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Who Knew: Gay Professor Passing Out Chocolate To College Students is a Major Aggression?

Mon, 2023-05-15 01:30 +0000

First off, the ‘Grok gets nothing for this “advertisement kinda sideways,” but I am going to be ordering some because I think this is a clever tactic in the Culture War that has been thrust upon us.  And if forced to, I’d have Wokesters using “My Worst Nightmare” & “My Highest Excellency” (or something else like to have them say, “I suck”).

David Richardson, a Professor of History at Madera Community College (of course in California!), was already in trouble for using “Do, Re, Mi” for his mandatory “preferred pronouns” (he got punished for that, and now he’s suing them) so I give him big props for doubling down and not saying a word.

Look at the image above again and then read this ( Reformatted and emphasis mine):

The composition of the chocolate wasn’t the problem for Madera Community College, David Richardson told Just the News. It was the gender pronouns on the wrappers: “He/Him” for chocolate bars with nuts and “She/Her” for the “nutless” version, reflecting the human sexual binary.

But shouldn’t this Community College ALSO get a ding for this

He shared the human resources letter delivered “by a uniformed police officer” Monday evening at his home.

The State Center Community College District informed the 33-year veteran he was on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into unspecified allegations of creating a “hostile work environment” and harassing and discriminating against colleagues “based on gender.” In the meantime, Richardson is banned from “non-public” areas of the district and his Madera email and prohibited from “any action which could be construed as retaliation against anyone,” the letter says.

Really? By sworn (assuming) law enforcement? Handing out candy is that high a level of offense, even if it IS California (the Land of Nuts and Nutless Fruits)? This shows how stupid this whole Wokeness schtick is – and how horribly wearying it has become. It is proving, once again, that the Leftist Wokesters have no sense of humor and no ability to take a joke.

How small of them for “shunning academic freedom” as well as violating his Freedom of Speech that Wokesters demand.

I’m still chuckling over “Do, Re, Me” – the back story:

The self-described gay conservative was already suing SCCCD for sanctions following a previous investigation into his behavior during a mandatory October 2021 “pronoun etiquette” seminar led by transgender chemistry professor Jamie MacArthur.

It’s not clear when MacArthur started identifying as a woman, or how widely the new identity was shared.  Public materials discovered by Just the News show both the district and MacArthur’s students identified the professor as a man through this spring, more than a year after the disputed seminar. Faculty were well aware of the transition because MacArthur became “very zealous in correcting what might be seen as honest errors,” Richardson said.

Translation: a chip on his shoulder. But it’s clear that Richardson has got chutzpah in spades:

The new investigation was apparently prompted by Richardson’s behavior at the April 29 Madera open house for its academic programs. He had bought a case of Jeremy’s Chocolate when the conservative Daily Wire launched the chocolate brand — named after CEO Jeremy Boreing — two months ago to protest Hershey’s naming “a biological male” as its spokesperson for International Women’s Day.

“I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with” the remainder of the case, so the chocolate aficionado added the bars to the “goodies” he has always handed out while manning the history table. A staff member “started taking pictures” of the bars and “kept trying to bait me,” but nothing happened until the letter Monday.

And back to that “chip on his shoulder” and bring in that old saying “within every Progressive, there’s a Totalitarian yearning to spring out” that demands everyone must kowtow to them. I guess that being Transgender ranks higher than plain Gay on the Woke Totem pole. Oh, sorry – Richardson isn’t on that pole as “Conservative” is a disqualifying modifier. Of course, we know whose side the Administration is going to take, and take they certainly did – the whole enchilada.

According to the rest of the post, MacArthur took great exception to the “Do, Re, Me” sarcasm by Richardson when the latter signed into the former’s “pronoun etiquette” class. Then MacArthur decided to harness HR (what HR department DOESN’T hate Conservatives nowadays?) to get involved and IT told Richardson he’d better fly right when it comes to pronouns.  He also got the usual re-education (like in Communist countries) of 6 hours AND (like Mao’s Red Guards used to demand), write himself up and submit his abject bowing to Wokeness.  Yeah, that didn’t go over well – a man after my behavior.

This is nothing less than intimidation and the establishment of a secular religion based on sexuality by The State.  The College is acting like they get to put in their own Speech Code (they are in California, right?) and that anyone accused MUST be judged guilty without due process.

Hot Air adds this:

The Daily Wire started selling the chocolate as a fun tease of Hershey’s, which used a transgender “woman” to celebrate International Woman’s Day by introducing Her She’s chocolate bars. The Daily Wire immediately shot back at the absurdity by releasing “Jeremy’s Chocolate,” with two flavors: SheHer bars, and HeHim bars, which have nuts. It is these chocolate bars that apparently can get you punished. At least in academia, and probably throughout corporate America.

Which of course makes The Daily Wire’s point.

I haven’t been getting out to events much lately but if I do this, I shall:

Not cheap – 22 bars in a 9oz bag for $20. But the looks?

Perhaps Priceless!


(H/T: Just The News, Hot Air, Daily Wire)

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Oops! Proposed Law to Expand Unions Could Allow Employees to Skip Employer Diversity or Social Justice Training

Mon, 2023-05-15 00:00 +0000

Vermont Democrats want to make it easier for employees to form unions in the state, so they’ve introduced legislation that would let workers “decline to attend employer-hosted meetings” without consequence “they are primarily about the employers’ political or religious opinions.”

The actual target of this bill is captive audience meetings. Gatherings mandated by an employer to talk employees out of signing union cards and organizing. It is common practice to punish anyone who refuses to attend. Unions and Democrats, if the two can be separated at all, want to make it harder to stop what amounts to new campaign revenue to Left-Wing candidates (more union members, more dues), making it illegal to punish employees who skip them helps their cause.

 But the bill may have an unintended side-effect.


[A] statewide group said the bill could let employees decline to attend diversity or other social justice–centered trainings, as did the Associated Industries of Vermon  and the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce.



If you pass a law preventing employers from punishing employees who beg out of any mandated meeting, you won’t be able to teach progressive political or ‘religious’ options either. That has to include gender sensitivity and sexual harassment training.

And so we are clear, I was in a union for many years. I understand why some occupations benefit; the actual workers are not the problem. Union leadership, the bosses, use those workers to leverage a patronage system whose ultimate benefactors are politicians whose plans are to rob you blind.

Vermont Dems want to end employer interference in unionization in the state, but by doing so, they risk giving workers the freedom to opt out of a class on using someone’s preferred pronoun. What a tragedy, but hardly. Just rewrite the proposed law to say precisely what you mean. Employers can mandate meeting attendance except for captive audience meetings meant to prevent organizing a labor union. Done.

You’re not shy about any of your other BS. What’s the problem here?

And it’s not as if you will listen to the hew or cry of outrage from the people, if there is any. Your response to opposition to the dopey heat standard bill proved that.

Hey. Be You!


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We Should Be Surprised That Neighboring Vermont Has Gone As Full Democrat as CA? Gun Permits, Registration, & Insurance on Tap?

Sun, 2023-05-14 22:30 +0000

I read True North North Reports, a site that concentrates on VT politics, on a regular basis (Steve’s posts on the ‘Grok get a fairly regular posting there in return!). To be truthful, seeing how far under the Democrat sway that VT has gone the last few years, now to the point of having veto-proof super majorities, I was not surprised to see this headline today (er, Friday).

A Democrat / Uniparty State will do as it wants and, in this case, is attempting to do what the California Democrats keep doing EVEN after SCOTUS’s Bruen decision makes such legislation as this goes down in flames due to “historical scrutiny” – the Colonial governments didn’t register folks arms, they didn’t issue licenses to own (it was assumed that men WOULD own a military equivalent firearm, and “firearm insurance cards”???.

The process of turning the only “Constitutional Carry” / ownership State to being a “Mommy Govt, may I hold onto even a scrap of my former Rights?” just like California. Emphasis mine and H.520 is here.

McClaughry: Gun registration, the first step

A Democrat legislator has proposed a bill requiring mandatory licensing, registration and insurance of firearms in Vermont.

H.520, introduced by Rep. Mike Mrowicki (Democrat of Putney), would require all firearms owners to have a license to possess a firearm and an insurance card indicating that the owner has firearms liability insurance. And it would require that each of the owner’s firearms be registered.

There’s nothing novel about this. The provisions of Mrowicki’s bill undoubtedly have wide acceptance among the gun control activists. This is probably known as the moderate gun control solution, the radical one being a ban on possession of firearms and their progressive confiscation, without compensation, like a harmful substance.

“Moderate,” he says.  It shows you how far things have fallen. From my perspective, this is VT cutting in line to become just as gun-grabbing as CA, NY, IL, HI, and MA. Moderate is for Government to know where every gun is to be found? Has Mrowicki learned nothing from Illinois and Connecticut as to how their gun registration demands went?  I’m betting that there would be a lot of “Sorry, I lost my hunting firearm up in the mountain somewhere after I shot my dinner” going around (the NH version is “I had a boating accident and it went overboard”).

The context is rather dreary for the VT old-timers who, if this passes, will pine for the “old days” before the Left carpet-baggers rolled in believing that instead of acclimating to VT, they’d turn VT into the hellholes they just left. Ronald Reagan is just shaking his head at them in disgust (“…what were you doing as they were taking our Freedom away, Grandpa?”).

This even as the number of Constitutional Carry States has now climbed to 27 – a majority with still a few more that are in the process to become such as well.

However, the larger problem is the Democrat thought processes. They, like all other current Democrats of note, believe that the guard rails of the Federal and State Constitutions are of no consequence to them (nor should they be of any import at all)  either their ideological bent, the disregard for limited govt, and the relationship of govt vs citizens. From the VT Constitution:

Article 16. [Right to bear arms; standing armies; military power subordinate to civil]

That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State—and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

My layman’s eye doesn’t see any verbiage to the effect that a Citizen must now ask permission of the State to bear arms.

The saving grace in this is that as long as there are individuals or organizations left to challenge this attempted gun-grab in court, they will almost be likely to win. After all, in my studies of the Revolutionary time period, I have never come across anything of that time called a “firearms insurance policy”.

Steve posted that VT just made militias illegal  (GraniteGrok, TNR).  Now, VT Democrats are now trying to eliminate the tools that the VT militia used to win Vermont’s freedom from he Crown.

