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Tuesday • May 24 • 2022

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Woman Thrown Off a Plane

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 18:00 +0000

This “lady” represents the worst of the WOKE and politically correct Gestapo and wants you to vote them in so they can dictate laws that, like Putin, would allow suppression and arrests for free (government defined) opposing views.

Critical fill-in-blank Theory or Critical Thinking and debate of facts or policies and push back are not allowed. Angry emotional accusations are subliminally introduced as cultural norms across the country when they are really in fact – special interest-free choice decisions that are already legal- like Transgender rights, gay rights, and alphabet soup rights allowed in your nonviolent “Pursuit of Happiness.”

I would protest any suppression of opportunity that our country has worked to afford all people in its history and support the equal opportunity of free speech just as much.

But forcing people to comply against their personal ideals, morals, religion, and individual non-oppressive to others “Pursuit of Happiness” like this “lady” apparently demands is tyranny.

We want to thank Jeff Frost for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

And that type of tyranny started this country in the first place. It is unconstitutional and that is why she was removed from the airplane.

Civil war is not a civilized debate; one or another will win out if the extremes become more persistent and violent, and prevalent.

Her point about Trump’s finger on the Nuke Button is a perfect example. Biden is much closer to an Article 25 removal for competence than Trump ever was.

Trump: Had 2 – Middle East peace agreements and -ISIS and an Iranian General terrorist dead meanwhile while stopping, against his general’s recommendations, a bombing attack on a factory in Iran. He did not carry it out because of empathy and logical concern for civilian workers that would needlessly be killed in a NON-like-kind response to Iran in its shooting down an unmanned Drone.

Not to mention 2 terrorists have now taken over, forcefully, 2 countries- Afghanistan and Ukraine under Biden in less than one year.

I am frustrated and literally terrorized by the reemergence of a Nuke war as a possibility. I want Biden to succeed in the much-needed level-headed diplomacy right now and understand, doubtful, Putin’s real potential for deploying that which we all lived in fear for in the 60s.

I say doubtful because a year ago the build-up to invade Ukraine began, it was obvious (or our intel community is wasting our money), and nothing was done to prevent it.

Instead, we slept, and WOKE trained the military at the same time.

This “lady’s” actions are just what are keeping people from working (Disney) and supporting, and they are now protesting the oppression of ideas and policies that are bullied against you when you disagree with them in even the simplest form…. showing support for your individual “Pursuit of Happiness” and policies of safety and defense for “Life, Liberty.”

Either by whom you wish to vote for and want as your leader while without suppressing another’s right to that free speech so that common ground policies can do all that is needed to fulfill the Federal government’s original 3 principles of protecting: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

This lady appears to want far more unrestricted control (move him not me) than the basic food group principles set out in the Declaration of Independence. She acts as though she wants total submission to all things dictated by her and her crowd.

OR: Maybe she was very frustrated with her vote for Hillary, and I would assume this time around Brandon. I sure would be!



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Another Word for Capital Is Productivity but “Politicians Exploit Economic Ignorance”

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 18:00 +0000

It’s not rocket science to conclude that whatever lowers the cost of capital formation, such as lowering the cost of investing in earthmovers, enables contractors to purchase more of them. Workers will have more capital to work with and as a result enjoy higher wages.

-Prof Walter Williams (American Contempt for Liberty – Politicians Exploit Economic Ignorance)

We know that Leftists / Socialists / Democrats have made “capital” a dirty word and denigrate its importance but Prof. Williams shows the insanity of that.  His example of “earthmovers” (and I don’t think that he’s just talking about those humungous dump trucks but ANY vehicle that help move dirt – excavators, loaders, graders, and other mechanized) shows what capital really is:

A means to gain Productivity.

In other words, having financial capital, money, really could be called “get me some better tools”.  Better tools are what the military calls “a force multiplier”.  A bulldozer can move far more dirt more efficient than a 100 men with shovels and wheelbarrows. One person becomes more efficient at their job, accomplishes more – and receives a higher pay for being more productive.

Without such capital, all we’re left with is shovels. More capital, generally from banks and rich “angels” allows ordinary people the ability to become more efficient – and reaping that reward.

Williams then makes that very important observations that Politicians only care about themselves and Government (emphasis minemine):

Policies that raise the cost of capital formation such as capital gains taxes, low depreciation allowances and corporate taxes, thereby reduce capital formation, and serve neither the interests of workers, investors nor consumers. It does serve the interests of politicians who get more resources to be able to buy votes.

Cui bono – who benefits?  Taxation is theft (by legal means). While there are legitimate uses for Government, too often the waste ends up, for instance, that politician’s name on some building or structure. Or worse, “bringing home the bacon” to his district (and expects supporters to rejoice, pat them on the back, and allow the pol to exclaim “what a good boy am I! Vote for me again for enriching y’all with other peoples’ money!” just as other pols are exclaiming the same thing about giving YOUR money to others.

And that next earthmover will never be made or sold because the money that COULD have been used to provide more Productivity and more wages into that earthmover’s pocket.

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Vaxxed Athlete Cardiac-Arrest Update: New Resource

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 16:30 +0000

Our coverage of athletes collapsing and dying mid-game began in early November of 2021. We followed with a handful of updates, professional athletes just dropping dead or being so harmed they could no longer play the game.

