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Questions, Questions, and Some Thoughts. And Your’s Are?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-30 17:30 +0000

Like so many people today, I am also deep in thinking about how we got here..We are openly seeing and saying that there is a mental health crisis in America and we Olders know it’s nothing new.

We have off the charts levels now of addictions, suicides, this has destroyed our families,  this is all the fallout of mental illness that was not effectively dealt with.

Every death that happened like this is really a failure of the entire system- now count them all and give us that number. I dare say we don’t want to see it.

I don’t believe any of this was ever an accident because there were too many things put into place to make all these deaths happen and continue on.

The “War on Drugs” is a money-making business just the same way that “Cancer Research” is.. these are money-making businesses that don’t have any goal at all other than to keep on bringing in money.

They don’t really solve anything because that would put them out of business.

Few of the solutions are really about solving the problem- they are about making money off the problem they created.

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I remember very clearly what went on here following what was called “Deinstitutionalization.”

I happened to have had two very good friends, a married couple, that were both RNs working in psychiatric hospital down in Massachusetts back at that time.

These two RNs were middle-aged lifers in that profession and had worked there for years. They were utterly horrified at what was going on and what went on.

Thinking back now on the months of conversations that we had in the build-up of what they saw coming, I can see now that these two people were witnessing what was a very traumatic event that they were struggling to cope with themselves.  People do that sort of heavy work because they really care and want to help people.. they were watching people that they cared for be released to what they knew would be the deaths of them.

It’s was like watching premeditated murder be plotted- we could all see clearly.

They literally just opened the doors of that hospital and let these patients that were so mentally ill that they resided in that facility walk right out the door.

There were people that actually left in Johnny’s and they certainly had no plans. They were unable to survive on their own- this is why they were where they were- in a hospital.

It’s people that have witnessed this that fully understand that we should not grow the size of a government that could do this- and we saw that a long time ago.

A lot of us now are the unvaxxinated- by the way.

Apparently, what was going on back then is that they felt these people could all be managed out there with all these new Medications for mental illnesses that had been created.

Somehow, these people in that condition were expected to manage their lives and stay not only on these meds but keep them coming.. somehow?

These two RNs working in that field, in that hospital, even they didn’t know or understand how on earth that was supposed to happen- nevermind the patients.

They *Knew* these patients, they knew that they could do no such thing.. and yet out the doors they went.

Later on in my life I met a man that was a fairly well known psychiatrist that at his age had become more of a teacher. He wrote books teaching psychiatrists to be better psychiatrists.

This was in the 90s.

We had long conversations about the book he was working on, it was about teaching psychiatrists methods to keep their patients on their meds.

He explained to me that the biggest challenge they were having was keeping patients on their meds. and they were working really hard to learn more about how to do this..

I think back at this today and come up with this:

What this man was saying was that shortly after they let all these people go, they learned that keeping them on these meds that were supposed to replace the managed care of mental hospitals was not working.

And yet what did you see happen to solve any of that?  They *knew* this was happening. And yet no one simply corrected the course..  I feel like this has a whole lot to do with how we got where we are today.

I think this was really the birth of what we now call Big Pharma.

We clearly had a “Before” and an “After” and I think it was around then.

I have to wonder what then President Reagan knew about all of this aspect of things back then.

What was going on in the background?

Because we now know loud and clear that there is plenty of “Background” and that they don’t want us to know about it.

Big Pharma was then farmed out to China- or maybe “Big Pharma” was China all along?.. we all know that China wound up making our medications.

I often wonder if that right there was when China took over this country- because it’s all radically changed since then.

Was that plan in the works back then? and did President Reagan know this and understand this?  Was President Reagan duped like President Trump was by The Fauci Terrorist and the minions that installed him?

In my opinion, having China make our Meds was a national security risk.

China, who is not our friend, will then know the physical state of our people.. they can tell how many people have asthma here just from how much asthma medication they make for us.

Living on medications that destroy the immune systems of people, THAT is a national security risk.. look at where we are now at today.
So if they want to make a bioweapon, it’s a no brainer how to hit us.. they know what physical shape we are in.

I have watched enough war movies to know that the enemy observes people to make a plan as to how to attack them effectively.

I wonder what could be learned from having a Communist nation make our medications..  doesn’t that all seem rather stunning to you when you really think about that?  and that the people running this country thought this was a good idea?

Isn’t it all very interesting that Covid happened to have broke free from the Chinese lab and people that have certain illnesses are succumbing to Covid- and we know that the Covid strain itself was manufactured.

Maybe Americans better do some research today about The Opium Wars in China.. and connect some dots. Maybe people should read those treaties back then.. and connect some dots.

If we want to fix things, we better learn to understand things.

I think that a mistake that we make as a nation in not demanding that things that are clearly not working are then fixed immediately.
Because what we are identifying as “broken” or not working, might not be an accident but The Plan.

The government killing us looks a little different than people seem to get..they allow the border to be flooded, they release criminals from prisons, they let the men into the women’s bathrooms. They make our lives a living hell and then flood the nation with drugs..every Homeless person is really on a slow road to death. So why are they making them?

Why are they creating mentally ill people in Public Education?
Do you get it all yet?

At what point do people finally see that we are under attack here in what is modern warfare. We are participating and funding what is our own demise.

There is nothing wrong with trying new things, but when we can see that what is going on is not working, we should solve that, we should demand that it’s fixed.

Even if it means going back to what we were doing before.

Because more than fixing it, we are stopping an attack upon us.

I believe that we should be doing a whole lot of digging about what was going on before this Deinstitutionalization plan was put into action.. because I think that has a whole to do with how we got here.

And I think that young people today have no idea at all at what I am even talking about.. and that is not good either.

We can’t fix anything if we all don’t understand what is going on- and that is part of the plan to, see the Propaganda Machine we have.


I guess you can say “NHnative has a whole lot of questions.”

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NH Liberty Alliance Supports Failed “Sex Work” Bill

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-30 16:00 +0000

House Bill 1176 would legalize prostitution as long as it is performed indoors in a place where the prostituted person has a right to be. At the public hearing last week, only one person spoke in favor of the bill, sponsor Rep. Max Abramson. Several people, including sex trafficking survivors, spoke passionately against it.

