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NH State Rep Carol McGuire – Your State House 03/25/22: Easy-Peasy

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-28 01:30 +0000

To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, and Pittsfield:

After last week’s marathon, this was a very easy week. My committee got 24 Senate bills, some quite complex, just after the calendar deadline, so I couldn’t even schedule them.

I did visit the Senate on some of my bills. HB 1398, a study committee on centralized record checks in education, was presented to the Education Committee, with support from the department and the state police (who wanted to be involved in the study and appreciated that centralized records checks would eliminate a lot of redundant work for them.) The Senate was interested, and thought of one profession I hadn’t realized could work in more than one school: substitute teachers.

HB 1681, updating the state building code and fire code, had the fire marshal and several building officials in support and no opposition. The committee immediately and unanimously recommended it to pass with an amendment to make it effective on passage. HB 1446, converting the boards of recreational therapists and respiratory care practitioners to advisory, had the support of the Office of Professional Licensing and Certification (OPLC) and was also recommended to pass. HB 1354, on real estate regulation and modifying the procedure for recognizing out-of-state licenses, had the sponsor, a real estate broker and trainer, and the OPLC testifying in support, so it also passed unanimously.

We want to thank NH State Rep Carol McGuire for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

HB 1059, clarifying that if a board didn’t meet, the OPLC could only grant a license to meet a deadline if the applicant appeared to meet the statutory requirements. Right now, someone who applied (and paid the license fee, of course) would be granted a license in 60 days, if the board didn’t meet, even if they obviously did not meet the educational requirements! One well-timed snowstorm and I could be a doctor…

HB 1581, on the use of open-source software, had the sponsor to testify, and I supported him. This last bill was also approved unanimously.

The redistricting committee will be meeting again. The governor has signed the bills for state representative districts, county commissioners, and delegates to the state convention. So I’ll start getting more involved with Hooksett… On the other hand, we have the Congressional districts, state Senate districts, and will be getting the executive councilor districts. The governor has threatened to veto the Congressional map, so I expect some more activity on it.

The House meets for the last of its House bills on March 31, then we’ll be deep into the Senate bills.

Representative Carol McGuire

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If You’re Opposed to Masks, Nashua Alderman Won’t Take Seriously Your Concerns About Safety

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-03-28 00:00 +0000

Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess is pushing for bringing back the jersey barriers this summer in downtown Nashua that were originally placed to allow expanded outdoor dining during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The barriers force all the traffic coming down Main Street, a major north-south route through Nashua, to two lanes down from the current four lanes. Nashua police and fire have warned that there are delays in response time because of the traffic congestion this causes.

Related: Citizens for a Better Nashua: The Board of Aldermen Should Strengthen Its Voice as a Voice and Not as an Echo

The Nashua Board of Alderman has formed a task force to study the proposal for the barriers spearheaded by Nashua’s Director of Economic Development Tim Cummings.

Here is a summary of some of the more interesting statements from Ward 8 Alderman Derek Thibeault about the barriers at the March 23 downtown task force meeting, which you can watch on YouTube.

  • No one is complaining about parking anymore in regards to barriers.
  • No one is complaining about the barriers being ugly anymore since it was proposed to paint over the barriers.
  • People who are opposed to the barriers are also opposed to masks and people died because of not wearing masks and so we should disregard their concerns about the safety of the barriers.
  • If we don’t cancel Christmas because of traffic jams caused by Christmas shopping, which can slow down emergency vehicles, then slowdowns of emergency vehicles caused by the barriers should be acceptable.
  • People don’t want to wait 6 minutes in traffic instead of 3 minutes. They want instant gratification.
  • Police and fire will find a way to get through.

Come and share your opinion about the barriers during the public comment periods for the next task force meeting on Wednesday, March 30 at 7:30 pm. You can attend in-person in the aldermanic chambers in Nashua City Hall or call into Zoom if you can’t be there in person.

See the details of the task force meeting on the City website.

Get an in-depth background on the issues with the downtown barriers from Ward 6 Alderman Alex Comeau in his February newsletter.

Image credit | Alderman Alex Comeau’s 2/27/2022 newsletter

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ICYMI – Donald Trump is Suing Hillary Clinton Over the Russian Collusion Conspiracy

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 22:30 +0000

The Durham investigation has done more to unravel the question of Russian Collusion than the DNC and Clinton made-for-television Meuller Investigation. It has inspired President Donald Trump to take it to the next level. He’s suing them.

Clinton, members of her campaign staff, and the DNC are among those named.


 [Hillary] Clinton, Jake Sullivan (Clinton campaign staffer), Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Igor Danchenko (source for the Steele dossier), Michael Sussmann (former partner at Perkins Coie), and Steele of Injurious Falsehood because they “made, disseminated and/or published false and damaging statements concerning the Plaintiff, specifically that he was colluding with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin.”


Here’s a screengrab from the suit.


And it’s not just about money. The complaining alleges a RICO level conspiracy involving,


  • RICO
  • RICO Conspiracy
  • Injurious Falsehood
  • Conspiracy to Commit Injurious Falsehood
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Conspiracy to Commit Malicious Prosecution
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Stored Communications Act
  • Agency
  • Respondeat Superior/Vicarious Liability


There are likely thousands of collective sighs from Democrats not named—loons like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, and most of the Mueller Report team.