It was reported by German newspapers, collected by concerned activists, and even blocked by Wikipedia, which stopped tracking them (probably) because it was obviously related to the COVID vaccine.

I don’t think we’ll ever know how many have been affected. When it comes to a scourge unleashed by the left, hiding it becomes systemic and automatic.

Thanks to the forced doc dump, we now know that Pfizer knew before release to the public and either lied to the FDA, which joined the media in its disinterest at the epic accumulation of anecdotal evidence, or the FDA was in on it from the beginning.

Another nail in a great many coffins. And not all of them are nameless.

One of our readers sent me yet another resource tracking the names of athletes who have been harmed or killed by the COVID-19 vaccines. Most of them are young, healthy, and in no need of experimental pharmacology. But they were scared, forced, or just talked into it, and it cost them their future as an athlete or their lives.

Another black mark on the ledger, or should that be red? has a page on the epidemic of heart issues 2021-2022. It lists with details and links over 300 individuals, almost all athletes, from kids to pros, men, and women.

People with a future.

And they knew. And we knew before the doc dumps. You could see it happening before your eyes, but the tsunami of media and public health and political pressure telling people they were safe and effective was dauntless. It even branded those who were suspicious as vaccine-hesitant or vaccine deniers.

We never denied anyone their right to choose while they denied them access to the truth and the option to say no, which often meant losing a job.

More than 300 paid an enormous price for these lies – some the ultimate price – and as I aid, we’ll never know all the victims’ names, but we can know most of these folks.

Here’s the list.


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Gunstock Mountain Resort – Public Comment Session in its entirety

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 15:00 +0000

The GAC oversees the Gunstock Mountain Resort and Ski area (owned in total by Belknap County, making it a government agency that makes snow), and this was the first meeting after the appointment of new Commissioner David Strang.

Earlier in the meeting, Rusty McLear was removed from office, and new officers were elected; it didn’t go too well for “good ole boy” folks. While there were a few political activists on the Right present, most of the folks seemed to either work for GMR or were folks on the Left that were incensed that those of us on the Right are asking penetrating types of questions that haven’t been asked in a long time. Especially by me with NH RSA 91-A demands (Right To Knows) concerning the budget.

Like I said earlier, the entire meeting was almost four hours long, so while I did post the entire video, I’m snipping out stuff I think speaks to various purposes and topics/issues. I edited out just the entire Public Comment session here.

It was clear that the employees were not happy at all as to how the meeting went and that others were starting to enter into the picture; I’m quite sure that they saw this as an “intrusion” into their space. I can understand why – in reaching for better ROI and profitability, all the talk from Senior Management is “about the business.” It is clear that’s how they understand it to be – and not as part of Government. This is the fault of both the Management AND the general makeup of the Gunstock Area Commission for quite some time. It is clear that it isn’t going to stop happening for a while.

Notice that Ruth Larson (speaking, who is a very Left-leaning Progressive from Alton (a fairly new transplant in Alton from “not here”), got political right off the bat during her first speech and how she bitterly spoke to the Commission that GraniteGrok is given such “great deference” on my RTK, and then got it wrong a second time.

She should know better as I’ve been told she’s a lawyer – just not “from here.”

And two ladies, the first speaker and later on, one in the very back row, decided to take on new Commissioner David Strang over his speaking about the Stockade Lodge. Now, I couldn’t pick out the building if a gun was put to my head but it is clear that there’s a lot of controversy over how it should be used. Is it a changing area/storage area for skiers or should it become a sit-down restaurant (as Management now wants to do and has already purchased the food handling equipment for it)?

First, Lois Kessin:

Ann Parkhurst (who seemed to be a GMR employee):

All Strang had done was to have made the simple observation that people wanted the Stockade to remain the place that it is right now instead of being transformed into something that the main lodge isn’t – a sit-down full-service restaurant.

Look, I can be politically cynical at times – I’ve watched how the stagecraft is planned and implemented. It is not unknown that folks that might suggest they won’t go to an event. Further, they are sometimes asked, “will you ask this question?”. Sure, the vast majority of these Public Sessions are unscripted and totally ad hoc. I note, however, that given that only around 50 people were in “the gallery” and that only David Strang and Peter Ness were targeted for questioning gives me rise to think this.

This proves one thing – if there is politics afoot, then GMR is a political animal. A Government agency.




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Looming Food Crisis? Stop Turning Corn into Ethanol and You Could Lower Gas Prices and Help Feed the World

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 13:30 +0000

F Joe Biden, who ran on not passing the buck, has yet to take responsibility for anything that’s gone sideways (or backward) under his rheumy-eyed “leadership.”  A tactic he may have learned from Light Bringer (peace be upon him), though I suspect it’s just environmental.

700 Years in elected office creates a natural reflex to deflect blame and the current scapegoat is Vlad the Invader. Any day now Jen Psaki will blame Putin for the backed-up toilet in the press secretaries office when in fact, it’s just clogged with all the excess sh!t she’s not had room to shovel onto the press corps in the daily briefing.

Trump, Putin, Trump supporters. When can we expect letters excusing the Biden Administration’s absence signed by Epstein’s mother?

What Now?

Though this latest uh-oh is something we could blame on Putin. The invasion has put the kibosh on grain farming, for which Ukraine is well known. This disruption will have global consequences as nations that rely on the global grain supply to feed their people go to the cupboard to find it bare.

