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Youngkin Puts Black Conservative Female in Charge of Virginia’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 19:00 +0000

Angela Sailor is Virginia Governor Glenn Younkkin’s new cabinet-level director of the state’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She is black and a woman, which puts some Democrats in an uncomfortable position to complain too loudly.

No worries, they’ll complain. She is not black or a woman if she is a republican or a conservative, and she is both.


Sailor, an African-American woman, has a long and distinguished background in conservative politics. She served most recently as vice president of The Feulner Institute at The Heritage Foundation. She previously served in the Department of Education, at the Republican National Committee, and as Director of African-American Affairs for George W. Bush’s Victory 2000 Presidential Campaign. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Sailor has frequently “criticized school lessons on systemic racism in the U.S.”


Genius appointment. It will have VA Dems stewing in their angry juices as Sailor undoes the damage of the Northam years (he created the position). She may even be able to find a way to use its powers for good.

I’d prefer they just eliminated it.

New Hampshire has a Governor’s commission along the same lines, and nothing good ever comes out of Diversity, equity, or anti-discrimination panels, committees, or commissions. And we don’t need it.

Like most states, New Hampshire has extensive anti-discrimination and anti-bullying laws. These commissions are just emitting excess carbon to grandstand and trample on people’s rights.

We need to end ours, and I hope Youngkin and Sailor come around to that conclusion as well.

Until then, may they use the position to grandstand against CRT and other racist and discriminatory Lefty endeavors that have taken root in Virginia, and then, please, rip them out by the roots, turn off the lights, and seal the door.

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Former Clinton-Connected Peace Corps Chief Indicted for Voting Illegally in NH Wants a Jury Trial

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 17:30 +0000

The case of Mary Kate Lowndes, after months of fiddling about, is back in the news. Lowndes, a former chief recruiting officer for the Peace Corps,  (earning $167,000.00 /year) was a DC resident who registered to vote in New Hampshire from a shopping plaza in Derry.

And Lowndes’ vote fraud was persistent. Despite being domiciled in the District of Columbia she registered to vote in New Hampshire using a commercial address in a strip mall as her NH residence” in 2016. An address that was a stone’s throw from the nearby Clinton for President campaign office.

Side note: NH Dems have been pulling that stunt for decades.

In 2018 Democrat Mary Kate Lowndes’ is accused of requesting and submitting an absentee ballot in a Federal election in New Hampshire. And why wouldn’t she? Thousands of such votes are cast every two years in the Granite State by people who do not live here but are allowed to vote here.

This happens whenever Dems need to tip a race (so, every election) regardless of local or national but more commonly in mid-term and presidential years.  In 2022, for example, we’ll have Lefties from Dem majority states swarming to New Hampshire to help Maggie Hassan stay in DC (which is how she won that seat in the first place). They will also want to scrape away at the Republican legislative majority in the State House, prop up Dems Kuster and Pappas in Congress (Pappas may actually be vulnerable), and deny Sununu his fourth term as Governor.

Thousands of fraudulent votes, every election, so the fact that the AG is actually pressing one case is unusual but if they lose it that will not. NH AG’s are notorious regardless of the party in power, for failing to protect the votes of actual Granite Stater’s

Their failures are legion.

I assume that is why Lowndes retained a Lawyer from Shaheen and Gordon and intends to fight charges that could result in 10K in fines and up to ten years in prison.

The odds are forever in her favor.

Sure, every now and again the AG’s elections division will make a case, typically some idiot one-off out-of-state student who gets a slap on the wrist or some actual local who votes twice “by mistake.”

If convicted the perps can be banned from ever voting in any NH election again but that is a rare punishment, too rare. And out-of-state voters are not intimidated by that threat. All it does is require them to vote absentee in their own state.

The only right they are denied is the one invented by The left that says they can vote here or there – a right NH residents do not enjoy. But so far the courts have not been adequately pressed to explain why that is not a violation of the Constitution, common sense, or hey, equal protection of anti-discrimination law.

The trial was again postponed so we do not know when or if Lowndes’ will stand before a jury of her peers which is a bit of a misnomer. I don’t think NH is going to impanel 12 out-of-state residents who voted here, not they couldn’t find them easily enough.

Maybe they can use that in her defense?




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Ten Reliable Ways to Help Treat Acne

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 17:03 +0000

Have you tried everything to get rid of your acne but still have pimples on your face? Don’t let yourself down. To achieve cleaner skin, you typically need to make a few changes to live the happy life you’ve always wanted, free of the burden of acne.

Allow Four Weeks for the Effects of Acne Treatment to Kick In

Switching products every few days might aggravate your skin and lead to fresh outbreaks. Changing acne products every few days may appear to be a good strategy, but it might exacerbate acne. Acne treatment takes time to work. Acne therapy takes time to take effect.

You should experience benefits in 4 to 6 weeks if a treatment is beneficial for you. Clearing can take anywhere from two to three months and sometimes much longer. Continue to use the therapy if you detect an improvement. You should continue to take the acne treatment even if your acne appears to be clearing up. This patience will help to avoid future breakouts.

Deal With the Many Causes of Acne

If you don’t notice improvements after 4 to 6 weeks, add a second acne product to your regimen. Naturally, the second treatment should focus on a different cause of acne. Your second treatment should include another acne-fighting ingredient if you’re using benzoyl peroxide for acne.

You can find these substances in acne treatment that you can buy online or at a shop. A prescription is not required. Here’s what the different components focus on to assist you in choosing another product:

  • Benzoyl peroxide reduces P. acnes bacteria.
  • Adapalene gel, for example, is a retinoid that unclogs pores and reduces oiliness.
  • Salicylic acid reduces swelling and unclogs pores.

Follow the Directions

While using skincare products may appear simple, the amount and frequency you apply it can significantly impact. Make sure you’re following the instructions exactly. If a dermatologist designed your treatment plan, follow their directions and use whatever the dermatologist recommended.

Wash Your Face Regularly

Acne-prone skin is very fragile, so it’s important that you only wash it before and after sleeping and when you sweat. Washing it more than that might irritate your skin and worsen acne, so you should ideally try to limit it to no more than twice per day. Dermatologists advise that you wash your face after doing the following:

  • When you have a sweaty face
  • Get up in the morning
  • Getting ready for a good night’s sleep

Use Acne-Free Skincare and Cosmetics

Since some skincare products can still cause acne to some people, you may need to try experimenting on a few before finding a specific one that works for you. These items are labeled so you may see one of the following on the package:

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Oil-free
  • Will not clog pores

Treat All of Your Acne-Prone Skin

You should treat all of your acne-prone skin with acne medication, not just the areas that broke out when applying acne treatment. When dealing with acne-prone skin, using a thin coating could aid in the healing of current outbreaks and the prevention of new ones.

Stop Scrubbing Your Acne-Prone Skin

Scrubbing irritates acne-prone skin, making it worse. If your skin seems greasy, filthy, or grimy, you might be eager to scrub it clean, but don’t! Scrubbing your face is a quick way to further irritate it, leading to even more acne breakouts.

Avoid Touching, Picking, and Popping Your Acne

While popping a pimple can seem like the easiest way to get rid of it, it could make things worse. Because of this, touching, picking, or popping your acne should be avoided.

