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“Sununu Says He Skipped Senate Bid to Avoid Being ‘Roadblock’ to Biden for Two Years”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 02:30 +0000

THAT’S a great headline from The Hill, which writes all about what happens in DC. As in Capital Hill for the slow Progressives amongst you. And it accomplished what it set out to do; make a Republican look like that they are “sensitive” to Biden’s plight.

When I read it, my immediate thought was “that’s in the right order of magnitude for Baby Huey.”

Methinks that, overall, Sununu has been harder on Trump than he has Biden even with the latter has had a more HORRIBLE performance in less than a year.

Biden’s certainly got the anti-Midas Touch (from that fable where everything that King Midas touched turned to gold). Everything Biden touches turns to rust.

Or worse, but I’m not going there.

And the Hill amplified it in its first paragraph (reformatted, emphasis mine):

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said in an interview he passed on running for Senate because he didn’t want to simply be a “roadblock” to President Biden for two years.

And then Sununu decided it was all about him:

“I was pretty close,” Sununu told The Washington Examiner about weighing a Senate bid. “I wasn’t ready to make an announcement, but I was like, ‘OK, this makes sense. I think I could be a voice nationally.” Sununu, who Republicans were hoping to see run for Senate in the Granite State, explained he decided to instead run for reelection for governor after hearing the party’s plan for the Senate for the next two years.

“They were all, for the most part, content with the speed at which they weren’t doing anything. It was very clear that we just have to hold the line for two years. OK, so I’m just going to be a roadblock for two years. That’s not what I do,” Sununu said, noting Republicans were trying to wait until they would hopefully win the presidency in 2024. “It bothered me that they were OK with that,” Sununu said.

Well, being a national voice, that’s pretty big chested of you, sir!  I will have to admit, however, that the line “content with the speed at which they weren’t doing anything” is rather clever and may well be one that I will use in the future.  After all, it could very well used against the Republican Party several times in the past few years when they held the majority like the Dems do in DC right now – WHAT did they really get done?

Especially even now when the Republicans are trying to get things done WHILE Sununu is throwing in with the Progressives on Social Issues?

SB263 is one of those major items in NH that has caused no uncertain tomfoolery for us while Sununu just strolls away (like when the lead in the action film pulls a grenade out of his pocket, pulls the pin, and throws it over the shoulder without looking and doesn’t flinch when it all goes up. He just keeps walking away, silently whistling to himself).

The rest of us have to clean up afterward because it was OUR ammo/gas dump they blew up.  Same dealio with “divisive concepts” – except he got tied to the center tent pole under which the ammo and gas were stored and HB2 was the only knife he had to get free.

I’ll admit – Sununu is right on this – as was MANY of us who were sorely disappointed in the Republicans after whining for years about “Give us the House, give us the Senate, now give us the Oval Office!” and got bupkiss.

Sununu said he challenged the Republicans he was meeting with, asking why the party didn’t take larger steps to advance its agenda when Republicans controlled Congress and the White House.

Notice, however, not once does he ever point the finger at himself at all this?  A DeSantis, or even Youngkin, he’s not.

So I’ll put it out there – other than for your cheery smile, why else would we vote?  Especially after you made it quite clear that you’re not under the restrictions of the NH Constitution with your “Healthcare trumps All” line?  After all, in this, your not that much different with Biden’s CDC and OSHA restrictions, are you?

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Knowledge without Zeal

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-01-20 01:00 +0000

We live in some pretty extraordinary times as far as technology is concerned. To think we hold more technology in our hands via our cell phones than what they had when a man landed on the moon is crazy.

I still remember as a young boy when my dad came home with a surprise for my mom and the family. A brand new VCR costing only $800!

There was no such thing as the Internet or cell phones back then. The best way to pass small little bits of information along was none other than word of mouth. There was TV and radio, but that was it, and they had a monopoly on the message.

Not anymore.

In today’s world, at the drop of a hat, we can be anywhere (almost) and find the answer to any question (almost) with a computer or cell phone the Internet. It seems we have access to mountains of information but don’t know how to do anything anymore.

We want to thank Tim Carrier for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you want us to consider, please submit it to

Just DuckDuckGo it, and you’ll be fine.

Lately, like most of us freedom and liberty-minded patriots, we find ourselves wanting to get involved in things on the local and state level. We are not happy with what has happened over the past few years and want a change. The government is reaching too far. For me, that means diving into the belly of the beast known as Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

As I travel down this road, a few things locally have become apparent to me, which may also apply to our state. Freedom and liberty-minded patriots living here are not anywhere near as organized as the opposition. We know this, and we need to work on it. There is strength in numbers when we band together as a unified front.

Social media can be a way to help us overcome some of this, but caution is advised. We all know the censorship of the big media tech world. There are a few outlets that are friendlier than others. I use things like Telegram and Gab to substitute what little Facebook, if any, I use, understanding that one day that rug could all be pulled out too.

Secondly, while these platforms have been great for us to share information, never before have we been as informed as we are right now. We share stories about different things we see online. Since Covid, those things have escalated tenfolThat’st’s a good thing.

Make sure you are accurately informed. But here in lies the trap. Information is nothing other than information if no action is taken on the issues. I am not saying we stop reading our news by any means. Everyone knows what happens when people live their lives uninformed. But when we attempt to come together within pre-stated channels, the action portion of things can get lost in the mix.

Our organization portion needs a healthy balance between sharing information and communicating about the actions we feel we should be taking.

I wonder if the left separates these things? One place for news and information and another for organization and action on a local and state level. A separation of the two can help us focus our efforts on both fronts – being informed and answering the call to action.

