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SEL/ Psychology in the Classroom: Public School’s Denial and a Violation of Federal Law?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-13 15:00 +0000

SAU 50/Greenland is using Kimochis therapy in the classroom. However, the Superintendent is in denial that this SEL program is not providing group mental health therapy in the classroom. This kind of denial is not the first I’ve encountered by administrators in New Hampshire.

SEL proponents have shied away from admitting that this is mental health treatment on children in the classroom. It’s why I always confirm with educated and clinically trained professionals in the mental health field that SEL falls under the umbrella of mental health services.  I did that early on when SEL was thrust into public schools across the country. I wanted to make sure that parental consent would be required through the Federal Law, Every Student Succeed Act. (ESSA)

So we begin the process of turning public schools into mental health clinics.

You should first start by reading the Right to Know Request I sent to  SAU50/Greenland. You can read that here.

Now you can read the reply to me from the Superintendent and then my reply back to him.

Here are the answers to my three questions and the Superintendent’s answers are in BOLD:

Stephen Zadravec
Wed, Oct 12, 12:41 PM 

Hi Ann Marie,
Thanks for reaching out. I embedded answers to your questions below. I also looked at the attached blog and would point out that there are some assumptions there that are not true. There is no individual or group mental health therapy going on, and no assessments or screenings are being given. In fact there is no student data being collected at all in relation to the classroom lessons.


1) A copy of the consent form sent to parents by Maggie Olsen, School counselor, or any other representative from the Greenland School District, to treat children with the Kimochis program.

A letter was sent to parents indicating what universal programming the counselor would be doing with the children. Discussions at the universal level are whole class teaching. As such, she is not “treating” children.

2) A copy of the credentials of all counselors or school personnel who will be providing therapy for students using the Kimochis program.

The counselor is not offering therapy for students with the Kimochis program. That said, the counselor is a certified school counselor (endorsement 0040).

3) A copy of all questions on any screenings or assessments used to accompany the Kimochis program.

The counselor is not doing any screenings or assessments accompanying the Kimochis program. There is not any student identifiable information being collected.

Stephen Zadravec
Superintendent of Schools
SAU 50
48 Post Rd
Greenland, NH 03840

My response back to the Superintendent: 

Superintendent Zadravec,
I should tell you that I made sure early on, with the national push for mental health treatment in the schools, to confirm that these kinds of programs would be categorized as treating the mental health of children. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires parental consent when you provide mental health services.

SEL funding is coming through the SAMHSA grant, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. All SEL programs must be approved by CASEL.

I spoke with parent advocate attorneys during the writing of ESSA. ESSA included the provision to require consent by parents on the mental health service or assessment of children enrolled in a public school. Kimochis would be considered group therapy among children.

From the University of Maryland School of Medicine:
Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and School Mental Health: Implications for Schools, Districts, and States
Resources: School Mental Health and ESSA:

Relevant Information: Title IV Part A (SSAEC): flexible block grant. Districts must use at least 20% of these funds on efforts to improve “student mental and behavioral health, school climate, or school safety.” Includes a list of example activities, including ‘comprehensive school mental and behavioral health delivery systems.’

From the National Library of Medicine:
Social and emotional learning: a framework for promoting mental health and reducing risk behavior in children and youth

Many programs have been developed to help schools enhance students’ health and reduce the prevalence of drug use, violence, and high-risk sexual behaviors. How should educators choose among these? This article describes selection criteria based on theory, research, and best educational practice that identify key social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies and program features. The SEL competencies for students include 17 skills and attitudes organized into four groups: awareness of self and others; positive attitudes and values; responsible decision making; and social interaction skills. The 11 program features critical to the success of school-based SEL programs emphasize curriculum design, coordination with larger systems, educator preparation and support, and program evaluation. Developed by the Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), the SEL framework can be used to guide selection of research-based prevention programs that address health, substance abuse, violence prevention, sexuality, character, and social skills.

The National Association on Mental Health cited SEL as a support for children who are coping with “mental health conditions.”

Kimochis also promotes their program to the mental health professionals working in the school, and then includes testimonials by therapists.
For Mental Health Professionals
Kimochis® short cuts the talking that is the cornerstone of many therapies.
They allow kids and adults to rapidly and safely explore and translate emotions into root causes that can be dealt with immediately.

Listed on the Child Therapy List / The Best Way to Get Help for Your Child: Kimochis

Kimochis: Getting Started in a Mental Health Setting

I make no judgments on the Kimochis program itself. This program may very well be one that supports the mental health of children in the district, but that is not the point. The point is, this should be done with informed consent by parents.

If the SEL program in the future includes a screening or assessment of children, that too would require the school counselor to obtain informed consent.

What happens if a child, while sharing their “feelings,” since that is the goal of Kimochis, decides to revisit trauma? What is the school counselor trained to do under these conditions? School Counselors do not have the education or clinical training that I would want for my children if they were in that position.

Here is a frightening example of good intentions gone bad. Children who’ve suffered the loss of a loved one can experience trauma, but as you will see in the video, psychotherapeutic techniques (10:00) can have a negative impact on children too. In this example, you can see how it even became dangerous. While Kimochis may be the tool that draws out a child’s feelings and emotions, how is that then managed? All of this should be explained to parents so they know exactly what this kind of therapy looks like in the classroom, and how it will impact their children. That is exactly why informed consent was added to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA.)

I will forward all of this to Diana Fenton at the New Hampshire Department of Education so that she can begin an investigation.

