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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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The US DoD’s Secret Anti-Vaxxer Campaign

Sun, 2024-06-30 16:00 +0000

The story, if you’ve not heard, is that the US Department of Defense, at the urging of then Sec Def Mark Esper, authorized a psy-op to make Asians afraid of China’s COVID vaccines.

These were actual vaccines made in the old-school way, and the DoD is alleged to have created or paid proxies and influencers on social media to get locals to protest China’s Jab.

Reuters: Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic

Nice headline you got there. So, you’re telling me that the US Department of Defense was running an anti-vaxxer campaign in Asia to down-sell local vaccines so they could then offer to upsell mRNA gene therapies?

Did Pfizer or Moderna promise a commission from the sales if it worked? Were you planning to use that to offset the costs to US taxpayers to run the op?

That’s sarcasm, but why is the United States Federal Government using military and surveillance state assets to create the same sort of networks it used to overthrow the democratically elected Ukrainian president in 2014? The sorts of programs and assets it uses domestically against American citizens. This is, after all, South East Asia, and what’s it to you if they are using what we have to assume – in the DOD’s opinion or that of its handlers – is an inferior product?

Old school vaccines, Pishaw. What 20th century nonsense.

Why would you care if millions of Chinese got COVID or died because they didn’t have access to your (cough-cough) wonder drug?

The clandestine operation has not been previously reported. It aimed to sow doubt about the safety and efficacy of vaccines and other life-saving aid that was being supplied by China, a Reuters investigation found. Through phony internet accounts meant to impersonate Filipinos, the military’s propaganda efforts morphed into an anti-vax campaign. Social media posts decried the quality of face masks, test kits and the first vaccine that would become available in the Philippines – China’s Sinovac inoculation.

Reuters identified at least 300 accounts on X, formerly Twitter, that matched descriptions shared by former U.S. military officials familiar with the Philippines operation. Almost all were created in the summer of 2020 and centered on the slogan #Chinaangvirus – Tagalog for China is the virus.

So, while you were being canceled for calling it the China Virus or daring to question the safety or effectiveness of what Pfizer and Moderna (and the US DOD) were peddling, your government was running an anti-vaxxer campaign and accusing China of being the virus.

To do what? Sell more mRNA for Pfizer and Moderna.

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Pulpit Polity: Richard Stockton

Sun, 2024-06-30 14:00 +0000

Hello, Friends of Freedom. I hope your summer is amazing! Let’s continue our look at the Declaration’s signers. Richard Stockton was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Jersey and was perhaps the one who suffered the most for doing so. He was captured by the British and tortured severely in prison.

He was born into affluence in New Jersey, where his father founded the College of New Jersey.

He had a brilliant intellect. After graduating from Samuel Finley’s Academy of Nottingham, he studied law under David Ogden, the most prominent lawyer of his time.

He received the degree of Sergeant of Law ( the highest law degree of his era).

He married the poet Ann Boudinot and had six children.

He was a trustee at Princeton University for 26 years. He was not known to like politics and shied away from involvement until he requested some time away from Princeton and made a trip to Europe. While in England, he engaged King George III on behalf of the University regarding the Stamp Act. The King liked him a lot, as did other Parliament Leaders who at the time were not hostile to the Colonies.

We want to thank Pastor Allen Cook for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
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After returning home, his reputation only enlarged, and he was regarded as a man of immense wisdom and sound advice.

He also became very outspoken about the British and their treatment of the citizens of the Colonies of America, and as a result, he was asked to be a delegate to the Continental Congress.

He was captured by the British while visiting friends as he was on his way home from Philadelphia after signing the Declaration of Independence.

He was deprived of food ( intentional starvation) and subjected to freezing cold.

He was offered a pardon, and some say that it was in exchange for recanting his signing of the Declaration of Independence. There is no factual evidence of this recanting, and other scholars believe that George Washington was involved in negotiating his release.

He had an incredible faith, as is exemplified by his knowledge of and reference to the scriptures in so many of his writings.

A few faith statements are as follows:

I subscribe to the entire belief of the great leading doctrines of the Christian religion, such as:

*the being of God: (Genesis 1:1)

*the universal defection and depravity of human nature: (Romans 3:23)

*the Divinity of the person (John 1:14) and the completeness of the redemption purchased by the blessed Savior (Ephesians 1:7)

*I exhort and charge my children that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10)

*The way of life that is held up in the Christian system is calculated for the most complete happiness that can be enjoyed in this mortal state and that all occasions of vice and immorality is injurious either immediately or consequentially in this life.

He was a founding father who lost everything of earthly value but maintained his faith! *****(thanks again to Dave Barton’s info of his quotes out of his great book, The American Story.)

Until next time….

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Is Kidney Disease Racist?

Sun, 2024-06-30 12:00 +0000

According to retired nephrologist Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the black population has a disproportionate number of people with chronic kidney failure. Goldfarb is the chairman of Do No Harm, which opposes DEI admissions and hiring and unnecessary gender surgery on children, as well as systemic race-based trends in medical practice that they claim could cause unnecessary harm.

“A new rule, which is aimed at increasing kidney transplants for black Americans,” proposed by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, captured its attention.

Someone in the government has decided that since “the black population has a disproportionate number of people with chronic kidney failure,” it should direct taxpayer funds to figuring out how to convince doctors to convince black Americans to trust the Public Health Industrial complex. Goldfarb agrees that there is a need to help more Blacks suffering from Kidney disease to seek treatment, including transplants, but that this probably isn’t the best way to get there from here. You are welcome to wade into the details if you like, but my first thought was, why does the Black population in America have a “disproportionate number of people with chronic kidney failure”?


I’d say white supremacy, but that’s not actually it, either. It is probably systemic Democrat rule.

Goldfarb stated that one such factor is the issue that frequently black people do not seek treatment for kidney disease until it is in an advanced stage. Some contributors to this problem include a lack of access to healthcare, a distrust of the medical community, and a lower level of health literacy. Additionally, they may not receive as much preventive care, testing, or medical supervision as people in other demographics. As a result, by the time a black person seeks treatment, their chances of success are much lower, and they may not be able to undergo the necessary surgery and regimen of medications.

Furthermore, according to Goldfarb, studies indicate that many black people are not interested in having a kidney transplant, and their family members may not want to become donors.

Lack of knowledge, understanding, education, information, access. We also have to consider politics and its policy influences on culture. Black Americans are not genetically predisposed to higher rates of kidney failure, so what inputs make this endemic to the community? Why aren’t they educated? What barriers exist to keep them from obtaining better medical information or access, and how does this play into their reluctance to seek help sooner rather than waiting until it might be too late?

Democrats have controlled most of the larger American cities for longer than anyone can remember. They spend more and talk more about serving these communities, but what evidence is there that this has been little more than a way to enrich themselves and their friends at everyone else’s expense?

The education budgets are enormous, but the kids can’t read or do math. You’ll find the same results across the entire budget. No matter what it is, they are spending more than anyone else for worse outcomes – unless you happen to be connected to the local political elite.

