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Right Handed Privilege? But What if My Right Hand Identifies as My Left?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 16:30 +0000

If the world is right-handed how have left-handed people managed to overcome this discrimination to become successful, productive individuals? Where’s the problem?

Well, everything is a problem just waiting for someone to find a way to get a grant if they complain about it.

And no one has more idle time than highly credentialed education experts with a misplaced love for Marxist Theory. The idea that when old-school class war fails or is untenable, you can pick up the nearest thing (in this case with your left hand) and scream “injustice.”

Gender dysphoria, for example, is a mental illness that’s become the latest cudgel of the political left, but only if you agree with them. If you are trans and for Trump, no rights for you.

Equity Schmekuity you, [insert cascade of insults here].

They’d rather you killed yourself, not that this isn’t more likely either way. The Left’s culture continues to embrace or impose strategies that reduce the population under the guise of equity, anti-racism, (public health), or antidiscrimination.

Does no one think it odd that the same party keen on rapid depopulation constantly advances “things” that make more people dead?

So, what’s all this then?


I don’t think the war on right-handedness will fill many body bags, so its usefulness as a victim class seems limited. But it might piss off left-handed transgenders who, if you ask me, should go all in and identify as right-handed.

Right-handed people could all identify as left-handed (or vice-versa) and then where’s the injustice? It’s just in your head (hint-hint).

Your “handedness” would be no different than Will Thomas, who wins women’s NCAA swim medals while (literally) hanging out in the locker room with biological women to whom he is sexually attracted.

It’s the movie Porky’s, but you’re in the shower with the girls, and they can’t say a thing lest they be called bigots on the way to losing scholarships, educations, and careers as athletes or coaches.

And this is a hill to die on for the party of women transwomen.

I can only imagine what they’ll do if this right-handed privilege thing takes off.



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Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 15:00 +0000

Remember, ridicule and mockery are effective weapons:

1. Ridicule cannot easily be fought

2. Ridicule makes the enemy angry, and angry people make mistakes

3. For those in the “squishy middle” a Thought Splinter can often be hidden inside humor

Now, let the mockery and mayhem begin.  And take heart, bold warriors – there will be a Meme Overflow on Tuesday!

*** Warning, a few somewhat off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***






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Legal or Illegal VS Right or Wrong

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 13:30 +0000

I am Pro-Life. I said it, and I will defend my stand against anyone. I am the father of two and the grandfather of the same. I saw rudimentary ultrasound images of my unborn daughter and son. But I did not need to see pictures to know they were yet to be born people my wife was carrying. I just had to feel the kicks as I put my hand on her abdomen. I know in my heart and mind that the unborn fetus deserves to be born and continue to live.

I also know that ending the life of a fetus by choice for no reason other than a solution to unwanted pregnancy and newborn is wrong. The courts can decide the legal question, but I am comfortable with my ethical belief.

A few years ago, some states started discussing and passing legislation that expanded the mother’s right to end her pregnancy. Bills are working through the states that would allow a mother to desert their newborn up to six weeks after birth legally. This is not a rumor but a fact, and it is monstrous.

In 1973, the Supreme Court handed down its decision on Roe vs. Wade. With a 7-2 decision, the court overturned the Texas ruling forbidding voluntary abortion. The decision included the following guidelines.

The court divided pregnancy into three trimesters, and declared that the choice to end a pregnancy in the first trimester was solely up to the woman. In the second trimester, the government could regulate abortion, although not ban it, in order to protect the mother’s health.

In the third trimester, the state could prohibit abortion to protect a fetus that could survive on its own outside the womb, except when a woman’s health was in danger

The limits have always been contentious to pro-choice advocates. The debate has always centered on when the fetus is legally deemed a living being and the mother’s free choice to control her own body. Pending legislation ignores any evidence of life and pushes the limits of abortion to the time of birth and beyond in some states. Though the number of legal abortions has declined in recent years, close to 1,000,000 abortions are still performed every year in the United States.

There are currently 43 states that have restrictions on late-term abortions. In this study, Washington, D.C. was considered a state, hopefully not wishful thinking. The remaining eight states allow third-term abortions, some up to the point of birth. States that allow for late-term abortions with no state-imposed thresholds are Alaska, Colorado, the District of Columbia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont.

For some Liberals and Progressives, ending a baby’s life before birth is not enough. They want the mother’s choice to control the fate of the newborn for up to six weeks. A mother could deliver her baby and decide she does not wish to or is not fit to care for the baby, so she can simply allow the baby to die of neglect. To be clear, at least three states are considering legislation that would remove the criminality of allowing a newborn to die of neglect after the baby is born. 

A California Assembly committee has passed a radical bill that legal analysts say would legalize infanticide, letting babies die up to 6 weeks after birth.

Assembly Bill 2223, sponsored by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, is one of eight bills that the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California identified as a legislative priority this year and the Assembly Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the legislation today.

While more than a hundred individuals opposed AB 2223 in committee — in person or by phone — no individuals spoke in support of the bill. The only supporters of the legislation were pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, NARAL and the ACLU.

All six of the committee’s ruling Democrats voted in favor of AB 2223 awhile the three Republicans on the panel voted against it. Now the measure heads to the Assembly Health Committee and, if approved there, if will proceed to the full California Assembly.

These bills have not reached the floor of a state legislature yet, but they are gaining momentum and need to be met with equal resistance. That resistance has to come from people who believe in the sanctity of life and the decency of man. We must not sit by and allow unborn fetuses to be killed and sold as tissue. We must stand up and say no way when the government condones killing a human being simply because the person who birthed that child changed her mind. I pray to God we are better than that.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft

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Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: DeSantis Isn’t Just Destroying Them With Policy And Polling

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 12:00 +0000

Four years ago, Democrats and their media thought they were sitting pretty. They had millions of Americans treating their absurd Russia Hoax as legitimate, and they were on their way to retaking control of Congress.

President Trump’s popularity was seriously sagging. And the Republican Party lacked energy and enthusiasm.

Little did they know what was really unfolding with the fierce battle in Florida’s gubernatorial election.

In September of 2018, three-term Congressman Ron DeSantis had just turned 40-years-old, and two months later, he would be elected as the nation’s youngest governor in a razor-thin battle against Democrat Andrew Gillum. Yet while DeSantis certainly had an impressive resume, with two Ivy League degrees and a distinguished service record as a naval officer, the left could not have foreseen the utter stardom that was on the horizon for DeSantis.

Fast-forward to 2022, and DeSantis’ prominence is increasing on a seemingly daily basis, but he’s also thrashing the Democrats in virtually every way possible. And this week, he added another category in which he’s dominating: Fundraising.

