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Night Cap: Six Week Trial And Nobody Knows The Crime

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 02:00 +0000

The Hush Money Trial of Donald Trump in New York is a stain on the American Justice system that had been the envy of the world. The justice system is another entity that President Joe Biden destroyed. Who could have predicted that Joe Biden, the guy from Scranton, could have successfully put a wrecking ball to so much of America?

Joe Biden has been a loser and liar his entire political life. He had to withdraw from two previous presidential bids for plagiarism and has suffered through three-plus years of lies in the White House. He had the cajones to cart out washed-up actor Robert DeNiro to read a prepared statement in front of the New York courtroom telling anyone who would listen how dangerous Donald Trump is. DeNiro, wearing a mask, was surrounded by a dozen thugs looking like a scene from Godfather 4, which was never shot. This fiasco was on the same day that Biden announced he would have a statement for the press at the conclusion of the trial. Biden is sadly salivating at the possibility of referring to his opponent as “Convicted Felon Donald Trump.” The house money is on acquittal, which is going to make Biden look like the horse’s ass he is. Joe Biden is shallow, devious, opportunistic, and a thief. He may also be guilty of treason, which will be the coup de grace of his legacy, and he can take Hunter down with him.

The trial entered the final arguments stage on Tuesday, after a trial when the crime was never divulged. This trial was scripted with the one intention of Biden being able to label his primary competitor a convicted felon. Every day of the trial gave ammunition for an appeal, but the one remaining fact loomed over the trial: there was no crime. The prosecution spent over five hours yesterday on its closing trying to convince the jury they could believe every word from Michael Cohen, who the defense labeled “The GLOAT” (the greatest liar of all time), and reminded the jury that Cohen had admittedly lied during his testimony. This entire sham of a trial is based on a nameless crime substantiated by a convicted perjurer.

This trial is a classic con game that distracts people from the real issues of the failed Joe Biden presidency. Look at Donald Trump, who is constrained to a chair in a courtroom and unable to campaign. Don’t look at the price at the gas pump. Don’t look at the thousands of young men crossing our southern border. Don’t look at the two wars we are funding. Don’t look at Biden defying the Supreme Court and transferring student loans to every American. Don’t look at the cost of your weekly shopping cart of groceries. This was the plan, but it is not working. The trial is not working out as planned by the Democrats, and people are not falling for the gaslighting. Biden has been trying to convince Americans he was on the right track and they needed to understand the new parameters. He actually insulted the intelligence level of Americans, and Americans do not forget being played for fools.

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America Has Fallen (Continued … Continued)

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 00:00 +0000

By now, bitter-clingers, you hopefully have read the prior two installments of this award-winning series: American Has Fallen … You Better Have and Exit Plan  and America Has Fallen (Continued). In our first installment, we discussed how the Woke-Communists have used their control of America’s institutions to turn Generation-Z into America-hating, Woke-Communist-bots:

Note that Generation-Z does NOT intend to have children. That dovetails nicely with the Woke-Communists Great Replacement project. The Woke-Communists preach that America is too White … that is one of the reasons, according to them, that America needs to transformed.

So the Woke-Communists convince Generation-Z NOT to have babies … for example, why have babies when climate-change is going to devastate the earth in a mere ten years. And they are bringing in illegal aliens in mind-boggling numbers to replace the babies that aren’t being born. Even in supposedly RED States:

And all of illegal aliens’ babies are American citizens by “birthright citizenship.” So even if the Woke-Communists do NOT succeed in getting voting for the present illegal aliens, in twenty years their children will be voting and will give the Woke-Communists permanent one-party rule.

America will be unrecognizable in twenty years. Unrecognizable. But just keep telling yourselves that all you need to do is click your heels together three times while repeating “there’s no place like MAGA” and everything will be alright.

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Manch Talk: Trump Booed at LP Convention and Yet …

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 23:00 +0000

Madness at the Libertarian Convention, Ross Ulbricht gets a clemency promise from Trump, Victoria Sullivan’s Senate campaign launch, and more!

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Trump Found Guilty on All 34 Counts … Riiiiiiight.

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 22:34 +0000

I’m not telling you anything you don’t likely already know, but I felt we’d better acknowledge the verdict because people will want to know what we think about that.

There was no crime. The process was circus-like. Any effort to appeal the verdict will likely result in all counts being overturned, mostly because of how the trial was conducted.

I would not be surprised if the Judge gets into some deep “you know what” over this.

Everyone had better get their book deals soon because this thing ain’t over, and you’ll want to cash in before it all falls apart.

Trump’s polling will jump up, his fundraising will break records, and Dems will get overconfident.