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Net Zero – You First!

Sun, 2023-05-14 21:00 +0000

We cannot possibly afford to commit to Net Zero, not in this lifetime, and not likely the next, even if there was a need (which there is not). Certainly, not the way they are trying to do it. So, if Democrats are going to insist on this, then they need to lead by example. You first.

Forget EVs if you live in a Democrat-run-down city: no cars for you—public transportation. Take a bus, a train, ride share a bike, or one of those goofy scooters that like to start on fire at random. It’ll add to your “commute,” but for the good of the nation and the planet, f**kin deal with it.

Cities are an actual thing man has made that contributes to warming. Urban heat islands absorb the sun’s rays creating miles-wide thermals. The materials used, the construction, and the resources sucked up are exponentially higher than anything in the rural landscape. Your emissions are significant and lead to smog and ozone issues, and that’s all bad, yes?

The cure is as close as tomorrow. One-percenters and city dwellers – the people doing the most bitching about leaping to net-Zero to save the earth, are its worst enemies.

You have a monopoly on crime, the need for emergency services, and everything that you all claim will be the end of us.

Shut up and step up.

Don’t wait for the 15-minute city of the future; live your dream today.

The only vehicles left will be buses, trains, and ride shares that will need to operate like carpools. The few Taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts still allowed (all-electric, of course) will need to have at least two or more passengers (plus the operator) in them at all times, or they shall pay an emissions tax which, thanks to the surveillance state you also love, will provide the evidence to ensure compliance as displaced drivers will be hired to monitor the live feeds remotely.

The You First Campaign is sure to be a huge success.

Those who know best can deliver the news to the people who have been electing you or members of your political party for decades. And the sooner, the better (for the planet). I hear tell things are desperate, and so much like cancer where the best place to start is with the most infected cells.

Democrat-run cities. These giant emitting heat islands are the perfect place to begin the targeted climate chemo of Net Zero.

Every Dem will be expected to climb onboard the train, bus, bike-share, or scooter (or hoof it) as an example. This will inform your rural neighbors about not just the efficacy of the plan but your commitment to your stated ideals.

Tens of millions of city dwellers across the country forced into embracing the all-electric promised land. Solar on every surface, wind machines wedged in between them. Not a fossil fuel to be found anywhere across the concrete plantations of Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, and Washington, DC.

It would serve as a beacon to the nation and the world, though the odds are good that in no time at all, it will look more like North Korea at night, which is why you need to go first.

We’ll wait and watch; if you can’t work out the kinks, we’ll have to take a pass.


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Woke 3rd Degree: They Are Erasing Your Memory of What It Means To Be an American.

Sun, 2023-05-14 19:30 +0000

Greetings, Loyal readers. Buzz Buzby, your investigative reporter, is ready now to submit to you a project that I have worked on for at least 11 minutes. It’s been exhausting, but nothing is too good for you.

Today we are focused upon a remarkable phenomenon-the erasure of the “American memory” for all things American. This effort at erasure has been at the forefront of our trusted and valued leaders for almost a century. They have worked long and hard to make it a reality and today I can report to you with 100 percent confidence, that their efforts have succeeded.



To explain what I have found to explain this whole process of erasure- I think it might be a good idea to look at exactly what this “erasure” project is all about. To do this, it is probably best to go right to the basics, that is, the basic “template” for this ruling class effort: the cultural revolution of Chairman Mao(which gave our ruling class the idea).

Many years ago- I think I was 7 or 8(so maybe 1957/58), the leadership of the Communist Party of China claimed that their great revolution was being sabotaged by the “memory” the Chinese people had for their own heritage( i. e. thousands of years of Chinese history, values, and morals).

( The ruling class asks: Isn’t that our problem too? Aren’t we laced with a whole host of “traditional ” Americans who believe in our constitution, our freedoms, and our capitalist business model? And isn’t this “memory ” holding us back from the green revolution, the progressive agenda, even our wonderful efforts to transgender our kids.)

To deal with outdated, counterproductive, even destructive, traditional way of thinking, Chairman Mao set about to fix the problem by essentially erasing the memory of China of its own past. He followed a two-step process:

  1. Step 1: he replaced the police with his “RED GUARD” who went about the entire country forcibly destroying any vestige of the “FOUR OLDS”: traditional morals, culture, economy, thinking. They eradicated “traditional” language; traditional architecture; traditional street names. traditional writings. Everything that spoke of the old ways. They arrested and executed School principals, teachers, writers, religious. They tore down statutes of traditional heroes. They banned and burned books that spoke of traditional ways or thoughts. By the use of force, fear and violence, they eradicated everything that the Chinese people held near and dear and in one generation created a school class that knew zero about any part of Chinese culture that predated Chairman Mao.( “How cool can you get?” proclaims our ruling class.)
  2. Step 2: Chairman Mao, and his “red Guard” force fed the “new” generation with the vision of Chairman Mao- a Communist vision-and turned them into goose stepping followers of everything Chairman Mao fed them.

In the eyes of the Communist regime of then and now, this was “the” turning point for the creation of the “New World Order” that now controls mainland China. Old thoughts, old values, and old beliefs were erased and replaced with the new thoughts of the Chairman.

Our leadership in this country is no less dedicated to our betterment than was Chairman Mao to the Chinese. They have learned from the Chairman, and guess what, they have for the goodness of our country- brought to America the same “fix “that Chairman Mao brought to China. They have decided to erase from our collective memories the “old” and replace them with the “new.”

Having completed my investigation into this very timely subject, I can confidently report to you that both step 1 and step 2 of Chairman Mao’s program to erase the old and replace it with the “new” is in full swing.

Our trusted and worthy leaders, however, knew that they did not need to resort to any of the violence or terror that Chairman Mao utilized. Nope. All our trusty leaders had to do was tell us that everything American is evil and should be replaced with their new “Good.” American apathy would then take over, and voila-the old is gone, and the new is alive.



Now, some of you might be skeptical of my assertion.

No problem.

I am more than capable of proving my “conclusion” that the ruling class has erased our “American” memory of what it means to be an American. (Keep in mind that you cannot belong to WOKE IN THE 3RD DEGREE unless you have an erased mind).

I will need the help of my trusty assistant, Timothy H.(Hasno)Bottoms. Tim is not a great reporter. He misspells words all the time, but he means well, and today he has done us all a great service: he has found a way to allow us to travel back in time to September 14, 1814. (You know that date, right?).

Timothy: Greetings, Buzz. Sorry, but I have some bad news. I had hoped to get us into the bunker where Francis Scott Key was watching the battle for Fort McHenry.( For those of you whose memory is erased, Francis Scott

Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner, our national anthem, after watching the battle from a high rampart, a hillside above the battle zone, Fort Mchenry, just outside of Baltimore.) The best I could do is to get us into the bunker right next to him. Unfortunately, we have to share it with a squad of British soldiers. I had to tell them that we support the king, so don’t make me out a liar or we are dead.

(British Officer) Second Lieutenant Rankswell: “Good evening, sirs. State your business or be prepared for a sound drubbing!”

Timothy: We are reporters for…oops, you won’t know our paper. We are local farmers looking for lost donkeys. We did not know a battle was ensuing and took cover here to avoid certain death.”

Rankswell: Yes, it is a bit dangerous out there. These damned Yankees are defiantly holding their Fort against our vastly superior forces. Tenacious lot, I will give them that. We have been shelling them all day. We offered them surrender. They responded with numerous gestures of ill will, middle finger waiving across the entire fortress. That is their choice, but they are an ignorant lot. They know not with whom they deal. We have in place our best and most fierce cannons. Orders have come down now that we are to shell them continuously – with cannon ball and rockets-until they are humbled, or dead-we care not which.

See… look to the center of the fort…their dam flag waives despite our best efforts.

It angers all of us who are loyal to the crown, for it bespeaks of their utter defiance of the ruling class. It screams out to all England that these heathen, hateful Americans defy the ruling class and claim God has created them to be equal to our king. To our king!!!

God has decreed that certain of his children shall be ruled by their betters. Their flag defies our ruling class’s God-given right to unfettered power. If these Americans have their way, the entire world will be lost for it is only thru the rule of the superior class that any order or progress can be made. We have vowed that that flag of theirs will come down. Their defiance will be their doom. Our Cannoneers are expert marksmen. They have been ordered to shell that dam Flag until it is dust. It is just a matter of time for the flag to be gone and the Fort reduced to rubble. We gave them a chance to surrender. Now we take no prisoners.

Buzz: “Tell me, sir, where are we?”

Rankswell: “Pardon, sir. I thought you said you were local farmers. Why ask where you are? (lowering his pistol to better shoot the duo).

Timothy: Ah… yes, sir. I am a local. My friend here is from Portsmouth, a far piece from here. I
believe we are very near Fort Mchenry near Baltimore, Maryland. It’s an American fort. See, off in the distance are many a British Ship of the Line, bombarding the fort from one side while the British Army blasts it from the other. From what
I can see from this vantage point, that fort has no reason to be standing. It is battered on all sides and in all manner with destruction. How could those traitors hold out?”

Rockswell: Ah, Gentlemen, forgive me. It moved me greatly the thought that you were joined with the Americans. Our good King cannot abide these treacherous Americans and has ordered that all Americans be dealt with by all means necessary.

Buzz: Kind sir. Pray tell-I am not familiar with this war being waged. I am true to the Crown (B. S I am lying thru my teeth to outfox you, you stupid, ignorant red coat!) and have lived peacefully under the Crowns protection (Never did but what you don’t know won’t hurt me). It grieves to see this fight (especially if you are winning). Help me-why is the crown shelling this fort?

Rockswell: Truly sir, where have you been? The traitorous Americans fired upon his majesty’s army and engaged his majesty’s navy without provocation in the year of our lord 1812. The American congress in fact voted for war because they dreamed of empire. In 1804, President Jefferson paid a paltry sum to buy the Louisiana territories-from none other than the enemy of every loyal British subject, the Emperor Napoleon-stretching from New Orleans to the vast prairies of the far west. We British said “NO!” to this westward expansion. It was bad enough what happened in 1781 with the defeat of Cornwallis at hands of Washington and the French navy. The Crown could not accept that any American Government would control much less govern such a vast expanse. The very thought that the scandalous thoughts that flow thru the American veins could not be contained is repugnant to all who fight for the King. We are here to squelch every such ruinous thought, just the same as we squelched Napoleon and exiled him.

