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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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We Need An Adult To Intervene In New York

Fri, 2024-03-22 00:00 +0000

We need someone to step up in New York City to end this childish play for attention by corrupt, power-hungry State Attorney General Letitia James and the cartoon figure Judge Arthur Engoron. This mockery of justice has gone on too long and is now a threat to future businesses operating in New York or even this country. Who would want to invest their good money in a cesspool, lawless New York City? Certainly, nobody who sees options elsewhere, like Tennessee, Texas, or Florida.

James made no secret of the fact she was hellbent on destroying Donald Trump, his family, and his business empire. She openly campaigned and promised New Yorkers that if elected, she would spend every waking minute finding a crime that she could charge and prosecute Donald Trump. James had no evidence of a crime, which didn’t stop this deranged individual. If she could not discover an actual crime, she would fabricate one, and that is precisely what she did with this fraud case.

James filed the charges, then found herself a made-for-TV Judge in Engoran, who was as driven as James to make history by charging Trump for a crime without a victim and then handing down the largest judgment against an individual in the State and Nation’s history. Trump is on the clock to raise $454 Million just to be able to file an appeal against this absurd judgment. The evil Letitia James is salivating, hoping Trump cannot raise the funds so she can start seizing Trump’s property, beginning with the Trump Towers. James thinks it is funny when she says she looks at the building on 5th Avenue and anticipates putting the padlock on the front door.

Letitia James is an evil, ugly person. Not ugly physically, although she is that, too, but hideous in that she is motivated by the destruction of a family that has been an icon of New York City. However, Trump is guilty of one thing: his politics is adverse to AG Letitia James’s.

At this point, James and Engoran have nothing to lose. They are in for a penny, in for a pound. They have already exposed themselves as Democrat hacks who conspired to use the law to violate an individual’s Constitutional rights. They have violated the Eighth Amendment, which was written to protect someone from excessive penalties. The Constitution does not get in the way of people like James and Engoran, even though both took an oath to uphold the most extraordinary document ever written.

If the Appellate Court will not step forward in New York because they are as political and corrupt as the State Courts, then Trump has to get a Federal Judge to put a stay on this foolishness. Foolishness is a kind word for this fiasco. James will not stop. She is drunk on power. You could see that in her eyes every day as she sat in the courtroom, ecstatic to see her plan come to fruition. She will not entertain any request to delay the judgment or reduce the exorbitant penalty. She is going to sleep every night with visions of a homeless Donald Trump, but the final joke may be on her when Trump’s next address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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A Public Infestation at Work

Thu, 2024-03-21 22:00 +0000

Since this President is intent upon re-election, his choice of politics over country for his State of the Union speech was a no-brainer given the opportunity of a rare national audience. However insulting this was to House members, it’s merely one Biden incident.

That which follows is more incriminating and thus should justify the public’s condemnation.

Two needless American tragedies, one after Biden’s election but prior to his inauguration while the other just recently, have sadly but appropriately framed his dreadful time in office. While separate and unrelated, most disgraceful has been both Biden’s insulting insults and indifference to each victim!

If only due to the elapsed time, Ashli Babbitt’s murder has become well known to many, but can you believe, still not all? As a January 6th unarmed protestor, this American veteran and successful business owner was shot by Michael Bryd, a Capital Police officer who owned a spotty police record. In fact a record which includes his police authority being revoked on more than one occasion, including one violation for unjustified use of force.

As stated, Babbitt didn’t present a threat and was unarmed, yet Officer Bryd shot and killed her. To this day, our Justice Department has yet to file charges, and also to this day, Biden has yet to officially recognize her killing or even to confer with her family. At the very least, Biden’s conduct shows a lack of common decency!

More recently, Laken Riley, a nursing student out for a morning run, was mugged and murdered in the most gruesome manner by an illegal alien who was arrested. This occurred during the week prior to Biden’s political speech to Congress and the nation; the one in which he also chastised Supreme Court members.

Finally and after being prodded by a Congressional attendee, Biden finally uttered her name, “Lincoln” Riley incorrectly. The next day, Biden’s shame reached new heights when he was criticized for identifying Lincoln’s alleged murderer as an “illegal alien.” He apologized for the use of the term “illegal alien” on live TV!

America has a problem, and it’s homegrown. In essence, our people’s sagging ethics and morality have enabled our political machines at local levels to have an easier task of picking the next pliable candidate to elevate to the state or Federal levels. As the public succumbs to this anti-American depravity, few candidates of worth become available or even are willing to serve.

Presently, we as a people are witnessing the horror and general disbelief of a society that has come to prefer the easy and uninhibited rather than the normal exertion of effort for supporting an orderly and moral community. Such is the case when two young flowers of American womanhood are lost without a public outcry, much less without any official criminal charge!

From all the nightly political pundits and endless blather over incidentals, only one network devoted ample time and appropriate regard to both ladies. Directly on the heels of Ms. Babbitt’s murder, this empty-suited President failed as a Commander to give appropriate recognition to the military sacrifice, which was directly attributable to Biden’s defeatist orders. As the flag-draped coffins were carried from the plane, Biden had the audacity to check his wristwatch with a show of impatience!

As much as Biden is a disgrace, he reflects a society in which too many are following in his footsteps! Our entire system has slowly but consistently been inverted to the point that now seven and eight-year-olds are questioned about their birth genders! This example of societal decay and inversion includes school officials intent on replacing parents and family as today’s generation’s caretakers! Say what? Further incriminating is that all this is taking place within a Christian-based nation!

In recent times, we have all heard that each election is the most important. However, given the above cited events and non-actions, 2024 is not just an important date, it just might be our last election! Today, it’s past debating whether the communists have infiltrated. It began long before any of us were born. However, this is our time, our calling, as was another time roughly 250 years ago. Our Founders reacted and sacrificed for a belief, whereas our calling is for survival. When comparing the difference of actions taken then and being required now, ours is doable, expected as citizens and devoid of that previous sacrifice. All that’s needed today is to vote for the preservation of freedom and for the protection of the country we love!

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Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary

Thu, 2024-03-21 20:00 +0000

This is an attempt to “break out” memes, links, and my commentary about the situation in Israel / the Middle East so as to not overload the standard meme posts that I do.  My last “normal” meme post.  In these Israel-related posts I don’t just have memes such, but lots of informative links as well as hopefully-insightful commentary.

Note that this is not meant to be a day-by-day update about what’s going on.  Rather, to highlight uncomfortable truths about the actual nature of the conflict, deep-history background, and so on, as well as to show the at-present immutable nature of Islamic hatred of Jews and why that matters to today’s events.

Also note that these posts generally do not repeat information (e.g., specific links or memes) – so there is a lot of stuff in prior posts.  Please do check them out too if this is a topic of interest to you.  In reverse chronological order:

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Still More Links, Memes, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Ongoing Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: More Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Even More Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: More Memes, Links, and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Memes and Commentary – Granite Grok

Israel: Memes and Commentary – Granite Grok

With some Israel-related materials here:

Meme Overflow – Granite Grok

Don’t forget my special report on the *cough cough* hardships of pre-Oct 7 “Concentration Camp Gaza”:

Pre-War “Concentration Camp” Gaza – Granite Grok

And here are four pictures from pre-Oct 7.  Wow, that’s some concentration camp:






‘Death to Jews’ Is Still Super-Popular With Gazans Getting Their Butts Kicked by Jews – PJ Media

Israel, it turned out, was far too lenient in its treatment of Gaza since abandoning the strip almost 20 years ago. Allowing aid to pour in, cities to be built, making medical care and jobs available in Israel for those who wanted them… all that kindness brought was an even greater determination among the people of Gaza to murder more Jews.

They asked for a pounding on Oct 7. They ask for it still.

Give the people what they want, good and hard.









I would SO laugh if these “useful idiots” got shredded by a nail bomb planted by a Muslim.






The problem is this: BY DESIGN these people now have their identity.  OK, it’s a fabricated identity, but it now exists nonetheless.  Scolding them that their world view is based on a total fabrication will NOT win them over.  Myth has tremendous power.










Biden’s ‘Trojan Pier’ for Gaza – Daniel Greenfield / Sultan Knish Articles at

The Biden administration is creating a gateway to Gaza that Israel isn’t supposed to control.

The Trojan pier is not only about bypassing Israel, but also Egypt. The administration’s vision is that the new arrangement will allow it to directly move materials into Gaza without having to get permission from either Israel or Egypt. And that’s a major victory for the terrorists.

Thanks, But No Thanks: Israel Replacing US Assault Rifles with Locally Made Arms | The Jewish Press – | David Israel | 26 Adar I 5784 – Wednesday, March 6, 2024 |


American money – and aid – comes with too many strings attached.  Whether Israel or any other country, they really need to examine their priorities and work to wean themselves of American largess… which is fickle at best and subject to the vicissitudes of politics.

Have Gazans Learned Nothing? – PJ Media


Now, I want to post two multi-part essays from my old blog about this.  The first two, specifically, address Israel and the Arabs.


E Israel and the Palestinians Hard info and a harder question 1


E Israel and the Palestinians Hard info and a harder question 2


The second describes, among other topics, the power of political myth – including the “unique” identity of the Palis.  Yes, I know that only in the 1960’s did the idea of “Palestinians” as a specific entity come about.



The issue is, it’s been 60 years since then.  Multiple generations have grown up with this belief, taught it from the day of their birth.  We will make no progress if we just scoff and say that they never existed.  Denying and mocking a central part of a person’s identity is not a worthwhile exercise.