According to a report by CNN, the campaign committee Friends of Ron DeSantis will submit a filing on Monday stating that the Republican governor has raised over $100 million through March. If so, this will likely mark the first time that a candidate has hit the 9-figure mark from donations only. Other candidates have exceeded that amount when other funding sources are considered, but when it comes to just straight-up contributions, DeSantis has reset the bar.

Strong arguments could be made as to why the DeSantis star has risen so rapidly. His policies resonate with voters from all walks of life, focusing on limited and reasonable government. DeSantis’ handling of COVID and his focus on preserving individual liberties struck a chord nationally. It illustrated the stark contrast between the conservative approach to the pandemic and the iron-fisted, authoritarian tactics from the left. But what seems to be DeSantis’ biggest asset and the driving force behind his popularity is his style.

Ron DeSantis governs like a true conservative and makes no apologies as he does. DeSantis is an in-your-face Republican and a breath of fresh air for us on the right.

When DeSantis signed a bill banning vaccine mandates last fall, he didn’t sign it in a quiet setting in Tallahassee. He took a ride down to the town of Brandon and signed it there, in an obvious nod to “Let’s Go Brandon” movement. A year ago, when signing an election integrity bill that had the Democrats’ panties in a bunch, DeSantis injected plenty of pomp by doing it live on Fox and Friends.

And, of course, when the Disney Corporation decided to pick a fight with him over his recent signing of the wholly reasonable Parental Rights In Education law, DeSantis didn’t just fight back. He’s gone bare-knuckled as he pummels them.

Ron DeSantis is showing the rest of the GOP how it’s done. Don’t shy away from controversy and stick to your conservative values. And if you do, not only will you rise to the top, but you’ll also see a boom in fundraising.



Jess Lawson writes at The Blue State Conservative.

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Warcraft: How Did the Cult Game Appear on the Big Screen?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 11:44 +0000

Even if you are very far from the world of computer games, we are sure that you have definitely heard the name of the game “Warcraft” at least once in your life.

This game has been actively developed and turned into a cult game known all over the world – a favorite for many people. A huge number of people around the world spend a lot of time playing this game. Warcraft is so large-scale that there is the Warcraft universe, within which there are not only games, but also films and comics are created. Today let’s pay attention to the legendary film Warcraft, which appeared on the big screens in the past decade.

In 2016, the movie of the truly cult game Warcraft was released. Journalist GQ traveled to the San Francisco studio to find out how such a visually striking film was made. Here’s what he found out.

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Among film professionals, it is believed that the adaptation of World of Warcraft from the very beginning was a crazy idea. Sam Raimi was the first to think about it. However, he and his colleague Metzen did not see eye to eye. It seemed to Raimi that the orcs in the film should be the personification of real, unconditional evil. While Metzen did not agree with this at all. So the idea of shooting stalled. However, at one point director Duncan Jones took over the shooting. Jones considered that the orcs are not a black and white world, among them there are different characters with their own motivations. This way the movement in the film adaptation process began.

Where was the legendary film adaptation made?

The birth of the iconic masterpiece took place in the Industrial Light & Magic studio. The studio is located in San Francisco. This studio is one of the most important and strongest film special effects companies in the world. You are definitely familiar with the fruits of the work of this place. The Terminator and dinosaurs from Jurassic Park were born here. This is where the rain of toads in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia was created. And, of course, the Titanic, familiar to every civilized person, was drowned here. Well, here, too, orcs were made for the appearance of the Warcraft plots on the screen.

The territory conveys a special atmosphere of cinematic creativity. Here you will find a fountain with a monument to Master Yoda. At the reception meets Darth Vader in full size. The closed employee gift shop sells Skywalker Chardonnay grown in George Lucas’s own vineyards.

Duncan Jones explained to the journalist that the orcs created in the studio are distant relatives of the Hulk from The Avengers, who, of course, was also created here in the studio. Jeff White, who is a VFX producer at ILM, makes edits and notes that the orcs don’t really have much in common with the Hulk. “The Hulk is a destructive natural force, and the orcs from the film adaptation are intelligent creatures that are anatomically different from humans.” So, for example, you can see that the orcs in the movie have heads identical to human ones in size. But the body is much stronger, more muscular. It would seem that these are such trifles, but in fact, everything key in films, and especially in Warcraft, is built on this.

An interesting fact: the director notes that fangs were the most difficult to create. In order for this to work, the actors had to be able to move their jaws realistically during the dialogue, which is not easy to do convincingly! It’s definitely not an easy task when you have tusks in your mouth!

The work of creating the orcs of the film adaptation is an incredibly complex piece of jewelry work, the hardest animation. Actors are filmed entirely in sensors, which must capture everything, even the smallest movements. After shooting, a magical process takes place: a three-dimensional model of an orc appears on a special monitor. The creature behaves so naturally that it is impossible to understand whether it is an artist or a real orc! The artists said they were simply amazed by the technology! “Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this all my life,” says the artist who played the orc.

An interesting fact: specially for this film, a special technology was created that allows you to model hairstyles! This is very noticeable in the film. If you watch a movie, be sure to focus your attention on the hair of the characters. Even in the most active scenes, the characters’ hair looks very natural and organic.

We hope this article convinced you to watch a movie or motivate you to play! Regarding the adaptation of the legendary Warcraft, it must be said that the film has definitely gone down in history not only for fans, but also for moviegoers. Just imagine, a game launched in 1994 has turned into a cinematic masterpiece of incredible quality with amazing special effects! It’s awesome! We wish you pleasant watching and successful games!

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Seven Score and Ten Dead Bald Eagles Later …

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 10:30 +0000

Wind turbines are one of the great conundrums of the green movement. The truly green animal rights-variety environmentalist want the false promise of wind power without the avian slaughter, but they are inseparable.

Modern-day windmills kill birds and bats and create disruptions to life on earth.

The “we just want to destroy fossil fuels ‘cuz reasons” enviros (political Dems) dismiss this cost because any life beyond their own has no real meaning. If blacks have to die to prove other black live matter, so be it. Unborn black ‘women’ aren’t people either.

The Biden Administration is just a reflection of this contradiction. They want more wind machines, lots of them. Their vision includes a world covered with them regardless of the cost.

At the same time, they enforce regulations that fine wind energy companies for installations that kill protected species even though the deaths are unavoidable.


A subsidiary of one of the largest U.S. providers of renewable energy pleaded guilty to criminal charges and was ordered to pay over $8 million in fines and restitution after at least 150 bald eagles were killed at its wind farms in eight states, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

NextEra Energy subsidiary ESI Energy was also sentenced to five years probation after being charged with three counts of violating the Migratory Bird Treaty Act during a court appearance in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The charges arose from the deaths of nine bald eagles at three wind farms in Wyoming and New Mexico.