Stated differently, a concerned parent in Anytown NH wants to try and gather other parents in that area to attend the local school board meeting because there is an issue they want to try to address with them.

The same parent puts it out there on current communication channels, and the call to action gets lost in the mix with everyone sharing the latest news story out there. Only a few parents catch the post, and only two show up out of those.

From a group of 600 potentially seeing the post to two, that isn’t very good!

Do you know the old saying zeal without knowledge is dangerous? I say to you that knowledge without any zeal is also dangerous.

“The only thing needed for evil to triumph is when good men do nothing” We’re very good at getting our information, but it is time to add actions into the mix, dear patriots.



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Wait, What? – TSA Says Arrest Warrants OK as ID for Illegal Immigrants at Airport Security …

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 23:30 +0000

So, the TSA will accept arrest warrants as IDs for illegal aliens. What is not stated is if they are also okay for Citizens who are typically required to produce a photo ID.

They need a REAL ID for driver’s licenses or a US Passport, and lately, your CDC Authorized Vax papers as well, also optional for illegal aliens.

The operative question is WHY (as if I didn’t already know it) is WHY is this allowed to happen, why do ILLEGALS get a lower standard of behavior and identification, and WHY is our tax money used to ship them all over the county, KNOWING that the vast majority of them will never, EVER, obey American law to report to Immigration Court?


The Biden Administration is SCOFFING at the Rule of Law (not much surprise there).

EXCLUSIVE: Arrest Warrants Count As ID For Illegal Migrants At Airport Security, TSA Says

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) disclosed to a congressional office that illegal migrants flying without proper identification can use an arrest warrant as an alternate form of identification when presenting to airport security, according to a letter the Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively obtained. Responding to Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden’s Dec. 15 inquiry about illegal migrants flying across the country, TSA Administrator David Pekoske explained that certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable forms of alternate identification for non-citizens, including a “Warrant for Arrest of Alien” and a “Warrant of Removal/Deportation.

…TSA said it relies on agencies such as CBP or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which issue the documents to migrants, to verify that the name on the document used as alternate identification “is the person whom the person claims to be.”  Gooden earlier told the DCNF that he was told by a border patrol officer that “they often have to take migrants at their word that they are who they say they are” when issuing DHS documents accepted by TSA as alternate forms of identification.

Yet, we don’t do that for foreign nationals when they enter LEGALLY into our country, do we?  I certainly can’t just state my full name and expect to walk onto a United flight, can I?

So when it comes to illegal immigration, anything goes. They have a higher standard of non-conforming behavior for them than for the rest of us.  And look at Democrat US Senator from NH Maggie “The Red” Hassan in voting to give COVID money to the convicted Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  who sits in jail.

And yet the Democrats want us to know, with the Mid-term elections coming up, that THEY are the Law and Order bunch?

She certainly doesn’t vote that way. She has certainly shown she loves illegal aliens far more than her own fellow NH Citizens.

Is it too early to start saying “November is coming up soon”?

So what are the NH Republicans doing about it besides The General and the rest in that back smoke filled room?

(H/T: Daily Caller via Matt)

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Victoria Sullivan is Running for Alderman in the Manchester Ward 9 Special Election

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 22:00 +0000

You might know Victoria Sullivan as the candidate who runs for Mayor of Manchester, but it’s time for a different race. Sullivan has announced she will run in the special election for Ward 9 Alderman to succeed Barbra Shaw, who recently passed.


After much consideration and encouragement from my family, Ward 9 neighbors, and supporters across our city, I have decided to run for alderman in the upcoming special election. Filing for office today was bittersweet as this election is due to the passing of Alderman Barbara Shaw. When I ran for mayor, I promised the voters I would never quit listening to their concerns or ensuring their voices were heard at City Hall. Since November, the issues plaguing our city have only gotten worse; crime has increased, education scores have continued to plummet, transparency has diminished, the homeless crisis has worsened, and taxes are set to go up. The reality is that we desperately need more leaders in Manchester who are willing to stand up, recognize our problems, and have a vision to bring about a brighter future. I look forward to hopefully being a voice for a better tomorrow representing my home ward and an agent of positive change for our city as a whole.
According to the City of Manchester website, “The next scheduled election will be a special election to fill a vacancy in the office of Ward 9 alderman on March 15, 2022.” Most Recently available Ward 9 map We wish Victoria the best of luck, and we’ll follow up on this race as the news and time allow.

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Data Point – Country GDP by size presentation

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 20:30 +0000

Interesting presentation – the world’s GDP by the relative financial sizes of nations projected onto a world presentation. I can’t remember seeing this format before.

No big surprise that the US and China are number one and two.

I DO have reservations on the $17 Trillion China – given their banking problems, the self-inflicted demographic problems, and the well-known history of lying about their numbers, who knows if that number is close or not. Heck, it could be half that and still be #2 (which many of us believe it is, in more ways than just financial).



I am also surprised at how little the Russian GDP is: $1.9 Trillion. For a “superpower,” that’s dang little. Either they rattle their own chains a lot, over-relying on their previous Eastern Bloc states during the Cold War, or are still pretty good at Marketing.

And if you are one of the “smallest” countries (table in the source post), how must if feel that Elon Musk is worth more than all of your island nations combined a couple/few times over?


(H/T: Zerohedge)

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90+% of Deaths and 70% of Those Hospitalized With COVID in New South Wales Have “Been Vaccinated”

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 19:00 +0000

Here’s a quick little news bite for you. Australia, the land locked-down under is nothing if not a COVID-Cult Paradise. If there’s a worst-case scenario for the ratio of human nature to abuse of power for no measurable gain, they are it.