Note, these next three essays encompass much more than the Israel situation but delve into other things – hopefully enlightening, but understand they’re broad essays, not focused solely on the situation vis a vis Israel.


E The Power of Political Myth 1


E The Power of Political Myth 2


E The Power of Political Myth 3


Israel’s hasbara problem: Where is the messaging falling short? ~ Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News

I keep saying: Israel needs to release that full 47 minute tape.




A woman who grew up as the Palis took over her country tells Israel to finish the job:


You need to read her book BECAUSE THEY HATE.  One of the things that I did not know, per her book, is that they will find a gay Arab and threaten to expose him unless he becomes a suicide bomber.  Same with women who, again per her, they will rape – and then threaten exposure of her with the related shame to her family… unless she do the same.  Related, understand that shame-based culture:


Bleeding-heart American Jews like the one discussed here are not helping:


Pleasing your enemies, even taking their side, does not turn them into friends:




SO NOT A SURPRISE! Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer’s ‘rabbi’ is a far-left, anti-Israel activist who protested against the war on Hamas (

About that:

The west’s abandonment of the Jews – Melanie Phillips (

Far worse, though, was Glazer’s abuse of Judaism and the Holocaust to claim that Israel had hijacked both. He implied that Israelis were like Nazis and that their behaviour went against Jewish principles.

This to describe a war caused by the worst atrocities against Jews since the Holocaust and Israel’s attempt to ensure that a second Holocaust does not happen again.

The obscenity of Glazer’s comments can scarcely be exaggerated. The belief that demonising Israeli Jews somehow represents Jewish values is, however, a pathology that has twisted the minds of many liberal American Jews. It is being fed by a venomously distorted presentation of Israelis as child-killers in Gaza that’s being ruthlessly pumped out by western media.

In Shift, Israel Engaging Palestinian Authority on Governing Post-War Gaza | The Jewish Press – | Baruch Yedid / TPS | 4 Adar II 5784 – Wednesday, March 13, 2024 |

So, the very people who ally with Hamas, you’re going to talk with and “engage” with?

While the far-left, Hamas-sympathizing governments of the West turn on Israel… (

When someone says they want you dead, believe them.  From one of their own:

Prager U Video: Arab Palestinian Warns the World about Hamas | Frontpage Mag

Suicide by Irresponsibly-Imposed Two-State Delusion | Frontpage Mag



(HT this post at Elder of Ziyon)

Rewarding terror.

The Civilizational Masochism of the West | Frontpage Mag




Khaybar is a key event in Islam’s conquest, first of Arabia.  Understand what it means to them:

Genocidal ‘Khaybar’ Chant Sounds Again in London | Frontpage Mag

Search at Jihad Watch:

Search Results for “khaybar” (

And a video at my channel:

Understand what the cry KHAYBAR means to a Muslim (

And here’s a WOMAN Egyptian lawyer, in 2008:

Egyptian Lawyer Nagla Al-Imam Suggests Arab Men Should Sexually Harass Israeli Women and Declares: Leave the Land So We Won’t Rape You | MEMRI

A Muslim speaks on history:


And I do find something deeply ironic in a (former) porn star supporting Gaza, when that profession would have earned her a rather painful execution in the place for which she advocates.




Imagine the anguish of that dad on that phone call:


23 weeks ago terrorists brought RPGs into sleepy Israeli towns and fired on (

Isn’t deliberately targeting civilians a war crime?

No one denies Hamas was hiding in Shifa Hospital. And no one is condemning that violation of international law. ~ Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News

So Hamas is free to commit war crimes and war crimes.  Israel sneezes and the world looks at it and screams.  Israel double-standard time.




Bravo to this Mizrahi Jew at Columbia University calling out the university and students:


Also in New York:


Berkeley Is a Safe Space for Hate – Tablet Magazine

Not just Berkeley.  Pretty much all college campuses at this point.  And the danger and calls for murdering Jews are getting more pointed:


How does any feminist support Hamas?


While the far-left, Hamas-sympathizing governments of the West turn on Israel… (

Video.  There is NO moral equivalence.  None.




Israel Implemented More Measures to Prevent Civilian Casualties Than Any Other Nation in History | Opinion (

In fact, as someone who has served two tours in Iraq and studied urban warfare for over a decade, Israel has taken precautionary measures even the United States did not do during its recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We keep hearing about famine and such in Gaza.  Based on the pictures below, from here, I do not think that means what they think it means.  Fruits & veggies, pastries, canned / carton goods.  Perhaps not haute cuisine, but at the same time – NOT starvation.

Market today in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.
There is no hunger in the Gaza Strip!





And from the same channel – lights, camera, editing… propaganda:


Back to conditions on the ground:

This is the Rafah market in the Gaza Strip last week.  Doesn’t look like “genocide” or “occupation” to me.


Well, unless it’s Hamas shooting at the people they’re supposed to be protecting:


And from here:


1⃣ 80% more food trucks are now entering Gaza compared with before Hamas declared war. Before 10/7, UN figures show only 70 food trucks entered Gaza every day. Since March 1, it’s a daily average of 126.

2⃣ Over 9,500 trucks with 200,000+ tons of food have entered Gaza since 10/7.

3⃣ Israel places zero restrictions on the amount of food entering Gaza and in fact encourages donor states to send as much as they want. It remains committed to ensuring as much aid as is needed enters Gaza.

4⃣ Hamas is hijacking and hoarding aid, while UN agencies turn a blind eye and on some occasions actively cover up its large-scale theft of aid.

5⃣ The United Nations has confirmed a “significant scale-up in humanitarian efforts… facilitated by the Israeli authorities across Gaza”, involving WFP trucks and Israeli cooperation with the Gazan private sector.

6⃣ Israel is facilitating aid deliveries into Gaza by air, land, and sea, with the creation of a new maritime corridor, airdrops to hard-to-reach areas, and the opening of a new gate in the security fence.

7⃣ Israel has expanded the Jordanian route, adding capacity at the Allenby Crossing for the inspection of humanitarian aid trucks to go straight to Kerem Shalom.

8⃣ The UN is failing to distribute aid at the pace Israel is facilitating its entry, with trucks piling up on the Gazan side of the crossing. The UN attributes this to a “breakdown of law and order”, i.e. disappearance of the “protection” of Hamas gunmen who escorted the convoys.

9⃣ Israel’s assessment is there is a stable food supply in the southern Gaza Strip, where markets are evidently bustling and stocks are piling up in aid agencies’ warehouses. It is taking proactive measures to expand delivery efforts in the north, where only 10-15% of the Gazan population remains despite evacuation orders.

The IPC report, which quotes Hamas figures uncritically, claims to be a projection but admits that it “does not take into account the latest developments on the ground”, including major humanitarian initiatives in the last week. As such, it’s a bad assessment, based on an out-of-date picture that cannot provide a meaningful projection of future trends

And from here:

Israel facilitates the entry of humanitarian aid via land, air and sea in accordance with international law. We have placed no limit on the amount of food that can enter the Gaza Strip.

Watch the full statement by COGAT’s spokesperson for international media, Shimon Freedman.


Hillel Fuld post on LinkedIn – with pictures

Yes, thieves in Gaza are stealing food at gunpoint ~ Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News

It’s a win win for Hamas.  They intimidate and even starve their captive population, make money off of selling the aid that was donated, and the enemedia runs with everything as a misdeed by Israel:

Hamas battle strategy (

Israel’s strategic game of survival – Flopping Aces

“Their only goal is to survive. … It’s all about time. They want to survive Israel’s attack against them, which gives them immense political power. If they survive in any way, they have strategically won the war,” said Spencer.

Hamas didn’t invent this strategy. This has been the Palestinians’ strategy for defeating Israel since at least the 1982 war in Lebanon. In that war, the PLO relied on the United States to force Israel to permit the PLO to survive to fight another day, by evacuating to Tunisia.

The Palestinians clearly identified Israel’s greatest strategic vulnerabilities and built their strategy around them. Its first vulnerability is its Jewishness. Israel is the Jew of the international community. As such, it is continuously scapegoated, just as Jews have been scapegoated throughout history. The United States is the only powerful nation that has ever been willing to stand up to international bigotry against the Jewish state. So the only thing needed to collapse Israel’s international position is for America to turn against Israel.

This goes double for military capabilities. Since 1973, Israel’s ability to maintain its war effort militarily has dependent on the U.S. resupply of arms during the course of war. By the Palestinians’ line of reasoning, if their many friends could convince Washington not to supply Israel with weapons in wartime, then they will survive.

Since all the Palestinians need to do to win is survive, their strategic aces in the hole are antisemitism and time.


The Strategy of Atrocity in the Gaza War :: Gatestone Institute

More than half, and maybe as many as 75%, of Gaza deaths are Hamas terrorists. Here’s why. ~ Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News



Israeli military tells Gazans to evacuate Al-Shifa hospital – Insider Paper

Why would a military bent on “genocide” tell people to leave a potential combat zone?




That’s a nice looking suit for an oppressed and downtrodden people.

BBC Journalists ‘Like’ Videos Celebrating Hamas Terror Attacks – The Daily Sceptic

I wonder what would happen to a journalist that liked a KKK or related video.

More Pallywood:


From here:

A Gazan woman is complaining about the situation in Gaza; you know the usual BS, “Everything is ruined, no food.” pay attention to her makeup, manicured eyebrows, and her neat apartment. But “Gaza is starving,” they tell us. The lies never end.

