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Planned Parenthood Gets a Half-Million in Federal Grants, Shutters Six Facilities

Mon, 2022-05-23 10:00 +0000

On January 21,  the NH federal delegation announced a half-million-dollar federal “Title X Dire Need Grant” for Planned Parenthood Northern New England (PPNNE) which encompasses Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. On February 7, PPNNE announced the closure of their Newport, Vermont facility.

On May 13, they announced the closure of four more facilities in Vermont in Bennington, Hyde Park, Middlebury, and St. Albans, and a facility in Claremont, New Hampshire.

For an investment of $500,000, taxpayers got six closed Planned Parenthood facilities. That is $83,333 per closed facility.

PPNNE has been without a CEO since April 2021. Their business of killing off the next generation in abortions and sterilizing young people as young as 16-years-old with cross-sex hormones is bearing predictable results with Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire being states with the highest median age in the country.

Related: Planned Parenthood Northern New England Is in Disarray

Fewer young people means fewer abortions, their big money maker. Expect to see more facility closures in the near future.

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Sunday Spotlight: The Pond is Our Oasis

Mon, 2022-05-23 02:00 +0000

This past week was so tumultuous that I had difficulty finding someone or thing positive to highlight this Sunday. It is exasperating to see the number of current and impending issues we face. Crime, illegal immigration, inflation, rising gas prices, supply chain issues, infant formula shortage, upcoming global wheat shortage…the list seems to go on Infinitum.

As I talk with family, friends, and coworkers, I see the impact on the attitude and mental health of each. There is a general feeling of helplessness that we are powerless to impact the forces bearing down on us. There is a general feeling of anger and frustration that the people we have put in office to ward off these forces of negativity are inept and unmotivated to react. The futility that surrounds us is wearing us down. We have to find our relief from the evil news onslaught.

We find our respite in a little cabin on a small pond in Maine that we are making into our oasis. That is our destination each weekend. Even as we traveled up 95 on Friday afternoon, we could still see the impact of negative influences. We braced for a challenging ride as the northbound road should have been packed with anxious travelers. After an unusually cold week, the weekend weather was predicted to be in the 90s. There was no traffic as the high gas prices and inflation took their toll on travelers, but the pond and peace were waiting.

We immediately felt the positive vibes of the pond. We launched our small pontoon boat, with which we were not entirely familiar. The engine tried but would not turn over. Some fellow boaters offered advice, and some even offered to tow us across the pond to our dock. People saw a problem and immediately responded. I logged onto YouTube, found the issue, and the motor purred to life. The boat, Simplicity, gave us a beautiful, tranquil afternoon on the water. It was just what the doctor ordered.

We ended the night with a beautiful dinner with family and friends. The conversation was light and easy. We touched on politics but more on the pond and pond life. As we sat down for dinner, we joined hands for Grace, and I felt a feeling of tranquility surround me. I was with the most significant person in my life, sharing the moment with family and friends. This peaceful moment and feeling are why we drive up 95 every Friday afternoon.

The pond works for us and gives us a chance to cleanse our minds before the reality of Monday morning returns. We all have to find our pond, our oasis, to escape reality. We will survive the current state of affairs because that is what we are, Americans and survivors.

Thank you for sharing these private thoughts this morning. This week’s Sunday Spotlight is not a person but is just as important. The Spotlight is on Peace of Mind. It may be the essential tool in our box as we do all we can, and is necessary to find the light to lead us forward.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft


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Skip’s Sauntering Snippets# 6-Gas Prices, Shortages, and what’s the Obama/Biden End Game?

Mon, 2022-05-23 00:00 +0000

Why is gasoline so high? Who is doing the manipulations behind the scenes and then decrying there’s nothing they can do? What IS the end game that they are trying for?

Hint: The Obama retreads that now staff President Asterisk’s Administration knew what was to happen even as Biden was campaigning from his basement. Yep, you ARE paying for what Biden said you vote for!

Welcome to Cloward-Piven, the ONLY strategy/policy that the Democrats in the White House have in mind!

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HB1431 Parental Bill of Rights – WMUR’s Biased Coverage: JR Hoell Gets “Time Shafted”, and LGBT Advocate Chris Erchull hates Parents.

Sun, 2022-05-22 22:30 +0000

He wants to Get between Me and My Legal Son??

We on the Right know that WMUR’s coverage of most things is biased Left; sometimes very left. In their coverage of the Parental Bill of Rights (HB1431), they were the latter rather former (way Left instead of just Left).  You can tell from how they started their “packages”; right from the get go was this (both broadcasts, unedited) – their slanted premise, seemingly, is that all Parents are to be judged as guilty and unfit for having a Transgender child and in playing off the Left’s mischaracterization of Florida’s bill that prohibits teachers from preaching sexual identity in K-3 (the “don’t say gay bill” that never had the word “gay” in it).  Gay? Unfit? Neither is correct:

Note: I’ve put this up on YouTube. If they take it down, I have a copy elsewhere.

And when I clocked the amount of time given to each side – it is a one sided play by WMUR and to prove it, I only have to ask one simple question:

Why didn’t you get a response from any of the three parents that are suing their school districts?  Not one?

And you’ve interviewed me in the past – you DO know how to reach me! I also dryly note that you gave FAR less time to the Republican lawmakers than you did for the Democrat ones and far less time to NH’s JR Hoell (yes, full disclosure, I consider him to be a friend) than to this Bostonian based Chis Erchull.

and this fellow out of Boston who is a subscriber to the Daily ‘Grok, Chris Erchull of the “GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders”.  So let me again display my thoughts (without you having to watch the video again, about this “advocate” sticking his nose into MY business because he thinks his sexuality identity ideology trumps that of my parenting Rights:

So Activist Chris Erchull (“GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders”) openly disparages the role of Parents in the raising of their children? HE wants first say over my child rather than ME in school issues?Hey dude, who the heck are you to butt into my relationship with my legal son?!?!?

You just made it personal, Sparky. And then I topped it off with a reference to another big story that WMUR has been “following” (for the pure human interests side of thing and NOTHING having to do with ratings, eh?) that is sure to ruffle some feathers in that “community” because they can’t stand this kind of news. But, being a lawyer and all, he’ll either bring out the smooth-talking words to get around THIS issue – or call me a Hater for bringing into the mix.

If you want to make yourself useful, go deal with the Alton Marina gays and that pedophilia mess they created instead. Or is their cheating infidelity to their spouses a “private matter”?

You see, WMUR just set the New Rules and I’m just playing by them in their constant attention on that matter – gays, infidelity, and coercion of minors. Can’t have it both ways, now, can you Chris? Or do you?  And I’ll just throw this in as a bonus as well: Transgender Indoctrination of KINDERGARTENERS by Teachers is NOT a figment of our crazed White Cis Imagination“. And how about that Clay County, Florida 12 year old that tried to commit suicide TWICE before they decided to let the Parents in on it?

Parents File Lawsuit After 12-Year-Old Girl Attempts Suicide Twice at School After Secret Meetings – A counselor endorsed the belief that the child ‘could be a boy’
After a 12-year-old girl attempted suicide on school property twice after months of secret meetings with a school counselor, her parents have filed a lawsuit.

You want receipts as to WHY Parental Bill of Right Legislation is needed – there you go pal!  And I have hundreds more of what is going on in schools behind Parents backs and in secret. And you want to KEEP it that way?  And, for the record, I made sure to ask my legal son’s school Principle, just like the Gilford School Board Chair told me to at the last Public Meeting, said to (you see, they set THEIR New Rules and I just played by them as well).  She refused to tell me: So How Did It Feel, Gilford School Board, to Watch Your Principal Lie to Me in Public Because of Your Policy JBAB?