It is nearly impossible for them to have not known the truth but proceeded in prosecuting the lie to keep the narrative alive, a task that resulted in a financial cost to Mr. Trump.

Trump’s lawyers seem to have limited themselves (perhaps wisely) to the inner-circle players involved in the alleged conspiracy instead of those who joined in or carried a lot of its water. Names that will rise to the top as things proceed, if and how they do.

Foot dragging defendants (see Mark Steyn’s “day in court” with Michael Mann) will try to slow this thing to a stop.

Not sure Trump or his lawyers will stand for much of that. We know the Clinton campaign spied on Trump. The collusion myth was crafted and disseminated by the campaign. And the result was years of non-stop libel and slander on an epic scale.

To such a degree that even the public personae of a Presidential candidate or president could level charges like these.

We will be watching (with joy and amusement).


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1st Amendment Auditor “Press NH Now” Visits Keene

Free Keene - Sun, 2022-03-27 22:20 +0000

First amendment auditor “Press NH Now” came to Keene this week and stood outside Samson Manufacturing on Optical Avenue, simply recording video in public and had Keene police gang members called on him. Press is experienced at interacting with the cops and doesn’t answer their questions, putting them in their place. Watch the video here:

New Hampshire’s KBJ Republicans

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 21:00 +0000

Remember this from the KBJ hearing?

Some “GOP” Reps in New Hampshire also don’t want to talk about the physical differences between men and women, that these differences are obvious and readily articulable, and that there are contexts where we should take those differences into account. More specifically, HB 1180 would have clarified that the State’s anti-discrimination statute does not require schools to allow boys who self-identify as female to compete in girls’ sports.

In other words, HB 1180 would simply have preserved the option of a “level playing field.” Girls would not have to compete against boys. In other words, HB 1180 recognizes that when boys and girls mature they become physically different and these differences give boys a tremendous competitive advantage over girls … for example, NCAA swimmer Lia Thomas was ranked #442 competing as a male swimmer, but is ranked #1 competing as a female.

But the following “GOP” Reps voted to kill HB 1180:

Joe Alexander, Cody Belanger, Kevin Craig, Joseph Depalma, Brodie Deshaies, Ned Gordon, John Graham, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Claire Rouillard, Robert Theberge, Dennis Thompson, Karen Umberger, Nick White, and Dan Wolf.



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Forget a Mask, We Need to Gag Biden

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 19:30 +0000

Joe Biden is ruining the credibility and security of the United States. We know the damage that his policies are inflicting on America and the world, but it is with his mouth that he may be doing more harm.

We could include Kamala Harris in this discussion, but we need to focus on “The Big Guy.” That is the code name used for Joe Biden in the emails and notes on Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

The Biden administration has had a messaging problem since day one. This problem has been the topic and, maybe worse, the inconsistency between Biden and his senior staff. Just this week is a most egregious example of the disconnect.

Biden jumped down a reporter’s throat for asking why the sanctions have not deterred Putin. Biden barked back that the sanctions were never meant to deter Putin. Anyone that has followed him from the beginning would know that. No, Joe, actually we would know just the opposite. Here are a few quotes from Biden’s staff contradicting their boss.

Jake Sullivan: “The President believes that sanctions are intended to deter.
Kamala Harris: “The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence.”
Antony Blinken: “The purpose of sanctions in the first instance is deterrence.”

So which is the actual position? Do we go with the three staffers, obviously given their talking points, or Biden, who has no idea what he is saying next? That question leads to the next example.

Biden was in Poland this week and addressed the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. He was off prompter and going total improv. Biden was describing the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people. He talked about them taking up arms and standing their ground in front of Russian tanks. He went a step too far when he told these troops that this was what they would see when they landed in Ukraine.

My surprise was not so much what Biden said but the lack of reaction in the room. All of the President’s staff was in the background, and they stood stone-faced. I did not see a single member of the 82nd flinch. Maybe nobody was paying attention, especially after he reminisced about Beau’s service. Again, misspeak, or does he have plans to send troops to Ukraine? It is anyone’s guess.

One of the more subtle instances was at the conference table with the Polish delegation. They were discussing the Ukrainian refugee situation. The Polish President claimed that he could not take any more Ukraine people crossing his border. Poland has done a tremendous job and has absorbed 2.2 million people in the four weeks of conflict.

Biden committed to taking 100,000 refugees into America and should have stopped there. Instead, he went off-script and compared the Ukraine/Poland border to our Southern Border. Not quite, Mr. President. The people fleeing to Poland are escaping missiles and gunfire. The people flowing into Texas and Arizona are from more than one hundred fifty countries globally. They are not escaping war but responding to Joe Biden’s invitation. Quite a different scenario.

Finally, Biden addressed the world before leaving Poland. It was a fiery, animated speech in which Biden again talked about NATO unity and that Putin can not be allowed to stay in power. That statement was walked back quickly by a White House aide. He tried to explain that the President was talking about Putin exerting his control over another country. He said that the United States does not involve itself in regime change. It didn’t work. Biden said is and owns it.

The Kremlin responded quickly and said that Biden should not hint at a regime change. Continuing to call Putin a War Criminal, Butcher, or Dictator damages any future relationship.