“It’s going to be real,” that’s the Biden quote on food shortages.

From the UK Daily Mail.


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has cut shipments from the two countries, which jointly account for around 25% of world wheat exports and 16% of world corn exports, leading to surging prices for the grains on international markets.

Russia is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of fertiliser – prices of which had already spiked last year, contributing to a 30% increase in world food prices and a related increase in global hunger levels.


There’s an interesting parallel here.

If the US stopped shoving corn into motor fuel (ethanol), two things could happen simultaneously. It would lower the price of refining gasoline and take some price pressure off at the pump (ethanol ads about 0.15 cents per gallon, according to one source). We would then have a significant surplus in corn (the US allocates approximately 5.425 billion bushels a year for ethanol).

Stop the ethanol mandate, and we get an influx of food to help feed the world, continued revenue for corn farmers, and the US Government, and it would take some of the price pressure off food inflation – at least a little bit.

What’s the Biden plan? They’ve earmarked 11 billion to address world hunger (to buy what, if there’s no food?) because that’s all these experts know how to do. Print money that raises inflation and prices and then spend it on things that will inevitably fail to solve the problem.

They may even make it worse. And that increasingly seems to be the point.

As Ace noted here,


Ukraine is not going to be able to plant much wheat. Russia will be able to plant wheat, but… a large part of the world has banned the purchase of Russian products.

I was speaking with Kyle Shideler a few weeks ago, who predicted that this would be very disruptive around the world. He said something like, “The price of wheat going up 25% doesn’t just create hunger. It creates revolutions.

Governments around the world will be falling, violently, as the populace goes hungry.


The New World Order folks can’t be upset about any of that. It might even be why they poked the circumstances that resulted in the Russian invasion.

At this point, everything is on the world’s table, except food, of course.


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He’s Perfect for This Time

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 12:00 +0000

Nancy Pelosi was at the LBJ Library on Tuesday and set America straight. She discussed Joe Biden and his place in history after one year in office.

She called him a great president. He’s just so perfect. Why? Well, he’s inclusive in his approach to justice. He’s progressive and worried about the needs of the people, like reducing health care costs, lowering the cost of childcare, and universal pre-K. He’s inclusive and makes every decision about serving the interests of justice. 


This bizarre speech is not the first time she has used the material as she first said it in December and praised the Vice President as an invaluable teammate of the President.

I realize she is the Speaker of the House but does that mean she has to give up all semblance of reality and go on the record with this dribble? What does she have to lose since she is tracking at a 35% approval rating, well below the President? She will retire a wealthy woman in November when she loses the gavel. Why not go out sucking up to the worst President since Jimmy Carter.

“Glad you didn’t win before because we need you now..” Do any of these folks ever go back and watch their performance? No, why should they? They are right and cancel anyone who doesn’t carry their water.

Then there was Cory Booker at the confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Spartacus went into total defib, gushing over the moment and reveling at the moment as the Senate was about to make history by sending the first black woman to the Supreme Court. It was touching as he and the judge were brought to tears. It is a shame that he forgot his job was not to gush but to vet this candidate.

The talking heads on CNN and MSNBC were in tears talking about the pure joy from Booker. He took them to the mountain top and showed them the light that is Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Apparently, the light sentences she gave to child pornographers before her are not of consequence. They are to the God you proclaimed as you gushed, Senator Booker. These people have not been this excited since they cheered Lia Thomas on to victory. Do you laugh at yourself when you watch yourself on the news? If not, shame on you. Those idiot talking heads should be laughing, too, instead of crying like fools.

I realize we are in a period of divisive politics but let’s get real. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson would not be sitting in front of the Senate if Biden had not committed to putting a Black woman on the high court. That statement is ironic as Judge Jackson refused to define the term woman when asked by Senator Blackburn. Amazing that this person who has given birth to two children is so woke that she is afraid to offend someone by defining a woman.

Did I mention that she is vying for a lifetime appointment? What a joke process.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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A Great Way to Start a Saturday Morning …

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 10:30 +0000

This excellent (not just because it is short) clip from a White House Press Briefing is making the rounds. Jen Circle-Back Psaki has been working her blame Putin magic, and everyone’s sort of like, okay, whatever, and then this happens.

Fox Reporter Peter Doocy has a question.



Post-production aside, and taken on their own, the question is excellent, and the answer is lousy.

And what a great way to start a Saturday Morning.

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That Lyin’ Ledger-Transcript

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 01:30 +0000

Every time I see the Union Leader’s tagline, I laugh. “There is Nothing So Powerful as the Truth.” Not true. They really mean that there is nothing so powerful as ignoring the truth. Selecting something and calling it the truth at the expense of everything else.

Since November, Pfizer and the FDA have been dumping docs (actual science), and they can’t find a column inch to tell the people what’s in them. But they are in good company. I’ve yet to find an honest outlet in the corporate media that cares about what Pfizer and the FDA tried to hide.

This recent example from the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript (MLT) had me laughing out loud.



Every day you bring stories about the impact of COVID19, you say.

The big type says Full COVID-19 Coverage. I don’t think you’ve quite grasped the meaning of the word full.