Spending other people’s money might fill the pockets of surgeons and hospitals in the nicer parts of town, but it will not cure what ails them. This applies to every poor or low-income community everywhere in America. They need schools that teach kids and a culture that encourages and rewards foundational learning. They need to encourage families to see welfare as a trap and parents who are willing to do with less so their kids can learn to earn more. Fathers who raise and protect their children from gangs, alcohol, and drug abuse on streets that are safer because that is a priority for everyone.

There is, as far as I can tell, no incentive for anyone in power to approach any of this seriously. More money has only resulted in declining outcomes. This won’t be any different. Advocates will point at it when talking to minorities as if they care when all they want is their vote.


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Climate Change ‘Prosperity’: Who Benefits?

Sun, 2024-06-30 10:00 +0000

Those who advocate for sweeping government power to reverse global warming assert it will lead to a “more prosperous” future. In fact, what we see is calls for a “preposterous future.” These measures will hurt rather than help the environment.  We will be less prosperous while we pollute more.

To couch that in soaring language of salvation from doom is, indeed, preposterous — these plans are the doom.

Consider the $300,000,000 Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources estimates it will cost to resurface Rutland businesses under the “3-acre Rule,” a preposterous proposal to “help Rutland prosper” by imposing these costs on longstanding businesses. This plan mandates businesses retroactively install stormwater drains to protect Lake Champlain. Disrupting businesses and imposing a huge economic burden on owners will hurt sales and threaten productive jobs. But the state of Vermont extols the huge economic boon this will be for engineers and construction companies.

This is a short-term, non-productive waste. No goods sold just costs of goods sold. There is no economic growth, only a government-mandated payday for one group of businesses by way of economic hardship on others. But more — and this is key — what is the environmental cost of excavating all that square acreage? How much diesel will be burned, asphalt heated and relaid, plastic pipes manufactured and installed, and CO2 generated in the transition to improved surface-water management? Can we afford those costs? Have state agencies calculated those costs? Nope. And that’s preposterous.

Consider EV vehicles. Aside from the question of their reliability or long-term efficiency, are they not manufactured using fossil fuels? Is that manufacture carbon-neutral, as will be imposed on new business development under Act 250 in Vermont? These EV vehicles will not be manufactured in Vermont. So, these vehicles (like the diesel and equipment consumed resurfacing Rutland) will be produced outside of Vermont, a boon for those businesses: a massive loss of wealth and indirect consumption of fossil fuels in Vermont. Preposterous.

Solar panels. Ditto: manufactured using fossil fuels of dubious long-term efficiency; costs imposed on ratepayers in Vermont to support foreign industry; affordable for the wealthy and not the poor. Regressive, polluting, and zero economic benefits. Preposterous.

Mandating the re-insulation of buildings (as some have advocated) — how much petroleum would be involved in manufacturing, trucking, and installing these products in Vermont homes and businesses? Assuming this helped Vermont to achieve its fantastical and arbitrary “goals” of reducing 25% of our greenhouse gases by such-and-such imagined date — what are the externalized environmental costs of that production outside of Vermont? Have the “climate warriors” calculated those costs? Nope. The effect is a drag on the Vermont economy and an increase in net pollution. Preposterous.

What if Vermont imposed pollution-control requirements on lawnmowers? That would reduce emissions and impose the costs directly on those who mow lawns. Yes, this is a federal issue, but why don’t the climate warriors tackle things that would actually help the ecosystem? Why are they interested in the preposterous but not the sensible?

How about banning fireworks displays? Fireworks hurt the environment, depend 99% on Chinese manufacture, and are shipped long distances. They offer no economic benefits to Vermont or its ecosystem. Why not ban them? Because progressive legislators want to give judges and special-interest, out-of-state nonprofits the unilateral power to do that later, along with banning snowmobiles, ATVs, and pick-up trucks. They seek to do through the back door that which they could never accomplish through the front.

What of mandating composting while advertising (with our tax dollars) that such laws won’t be enforced? Car idling laws requiring police to time your idle and then ticket you $10 (instead of fighting opioid dealers)? How will the government ensure citizens don’t mow their lawns three times a week, burn a plastic bag in a fire, or pour used motor oil in the woods? Are more laws needed so Big Brother can hire car-driving enforcers to breathe down every neck? Preposterous.

Our forebears rightly opposed “taxation without representation.” Sweeping one-sided powers granted to the government and “renewable energy” initiatives that use more energy than they renew favor certain industries and are net pollution creators that help neither the economy nor the environment. These are totalitarian regulations masked in lies of prosperity and environmental benefit where neither exists.

“Regulation without representation” is “taxation without representation.” It’s time to revolt against this revolting subjugation of Vermonters. The answer to our problems is personal responsibility, not government rescue by corporations and special interests.

Republished from March 2020

John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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Night Cap: In Need of Founding Beliefs

Sun, 2024-06-30 02:00 +0000

The reason why American History, particularly our Founding and its Founders, is longer a subject for learning since it’s possible that too many of its reference points would discount today’s revisionist beliefs. What then would be next; the return of law and order and limited governing?

The basic question this would ask is what our adversary fears the most; it worked back then, so why not now? In addition, the chances for a fact-based discourse on our Founding Era are taboo since such studies would also invoke a religious venue.

Instead of the normal curiosity arising from being informed, today’s rebuke strengthens this engrained ignorance and numbs our curious instincts. Another variant of what was stems from the debt incurred by our oversized government. Economists agree that with any economic example, tax revenues are limited from a ‘money in, money out’ scenario. Therefore, today’s debt-ridden budgeting is due to the miscreant’s reckless spending.

The bottom line with this economic reality is that many Americans were either complacent or had their hands extended for enrichment. This is the norm when electing a lesser caliber of what formally were ‘public servants!

Another factor in unwarranted governing is this ‘careerism’ notion that salary enrichments nurture and also belittles and/or corrupt the previous unselfish volunteerism of ‘public service. ‘ Therefore, today’s economic time bomb of debt is proportional to the irresponsible squandering of tax revenues, which now invest in and solidify re-elections!

Compare this blatant disregard to the earlier concerns of our Founders, whose original sacrifice, based upon a belief of living freely, carried their cause of our American experiment. Their sole concern was directed to their country’s free establishment and her lasting future.

Consider General George Washington’s words of commitment, “The fate of unborn Millions will now depend, under God, on the Courage and Conduct of this army – We have therefore to resolve to conquer or die…” This sealed America to whatever fate, or God, had in store. The fact that this rag-tag force would do combat with the world’s mightiest military should even astound today’s modern thinking, regarding a great generation.

Our second President, John Adams, ironically summed up today’s public quandary when stating, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.” This is now validated with the current degradations of information. This recent ‘fake news’ tagline is a mild rendering of the depths to which our people, of whom many are devoid of any fundamental learning, have been and are being subjected.

Consequently, Thomas Jefferson added, “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” ‘Responsibility,’ is the weight which freedom places upon every American citizen. This denounces reading the hogwash of fakery by upping the effort for being properly informed with the soundness of what is being read. Such preemptive measures merely bolster one’s citizenship.

