifying terrorist or corrupt governments like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela as partners and sending American dollars for their crude. Our money funds the Ukraine battle in Russia and their chase to a nuclear weapon in Iran.

Maybe it is him destroying our energy independence on day one by declaring war on big oil. Biden sees the world going Green as envisioned by John Kerry, AOC, and the rest of the Radical Left. These people see the transition from fossil to green energy as simple as flipping a switch.

As usual, they are wrong.

The infrastructure is not ready, the people are not prepared, the impetuous move is killing economic growth, and the inflation is worse than any tax Biden could have implemented. The 8% inflation and $5.00 gas may be more than the low to middle-income people can tolerate.

Maybe it’s a borderless world where sovereign countries are only a memory. This is what Joe Biden is creating with our porous Southern Border. Democrats do not see these people as illegal, but low-income workers and future democrat voters.

Maybe Joe Biden had no idea what he said or what it meant to his listening followers. He has proven in his first year that he does not have a solid plan. Joe Biden is erratic, sporadic, and worst of all, reactionary.

Everything that he and Harris have touched has turned sour.

Ukraine, Russia, and every domestic crisis with his name on it will have lasting impacts. He may not have planned them, but he owns them. Chaotic is the new world Joe will leave to his successor. Pray to God that person is strong enough to put it back together.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Boondoggle Derailed?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 10:30 +0000

One of the biggest issues with commuter rail is that everyone in the state, most of whom will never use or have use of it, will have to pay for it forever. So, y’all should be excited about this bill.

What, I was on Liz Gabert’s show today, and that y’all business sticks for a few hours.

Anyway, the bill is HB1432 which amends RSA 21-L:2, II(a) -Department of Transportation; General Functions to state,


 …that no state funds shall be appropriated or expended for the planning, construction, operation, or management of passenger rail projects, including the project named Nashua-Manchester-Concord, project number 40818, in the 2019-2028 Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan.


The state may not raise funds, allocate existing funds, or use any money taken from Granite Staters to pay for the development, construction, or maintenance of commuter rail in the state.

If the pointless train fetishists want their token choo-choo, they need to get the feds to pay for it. All of it, in perpetuity, and that’s a huge commitment. Some would say unreasonable. But everyone knows commuter rail will never make money, so the 13 million dollars a year question is this.

Why is it reasonable to bilk Granite Staters out of 13 million a year (at a minimum?) to prop up something most of them will never need or use? Because Democrats – with few exceptions – want it.

Commuter rail is the trophy wife of green virtue signaling. It’s a costly habit that makes them look good to other liberals, and that’s been the case for as long as they’ve been pining for it.

Back in 2010, one of my earliest “official” posts on was about rail.


John DiStaso reports in this morning’s Sunday News the details of costs and taxes proposed to prop up commuter-rail in the Nashua-Manchester-Concord Corridor, along with an apology by Transportation Commissioner George Campbell for releasing the report. …

The report lays out recommendations for funding the project by bumping up against the third rail. Higher property taxes, more vehicle registration fee increases, and phrases like, “(the) concept of this business improvement tax was that if they were going to have a benefit, then we could tax them on that benefit,” this from Steve Williams, a former executive director of the Nashua Regional Planning Commission.


What were some ideas to pay for rail service no one would use 12 years ago (this is from an official government report on the boondoggle)?


[A] business improvement assessment” of $1.02 per $1,000, on top of existing local and statewide property taxes, could be levied on all properties in a mile-wide corridor along the track, a half-mile on each side.

They could also choose “…to add a 16 cents per $1,000 property tax surcharge on all properties in 27 communities in the Nashua-Manchester areas.”

Then there’s a vehicle registration fee [which] “has actually been a pretty common approach across the country. You tax what you want people to avoid if you will,” Williams said. He said that with 528,273 vehicles in the 27 communities in the region, a $15.82 charge would be needed to raise $8.3 million.


That was a direct hit on every town and city along “the corridor.” It has since become clear that NH would need to punish everyone to scratch the surface of this turd. HB1432 would prevent that, but I have no idea how it will fare in the Senate or if sometimes republican governor Sununu will sign off on it.