Since I have received professional advice from those who do have the credentials and education in mental health, confirming this program does treat the mental health of children, I would highly advise that you seek legal advice. This may boil down to litigation at some point. I would certainly advise parents to seek legal advice if they have not consented to any SEL program used on their children without their consent.

You are not the first school administrator to deny that this kind of SEL treatment is not mental health treatment, but I have a Phd Child Psychologist telling me the opposite. If you were administering cancer treatment to all children in a class but denied it was a cancer treatment, but I had a cancer specialist telling me it is a cancer treatment, I’m going to have to believe the cancer specialist.

This is how parents lose trust in the people working with their children. Similar to when the bus driver was assigned to another bus route after parents brought forth information about how he was acting inappropriately towards their son. It is critical that the leadership in this district focus on building back that trust.

One way to build trust is to understand that parents will certainly see the connection to the school counselor using an SEL program that has been reported as mental health treatment for their children. There is plenty of evidence to confirm this. It would be a positive step forward in building back that trust by explaining all of this to parents, and asking for their permission.

Thank you again for your prompt response.


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Abigail, I Think You Have Misunderstood Iran’s Women’s Revolution

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-13 13:30 +0000

Dear Abigail (Abigail R. Esman – IPT News),

I think you misunderstood the Iranian revolution. See, they are not just fighting to remove their hijab. They are fighting to remove Islam. They are fighting for their dignity. They are fighting for their identity. They are fighting for freedom.

They are fighting to remove the Islamic Republic from Iran.

Forty-four years have passed since the imposed Islamic invasion of 1979. Today, many Iranians are incorrigibly disaffected by the fraudulent and oppressive Islamic rulers. Although Islam was imposed on the Iranian people some 1,400 years ago, Iranians deeply value their own ancient non-Arab identity and have never fully surrendered to Arab culture. Hijab is the regiem’s achilles heel. Once (the Berlin wall) hijab falls. the regime falls.

Today, Iranians have finally awakened and are returning back to their roots and identity. Some people have thanked Ayatollah Khomeini for this enlightenment. For revealing the true nature of Islam, not the figment of their imaginations about Islam.

Many have already started to refer to this period as an era of the Iranian renaissance or awakening.

Historically, Islam has always contradicted Persian values, costumes, traditions, and culture, as is evident from the glorious pre-Islamic Iranian festivities and celebrations such as Nowruz.

The current anti-Islam movement in Iran has recently gained serious momentum, especially among the younger generation, who are well-informed and aware of world events via the Internet.

Many Iranians continue to abandon slaveholder Islam: they break loose from the yoke of an exploitive clergy, renounce Islamic dogma, purge the discriminatory and bizarre teachings in the Quran and the Hadith, and leave the suffocating tent of dogmatic Islam for the life-giving expanse of liberty.

The rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is collapsing. The previously solid castle shows many cracks that continue to grow. In the past, when individuals were willing to sacrifice their life under any circumstances for the sake of Islam and any criticism of Islam, even in their own mind, was considered a sin, today, it is easy to criticize and challenge religion.

A nation that, forty-four years ago, preferred to speak of Ayatollah Khomeini as saint-like and almost godly, is now openly reviled without any fear of retribution. The Iranian people now recognize that dysfunctional Islamic indoctrination is deeply ingrained in the minds of many Muslims who opt to remain in mental bondage rather than purge their minds and join the rest of the human family with a new emancipating program for life and liberty.

No, this is NOT an anti-hijab revolution, but I am hopeful that the Iran women’s revolution inspires other Muslim women worldwide to abandon not just their hijab, but the slaveholder Islam in its entirety.



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The Seeds of World War III

Libertarian Leanings - Thu, 2022-10-13 12:15 +0000
Analysis of the 2014 coup in Ukraine by Robert Parry, The Mess that Nuland Made, reveals the origins of today's confrontation with Russia. Note that Parry's article was published in July 2015. As the Ukrainian army squares off against ultra-right... Tom Bowler
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Is “Catastrophic Climate Change” Why Vermont Had a Record Year for Maple Syrup?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-13 12:00 +0000

The left offers up record-scratch sound bites depicting earth-ending terrors. They predict climactic soon-to-be-upon-us doomsday scenarios. They even promise the destruction of jobs or revenue due to climate change. Then they destroy them.

Related: But, But, You Can’t Even Make Maple Syrup Without Climate Change!

Remember all the doom and gloom they promised under Donald Trump. In the end, it was the Democrats who made all of that happen—riots, crashing stock market, economic collapse, joblessness, and even the threat of nuclear war.

We had the opposite under Trump, but the Democrats have brought their hyperbolic projections from political fantasy to real-world reality in just a historical shake of a lamb’s tail.

And so it is their climate catastrophe. The failed predictions are numerous; in every instance, they’ve either been wrong (nothing happened), or the opposite occurred. From declining tourism and skiing (they tried to kill both with COVID) to fewer apples or leaf-peepers, the promised warming either didn’t deliver or delivered the inverse.

That includes Maple Syrup. We have had good years, great years, and down years, but it’s been like that for years. Forever actually. But if the climate is getting warmer and climate change is here, and it is bad, then they should not be getting better.

Vermont just set a record year in 2022.


According to Vermont Public Radio, the state harvested more maple syrup in 2022 than in any previous year (and more than any other state). How much syrup is that? This year, Vermont produced 2.5 million gallons of the sweet stuff. Last year it was only 1.7 million.


Thanks to “climate change,” Vermont sugar houses set a state record. In 2022 Vermont produced more maple syrup than the next six states combined.


Impossible if the cult’s dogma has any legs. But it wasn’t just Vermont. While 2021 was a down year, everyone except Pennsylvania produced more syrup per tap and in total than in 2020.