Buzz whispers to Timothy: “Timothy, in case you did not know, the British army was defeated in Virginia with the help of the French Navy. Ever since that time, the British have tried to retake their American Colonies. They banned any trade with America so long as the Americans traded with the French. They intercepted American ships and “impressed” American sailors into the British navy. They allied with the natives to stage war on the Americans in the Ohio valley, Michigan and other points.

The simple fact is that the British see themselves as the rulers of the world, and they wish for their “NEW “World order to prevail. The Americans have loudly stated “F*CK Joe Biden…no, no, wait…wrong century…they said F*CK KING CHARLES and the British simply cannot allow the Americans to defy the imperial rule of England.

Timothy(whispering back to Buzz): “I don’t get it. The Americans are hopelessly outmatched. It is certain doom. The British got tons of cannons, both on land and in the bay. They are pummeling the crap out of Fort Mchenry. Why don’t the Americans just give up and save their dam lives?

Buzz to Timothy: Good question, Tim. That is if you are thinking like an American in the year of our Lord, 2023: In 2023, America and the values for which it stands are no longer of any significance. No one sees anything worth fighting for or dying for. Any American from 2023 would just give up. And open a can of bud light, saying “What’s all the hubbub, bub?”



I mean, who cares about a flag. So what if the ruling class owns everything and dictates what we do, when we do it, and how it gets done. Who cares that our children are owned by the ruling class. Who cares if they desecrate our churches, our constitution and sleep with our kindergartners. Nothing is worth fighting them for it.

Not so back then. In 1814, the American flag meant something. It meant freedom. It meant we had rights: rights to own land; right to express our own thoughts; rights to have our children safe from the evil that prowled the world claiming the right to own them body, soul, genitals included (after all, what is more demeaning to a “free” man but that a member of the ruling class does what he will with my son, or my daughter).

Our Flag meant so much more back then: So long as it flew, our flag meant that we as a people were endowed by our creator (not some sick bastard who by claim of birth, or genetic superiority or wealth claimed to rule us) with certain inalienable rights. That amongst these are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.

Back then, the ruling class knew what the flag meant. So too did the Americans in Fort Mchenry. So too does the ruling class of 2023. The only ones who don’t are the WOKE IN THE THIRD DEGREE.”

Timothy: Wow, Buzz. did not know you felt like this. Should we return to …

Buzz: “Return? Back to the 2023 clown world? Not yet. You don’t know how deeply those Americans in Fort Mchenry loved their country. But you are about too. We are going to sit here thru the night. We are going to watch the most powerful army and navy in the world seek to destroy-by endless bombardment-those proud farmers, lawyers, merchants…black…white… Indian… Catholic… protestant…rich man, poor man…pioneer women-those Americans. And we are going to watch those “helpless” Americans keep that flag flying high and beautiful because they know, and the ruling class knows, as long as it is flying, the hope and belief in freedom is alive and well. As long as it is flying in the face of the horrific onslaught by the ruling class the flag screams out for all the world to hear: F*ck you, Ruling class, F*ck you, Joe Biden!”

Buzz looked out now upon the battlefield. Tim went quiet and hunkered down next to him. The British guns went off at a relentless and destructive pace. Some of the older cannons shot 16 pound rounds that pounded the hell out of the fortress walls. Other cannons sent projectiles screeching thru the sky only to explode directly over the Fort spewing shrapnel and death in its path. Both Buzz and Tim thought back to the song Francis Scott Key was just now writing (as he looked out over the ramparts-the hillside above the fort- of where he sat). They watched as the British sent endless cannon balls right there in front of them. Seeing what they were seeing they both realized that the words of the song were true: the bombs were bursting in air; the rockets did have a red glare.

Moreover, and indeed, far more important, seeing what they were seeing made them aware of who those Americans were:

“Heroes? Courageous men and women? ” asked Tim of Buzz.

“Yes, but more than heroes or folks’ with courage.” responded Buzz “They are men and women who looked upon eternity, upon God and upon the ruling class and said” I am more than what they say I am. I am who God says I am. And if all they got is death to take from me what God meant me to have, well, bring it on. They took away from me all that God made me to be for over a thousand years. They are done. Our flag will not fall. Who we are will not fail!”

As night fell, the British added to the exploding cannon balls endless rounds of rockets. Like in the song, the rockets gave off a red glare as they soared thru space and struck inside the fort setting fire to structures, horses, men and women.

The bombardment continued without let up all thru the nite. The British navy contributed their share lighting up the sky and pounding the life out of the Fort.

Every so often either the rockets red glare or the bombs bursting in air lit up the part of the Fort where the flag was standing.

It was on a very tall pole, maybe the trunk of a tree, and stood alone not attached to any building. Tim and Buzz eagerly watched at each chance the explosions gave them to see the flag and see if it fell. One time, it looked like the flagpole took a direct hit, as the pole seemed to totter and then start to fall. Somehow, it stood up, but listed heavily to the left. But like the song said, they watched it thru the nite and saw that the flag still waved.

Buzz and Tim got no sleep that nite. They watched and watched-all the while fearing that the flag and the ‘Americans would fall. No one-they thought- could stand up to the onslaught, the horrible bombardment. No one.

When daylight seemed to be nearby, Tim and Buzz stared even more intently at the Fort. As did every British Red Coat.

They had not seen the flag fall.Noone had.

Buzz and Tim knew the words of the national anthem. Were the words wrong? made up?

The dawns early light showed massive destruction.

It showed much more.

Suddenly a cheer from the Americans(just as the sun came up).




“Hurrah” screamed the Americans. “Hurrah! Hurrah!”

(Buzz swore he heard the Americans say “F*ck you , Joe Biden?” but Tim said “No way….Well, maybe.”)

Francis Scott Key must have seen the same as his words were true: the flag was still there!

And he revealed the sentiment he felt: “What so proudly we hail!!!”

America took the best the Ruling class had to give and stood defiantly waving our flag and in doing so proudly proclaimed who we are as Americans, a people the ruling class can never own.

“Go home evil one” is what that still standing flag said to the British. “This is the land of the free and the home of brave and there is no place here for the likes of you!” the never fallen flag proudly proclaimed.

if it had fallen, we would own nothing, be nothing, and according to the ruling class we would be happy.

It did not fall. They are nothing. They own nothing. And we don’t give a dam if they are happy.

Buzz: “Well, folks, I think I have proven my case. I am sure you know little of any of this American” memory.”

The ruling class does not want any of us to know anything about our flag, Fort Mchenry nor the battle that caused Francis Scott Key to write out national anthem. They want to erase all of that from your-our-memory and replace it with …nothing.

“Just stop singing it.” they say. “America is a horrible country” they say.

Our national anthem is just part of a past that we should all forget as it is just another example of white racism, white privilege and is a very evil remnant of Americas opressive past.

“Just forget why the song was written” they say. Just forget what it means and the fact that those horribly outnumbered, outgunned and very defiant Americans looked the ruling class in the eye and said “Go Home.”

And you say “ok. what is the big deal. Pass the Bud light,”

“Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe you know all about what happened back then at Fort Mchenry. Maybe you have already decided not to forget. If so, I apologize. But either way, ask now-

Why should we forget what those courageous and defiant Americans did that day. And why they did it.

The flag that stood thru the nite-it said to the ruling British class-the aristocracy that thought themselves superior to all-“We can take whatever you got and shove it up your “Arse”.”

Here’s a thought: maybe it says the same thing to our current want to be ruling class. Maybe that is why they want to erase it.

Maybe that is why we should not let them erase our memory.

Close your eyes. See Fort Mchenry. See those brave men and women.

Now, hear yourself “HURRAH! HURRAH! HURRAH!”

God Bless!



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So NH State Rep Mike Bordes (RINO-Belmont) Is Looking to Gut The NH Senate’s Parental Rights Bill With These Amendments

Sun, 2023-05-14 18:00 +0000

Effectively, NH State Rep Mike Bordes is SCREAMING:

PARENTS – Your children belong to Government!!  SCREW YOU, PARENTS!

And the vote is this Thursday (according to the House Republican Leadership, from what I’ve been told).

Here’s the floor amendment that will be put forward by him, via a different State Rep, for the vote on SB272 – the Senate’s version of HB10 that Bordes voted against to send that bill down in flames.  (emphasis mine):

It removes:

(t) The right to inquire of the school or school personnel and to be truthfully and completely informed if their child is being identified by any name other than the name under which the child was enrolled in the school or any nickname that a reasonable person would understand to be commonly derived from such name, including under circumstances which a reasonable person would understand to be for the purpose of facilitating a change of gender or gender transition.

(u) The right to inquire of the school or school personnel and to be truthfully and completely informed if the child is being identified or referred to by school district staff, as being of a gender other than that of which the child was identified or referred when enrolled.

(v) The right to inquire of the school or school personnel and to be truthfully and completely informed if any school or school personnel are proceeding with any intervention to affirm or to provide an accommodation of a child’s asserted gender identity when the student’s gender identity is other than that of which the child was identified or referred when enrolled.

(w) The right to know what extracurricular activities, clubs, or organizations their child is participating in.

It’s bad enough that many School Districts (including my own if you haven’t been following my posts on it) are keeping secrets from Parents under the guise of “Childism” (re: children ALWAYS know what is best for them and Parents are just oppressing and evil towards their children, treating them like chattel or property). Now Mike Bordes is trying to codify that practice into law and force the State of NH into becoming a Sanctuary State, of sorts for children in school with respect to sexuality (that many are FAR too young to even begin to understand the long term ramifications of such choices).

Here’s his Facebook page. Can you imagine the smirk on his face, given the above and eliminating Mothers from knowing about their children, and him all but handing their children over to Government, and doing this for Mother’s Day?  Here’s the post. And if that link goes dead because he just closed down his page, here’s the screenshot:

Nice of him, on Mother’s Day, to screw over all Mothers with children is school.

And of course, right under that was a Teacher Appreciation Week post.  Yeah, we know whose eyes this Unionista is poking out and it isn’t the teachers.

The Democrats will all vote for this. Bordes and a few other Parent hating RINOs will also vote for it.