As we noted many months back, the penal colony has returned to its roots.

To what end?


In New South Wales there are 1399 hospitalized who are double injected, and 585 who are uninjected.


Tony Heller at RCS got the screen grabs.


That’s New South Wales Health reporting and data, not some backward backwater blogger.

So, what’s the official response?

You need a booster, mate.

No, what I need is a new government.


Update: Headline typo. It’s 90+ percent dead not 80+ percent. 91.666%, to be precise.


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CDC More or Less Admits that Cloth Masks Don’t Do Sh!t! (Against the Wuhan Lab-Generated Virus)

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 17:30 +0000

Every time I hear the word masks, I repeat it in my head with Antony Fauci’s voice and that strange lifelong smokers-lilt of his. Masks. Masks are as useless as The Fauci against the virus and only slightly less dangerous.

I won’t revisit all the research, pre-print, peer-reviewed, or others in this post, but there’s a lot of it. We’ve shared a truckload of data on masks, of all sorts.

And yes, I know the “other side” has something passing for research to contradict that, but here’s the thing. In science, the research that proves the theory is never more important than that which disproves it.

But COVID Cultists and their Karen warrior caste are so giddy to act as citizen enforcers for refuted research sold as “science” that if Fuaci jumped off a bridge, they’d follow him. The deceleration-related side effects are – after all – a conspiracy theory that the Fact Checkers at Lead Stories have debunked.

So, masks? The CDC. Let’s start with a victory lap for Dr. Paul, the Senator from Kentucky.



The complete and correct description of what has happened is that “Some masks and respirators offer higher levels of protection than others.” That “A respirator has better filtration, and if worn properly the whole time it is in use, can provide a higher level of protection than a cloth or procedural mask.” And “Loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection.”

You can read the whole thing, but the gist is this. We said you could use them because we didn’t want to leave you out of the dance but be honest, they are useless, but we can’t just say that.

The new popular blonde is KN95 and N95 masks, and I didn’t look, but I bet the DC medical minions have invested in the companies that make them. That seems to be the pattern. Propose something that does nothing or makes matters worse but enriches a small clique of connected insiders sold as a public health imperative.

You can still virtue signal with the cloth mask, but given the new (for lack of a better word) guidance the COVID Cultists and their Karen warrior caste at your place of employment, entertainment venue, restaurant, or grocery store – where such things are required – will be on patrol and ready to ruin your day.

As the Z Man notes at Taki’s Mag,


Covid has now allowed virtual madness to leave the matrix and invade the physical space. Everywhere you turn when out in public, you are reminded that there are many people with a tenuous grip on their sanity. For going on two years, the harridan with a mask has been stalking the public square, hunting the barefaced like she is rooting out the agents of Old Scratch.

The ceremonial face covering has become the mark of the beast. Everywhere you go there are people wearing a mask, often multiple masks. Talk to one of them and you quickly learn that they are not motivated by bad information. Instead, the masks and the other performative gestures are emotional support items. Instead of carrying a plush toy around for support, they are performing Covid rituals.


The CDC massaging the meaning will not affect these people. This evolution will be described as science—the act of responding in the real world to clinical evidence.

You mean the scientific evidence we’ve been sharing for almost two years that y’all called junk science and conspiracy theories from anti-vaxxers and people who wanted grandma to die.

If you wore the cloth mask and grandma still died, how does the CDC admitting we were right make us wrong?

As will most of the “science” we’ve been sharing for two years, and as I’ve said myself numerous times, the problem for the ‘Experts’ is not that they were the knuckledraggers with tunnel vision. It is how to migrate the narrative toward the truth without losing the COVID Cultists and the Karen warrior class.

You are soldiers in the army in the People’s Republic of Amerika. And while they could care less if you drop dead from COVID or economic or energy policy, as long as you are alive, you can help them complete the journey to the dark side.

The CDC’s carefully updated guidance is their way of getting you used to the idea that we were right without having to admit it.

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Hearing Tomorrow: CACR32 Would Allow NH to Vote to Secede From the Republic

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 16:00 +0000

We have a quick reminder to our liberty-minded and Libertarian readers. Tomorrow is the hearing for CACR32. If approved, it would set the stage for a vote to allow the state peaceably declare independence from the United States and proceed as a sovereign nation.

The NHEXIT movement has been around for years though not always by that name. As early as 2008, when I began this strange hobby of mine, there were political activists whose mission was to find a way for NH to succeed from the union.

Can you blame them?

Federal oversight has overstepped so often, and in so many ways, it would take years to count them. Our current regime has embraced medical tyranny, public health despotism, unhindered migration (including drugs, disease, and human trafficking), fiscal insolvency, and the trampling of many on the way to all of the natural rights our constitutions were crafted to protect.

It has been reduced to an abusive relationship enabled by countless acts by previous “stewards” of the American experiment in every political party. At the local, state, and federal levels.

Related: NH Legislation Would Let Voters Decide Whether We Should Continue to Be Ruled by the US

It is not difficult to imagine why such a movement would not arise.

It did, it has, and it’s here, and CACR32 is the latest vehicle in pursuit of this dream. A sovereign nation-state of New Hampshire.

I won’t estimate the odds of success at the legislative or executive levels of the process. It seems unlikely, as does a popular vote in favor. The same sort that got us into this mess also hobbled the Granite State with federal handouts. That’s as good an excuse as any to get the deed done, but the climb is steep, and the rewards unlikely to appeal to the average voter.

That said, it is no reason not to try for reasons, not the least of which are that it will piss off the Left.