From the legal analysis from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation:

This bill decriminalizes prostituting in one’s home by making the penalties petty fines. However, allowing this to occur in one’s home is not penalized at all, making this a brothel keeping decriminalization bill at its core.

This will hide abuse behind closed doors subjecting women in abusive relationships to more exploitation and harm. This will make all neighborhoods vulnerable to increasingly criminal elements. In other words, trap houses will emerge everywhere and anywhere, and organized crime will be able to move in and act with impunity.

Related: HB1176 Would Have Legalized Prostitution for Any Sex Acts Performed Indoors

Bob Clegg attended, arriving with three women, presumably to lobby for NH Voters Against Human Trafficking whose mission is to “end laws that criminalize prostitution” but none of them spoke.

The bill was so bad that the committee voted 20-0 to Inexpedient to Legislate including Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight who supports the legalization of “sex work.”

But I found one group that supports this bill. The NH Liberty Alliance gave it a thumbs up. Did they even read the bill? Will it be listed as a bill to support on their “Gold Standard” sheet for the next NH House session when the bill is on the consent calendar to be killed by a voice vote along with a raft of other terrible bills? Inquiring minds want to know.


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Law Enforcement In The Republic Of New Hampshire

The Liberty Block - Sun, 2022-01-30 14:32 +0000

A friend of mine asked me that question on the day of the historic hearing on CACR32, the legislation that would place the question of independence on the ballot if passed by the legislature. She supports liberty and state independence, but she was seriously concerned that we may not have any police if we cut ties with DC. 

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Let’s All Do Our Part

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-30 14:30 +0000

The state of New Hampshire is in for a very rough patch at the moment. As cases of snow rise all around the entire region, officials brace for a tough time for all residents.

The percent of shovel use is expected to hit near 100% by the end of the day but officials say even though storm hospitalizations and deaths are very low we need to be very careful and recommend staying off the roads today.

Crazy Right-wing fringe groups think differently though.

We just need to let the storm run its course and after a while, as New Englanders, we will have a kind of immunity to the snow falling several times a year. After a while, you won’t even really notice it. You won’t even feel the need to stock up two weeks of groceries just before a storm.

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Health and weather officials say this is a very very dangerous road to go down. They say there are plenty of things we can do to slow the spread of snow.

Last year roughly 300,000 Tesla cars were sold in the US. And that, as we know, settled by the science, has a positive impact on climate change.

“I can’t even imagine thinking how severe the snow symptoms would be in New Hampshire right now if that number were to be less,” said one New Hampshire resident speaking on condition of anonymity.

Studies nowhere say that snow is five times more likely to fall without a Tesla purchased in your community than if there was.

In fact, most health and weather officials agree the best way to slow the spread of Snow is to make sure you get Tesla’d. Although they do admit it does wear off after a few months, it may catch on fire, and there is a slim chance it may drive itself right off the road into oncoming traffic.

Nonetheless, those side effects are extremely rare and they do recommend it for those of us of all ages. However, some purchasers will need a booster Tesla which officials say creates three times the less likelihood of snow on the rise.

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla says that his company is geared up and ready to produce as many as is needed to keep the safety in place. Of course with the primary focus on the health and wellness of the communities and not my wallet.

I bought my Tesla to help protect my neighbors in my community from snowfall, said another individual. All I can think about is what if it snowed at grandpa‘s house? How can old a man of his age shovel? I could not bear the thought of him having to do that so I did my part. And if I have to buy a tesla once a year to keep our community safe then that’s what I’ll have to do.

As you would expect health and wellness issues like this always tend to divide people in this case it’s no different. There are those on the left calling for an outright ban on those who drive anything different. Some say they shouldn’t be allowed to go to the grocery store or shop at their local Walmart.

If we make them uncomfortable with their gas-guzzling, polluting ways then maybe they’ll change their minds and decide to get Tesla’d so we can finally end this snow pandemic. I mean it’s New England after all. We should not still be dealing with snow in the wintertime. Right ?

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Virginia AG “Bans” Mandatory Vaccination on College Campuses

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-30 13:00 +0000

The COVID cult will be livid. How dare you give them a choice. Virginia’s new Attorney General, Jason Miyares, has made it clear that mandatory COVID vaccination’s by Colleges is not legal in Virginia


“Attorney General Miyares has issued a legal opinion that Virginia’s state institutions of higher education cannot require the COVID-19 vaccine as a general condition of students’ enrollment or in-person attendance,” an announcement from the Virginia Attorney General’s Office read on Friday.


The AG points out that the Virginia Assembly of Delegates could legally craft a law that would require The Jab at cesspools of higher indoctrination. They’ve not done that.

The message is simple. Unless the law provides that authority, we’re not only not going to enforce it; we’re not going to let others ignore it. So, the AG isn’t actually banning them the absence of law supporting the mandates prohibits them.

AG Jason Miyares is vaccinated and boosted and recommends that others consider doing the same but that, ‘nowhere in the code of Virginia does the law say that Virginia public institutions can require vaccinations as a condition of enrollment or in-person attendance.

Do you see what he did there?

Instead of assuming that a state or a public agent had the authority to deny citizens a right because the legislature was silent, he acknowledged that individuals retained that right until the legislature had spoken.

It would then follow that if the Delegates did try to enact such a law, the people could challenge it.

Is there any chance we can get one of those AG’s here in New Hampshire?

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Beyond the Ordinary and Accepted US Election Fraud

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-30 11:30 +0000

Among the many documented stories of the “ordinary and accepted” US election fraud in the November 2020, presidential voting was those of the usual use of phony IDs.

There was also the myriad dead voting on absentee ballots, suspicious one-sided percentages of Democrat voters included in the “ballot harvesting” in key Democrat-run states, and the votes garnered from large numbers of felons and illegal aliens.

But there is additional disturbing evidence pointing to the role of highly sophisticated foreign players who colluded with elements of the US deep state, that clandestine anonymous network entrenched inside the government, the intelligence agencies, and other governmental entities which controls or directs policy behind the scenes, while the democratically-elected elected officials serve as mere figureheads on the outside.