A quick search of your pages reveals nothing of value that you couldn’t find in an email from a Democrat-run teacher’s union, the flunkies at piping the CDC line at NH Department of Public Health, or the same FDA that wanted to help hide Pfizer’s clinical trial data for seven or eight decades because of how damning it is.

The MLT’s full coverage tells you Where to get vaccinated. Numbers of cases. The prerequisite body count. The latest variant. But nothing about the 50,000 pages of documents forced by court order to be released to the public. Some of the most pressing science made public to date. So, important, in fact, that it informs everything else we’ve been told and know.

There was an institutional conspiracy to lie to the public about safe and effective vaccines that were neither.

The MLT has over 80 search results for “Safe and Effective,” but not one for Pfizer’s own clinical data proving they lied. It’s neither.

But the MLT is in good company. WMUR can’t be bothered, nor can any other “newspaper” employing truth-tellers who think collectively that they are looking out for Granite Staters. Hardly.

Related: How Many “Media” Outlets in NH Got Fed Money to Put a Positive Spin on the COVID19 Vaccines?

They are complicit in the single biggest act of white-collar crime in history. A confidence scam responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

From peddling lies about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (and never bothering to uncover and report the truth) to promoting vaccines that were obviously not safe or effective a few months after launch. The elderly were dropping dead in care homes, athletes were collapsing in the middle of games, and the band played on to foist them on children. Kids whom the states own COVID data showed to any “reporter” who looked that kids did not need pharmaceutical intervention.

And there’s no excuse for not finding and reporting the truth, except (possibly) taking gobs of ad dollars that might prevent you from ever acting like reporters instead of propagandists.

The case is still open on that one, but the evidence is not in their favor. Struggling local news ignores real stories to peddle the official government line. It’s not flattering but less so if they did it for nothing or because ideological fealty is more important than people’s lives.

My opinion of the corporate media was low before COVID. And since the revelations from Pfizer, we’ve had to dig a hole to make room.

The idea that anyone would subscribe to whatever you are peddling is ludicrous. No one should give you or the rest of them a dime. You are co-conspirators in the deaths of women, children, grandparents, many of whom died alone for no reason – many of whom didn’t need to die but did in defense of a mountain of lies.

And you’re staying the course instead of doing any actual reporting. It’s embarrassing.

Our handful of hobbyists did a better job of reporting the facts and the science in their free time and still do.

Talk about a powerful truth.



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Why Am I Spending So Much Time on the Gunstock Area Commission?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 00:00 +0000

Well, one easy reason is that I live on the backside of that Mountain. I was told by the previous owners a couple of times that their teen-aged boys would take the lift up to the top and then do the backside to home.

I’ve always wondered about that story over the last 36 years but I got a great price on the house so I let it go.

As I was telling Steve: “This is the kind of thing that Ed Naile used to go after – a well-constrained/bounded problem, with just a few people involved, and a bunch of dollars”. Just have to figure out the sordid details and where it needs a Big Flashlight and the first tranche of emails I demanded start to show where problems are – and why.  But more is needed.

As a Principal Consultant / Software Architect, my job was often to help figure out what had gone wrong with client software and it always came down to one of two things:

  • Is it plugged in and is turned on (works for hardware AND software)?
  • What is the root cause?

And elected/appointed officials and employees need to Follow The Law.

And at Wednesday’s GAC Public meeting during the Public Comment session, I identified that root cause and it is an either/or situation. However, which will win out?  And what are the ramification for the citizens/taxpayers of Belknap County? I ask the correct questions after handing a couple of documents out to each of the Commissioners:

The rest of it was about getting my RSA 91:A demand satisfied after GMR President / GM Tom Day had refused to furnish the GMR budget – I asked the Commissioners to reverse that decision.  And even though, at the surface, it seems to be a Right To Know over a budget, it really is “What IS this organization?”.  Until that is decided, one way or another by whatever means, there will be problems.

Doug Lambert also stood up and gave a good talk about another question to be asked: “What is Gunstock from a local skier’s viewpoint – and has that been lost?”:


So, root causes.  The “Is it plugged in and turned on” also is applicable to people as well.  The question to be answered is WHO isn’t plugged in and WHO isn’t turned on” along with the even better question, similar to my ever favorite one of “What is the Proper Role of Government?” for this case is:

What is the Proper Role/Mission for Gunstock Mountain Resort?

Is it for the out-of-state markets that GMR is appealing to now wanting to turn itself into a destination place like much larger ski areas (with the attendant problems that accrue with size) or for for the residents of Belknap County?  It’s not an either/or answer – the answer is where on the spectrum does it lie now, where SHOULD it lie in the near or mid-term future and how should it be structured  and be operated to be optimal for that point on that spectrum line?

An to that last point, I have another post coming up that addresses that wide gulf.  The answer that a question elicits is rather disturbing.

It is clear that there are wide differences of opinion on this. It is also clear that some don’t consider itself an entity of the State but that it is a business; a business that doesn’t like to be hamstrung with the rules / laws that it should be obeying.



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Forget the Gas Tax Holiday, NH – Just End the Gas Tax: You Won’t Get a Better Chance than This

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 22:30 +0000

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu says he’d sign off on a gas tax holiday in the Granite State for anyone, not just residents. This is in response to a bill in the legislature that would only give the tax break to actual residents.

The legislation would void the gasoline tax for three months – probably over the summer.