In addition to those deaths, the company acknowledged the deaths of golden and bald eagles at 50 wind farms affiliated with ESI and NextEra since 2012, prosecutors said. Birds were killed in eight states: Wyoming, California, New Mexico, North Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona and Illinois.


The odds are good that a lot more eagles were killed because there’s no way to say if predators carried off carcasses or if “people” removed them to hide evidence. This also fails to address any other birds or bats whose lives were interrupted by this technology. Wind machines kill things, not just economies.

They also have permission to kill things if you’ve paid for the proper permits.


Prosecutors said the company’s failure to take steps to protect eagles or to obtain permits to kill the birds gave it an advantage over competitors that did take such steps — even as ESI and other NextEra affiliates received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal tax credits from the wind power they produced.


I’m not are of what steps can be taken to keep a bird from intersecting with a wind turbine but paying for permission in case they die sounds interesting. Not so much as the hundreds of millions of your dollars they received to erect the bird choppers in the first place.

Or that this prosecution comes as a result of the Biden Administrations’ renewed push to enforce a law that punished wind energy companies for killing birds with the things of which Biden also wants more.

To summarize. Biden gives wind companies hundreds of millions to erect birt murdering machines. The same government then takes those companies to court for killing birds, which gives back a few million.

In exchange, you get unreliable energy from equipment that can’t be recycled, and this is “good for the environment.”

That sounds like a Democrat “solution” to me.



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To Build a Future You Must Connect to the Past

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 01:30 +0000

I was honored to watch some footage of the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, Georgia. The story told there amplifies the stark reality that you need to understand and embrace our extraordinary history to better look to our future.

Nobody can say that we have not made mistakes in nearly 250 years. But nobody can doubt the quality and integrity of the men and women who have served and will volunteer in the years to come. These people who put on the uniform are the best America offers. These sons, daughters, husbands, and wives put their dreams on hold and give part of their lives and sometimes sacrifice their lives so that the rest of us can pursue ours.

There are 18,000 men and women who graduate from Fort Benning each year and go on to every part of the globe to preserve freedom and liberty. These men and women of the infantry only know one way to live, and it is the motto of the infantry. Follow me. There is no retreat in those who leave this place.

The parade ground at Benning is made of the soil from the nine great battles of our past. Sprinkled across the field is ‘ Sacred Soil ‘ from the battlegrounds of Yorktown, Antietam, Soissons, Normandy, Corregidor, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Everyone graduating out of Ft. Benning walks these hallowed grounds. This soil connects the warriors of today with their heroes of the past.

This love and attention to our history drive young men and women to step up and volunteer. Our military has been a volunteer service since the draft lottery ended in 1973. We are so fortunate to have these young folks fill the need to staff the most potent defense on earth. It is this history that the Progressives cannot recognize. Progressives, by definition, disavow the past and only look forward to a country void of heritage and created in their vision. This is the basis of their hate in this country.

Progressives do not enter Government to serve the people and defend the Constitution. They enter to change the Government, the country and rewrite the Constitution. The Progressives are not just The Squad. The Squad is just a few young, ignorant, loud people who take the honor bestowed on them by their voters to manipulate the system. They have instilled fear into the moderate Democrats drawing them Left to appease the few. By affirmation, the Moderates have joined forces with the Progressives for self-preservation.

The Squad, and Progressives, are not a new phenomenon. They used to be just in higher education, but they have permeated down to the elementary levels in the last decade. The education system is ripe with Progressives who have been indoctrinating future generations by teaching their version of history and ideology. Fortunately, though loud, they are still the minority. America had been blind to the Progressive Master Plan, but they have been awakened.

Starting in Virginia, we see the wave of Conservative and traditional thinking Americans taking action. School boards are being purged of people who promote CRT, The 1619 Project, and alternative sexual lifestyles to our children. The more successful these people were, the lower their test scores fell.

People today are channeling the spirit of the past and fighting to take back this great country. The Progressives will fail, not because their thinking is flawed, but because they are flat-out wrong. As we approach our 250th anniversary, America has shown that the majority still believe in our past and are certainly not ready to surrender our future. God bless these Patriots and America.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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A “Vaccine” so Safe Pfizer had to Hire 600 Full-Time Employees to Take Calls About Adverse Reactions

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-04-11 00:00 +0000

Another document has emerged that the FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep hidden for decades. In the months after emergency use authorization was granted for their “vaccine,” there was a “large increase of adverse event reports.”

Pfizer’s response aside from hiding these and other facts?

At the time when the document—from the first quarter of 2021—was sent to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer had onboarded about 600 extra full-time workers to deal with the jump.

“More are joining each month with an expected total of more than 1,800 additional resources by the end of June 2021,” Pfizer said.

We don’t know if or when Pfizer “onboarded” the additional resources but that’s an impressive display.

Your “cure” has so many adverse events you have to add hundreds of full-time employees to take the calls and collect the data – which is then offboarded into a secret location and hidden from the public.

Related: Another Blow to the Narrative – CDC Knew in Jan 2021 The Jab was Unsafe

It would have remained hidden if a court had not ordered the release, which was how we discovered things we all knew or at lease suspected.


  1. Pfizer claimed repeatedly in their documents to the FDA that their vaccine would “prevent” COVID-19.
  2. Pfizer knew the injection’s adverse effects would increase with more injections of continuing boosters.
  3. Pfizer knew their injections did not stay at the injection site.
  4. Pfizer knew that the vaccinated group reported far more systemic adverse events than the placebo group.
  5. Pfizer knew that the efficacy of the vaccine waned very quickly over time; by as much as 50% in as little as one month after the second dose. How come we weren’t warned about that??


We’re still waiting for anyone paid to do journalism in our state to take up the challenge and report on the Pfizer/FDA doc dumps but so far, no takers. Not even so-called right-leaning reporters are on this issue which would be embarrassing if it weren’t for the possibility that they were all paid to ignore it.

That’s fine.

We’ve no issue with being one of the few “news” outlets sharing these details so that you can weigh any risks or benefits for yourself.

Pfizer knew the vaccine was neither safe nor effective, but they let the politicians say it was for a year and the media reported that.

But they won’t report any of this.



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Hearing Scheduled for “New Hampshire 9” Arrested at October Executive Council Meeting

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 22:30 +0000

[A] Trial Management Hearing is on 4/15/2021 at 12:30 pm which will determine if the State of NH plans to dismiss the disorderly conduct charges or schedule 9 trial dates at a cost to the NH taxpayers.

On October 13, 2021, NH State Police converged on members of the public attending a public hearing organized by Governor Sununu and arrested nine citizens for “disorderly conduct” and disrupting a governmental proceeding.