Stay focused. The economy sucks, no one is happy about open borders or crime. Screengrab the progressive hate and save it.



One more (added after publication).

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I Feel Your Article Was Pretty Biased Because It Was Factually Incorrect

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 22:00 +0000

Dear Mr. Macdonald,

I feel your article was pretty biased because it was factually incorrect. Perhaps we can discuss where we agree or at least what is indisputable.

Related: New Hampshire’s “Red Flag” Camel’s Nose is Back! [Updated]

1. If you are involuntarily committed under our law in effect right now, you are automatically a “prohibited person” by federal law.
2. If you disclose this on your 4473, you will be denied
If you don’t, you’ve committed a felony.
3. Under current law, if you become a “prohibited person” for mental health reasons, you are banned for life unless your state has a “Restoration of Rights” law in place.
4. New Hampshire has no such law and therefore if you are prohibited for mental health reasons in NH you are banned for life.
5. You’re being a prohibited person is not dependent on the state reporting it. The federal law relies on the underlying condition that caused the prohibitions and not the state sharing the information with NICS. In other words, if you get convicted of a felony, and the state forgets to share it with NICS, and you lie on your 4473, you may purchase a gun, but you’re still guilty of being a felon in possession and of lying on the form. This applies to all prohibited persons.

Those are all indisputable facts.

We want to thank Rep. Terry Roy for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

Now for some lesser known facts.

1. There are, at best guess, 1000 people in the NICS registry from NH for mental health prohibitions
2. Doctors and therapists are mandated reporters in New Hampshire. If they have reason to believe one of their patients presents a realistic threat to themselves or a specific person, they must report it to the Department of Safety. The Department of Safety reports these to NICS. This is why I was an advocate of doing away with the New Hampshire Gun Line. If you recall, the big argument was they “have local information not available to NICS.” Ever wonder what that was? These people, whenever reported are banned for life from ever owning a gun again. They may have had a bad day. Their wife may have died. They may have said in a moment of weakness, “I just want to die”. Well they continue therapy and pull through it. They decide to get a new hunting rifle. They are denied. It takes them an enormous effort to figure out why, and when they do, there’s literally nothing they can do.
3. Yes, HB1711 would have reported the involuntarily committed to NICS, but as I said, they already are prohibited persons by that point. But more importantly, now they know it and aren’t surprised at the gun store, and they know exactly what they must do to get off the list.
4. This is the reason 48 other states submit these. Even the most progun states like Florida, Texas and Alabama. They do it because the people are already prohibited but need a way to fix that. They cannot take advantage of the law restoring their rights, of whichb they never got notification that they were reported in the first place.

Look, this is a very complex issue and I clearly did a poor job of explaining it to the members, but I can assure you thay I researched the Hell out of it. I even called the ATF and made them explain the process of people being able to get their rights back. You MUST have the Restoration of Rights in state law and it MUST meet the ATF requirements for people to be no longer considered prohibited. I followed it to a T. I even put a safety valve at the end that said no names could be provided until the ATF approved our Restoration of Rights laws.

Finally, bringing up my employment dispute from 30 years ago was a low blow. Yes, my PD tried to use the gun laws against me, but that leaves out a lot of information, like that it was immediately after I arrested a city councilor for OUI, and that I sued in federal court and they settled restoring my gun rights, withdrawing the termination, paying me back pay, and giving me a positive job recommendation. That being said, I am extremely sensitive to the system being used to take people’s rights, including the mentally ill. They are being reported now, and even the ones who aren’t, are still prohibited persons and are banned for the rest of their lives for something that may have been a temporary situation. This law would have helped them.

I picked David Meuse because he would deliver all the Democrat votes and, more importantly, keep them from campaigning on “Republicans refuse to do anything in the wake of the New Hampshire Hospital and Maine mass shooting.” If you notice, we heard none of the usual “we must bam guns” or “we need waiting periods” arguments for the last seven months since the shooting.

I think the 2nd Amendment community has to be more strategic and proactive if we want to continue winning on these issues. The other side is not sitting around waiting. They are constantly scheming for new ways to infringe on our rights. We are always reactive, trying to defend the indefensible. This was our chance to show the public, that we can do more than thoughts and prayers. When in the rare incidences where legislation is necessary, for Republicans, it is laser-focused and not broad, sweeping up everyone but the people who are actually causing the problem. Furthermore, where someone’s rights are impacted, we provide a pathway for them to get them back. Not one Democrat bill has ever done that.

As you said in your article, and I agree, it is my baby and I failed to properly sell it to everyone, but that doesn’t change any of the facts about it. It may be a camel’s nose under the tent, but it’s the camel trying to get out and get his rights back.