These are not minor gaffes. You can be sure that Putin heard Biden allude to troops landing soon in Ukraine. Combine that with Biden calling Putin a War Criminal, and our talks with the terrorist country of Iran may fall apart. That would actually be a good byproduct of the Free World’s hapless and feeble leader.



Ray Writes at and the Liberty Loft

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YAL’s Hazlitt Coalition Working Locally and Nationally to Advance Health Freedom Legisaltion

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 18:00 +0000

As the pandemic politics wore on, people became aware of how their liberties had been side-stepped, trampled, or erased. Many rose to push back, including here in New Hampshire.

Re-Open New Hampshire, and the Health Freedom New Hampshire are two examples, but we’ve had some help. According to Young American for Liberty, they’ve been burning up the phones and knocking on doors for the cause.

I received the following statement on these successes.


Based on your interest in New Hampshire politics, I have news for you. Young Americans for Liberty’s (YAL) Hazlitt Coalition—the growing network of more than 170 pro-liberty legislators in nearly 40 states—has sponsored or co-sponsored nearly every single piece of successful medical freedom legislation in New Hampshire’s 2022 session. YAL’s 59 Hazlitt Coalition members in the state’s House of Representatives—about one-third of the House Republican caucus—have successfully gained positions in leadership within the caucus, allowing them to more easily push legislation over the finish line and combat opposition to pro-liberty bills. For example, Rep. Erica Layon (R-Derry), who was first elected in 2020, has already risen to the position of Vice Chair of the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee, a critically important House committee for medical freedom legislation.

Across the state, YAL has executed a wide range of initiatives:

25,000+ calls made to voters
13,300+ doors knocked
4,400+ supporters identified
1,800+ patch-throughs generated to elected officials

First-term Hazlitt Rep. Melissa Blasek was a stay-at-home mom outraged by COVID-19 tyranny. With support from YAL, she got elected in 2020 and now leads an anti-lockdown, pro-medical freedom group called Rebuild New Hampshire.


Thanks to everyone for all th help, but we’ve just begun. All of our successes in the NH House must now survive the squishy NH Senate and get the governor’s signature. We’ll need just as much focus, if not more, to get that done.

You can learn more about their activity around the nation here.

The YAL website is here.

The YAL NH Page is here.

Melissa joined us on Life With Liz last Wednesday to give us an update. You can listen to that here.


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Survival Sunday

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 16:30 +0000

First, let me state up front that I am merely an “enlightened amateur” as far as anything survival goes.  So please vet and check on your own.  Consider these to be priming the pump for your own investigations.

Second, the hour is late and I fear bad times are imminent, but even a month of food, water, etc., puts you well ahead of most of the sheeple.  On that:

If you’re still not listening, you’re about to run out of time

We Won’t Get A Clearer Warning

Third, two things will be critical for having the best chance of making it through:

  1. The proper mentality: first and foremost in survival is having a flexible mentality and cultivating the ability to adapt.
  2. Having a meatspace network of people that are likeminded: start cultivating your community ties and building alliances with neighbors (note: don’t babble about the Jab or globalists or depopulation, or start pointing political fingers when doing this)… and remember, the first rule of PREP CLUB is that there is no prep club.




Note: I’ve picked this up as I think I can say I’m back off hiatus.  Not sure that’s a wise decision, as things in my personal situation are not truly “good”.  But no good thing is without risk.




Top of the fold:

Current Life in Selco’s Neighborhood

What I cannot understand (as a prepper) is the need to brag about how much stuff you did buy, and even more to put it on social network with photos of goods that you just bought.

Folks, do not do that. If you are buying food in large quantities, you are probably buying it for a time when that food going to be scarce.

Repeating: The first rule of Prep Club is that there is no Prep Club.  (Why do you think I blog under a pen name?)

But understand one thing – short of years of preparation and untold wealth, you cannot possibly be fully prepared for everything.  But even some preparations, ideally at least 90 days of food, water / water purification, multivitamins, and some way of defending yourself, etc., puts you head and shoulders in front of the vast majority of the sheeple who will be in jaw-gaping astonishment at the bare shelves.  The only relevant questions are:

  1. When does it start?
  2. How bad will it get?
  3. How long will it last?
  4. What will the aftermath look like?




Presented, quick hit style, are some links.  Print them out and start a binder – if the SHTF badly enough you won’t be able to retrieve these off the net or, possibly, even off your computer.

Some Prepper Inventory Size Notes

8 Places to Avoid After the SHTF

How To Cover Your Tracks When SHTF

12 Prepping Items You Should Look For At Target

How to Get Water When the Utility Grid Collapses

Survival Disaster Cash For After The SHTF


Shortages (energy, food, etc.):

UN Warns We’re Heading Towards Worst Global Food Crisis Since World War II

Joe Biden: Food Shortages ‘Going to Be Real’ Due to Russia War in Ukraine


Inflation (energy, food, etc.):

Corrupt Politicians Are to Blame for Massive Inflation – The Increasing Price of Oil is Leading to an Emerging “Inflation Bomb”

The Bank of Canada needs to get serious about inflation


The Grid:

Whether by actual Russian attack, or by Globalist / deep state false flag… it’s coming.  And if things go “hot” with Russia, I’d expect an EMP attack too.