This occurred even though the proceeding was paused at the time and despite the fact that in virtually every instance nothing remotely resembling a disturbance had taken place before the arrests began.

This fact is supported by abundant video evidence and the testimony of third-party witnesses.

Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases for consideration
to Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

Video evidence also strongly suggests that the police moved in on cue from the Governor who was incensed that the crowd had turned its back on the proceedings and chose to face the wall instead of him.

The nine citizens, all of whom are critics of the Governor and other public figures, did not in most instances know one another prior to being charged with the offenses but have found common ground in defending against the questionable charges and have become known as the “New Hampshire 9.”

One was arrested only for allegedly saying the word “amen,” Terese Grinnell a Registered Nurse and foster mom, others for a “loud noise” to which no noise is heard.

The NH9 were of course released once they were booked, but the bail commissioner engaged in prior restraint and political muzzling by setting a condition of release of staying 1000 feet (over three football fields) away from the Governor and all members of the Governor’s Council. It took over 3 months of litigating – and of exclusion from the political process – before their rights as citizens were somewhat restored by a judge of the Concord District Court.

Since then, the Concord Court has ordered the prosecution to provide a Bill of Particulars for the charges and to provide complete discovery to the defense, both of which the District Attorney’s Office has been unable or unwilling to do.

The District Attorney nevertheless does not appear to be willing to dismiss or divert the charges, including against at least one of the nine who, under any analysis, was placed under arrest mistakenly as the police had targeted another attendee at the event and apprehended her instead.

Below is the video evidence from the state:

Arrests begin at 1:18:18


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And Yet More Evidence Showing How the 2020 Election Was Rigged.

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 21:00 +0000

Steve has posted about how the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer was actually an FBI plot. Do you recall WHEN the story broke? In the heat of the Presidential campaign.

And OF COURSE, the regime-media and the Biden campaign (one and the same, actually) blamed TRUMP. Just another of the ever-mounting examples of how the 2020 election was RIGGED and Joe Biden is an IMPOSTER-President:


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ICYMI – Three College Students Shredded Dems At Their “Disinformation” Conference

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 19:30 +0000

This past week, the University of Chicago hosted a conference titled “Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy.” It could not have been more Orwellian.

The conference featured blatantly grotesque misrepresentation, lies, and falsehoods by the very speakers designed to discuss the quite real problem of dishonesty in the media.

The big winner from the conference was a student group called the Chicago Thinkers. In the span of a few minutes, a few young college kids were able to expose big-time media and political frauds with nothing more than straightforward questions designed both to call out their role in advancing their own “disinformation” but also give them a chance to speak honestly about the issue.

At a panel created to discuss disinformation and erosion of democracy, nothing more perfectly encapsulated this issue than watching three panelists squirm, evade, and demonstrate their complicit role in both propagating disinformation but also eroding democracy as well.

I have embedded three viral clips below from the conference alongside additional videos of The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum and Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).

The Stelter video gets into CNN’s undeniable role in perpetuating hoax after hoax. The Applebaum video highlights the air of indifference to the Hunter Biden story as not being interesting. The Klobuchar video addresses medical misinformation.

Brian Stelter can’t handle listening to the litany of CNN-pushed lies:


Amy Klobuchar complete evades being asked about what she will deem medical disinformation:



Anne Applebaum doesn’t find total corruption among the American ruling class interesting:



Good for these kids. After their performances, Tucker Carlson even invited them to his program. In the words of Joe Biden, that’s a big effing deal. Hopefully, we will see more of them – and more questions like theirs in general – in the near future.


Hailey Sanibel writes at The Blue State Conservative

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Why Does the Left Allow This Racism?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 18:00 +0000

As Joe Biden introduced Katanji Brown Jackson on the lawn of the White House, he explained this day and this event was the reason he chose to run for President for the third time.

He lamented about the twenty hours of questions in front of the Senate, some of them obscene and insulting. Twenty hours is trivial for a lifetime appointment. He obviously does not remember the tone of the Kavanaugh hearing, but he does not remember much these days.

Biden is working very hard to convince America that the questions Jackson was asked about why she was so lenient in her sentencing of those convicted of trafficking Child Porn.

He feels that questions about her voluntarily defending terrorists at Guantanamo were offensive.

He thinks that a woman being asked to define the word woman is out of line.

These areas of inquiry involved actions by Jackson as an attorney or judge. These are the areas we should be concerned about when considering someone as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Apparently, Joe Biden thinks the questions about drinking, diary, and alleged sexual assault that Kavanaugh faced were appropriate. Biden must think that fabricating false events, victims, and accusers to ruin the man’s character and life is within the purview of the U.S. Senate.

He feels raved about the mastery of Dick Durbin to orchestrate the strategy to get the justice approved. He lauded Chuck Schumer’s job of holding the caucus together. He praised Collins, Murkowski, and Romney for having the character to cross the aisle. Does this mean he feels the other 47 Republican Senators who voted NO lack character?

I want to be as consistent with Jackson as I was with Harris.

I am offended by the Biden process in selecting these two women. It is illegal to single out a particular group of people for any reason. If it is Racism to not choose a person because of their color, then it is also Racism to choose a person because of color. Had these two people been selected because they were the most qualified of all considered, we could, and should, celebrate them. Chosen because they check off two boxes, woman and color, is wrong and should be called out.

Why does the Left allow this Racism?

Don’t they see that this type of preferential treatment and selection based on color is damaging to their mission of equal treatment? Biden and Harris both eluded to more equitable representation for women and minorities by Blacks, specifically Black women, appointed to the bench. If that is the case, let’s have a White Court and a Court that only hears cases involving people of color. No, how about we insist on jurists ruling based on the Constitution as if they were wearing blindfolds. That is their job, and we can, and should, insist on that, or a removal is an option.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Survival Sunday

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 16:30 +0000

First, let me state up front that I am merely an “enlightened amateur” as far as anything survival goes.  Please vet & check on your own.  Consider these to be priming the pump for your own investigations.

Second, the hour is late and I fear bad times are imminent, but even a month of food, water, etc., puts you well ahead of most of the sheeple.

Third, two things will be critical for having the best chance of making it through:

  1. The proper mentality: first and foremost in survival is having a flexible mentality and cultivating the ability to adapt.
  2. Having a meatspace network of people that are likeminded: start cultivating your community ties and building alliances with neighbors (note: don’t babble about the Jab or globalists or depopulation, or start pointing political fingers when doing this)… and remember, the first rule of PREP CLUB is that there is no prep club.

Fourth, as you read here, note that I present articles that I think are interesting, but I do not have time to vet them.  Caveat emptor.