As I noted here, the three-month schtick is a gimmick, but the bigger problem was that New Hampshire is a mixed bag when it comes to defining who “lives” here. If you pay out-of-state tuition at a local college, you can’t do jury duty or even license a pet, but you can vote no matter what state issued your vehicle registration or driver’s license.

For context, Mr. Sununu defined residents as people who registered their cars in the state. That’s a bold statement that could have far-reaching consequences were it applied to elections, but we’re talking about the gas tax holiday.


He says it gives drivers a 22-cent a gallon break for a couple of months whether they live here or are just driving through.

“I’m hoping they will take it up,” Sununu said. I think it would be a huge win. I think there is an expectation on the state level to do it. We have a very strong economy, we have surpluses, we have a great rainy-day fund.”


I’ll admit that an across-the-board gas tax cut would be great for New Hampshire.


The Shining Beacon in New England

The gas tax holiday would significantly drive traffic to NH border towns from the swirling blue toilets surrounding us. New England states that until recently wanted to raise gas taxes to increase revenue while pretending to help the environment.

But they couldn’t raise them. Joe Biden’s US energy policies (sorry, I meant Putin’s US energy policy) drove gas prices up early and often until tax-and-spend libs in these blue stats couldn’t risk the political fallout of hiking the cost of motor fuel further.

Joe raised them some more, but none of that goes in their corpulent blue piggy banks, and today this means they probably can’t afford a gas tax holiday.

Add Joe Biden’s Putin’s economic inflation and supply chain woes, and these Democrat bastions are hurting. They need to raise taxes to offset the financial stresses these policies put on state and local governments. They need more revenue, so cutting any tax is untenable.

But New Hampshire can afford it.

An across-the-board twenty-two cents per gallon reduction would be a beacon attracting motorists that would translate into sales of liquor, tobacco, vaping supplies, food, snacks, and other stuff on top of the gasoline.

And while Joe Biden’s Putin’s economy is having a significant impact on prices everywhere, lower gasoline prices would attract tourists to New Hampshire instead of Maine or Vermont, reducing expected declines in seasonal revenue that come with higher fuel prices and inflation.


Can We Should We?

I’ll remind you again that I’m not a fan of taking the heat off Democrats that will come from making people feel the pain of the left’s policies every day.

A gas tax holiday might be worse for people’s pockets and pocketbooks long-term if they fail to translate the pain to the ballot box and hold Joe Putin’s party responsible.

But if you are going to do it, do it for everyone. And then, a few months in, suggest we make it permanent—no more state gas tax. Call the Legislature back in September, Mr. Sununu, and turn the heat up on the Dems.

It might fubar any Dem plan to blame Republicans when the tax holiday ends and the price goes back up.

If the Lefties call it a stunt –  it’s not a stunt if you make it forever. And that forever is inevitable, thanks to Dem policy. Their must-have-to-save-the-planet-net-zero-EV future will deliberately erase that gas tax revenue stream anyway, so why not end it now? Make it a plank in the GOP candidate’s platform.

Solve the problem before it becomes a problem, and if we never reach the EV future, millions will be left in the hands of consumers annually to spend in the economy.

Dems will say no, they love all taxes, and if they do, ask them what’s their plan?

They want Electric vehicles that we have neither the material to build nor the energy to charge, and almost no one can afford, but they won’t be paying gas taxes, so, what’s the plan?

We can’t print money to offset costs, and the DC Dem Printing Press is already making inflation and the cost of everything worse, so what’s the plan.

Crying, moaning, and finger-pointing is not a plan.

They don’t have a plan which can’t be a bad thing to point out heading into an election, but these are the facts.  We have to find another way to fund roads and bridges based on Dem priorities, so let’s get on that now.

End the gas tax. Find that funding someplace else. You won’t get a better chance than this.




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BIG Oil Cartoon Is Latest Example of Luckovich’s Propaganda

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 21:00 +0000

Amazing how editors at The Laconia Daily Sun have been so selective about what conservative cartoons are printed while those of propagandist Mike Luckovich get printed routinely.

Last week, Mike’s presentation showed “Big Oil” strangling oil production to raise prices (Page 26).

Either Mr. Luckovich knows nothing of how economics work or believes most Americans do not. For example, Henry Ford, some 100-plus years ago, realized he could make more money if he could produce more cars at lower prices than fewer at higher prices. So today, Ford Motor Company is still one of the world’s most successful industries, proving more made cheaper than less at more cost.

Let’s review.

“Several” months ago, when Donald Trump was president, oil was plentiful and low cost, and we were energy-independent exporters.

President Joe Biden cut our oil industry production via regulations and executive orders, not Big Oil, Russian President Vladimir Putin, or anyone else.

Thanks to Joe, we have high costs, distribution problems, expected shortages, and are dependent on imports. None of this jibes with the Luckovich attempt to blame someone else for our problems; that honor is all Biden’s.

Since the change in administrations just over 14 months ago, the current president has created more failures and disasters for America and the world than any other president, whether in four years or eight.

I can’t even imagine the scale he could achieve in his next three years. This man, this administration, and its leftist ideology must be stopped before the damage to the civilization here and around the world becomes irreparable.



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Democrat Party’s Bogus Claim of ‘Gerrymandering’

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 19:30 +0000

OUR FOUNDING FATHERS wrote in our U.S. Constitution that every 10 years the majority political party of each state in the union must redistrict the boundaries of each elected state and congressional seat.