This truth-based content with our information is critically important, which is why our adversaries are so intent on reinventing what was our past and distorting our present. This was foreseen by James Madison when stating, “popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both.”

Patrick Henry also warned about the need to, “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty.” This “jealous” protection is also particular to Thomas Paine’s warning that, “When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.”

This last point from so long ago, “the privilege of thinking,” connects with curiosity, questioning, and relying upon one’s personal instincts, which we all know at times act as a cautionary inner voice. Similar to today’s disappearance of public service, independent thoughts that counter the mainstream are becoming rare. Too many Americans have become so insecure and sensitive that seeking acceptance is now one’s priority!

We all would be better served by stepping back into history and giving thought to the words of those who demonstrated their own independent thought. Their service and sacrifice became their paid dues for those beliefs! We, at least, owe those gentlemen our thanks, but more importantly, we owe our children an equal effort to ensure their lives will not be as slaves!


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Presidential Debate – CNNs 90-Minute Deep Fake (Or Is it Cheap Fake?) of Joe Biden

Sun, 2024-06-30 00:00 +0000

Trump was correct in demanding a drug test as BOTH TMEW (my non-political better half), and I couldn’t believe our ears and eyes at the beginning of the Debate. I have NEVER heard Biden talk so fast with “memorized” lines in my life—probably Joe’s life as well.

A minigun couldn’t have kept up with his fevered pitch. However, all for naught as while the 90 minutes droned on (and yes, I would have lost that bet that Biden could stand that long), he slowed down – not just his raspy voice but his brain and demeanor (except when he called Trump a liar and had the morality of an alley cat. However, the only cat that was present was the “cat out of the bag,” as the Narrative held to by the MSM dissolved, and they all did the 180 on Biden.

They proved again that we on the Right have been right and that all their calls about “CONSPIRACY!” just fell out of the sky on their skulls.  We’ve been saying he’s been incompetent – now they are admitting we were right.

Trump, on the other hand, pretty much kept his cool, flashing his trademark smile, and got in a few zingers of his own. The best line of the night was:

Watch this next one to see the freezes, muddles, mumbles, and incoherence in a 30-second clip from last night. Seriously – “We finally beat Medicare”???

I watched the whole thing, just shaking my head.

It’s not like the MSM has covered itself with glory, again, turning away from its roots of “Who, what, when, where, why, and how” to become “Storytellers” and Narrative creators. In this case, sucking up to the Biden Administration and pushing the meme that in private he was sharp as the tack put on the teacher’s chair even as the Rightwing Racists kept harping on the video clips showing otherwise in public.

This morning, I started to go through my feeds (a LOT of them) to see how the Democrat talking heads were going to spin this.

It was so bad that right after the debate was over when people were supposed to be flowing into the “Spin Room” for amplifications and deflections, I guess the Dems truly were in a panic:

No surrogates for President Joe Biden appeared to be in the CNN spin room immediately following the presidential debate, prompting confusion from the press. “Dozens” of reporters were left waiting with only people from former President Donald Trump’s camp, Daily Caller correspondent Henry Rodgers posted on X, citing MSNBC coverage. While the Democrats’ team was seemingly absent, “endless Trump surrogates are on the spin room floor speaking to press,” Rodgers noted.

“The spin room is full of Trump surrogates,” said Axios reporter Alex Thompson. “No one from Biden’s camp we can see.”

Man, I was surprised!  Other than Kamala, the Elder Abuser (Dr. Jill), and California Guv Gavin “My hair can refill our Strategic Oil Reserves,” Newsom said Biden held his own and that he won “on the merits,” almost every Democrat talking head, politician, and political operator all threw up their hands and admitted what most of us that follow politics have known for three years now – for Biden, there is no now anymore – he’s a walking husk. Anyone who took the time to watch…

SideNote: funny, I haven’t seen any results on how many people tuned into the debate…

…that knew this were already looking for the signs even as we knew he had been “enhanced” more than the former East German womens’ Olympic team. We were not surprised. However, any Normal and generally unpolitical types got a very rude awakening as to the kind of person who could fill in the nuke launch codes.  Just during the first hour of the debate, the betting markets went nuts in declaring the winner of the election. Yes, Nov 5th, not the debate:

BREAKING: The odds of Donald Trump winning the 2024 Presidential Election surge to a new high of 63%. Since the debate started, the odds of Trump winning the election have surged by over 10%. Odds of President Biden winning a second term have fallen from 48% to 37%. Markets believe Donald Trump will be our next president.

And GatewayPundit shows the Trump Campaign’s Fact-Checking along the way. How they ever did so is beyond me as, at times, if I were the deaf interpreter, I would have just walked off the stage.

Frankly, when all is said and done, other than for the dyed-in-the-wool Dems’ votes, Biden is toast. Almost every site has the question being asked, “How can we get him to resign now? How can we get him to NOT run and drop out of the race now?”. And more than a few “TV focus groups” had at least one person remarking, “Heck, can he actually last until November?”

Frankly, I didn’t take notes other than:

  • An hour and 17 minutes in – on the topic of Dobbs where SCOTUS said that abortion isn’t a Right as it isn’t in the Constitution and returned it back to the State Legislatures to decide closer to those who have the Power – we the voters – to decide. Biden stumbled through but the intent was clear – he (like most Progressives) doesn’t trust the States (and voters) to make such decisions.
  • An hour and 40 minutes in – Biden believes that any American that votes for Trump are against American Democracy. You know, that “our Democracy” crapola that keeps coming out of every Democrat’s oral orifice? Whose translation is “WE should own Government”. Nice of him to attempt to shame us into voting for him in calling us unpatriotic or worse, traitors.

Frankly, I think it is more the latter than the former. A decent 3 paragraph summary at the Free Beacon will save 90 minutes of your life:

It was clear within the first few minutes that the presidential debate was not going to go well for President Joe Biden. His breath was heavy, his voice was raspy and faint, his physical bearing poor. When he wasn’t speaking, his mouth was agape. His answers rambled, and he was sometimes incoherent. Every so often, he coughed noticeably. He did not look well.

This wasn’t the hyped-up, partisan Biden who appeared at the State of the Union in March. This was the Biden who mumbled argle-bargle at the White House’s Juneteenth celebration.

The contrast with former president Donald Trump was apparent. Trump was confident, direct, and forceful. Unlike in 2020, he did not interrupt his opponent or the moderators. He followed the debate rules. He kept his facial expressions, and even his sarcasm, to a minimum. I have watched every Trump debate since he entered electoral politics in 2015. Thursday night was his best performance.

But you know that Biden and the Dems are in Big Trouble when you lose the NY Times. From their daily missive that I get (emphasis mine as I NEVER expected to read such):

After last night, many Democrats are panicked.

They hoped that President Biden, 81, could convince voters that his age was nothing to worry about. That he could counter Donald Trump’s wild accusations and relentless falsehoods with confidence. He didn’t.

Biden’s voice was hoarse and halting. His answers were often unclear, and he struggled to finish his thoughts. “Rather than dispel concerns about his age,” wrote my colleague Peter Baker, Biden “made it the central issue.”