Understand that short of years of preparation and untold wealth, you cannot possibly be fully prepared for everything.  But even some preparations, ideally at least 90 days of food, water / water purification, etc., puts you head and shoulders in front of the vast majority of the sheeple who will be in jaw-gaping astonishment when the SHTF.  The only relevant questions are:

  1. When does it start?
  2. How bad will it get?
  3. How long will it last?
  4. What will the aftermath look like?

And in a timely manner I found this:

Small things to do before the world descends into hell – Living Freedom (




Top of the fold:

Reading the signs: consumers are running out of money

RTWT.  Scary stuff.  And:

BlackRock president warns ‘entitled generation that has never had to sacrifice’ that they will soon face shock due to major shortages: ‘Put on your seatbelts’ – TheBlaze

Crash Positions | Capitalist Eric (

Grinding hardship, uncertainty, and desperation is the plan.  That way, Dostoevsky will apply:


(Link to AZQUOTES per their policy)




For bullet-resistant gear, go here.  I have several from them.  And for some more in depth analysis of body armor with other potential sources, here.




Presented, quick hit style, are some links.  Print them out and start a binder – if the SHTF badly enough you won’t be able to retrieve these off the net or, possibly, even off your computer.

Edible Plants To Forage In Early Spring – Ask a Prepper

A warning about fiddleheads – they can be toxic if not properly prepared.  See here.

How to Store Water in Your Vehicle Like a Prepper (

10 Amish Survival Hacks You Didn’t Know About – Ask a Prepper

Not many of us would willingly live at this level, but… “How bad will it get?”  It could be like this whether you like it or not.


Shortages (energy, food, etc.):

Food, food, food – or the lack thereof…

Don’t forget water!  Also warmth, medications, and a way to defend yourself.  And I highly recommend 90 days of multivitamins.  Again, a question of how long you think it’s going to last…

Tucker: “Food Shortages – Not In Sudan – In Cincinnati, Reno, Spokane and Norfolk…It’s Scary” — Time To Stockpile Food? (

US Gas Production Set To Fall On Lack Of Pipelines

Will Famine Emerge by Year End? Yes.

The Great Famine Is Here

Multiple warning alarms flashing.


Inflation (energy, food, etc.):

German Retailers To Increase Food Prices By 20-50% On Monday | ZeroHedge

And as I understand it, not just in Germany!

Food prices soar to record levels on Ukraine war disruptions | AP News

Egg prices skyrocket 52% in TWO MONTHS as bird flu decimates commercial flocks: As many as 11 million chickens and two million turkeys have died this year

How to Navigate Hyperinflation and Survive (


The Grid:

Nothing specific found this week.


US Social Stability (broad catch-all):

That gets it said

It’s Potemkin Villages throughout the US on the economic front, IMHO.

Dimon Warns US Faces “Unprecedented” Risks From Combo Of Inflation, War & COVID | ZeroHedge

Yellen Warns Ukraine War About to Hit the U.S. Economy Even Harder

Biden’s New Budget Includes Massive (Sneaky) Tax Hike On Workers (


World Stability (broad catch-all):

Concerning that Peter Zeihan video about Russia and Ukraine…

German Chemical Giant Warns Of “Total Collapse” If Russian Gas Supply Cut


Gardening and small animals:

2022 Planting Calendar: When to Start Vegetable Seeds | The Old Farmer’s Almanac



No information this week.


And while you’re enjoying your twitter and Netflix and such, and teaching your kids about love and tolerance and all (not bad things), understand that while this video is about the Fakestinians specifically, grasp that there are people around world (and even in America) teaching their kids something different – how to attack your kids:





Closing commentary:

Commentary for when the mood & time availability moves me.





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ICYMI – Vaccinating More People Against Flu Does Not Equal Fewer Deaths

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 15:00 +0000

The push to get more people vaccinated against the flu is not new. The Medical Industrial Establishment has been pimping this public health panacea for years. To what benefit?

Vaccine manufacturers make a ton of money on reimbursements. If the regular flu push is anything like the COVID19 vaxx, then some benefit is downstreamed. But does it save more lives?


Influenza mortality has remained more or less constant for decades while the number of flu-vaccinated has skyrocketed.



The trend line for mortality is effectively flat, which is not bad until you compare it to pharmaceutical interventions advanced under the premise that these injections help.



The bad news is that this increased uptake has had only one observable benefit. Vaccine manufacturers make a ton of money on reimbursements.

The news following the COVID vaccine blitzkrieg will make matters look worse. In the wake of that intervention, mortality has actually begun to mirror the rise in vaccination. The more you vaccinate, the less good it does.

Using intimidation or force to facilitate more inoculations is not, therefore, the act of agents seeking to improve health outcomes. It becomes – intentional or not –  a form of state-sponsored genocide.



HT | Alex Berenson

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Bill Hearings for Week of April 11, 2022

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Sun, 2022-04-10 14:45 +0000
  • These are the most liberty-critical hearings for the week
  • Click on the bill number to read the bill.
  • Click on the committee name to email the committee your thoughts.

Of the 73 hearings in the House, we are recommending support of 3 and opposition of 11 with 7 being of interest.
Of the 56 hearings in the Senate, we are recommending support of 12 and opposition of 12 with 6 being of interest.