Given the negative press the green agenda is getting thanks to Biden’s energy policy, this might be the year, but as always, with a caveat. Democrats promise to undo this protection the first chance they get, no matter what.

In other words, they are committed to putting Granite Staters on the hook for tens of millions annually for a rail service that touches a sliver of the state. A service most of us would have to drive many miles to get to before (probably) having to pay to park (the traffic and parking situation is another problem), and they pay to ride.

And that’s why it will never make enough money to support itself and why we need HB1432 and why you need to stop electing Democrats to public office.

HB1432 passed the House 181-144. It now moves to the NH Senate.


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Another Angle on the Left’s Unity Lie

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 01:30 +0000

The party of no-fault divorce has us on a collision course with an arranged marriage and no escape clause. A union in which you are the abused spouse, and they are your Police State “partner” complete with trust, drinking, and anger issues.

If you get out of line, the beatings will continue…until morale improves, if ever it could.

Alongside that is a cultural replacement strategy that makes the unity promise impossible. Open borders policy creates an army of air-lifted refugees whose cultures you are required to accept.

Asking them to embrace your culture is bigoted and xenophobic. Copying their culture is insulting appropriation. The result is institutionalized and endless conflict.

The deliberate division of the people.

I briefly worked for someone whose control was based on their ability to act as arbiter between departments they deliberately set at each other’s throats (figuratively).

That’s how Democrat-Socialism will bring down the nation.

Divided without hope for reconciliation, and only the Federal government left standing.

It’s always been the plan, and it works most places, but here’s the thing.

If you commit to your state and focus on the founding and sovereignty – meaning few or no Democrats in power – that inevitable arranged marriage can’t happen. Not without an armed conflict.

I’m not saying it won’t come to that. Nor would I say that the ruling class elites wouldn’t cherish the opportunity if the circumstances were right. But when division is all they have, and they are committed to their plan, a fight is inevitable if we can’t change who pulls these levers.

This is coincidentally why the founders insisted on the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Their world was filled with these sorts of people, and they knew that no one could be free without it. It is why the left want’s so desperately to see it undermined.

It is why you need to protect and defend it.

As the Left sells it, Progress is nothing but regression to a time, centuries ago, when a class above the law enforced its will upon everyone else. We can see it clearly from here, right now.

The Left’s unity is nothing more than “Everyone under one boot,” theirs, and it’s not unity if you have to force people to go along.

There are many names for that, and one of them is tyranny.



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Watch: Supreme Court Nominee Can’t Define What a Woman Is or When Life Begins, Plus Her Serious Child-Porn-Offender Sentencing Problem

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-03-24 00:00 +0000

Our Constitutional Republic is in deep doo doo. But many of you already know that. Take a look at the video below regarding the confirmation hearing of Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

If the ramifications of her potential appointment weren’t so disturbing, it would make for a great SNL skit.

Senator Marsha Blackburn asked a simple question that any five year old should be able to answer, “Can you provide a definition for the word woman?”  Jackson’s response?  “No, I can’t …  I’m not a biologist.”  Jackson also said she doesn’t know when life begins.

If that doesn’t disturb you, then watch this episode of Steve Bannon’s War Room, where Judge Jackson’s history of dramatically reducing sentences for child pornography is first exposed by Senator Ted Cruz (@ 5:42 – 8:45), and again by Senator Josh Hawley.

Here are a few excerpts from Sen. Hawley from 15:00 – 19:05.

United States vs Hawkins. The defendant was Wesley Hawkins. He was 18 years old at the time.

This is from the government’s sentencing memorandum in this case. Just so we understand the facts, here some of the videos that the government charged and they recovered.

  • There is a 24:06 video depicting a 12 year old male committing a sexual act.  I’m not going to read exactly what it was.
  • There is a 1:57 video depicting an 8 year old committing a sexual act.
  • There was an 11:47 video depicting an 11 year old committing a sexual act and being raped by an adult male.
  • There was a 15:19 video depicting two 11 year olds committing sexual acts.
  • There was a 7:51 video depicting a 12 year old committing a sexual act.