Isn’t this just lovely, those Moms that live in Laconia in Wards 1,3,4, 5, and 6?  A majority of you voted him into office to represent you in Belknap District 5 last November.  Is this what you expected from him?

Oh, other mis-Partied (hey, if the Transgender folks can make up new stupid words like “misgender”, I can do the same) Reps will probably go for this as well. Or vote against the bill. Or “take a walk” when the vote is being called (which means voting against the bill without actually voting).

Others to add to the list that I believe will vote for this and/or vote against SB272:

  • Travis O’Hara
  • David Nagel
  • Dan Wolf







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FDA Forced to Release 4.8 million Pages of COVID-19 Vaccine Data on 12-15 Year Olds

Sun, 2023-05-14 16:30 +0000

Third parties have had to drag the FDA to court to learn what Pfizer, Moderna, and the FDA/CDC knew about their COVID-19 vaccines that they didn’t want the public to see, and those folks just notched another victory for transparency.

From Aaron Siri.


As you may recall, we obtained a court order in January 2022 forcing FDA to produce all of its data on Pfizer’s covid vaccine for those 16 years and older at a rate of 55,000 pages per month, as opposed to the 75 years FDA sought. That production should be completed in a few more months.

In a second lawsuit we brought, the same judge just ordered FDA to produce the documents it relied on to license and Moderna’s covid vaccine AND Pfizer’s covid vaccine for 12-to-15-year-olds at an average rate of at least 180,000 pages per month.


According to Siri, there are 4.8 million pages of material available through this lawsuit. The FDA tried to insist that it “would be “impractical” to release the pages at more than 1,000 to 16,000 pages per month.” At that rate, Siri reports that it would take over 23 years to get the material out into the open. The judge, recognizing that this is total and utter cow manure, ruled that they must release it all in the next two years.

How ironic.

They managed to accumulate 4.8 million pages in under two years, so how hard could it be to make them available with more time to do it? Just put a rush on it, like you allegedly did with the alleged vaccine. Call it operation warp speed or, if you’d like something more accurate, operation sh!t hits the fan.

ICAN and Siri have been the driving force behind public health policy transparency. Their pursuit of the truth has confirmed much of what was observable in the wild. In thanks, machine-propaganda mills like Wikipedia describe them as,


The Informed Consent Action Network is one of the main anti-vaccination groups in the United States. Founded in 2016 by Del Bigtree, it spreads misinformation about the risks of vaccines and contributes to vaccine hesitancy, which has been identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top ten global health threats of 2019.


It is a shameful narrative shared by their fellow travelers in politics and media. Not much different, really, than the SPLC labeling GraniteGrok as anti-government (we get called anti-vaxxers, too, even though we’ve all received numerous vaccines, including (at least for a few of us) the blessed COVID Jab). We are not anarchists. We believe in government as envisioned by the Founders. Necessary but limited and organized to optimize individual liberty.

That’s pro-government. And I was a fan of medicine, especially given how well things went after my heart attack. The response to SARS-CoV2 destroyed my faith and trust; the more information we have, the less confidence I feel.

ICAN and Siri just scored a massive win for the public and informed consent, and no, the professional media is not expected to notice or cover any of the critical points in the released data, but it should. State and national data on positive tests, hospitalizations, or deaths made it clear early in their pandemic that the 18 and under age group was neither at risk nor a likely vector for transmission. It has also become clear the vaccine has harmed or killed more of them than COVID ever could.

We do not yet know, but if there are 4.8 million pages on vaccinating 12-15-year-olds, and they don’t want it public, that data probably shows the same results we saw out here in the trenches, and it won’t be pretty.

Not safe, not effective, dangerous, and unnecessary.


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Bernie Sanders – As If We Didn’t Already Know This: After $999 Million, Govt Should Just Take The Rest

Sun, 2023-05-14 15:00 +0000

100% of it. You earn it and watch Bernie’s IRS swoop in and take every last cent.  He proves our point that the answer to the question of “Who’s money is it FIRST?” is that it isn’t the person that earned it. A reminder: I used to ask Bruce Currie, a past frequent commenter until he went Troll, that question all the time. He’d never answer it directly but I finally found something he wrote that gave the game away:

But wait, there’s more. A corollary to the fact that all money first comes from the government…

He was a least “coy” about it even though nobody at GraniteGrok thought it was otherwise. Once I read what he wrote, my response was:

  • It means that we are not Free Peoplethat we are subjects rather than Citizens
  • Government is now “allocating” our money” and subverting the philosophical underpinning of our country – from the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  That Happiness was originally Property of which our wealth is private property.  If Government is now allocating our wealth, then we have no personal property, and that EVERYTHING belongs to the State (which Communist Bernie Sanders (doesn’t believe that “Democratic Socialist” crapola) really wants (for one example).

Bernie isn’t coy at all about these things – he IS all about Government taking control and doing that “allocating” unapologetically.

Bernie Sanders: Government Should Confiscate All Wealth Over $999 Million

Bernie Sanders’s choice of $999 million as the permissible level of wealth and no more brings to mind Barack Obama’s words: “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”  Of course, once such a wealth confiscation is announced, billionaires will depart for friendlier shores, there will be very little left to confiscate, and entrepreneurs will be creating jobs and wealth elsewhere. That’s what happened when France tried a wealth tax, and that’s why it was repealed.

Here’s the transcript of the conversation:

WALLACE: “Sir, you’re saying that billionaires should not exist. So, are you basically saying that once you get to $999 million, that the government should confiscate all the rest?”

SANDERS: “I’m saying that we should go back to a very progressive tax policy like what we had under Dwight D. Eisenhower.”

WALLACE: “Which would mean that — that — over a billion, basically it all goes to the government?”

SANDERS: “You may disagree with me, but — fine, yeah, I think people can make it on $999 million.”

Bernie, who is himself worth $3 million, according to GoBankingRates, previously criticized both millionaires and billionaires, but now only opposes those worth over a billion dollars.

And yes, that is the debunked, disclaimed, and decrepit Chris Wallace who left Fox News for CNN Streaming only to find himself backed at ground zero in the news broadcasting biz. Really, Chris, you didn’t alREADY know what he was going to say? Oh, that’s right, you’re still with CNN basement bumming. I will admit perhaps a quarter floor up – can I say that Fox News pulled a Bud Light with trying to cancel Tucker Carlson?

He missed a great opportunity to ask Bernie THE question of the interview:

If we did go back to Eisenhower, should we also return to the size of Government that existed at that time as well?

Yeah, we already know the answer to that question.

And yet, Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claims that REPUBLICANS are the greatest threat to the American economy?

Bernie Sander’s sound-alikes are all economic illiterates as they either have no idea of the ramifications of altering such a point in our economy (or don’t care).  Again, France removed their wealth tax just like America removed its yacht tax that was set up to mooch off the rich and their toys. What happened is that the rich didn’t buy any more yachts and thousands of blue collar workers working in the shipyards all up and down the coastlines lost their jobs either building them or maintaining them.

(H/T: ZeroHedge, DailyWire, IJR)

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

Sun, 2023-05-14 13:30 +0000

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, let us abandon hate, bury the hatchet, unite around a common set of moral principles, and systematically overcome our common foe — the ills that face humanity and every one of us. There is much joy for all if we only rise to the challenge.

Mothers are the life-givers and nurturers of life. They are the ones who have a greater appreciation for the preciousness of life. They are the ones who should take the lead in raising men of peace and love rather than beasts of violence and hate.

Humanity’s best hope rests with mothers. They are the ones who are more likely to take the human tribe back to the Garden of Eden by making the earth a reflection of heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day!!
Amil Imani

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Anheuser-Busch Is Having The Sads of Their Own Making … Are Still Talking to Dylan Mulvaney?

Sun, 2023-05-14 12:00 +0000

BUD has been downgraded by HBSC as a hold, and they can’t even give away Bud Light. Their other brands are also tanking, and his tweet shows us why.

And still, they haven’t bothered to do an apology to their then-loyal fans that have moved on to other brands like Coors/Miller and Yeungling.

Now, I don’t drink alcohol, so I have no dog in this fight, but most people do. So AB is a big loser, a BIG loser. But you know who is even bigger?

The Left.

For years they have used boycotts and the threats of boycotts against major and small corporations as well as small family businesses under the rubric of “Nice business you have there – pity if something were to happen to it” as in “we’ll yank your customer base a six-pack at a time.” Now, the Right, Conservatives, and those normally unaffiliated-but-refusing-to-be-identified-as-a-scrawny-guy-larping-as-a-young-girl folks have joined together to create a multi-billion dollar boycott.

Is this a one-shot, or as Saul Alinsky’s Rule #6 says, they have finally learned that this can be an effective tactic against the Left, even if just to have some fun but not be political?

After hordes of blue-collar and “frat boys” deserted them, the Human Rights Campaign (part of the Gay Mafia) threatened to pull their demographic, too, if they didn’t bow down to the mighty HRC CEI Score that measures how LBGT-friendly a company is.  And now the gay bars are also retaliating against AB. Caught in the middle, eh?


I’m betting right now, after what Dylan Mulvaney has done to their company with just a few “influencer” videos, AB is wondering if DM was a corporation-wrecking plant by the anti-alcohol folks.

Wonder what this beer blood bath will look like in a couple of weeks?  As one wag has written, if this lasts until and just through Memorial Day, they may be just another can – if it even survives.

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Happy 75th Birthday Israel!

Sun, 2023-05-14 10:30 +0000

Seventy-five years ago, May 14, 1948, was the rebirth of one of the oldest nations in history, Israel. She is a unique and diverse Jewish state with a young viable democracy in an unstable region.

Your rebirth, Israel, is, in reality, a culmination of thousands of years of gestation during which the Jewish people, dispersed through much of the world, endured immense degrees and varieties of suffering. The Nazi murderers and their collaborators capped the crimes committed against your people by brutally slaughtering six million innocent men, women, and children.

Regrettably, your journey from your early beginning to the present has been fraught with great suffering. It is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of your people that they persisted in their valiant struggle to re-gather again in the land of their birth.

A noble and just Persian king, Cyrus the Great, rescued your people from captivity in a foreign land and empowered them to return home and build their sacred temple. By his action of freeing an entire people from captivity and restoring their rightful dignity, Cyrus the Great, the author of the first code of Human Rights, cemented a bond of friendship between the Jews and the Persians. It was the Just King’s way of setting the world on a course of freedom, equality, and justice for all people, irrespective of any and all considerations.

