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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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The Tale Of Two Chiefs

Sun, 2024-05-19 22:00 +0000

Two members of the Kansas City Chiefs addressed college graduating classes this week and showed how divided we are as a country and how upside-down we have become. Travis Kelce and Harrison Butker could not be more diametrically opposed in their messages. Still, the surprising and sad thing about the two is who was lauded and who was chastised.

Travis Kelce and his brother Jason were awarded University of Cincinnati diplomas. Both missed their graduations due to NFL obligations. In addition to receiving his diploma, Travis delivered the commencement speech while holding a beer. His words of wisdom to the graduating students were, “You gotta fight for your right to party.” That is a shallow message to young adults who invested four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their future. There is not a lot of inspiration in that line, and to deliver it holding a beer cheapened the moment even further. You probably have figured out that this was the speech that was cheered.

Harrison Butker, the placekicker for the world champions, took a different tack and has been broadly criticized for his moral message to the graduates of the Benedictine College. I listened to the entire 20:36 speech and found it incredible- incredibly honest, insightful, inspirational, and a speech I wish I had heard at my commencement. The media and critics of the speech are taking a two-minute segment out of context and twisting it to fit their agendas. They are using that snippet to label Butker with every slanderous adjective they can conjure up, and it is a disgraceful show of ignorance and disrespect; disrespect for Harrison and the First Amendment.

Butker, a devout, traditional Roman Catholic, addressed these students at a private Catholic university. He was not speaking to the morons at CNN, MSNBC, or The View. Those ignorant, self-serving individuals could not comprehend the message delivered and would be in their element chugging beers with Travis Kelce. Butker called out everyone from Joe Biden, politicians, the media, and the church hierarchy for their hypocrisy and part in the decline of our country and the family. He pointed to Biden claiming to be a devout Catholic yet showing total disrespect by making the sign of the cross at a pro-abortion event. He spoke about the bishops who have become more political than the shepherds of the church they were supposed to be, and he called out the media for doing exactly as predicted in response to his speech. Rather than embrace the moral message given to young adults about to step out into the world, they mock and condemn the messenger.

Butker urged the graduates to “pick a lane” and be true to themselves and their beliefs. To not let outside influences move them out of their paths. He spoke about the difference between a career and a vocation. He reminded them that God put them on earth to find a mate, create a family, and bring new life into the world. He explained that a career should be secondary to the quest for a good life with a partner who would join you on a path to salvation promised by Jesus Christ. He spoke about his wife, whom he met in junior high, and how she opened his eyes to God. She chose motherhood and educating her children over a career. In her mind, she chose the correct career path for a meaningful and fulfilling life for her and her family. This concept was especially appalling to the critics who claimed the Butkers were setting back women and their role one hundred years. These narcissistic, half-brained, talking heads could not comprehend the depth of Harrison Butker’s words, so they chose to condemn him.

Butker may get the last word in this story. His speech has been viewed over one million times, and his jersey is the number one seller in NFL merchandise, especially the women’s sizes. In a world where people are turning away from the WOKE culture and looking for more meaning in life, Butker’s words were like a symphony to their ears. For the rest of the folk who want to continue to be a part of the herd roaming aimlessly through life, I bet the Kelces have a few more beers in the cooler.

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Social Distancing … Shame On Them, But Shame On Us

Sun, 2024-05-19 20:00 +0000

By “shame on us,” do NOT think I am saying shame on me. I knew it was a hoax and repeatedly said so once the projections for hospitalizations/deaths turned out to be total bunk, which was something like two weeks into it.. But “they” kept the hoax going through and after the election and the vast majority of people just went along with it. COVID did NOT change us … it exposed us. Americans, in the aggregate, are feckless, timid, weak and will do whatever the authority-figure tells them.

The six-foot social distancing … TOTALLY ARBITRARY AND CAPRICIOUS. No science supporting it. NONE. Yet I can remember walking down the street, maskless of course, and seeing idiots, masked up of course, literally diving into the street to maintain their precious six-feet of distance from me.

Those of us who can think for ourselves already knew there was no science behind “social distancing.” But for those who can’t, here is your precious authority figure telling you exactly that:

(p.s. I am no longer able to insert tweets (Xs) into my posts; so above the screenshot is a link to the tweet (X). Sorry for any inconvenience.)

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Pot, RTK and Our Feckless Senate

Sun, 2024-05-19 18:00 +0000

HB 1633 had its big day in the senate chamber and it was indeed a long one though Denise did not get to participate.  More on that in a moment, but let it be known that what I have to say is neither pro-pot nor anti-pot, it’s about the senate’s ruling class’s priorities.

Bills of the ordinary garden variety, no pun intended, usually wind up with a 14-10 roll call, assuming they don’t get buried in the consent calendar.

Pot is no ordinary bill and party lines get crossed each time.  Sometimes there are personnel changes in the body with each election cycle though D’Allesandro is a Carbon-14 dated fixture that’s a guaranteed constant until he dies.  He turns 86 this summer, in case you were wondering.  While he has flip-flopped on women’s sports, he hasn’t on pot.  That’s good news if you’re anti-pot, despite his political career being bad news for ALL of NH.  He’s also on the Finance committee, but more on that later.

Denise is on her 2nd term and has kept a steady anti-pot record.  She passed out in the senate chamber earlier in the day and left to get the care she needed.

Though I sent my best wishes for her well-being, she was absent for the rest of the day, and that created a thought to ponder.  Seeing that Jeb and Sharon are so bent on stopping pot and that they are the senate power duo with all kinds of tools at their disposal, why did they carry on with HB 1633 while down a team member?  I won’t get into all the things they could have done, but there were a multitude of amendments introduced and processed in the several hours that the bill was being discussed.  Not every amendment had the same roll call results, but some of them could have been meaningfully different(to those who are passionate about HB 1633) had Denise been there to vote.  Just saying.

