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Forgiving Your Student Loans Will Actually Cost You More – A lot More!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 19:30 +0000

If you fell for the pyramid scheme of modern higher learning, that’s your fault. An overpriced (increasingly) useless degree paid for with a loan that’s part of another Democrat campaign laundromat. And now you’re yelping for a bailout? Clearly, that degree is more useless than I imagined. You can’t even do simple math.

Since long before Obama, the Fed and the swamp have been fiddling with cheap money. Since Obama, the Fed and the Government have printed and spent trillions more than ever before. When GWB left office, the national debt was about 10.7 trillion. It is now hovering at 30 trillion and rising.

Not free money. And it has devalued the money there is (inflation). A problem that gets worse the more debt you add. Forgiving student loans will add another large pile to that one, all requiring interest paid—a reckoning.

Forgiving student loans will cost you exponentially more.

Interest rates must go up eventually to prevent a complete collapse of the economy. That’s the one where the government has no money to keep any promises it made to the homeless, minority job creators, women, veterans, foreign allies, states heavily dependent on federal cash like mine, and everyone but the people running the shit show.

The missing money at the state level will have to come from somewhere, services sacrificed.

You will need to pay the interest on the National Debt as well as the debt.

You, a young person begging for a student loan bailout, will pay it many times over. It will come calling in every corner of your life for as long as you live. And that useless degree won’t even be worth the paper on which it might be printed.

When you give degrees out like federal dollars, they too lose value. If your degree isn’t in something practical that this sort of economy needs or requires, it has even less value.

You could burn it to stay warm, assuming you can find something to burn besides that degree. Paper money, if you can find some? Put it to good use.

That’s the economy of your future unless you step back and realize that as oppressive and unfair the crime passing itself off as your college education may be, a future where those loans are forgiven (at taxpayer expense) comes with a much higher price.

A cost you won’t be able to escape and that no one will be able to forgive.

One more point. Just like any entity that takes federal dollars, be they states, labs, NGOs, or anyone – if you let the Feds pay your student loans, it won’t be free. They will want something from you in return.


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Ron “DeSavage” Goes For the Jugular In Brutal Takedown Of Brandon Regime

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 18:00 +0000

Ron DeSantis knows how to govern, there is no question about that. He also knows how to maneuver within the political landscape, which includes trolling the worst president in history with the much-deserved, albeit sanitized version, of “F*** Joe Biden.”

Whether he is hosting a speaking event in the community of Brandon, Florida or speaking off the cuff about the corrupt fool living in the White House, DeSantis knows how to inspire his base and strike a chord in the delusional minds of Democrats.

Referring to a recent Politico article that noted how “Biden and his aides have grown increasingly frustrated by their inability to turn the tide against a cascade of challenges,” DeSantis went for the jugular. He derided Brandon, then pointed out how all of the fawning media coverage hasn’t been enough to gaslight the American public.


“There’s a fella by the name of Brandon that people talk about that we have to contend with. 

And I see this news report where Biden is so frustrated that his approval ratings are in the toilet. He can’t understand it. 

He’s lashing out at his staff. He’s blaming other people. He’s blaming the media, even though he gets the most sycophantic media coverage that any president has ever gotten, compared to how they treated Trump to how they treat Biden. It’s night and day.”

This is how it’s done. He spits straight facts in moderated tone. The left hates DeSantis because it can’t combat him on a factual basis. Biden has been dragged through the mud as Brandon by college kids, a demographic that is king for Democrats. And there is no denying the difference in media coverage for Trump and Biden. Seriously, can you imagine if Trump had a son one-quarter the corrupt, porn-addicted, law-breaking sleazeball as Hunter?

The Politico story went on to note:

“Morale inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is plummeting amid growing fears that the parallels to Jimmy Carter, another first-term Democrat plagued by soaring prices and a foreign policy morass, will stick.”

What’s more, Biden has to live with the fact that the American public doesn’t see eye to eye with his absurd assessment of his predecessor.

“The president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump, whom Biden routinely refers to in private as “the worst president” in history and an existential threat to the nation’s democracy.”

Such failure leads to moments like this, which Breitbart commented on:

“The Politico report adds to other recent stories outling Biden’s flailing presidency, including an NBC report detailing a frustrated president reminding his staffers he is the president and a CNN story detailing his messaging struggles online despite a team of over 70 people dedicated to online strategy.”

There is something sad and pathetic about the idea of Joe standing in front of his staffers and attempting to regain some authority by playing the “I’m the President” card. One wonders if he ever had any control, but he surely doesn’t now.

Breitbart continued:

“Biden is exasperated, the report says, that his approval ratings are below former President Donald Trump’s.

The report also notes Biden is “far more prone to salty language behind the scenes than popularly known” and “erupted” over the optics of the baby formula shortages.”

Biden neither returned legitimacy to the White House nor did he unify the country. Instead, his presidency is the weakest in history – evidenced by foreign and domestic issues running our nation into the ground – and his rhetoric and policies have left American sharply pitted against one another unnecessarily.



Hailey Sanibel writes at The Blue State Conservative.

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Maybe in Future Years, Pride Month Can Also Be Monkeypox Awareness Month.

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 16:30 +0000

I’ve heard it alleged that Monkeypox traveled north in animal reservoirs due to man-made climate change. And that’s partly true. The first case was found in the UK on May 7th in a “man” (an animal) who had returned (via man-made travel) from Nigeria (where Monkeypox is not uncommon).

A “man” made Monkeypox travel from one climate to another. It’s true!

We do not know if he had gay sex, but that’s the other truth.

Two well-attended pride events (also in May), one in Africa (Maspalomas, Canary Islands) followed by one in Europe (Belgium), are linked to the “rapid” spread of the disease. Almost exclusively among gay men and those who have had close (non-intimate) contact like family members or those in shared living spaces.

You need to swap fluids to spread it, so close contact improves the odds of transmission, and enough cases have popped up that it triggered a level 2 alert from the CDC. That announcement included a suggestion to wear masks when traveling, guidance that vanished almost as quickly as it appeared.

It looks like masking on airplanes is less popular than telling gay men not to have sex (bigot!), even though the latter could slow or stop the spread.

Maybe in future years, Pride Month (June) can also be Monkeypox awareness month.

All we need is a ribbon.



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Hate Mail: From, “I’m not going to identify myself” Masquerading as the 603 Alliance.

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 15:00 +0000

OK, I’m going to double down on this letter by using the above image – yes, it sends a First Amendment-protected message. Let’s also start with a review of our Foundational Law: the US Constitution’s Second Amendment and NH’s Article 2A.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

[Art.] 2-a. [The Bearing of Arms.] All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.

And remember, for context, “Arms” in that time period was meant to be the same as any military arms of that day and time (including cannons, contra Biden, in granting Letters of Marque, Article I, Section 8 ), given the purpose of both sentences. Note that it doesn’t list specific firearms but ANY weapon. I also add that an AR-15 is NOT an assault weapon nor a weapon of war.  An Assault Rifle possesses “select fire” – single shot, burst, or full automatic; that is a “weapon of war”.