(Abu Ali)


And from here an exposure of how Hamas is an expert at Pallywood:

Hamas spins agitprop to appeal to western sensibilities (

Another video on the Apartheid charge – and a real case of it:


I thought this was interesting.  Truth, from a child…

It warms the heart seeing Al-Jazeera blunder on live television. A reporter describes the difficult situation in northern Gaza, particularly the meager rations available during Ramadan. A child photobombs the broadcast and says they are all liars.




Not sure where this Imam is, but… understand their mentality re non-Muslim women:

If you want to understand why it’s not Hindus, Sikhs, jews, kidnapping and torturing children across our country.

Rotherham, Oldham, Telford….

Just listen to this and understand why, their sickening mentality.


They’ve already been at it all over Europe, and now too many want to bring them to the US.  And those in the US preach this:

Sermons By California Imams In Support Of October 7th Attack | MEMRI

WATCH: Michigan Imam Calls for Slaughter of Jews | United with Israel

From here:

This is happening in Canada.

Radical Islamist Imam’s hate speech targets Zionist Jews, compares them to apes and pigs. Pure antisemitism.

We cannot allow this blind hate. Jews must be safe wherever they are. #StopHateSpeech


Illegal alien from Lebanon caught at Southern border admitted he’s a Hezbollah-trained terrorist hoping ‘to set off a bomb” in New York City (

And who is coming in?  Who is already here?  Open borders have consequences, and we won’t like them one bit.  More:

THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS: October 7, 2023 massacre by Hamas could be a prelude to what could happen in the rest of the world

First Saturday, then Sunday.

The Islamist Transformation of Ohio in One Video | Frontpage Mag

Demographic transformation.  And conquest by migration is a real doctrine in Islam.  If you watch this video, and don’t have a shiver run up your spine, IMHO you’ve lost your survival instinct.





US will only support ‘small-scale’ Rafah op – Report | World Israel News

Biden Admin Turns Up Pressure On Israel Not To Capture Hamas Rafah Stronghold, Arms Supplies Reportedly At Risk (

Biden Offers Israel a ‘Deal’ That Sounds Like a Threat – Commentary Magazine

The US is, apparently, bound and determined to not let Israel win.  Why?

Biden is throwing Israel under the bus to appease genocidal antisemitic voters – American Thinker

From here:

Nasrallah marks the key to the influence on Israel: continued pressure on the US

Nasrallah, in his speech this evening on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, emphasizes: Biden can stop the aggression in Gaza and Lebanon with the wave of a pen.

Here is the translation of the attached distilled minute from Nasrallah’s speech this evening:

“We must thank the many who are protesting today in the US and congratulate them whether they are Arabs or Muslims or non-Muslims, Christians and others in the Democratic Party who wrote to Biden – we are not obligated to vote for you (Nasrallah means the “white ballots” in the Michigan primaries ) – they influence Very much at this point. This is the most important pressure point on the Biden administration.

Biden is not afraid of the world, nor of the international community, nor of Allah, nor of the history books, nor of anything.

Biden is now afraid of only one thing: that his policies and conduct in Gaza will lead to his loss in the presidential elections, and therefore he is debating… and resisting… and playing… if this pressure and this opposition in the US continue – then this gives an opening for hope (that the war will stop – AA) ”

(Abu Ali)

Blinken: Israel’s ‘job No. 1’ is protecting, aiding Gazans –

Israel’s job is protecting Israelis.

Will the Biden Regime order a military attack on Israel next? (

Wouldn’t surprise me.

I don’t recall which military branch / unit has the motto “No better friend, no worse enemy”.  Increasingly, as we’ve seen over the last decades, the US can be described as “No worse friend, no better enemy”.

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki: Chuck Schumer Is A “Court Jew” Pushing Progressive Ideals – “What He Did with Israel is a Disgrace” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Yes, Schumer is a “court Jew”.

Schumer Warns Israel to Spare Hamas or Face Sanctions (

SELF-HATING, ISLAMIC TERRORIST PANDERING JEW, NY Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, threatens Israel with crippling economic sanctions if they don’t stop the war against Hamas (

Schumer’s Shame | Frontpage Mag




A Gaza children’s book that glorifies a murderer for killing a Jew ~ Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News

What a wonderful children’s book.  Not.




You can’t go wrong with a donation here:

Connections Israel

And please share this post far and wide.  There’s a lot of info here that many people don’t know.  Post it, email it, share widely.

Also, if you’re willing:

Buy Me a Coffee




MUST-SEE VIDEO: Netanyahu concisely describes Israel’s accomplishments, goals, and commitment – American Thinker

This is an existential war.  Not only for Israel, but for Western Civilization.  Islam has always said First Saturday, then Sunday.  First the Jews, then the Christians.  Support for Israel doesn’t just come from my Jewish heart, but my love of America and Western Civilization.

If Israel falls, if the West feeds Israel to Islam in appeasement, it will only steel the resolve of Islam to continue its advances.

This is the danger we face.  The line must be drawn.  Here.  Now.  Or this will turn into Shiite Islam’s wet dream – a global conflagration that precedes – in their view – the coming of their version of the Messiah.  Hence, to the Iranians at the back of all this, WWIII is not a bug but a feature.

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What Will Be Your Hot Button Issue In November

Thu, 2024-03-21 18:00 +0000

The candidates will make promises until they are blue in the face. This election cycle will be different than any of our lifetimes. You have to go back to 1956 when President Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson in a rare rematch of the 1952 election. This was the last of six such rematches in history and the last until 2024. It will be the first time since Grover Cleveland that a former President ran for a second term.

Biden and Trump will have much to say as we progress towards November, but they will have to run on and be judged for their record as President. On the surface, in a battle of records, I would think President Trump would have the upper hand, but as the Republican, he has to battle Biden, the legacy media, and the swamp that is Washington, D.C. That levels the battlefield for Biden.

The orchestrated effort by the legacy media to blow the comments of Donald Trump about the auto industry entirely out of context is evidence of their collaboration with Biden. They took a snippet of Trump’s comments where he was talking about the “bloodbath” that EVs are causing in the auto industry and gaslighted America to think Trump was calling for violence. It did not matter who you listened to or which network. Every talking head appeared to be reading from the same notes.

There is no consensus or popular candidate in this race. Throw Robert Kennedy Jr or Jill Stein into the conversation, and the race gets even more divisive. This election will be about issues, and each side has the same topics on the board, but for far different reasons. Each voter must reconcile these hot-button issues and which impacts them or their family the most. The next step is to match your views with a candidate, and hope they are solid in their principles and will not flip-flop after Election Day. Nobody will give you good odds on part two working for you.

Every key issue we face has polar opposite views, and none show any signs of compromise bringing them towards the middle.

Economy: The Democrats have two data points to measure the economy. One is how high they can raise taxes before the revolution begins. The other is regulation. Biden continues to claim he is building the strongest economy in history from the middle. Unfortunately, Biden’s policies to date have all but eliminated the middle class.

Though the Democrats will not admit it, Trump showed us a better way, and by dropping tax rates and eliminating unnecessary regulations, he grew the economy, dropped unemployment numbers, and raised the average American’s salary.

The Border: This one is straightforward. Biden and the Democrats want no border and a never-ending flow of immigrants. The Republicans want a secure border, letting in only those who have proven they qualify for asylum.

Abortion: It is a shame this issue determines a Presidential choice for some. There is so much misinformation about the Supreme Court striking down Roe V. Wade. They returned the abortion to the States. Some states have adopted the most progressive abortion laws imaginable, while others have outlawed abortion completely. This is the beauty of the Republic. You have the liberty to live in whichever state matches your political views. The problem over the last fifty years, is people migrating to another state want to change the new state to conform with them. Assimilation is a foreign concept with too many people.

There are other issues, such as LGBTQ rights, immigration, crime, foreign policy, and education, but the three I highlighted are the top 3, in varying order, on virtually every voter’s list. Take a break from the candidate rhetoric, do some self-analysis of where you stand, and then see which former President deserves a second term.

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Irony Alert: Congress Wants to Ban a Platform Doing More to Protect Free Speech Than They Do

Thu, 2024-03-21 16:00 +0000

The Congressional TikTok Ban is a bad idea, and Republicans promoting and advancing it make it worse. We can wonder why they are helping Biden’s agenda but a greater issue is wanting any president to have the ability to censor any social media platforms at an executive whim.

I mentioned it here, but several readers suggested that it deserves more focus.

To be fair, there is some debate about definitions in the bill that are purposefully vague, which, to my mind, is rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. There should be no bill and no definitions, certainly not vague ones. That wiggle room means the ability to act first and answer questions later in court. A backdoor enforcement mechanism to shut down large platforms – maybe near an election, for example – because those in power decided they presented some sort of threat.

How long before that applies to any website of any size if this passes?

Not Your Job

Funny thing about free speech. That’s the point. Open, unencumbered debate is meant to threaten the status quo—directed at officers, politicians, and institutions to ensure they do not become too comfortable. There are no circumstances under which the US Government should ban, censor, silence, mute, manage, or manipulate public debate—ever. The public has first dibs on that through more speech and debate.

We also have rules for incitement that are purposefully tricky. Legal measures are in place to police legitimate threats, which, by the way, do not include violating every other form of speech in which that person(s) might engage.

The TikTok ban is a bad idea, not just because, as written, it might empower Executive Office abuses but also because it seeks to silence a platform that ironically is doing more to protect the First Amendment (at least in America) than the government trying to suppress it. A government that spies on its citizens and scrapes their data for nefarious purposes—and we’re not talking about China.