Social Stability:

The US economy: death by a thousand cuts?

Is The U.S. Economy On The Brink Of Yet Another Recession?

“Comply With Their Demands”: LAPD Warns Public to Submit to Criminals

Jews Can Shoot on Rittenhouse: “Trial by Jury or Trial by Media”

The question of whether we have trial by jury or trial by media is precisely at issue in so many of these lynch mob cases. Twitter social media cancel culture mobs have shown that they can get people fired, but can they also put them away.

Brazen Mass Shoplifting Spreads Outward

And in a discussion of the FBI raid on James O’Keefe and the sharing of info with the NYT with a friend, I observed that this – in large part – why Rome fell.  When the “average Roman” understood that the Rome he knew was dead and rotten to the core, he decided it was no longer worth fighting to preserve.

In general, a society that survives needs to trust its institutions – something that’s not in anymore:

Risky people to have around in a crisis


World stability:

How the Biden administration may be maneuvering to destroy our country

The Coming Disaster

US Unexpectedly Sanctions China Officials Hours After Demanding Beijing Condemn Russia

Remember, almost all of our antibiotics and other medications – or at least medication precursor chemicals – come from China.


And, of course, aliens:

Is Congress about to say “the unthinkable” in its UAP investigations?

‘The public have been led to believe UFOs don’t exist. But they do’




And to round out this Survival Sunday post, understand – even “secure” electronic comms may not be secure.

Always Watching: Google’s Messages, Dialer Apps Send User Data to Internet Giant Without Consent

Your ‘private messenger’ may not be so secure after all

To that end, concluding, I highly recommend The Shepherd Group.  I use their IT protection on my computer and phone (apparently their systems shrugged off the last round of cyberattacks, and I’ve had several attacks on my own systems foiled by their software), and just bought two silver-lined pouches so that I can block tracking of my phone (for when I don’t want the eyes following where I go as tracked by phone).  If you contact them, please mention NITZAKHON as – full disclosure – I get a commission.








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Honest Brokers at NBC’s Today Show “Transition” Images of Lia Thomas to Make Him Look More Feminine

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 15:00 +0000

Lia Thomas is a man who has all his man parts and admits an attraction to biological women. He is also a low-ranked men’s swimmer who announced he was female and has since dominated collegiate swimming as a “woman.” It’s directing a lot of negative attention, so NBC thought they’d try to help out.

The photographer is not pleased.


“When I first noticed the airbrushing on the segment referenced, I thought something was honestly wrong with the video. But then, I watched it again and thought, ‘Wait a minute, this appears to be intentional. Lia’s features are softened,’” Denhoff said. “I then went to my original photo, on the sites that they could access to license the photo, and compared it and immediately saw a difference.”

“It’s really important as photojournalists that we transmit authentic photos that have not been altered,” she emphasized.

We should expect no less from these partisan hacks. NBC is infamous for its “cover stories,” outright lies, and deception.

  • NBC is responsible for Let’s Go Brandon.
  • NBC tried to peddle Biden Supporters in its reports as Independent voters.
  • NBC is responsible for MSNBC.
  • Had to hand over buckets of cash to settle the defamation lawsuit brought by Nick Sandmann.
  • NBC Blamed Democrats donning blackface on Donald Trump.
  • NBC hid or overlooked Matt Lauers Sexual misconduct for years.
  • The Experts at NBC misplaced New Hampshire.

That’s not a comprehensive list of fails or even all the ones we’ve reported, but you get the idea. And they have no intention of righting the ship or mending their ways. Getting things right has no place at the network, not news to our readers, and not surprising, but essential to catalog and report

To which we add this latest affront to what passes for truth in reporting at the National Broadcasting Company.

Here’s the tweet where we grabbed the side-by-side featured above language warning. You can see more altered pictures from the original Broadcast, here.



“Lia” has also been known to parade naked in front of his biologically female teammates, and that makes them uncomfortable.

We’ve had no word yet on when the Today Show might be covering that story.


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Bill Hearings for Week of March 28, 2022

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Sun, 2022-03-27 14:03 +0000
  • These are the most liberty-critical hearings for the week
  • Click on the bill number to read the bill.
  • Click on the committee name to email the committee your thoughts.

Of the 5 hearings in the House, we are recommending support of 0 and opposition of 0 with 2 being of interest. It is worth note that there appears to be no House hearings listed in the PDF calendar document, however based on the digital calendar and state database, it does appear that several bills will be heard by the House ED&A committee on Tuesday.
Of the 45 hearings in the Senate, we are recommending support of 12 and opposition of 12 with 4 being of interest.