They are already running campaign messaging targeting any Republican who supports CACR32 or, more generally, succession. It almost makes me more inclined to embrace the idea.

If you’d like to offer your input, either way, the NH House hearing is tomorrow.

Thursday, January 20th, 2022: At 33 N State Street, Concord, New Hampshire, 3:30 – Room LB 206.

Free Keene has some handy instructions on how to provide input using the internet machine (as well as info on a rally before the hearing).


Step 1: Open the link here

Step 2: Select January 20th on the calendar shown

Step 3: Under Select the Committee find House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs

Step 4: Under Choose the Bill find 3:30 pm – CACR32

Step 5: Under I am select A Member of the Public

Step 6: Under I’m Representing leave Myself

Step 7: Select the bubble I Support this Bill

Step 8: Click Continue

Step 9: Enter your First and Last name, Town, State, and an email address.

Step 10: Click the Continue button

Step 11: Check the box that says “By clicking this checkbox, you agree that the information you have provided is truthful to the best of your knowledge.”

Step 12: Click the Continue button

You’ve now registered your support for giving voters of New Hampshire the opportunity to vote for independence from Washington DC.

The next thing to do is send the Committee your thoughts and comments in why they should support democracy and give the people the chance to vote on this very important constitutional amendment.

Please email written testimony to:



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State School Curriculum Suggests Students Pray to Aztec gods… “for Emotional Nourishment!”

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 14:30 +0000

The State of California promoted praying to Aztec God in the Public School System and they got sued. The problem appears to be that these words were not being presented as poetry or history but as actual prayer. You know prayer.

The California Department of Education, this is statewide, approved the curriculum and the prayers.

Liberal left-wing loopy California encouraging Prayer in public school.

Some might find that in and of itself emotionally taxing but according to the report, Tolteka Cuauhtin – the statewide program co-chair,   Christians committed ‘Theocide’ to oppress marginalized groups – and the response should be to ‘regenerate indigenous spiritual traditions.’”

His contribution was including Prayer to Aztec gods as a way to regenerate spiritual traditions in the curriculum.

Prayer to Aztec Gods.

Let’s run with that.

I looked up a few – Aztec Gods, I mean.

[ End partial transcript]

Listen to the rest here! (7 min 22 sec)

You can also listen on Spreaker, iHeart Radio, or Google Podcasts.




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FLCCC Doctor Gives COMPELLING TESTIMONY to NH House Committee in SUPPORT of IVERMECTIN Dispensed Without a Prescription

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 13:00 +0000

If HB1022 is passed into law, then credit is due to the sponsors of the Bill, as well as Dr. Paul E. Marik, M.D., FCCM, FCCP.  Dr. Marik is a founding member of FLCCC, The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

He traveled from Virginia to New Hampshire to testify before the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee to support HB1022 – AN ACT permitting pharmacists to dispense the drug Ivermectin by means of a standing order.

In simple terms, anyone could go to a pharmacy and get Ivermectin without a doctor’s prescription.

That would be a huge win in the fight against Covid, especially considering the enormous success that has been achieved by using Ivermectin against Covid-19 in places like Delhi, India (97% of Covid cases obliterated) and in Uttar Pradesh, India (23 districts are now Covid-19 free, recovery rate over 98%).

Related: SHOCKING ADMISSION by Pfizer’s CEO: “Two Doses of the Vaccine Offers VERY LIMITED PROTECTION – IF ANY”

Dr. Marik’s expert testimony appeared to have an impact on those in the room. His message was clear and powerful – and well worth watching in the video below. Here are key excerpts of his testimony:

This is not controversial. It has been made controversial by politics and special interests.

I’ve been practicing critical care for 35 years.

I’ve published over 600 peer reviewed papers.

After penicillin, this is the second most important drug ever produced. It has saved hundreds of thousands of lives across this planet in poor underserved countries. So, we’re just going to talk about Ivermectin.

It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines.

3.7 Billion doses have been dispensed to humans, to human beings… not horses.

This is a remarkable drug. It has broad spectrum anti-parasitic, effective against a whole bunch of parasites, and as we heard, it is very effective against RNA viruses: HIV virus, zika virus, influenza virus, SARS-CoV-2 virus. In addition, what makes this a truly astonishing drug, and there is no other drug like it, it is a potent anti-inflamatory drug.

And if anybody knows about Covid, Covid goes through stages. A viral replicative phase to a profound inflammatory phase. That’s why Ivermectin is unique in that it treats across the spectrum of SARS-CoV-2.

It’s safe and well tolerated.

Ivermectin acts on a number of different pathways to inhibit viral replication. This is not theoretical. This is shown in the lab and this is shown in patients … it kills the virus. So any assumption that it doesn’t is false propaganda.”

You’ll see an 83% improvement in prophylaxis trials. 66% improvement in early trials. 34% improvement in late trials. A 52% reduction in mortality. It reduces mortality by half.

Related: NH Bill Would Allow “Dispensing Ivermectin to Persons in this State Without a prior Prescription”

Dr. Marik left no stone unturned, and addressed the FDA’s propaganda statement, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously y’all. Stop it. You should not use Ivermectin to treat or prevent Covid-19 using the drug Ivermectin which can be dangerous and even lethal.”

So that is an outright lie. It’s dishonest and it’s an outrage.

As we’ll see, this is a highly effective drug, and Ivermectin has never killed a single person. It is one of the safest drugs on this planet.

What is really interesting is Ivermectin is safe in 79 countries in the world. Let me say that again… it is approved in 79 countries.