This is America trying to be more like the thing they claim to oppose, crafting laws in an attempt to make it legal.


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State Rep Damond Ford … You CANNOT Be Progressive And Pro-Israel

Thu, 2024-03-21 14:00 +0000

I previously posted about State Rep Damond Ford (Communist – Manchester) Comm-washing the history of slavery in order to indoctrinate schoolchildren: State Rep Damond Ford Doesn’t Know Much About History. But there is more.

Damond Ford also has a problem with Israel. Indeed, he has declared that you cannot be a “progressive” (the American Communists preferred term for Communist) and be pro-Israel:

Given that this is what Damond Ford posts on his social media, just imagine what he says in private. Perhaps … “from the river to the sea?”

As I said in my prior post about Damond Ford, The only thing that really distinguishes Damond Ford and his ilk from Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, etc., is that the latter obtained sufficient power to destroy the lives of hundreds of millions. Pray that Ford and his ilk never obtain such power.

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It Hertz! – Rental Car CEO ‘Resigns’ After EV Fleet Fail

Thu, 2024-03-21 12:00 +0000

Hertz Rental Cars jumped the shark on EVs, going all in on fleet expansion, complete with ads featuring Tom Brady to promote the product. Not long after, Hertz discovered – you’d think they’d have done due diligence in advance – that EVs cost more, more to maintain, and are … unreliable. We knew this.

They could have asked, or they could have read a few articles on the subject from troubled businesses and nation-states around the world.

They cost more to buy, a lot more to insure, are expensive to repair, and, in many cases, are a total loss from what might otherwise be a minor accident. You can’t trust them indoors (or shouldn’t due to lithium battery fire risk). Their advertised range rarely meets expectations. Most EVs will never run on non-fossil fuel electricity, and their manufacture and disposal are less than green.

In the end, reliability and cost were their undoing. Hertz announced it would not buy another 100,000 and instead settled on a massive EV fleet reduction – followed just two months later by parting ways with its soon-to-be-former CEO.

Stephen Scherr will step down as Hertz Global Holdings Inc.’s chief executive officer and member of the company’s Board of Directors effective March 31, the company announced Friday. Scherr led Hertz for just over two years after spending nearly three decades at Goldman Sachs.

Scherr’s resignation comes as the car rental company struggles with the higher repair costs and low demand for EV rentals.

Scherr’s departure also follows the company’s biggest reported loss since 2020. We know why they lost money in 2020—someone unplugged the world and wouldn’t plug it back in. This time, the damage is self-inflicted. It is a rental cart before the horse situation or, if you prefer, a massive virtue signal gone sideways. Look at us. We are embracing the transportation future without any support infrastructure.

Let’s Go!

No one wanted to, even after Tom Terrific said he liked to do that (it was just a commercial). And I’m not sure if Mr. Brady even owns one of those EV lawn ornaments—he might. It makes you wonder if, back in the day, soon-to-be former CEO Scherr was in the Boy Scouts and fell victim to the snipe-hunting gag. And not just him, but the whole board, because this EV disaster didn’t happen without their buy-in.

Brady cashed the check and walked away. Hertz will be paying for this mistake for a while.

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Riddle Me This: What Do Jan Schmidt and Kelly Ayotte Have in Common?

Thu, 2024-03-21 10:00 +0000

Let me start with a routine disclaimer that criticism of Kelly Ayotte is NOT an endorsement of Chuck Morse.  Never forget what he did on 11/19/21. With that said, I have a few observations about Kelly that I’d like to share, and I’ll get to Jan in a moment.

Based on looking at Kelly’s and Chuck’s Facebook pages, which either or both of them might or might not let a staffer manage, it appears that Chuck has been busy on the campaign trail, making multiple stops daily and proudly accounting for his activities and time spent. I am using the words “accounting for” rather loosely because we all know that there are many other things more significant to watch than social media alone. Consider it just a raw, unscientific observation of one microcosm.  The links provided are open to the public, so Facebook haters like me can “take a peek” without membership.

Anyone can go back in time further, but I find the past few days interesting.  Kelly was not at Saturday’s gun rally, but Chuck was.  I know what people are thinking.  Didn’t she vote for some red-flag bills in Washington?  That’s what I’ve heard, though I haven’t looked into it and have no reason to doubt it.  If true, I can see why she wouldn’t care to attend; a possible explanation rather than an excuse, but let’s move on.

I know it’s common for high-profile candidates to want to keep their social media active with daily entries.  I also know that being busy is often not as important as looking busy.  I won’t bore you with a detailed review of all of the recent entries of both because you can take a look for yourself.  Just take note that Kelly sure does post a lot of family memories, endorsements, opinions on current events, and pictures that might or might not be current.  I see nothing wrong with sprinkling a few of those things into one’s feed, but the dearth of current activity is on full display.  I also often see retooled posts, meaning a “double dipping,” if you will, of a campaign stop entry from days earlier.

As annoying as NH Journal is, I regularly check out what it says and happened to fall behind a few days.  The St P’s Day breakfast is a well-known Nashua event, and the Damn Emperor served as “Deputy Blarney Master.”

He even called attention to Kelly’s absence from the podium. We all know how much that narcissist loves attention, but we also know that Kelly Ayotte is his pick, and she’s also the only Nashua candidate running for governor.  The other three well-known household names were present despite being out-of-towners, and 2 of them were from the enemy camp!  Chuck was even photographed with the enemy camp’s unsightly Bette Lasky!

You can see that on his Facebook page, but if that causes eye damage, do NOT call her husband.  He’s an optometrist who steals political signs.  In fact, if Dr. Lasky was in attendance, Chuck and his staff ought to inventory his signs and report any missing ones, but back to Kelly.

So my question to all of NH, particularly the locals, is, “Where’s Kelly Ayotte, and is she ok?” Can someone account for her recent whereabouts and say under oath (to Leah Cushman or anyone else) how she’s doing?

The answer to the namesake question in the title, “What do Jan Schmidt and Kelly Ayotte have in common?” is that they’re both Ward 1 locals and public figures who are well-known to the rest of the city.  Remember when then-Alderman Jan parked in the handicapped parking behind city hall without properly displaying the required credentials?

A Grokster sounded the alarm, and a cyber-welfare check ensued.  Jan was kind enough to show her gratitude for such concern by filing a bill during LSR time (November 2019) titled something like “relative to stalking elected officials.”  Fortunately, it died either in the House or earlier in the process, but that wasn’t the end.  She tried to get the Grok kicked off their server but without success.

If Kelly, being the lawyer that she is, supports free speech as much as Professor Alan Dershowitz does, I expect her to respect MY 1A rights better than Jan has of everyone she disagrees with.

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Interested in Running for Office?

Thu, 2024-03-21 08:00 +0000

Once again, we’re approaching the filing period for candidates to many elected offices, including State Representative. If you have ever considered running, we urge you to learn more and consider throwing your hat in the ring.

Our upcoming webinar is aimed at helping first-time candidates understand what’s involved in running for office and serving as a State Rep. What makes a good candidate?  How much effort is required to run?  What’s the time commitment if you win?  What should you be doing today to prepare, even if you’re just thinking about running?

You’ll also learn about resources that can help you run a successful campaign, including FREE training from the 603 Alliance. (SAVE THE DATES for our 1-day campaign training on April 27th, May 18th, or June 22nd.  Stay tuned for more info.)

WHEN: Mar 27, 2024, 7 PM to 8 PM
WHERE:  Online, but advanced registration is REQUIRED

We hope you’ll join the 603 Alliance team for this 1-hour informational session.  Advance registration is required.  Click here to register.  You will receive a PERSONALIZED link after your registration has been approved.  We ask that all participants use their real name and contact information when registering.

If the link above does not work, copy and paste the following URL into your web browser:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Questions?  Contact us at


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Night Cap: James F. McLaughlin and the New Hampshire Laurie List

Thu, 2024-03-21 02:00 +0000

I have followed various mailings, messages, and news articles regarding the NH Exculpatory Evidence Schedule (EES) (aka the “Laurie List”). Because I am a New Hampshire prisoner with no online access, I have been unable to respond to this matter, but I do so now with the help of an outside advocate.

From a contact at ACLU-NH, I became aware in late 2021 that former Keene, NH Detective James F. McLaughlin was briefly named on the public EES for a founded 1985 complaint of “Falsification of Records.” This was by no means the only EES misconduct by Mr. McLaughlin, but the public has been constrained from commenting by the years in which the existence of this list was kept secret and by the anonymity and judicial secrecy afforded to officers seeking removal from the list.

In a recent article by Damien Fisher at, “Judge Considers Releasing YDC Abuse Affidavit AG Wants Sealed,” I read a hopeful quote by Judge William Delker: “We don’t litigate in secret in this State.” With all due respect to Judge Delker, that is likely true in his Court but not entirely true throughout New Hampshire Courts.

We want to thank Gordon J. MacRae for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

I am in my 30th year of incarceration, a result of what is commonly called a “trial penalty.” Pre-trial in 1994, I was three times offered in writing, a “plea deal” to plead guilty to charges orchestrated and investigated solely by Detective McLaughlin. The proffered deal was that I would serve a term of one to three years in prison if I would plead guilty. When I declined the deal, the offer was reduced during trial to one to two years. I declined again and was subsequently sentenced by Judge Arthur Brennan to a term of 33 to 67 years. Because the minimum term requires an admission of guilt, I am sentenced to 67 years.