Some Democrats are now pushing for him to drop out of the race. “Biden is about to face a crescendo of calls to step aside,” a Democratic strategist told Peter. “Joe had a deep well of affection among Democrats. It has run dry.”

NY Post had this headline: We just witnessed the end of Joe Biden’s presidency. And it seems that the shade of Donna Brazille (who infamously had given the Trump-Hillary debate questions to the Clinton campaign) rallied forth again with this admission from CNN’s Erin Burnett after the debate was over:

He knows every one of these questions is coming and yet he couldn‘t fill the time.”

There’s two ways to take what she meant: that his campaign HAD to know these types of question were going to be asked OR, once again, the MSM covered for him in cheating on the sake of “their team”. And who was the actual leaker if there was one?

But Joe has to ad-lib – and this one is a doozy:

But here’s the deal. There’s a lot of young women to be raped by their, by their in-laws, by their, by their spouses, brothers and sisters. It’s just, it’s just ridiculous, and they can do nothing about it,”

Seriously, sisters being raped by their brothers and sisters/sisters-in-law is the reason why abortion is needed. Hey, Planned Parenthood – you good with this?

Cringe doesn’t begin to scratch this surface. And terror from the Dems: McCaskill: VP Harris or Gavin Newsom Should Be at the Top of the Dem Ticket After Tonight

NO Democrat believes he’s fit for re-election. My thought is that if he can’t serve after November, he shouldn’t be serving now. Talk about a weak and incapable President; Steve is right in demanding who is really in charge of the Biden Administration’s actions and policies?

And? Our Federal Delegation and Guv hopefuls, Hassan, Shaheen, Pappas, Craig, and Warmington, aren’t talking much here in New Hampshire (NHJ).


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The New England Take: No Money for Retirement After 50

Sat, 2024-06-29 23:00 +0000

Indira Venkat, Senior Vice President of Research at AARP, breaks down how more than half of those ages 50 and older don’t think they’ll have enough money to last in retirement and what they should do today to fix their finances.

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Bad Week for the Deep State – Chevron Deference is Dead; Admin Courts on Thin Ice

Sat, 2024-06-29 22:00 +0000

Two very important court decisions came down this past week but got lost in the noise following Sundown Joe Biden’s incredibly, terribly bad debate performance. Depending on whom you ask, these cases have significant, far-reaching consequences for executive branch power and its abuse.

The first was related to Administrative agency courts. These in-house star chambers operating as prosecution, judge, and jury have been handing out judgments (penalties), but the US Supreme Court, at least in the case of the Securities Exchange Commission, has ruled they can no longer operate this way. “In Securities and Exchange Commission v. Jarkesy [SCOTUS decided that]… the SEC cannot continue to handle [these] cases in-house without a jury. The decision will have a far-reaching impact on dozens of federal administrative agencies that use similar processes.”

I’m not clear on how many agencies are affected, but this ruling throws a monkey wrench into the intimidating Rube-Goldbergian works of Executive overreach, and not just at the federal level. States have plenty of agencies that operate their own in-house tribunalesque mini-courts. Executive Branch Judge Dredds. If SEC vs. Jarkesy has the potential to invalidate dozens of similar mechanisms at the federal level, it might have the legs to undermine local star chambers in your neck of the woods.

The other, bigger decision struck down Chevron Deference. The 40-year-old rule allowed agencies to decide the meaning behind ambiguous law. This rule-making authority gave them power to make law, long argued as constitutional by almost anyone who found themselves on the business end of the practice.

By a vote of 6-3, the justices overruled their landmark 1984 decision in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, which gave rise to the doctrine known as the Chevron doctrine. Under that doctrine, if Congress has not directly addressed the question at the center of a dispute, a court was required to uphold the agency’s interpretation of the statute as long as it was reasonable. But in a 35-page ruling by Chief Justice John Roberts, the justices rejected that doctrine, calling it “fundamentally misguided.”

Put more simply, if Congress was unclear, and not surprisingly, it got increasingly unclear after Chevron became the hot blonde in Admininstrative overreach, agencies that guess and then enforce the guess will no longer get a by your leave from the courts. Instead of saying, well – the Executive Agency rules are just as good as if the legislative Branch had written it that way, the courts can meddle based on their own interests.

Take that how you like, but what I found most amusing was that the Dissenters, Kagen, Sotomayor, and Ketanji-Brown, are worried about the shock to the legal system. It does seem likely that this will result in a lot more trips down the judicial aisle—especially taken in the context of Jarkesy—but Chevron is only 40 years old. It is a blip in the historical context of the American government.

What the hell did we do for the 208 years prior to it?

I’ll make a suggestion. We did not encourage laws deliberately written to protect legislators from the consequences of their rule-making by passing them off to bureaucrats. The government did not embrace the bloat required to manage, deploy, enforce, and litigate bills written this way.

Chevron wasn’t precedent. It was an experiment that The Robert’s court has just ended, and it will be messy. The solution is to demand that Congress revisit the mess they created and craft new or amended language to clean it up  – unless judges decide to legislate from the bench to save them the time. So, yeah, there are pitfalls here.

So, no, I am not saying that would be an improvement. But advancing tyranny without electoral consequence just took a punch to the McNuggets, and it will be interesting to see what results.


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Should Every Impulse Have Its Own Flag?

Sat, 2024-06-29 22:00 +0000

I’m not certain when sexuality became the openly defining characteristic of human existence. And I’m not talking about sex appeal or looking or feeling sexy. I mean announcing to everyone at every opportunity to whom you are sexually attracted. It’s a bit odd but not nearly as annoying as insisting that I not only care but “see you,” respect your choices, and salute your flag.

Why bring it up?

I accidentally found myself on, and before I could scrape it off the bottom of my digital footprint, an article popped up about a woman who, after thirty years, realized she was an abrosexual. Ooh, what’s that about, I say? (I am attracted to stories about the ‘diversification’ of the culture.)

“I didn’t learn about abrosexuality until two years ago, when I was 30. Up until that point, I’d struggled to identify what my sexuality was because it fluctuated so rapidly.  There were times that I too scoffed, chastising myself for being so uncertain of who I was. It wasn’t that I couldn’t make my mind up, but rather my identity shifted.  One day I felt like I was a lesbian, yet days or weeks later, I’d feel more aligned with bisexuality. My sexuality was fluid.”

Fluid. Like water that can run … to one of two places. My spellchecker clears up this distinction without a difference by trying to change abrosexual to bisexual. I stopped it, the bigoted thing that it is, then I looked it up.

Abrosexual means a person who experiences fluctuating sexual orientations over time.”

It is like bisexuality and pansexuality, but different. How so? Bisexuality is when someone might find themselves “romantically attracted” to people with either a penis or a vagina. Pansexuals can be or are attracted to people who happen to have either a penis or a vagina. Abrosexuals are people who could find themselves attracted to people with either a penis or a vagina.