Now onto my thoughts about Jeb’s Senate, which I’ve had ZERO respect for since it passed a NEW TAX (HB 1002) 2 weeks ago.

First, I will remind the readers that Daryl Abbas, a well-spoken young lawyer, has placed himself at odds with “the senate brass” by defying Queen Sharon in committee and also Jeb on the floor.  It’s a shame that such a sharp minded rising star chose to do battle for pot, but not RTK.

Again, I’ll remind the readers that I’m not pro-pot or anti-pot.  I just don’t care about it like I do about right-to-know.  RTK is a hill to do battle on, whether or not you’re a stoner and whether or not it’s an election year.  I have an anti-pot senator, which is fine with me, but what I am NOT fine with is his unwillingness to man up as pro-RTK and do battle with Queen Sharon the same way Abbas does with pot.  Queen Sharon is a political dominatrix.

I will close with pointing out that the Queen of Spades needs to get beheaded in a primary in order to detoxify the senate.  If you know of someone in Hudson, Londonderry or Auburn who can slay the dragon, s/he should be told that duty calls in the name of Live Free or Die.

Oh, “and one more thing,” as Columbo would say.  HB 1633 did pass, much to the chagrin of Sharon and Jeb, but I predict life threatening injuries at its next stop; Finance.  Remember what I said earlier about D’Allesandro.  He will join anti-pot committee members Jeb, Regina and Senator Gray, the chair.  That’s 4 votes right there, thus making Dan Innis and Howard Pearl irrelevant, whether or not they join Rosenwald in supporting it.

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Howard Dean vs. Phil Scott? Yes, Please!

Sun, 2024-05-19 16:00 +0000

Howard Dean made news the other day when he reminded Vermonters he was still alive. The dude is bumping up against the actuarial tables at 76, after all, and anyone born the last year Dean held public office is now of legal age to drink, which would come in handy if the increasingly radicalized Leftist activist returned to power.

Nevertheless, Vermont Democrats, not seeming to relish the thought of Brenda Siegal II, Here We Go Again! are all abuzz with excitement that the old Doc is ready to come out of retirement to take on, well, the most popular governor in the United States. Heeeeyaaaaaa!

I, too, am excited! Dean will get his butt kicked, which will be fun to watch and reason enough to attaboy this decision. But more importantly, as a well-funded, big-name headliner, he will force Phil Scott to campaign. For real.

I’ve heard some pundits on the Republican side worry that if Phil has a race, it could take money away from down-ticket candidates for the state House and Senate. To this, I reply, what money? If anything, a race that forces Phil Scott to raise and spend, organize a ground game to get out the vote, and loudly make a case for why Vermonters should elect Republicans (cough, cough 14% property tax increase… 70 cent carbon tax on heating fuel… unaffordable housing costs…) it will benefit down-ticket Republicans who, let’s face it, don’t raise a whole lot of cash on their own anyway, and could really use the coattails of a Phil Scott funded campaign infrastructure.

Howard Dean, on the other hand, might excite in-state Democrat donors with enough (false) hope of knocking off the otherwise immortal Scott to the point where they pour their money into his (losing) campaign at the expense of their own down-ticket candidates. Democrats already have, hat tip to ‘em, a solid machine. They don’t need Dean’s help there.

Dean, of course, has the kind of Rolodex that can attract a lot of out-of-state money, but Vermont already sees quite a bit of left-wing cash pouring into our state through activist groups with national ties. There might be more of it as a result of a Dean candidacy, but given the laws of diminishing returns, it won’t dramatically change the political landscape.

On the other hand, Scott hasn’t needed out-of-state money since his first run for governor, and since then, it hasn’t come in. That will change if Dean is the challenger. The RGA and other PACs will ramp up activity in the Green Mountain State, and that could be a game changer. When I chaired the VTGOP during the 2008 election, Governor Jim Douglas secured half a million dollars for the Party to assist in down-ticket races because he knew high turnout in local races would boost his own vote totals in what was shaping up to be a Blue Wave year – and he was thinking about his ability to sustain a veto. (Yes, Phil, if you’re reading, that’s a suggestion, not just an entertaining little anecdote!)

Make no mistake, Vermont Democrats will outspend Republicans in 2024 by wide margins, but an activated, motivated, supercharged Phil Scott campaign has the potential to better – not even, but better – the odds for underdog down-ticket Republicans. It changes the dynamic from fighting something with nothing to fighting something with something. So, go for it, Howard!

In a good sign, Phil Scott announced he will be attending the VTGOP convention on May 18th. Scott has kept his distance from state party events, and hopefully this is an olive branch he’s offering to his more conservative detractors (of which I often count myself as one before considering the sobering alternatives) recognizing that he does in fact need the Party — and more House and Senate Republicans – if he wants his popularity to translate into relevancy.

The big question is, will Scott’s intraparty critics accept the olive branch and welcome home the prodigal son? I certainly hope so. If the United States and the Soviet Union could put aside their differences long enough to defeat the Nazis, the conservative and moderate wings of the VTGOP should be able to come together for six months to take on Vermont Progressive Democrat Supermajority before they tax and regulate us out of our homes. Priorities, people. Priorities.


Rob Roper is a freelance writer with 20 years of experience in Vermont politics, including three years of service as chair of the Vermont Republican Party and nine years as President of the Ethan Allen Institute, Vermont’s free-market think tank. He is also a regular contributor to VermontGrok.