It was a violation of Brady v Maryland that neither I nor my trial counsel were informed pre-trial that nine years earlier, in 1985, Detective James McLaughlin was cited for misconduct, “Falsification of Records.” This was by no means his only violation, as detailed below, but legal and judicial secrecy afforded to officers seeking removal from the Laurie List has effectively silenced most public input.

Various articles published at as a result of Freedom of Information Act requests cite instances of altered, erased, and missing evidentiary tape recording allegedly altered by Detective McLaughlin, as well as a number of other incidents of misconduct and challenged credibility. His handling of tape-recorded evidence and his proffered bribes to potential accusers have been primary concerns in his investigation of the case against me.

The following four links detail the misconduct leading up to my 1994 trial. They include documented allegations of falsification of records and evidence, witness tampering, attempted bribery, the subornation of perjury, and the use of police power to threaten a key witness into altering her testimony.

Most of these incidents and the signed statements of witnesses are cited in three of these links and were obtained by a former decorated FBI Special Agent who spent three years investigating this case. No New Hampshire judge would thus far allow this new evidence or testimony to come before any Court.

  • Gordon J. MacRae v James F. McLaughlin et al, USDC-NM 1504
  • Detective James McLaughlin and the Police Misconduct List
  • In New Hampshire Courts Police Misconduct is Judged in Secret
  • The Wall Street Journal on the Case of Gordon J. MacRae

My sincere thanks for your attention to this matter.

Sent on behalf of:
Gordon J. MacRae #67546
NH State Prison

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“Community Power” and “Vax Bills!” – Did That Get Your Attention?

Thu, 2024-03-21 00:00 +0000

Now that I have your attention, you will soon know why I put those two topics in the same sentence, but you will have to keep reading.

First, I will start with an old memory from around 2000.

While working in the Cablevision call center, I learned of Braintree Electric Light Department(BELD), another competitor for the cable TV market, but just in Braintree.  It was the same situation as with RCN; it was one of several towns where the caller ID said “competitive area” to alert the CSR that specially scripted talking points were to be used, when applicable.

Here it is, nearly a quarter of a century later, and Eversource has competition, but it’s sneaky!  More on that in a moment.  Last year was an election year in Nashua, and our mayor had nine ward “town halls” earlier in the year.  One of his David Letterman-style opening monologue talking points in his tooting-his-own-horn agenda was community power coming to Nashua.  There was a small handful of communities participating, and I didn’t pay close attention to who they were, but I thought they were cities because this kind of pilot project tends to be in customer-dense places in the infrastructure.

I had no idea that community power (or programs with similar names) was coming soon to smaller towns elsewhere until I watched a video by Nurse Terese, a Loudon resident, on recent town elections, warrant articles, and related matters. When she mentioned community power, it sent my mind back to last year, Punxsutawney Phil-style!

In Nashua, community power was such that one had to opt out, which I did the day I received the (probably mandatory) notice of its debut. I’ll let the accountants talk numbers, but my reason for doing so was that it was an election year, and I hate the mayor and will be darned if I do anything just because he wants me to. I would have to follow up with Terese to confirm, but I think she said Loudon has the same situation with them.

Why not make it opt-in?  You already know the answer as do all opposition members to bills on vax registry matters.  It’s the battle for customers/voters/consumers or whatever you care to name the population that’s asleep at the wheel.  THEY are the commodity both sides are fighting for.  It’s also eerily similar to some HR and benefits things during open enrollment time: passive vs. active enrollment. Too many people are too lazy to spoon-feed themselves, but the time is now for those to recognize the deadly sin of laziness when it comes to passive enrollment because it’s all by design.

A good bill idea might be to make community power programs (or whatever they’re locally named) opt-in.  My senator is the Energy chair and Terese’s is the vice chair.  The four of us should have a talk about this.

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#WhereAreTheChildren – Child Trafficking is a Democrat Policy Choice

Wed, 2024-03-20 22:00 +0000

The Bidenitas are working diligently to hide their border malfeasance. Hard work the media is happy to help shoulder. But with a little bit of research and some time, it has proven (dare I say child’s play) to expose the deliberateness of their indifference, especially regarding “migrant” children.

Allison Dyer took to  Rumble to show us, in just a few minutes, referencing a handful of key players, how the Biden administration is responsible. They allowed child trafficking, knew it was happening, and did nothing to prevent it. Children are little more than an abused side-effect of a policy choice.

Someone should call Child and Family Services and tie these bastards up in family court.

Check this out.


!function(r,u,m,b,l,e){r._Rumble=b,r[b]||(r[b]=function(){(r[b]._=r[b]._||[]).push(arguments);if(r[b]._.length==1){l=u.createElement(m),e=u.getElementsByTagName(m)[0],l.async=1,l.src=""+(arguments[1].video?'.'+arguments[1].video:'')+"/?url="+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+"&args="+encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify([].slice.apply(arguments))),e.parentNode.insertBefore(l,e)}})}(window, document, "script", "Rumble");

Rumble("play", {"video":"v4gvk7l","div":"rumble_v4gvk7l"});


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The Becky Whitleys Are The “Dehumanizers”

Wed, 2024-03-20 20:00 +0000

This follows up on my Adam Sexton Thinks Speech Codes Are “Interesting,” which involved a Democrat Communist State Senator’s demand that GOP State Senators not refer to illegal aliens as illegal aliens. The Communist State Senator later took to X to Comm-splain that referring to illegals as illegals is “dehumanizing”:


What an opportunity for the GOP State Senators, which, of course, they missed and squandered. Comrade Whitley and her ilk are all about “dehumanizing” the roughly half of America that won’t goose-step to their hard-Left agenda. Has Comrade Whitley ever “fought” against her side’s “dehumanizing language”? Of course not. She’s a Communist. She does NOT have to play by the same set of rules that she demands her opponents (she would see them as enemies) play by.

For example, if you mention any of the obvious ways the 2020 election was rigged … you are an election denier. If you question any of the climate-“science”, you are an election-denier. If you question the efficacy and safety of the COVID “vaccines,” you are a vaccine-denier. The point of this language is to make you the equivalent of a Holocaust denier. You are a NAZI if you don’t march in goose-step behind Whitley and her ilk.

If you don’t believe in abortion-on-demand through nine months -if you support even the most minimal restrictions -that makes you anti-choice. This from the people who wanted you to have NO choice about shooting up with an experimental drug (the COVID-“vaccine”) by having that be a condition of your employment. See how this works yet? Support a ban on abortions after six months and you are anti-choice. Support the de facto forced injection of an experimental drug and you are not anti-choice … you are a “public health expert.” One set of rules for them. Another set for us.

I could go on and on and on. As I wrote in the initial post: Disagreeing with Whitley and her ilk is discrimination, extremism, hate, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera … and makes you a racist, an election-denier, a climate-denier, a white-supremacist, anti-choice, a fascist, an insurrectionist, a transphobe, a homophobe, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It is not “dehumanizing” when Comrade Whitley and her ilk use this language. But it is “dehumanizing” to refer to illegals as illegals.

One set of rules for them. Another set of rules for us. It’s classic Communism. And our wonderful GOP State senators need to see it for what it is and grow the testicular fortitude to call it what it is.

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Books: ‘Stay Safe’ by Michael Lacoy – A Dark Comedy Set During a Global Pandemic

Wed, 2024-03-20 18:00 +0000

Stay Safe by Michael Lacoy is set in the make-believe town of Beauville, New Hampshire, and features characters who fit into any number of pandemic archetypes. You’ll recognize them and associate them with people and behaviors experienced after the world was turned upside down in the spring of 2020.

The story begins with Cole Perrot, wearing a Pq32 respirator face mask and N16z face shield, as he drives his reluctant young daughter (also masked and shielded) to the clinic to get ‘vaccinated’ against the SPAARZ virus. The ‘vaccine” has been approved for the 12-year-old, and Cole can’t wait, even if Rosa isn’t so sure.

Only his son has refused, pushing back against his father’s (and much of the world’s) easy embrace of government mandates and media narratives and the Karen-like behavior that came with it.

Cole Perrot—a frustrated college administrator who spends most of his time on social media—ferociously loathes his next-door neighbor, Tyce Creamer, an internet celebrity and the very embodiment of “toxic masculinity.” Unfortunately for Cole, his wife Oona feels differently about Tyce, as do Cole’s teenage son and young daughter. Sensing a threat to his progressive values, not to mention his hold over his family, Cole secretly declares war on his “redneck” neighbor. What follows is a series of events that are by turns shocking, hilarious, absurd, and perfectly of our present moment.

Set amid a global flu pandemic, the novel chronicles the unraveling of both a man and a country in a time of heightened fear and deep social division. Mixing comedy, tragedy, and blistering satire, Stay Safe amuses and terrifies in equal measure.

It’s all in there, along with a cast of what I can only call Pandemic Era Archetypes.

Stay Safe offers a light-hearted opportunity to revisit the madness as an observer of players whose lives are forever impacted by the decisions they make during this unusual time in New Hampshire and the world.

And at 275 pages, it was a breeze to get through.

Check it out.


If you’d like us to review your book, email

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Meme Overflow

Wed, 2024-03-20 16:00 +0000

As promised in Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.  And yes there will be a Friday edition too.

Please do recall – most memes are posted in order of download.