I actually love getting these kinds of emails. Most of the time, they are rather poorly written and easy to make sport of.  This one is a bit more serious and trying to make a point – sorta – just that the points s/he is trying to make forget about almost all of the background material I’ve written over the years and especially the last coupla/three. Mostly, however, the intent is left rather flat.  That always seems to be that way when people send me such letters – and refuse to man up and sign their names.

In fact, this one tried to hide themself with this return address:



Que droll.  Rather cowardly, seeing that I always attach my name to everything I write AND that s/he used the return address of the 603 Alliance.

Note also that it was mailed out yesterday (I edited out all the blank space between the return address and the location/date stamp).  And because I know very few guys that have such good handwriting, I’m going to refer to the writer as “she” throughout the rest of the post.

So, let’s do a bit of fisking, shall we (and the “letter” is found complete at the bottom of the post.

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I have read your columns for some time, as I like to read all views to test and challenge my own. But I have got to tell you that over time, I have noticed you becoming more and more entrenched, shrill, and you finally jumped the shark. This was emphasized by your posted picture in a teeshirt that declared you would never “comply” with a logo of a weapon. Never comply with what, Mr. Murphy … laws?

That would be this one:

It kind of runs against all your commentary and complaints -makes you sound authoritarian until the laws start to come for you -“rules for thee but not for me!”

I still hold that if you don’t like a law, obey it, but work to change it.  My wearing that T-shirt doesn’t invalidate that stance.  When laws are unconstitutional, are we supposed to STILL follow them?  And in this area of the Second Amendment, are my First Amendment Rights to Free Speech also canceled?  That I am not allowed to express my opinion or complaints? Or just be a sheeple – go along to get along, don’t make waves, keep my head down…..and bow a knee to those that would infringe, once “common-sense” regulation or law after another?  Accept the word of those that believe they are rightfully “my betters”?

That’s what you just said. Comply.  No matter what. No thanks.

I thought, and many other Second Amendment supporters agree, that the message it presents is that the Second Amendment, and the Right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Which, if you’ve been staying at Hotel Under-A-Rock for the past few decades, let me clue you in: the Left is always trying to infringe on those Rights by trying to redefine both our common language and obviate others by the use of focus group approved “framing” with “common sense” being the latest chief amongst their verbiage choices.

Yet, it keeps happening – redefining standard magazine loads from conventional amounts of rounds to 15, down to 10, and now the latest number is only 5 rounds in a magazine (now being discussed in Congress by the Democrats and making all of us whose current magazine inventories are far larger than those immediate felons. So much for “Bills of Attainders” (Article 1, Section 9), eh, that are supposed to limit Congress for going after people by retroactively declaring their actions to be against the Law. Remember, US Senator Diane Feinstein made that clear when she said that if she had the votes, she’d take them all and her bills, which never passed thankfully, had hundreds of specific firearms listed and if you didn’t turn them in, even if legally bought at the time, would make you an automatic felon. Other Democrats have followed that and then put that bill on steroids in their own versions.

Too, as Grokster Ian pointed out in his “The Third Second Amendment Post“, the plain words have become “judge-ified” as well politicized. Beyond the constant redefinition by Leftist politicians that are looking to disarm law-abiding citizens, so are the action of judges decisions that always seem to ignore that “shall not be infringed” clause.  The list is long, but his main point is this:

The Second Second Amendment is from the oral Constitution, which is the one accepted by pretty much everyone:

That part of the right to keep and bear arms that is implicit in the concept of ordered liberty shall not be infringed unless there is a compelling government interest in doing so.

In simpler language, the Second Second Amendment says that it’s up to the Supreme Court to tell you what you can own, what hoops you have to jump through to buy or sell it, whether you have to register it, how you have to store it, where you can carry it, and so on.

And Democrats are ALWAYS saying that their common sense smoke and mirrors never infringe – but how is a Red Flag law is Constitutional if it strips us of yet another Constitutional value – that of Due Process? That Government has given itself the Power to take Private Property away from someone by secret proceedings in which you are not able to see your accuser or even know it is happening?  Limitations on this, limitations on that, limitations on these other things, but infringements?  And the gun grabbers are always wanting us to believe their premises are:

  • we have to DO something
  • Safety!
  • “Common-sense” gun safety laws

Which are neither “commonsensical” nor provide any safety at all. And less we forget, the phrase that is supposed to end all debate (unless you are anti-children and a sociopath maniac and “how DARE you stand up to me using logic and the Constitution” is:


So with all that said, let’s continue:

And I have to tell you, your Granite Grok hat looks like it is festooned with a hamster in that photo. It was just not a good look -I imagine you thought you looked serious and tough but it came off looking … well. .. feeble.

Let me start off by being pedantic – it’s GraniteGrok. One word, not two. And sometimes a picture is just a picture without reading anything into it that isn’t there. Having just achieved “Senior Citizen Status” with grey hair rather obvious and the “turkey wattle” for a neck (having lost 70 pounds), I’ve only always described myself as an ordinary schlub. The pic was not about me but it was about the meaning of the image.

And if you’re only seeing hamsters, I can’t help you with that.

As time marches on, I have noticed that there are few events that don’t lead to you quack about “the left,” which is a scarcely disguised language for anyone whose views differ from yours. You don’t want to solve problems -you want to pontificate and it is starting to make you look sillier and sillier.

Let me remind you – it’s what bloggers do. We point out issues, and we point out when people go off the rails. We DO pontificate – it’s part of the definition. It’s a constant blog fodder feed.

As far as solving problems,  as we point out how “the Left” (which also includes “Main Street”/Progressive Republicans) has gone astray, we are also pointing out what the solution should be. We do expect, given the caliber of most of our readers, they understand “the rest is left to the reader” means we believe they are smart enough to see said solutions.

But if you are confused, well, we can help. Your homework, first, is to read both Constitutions and the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers and there’s enough on Locke here on the ‘Grok to get you started.  Then let us know what you can’t reason out for yourself.

Whenever you write that you are “filing a lawsuit” I think you expect others to quake in their boots, but anyone can file a lawsuit at any time -doing so does not mean you have unearthed a Watergate-sized plot. It just makes you sound like a drama queen, frankly.

Inserting words that I have never stated isn’t a good look on your part – strawman arguments are not persuasive. It is also clear that you haven’t read the important bits about WHY I filed and WHAT was being trammeled that was the root cause. Go back and do your homework on this as I’ve written enough that I’m not going to rehash it again.  Suffice it to say that the School Board severely overstepped its enumerated Powers by taking on new Powers to grant new Rights is it not entitled to pass out like dime story candy.  And the solution is contained therein as well.

And all the professionals and paraprofessionals that help “the Grandson” develop and thrive (and may he do so) -are they the school-based “groomers” you and your group get hysterical about?