Let’s look at Covid-19 vaccines in one year: 14 thousand deaths and over two million serious adverse events. This does not include the 20,000 deaths in the VAERS database which is probably a tenth of all deaths due to the vaccine. This is their data.

Related: Dr. Robert Malone: mRNA Covid Vaccines Will “Often Cause PERMANENT DAMAGE in Children’s Critical Organs”

So somehow the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are safe and effective, yet Ivermectin is a dangerous horse deworming medicine. That is an absolute outright lie. The data speaks for itself. This is not my data. This is from the WHO.

More people have died from Tylenol, which is an over-the-counter medicine, than Ivermectin. As I said, it is one of the safest medications on this planet.

Dr. Marik then compared Ivermectin to Remdesivir (the EUA drug that is pushed on Covid patients in hospitals). There is no comparison…

The cost of Remdesivir: $3,000 a shot. Ivermectin: pennies.

Remdesivir increases the risk of dying by 4%. This is used throughout the entire country as first line therapy for hospitalized patients. It increases the risk of death by 4%, and what is most outrageous is the federal government gives hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill for medicare patients if they prescribe Remdesivir.

It is disturbing that our federal government is financially incentivizing the use of an experimental treatment that increases the risk of dying.

Ivermectin reduces the risk by 50%.

This is a cheap drug. It is exceedingly safe. It is exceedingly effective. And patients should be offered the right to use this drug.

If Ivermectin had been promoted at the beginning of this pandemic, we would not be sitting here today.

Dr. Marik’s testimony (cued up below), is very convincing and well worth the watch, as is the Q&A that took place afterwards with the Committee Members.



Here is the presentation by the Bill’s Primary Sponsor, Rep Leah Cushman. She did an excellent job introducing the Bill to the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee (cued up).



Conditional support for HB1022 was expressed by the doctor who was brought in to oppose HB1022. He said that if some clarifications could be made to the Bill, he too, could support it.

“Thank You” to the sponsors of HB1022, for working to bring an inexpensive and common-sense solution to the Covid-19 virus.

Rep. Cushman, Hills. 2; Rep. Kofalt, Hills. 4; Rep. Sheehan, Hills. 23; Rep. Yakubovich, Merr. 24; Rep. Blasek, Hills. 21; Rep. Torosian, Rock. 14; Rep. Harley, Rock. 20; Rep. T. Lekas, Hills. 37

Thank you to Dr. Marik for taking the time to travel to NH and testify.

More Posts by Ken Eyring

Ken Eyring [send him an email], is a founder and President of the Government Integrity Project, whose mission is to unite the country and demand action; to hold elected and appointed representatives accountable to their oaths and obligations of office; to protect and restore Liberties as defined in our Country’s Founding Documents.


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The Dartmouth College “Weapons” Policy Needs to Pick Its Words More Precisely

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 11:30 +0000

I’m supposed to be heading up to Dartmouth College to livestream the Dartmouth College Republicans / Turning Point USA’s panel discussion with Andy Ngo and Gabe Nadales on Extremism in America. Specifically Antifa.

So in talking with the DCRs, I casually asked, knowing full well what the answer would be:

Oh, btw and just for grins and giggles, is concealed carry allowed on campus <smirk>?

The answer came back, not unexpectedly: Unfortunately, weapons are not allowed on campus:

However, I decided to have a look-see for myself and found a very imprecise response to my actual question (emphasis mine):

Summary of Policy
This policy prohibits the use of any weapon on the Dartmouth campus with the exception of hunting rifles/shotguns, knives, bows as well as archery supplies and related supplies, which must be registered and stored with the Department of Safety and Security.

The last time I looked, CARRYING a pistol is not USING a pistol.  I would, indeed, be using a HOLSTER (and a gun belt) to carry the firearm with me, but that’s not USING that weapon. And a holster is not a “related supply” – it is an accessory that is not expressly prohibited.

Am I right or wrong here?

Sure, it is a “summary” but even summaries need even more concise and perfected speech so as to make perfectly clear what is trying to be conveyed.  And I would be perfectly happy to absolutely be in compliance with it – I have no intention of shooting up anything or anyone else as my use of a Constitutional Right (“bear arms”) also comes with Responsibility.

Bats, they forgot bats (not the flying kind, folks), and ski poles. Pens and pencils, too.  Even rolled up magazines and newspapers.  Hands, feet? But there’s more to their Policy:

All weapons are prohibited on the Dartmouth campus.  The policy below describes an exception for how hunting rifles/shotguns, knives, bows as well as archery supplies and related supplies must be registered and stored with the Department of Safety and Security. The term “weapons” should be understood to include, but not be limited to, firearms (including antique and military “trophy” firearms), paint guns, BB and pellet guns, air guns, slingshots, bows and arrows, swords, spears, various kinds of knives (other than cooking utensils or pocket knives with a blade length less than 3″), switchblades, and various martial-arts devices capable of being used as weapons.  Privately-owned handguns are prohibited anywhere on the Dartmouth campus.

So which is it – USE of or a complete prohibition?

It’s one thing to HAVE and it’s another to USE.  Yes, I know that Dartmouth is a private institution – but it also accepts a lot of tax monies which starts to make it more “susceptible” to falling under more Government control/strings attached / Constitutional strictures.

Bats…they forget bats (and not the flying ones).  How about brass knuckles?  A rope (or even string)?  Rolled up newspapers/magazines?  Pens, pencils? I could on going here as almost ANYTHING can be a “weapon” given need, skill, motivation, and the like. Who thought commercial jet planes would become weapons?