Let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***





“The ultimate authority … resides in the people alone. … The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any…” – James Madison (1788)



Available here (though you have to adjust filter settings from SAFE to PG-13):

Show why you own guns! They’re TYRANT VACCINE. Bumper Sticker | Zazzle











And this is why the Dems seem so desperate to pass it – and doubtless a lot of the GOP as well.  Call it Silencing of the critics.




Not just that, but if you were injected pre-1986, you were getting vaccines that were subject to liability suits and, therefore, theoretically more watched for safety issues than today’s stuff.



Fire up the woodchippers.




Inspected by WHO in… ENGLAND???







Embedding two of my essays from my old blog.  Apologies for the somewhat cumbersome reading; I PDFed them off to preserve them as I closed the blog down.  Links don’t work, alas.  But hopefully the text carries through well enough.

The first, on humans being hardwired for faith.


E Hardwired for Faith


The above applies to Climate Change, and also The Jab.



The second, about elections and how we need to make a clear differentiation between us and the Left.


E Ethnic Food and Elections
















Nothing to do with her body being dangerous.  It’s the potential accusations coming from her mouth that are the problem.  For all that I now despise Mike Pence, his rule about not having a one-on-one meal with a woman, any woman, makes sense in these times.




When I started working professionally, it was a 40 hour week, with more hours if there was a genuine need for that.  Nowadays, it seems like 50 is the new 40, with 12 hour days not unheard of as a normal thing.




America’s and Europe’s output could fall to flat-out zero, not “net zero” but actually zero – and it wouldn’t make any difference.










Read these.  And then ponder: do you REALLY think you’re going to vote your way out of this?  Spicy time approacheth.  Find your steel; the avalanche has started.










Links (some from me, some from my Jarhead friend):


Dr. David Martin: Almost 20 years ago the spike protein was known to be bioweapon – The Expose (

They’ve been planning this for a long, long time.  Related:

Both Pfizer and GSK (Glaxo Smith) RSV vaccines now shown to be linked to Guillain-Barré Syndrome; SHARYL ATTKISSON’s report is shocking “CDC Preliminary Analysis: RSV vaccines for seniors linked to (

Pathologist Arne Burkhardt Final Interview – Revealing the Grave Dangers of mRNA Vaccines (

IIRC he died within a few months of this speech.  How… conveniently coincidental.

COVID-19 injections can damage your heart, your brain, your reproductive tissue, and your lungs.” (

Stunning claims of whistleblower need to go viral (

Though – details omitted – a Telegram contact said he was FOR Jabs and claims that it was only after the “tides had turned” that he switched.

CDC Not Investigating Chronic Disease Epidemics Linked to Childhood Vaccines (

Video, about 7 minutes.  Absolutely criminal.

Australia Signs WEF Treaty To Close ALL Major Banks and Switch to Fully Cashless Society – The People’s Voice (

Open for discussion: how to resist this?

Poll: Almost a Third of Americans Say the First Amendment Goes ‘Too Far’ (

When freedom dies, it will die with cheers.

Media Tries To Start Race War Over Cops Killing Black Kid Swinging a Shovel (

No matter how much you hate the enemedia, it isn’t enough.  Enemedia related:

The fake news about Trump’s ‘bloodbath’ speech – spiked (

Media Runs Hoax Trump Said There Would be a “Bloodbath” if He Loses Election – modernity

Tim Young on X: “Here’s 2 straight minutes of leftists using the term bloodbath… I guess they’re all threatening political violence.” / X (

The Media’s BLOODBATH HOAX Is Their BIGGEST LIE YET! | Larry Live! (

Control the information flow and control what people believe.

Our Invisible Chains, Our Stolen Vote (

Anatomy of the 2022 Steal, Part 2 – by elizabeth nickson (

More and more I am concluding TINVOWOOT.  Now, if there actually is an election – and honestly I’ll be surprised if there is – I will vote.  But I don’t expect it to actually amount to anything.  TPTB will work to make sure Trump doesn’t get in, one way or another.  Related:

Welcome to 2024: The Last Year of America? (

“I’ve Changed My Mind”: Swedish Open Borders MP Makes Complete U-Turn – modernity

OOH, better late than never.

OTOH, the damage is done.  These invaders will not go quietly.  But they do need to go.

More on migration / borders:

Supreme Court Extends Freeze of Texas Law Authorizing State Police to Arrest Illegal Aliens | National Review

The Forgotten History of the World’s First Trans Clinic | Scientific American

This is a very uncomfortable subject, because under normal circumstances I decry even the idea of burning books.  But I’ve been learning about the sexual degeneracy of the Weimar Republic after WWI.  And this perversion prompted a backlash among the normal German peoples under a strongman who promised to clean up the filth.  Those books that were famously burned were LGBTQP stuff from that first transsexual clinic.

Sexual Restraint Helps Cultures Flourish, Immorality Brings Decay, Researchers Find (

Fascinating.  But it makes sense to me.  And, shamelessly, here are three essays that – together – cover the above and more.  From my old blog:


Ignoring Hashem’s Wisdom parts 1-3


E Ignoring Hashems Wisdom 1


E Ignoring Hashems Wisdom 2


E Ignoring Hashems Wisdom 3


And I prominently mention my essays “Cultural Ion Thrusters”; there are four of them  If people comment YES, I’ll include them in Friday’s post.










There are some that are conservatives but still skeptical about Trump.  That’s fair.  But… short of armed revolution (which may happen anyway, alas) what’s the alternative?



One of the biggest tools in a con, insofar as I have studied it, is to make the mark feel special and unique and superior.  Sounds like, for example, the Jab and making people feel superior and pro-science and all for taking it.






It truly amazes me how people who have never known actual hardship in their lives can so diss people who grew up in Communism and know what it actually is.





And I think that’s one of the issues: people don’t really want to think their fellow man is capable of that any more.














On the plus side, many are Jabbed and boosted.



Used to have his autographed picture.  Can’t find it. 










Pick of the Post:



Damning if you think of it.  NOTHING says “Safe and effective” like avoiding an independent review and evaluation of your product.




Palate cleansers:





Come back on Friday for more memes.  Same meme time.  Same meme channel.




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Public Library Promotes Children’s Book Celebrating Violent Action Against Police

Wed, 2024-03-20 14:00 +0000

For at least two years, the Nashua Library has displayed the book “What Was Stonewall?” in the children’s room during June. This book is about the history of the treatment of lesbians and gay men in the US, and it is for children ages 8 to 12.

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These are impressionable young children without much experience of the world, and I am alarmed by the violence that is celebrated in this book.

The first alarming item in the book is an account of the horrific abuse of gay men in the past, including lobotomies and castration. Do kids this age need to know about this? Even adults will find this difficult to read. Sadly, this reminds me of what is happening today to too many young men who are confused about their gender identity and are castrated while under the delusion that they can become a woman.

In the account of the Stonewall Riots, the author celebrates violence against the police. After the police announce they are going to arrest people at the Stonewall Inn, the rioters yell slurs at the police. They proceed to throw bottles, rocks, and bricks, rock police cars, and slash their tires. The police officers were forced to retreat into the Stonewall Inn. The rioters broke the windows and ripped a parking meter out of the sidewalk, and used it to bash in the door. The police officers had to barricade themselves in. The rioters then threw Molotov cocktails into the building and pushed a burning trash can in through the window.

This is a dangerous situation where many people could have been seriously hurt and killed. It is not something to celebrate. The author minimizes it:

By now, the crowd numbered more than two thousand. The officers used a fire hose to put out the flames and disperse the mob. Outside, people laughed.  The water probably felt good on such a hot night!

These were serious crimes, and it is ludicrous to make light of it, most especially for impressionable children.

This is a far cry from the non-violent civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King that continues to be an inspiration to everyone. This is a story of out-of-control miscreants wantonly destroying property in the process of trying to kill police officers.

It is also concerning that the book’s resources include the website for The Trevor Project, which has drifted from its original mission of protecting gay youth from suicide. Read “Why does the Trevor Project want to separate kids from their parents?” and “Trevor Project in crisis amid financial woes, staff dissension, ‘union busting’: sources.”


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You Should Support HB1414 to Audit Gunstock Resort … Because They Don’t Want to be Audited

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Two years ago, we discovered something interesting. If you ask too many questions about Taxpayer-owned Gunstock Resort, huge sums are spent, and pressure is brought to oust anyone in elected or appointed office who asks those questions. Suspicious?

It is, and we won’t get into the weeds, but Gunstock Mountain Resort is the property of the people of Belknap County and New Hampshire. It is a government organ, and when the people’s representatives began questioning its motives and integrity, the mere idea of impropriety became a third rail.


A bi-partisan cabal of advocates for keeping whatever goes on hidden are also enthusiastic about making it more difficult and expensive for citizens to file right-to-know requests of this government entity or anyone familiar with its workings (HB1002).


The current Gunstock Commission and County Delegation, which rose to replace those asking uncomfortable questions, oppose HB1414. They don’t want it audited (they have oversight, you see).


The Gunstock Commission does not want to record public meetings or keep meeting minutes, and they do not want a forensic financial audit of Gunstock Mountain Resort (which HB1414 requires). Related: Gunstock- The Home of No Financial Controls?


This majority came into power in part because of a well-funded campaign to ‘Save Gunstock.’ The implication was that the resort was in danger, but the only things they saved Gunstock from were transparency and accountability. It worked in 2022. Will it work again in 2024? Will Gunstock Resort dodge operational and financial scrutiny yet again?

What are they hiding? Why didn’t they want a financial audit? Why doesn’t a majority of the Commission or the Delegation want one, either? Don’t Taxpayers have a right to know?