So, you are a sower of Distrust with your advocacy between Parents, children, teachers, schools, and Society. Willfully looking to separate Parents from their kids, working to destroy the nuclear family.  Nice intentions, you have. Just a Culture War version of Cloward-Piven strategy that you’re playing. Along with the Sexual Identity Ideology – you are to be SOOO applauded!

Hey, I’m just playing wingman to Bill Maher on this – you gonna go after him as well?  I hear a lot of your brethren ain’t happy with him – it’s what the militant LGBT crew does and is. The Left can’t debate the issue, doesn’t WANT to debate the issue – but sure do demand that we use ONLY their language (“preferred pronouns”, anyone, instead of Free Speech?) and THEIR morality over mine.

And yes, he’s been following GraniteGrok for a while – last time I looked, he was a subscriber to our Daily ‘Grok eblast.

So, with all of the above said, Chris, I challenge you to a debate on our hour long GrokTALK! podcast? Brave enough to come into the opposition’s lair?




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Vermont Says Tick Season is All Year Now – Of Course it is, The Place is Run by Democrats

Sun, 2022-05-22 22:00 +0000

The headline at VT Digger is, in my amateur opinion – a bit misleading. “Officials say tick season is now all year,” Officials did say it, so it’s not on Digger, but I call BS. In Vermont, November, December, and January are inhospitable, even to ticks.

Unless, of course, by ticks, you mean Democrats. Those bloodsucking parasites are a scourge every day, no matter what the season. And Vermont is plagued with them. But that’s not what they meant, so I’m also calling BS in the general sense.

If you live where there are ticks, which are everywhere around here, you’ll know the cycle. Once they start in spring, they are all over and on everything. I have a short-haired white dog for a reason. He is crazy cute, but it is also easier to see and remove the critters before they drop off him (he’s on preventatives) and try to climb on me.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as placing a live tick on the mosquito racket and pressing the power button. Snap! No more tick.

Burial “at sea” is good too. Crushing them against a stump or a rock works. Or just with a fingernail. Good times. You can’t do that to Democrats despite them being bloodsuckers, too, and not just because it’s illegal and immoral. Democrats may whine like bratty pig-tailed schoolgirls when you get the pronouns wrong, but they can still be saved, ticks – not so much.

And the typical season is spring, followed by a lull, and then again in the fall. Most summers, we don’t see ticks on the white dog, but in Vermont, they are saying it’s going to be an all-year thing, and it’s all confusing because of climate change.


There are many factors that have made it difficult for experts to make predictions about the severity of tick season, Casey said. One factor making tick season especially unpredictable is climate change.

“We were never really comfortable making predictions, but climate change has thrown everything to the wind,” she said.



Vermont’s not super hot. Even in the age of rising climate change dogma, the annual average temperature is around 41.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Blacklegged ticks can be active above freezing in any year, but you don’t see them much when there’s snow on the ground. Most of your other varieties prefer the temperature at 45 degrees or higher before becoming a nuisance.

The assumption, therefore, is that since it’s warmer because of climate change, we’ll see more ticks. Forget all that business about climate change, also saying it can get colder and snowier. That only applies when it is colder, and we have more snow (and no ticks), you racist.

And credit where it’s due. Climate change has “thrown everything to the wind,” which means no one will want to explain why after peaking in 2013, the average daily temperature in Vermont has been on a 7-year slide or what that means with regard to ticks.

The critters, not the Democrats.

We know what those Dems are about, and they are doing a fine job of making America inhospitable to people no matter what the weather.

One final note. Once March stopped being cold, the ticks started up, and April was pretty fierce. A lot of activity. We’ve seen few, if any, in May, so Vermont’s problem probably is Democrats. The ticks are just trying to shoehorn their way in on the year-long bloodsucking parasites in elected office.



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Donkey Pox!

Sun, 2022-05-22 20:00 +0000

The Progressive Pandemic Theater has announced its new season. A twenty-four-week run of Monkey Pox. Shows daily, until the November elections, with an option to pick up additional weeks until the Dems have stolen that one in the name of making every vote count for a Democrat.

It’s actually Donkey Pox. All of it.

That’s what COVID was. The Wuhan-Flu was created and released in Wuhan, China, with your tax dollars laundered through Tony Fauci. That was Donkey Pox.

Now we have Monkey Pox, and you can call it that because Monkeys don’t have a lobby or a spot on the diversity totem poll (yet). The Dems aren’t sure they can train actual monkeys to vote for them. Only humans are dumb enough to ape the party line to the mail-in ballot drop box carousel.

That’s Donkey Pox Too!

Joe Biden and the entire Democrat agenda is Donkey Pox. The devaluing of the dollar. Inflation. Blocking domestic oil and gas production and then saying they aren’t doing that. Spending tens of billions to protect Ukraine’s border (see also bio-labs) while leaving our border wide open to drugs, gangs, crime, and a few folks with rare diseases, none of whom speak the language, but many of whom came for the free ride.

Donkey Pox.

Yes, a few migrants want to work and make something of themselves here. Grab a handful of freedom for their family but the jokes on them. Donkey Pox kills freedom, and the Democrats let them in to destroy the family along with it. If they won’t do that, they might as well be, white, male, cis-gendered Christians who vote red and not blue.

That goes for the rest of you, no matter what your identity politics nametag might say. Spread the Donkey Pox, or you’re Seth Rich. Dead in a bathtub. And maybe you’re better off that way because the thing about Donkey Pox is that it inevitably destroys the host. And voting “republican” may not ease symptoms.

It may not save anything, but that’s no excuse not to try. There are places within the national body free of Donkey Pox, at least for now. Florida comes to mind. They’ve got it, but it’s in remission, and that’s the key. There’s no cure but refusing to believe their bullsh!t makes for a tremendous prophylactic.

That’s why they need to make any speech they disagree with illegal, immoral, or unutterable. Donkey Pox the first amendment, then the second, and so on until all you’ve got is Donkey Pox, which is just another word for Democrat-Socialism, which is just a new dress on the old whore of Marxism.

The privileged few above the mewling masses.

But you don’t have to take it anymore. Progressive Pandemic Theater only works if you let it. You have to buy in but you can choose to opt-out. And don’t just say no, say hell no, while you still can.



Image Credit |

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NH Governor Chris Sununu Threatens Freedom of Speech Then Claims to Be Against Overreaching Government

Sun, 2022-05-22 18:00 +0000

On Friday, when NH Governor Chris Sununu vetoed HB1131, a bill that would have prohibited New Hampshire schools from implementing face mask mandates he said this in his veto message:

Just because we may not like a local decision, does not mean we should remove their authority. One of the State’s foremost responsibilities is to know the limits of its power.

As Granite Staters, we take pride in local control and our bottom-up approach to education. Similar to our fight to retain states’ rights against a bloated and ever-encroaching federal government, we have a responsibility to ensure the State minimizes its infringement on local control. Big government is never the solution, and neither is a one-size-fits-all approach.

When I read that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This is the same Governor Sununu who has said that he plans to veto HB1625, the Sidewalk Free Speech Act which would repeal the unconstitutional buffer zone law that allows private abortion businesses to designate up to 25 feet of the public sidewalk and street as no-free-speech zones.

Related: Sununu Lied If He Vetoes Buffer Zone Repeal

How does he reconcile his claim that “One of the State’s foremost responsibilities is to know the limits of its power” with his stated desire to uphold a law that is a blatant attack on our first amendment rights to speech and assembly? The buffer zone law is a huge power grab by the State which takes control of the public sidewalk from the public and hands it over to private abortion businesses.