I have put up post after post of teachers and school boards all over the nation that are doing such “grooming” – that is indisputable when teachers openly admit their actions.  Or are you telling us all that all of those posts are lies?  Trust me, I have not the time nor the skills to have made that all up.

I will say that the Gilford School Board has set the stage for it with their Policy JBAB that specifically instructs its staff to lie to Parents about the transgender status of their children. As previously posted, I asked my legal son’s Principal about his at a school board public meeting and she refused to tell me.

So on one hand you berate me for not offering solutions and now you berate for taking the actions to correct a major problem?

The Manchester School District lied by omission to the Mom that they helped turned her young daughter trans. How about the Parents in Clay County, Florida that found out their daughter’s guidance counselor turned her trans and she tried to commit suicide, not once, but TWICE before telling the parents?

Sorry, Q-Anon has nothing to do with any of this – but you have just told us where you lie on the political spectrum. And having written, along with Steve, Ann Marie, and other Groksters, you’d already know all this – but strangely seem to have suddenly lost your memory.

Or you aren’t really reading the ‘Grok as much as you purport…or not at all.

My guess is they are probably representative of 99.999% of school personnel -dedicated, likely underpaid, and devoted to the children they get to know and love. This drum-pounding regarding “parents’ rights” is another area of QAnon-grade craziness -it’s so interesting you would get on that train while taxpayers support the services for your grandson.

Who “owns” the children, she-who-refuses-to-sign-their name?  Who is responsible for them? Constitutionally, who has the authority?

SCOTUS has said Parents. Yet, school districts all over the nation are acting like they are the Parents – that is beyond dispute in so many areas and locales. Coercion of speech, violating religious beliefs, openly denigrating Parents authority, disparaging childrens’ parents:

Assuming that ALL Parents are guilty of being willing to harm their children, not being truthful with Parents, hiding information from parents, telling kids to keep “our secrets” from Parents, Transition Closets, Teachers deliberately misnaming after-school clubs and purposes, including sexuality ideology into curriculum.

In all of the above, teachers and school districts have been caught red-handed. Sure, all Q-Anon vaporware.  Resulting in real life lawsuits – and payouts in awards and damages.

By your own words, and using scare quotes for “parents rights”, you’re telling us that Parents are merely secondary in their children’s lives.

And perhaps your own kids have been the beneficiaries of government-led and supported programs, hmmm?

Yep, both the Eldest and Youngest are on disability from serving in the US Military in combat. So yup, government led but taxpayer funded programs.  I would say they EARNED that support – you?

And hey, if the government 1s so corrupt,

And in many cases, it is. Oh, much certainly works to government standards but remember Joe the Plumber after Obama scolded him that wealth is better shared?  Do you remember how Illinois government workers (all Democrats) meted out their retribution? Don’t get me started – it would rather embarrassing for you.

do you plan on refusing that Social Security check? Or Medicare?
I am guessing not …

Of course not – they TOOK my money from me without the choice of doing my own investing of my earned money. Heritage estimates that someone’s ROI on the money taken from them can be as low as 1.2%.  It’s not free money, it’s a mandatory earned benefit. Yes, I’ve been taking back my money for a bit now. And yes, I can still get taxed on my SS income and I’m still having to pay into Medicare.  And no, I don’t have a choice on the latter as decisions have been made to that a beneficiary MUST take both or take neither.

That would be rather stupid – you’ve just set lots of $100 bills on fire for years.

From a Friend

Sorry, but forgive me for thinking that you are NOT my friend.

Hate mail From A Friend Return Address

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On Monday, I Officially Announced My Candidacy for the New Hampshire District 24 State Senate Seat

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 13:30 +0000

On Monday I officially announced my candidacy for the New Hampshire District 24 State Senate seat. The new District 24 includes the towns of Exeter, Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, North Hampton, Rye, and Stratham.

This will be a hard-fought battle against well-financed NH AOC wannabe Debra Altschiller. Debra has yet to see a new tax or tax increase that she doesn’t support, including an income and sales tax. It is clear Debra’s desire is to destroy the New Hampshire Advantage of NO Sales or Income tax just to finance her radical tax and spend agenda is real. Her votes as a State Rep speak for themselves. Debra doesn’t recognize the pain that families and business owners are feeling, from runaway inflation to record-breaking prices for food, fuel, and baby formula that are all self-inflicted by an out-of-touch Washington establishment led by her hero President Joe Biden.

When elected I will do my utmost to help New Hampshire families and business owners who have suffered through the pandemic, only to be further victimized by a disastrous economy that was intentionally created by the friends and colleagues of Debra Altschiller.

I will not vote for any increases in taxes or fees that cross my desk. I will also not vote to unilaterally expand the powers of any elected official. I will return the power to the people and with that the power of parents across the State to control the destiny of the children. I will support education, law enforcement, and local control, and will never vote to cede power to bureaucrats in Washington DC or in Concord New Hampshire.

I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and all its Amendments, as well as the New Hampshire Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. And I will fight every day to keep the American Dream and the New Hampshire Advantage alive for our children and grandchildren. I ask you to join with me in this epic fight. Together we can change the direction and stop the move to socialism.

God Bless You and God Bless the America we know and Love.




Reminder: Content about candidates or by candidates is not an endorsement by or its authors.

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Trying to Replace Fossil Fuels With Solar Will Require Burning a Sh!tload of Coal

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 12:00 +0000

You may have heard me say this a time or two. Neither Wind nor Solar is clean or green. They can’t even scratch the surface of our power needs now. Forget adding more demand from EVs or whatever. It’s all a lie and a very dirty lie.



President Joe Biden declared a 24-month tariff exemption for solar panel products from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, and announced the use of the Defense Production Act to promote domestic production. The news was first reported by Reuters. The move comes as a Commerce Department investigation into the solar industry in Southeast Asia has added more hurdles to importing equipment.


There is a credible link between the components these companies will use and China/human rights violations, including slave labor (are we paying them reparations too?). And yes, it matters, but I don’t want to get too far from my point. Biden thinks solar will help ease the pain caused by his war on oil and gas. To get there, he’s opening up the Asian solar market. This will divert billion to China, which dominates the sector.

And it will cause millions of tons of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere (if that is supposed to matter).


Manufacturers of solar panels need lots of high-quality coal and a big industrial base to process the silicon, and Xinjiang (China) has both. Vast amounts of coal are consumed by the chemical process which reduces quartz to silicon, and further coal is required to fuel the furnaces which heat the raw materials to the temperature required to initiate and sustain the chemical reaction which refines the silicon.


Most of the other materials needed, including rare earth metals, are increasingly expensive and come from enemies or frenemies. But without silicon, you can’t build the things, and that manufacturing process has a massive carbon footprint (again, if that’s supposed to matter).