Seek the Advice of a Dermatologist

Skincare is a type of healthcare. Seek professional help if you still have acne after trying these options. A dermatologist can design a treatment plan that is appropriate to your requirements and can help you avoid your acne getting worse. Contacting a dermatologist can help when:

  • Acne cysts and nodules get caused by acne
  • Acne hasn’t cleared up with over-the-counter medication
  • It makes you feel uneasy, and you want your skin to be clearer.

Incorporation Stem Cells Into Your Skincare Regimen

In skincare, stem cells are a huge multitasker; from anti-aging to just repairing injured skin, stem cell serum will target specific regions to assist in healing. Wrinkles, fine lines, loss of suppleness, and dark patches are all signs of aging skin, which is damaged skin. However, stem cells stimulate cell development and collagen production while preserving the skin from future injury and moisture loss.


From time to time, GraniteGrok accepts content from third parties (posts, or additional links after initial publication) from which we may or may not receive compensation.

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Wake UP! – Once Muslims Have the Majority, They Will Institute Sharia Law and Adopt Their Own Legal System

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 16:00 +0000

For decades, I have argued that the enemy is Islam without adjectives, Islam “pure and simple.” Adjectives such as “extremist,” “radical,” “moderate,” “fundamentalist,” “moderate,” “political,” “Islamist,” mislead the blind, the ignorant.

The naive and wishful thinking humanists, liberals, as well as soft-headed Jews, Christians, and idiotic atheists succumb to their fears and previous follies regarding the savagery intrinsic in Islamic scriptures and history -recognized by former Muslims who have somehow overcome their misconceptions about the most vicious and dangerous enemy of civilization and mankind.

A revealing book on the subject is Robert Reilly, “The Closing of the Islamic Mind.”

This purely scholarly work should be supplemented by the work of theologian George Weigel, “Faith, Reason, and the War against Jihadism.”

Terms such as “Political Islam,” “Radical Islam, “or Militant Islam are the contributions of Useful Idiots. These terms do not even exist in the native parlance of Islam simply because they are redundant. Islam, by its very nature and according to its charter—the Quran—is a radical political movement.

It is the Useful Idiot who sanitizes Islam and misguides the populace by saying that the “real Islam” constitutes the main body of the religion; and that this main body is non-political and moderate.

Regrettably, a large segment of the population goes along with these nonsensical euphemisms depicting Islam because it prefers to believe them. It is less threatening to think that only a hijacked small segment of Islam is radical or politically driven and that the main body of Islam is indeed moderate and non-political.

Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology. In Islam, the mosque and State are the same—the mosque is the State. This arrangement goes back to the days of Muhammad himself. Islam is also radical in the extreme. Even “moderate” Islam is radical in its beliefs and its deeds. Muslims believe that all non-Muslims, bar none, are hellfire bound and deserve being maltreated compared to believers.

Many people wonder why Islam is blossoming in the US! They are bewildered as to why Democrats back Islamic ideology, honor their holidays and customs, and promote it as the religion of peace, knowing that Islam is not a religion of peace. In fact, it is an ideology of war. The answer is quite simple: The Democrat Party stands with anyone who hates America and the Republican party.

History has proven that once Muslims have the majority, they will institute sharia law and adopt their own legal system. A government within a government.

The Democrat Party has shown by both words and actions that they despise the US Constitution. When it comes to the support of Muslims, they will not hesitate to hold the Bill of Rights over anyone who dares to accuse Islam and Muslims of wrongdoing. While crime and threats skyrocket, Islamized citizens will ignore the wrongdoing. They will look the other way for fear of retribution, honor killings, and punishments from those who uphold the Islamic requirement to seek revenge on anyone who dishonors or disagrees with Islam.

The Democrat Party has descended into nihilism, which describes the present State of America. This is a logical consequence of America’s abandonment of its Declaration of Independence, which she never really understood. Which, unknown even to eminent scholars, represent a synthesis of classical and modern political science–which is elaborated in my masterwork “A Judeo-Scientific Guide for the Perplexed.”

The primary target of the Left is the Bible of Israel. The Bible says that God creates nations and individuals, and the Left is opposed to both our country and our individualism. Do you fathom this? This does not require a lengthy discourse.

“By each passing day, the death of Western Civilization – specifically, the death of Europe, will not have been a suicide, but a cold-blooded, premeditated murder, carried out by the western ruling oligarchy.”

In plain language, western Europe has been betrayed by the very people entrusted with its protection and stewardship – its political leaders and their enablers. Like former EU President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, and many others.

When the wolf gets into the fold and begins terrorizing the sheep and preying upon them, who is most at fault – the wolf or the shepherd who was supposed to guard the flock? The wolf, although his fangs may be bloody, is only being what he is – a predator. The shepherd, on the other hand, has failed in his duty to protect the flock.

In the case of Europe, the “shepherds” have done much, much worse than fail through negligence. They have actively aided and abetted the enemy and let them into the heart of Europe to prey upon its native peoples.

The Muslims who now terrorize Europe must be dealt with like the rabid dogs they are – but a great evil has been done, and the job will not be done until the traitorous leaders of old Europe have been brought to justice and pay the price for their enormous betrayal. They have the blood of innocents on their hands – men, women, and children alike.

In the Germany of the 1930s, very few people were Nazis, and most Germans dismissed them as a bunch of hotheaded fools. Before long, the hotheaded few cowed the dismissive masses, and as a result, millions lost their lives.

America Stay Awake. It has started to happen here too. Time is of the essence.

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How the IRS is Helping the Globalists Create Your Digital Tracking ID

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 14:30 +0000

Climate Change is the regulatory monopoly of energy to control behavior. Obama Care was a stage one effort to manage and track your person through regulations and digital medical records. COVID passports are actual digital on-demand IDs.

And now the IRS is going a step further to invade your privacy.

No, Abortion activists, privacy is not, in the mind of the Feds, a right.

But privacy is a right in New Hampshire. We added it to the State Constitution. And irony alert, a good part of the movement to do that was spurred by death-cult leftists hoping it would keep abortions out of reach of legislators who valued life.

Funny thing. No one yet knows what that privacy amendment means or does or how it protects, but maybe we’re about to find out.

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is ramping up its security protocols. Where once you could gain online login access with a name and a password, the new process is an assault on privacy, complete with facial recognition ID. All tied to your social security number and – if you have one, I suspect sometime soon, Your Real ID. The chipped Driver’s License they’ve been pining for in every American pocket.

Illegals, I suspect, would not be required to have it because, you know, fear of being outed to the government and all that.


Some 27 states already use to screen for identity thieves applying for benefits in someone else’s name, and now the IRS is joining them. The service requires applicants to supply a great deal more information than typically requested for online verification schemes, such as scans of their driver’s license or other government-issued ID, copies of utility or insurance bills, and details about their mobile phone service.

When an applicant doesn’t have one or more of the above — or if something about their application triggers potential fraud flags — may require a recorded, live video chat with the person applying for benefits.


Brian Krebs walks you through the IRS process here if you are interested, but the short story is this. Your new digital identity will link to your mobile device and if the IRS is using it, we can expect every other government department that doles out cash to embrace it as well.

Federal, State, Local.

Some may say, but wait, might this not reduce fraud? It might. But when have you ever known the government to be more clever than people motivated to commit it or – as is more likely the case – inclined to chase it down and punish it by means other than those political?

And your government just spent two years promoting disease cure and prevention that do neither while encouraging the idea of ID passports tied to your genetic profile as defined by them.

So, not in this century.