So as the government said in this case, and I’m quoting now from the transcript at the sentencing hearing

“Seventeen videos is a lot. And some of the videos, including the ones that are described in the statement of the offense, and I’ve just related some of them, are very lengthy and include numerous images, numerous views, sometimes collages, sometimes multiple victims you see the act in progress.”

The government goes on to describe some of these as sadomasochistic images.

You talked about it this morning said these cases are terrible. This is one of them. This is terrible stuff. This is not a good guy who is doing this stuff.

Guidelines in this case was 97-121 months. So if I’m doing my math right that is up to ten years.  And in this case the guidelines recommendations were essentially written by Congress.

I know you remember the Protect Act. You’ve talked about it. You’ve given lectures on it. And it was enacted as I said in 2003.

So Congress has set the guidelines here, 84-0 in the Senate.

Congress sets the range. Essentially it’s 97 months up to 10 years.

The prosecutor in this case nevertheless still asked for two full years in prison.  You gave the defendant three months.  Guidelines called for 10 years, prosecutor wanted at least 2, you gave him 3 months.

Jackson admitted the evidence was “heinous and egregious” (@ 21:08) but reduced the sentence to 3 months.

Later on (@ 30:59), Sen. Hawley reminded Jackson said the following while apologizing to the defendant,

“This is a truly difficult situation. I appreciate that your family is in the audience. I feel so sorry for them and for you, and for the anguish this has caused all of you. I feel terrible about the collateral consequences of this conviction. 

Jackson treated the child sex offender as if he were the victim.

You can watch the video and come to your own conclusions.



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Redistricting: WTF Is Wrong With You, Chris Sununu?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-03-23 22:30 +0000

Yes, I know. The headline elicits a lengthy list of possibilities. If you can’t think of more than a few, search “Chris Sununu” in the search bar above this post (or click here), and you’ll get the definitive conservatarian answer.

It’s a lot. About 900 articles. Some of them are favorable, less so in more recent years. It’s a lot, to which we can now add this.

Chris is “Dora the Congressional Map Explorer” and he has a redistricting map at which he wants us to look.

No, it’s not all squiggly or serpentine-like the ones coming out of Democrat-controlled New York or Illinois. These states lost Democrat house seats which the Dems in charge have “recovered” by gerrymandering Republicans out of office, instead.

No, it’s very simple. So, simple that NH Dems who refuse to answer questions about places like NY and IL look like assh*les for calling it gerrymandered. But that’s a feeling they share with Republican* Chris Sununu. He wasn’t happy with the one upon which our Republican majority legislature settled.

The legislature’s map created equity. It represented the highest probability of one Republican seat and one Dem seat instead of the two-dem seat arrangement we have been plagued with for years.

Balance. Ying-Yang. A state that elected Republican state legislators and a Republican* governor would have one voice in congress as would the Dems.


Sununu doesn’t like it. Said he’d veto that and has followed this threat with his own map. A map that, “would make adjustments to the current districts to create a more competitive first district and a second district that still leans Democratic.”

Sununu’s map still gives up CD-2 to the Dems forever (not much could change that) and gives CD-1 to the Dems (more than likely).

WTF Is Wrong With You, Chris Sununu?

In a contentious political climate where one seat could decide leadership, committee chairs, the entire agenda, and the direction of our Nation, you’re like, eh, more Dems in congress. That’s fine.


What has happened inside your head and who the hell is advising you that this makes sense for Republicans or New Hampshire?

Or are you planning on switching parties sometime soon because I’m having an increasingly difficult time seeing how you being the governor is helping Republicans as opposed to just helping Chris Sununu.

And I’m actually not sure yet how this helps Chris Sununu, but you don’t do anything unless it helps Chris Sununu, so when does the other jack boot drop, and what’s in it?

Wait, I think I know.

Two Democrat districts in New Hampshire in perpetuity.