We cannot guarantee that HB1414, should it pass the House, will survive the State Senate or Sununu’s gubernatorial veto pen (Gunstock insiders did illegally donate taxpayer dollars to His Excellency’s campaign not once but twice), but that’s no reason not to try.

Something stinks at Gunstock, and the people who don’t want you to find the source of the odor continue to spend a lot of time, energy, and money making sure you don’t or can’t.

If that isn’t the best reason to ensure they get audited (and) regularly, I’m not sure what is.

Support HB1414, and perhaps we’ll see what it is they don’t want you to know.


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Have We Reached The Point Of No Return

Wed, 2024-03-20 10:00 +0000

There is a rhythm to politics, but we usually live in the middle of the spectrum, leaning one way or the other. Barack Obama made the Progressive Radical Left popular, and for the last sixteen years, we have been pulled out of the middle to the more Socialist Left. The previous four years have been highly volatile, even on the state level.

We had a short reset period at the beginning of the Trump Presidency, but COVID stopped that. Biden, who had been a man of the middle for nearly fifty years, decided to drop to his knees and bend over backward to the Radical Left of the Democrat Party. America may never recover from the damage he has inflicted on her.

That sounds like hyperbole, like the senseless rhetoric of the Greenies. But if you look at the compilation of the activities of the Federal Government and some of the more active Blue States, we have taken strides with issues that cannot be reversed when adults move back into power.

Democrats still lament the overturning Roe v. Wade, but we have Blue States like New York and Maine that have adopted new laws that allow for abortions up to the crowning of the baby’s head at its mother’s cervix. Though still illegal at the Federal level, states have begun to legalize Marijuana for recreational use and have backed their decisions with ludicrous comments like there is no proof that Marijuana can harm the user or the distributor. The poisonous chemicals discovered in the legally grown weeds are enough to hurt or kill the users.

How many ways will we be harmed by the 10 million illegals that have invaded our country under Joe Biden? Many cities and towns have been forever harmed in the name of importing enough people to ensure Democrat Blue states forever. We will lose over 400,000 young Americans to Fentanyl during Joe Biden’s Administration because Biden does not have the spine to stand up to China. We have a DOJ and intelligence community that has been weaponized against the Right by a frightened Left that has destroyed the non-political position of these agencies forever. Our educational system has been proven to be more about indoctrination than education and has been strengthened and bolstered under Biden. We have developed a generation that is so confused about the gender they are supposed to be, rather than that they were born, that they are seeking drugs and surgeries to destroy their God-given bodies.

These bizarre, illogical, and unAmerican philosophies cannot be reversed by winning elections. These are irreversible for our existing generations. Barack Obama told us he would fundamentally transform America. He didn’t tell us that Joe Biden would put the exclamation mark on the work started by Obama. We did not need a foreign country to invade us and take control of our Republic. The people we elected to represent us did it without firing a shot. We can elect Republicans in November to put a halt to the destruction, but I fear the job has already been completed. America as we grew to know and love no longer exists.

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Night Cap: Novel Lithium Extraction Method Unveiled in Utah

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A revolutionary new technology to extract precious lithium from brine water is poised to be deployed in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The element lithium is essential to electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing, for batteries and eventual grid storage capacity.

Precious mineral resources will grow in economic importance for many nations, yet their mining and disposal are increasingly proving a tricky political problem.

Revolutionary Extraction Method

The surge in EV production caused lithium prices to soar, boosting many mining industries and attracting venture capital globally. Most of the world’s lithium is mined from underground brine that is pumped to the surface and then stored for months in toxic lakes that evaporate the water and concentrate the lithium for extraction.

An American company has patented a novel extraction process that eliminates evaporation ponds with reusable ceramic “beads” that absorb the lithium. Waterleaf Resources, a subsidiary of Lilac Solutions, is constructing a facility at Utah’s Great Salt Lake, which it expects will produce 20,000 tons of battery-grade lithium annually. The company’s “proprietary ion-exchange media (IXM)” employs “holy grail” technology in its “mission to scale global lithium production to support the electric vehicle industry and energy transition.” Lilac’s process is far more efficient than conventional methods, returning processed brine water to the Great Salt Lake.

Lilac Solutions’ innovative technology promises a sweet-smelling answer to the significant environmental problems of traditional extraction of lithium from brine, especially in the Great Salt Lake, shriveled by years of severe drought. Waterleaf Resources plans to pump 80,000 gallons of briny water per minute from the lake, all of which will be recirculated back following lithium extraction. No massive lagoons are required.

Some environmental groups, however, have complained that the company’s planned drawdowns of 20,000 gallons daily of additional fresh groundwater positions Waterleaf ahead of farmers and other local land uses.

The China Connection

Lithium price volatility has revealed the seismic economic forces unleashed by the mass production of EVs. China is constructing coal-fired plants to smelt aluminum for EVs and expanding its rare earth mining operations both domestically and abroad. As America is denounced for past colonization, Beijing is securing massive supply lines that permit it to feed its industries, threatening global hegemony in multiple markets.

The largest traditional lithium producers are China, Chile, Australia, and Argentina, while the largest importers are China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The Lilac Solutions technology opens the door for national security protection for the United States rather than continued dependency on overseas markets strangled by China. The precious metals nickel, cobalt, and lithium are all vital inputs for the world’s military complex, including the territorial ambitions of China and Russia.

By subsidizing domestic lithium production, China drove up production and thus inventories. As EV sales slid, the price of lithium plummeted some 80%, a drop so precipitous as to make domestic mining and steel operations in Australia unprofitable. Warned the Australian Strategic Policy Institute: “Far from a hypothetical, Beijing has already used its near-monopolistic global supply-chain control of (rare earth elements) to strategic advantage against the US and Japan.” Jamie Seidel at reported:

“Beijing’s willingness to subsidise every step of production and bear the environmental fallout of chemical and energy-intensive processes means it’s now the source of about 80 per cent of the rare earths processed worldwide. That includes 90 per cent of lithium, 70 per cent of gallium, and 70 per cent of germanium.”

China does not hesitate to flex this economic muscle to protect its interests – it imposed export restrictions on Australia when that nation called for an international investigation of the source of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conversely, China’s allies will benefit economically from rare material supply lines. Even as American lithium production firms Albemarle Corporation and Piedmont Lithium are laying off workers, Zimbabwe has attracted more than $1 billion in investment from Chinese mining companies to develop its hard-rock reserves.

Recent surges in EV sales in China point toward the eventual absorption of existing lithium stockpiles. The depressed global market has caused production slowdowns and delayed mining expansion, reducing future lithium supply lines. Such pressures suggest Lilac Solutions and its industry-transforming technology will be smelling like a rose. However, potentially intractable problems of EV battery disposal persist.

Disposal Problems Mount

Discovering innovative methods to harvest precious elements does not abate the daunting environmental disasters of EV manufacturing that include coal-fired plants to smelt aluminum, innumerable chemical inputs for car amenities, and disposal of toxic batteries. A 2020 Institute for Energy Research commentary claimed:

“It is estimated that between 2021 and 2030, about 12.85 million tons of EV lithium ion batteries will go offline worldwide, and over 10 million tons of lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese will be mined for new batteries.

“Environmentalists expressed unfounded concerns about fracking, but they need to be worried about replacing fossil fuels in the transportation and electric generating sector with electric vehicles and renewable energy where lithium, cobalt and other critical metals are needed to produce these technologies.“

The world has so far “electrified” an estimated 3% of its global vehicle fleet – there is a mountainous amount of mining and manufacturing urgently required to achieve “net-zero.” The manufacturing demand is never-ending, but not costless. Solar panels and EVs have temporary “useful lives,” their obsolescence is inevitable, if not planned. Recycling and disposal of aging solar panels are environmentally nightmarish; EV batteries are worse.

‘Clean Energy Storage’ Is Filthy

Batteries labeled “clean energy storage” are anything but clean. Diverse battery designs and chemical composition combined with strong glues eliminate uniformity in processing. Like stalled recycling efforts of plastics, metals, and glass, there is currently no system to recycle precious metals from most batteries efficiently. Pyrometallurgy burns spent batteries into a slag to extract desired materials. Dissolving batteries in acids is called hydrometallurgy. Neither is cost-competitive with newly minted batteries.

Neither scientists nor politicians have ensured efficient battery recycling on any scale. It may be decades before the world resolves the hurdles – if ever. IXM technology that filters lithium from brine water in the Utah desert does not address the future environmental liability of toxic chemicals from the renewable (“clean”) energy industry. Ion-exchanging ceramic beads may be the Holy Grail for lithium mining, but regressive EVs and their intractable battery disposal problems are not panning out to be as eco-salvific as advertised.


John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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Thousands of People, Several Communities, and Millions in Public Funds Are Affected.

Wed, 2024-03-20 00:00 +0000

Dear Merrimack County Attorney Paul Halvorsen, with Youth Detention Center civil and criminal cases on the horizon consuming over $100 million in public funds in addition to the costs of court time and resources in both criminal and civil procedures, I urge you to serve the public interest and investigate the concerns I presented to you last year.

My concerns are about fraud by members of the Merrimack County District Attorney’s Office upon Merrimack County Superior Court.

Also, regarding former Attorney General Michael Delaney, who is one of several attorneys general under whose leadership, youth detention center victims were ignored. They also concern the NHCADSV who are involved in criminal and civil procedures.