Related: NHPR: Why So Much Pollen This Year? – Too Much Cooling, No Wait! It’s Warming!

According to the worshipers of those Global Warming gods, this should not be happening. But there it is. And before you pretend it’s a ho-hum increase, 2020 set a global record for total production.


Related: Ruh-Roh – “Warming Causes Cooling” Experts Admit Warming Does Not Cause Cooling

The secret was as many or more taps and a lot more tapping days in 2022 than in the down year of 2021 (or even 2020). More days, more syrup. Something that would be impossible if CO2-induced warming was, well – warming the northeast. We would have fewer and fewer tapping days, not more.

But the climate cults global warming era has been very good to the maple syrup folks.

It’s the actual peddlers of the cult that have proven detrimental to mankind and the planet.



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Kamala Takes Her Comedy to Late Night

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-13 10:30 +0000

Kamala is on her “anywhere but the Border” tour, and it took her to Seth Meyer’s Late Night Show. She cracked up the house, which is good because nobody asked about her real job.

These spots are much easier than sitting down with a real journalist who may ask tough questions and, God forbid, a follow-up or two. She gets to answer some softball, prescreened questions that her aids prepared her to answer, hopefully without the giggle.

In this session, she hit on the Biden Pot-Pardons, Governor Abbott sending illegals to New York and her real feelings about Joe Biden.

“I love Joe Biden. He is so kind and cares so much about the American people.” Such a change from when she called him a Racist and a Sex-Fiend in the Democrat debates in 2020. Which side of that equation is a stretch of anyone’s imagination?

Then she played the audience by asking why anyone arrested on a pot-related charge should ever spend time behind bars. She got the applause she sought and gave her patented giggle. Nobody took the time to ask about her history of being tough on pot and putting hundreds behind bars during her short time as DA. Which side do we believe now? Do you see a pattern yet?

When she spoke about the Abbott Illegal Bus Tours to New York City, I was watching the best example of projection ever. “Talk about political theater. You are playing with people’s lives. Mothers and babies are getting off those buses. It is a dereliction of duty. If you see a problem, and we agree to address it, then if you are a leader, participate in the solution.” She was talking about Governors Doucy, DeSantis, and Abbott, but she could have been staring into a mirror. Kamala Harris is the Border Czar and refuses to acknowledge the crisis at the Border. She believes everyone crossing the Border is legitimately seeking asylum and that we are humanitarians by fattening the cartel’s coffers with billions of dollars assisting illegals in crossing the Rio Grande. Tone deaf and blind to reality. She picked the right audience as they cheered on what she was selling. Nobody in this room can find fault with the worst Vice President of all time.

Vice President Kamala Harris visited two spots in Austin on Saturday, first at the LBJ Library for a moderated conversation with NARAL Pro-Choice America and Groundwell Fund on reproductive rights.

Then, she was the keynote speaker at the Hyatt Regency for the Texas Democratic Party’s Johnson-Jordan reception, which raises money for voter advocacy and community organizing. She was less than 200 miles from the Border, a Border she had never visited. This slight is an insult to all Democrats in Texas screaming for action from this administration. They will not get it from the czar.

Kamala Harris is a politician without a home. She is not wanted in the White House. She is not welcome on the campaign trail. She will not be on the 2024 ticket. Her best option might be one from the Nancy Pelosi playbook. When going down in flames, seek an Ambassador appointment to some warm-weather country. Maybe Kamala can be sent off to Venezuela. Then she can solve those root causes from the ground,



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Biden’s #Woke America: Transwomen Have To Register for the Draft Like any Other “Man”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-13 01:30 +0000

All this confusion about what a woman is, and all we needed to do was ask the Selective Service—no need for Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to find a biologist. The Biden Administration already had the answer.


According to the Selective Service System website, nearly “all male US citizens and male immigrants, who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service.” The website states that all biological males must register for the draft, including “U.S. citizens or immigrants who are born male and have changed their gender to female.”


American Military News also notes that transmen do not need to register.

The most recent Defense Authorization Act (Dec 2021), approved by more Democrats than we can shake a stick at, “remove[d] a provision requiring women to register for the Selective Service from the National Defense Authorization Act.” It also did nothing about the requirement that all men are required to register no matter how they identify.

They left transwomen in the lurch.

Yes, there are Democrats who say they support having biological women required to register for the draft (including transwomen, we can only assume). Still, given a chance, they abandoned that for a few votes for something else they wanted more – military justice system reforms.

So, is this that selective justice about which we hear so much?

And what of all the anti-war leftists who were going to have their child identify as a woman at age 18 to avoid the draft? It looks like their elected progressive leaders are out to get them signed up either way.


And if anyone in New Hampshire cares, Jeanne Shaheen is a ranking majority member of that Senate Armed Services committee.



HT | Gateway Pundit


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Ukraine, Nuclear War, and the 1967 Sinking of the USS Liberty

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-13 00:00 +0000

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has come out with a strong statement on the Joe Rogan show that the driving force behind the US sending Billions of Bucks to Ukraine is for weapons manufacturers to make money. This includes the makers of nukes.

I find that plausible.  However, I am going to float another idea here — that somebody, somewhere, wants nuclear war to happen for power’s sake. First, I will discuss the fact that the US had a plan to nuke Egypt back in 1967 because Gamal Nasser looked like being charismatic in the Middle East. And today, Putin could be Nasser. Then I will quote two other men, Dr. Richard Day and Al Martin, on the US’s apparent willingness to nuke itself.