These deep state forces made a blatant highly-illegal move to topple President Trump and replace him with a more compliant, and compromised “China” Joe Biden, who is following the Great Reset Agenda of the World Economic Forum, and who’s toeing the Marxist line, barefoot in his loafers.

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At the center of all this folderol is an abbreviated selection of rather nefarious private companies which dominate and control the elections in the USA and in numerous foreign nations far beyond our increasingly porous borders.

These are: Dominion Voting Systems of Toronto, Canada; SGO Smartmatic of the UK; and ES&S of Omaha, NE. Two of the three are foreign companies. The fist two offer serious grounds for concern.

In 2004, during Venezuela’s recall election, a new company known as SBC Consortium captured the bid to provide the voting systems for the referendum voting. The SBC outfit was made up of Smartmatic, Bitza software, and the state telecommunications organization CANTV.

Smartmatic had been founded a couple of years before by two Venezuelan engineers living in Florida, Antonio Mugica and Alfredo Anzola. The 2004 referendum was their first venture into the voting machine business. The pro-Chavez Floridians received $128 million in cash from Hugo, with Smartmatic retrofitting slot machines to be used for the voting.

Chavez was behind 40% to 60% in polling. But in the “election”, Chavez pulled off an unforetold “miraculous” win. At the time, the New York Times, then far more objective than it currently is, wrote, “Smartmatic was a little-known firm with no experience in voting technology before it was chosen by the Venezuelan authorities to replace the country’s dated elections machinery ahead of a contentious referendum that confirmed Mr. Chávez as president in August 2004.” ( )

In fact, former U.S. President Jimmy “Mr. Peanut” Carter led a team of international observers from The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA, during the August 15 presidential referendum in Venezuela, when citizens voted on the recall of President Hugo Chavez. The Center had previously observed the reparos–or signature verification correction periods; the signature collection; the signature verification process, and the voting, never noticing the reworked gambling machines.

On Aug. 27, Venezuelan electoral authorities confirmed President Hugo Chavez’s victory in the referendum. Though there were the usual accusations of massive fraud by the opposition, the final official results totaled 59.25 percent for Chavez, 40.74 percent against. The Carter Center participated in an audit of the votes ( ) and concluded the results were completely accurate and hailed the process.

Thanks to this success, Antonio Mugica is in London, where Smartmatic now oversees a global network of computer vote-rigging. In 2014, Mugica, together with British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, announced the launching of the SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer, Smartmatic. Mugica is CEO of SGO Smartmatic and his Venezuelan cofounder, Roger Piñate, is also on the board.

Mark Malloch-Brown, chairman of SGO Smartmatic is the key player in the operation. According to the excellent research by Matthew Ehret, Malloch Brown has been a board member of the Davos World Economic Forum, the prime mover behind the dystopian ‘Great Reset’ agenda of UN Global 2030, which is pushed by Microsoft’s Bill Gates and John Kerry, our climate Tsar.

He has also been a board member of George Soros Open Society Foundations and the Soros Quantum Fund.  Malloch Brown was a Deputy Secretary-General of the UN under the overtly corrupt Kofi Annan and was Vice President of the World Bank.  Today he heads the voting systems group, Smartmatic.

Another board member of SGO Smartmatic in London is DLA Piper global CEO, Sir Nigel Knowles. DLA Piper was the world’s largest law firm in 2014. Notably, Douglas C. Emhoff, husband to Kamala Harris, was a partner at DLA Piper, until he recused himself following the ascension of “Middle-Class” Joe Biden to his junta’s throne.  But I’ll bet that between trips to the dishwasher, the ironing board, and the town dump, Mr. Emhoff still shares the offhand telephone call with his confreres at DLA Piper.

In the US, Smartmatic has a four-person Board, whose USA chairman is Peter Neffenger, who was part of Joe Biden’s Transition Team. Neffenger was also Obama’s TSA head. Fellow Smartmatic USA board member, Paul DeGregorio, was Chairman of the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) from 2003-2007.

EAC was created by the 2002 Help America Vote Act and is responsible for “administering payments to states and developing guidance to meet HAVA requirements, adopting voluntary voting system guidelines, and accrediting voting system test laboratories and certifying voting equipment.” Er, the same voting equipment that Smartmatic sells.

Sitting with Neffenger and DeGregorio on the USA Smartmatic board is Gracia Hillman who also served as Chairman of the US Election Assistance Commission from 2003 to 2010 under President Barack Obama. Their website emphatically states, “Smartmatic is the global leader in highly secure, accessible, totally transparent election technology & support services. We believe in equality and justice for all.”

To reiterate: two of four board members of Smartmatic USA were head of the US Government agency charged with developing guidelines for voting systems including Dominion/Smartmatic, two were Obama Democrat appointees and one is now one of “Blue Collar” Joe Biden’s advisers.

Sequoia Voting Systems, founded in California, was a key link between Smartmatic and the other giant voting company implicated in huge USA 2020 voter fraud, Dominion Voting Systems of Canada.

In 2005, Smartmatic bought Sequoia from its then-owner, De La Rue, a British currency printing company. Smartmatic assigned a major portion of its development teams to revamp Sequoia’s tired old voting machines and replacing their technology with avant-garde proprietary features and color touch screens to wow future owners.

This Smartmatic-Sequoia company was thriving in the US voting market until the US Treasury’s Committee on Foreign Investment’s investigation of Smartmatic’s possible ties to an inimical foreign government, Venezuela, forced Smartmatic to sell Sequoia. They did so in a deceptive sale to Smartmatic US managers who were US citizens, under terms never made public, as SVS Inc., allowing the US Treasury to drop its investigation. But Sequoia, now called SVS Inc. of the USA, was still controlled by the same old Venezuelans who started Smartmatic and who retained ownership of the intellectual property rights for Sequoia’s election and voting products in America.

In 2007 Princeton Professor of Computer Science, Andrew Appel, testified as an expert in a legal case in New Jersey involving the Sequoia voting machines that it was “very easy to replace, upgrade or change the software inside a computerized machine so it tells the voter it is voting for one candidate but really puts the vote in the wrong column…You can even program it to do that only on election day and to do it so it never shows except in the final tally.”