The loss of privacy and the ability to track your movements via a digital ID associated with a mobile device you are already carrying (and may eventually be required to carry) is the goal.

They’ll use it to feed the media stories helpful to the regime about your movements. The FBI will still show up and raid certain people’s homes at 5 am and not others. And everyone will still be guilty of something, but only when the state decides it needs that public for some political purpose.

Framing you just got easier.

And yes, this is already a threat and a reality but putting everyone on a digital ID leash just makes it easier and more likely and not always for political purposes.

The question then is, who will stand up to protect you?

In New Hampshire, we have a Constitutional amendment protecting your inherent right to privacy.

[Art.] 2-b. [Right of Privacy.] An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential, and inherent.
December 5, 2018

But again, what legally does that mean if anything?

Does the IRS’ new foray into digital ID violate this amendment? Will NH’s “leaders” say yes? Will its courts, rarely the true friend of liberty, agree?

Does the right to privacy mean anything, and if so, what?

Where are the lines, and is anyone prepared to draw them and stand guard? Based on my experience with the NH government, the answer is no, even when there’s a Republican in the Governor’s office.

That means the people and their legislature are the only barriers if the IRS is serious about helping the globalists or just the local Marxists create an expanded digital ID footprint for everyone who pays taxes.

How do you feel about the legislature stepping up to produce veto-proof private protections founded on NH amendment 2-b?

If you don’t have one in your state constitution, are you prepared to motivate your fellow citizens to view this and other threats as detrimental to privacy and liberty?

And with an election in the offing, will you make it a priority for candidates you’d support?


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The Nanny State is Alive and Well

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 13:00 +0000

There has never been a civilization that has legislated itself into a utopia in the history of the world. Mankind, at his base self, is flawed and imperfect.

When societies try these things, the people at the top making the rules end up bending them for themselves and becoming ripe with their own corruptions—rules for thee but not for me. But none of this stops Democrats, progressives, and statists from trying.

In a communist/socialist utopia, there is no such thing as parental rights. Parents don’t own their kids’ heck, they don’t even own themselves. They don’t own a damn thing. Everyone and everything belongs to the state. In the state, you will trust. It will take care of you because they know what’s best for you even if YOU don’t know what’s best for you. You will come around.

I’ve raised three kids that are now full grown. Two of them have families of their own. When they were little, we always had conversations about how they were to keep their hands to themselves. I’m not sure what parent hasn’t had that talk with their child. You also explain to them how when you say NO, it means NO.

We want to thank Timothy Carrier for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you want us to consider, please submit it to

I’m not delving into any deep parenting wells here with this one. It’s pretty basic. The stranger danger talk comes a little later.

New Hampshire House bill 1533 (HB1533) would require “consent education “to be taught in New Hampshire schools.

What is Consent Education? Consent education is the process of using specific language and policies to instill a deep understanding of the concept of consent. It is a system of radical empowerment and empathy and is a best practice for the prevention of sexual assault. Discussions about consent are not only based on sexuality.”

In essence, this bill insists that the state be responsible for teaching our children these things. But the ultimate responsibility for teaching and rearing up our children is on parents. We teach them. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.

We have chosen to farm out their education to the school districts with our permission and consent. Not the other way around. But it is up to them to do the learning. And results may vary. But things will eventually stick when you least expect it.

The forever struggle within a free people is the balance between giving them the freedom to choose things for themselves even if what they choose is not the best option. The more we travel down the road of removing people from potential bad decisions, the less and less free we become.

Consent education is taught in 11 states and the District of Columbia while the Bill in NH is sponsored by 11 Democrats including four here locally: Amanda Toll, Joe Schapiro (district 16), Lawrence Welkowitz (district 4), Sen Jay Kahn (district 10).

They claim it will reduce the number of sexual assaults by educating people to say no. But the actual definition of rape is proceeding after someone has already told you NO. Even the most ridiculous illogical immoral sociopath among us understands when things become too far. No amount of education will stop someone who is hell-bent on committing an evil act.

But opposition to this bill will not be seen as someone trying to support parental rights. It will be spun as someone getting in the way of reducing heinous acts in society to demonize the opposition.

The Left’s best cards are always played just like this. Without any real honest debate.



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Pelosi Set Up the J6 Commission to go After Political Opponents Not Capitol Trespassers

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 11:30 +0000

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about the Capitol trespassers beyond the scope it gives her to smear political opponents. And it shows in her work.

According to the Federalist, only 9% of all publicly issued subpoenas “have targeted individuals or groups with any connection to the Capitol riot.


According to a Federalist analysis of the 84 subpoenas publicly issued by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Select Committee on Jan. 6, only 8 have targeted individuals or groups with any connection to the Capitol riot. The rest have taken aim at former government officials and private citizens in a smear campaign for exercising their constitutional right to protest.

The 84 subpoenas do not include the more than 100 seeking the telephone records of individuals whose identities remain under seal, both from the public and from those whose privacy the committee seeks to violate.


More than a year later no one has been charged with insurrection and the pursuit of evidence does not suggest anyone an or will. This is, as I notes this past week, the latest version of the Mueller investigation. A vehicle for creating an endless trough of unsubstantiated drivel upon which the Pelois-friendly the press corp to feed.

The fact that most of her attention is directed at political opponents only proves the point.

This would be a great time for the scribes in the Fourth Estate to begin those McCarthyism era comparisons they used to love. The use of congressional resources as a vehicle for baseless accusations to smear “political opponents.”

That’s their definition.

McCarthy was more right than they can ever admit but not on their watch. The concept is always a false-flag operation designed to impugn some progressive caught in some sort of scandal.

Pelosi, never one to let a crisis go to waste, will continue to abuse the forum until at least November. Longer if Democrats can steal the House for another term. Should they lose the majority she will whine about Republican obstruction, the same old song and dance, all of which is cover for her own culpability.

Not for running a shoddy inquiry that’s the only sort she knows. “According to Thompson, Pelosi’s apparent refusal to approve activation of the National Guard not once, but six times, according to testimony from former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, fails to fall under the umbrella of “facts and circumstances around January 6.”

Taken with everything else we’ve learned about the FBI involvement on the ground, J6 was not just the last day of Ashli Babbitt’s life but a deliberate effort by Democrats to create a scene they could ride to election day and beyond.


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NH Residents Rally, Testify In Support of Secession

The Liberty Block - Fri, 2022-01-21 06:18 +0000

Unlike most pro-liberty rallies, however, there were no American flags to be found; all of the flags were navy blue with the seal of New Hampshire in the middle. 

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The Holy Grail of Spaceflight

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 02:30 +0000

What is the holy grail of space flight? In 2022 it is a single-stage reusable vehicle that takes off for orbit and comes back and lands. No boosters, no nothing. Just like a commercial jet except – you know – Outer Space!

Radian Aerospace has announced that it is giving that dream a go.


A Washington-state based aerospace company has exited stealth mode by announcing plans to develop one of the holy grails of spaceflight—a single-stage-to-orbit space plane. Radian Aerospace said it is deep into the design of an airplane-like vehicle that could take off from a runway, ignite its rocket engines, spend time in orbit, and then return to Earth and land on a runway.


It may seem far-fetched, but this could ignite another layer of the current private-interest space race.

That’s the only way it will ever get done and the best way for it to become something more than just the pissing contest between billionaires.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s been the motivation for innovation for centuries.