Governor Sununu still has time to change his mind. HB1625 is on his desk and he can sign it or let it become law without his signature. Please call him at 603-271-2121 and ask him to sign HB1625, the Sidewalk Free Speech Act, and back up his claim that he believes in limiting government power.

Learn more at Top 10 Reasons Why the NH Buffer Zone Law Must Be Repealed.

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Survival Sunday

Sun, 2022-05-22 16:00 +0000

First, remember I am merely an “enlightened amateur” as far as anything survival goes.  Please vet & check on your own.  Consider these to be priming the pump for your own investigations.

Second, the hour is late and I fear bad times are imminent, but even a month of food, water, etc., puts you well ahead of most of the sheeple.  IMHO, set your minimum sights on a three-month period.

Third, two things will be critical for having the best chance of making it through:

  1. The proper mentality: first and foremost in survival is having a flexible mentality and cultivating the ability to adapt.
  2. Having a meatspace network of people that are likeminded: start cultivating your community ties and building alliances with neighbors (note: don’t babble about the Jab or globalists or depopulation, or start pointing political fingers when doing this)… and remember, the first rule of PREP CLUB is that there is no prep club.

Fourth, as you read here, note that I present an aggregation of articles that I think are interesting, but I do not have time to vet them.  Caveat emptor.




Prepper Site URLS:

Most have daily articles.  Please recommend others in the comments.

Ask a Prepper, how to prepare, survive and thrive, latest news

Mother Earth News

The Organic Prepper Home – The Organic Prepper – The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times.

SHTF Blog – Modern Survival

And two aggregate sites listing their top favorite sites:


The 50 Best Survival Blogs




Short of years of preparation and untold wealth, you cannot possibly be fully prepared for everything.  But even some preparations, ideally at least 90 days of food, water / water purification, etc., puts you head and shoulders in front of the vast majority of the sheeple who will be in jaw-gaping astonishment when the SHTF.  The only relevant questions are:

  1. When does it start?
  2. How bad will it get?
  3. How long will it last?
  4. What will the aftermath look like?





(HT DailyTimeWaster)





Top of the fold:

The Idiocy of Expansion

Again and again I’ll say it: each country is taking what seems, in the context of what’s know, the next logical step until everyone will be so bound up with commitments and obligations that even a car’s backfire will set off WWIII.  Related – I fear, if something starts in Europe, China will go for Taiwan within moments:

EXCLUSIVE: Audio Leaked of Chinese Military Meeting Discussing the Invasion of Taiwan and Defeat of Regional US Forces (

Here We Go: US Government to Extend Covid-19 Public Health Emergency Past July

Related to this:

Why Is FEMA Tracking Down Preppers? This Is How They Prepare For A Food Crisis – Ask a Prepper

So, could they be trying to figure out how many people are “hoarding” food that can repurposed to hand out to the unprepared? FEMA will continue to study prepared communities like our own and they will map these homesteads and prepper homes as resources.

Magic Eight Ball?


(Image source)

Another Omen of Impending Democrat Doom in the 2022 Midterms – PJ Media

We need to remember that the Left thinks and plans in terms of decades.  So what if the Right gains control again in 2022, and even cements and expands it in 2024.  The flood of illegal aliens, even if stopped, will continue to shift voting populations Leftward.







Presented, quick hit style, are some links to specific-topic prepper articles I think are particularly noteworthy.  Print them out and start a binder – if the SHTF badly enough you won’t be able to retrieve these off the net or, possibly, even off your computer (I remember one Y2K event I went to – someone was selling survival info on CDs… yeah, useful when the power’s out!):

Why Preppers Should Consider Growing Jerusalem Artichoke – (

Begs the question, where do I buy them and what do they like to grow in?



Deep State / Coming Tyranny / WEF / Globalists (broad):

Secret plan to flood America with millions of “economic migrants” exposed as Biden regime declares war on American citizens

Creating a permanent-majority voting base.  Except it’s not so secret.  They’ve been pretty open about it:



And have been open about it for quite some time:

U.s. Isn’t Becoming Europe. We’re Becoming Rome – Ann Coulter

Forced global world government under the guise of health care

Bayou Renaissance Man: A totalitarian onslaught against freedom on a worldwide scale

House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill to Use the FBI to Silence Conservatives Who Disagree With Them (VIDEO)

The noose is tightening.  In my mind related:

Guardian columnist George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to stop climate change | Daily Mail Online

Writing in his latest book, the Guardian columnist said the world must do away with meat and dairy production because it is a ‘phenomenally profligate’ way to produce food.



Shortages (broadly):

Collapse incoming: European nations start RATIONING food and fuel

The Approaching Food Crisis Will Be a Catastrophe For Humanity – PJ Media

If you think the supply chain collapse is bad now, just wait until summer

Bank of England Warns ‘Apocalyptic’ Global Food Shortage On The Horizon – Nwo Report

The Food Shortage Writing on the Wall Is Crystal Clear so Why Are so Few Taking It Seriously?

Will the Supply Chain Return to Normal Anytime Soon? – PJ Media

Famine is Coming. Are City Dwellers Prepared? (

And yet so many will bleat “Oh, that’s not possible here”.

How To Buy Food as Anonymously as Possible – The Organic Prepper

Highly endorse these techniques.  And re grains in general: we have an ongoing infestation of meal moths and I’m having to purge massive amounts to get rid of all their food.  Dammit.  The only things I know are to buy certified grains in strong plastic bags and/or freeze them for at least 72 hours prior to putting them into storage.  For myself, I double-wrap them in zip lock bags to isolate bags from one another in case one bag is infected, they’ll be contained and not get out to the whole lot.

One other thought: if you normally go maskless, don’t go with a mask to the store you are familiar with.

Interesting… – Nobody Asked Me… (

Food riots in Sri Lanka.  Iran.  South American countries.  All over.  I went looking for this movie scene – maybe predictive programming, look at the year… awfully damned close! – and the whole first page was current-event footage of food riots in multiple countries.



And another food distribution place burns:




Vittert: Think baby formula shortage is bad? Corn would be worse (

Less than half of the corn, wheat and soybeans usually planted this time of year is in the ground.

Combine that with virtually no wheat exports from Ukraine and America’s already shaking supply chain and things could get interesting — difficult, perhaps.

Remember, baby formula shelves are bare because one plant closed. You don’t need to take much out of the system to cause chaos.

We are now talking about a large percentage of corn, wheat and soybeans — gone come fall.

Best Emergency Food Supply – 2022 Buyer’s Guide (

I am not endorsing this list but merely have it for information.  I have bought from My Patriot Supply and am happy with what I’ve gotten.  The one disadvantage here is that, having ordered over the internet, there are digital fingerprints.



Inflation (broadly):

Egg Prices Soar As 10% Of Nation’s Hens Wiped Out By Devastating Bird Flu (

I’ve noticed this already.

AMERICA IN CRISIS: Gas Prices Hit Another All-Time Record High for 8TH STRAIGHT DAY! — Average Gas Price Now OVER $4.52 a Gallon (

Report, JP Morgan Predicts National Average Gasoline Prices Over $6 Gallon by August – The Last Refuge (

BREAKING: Washington gas stations run out of gas, add extra digit in anticipation of $10 dollar prices | The Post Millennial

Think ‘Bidenflation’ Won’t Push Gasoline Prices Over $10? Think Again. – PJ Media

Leftist New Zealand Govt to Hand Out Stimulus Checks to ‘Fight Inflation’

What’s that definition of insanity again?

UK: Legalise Shoplifting? Officers Should Use ‘Discretion’ With Stealing Suspects, Argues Police Watchdog

And the deliberate collapse of law and order spreads internationally.