Now if I can just find that goal in the NH Republican Party list of priorities…




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I Want A New Drug

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-03-23 21:00 +0000

To the sober observer, it appears we have crossed over the pharmacological Rubicon where dealing in drugs, once the practice of the dark artists found in alleyways, college campuses, covens, and secret temples, is now so profitable it makes the GDP of a third world country seem like a weekend allowance.

Classifications of drugs have expanded like the American waistline, with such targeted titles as “amylon analogs” and “neuronal potassium channel inhibitors”, making today’s physicians a much classier version of yesterday’s witch doctors.

Days of yore found some haggardly looking warlock promising healing from a smoky vile of green elixir with names like “hog’s bane” have been replaced by hypodermic orange bottles neatly labeled and secured within a national database (for our safety), the contents of which are perfectly crafted pez-like caplets formed in laboratories to deliver the once promised magic.

The 1980s ushered in this new industry and had even the top artists of the day singing songs about them. One famous doctor, Huey Lewis, not to be confused with the neighborhood pharmacist Huey Newton who died tragically in a drug deal gone bad, sang his way to a Billboard number one spot by crooning what we all were thinking – “I Want A New Drug.”

We want to thank Johnny Bananas for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

Well, Huey, we still do, and thankfully here are some we’re told are in the works…



Classification: selection non-uptake inhibitor

Action: Causes women to give direct answers to direct questions rather than unrelated stories intended to give clues as to what they really mean.

Sample usage:

Man “Hey baby where would you like to eat?”
Woman “My orange dress is still at the dry cleaners.”
Man “Honey, did you remember to take your Simpaslav?”



Classification: PED inhibitor

Action: This little blue pill increases male testosterone levels and arousal when asking for directions.




Action: Causes liars to have explosive flatulence while crying uncontrollably.  The manufacturers recommend for all political officials including unelected.



Classification: pro-interpreter

Action: A drug that helps decipher both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s speech patterns.



Classification: mydriatic, anti-misinformant / anti-disinformant

Action: Automatically detects fake news while causing allergic reactions to fact-checking.



Classification: non-steroidal beta-blocker

Action: Makes you enjoy working out along with the sensation of sweating.



Classification: stimulant

Action: Improves customer service experiences by causing those who collect money to experience gratitude for income supporting their business leading to low levels of elation.



Classification: anti-spasmodic

Action: Causes motorists to obey all rules of the road especially signaling and discourages overly courteous acts such as waving people into oncoming traffic.



Classification: ergogenic

Action: Creates severe allergic reactions to video games in people under the age of sixty-five.


Classification: antidote

Action: Causes people to remember Donald Trump, Q and Tom Brady are not Jesus.



Classification: anti-psychotic

Action: Causes people who espouse Marxist ideologies such as socialism, Critical Race Theory or use terms like cys, diversity, equity, inclusion, problematic, normativity and the like to develop hives in the shape of tiny hammers and sickles while lowering circulation to the hands causing the need to wear mittens.



Classification: Contraceptive

Action: Causes hair to turn blue and store unwanted body fat in people who teach youth that aren’t their biological children about sexual preferences. In severe cases will create debilitating aching and impotency in their genitalia when watching any type of illuminated screen.



Classification: Anti-racial hallucinogenic

Action: Causes users to see others as the race they most despise.  For instance, Ibrahim Kinde would see all people as white people and conversely David Duke would see all people as black people.  Kathy Griffin would see all people with slightly orange skin.



Classification: radiologic conjugating agent

Action: Emits soft yellow glow for women while driving that maintains brightness during daytime especially when driving foreign cars.



Classification: anti-fungal, anti-karenic, anti-kenic

Action: Causes tongue swelling and seizures in bossy people.



Classification:  zootrophic agent

Action: Gives biological women gills and fins when in water.  Does not work for biological males.


What did we miss?  Are there any drugs you’d like to see the industry develop?  If so, please leave a comment below.



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It’s the Public-School Groomers Who Say “Don’t Say Gay”

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-03-23 19:30 +0000

Don’t Say Gay is the National Narrative the left has erected in response to an idea that it might be inappropriate to take to 3rd or 2nd graders about sex. But here’s the thing. That’s what they’ve been telling your kids for years.