When Dominion of Canada bought Sequoia SVS Inc, the latter had contracts for 300 jurisdictions in 16 states.  Suddenly Dominion, via Sequoia via Smartmatic, was a major player in the highly lucrative and corrupt business of computerized voting in America.

To make a long story short, as my old man would always say before launching into a lengthy diatribe, Smartmatic purchased US-based Sequoia, put its own bells and whistles into Sequoia, and then sold it to Dominion, no doubt at a profit.

In the 2020 election, Biden v. Trump, Dominion was responsible for some 50% of all votes in 30 states and was dominating in every state where the outcome is being contested by the Trump legal teams, in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. These battleground states all swung to the Democrat Biden after racking up early and nearly insurmountable leads for Trump.

In dozens of voting districts across the battleground states, where Dominion/Smartmatic voting systems were used, the final ballot tally produced statistically impossible voter turnout statistics, such as 100% or 105% or even higher in some locales.

These numbers would cause Uncle Joe Stalin to smile and relight his pipe.

Thanks to Sarah Ibanez, in the GraniteGrok, from 6 December 2020, we learned that New Hampshire’s voting machines known as the AccuVote OS are owned by Dominion Voting Systems.

Can we really feel secure with our ballots here in the Live Free or Die State knowing all the above?



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US Appeals Court Rules: DEA Allowed Access to NH Opioid Database Without a Warrant

Free Keene - Sun, 2022-01-30 04:07 +0000

On January 27, 2022, the US Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit, Chief Judge Jeffrey Howard, ruled in “US Dep’t of Justice v. Jonas, No. 19-1243,” that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) can “legally” access New Hampshire’s prescription drug database via an administrative subpoena, not a warrant. This is despite New Hampshire and United States laws to the contrary.

While 48 states have submitted to maintaining a networked prescription database (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program / PDMP), most people would argue that their personal medical and prescription records are protected by the 4th amendment (“no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.”) Personal healthcare and medical information is generally protected under doctor-patient confidentiality laws and is regarded as almost sacrosanct in the healthcare world (think HIPAA.) In this case, confidentiality was further supported by the 4th amendment to the US Constitution.

Overwhelming Support From the Liberty Community

Michelle Ricco Jonas, manager of the New Hampshire PDMP in 2018, refused the DEA’s request to fork over 2.5 years’ worth of prescription data of a “person of interest.” After being subpoenaed she argued that the records belong to the state, not an individual person. Since March 12, 2019, when the notice of appeal was docketed, Michelle Jonas and New Hampshire state received an outpouring of support from the ACLU of California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Puerto Rico, and Rhode Island – in other words, all the districts represented by the 1st Circuit Court.

Over the past two grueling years of appeal, the ACLU supported Jonas, and questioned whether issuing a subpoena to a state employee is within the bounds of the district court. They argued that medical records, for all intents and purposes, are considered private information. While the DEA has the ability to subpoena an individual, the ACLU asked if that gave them the right to subpoena a representative, or employee, of the state. They also argued that the 4th Amendment requires law enforcement “to obtain a warrant based on probable cause only to secure records over which there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.” The ACLU argued that medical records warrant an expectation of privacy.

The prescription records at issue in this case reveal intimate, private, and potentially stigmatizing details about patients’ health, including details of those patients’ underlying medical conditions. For that reason, as with other medical records, people have a reasonable expectation of privacy in them.” – Summary of Argument, US Dep’t of Justice v. Jonas, No. 19-1243


So What Was the Loophole?

In a nutshell, the “third-party doctrine” was the loophole the DEA used to secure a “victory” in this appeal. Basically, if you voluntarily share information with a third party (say a pharmacist at CVS who fills your prescription), you magically lose your right to the 4th amendment because you voluntarily shared your private information.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You have to share that private information in order to receive your prescription medications through lawful means. If you wanna live, if you wanna beat that disease, you have to give your name, address, phone number, and all the information they need so you can just get your pills. Right? So what exactly is the alternative? The grey market? Street drugs? A life of crime?

The Feds Will Stop at Nothing to Support the Prison-Industrial Complex

It seems obvious that personal medical information is personal. We share that information with medical professionals with the expectation that their oaths of ethics and doctor-patient confidentiality will keep it that way. Everywhere we go we see “HIPAA” emblazoned there, telling us how seriously our personal medical information is treated, at the risk of sanctions, medical license removal, and prison time. Medical professionals have an entire course in this topic, and it’s included in their jurisprudence board exams.

There’s really no way to “logic” around this ruling; it’s pretty cut and dried. The DEA will stop at nothing to reach their quotas, to perpetuate the prison-industrial complex, and to erode our Constitutional rights. Unfortunately this is one of many similar rulings in the United States.

It’s up to us to continue fighting for freedom, liberty, and our Constitutional rights. It’s up to us to determine if this is acceptable or whether it’s about time we stand up against this onslaught and say, “I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

I want you to get up right now. Sit up. Go to your windows. Open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!’ Things have got to change. But first, you’ve gotta get mad! You’ve got to say, I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE! Then we’ll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first, get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!” – “Network” movie, 1976


Side Note

As of January 27, 2022, the exact date upon which this appeal was concluded, the presiding 1st Circuit Judge Jeffrey Howard announced his early retirement at the age of 66. This was the last case he will hear, and thankfully, the last case he will rule on.


  • 1st Circuit’s lone Replican-appointed judge to step down from active service
  • New Hampshire fights DEA bid to access drug database without a warrant
  • Medical prescription warrantless searches get new challenge
  • United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (19-1243)
  • Docket for Case #: 19-1243
  • United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
  • Chief Judge Jeffrey R. Howard
  • What is the prison-industrial complex?
  • Fourth amendment
  • 19-1243 judgment summary
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)

US Senate Candidate Confirms He Is NOT Serious About Securing The Border

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-30 02:30 +0000

Yesterday I wrote a post titled Chuck and Kevin are Campaigning Like it’s 2010, where I criticized the two establishment candidates for not providing any specifics regarding how they would supposedly “secure the border.” Smith made my point for me today, in a post in NH-NeverTrumpJournal:


Smith’s post … which does not tell us anything about the Biden regime’s illegal open-border policies that we did not already know … does not tell us anything about how Smith would “secure the border.” It’s as if his campaign is based on the stereotype that America-First voters in New Hampshire are really dumb and won’t think to ask how he intends to secure the border.