The Grid & Energy In General:

Biden Cancels More Oil And Gas Leases As Fuel Prices Skyrocket | (

If President Potato and his handlers were intentionally trying to drive prices higher and create shortages, what would they be doing differently?

Solar storms: Why the next one might hit Earth without warning | New Scientist



US Social Stability (broad catch-all):

The American Third World: We’ll Soon Be Living in It (

Good article.  We are not necessarily facing the utter collapse of everything into Mad Max – but what we are certain to see is a slip into things being far more chaotic, far more uncertain, and definitely more dangerous than we’ve been accustomed to.  Related:

Democrats Target Energy and Food

“Build Blackouts Better”: Half Of America Faces Power Blackouts This Summer, Regulator Warns 

Transgender Is A Stalking Horse For The Normalization Of Pedophilia

Sex Educators Are Grooming Our Kids for Annihilation | The Patriot Post

A nation that doesn’t protect its children is a nation primed to collapse.


I want you to grasp the implications of this woman’s saying “It’s a woman’s choice” even when discussing a two-year-old child.

I would walk into a blast furnace voluntarily to protect my children.  I’d dive in front of a machine gun to protect my children.  And this beast-in-human-form would be willing to defend killing a toddler – and by extension any child – whenever a woman chooses to?

Consider the horror of even considering this – using children to extend adult life.  Or if, in the quest to preserve adult life:

New Research Shows “Harvesting Blood & Body Parts of the Young” Could Help Achieve “Immortality” – Summit News

Or using them as sex toys.

No, It Wasn’t A Hoax – Liberty’s Torch (

School Board Director Plans ‘Queer Night’ For Children Hosted Inside Sex Shop – Summit News

Things that would elicit broad outrage over their moral depravity even a few decades ago are now discussed openly in an attempt to normalize them.  A society that does not protect what children it has is not one that will survive.


Imagine the Unimaginable › American Greatness (

When revolutionaries undermine the system, earn the antipathy of the people, and face looming disaster at the polls, it is then they prove most dangerous—as we shall see over the next few months.



World Stability (broad catch-all):

Salvini Warns Food Shortages Could Cause 20 Million African Migrants to Enter Europe – Summit News

Europe is teetering on collapse now.  This would assure it.  Related:

Great Replacement in Action

Award Winning German Author Expresses Deep Concerns About Mass Immigration – Summit News

A nation, any nation, that does not control its borders will cease to be a nation.



This may seem off-topic, but it’s not.  What happens when this kind of CGI and deep fakes get to the point where in real time we cannot trust what we see and hear unless we are physically there in person?



And some other good videos on the sidebar about shortages and inflation.



Gardening, animals, etc.:

Learn how to make milk thistle extract, the all-purpose remedy for preppers (

Raising Chickens: It Really CAN Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be (



Tech security:

Nothing this week.




I have no idea if this is accurate or not.  But definitely, if things go kinetic, IR shielding of some sort will be needed.



More on the asshole in NY

Good point about body armor – incoming or outgoing.  Related:

Aim low – Gun Free Zone

And I don’t recall where I saw it, but body armor doesn’t eliminate the energy, it just prevents penetration to you.  You get hit center of mass, it’s going to hurt and knock you back or even flat.

HuffPo Explains Why You Need a Gun

Accidentally, of course.  See the book Dial 911 and Die.



A few years ago, talking with a rabid anti-gunner who dismissed the idea that any civilian army could defeat the US military (see three links just below) I commented that a lone sniper could target people from a mile away.  I challenged them to think through their day – leaving home, going to work, etc. – and look around to see all the places someone could be hidden.  And remember that there will be millions of people with their “ghost guns” and all, looking to take out them, their politicians, and the police who sign onto the wrong side.  Their face went white.

The 2nd Amendment is Obsolete, Says Congressman Who Wants To Nuke Omaha | Monster Hunter Nation

Belling the cat | The Zelman Partisans

Belling the Cat, Revisited | The Zelman Partisans

To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of people always possess arms.

Richard Henry Lee


More than that, though… possess the skill to use them well, and have the will to use them.

Inconvenient Fact About Mass Killings – Intellectual Takeout

Red Alert: Breaking Dem Legislation Could End Gun Sales to All Current Firearm Owners Forever, Require DOJ License (



Catch-all miscellaneous:

What you and your community need to do within the first 90 days of a catastrophic collapse



Wrap-up commentary if I am moved to do so:

One of the Ten Stages of Genocide is the dehumanization of the victim.



So, content warning for the video (about 10 seconds) at the link.  Not for the squeamish:


Fetus.  Not a human.  These people enthusiastically kill, and more, babies.  Because they’re inconvenient.  Because they don’t view them as human.



If they’re willing to do this to a baby, the very definition of innocence… what will they do to you, who stand in their way of their planned global Socialist utopia?  They have experience with this before.  100 million+ experiences.






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Just Call Him Governor Groomer

Sun, 2022-05-22 14:00 +0000

To cut to the chase, based on Sun-King Sununu’s announcement that he intends to veto a parental-rights law, the Sun-King’s position is that (1) it is appropriate for public schools to “groom” children and (2) parents should be kept totally in the dark.

Skip covers it in a recent post. There is also a recent post by Ann Marie Banfield.

Anyone calling himself or herself a conservative and/or a Republican who still supports Governor Groomer is NEITHER.

The rationale that Governor Groomer should get a pass for “being good on guns and taxes” is bunk.

There is a solid five-to-four majority of judicial conservatives on the Supreme Court. Governor Groomer is not needed to uphold the Second Amendment.

And Governor Groomer’s focus … indeed one could fairly say obsession … with respect to taxes is cutting BUSINESS TAXES. He obviously does not give a damn how high local property taxes go.

I repeat: Anyone calling himself or herself a conservative and/or a Republican who still supports Governor Groomer is NEITHER.



[Note: “Governor Groomer – I will have to “steal” that line.  -Skip]

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Finally, the Laconia Daily Sun wades into the Laconia Superintendent Steve Tucker SNAFU – a Petition Drive.

Sun, 2022-05-22 12:00 +0000

I’ve been waiting for Pravda on Lake Winnipesaukee to start delving into the goings-on in the Laconia School District (SAU 30) for a while. Finally, with things coming to a boil they did (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Petition asking for superintendent’s ouster signed by parents at Pleasant Street School

LACONIA — As of Wednesday, 119 parents of students at Pleasant Street School had signed an online petition asking the Laconia School Board to place Superintendent Steve Tucker on leave and not renew his contract, citing ineffective leadership, bullying, lack of transparency and unfair treatment of Pleasant Street School Principal David Levesque. Levesque’s contract has not been renewed because of reasons that have not been disclosed by the board or superintendent – and that’s become a thorny problem for the school community. District officials say they can’t detail circumstances behind the non-renewal because it’s a personnel issue.

…Levesque’s treatment, Tucker’s angry remarks at the May 3 school board meeting and the lack of explanation or further details have sparked a firestorm of support for Levesque and for the ouster of Tucker, and parents and community members continue to question the district’s decision not to keep the popular principal.

Levesque is appealing the decision. After several postponements, most recently of a school board hearing for Levesque that was scheduled for May 16, no new hearing date has been set. Levesque remains in limbo, and many parents, teachers and staff are shocked and distraught.

And his treatment is similar to others on whom Tucker is seeking retribution. They’ve contacted me saying that the reasons that Tucker has given them are pretty much bogus and can’t be substantiated.  It seems that he has the same level of political instincts that he does in setting up a formal process of comparing 5th grade math curriculum with a hypothesis, a testing methodology, setting up an A/B metrics comparison, and enumerating the success criteria.