The current design of Radian One calls for taking up to five people and 5,000 pounds of cargo into orbit. The vehicle would have a down-mass capability of about 10,000 pounds and be powered by three liquid-fueled engines. The idea would be to get as close to airline operations as possible, by flying, landing, re-fueling, and flying again.


Hey, the Red sox won not one but several World Series in my lifetime. How hard could this be?

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England Ends Compulsory Vaxx Passports and Facemasks

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-21 01:00 +0000

Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday announced the UK will no longer be in the business of enforcing vaccine passports and “will no longer mandate the wearing of facemasks anywhere.”

This is great news that should make the Concord City Council feel good for rejecting knee-jerk Leftist Zandra Rice Hawkins’ proposed city-wide mask mandate. It should also enlighten those in Keene and Nashua (to name but two) who have them but should drop them.

Nashua, don’t hold your breath. More on that after this.

England Frees its faces!

Masks and papers are optional for private businesses to enforce as the operative words here are that the UK is out of the business of enforcing.

In related news, the Nashua Board of Health (see also, look we matter) plans to make a motion for a Nashua Mask Mandate extension until 2/28/2022. They will make this recommendation to the Board of Alderman to vote on at the next BOA meeting.

Did they not get the memo from the CDC about cloth and basic medical masks. The science says they are the least effective. An excellent way of saying the original NIH and CDC Guidance before the evolution of the covid cornucopia was correct.

They are useless at stopping the spread of the flu virus.

I’m pretty confident we’ve shared a lot of that science in the past 20 months. Maybe they should be reading GraniteGrok?

And thank you, Beth, for that Nashua update.


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Breaking – Dartmouth College Admin Cancels Andy Ngo Event One Hour before it was Scheduled to Start

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 23:30 +0000

Skip has just informed me that an hour before Andy Ngo was set to speak to the Dartmouth College Republicans the College Administration canceled the event.

The head of the Dartmouth College Republicans was notified by Administration but no reason was given at that time. But yes, I have a theory.

They are squishy left-wing cowards, which they are and we knew that.

Ngo has documented Antifas antics extensively. His street reports have shown time and again that they are the very thing they claim to be fighting. They use violence and intimidation to suppress speech they oppose and then claim this is justified because they say it’s fascist.

But this is Dartmouth. A few years ago visiting Professor Mark Bray published a book justifying the use of violence by Antifa that was supported by at least 100 Dartmouth professors.

Ngo’s presentation, Extremism in America, is about Antifa. Antifa was expected outside the event (based on Skips original post below).

And I just got an IM from Skip (moments ago!) suggesting that there were threats made against Ngo on Reddit. Really? This is andy Frikkin Ngo. He gets threats daily if I had to guess, and before every event that he’s ever done.

This means that the Dartmouth go-to response will be security. We didn’t think we could keep people safe. We never planned to either. Translation. We didn’t want him here and we couldn’t find a reason until an hour before the event. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Not that free speech or truth was ever something Dartmouth cares about. Not anymore.

[We’ll provide updates if the become available]



Skips Original 6:30 Post:

Tonight: GrokTV Is Livestreaming Journalist Andy Ngo’s Presentation to the Dartmouth College Republicans

Beginning at 6:30 pm ET tonight (that’s now) we will be live streaming from Dartmouth College. Journalist Andy Ngo is speaking to the Dartmouth College Republicans in a little while and the topic is Extremism in America -A discussion on Antifa. The event starts at 7 pm.

Or, at least that’s the intent.

It is not clear how useful the Facilities Mgt are going to be once I arrive.  WiFi?  Cell Data? Dunno which I’ll be able to use, to be perfectly honest. They have not been overly warm and fuzzy about this so far. I guess they’re not fans of GraniteGrok.

But we’ve resurrected our Livestream account and will be adding more things hitting the road and streaming more live events moving forward.

Oh, and the Northeast Antifa group has decided to make themselves special guests.



It should make for an “interesting” time as Antifa hates Ngo for being one of the bravest journalists chronicling their anarchist-Fascist activities across the county especially in Portland and Seattle.

So how will things turn out?  Dunno but the panel is supposed to start at 7 pm and we at GraniteGrok thank the Dartmouth College Republicans for the invite!


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Dear Attorney General John Formella – It Is beyond Time for a Serious Investigation into What Is Going on in New Hampshire.

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 22:00 +0000

Dear Attorney General John Formella,

As a result of the recent news regarding Harmony Montgomery and Elijah Lewis; the report from the Office of Child Advocate regarding the abuse of children under State Care;

The lawsuits against the Sununu Youth Detention Center; Anna Carrigan v NH Lawsuit regarding the abuse of children in NH State care; the testimony of a female teen witness in NH v Griffin Furlotte about police and public official bullying, stalking, lying and abuse, it is beyond time for a serious investigation involving public and federal investigators into what is going on in New Hampshire.

This is about child safety and the abuse of children by public officials and state agencies so that the state and its operatives can use children to collect federal grants (Title IV funds for example) to give to third parties such as Maximus Inc.

A quick look at the US DOJ’s audits of New Hampshire shows that on more than one occasion, federal grants have not been spent as mandated, so let’s look at what is going on:

My research on this goes back decades. In fact to 1985 – the year that Police Officer Jim McLaughlin had a record for dishonesty which has just been revealed in the Laurie List, before it was removed by your office, just hours later.

This letter Was sent by the author to NH AG John Formella. It has been reformatted and lightly edited.

Jim McLaughlin, per articles, was working with a member of the DCYF for his investigation into Father Gordon MacRae which resulted in the trial in 1994. A later investigation by a former FBI agent indicates that Jim McLaughlin’s investigation into MacRae was entirely dishonest and that witnesses were trained and offered financial rewards.

Following MacRae’s trial, Edward Arsenault expensed meals, cell phones, and computers to the Diocese of Manchester shortly before Jim Rosenberg of the AG’s office found the first “victim” for the Diocese of Manchester, opening up a waterfall of lawsuits filed by Chuck Douglas against the Diocese of Manchester, facilitated by Edward Arsenault who was working, per articles with the police and press.

Also involved I gather from this time were Gordon MacDonald at Nixon Peabody; Alex Walker and David Vicinanzo.

Edward Arsenault was prosecuted and convicted in 2014 for bribery and theft which included expenses during those years at the Diocese of Manchester. Chuck Douglas described him as a very pleasant person to deal with.

Edward Arsenault now goes by the name of Edward Bolognini and is in an executive position at another non-profit in New York, having defrauded his earlier non-profit, the Diocese of Manchester.

Nowadays, the Diocese of Manchester refers families to the Children’s Trust Foundation/Trust Fund which is located at 10 Ferry Street in Concord. I have been told that the Children’s Trust Fund was reported to the Boston FBI in 2016 for suspected child trafficking.

Who is associated with the Children’s Trust Fund? Lauren Noether, who was also in the AG’s office.

What other organization is associated with the same address as the Children’s Trust Fund? Maximus Inc., which was given an exclusive contract with the DCYF in 2014 and on whose board sits Kathleen Kerr who worked for the DCYF for 12 years prior.

We want to thank Claire Best for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you want us to consider, please submit it to

During Kathleen Kerr’s tenure with the DCYF, she received a letter from the US DOJ regarding the failures of the DCYF in 1999. Around the same time that Edward Arsenault was expensing the Diocese of Manchester for meals, computers, and cell phones prior to the first “victim” to come forward for the Diocese of Manchester.