You need to keep quiet about all the gay “stuff” at school.


It’s endemic to public schools, and we’ve published numerous reports of parents discovering schools and teachers trying to transition their kids. You know, everyone keeps it secret, ‘don’t say gay.’

A handful of teachers have let the little rainbow mask slip, but other than that, everyone is mum—no talking to mommy or daddy. Let’s keep it our little secret.

You’ve got a different name at school. We’ll even put you in the transition closet or let you change clothes here and then again before you go home.

Related: Sherry Frost Wants You To Send Gay! Postcards to Ron DeSantis but Two Can Play That Game

And whatever you do, “Don’t say, Gay!”

It’s not just rampant; it is institutionalized.

The Left’s Education Industrial Complex has been on a years-long gender bender to convert kids to their sex-obsessed cult keeping parents and taxpayers in the dark.

When confronted about their grooming, they shout and call you a bigot and hide behind taxpayer-funded district lawyers and stone-faced school-boards who hide public documents and pretend you’ve no right to raise your own kids.

In other words, coming out is all the rage, just not outside the school walls or campus.



Keep it inside our little circle. Confidential. “What we say in the room stays in the room.”

In other words, whatever you do, “Don’t Say, Gay!”




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Marijuana Legalization; What the Public Deserves to Know

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-03-23 18:00 +0000

During a February House session, there was a debate on marijuana legalization. HB 1598-FN passed 235 to 119. This bill is now under consideration in the NH House Ways and Means Committee.

It will come back to the House for a final vote at the end of March and then on to the Senate.

The bill proposes marijuana legalization despite nearly ten years’ worth of data from other states documenting how legalization has led to significant increases in underage marijuana use, marijuana-related traffic deaths, child welfare caseloads, and the number of infants born with THC present in their bloodstream.

The negative consequences have been so damaging in Colorado that the governor recently signed a landmark reform bill to reign in the most harmful aspects of their marijuana laws. At the very least, every state legislator should closely examine these reforms before making any decisions on legalization.

We want to thank Sue Homola for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

In addition, concerns about high-concentrate marijuana have been documented for decades. We now have the hindsight of many longitudinal studies that show a verifiable increase in addiction and psychosis among heavy marijuana users.

Another issue is the relationship between opioid abuse and marijuana usage, as detailed in a 2017 study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. This documents how marijuana use is linked to increased occurrences of new-onset opioid use and opioid use disorder.

It is important to note that in Nashua and Manchester, drug overdoses during 2021 increased by 110% when compared to 2020. Given this startling trend and New Hampshire’s tragic history of being a state hit hardest by the opioid epidemic, it is unconscionable that legislation is now being proposed that will make this situation worse.

In addition, this bill proposes a $25 million fund to treat drug addiction. Sadly, it will help mitigate a problem we ourselves make worse with this legislation.

Another intent of HB1598-FN is the state-sanctioned distribution, selling, and profiteering of marijuana — which no other state has done so far. According to the Criminal Justice Committee Majority Report, this bill “…allows consumers to purchase a clean, superior tax-free product at a consumer-friendly price that is competitive with the black market.” (Surely, New Hampshire can have better goals than to be competitive with the black market.)

This bill also appropriates $14 million of taxpayer money for start-up costs so the Liquor Commission can manage ten state-run retail outlets. This commission also estimates an additional $5 million will be needed annually for operating costs, salaries, and benefits for 70 state employees.

We must ask ourselves: Do we really want to legalize a drug that we know will result in more harm to our most vulnerable citizens and empower state agencies to essentially act as a cartel, a drug dealer, and a money launderer?

If we think we should legalize because some say it’s inevitable, then we are ceding control of the issue and ignoring the negative consequences demonstrated in other states.

If we think we should legalize and manage the sales ourselves because it will put more money in the state’s general fund, we should examine the actual budget revenues in other legalized states. In reality, we will discover that marijuana revenues are never enough to pay for the societal ills caused by this drug’s use.