Which is to say, zippo.  Not a freaking clue. I know – I and the Gilford Selectman (also an engineer) on the BudComm subcommittee grilled him and decided he was absolutely useless.  And then failed upward – good going, Laconia!

Here’s the petition – and if you think that I was brutal on him…(again, emphasis mine):

We respectfully call on the school board of Laconia (SAU 30) to place Superintendent Steve Tucker on leave and not renew his upcoming contract. We as parents of the children that attend the schools in this district no longer have confidence in his abilities to lead our district to provide the best education possible. His lack of effective leadership and bullying in the school district has caused a toxic work environment for many staff and administrators. His malicious outburst toward PSS Principal Dave Levesque at the school board meeting on May 3rd proves he is unfit to hold a leadership position. He has shown he has more interest in a personal agenda than the education of the district by retaliating against and terminating those teachers and administrators who do not fit his narrative. If quick action is not taken with Superintendent Tucker the future of our school district is unknown and our children will suffer the most.

Like I said, no skilz. If you are in Laconia, sign it, please. If you need any prompting, the first 45 minutes of the May 3rd meeting that’s mentioned in the petition text.


Of course – it was held in a little room so as to keep the audience down.  Deliberately. Why else not use the High School’s auditorium?

And it starts to get interesting at 11:30 at the first Public Comment session. Then at 38:30, Steve Tucker lies to the audience that Dave Levesque has taken a job in the Franklin school district. You can hear how ANGRY parents are – and the school board starts to turn on Tucker as well.  Then at 1:15, Dave Levesque shows up and the lie that Tucker told is exposed (and a “food fight” on the board to allow Levesque to speak ensued).

And Tucker never apologies, to use the word of the day, for his “misinformation” about Dave Levesque.

I also dryly note that Tucker has put himself front and center – shouldn’t that have been the Chair?

Also, having served on my hamlet’s BudComm, this “Budget Meeting” was a complete fiasco.  I can’t believe that the Chair, Aaron Hayword, allowed that craptacular meeting to go on and expect that a DETAILED analysis was completed.  Absolutely shameful.



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The Left and the LGBTQRS- Militants Aren’t Happy with Bill Maher Anymore.

Sun, 2022-05-22 10:00 +0000

Wow, just wow.  A couple of weeks ago, I brought up that we may have hit “Peak Trans” over the Lia Thomas swimming fiasco.  Normal people are now seeing what part of the movement is about – for all of The Handmaid’s Tale red robes and white hats schtick, girls and women are losing their spots in their own sports. Here are two more snippets (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Australian Transgender Surfer Crushes the Competition in Open Women’s Divisions

A transgender surfer in Western Australia has become the first person in history to win both the men’s and women’s divisions of the sport. This month, 43-year-old Sasha Jane Lowerson crushed the competition in the Open Women’s and Open Logger divisions at the West Coast Suspensions Longboard and Logger State Championships, as well as a number of state titles.

And from surfing to skateboarding:

‘I am done being silent’: Female skateboarder speaks out about placing second to a transgender competitor

Female skateboarder Taylor Silverman is speaking out about losing to a biological male — in an Instagram post, Silverman said that she placed second in a Red Bull competition and lost out on prize money because of a transgender competitor.  Silverman placed second in the Red Bull Cornerstone competition last year.

“My name is Taylor Silverman. I am a female athlete. I have been skateboarding for eleven years and competing for several years. I have been in three different contests with trans women, two of which I placed second. At the last contest series I did for Redbull, I placed second. The trans competitor who won took $1000 dollars in qualifiers, $3000 in finals, and $1000 in best trick. This totaled to $5000 of the prize money meant for the female athletes. I took $1000 in qualifiers and $1750 for second place, so $2750 in total. The girl who took third received $750. The girl who deserved $1000 for best trick took nothing along with whoever would have placed third. I deserved to place first, be acknowledged for my win, and get paid. I reached out to Redbull and was ignored. I am sick of being bullied into silence,” Silverman wrote.

And yet the LGBTQRSTUV crowd all complain about being misgendered and erased – yet are bullies towards anyone that defies them and their agenda.

Maher agrees with that general theme and has had enough – and it talking about reality and asking the hard questions that the LGBT folks don’t want discussed and don’t want asked:

From my ears, a tour de force. The most fun part is watching DNC official and Democrat operative Donna Brazille’s sour face as he, a liberal, takes on the group that currently sits astride the top of the Democrat Identity Group Politics Totem Pole.  And there is nothing she can do about it. Even his audience is agreeing with him, recognizing his laugh lines instantly.  Yes, I was nodding in agreement. And he just kept on going.

Questions that NH Governor Chris Sununu won’t ask as it seems he is now pandering to that crowd by promising to veto the Parental Bill of Rights that would allow parents to find out if schools are turning their kids trans (re: Manchester?  Clay County, Florida? California?). It’s real, it exists, and it is happening.

It’s like Critical Race Theory – if teachers are right and it isn’t being taught, why are they fighting so hard to silence Parents?  It holds for this as well.

So much for political courage on the part of Sununu?  Or has he made the [poor] political calculus that he’ll get more votes for re-election by dissing and canceling Parents by telling them to lump it when trying to get information about their kids from their schools? That schools can withhold information from Parents and he’ll have their backs?

Seems to look like that to me – and to a lot of other Parents I’m hearing from.

Or, at the last moment, is he going to do a re-do of his “Senate Campaign” and drop out at the last moment and make it impossible for a Republican to successfully run?


(H/T: Powerline)

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So, NH Gov. Sununu, Once Again, Is Talking Out of Both Sides of His Mouth: Local Control, Parental Bill of Rights, Masks

Sun, 2022-05-22 02:00 +0000

Yeah, sure thing, Baby Huey.  Once again, you’ve taken an issue important to your (now shrinking) Republican base and tossed it into the trash can. And again, it’s over what PARENTS believe is best for their children.  Nice to see that you’re showing us that you’re “Bigger” than they are – and using the rubric of “Local Control” as cover.

You’re lying, again, because you KNOW, as Governor, that for all the talk of “Live Free or Die” and “Local Control”, the latter is only a shell game and you’re dismantling the former. You know that NH is a Dillon’s Rule State which means that “subdivisions of the State” (e.g. towns, cities, school boards, et al) can only do those things that the State Legislature allows them to do and not anything more (or in certain cases, not less).

To that latter point, the most local of “Local Control” is that of Parents having the responsibility for their children. And just like with HB1431, the Parental Bill of Rights, that you have threatened to veto, you just vetoed the ability of Parents to determine the health control of their children.  And then he proves my point (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Sununu vetoes bill to ban face covering mandate in schools

CONCORD — Calling it “Big Government” and a “one-size-fits-all approach,” Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed legislation to place a ban on requiring students or the public to wear face coverings while inside public schools. Sununu signed 55 other bills Friday and only rejected this one (HB 1131), which was a priority of the anti-vaccine mandate activists that packed committee hearing rooms several times during the 2022 session.

In his veto message, Sununu said the bill violates local control, a hallmark of public school regulation that leaves decisions to school boards and administrators.

“Just because we may not like a local decision does not mean we should remove their authority,” Sununu wrote. “One of the state’s foremost responsibilities is to know the limits of their power.”

Sununu said it’s inconsistent for the Legislature to oppose federal infringement on state rights such as vaccine mandates while trying to usurp local power on similar topics.

Two days, two vetoes. May I remind him that he DID do the “one-size-fits-all” during the pandemic with his “Public Health Trumps Everything” outburst – showing his lack of respect for the Constitution (pick one: US or NH). We ALL had to do as he said under penalties and fines.  All in all, sir, you’ve made sure of this lockstep. You made NO exceptions at all – no locality had any Power under your decrees at all.