What? Yes, the United States often does things that are harmful to Americans. Think vaccine! But it does seem that someone in the US — or the globalists who control the US — are so reckless as to think they can drop nuclear bombs on the homeland. (When I say ‘globalists,’ I don’t mean Israel. I mean globalists.)

My story below may have merit, or may be worthless, but at least we ought to grow up to the point where we don’t have to believe that everything a national government undertakes coincides with its domestic public wants.

“The USS Liberty Incident,” So-called

Here I will abbreviate an article I published in 2019. It was based on Philip Nelson’s book Remember the Liberty. There’s no point calling this a conspiracy theory; the official Navy Inquiry already agreed that the Israeli planes attacked a US spy ship, to the point of almost sinking it.

Also, the US government admits to having initially dispatched planes to attack the attackers, but the White House yelled, “No, send them back to their carriers.” Furthermore, in 2000, the BBC ran Peter Houman’s documentary about the Liberty incident with the title Dead in the Water. So don’t give me grief about that much.

By the way, there’s a band of veterans still trying to make more Americans aware of this story.  Sadly, Congress refuses to conduct an investigation, even though it has always done so when a ship is attacked. The leader of the veterans is Joe Meador of Michigan. During the attack, 34 men died, another 174 were injured, and 86 were unharmed. As the very youngest sailor was 18 years old, born in 1949, all of them today are 73 years of age or older.

Long story short, the USS Liberty was ordered to go and wait in the Mediterranean. The crew saw Israeli planes attack them and called for help, but their radios were jammed. After a while, the planes flew off, but soon some motorboats came along and torpedoed the Liberty. Israeli shooters on those boats hit our men who were getting into lifeboats.

Meanwhile, as I said, US planes were sent to the rescue but were quickly recalled. The Liberty crew worked amazingly hard to prevent complete loss of the ship and brought it to Malta.

Now for the part that I believe but can’t prove. Evidence came into private hands that the US had planned to start a nuclear war on June 15, 1967. This was Operation Frontlet615. Israel was not yet at war, but she performed the famously successful Six Day War starting on June 5, destroying the 300 planes in Egypt’s fleet in one fell swoop.

According to Philip Nelson’s book, the nuclear plan had to be moved to an earlier date — June 8 instead of the “Frontlet” date of June 15.  Recall that the alleged goal was regime change in Egypt (partly because Nasser was schmoozing with Russia).

LBJ was OK with the nuking. But because the Liberty failed to sink, the big plan had to be chucked.  If the Liberty had sunk, it was to be announced that Egypt sunk it. (Betcha the media had the photos ready!). No doubt Americans would have supported retaliation.

Two Other Threats To Use Nukes Domestically

Pardon me for being a Cassandra, but I don’t subscribe to the psychology of “Hey Everybody, stay calm and think nice thoughts.”  If there is a danger, it is better to know of it. The matter today is Ukraine, but I won’t say much about that. The news constantly tells us that Biden might start war against Russia for invading Ukraine.  And just a month ago, the media was hinting that an N-war night start with China because of Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

Here are the two “at home” usages of nuclear weapons — though neither actually eventuated. One was mentioned in 1969 by a physician who worked for David Rockefeller, namely, Dr. Richard Day. He gave an after-dinner speech to medical students and their teachers and told them not to record it. One doctor in the audience, Lawrence Dunegan, MD, did take notes, and in 1988 he reported them on the Randy Engels Christian Radio show.

The Dr. Day speech should be widely known. He predicted many things that subsequently came true (such as new diseases and bridges collapsing). I consider his mention of N-weapons to be a trial balloon to see if anyone reacted angrily but they didn’t. Here is Dunegan’s recollection of what Day said regarding a New World Order:

“Out of all of this was to come the New International Governing Body, probably to come through the U.N. and with a World Court, but not necessarily through those structures. It could be brought about in other ways. Acceptance of the U.N. at that time was seen as not being as wide as was hoped. People would be more and more used to the idea of relinquishing some national sovereignty…

“We would bring in the ‘New International Political System.’ ‘If there were too many people in the right places who resisted this, there might be a need to use one or two or possibly more nuclear weapons.’ As it was put this would be possibly needed to convince people that, ‘We mean business.’ That was followed by the statement that, ‘By the time one or two of those went off then everybody, even the most reluctant, would yield’.” [Emphasis added]


My other “at home” example of Americans planning to nuke Americans comes from Al Martin. He is an ex-CIA man, and author of the 2002 book The Conspirators. Do you remember  Col. Oliver North, who worked in the White House Basement with General Alexander Haig, doing God knows what?

Al Martin says Ollie North had Operation Sledgehammer at the ready. It would use nukes to kill off 70 million Americans. Seriously. (You’d better re-read that sentence.)


I have no real conclusion. Some people may be getting ready right now, to make the most horrible attack. And where is the protest?  Better yet, where is the citizen’s arrest of whoever is likely to do such a zany thing?

“It’s up to you, New York, New York.”

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Pfizer Admits “COVID-Vaccine” NEVER Tested For Stopping Transmission

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 22:30 +0000

It was just one of many LIES told to us about COVID. But it is a disgusting and horrible LIE because it caused people to lose their jobs, be ostracized, and in some cases become very sick and even DIE. The “vaccine” was NEVER tested to determine if it actually stopped transmission:

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Pediatric Cardiologist Says mRNA Spike Proteins are Toxic to the Human Heart

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 21:00 +0000

Shot to heart, and you’re to blame, baby. You give vaccines a bad name. Too much? Not enough? Do we need to talk about vaccine deniers? People who have had all sorts of vaccines but had doubts about the mRNA thing the government pushed at us? Can we talk about how these “deniers” were right?