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Harrison Butker … Hero

Sun, 2024-05-19 14:00 +0000

Harrison Butker, the Kansas City Chiefs kicker, spoke some “inconvenient truths” in a commencement speech at Benedictine College. Those “inconvenient truths” include that Joe Biden is a fake Catholic, DEI is tyranny, and female graduates would find a better, more rewarding, and more productive life as wives and mothers than in corporate-style careers.

Needless to say, the Left … including the NFL, which, like every other American institution, is controlled by the Left … lost their minds. Of course, the reason the Left lost their collective minds is that Butker was speaking the truth. For example:

What a contrast between Butker and the weak, timid, soy-boys “leading” the GOP, especially the NHGOP who believe the truth should remain unspoken if it might offend “the Bedford moms.”

Here is the full speech:



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Ask Your Senator to Vote for the Safety of Women and Girls

Sun, 2024-05-19 12:00 +0000

HB 396 is needed to clarify that nothing in New Hampshire law prevents public facilities from differentiating between the biological sexes in athletic competitions, prisons, locker rooms, restrooms, or places of intimate privacy. 

Rather than focusing on a single area such as sports, HB 396, by acknowledging that “any person or organization, public or private” can make a common-sense classification based on biological sex, provides the most expansive framework to address the ongoing harm to vulnerable women and girls and has the greatest success of becoming law in New Hampshire. This bill also seeks to address the growing issue of young New Hampshire boys whose privacy is violated when the opposite sex uses their restrooms in schools.

HB 396 simply clarifies the state’s ability to differentiate based on biological sex; it mandates nothing in terms of any policy. However, it will send a clear message that, under existing NH law, organizations are not required to permit access to intimate spaces solely based on self-proclaimed gender identity. It is vital that the Senate pass HB 396, unamended in any way, as an important first step to stop the abuse of women and girls.

HB 396 had an executive session last Tuesday, May 14, during which the Judiciary Committee recommended the bill as OTP (ought to pass).


HB 396 will come before the full Senate for a vote this Wednesday or Thursday, May 22 or 23. We urge you to contact your Senator to support the committee recommendation of OTP and to vote against any amendments.



Granite State women are calling on legislators to protect their safety and privacy, and we need your help make their voices heard loud and clear in the Senate!

Get five reasons to support HB 396 in less than 60 seconds by watching the video below and share it on social media to help build the momentum behind this bill: Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram.

Safe Haven Expansion Before the Senate This Week

Last month, there was a public hearing in the Senate on HB 1607, relative to expanded safe haven protections. Now, the Senate has a critical opportunity to position New Hampshire as the leader in infant protections among our New England neighbors.

Earlier this year, the most important part of the bill was removed on the House floor: Section 5 would have ensured parents surrendering a baby would not have to fear prosecution as a result of their surrender. It is critical and necessary to include this provision, called the “exclusionary rule,” in the expansion of safe haven law to accomplish the law’s goal, which is to save lives, NOT catch criminals or deter parents from doing the right thing for their child.

We know of instances where mothers have turned away from making use of the safe haven law out of a real fear of prosecution. This either leads to an increase in illegal abandonment and likelihood of infant death through malnourishment, exposure, or overdose or keeps an unwanted child in an unsafe and dangerous environment. Excluding the act of surrendering a child from being leveraged for prosecution does not preclude bringing a criminal to justice.

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held an executive session on HB 1607, during which the bill was amended to reinsert the section 5 exclusionary rule. The Committee then recommended the bill as OTPA (ought to pass with amendment).


The safe haven expansion will come before the full Senate this Wednesday or Thursday, May 22 or 23. We urge you to contact your senator and ask that they support the OTPA motion, and pass the bill with the important exclusionary rule.

CONTACT YOUR SENATOR Senate Votes Against State-Sanctioned Suicide

HB 1283, relative to end of life options, would have implement state-sanctioned suicide for those facing an illness which a physician has predicted would be terminal within six months.

On Thursday, May 16, the Senate voted in 17-7 in support of the interim study recommendation. While this vote is not the outright rejection of state-sanctioned suicide we hoped for, it effectively kills the bill while underscoring the dangers and slippery slope it would create.

The following senators voted in opposition to the bill:

Sen. Carrie Gendreau (R-Littleton)
Sen. Timothy Lang (R-Sanbornton)
Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro)
Sen. James Gray (R-Rochester)
Sen. Dan Innis (R-Bradford)
Sen. Ruth Ward (R-Stoddard)
Sen. Denise Ricciardi (R-Bedford)
Sen. Shannon Chandley (D-Amherst)
Sen. Kevin Avard (R-Nashua)
Sen. Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua)
Sen. Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry)
Sen. Howard Pearl (R-Loudon)
Sen. Donna Soucy (D-Manchester)
Sen. Regina Birdsell (R-Hampstead)
Sen. Lou D’Allesandro (D-Manchester)
Sen. Daryl Abbas (R-Salem)
Sen. Bill Gannon (R-Sandown)

If your senator is on the above list, we urge you to reach out and thank them for bravely taking a stand against the dangers of state-sanctioned suicide.


On Tuesday, the next generation of Granite State leaders took a final stand against HB 1283 at a press conference in the State House, speaking out about the specific dangers the bill would have posed to our state’s young people. Their eloquent words and clear passion certainly made an impression, and they were later quoted during the Senate debate on the bill! We are thankful for their valiant advocacy and the bright promise their leadership holds for our future.


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ICYMI – NH’s Assisted Suicide Bill Has Been Benched: 17-7 Vote to Send it To Interim Study

Sun, 2024-05-19 12:00 +0000

In case you missed it, the New Hampshire assisted suicide bill got benched this week. The New Hampshire State Senate, in a rare roll call vote, voted to send the bill to an Interim study. They didn’t kill the bill, but by suggesting it needs a deeper, longer look, they sidelined it indefinitely.