Related: Energy Fail – California Solar Leads to Huge Spike in “Fossil Fuel Emissions”

Scaling up solar will enrich our enemies, divert billions (trillions?) away from America, and make us more dependent on them for a fundamental necessity of modern life (electricity). And I’ve not even broached the impact on economics or national defense. You can’t defend America on “green” power.

Oh yeah, and it’s going to puke an insane amount of “emissions” into the biosphere from places with few, if any, controls. These bits will then need to be shipped to wherever they are processed, to where they are assembled, and then to their destination in diesel-powered freighters every leg of the way.

Trucked to solar facilities, trucked to installation locations, and then installed. And we will need to deal with the end-of-life solar waste nightmare – a toxic and carbon-intensive problem.

All in the name of “green” energy that can’t even meet a fraction of our needs.

Related: Biden’s Green Future Makes Solar Panels More Dangerous to You and the Environment

I guess that explains why Biden and Democrats love it so mu h. It does nothing to lower emissions (if that’s supposed to matter), hurts us, and enriches our enemies for less than nothing. None of which will impact their lifestyles, unless by ‘impact’ you mean improve them. And that sounds a lot like the accusations the left directs at supporters of fossil fuels. And maybe that still holds. But at least with big oil, we got American jobs, prosperity, national security, and affordable energy.

Wind and Solar make us more vulnerable for less than nothing.



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Dems Turn Up the Gas. Gaslight That is.

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 10:30 +0000

Gaslight (verb). To cause (a person) to doubt their sanity through psychological manipulation.

Gaslighting is a technique used by people who fail to meet expectations to distract from reality. This action is taking place at all levels of government but is most effective at State and Federal levels because those get the media attention. That media circulation is important because it spreads the message and gives credibility to it.

The knee-jerk reaction of many in government is to attack a problem by adding restrictions on law-abiding citizens. An example is the bill signing event held yesterday in New York. Governor Kathy Hochul put her signature on a new gun control law in reaction to the recent mass shooting in Buffalo. This law changes the age to buy semi-automatic rifles, bans body armor for the general public, and closes Red Flag loopholes.

This show was to let the people of New York think the government has your back and is taking action. It looks at the issue from one side only. In this case, the other side is changing how the justice department in New York is handling charges, indictments, and sentencing. When we add new laws, we have to remember that people intent on breaking the law do not concern themselves with them. They may concern themselves with the ramifications of breaking them, and now those are not significant.

Biden put out a statement yesterday regarding how proud he is of the progress made in the economy. This is the purest example of gaslighting I have ever seen. Incomes are rising at 5%, making them 3.8% behind record inflation. Every day greets us with a new record gas price, and we are now told to be ready for record electric rates due to rising coal prices. Our National Debt is over $30 Trillion, and it is to go higher if Biden goes forward with student loan forgiveness. That forgiveness will also add to the 8.8% inflation. The President is also touting that robust job numbers, but we have yet to reach our pre-Covid levels. No, Joe, the economy is not making progress.

I wrote yesterday about the PSA program in New York City warning people to use illegal drugs safely. Not don’t use these drugs. No, it is using them safely. This ill-conceived program ignores a problem killing our young generation at historic levels. Fentanyl deaths have become the number one killer of people from 24 to 45, with over 100,000 killed yearly.

Thousands of illegals are flooding over our border every day, and rather than stop the flow, we are working with Canada and Spain to import illegals from the United States. Two years ago, we were exporting oil and gas. We are exporting illegal aliens and trying to buy petroleum products from OPEC and Venezuela. This collection of failures would be laughable if not so serious. The President is supposedly fuming over his low poll numbers. Rather than making changes, and getting people in place who can solve issues, Biden is going to appear on Jimmy Kimmel. It has been 140 days since his last one-on-one conversation with the media, but talking to a fourth-ranked nighttime host does not count.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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He’s Not Wrong, You Know: Ian Freeman

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 01:30 +0000

Let’s be clear from the outset: while I can be friendly with Ian, I hate his stances.  I know that GraniteGrok is the most favorable of all NH media to the Free State Project (another notch as to why uber-Progressive/Socialist Zandra Rice-Hawkins detests me and the ‘Grok – I’ll take it!) on the duo purposes of maximal freedom and limited Government but Ian and the rest of the Free Keene-ers (aka “Keene Kiddies”) have made a mockery of such sober attempts.  While the results might be acceptable, their tactics show why the phrase “the means justifies the ends” is such a horrible mindset.

However, NH Journal does have a quote from him as to why he’s running as a Republican for NH State Senate even as he’s a self proclaimed neo-anarchist (even as he masquerades as a Libertarian – and the Free State Project rocketed him out of their midst because of stances) in essentially stating: “You have brought me upon yourselves“:

Freeman said given the current ballot access laws in New Hampshire, is it easier for him to run as a Republican than a libertarian.

“As you may know, New Hampshire’s ballot access laws make it difficult to run as a third party. Running as a libertarian would cost many hours of gathering 700 valid signatures – probably gotta shoot for 1,500 as they will try to disqualify them – whereas running for New Hampshire Senate as a major party is only $10,” Freeman said. “If the parties ever make ballot access equal for smaller parties, then perhaps fewer libertarians will run under the majors’ labels. I understand some in those parties are frustrated by the infiltration of libertarians, but they did it to themselves by keeping third parties off the ballot.”

Freeman’s run under the GOP banner is reminiscent of Aria DiMezzo’s campaign for Cheshire County Sheriff in 2020. Identifying as a trans and Satanic anarchist, DiMezzo was the only Republican in the race. DiMezzo lost the election and is currently one of Freeman’s co-defendants in the money laundering case.

The problem is a double one – a Duopoly.  Certainly, Freeman is right – can I frame it as “Crony Campaigning” where both the Dems and the Repubs so cozied up to Government so as to make it all but impossible for any other Party to exist and get on the ballot.  So why SHOULDN’T they go to the only two Parties available? While there are a couple of Free Staters that have embedded themselves into the Democrat Party (Amanda Boldin comes to mind but is of an ordinary Democrat than an FSPer nowadays, IMHO), most gravitate to the NH GOP simply because there is an intersection on limited government and personal responsibility (the main ones). And they are SMAHT as well. They end up, as AFP’s NH Exec Dir Greg Moore says about us, “punching above their weight class” (driving Zandra Rice-Hawkins nuts).

However, most of the Establishment Republicans hate them, which I think is rather odd when they are happy to apologize for Rs that really stray from the NH GOP Platform and have lousy HRA and NHLA voting scores (e.g., how well do you vote in line with the Party Platform and how well do you do in voting to maintain or free personal liberties that have been “jailed” by Government). NH Governor Chris Sununu is one of those, given his actions lately –  in ways that “elevated” the Left’s Collectivists’ social agenda (government forced, btw) over Individual Rights (see Steve’s take).