Kimberley Strassel’s recent Wall Street Journal article “Eric Holder’s ‘Democracy’ Con” explains the Democrat Party’s national strategy of ruthless partisan gerrymandering their way to victory over Republicans, all in the name of “democracy” as they see it.

The Democrat goal isn’t justice or fairness though, the goal is to win. To do so they are swindling voters with “democracy” hype while hypocritically engaged in gerrymandering the blue states they control.

In red states, which New Hampshire presently is, the Democrats will file lawsuits as soon as the redistricting boundaries have been approved by the Republican majority regardless of their fairness. Why? Because the Democrats are hoping a liberal court will rule in their favor, setting aside the democratically approved boundaries as, you guessed it, racist, undemocratic, and rigged!

We want to thank Roy Dennehy for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

In 2022, the Republican Party is the majority party in the Granite State and so has the legal right and responsibility to redraw the districts that elected officials.

The Democrat leadership in Windham, my town, have been critical of Bob Lynn, the retired NH Superior Court Judge, who now chairs the House of Representatives Redistricting Committee. Local Democrats cite a March 2021 non-binding citizen petition that was overwhelmingly supported calling for fair and effective representation of New Hampshire voters without gerrymandering. Really? Less than 15% of all registered voters (about 1,600) in Windham actually voted in last year’s town election. That means approximately 85% of all registered voters (about 9,400) did not vote. This is simply hypocritical and intentionally misleading on the part of the Democrats.

Before 2020, the Democrat Party was the majority party and their leadership also had the legal right to redraw these same elected boundaries. Did they call this legal process gerrymandering then? Of course not! It’s only when Republicans are voted in that it becomes gerrymandering. The Democrats are demonstrating clear partisan bias.

In 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked what form of government we will now have and he replied: “A representative republic if you can keep it!” All of us patriotic citizens are watching every day as evil forces attempt to change our form of government into a godless socialist dictatorship. In 2020, the majority of Windham voters and the majority of all Granite State voters, freely-elected conservative Republicans to represent them.

Today’s Democratic leadership in the Granite State and Washington is hell-bent on changing our red state blue. They don’t like our island of red standing out from the sea of blue surrounding it in Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Before you cast your vote next November, consider these results delivered by New Hampshire conservatives since 2020:


– National rankings show our state has the most personal freedom, economic opportunity, and safety in the nation.
– The U.S. Census Bureau says our state is the fastest growing in the northeast area of the U.S.
– The Tax Foundation ranks our state 6th out of all 50 states in Business Tax Climate Index due primarily to no state sales tax and no income tax.
– New Hampshire is ranked first for overall freedom by The Cato Institute.
– US News & World Report has concluded our state offers the most economic freedom and safety in the nation.

But Democrats would rather talk about gerrymandering.


Roy Dennehy is a member of the Republican Town Committee in Windham, where he lives.

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Caught Violating His Own Code of Ethics …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 18:00 +0000

Consistency much? There’s a reason why I try to remember what people have said – and David Strang, during the Gunstock Area Commission (“GAC”) meeting this past Wednesday, was doing the same. The Left and those with Big Ego hate it when you quote them and put a Big Flashlight on it (and those folks cry “DIVISIVE! You’re attacking ME!”).

Whenever I hear of someone wishing to institute a Code of Ethics, I get that mettalic, sour taste in my mouth, thanks to former Gilford Police Chief elevated to Town Administrator Evans Juris and then Finance Director Debbie Shackett (demonstrating the Peter Principle by rising to be the Belknap County Administrator). They didn’t like that when Doug or me spotted bad things happening while on the Budget Committee, we talked openly about them – and we had the outlets to do so. And we refused to shut up – we didn’t get elected simply to hang our First Amendment Rights by the door. So this dubious duo came up with a Code of Ethics that would have effectively muzzled us.  We laughed and said “Nope, not going to sign it and there’s nothing you can do to us if we don’t”.

After all, in this Dillon’s Rule State, there was no NH State Statute (RSA) that gave these appointed officials the Power to enforce a Code of Ethics onto duly elected officials. Plus, as I’ve oft recounted here, I discovered (contra their boasting that they had spent hundreds of hours prepping it, they had plaigerized it from Sunnyvale, CA’s website.

So Gary Kiedaisch tried to set up a Code of Ethics that would be binding on the GAC Commissioners (listed below).  While sometimes, they may be for “good”, often they are for “control”. And it isn’t always the case that the progenitors of them hold such document in high regard for themselves.  Such was the case on Wednesday.  Watch this video starting at 0:51 where you can hear the voice of Gary launching into a personal attack on newly elected Chair Peter Ness (poor loser, I guess).


And then Commissioner David Strang reads Kiedasich’s own Code of Ethics back at him starting at 1:49.

Words, Big Flashlight, unhappiness.

Full Disclosure: to be honest, I didn’t find it on the GAC part of the Gunstock website so I put out a bleg to friends and it was sent to me.


I find it both intellectually interesting and curious why these types of people keep on proposing (and then work hard to enact), “stuff” that is foisted upon others but refused to self-realize it themselves.  You’d think that if they PROPOSED it that they would LIVE by it – but too often it turns out to be the case of “Rules for thee but not for me”. Double standards.  If you can’t (or won’t) inculcate them internally to your own moral compass, put the pen and paper away / fingers away from the keyboard, and shut up. Just shut up and leave others alone.