Related: Night Cap: Assisted Suicide Will Start Out Well-Meaning, Then Gradually Revert To its Eugenic Roots

HB1283 was on our radar long before we even had the bill number. It is an Act Relative to End of Life Options—state-sanctioned assisted suicide. We’ve documented its progression in places that have passed it, and the pattern seems consistent. Whatever the good intentions were at the start, it tends ot evolve into a euthanasia policy.

Summed up.

There is ample evidence throughout history, much of it recent, that claiming compassion to justify government-sanctioned suicide is a trap. Yes, chronic pain is terrible, but not nearly so much as the power of a State that inevitably sees it as a way to solve problems it created or just “problems.”

This is not dead. It will be back, but not this session (which is nearly over). So, keep your eyes open.

Here’s the roll call


Abbas, Daryl(R) Dist. 22 Yea Altschiller, Debra(D) Dist. 24 Nay Avard, Kevin(R) Dist. 12 Yea Birdsell, Regina(R) Dist. 19 Yea Bradley, Jeb(R) Dist. 3 Yea Carson, Sharon(R) Dist. 14 Yea Chandley, Shannon(D) Dist. 11 Yea D’Allesandro, Lou(D) Dist. 20 Yea Fenton, Donovan(D) Dist. 10 Nay Gannon, Bill(R) Dist. 23 Yea Gendreau, Carrie(R) Dist. 1 Yea Gray, James(R) Dist. 6 Yea Innis, Daniel(R) Dist. 7 Yea Lang, Timothy(R) Dist. 2 Yea Murphy, Keith(R) Dist. 16 Nay Pearl, Howard (R) Dist. 17 Yea Perkins Kwoka, Rebecca(D) Dist. 21 Nay Prentiss, Suzanne(D) Dist. 5 Nay Ricciardi, Denise(R) Dist. 9 Yea Rosenwald, Cindy(D) Dist. 13 Yea Soucy, Donna(D) Dist. 18 Yea Ward, Ruth(R) Dist. 8 Yea Watters, David(D) Dist. 4 Nay Whitley, Rebecca(D) Dist. 15 Nay

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Daniel Goldman Is A Cocker Spaniel

Sun, 2024-05-19 10:00 +0000

Daniel Goldman is a first-term congressman from New York. An Ivy League education from Yale and a decade on the staff as Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York should have given him the knowledge and backbone to be a pit bull in Congress, but the way that he gets schooled by his colleagues from the other side of the aisle and from witnesses he is questioning, he is far from a pit bull.

He is more like a cocker spaniel.

Goldman loves to pontificate and is always playing to the cameras, but today, as often happens, Goldman tried to come across as a heavyweight and ended up more like Eric Swalwell. I apologize for the multiple metaphors. I think it is helpful to understand a person by using a reference with which people are familiar. On Thursday, Goldman attacked former President Donald Trump and the plethora of Congressional members who have traveled to New York in a show of support for Trump, calling their actions “Lawfare.” Lawfare is a relatively new term that is often used to describe the weaponization of the Justice Department by Joe Biden in an attempt to crush his opponent, Donald Trump. When he finished his weak argument, the microphone was passed to Elise Stefanik, also from New York. Unfortunately for Mr. Goldman, Elise is a pure Pit Bull and feeds on weak people like Goldman, who speak often but offer little. She schooled Goldman on the origin of Lawfare and who and which party is guilty of using the tool. Goldman sat like a good pup being scolded-his tail between his legs.

YouTube is loaded with videos of Goldman being taken to task by witnesses and Republicans alike. He embarrasses himself so often that you wonder why he would keep putting himself in that position. This personality trait seems to be unique to the Democrats. Here are some of the more notable:

Adam Schiff spent four years lying about evidence he had on Donald Trump that would connect him to the Russians. His claims were false but enough to get him on the Sunday talk show every week. Schiff was sure he would replace Barbara Feinstein, but he was passed over by Governor Newsom. He was called out by the Republicans, but not enough to resign.

Eric Swalwell slept with a Chinese spy and facilitated her exit from the country before the FBI could question her and discover what Eric had told her when the lights went out. He remains on the Intelligence Committee.

Ilhan Omar married her brother to get him into the country, has been called out for antisemitic remarks, and has been shown to violate campaign finance laws, but she remains in Congress.

Sandy Cortez is the female version of Goldman, but without a law degree. She does have a B.S. in mixology from Boston University. She has more campaign finance violations than laws passed—by the way; she has no bills passed into law.

There are so many more, but you get the idea. These Democrats cannot be embarrassed into submission, and some wear it like a badge of courage. We, the voters, are ultimately to blame for the quality, or lack thereof, of our elected politicians. These people continue to be reelected after their sins are exposed. We should expect better, but instead, we get what we deserve.

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Night Cap: Should Eve Fight Adam?

Sun, 2024-05-19 02:00 +0000

I just got done watching a video of one of our state senators (it seemed impolite to find out which one) using some dubious statements about the genders of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis to rationalize letting transgender girls participate in girls’ sports.

(My wife is sitting here reading the Hebrew, which says, in Genesis 1:27, that ‘male’ and ‘female’ were created simultaneously.  Take that for what it’s worth.)

This is yet another instance of how the whole discussion about trans athletes competing in sports has devolved into comedy, because it ignores the whole point of competitive sports.

The issue isn’t whether there are many genders, or just two; or whether we should blur the distinction between sex (a biological attribute) and gender (a linguistic concept); but whether, if Adam and Eve were boxers, they should be placed in the same category.