If a candidate will not tell you how he intends to “secure the border,” you should assume that his understanding of “secure the border” is something markedly different from an America-First voter’s understanding. Got to keep the flow of cheap labor for the donor-class flowing, right Kev?

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Belknap County – Gunstock Ski Area: Is the Fix In?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-30 01:00 +0000

The shadowy group known as Citizens for Gunstock (“CfG”), aided and abetted by the Laconia Daily Sun has been busy politicking against those who seek integrity in the operation of our beloved little ski area.

In the age of misinformation and mass formation psychosis, rationality and reason are hard to find.

They falsely claim that the public will not be heard regarding the selection of a replacement Gunstock area commissioner. The truth is that Monday’s meeting will begin with public comments. In fact, all delegation members’ contact information is public and we listen to the people daily.



Some claim that our selection process is in some way nefarious and unnecessarily rushed.

It is hardly a secret that commissioner Gallagher resigned. The request for applicants has been advertised in the newspaper for a couple of weeks. At this point, we have applications from three very well-qualified candidates.

All delegation members have received those applications and they will have 4 days to review them, and if they wish, contact the candidates.

If you have not been following the issue, there is in fact a need to fill this position without delay. The current board is set in a deadlock with a strong possibility of 2 to 2 votes. Delaying to fill the void would be irresponsible. The delegation can override my position but it is my duty to give them that choice expeditiously.

We want to thank NH State Rep Mike Sylvia for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

The “sneaky Petes” of CfG misdirect the public with a charge that due process is being denied. Using that term invokes feelings of violation of constitutional protections.

Marxists love to yank your ‘feelz.’

Due process is protection for someone accused of wrongdoing. Candidates for a position are due equal consideration. They will receive such at our meeting as they always have had in the past.

Speaking of due process, all of the controversies regarding Gunstock arose from the commission’s zeal to rid itself of one of its own. They did so without giving that commissioner due process, instead, they dropped unsubstantiated claims in the laps of the delegation. One is left to wonder why they couldn’t simply operate with perpetual 4 to 1 votes.

The CfG trot out the ‘poison the well’ fallacy, suggesting that the ‘game is rigged’ and condescendingly claiming that your elected representatives are nothing more than political lackeys. Such insults are contemptible and shameful and are beneath response.

I will note a couple of problems with the advertisement seeking applications. First, it was supposed to read that the deadline for applications be received at the county office on Friday at 3pm. This will allow the weekend for the delegation’s review. Second, it also incorrectly states the position will be a five-year term.

This is my error.

While the delegation has in the past filled a vacancy for a five-year term, the enabling statute is clear that the vacancy is to be filled for the remainder of the vacant term. I apologize for that error. Both of these issues with the ad are inconsequential as the law would allow the delegation to fill the position without an application process.

Unfortunately, we may need to address the previous improper filling of the vacancy created when commissioner Nix resigned in 2020. Technically the position filled by Rusty McLear would have expired when Nix’s would have ended. Someone might claim him to be a de facto office holder. Is more drama incoming?

It has been asserted that I am a supporter of the privatization of Gunstock. This is simply not true. While I am open to considering such a move, I have not made a commitment to such action. Sadly the leftists are unable to understand nuance.

The Marxist at CfG has selected their choice of candidate for the position, Heidi Preuss.

They are lobbying hard to put this Kiedaisch acolyte in place. Fortunately, this candidate is easily dismissed; she applied for the position last fall and failed to attend the meeting. She even published a letter in the Laconia Daily Sun claiming to have been railroaded away from the meeting.

In their reporting on candidates, the Laconia Daily Sun couldn’t resist putting their thumb on the scale, dredging up old charges of political in-correctness against Doug Lambert.

I’m sure they are digging for dirt on Dr. Strang, perhaps he has prescribed hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin!

Behind the scenes, it is hard to say exactly what is going on, and this is the source of the problems at Gunstock: secrecy.

Commissioner Kiedaisch has a grand plan but only shares bits and pieces with the public. It leaves large areas open for speculation. For instance, he has stated that the plans for a hotel on county property will be locally owned. How can he know that a local owner will provide the best contract for the lease of a site?

More questions quickly fall behind that one. Will the developer have a preexisting relationship with any of the commissioners?

Another issue with Gunstock is the local character of the ski area.

As a county-owned asset, many local residents have grown up on the slopes of Gunstock. The vision of commissioner Kiedaisch of the future for Gunstock, although not explicitly stated, is in the image of Deer Valley Resort.

The model of Deer Valley focuses on less crowding and higher ticket prices. This is skiing for the elite. If you have attended any recent meeting of the commission, you will know that is their current direction.

And where has Ms. Preuss lived for the majority of the last couple of decades? Park City, Utah home of Deer Valley. I wonder if her return to Laconia was coordinated with commissioner Kiedaisch’s appointment?

What the delegation needs to hear from the public is their opinion of this model that is being promoted by commissioner Kiedaisch. Will future generations of local children be welcome, and be able to afford to learn to ski at Gunstock? I have no doubt that the elite will be coming out on Monday to protect their interests, but will we see the hard-working citizens of the county?



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Bill Would Ask DC To Report Federal Law Enforcement Activity In NH

The Liberty Block - Sat, 2022-01-29 23:35 +0000

Legislation proposed by nine Republicans in the New Hampshire House would compel the Attorney General to request information from the federal government regarding their law enforcement activities in our state. 

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Nor’ Easter Computer Models Wrong 12 Hours Out as Forecasters Totally Blow Storm Totals

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 23:30 +0000

For days we’ve been inundated with news about the impending superstorm bomb blizzard, nor’ easter thingy and an expected 18-20 inches across a wide swath of the Granite State. Businesses closed early. The northeast shut down. For what?

We’ll get about six inches of light snow and some wind.