In 2014, Judge Larry Smukler denied a retrial for Father Gordon MacRae, despite overwhelming evidence of misconduct in his trial.

Also in 2014, the next victim of NH targeting appeared: Owen Labrie. A scholarship student from St Paul’s School, another wealthy institution, like the Diocese of Manchester. Labrie was framed following the White House Task Force strategic partnership with UNH documented in the White House’s April 2014 “Not Alone” paper.

His arrest warrant was announced precisely one day after Laura Dunn of the White House Taskforce spoke at the Dartmouth Sexual Assault Summit demanding consequences in campus sexual assault. Concord Police blindsided him, announced his arrest warrant, took two photos because they told him he would be famous and WMUR (Adam Sexton) broadcast it that night.

Laura Dunn appeared on TV during the trial as a “personal representative” for the victim’s family. In fact, Concord PD and the prosecutors knew her as a member of the White House Task Force.

Chessy Prout documents in her own memoir that it was the Concord PD who introduced her to Laura Dunn and that Chessy Prout and her parents flew to DC to meet with Dunn and Steve Kelly to sort out “the details” in Spring 2015, five months before the trial.

Amanda Grady Sexton described the trial in the Concord Monitor as “an opportunity.” She controlled the media and wrote about how she and Steve Kelly do this in the NCVLI document “Pretrial Publicity: Friend or Foe Advice from the Experts.”

Steve Kelly was on the board of NCVLI. Meg Garvin was on the board of NCVLI and Laura Dunn’s SurvJustice.

NCVLI featured Laura Dunn as a “Partner Spotlight” in Nov. 2014, and gave an award to Concord PD Julie Curtin for “justice for the victim” and recommended Amanda Grady Sexton to AG Gordon MacDonald and/or Rep. Ann Kuster.

Why did Concord Police attend a conference with Laura Dunn, who was not registered as a lobbyist in the State of New Hampshire in March 2015?

Why were Concord Police rewarded for their most basic failures: they failed to investigate DNA that did not belong to Owen Labrie. They failed to Miranda even though they were asked about it.

Who were the Concord Police working for and what kickbacks were they receiving for this and from whom? And why did New Hampshire courts allow a controlled media (WMUR had exclusive TV access) into a trial involving teenagers at all?

Does New Hampshire have absolutely zero respect for the privacy of teenagers except when it comes to not reporting on the failure of DCYF because the DCYF suddenly thinks family privacy is to be upheld (see statements from DCYF re Harmony Montgomery)?

DA Scott Murray lied to the public in the May 10, 2016 edition of Concord Monitor in which he said that police and prosecutors had thoroughly investigated St Paul’s School and found no other prosecutable misconduct. A lie that can be proven by Assistant DA Catherine Ruffle’s sidebar statements to Judge Smukler about Andrew Thomson; emails/texts of Andrew Thomson’s that are in the record and some published in

Jim Rosenberg, Andrew Thomson’s lawyer (who’d been at the AG’s office during the Diocese of Manchester case) stated that his client had done nothing wrong – contradicted by the police investigation record, the prosector statements to Judge Smukler that the prosecution sealed at the time but which the NH Supreme Court deemed relevant enough to have unsealed and formed the basis for a retrial hearing in February 2017.

And on the eve of the retrial hearing what happens? Congresswoman Ann Kuster takes Chessy Prout to Capitol Hill as a “survivor” knowing a retrial is coming up and Brooke Ruffle, Prosecutor Catherine Ruffle’s Daughter posts on Facebook under a photo of Owen Labrie “Go kill some rapist butt today, mom” (or similar – indicating that the Ruffle family have zero respect for the dignity of the court).

In fact, we know Catherine Ruffle has no respect for the dignity of the court by her ex parte statements to the press before the trial of Owen Labrie in which she asserted that Owen Labrie raped Chessy Prout multiple times. And we also know that Lyn Schollett, JD of NHCADSV also has zero respect for the dignity of the court since she told the public outside the trial that Chessy Prout said “No” three times.

The trial record, police record do not support Lyn Schollett’s statement.

So why does the State of New Hampshire allow this to happen? Because of the federal money and contracts involved is why.

It has become perfectly acceptable to lie about children, to coerce them, to stalk them, to bully in order to get contracts and federal dollars for the State of New Hampshire and its agencies. It is not acceptable and never should be. It is tantamount to child labor trafficking. Using children, replacing their statements, their raw narrative with one that is desired by the public officials and agencies for the financial benefit of those public officials and agencies.

Evidence of collusion between the police, prosecutors, Chuck Douglas, Steve Kelly, and Jim Rosenberg in NH v Owen Labrie (a repeat it seems of the Diocese of Manchester and Father Gordon McRae) resides in the prosecution’s decision to not include the terms “lap dance” or “Secret snuggle” in the prosecution’s list of terms it used to try to assert sexual contact for “hook-ups,” “slay,” “Senior Salute,” “Score.”

That’s because “secret snuggle” and “lap dance” were the terms used by Andrew Thomson with Chessy Prout, knowing she was 15 years old. But Andrew Thomson was the son of Lucy Hodder, legal counsel to Governor Maggie Hassan, and best friends with Congresswoman Ann Kuster.

Further evidence of collusion between police, prosecutors, Chuck Douglas, Steve Kelly, Jim Rosenberg, and NHCADSV (a client of Jim Rosenberg’s law firm Shaheen & Gordon) can be found in the June 1, 2016, first Doe (Prout) v St. Paul’s Lawsuit which was leaked to the Concord Monitor, Vice Media, and NBC Today Show before the school was served.

That lawsuit has a very glaringly obvious omission: while the lawsuit includes the emails and names of other male classmates/state witnesses from the criminal trial, Andrew Thomson’s name is absent and again so are his invitations to Chessy Prout seeking a “lap dance” and “secret Snuggle.”

How ironic that police discovery was used in this lawsuit and in the book with intro by Congresswoman Ann Kuster.

Who in Concord PD allowed that and why?

How ironic that on the board of NHCADSV is a member of the “Spotlight” team and that a member of the “Spotlight” team, Jenn Abelson, was the co-author of which Congresswoman Kuster wrote the introduction for. How ironic that Dan Hill of signed Chessy Prout as a client and that he promoted the book along with Laura Dunn and the NHCADSV, Kuster, and police and prosectors. He advertises that he has helped his clients secure $21 billion in Government Contracts.

Indeed, Laura Dunn was an ambassador for PAVE which was featured in 2010 with her and her SurvJustice co-founder S. Daniel Carter.

S. Daniel Carter told me personally in November 2019 that Laura Dunn’s primary interest in NH v Owen Labrie was St Paul’s School. He admitted that the publicity was a serious problem. Who was controlling that publicity? Amanda Grady Sexton and Steve Kelly who were beneficiaries of the agreements with St Paul’s for money and for a compliance officer.

I made a complaint in July 2020 to the LEACT commission about Detective Julie Curtin and the coercion of minors in the case of NH v Owen Labrie, NH v Griffin Furlotte and NH v Foad Afshar.

Why do pubic officials in New Hampshire get to dictate a false narrative for 6 years to enhance their own coffers which put the life of Owen Labrie in danger and subject to vigilante hate (as documented by Susan Zalkind in her March 2016 article about running into Labrie on the Boston Subway, causing him to be put in solitary confinement (where he was physically and mentally abused and starved) for his own safety?