They should be placed in different categories, but not because of any biological or cultural labels.  They should be in different categories because Adam would win every time, and put Eve in danger while doing it.  Also, no one who happened to be around would have any interest in watching a ‘contest’ whose outcome is completely predictable in advance.

These are the same reasons why a full-grown Adam shouldn’t box against a pre-adolescent Abel, even though they’re both males.

Note that the simplest, most Solomon-like way to settle the question would be to make this offer:

If there is really no difference between boys and girls, or between men and women, where athletics are concerned, let’s do away with categories altogether. Everyone in a sport will have to compete against everyone else in that sport.

Oh, and while we’re at it, we would stop segregating athletes by age, and weight, and so on.  The playing field would be wide open, if not particularly level.  And we could try to level it by handicapping individuals, rather than segregating them into categories.

The thing is, some small number of people would go along with this, and those are the people who would accept Solomon’s offer to cut the baby in half.

The rest, having admitted that there are good reasons for segregating athletes that have nothing to do with how they ‘identify’, but with how they match up physically (in terms of size, strength, and skill), would find it much harder to defend the idea that how you feel about yourself should have anything to do with who you face in an arena.

Of course, having silly discussions about serious issues isn’t a phenomenon limited to sports. We routinely have ridiculous conversations about schools, for example, which lead to ridiculous conclusions, because those conversations have become completely detached from first principles, i.e., what are we trying to do, and why?

But any discussion about competitive sports that doesn’t begin by revisiting the question of why we have them in the first place is destined to end up being comedic, rather than substantive — even when the results will be used to determine public policy.

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Elections Have Consequences: Democrats Say The Dumbest Things (Two-Fer)

Sun, 2024-05-19 00:00 +0000

“Democrats say the Dumbest things,” and “Democrats = Dumb.”

Democrats Say The Dumbest Things
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Democrats = Dumb

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Government Overcriminalization Catches Unwary Americans

Sat, 2024-05-18 22:00 +0000

A strange trend has emerged in the law – strange and dangerous. While some crimes like robbery, shoplifting, and drug dealing – things that require criminal intent – have been decriminalized in many areas, the already quite large body of federal regulation has grown under President Joe Biden, putting unsuspecting citizens who don’t intentionally or knowingly break the law increasingly at risk for prosecution.

This isn’t entirely new, as it follows decades of federal expansion at the expense of states’ rights and US federalism. But with a robust push from the current administration, federal agencies have been weaponized for social justice warfare, lawfare against political adversaries, and a complex regulatory oversight scheme that essentially criminalizes what once were civil violations. This bureaucratic overcriminalization threatens the nation’s stability and the rule of law.

Federal Expansion Through Rulemaking

On April 30, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance heard testimony on “Overreach: An Examination of Federal Statutory and Regulatory Crimes.” Courts and legislators are increasingly concerned that traditional legal protections for American citizens are being scrapped by a federal regulatory juggernaut that concurrently obscures state and local criminal jurisdiction by duplicating offenses.

Witnesses testified that there are currently some 4,000 federal criminal laws and 300,000 federal regulatory “offenses.” Patrick A. McLaughlin, an attorney testifying on behalf of the non-profit, non-partisan Mercatus Center at George Mason University, averred that “it would be impossible for any human to read the entirety of federal laws and regulation,” taking the average adult about three years to read them all as a full-time job.

McLaughlin related the massive proliferation of federal criminal statutes and regulations over the past three decades, many of which occurred during Bill Clinton’s tough-on-crime stint from 1994-1996. He testified that his research “has demonstrated how the buildup of rules over time significantly slows economic growth,” that federal incarceration rates have increased in tandem, and that duplication of state and federal offenses results in redundant crimes and public confusion. Federal overcriminalization wastes “limited federal resources on problems better left to the states,” he argued, exposing offenders to multiple prosecutions and tempting prosecutors to allege a plethora of potential charges, “opening the door for bias.”

Scourge of Federal Overcriminalization

Former US District Attorney Brett Tolman, who serves as executive director of Right on Crime, identified overcriminalization as a severe problem for any free nation, offering citizens “seemingly benign choices … that can unknowingly lead to criminal sanctions.” He decried the removal of mens rea (intent) elements for many statutory and regulatory offenses and faulted “the bloated administrative state” as the chief culprit. He asserted that “Congress has overstepped into the traditionally state-held space” and this has opened the door “with political pressures taking precedence over the rule of law and where the Justice Department has the potential to use its power and discretion as a political weapon.”

Tolman offered a prescription to reverse this scourge: Congress must rein in agencies from “creating new criminal offenses as a method of regulating business activities,” which are better handled by fines and market forces. It must ensure that agencies incorporate mens rea requirements in regulations so citizens are not sent to prison when they have no awareness of or intention to violate a bureaucratic rule. Overcriminalization also stems from over-delegation of legislative (congressional) powers to the executive and administrative branches.

Tolman called for Biden to reinstate Donald Trump’s Executive Order, “Protecting Americans From Overcriminalization Through Regulatory Reform,” which:

“required agencies that issue regulations with criminal penalties to ‘be explicit about what conduct is subject to criminal penalties and the “mens rea” standard applicable to those offenses.’ The order, taking heed of [James] Madison’s Federalist Papers, ordered agencies to make all regulatory criminal laws ‘clearly written so that all Americans can understand what is prohibited and act accordingly.’ Unfortunately, with a stroke of his pen, President Biden undid this criminal justice reform.”

A Double Standard?