In all fairness, I should include how they might be attracted to someone who used to have either a penis or a vagina after having it removed (or both a penis and a vagina), but as it turns out, the glorious spectrum isn’t as diverse as it thinks. Heterosexuals are (by the way) people who are attracted to either a penis or a vagina but are not allowed to have pride or gang colors.

That just seems unfair.

No matter what the “romantic” feeling, preference, impulse, deference, urge, or longing, there are still only two sets of parts to desire, or the not desiring of either, which is a legitimate choice but not a third set.

Be You!

If you want to hold someone’s hand, and they want to hold yours, whatever two consenting adults do with each other after that is nobody else’s business (unless it’s with someone else’s special someone). Inviting additional participants is not verboten, but consent is still required with a warning label. The additional “feelings” multiply not sequentially but exponentially.

That’s still not my problem, the same way your job, hobbies, diet, or creepy landlord who hasn’t fixed the drippy faucet in your retro-70s half-bath are not my problems. Be you. Do your thing. And I hope you find happiness and it all works out but I don’t need to know unless I ask. I also don’t need to know what foods you like and dislike unless I’m supposed to feed you, but if you are a big fan of cheeseburgers, why isn’t there a flag for that?

Hunger is a feeling, right?

Everyone gets a trophy.

Whatever your sexual or romantic instincts, whether a fixed or moving target, the need to name it, give it a flag, and then wave it at people who are expected to know and understand your special circumstances reeks of the everyone gets a trophy culture. We are all special, but these days, what’s special is people who don’t shove that in your face and get mad if you don’t smile, nod, and bless their choices.

And parades?

Pretend for a moment that wearing your sexuality on your sleeve might be an overshare whether you are hetero, homo, pan, bi, Trans, Abro, or one of the other states of sexual being (all restricted to the same two sets of plumbing). Alone with a special friend or in a group, human beings arrive on the earth with two choices – everything else is an affectation or an embellishment (can you say social construct?) to which – I will argue – like owning more than one outfit, you are entitled.

If you are attracted to left-handed albino lesbians, good for you. I happen to be very fond of a particular adult female, brunette, whom I married, and I will love no other until death does us part. For reasons I cannot explain, I prefer brunettes. Most of my pre-marriage girlfriends were brunettes, including one who colored her hair blonde. Good for me. I don’t need a flag or an award.

And I’m not going to expect you to be me – and not you. Go about your life contributing in whatever meaningful way you can manage and leave the “whom you feel like having sex with” talk to your besties or therapist(s) (or Substack subscribers). Most everyday adults don’t care, and if they do, tell them – or tell them to mind their own business, and I think you’ll discover that the world works as well or better as a result.

We all have a lot more in common than not.

If you find your “preference” affects your work or social life, it might not be your lifestyle choices but how you wear them. The problem might be you. Yes, there are bullies in the world but there always has been. History has no shortage of people who could behave better.

We could just give them a flag of their own, but another lesson from history is that this might make them act out more, and it almost never ends well.


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The Draft

Sat, 2024-06-29 20:00 +0000

Why are Republicans only concerned about drafting our daughters, apparently forgetting that 600,000 American men were slaughtered in the Civil War, 400,000 American men in WW2, and 100,000 American men in Korea and Vietnam?

I thought equal rights require equal responsibilities. Why are women entitled to special privileges: they decide if they want to defend our country!

The real question here is why it is necessary to reinstate the draft. Why has military recruitment collapsed? Could it possibly be that the Demolitioncrats have so mismanaged the defense of our country that our warrior class has figured out that DEI , CRT, and SEL are not worth defending and do not want to be brainwashed by idiotic Pentagon generals?

Apparently, the Biden/ Obama Demolitioncrats have figured out that the military is needed to indoctrinate men, but our academic institutions have successfully done that to women.

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The Squad Has Opening After NY Primary

Sat, 2024-06-29 18:00 +0000
The Squad is a group of radical left-leaning representatives brought together by Congresswoman Sany Cortez of New York. The Squad has some high-profile members because this group of politicians loves the attention of the cameras and media and usually addresses a crowd or reporters as a group.

This group mentality is necessary because the individuals are ineffective members of Congress, having passed no meaningful legislation, but they always have an opinion and soundbites for the crowd. This group seems to always be on the wrong side of public opinion, but incumbents are usually very comfortable in their positions and are very difficult to defeat in a primary or general election-difficult, but not impossible. Jaamal Bowman is a Congressman from New York but cannot claim that title in 2025. Bowman lost his primary race this week in New York City to become the first member of the Squad voted out of office. Bowman may have sealed his fate when he was caught on camera pulling a fire alarm in the Capital to delay a floor vote. He should have been jailed for his actions, but losing his reelection bid is a more significant penalty. Bowman and fellow Squad member Cortez appeared at a rally in the Bronx with supporter Bernie Sanders. The event was embarrassing for two sitting members of Congress. Cortez was jumping, dancing, and screaming around the stage like a caged animal while Bowman was rapping and screaming expletives to the crowd. Sanders was probably wondering why he was not in Vermont, and Hilary was thrilled she backed George Latimer, the other guy in the race. Pro-Israel and centrist groups dealt a blow to the left by taking out Rep. Jamaal Bowman. And they already have a next target in mind. Cori Bush is currently behind in her race in Missouri. The Squad was quick to call foul and said Bowman’s results show how broken the election process is in America. The Bowman/Latimer primary was the most costly on record in America. In an ironic twist, Cortez and Bowman both said that they demanded that billionaires’ funds be kept from the political arena. That is, of course, the height of hypocrisy. George Soros drops millions into every Democrat election involving a far-Left candidate. So, to clarify the Squad’s remarks, they do not want any Republican Billionaire’s money in an election. They want every advantage, or the election is not fair. This entire scenario exemplifies the thinking of the Squad. Every one of them is anti-establishment, anti-Israel, anti-capitalism, and, of course, anti-America, but they feel they are a protected lot. There shall be no discussion about a Democrat challenging them in a primary, and regardless of how egregious their actions are, they can never be used against them. The people of Bowman’s district woke up, and hopefully, they will in Cori Bush’s district, too. But what about Tlaib, Omar, and Presley? These folks have no place in American politics. Not because they are Democrats or Radical but because they hate America. They are welcome to leave this great land any time they like.

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Mystery Meats for US Troops

Sat, 2024-06-29 16:00 +0000

Bioindustrial Manufacturing and Design Ecosystem (BioMADE), which has received more than $500 million in Department of Defense funding, recently announced it is soliciting proposals to develop “innovations in food production that reduce the CO2 footprint of food production at … DoD operational environments.” Translation: The Pentagon is funding research and development of novel cell-cultured fake meats to feed US soldiers.

Fake Meats and Climate Change

BioMADE claims that lab-grown food products will reduce the Pentagon’s carbon footprint. The company’s invitation for project proposals presents a utopian mission of producing yet-to-be-invented fantasy foods, including fake meats:

“BioMADE is a Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with a vision to build a sustainable, domestic, end-to-end bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem.

“BioMADE is building a robust bioindustrial manufacturing ecosystem and has a national network of over 280 members spanning industry, academia, and non-profit organizations.