The computer models called it wrong. A few hours out, and they got it wrong.

The response from WMUR, the local affiliate, is to have all their meteorologists talk about how, despite being so wrong about the snow totals, it’s windy out (which it is), and visibility might be terrible. Maybe, along the seacoast. And it’s cold. This is not great weather but not the snowpocalypse.

Talk about a letdown.

We went from close to two feet to 4-6 inches after the peak snowfall hours dwindled.

You should have just said, hey, it’s going to snow. Maybe 0-60 inches. Can’t get that wrong.

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to accept without question that the models that tell politicians to tell us the planet is doomed unless we let them redistribute trillions of our dollars to them should be taken seriously.

History has shown us that they, and their models, are as bad as the ones used to predict this storm.

Now add the scores of other global variables over decades, and we can see why they’ve failed to predict anything. Oh, that and the continued admissions that this has nothing to do with whether or climate.

Does Vegas run odds on climate predictions because I’d like to see those?

I know, I know, the climate changed, and it still snowed. That’s something. Right? And maybe shutting down New England for a day or a half-day and being wrong is no big deal, but shutting down America forever? No thanks.




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Boycott Spirit Airlines

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 22:00 +0000

Yes, the fares to Florida are dirt cheap. But do you want to support a corporation that censors free speech?


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Media Will Blame Lack of Natural Snow at Winter Olympics on Climate Change But That’s Another Lie

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 20:30 +0000

The People’s Republic Olympics are fast approaching, and if you are focused on the hyper-virulent NeoCOVID variant release conspiracy, it’s time to expand your arsenal.

There’s more than one plan within plans to consider. The Climate Cult may be working its sinister magic as well.

Global Warming could doom more than world wonders, beachfront property, and hundreds of other things, including The Olympics. As if we’d be missing something like more transwomen taking medals in “female competition.”


“An International Olympic Committee evaluation report said that Zhangjiakou and Yanqing – the Games zones hosting alpine skiing and snowboarding, among other outdoor events – “would rely completely on artificial snow.”


Artificial snow! OMG! Is that like astroturf or PEDs? We need Marxism! But China already has massive world-setting emissions, secret police, central planning, and a social credit system. But no snow at their Winter Olympics!

F-ing Capitalists? Nope!

Chinese Central Planners planned to have these Olympics in a place that gets cold enough but has almost no precipitation in the months before the event.


The CCP and their affiliates in the US press are about to pull a climate propaganda coup over the upcoming Winter Olympics – which are being held in a place which normally receives no precipitation during the winter.




It averages about half an inch of precipitation between November and February (sometimes referred to as winter) and not much more the other eight months of a year. Barring a freak weather event (which would be blamed on global Warming), this location is one of the worst places to hold a Winter Olympics if real snow matters.

It looks like you have to make snow to have any snow.

Consider yourself armed and dangerous.

When local cultists ape media musings about the lack of natural snow at The Winter Olympics, you can jump in and piss off the so-called fact-checkers with a fact.

If central planning is so great, why did they plan the winter Olympics in a place that get’s almost no snow?




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While America Sleeps

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 19:00 +0000

On the first day and as the first act of his illegitimate presidency Bumbling, Mumbling Bozo Biden, intentionally and with malice aforethought, shut down and destroyed United States pre-eminence in energy.

This single action alone explains the economic collapse we have experienced under Bozo’s reign of terror. It is a simple matter to understand that a 33% to 50% increase in the price of energy will send shock wave hyper inflation throughout the nation.

Let us not forget Biden’s enabling of Putin by removing Trump’s crippling sanctions on the Nordstream pipeline. Putin is now poised to invade Ukraine.

Bozo is planning on giving Iran the nuclear bomb and removing the Trump tariffs on the Communist Chinese Party as the CCP daily violates Taiwan air space with fighter jets.

We want to thank Charles Bradley for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

The Southern Border Invasion of two million illegal aliens plus this past year, mostly men and flown by Bozo Express into all of our backyards, is a military invasion on a par with the Germanic invasion of Rome many centuries ago. JFK, or maybe a ghostwriter, authored a book entitled ” Why England Slept” which examined the failure of the English elite to understand and prepare for the NAZI military threat.

It is past time for the American people to stand up and stop the Demolitioncrat betrayal of the greatest nation in the history of mankind so that one of our children may some day author ” Why and While America Slept” rather than ” The Death of America.”

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Vermont Democrats Keep Coming for Your Guns. House Passes 30-Day Waiting Period, and Gun Ban in Hospitals

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 17:30 +0000

We’ve been documenting Vermont’s Democrat decline for years. More taxes, more regulations, anti-cop, pro-illegal immigrant, and yes, firearms limitations.

In the last few years, Vermont’s Democrat majority has emulated the spleen-venting of their national peers regarding gun policy. They added protective orders (Red Flag Laws) and a magazine size ban and they are back again to try and add a waiting period* – to close the Charleston Loophole, they say.


The Charleston Loophole is a provision in federal law that gives a gun seller discretion on whether to proceed with a sale if the FBI fails to determine within three business days whether a buyer is eligible to purchase a gun.


Democrats have been coming up with ways to disarm law-abiding citizens for decades. They’d be doing it with or without the so-called Charleston Loophole. They want that, which is why the Vermont House just passed S30, a piece of legislation that adds up to a 30-day waiting period when buying a firearm. It also bans firearms possession in hospitals outright, except by police or armed federal officers.

This sort of incrementalism is destined for mission creep.

Here in New Hampshire, the first order of business for Democrat majorities is to ban firearms in whatever parts of the State House they can manage. They’ve tried to ban them at polling places, state buildings, schools, and are adamant about protecting college campus carry bans but the goal is not to reduce crime.

Democrats love crime. so the goal is to get the people used to the idea that their second amendment right to self-defense can be infringed.

That it should be infringed.

The fewer places you can carry and the harder they make it to own or have a firearm the less likely future generations will embrace the practice.

Vermont as a state used to have a strong pro-gun character but Democrats have worn it down. The hospital ban is just a step toward a culture of disarmament leading to one where having a firearm is a lot like not embracing vaccine passports or social credit scores (coming soon, if they are left unchecked).