Now, Israel, you are a sovereign state but hardly safe. You are surrounded by nations and peoples who are bent on your destruction. It is tragic that your neighbors and you have not been able to find an equitable way of living side-by-side with mutual respect and in peace.

Many of us Iranians co-suffer with this tragic state of affairs that harms you as well as your neighbors. We earnestly hope that ways can be found for a peaceful resolution of this destructive impasse.

We appreciate the fact that you, Israel, have welcomed the Iranian Jews who could no longer tolerate the rule of the oppressive venomous mullahs. These mullahs are indeed traitors to the lofty long-standing tradition and values championed by Cyrus the Great and revered by Persians throughout the ages.

We applaud you for affording millions of Israeli Arabs opportunities denied to them in many other lands.

Your fair treatment of the Baha’is, Israel, is further testimony to your ability and willingness to live in harmony with any and all people. In Iran, the birthplace of the Baha’i faith, Baha’is are ruthlessly subjected to a form of gradual genocide by the savage mullahs. Some Baha’is are executed for their faith, Baha’i children are denied university studies, Baha’i holy places are destroyed and even their cemeteries are bulldozed, just to cite a few examples. You, Israel, by contrast, have provided the Baha’is freedom to care for their holy places which were established in the Holy Land during the 19th century, long before your rebirth.

The story of the rebirth of Israel is truly a miracle, yet challenges have remained, challenges that threaten the existence of this tiny ancient country filled with rich culture. As we watch, we pray for Israel and the Jewish people, for everlasting peace and prosperity.

Your perennial prayer, “Next Year in Jerusalem” has finally been answered. We also pray that you succeed in taking the steps necessary for making the New Jerusalem a place of hope and lasting safety for your people as well as people of all religions and those with no religion at all.

Happy Birthday, Israel
Amil Imani

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Sununu’s Superior Court Pick

Sun, 2023-05-14 03:00 +0000

Why would NH residents trust any of Sununu’s Picks? Back on November 22, Steve MacDonald interviewed Brenda Towne on the issues with the Electronic Voting Machines in Windham, NH in the recent past elections.

We want to thank Edward Sullivan for this (Parody) Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

They had a number of experts bring this up to the Secretary of State at the time.

The Secretary of State was presented with the fact that there was something wrong with the Machines. They stated there wasn’t enough evidence. So, Brenda, with a bunch of volunteers, canvassed ½ the State by going door to door with a compiled list of registered Voters in NH.

The results were devasting, proving something was wrong and needed more investigation into the matter.

When Brenda and Company brought this back to Sununu’s appointed Secretary of State, they said that there was nothing they could do with it and sent it to Sununu’s appointed Attorney General, who is still sitting on this TODAY!

This brings into question how does the ASST ATTY GENERAL not know about this issue, and Sununu is appointing this person to be a Superior Court Judge.

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Biden Laptop Part 2: High Crimes & Misdemeanors

Sun, 2023-05-14 01:30 +0000

The Marco Polo (MP) report includes a timeline beginning detailing key activities with dates.  These entries indicate the trail of evidence found on the laptop and corroborated either with official White House entries, newspaper articles and releases, as well as names of those involved in the criminal activity.

Perhaps the most notable is the already reported dealings for Hunter, having been discharged from the military on his first day of service after testing positive for cocaine, quickly finding help from friend and business associate Devon Archer who, similarly unqualified, found opportunity in Ukraine with the Burisma Energy company.  The timeline moves through the “western supported” ousting of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych who seeks exile in Russia, followed by the White House announcing Joe Biden as the “face” of American concerns with Ukraine’s “energy security”.

MP notes:

“April 13 [2014] at 12:43 AM: Hunter emailed Archer an extremely long memo about leveraging Joe’s position as the “public face” of the U.S. administration’s policy in the Ukraine: ‘The [Bursima] contract should begin now- not after the upcoming visit of my guy [Joe]. That [Burisma contract] should include a retainer in the range of [$]25k p[er]/m[onth] w/ additional fees where appropriate for more in depth work to go to BSF [Boies Schiller Flexner LLP] for our protection.”

MP also notes “the e-mail to Archer contained 22 bullet points and bore the subject line ‘Tmrw.’ In No. 22, Hunter Biden told Archer ‘Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw and ill do the same.’”

  • April 18th [2014] Hunter joins the board at Burisma despite having no experience in the energy industry.
  • April 21st [2014] Joe Biden arrived in the Ukraine ostensibly to help Ukraine extract “unconventional” gas, for which Burisma held a current license.

Fast forward to February 18, 2016 and the White House released a statement praising Ukrainian president Poroshenko for firing the Ukranian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, mere weeks after Biden threatened to withhold a $1 billion loan guarantee if Shokin – who was investigating Burisma at the time – were not fired.  Biden would later brag about this at a Council on Foreign Relations meeting that would go viral.

  • April 12th [2019] “An inebriated Hunter” drops off three laptops at Mac’s repair shop for data recovery.
  • April 25th [2019] Joe announced his candidacy for President of the United States

What follows is a series of attempts by Mac, and his father and uncle – both former Air Force colonels – reaching out to the F.B.I. for help.  Instead they are met with either silence or threats to keep quiet about the laptop’s contents.  Meanwhile then House Speaker Pelosi begins impeachment hearings on President Trump’s call to Zelensky to uncover the truth about the Biden’s and Burisma.  Ultimately acquitted by the Senate the tarnishing attacks on Trump were just beginning.

As the laptop saga unfolds we find more associates of both Joe and Hunter use their positions of power to either intimidate or harass Mac who had to relocate to Denver following massive threats to his person and livelihood. One such couple included Joe and Lesley Wolf.  Lesley graduated from Yale alongside Hunter and Archer.  Joe worked at U Penn home to the Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement which “received over $22 million in anonymous foreign donations from China blatantly violating 20 USC & 1011f(e), which forbids anonymous foreign donations over a $250k threshold.”

MP sets aside a section to describe the Biden “mob” family as essentially four packs emanating from Joe’s father.  Throughout the years they have had multiple brushes with the law, engaged in obvious nepotism, and shown disdain for law enforcement.  Among them include:

  • A sweetheart deal from now deceased Beau Biden to longtime associates from Du Pont escaping punishment for raping his three year-old daughter only receiving probation
  • daughter Ashley faced no consequences for obstructing police who were detaining her friend; Joe’s sister Valerie Owens and her daughter Casey funneled over $50k to their “consulting business” in a single election cycle
  • Jack Owens helped Joe’s brother Jimmy secure a half million dollar loan ($2,583,000 in 2022)
  • Joe’s younger brother Jimmy secured over a half million dollars in private mortgage loans for a vacation home in Florida from John Hyansky, a donor to Joe, immediately following Hyansky’s multimillion dollar U.S. govt. loan to sell luxury cars in the Ukraine
  • Joe’s brother Frankie obtained government loans for a Costa Rican solar farm after becoming an elevator operator during Joe’s first year in the senate.

The Biden mob extends to Hollywood by way of Kevin Morris, an attorney and husband to super agent Holly Mongerman, who represents the likes of Miley Cyrus, Matthew McConaughy and the creators of South Park.  Morris “threatens and cooks up ridiculous PR strategies for his media defense.”

Devon Archer, a former model and fellow Yale grad, is also a felon.  Hunter considers him “family” and one of their text exchanges is uniquely benighted about how they use power to achieve their goals.

For all of the media’s soft pedaling Hunter liked to play the gangster behind closed doors.  Several text exchanges with lawyer friend and cover man, George Mesires, show him using the “n***a” word liberally.  He humble brags a song titled “Break Da Law” is his “life without exaggeration for the past three years”.  Perhaps this alter-ego grew out of his relationship to James Bulger, nephew to infamous Mafiosi and serial killer James “Whitey” Bulger, with whom he sat on the Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) board.  The Bulger clan are in tight with the CCP.

Also connected to China, and bizarrely the Satanic Biden appointee for the monkey pox outbreak, Demetre Daskalakis, is Joe Zeigler, the agent responsible for obtaining Hunter’s bank records from accounts held in China.  Zeigler, appears on pages 78-79 of the report, with his partner wearing a tutu and a rainbow “love sees no color” shirt.  Zeigler was the IRS Special Agent and go between who would have revealed multiple felonious violations of Foreign Bank Account Registrations (31 USC & 5314) connected to Hunter, which are yet to emerge.  Apparently love is also blind to the breaking of laws.

The reports section on the Biden family involvement in China is extensive.  Hunter does most of the heavy lifting by using his social skills to meet, greet and match Chinese businesses to their desired American connections.  Emails reveal Hunter can drop the gangster attitude in exchange for a sinophilic sycophant saying to prospects “you’re the best” “we had a blast in Shanghai” and “give me my marching orders”.

One oddly Third Reich-ish message to Devon Archer reads “Your question – ‘why dos Super Chair[man – Che] love me so much?’ is easily answered.  It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my last name (and I bring along very handsome Aryan godlike men wherever I go.)”

Along the way Joe’s name is dropped, as his brother Jim’s, and pictures of Joe shaking hands with the Chinese suitors are abundant.  This is, apparently, the Delaware way Vermont.  One wonders with Vermont politicians also making friendly with the Chinese if we are unaware of the Biden’s in our midst?

The report goes on to show the same scheme played out in The Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Russia and Mexico.  The casualness displayed by the Biden’s as the run roughshod over the American legal code is stunning.  The collective narcissism and lawlessness, made easier by the inbred self-deception, and what this says about our country, is the focus of part three in this series.

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States Stripping Parental Rights, Leftists Scream “BOOK BANNERS”, Ancient Belief, the ALA And MORE! – Stack of Stuff #46

Sun, 2023-05-14 00:00 +0000

Yep, I have too many of these kinds of stories just sitting around in tabs and I have to start unloading them. Mostly for my own benefit as we have become, as Steve says, self-referential. With over 50,000 posts since 2006, we’ve probably written something about almost everything that bubbles up in the Venn Diagram intersection of Politics and Culture. It’s nice to have that as a “lookup” or a surprise when trying to find something else.  Anyways, time to get to the meat of this post…

Sidenote: hey, with the Greenies trying to force us to become Vegans, can I even say that anymore?