Position Bill Title Committee Day Time Room State Analysis
Support HB1081 relative to the dissolution of a village district. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 3/28 2:00 PM SH Room 100 This bill allows for the dissolution of a village district by a simple majority vote at an annual district meeting.
Of Interest HB1567 (New Title) relative to consequences resulting from election official misconduct. Election Law and Municipal Affairs Mon 3/28 2:15 PM SH Room 100 This bill allows the attorney general to seek a civil penalty against the local government entity in which an election official was found to have negligently engaged in misconduct.
Support HB1613 (New Title) relative to certain liquor manufacturers. Commerce Tue 3/29 9:40 AM SH Room 100 This bill authorizes a liquor manufacturer distilling less than 1,000 cases of liquor per year to sell its liquor at its facility for off-premises consumption and establishes fees for domestic liquor manufacturers based on the number of cases they produce per year.
Support HB1298 relative to eligibility for the education tax credit. Education Tue 3/29 9:00 AM LOB Room 101 This bill increases the household income level to qualify as an eligible student under the education tax credit program.
Support HB1132 relative to applications for a charter conversion school. Education Tue 3/29 9:30 AM LOB Room 101 This bill removes certain vote requirements for conversion of a public school to a chartered public school and adds the requirement for a two-thirds majority vote of the school district at a regular annual meeting.
Support HB1434 relative to the availability of school curriculum materials. Education Tue 3/29 10:00 AM LOB Room 101 This bill requires that curriculum course materials taught to pupils in public schools and public academies be available to the public.
Of Interest HB1546 (New Title) defining PFAS and enabling the commissioner of the department of environmental services to adopt rules relative to airborne PFAS in certain circumstances. Energy and Natural Resources Tue 3/29 10:15 AM SH Room 103 This bill defines PFAS and allows the commissioner of the department of environmental services to adopt rules about airborne PFAS in certain circumstances.
Of Interest SB223 relative to requirements for recovery houses. Executive Departments and Administration Tue 3/29 10:00 AM LOB Room 302-304 This bill modifies the requirements for facility bedroom square-footage in order for recovery houses to be exempted from certain requirements of the state fire code by the state fire marshal.
Of Interest SB397 (New Title) relative to the mental health counseling compact and the interstate compact for the placement of children. Executive Departments and Administration Tue 3/29 1:00 PM LOB Room 302-304 This bill adopts the mental health counseling compact as well as the 2009 edition of the interstate compact for the placement of children.
Of Interest HB1476 relative to persons arrested while out on bail. Judiciary Tue 3/29 1:30 PM SH Room 100 This bill provides that a person who commits an offense while on bail shall be detained without bail pending a hearing before a judge.
Support HB1360 relative to penalties for controlled drug violations. Judiciary Tue 3/29 1:45 PM SH Room 100 This bill changes the penalty for certain schedule I, II, III, and IV drug offenses.
Of Interest HB1597 permitting arraignments for felonies and preliminary examinations to be heard in circuit court. Judiciary Tue 3/29 2:00 PM SH Room 100 This bill permits arraignments for felonies and preliminary examinations to be heard in circuit court.
Oppose HB1316 directing the director of the state police to develop requirements for eFoil and electric hydrofoil surfboard watercraft. Transportation Tue 3/29 2:30 PM LOB Room 101 This bill directs the director of the state police to make rules relative to safety requirements for eFoil and electric hydrofoil surfboard watercraft.
Support HB1171 exempting certain niche beauty services from licensure requirements. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 3/30 9:00 AM SH Room 103 This bill exempts niche beauty services from occupational and shop license requirements.
Support HB1560 relative to nonresident licensure by the board of barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 3/30 9:25 AM SH Room 103 This bill modifies the requirements for nonresident licensure by the board of barbering, cosmetology, and esthetics.
Support HB1330 (New Title) repealing the board of medical technicians in the office of professional licensure and certification. Executive Departments and Administration Wed 3/30 10:20 AM SH Room 103 This bill repeals the requirements for the certification and regulation of medical technicians by the office of professional licensure and certification.
Oppose HB103 establishing a dental benefit under the state Medicaid program. Health and Human Services Wed 3/30 9:00 AM LOB Room 101 This bill requires the commissioner of the department of health and human services to solicit information and to contract with dental managed care organizations to provide dental care to persons under the Medicaid managed care program.
Support HB1044 (New Title) relative to direct payment and membership-based health care facilities. Health and Human Services Wed 3/30 9:45 AM LOB Room 101 This bill exempts facilities operating with membership-based or direct payment business models from certain special licensing provisions.
Support HB1131 relative to facial covering policies for schools. Health and Human Services Wed 3/30 10:00 AM LOB Room 101 This bill prohibits school boards and other public education agencies from adopting, enforcing, or implementing a policy that requires students or members of the public to wear a facial covering.
Support HB1221 (New Title) relative to the rate of the business profits tax. Ways and Means Wed 3/30 10:15 AM SH Room 100 This bill reduces the rate of the business profits tax for tax years ending on or after December 31, 2023.

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America Is Worth Fighting For

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 13:30 +0000

The naked truth is that politicians are paid agents. They do and say what gets them elected and keeps them in office. As a voter and fund contributor, you are important.

Let them know how you feel and how you are going to treat them if they sell their services and betray you. Hold them accountable at all levels of government, from the local city council to the occupier of the White House.

President Washington’s fears for the future of America were justified, particularly, his concerns with respect to our political parties.

“Washington warned of “the baneful effects of the SPIRIT OF PARTY.” To Washington POLITICAL PARTIES were a deep threat to the health of the nation for they allowed “a small but artful and enterprising minority” to “put in the place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party.”

My fellow Americans, we have a great country, troubled by numerous challenges. We can ill afford to become complacent or disheartened. If we band together in a common cause with devotion to our nation’s principles and values, especially our Constitution, we can meet and defeat any threat of any type or magnitude.