And as with most of the things Democrats want, there’s no evidence the legislated restrictions are needed (more despotic vaporware) or that imposing them will reduce harm. In fact, given that Democrats destroy everything they touch, hospitals in Vermont will become soft targets for shooters.

The Left’s response to the next tragedy will be to ban guns someplace else.


Note: Vermont Gov Scott (R?) vetoed the previous waiting period bill. I suspect the addition of a hospital ban is meant to affect his thoughts this time around. 

*Not all transfers are subject to the proposed waiting period.





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Maybe It Is Time for BLM to Be Canceled

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 16:00 +0000

I have written about the “demands” of the Black Lives Matter group. I can find no other political activist group on either side that so loosely uses such a term. What in God’s name gives anyone the right to demand anything from anyone?

Visit their website, and you will see a list of demands. Go on the local site for the NH Seacoast chapter, and you will see a page on the menu labeled “Demands.”

The following is the header on the Demand page:

The time for change has come. We are not willing to accept any more figurative words of change from our elected officials. Transparency and accountability has been preached as top priority for our elected officials and law enforcement and they must be held to that standard.

Black Lives Matter Seacoast released the following set of demands in September 2020, for the Candidates for State Legislature, Sheriff, County Attorney, Mayor, Town Councils, Board of Aldermen/Selectman, and School Board in the Seacoast area.

Let me cite an example of the hypocrisy of the BLM members. Andres Mejia was recently named the Director of DEIJ for the local school district, SAU16. At a recent school board meeting, Mejia was asked about the specific instances that precipitated the need for his position in the school department.

He, and the other members of the board, could not cite a single situation.

We want to thank Ray Cardello for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you want us to consider, please submit it to

When asked how his work would be evaluated for performance, neither he nor the superintendent answered. While SAU16 is eliminating teacher positions, Mejia is paid $153,000 a year for a job with no basis and no accountability.

I documented this example because Mejia is on the Board of Directors of the local BLM chapter. Below is his bio from their website:

Andres Mejia is a black, Latinx, bisexual cisman who has lived in the Seacoast area for eleven years. Andres is the new and first Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice for the SAU16 Exeter District. Andres serves on the Advisory group for the NH Endowment for Health’s Race & Equity Initiative and serves on the Leadership Team for the Equity Leaders Fellowship.

When asked how he separated his roles with the SAU and BLM at the same board meeting, he said there is no connection. How can one feel passionately about two roles and not have them overlap?

It is doubtful this can be. We demand answers.

After a DC officer was injured and the deaths of two NYPD officers, the Black Lives Matter chapter of Washington, DC, has called for the public not to automatically hail cops shot on the job as “heroes” before all facets of a situation are evaluated. I can appreciate the waiting for all the facts before any determination is made. I question the timing of their demand.

There is no designated head of the national chapter, yet they have a cash reserve of $60 Million. There is also reportedly $30 Million unaccounted for in the latest financials.

The demands need to stop, and BLM needs to be investigated.

BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors appointed two activists to serve as the group’s senior directors following her resignation in May amid scrutiny over her finances. But both quietly announced in September that they never took the jobs due to disagreements with BLM.

They told the Washington Examiner they don’t know who now leads the nation’s most influential social justice organization. Cullers resigned after spending nearly $4 Million on real estate in California.

This group works to put members into political positions, including school boards. These candidates need to be vetted, and their motives scrutinized carefully by the voters.

Are they running to serve or to transform?

Perhaps we should have thought more carefully before elevating them to heroes by painting their logo on our city streets.

Maybe it is time for BLM to be canceled.


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This Zero Emission Plan Doesn’t Zero Squat – It Offshores the Emissions to Other Countries

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 14:30 +0000

We are surrounded by idiots inspired by morons like those running California. Climate dolts who have embraced a chain of lies whose solution is the Climate Cult equivalent of dumping western garbage on third-world countries.

But instead of garbage scows its carbon emissions, a joke wrapped inside a deception with a carbon-intensive punchline. A gag that you begin with this cold hard truth. If you genuinely believe emissions are an immediate threat to the globe, you should be on your way to China, Africa, and India.

Reducing emissions in the US is like yelling at one guy about some smoke from his woodstove while ignoring all the neighbors burning tires to stay warm. It’s ineffective and backward, but so is the tailpipe dream of zero vehicle emissions.

It’s political theater.

If global human emissions are killing the planet, this is burying the bodies in someone else’s backyard.

The problem with the problem

Let’s pretend CO2 emissions are harmful and transportation is an opportunity to reduce them. This idea moves Political money (your money) towards ramping up EV infrastructure: more charging stations, an EV-friendly world.

Let’s pretend none of that infrastructure will result in one particle of emitted carbon from fabrication to transportation to operation to end of life, now, or ever. It’s a big lie, but we’re going to swallow it.

Let’s pretend the energy used by charging stations is also so clean you would let your baby play in it.

We shall also pretend that the green energy infrastructure to make that clean energy, primarily wind and solar fabrication, transportation, construction or deployment, use, and end of life require not one bit of emitted carbon, nor will they result in a sliver of “harm” to the planet or its people before during, or after its life cycle.

These are all lies, and most of them do satisfy our emissions relocation (offshoring) premise, but we’re going to look the other way.

We’re going to focus on lithium batteries. You can’t run an EV without them. You have to mine the earth metals, ignore how that happens, transport them, process them, fabricate them, transport the finished product, charge, test, install, deliver, eventually replace and scrap them or exchange more energy to recycle them.

Just the batteries.

The political left has gone to great lengths to debunk the idea that this is not harmful or more carbon-intensive. Still, none of those fact-checks addresses all of the factors involved in just building batteries – let alone all the facts above we chose to ignore that are also necessary.

That the extraction processing, and transportation of battery-making materials at the source are carbon-intensive and produce significant amounts of unregulated emissions and not just CO2 (and a few human rights abuses).

In other words, the people who say they are serious about the effect of emissions on global climate are not interested in total emissions at all.

They plan to drive up energy and vehicle costs regardless of the side effects on people and livelihoods here. All to make their solution look more appealing while offshoring all the emissions it takes to make their plan possible.