Kiedaisch, IMHO, hoisted himself on his own word petard in that moment. The mask slipped for all to see.

Oh yeah, Juris was fired a little later on by the Gilford Selectmen.  It’s my opinion it may well have been a case of ethics…Karma.

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New Product Launch – “Lose the Fossils, Keep the Fuel!”

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 16:30 +0000

The GrokStore is proud to announce another new product launch. I think I said we’d be doing these weekly, but this inspiration (IMO) was too good to sit on until after the weekend.

This new graphic is available in men’s and women’s tee’s, on a hoodie, or a sticker, in several colors – though I think it looks best on white or black.



Get it on the Women’s maple tee, a Women’s comfort tee, a men’s premium or essential tee, the hoodie, or a sticker.

The Deplorable Collection is still on sale, with plenty of other goodies to check out from Live Free or Die Merch, to Let’s Go, Brandon, Taxation is Theft, I’ve Been Vaccinated (against tyranny), and Keep calm and return fire.

And don’t forget our last product launch, Stop Trying to ‘Mass Up’ My New Hampshire.

Most or all of these graphics are available on Mugs, Shirts, and stickers, and all of the profit goes to support our operating expenses.



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Germany Has it, The American Left Wants It – And This is What it Looks Like …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 15:00 +0000

The American Left has been spit polishing its jackboots for years for a moment like this and if we didn’t have the First Amendment AND a Supreme Court committed to defending it (9-0 in most cases), this would be happening to many of us right now.

German law enforcement detained at least 100 people on charges that they engaged in hate speech. They arrested people for things they said or shared on social media. So, what was it that was so terrible?


“The basis for these investigations is Section 188 of the Criminal Code (StGB), which was revised in spring 2021 and makes insults, slander and defamation of people in political life particularly punishable,” the statement reads. “Public officials and elected representatives are given special criminal protection under [Section]188 StGB, regardless of the political level, against hate postings.”


They express an unfavorable opinion in public about politicians so they arrested them. This will have a net effect of suppressing or silencing speech directed at elected or public officials, even when that speech is necessary.

It will shut people up.

Democrats want this in the worst way. We even had local Dems in New Hampshire attempt to advance something similar along a slightly different vein.

The problem for Democrats is that like all fools they assume they will always be in positions of power and protected or will have friends in positions of power to protect them.

That’s their utopia.

But it never works out that way as I noted here in my written testimony on HB1159:


I am deeply honored to be the target of Democrat Sponsored speech suppressing legislation. The effort confirms what I have long claimed. A point that Noah Rothman just made in Commentary Magazine. Free Speech is a threat to the authoritarian tick.

That’s an amalgam of his thesis. He’s referring to a politician’s urge ” to criminalize the forms of expression [they] find distasteful.” What he calls “an old idea…that your freedom of expression is a threat to the public good.” …

The decision to claim you are being bullied stalked, or harassed (and when)  is not only entirely subjective and decided by the lawmaker, the potential object of HB1159’s force has no way to know what or when they will have broken the law.

Perhaps I can frame it another way, in terms that might elicit the opprobrium suited to this effort. If you would not want this power in the hands of President Trump, then you had damn well not, under any circumstance, give it to yourselves.


The moment any party secures absolute power in perpetuity there will be cheering from their water carriers as political opponents are rounded-up, arrested, detained, or disappeared. But history and the lesson progressivism eschews for obvious reasons, tell us that the very people on the ground who made that one-party state possible are next, if not first.

Nothing offends a despotism more than agitators of the same cloth freely expressing their opinion. Words that while aligned in appearance will draw the same ire under the very same hate speech laws these new victims worked so hard to enshrine in law and culture.

You can hate free speech or the speaker as much as you like but hate speech is a trap from which no one will escape, including the people who advocate for it now thinking it will be their master later.

There can only be one master and it won’t be you.



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The American Left’s Long March …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 13:30 +0000

From a traditional sense of American normality, we are being eaten alive from the inside out – just like all great countries in the past.  As fellow Grokster Nitzkahon has pointed out, the Left is no longer just engaging on ideas.

They are missionaries.

They have done the equivalent of Mao’s Long March with the Franklin School and Italian Socialist Antonio Gramsci’s notions about rule.

Rule of Law? Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Religion? Belief in Judeo-Christian? Destroy those values, do a box/bum’s rush on everything else, and bankrupt the nation. Create chaos in the culture such that no one knows what is right or wrong, good or deviant. As self-professing Communist (and Obama advisor) said:

“Our governing move is three things — top-down, bottom-up, and inside out. We need to work on the middle and the bottom. Government will handle the top down but it’s also bottom-up and inside-out — so now you’re challenged as you leave here — your challenge is to take care of that bottom part and that inside-out part — the heart part.”

They took over the Mainstream Media, they took over Hollywood, they took over our Education system, they’ve taken over our churches (at least the mainstream denominations who have adopted a social gospel in replacing the actual Gospel)  they are now taking over our language. They’ve done so deliberately and determination.

They followed Mao’s ideas.

Time for us to return the favor.