There is a pattern of legitimate concerns being ignored by the Attorney General’s office: FRM Ponzi scheme complaints being a prime example.

There is a pattern of legitimate concerns being ignored about the NHCADSV and their conflicts of interest. When a member of the NHCADSV is also on the City of Concord Council serving as Chair of the Public Safety Committee and on the Rules Committee, questions on self-serving by members of the City of Concord Council with the help of Merrimack County District Attorney’s Office should not be ignored.

We want to thank Claire Best for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

You were on the City of Concord Council, and you were a juvenile prosecutor. As such, you would also have been involved in prosecuting children and sending them into facilities that were torturous environments endangering children. Many of those children came out of the state youth detention center facilities only to become adult criminals or labeled as criminals.  They are now in the state’s prisons and jails.

If fraud upon the courts didn’t exist, would these children have been subjected to such abuse, and would they have become adult criminals? Are your court personnel criminals who create criminals of citizens by leading dishonest criminal procedures due to the economic benefits for Merrimack County?

I wrote to your office seeking an investigation and answers in response to New Hampshire State Witness/Complainant Chessy Prout’s letter to United States Senator Dick Durbin of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding former NH AG Michael Delaney in his capacity as legal counsel for St Paul’s School during the criminal trial of State v Owen Labrie which took place in Merrimack County Superior Court. This is the court that serves as the criminal trial court for the Capitol of New Hampshire: Concord. Concord serves as the home to the populations of several state and private schools. Its public agencies interact with the populations of these schools. Those public agencies also interact with the Merrimack County District Attorney’s Office and Merrimack County Superior Court. If dishonesty on the City of Concord Council is protected, dishonesty of police officers for Concord and Merrimack County protected and dishonesty in your own office protected then what is the public service your office provides?

Michael Delaney withdrew his application for consideration on the First Circuit of Appeals following the statements made by Chessy Prout to the US Senate Judiciary Committee and the answers he submitted on the questionnaire supplied by the Committee. He is still a member of the NH Bar.

Chessy Prout stated that prosecutor Catherine Ruffle was informed by Amanda Grady Sexton (of the City of Concord Public Safety & Rules Committees, Governors’ Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence & Stalking, NHCADSV, Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s Re-election Campaign Committee) of Michael Delaney tampering with state witnesses in the presence of Sandra Mathieson from the Office of Victim/Witness Assistance.

Sandra Mathieson wrote one of the endorsements for Michael Delaney for the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Chessy Prout stated that prosecutor Catherine Ruffle allowed these tampered state witnesses to testify. Trial records confirm this. They also confirm that Ruffle and her cohort Joseph Cherniske blocked the cross-examination of one of these witnesses, who was the son of Governor Maggie Hassan’s legal counsel, Lucy Hodder Esq.

Lucy Hodder was also on St Paul’s School Board of Trustees and, therefore, a client of Michael Delaney, who was legal counsel for the school. Lucy Hodder had evaded deposition by being out of the country, according to . Lucy Hodder had also worked in the AG’s office – possibly at the same time as Michael Delaney and Jim Rosenberg, who was legal counsel for her son Andrew Thomson. Jim Rosenberg is currently a partner at Shaheen & Gordon which is legal counsel to Amanda Grady Sexton and the NHCADSV.  David Vicinanzo is also legal counsel to the NHCADSV. He requested the $100 million and is representing victims of YDC abuse who were referred to the NHCADSV by AG Gordon MacDonald. Gordon MacDonald had ordered a Grand Jury Criminal Investigation into St Paul’s School but dismissed plaintiffs of YDC abuse as “victim negligence.”   David Vicinanzo receives 30-40% of each settlement for his clients claiming YDC abuse. Records show that the NHCADSV also receives a percentage of civil settlements. Yet these kickbacks do not go back into the public purse despite the fact that the NHCADSV’s budget is paid for by the public and approved by the Governor.

According to records that were unsealed several months after the trial of State v Owen Labrie, Prosecutor Catherine Ruffle admitted to Judge Larry Smukler that a deal had been made with Lucy Hodder’s son – Andrew Thomson. She retracted that statement when the records became public. Members of the NH Bar including you, have failed to investigate what appears to be serious fraud upon the court. You have a duty to the public because you are an elected official. Additionally, you have a duty to the integrity of your profession and, I believe, the National Association of District Attorneys.

Catherine Ruffle is now the Clerk of Merrimack County Superior Court. She has access to every record coming into and out of the court. If she allowed state witnesses to testify in a criminal trial after she had been informed that they had been tampered with and if she told the judge that she knew of a deal for one of these but then allowed that witness to testify, what are the standards of your court? What should the public, jury, complainants, witnesses, and defendants expect in your court?

Catherine Ruffle and her co-hort, Joseph Cherniske, reported to your predecessor, Scott Murray. Scott Murray became a US Attorney for New Hampshire and is now a Federal Prosecutor for New Hampshire.  The only trial on his bio as US Attorney is State v Owen Labrie – “a victory for victims’ rights”.  If the trial was so important to him and there are allegations of witness tampering in it by a former Attorney General, the implications are serious and they have consequences for other trials in your court and every other court in New Hampshire.


Why has there been no investigation into Catherine Ruffle, Amanda Grady Sexton, or Michael Delaney?

Does the Merrimack County District Attorney’s office abide by the rules laid out by the National District Attorneys Association and National Prosecution Standards? If not, please explain to everyone copied on this letter so that all journalists are aware of the standards followed by New Hampshire District Attorneys.

What rules do you follow in Merrimack County Superior Court? What rules do you and current council members follow on the board of the City of Concord Council?

Whether or not the YDC criminal cases will be tried in Merrimack County Superior Court under the jurisdiction of other District Attorneys’ courts in New Hampshire, the public, plaintiffs, and jury must have answers. As an elected official, do you think the public will pay $100 million plus for a system of Kangaroo Courts? It is a yes or no answer, and an answer is due. It does not depend on the circumstances.
Please answer the question.

Amanda Grady Sexton is Chair of the City of Concord Public Safety Committee and on the Rules Committee. The budget for Concord Police investigations and payments to witnesses is approved by the City of Concord Council.  You were a member of the City of Concord Council. Endorsements for you included your ability to budget.  Does the City of Concord and Merrimack County Superior Court rely on Kangaroo procedures for City or State budget goals?

If State Witness Chessy Prout’s statements to the US Senate Judiciary Committee regarding witness tampering in a criminal trial are correct, then it is your duty to investigate and to act accordingly, including prosecution. Witness tampering is a federal crime.

If State Witness Chessy Prout’s statements to the US Senate Judiciary Committee regarding witness tampering in a criminal trial are not correct then I believe it is also your duty to investigate a witness the State had relied upon for prosecution that was tied to millions of dollars in federal grants for the State of New Hampshire from federal agencies, Government contracts, changes in laws.

Millions were made in civil suits following State v Owen Labrie (relying on testimony in the trial). These suits benefitted the very same attorneys and NHCADSV, who are now set to benefit from settlements for plaintiffs in the YDC Cases, including Chuck Douglas, David Vicinanzo, Shaheen & Gordon, and the NHCADSV.

1-1.6 Duty to Respond to Misconduct
A prosecutor is obligated to respond to professional misconduct that has, will, or has the potential to interfere with theproper administration of justice:

a. Where the prosecutor knows that another person associated with the prosecutor’s office has engaged, or intends to engage in professional misconduct that could interfere with the proper administration of justice, the prosecutor should address the matter in accordance with internal office procedures.
b.If the office lacks adequate internal procedures to address allegations of professional misconduct, a prosecutor who learns of the misconduct may,in the first instance,request that the person desist from engaging in the misconduct.If such a request is, or is likely to be, futileor if the misconduct is of a sufficiently serious nature, a prosecutor should report the misconduct to a higher authority within the prosecutor’s office.
c.If, despite a prosecutor’s best efforts, no action is taken in accordance with the prior procedures to remedy the misconduct, a prosecutor should report the misconduct to appropriate officials outside the prosecutor’s office(to the extent permitted by the law and rules of ethical conduct of the state).
d.A prosecutor’s failure to report known misconduct may itself constitute a violation of the prosecutor’s professional duties.

A timely response is appreciated. Thousands of people, several communities, and millions in public funds are affected.

I have been cyber-stalked by Amanda Grady Sexton and the NHCADSV. I have had my letter to the LEACT commission regarding the coercion of minors in criminal investigations intercepted, posted on social media in posts in which I was doxxed, and my family smeared.  I have been threatened with a defamation suit by Shaheen & Gordon on behalf of the NHCADSV and Amanda Grady Sexton. I have been told that David Vicinanzo has said I just make things up, that I’m a liar.

I am not a liar. I am not going to be subjected to criminal defamation by one of the attorneys who will receive millions from YDC settlements or Amanda Grady Sexton and the NHCADSV, who I believe are also financial beneficiaries.

Just because I speak up about what appears to be an extremely serious racketeering enterprise that has defrauded the public and harmed lives does not excuse anyone for criminal defamation or witness intimidation who is involved in that enterprise.  The receipts are all there, and District Attorneys who chose to turn a blind eye become complicit in the crimes as members of the Banking Commission did in the FRM Ponzi Scheme. Ironically, Michael Delaney also had a hand in that.

You are the District Attorney for the State Capitol’s Superior Court.  You lead by way of example.


Contributors’ views and opinions are those of the author and may not reflect the opinions or positions of Grok Media,, its authors, advertisers, donors, or sponsors.

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