This is the problem with Progressives – they simply can’t enumerate and then legislate every single item OUTSIDE of their policies.  Government is replete with a history where it tries to prohibit something only for smarter and more clever people figuring out to get the same results by different means.  And large education institutions are just the same thing (and in believing that they are even MORE “Smahta” than we ordinary folks).

But the above seems for everyone but then they include this right afterward:

No student may possess or use a firearm, archery equipment, hunting knife or weapons of any type, and corresponding supplies, in Hanover or its environs without the approval of the Director of Safety and Security and proper registration through the Department of Safety and Security. Firearms, including rifles, shotguns, air guns, and gas-powered guns, and all ammunition or hand-loading equipment and supplies for same, must be stored in the gun room at the Department of Safety and Security. This applies to students living on or off-campus.

So, does this really mean that this policy is JUST for students?  It’s not clear as they prevaricate in explicitly demanding certain behaviors of Students.  Like that “or off-campus” schtick – who do they think they are, high schools (or sumptin’) who believe they have the overreaching attribute of controlling minor aged children simply because of their zip code? Or like NYC and its ordinance (now under SCOTUS examination) that holds that if you own a firearm within City limits, you aren’t allowed to take it with you outside of the city limits?

And then Dartmouth has the temerity and chutzpah to cite Laws that apply to everyone (State and Local Ordinances) which should be the only “law” necessary for Citizens, IMHO.

After all, last time I looked, college “kids” are of majority age and are full fledged Citizens (even if they aren’t always “adulting” all that well).  The Constitution is supposed to protect their Rights but here we are, once again, where the philosophy of Safetyism (to steal a phrase from Gov. Baby Huey) “trumps EVERYTHING!”

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Proposed Legislation Would Ban Social Credit Scores

The Liberty Block - Wed, 2022-01-19 04:17 +0000

Legislation proposed by seven Republican Representatives in the New Hampshire House would prohibit financial institutions from utilizing ‘social credit scores’ to discriminate against individuals. 

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Grassroots Candidate Karoline Leavitt Raises More Money In NH Than Any Candidate in 1st Congressional Race

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 04:00 +0000

A bit late but that’s ok – we’re being lenient.

October 18, 2021



Grassroots Candidate Karoline Leavitt Raises More Money In NH Than Any Candidate in 1st Congressional Race

HAMPTON, NH –   In the first quarter of her campaign, Karoline Leavitt collected $333,114 with an average donation of $250 — a remarkable signifier of strong grassroots support. Most notably and unlike any other Republican Candidate in the primary race — the majority of Karoline’s donors, 63%, are individuals and businesses in New Hampshire.

  • Only 30% of Matt Mowers itemized donations were from New Hampshire.
  • Matt Mowers had more individuals donors from his home state of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut than he did from New Hampshire.
  • Matt Mowers received more than $20,000 from his former boss Chris Christie and Nikki Haley, both ardent critics of President Trump.
  • Gail Huff Brown relied entirely on DC insider money to boast a significant fundraising number this quarter, with 40% of her itemized donations coming from PACs and campaign committees.
  • Gail Huff Brown only had 18 donors from New Hampshire.

“If voters want to know which candidate is running a true grassroots campaign – just follow the money! Granite Staters deserve a homegrown fighter representing them in Congress, and the recent financial reports prove that’s who I am,” said Leavitt. 

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Tim Baxter: Demanding That Socialist Democrat Chris Pappas Supports A Forensic Election Audit of the 2020 Election

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 02:30 +0000

New Hampshire (January 18, 2022) — State Representative and Congressional Candidate Tim Baxter releases a statement demanding that his opponent socialist Democrat Chris Pappas supports a complete and total forensic audit of the 2020 general election.

Tim Baxter released the following statement:

“We have a real opportunity to restore faith in our election process, but elected radical Democrats like Chris Pappas refuse to take action. Today, I am officially demanding that my opponent publicly supports a complete and total forensic audit of the 2020 election.

Whether or not there was widespread voter fraud should not be left up for debate. We have the tools and resources available that are necessary in carrying out a nonpartisan forensic election audit. The political establishment in Washington, DC doesn’t want the people they represent to know the truth.

Election integrity is not a partisan issue. Regardless if you are a radical socialist or an America-First patriot, securing and protecting our elections from being interfered with by the Swamp should be a top priority for every elected official.”

We want to thank Tim Baxter for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to


All media inquiries should be submitted to

Dercy Teixeira
Political Director
Baxter for Congress
(603) 289-9294

Note: Shared Content may not necessarily reflect the views of, its Ad sponsors, Donors, or individual authors.

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Is The FBI still credible?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-01-19 01:00 +0000

When former President Obama took office he set about “reforming” every agency including the FBI to being Islamic tolerant; no more “Islamic terrorist” description, no more, no way was Islam to be described in anything except a positive light. Is it now finally reasonable to ask, does the FBI have a credibility problem?

So when a Muslim man, Malik Faisal Akram, travels from England to a Synagogue in Colleyville Texas, takes four Jews hostage and demands the release of imprisoned terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, AKA: Lady Al Qaeda, the FBI’s first go-to report was that it has nothing to do with the Jewish religion?

It took a couple of days until the name Malik Faisal Akram was released. What was refreshing was the backlash on social media deriding the FBI’s attempted cover-up of his religion. It was pretty brutal and well deserved in my opinion.

When any federal or government agency is commanded to cover up for any criminal enterprises, it fails in its duty to the people. That some members of whatever culture, religion or race gets it’s feeling bruised, that’s too bad; the people are entitled to the truth.