Position Bill Title Committee Day Time Room State Analysis
Oppose SB420 establishing an extraordinary need grant for schools. Education Mon 4/11 10:30 AM LOB Room 205-207 This bill establishes an extraordinary need grant for schools in addition to regular adequate education grants and relief grants.
Support HB1070 relative to the default budget in official ballot jurisdictions. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 4/11 1:00 PM SH Room 100 This bill allows for the default budget in an official ballot town or district to be reduced by any reduction to an appropriation the governing body made in the proposed operating budget.
Oppose HB1082  prohibiting certain state officers from forming political action committees. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 4/11 1:10 PM SH Room 100 This bill prohibits certain state officers and candidates for office from forming political committees or political advocacy organizations.
Support HB1194 relative to the procedure for overriding a local tax cap. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 4/11 1:20 PM SH Room 100 This bill requires a supermajority vote of the legislative body to override a local tax cap.
Support HB1268 limiting the authority for city council bylaws and ordinances. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 4/11 1:30 PM SH Room 100 This bill limits the general authority of city councils to make bylaws and ordinances to the abatement of nuisances that interfere with the use or enjoyment of property..
Support HB1272 limiting the authority of town health officers. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 4/11 1:45 PM SH Room 100 This bill limits the authority of local health officers in making bylaws or ordinances relating to public health matters.
Support HB1393 relative to the adoption of school district budget caps. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 4/11 2:15 PM SH Room 100 This bill establishes the requirements for and procedure for the adoption of a school district budget cap.
Of Interest SB431 relative to child support in cases with equal or approximately equal parenting schedules. Children and Family Law Tue 4/12 10:00 AM LOB Room 206-208 This bill establishes methods for adjustment of child support for equal or approximately equal parenting residential responsibilities.
Oppose SB446 (New Title) directing the department of health and human services to develop a plan relative to fostering sustainable childcare opportunities for working families and businesses. Children and Family Law Tue 4/12 1:30 PM LOB Room 206-208 This bill directs the department of health and human services, in consultation with the child care advisory council, to submit a plan to the governor, the speaker of the house, the senate president, and the governor’s office for economic relief and recovery relative to fostering sustainable childcare opportunities within the state.
Support HB1165 repealing the Granite State paid family leave plan. Commerce Tue 4/12 9:00 AM SH Room 100 This bill repeals the Granite State paid family leave plan.
Of Interest HB1503 (New Title) exempting the developer, seller, or facilitator of the exchange of an open blockchain token from certain securities laws and adopting the Uniform Commercial Code relative to controllable electronic records. Commerce Tue 4/12 9:10 AM SH Room 100 This bill exempts the developer, seller, or facilitator of the exchange of an open blockchain token from certain securities laws. This bill also adopts the Uniform Commercial Code on controllable electronic records.
Of Interest HB1469 (New Title) relative to prohibited acts for banks, credit unions, and businesses. Commerce Tue 4/12 9:30 AM SH Room 100 This bill prohibits banks, credit unions, and businesses from engaging in discriminatory practices.
Of Interest HB1671 relative to the content of an adequate education. Education Tue 4/12 9:15 AM LOB Room 101 This bill revises the requirements for the content of an adequate public education, and adds definitions.
Of Interest HB1627 (NEW TITLE) establishing an education freedom account program administrator in the department of education and making an appropriation therefor, and relative to the school meals direct certification with Medicaid program. Education Tue 4/12 9:30 AM LOB Room 101 This bill establishes the position of education freedom account administrator in the department of education, division of learner support, and makes an appropriation to the department for the position. The bill also requires the department of education to seek participation in the Medicaid direct certification methodology for school meals program.
Of Interest HB1135 requiring a performance audit of the department of education, education freedom account program. Education Tue 4/12 9:45 AM LOB Room 101 This bill requires a performance audit of the department of education, education freedom account program.
Of Interest SB379 (New Title) establishing the solid waste management fund and grant program. Environment and Agriculture Tue 4/12 10:30 AM LOB Room 301-303 This bill: I. Establishes the solid waste management fund. II. Repeals the existing surcharge on out-of-state waste.
Oppose SB230 relative to the practice of body art. Executive Departments and Administration Tue 4/12 1:00 PM LOB Room 302-304 This bill defines and regulates body art establishments. This bill is a request of the office of professional licensure and certification.
Oppose SB459 relative to a health care facility workplace violence prevention program. Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Tue 4/12 9:30 AM LOB Room 205-207 This bill requires health care facilities to implement and maintain workplace violence prevention programs and establishes the health care workplace safety commission. This bill also permits law enforcement to arrest an individual without a warrant in certain circumstances related to health care workplaces.
Oppose SB407 relative to expanding Medicaid to include certain postpartum health care services and making an appropriation therefor. Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Tue 4/12 10:00 AM LOB Room 205-207 This bill directs the department of health and human services to submit a state plan amendment to expand postpartum coverage under Medicaid, establishes a quarterly reporting requirement, and makes an appropriation to the department for the purpose of funding the postpartum health care services.
Oppose SB403 re-establishing the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Farmers Market Nutrition Program. Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Tue 4/12 10:45 AM LOB Room 205-207 This bill re-establishes the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Farmers Market Nutrition Program.
Of Interest SB444 relative to childhood adverse experiences treatment and prevention. Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Tue 4/12 11:30 AM LOB Room 205-207 This bill directs the department of health and human services to establish a pilot program for children who have experienced adverse childhood events. The bill also makes appropriations to the department of health and human services for child parent psychotherapy (CPP) services for children who have experienced emotional trauma and for family resource centers.
Support HB1682 establishing the law enforcement conduct review committee in the New Hampshire police standards and training council and making an appropriation therefor. Judiciary Tue 4/12 1:30 PM SH Room 100 This bill establishes the law enforcement conduct review committee in the New Hampshire police standards and training council and makes an appropriation therefor.
Oppose SB271 relative to the Burgess BioPower facility. Science, Technology and Energy Tue 4/12 12:30 PM LOB Room 306-308 This bill requires the public utilities commission to revise certain orders relative to the Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin.
Oppose SB442 relative to the suspension of a vehicle registration as a result of evading toll collection systems. Transportation Tue 4/12 9:20 AM LOB Room 201-203 This bill requires the director of the division of motor vehicles to suspend an owner’s vehicle registration privileges until any unpaid tolls and administrative fees are paid. This bill also prevents an owner from transferring ownership of a vehicle until any unpaid tolls and fees are paid.
Support HB1302 relative to the weighing of vehicles. Transportation Tue 4/12 1:00 PM LOB Room 101 This bill limits law enforcement’s authority to stop and weigh any vehicle to commercial vehicles only.
Support HB1462 relative to motorcycle learner’s permits. Transportation Tue 4/12 1:15 PM LOB Room 101 This bill requires the department of safety to issue a 45-day extension to the expiration of a motorcycle learner’s permit, upon application of the permit holder.
Of Interest SB310 relative to license plate scanning. Transportation Tue 4/12 1:20 PM LOB Room 201-203 This bill permits the owners of private property to obtain and use a license plate reader under limited circumstances and otherwise stipulates their use on law enforcement vehicles.
Oppose SB449 relative to the retention of social security numbers by the division of motor vehicles. Transportation Tue 4/12 2:00 PM LOB Room 201-203 This bill gives an applicant for a driver’s license the opportunity to determine whether to have his or her complete social security number, or only the last 5 digits, retained in the records of the department of safety. This bill also permits the department to transmit the last 4 digits of an individual’s social security number to the department of state for voter identification purposes.
Oppose SB324 (New Title) relative to the resolution of disputes for condominium unit owners, homeowners’ association unit owners, and tenant owned manufactured housing parks. Commerce and Consumer Affairs Wed 4/13 11:00 AM LOB Room 302-304 This bill provides for the resolution of disputes for condominium unit owners, homeowners’ association unit owners, and tenants in manufactured housing parks.
Support SB286 establishing an association health plan pilot program. Commerce and Consumer Affairs Wed 4/13 1:15 PM LOB Room 302-304 This bill requires the insurance commissioner to establish a pilot program for association health plans.
Support SB340 relative to the direct to consumer shipment of alcohol to New Hampshire residents. Commerce and Consumer Affairs Wed 4/13 2:15 PM LOB Room 302-304 This bill makes changes to direct to consumer shipments of alcohol to New Hampshire residents.
Oppose SB306 relative to the penalties for various motor vehicle violations. Criminal Justice and Public Safety Wed 4/13 9:30 AM LOB Room 202-204 This bill provides for enhanced penalties for certain driving offenses where the offense was also based on facts involving the prohibited use of a mobile electronic device.
Oppose HB1417 relative to payment by the state of a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 4/13 9:45 AM SH Room 103 This bill provides that the state shall pay 7.5 percent of contributions of retirement system employers other than the state for group I teachers and group II members.
Oppose HB1587 relative to determination of average final compensation under the retirement system and making an appropriation therefor. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 4/13 10:05 AM SH Room 103 This bill modifies the calculation of compensation paid in excess of the full base rate of compensation under the definition of average final compensation in the retirement system for group II persons hired before July 1, 2011 who did not vest before January 1, 2012. The bill makes an appropriation to the retirement system for funding the cost of the change.
Support HB1022 permitting pharmacists to dispense the drug ivermectin by means of a standing order. Health and Human Services Wed 4/13 8:30 AM SH Room 100 This bill allows pharmacists to dispense invermectin pursuant to a standing order entered into by licensed health care providers.
Support HB1608 (New Title) relative to withdrawal from the state immunization registry. Health and Human Services Thu 4/14 10:50 AM SH Room Reps Hall This bill requires the department of health and human services to inform the public of the opportunity for individuals to withdraw their Covid-19 vaccination status from the state immunization registry.
Of Interest HB1662 related to privacy obligations of the department of health and human services. Health and Human Services Thu 4/14 11:10 AM SH Room Reps Hall This bill establishes a data privacy and information technology security governance board within the department of health and human services to oversee data privacy risk calculation and risk mitigation efforts, as well as provides for 2 employees within the department to accomplish these objectives.
Support HB1604 including state medical facilities in the statute providing medical freedom in immunizations. Health and Human Services Thu 4/14 11:50 AM SH Room Reps Hall This bill requires state hospitals and medical facilities to grant religious and medical exemptions from vaccination requirements, provided that any request for a medical exemption shall include the supporting documentation required by federal regulation.
Of Interest SB209 relative to electronic wage payments. Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Thu 4/14 10:45 AM LOB Room 305-307 This bill amends the provisions related to payment of an employee’s wages by direct deposit.
Support SB345 relative to youth employment. Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Thu 4/14 11:30 AM LOB Room 305-307 This bill makes certain changes to the laws governing youth employment.
Of Interest SB240 apportioning state senate districts. Special Committee on Redistricting Thu 4/14 10:00 AM LOB Room 201-203 This bill establishes new state senate districts in accordance with the latest federal decennial census.
Of Interest SB241 apportioning executive council districts. Special Committee on Redistricting Thu 4/14 10:30 AM LOB Room 201-203 This bill establishes new councilor districts based on the latest federal decennial census.