However, these “Republican Republicans for the sake of the Republican Party” often go after “Libertarians as Republicans” who, pretty much, vote much better than these other Republicans. And they hate them for it.  Too often I hear “Let the Libertarians stay in their own Party (there is an NH Libertarian Party).

So, Republicans – put your money, legislation, and votes where your mouths are – change the law.  Frankly, I hope you fail even as you don’t know why I say this.  Take this, which I’ve been saying more often lately:

God knew that he (the Grandson) needed us (TMEW and I) – what we didn’t know is that God knew we needed him as well.

Frankly, the Establishment Rs need the Free Staters more than they realize. The FSPers need the NH GOP to serve and fight for our Liberties – something that many Establishment Rs don’t care about (along with the Culture War fight in which, if they don’t “shoulder arms,” they’ll be at the south end of the Donkey from changing demographics and the “educational grooming” for Collectivism). And the Establishment Rs need those numbers (small as they may be), to make things happen.





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British Royal Backs Face Masks for Cows ‘cuz Climate Change

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-08 00:00 +0000

There has been a great deal of discussion about bovine emissions. Ruminant mammals are the scourge of the earth and our obsession with eating them is the cause of global ills. But until recently the concern has been focused on backend “greenhouse” gasses. What about the front of the beast?


ZELP (Zero Emissions Livestock Project) is currently testing various prototypes of the cattle masks, according to Agrarheute. These are already able to filter around 30 percent of the methane emitted by ruminants. In the future, this value should be increased to around 60 percent.

The highlight: ZELP was awarded the climate protection prize “Climate Design Award” for the “revolutionary” idea, which was created by WEF figurehead Prince Charles and designer Sir Jony Ive. The cattle mask was one of four winners and received a cash prize of the equivalent of 58 000 euros. Prince Charles supports face masks for cows to fight climate change.


Based on our experience with “experts” and people masks, I predict that there will be Zero interest in whether this is bad for the cattle. A problem that will need to trigger the animal rights zombies to be properly addressed.

As for climate, masking advocates claim that the moos are exhaling methane and it is damaging the biosphere. I’m wondering how. Cows make up an infinitesimal portion of the biological mass of the world. Ruminants in total contribute very little of whatever you want to claim they emit. But that’s not the most amusing matter in this quest to force UK farmers to pay for cow masks.

According to Physicist Dr. Tom Sheahen, “Water vapor has already absorbed the very same infrared radiation that Methane might have absorbed.

Water vapor accounts for somewhere between 1% and 4% of the atmosphere. Methane, 0.00017%, Carbon Dioxide 0.04% so water vapor blows them away and is the most abundant “greenhouse” gas. And it is because of this “abundance” that we need to ask questions before masking cows.

If water vapor is already absorbing the threat posed by methane, what’s the problem? According to Dr. Sheahen, “there is really nothing to worry about, scientifically. The main thing to worry about is over-reacting politicians and another layer of unnecessary government regulations.

Further along we get to the details that reference this graph.


“…methane (CH4) has narrow absorption bands at 3.3 microns and 7.5 microns (the red lines). CH4 is 20 times more effective an absorber than CO2 – in those bands. However, CH4 is only 0.00017% (1.7 parts per million) of the atmosphere. Moreover, both of its bands occur at wavelengths where H2O is already absorbing substantially. Hence, any radiation that CH4 might absorb has already been absorbed by H2O. The ratio of the percentages of water to methane is such that the effects of CH4 are completely masked by H2O. The amount of CH4 must increase 100-fold to make it comparable to H2O.

Because of that, methane is irrelevant as a greenhouse gas. The high per-molecule absorption cross section of CH4 makes no difference at all in our real atmosphere.


I feel certain that Prince Charles has internet access but for reasons we cannot begin to guess, he’s all in on a program to convince farmers to fork over the equivalent of $45.00 US per cow, per year, to mitigate the exhaled gas from a beast that according to the physicist is incidental to the problem he claims to be addressing.

So, Prince Charles’ solution is a lot like Prince Charles himself. An expensive accessory whose absence would make no difference whatsoever in the end.





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GrokGauntlet – It Is Time! And Lots of People to Grill

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 22:30 +0000

And this is not just for Groksters and candidates this time around – readers, you have your role to play as well!

In our GrokGauntlets, we DON’T ask the same types of questions that other media journalists ask in their roundtable with candidates.  We are Conservatarian political activists, first, that have built up a large mouthpiece in GraniteGrok – and our questions should, quite well, align with our readerships’ political viewpoints that generally do NOT align with most mainstream media.  We want to figure out who you are, what you stand for, and how you view politics, how well you are grounded, and get a sense of what you’d do if you win both the Primary and General Elections.

And then hold you accountable for your speeches and actions.

Rules of the Gauntlet:

  • Given the timing, we’re going to do two sessions a week – Wednesdays in Concord and Thursdays in Hollis if at all possible
  • Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  Yes, it will be two hours long. No, there are no breaks.
  • Bright Lights: Yes, we will be recording it.
  • Staff: that’s our “staff” – not yours. For some of you, you generally have staff that travel with you. They will not be allowed in the room.  One candidate in the last cycle had a staff member make a scene over this restriction. He was finally told that if he continued, we would write about his candidate but not in the way he’d like. Tough noogies.
  • All official Grokster writers are invited (implored??) to attend with questions. No, we will not let candidates see them before you hear them from us. Heck, many are made up on the spot given an answer you give us.  Remember, bloggers often act like we all are ADD – we can take a point B and go to point Q seamlessly, so be prepared.
  • It’s ok to say “I don’t know” – trust me, we don’t have all the answers either. However, if we detect that you try to blow smoke up our butts in trying to appear that you know the answer but don’t, we will be merciless. You can ask us to clarifying questions, though, as some questions can go in a number of different directions at the same time
  • We will have food and drink there – hey, we wanna have fun with this, too!

Purpose of the Gauntlet:

  • These GrokGauntlets used to be for one and only one purpose – to see IF we would hand out an official endorsement. GraniteGrok, in a combined vote, would issue an endorsement in a given race. The recordings that we have done in the past have only been used to allow Groksters who could not attend one (and it generally is a musical chair scenario as to who can show up at any given one of many). And yes, we add one additional name to all the candidates that we grill: “No Endorsement”.  Top vote getter gets our endorsement. That said, history shows that we give out very few endorsements, so be warned.
  • This cycle will be different – I’ve decided to change things up.  Not only will the recordings be seen by “unable to attend Groksters”, when we are done, we will put them all up on GraniteGrok by race (e.g., all of those vying for NH Governor will be in one post, US Senate another, et al). Although we have the capability of livestreaming them, we don’t wish to give our questions away as some are asked of ALL candidates and others are meant for individual races, and sometimes, individual candidates (after all, we probably know you better than you think we do).