Past generations of Americans have always done so successfully and this generation of Americans must do no less. America is worth fighting for.

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New School Rules – If Only …

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 12:00 +0000

This is not new but new to me. At least in this format. And it is precisely what we need—a set of simple rules for Public Schools.

We wouldn’t need all the legislative wrangling, political posturing, or the chaos we’ve seen in recent years around the simple goal of national benefit to general education. And both America and our kids would be better off.

If every high school principal said this, it would change students’ lives and would change America. So what exactly should every high school principal say?



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Emergency Update for Google Chrome Users

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 11:39 +0000

On March 25th, Google announced an emergency security update to patch a vulnerability in the browser. All Chrome users are advised to update to this latest version to patch this high severity zero-day vulnerability.


(Forbes) The emergency update to version 99.0.4844.84 of Chrome is highly unusual in that it addresses just a single security vulnerability. A fact that only goes to emphasize how serious this one is.

In a Chrome stable channel update announcement, published March 25, Google confirms it “is aware that an exploit for CVE-2022-1096 exists in the wild.”

All Chrome users are therefore advised to ensure their browsers are updated as a matter of urgency.


Open a new browser tab, select settings, then find About Chrome on the left sidebar.

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April 20: James O’Keefe Luncheon in Concord

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 10:30 +0000

JOIN US on April 20th as we welcome journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas to New Hampshire.  The 603 Alliance will be hosting a luncheon at the Hotel Concord.  Tickets will go fast, so early registration is recommended.

Each attendee will receive a copy of James’ new book, American Muckraker.  Additional copies of the book will be available for sale at the event.


WHEREThe Hotel Concord (11 S Main St, Concord, NH 03301) MAP

WHEN: Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at 11:30 AM.

COST: Tickets are $75 per person, and are non-refundable. Cost includes admission to the event, lunch, and a copy of James’ new book.


Tables seat 10 people. Cost is $750. Full tables will receive prominent signage. For further details, please contact Diane Bitter at

Program Ads/sponsorships are available. Full page $100, Half page: $60, quarter page $35.  For details, contact Diane Bitter at


Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases for consideration
to Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

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Who Is Right?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 01:30 +0000

The reality is, We the People live in a fantasy world and are under the assumption that everything will be all right. But it won’t. Who is right? We, individual Americans, often, are outmanned and outgunned against the powerful globalists who are in charge.

Lone Rangers win only in make-believe movies. In real life, governments, institutions, organizations, and high techs are the ones that prevail. They have the funds to buy the services of the media; employ lawyers, politicians, and mercenaries of all stripes.

Let us keep in mind that there are not many differences among the D.C. Beltway elitist class politicians of either party. The elitists have crafted their own version of the universe and want you to see our world through their lenses, political deception, and tactic that they have prescribed for you to see.

Political elitists despise patriotic Americans as they did the Tea Party activists. They have carefully manufactured smoke and mirrors for their subjects where citizens think and act as though they have political choices, thus perpetuating the myth of democratic participation. Commentator Walter Lippmann on numerous occasions spoke of this type of control over the masses.

You may ask yourself, how do we know that? Well, it is obvious. Just ask yourself, why are the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliate like the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR) have not being placed on the list of terrorist organizations?

Most of us know that Islamic law is practiced in some parts of the U.S. and we know that Sharia law is incompatible with our laws and the U.S. Constitution. Again, nothing has been done to stop it in its tracks! Islam, like Communism, Nazism, and other isms, is ideological to its core. It still retains its poisonous ideological connection with Nazism and the Arabic version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and its fictitious propaganda.

The 2020 massive orchestrated election fraud is a testament to the above observation. “The genie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back.”


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Sun-King Sununu Didn’t “Follow the Science” … He Followed The Communists

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-27 00:00 +0000

Sun-King Sununu constantly claimed his authoritarian COVID interventions … lockdowns, closing “nonessential” businesses, mask-mandates, etc. … were based on science. For example:



The claim by the Sun-King and the other lockdown-Governors that they were just “following the science” was a lie.

Just as the corporate media are now finally admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop was NOT “Russian disinformation” they are also finally admitting that there was no actual science behind the authoritarian COVID interventions. For example, a recent (paywall) op-ed in the Wall Street Journal:

As Jordan Schachtel, an independent journalist wrote back in 2020:

On January 1, 2020, if you had asked anyone about the modern history of pandemics, it would have been well understood that locking down and quarantining an entire population was an unscientific act of total barbarism, and a policy measure that was best reserved for the Dark Ages.

Then came COVID-19, and the time-tested consensus on dealing with a pandemic had found itself completely absent from the discussion on how to respond to the novel coronavirus. …

By the time China lifted its lockdown, almost every country in the world, minus a few outliers, had announced their own versions of a lockdown. Citing the situation in Wuhan, WHO-associated and Gates-funded academic and “public health” institutions demanded lockdowns as a solution to the COVID-19 problem, arguing that millions would die if dramatic action was not taken immediately.

… The hysterical panic policy first seen in Wuhan was now a global standard for action against the virus.

Sun-King Sununu did NOT “follow the science.” He followed the Communists.