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Guess Who Wants Public Schools to Hide Their Curriculum?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 13:30 +0000

When Nicole Solas asked to see what her child would learn in Kindergarten, she was sued by the teachers union. It makes you wonder why they want to hide this kind of information from parents.

Like this “educational” video for kids about online pornography.

It says, “Find out more about porn, right here on AMAZE.”  This is part of a Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) program in many schools.

It is the kind of video that might be tapped as a “teacher resource.”  Schools direct children, as young as 9, to the AMAZE videos like this:




In New Hampshire, the teachers union testified against HB1434, which would require curriculum course materials taught to pupils in public schools and public academies, to be available to the public.  Transparency builds trust, but as you can see from the notes, Megan Tuttle, NEA president, opposed HB1434.

Here are the notes from her testimony:

She opposes HB1434 because she said that it would increase the workload for teachers. A few parents wanting to see if their children will be watching a video that teaches their kids about porn, might be worth their time.

A sexual predator working in the schools would not want this information available to parents. It would make sense that they would never want the parents to know what they are teaching students. Thankfully most teachers are not predators, but be concerned about their workload? They shouldn’t be near children to begin with.

Here are the reasons Debrah Howes, President of AFT-NH opposed HB1434.

David Luneau a State Representative from Merrimack District 10, which includes Concord Ward 5 and Hopkinton, also opposed HB1434. This is disturbing given the accusations of sexual assault on students in Concord by former teacher Howie Leung.

Too many people working in the school looked the other way when they were supposed to be mandatory reporters.
Here is what Rep. Luneau (D) reported to the Senate Education Committee on HB1434.

Do you get the feeling that these people are working to help groom children for sexual predators? That may not be their intention, but we have to be honest, that can be one of the consequences. They would expose children to sexual content, and not inform the parents. This teaches children that the adults in the school can have conversations on sexual matters and all of that will be kept secret from their parents. Who’s the real threat to children in this scenario?

When it comes to pornography, this is a discussion that parents will certainly want to have with their children at some point. It’s not about keeping children in the dark, it’s about who should be providing that information to their children.

There are resources for parents so that they can have this sensitive conversation with their children. Parents should be informed and have full access to the materials if any sexual content is to be discussed with children to make sure it is appropriate for their children. Some may be fine with it, others may not.

New Hampshire does have some laws in place that require parental notification on Sex Education. That is not only pro-parent, it provides transparency in the school system so that children know that their parents have not been shut out of the conversation. Let’s work to make what is taught in the classroom as transparent as possible. That promotes trust within the school system instead of setting up a situation that could become dangerous if a child is to ever encounter a predator in the future.

When the union and state representatives oppose this much-needed transparency in public schools, it puts them in an awkward position. Parents begin to question their motives and wonder why they don’t want parents to be aware of what is being taught in the classroom. Adults should join together to make the classroom a safe environment for children, and not one that should concern any loving and caring parent.

Contact your state senator and ask them to pass HB1434 then send a message to Governor Sununu to sign this important legislation into law. Supporting families supports public schools. Working collaboratively, and respecting diverse families will offer a positive public education for their children.

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“Separation” Anxiety: The ‘State’ is Paying ‘Churches’ to Promote COVID Vaccination

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 12:00 +0000

The notion of a separation of church from state is a big deal for some but not when it advances their agenda. At that point, their objections are more illusions. Refugee Resettlement “programs,” for example, funnel billions in tax dollars annually to faith organizations.

The “separatists” don’t bat an eye.

This wouldn’t even move the (hypodermic?) needle if I had to guess.


“…public health leaders want to “harness the power of community trust in statewide faith-based organizations” to convince folks to get a COVID-19 shot.”