I’m pointing out what others have not because I took the time to read trial records, to read and watch everything that was available, and to read Amanda Grady Sexton’s own comments about the “opportunity” in NH v Owen Labrie and how she and Steve Kelly create and control the media.

“Senior Salute” contradictory to what Ms. Sexton says, was not found by police or prosecutors or the State of NH to be a sexual conquest game performed by males upon females.

Read the records yourselves.

Further, contradicting Amanda Grady Sexton, Detective Julie Curtin’s and Congresswoman Ann Kuster’s assertions, sexual assault is not something that belongs to males. In fact, you will find your selves that in the mid-2000s St Paul’s School reported 15 senior female students for sexual hazing of younger female students, forcing them to perform oral sex on bananas.

Further, in 2014, the felony-level sexual assault of the son of the senior administrator of St Paul’s (by a senior female student) was punished merely by the suspension of the female student.

There were student whistleblowers who told me that they reported this at the time and they were silenced. Civil case 1:18-cv-00390 I believe also references this sexual assault of a male and yet the NHCADSV has gone out of its way to hide this from public knowledge – launching their national social media campaign in July 2019 to block ABC/GMA from airing an interview with Owen Labrie in which this information was also revealed.

Two weeks after NHCADSV and Amanda Grady Sexton blocked the ABC GMA interview from airing, NHCADSV became the beneficiaries of Steve Kelly and Chuck Douglas’s latest lawsuit: Rapuano & Does v Dartmouth College.

From the numbers reported by Nancy West in In-Depth News – it looks like NHCADSV got $2.8 million or so from the Dartmouth suit. What did they do with it exactly?

Since then in 2020 one student at Dartmouth, Maha Hasan Alshawi, went on hunger strike over Dartmouth’s failure to investigate her alleged sexual assault by a professor. Students demanded due process to investigate her assault. Dartmouth, under pressure, hired a law firm that specializes in protecting institutions and returned a not guilty verdict based not on due process but on preponderance of evidence.

And NHCADSV said nothing.

Then another female student committed suicide after her alleged sexual assault. Again, NHCADSV said nothing.

So what were they doing with the $2.8 million it looks like they received from the Rapuano & Does v Dartmouth settlement that was in negotiation during the time that NHCADSV got ABC/GMA to block the Labrie interview from airing?

Notice that NHCADSV and representatives of the State of NH also said nothing when Professor David Bucci committed suicide.

The New York Times called him a casualty of #MeToo legal strategy. He was. He was a victim of the media strategy that Amanda Grady Sexton and Steve Kelly boasted about in the NCVLI publication they authored.

The Dartmouth Board of Trustees denied him the right to defend himself. Why? It smacks of a wash rinse repeat of the Diocese of Manchester, St Paul’s, and Exeter. In each case, no criminal prosecutions of the administrators in charge of settlement agreements were made- all of which involve state agencies who have allowed children to die under state care despite their own direct involvement with those agencies.

I have never come across a State with so many non-profits dedicated to Children’s welfare, and domestic and sexual violence as New Hampshire. So what is going on exactly?

The history shows that children and young adults have been coerced, manipulated, and abused so that a few players in New Hampshire can enrich themselves and the state can get away with negligence.

Parents and caregivers who have been concerned for their welfare have been ignored. Judges (Introcaso) have falsified documents, GALs have been paid in cash, files have been deleted.

The history shows that true complainants of domestic violence and sexual abuse are being ignored, children are dying under state care despite the millions flowing to New Hampshire (latest being $1.5 million to UNH via Senator Jeanne Shaheen to “Study the effects of child sexual assault”.

Why did Andrew Crews of Autofair, Primary Bank, Children’s Advocacy Centers, State Lottery step down? His own bank, Primary Bank, for which he is a board member, gave a PPP loan to his company, Autofair and Autofair apparently failed to pay its employees per a lawsuit in Massachusetts.

Nevertheless, the PPP loan is forgiven in full and Autofair is sold to a company in West Palm Beach and Andrew steps down. Is this the kind of person who should be on a Child Advocacy Center board? Someone who serves his own company from his own bank with federal loans?

Why did Bill Gardner, Secretary of State, step down?

Is this by any chance tied into Marsy’s Law, elections, or Pandora Papers? And are the children’s and DV/SA organizations tied into any of this?

Why does NHCADSV have over $1 million line item in misc. salaries and expenses when its ED, highest earner, Lyn Schollett gets $106K only. That’s a lot of money in a single line item. Ditto, HAVEN, $800K in salaries and expenses with no overt explanation. Gov. Maggie Hassan said she was giving Rich Schubert’s campaign donations to HAVEN.

HAVEN got a contract with Phillips Exeter Academy. Debra Altshiller works with HAVEN. Her daughter, Marina Altshiller, worked for Marsy’s Law as a “consultant” and now works for the State House.

Her husband, Howard Altshiller was president of the NH Press Association, presumably with the power to misinform the public consistently regarding Owen Labrie and St Paul’s School while simultaneously creating a media blackout surrounding the sexual assault cover-ups at Phillips Exeter Academy – because their friend Maggie Hassan was running for Senator and the truth wouldn’t look good.

DCYF deleted the files. AG Joseph Foster decided not to investigate. Police told, not to charge.

MOU with HAVEN failed so now they are pushing RAINN, another lobbyist which has as its sponsors: Absolut Vodka, Lyft & Uber – hardly an advertisement against sexual assault and domestic violence looking at the history of sexual misconduct at Lyft and Uber.

Why did the AG’s office remove names of corrupt police officers from the Laurie List? To protect the AG’s office from incrimination it would appear.

Why did NHCADSV block ABC – to protect its own financial interest in the Dartmouth suit and in the St Paul’s settlement? To protect its financial interests in the Adam Walsh SOR registration federal funds or in Office of Violence Against Women or VAWA funds?

Why did Maximus inc get a no-bid contract with DCYF in 2014 and why has DCYF consistently and systemically failed both before and after that contract?

Why did Chuck Douglas file a lawsuit on behalf of Jennifer Adams v DA Robin Davis for a “hostile environment” which appears to have been endorsed by NHCADSV, Concord Police, and Franklin Police? The lawsuit asserts that DA Robin Davis had issues with police’s use of media, tainted investigations, and too close relationship with prosecutors.

Why did police bully the teenage girls in NH v Griffin Furlotte? Why did they stalk the girls in NH v Owen Labrie? Why did they tamper with evidence and witnesses in NH v Owen Labrie, and why did NHCADSV go with the tampered witnesses and evidence and not the truth?

Money and contracts, I believe are the answer.

The SANE nurse report and the State Lab Technician report were not the results the NHCADSV, police, prosecutors, and Civil lawyers wanted, so they ignored them. Why bother having a SANE nurse at all if you are going to ignore her report? Or a State Lab’s report for that matter.

Why did NHCADSV endorse Paul Halvorsen as DA for Merrimack County when he had been a juvenile prosecutor, sending children to the dangerous environment of the state youth detention centers where they were held in child restraints per the report from Moira O’Neill?

One of Paul Halvorsen’s endorsements came from an employee at Riverbend Mental Health Clinic.

Look at the opioid crisis in NH and the Medicaid fraud and you start to realize that between this endorsement and another one I read about his ability to budget, justice for juveniles is nothing to do with what’s right for kids. It’s about how the State of New Hampshire Concord and Merrimack County can use children to make money.