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Gunstock Area Commission 3/23/33 – Public Comment: the “Indie Program” and “Punish”?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 22:30 +0000

Near the end of the Public Comment session, a question was raised by two NH State Reps, including NH State Rep Paul Terry who was present in the audience, as to why Gunstock Mountain Resort wasn’t part of “the Indie Program”? I take it that this is an “independent Mountain” marketing push in that smaller ski areas have formed a pact that each would honor the ticket holders of the others. That allows them the ability to draw in customers with the promise of a variety of experiences and terrain across those areas participating. Sounds like a good idea to me as GMR is NOT one of the humongous private ski areas that do have lots of trails all on their own. But in listening to the answer as to WHY GMR doesn’t participate, I heard the word “punish”. It gave me thoughts:

Jade Wood asked a great question – why not?  And the person off camera is NH State Rep Paul Terry providing more detail and asking the pregnant question of why Belknap County resident, who own what used to be called the Belknap County Ski area (if not officially then by de facto usage), don’t receive a discount?

Good question – generally “owners” get perks from time to time, right? Tom Day started to answer the question (“it doesn’t fit with our model”) and threw it over to Robin Rowe for an answer.  I was rather surprised at the answer (in part):

“…We did some analysis and realized that so many pf our pass holders, in fact, were Belknap County residents, so rather than punishing the small percentage that were not Belknap County residents, we decided to maintain a very low pass price that benefits everyone.

So it’s not that we’re not discounting Belknap County folks, we just not charging extra to those living outside of Belknap County.”

Seriously – “Punishing“??

I find the logic there rather….different. First off, who pits one set of customers against another with such language.  It comes across as “we value our outside Belknap County skiers more than you.”  Such a marketing move – sure, let’s alienate our largest customer base by inferring that you don’t deserve anything better (even as we go begging to the County for money which is raised by raising MY COUNTY TAXES??).

That’s totally backwards. And asinine to boot.

Again it raises the question, as it does for most Government services, who benefits?  If Belknap County residents own the area, if I flip her argument around, aren’t THEY the ones being punished?  After all, if they are the majority of the skiers (by her own words), shouldn’t they be receiving a discount as owners?

But I’m not even keen on using the word “punish” when it comes to paying customers in the first place.  The better argument is that the only remuneration that is received by the County is a paltry 1.75% of gross revenues. While $315,000 (thus far into the season on revenues of $18,000,000 compared to $8,000,000 last year) is nothing to sneeze at, cui bono: who benefits?  And at the meeting, Sr. Management crowed that they had $9.3 million in the bank.

Is it the purpose of Gunstock to pile up the dough in the bank?

Sorry, even for the small percentage of Belknap County residents that ski (I am no longer one of them, given bad knees, hips, and back), IMHO, they SHOULD be getting a discount!  After all, the question is:

Who owns the area? Who should benefit?

And maybe have a “brownie dividend for the rest of us (I had one while at the Special Meeting a couple of weeks ago – quite good!).

Again, what is the mission of GMR?  While it does have out of County customers, wasn’t it historically meant for Belknap County folk?

If those folks have to pay the same rate as outsiders, who is really getting “punished”?

Which also begs the question – is Gunstock a homey, rustic area for locals or would it ever really become a “destination” spot like the big boys up North, East,a n

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The Unserious Tom Sherman

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 21:00 +0000

Did you know that the New Hampshire Democrat Party has a candidate to run against Sun-King Sununu?  The NHDP does … Tom Sherman … and he has already shown himself to be unserious.

Interviewed recently on Jack Heath’s radio show, Sherman called the Sun-King “Mr. Property Tax Sununu” and claimed that he has a path to victory because the Sun-King has “veered too far to the Right.”

You are not going to beat the Sun-King by running to his LEFT because the Sun-King … with just a few exceptions … governs from the LEFT.

Nobody except an incorrigible hard-left-ideologue … like Tom Sherman … would classify the Sun-King as “too far to the Right.”

Indeed, the examples given by Sherman of “too far to the right” prove this point … the ban on late-term abortions (which the Sun-King is trying to gut), and the ban on CRT (Critical Race Theory, or more accurately” anti-White racism) being taught in classrooms are supported by a majority of voters.

A campaign focused on unlimited abortions and promoting CRT is a campaign that, at best, appeals to one-third of the electorate. It is NOT a serious campaign.

Local property taxes are ridiculous. And the Sun-King has done NOTHING to ease the burden. But Sherman has no serious solution. Raising taxes at the state level and sending more money to local school districts will NOT guarantee a decrease in local property taxes.

History here and elsewhere has shown that many, many local school boards will not use the new state funding to reduce local property taxes.

A serious solution is something I have advocated … an annual cap on how much local school taxes can be raised. But neither the Sun-King nor Sherman support that. It is certainly fair to call the Sun-King “Mr. Property Tax Sununu,” but it is just as fair to call Sherman “Mr. All Taxes” Sherman.

2022 is shaping up to be a cakewalk … a totally undeserved cakewalk, but a cakewalk nonetheless … for the Sun-King.

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Airline Pilots Sue Feds to Drop Mask Mandates on Commercial Flights

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 19:30 +0000

On March 15th, the US Senate passed a measure ending the Transportation Mask Mandate. You would be able to free your face during commercial flights. But the Buden White House said it would veto it.