They’ll say we reduced transportation emissions 35% or 50% in Vermont, Massachusetts, or California, but that’s a lie. They didn’t reduce anything. They relocated the emissions to another part of the planet, possibly increasing them in the process while making life harder for the people there and you here.

All based on three flawed assumptions, even more absurd than anything else I’ve written here today. We have no idea what the best average natural temperature is for the earth. That human behavior could disrupt that process in any meaningful way. Or that politicians, even absent partisan interests, could do a damn thing to fix it if we did know.

And again, even if there was a problem and everything they said was true, Americans switching to EVs is arranging deck chairs on the Global Emissions Titanic.

It improves your green street cred but only if people ignore the truth and refuse to ask the right questions.

It’s another act of fraud.



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Chuck and Kevin are Campaigning Like it’s 2010

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 13:00 +0000

Do you remember the 2010 election … specifically the Senate race? Kelly Ayotte was the Tea Party candidate. For example, from Public Policy Polling:

Kelly Ayotte, the Senator, turned out to be a lot less Tea Party than Kelly Ayotte, the candidate. Recall the “Gang of Eight” Amnesty-Bill? From Byron York:

Rather than calling for comprehensive immigration reform, Ayotte stressed tightening border security and enforcing existing laws. “In the Senate, Kelly’s top immigration priority will be to secure our borders — no excuses,” said her campaign website. “Simultaneously, she will work to ensure that existing immigration laws are enforced, and is against amnesty.” … She wanted to make English the official language of the United States. And in a move that took her beyond many opponents of comprehensive immigration reform, she said she might consider changing the Constitution to do away with the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship provision.

All in all, the Kelly Ayotte of 2010 did not seem likely to turn into a supporter of today’s 2013 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, better known as the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill. But that is exactly what Ayotte did Sunday, with an op-ed and a talk-show appearance declaring her intention to vote for the bill.

History has a way of repeating itself. The two establishment candidates vying for Ayotte’s old job are also talking about “border security”:



GOP voters should insist that Morse and Smith state SPECIFICALLY what they intend to do to “secure the border.” How EXACTLY would they, to borrow a phrase from Candidate-Ayotte, “ensure that existing immigration laws are enforced”?

If we get answers like CONVICTING Mayorkas (which depends on the House voting to impeach) and refusing to confirm  ANY Biden nominees until Trump’s wall is finished, then we will have some evidence that when they say “secure the border” they might actually mean it.



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College Hack: Just Do This Guys And You Can Parade Naked Through Women’s Locker Rooms …

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-29 11:30 +0000

If gender is a social construct, then so is transgenderism. If it’s all made up in people’s heads, all of it is. But don’t rely on something tangible like biology to break that tie; you’ll be called a bigot, which makes no sense.

Just ask the vaginas on the UPENN Women’s Swim Team who share locker space with Lia Thomas and “her” penis.


Sharing a locker room with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has become a point of contention for some of her University of Pennsylvania teammates, who feel uncomfortable changing in the private space with someone undergoing gender transition, the can reveal.

‘It’s definitely awkward because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women,’ one swimmer on the team told in an exclusive interview.

Lia has told her teammates that she dates women.


So, Lia, who has a penis and dates and is attracted to biological women, stole a spot on the roster from team vagina and continues to steal victories from them as well. But all that winning hasn’t changed the level of discomfort in the locker room.


‘Multiple swimmers have raised it, multiple different times,’ the UPenn swimmer said. ‘But we were basically told that we could not ostracize Lia by not having her in the locker room and that there’s nothing we can do about it, that we basically have to roll over and accept it, or we cannot use our own locker room.’


What to do? have you considered accusing him, sorry her, of rape? He (sorry she) digs chicks, has exhibitionist tendencies, and he, sorry she is in a room full of young, fit, sporty, women in towels or undergarments or nothing at all.



You might even convince some lying rag like Rolling Stone to publish that story, but fake rape is rape so let’s not go there.

Why not just point and laugh? Make jokes about the size or shape.

Or, better yet, whip it with a wet towel every time he lets it out. Women with penises are pigs, but they can still be trained. And we’ll get breathless stories in the media about how he, sorry, she’s upset because a bunch of vaginas whipped his penis.

Sounds like schoolyard justice to me.




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The Constitutional Case for NH Independence (CACR 32)

Free Keene - Sat, 2022-01-29 03:10 +0000

This is an e-mail I sent to NH state reps around Jan 26, 2022.


RepFolk: Here are some reasons you should feel “Constitutionally comfortable” voting for CACR 32…the right of the people to vote on whether we keep being ruled by an empire that starts a new war at our expense every three years or so.

What’s nice about the U.S. Constitution is that you generally don’t have to be a “Constitutional scholar” to understand it.

1) The Tenth Amendment makes the U.S. Constitution innocent of banning independence, until proven guilty. It reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” By default, “the powers,” thus includes the power of states and/or their voters to divorce D.C. In order for the U.S. to lawfully wield a power preventing that, such power would have to be “delegated to the United States by the Constitution.” Where does that Constitution clearly grant such power to D.C.? Why are the “anti-independence” Constitutional passages cited so unclear on this question when compared to the clarity of “The Tenth?”

2) Even if we were to assume, for the sake of discussion, that the Constitutional arguments against independence were valid…that leaves a different problem for Remainers. No one could credibly argue that the U.S. government has complied with its Constitution…not even during the last two hours, let alone the last two centuries. Have they voided their contract, perhaps millions of times? If they are not required to follow their Constitution, why are we?

3) If one could argue that the U.S. Constitution forbids the public from voting on independence this year, one could just as easily argue that the pre-existing NH Constitution *demands* it this year. Article 10 reads: “…whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government.” Has Washington endangered – or not endangered – “public liberty?” Are you currently able to “redress” your grievances with D.C.?

4) You face, perhaps for the first time, legislation which would actually end the central government’s practice of running employment bans and overseas TORTURE CHAMBERS* at NH taxpayer expense. Why have some of your House colleagues apparently picked *this* moment to begin pretending they follow either Constitution?

Dave Ridley
“Independence without enmity”


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