“Together with the DoD, BioMADE is interested in accelerating technology development related to mitigating the causes and consequences of global climate change, particularly when these intersect with bioindustrial manufacturing.”

The Pentagon – which manages the production and deployment of arsenals of devastating weapons – proposes to offset its prime mission to win wars by feeding soldiers tofu MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). Moreover, BioMADE emphasizes that project bids must enhance social justice causes:

“This implies taking actions that optimize positive social outcomes through adherence to ethical standards, including seeking ways to make products and processes that improve societal welfare. Special attention to this commitment includes equitable distribution of benefits of your project. Examples may include community engagement, whether as education or consultation; or for workforce development that addresses the need for diversity and inclusion; or for creative initiatives to bring open dialogue, perspectives and appreciation of biomanufacturing and economic possibilities to the general public.”

Corporate Trough-Slurping

Using taxpayer dollars to subsidize pro-industry propaganda for manufacturers of fake meats is far from traditional notions of the work done at the Pentagon. Despite the social justice revolution, US service personnel remain chattels to be utilized for the furtherance of equity.

Developing cultured meats for soldiers is a far cry from France’s legendarily edible MREs of venison and rabbit. Plant-based meats in a tube or can for combat troops may one day be transferred to public consumption, like Tang was popularized after it was served to astronauts in flight. It is unclear whether foods grown in stainless-steel vats from GMO plants pose health risks or nutrient deficiencies – they haven’t even been invented yet. But they are being federally funded as part of a Biden initiative to use the military to combat not tanks and mustard gas but cows and greenhouse gases.

Corporations influence ever-increasing government spending in their favor. Big Pharma sells vaccines with free advertising through the CDC. EV and solar panel manufacturers enjoy massive subsidies and regulatory favoritism in the name of reducing inflation and boosting the economy. Delivering on promises of improved circumstances or environmental benefits is as unnecessary to the social justice warriors as secure borders, lower crime rates, or equitable redistribution of the true costs of these policies. Food companies, including start-ups making fake meats, are simply dining at the same corporate trough on the taxpayers’ dime.

There is no reason to expect that grants of taxpayer funds through BioMADE will overcome the profound hurdles encountered by private venture capitalists who have poured billions into fake meats with zero profits. Producing meat substitutes at scale and cost has been proved rather elusive for the nouveau meat-makers. More like impossible.

Cows to the Rescue!

Cows grazing on pastured hillsides sequester carbon, nurture soil microbes, reverse erosion, and improve water retention. GMO monoculture crops such as corn and soy are dependent on massive applications of glyphosate and other chemicals for their production, deplete soils, taint and reduce precious groundwater resources, and release carbon dioxide from the soil through tilling. The shift to fake meats, like the shift to EVs and solar arrays, does more harm than good to the environment; however, it does much good to short-term corporate profits for well-positioned “stakeholders.”

Like prisoners, or prisoners of war, US soldiers will eat what they are ordered to eat and march where they are commanded. Increasingly, corporate domination of public policy compels soldiers and civilians alike into industrial conformity and compliance like factory animals, consuming what is compelled without question or choice.

Agrarian essayist Wendell Berry imaginatively captured this vision of corporate conscription:

“The food industrialists have by now persuaded millions of consumers to prefer food that is already prepared. They will grow, deliver, and cook your food for you and (just like your mother) beg you to eat it. That they do not yet offer to insert it, pre-chewed, into our mouth is only because they have found no profitable way to do so. We may rest assured that they would be glad to find such a way. The ideal industrial food consumer would be strapped to a table with a tube running from the food factory directly into his or her stomach.”

Factories are being constructed to concoct processed or “cultured” replacements for cows using insects, soy, or yet-to-be-created processes or chemicals. This is being achieved at public expense, without a vote, using the usual corporate actors, and inflicted upon noble servants who sacrificed legal rights and freedoms of choice (including diet) in order to serve the public good.


John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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Debate Takeaways …

Sat, 2024-06-29 14:00 +0000

In no particular order, here are my debate takeaways. But first, I must say that the Regime really messed up BidenX’s drug cocktail. Perhaps the hoarse voice was the result of being over-amphetamined prior to the debate, causing BidenX to manic-babble incessantly to the point that he lost his voice?Maybe BidenX threw screaming fits throughout debate sequestration week because he was kept on bed rest with an IV and not allowed to binge-watch SpongeBob.

IT WILL BE MUCH HARDER FOR THE LEFT TO STEAL THE 2024 ELECTION (LIKE THEY STOLE 2020) … The Left (and Never-Trump) is still going to attempt to steal the 2024 election. But it will be much, much, much harder to convince the country that the desiccated husk we saw at last night’s “debate” actually got 90 million (or whatever number they need to beat Trump) votes from living, legitimate voters. Nothing has changed in the “swing-States” in that it is still BALLOTS, not actual, legitimate votes that will determine the outcome.

NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LOATHE AND MISTRUST THE “PRESS,” IT IS NOT ENOUGH … They (the press) have known that BidenX is mush for years, and covered for him (and for the people actually running the Regime). And should BidenX remain the nominee, they will go right back to covering for him. Nothing has changed about the “press.” They remain an arm of the “Democrat” Party.

WHO IS ACTUALLY RUNNING THE BIDEN-REGIME … My guess is that it is Jill Biden. I think Obama has his nefarious tendrils everywhere in the administration. But when it comes to the big decisions that can only be made at the highest level, I think it’s “Doctor” Jill making them.

NEVER MIND REPLACING BIDENX AS THE “DEMOCRAT” NOMINEE, HE NEEDS TO GO NOW … The Biden-Regime made America an international JOKE last night. No serious country would allow itself to be led by an obviously senile, incapacitated octogenarian like BidenX. The world, and that includes enemies, sees America as weak and vulnerable. The problem, to state the obvious, is Kamala’s brain is arguably in worse shape than what’s left of BidenX’s, and replacing him with her does NOT solve the problem. This is what happens when elections (2020) are RIGGED.

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“I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just not doing what you want me to do”

Sat, 2024-06-29 12:00 +0000

The headline is a quote from Gina Carano. The MMA Fighter and actress was on Russel Brand’s podcast to discuss many things, including what she and Russell have in common. Big Something’s trying to cancel them for sharing opinions the Big Something’s didn’t like.

Originally published on Steve’s Substack.

Carano had to deal with the #Woke Disney Beast. It’s Corporate bullying. She recounts how a Mouse House publicist penned a statement for her to read, and all she had to do was abandon her principles and beliefs and say sorry, and they wouldn’t excommunicate her.

Disney might be as bad or worse as the rest of them, but in my experience, their idea of diversity is a room full of people who look different but all think (or at least say) the same things.

Carano said no way, so they tried to destroy her.

Years later, she has succinctly (IMO) boiled this down into one statement. “I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just not doing what you want me to do.”

I think that’d look good on a bumper sticker.

We have More in Common Now Than Ever.