Finally, do we believe that legalizing marijuana will end this discussion? No, it won’t.

When your main selling point for a drug policy is the promise of untold millions being used for school funding and property tax relief, despite the documented harmful effects on vulnerable populations, it merely paves the way for the legalization of other drugs if the profit margins are attractive.

Make no mistake, HB1598-FN opens the door to a whole new discussion.



Rep. Sue Homola (R-Hollis) represents Hillsborough County’s District 27.

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Breaking News: Embattled Sununu Judicial Nominee Brian Shaughnessy Rejected 4-1 By Executive Council

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-03-23 16:30 +0000

The Executive Council voted 4-1 to reject the nomination of Brian Shaughnessy as New Hampshire’s newest circuit court judge. Three Republicans and one Democrat voted against, with Councilor Ted Gatsas the only vote in favor.

Shaughnessy was a bad choice from go, plagued with integrity issues tied to his hometown of Bedford.

In an exclusive Op-ed for, Robert Fojo summed them up nicely here.


Government officials are supposed to follow the limited laws that govern them. Judges, likewise, are supposed to adhere to their limited roles in our republic. If an official such as Shaughnessy ignores the fact he had no authority to provide legal advice to the Town, and acted outside of his authority in doing so, why should we trust that he would adhere to the law (and not act outside his authority) as a judge?

…In this era where judges who actually follow and apply the law are hard to find, Shaughnessy does not deserve a vote of confidence.


And he did not get it.

Mr. Sununu will have to put the re-re-redistricting map and make another pick from his bag of cronies which, in our experience, will result in someone markedly worse.

We’ll have to get back to you on who that is when he makes the announcement.




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Biden Can’t ‘Tap’ America’s Strategic Lithium Reserves …

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-03-23 15:00 +0000

The US has gobs of fossil fuels and one of the cleanest extraction processes on the planet. But the more environmentally sound practice for Dems is to get it offshore and move it here while we wait for the Electric Vehicle Golden Age to dawn.

Politicians insist that dawn will come around 2030, or else. Or else, what? All of their apocalyptic predictions were false. Not once have they gotten right. So, dates and Democrats are not things that can be trusted, especially dates announced by Democrats.

It is a list of poor prognostications that grows longer every year, but they persist. We are doomed and the solution is to stop relying on energy produced here by people less likely to vote for them. We should instead depend on rare metals from nations where people don’t get to vote at all.

Talk about a red flag.

Lithium, Nickle, Cobalt. Things we do not have or in the quantities needed for the new day to dawn. Whose extraction is not just a dirty, carbon-intensive mess but that will occur outside the reach of our environmental control.

Offshoring. Jobs, money, everything at the expense of the environment we are sacrificing to save from ourselves, they say.

It’s quite a contradiction.

Here’s another one. Our salvation from high gasoline prices is a more expensive alternative.

The price of lithium is up almost 500% in the past twelve months. That’s before any increased demand is created by their electric vehicle future. Millions of new batteries would be needed, many of them larger than anything yet engineered. All depended on foreign interests who do not have the same interests as we do.

A component without which the new day will never dawn for transportation few cannot afford now. Charged with electricity we have no way to generate now and no plan to accommodate either eight or eighty years from now.

There are too many hurdles to overcome, barriers created by the Green-Energy advocates.

It can’t be done and many of those pushing it know that. It’s part of the plan.

You won’t be able to drive the car you have and can’t afford the vehicle they say you need. The observant among us understand that this is the answer but to a different question. Not what do Americans do, but how do Americans do what they want us to do?

There is no strategic lithium reserve. We do not have any other way to make the Democrat future. It is built on dependency.

They want you to depend on them for access, mobility, care, everything. And the Left is willing to rely on nations that would rule us for our resources rather than provide them to keep us whole.

America is to become a Hospice from sea to shining sea. A land where you are managed in near-darkness until you die. The only question remaining is managed by who? It won’t be the Democrat party. Neither the Russians nor Chinese would put up with it.




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