Related: Florida’s Surgeon General Warns Men 18-39 Years of Age About Cardiac Risks From the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines


For example, children never needed them. Unvaccinated kids have little to no risk from any variant of the Wuhan flu. But the Machine pushed it hard. The media got paid (as did schools) to promote the Jab. Politicians peddled the fed’s narrative. But the case, hospitalization, and mortality numbers for kids still told us no.

The elites’ non-stop fearmongering got needles into kids’ arms, and their ‘cure’ is doing more harm to them than the virus ever would.

A day rarely goes by when I am not provided more evidence of this public health failure. Today’s lesson comes from Board Certified Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Kirk Milhoan. He did a presentation whose thesis was this.


In his Aug. 26 talk, Milhoan said the evidence shows that infection with SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, likely results in the smallest exposure to the spike protein. In contrast, the mRNA vaccines cause the body to produce spike proteins for an unknown period, perhaps indefinitely.


He has the evidence. Giving kids either the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA injections was a more significant threat to their health. YOu can read more here or watch his presentation below, but there are unspoken complications for us to add to the debate.

We know these “vaccines’ were neither safe nor effective. We know that Pfizer, the CDC, and the FDA knew that before a roll-out predicated on the idea that you had an obligation to protect those around you.

Related: Dr. Robert Malone: mRNA Covid Vaccines Will “Often Cause PERMANENT DAMAGE in Children’s Critical Organs.”

Neither Pfizer, Moderna, the complicit national and state governments, politicians, public schools, nor their media spokesmodels had any obligation to protect those around them (you) even after it became clear that there were serious issues with their so-called cure.

They told you that getting “vaccinated” would relieve the strain on the public health infrastructure. Still, children who would have never been a burden have been stuffed into the public health funnel as a result of getting jabbed. While “vaccinated” adults became the majority of those needing hospitalization and care.

I guess when you are immune from prosecution, you have no obligation to anyone but yourself. And as sinister as that may be, it didn’t stop with adults. They did this to the children, more of whom have or will die from the “cure” than from the disease. Young people became a vector for infection and spread after injection when they were not one before it.

And they are still at it.

Dr. Milhoan has stepped up at significant risk to his career and personal safety as an expert on pediatric cardiology to share evidence that this is harming children. Harms that could go undetected.


The damage to the heart from myocarditis can be missed, he said, pointing to a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The study reviewed the cases of Big Ten Conference college athletes with a recent COVID-19 diagnosis and found that 37 of the 1,597 athletes studied were shown to have myocarditis when cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging was done. Only half of the 37 showed any heart issues with other testing methods, including electrocardiograms and by measuring troponin levels.


Undiagnosed cases in athletes result in dead athletes, often on the field or during practice—individuals who had nothing to fear from the Chinese Flu.

Related: Inventor of RNA Vaccines: Before You Inject Your Child, You Need to Hear This …

And while that is a tragedy, it is not just children or their parents who were hoodwinked, and millions could die or suffer from vaccine harms- straining public health resources when the narrative was that this would do the opposite.

And they call us deniers.


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91-a Right to Know Request Filed in Greenland/ SAU50

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 19:30 +0000

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA, 91-1), I am requesting public access, within five business days, to the governmental records:

1) A copy of the consent form sent to parents by Maggie Olsen, the School counselor, or any other representative from the Greenland School District, to treat children with the Kimochis program.
2) A copy of the credentials of all counselors or school personnel who will be providing therapy for students using the Kimochis program.
3) A copy of all questions on any screenings or assessments used to accompany the Kimochis program.

Per RSA 91-A:4IV(C), If you deny any portion of this request, please cite the specific exemption used to justify the denial to make each record, or part thereof, available for inspection along with a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the information withheld.

Please let me know when these records are available for inspection or you may email the records to me at

Thank you for your lawful attention to this matter.

For more information on this:

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Institutional Disinformation from the Public Health Industrial Complex

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 18:00 +0000

I had to drive someone to the emergency room last night. I spent four hours (from 11 pm to 3 am) lounging uncomfortably in a chair made to prevent napping. The “patient” was seen, attended to, and dismissed with the typical diagnosis. They had no idea what was causing the problem. But it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Between reading on my phone, surfing memes on iFunny, and changing positions in an effort to “rest my eyes,” I noticed a television in the waiting room set up to provide information. It cycled, so when I thought I didn’t see what I thought I saw, I had plenty of chances to prove I did. I did. I did see a putty-tat!

“Did you know that the risk of a heart attack is six times higher after you catch the flu?”

Since when? Since COVID-19 and that pharmaceutical intervention about which everyone got so excited? That’s my take. It means the graphic and the copy could use a bit of editing, which I did in my mind.

It was a quiet four hours at the ER. A few folks complained of abdominal pain. Someone came in because their father had arrived by ambulance. And there was a young lady who said without any obvious embarrassment that she had a persistent, hot, itchy rash on her ass.

If that was her boyfriend with her, I have a thought or two about how she got that way.

And I don’t mean to sound crass. I hope they all got better results than we did, but how can you be sure when the propaganda vision is telling us “that the risk of a heart attack is six times higher after you catch the flu when it should say “the risk of a heart attack is higher after you “catch” the mRNA flu shot.” Just how much higher depends on who you are and how many of them-there fancy-new-fangled gene-therapy injections you allowed in the temple (that’s your body).

The Vaccinated, peace be upon them, just drop dead, and age is no defense. Children, teens, college age, and anyone injected have some percentage chance that they will suffer myocarditis or pericarditis or drop dead. The Public Health Powers that be have even admitted to these ailments while downplaying the odds or severity.