Yet the Biden administration has concocted a slew of new regulations to criminalize once-legal conduct even as liberal “decriminalization” policies are turning violent criminals loose with no-cash bail, reduced sentencing, and non-prosecution of drug dealing, shoplifting, and numerous other crimes. Biden signed so-called “hate speech” legislation in the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, expanded Title IX protections for transgender students that mandate gender pronoun compliance, and strengthened investigations against police officers following the death of George Floyd. Though he is pushing to reduce criminal penalties for marijuana use and has essentially decriminalized illegal immigration, this expansion has weaponized federal agencies in their social justice crusade.

Overcriminalization is a growing federal regulatory problem, even as the Biden administration displays a double standard toward the rule of law and its equal enforcement.


John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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Ross Berry

Sat, 2024-05-18 20:00 +0000

Knowing how much Ed Mosca loves Rooss Berry, I thought I would share with you the following recounting of events from a member of the House of why Berry is no longer a state representative:

During the last full day House session, the Speaker delayed the lunch recess by commanding everyone to remain seated for a briefing by the Security Director. (What a joke. Here it is the end of the year and term, plus the Security document in the seat pocket was dated January 2024!)

Ross Berry presented himself at the Well of the House chamber and proceeded to announce that there would be an Executive Session of the Election Law Committee in five minutes. The Speaker said nothing and many members got up and walked out for lunch.

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Subsequently, the Democrats filed a multi-page letter of complaint to the Speaker. They maintained their Members of the Election Law Committee could not attend because the Speaker had told everyone to remain seated for the Security briefing. Interestingly, all the Republicans showed up. Further, when the Democrats did show up for the Election Law Committee Exec Session, Berry had just about concluded supervising the voting on a particular item, possibly a CACR. The Democrats cited numerous Berry violations of House Rules and demanded action.

The Speaker acted dramatically. He not only REMOVED Ross as Chair of the Election Law Committee but also as a member of the committee!!!

Shortly thereafter, the other shoe was dropped. Ross resigned as a Member of the House, disclosing that he had bought a house in Weare and had moved his family and himself into the new home. Thus, he was no longer able to represent the district in Manchester that had elected him to the House.

You cannot make up this stuff!!

So, now the already thin R majority in the House is even thinner.


Note: We have verified the identity of author but at their request, posted this under the by line of anonymous

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The Conservative Hippie

Sat, 2024-05-18 18:00 +0000

Many, many years ago, I was working 50 to 70 hours a week, keeping track of politics, contacting legislators, e-mailing testimony to Concord, and writing two columns in The Exeter-NewsLetter. There were nights I was up until midnight to meet deadlines. Then I realized, being in Exeter, I was in a small minority fighting a giant.

I finally had to give up to focus on home and family. Then we moved to West Ossipee, but I was still working the same hours, so I did not get involved in Politics, although I did try to pay some attention.

After my wife died, I started paying more attention to the goings on and saw a story in the Conway Daily Sun about “The Bridge To Nowhere.” The bill was $900,000 from the state and $230,000 from the town—my new home. For a bridge, off on a side street, changed mid-stream to being “Pedestrian Only.” And that was it. I was off and running.

We want to thank Ken Goodall for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
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Now I am trying to help conservative candidates, democrat, republican, or independent, as long as they have conservative goals. Being retired makes it a little easier, but holy cow, the amount of bills proposed in the legislature is completely overwhelming. So following legislation, writing in groups and blogs like Granite Grok, and now being available to help a conservative group, I start when I get up, and all of a sudden I am on my third coffee and it is almost noon.

Now, I did get out a few times to get my steps in going around my property, but it can be exhausting. I truly feel Steve’s pain here, and I know it takes committed people to affect change, but it really should not be this difficult to be involved with our towns, counties, and States.

As I have said many times right here in the comments on Granite Grok, I am no longer a Republican, so I am not a true Right-Winger and far, far from a Liberal. I used to say Conservative Libertarian, but that party goes off the rails from time to time, so I guess what I am is a “Conservative Hippie.” And a very tired one from trying to keep up with all the stuff going on and helping conservative candidates.

So It Goes.

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Parental rights Group Fingers Manchester Public Schools for Disastrous Woke Discipline Policy

Sat, 2024-05-18 16:00 +0000

Parent Defending Education has a new report and a warning “about the widespread adoption of “restorative justice” disciplinary practices at schools, saying that the new policies may lead to dangerous and disruptive classrooms.”

With the massive increase in school districts using Restorative Justice/Restorative Practices coupled with the unprecedented behavioral chaos being seen in schools, we have begun to track the school districts that use “Restorative Justice” or “Restorative Practices” as an official part of their discipline policy and/or code of conduct.

New Hampshire is in the report, but only one school publicly promotes restorative justice as a discipline policy. Manchester. In the section titled LEVELS OF INTERVENTIONS/ SANCTIONS, Restorative Conference is listed as a response to the first three levels of conflict. What is a Restorative Conference?

“Restorative justice is a philosophy for student discipline where reconciliation between the offender and the victim is the ultimate goal,” the report explained. “In many school districts, restorative justice has REPLACED exclusionary discipline in schools, so the response to a violent action in class is not a suspension or expulsion, but to clear the classroom and have a restorative conference.”

According to Parents Defending Education, it is making matters worse.

“Restorative justice has proven to be a disaster for school safety and school culture,” Erika Sanzi, the director of outreach for Parents Defending Education, told The Daily Wire. “Are there minor infractions for which it can work? Sure. But in an effort to juke the discipline statistics and feel good about themselves, school districts have allowed their schools to get out of control in terms of defiance, disruption and even violence. It can’t continue.”

We’ve reported on numerous incidents in New Hampshire schools where, despite state, local, and district anti-bullying policies, students get harassed and even assaulted, with schools doing little or nothing, whether that includes punishing the victim. The result is an escalating culture of violence and disrespect at institutions that do not want children to go anywhere else.