It started when the Left politicized nearly everything (yes, they are working on whatever remains), and we are supposed to agree with them. Refusing can be career-ending or—in some instances—career-making. Russell Brand has been doing well after his conversions. He’s all about speaking freely and being able to disagree, asking questions, and interviewing people who have opinions the Big Somethings may not like. He seems happier and more energized, a transition that has attracted millions of interested listeners.

At its root is the same simple premise. “I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just not doing what you want me to do.”

Like Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson, Brand appears to have achieved escape velocity—the ability to express your truth, agree or disagree, to whoever wants to listen. But it should be like that for everyone. The First Amendment affords you the right to speak freely without fear of the government or its proxies (Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big U, and so on) shutting you down. And yes, we can quibble about whether that relationship is in reverse. Government dancing to the tune of globalist corporate masters. I think it works both ways, but the victims are the same.

Everyone who might want to disagree. And that is something that a vast swath of (at least Americans), without regard to party registration or lack of it, could agree.

Corporate Media, the political establishment, Music, Hollywood, Sports, corporate board rooms, and international organizations have coalesced into a monolithic group-think tank. They’ve gone to war with individual liberty, and Free Speech cannot be allowed to be a casualty.

Agree to Disagree

I’ve been wallowing in the political trenches for almost two decades, and one of the things I know I’ve always been on the right side of is not silencing people with whom I disagree. It is, in fact, an article of faith. Let them speak. That might prove you right. So, I feel confident in my ability to ask anyone, from the apolitical to street-action activists, to stand up for what I have phrased elsewhere as the right to be wrong.

It is neither yours nor the government’s place to define truth and not just because The State is so bad at it. It is simply unconscionable to presume that there is just one right idea or that yours applies to everyone else.

Science cannot be a consensus. There can be a prevailing agreement on the current observed circumstances, but without challenge, experimentation, and open debate, the Earth might still be at the center of the universe. This is an apt comparison to the thoughts and beliefs of anyone who insists that those who disagree with them are peddling misinformation or disinformation.

Your ideas are not the center of any universe but your own, and if you think it is a good idea to enroll any entity with police powers to ensure it, you should be met with considerable dissent and resistance.

To enslave a person’s speech is to enslave their will and their actions. If I am not entitled to my opinion, then am I not a slave to yours? And who will stand to contest the lies we know alongside the ideas and demands we feel compelled to challenge? It is not just our ideas but your right to express yours whether we concur or not.

It is but one of many matters on which most of America should agree. A point of convergence from which much harmony could evolve. And perhaps that is why some want so desperately to criminalize it now.

Your right to disagree with me and I, you, is as fundamental as our right to be. Without open debate, neither of us will get any further than what is in our heads.

If you think that’s a good idea for any institution, especially one with police powers, then be prepared to be disappointed. At some point, not long from now, you’ll be doing nothing wrong, but something they don’t want you to do, and you won’t like how they let you know it.

Note: It is true that the First Amendment only applies to the government. Private entities can suppress your speech at will. That is not at issue. What is at issue is the cabal of public and private interests who are working in concert to terrorize ordinary citizens into silence.

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Blame Mayor Donchess and his Board of Aldermen

Sat, 2024-06-29 10:00 +0000

Every Nashua resident better start saving some extra money to pay for the 7.2% increase in property taxes. Mayor Donchess is stating that they only went up 3.7% when in fact that is a bold-faced lie. Property taxes will be going up 7.29% in December 2024. Residents do not have to believe me, just look at the current budget and compare it to FY2024 Budget.

Mayor Donchess and the Board of Aldermen think that the Nashua taxpayers are ignorant, but we are not.

The process of determining the property tax rate is very simple. The city submits both the current assessments on properties and the Adopted Budget to the DRA. With that information, the DRA comes up with a tax rate to ensure that the City of Nashua can cover all its expenses.

Mayor Donchess and this board cannot go back to the DRA for a do-over on the 2024 tax rate. The DRA will just come up with a tax rate with what the city has given them which is up 7.29%. That is reality.

FY 2024 Budget $412,028,253
FY2025 Budget $456,615,638
Increase $44,487,385
Rate Increase 7.29%


When the new tax rate is announced, Mayor Donchess will blame the state; however, one must remember that the state only works off the figures that Mayor Donchess has given them.

Aldermen Sullivan requested a reduction for the school department of $2.8 million; however, that was voted down by Aldermen Kelly, Aldermen Wilshire, and Aldermen Dowd. Aldermen Dowd is a person who should not hold any positions dealing with Taxpayers’ money. Residents must remember that because the school district overspent their ESSER funds by $4.5 million, Dowd made the Nashua taxpayers consume the error. Aldermen Dowd does not care if the taxpayers have to pay more money.

So, all residents need to remember is that when they cannot purchase food for their household because property taxes are so high, they can blame Mayor Donchess and his Board of Aldermen.

Mayor Donchess will get the tax rate in early fall of this year however he will not announce it until after the elections and just before Christmas. Nashua taxpayers need to start educating themselves about the deceptive practices of Mayor Donchess and this Board of Aldermen.


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Night Cap: Sandy’s “Squad” Loses Token Male Member

Sat, 2024-06-29 02:00 +0000

I’m not saying we should celebrate or anything like that. After all, one Democrat beat another Democrat in a Democrat Primary in a Blue District in New York. This examination is not much different than two dog owners staring at a pile of crap, wondering whose dog left it (and who has to clean up after it).

And, of course, once you get them down to DC, it’s not all that different from our hallowed halls in New Hampshire’s state capital of Concord. It doesn’t matter how they run or whether they pretend to be moderate or not; the caucus does not tolerate dissent. You vote the way leadership says, or you may find you’re in need of a State Trooper or two to protect you from the bullies in your own party.

But it is news and worthy of note. Bartender turned congressman Sandy Cortez, who has been working hard to primary “moderate” Dems in Congress with Marxists, just hit a little speed bump. Her token mal member just got run out of office by a moderate Democrat. Jamaal ‘False Alarm’ Bowman got his pointy-headed hat handed to him by his constituents. They picked pro-Israel George Latimer. Centrist is the AP description, and while apt when compared to Latimer, it is far from anything approaching moderate.

With the victory, Latimer has ousted one of the most liberal voices in Congress and one of its most outspoken critics of Israel. Bowman has accused Israel of committing genocide in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have died in military strikes.

Latimer, who got into the race at the urging of Jewish leaders and had heavy financial backing from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is a former state legislator who has served as Westchester County executive since 2018.

Translated: New York Jews who voted for Jamaal before wanted someone with all of the same political proclivities but who supports Israel instead of Hamas. And when you read this next part, he’s not talking about engagements with Republicans.

“We have to fight to make sure we don’t vilify each other and we remember that we’re all Americans, and our common future is bound together,” he told supporters at an event in White Plains.

He’s not serious unless he is asking Squadettes to dial back the commie rhetoric when going after other Democrats. That the Israel-Hamas thing, sorry, not Hama, Palestine, has divided a party that has pretended to care about Jews and Israel the way it pretends to care about women and minorities.