The Attorney General’s office needs to address these issues because AG Gordon MacDonald’s statement that child safety was of paramount importance (during the St Paul’s investigation and settlement) could not be further from the truth.



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This is the Today’s 3:30 Post

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I’t’s just after 5 pm eastern time, and I just noticed something very unusual. We didn’t publish a post at 3:30. Somehow, while shuffling content, I left the space barren. Bare. Empty. Gasp!

In the interest of restoring order to our internet galaxy, this is it.

The 3:30 pm Post.



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This is So Queer

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Remember when being queer meant odd or unusual? A definition lost to the mists of time with words like niggardly (stingy) or faggot (a bundle of sticks or a cigarette in the UK).

But Queer is not just a word that no longer means queer (odd). It is a worldview of a worldview or whatever this is: American University has introduced a course on ‘neuroqueerness.’


According to the course description for “Mental Health, Madness, and Neuroqueerness,” the class will, “critically examine how ideas about mental health and wellness are situated in systems of colonialism, white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy.” …

According to Nick Walker, who claims to have coined the term, “Neuroqueer[ing],” is defined as, “the practice of queering (subverting, defying, disrupting, liberating oneself from) neuronormativity and heteronormativity simultaneously.”


The world is wrong. All of history is wrong. There is no binary sexuality. All of humanity up until now was mistaken. It is more normal to be anything but normal and that should be the new normal.

More deconstructing institutions to ensure nothing has meaning, but what if defined by the loving embrace of the State. Crushing the heteronormative racist patriarchy and replacing it with … Marxism.

I find it odd (queer) when folks don’t realize how the State has used them to destroy the foundations of liberty or they intend to mistreat them perhaps worse than even they imagined to create this victim-class army in the first place.

I could care less about what adults do in private with other adults but the State cares a great deal, and they show us that often. But if you are too busy carrying one particular bucket of water for the left or the other, you might not notice that you are not bailing out the ship to set it right. You are filling it up to sink it with you in it.

Just look at any non-binary or person of color who will not carry their water.

That’s you when they win, no matter how much you think you helped, and there’s nothing queer (odd) about that.



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If a Majority of Americans Want To Work For Themselves Shouldn’t That Translate to Them Wanting Smaller Government?

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I caught a conversation on the radio this morning on my way to work. According to the survey they discussed, 79% of employed Americans are unhappy with their job, and 59% prefer to work for themselves.

Being your own boss is at the heart of the American dream. Building something you control. Getting out from under someone else’s boot.

I won’t speculate why almost 80% of those polled said they didn’t like their job or career path, and nearly 6 out of 10 would instead work for themselves. There are as many reasons as there are people, and everyone is different. And that made me wonder.

Does this sample suggest that 60% of America still gets it?

If you are motivated to get out from under the thumb of an employer, why wouldn’t you be more motivated to make sure that doing that had the best possible odds of success.

Government interference, regulation, taxation, licensing, zoning, tax rules, the list of potential infringement or barriers to success can appear endless. Filing your tax returns seems deliberately daunting, as if they are dissuading you from trying.

Rules for how or if a business owner can exercise free speech can be complex, the path littered with trip ropes and traps.

If 60% of us want more freedom, shouldn’t 60% of us want more liberty and less government too?

I want to think the number is higher, but as noted in the past, and as recently as this morning, the COVID “test” produced a lot of failing grades and not just among our so-called leaders.

It is our nation. We are the power behind the people we elect to serve us. That relationship was long ago inverted, but if a majority see work freedom as preferable, perhaps the sentiment behind the original American Revolution still smolders under the surface.

The idea that we can do a lot more for each other for a lot less while serving our own interests within the framework of a few simple ground rules.

It sounds like a message in a bottle, so, like Sting says in the song by the same name,


Walked out this morning
Don’t believe what I saw
A hundred billion bottles
Washed up on the shore
Seems I’m not alone at being alone
A hundred billion castaways
Looking for a home


How many admitted but unrealized pro-liberty castaways think they are alone and are looking for a home? And how do we do a better job of getting them the message that they have a home? It’s America. That they need to stand up and defend it, not every four years or when they feel like showing up at the polls for a local election, every day.

And not just every day, but informed, and in every way.

America is becoming that job you don’t really like, but if you don’t do something and soon you’ll never be able to “work for yourself.”

They are trying to take that away from you, and you need to stop that before it is too late.


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Does Sotomayor Not Trust The Science?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 16:00 +0000

Throughout the pandemic, our ruling class has demanded that the vast majority take unprecedented steps to protect the minute minority. Kids have been asked to sacrifice their academic growth and emotional wellbeing so that teachers’ unions could collect dues while their members cowered behind screens.

Small business owners were asked to give up their livelihoods so that vulnerable populations would be safe. Never mind all foot traffic converged at the still-open Big Box stores. Society was effectively shut down so that its tiny community of residents in long-term care facilities in nursing homes would be protected. It has been a massive shift in carrying a burden, wholly unfair and entirely unnecessary. It is morally upside down as well.

Each day, one hopes that this mindset is reverting back to a conventional and commonsensical norm. Reporting from NPR tried to claim that Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch declined to “wear a mask out of respect” for his overweight, diabetic, and unhealthy colleague Sonia Sotomayor at her request. It turns out that NPR’s Nina Totenberg pushed more fake news in an attempt to smear one of the few conservative thinkers on the nominally conservative-leaning Supreme Court.

Still, though, Gorsuch is indeed going maskless while hearing oral arguments. At the same time, Sotomayor is listening virtually from her chambers. This about sums up how we should be handling Covid writ large. There are two big lessons to be learned from his example.

First, we have reached the point where Covid will only be conquered by conquering our collective and programmed fears surrounding it. In other words, Covid will only truly disappear when we let it. One way to communicate this progress is by immediately ceasing with the grotesque and dehumanizing kabuki theater and virtue signaling of mask-wearing. Despite decades of literature around viral transmission, only now, after two years of futility, is the CDC admitting that the effectiveness of cloth and basic surgical masks (which the entire public has been wearing) serves little purpose.

The ruling class knew this, yet they still lied to maximize their return on the fear factor.

Second, each person in this scenario, Gorsuch and Sotomayor, is acting in accordance with their own comfortability. Life is moving on, and each is adapting as needed. For Gorsuch, that means breathing in clean air and making his entire face accessible for proper human interaction and understanding. For Sotomayor, that means recognizing she is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of contracting the virus. Neither is asking the other to do something for themselves.

The ire directed at Gorsuch by the corporate media is predictable. Rolling Stone ran a headline that said he was standing up for “his right to endanger” the health of Sotomayor. As always, the progressive left is intentionally incorrect. To be fair, though, they got one thing absolutely right: It is his right to not wear a mask.

One last thought: We are told that Sonia Sotomayor is triple vaccinated. Does she believe the vaccines work? If so, then why is she hiding in her chambers? If not, then why is she demanding the entire country submit to them?

Reposted with Permission from The Blue State Conservative.

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“COVID Positive” Politics Is About Progressive Victimology not Public Health

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 14:30 +0000

No public health good is served by mailing people test kits for a virus that over 99% of them will survive – if they ever actually get it. It’s a political move to grow, not the collective health consciousness but the most prominent potential victim class ever imagined.

COVID is an actual virus, but almost nothing else the experts or their media allies have said about it is true. It is not that dangerous and even less so when people are freely allowed to use prophylactics or early treatments like Hydroxycholorquine and Ivermectin.