Editors Note: Earlier today, the NH Senate killed HB1711 for good this session. While that is what I was after, I did want to get Rep. Roy’s take published before that, but due to delays in approval for publication, we were not able to make that happen.

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Social Justice Ideology Compromises “Real” Science

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 20:00 +0000

Once upon a time, scientific inquiry was premised on ideas of objectivity, factual analysis, and avoiding bias. The advent of social justice theory, post-modernist thought, and climate alarmism have polluted the waters of many once-prestigious science journals. This political transformation of what was once called science has given rise to pseudo-scientific partisanship on both sides of almost every issue. The result is dubious science, public confusion, and growing distrust of the scientific community, including the CDC and other public institutions.

America is reportedly engaged in a “culture war” that is itself delineated by two scientific worlds. Was COVID-19 created in a lab using dubious gain-of-function research, or did it hop to humans in a live-animal market in Wuhan? Are hormone blockers and gender surgeries beneficial and lifesaving for youth suffering from gender dysphoria, or irreversible sterilizations with potentially deadly and horrid outcomes? Is the planet doomed to end in a decade due to human-caused carbon emissions, or are such claims overblown and alarmist? This atmosphere of scientific division is seeding public distrust.

The Politicization of Science

Science itself has been politicized, and many major science platforms have been tainted. An intriguing survey of this modern phenomenon by the Manhattan Institute’s James B. Meigs concludes:

“Unfortunately, progressive activists today begin with their preferred policy outcomes or ideological conclusions and then try to force scientists and journalists to fall in line. Their worldview insists that, rather than challenging the progressive orthodoxy, science must serve as its handmaiden. This pre-Enlightenment style of thinking used to hold sway only in radical political subcultures and arcane corners of academia. Today it is reflected even in our leading institutions and science publications.”

A Failure of Journalistic Integrity?

Previously vaunted publications such as The Lancet, Nature, and Scientific American have come under fire for controversial positions in many of these important public policy areas. Scientific American openly endorsed Joe Biden in 2020, claiming “The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people,” a not very scientific claim. The outlet later became an ardent opponent of the lab-leak theory, in articles such as “Lab-Leak Hypothesis Made It Harder for Scientists to Seek the Truth.” Bad science tainted with partisan bias may well damage the American people.

The result of this science-warping division is that citizens are becoming increasingly distrustful of scientific arguments and institutions. As the government seeks to stifle scientific inquiry contrary to its official endorsement of climate change, transgenderism, or the animal-transmission theory, disinformation, and misinformation have become linguistic terms of coercion. This further deteriorates public trust: no wonder more Americans have become “vaccine-hesitant,” a situation that is itself then employed to tamp down even harder on dissenting viewpoints. This vicious cycle seeds rancor and more societal division, in a vicious cycle that threatens scientific integrity as well as human health.

This muddying of the intellectual waters has been further compounded by a growth in shoddy scientific journals touting fraudulent “studies.” The Wall Street Journal reports that a “flood of fake science” has forced the closure of multiple journals “infected by large-scale research fraud.” The biggest casualty has been 217-year-old Hoboken, N.J. publisher, Wiley:

“In the past two years, Wiley has retracted more than 11,300 papers that appeared compromised, according to a spokesperson, and closed four journals. It isn’t alone: At least two other publishers have retracted hundreds of suspect papers each. Several others have pulled smaller clusters of bad papers.

“Although this large-scale fraud represents a small percentage of submissions to journals, it threatens the legitimacy of the nearly $30 billion academic publishing industry and the credibility of science as a whole.”

Finding Truth in a Post-Modern Chaos

In the not-so-distant past, readers critically seeking a balanced understanding of political or scientific issues could read the two sides and seek to find a middle ground. In the post-modern milieu of compromised science journals and partisan wrangling, both science and humanity suffer in a spiral that may not wane in time to prevent a major catastrophe. If facts are morphed willy-nilly to suit one’s socio-political agenda, nothing is reliable and there is no solid ground for either scientific or public policy.

As Meigs explains:

“….science is theoretically supposed to be insulated from political influence. Sadly, the new woke style of science journalism reframes factual scientific debates as ideological battles, with one side presumed to be morally superior. Not surprisingly, the crisis in science journalism is most obvious in the fields where public opinion is most polarized.”

The world seeks reliable data and policies with which to fashion crucial private and public decisions. The death of “real science” is a loss to both sides of the political aisle.


John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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“Experts” Admit CO2 Greens The Earth … But That’s Bad!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 18:00 +0000

The Climate Cult’s Green Meanines have been blaming increased atmospheric CO2 for everything, including wildfires—and there is (sort of, kind of) a connection. Arsonists are starting fires when none begin on their own, and then the media and activists blame that on rising CO2.