And by not recognizing Parental Rights and telling school boards, especially, you’ve told Parents that they are to be those “one-size-fits-all” victims again in which the school boards can deny them any agency at all in invoking their Rights or in their responsibility in guiding their education.  Or just denying those Parental Rights outright (by keeping necessary and neefdful information for raising their children from them).

Vetoing the mask bill that no longer allows Parents, once again, to make the best decision for their children; Government will. One more slice of that thousand.

“Just because we may not like a local decision does not mean we should remove their authority,” Sununu wrote. “One of the state’s foremost responsibilities is to know the limits of their power.”

“One-size-fits-all” – a dodge.  What you’ve done is to elevate, again, the State and local Government above Parents. It is clear that you don’t even recognize any limit to Government’s Power.

In these two issues, your lack of recognition in the role of Parent to child in education shows you have no problem in being anti-Parent.

So what ARE those limits to Government’s Powers in this regard? Government used to respect its lanes, its boundaries, its LIMITS.  He uses that word as if he actually applies them.

Or are there any, Guvna?

(H/T: Union Leader)

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Transgender Indoctrination of KINDERGARTENERS by Teachers is NOT a figment of our crazed White Cis Imagination

Sun, 2022-05-22 00:00 +0000

Is this, Moms and Dad, why you allow the Government to educate your precious little one that isn’t all that far removed from successful potty training?  That are just starting to dress themselves and follow directions?

And have little idea about the differences between boys and girls (for the most part)?

And did you look forward to the “Freedom Holidays” video series from the Maine Department of Education?

A pro-transgender, pro-LGBTQ video for kindergarteners — which says a doctor can sometimes make a “mistake” about a baby’s gender — has been removed from Maine’s Department of Education website over “age appropriateness” issues…The “Freedom Holidays” video in question is one of about 400 optional instruction clips developed by teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic to help teachers engage remote learners, the Portland Press-Herald reported.

The video, which speaks directly to kindergarteners, begins with a teacher discussing holidays such as July 4 that celebrate freedom. But soon the teacher in the clip begins talking about “LGBT+” people and adds, “We’re not free.” The teacher then defines the words “lesbian,” “gay,” “bisexual,” and “transgender,” noting that lesbians are “women who love other women,” gay men “love other men,” and bisexual people are men and women who “love both men and women.”

Then the teacher tells the kindergarteners a “transgender person is someone who the doctors made a mistake about when they were born.”

This shows that it isn’t the “Health and/or Wellness” classes that have it. Note, again, the title of the series: “Freedom Holidays” and the teacher rattles off a bunch of things about Freedom in the US that has nothing to do with sex – and then starts telling kindergartners about sex. While some teachers are out front in bringing these issues into the classroom “loud and proud” as if their notion of their sexuality should be front and center, it’s like the old 10%/90% iceberg analogy – what is below that waterline that Parents can’t see? After all, if the indoctrination parts have been woven into the curriculum in other areas and has become a common thread, how would you know unless you demand copies of ALL of the curriculum your child would see?

I know as a parent that my boys weren’t ready for the tradition “birds and the bees” talk at that age – it was a few years down the line in which we had that talk.  And yes, it was OUR responsibility as Parents to have that talk rather then some unknown teacher that didn’t know our boys with special needs as well as we did.

Now, I’m betting those 5 & 6-year-olds had no idea what she was talking about – I hope so. Perhaps, however, if older kids watched it, they did what most kids do – soaked it up like a sponge.  And that’s the whole reason why Sexualization Advocates of the deviant side are doing this. After all, have you ever seen the “Libs o TikTok” show a video of Normal adults talking about being straight (translation for those sexuality advocates of another kind: cis-heterodoxy; yet even more created words to push a Leftist political Agenda)

(H/T: The Blaze), video hosted by the Portland Press Herald)

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In 1952 Planned Parenthood Said an Abortion “kills the life of a baby after it has begun”

Sat, 2022-05-21 22:00 +0000

I was sifting through a few of the 300 or so articles I’ve published here on abortion. Among them was a link to something in a post from April of 2011 titled “An Inconvenient Life.”

Planned Parenthood and the Democrats who helped them hide the bodies had been on another narrative bender. They claimed that abortion only accounted for 3% of their business. This was a lie. The correct number was about 37%, but the more significant number was 63 million.

At the time of the report, fiscal data showed that Planned Parenthood had made 63 million (2009) on abortions. They’ve made more since, all while getting billions in taxpayer handouts—corporate cronyism from the left (and GOPe dopes like Chris Sununu) to a multi-billion-dollar global conglomerate that doesn’t need the money.

It has nothing to do with women or health. This is a laundromat. Tax dollars to campaign contributions and conscientious objection on grounds moral or in principle are sexist.

One thing to which Planned Parenthood has remained faithful in its mission. Depopulation of minorities. Planned Parenthood has killed millions of black babies. And before it was women’s health or choice, it ended a human life.


In a 1952 brochure on birth control, Planned Parenthood responds to the question “Is it an abortion?” with the following answer: “Definitely not. An abortion requires an operation. It kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that when you want to have a child you cannot have it. Birth control merely postpones the beginning of life.”


You are still ending a human life, for the record, but there’s not all that much money in it for Planned Parenthood if the pre-born have human rights. There’s no taxpayer laundromat, no organ harvesting business, lobbying war chest, and fetal cell lines. It just falls apart.

People whose massive salaries rely on the triad of tax dollars and abortions to fund Democrats fall apart, so don’t be fooled.

The noise and violence inspired and encouraged by the political left have nothing to do with whether a woman has a right to “choose” to execute the life in her womb. It is about campaign finance and forty years of converting your hard-earned money into their campaign dollars and all the lavish lifestyle it affords them.

Power a the expense of human life.

They make the sacrificial cults of Meso-America look like a bunch of amateurs.



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That Infamous NSBA Letter That Branded Parents as Domestic Terrorists Originated in Nashua, NH?

Sat, 2022-05-21 20:00 +0000

Surfing the net yesterday, I came across this title at Hot Air: Report confirms White House had advance knowledge of the NSBA’s ‘domestic terrorism’ letter and promised ‘we have your back’. The infamous Letter from the NSBA. The one that publicly declared that Parents are Domestic Terrorists.  Steve wrote, when this came out in October, 2021:

A new threat has risen across the fruited plain. No, not drug runners, gang members, or others sneaking across our porous southern border –  while the Feds are distracted by crowds of “refugees.” It’s parents. Parents are the rising threat to domestic tranquility.

The national organization of public school boards is calling on the Biden administration to protect its members from “angry mobs” of parents who protest against COVID-19 restrictions placed on students and the teaching of critical race theory, characterizing the protests as “domestic terrorism.”

Put another way, people you elected, many of whom you also pay to represent your interests, want Joe Biden to declare you a terrorist. Is it the lack of firebombing, looting, assault, murder, and Black Lives Matters signs, because I’m sure they could arrange that. You know, make them look more like peaceful protesters.

And I took it a step further – Hey, Gilford School Board!

…that’s how the Left rolls these days – absolutely demonizing and putting those that refuse to agree with them in the worst possible light and try HARD to put them into legal difficulties. Really, getting arrested for simply telling a Board that CRT is disgustingly racist and that boys should NEVER be allowed into girls’ locker rooms.

So, I asked my elected representatives on the Gilford School Board, after telling them what the NSBA had said:

Do you agree with the NSBA that we are domestic terrorists?

They just sat there.  I wasn’t surprised.

Now, to be fair, [GSV Member] Kyle Sanborn did complain that I had just stolen his thunder – he had seen a similar post and said it was disgusting how Parents were being portrayed.  Good on him.