We want our readership to start taking advantage of the questions that are asked and what better way to try to impress your potential voters, Conservatarians that generally make up a LARGE percentage of Primary voters?  Especially in an off-season mid-term election? We want them to listen to the questions and listen to the answers. We also want to hear the tone of the answer, the delivery of it, and your body language. We want them to see which questions “light your fire” and those that you cringe from. Are you a generalist with respect to topics (willing to take anything on) or a specialist (able to handle just a few topic but are superlative at them)?

So it isn’t just Groksters that you have to impress – it’s our readers as well. And they VOTE almost religiously every time there’s a ballot box.

So with that said, readers, this is where it starts for you! I want to crowdsource questions from you all. We’ve done so in the past and really want to do so again this cycle.  So, here is YOUR homework: we want your questions!  After all, some of your questions will be used and we acknowledge who sent in the question.

Either in the comments below OR email them to and, and arrange them:

  • By each race
  • By topic
  • By candidate

This is your chance to be part of the process – don’t blow it!

I’m starting the Contact phase later on today and hopefully we can get this started next Wednesday and Thursday.  I am looking forward to this!


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David Ryan Out as Exeter Superintendent – Contract Won’t Be Renewed in 2023

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 21:00 +0000

The contentious reign of Exeter School District Superintendent David Ryan will be coming to a close when his contract expires at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. He and the board have agreed not to extend it.


The SAU 16 Joint Board and David Ryan have agreed mutually not to extend his current contract after it ends on June 30, 2023. He has served since 2018 and will continue through the end of the 2022-2023 school year.


That’s still a long time from now, so he’s got plenty of juice to keep things screwed up over there. If you’re not clear on why here’s a good place to start. Then you can go here, and here, and maybe here.

Apologies for the likely search results overlap, but we have hundreds of articles on the Exeter Cooperative School District circus and its most recent ring leader David Ryan. But the bigger problem remains—the School Board.


The board, in a statement, said Ryan had been responsible for the “overall educational growth” of more than 5,000 students in seven districts that comprise SAU 16. SAU 16 includes 11 pre-kindergarten to adult education, schools serving the towns of Exeter, Brentwood, Kensington, East Kingston, Newfields, and Stratham. The board said he worked “to implement curriculum and innovative instructional practices” that furthered the district’s competency-based learning. Ryan was also credited with building “strong community partnerships.”


They left out all the lawsuits he has attracted and the legal fees, so the board is still a problem. The next candidate for the job could be like Ryan or worse. I’m not even sure you can do better at this point. The pool of supers for public schools appears to be poisoned by the education-industrial complex.

Woke dopes who are more interested in the next thing than academics or rigorous standards. You know, graduating kids that don’t need to take basic math and reading in their first year of college because the over-funded education system at the town level is cranking out inadequately prepared snowflakes.

Maybe a few more lawsuits will get him out the door sooner? Who can say, but the board appears smitten, so thoughts and prayers go out to the parents who are not blinded by the smokescreen or afraid to run toward the fire. You could benefit from a serious change in direction, but you’d need a different school board to get that.

And good luck with that, assuming you survive another year of David Ryan.



HT |

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The Burger King Pride-Month Bun-Pander

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 19:30 +0000

Tolerance and diversity hint at acceptance like some gender equivalent of the American melting pot. I think we know that’s not how it works, so what does Burger King’s Pride Month Whopper bun-stunt represent?

Sexist bigotry?


The same buns suggest pride only in same-sex relationships. That’s a narrow view, given the subject matter. Doesn’t pride month cover all the infinite shades or rainbow in the gender spectrum?

Take swimmer Lia Thomas. She has a penis and calls himself a “woman” but is sexually attracted to “women” with wombs and vaginas. A neat trick if you can pull it off. Forcing the world to defend your right to shower and change in the same locker room as fit young women with whom you might not mind having sex.

That’s two different sets of genitals using the same gender name, so, couldn’t BK have left well enough alone? They look like regular buns but feel free to have your heel (the bottom of the bun) identify as the crown (the top of the bun) or as a 1967 Chevy Impala with Chrome Cragar wheels, BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires, re-chromed bumpers, window weather stripping, emblems, and aluminum side molding.

Who are we to judge, or so we’re told.

Pedophilia (could have the same buns or not) is an increasingly acceptable form of gender expression on the Left. Is this bun trick available on the Whopper Jr?

Didn’t you use to say I could have it my way?

Sandwich relativism! But that must also mean that relativism itself is relative. If it has no meaning then meaning itself is meaningless.

And while we’re poking the progressive world salad, there’s no such thing as consent on the Left. You do it the way they say, or nothing. Just ask anyone riding that rainbow what happens to their “rights” if they oppose abortion or gun control.

With the Left, you can’t have it your way. You can only have theirs. No pride for you.

But in theirs, you are free to decide (mid-bite) what each bun represents and the pronouns it prefers. And hey, while we’re at it, those fries are a soda, and that pickle is a fruit.

So, what does the bun stunt mean? Nothing. Everything. Bigotry. Inclusion. Equality. Discrimination. Diversity. Homogeneity. Pandering.

And since Burger King is pretending that what they serve is food, if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.


HT | Big League politics

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Failing to Pass the Parents’ Bill of Rights Is Perhaps the Biggest Failure

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 18:00 +0000

As the 2021-2022 legislative sessions come to an end, some Republicans are patting themselves on the back for outstanding performance. Not so fast! Under Speaker Sherman Packard and House Majority Leader Jason Osborne, the NH House failed the fundamental building block of our state and our nation.

Failing to pass HB1431 the Parents’ Bill of Rights is perhaps the biggest failure!!!

Seven “Republicans” took a walk on the final vote. Stories abound through the years when the Speaker searched high and low for missing legislators who participated in some attempted subterfuge! Representatives have been reportedly found in the restrooms and dragged back into Representatives Hall and the doors locked until the vote was recorded.

On this vital bill reinforcing the rights of parents, Speaker Packard made no such effort. Why not? Does King Sununu know something that Speaker Packard doesn’t want publicized? Where was Republican Majority “Leader” Jason Osborne? Isn’t he supposed to be “whipping” his caucus in support of Republican Platform ideas?

So what sort of shenanigans occurred behind doors when the RINO Chris Sununu was threatening to veto the bill IF it arrived on his desk. In fact, are those in leadership positions working behind the scenes to assist Governor Sununu so he doesn’t have to carry through with his promised “Veto”? Perhaps the polls show that such action would be political suicide for the King.

As the saying goes, something is rotten in Denmark.



Reminder: Content about candidates or by candidates is not an endorsement by or its authors.

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Smart Ways to Enhance Your Academic Performance

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 17:00 +0000

A good education is the bedrock of all advanced societies. It has transformed the world from a primitive community into a modern, developed society. To maintain these advancements, the quality of education must be kept high. As such, students must always be encouraged and given the necessary means to thrive academically.

One way of ensuring that learners are always on top of their game is to help them study more efficiently. Therefore, this article will introduce you to smart ways of enhancing your academic performance.