This whitewash of a “religion” whose fundamental ideology is misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic and encourages adherents to kill nonbelievers is not entitled to any special deference in regard to reporting or description. If they can’t or won’t reform themselves, they have no entitlement to any special treatment.

The extreme Left gives cover to this nonsense because billions of Middle Eastern dollars flow into their coffers, into colleges, and every sort of business here not because of any shared values but in spite of them. Money talks, values walk.

Thus it is imperative that in the coming election we all renounce sitting Democratic officials who turn a blind eye to terrorism, a blind eye to failed policies, economic hardships put upon our citizens, violations of Law and the Constitution. Only with the restoration of law and order and adherence to the Constitution, can this nation survive. The alternative is a totalitarian, one-party dictatorship with no middle ground.

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Boycott Carhartt

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-01-18 23:30 +0000

Employees cannot simply quit their jobs and go work elsewhere when they are subject to human rights abuses by their employers, despite what the Conservative, Inc. grifters would have you believe.

It is not anywhere near that simple if you have kids to feed. Consumers, however, can punish businesses that engage in human rights abuses by boycotting. See below … BOYCOTT CARHARTT.


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Dartmouth College Republicans Present Andy Ngo and John Lindsay at Filene Auditorium

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-01-18 23:30 +0000

Journalist Andy Ngo will be the featured speaker at a January, 20th event presented by the Dartmouth College Republicans. Ngo is the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial and is widely known for his on-the-street reporting at protests and events.

GraniteGrok Readers: if this sounds enticing and you will be there, either indicate that in the comments or email me at and I will forward that information to the Dartmouth College Republicans.

The plan was for the ‘Grok to livestream the event but the Dartmouth facility administrators are not being helpful.  However, I will be there to record the event:



It should be an interesting evening. I’m told that protesters generally show up.  You can see them at the Dinesh D’Souza event that the Dartmouth Republicans and TPUSA held as a joint effort:



I’m surprised that YouTube hasn’t pulled it.


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Intellectual Dishonesty – Hey, Union Leader, You Can’t Have it Both Ways!

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-01-18 22:00 +0000

Yoda: Intellectually dishonest, they are. SHOT:  Against “bounties” for illegal activities by Teachers

A posse of self-styled “liberty moms” has offered a $500 “bounty” on teachers found to be violating New Hampshire’s new law banning the teaching of “divisive concepts” in public schools.

In Exeter, a high school freshman was suspended from athletics for apparently violating some language code about genders. A lawsuit has followed on the teen’s behalf by the Christian group Cornerstone Action to challenge whether it’s OK to punish kids for being Catholic.

Naturally both stories have been showing their legs online, grist for the mill of partisan websites, pundits, and influencers nationwide. Thus is New Hampshire presented to the world.

It’s a nice image: Cash rewards for ratting out teachers, “inclusive” public schools tossing Catholics off sports teams.

P.T. Barnum loved a show, but if his train rolled into the Queen City today there would be a PETA picket line waiting for selfies as the pachyderms got prodded into place. Oh, wait, the pet police shut down that circus long ago.

What’s next for a TikTok money shot, another attempt to recall New Hampshire’s motto?

CHASER: It’s GOOD to  use bounties for illegal activities

As the high-profile search for Harmony Montgomery continues, Manchester police are promoting a reliable tool in police work — cash rewards for tips.

On Wednesday, police announced that anyone who provides information about the whereabouts of 7-year old Harmony, last seen around November 2019, could pocket $104,000.

UPDATE: Now up to around $140,000

Veteran law enforcement officials say tips, whether they come because of a reward or not, are valuable ways to find people and solve crimes. Although rewards have their drawbacks, they encourage people to talk.

“Some people are motivated by money,” said Patricia LaFrance, a former Hillsborough County Attorney. “Most likely, anybody who knows where this girl is is not the most upstanding citizen.”…

The UL can’t keep it straight. Is a “reward” good for finding a little child and the dastardly person who nabbed her? If you read the article, it seems that the UL is all for it.  Money can help when someone breaks the law.

But the first?  Note that they call it a bounty – trying to cast aspersions upon the Moms For Liberty group – who is ALSO looking for someone who breaks the Law.

Kidnapping is against the Law. But so is teaching the precepts against teachers having lesson plans built upon Critical Race Theory that one skin color is always oppressive and another is always oppressed. Both are stigmatizing – making one race evil and the others incapable of standing up for themselves.

I guess that the UL is just fine with the latter one – by their own words.

Truth be told, the UL is right on the Harmony story – money can make for loosening lips for a tip. Teachers are not, Union Leader, always the paragon of law-abiding citizens (remember that Concord teacher story you harped on for quite some time?).

And, truth be told, the Moms for Liberty group is right on the teachers breaking HB2 / divisive concepts law story as well.

I’m gonna wait to see how the UL explains why one law breaker is more kosher than another (other than little kids stories sell more papers) but I’m not going to hold my breath. So, if y’all out there see that they mention this, let me know please, as I doubt they’ll reach out to us directly.

That would admit that they are wrong on rewards/bounties based on circumstances.

Which is intellectually dishonest.


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Dishonest Mistruths and Twisted Misconceptions

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-01-18 20:30 +0000

A few names are considered wildly popular in today’s global news media environment — Reuters, Bloomberg, the AP. There’s a variety of other respected newspapers and news media conglomerates out there.

In the United States, the news media landscape is dominated by CNN and FOX, and those are determined by essentially which television providers pick up channels. Whatever is out into their channel lineups is available and, therefore, popular.