I dryly note that that Chair Gretchen Gandini and Vice-Chair Karen Thurston just sat there.

I understand that Thurston hates my guts.  So does that really make her a Hater?  By the Left’s definitions, yes, because she’s not “inclusive of others”. Thankfully, they are both off the board now. However, I still wonder how many other school boards were asked that question by parents – and how many answered?  As it turned out, only 20% of my School Board didn’t believe I was a Domestic Terrors.  Opinionated? Knowing the Law they were violating? Upset that they believe they never have to talk to those that elect them? And in my case, then sue them over it?

So, with all that said as a reminder that it was made personal, back to the Hot Air post:

First off, credit to Chuck Ross who noticed this had been released and started tweeting about it. As you may recall, the National School Board Association (NSBA) sent a letter to White House last September which asked for a review of threats against school board members and which suggested the Patriot Act could be used against parents who were compared to domestic terrorists. Days later AG Merrick Garland issued a response which didn’t mention the Patriot Act but did say the FBI would be checking in with school boards around the country.

But as word of the original letter spread people were outraged. By the end of October, the NSBA had apologized for “some of the language” in the letter. But the apology was too little, too late. Within days five state school board associations had withdrawn from the NSBA. By December the number of state associations leaving the national organization reached seventeen. That represented about 40% of the NSBA’s annual dues. By January the number had climbed to 19 and the Washington Post reported the NSBA was on the verge of a total collapse.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to help them understand what had gone wrong the NSBA hired an outside law firm to write a report about what went wrong. That’s the 55 page report that was released today.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. So I downloaded the report – all 57 pages. Then in going to the Tweet of Chuck Ross (above), I found that the NSBA had cleared house by ALSO putting out 557 pages of emails (“Exhibits“). Both are listed below.  However, I stopped short on Page 2 of the report.

Did you know that the national denigrating by School Boards started with an incident in our own Nashua, NH?



‘Grok Friend, Di Lothrop, had the receipts: “Nashua Democrats Jan Schmidt and Deb Stevens Lie about Candidates for Nashua School Board”

…Unfortunately, some people go too far. And Nashua Democrats have a couple of doozies in their midst. Citizens beware. Two Nashua Democrats, both of whom are members of the NH House and one also is a member of the Nashua Board of Aldermen, recently attacked the reputation of two innocent women, two young mothers who have said they are considering running for the Nashua School Board. Based on their own set of fighting rules, these Democrats made false claims that the young women were involved with a white supremacist group.

Without any evidence whatsoever, the two Democrats pounced on their prey, claiming that the two possible BOE candidates MUST have known the stranger wearing a Proud Boys t-shirt who had stepped into a photograph with them. Be the first amongst you who have had a stranger ‘photobomb’ a photo with you in it, cast the first stone.

Ah yes, we get to talk about Jan Schmidt (who loves Free Speech so much she tried to have GraniteGrok shut down) and her Progressive/Socialist/Democrat cohort Deb Stevens – thanks, ladies for yet another go ’round of blog fodder! Remember, being Socialists (and Schmidt has made no secret hat she’s a hardened Bernie-Bro sycophant), the means are immaterial as long as the end goal is achieved.

So, we have two guys showing up in Hawaiian shirts and T-Shirts marked Proud Boys and the Democrats, once again, go ballistic and assumed they were being invaded.  From that one circumstance, EVERYONE was considered to be an enemy nationwide.  Shhh – there has to be SOME connection we can take advantage of this “crisis” that just got laid into our laps, right?

And *I* get labeled, by the 80% majority of the Gilford School Board, as a Domestic Terrorist, by their silence.  Convenient, eh?

I’m betting there’s a lot more in that 57 page report and a lot of juicy emails – but it all ends up with this:

If School Boards were in the business of treating Parents as their employers (and we really are, having outsourced the education of our children to them) and with the respect that is due us as employers over the last couple decades, this wouldn’t have happened. If they had simply been willing to talk and answer questions WITH us, this wouldn’t have happened. If they had fostered an atmosphere of openness and transparency about their actions and the policies they put into place (and not ones they put in place to isolate themselves from us).

And this wouldn’t have happened if they had refused, at the first sentence uttered by those that wish to indoctrinate our kids with Critical Race Theory and Hyper-sexualize our younger ones, to listen to them and said “we need to concentrate BETTER and MORE THOROUGHLY on the basics.  You know, what these parents PAY us to do?

NSBA Report on Letter to President Biden branding Parents as Domestic Terrorists:

NSBA report on letter to President Biden Parents Domestic Terrorists




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INSANE Number Of Biden’s Twitter Followers Are FAKE

Sat, 2022-05-21 18:00 +0000

A shocking new report revealed another layer of corruption behind Big Tech’s outsized influence. Despite receiving minimal attention, Mark Zuckerburg unmistakably funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to “outreach” efforts to buy certain electoral results in 2020. Now, we are learning that major Twitter accounts are laden with fraudulent numbers.

The New York Post writes:

“At least half of President Biden’s 22.2 million Twitter followers are bogus, a new audit revealed.

The audit, which was done for the social media giant by software firm SparkToro, found that 49.3% of the president’s followers are “fake followers,” according to Newsweek

SparkToro has defined “fake followers” as “accounts that are unreachable and will not see the account’s tweets (either because they’re spam, bots, propaganda, etc. or because they’re no longer active on Twitter).””

Conservatives have pounced on this information, noting that the correlation between fake Twitter followers quickly closes in on other hyped numbers – namely 81 million voters. While this is not definitive proof, it’s still another powerful, albeit tangential, reminder that not everything is as it appears.

To be sure, though, the fake numbers are not only on Biden’s account. Biden’s is certainly headline-worthy given his titular role in this country and the years-long claims of election fraud, but that by no means excludes the rest of some influential accounts. The Post notes that:

“SparkToro used the same audit on Musk himself and found that nearly 70.2% of Musk’s 93.3 million Twitter followers were fake.”

In fact, the research team behind these numbers, SparkToro, released its own statement saying that pretty much everyone is followed by fake users.

“In our research, 5-30% of followers are fake — they’re bots, spam accounts, inactive users, propaganda, or other non-engaged/non-real users. If you rely on follower count as a measure of potential influence and reach, you could be vastly overestimating an account. This tool audits a sample of 2,000 random followers for any given account and runs diagnostics found to strongly correlate with these types of fake followers.”

Elon Musk has repeatedly said that his pending deal with Twitter cannot be finalized until he is assured that less than 5% of all accounts are spam or bots. Given SparkToro’s deep dive into accounts both large and small, this number would appear quite problematic. What’s more, even the current CEO cannot distance himself from these troubling figures.

The New York Post continued:

“Musk said he believes that 20% of all Twitter accounts are fake and vowed to not go through with his $44M purchase of the social media giant until the issue is resolved. 

“My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate,” Musk said.

“Yesterday, Twitter’s CEO publicly refused to show proof of <5%. This deal cannot move forward until he does.”



Hailey Sanibel Writes at The Blue State Conservative

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Arctic Sea Ice Canary Won’t Die in the Global Warming Coal Mine

Sat, 2022-05-21 16:00 +0000

Temperatures in New Hampshire are expected to hit close to 100 degrees this weekend before tailing off to more seasonal weather. The Warmists will be all aflutter, so this seems like a good time to point out this little fact: Arctic sea ice is growing above the 30-year average.

I know, it’s not even supposed to be there. All the Cruise Companies are supposed to be booked solid with fully vaccinated tourists drifting across the open water on top of the world. Algore promised, as did all his knee-pad-wearing doe-eyed acolytes.