I’ve been commenting that California, Oregon, and Washington State have decided to become Transgender Sanctuary States because parents are evil (see “Childism” in Stack of Stuff #45 of yesterday). However, time to start putting up the proof of what I have written:

  • Washington State Strips Parents of ‘Trans’ Kids of Their Rights — I Did Nazi This Coming

(April 13): The Washington State Senate passed a sweeping law on Thursday that permits juveniles to undergo transgender surgery without parental consent. This is how the Washington Senate Democrats describe the law, SB 5599, in a press release.

 Under current law, licensed shelters must notify parents if a child comes into their care, unless a compelling reason applies. This legislation allows licensed shelters to contact the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) in lieu of parents in certain additional instances, like when a young person is seeking reproductive health services or gender-affirming care.

So Mommy and Daddy tell the young’un that 1) cutting off your bottom external genitalia, 2) slicing up your breasts like they were a turkey at Thanksgiving, and 3) taking hormones that will leave you sterile in most cases is a BAD thing – and they are evil for doing so?  And Government MUST protect a minor child that can’t sign for anything with respect to consenting to anything because Society believes that their minds are still too underdeveloped and critical thinking skills are non-existing and let them do this?

And I really can’t believe this Presser has this written this line:

“We know that young people experiencing homelessness are exposed to dangerous and harmful outcomes. That is why we must take every step we can to ensure their safety,” Sen. Liias said. “This legislation ensures that our trans youth have safe options and access to secure, stable shelter when they may not be welcome at home.”

And because #1-3 aren’t dangerous so we must protect against “unwelcomeness”?  #1-3 are “safe options”?

The need for SB 5599 comes as states across the country introduce and pass anti-LGBTQ legislation. According to the ACLU, 452 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced across 45 states and 29 bills have passed in 14 different states.

Yes, you read that right. A kid claiming to be transgender can run away from home, go to a shelter, and the shelter is not required to tell the parents the kid is safe.

This law effectively strips the parent of their rights, allows a minor to make an irreversible surgical decision without the ability to give informed consent, makes the parents pay for it, and dumps the whole dumpster fire of emotional, psychological, and financial impacts back them to deal with as best they can.

And who is the kid being protected against? His or her evil parents.  This is continuing the Democrat war on parents and this is going to be FAR worse than any of the scapegoating that the Dems have been waging on mere Republicans over the last few years. The goal is to “finish the job” of fundamentally transforming American (again, Obama reference) society by breaking the notion of the tradition American family.  LBJ’s Great Society started the process by forcing husbands to move out so that the Government would then financially support his wife and kids and now the very idea of a husband and wife with 2.5 kids as a nuclear family is getting nuked itself.   This is as Totalitarian as Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Mao’s China (still is), Fidel’s Cuba, and Lenin’s Soviet Union.

Go review the SCOTUS decisions in that post that maintain that Parents Rights over their children trump that of The State. How far our Society has fallen.

And those desiring Political Power of adults in Vermont on their S.5 bill that will add a Greenie tax on fossil fuel heating oils to move the State to “Electrify EVERYTHING!” even as they don’t have enough electricity supply to do it have been “stripping Parents of their children” ideologically to use the children against their parents to yammer them to switch (“Mom and Dad, WHY do you hate my planet so much??”):

  • Vermont Energy Education Program: ‘Pretty hard to convince adults,’ so focus green agenda on children

The Vermont Energy Education Program, a nonprofit organization, would like to get access to all Vermont students as well as adults to address climate matters and energy policy. The organization already has influence. It has been operating in 80% of Vermont schools within the last five years, according to Andy Shapiro, the energy engineer for the organization. On Tuesday, he told members of the House Education Committee that educational efforts regarding green technologies should focus on youth.

“I realized it was pretty hard to convince adults about payback, but kids, they just want to know, does this stuff work?” he said. “They generally think [green energy policies] are a good idea.”

He detailed the range of programs that they bring to Vermont’s K-12 schools.

Why wouldn’t the kids be amenable to this – they’ve been immersed in this Cargo Cult of greenness ever since they started in daycare. But this is how Totalitarians roll: “I don’t care about you – I have your children”.

Continuing along with Totalitarianisms, there can be no Free Speech that is dissenting from the accepted Narrative of the Left. And make no mistake, the American Library Association doesn’t like when tradition Parents complain that pornography is easy to get by youngsters at their public libraries:

  • American Library Association Mobilizes to Intimidate Parents Into Silence

PJ Media reported the heinous and graphic material that is available to children in Maine public schools. Parents went to the school board to report the disgusting content in the middle school and high school libraries in the Bonny Eagle school system that included bestiality, incest, and child rape. Parents read from the books, one after the other, finding over 100 books in the school catalog that contained violent and explicit themes. As a result of the meeting, the board voted to remove eight books until they could be reviewed and assessed for appropriateness.

In the clip below, you can hear an excerpt from one of the books pushed by the groomers who want to destroy children’s innocence and separate them from their families. I warn you, it’s so explicit that I had to set an age restriction on YouTube, and at the age of 46, I had never heard some of this stuff before (and wish I hadn’t). So don’t listen if you don’t want to be permanently scarred. I can’t even retype what is written in these books because Google will flag this article as “advertiser unfriendly.” Keep in mind this is what is being shown to kids as young as ten in almost every public school in the nation.



I think that we should start calling School Board members, School District Staff, and teachers that support this idea that youngsters NEED porn in order to function better or because they are members of “marginalised communities” one short, two word phrase: Porn Stars for their activism in pushing salacious material upon children that are not ready for it yet against the wishes of their Parents.

After the board removed eight books, promising to review them, the radical American Library Association (ALA) wasted no time sending its hounds to intimidate the board. An offshoot of the ALA called the Maine Association of School Libraries (MASL) sent a letter with the intent to shame the board for allegedly violating the First Amendment and listening to parents instead of the communistic ALA guidance that demands even the youngest readers have access to X-rated material.

Merely excuses for deviancy, degeneracy, and debauchery.  So let’s try something a bit lighter: Gnosticism

  • Today’s Trans Madness Isn’t New. It’s Rooted in an Ancient Belief That’s Combated in the New Testament.

“There is nothing new under the sun,” says the Book of Ecclesiastes (1:9), and that includes today’s fashionable trans madness. While men mutilating themselves and taking hormones and calling themselves women may be a new aspect of this phenomenon, men have been donning dresses and prancing around pretending to be women from time immemorial. And now a detransitioner, a woman who spent several years pretending to be a man before awakening from her delusion, has rooted the trans phenomenon in another extremely old idea: Gnosticism, an ancient religious belief that derided the material world as evil and is combated in the New Testament.

Estella Suarez-Hamilton, who began pretending to be a man as a teenager, explained Wednesday that at the heart of the trans fad is a desire to escape from reality: “Oftentimes, people are looking for an escape. There’s a lot of escapism in my generation, and this is especially true with the trans ideology. It was a distraction that I needed, to not look at the parts of my life and the relationships in my life that I was not succeeding in, and were falling apart. I was looking for escape — and the political, kind of spiritual, aspects of trans ideology, when they’re combined with the online [community], that offers a type of escapism. A lot of times people will say that it’s a ‘cult,’ and in a way, that could be applied, but I think a more accurate term is a ‘cyber sect.’” This sect has surprisingly ancient roots, in an old version of escapism.

“If you are thinking about how to describe the sect,” Suarez-Hamilton continued, “it is very much connected to, like, the modern Gnostic principles. This is a syncretic cyber sect of modern Gnosticism, and I love how complicated it sounds, because the trans community loves language, and they love to complicate language to the nth degree. So, I think that this term is just very — from my experience — very accurate to explain what I went through, that’s what I think happened, and that’s how I can articulate it.” A syncretic cyber sect of modern Gnosticism is actually a remarkably apt term.

Gnosticism was a secretive and multifaceted movement that was based on its adherents gaining access to a secret knowledge, or gnosis in Greek.

It’s a good read, and easy read, even if a bit heavy on ancient philosophy. I still think that Childism is a better explanation for a lot of this (as well as a rebellion against God in a sideways version of the Tower of Babel).

Back to the infamous “Banned Books” of the Left when Parents catch drift that today’s Librarians aren’t much better than the owners of “adult book stores”. Just the two most important bits because I’ve gone long with the snippets above:

The Left is in an uproar. Parents opposed to their indoctrinating ways are forming a resistance movement. One uproar is over books—assigned books in the classroom and available books in the school library. Disagree with the content of the books? You’re for “book bans.”  Technically, this is accurate inside the school, but the leftist press makes it sound like you’re banning books entirely from public view. They get to pose as the defenders of books and “book learning” and as compassionate defenders of the book-reading needs of the “marginalized.”

…But nowhere in this story is there a single second of explaining the offensive content. Author Elana K. Arnold complained that the sexually explicit scenes in her books are considered pornographic, but this is “a gross misrepresentation.” But that’s not an explanation. This is how the leftist media operate. They are all about channeling outrage about “book bans,” and they spend no time explaining the pornographic passages and images that stoke the controversy. It’s all posing and no disclosing.

…The Left hates dissent. They associate dissent with “disinformation.” They “ban” conservative ideas and advocates from many of their news stories. They call conservatives Nazis, and no one gets to tell them that’s atrocious.

And back to School Districts deciding that they have the Power to keep secrets from Parents (which really is the process of teaching children to NOT trust their parents and that teachers are better than their parents). I am STILL fighting the Gilford School Board over this and I CAUGHT the Grandson’s teacher lying to me!

  • Calif. Mom Sues School District For Secretly Transitioning Her 11 yr-old

Remember when schools taught academics and not how to change your gender? Aurora Regino, a mother in California blasted her local school board after finding out her 11 year old daughter was being secretly transitioned in her elementary school. Even after she called it out, the school board voted to keep the “parental secret policy” so they could continue secretly transitioning young kids.  Talk about grooming!

Treating every parent as a potential threat is wrong,” she said and added, “It’s a slippery slope to allow any adult in our schools to keep secrets from parents for any reason,” and talked about how evil it was what the school did.

They see parents as such because of their Moral Superiority. They have take the actions of the few, combined it with a liberal dose of the Trans-Authoritarianism, and with Critical Race Theory pronouncing that no one is any better than the group they belong to (in this case the group called “Parents”), ALL Parents are guilty of the sins of the few.