Almost no one needed to die as a matter of public health, but public health was hijacked by politics just hours after SARS CoV2 got its early release papers from the Wuhan lab.

China sold it, and the world bought it, but China moved on while the West sits in the back of the sedan sucking car exhaust.

In America, the Democrats hijacked the Rona as the only means left to remove Trump and his agenda. To derail a freight train trying to free the American people from their government, foreign dependence and influence, media malfeasance, and the regressive philosophy of the Left.

Oh, and China.

Two years later, a significant portion of the nation has Stockholm syndrome. A masked cult of devotees trapped under their membership cards. Waiting for the next booster and in denial about any facet of their recruitment into the Left’s latest victim cult.

Rabbi Chananya Weissman has one of the best explanations for this phenomenon I’ve read.


Some people can admit that they were wrong some of the time, but refuse to accept reality when the truth really hits home. For example, if someone willingly took one or more injections of a bioweapon, believing it was a miracle drug, or spent the last two years assaulting people for not wearing masks, it will be very painful for them to admit that they were terribly mistaken.

This is even more true if they compelled their parents, spouse, or children to take these shots. They may have doomed themselves and those closest to them to serious injury or death. If they accept this reality it will torment them day and night for the rest of their lives, especially if they have to acknowledge that a tragic “coincidence” was really nothing of the sort.


Cult leaders are content to have a list of dissidents, the unvaxxed, but the goal is to shorten the list. Add as many victims to the class as possible, and to get there from here, they came upon an idea to literally hit home.

Contrary to any sensible public health policy, they began mailing COVID test kits to people. The response was overwhelming. An army of unknowns begged for test kits, and the result was as expected. There was a spike in “positive tests.”

Emergency rooms were overwhelmed with people who had no symptoms, positive test in hand, begging health workers to lay on hands so they wouldn’t die from the Rona.

Recruits to the victim class.

Now, and I just heard this, some public sector employers offer to test public employees with no symptoms. You know, just in case.

An increasing percentage will already be in the cult and may test positive. A feature of the cure is infection and spread. But some number, at the urging of others, will fall off the fence and take a test. But they are not testing for COVID. It’s never been about COVID.

The COVID test is not just a test. It is the whole experience. And while it is not about a virus, it does seek to stop “infection” – the idea that liberty still has a home in America. That individuals have inalienable rights. That these rights are more valuable than the will of some class, in this case, another Left-Wing victim class, and that government cannot be allowed to trample them.

In other words, passing the test has nothing to do with whether you have COVID. Passing means you will pass on the ideas of individual liberty to friends and family, even though they may hate you for it. But we must. Our opposition seeks to abort the American experiment, and they will say and do anything to accomplish this.

I’ll close with more words from Rabbi Chananya Weissman.


Just as the followers of Avraham do good deeds because that is their religious obligation, irrespective of any material rewards, Amalek does evil deeds because that is their religion, irrespective of any material profits they enjoy along the way.

This is the deepest reason why the wealthy and powerful are devoting themselves to “depopulating” the world, committing mass murder in so many ways. It is why governments all over the world are destroying their own countries, waging war on their own citizens, and committing atrocities against the most vulnerable.  It is why they are utterly cold to the pain and suffering of their victims. It is why they couldn’t care less about the law or scientific facts.  It is why they couldn’t care less if millions of their citizens protest so long as they don’t revolt.

This is what they do. This is who they are. They are evil.

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WMUR Lies About Ivermectin Bill and Uses Horse Paste as Headline Photo

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 13:00 +0000

In an article regarding new legislation that allows pharmacists to dispense Ivermectin (IVM) as prescribed by doctors, WMUR decided to use a photo of the veterinary version of the drug rather than the human version, which has been around for decades.

Not only that but WMUR lies in the article and states that a person can somehow get a prescription without seeing a doctor or nurse practitioner first:

House Bill 1022 would allow pharmacists to dispense the drug by means of standing orders, meaning without the drug-seeker first seeing a doctor.

The legislation specifically explains what a ‘standing order’ is:

In this section, “standing order” means a written and signed protocol authored by one or more physicians licensed under RSA 329:12 or one or more advanced practice registered nurses licensed under RSA 326-B:18. Such agreement shall specify a protocol allowing the pharmacist licensed under RSA 318:18 to dispense ivermectin under the delegated prescriptive authority of the physician or APRN, specify a mechanism to document screening performed and the prescription in the patient’s medical record, and include a plan for evaluating and treating adverse events. Any such prescription shall be regarded as being issued for a legitimate medical purpose in the usual course of professional practice.

Clearly, the ‘reporter’ who decided to ‘investigate’ this legislation either doesn’t understand how to read legislation; doesn’t understand what a licensed physician or nurse practitioner is; was too lazy to read the legislation, or intentionally lied to push an agenda. Regardless of the reasons behind this piss-poor ‘news’ article, it is shoddy journalism at best.

Ivermectin was approved for human use in the United States in 1996 and has been in use around the world since 1987. Not only has IVM been used around the world for decades (in HUMANS), but it is also a Nobel Prize-winning drug that many studies are now being conducted in its use against Fauci’s Virus (COVID-19).

Ivermectin is also used for animals and sold over the counter to help control parasites. It is not the same as the prescription IVM that is given to humans.

While many on the left absolutely abhor that a cheap, existing drug might possibly save lives, others are successfully using IVM to fight COVID rather than ending up in the hospital, where many go to die because they aren’t being treated properly.

WMUR is supposed to be a ‘news’ station. The only one that really exists in New Hampshire anymore, and yet they fail on the basics in this article.

Remember to question everything and do your own research. There are no lamestream news outlets that speak the truth anymore. They prefer to push an agenda rather than push real journalism.

WMUR has become propaganda pushers as opposed to a journalistic news outlet with integrity.

By the way, the photo below is what human IVM tablets look like. WMUR could have found a photo like this, they chose not to. Americans shouldn’t have to buy potentially life-saving drugs from India.



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With Mid-Terms Coming What Existential Threat Will the Biden Admin No Longer Report?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 11:30 +0000

What is Biden going to avoid as we head toward the Midterm elections? You might guess inflation but that’s too obvious.

Is this worse?



And if NH is going to follow along, how is WMUR EVER going to continue its WuFlu Panic Porn at every moment of the day and night possible?  Or will this be like their reporting on the January 6th “Insurrection” – to which they JUST started to call a “riot” right in line with the Democrat timeline?

No, this is all about prepping the political battlefield for the Party in Power. If there’s no bad news around, how can they be held responsible for it at the ballot box?

Nothing to see, here folks!  See, Biden solved the COVID problem just like his campaign promise said he would.

What, you say I’m wrong?  How can I be wrong when the Democrat-aligned MSM, like WMUR, says absolutely nothing at all about it?  Nary a mention!

The question is not if but when WMUR will get the message and start tamping down their reporting on this. Remember just a bit ago when they said that their chyron would no longer be reporting COVID Stats?  Now I’m waiting to see how long it will be before their “anchors” completely go to other stories and that 2-5 minutes per broadcast morph to something else.

(H/T: Instapundit)

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Psilocybin Mushroom Decriminalization Bill to Have Second Hearing

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2022-01-20 04:36 +0000

Proposed legislation in New Hampshire would decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms. The bipartisan bill had its first hearing in the Criminal Justice Committee

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