Sorry to disappoint. According to The Science.


May 19 Arctic sea ice extent is above the average since 1989, and higher than 1995, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2001, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Ice extent loss so far this month has been the lowest in over 30 years.


That’s a lot more ice than any “expert” ever predicted.



We’re dangerously close to the 1981-2010 mean. As much or more sea ice than before the great awakening when they began its crusade to stop runaway CO2 to ensure runaway expanding government, debt, fearmongering, you know the drill.

I guess they could say it worked, but for a tiny problem.

There’s still no connection between rising levels of CO2 and anything they’ve yet predicted.



Then we have the true culprit; if the planeteers are serious about all this emissions business, they chitter on about so much.



We know they are not serious. If they were, they would be demanding Joe Biden expand domestic oil and gas production and end imports. By some estimates, one tanker ship making one trip creates as many or more emissions than millions of cars.

If emissions and reducing CO2 were, in fact, the goal, the current policy is precisely the opposite of the right thing to do, and doesn’t that sum up Democrats in a nutshell?



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Fentanyl Deaths are Collateral Damage

Sat, 2022-05-21 14:00 +0000

Fentanyl death, by poisoning or overdose, is now the leading cause of death in America for the 25 to 45 age group. Originating in China and distributed to the United States by Mexican cartels and smugglers. There is no legal use for this imported drug, and it should be classified as a terrorist act to bring it across our Border. We are losing over 100,000 young Americans every year from this death powder.

Every week we hear a story of enough Fentanyl intercepted by our Border Patrol Agents to kill every individual in this country. It is a unique and puzzling business model to have manufacturers and distributors complicit in killing a high percentage of their customer base. It certainly decreases repeat business and customers. What is the end game in this sordid effort? It seems that fear is their goal, and if so, they are successful.

We have heard considerable criticism about the lack of progress in stopping the flow of this plague. Many have called for this process to be classified as an act of terrorism. Terrorism is a national problem, and we should not be leaving the border states to fight this battle alone. There is no more severe or deadly assault any country or gang could perpetrate on Americans and America.

It is becoming painfully apparent that the situation at the Border is only a crisis for half of Americans. I fear that the Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, are doing nothing to control the flow of humanity, drugs, guns, and gangs because this is part of their plan to transform America. Transform may be too soft a phrase; destroy America is more appropriate.

The Border is the biggest failure of the Biden but is sharing headlines with the economy and infant formula shortage. Images of illegal aliens forming a never-ending chain crossing the Rio Grande and surrendering to authorities to be processed. No vetting, testing, or reason for entry. All these well-coached people have to say is they are in fear of returning to their homes. Those are the magic words of entry.

It seems like all of America is on hold listening to soft music as we wait for Washington to do something, anything, to solve the problems we wake to every day. Kamala Harris has stayed away from the Border like it is a high voltage third rail while she raves and laughs about the electric school bus. I drive a school bus, Kamala, and on a cold dark January morning, I want to turn the key in my diesel bus and listen to it purr. How about you get your incompetent self down to the Border, get educated on the reality of the crisis, and solve it. Do something, or get out.

Everybody sees the problems. Gas prices hit new highs every day while the stock market plummets to new lows. Inflation is on its own trajectory, and the White House continues to use fake info to justify its cause. It is Biden’s inflation, not Putin’s. Putin did not dump trillions into the economy only to remain unspent or redirected. You need four sets of eyes to watch all that is going wrong around us. It is tiring and stressful and makes the two years of the Pandemic look easy. COVID is over. The Biden impact will be around for years.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Maggie Pretends to Buck Her Party with Gas Tax Holiday but Hassan Votes with Biden Almost 98% Of the Time

Sat, 2022-05-21 12:00 +0000

Maggie Hassan has new ads fouling up my television viewing experience. In them, she claims to be bucking her party by trying to push a federal gas tax holiday (with no chance of passing) because gas prices are too damn high.

It’s BS and I’d bet money you’ll find a similar screed from any other Democrat in a tight November Race. She may even have the party’s blessing; Pretend all you want, we know it would never see debate, but it might save your ass.

Here’s the Ad. Warning: do not drink or eat anything while watching. It might end up in your nose or all over your laptop.



Hassan is trying to reposition herself as a moderate (again). It is a tactic she’s been plying for decades—middle of the road Maggie. And look! A gas tax holiday.

But Maggie votes for the Biden/Party line 97.7%. She never mentions that in the ad or how she deliberately made not just gas but the price of everything go up.

Soaring Gas Prices

It’s window dressing, of course. A gas tax holiday does almost nothing to address the underlying problem of which she is an integral part.

Production and Inflation. Without revisiting it, the Bidenistas went to war on domestic production on day one. A war that continued last week when they canceled a significant oil and gas lease sale. Not a peep from Maggie, but that makes sense. She’s never voted to increase production, quite the opposite (care of the NRSC).

  • Hassan has voted at least two times against energy exploration in ANWR (Senate Roll Call Votes: 12/2/17, 12/21/17) 
  • In 2021, Hassan voted three times against legislation to prohibit a ban on fracking (Senate Roll Call Votes: 2/4/21, 2/5/21, 8/10/21) 
  • In 2021, Hassan voted four times against advancing the Keystone XL Pipeline, killing roughly 11,000 good-paying jobs in the process (Senate Roll Call Votes: 2/4/21, 2/5/21, 3/6/21, 3/6/21) 
  • Hassan has a 99% lifetime rating from the League Of Conservation Voters, a group leading advocacy of the Green New Deal (National Environmental Scorecard, League Of Conservation Voters)

Maggie’s also a hypocrite. In 2014 she claimed credit for a 22% increase in “exports” from New Hampshire. Over 21% of that was “from oil, fracked out of the ground in the Bakken oil fields, carried via rail, through New Hampshire (without ever stopping here) on its way to Canada.”

She’d never support fracking, but she tried to use it to make her look like a good leader for New Hampshire. The gas tax holiday is more of the same sort of fraud.

Soaring Gas Prices Part II

Then there’s Inflation. It is as much or more to blame. The Dems have spent more money than (perhaps) any congress and in record time. The “money” isn’t real, and without equivalent products or services to back it up, every new dollar devalues each one that proceeds it.

The entire fossil fuel process, from exploration to extraction to refining to delivery, costs more because of record-setting Inflation.

A gas tax holiday can’t change that, and hyperinflation – which seems likely – will erase the worthless dollar or two it represents per tank in the blink of an eye. Not that it is worth much now, thanks to Maggie.

This deliberate devaluation of the dollar via Democrat spending policy has also motivated other nations to begin dropping it as a global currency. They are abandoning the US petrodollar. If you wanted to make a currency worthless, Maggie Hassan and Democrats are doing a fine job.

The federal gas tax holiday idea is smoke and mirrors. The problems are deep and systemic, and Hassan finds herself and her voting record in radical left-wing territory with the likes of Klobuchar, Menendez, Lahey, Markey, Kelley, Kaine, and Hirono. And she’s more “Biden” than  Durbin, Booker, or Bernie.

Maggie Hassan isn’t bucking her party; she’s *ucking over her constituents, and a gas tax holiday can’t fix that.



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Something Evil has Invaded Our Nation …

Sat, 2022-05-21 10:00 +0000

This video is making the rounds (again?), and if you watch it, you’ll understand why. This young woman has synthesized a list of things that just don’t make any sense. Stuff you’ve thought about or maybe not in a while or in this way.

It’s worth listening to as a reminder of just how crazy our world has gotten and how little sense so much of it makes. With plenty of sound bites, you can take with you into battle across social media.

It’s less than three minutes, and you may have seen it, but it never hurts to be reminded.



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