In 2010, I made a deliberate decision to stray from the establishment news media hive mind. I was interested in exploring human knowledge and awareness, and I commented on one internet forum that only by going to the fringe can one appreciate and understand the center. In fact, only by going to the fringe can the individual understand the true scope of opinion, belief, knowledge, and truth.

The U.S. Democrat party, which I have written widely about recently, has a collective mentality that was recently displayed most prominently by Al Gore. He vehemently stated in a widely criticized YouTube clip that election fraud didn’t occur in 2020 and then went on to build an argument on that basic falsehood.

What he is doing is attempting to talk himself into his own reality. This only works when everyone goes with him into his make-believe, this making his reality everyone’s reality. But if he makes such an absurd statement that nobody believes it and follows it, then he is just an idiot in his personal fictional bubble.

This is a case study of projecting reality, and it is central to the U.S. leftist corporate news media machine in their continuing quest to spin narratives. This group of people believes in the power of stories, and they posit that without a story, life is meaningless. This is not entirely true.

Yes, humanity has always passed down stories from generation to generation that explain our collective interpretations of life and our history here on this planet. However, those stories deal with the distant past. They are not describing events that just happened last week or last year. Those stories came about at a time when pen and paper were not yet available as a technology, let alone computers and keyboards.

One great strength of a democratic society is that people are permitted diverse views. If there is little or no consensus on an issue, no progress is made, and that is a good thing. Issues with little or no consensus often do not require immediate action or progress at the federal, national, collective level. There should be caring attention if there is a great outcry on an issue.

Instead, we have witnessed the U.S. Democrat party take the opposite tack. A distinctly authoritarian and totalitarian tack, totally contradictory to the very name of their political party.

Imagine if Santa Claus was a thief that stole everything from your house rather than leaving gifts. This is essentially what the U.S. Democrat party has become today. Were they always so twisted?

Regardless of how a group of people tries to twist an interpretation of reality to serve their agendas, other people do not necessarily have to accept or follow. Pushback is permitted and even encouraged if it is a ridiculous, idiotic, and counterproductive agenda. In our present situation in the case of the U.S. Democrat Party, it is all three.

This is an agenda that has a transexual person destroying competition in women’s sports, calls for genocide against Caucasians, enforcement of tyranny to uphold dangerously over-reactive measures preventing seasonal flu, the Stalinist jailing of political prisoners, and the use of a demented, dishonest octogenarian as a figurehead for it all. It’s a deplorable situation.

Americans should resist and repel this group of rotten powermongers at all costs. Suppose the United States is to preserve any inkling of what made it a world power, a process that infolded over two hundred years of hard work, hard decisions, and hard conflicts. In that case, the American people must rally and expel this misguided group of people from federal positions of power.

This starts by directly confronting and dismantling their narratives. Do not allow these dishonest mistruths and twisted misconceptions of reality to spread or take hold. While these leftist corporate news media groups have an extensive broadcasting infrastructure in place, we have our voices.

Spread the word this way— by spoken word.

Tell people in public places— supermarkets, malls, parking lots, restaurants, theaters. Go to your local council chambers, city legislature meetings, and state capitols and speak clearly.

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Where I Have To Quibble with Di Lothrup Just a Tad

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-01-18 19:00 +0000

I’ve known Di for a long, long time. Good person. We align well from a principles standpoint. However, in her Op-Ed, she has this line:

She “struggles to make sense of what is (now) happening” and complains bitterly that everything is politicized. Then she starts her own tirade of politicization of people who don’t think like she does. She claims (without evidence) that Republicans are in cahoots with the “Free Staters” to create an extremist utopia in our state. For some strange reason she even thinks that Governor Chris Sununu must agree with them or he’s afraid of them! I’m a Republican and have been involved in state politics for what seems like a million years and I don’t know of any Republican who identifies with Free Staters.

SurPRISE, Di!  There are quite a number of Free Staters (who migrated here to NH because of its small size, where one person could make a difference, it’s (small “l”) libertarian bent (why else is our State motto “Live Free or Die”, Di? (sorry, couldn’t help myself there) in the State House. And GraniteGrok, I am proud to say, is the most popular Free State-leaning digital print media site in NH (LibertyBlock is #2 but run by a Free Stater).

And Di? Can you pick out the GraniteGrok authors (and no small number of Op-Ed submitters) that are Free Staters?  If not officially a member but certainly leaning that way?

You may be surprised. You see, except for the “Keene Kiddies,” most are rather quiet about their affiliation with this political experiment. No, not like they’re scared or unwilling to admit it – they just don’t think it is important. They want to live their lives their way and be left alone.

This drives Zandra Rice-Hawkins (of Granite State Progress, the out-of-state funded uber-progressive group that hates Liberty) absolutely nuts. She’s obsessed with the idea that the Free Staters might actually slow the growth of NH Government – or even make it smaller. Gadzooks! How would we EVAH survive with her ilk’s hands around our throats?

No, Zandra, they aren’t looking to eliminate Government – that’s only in your fevered dreams and scaremongering.  Unlike you who MUST get your sustenance knowing that Government surrounds you, they tend to be much more self-reliant, self-sufficient, more grounded, less apt to lean on talking points and hysterics.

In short, they’re more grounded and more adult than most Progressives I know. Much nicer as well. Ought to try leaving the Dark Side, Zandra – we have COOKIES!

No, I’m not going to out them here either – that’s part of being left alone. If they want to be known, they’ll tell you (actually it would be fun to have them introduce themselves to you – I’ve seen your “shocked face” before and it is a delight to see it come to light!

So while I’ve been here in NH for 36 years, Di, you could say that I was a Free Stater well before my time.


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