And we used to think that Government schools were bad when we only concerned ourselves that schools were illegally taking our pregnant daughters out to get rid of that mass of tissue. No longer illegal if these legislators get their way. For 13-year olders, Government would officially continue the process of “normalizing” the taking of a life:

  • California Bill Would Teach 7th Graders How to Have an Abortion

Public schools would teach children as young as 12 about abortion as part of the middle and high school sex education curriculum, give them a list of abortion businesses, and inculcate an attitude of “inclusivity and support in conversations surrounding abortion,” if a new bill passes the California legislature. The legislation is one of 17 new abortion-related bills Democratic lawmakers have introduced to enhance the state’s self-identity as an “abortion sanctuary.”

Additional bills would allow abortionists to break the law in other states with impunity, create a taxpayer-funded “awareness campaign” that critics believe will malign pro-life pregnancy resource centers, and expand publicly funded abortion-on-demand for minors without parental consent.

AB 598 from Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-14) requires that middle school and high school sex education programs instruct kids in “pregnancy prevention and care, including, but not limited to, guidance regarding contraceptive methods and abortion.” Teachers have to give students “information about obtaining abortions during different stages of pregnancy, including informational resources, methods, and medical risks.” The bill further specifies that “all pupils shall receive a physical or digital resource detailing the local resources” to carry out an abortion — such as a webpage linking minors to local abortion facilities. The bill also asks teachers to inculcate a “positive” attitude of “inclusivity and support in conversations surrounding abortion or contraception.

The legislation encourages teachers to have children “support” abortion-on-demand.

I just have no words to describe this evil of legislators, again, breaking the bonds between a child their their parents.  How DARE they decide that they know what is best for a child over the concern and responsibility of a loving mother or father?

They are reducing us to being mere breeding pairs for The State.

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Florida’s Surgeon General Takes CDC and FDA to the COVID19 Woodshed

Sat, 2023-05-13 22:30 +0000

The Surgeon General for the state of Florida, Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, is not well-liked among the liberal intelligentsia. Sure, he’s a successful black man, but that is overshadowed by his refusal to parrot the approved public health narratives.

He’s also Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Surgeon General, which permits the left to indiscriminately discriminate with offensive and racist epithets. The latest outrage, like many before it, started with a tweet.


Even with the Pfizer docs available and fisked by third parties – to reveal all the deceptions and obfuscations – the Public Health Industrial Complex can’t bring itself to speak the truth.


Florida Surgeon-General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo letter 1 of 3 Florida Surgeon-General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo letter 2 of 3 Florida Surgeon-General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo letter 3 of 3


HT | NewsWars

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Trump Breaks CNN….Again

Sat, 2023-05-13 21:00 +0000

In case you missed it Donald Trump graciously allowed CNN to interview him by way of interrogation on Wednesday night in Concord, NH.  Emerging to loud applause the embattled former president graciously took a seat next to CNN hopeful Kaitlin Collins who proceeded to wage a mockery of an pre-election inquiry.

CNN has been credited with appearing to return to their once “most trusted name in news” style of unbiased reporting under new management, but it is clear their old habits are hard to break.  Such is the bane of the hopeless elitist ideologues, but at least they deserve credit for trying.

Collins has a history with president Trump who shut her down on multiple occasions in public during his presidency.  Though the introduction and first few moments were cordial, it didn’t take long for Collins to maneuver the dialogue to a series of “gotcha” type sound bites they no doubt were desperate to obtain.

Rather than sit through the CNN broadcast and be pummeled by Pfizer advertisements during the breaks, I decided to watch the Louder With (Steven) Crowder coverage and play along to the drinking game with a nice Temperanillo and cigar.  The rules for taking a drink were:

  • Any mention of January 6th or insurrection
  • Trump says “excuse me”
  • Trump insults the hostess
  • Trump’s impeachments are mentioned
  • Trump drops a “thug life” moment

The nice thing about this format is it made the obvious hit piece much more tolerable given I had to drink rapidly within the first ten minutes.  Luckily it slowed down after that.

Collins asked leading questions attempting to get the unleashed MAGA-log-maniac to heel, only to be reminded why the country picked him and still loves him – he has ZERO respect for the establishment or the elite nor their media lap dogs.

Very clearly commanding the stage Trump would answer her questions in his candidly Trumpian way with her bravely interrupting him to interject her attempted counter-trump cards, such as “will you accept the results of the 2020 election?”  Whatever your feelings about Trump, he remained true to form and would not budge an inch.  This is called integrity.

She moved on to the recent E. Jean Carroll case Trump ostensibly lost calling it “sexual assault” when the verdict was for defamation and battery.  CNN’s mistake was allowing Trump to speak which is when he reminds the audience of how crazy the woman is.  Not admissible in court was her dog’s name “vagina” which Trump enunciated in his uniquely NY accent – which rose to the level of a thug-life moment and one more drink.  For those wondering if this Carroll woman is yet another story-teller I suggest you check out Mr. Reagan’s take.  It appears she may have based her story on a Law and Order episode.  The similarities are uncanny, as was the way she related the story without remorse to Anderson Cooper.

Collins tried to capitalize on the crowd’s questions offered to Trump, which included how he’d handle the war in Ukraine.  “I’d end it in 24 hours” he says, followed by rauckus applause.  The hostess, clad in her virginal white pant suit, attempts to take the moral high ground and get him to stand with Ukraine by suggesting “don’t you want Ukraine to win”.  Trump brings it back to the need to stop the human carnage, and we’re again reminded of his humanity, often overlooked by his critics.

Other topics included: Roe v. Wade, a victory for Trump who loves babies; mass shootings and gun laws, where he focused on mental illness; and the high cost of living under Biden, which was a slam dunk for his economic record including low gas prices.  “Drill baby drill” he said, and we all happily drank to that.

CNN had the event scheduled for 90 minutes only to cut it short at 75 minutes because the hostesses pretty pant-suit was stained red from the absolute beating she was taking.  Though they love to dish it out they can’t take it, which was made evident by the stunned dialogue from the talking heads at the home studio.

CNN to Trump is like Wile E. Coyote to the Road Runner.  Their seemingly endless amounts of Acme props brought out to destroy him in fantastic fashion nearly always backfire in their faces.  Cartoonish and brutish they sally forth for yet another stab at him as if they were goring a bull in a stadium full of adoring fans.

Not that night in Concord though.  The crowd still had that “live free or die” vibe we know and love from the Granite staters.  They applauded the champ multiple times and even boo’d the media darling.

Hats of to the bull.

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2A Happy Ending – Guy Walking His Dog Encouters a Battered Woman Fleeing Her Boyfriend, and Guess What?

Sat, 2023-05-13 19:30 +0000

This seems to be a question I keep asking a lot lately – and it applies here: “What is it about me that I know but that you don’t – but should.” Moral of the Day: Don’t threaten to hurt a man you don’t know is carrying and willing to defend the girlfriend you beat up.

Reformatted, emphasis mine

A concealed carrier fatally shot a man who allegedly threatened to harm him while aggressively approaching him early Monday morning in Maryland. Police were called to the 2900 block of Sedgemore Place in Bryans Road around 3:30 a.m. for a report of a domestic assault in progress, Southern Maryland News Net reported, adding that prior to their arrival, police got a report of gunshots in the same area. Bryans Road is about 40 minutes south of Washington, D.C.

When police arrived, they found a man with gunshot wounds near the intersection of Sedgemore Place and Matthews Road and administered first aid until paramedics arrived, the outlet said. The man — identified as 30-year-old Carl Francis Braxton — was transported to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, the outlet added. Braxton was an active-duty firefighter/EMT, according to Washington, D.C., Fire and Rescue Chief John A. Donnelly Sr., the outlet reported.

Braxton reportedly had assaulted his girlfriend inside their townhouse, the outlet said, citing a preliminary investigation. Donnelly’s statement indicated a female 911 caller said a man assaulted and strangled her and was possibly following her outside a home, the outlet added. After reportedly fleeing the home, the woman encountered a man who was walking his dog, the outlet said. Witnesses said Braxton walked aggressively toward the man and threatened to harm him, the outlet said. The man — who has a permit to carry a gun — shot Braxton, the outlet added. Donnelly’s statement indicated Braxton was shot multiple times.

Man sees a damsel in distress, has a dark knight threatening him as well, and turns out to have his own shining armor. Some on the Left would not like that characterization I just made. Well, guess what – I decided to play along with your stereotype of what we think we are.

We who carry take the responsibility of carrying legally (unlike the gang bangers who criminally have guns even if they are prohibited from possessing them) believe it is a heavy burden (Rights also have responsibilities) and not one to be trifled with.

He is out for a walk with his dog and never expected this kind of situation but he was prepared for it.

While the story doesn’t discuss her behavior, state of mind, or dress, I would imagine she was in pretty rough shape. Any man worth his salt would offer her protection from a man like Braxton, who immediately decided to go after him the same way he (allegedly) went after his girlfriend.

Frankly, I carry to protect myself and my family. Friends are also included. But only as a last resort, as I learned from my martial arts training decades ago. Thus, I’ve never had to use any of that training – not once. I hope that I never have to unholster – ever.

Unfortunately, that unnamed protector had to. Braxton made a decision and suffered the consequence – you don’t threaten to hurt people.


(H/T: The Blaze)

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Sun-King Sununu Scolds His Subjects … You Embarrassed Me By Cheering For Trump

Sat, 2023-05-13 18:00 +0000

The arrogance of Sun-King Sununu knows no bounds. He really does consider himself anointed by some woke-deity or deities rather than an elected public servant. Here he is scolding his subjects … we’re not citizens to Sun-King, but subjects … for “embarrassing” him by cheering for Trump at the CNN “town hall.”

And … by the way … Sun-King said this to JEN PSAKI … former Biden-regime propagandist and current MSNBC propagandist JEN PSAKI. Apparently, Sun-King’s narcissism is so over the top that he can’t see the tragic irony of calling us embarrassing while groveling at PSAKI’s feet for a pat on the royal scalp and an “attaboy.”

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Sometimes, It Is A Good Thing To Make People Back Up Their Words – Like From an IEP Meeting

Sat, 2023-05-13 16:30 +0000

I have said it previously that the Grandson suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – his birth mother was too selfish in her self-gratification losing streak to think, “what am I doing to my child with my boozing and drugging?”