That’s not public health. That’s marketing.

And yes, if you have a preexisting heart condition, the stress of a full-blown case of flu could cause you grief. Heck, full-blown flu can knock you out for two weeks easily if you are healthy. But Pneumonia is a more likely risk. That’ll kill you if the hospital hasn’t.

There is no mention of that on the Obey machine, which seems like a misstep unless you’ve got other plans, so I wonder if we could find some of that middle ground across which the Left is always trying to drag Republicans.

You need to stop censoring people – especially medical experts – whose science or research contradicts the paid programming. Like Dr. Meryl Nass. She had her license revoked to practice medicine in Maine for spreading “COVID-19 vaccine misinformation or disinformation.”

The powers that be have since dialed back many of their charges as it has become obvious that she was right, and they can no longer hide that fact.

Dr. Nass had a hearing yesterday to get her license back.

The world needs one of those to get its free speech back, especially in America, where that natural right is protected by a Constitution. A distinction that matters, especially on this topic.

The Machine was the source of the misinformation and disinformation, and on so many levels, we could lose count. Medicine and public health have suffered a mortal wound that, as I’ve noted in the past, is on purpose and whose cure, according to the folks who broke it, is for them to run it.

If that were to happen, medical science would come to a shuttering halt because, without objective dissent, science and progress are impossible. Medical freedom would cease to exist. And the only message would be the one on the TV in the ER waiting room but it would be everywhere.



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Equity is the Death of Excellence

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 16:30 +0000

We entrust our children to the American education system for thirteen years, and it may be the most devastating decision of their lives. The department of education is toxic. The last thing they have in mind is the betterment and education of our children.

The Socialist plan to engulf the entire system, from K-16, is complete. The goal now is to indoctrinate your children, separate them from the family unit, and convince them that the greatest country on earth is a racist-infested hellhole that needs to be broken down and rebuilt. By the academic scores, low graduation rates, historic low military recruitment rates, and the number of years kids stay at home, the Left has won, or is at least winning. I, for one, am not ready to call uncle.

In a country where we have fallen from the top ten in the world in math and science, crime is rampant, 100,000 die every year from Fentanyl poisoning, inflation has given way to recession, and the Border is non-existent, the biggest issue on the mind of Vice President Kamala “Word-Salad” Harris and John “Empty the Prisons” Fetterman is pardoning every incarcerated individual in prison because of a weed conviction. Drive every state highway in Maine, where every other address is a pot shop, and a reasonable person has to wonder what direction we are taking, let alone the condition of the driver heading your way.

Our concern is no longer excellence and assuring that the best are challenged to reach the highest of levels. Our concern has shifted to ensure we do not embarrass those at the low end of the scale. We need to hold back the excellent to assuage the mediocre. It is pathetic.

We have abandoned advanced classes and no longer recognize a valedictorian or salutatorian for fear it will offend those not so fortunate. The concept of equality, where everyone enjoys the same opportunity, has been replaced with equity, where everyone finishes the race tied for last. If there are no winners, then everyone is a loser.

It is incredible that Parental Rights should be a question going into the midterms. You would think everyone would be behind parents’ involvement in the child’s education, but that is far from reality. There are still interactions between parents and school boards where the boards are not heeding the will of parents. There are now highly paid people on the staff of school boards to push the philosophy of DEIJ. These people were placed at the request of BLM. Now that we know BLM was nothing but a money-making scam for a few, why are these people still in place.

We always wanted the best for our children and challenged them to be the best they could be in whatever they pursued. Now, all children are pushed to the lowest level. The money we spend on education, which is a huge percentage of local tax dollars, is wasted.

When the education system is broken, our future is in jeopardy. Our system is broken, and we can see the future, and it is not bright.



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The Warmer Air-Warmer Oceans-More/Severe Hurricane Myth Continues to Have a Rough Season

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 15:00 +0000

If the Hurricane intensity-frequency myth is all they’ve got, then climate change is not well. We know it’s not, but tis the season, and it has been less than stellar for the warming planet, heating oceans, more and more intense hurricane cult.

Related: Is The Planet Cooling?

It has been below average, and that is being kind as we near mid-October with nothing on tap. The Atlantic hurricane machine appears to be off. Again.


Oct 11th, 2022 – Not a “creature was stirring.”


But it’s not supposed to be like that. Hurricanes are supposed to be more frequent and more powerful. CO2 warming fueled behemoths.


“Now over a 90% of the extra heat that’s being trapped by that blanket [of greenhouse gases] is going into the ocean where it is powering stronger storms and enabling those storms to ratchet up far more quickly from a tropical storm to category 1, 2 or even 3, 4 or 5.” 


No storms and no ratcheting, but we did have one. Hurricane Ian made landfall and made a mess. This killer storm is all the Cult has, which is why “Canadian atmospheric scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe” says Ian was made more powerful because of all that warming. But Madhav L. Khandekar and Tom Harris, writing at Real Clear Energy, blow that theory away in one paragraph.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 storm with maximum sustain winds of 175 mph, causing over $150 billion in damages. Ian was a category 4 at its peak and maxed out at 155 mph sustained wind speed. There has been no hurricane stronger than Katrina in the 17 years since. 

For what are our superheated oceans waiting? Where are all these storms? And if man-made CO2 has been superheating the atmosphere, which superheats the oceans, why has the global mean temperature been declining since 2016?

Related: Despite any “Modern Warming,” The Earth has Still Been Cooling for the Past 8,000 Years.