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Wake Up And … How About a Few Ketanji Brown Jackson Memes?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 12:00 +0000

The next US Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson – (what, you think there are enough votes in a Democrat majority Senate to block confirmation of a radical leftist who happens to be black and might be a woman?) – has inspired the meme-making community

Not too many. Just a few to start your Friday.












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Are We Heading for Champagne Power at Gunstock Mountain or Are They Still Stuck in the Crud?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 10:30 +0000

Wednesday night was the March GAC meeting. The first issue after the approval of previous meeting minutes was spent dealing with the Rusty McLear issue. Is he or is he not a legitimate GAC Commissioner with respect to what NH RSA 399:4 says about appointments.

Finishing the term of a Commissioner that has left office.

Peter Ness offered a Resolution that carried the day and set the stage for the next video snipped from the entire meeting.


After the Commissioner status of Rusty McLear had been dealt, per the GAC By-Laws, elections for the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

Interesting given the Power Plays over the last couple of months:


While I will be putting up snippets from the meeting, here is the entire uncut/unedited video from this long meeting:

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If This Doesn’t Get the “Stand with Ukraine Libs” to Sit the Hell Down I Don’t Know What Will.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 01:30 +0000

Ukraine, not surprisingly, is just another post-Soviet toilet swirling with corruption. As we pointed out Wednesday on Life with Liz with Grok, it’s what they know. And that, I surmise, is why the Left is so keen to support it. But this could put their panties in a twist.


Ukraine’s martial law requires all biological males between the ages of 18 and 60 to remain in the country and fight. And it makes no exceptions for trans women.


Transwomen trying to cross the border into Poland have been stopped, “frisked,” had their identity as biological male “confirmed,” and sent back into Ukraine. If you are a man, regardless of what you may think, you are being returned for active duty.

That’s gotta sting.

Writing at Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden notes that (emphasis in original), Interestingly, the American press didn’t pick up the story. Could this be because it might undermine the bright shiny (definitely not nazi-ish) new heroic image of the Ukrainian government, which has been the subject of almost unanimously positive coverage in the American press?

Do you think?

Look at how enflamed the Demorrhoids got when Gov DeSantis signed a law forcing public schools to wait until 4th grade to groom other people’s children. They lost their minds. (If the media went wide with this Ukraine story, progs would be pulling the yellow and blue bars off their social media avatars faster than it took Joe Biden to fubar domestic oil independence.)

This would unhinge them, not that it takes much.

But keep this in mind as you ponder that? Imagine if the transwomen wanted to fight, and Ukraine said no?

It’s gotta be exhausting being a Liberal.




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A Look Ahead to 2024

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-25 00:00 +0000

In normal times, the President announces his run for re-election as soon as he takes the oath. This declaration shows continuity and a commitment to the job and party. These are not normal times.

President Joe Biden always adds the caveat that if he is healthy, he will be on the ballot in 2024. He also claims that Vice President Kamala Harris will be his running mate. Neither of these statements is good news for half of America, and the other half may not be thrilled either.

As the approval ratings continue to fall for both Biden and Harris, the Democrats may hope that fate will intervene and save them from a second chance to make the same mistake again..electing a feckless leader and an incompetent sidekick. Nobody wishes ill-will on our President, but they certainly wish they could hit the Re-Do button. Putting this team in the White House may have removed the evil Orange Man but losing the House and Senate was not part of the plan.

The 2020 pool of Democrat potentials was weak at best. Nobody was impressive, and Kamala Harris dropped out before the first vote was cashed. She was polling at 1-3% when she folded her tent. Nobody on the Left wanted her as President, and being female and Black are the only reasons Harris was on the ticket. She was Biden’s first mistake with many to follow.

The problem with Biden stepping down is Kamala Harris sitting behind the resolute desk. Nobody on either side wants that. We hope Biden stays healthy enough to finish his term but not entertain another four years. Biden has to keep talking 2024 or become a lame-duck President. Becoming a lame President would stall his lousy policies domestically but weaken America worldwide.

So what does a one-term Biden mean for 2024? Let’s weigh some options. Should Biden step down in 2024, the natural choice would be for Harris to move into the top slot. Nobody, save maybe her close family and friends, wants to see Harris at the top of the ticket. Well, perhaps many Republicans would love to see Harris in 2024 bumper stickers.

Many see it as a foregone conclusion that Biden will not run. If they can get Harris to step away, who will be riding the Donkey in 2024? The pool is as weak on the Left as strong on the Right. DeSantis is the current front-runner to be the Republican choice. The fact that the Left has not dug up anything to tear him down may indicate his past is clean. If not the Florida Governor, most Conservatives could give you a dozen viable alternatives. The Left does not have that luxury.

The two names that rise to the top on the Left are Stace Abrahms and Hakeem Jeffries of New York. One still thinks she is the Governor of Georgia, and the other is best known for his part in the impeachment of Donald Trump. I think anyone on the Right would relish either or both of these Left-wingers as the Democrat flag bearer in 2024.

Please do not insult us by talking about Pete Buttigieg, AOC, Gavin Newsome, Elizabeth Warren, or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton. With these names on most Top 10 lists, it is evident how weak the Democrat bench might be. The biggest mistake the Dems, and Biden, made was going for a Black woman and not the best person for Vice President. Had they done the latter, they could let Biden walk into the sunset and still have a fighting chance in 2024. Now, they are dead in the water.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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