Ask Questions

The best way to increase your academic performance is to ask questions. When you seek clarifications during class, you are more likely going to encourage a professor or teacher to provide further explanation about a concept. Therefore, you may inevitably increase your level of comprehension. You may also help your colleagues in the process.

Be Attentive in Class

The process of learning always begins in class. In particular, an educator will most likely present or state a crucial piece of information you may never find in books. As a result, you will want to pay extra attention. Doing so improves your study habits and allows you to retain a lot of important facts, which in turn increases your chances of performing well in tests and exams.

Take Notes

Taking notes is essential to the learning process. However, you do not want to note down every statement your professor makes. Instead, you will want to write down crucial points that underpin the main concepts of a particular topic. You should also organize your notes so you can use them during your study sessions.

Employ a Tutor or a Professional Service

As a student, there may be times when you need help with your studies. You may want to employ a tutor to aid you with understanding a subject or a course. When you are too busy to hand in term papers or coursework, you may want to work with a professional writing service. Writerhour is one platform you can rely on for your academic content. A student can’t be an expert in every subject, while a writing provider will have specialists you can always refer to with any assignment.

Organize Your Life

No matter how hardworking you are, if your life is disorganized, you may find your academic performance dipping. To avoid it, try organizing your:

  • Study sessions.
  • Sleeping and resting routine.
  • Food intake.
  • Socialization time.

Having an ordered life can help you prioritize your academic performance.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is something that can easily jeopardize your academic performance. Procrastinators tend to put off studying and completing assignments for later. If this gets out of hand, they may even miss a deadline or end up being unprepared for an exam. So, you must take active steps to mitigate procrastination. Doing this can significantly enhance your academic performance.


Your education is an essential aspect of your life. If your academic performance is not at its peak, don’t worry – there are some things you can do. You can improve it by asking questions and taking notes. In addition, you may want to work with professional tutors and writing services. You should also learn to organize your life to become more efficient. Finally, you should avoid procrastination. These tips will help you create a routine that will boost your academic performance and leave you proud of the results.


About the Author

Joanne Elliot is a writer for students. She is considered a specialist in the field of student relations. Likewise, Joanne organizes and delivers seminars and workshops within the educational sector.

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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 16:30 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.

Now, let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***





I will not just not forget.  I will not forgive.  Coining a new term:

To Uvalde, verb: To shirk your sworn duty to protect the citizens of your town who placed their trust in you, especially the most vulnerable and precious – the children – and to detain and/or arrest the parents of those children desperate to save their kids from slaughter.






Lot of good ones as usual.  But this one struck me:



You have to remember, you must assimilate this to your core:

First, Socialists believe a one-world Socialistopia is possible.  This is their FAITH, and they believe in it with every fiber of their being.

Second, they believe they are doing good by working towards this utopia.  See Slip-Sliding Towards Hell with a Good Conscience – Granite Grok

Third, in the contest between the Individual and The State, The State is the only thing that matters to them.  Individuals are meaningless outside of their service to The State:

Remember, in socialist societies, an individual’s worth is measured, not by being a unique person made in the image of God, but by that person’s utility to the state.

Thus, if dead children advance gun control, which is essential to the acquisition of absolute power over people, then dead children are a good thing to them.  Shot and dead children are good because they serve as tools eliminate resistance, so they can achieve:



Again, you need to truly grasp this painful concept of the reality of the Left and its ambitions.




Palate cleanser:


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Can Anyone Defend NYC Drug Campaign

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 15:00 +0000

I saw the picture of the PSA drug poster currently being displayed on NYC subway cars, and I was disgusted. I cannot believe how low we have sunk as a society. Like we wake to a new record high gas prices, we also awake to the bar lowered by some government agency or party.

In this case, a New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene ad about drug use features a statement in quotes that declares, “Don’t be ashamed you are using, be empowered that you are using safely” — the passage appears to be attributed to an individual named “Florence.”

The section on preventing overdose especially set me back:

  • Avoid using alone and take turns
  • Start with a small dose and go slowly
  • Have Naloxone on hand
  • Do not mix drugs
  • Test your drugs using fentanyl test strips

Maybe we need to go back to “Just say no” or the hot fry pan and sizzling egg. “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” We used to discourage the use of illegal and dangerous drugs, but it looks like we have thrown up our arms. We have given up. We have lost. So now we will issue cautionary announcements hoping that those that ignore the warnings and play roulette with unknown chemicals will do so safely. There is no safely. There is impending death. Just ask the 100,000 who now die each year in this country using drugs safely.

New York City is not the pioneer in this approach to illegal drug usage. San Francisco takes that honor. San Francisco is the most expensive city in America, has the most significant number of homeless people living in tents on Main Street sidewalks, and wants to attract safe drug users to their once fine city. Liberal leadership has turned a gem of the west coast into a cesspool. New York is following the lead of San Francisco. The Big Apple is rotting in the bushel.

It is beyond time for the government to get serious about shutting down the illegal drug trade. On day one of his first, and hopefully last, term, the President effectively signed the death warrant for the fossil fuel industry and has been consistent with that effort every day. At the same time, we are setting new records each month with the increasing numbers of illegals flowing across our southern border. We know that massive quantities of Fentanyl come across with them, but no plan to curb the tsunami. As I type this article, a record group of 10,000 illegals is on a march to enter our country. The largest group ever and growing and coming because Joe Biden opened his arms to anyone coming north and is working harder to kill Title 42 than to kill the flow of drugs.

Why? Why does Biden continue to make bad decisions that tear apart this incredible country? Why does a man despise a country that has allowed his family to make millions, even if in a corrupt manner? It is a conundrum, but the legacy will follow Joe Biden for the remainder of his life. He was the hope of eighty-one million, and he has disappointed most of them.

The radicals placed Joe Biden in the White House that are destroying our major cities. Crime. Drugs, gangs, and out-of-control murder rates keep people away from the cities and into the suburbs. Now it is not a case of solving the issues plaguing our cities but making the problems palatable. That is what that subway poster is about. That is what liberals are now about.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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The 5 Myths You Must Ignore About Assignment Services

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 14:00 +0000

Because of the internet, there is an opportunity to provide various services online,  including the ones in the academic realm. Taking advantage of this trend, several assignment services have sprung into existence. These platforms leveraged the internet’s ability to reach millions of students from around the globe.

Over the years, this sector has become more popular among learners and educators, and many students discovered the merits of academic help for their education.

Despite the existence of various good writing sites, many platforms have started gaining some negative attention. Students and educators have developed unjustified and nonfactual notions about many of these platforms. Therefore, this article attempts to discuss 5 myths about assignment services you must ignore.

Platforms Provide Plagiarized Work

The most common myth about purchasing an assignment from a writing service is the belief that you will be getting plagiarized work. For this reason, many students are skeptical about hiring such platforms. However, this assertion is far from the truth. A large percentage of reputable writing businesses are conscious of plagiarism and try to avoid it at all costs. One such website is onlineessays. This platform, same as many other trustworthy platforms, has qualified writers who understand the academic requirements and would never offer you plagiarized content.