Madhav L. Khandekar and Tom Harris also note that “The North Atlantic is cooling and overall, hurricane activity in the region is now at a low point, and there is no other hurricane developing. With luck, we may not see another major hurricane this season.” And that “It was during the global cooling period between 1945 and 1977, when ocean temperatures were undoubtedly lower than today, that we witnessed stronger hurricanes than now.” So there’s hope?

If the planet is beginning to simmer down after the start of the Grand Solar minimum, Dr. Hayhoe may still get her wish. More time on MSNBC and the opportunity to blame warming for something more likely caused by cooling. Whose result is more funding for “scientists” of her ilk.

She could be the Climate Cult’s little Tony Fauci. The Baghdad Bob of weather.

Related: Ruh-Roh – “Warming Causes Cooling” Experts Admit Warming Does Not Cause Cooling

Chicken Little with a microphone. Look, the sky is falling, and it’s your fault, and the only cure is socialism and lots of money laundered through my “research.”

So stop being a climate denier.



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Do Not Vote for a Democrat — Any Democrat

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2022-10-12 14:06 +0000
Your heating bills are going up because @JoeBiden and @SenatorHassan have destroyed American energy independence. ‼️CHALLENGE‼️ Tweet @SenatorHassan to show her how much her policies are costing you this fall! #HassanHeatingBill — Don Bolduc (@GenDonBolduc) October 11, 2022 Tom Bowler
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President Trump has Been Canceled by My Public School

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 13:30 +0000

Imagine you begin to question your child’s IN SCHOOL reading app for its content, so you start searching around to see what you find. I found graphic porn in the book “Flamer,” and was upset and surprised, but this wasn’t the most upsetting thing I found.

We want to thank Betsy Harrington for this Op-Ed Please direct yours to

I found racist books like “This Book Is Anti Racist” which I found to be the complete opposite and is likely the most racist book I’ve actually ever read. It’s propaganda. But that’s still NOT what upset me enough to write to you.

I was shocked when I searched for the term “Donald Trump” in the Sora reading app. The ONLY book that comes up is a book about JOE BIDEN! That’s an AGENDA 100%. You search for our last president, who is a prolific writer, and you get his opponent? Explain THAT!

It’s undeniable and NOT ok. How might a student at SAU34 write a report on our last president?

Many schools around the state use the Sora reading app and are completely unaware of the agenda they are pushing on their students. I can only hope that this issue will be exposed and other parents will demand the app be removed from their child’s chrome book and school.

I spoke with Frank Edelblut, the director of the Department of Education, last week and he was shocked. It does the same thing when HE searches for Trump. He is aware now.

I also wanted to find out if there were ANY Trump books in the physical library at my kids’ school (after finding NONE on their online Sora reading app) but there were ZERO books on our last president, Donald Trump.

Apparently, Trump has been canceled at SAU34. I was upset about the Sora library because it’s supposed to open the kids up to so many more books.  It only opens them up to the agenda.

But now I think I’m even more upset by the physical library having the same agenda. The librarian is responsible.  How do you answer to this?

How might he proceed? It’s undeniably inappropriate.


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"The only reason I voted 'No' was that 'Hell No' was not a choice."

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2022-10-12 12:33 +0000
Wow. "The FIX WAS IN." — Lisa Finley Laehy (@LeeLee317) October 10, 2022 Tom Bowler
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"The real question is: Why isn’t Durham prosecuting people in the FBI?"

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2022-10-12 12:18 +0000
"I have no reason any longer to believe that Durham has ever intended to reveal the true story." Mark Wauck, Meaning in History: Very Briefly Noted: The FBI Offered Chris Steele $1 Million. According to reporting today, analyst Brian Auten... Tom Bowler
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We have The List and Links to Democrat David Brock’s “Swing” State Fake News Sites

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 12:00 +0000

Thanks to the persistence of a Grok reader (crowdsourcing is great!), we have the list of Progressive “fake’ news sites paid for with Dark Money linked back to Democrat operative David Brock.

If you missed the original report:


A network of at least 51 locally branded news sites has popped up since last year under names like the Milwaukee Metro Times, the Mecklenburg Herald, and the Tri-City Record. The sites are focused on key swing states with elections in 2021 and 2022: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. …

Each follows a similar template: aggregated local news content and short write-ups about local sports teams and attractions — interspersed with heavily slanted political news aimed at boosting Democratic midterm candidates and attacking Republican opponents.


We could not originally locate any of these slimy outlets alleged to be operating in New Hampshire, so I asked readers if they could poke around, and they did.  We’ve got not just ours but all of them (we think) – at least those being fed by The American Independent.


Brock’s Dem-Money laundromat powers them with content generated by the American Independent, a progressive news source that bills itself a number one resource, though it has very little actual traffic. That might be because the news is written to end up on local sites in swing states.

It’s not local, but it is peddled as that, surrounded by local sports or special interest stories.


Your more well-known local media can pick these up and run with them as if they are legitimate unbiased news as if they’d ever published something that wasn’t biased against the Left. It’s standard echo-chamber stuff, and it looks like NH has four of these.

The Amoskeag Times, Everett Times, Rockingham Journal, and Seacoast Standard. Sports, local interest, and the occasional story-spinning things to make Democrats look moderate or the product of their policies more positive.

That means we’ve got more homework, people. Check these out and see what sort of BS they’ve hidden between the local interest and sports stories.

As for the rest of you, here is the list with links in alphabetical order by state. Ten states have two or more of these operating so check them out and then make fun of their reporting.