That same day a group of commercial pilots from six states filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the Centers for Democrat Control (CDC) and the Department Anti-Health and Inhuman Services (my names, not theirs).

They want a court to end the order.

What concerns them? There are the usual suspects. They lack administrative authority, subverting or bypassing the administrative rule-making process, and it’s unconstitutional. We agree, but the lead plaintiff provided a list of other concerns that could make passengers queasy.


  • “We can’t hear air traffic control clearly,” she said. “We can always tell when they’re wearing masks because it’s difficult to understand them.
  • We can’t smell alcohol on passengers or crew, so we can’t make safety judgments on fitness to fly.
  • We can’t smell smoke or electrical in the cockpit, where a few seconds will make a big difference in outcome.
  • All of the safety things that are drilled into our heads for years are suddenly taking a backseat to wearing a mask.”
  • [Janviere Carlin, a pilot for JetBlue Airways] said there is “also the stress of it.”
  • “You anticipate the harassment you know you’re going to get as you go through TSA if your mask isn’t the right material or it isn’t fitting right, or someone just doesn’t like it,” she said.
  • Carlin also noted the sharp rise in unruly passenger incidents caused by the mask mandate, inspiring the pilots to coin the phrase “chaos in the sky” in their complaint.


We’ve all heard stories about conflicts on planes over “proper masking.” Some Karen loses their mind because a fellow passengers’ mask is askew, or a passenger has had enough with the rule (it is a stupid rule) and gets booted from the flight. The trip is disrupted, diverted, or has to land to remove offending parties.

How big of an issue is it? In 2021 of the 5981 unruly passenger complaints, 72% were mask-related. Repealing the mandate would end most of that, and it won’t prohibit people who want to wear a mask from doing that. As useless as it is.

And there are safety concerns though none, to my knowledge, that have resulted in tragedy. Is this just a case of numerous lucky pulls in a game of Russian roulette?

How will that bear – if at all –  on the suit’s outcome?

And if a federal judge decides that neither the CDC nor HHS has this mandate authority, how far down the mask mandate food chain does that go?

Nearly every state and local bureaucrat and more than a few politicians justified their mask-tyranny on the CDC and HHS orders. If neither has that power, to what daemons will the locals sacrifice your rights to justify another round of useless “indoor” face-muggings?



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Woman Thrown Off a Plane

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-26 18:00 +0000

This “lady” represents the worst of the WOKE and politically correct Gestapo and wants you to vote them in so they can dictate laws that, like Putin, would allow suppression and arrests for free (government defined) opposing views.

Critical fill-in-blank Theory or Critical Thinking and debate of facts or policies and push back are not allowed. Angry emotional accusations are subliminally introduced as cultural norms across the country when they are really in fact – special interest-free choice decisions that are already legal- like Transgender rights, gay rights, and alphabet soup rights allowed in your nonviolent “Pursuit of Happiness.”

I would protest any suppression of opportunity that our country has worked to afford all people in its history and support the equal opportunity of free speech just as much.

But forcing people to comply against their personal ideals, morals, religion, and individual non-oppressive to others “Pursuit of Happiness” like this “lady” apparently demands is tyranny.

We want to thank Jeff Frost for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

And that type of tyranny started this country in the first place. It is unconstitutional and that is why she was removed from the airplane.

Civil war is not a civilized debate; one or another will win out if the extremes become more persistent and violent, and prevalent.

Her point about Trump’s finger on the Nuke Button is a perfect example. Biden is much closer to an Article 25 removal for competence than Trump ever was.

Trump: Had 2 – Middle East peace agreements and -ISIS and an Iranian General terrorist dead meanwhile while stopping, against his general’s recommendations, a bombing attack on a factory in Iran. He did not carry it out because of empathy and logical concern for civilian workers that would needlessly be killed in a NON-like-kind response to Iran in its shooting down an unmanned Drone.

Not to mention 2 terrorists have now taken over, forcefully, 2 countries- Afghanistan and Ukraine under Biden in less than one year.

I am frustrated and literally terrorized by the reemergence of a Nuke war as a possibility. I want Biden to succeed in the much-needed level-headed diplomacy right now and understand, doubtful, Putin’s real potential for deploying that which we all lived in fear for in the 60s.

I say doubtful because a year ago the build-up to invade Ukraine began, it was obvious (or our intel community is wasting our money), and nothing was done to prevent it.

Instead, we slept, and WOKE trained the military at the same time.

This “lady’s” actions are just what are keeping people from working (Disney) and supporting, and they are now protesting the oppression of ideas and policies that are bullied against you when you disagree with them in even the simplest form…. showing support for your individual “Pursuit of Happiness” and policies of safety and defense for “Life, Liberty.”

Either by whom you wish to vote for and want as your leader while without suppressing another’s right to that free speech so that common ground policies can do all that is needed to fulfill the Federal government’s original 3 principles of protecting: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

This lady appears to want far more unrestricted control (move him not me) than the basic food group principles set out in the Declaration of Independence. She acts as though she wants total submission to all things dictated by her and her crowd.

OR: Maybe she was very frustrated with her vote for Hillary, and I would assume this time around Brandon. I sure would be!



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