Billy, just beat your ass. How about we sit down and share our feelings?

Teachers are often helpless to control kids, and kids know it. The result is that students and faculty are in harm’s way, and based on the videos on the internet, they are harmed before any meaningful action is taken to protect anyone but the perpetrators.

Ultimately, everyone has suffered through this for almost nothing, given the declining proficiency scores in many districts.

The public school experiment is a failure, but one so well funded and lawyered up that fixing it no longer seems possible if you happen to be someone who thinks it can or should be saved. Instead, it needs to be starved, first of attention and then funding. The first is not as easy as it sounds (paradigms and all that), and the last seems almost impossible, but nothing worth doing was ever easy.


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GOP Voters Are Apathetic, Weak And Stupid

Sat, 2024-05-18 14:00 +0000

Nebraska held its primary a couple of days ago (May 14th). Don Bacon … a RINO’s RINO … won his primary against a MAGA challenger overwhelmingly. Trump won Nebraska in 2020 by nearly TWENTY points.

Yet the GOP voters in Nebraska want to return Bacon to Congress … so he can do everything in his power to block Trump should Trump somehow, against all the odds, prevail in the obviously rigged 2024 election. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID.

GOP voters are apathetic, weak, and stupid. You see it in Blue Hampshire all the time. But it is heartbreaking to see it in an actual RED State like Nebraska.

I will say again what I said previously … I am NOT a political activist. Hearing myself talk, i.e., posting on GraniteGrok, is NOT political activism. Political activism means actually being involved in politics … running for office or helping like-minded others running for office. But in Blue Hampshire as elsewhere, GOP voters want to pretend that activism merely means having a MAGA avatar on their social media and/or belonging to a Facebook group or groups and posting comments that “really give it to the Democrats and the RINOs,” etc.. That’s how we get Don Bacons and why America has fallen to the Left.

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Prohibiting Puberty Blockers and Genital Surgery Protects Trans Youth, and Every Other Youth

Sat, 2024-05-18 12:00 +0000

Once you’ve had an abortion, you can’t take it back, which is one of the many reasons we need pregnancy care centers. They will counsel you to keep the baby, but unlike the Left, if you choose abortion, that pregnancy center will counsel the former mother through the aftermath.

Much like everything else Democrats do, they pretend there are no consequences or side effects to abortion, but the abrupt detachment of a fetus (especially in the second and third trimester) has significant biological consequences for the unborn child (death) and the mother. You can’t take it back, and the Left’s “health care” does nothing to help the mother “transition” through the hormone shifts and other physical and psychological side effects.

Much like how defunding police created more crime and injustice in the black community, it’s not their problem, but if you complain, they’ll raise some taxes to grow the government and make matters worse. If you keep complaining, you become the enemy.

Have you ever tried to be a Democrat and disagree on the issue of abortion? On any issue.

Detransioners agree – you can’t take it back, and Democrats will bully you for even daring to choose to try.


The constant barrage of LGBT messaging marketed as truth or justice is no more disgusting than would be an endless parade of heterosexual pride messaging. There is no place for it in early grades, nor should children be exposed to it. Telling adults not to discuss human sexuality on or off any spectrum at that age is common sense. Preventing the access to or use of gratuitous material promoting heterosexuality was never book banning or meddling in a curriculum.

And no one would be brave for insisting on the continued exposure or access to heterosexually explicit content until now. Much of the “literature” they claim to be protecting from book banners includes heterosexual child rape, assault, sexual abuse, cigarette, alcohol, and drug use, and it has nothing to do with being gender confused. The goal is to normalize sexualized subject matter through which gender-blending is introduced.

It is psychological warfare. Brainwashing. Supplemented with exposure to online communities that inevitably lead to confusion and disorientation, which is then described as gender dysphoria (almost no child would have it if you stopped doing this to them).

Drugs follow, and then, if the used car salesman is very good, surgery you can’t take back.

Confusing Priorities

The drugs are poorly regulated, over-prescribed, and can cause cancer and death. The surgery cannot make you a different gender, but advocates pretend that it will align the mental confusion they created with a physical person. This isn’t true either. Even the best surgeons can’t make a boy into a girl. If you’ve got enough money and time and tolerance for pain and pain drugs you can never stop taking, it is possible to come close to the affectation, but no one seems to care about the endless physical and mental suffering that is more likely to end in suicide than if you’d left them the hell alone.

Banning puberty blockers and genital surgery for minors protects “trans youth” from medical intervention profiteers.

It protects them from overzealous partisan cultural abuses. It allows them to be who they are now, and since gender is a fluid experience subject to change not just daily but hourly, hormones and surgery prohibit them from being any other gender at any moment between now and the age of majority.

Puberty blockers and irreversible surgery are contraindicated if gender is on a spectrum.

The Best Medicine

If life or quality of life were or are a concern and there’s no evidence any Democrat policy preference can or has ever done either for anyone not in the ruling class, then limiting engagement to support and encouragement, until they are adults, is the best medicine. Teaching tolerance costs nothing, even when it doesn’t take. Still, you can’t take back the damage done by drugs and surgical intervention that actually isolate a body into the male-female stereotype they claim is so restricting.

Banning puberty blockers and gender surgery will do more for tans-youth “health” than anything that has been peddled in their interest to date. Besides, there is no proof that drugs or surgery reduce suicides. There is no evidence they live happier lives. There is evidence the drugs do not have long-term risks, and we know they may cause death. Research also supports that a super-majority of kids who survive the gender-blender narratives without drugs or surgery go on to live happy, healthy lives, very content with how they were born.

At eighteen, they still have the option of pursuing drugs or surgery if that is still their desire, and waiting is a trend gaining momentum among “experts” in Western Democracies.