To do this,

“…grant programs …pay churches and nonprofits to speak with their people and persuade them to get vaccinated.

“…$10 for each person-to-person outreach including direct phone calls, direct text messages, direct social media messages, door-knocking campaigns, and anything that involves one on one dialogue promoting the COVID-19 shot. The church or other nonprofit gets another $10 for each person who gets the shot.” …

They even have some suggested ways to get people who would otherwise have a religious objection to forget about that.

 Churches could set aside two hours after the worship service and the state vaccination partner could give entire families shots. A program like Meals on Wheels could have a vaccination nurse ride along on deliveries and offer the shot immediately, right in people’s homes. Or a community block party with food and prizes could be held where vaccines are being offered.


This story comes out of Pennsylvania, but we’re talking about a federal program available to your state if that’s not PA. They set aside buckets of money to get religious leaders to use their influence to bypass religious objections, to an experimental treatment that does more harm than good.

And who says the government isn’t insidious?

If you encounter one of these (please let us know), we think you should politely confront your faith leaders with the facts forced out of Pfizer and the FDA.


  • The vaccines are only good – if at all – for a few weeks.
  • They have proven not just useless against the variants (which are the only strains about these days), they can make you more susceptible to infection and spread.
  • Even Pfizer admits they are not safe and don’t work.
  • The data tells us that higher vaccination rates coincide with higher all-cause mortality rates.
  • The more vaccine you uptake, the greater the risk of suffering one of the many side effects – one of which is death.
  • Is that really an exchange people of faith should be making for a few dollars?
  • Here are some more questions you should ask anyone who supports COVID19 vaccination.


Add appropriate religious references at your discretion (might I suggest Galatians 4:16?). Oh, and rub it in the faces of any pro-vax Karens who also happen to be douchebags about the concept of a separation between church and state.

And be sure to ask them when they plan to protest so you can join them.



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Why Sun-King Sununu Has Been Hating On The GOP So Much

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 10:30 +0000

I have a theory about why Sun-King Sununu has been hating on the GOP so much lately. Let’s begin by reviewing the hating. First, Sun-King teased a Senate run until the political eleventh hour.

Rather than simply declining to run and giving as his reason how much he loved being Governor, the Sun-King instead gratuitously attacked Senate Republicans for not, in his opinion, cooperating enough with Biden. The Imposter-President would later use Sununu’s words to attack the GOP:

In his news conference Wednesday, Biden called out Senate Republicans who won’t work with him, quoting extensively from Sununu regarding the governor’s decision not to run for U.S. Senate.

“Here’s what he said: ‘They were all for the most part content with the speed at which they weren’t doing anything,'” Biden said. “‘It was very clear that we just had to hold the line for two years. Ok, so I’m just going to be a roadblock for the next two years? That’s not what I do,’ Sununu said.”

Subsequently, Sununu announced he would veto a Congressional map passed by the GOP-majority state legislature, which would have given the GOP a fighting chance of defeating Chris Pappas in the First CD and given the State’s GOP voters some representation in Congress.  To add insult to injury, he went on to propose a map that is breathtakingly friendly to the incumbent Democrat Congressmen.

So why is Sun-King hating so on the GOP? My theory is that 2022 will be his last election and that he is positioning himself for a post-political life on the Boards of woke corporations and as a contributor on CNN or MSNBC or perhaps the Sun-King even aspires to host a show on left-wing cable.

Ignore any talk about Sununu running for President. Sun-King was too lazy to do the fundraising needed to run against Hassan. No way he is going to do the work needed to mount a national campaign. Plus he has burned his bridges with both Senate and House Republicans.

It’s either a fifth-term as Governor in 2024 or Sun-King rides off into the political sunset. I think it’s the latter.



The post Why Sun-King Sununu Has Been Hating On The GOP So Much appeared first on Granite Grok.

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One-Half of the Mystery Solved

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 01:30 +0000

If you have been following the NHGOP-establishment-lane of the U.S. Senate primary, you know that the race is between the “603 Way” and the “new generation”:

The problem … for me at least … was that neither Chucky nor Kev were explaining what the “603 Way” and the “new generation” actually means.

But thanks to Frances Erlebacher we now know what the “603 Way” means. And if you guessed “local control” or “no income tax” or “live free or die” … boy were you wrong. What the “603 Way” actually means is bringing back as much PORK from Washington DC as possible, as Erlebacher recently explained:

The Q&A portion arrives and still we don’t know what his issue is with the unpopular Hassan, or what he means by bringing “the 603 to DC.”

Then, responding to a question, Morse finally explains his beef: Maggie hasn’t brought in enough pork! New Hampshire got the smallest goody bag from the 2021 infrastructure deal, so why is Hassan bragging about it? …

A resident asks about the Executive Council’s buckling to pressure to accept federal funds to push COVID shots and establish a privacy-busting vaccine database in New Hampshire. Morse shrugs as if the answer is self-evident: “The State of New Hampshire lives on federal money,” he says. He doesn’t get why the audience is surprised, much less horrified.

So one-half of the mystery has been solved. That just leaves the “new generation.”

Perhaps the term “new generation” is Kev’s oblique way of pointing out that Chuck appears to be about 20 years older than his actual age? Or perhaps what Kev means by “new generation” is that he knows that TikTok is social media, while Chucky thinks TikTok is a synonym for wristwatch?

Or perhaps the term has nothing at all to do with Chucky and what Kev means by “new generation” is that he will bring back more PORK from DC than Mags Hassan?


The post One-Half of the Mystery Solved appeared first on Granite Grok.

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Gas Pump Stickers – First Joe, Then Pelosi and Kamala, and Now Hunter Biden Has Joined In!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-04-10 00:00 +0000

I put up another one two days ago but others had already been there. I could tell by the “sticker scraping”residue. And from what I see in the blogosphere there are now Biden stickers, Pelosi, and the newer Kamala one that are driving the Left nuts.

Biden “I did that,” Pelosi – “I helped him,” and Kamala – “What’s going on?” stickers are all great tactics and small political theater insurgency efforts. And some gas stations, as I wandered around the web yesterday, actually don’t want them removed either by their staff OR enraged Biden  (peace be upon him) supporters (them, not so much):



And now, there’s a new variant bringing the political insurgency deeper into the family – well put!




I’m quite sure there will be more because (as Alinsky’s Rules say): RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”, RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”, and RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

After all, if they work for the Left, these rules work even better for us because the Left HATES IT when we adopt the “new rules” that they have set forward.  We’re only supposed to follow them in subservience, not fight back with them.



The post Gas Pump Stickers – First Joe, Then Pelosi and Kamala, and Now Hunter Biden Has Joined In! appeared first on Granite Grok.

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