Buying Papers is Unethical

Many people believe purchasing assignments from a business is unethical. However, such sites do more than just complete term papers and projects. They help learners understand and fine-tune their assignments. Therefore, many of these services operate as mentors to students by guiding them to become better academically.

It Discourages Learning

When a person purchases an assignment or a project from a writing service, people generally conclude that they are not serious about their education. Yet, it is not always the case when this happens. Some learners genuinely require help due to their busy schedules. Working with a writing service helps them manage their study habits effectively. Furthermore, a student can meet experts who will help them improve their educational outlook. Working with these experts can improve:

  • Confidence.
  • Cognition.
  • Retention.
  • Academic performance.

One can say that writing platforms encourage learning, as they often offer various free academic tools that students can benefit from – plagiarism detection software, paraphrasing tools, and spelling checkers just to name a few.

Writing Platforms Deviate from Guidelines

People believe that the writers and professionals responsible for writing assignments do not adhere to the provided guidelines. This myth is completely inaccurate. Most websites employ writers who are specialists in their respective fields. As a result, the majority of content creators are professional and meticulous in their approach to work. Therefore, you are almost always sure of getting quality work that conforms to your guidelines.

Assignment Services are Expensive

The moment people hear you are purchasing an assignment, they assume that you are spending too much money. However, not all content-creating sites have a high price. Several platforms deliver quality outcomes to students at an affordable cost. Similarly, you will get occasional discounts and offers from various sites.


There are a lot of myths surrounding the use of assignment services. Most of these assertions couldn’t be further from the truth. Modern students often take advantage of aid academic help to get a sample of quality writing, improve their grades, and get expert help on especially complicated assignments. If you feel like you can use a hand with your studies, abandon the stigma and get a writing expert on your side.


About the Author

Writing is an integral part of Joanne Elliot’s career. She has years of experience with academic writing and online education. In addition, Joanne has a personal account where she shares her articles and tips that students around the world appreciate.

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ICYMI – GrokPoll: Who on this List would you Support for Governor of NH?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 14:00 +0000

UPDATED and BUMPED: The poll ends tomorrow so remember to vote if you haven’t!  A REMINDER: Go here and vote your choice(s) for NH Governor! You’ve got until 5 pm Wednesday to do so.

Yep, it’s getting to be that time of year when all pundits, good and bad, start to wonder “Who will it be?” come Election Days.  Well, we want to know who YOU think might be capable at running and serving for Guv. Yep, candidates!  Pick one, pick several, or pick’em all.  We assembled a list of “notables” (or is that a Rogue’s Gallery?) of names from which to choose for NH GOVERNOR. Good job or could tolerate – we wanna know.  We have the declared candidates (e.g., Karen Testerman, Thad Riley, and Julian Acciard) listed plus lots more.

And yes, we may do another poll for who you can’t stand (that might be even more interesting!).

Oh, by the way, isn’t it “interesting” that Chris Sununu, usually a “first few day sign up” kinda guy, hasn’t?



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The Line between Good and Evil Runs through the Human Heart

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 13:30 +0000

Nineteen children, along with two teachers in the Uvalde, Texas Robb Elementary school, paid with their lives because gun control advocates base their legislation on the false premise that “guns kill people.”

They ignore Solzhenitsyn’s incisive observation: “The line between good and evil runs through the human heart,” then follow an agenda 180 degrees in the wrong direction by blaming the criminal act of mass murder on an inanimate object that doesn’t pull its own trigger.

After every mass shooting, the Democrats and their Republican partners move in lockstep to take firearms from people in violation of their 2nd and 4th Amendment protections. The inherent right of law-abiding citizens to be armed. A right that shall not be infringed.

Before being assassinated, President James A. Garfield, who served nine terms in the House, made a keen observation. Now more than ever the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body is ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate it.

Throughout history, the vulnerability of youth has been fertile grounds to destroy liberty through invasive attacks on the minds of children. The narrative that follows is not aimed at teachers. It is aimed at what they have to teach. Parents have paid dearly to finance this war on our children’s minds from UNESCO and the Department of Education to buy “Hollywood Education” devoid of the moral foundation of biblical Christianity and the teachings of the Ten Commandments along with the removal of prayer since the 1960s.

Without this moral anchor, generations of our youth have journeyed through life without the strength of a moral foundation. Would you believe that during these scores of years, with few exceptions, our schools have taught the three basic tenets of Communism: “There is no God, there is no innate right or wrong, and man is a graduate beast?”

If there is no God, why should we be surprised if some of our youth assume there is no right or wrong and follow their own demonic logic?

The bottom line is, in the short term, I urge all patriots to demand that their Senators and Representatives vote against all legislation that blames the criminal act of mass shootings on the gun. But in the long run, the only sure solution to save our American Republic from the hungry lust for power that all dictators demonstrate by confiscating all weapons is a return to the basic foundation of Western Civilization, the Ten Commandments.

It is crucial that we follow the wisdom of President James A. Garfield to elect individuals of high moral character who serve the people by defying party hierarchy who continue to ignore their oath of office before Almighty God. Instead of giving their loyalties to the people who hire them at the ballot box, their loyalty is to “self,” their favorite person.


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Special Olympics Walks Back COVID Vaccine Mandate After Florida Prepares to Levy $27.5 Million Fine

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-07 12:00 +0000

It is against the law in Florida to require proof of Vaccination for COVID19 to participate in life, but the Special Olympics must have forgotten about that or thought they were joking. The plan was to deny the unjabbed access for the 2022 USA event in Orlando.



Maybe they didn’t have 27.5 million under the office couch cushions?


The announcement was made after a letter from the Florida Department of Health said it would impose a $27.5 million fine on Special Olympics International for 5,500 violations of a Florida statute because of the vaccine mandate. The number of violations represented a $5,000 fine for each person ordered to certify their vaccination status.


The Special Olympics changed its tune, and here’s the cool part. Anyone who is vaccinated can still participate! That is so special. Parents and doctors, and participants get to make decisions for themselves about what is best for their family members, and they won’t be excluded as a result.

That’s not exactly how the Left likes it. I’m sure they are crapping their collective panties. OMG! These special children could be exposed to our special virus.

If your “side” is vaccinated, at this point, what difference does it make?

You got your jab and your re-jab and your booster and your booster-booster. Wait, that’s right. The inoculated masses – for reasons medical experts cannot explain – still get COVID just like masked kids did compared to the unmasked kids. It’s almost as if nothing you decided was required did a damn thing. Sorry, it did do something. It made people more likely to test positive, need hospitalization, or die.

Thank you, Florida, for protecting parental and bodily autonomy rights for these folks.

And if it’s not too much to ask, can we borrow your governor? Ours needs some lessons in how to be a Republican.



HT | Gateway Pundit


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