I’m not sure what has to happen for women and minorities to abandon the Democrats.  I want to think that transwomen getting a higher spot on the victim class totem pole is a red flag. That the lousy economy and influx of alien invaders have prided back a few vote-blue scales from their eyes. That union workers impacted by Bidenomics won’t be able to pull the blue lever in November.

That we can take back a few dozen more house seats and get a majority in the US Senate.

Knowing, of course, that this could be meaningless, even if Trump does find a way to win and survive the left’s domestic terrorism and violence to get inaugurated. The Republican congress is no guarantee that an American First agenda will get anywhere. The best we can do might be to slow or stop the decline for a few years and continue to try and work at the state level.

DC is a lost cause unless we get very lucky, and I’m not inclined to wait on luck. States are the only way we have to save the Republic, but seeing one of Sandy’s Squaddies get the boot does make me smile.



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Debate: Joe Biden Surprised Me

Sat, 2024-06-29 00:00 +0000

Well, Joe Biden surprised me. He was able to stand up for the entire debate and throw numerous debunked lies around like a hooked mackerel on the end of a line. Donald Trump didn’t surprise me one bit. He stood his ground and got his message across like a surgeon cutting out an infected canker.

Yup, it was pretty much as I expected it would go, but the question will be how many Biden supporters are wringing their hands and asking themselves, what the heck do we do now?

It was the after-debate that was the big shocker to me as liberal media annalists weighed in with an almost universal description of “a missed opportunity” by Biden. Translation of political speak, Ohhhhh Sh##! It’s going to be a, well pretty high mountain for Joe even to come close to evening the perception he can compete with Trump not only in the next debate but even in the remaining time until Nov. 5th.

The after-talk went a long way toward crushing my belief the D party would dump Joe around convention time as the talking heads revealed that to happen, Biden would have to release his (####) and create an open convention. It didn’t seem Joe was even considering doing so. Well that may be akin to going down in flames and taking the whole party with him. Not that I’d mind at all, you understand, just wondering if and how many really disillusioned, dedicated leftists might be trying to figure out other alternatives to ease old Joe out of the picture? Not predicting just wondering, human nature after all.

Let’s not get all comfortable and overconfident because these leftists pushing Biden around have plenty of dirty tricks, well-oiled and ready to go for just this kind of situation. Best we start considering a few dirty tricks of our own just in cast. It’s time to get our red caps out, folks, and show our colors. MAGA – vote for Trump in November.

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Manch Talk: Was Assange a Criminal and Threat to the World Order?

Fri, 2024-06-28 23:00 +0000

Carla recaps the history of the Assange prosecution, and Tammy fills us in about who is running in Manchester.


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The Clear Winner Is Trump – The Melt Down of the Left Is Glorious.

Fri, 2024-06-28 22:00 +0000

I watched the debate and was stunned at how bad Joe is. I’m not surprised. What does surprise me is that his handlers that know how bad he is thought this was all a good idea.
That they did this shows how nuts these people are. Their lack of awareness and good judgement. No wonder the world is on fire right now.

Having worked with the elderly for quite a chunk of my life, I know I am looking at a man that is so frail that he doesn’t have the physical strength to speak loud enough for the event.
He’s no longer mentally present enough to know his mouth is hanging open as he stands there staring, trying to follow, he doesn’t have the presence of mind to clear his throat, he can’t enunciate words or remember things correctly. I doubt very much that he followed most of what Trump said. He’s just a frail, elderly man being used.

But all this is also a national security threat because he’s clearly not all there and there is no denying this.
There should be all out rage against the machine for putting Americans in this place.. where a man that the wind could blow over is supposedly running the free world.

Donald did very well. He showed self control, and what I saw was a great deal of patience used because of course he himself also struggled to understand the babbling moments that made no sense- but he treated Joe with dignity and let these moments roll by.. when he could have drawn attention to them. If Donald had even looked at Joe and said “Can you repeat that” it would have shown how bad his speech is and yet Donald didn’t do any such thing.. when there was clearly just mumbles. His passion was good actually when he went on his rants because it showed the stunning contrast between these two men.. one is very much alive and the other is not at all.. unable to hardly speak.

Trump made clear efforts to attack the job Joe has done and not so much the man he is today. They called eachother liars, but then this is what they all do- every single time.

My one complaint is that Trump spent too much time talking about what he did.. too much time in the past. We all know that he’s got detailed plans about what he’s going to do- and that is what we desperately want to hear about. THAT is what would give a nation on it’s knees right now some hope that we need.. So it was a bit of a loss that he didn’t get into his plans better.. because I doubt they’ll be a next debate with these two.

I was disappointed that Donald didn’t answer directly the “what are you going to do for all these drug addicts” question because that is something ravaging NH in particular.
Donald didn’t ever really answer that instead going here and there.. not dodging the question, just seemingly choosing to spend his time on other things.

The clear winner is Trump.. the melt down of the Left is glorious.

Let them keep Biden, they’ve done this to themselves. However, their voters have proven they’ll vote for anything- so they will likely easily vote for anyone else they put forward at this point.

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Is Rep. Ming Cozying up to a Predator?

Fri, 2024-06-28 20:00 +0000

As a potential victim, um I mean constituent, of Rep Ming, I try to keep an eye on his activities.  Yesterday, he tweeted about his support from one of his ilk, former Rep Melbourne Moran Jr, of Wanderlust Therapeutic Services LLC.

I will refer to him as “Alderman Moron,” not only because it’s fun but because he really is a moron.  Plus, he’s a genuinely nasty person.

Therapists, which Alderman Moron identifies himself as one, often say to their clients, “Let’s explore (insert topic of interest or personal issue here).”  But before we explore the conduct of Alderman Moron, I want to call attention to his in-chamber comments on Catholicism, which Grokster Beth Scaer noted here, here, and here, in what makes a good trilogy of public service messages.  Further reading on his antics is available in the Grok archives, but let’s get into the whole predatory thing by watching this 7-minute video.

I know 7 minutes is a big ask in these modern times of short attention, but it’s a trove of important details on the backdrop.  Many side trips can be made in the form of future articles, but I’ll give you the 30-second ad.  Alderman Moron throws his professional credentials around to attack Laurie Ortolano, both in the chamber and on the airwaves.  They’re multi-pointed attacks loaded with all kinds of insults and accusations.

Laurie, who has plenty of city hall battlefield experience, wasn’t having any of it and is suing Alderman Moron. Right now is a good time to remind the readers that Ming is a lawyer and enjoys using the signature comment “not YOUR lawyer.”  Maybe our mayor, also a lawyer, might want to retain Ming to do the job of Attorney Bolton. Ming could be less expensive than Attorney Hilliard & Co., but that’s a discussion for another time.

While I don’t have the MSW & LICSW credentials that Alderman Moron has, my undergraduate degree is in psychology, and I certainly recognize PROJECTION when I see it.  Calling Laurie Ortolano a predator is projection.  If you watch the 7 minute video in its entirety, you will hear her make an excellent quip into the public comment mic.  “Birds of a dark feather flock together.”  Ming is flocking with Alderman Moron, and that “dark feather” must be kept out of the Senate chamber.

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