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Have I Got a Climate-Change Rebuttal for You!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 10:30 +0000

My friend Malcolm Hughes lives in Western Australia, near Perth. He is the most diligent citizen I know, always acting responsibly about whatever his government gets up to. Mal has now come up with a common-sense rebuttal to the narrative of climate change, especially its element of flatulence.

Ahem, I don’t mean the theory’s intrinsic flatulence. I mean the blame-the-cow strategy, which, for all we know, could be a new way of sending all cows to the knackers.

(An even better way, as pointed out by Dee McLachlan and others, is to give all cows a shot of the mRNA vaccine, which is about to be mandated. This may mean you may have had your last glass of milk! Please think about that before it’s too late.)

Now, before I present Malcolm Hughes’s flatulence story, I must mention that he cured me of the climate change theory of rising sea levels a few years ago when he mentioned a local shipwreck in Perth.  Mal is 77 years old and says he recalls playing on that boat as a 7-year-old.  So how much has the water level changed in regard to that ship’s position?  Mal says it is exactly the same today as it was 70 years ago. So much for the rising sea levels.

Here is the article by Malcolm R. Hughes (with permission to reprint, from

Which Came First: Flatulence or Climate Change?

Can anyone give me a realistic reason why in the CO2 versus climate change ridiculous nonsense, is it that only the cow and cow farmers are being blamed for the so-called problem? Of course, the red meat eater, milk drinker user of custard, cream, and ice cream are partly to blame as well. Don’t crickets and insects, to put it crudely, fart? If humans gave away eating red meat and replaced that diet with more fruit and vegetable we would also create far greater volumes of carbon dioxide. I had a bowl of cooked porridge (oats) for breakfast this morning; guess what happened when I arose from my desk moments ago?

Not only is the cow being blamed for excessive CO2, but also for the possible importation and spreading of a possible foot and mouth disease epidemic into Australia. Where do the morons that we refer to as politicians get their gall? They certainly don’t use their brains, nor have done any research into either subject (as with the Covid-19 hoax).

I don’t remember Bill Gates or Klaus Slobs volunteering to come to Australia to round up and eradicate the possibly millions of feral cloven-hoofed animals roaming the Australian outback. You know, those that eat a similar diet as a cow. We know them as camels, donkeys, buffaloes, goats — and what about the millions of sheep in farmer’s paddocks around our continent? Then there are non-hoofed, herbaceous wild animals such as kangaroos, koalas, rabbits, emus, and possums creating CO2. Oh, deary me, everywhere we look, CO2 is rising into the atmosphere to create havoc. That’s just to mention from the continent of Australia.

(That statement above is not an invitation to either of those very sick individuals to visit Australia. We have a sufficient number of sick in our local population after the Gates- Slobs “vaccine” was introduced via mandate to our once thriving country.)

From memory, the continent of North America once had a huge number of grass eating animals that would exude similar quantities of CO2 as our humble cow. The numbers of those beasts, bison, deer, horse, bear, and antelope, I would imagine far outnumber all the farmed animals in Australia or possibly the World. There were also smaller animals, such as hares and beaver, that created CO2, did they not?

In Africa, there were herds of huge (in size) animals elephants, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, and gnu, zebra, deer, cattle, and giraffes, all herbaceous eaters.

The other continents except Antarctica had their grass-eating animals as well. However, since the numbers of these free animals have decreased in numbers due to human expansion across the landscape, so too has the number of cattle increased. But before this transition happened, nobody complained that animals in the “wild” were creating climate change. There are no historical records to prove that this was the case.

On another tack, and this is coming from a long-time punter, has anyone heard that Charles and Camilla or any of the World’s royalty or elite are willing to empty their stables of their beloved four-legged racing animals for the benefit of reducing man-made CO2? No, neither have I.

If the cattle-producing industry is done away with, where are the elite, especially in the northern hemisphere, going to get their fashionable leather products such as jackets, skirts, and coats? Other prestigious goods, such as leather lounge suites, would have to be forgotten as well.

Why don’t we and the farmers just say to the nitwits that go on with this false story that CO2 creates climate change, “if you don’t want to live on a planet with CO2, take an overdose or a genuine Covid “vaccine” course? Don’t forget the booster shots.”



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Is 40 Cal Better than 9mm?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-12 09:00 +0000

9mm vs. 40 cal, which is better? It’s a question that has been debated among gun enthusiasts for years. There are pros and cons to each caliber, and ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

40-cal ammunition is generally more expensive than 9mm ammo, but it also packs a bigger punch. 40 cal rounds are also typically heavier than 9mm rounds, which can make them more difficult to control for some shooters.

9mm ammunition is less expensive and generally easier to find than 40 cal ammo. 9mm rounds are also typically lighter than 40 cal rounds, making them easier to control.


The .40 40 Cal Pros:

-More stopping power than smaller caliber guns
-Can penetrate most types of body armor
-Higher muzzle velocity than most handguns

40 Cal Cons:

-More recoil than smaller caliber guns
-Larger and heavier than most handguns
-More expensive ammunition than most handgun calibers


The 9mm 9mm Pros:

-Easier to control than larger caliber guns
-More ammunition can be carried
– lower recoil than larger caliber guns

9mm Cons:

-Less stopping power than larger caliber guns
-Bullets can sometimes bounce off of an assailant
-May not penetrate some types of body armor

So, which caliber is better? Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

If you’re looking for a powerful round that packs a punch, then 40 cal is probably the way to go. If you’re looking for an inexpensive round that is easy to find and control, then 9mm is probably the better choice.

Whichever caliber you choose, practice with it regularly. The more you shoot, the more comfortable you’ll become with your firearm.


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