The best health decision you can make for “trans-kids” is to be their friend, but otherwise, leave them the hell alone and let them transition to a normal adult life free from maintenance drugs and neutering surgeries that can’t be undone.

Banning puberty blockers and gender surgery is the best thing for kids’ health, period.

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The Despicable Treatment of President Trump

Sat, 2024-05-18 10:00 +0000

“Hidin” Biden and the Demolitioncrats resurrected the word CONSPIRACY with the assistance of mad mastermind Marc Elias and a spurned presidential political candidate, Hillary Clinton.

That is the opinion of fair-minded political analysts: Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest at George Washington University; Alan Dershowitz, the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and a prolific author; Matthew Whitaker, former Acting United States Attorney General and Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal expert. Unparalleled marshaling of Federal bureaucracy, media, and moneyed “elite” power against one person is unprecedented in American history.

The United States is becoming a Stalinist/Putin U.S.S.R. or a Maoist/ Xi-Jinping Chinese Communist Cartel.

Matthew Colangelo’s (a Biden/Merkwan acolyte) New York trial of Donald Trump is an unmitigated disgrace of the judge, jury, and justice in the United States. None of the pre-eminent lawyers mentioned can identify any crime the Biden, Colangelo, and Bragg co-conspirators( BCB) have alleged against President Trump! No law degree is necessary to understand that “ failure to charge a crime” and then try anyone for an unknown crime is unconstitutional and a revival of the English Star Chamber proceedings and the Spanish Inquisition. History does not repeat, but it does rhyme!

The BCB trial culminates endless “ Grand Hoaxes,” painfully endured by President Trump and patriotic Americans. Judge Merchan exemplifies the perversion of American justice. Merchan contributed to Biden’s campaign. His daughter raises millions of dollars for Demolitioncrats, who cheer Merchan’s judicial shenanigans. Yet Merchan fails to recuse himself, and the United States judicial system says, “ Amen”!

The United States justice system has one savior: Democrat New York City jurors. Whatever the result, President Trump will persist and save the USA for my grandchildren.

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Night Cap: Employee Beware! – The Hackers Have Got To Be Singing “Pennies From Heaven”!

Sat, 2024-05-18 02:00 +0000

Whether you know it or not, it is becoming common for Employers to keep ALL of your most important identifying information in the cloud! That’s right—not just your name, address, email, and phone number but also your birth date and social security number.

There are payroll services that claim to be very secure, where employees can enter all of these vital identifiers into their online payroll systems.  Here’s one of the systems.

I say, walk away.

We want to thank Deb Johnson for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
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This disastrous practice will probably lead to the recommendation of something more sinister than CBDC…. biometrics, for our own good, you understand finger & palm prints, iris scanning, and voice recognition.  We are being herded, like cattle, up the ramp that will deliver us to the slaughterhouse!

People, it is going to take the guts to say “no.”  It is going to take facing the uncertainty that “no” will bring.  But, the certainty that awaits if we don’t is a complete loss of freedom.  There is not much more that I can say about this, except there is plenty of evidence of very successful hacking.

Since our legislative session is wrapping up, I doubt we can create legal protections this year, but please let me know how many of you think this needs to stop and that we need laws that protect our identifying information.

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The New England Take: School Choice Goes Beyond New Hampshire but How Does It Compare?

Sat, 2024-05-18 00:00 +0000

Ben DeGrow, Senior Policy Director for Education Choice at ExcelinEd, swats down complaints from Democrats running for Governor in New Hampshire regarding education choice and how other states compare to our EFA program.


The post The New England Take: School Choice Goes Beyond New Hampshire but How Does It Compare? appeared first on Granite Grok.

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Nickelodeon Porn vs. School Porn

Fri, 2024-05-17 22:00 +0000

There is an Investigation Discovery series playing on Netflix called Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. In this series, they are exposing the sexual abuse and harassment towards some of the adults and children on set. From the inappropriate scenes with children on these shows, to actual sexual abuse by the adults involved, it is a disturbing reality that many are just discovering.

Children grew up watching these shows, and parents trusted the content because it was children’s programming. What may have looked like adult humor, became part of the shows where children were exploited and sexually abused.

What does this have to do with pornography in your local school? 

Some may remember the Nickelodeon show called All That.  Cast member Lori Beth Denberg, who—in a new interview with Business Insider—accused Dan Schneider of showing her porn. Dan Schneider is under a great deal of scrutiny right now because he was the producer for many of the successful shows at Nickelodeon.

Denberg adds to the list of problems that plagued the sets that these children were working on. She mentions that her producer, Dan Schneider, showed her porn.

Porn is now available to children in our public schools. They can access pornographic books through their online Apps downloaded on their I-Pads or their Chromebooks. Denberg reminds us that giving children porn to view, is part of a sexual predator’s grooming tool. It’s how a sexual predator grooms children into becoming victims of sexual assault.

So why is this allowed in our public schools?


Many parents have challenged pornographic books, only to be met by resistance and pushback from those who claim this is book banning. Some of the resistance comes from the LGBTQ community, who continually make the argument that porn should be available to children. It seems that there has to be damage done to a child before everyone acknowledges the harm that this is doing to children. One thing’s for sure, you won’t find much courage inside our public schools. They do nothing but point fingers, and refuse to remove it.

Why is it ok to block porn on the Internet, but if it comes to children in the form of an online book, that is acceptable?

None of this is book banning because these books are available to purchase. Parents simply want to make sure these books are not available to their children in school, and taxpayers do not want to fund them in their public school libraries.

As more is revealed about the Nickelodeon scandal, parents wonder how this is condemned in one arena but not another.

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