To the point that after being airlifted to Dartmouth-Hitch to give birth, she left the next morning. To DCYF’s credit, the social worker stationed at D-H pleaded with TMEW if we’d be the “family caregiver,” and things proceeded from there in that he is ours.

F.A.S. has a number of symptoms that are now starting to emerge wider in-depth and deeper in intensity.  And so, he has an IEP under the rubric of delayed development in some areas.  We’re used to IEPs – our two (now grown sons) also had them as well – we know the drill, and I know a lot more about RTKs, Edu-Rules, and Edu-Law. And since becoming a political blogger, I have far less patience with those in such positions that believe the Edu-Industrial Complex has successfully flipped the former relationship that PARENTS are in charge of their children and not the School Districts.

So I’m putting this up because I am hearing that some Districts, when invoking retribution about some “involved” parents (that have become too “involved” for the District’s liking), have been siccing DCYF onto parents in attempts to intimidate them (yes, I’m getting those stories) as this may go further.

Background: at the last “remote learning” day that the District had, I paid much more attention to how that went for the Grandson (and TMEW as well). Let’s say that I was not pleased, that I saw how little attention that the boys received with respect to the girls, that he was lost during it (learning disabilities don’t do well in remotes). Suffice it to say that when there was a lull when there were no students online, I made what I was seeing clear. Less than two minutes to tell her that we’d talk about this at “tomorrow’s meeting and not now,” except that it didn’t happen because the next school day was canceled due to the weather as well.

So TMEW and I dropped it.  The teacher didn’t—wrong move.

Everyone was present at the IEP meeting except for her. Suffice it to say, she decided to come loaded for bear and, to be honest, victimize herself.  I responded, but she kept cutting me off. I finally said, “this meeting is over,” and I stormed out. The Principal saw that and hurriedly went into the meeting. Things didn’t get any better because the teacher, for 45 additional minutes, kept making the meeting about her until TMEW announced, “enough, this is about <the Grandson>.  The only thing substantive that was accomplished that this late in the year was that he was reinstated back into Title I for math as it was clear he has been left behind (we know because he gets “homeschooled” after the school day is over in the Government school). In our eyes, that should have been the case at the beginning of the year as he had been placed in Title I last year and had been given more assistance during the summer (“learning loss avoidance”).

But some things were said and I decided that if those kinds of things were said, I’m going to make them prove their words (here, RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” ).  If you state something, that’s now your Rule Book because (to use the language of the Left against them) you are in a position of Power and taking advantage of that Power Imbalance). So, without attribution:

  1. “Don’t do anything that we didn’t tell you to do.”
  2. “You can’t be asking for an IEP and expect him to be in the upper part of the class in another area” (4 times)
  3. “He’d have to be in the bottom 20% to receive Title I math.”

“Oh really,” when TMEW rejoined me after the meeting. If these things are being held to be true, let’s let them prove it because it affects the Grandson. TMEW is the LAST person that wants to get caught up in such a controversy – she’s also the LAST person you want to get riled up. So here they go; the following Right To Knows were issued as a result of this meeting:

  • Ethics Complaint (just “payloads” – if you are interested in the boilerplate, let me know):

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records:

  • A copy of the District’s Ethics Complaint form(s).
  • A copy of the Process/Instructions/Chain of Custody for submitting, acknowledgment of, status updates, and final decision.

To #1 above:

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records:

  • Provide the NH RSA(s) that provides such a Power to be able to order a Parent to Cease and Desist in their Constitutional supported Right to educate their offspring
  • Provide the Education rule(s) that provide such a Power over a Parent to not educate their own child.

To #2 and partially #3 above:

At the latest Special Education Meeting, the <redacted> made the remark that our legal son, <the Grandson>, could not be in the situation whereby he is near the top of his class yet still require Title I assistance.

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records:

  • The evaluation/determination process of how a First Grade student is determined to be on the Bell Curve/class ranking in mathematics/arithmetic relative to his peers
  • The same for reading.

Note: Sometimes, people ought to ask “what is it that THEY (TMEW & I) know that we do not – but should.  While he is “lost” in mathematics, he is already reading at a Third Grade level.

Further, the Responsive Records will also include:

  • <the Grandson>’s standing with his First Grade peers relative to mathematics/arithmetic on a percentage or standard deviation of the Bell Curve that adequately demonstrates the capability of the entire First Grade class relative to the District’s goals for the year.
  • Ditto for reading.

Please note that this Right To Know also serves as our permission to such information pertaining to <the Grandson> as these determination, under FERPA (“any and all education records”) restrictions as necessary release it to us.

And relative to #3:

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records:

  • The evaluation/determination process of how a student meets the lower 20% of a class, (in this case, Kindergarten and First Grade) in order to be eligible for additional in-school Title I instruction that the District offers. This also includes for after-school Title I instruction.
  • Provide which subjects, within the Kindergarten and First Grade classes, does the District offer Title I additional instruct above and beyond the normal classroom curriculum and instruction.

The Responsive Records will include:

  • Provide the academic data is reviewed to make this determination
  • Provide the process/methodology that uses the information in Item #1 to determine a >20% determination (e.g., threshold or cut-off values)
  • Provide the roles/titles of District Staff that are involved in the process
  • Provide the roles/titles of District Staff that can override any determination a denial or acceptance into Title I eligibility status.
  • Provide the information as to if an override was issued.
  • Provide all of the data outlined above for our legal son, Benjamin Scott Murphy.
  • Provide the District’s year end goals in mathematics/arithmetic for the respective two grade levels in concerning regard as to
  • Provide the District’s milestones are to be achieved at the various points in the school year for the respective two grade levels.

The comment was made during the Special Education meeting that our (to wit: <TMEW and I> legal son, <the Grandson> was not eligible for Title I instruction. Subsequently we were informed that he was going to receive it anyways, showing ambiguity and capriciousness as to how the District’s determination was made.

Not enough Parents, unfortunately, have the temerity to hold their Government employees to account to what they say. Some might have the courage but also have the  fear that their child might suffer retribution for their standing up for their child. I would also posit that far fewer have both the knowledge to do so – I certainly wouldn’t have years ago when our two boys were going through similar types of issues. It has taken me years of being a political activist to sufficient learn the Law and the methods to employ to better advocate now for the Grandson.

And most of all, how many people have a GraniteGrok to get some publicity as to what is going on?

OH WAIT, YOU DO!  If you find yourselves in dealing with some part of Government that is being obstinate AND in which we have some expertise, let us know. We may not be able to help everyone but we can help some.

Like a rumor I just heard about last night  in that some parents’ School Districts are filing bogus claims with DCYF to make trouble for them simply because those Parents expect their Districts to Follow The Law AND always be striving for Excellence – but aren’t.

After all – Article 8:

[Art.] 8. [Accountability of Magistrates and Officers; Public’s Right to Know.] All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and at all times accountable to them.  Government, therefore, should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive.  To that end, the public’s right of access to governmental proceedings and records shall not be unreasonably restricted.  The public also has a right to an orderly, lawful, and accountable government.  Therefore, any individual taxpayer eligible to vote in the State, shall have standing to petition the Superior Court to declare whether the State or political subdivision in which the taxpayer resides has spent, or has approved spending, public funds in violation of a law, ordinance, or constitutional provision.  In such a case, the taxpayer shall not have to demonstrate that his or her personal rights were impaired or prejudiced beyond his or her status as a taxpayer.  However, this right shall not apply when the challenged governmental action is the subject of a judicial or administrative decision from which there is a right of appeal by statute or otherwise by the parties to that proceeding.

Remember, they work for us. Sometimes, means must be deployed to remind them of that.





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Twenty Years, $5 Trillion, 2% Results

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Obviously, the Green Energy folks led by John Kerry, Al Gore, and the Wiz Kid, Greta Thunberg, are not mathematicians. In the last twenty years, the world has invested $5 Trillion, most of it in America, for a net reduction in fossil fuels of 2%.

That is nearly $17,000 for every citizen in this country on a program that is not based on science and is poorly planned. And the results are abominable. If this were a private sector project, it would be scrapped or paused and retooled. But not with the government. The government solution is more funds (resources) and regulations. It is about seizing more control over the populace. Joe Biden’s White House is circumventing Congress and attacking our cars, air conditioners, gas stoves, washing machines, and dishwashers by instituting standards that will be nearly impossible to achieve. This White House initiative may be the biggest power grab in American history. The only positive we can pull out of this mess is by using Executive Order rather than legislation to force this down our throats, every decision can be reversed with the stroke of a pen, BUT we need to win back the White House to put pen to paper.

This plan was not moved forward as a master plan. It has been dropped piecemeal, with a new appliance added to the list each month. It is not a plan but a whim. This action is designed to assuage the Green Left. Even without significant results, the effort itself is adequate to secure the vote of the Greenies. A win for them is a politician validating their demands by doing anything that looks proactive. Results are immaterial because there were no expectations of the process. By the way, as we are spending a fortune on alternative energy sources, China is putting a new coal-burning plant onboard every 14 days. Does anyone believe that China is concerned with carbon credits or windmills?

We have to get out from under the thumb of these Biden orders as quickly as possible. That will happen only with a Republican in the Oval Office in January 2025. Please, God, give us the strength to survive the next two years of Biden’s term.

Some of these mandates will be challenged by Republicans and find them in front of the Supreme Court, where sanity and reason still flicker. The flame is burning less bright after revelations of outside money filling the corrupt pockets of some of the Justices. The disclosures of significant donations made to Justices Sotomayer and Thomas damaged the image of the Court, which had always been beyond reproach.

The 2024 Election took a few hits this week. Everyone on the Left is upset and disappointed with CNN for giving Trump a significant platform. The Pro-Trump people in the audience were so demonstrably positive of Trump’s performance that CNN opted to avoid live audiences in future Town Hall events. CNN cannot be perceived as giving any positive airtime to Trump. Even some of CNN’s prime celebrities, like Anderson Cooper, were critical of the “despicable” event.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers continue to fall, and Senator Joe Manchin is making more noise about running as a third-party candidate. Three candidates on the ballot in 2024 will make the Presidential race a Saturday afternoon horse race when anyone can win. Republicans must coalesce behind whoever their candidate is on the ballot. We cannot fall into the trap of splintering our base.












































































































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