Absent these acts of eco-terrorism, wildfires have declined in the modern era, but that’s no reason to slow your roll, and the Green goblins at UC Riverside have decided to take this argument out a whole new door.

CO2 is a trace gas in the Earth’s atmosphere, landing somewhere around 0.04% (even after the ‘damage’ caused by modernity). It is also essential to life on Earth, which thrives at significantly higher volumes. It is so critical that even the paltry rise in recent years has greened the planet. We’ve mentioned it a time or two. More CO2 means more robust and insect/disease-resistant plants. It is good for the biosphere and farming, especially in more arid regions.

F-you, the greens would say – that can’t possibly make up for the damage we claim it causes but can’t prove.

Introducing the newest new narrative. “CO2 worsens wildfires by helping plants grow.”

The worldwide surge in wildfires over the past decade is often attributed to the hotter, drier conditions of climate change. However, the study found that the effect of increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) on plants may be a bigger factor.

“It’s not because it’s hotter that things are burning, it’s because there’s more fuel, in the form of plants,” said UCR doctoral student in Earth and planetary sciences and study author James Gomez.

Do you know what else causes wildfires? Rain. Rain makes plants grow (especially wildgrass), which can lead to more wildfires. Drought can lead to wildfires. The poor forest management favored by eco-terrorists. The Eco-Terrorists (who are more responsible for the alleged surge but are never mentioned in the UC Riverside article). Lightning. But yeah, um … CO2.

“To convert light into food in a process called photosynthesis, plants require CO2. Burning fossil fuels for heat, electricity, and transportation is adding increasing levels of CO2 into the atmosphere. Plants use the extra CO2 to make carbohydrates that help them grow, leading to an increase in biomass that burns.”

No CO2, no plants.

Another surprising admission, given the source

“We do need to implement better fire control and have more prescribed burns to use up plant fuel. We need to get rid of the old stuff,” Gomez said.

But Gomez may not eat or live as well if he doesn’t get more climate research grants, so,

“But the best way to decrease wildfires is to mitigate our carbon dioxide emissions. We need more emission control now.”

The issue with Gomez’s plan is that it relies on the West kneecapping itself, while second—and third-world countries are never going to give up a chance at indoor plumbing, flush toilets, and the longer life expectancy that comes from abundant, affordable energy, triple, and quadruple their “emissions.”

Nothing we do can or will address the alleged problem. Gomez and the rest of the Green Addams Family need to go to Asia, India, and Africa and explain to them why they need to continue to live in poverty to sustain the lie.

Or, Gomez could admit he’s a tool of the Marxist using this scam to undermine free markets and capitalism, but that would assume he knows the truth.

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Don’t Overpay on Subscriptions – Bundling is Where It’s At!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 17:00 +0000

The landscape of subscriptions is undergoing rapid transformation. What was once known as the “subscription economy” has swiftly evolved into the “subscriber economy,” signaling a significant shift in consumer power. Today’s consumers seek access to diverse content beyond TV and movies, including music, lifestyle, gaming, food, health, fitness, and more. Bundling emerges as a vital strategy in meeting these evolving consumer needs. Combining various products or services into attractive packages, cable bundling attracts new subscribers to YouTube TV and revenue streams and helps mitigate customer churn.

Subscriber Bundling Strategy and Its Benefit

Ensuring subscriber loyalty lies at the heart of thriving subscription-based businesses. The key to retaining devoted subscribers is guaranteeing ongoing value from their subscriptions. Given the tendency for subscribers to set up their subscriptions and overlook them, maintaining a top-of-mind presence becomes a challenge for subscription enterprises.

Herein lies the potential of subscription bundles: they offer additional value by integrating supplementary products or services that enrich the existing subscription experience. The trend is clear: savvy subscription enterprises are turning increasingly to bundles as a strategic tool to balance churn and maintain subscriber satisfaction. Subscription bundles of various streaming platforms like YouTube TV offer flexibility, with the freedom to switch subscriptions according to their preferences.

Bundles offer mutual advantages for both users and brands alike. Users benefit from improved economics in their subscription experience, the opportunity to explore new services without immediate financial commitment, and relief from subscription fatigue. Brands, on the other hand, find that bundles aid in retaining their current audience while attracting new ones. Additionally, bundles grant publishers access to firsthand customer data, enhancing their understanding of their audience’s preferences and behaviors. There are different categories of subscription bundling. Do you know what they are?

  • Cross-platform bundling involves integrating various subscriptions, such as music with video-on-demand (VOD) services or a cellular plan with complimentary VOD access. This strategy allows users to enjoy a diverse range of services across multiple platforms, enhancing their overall entertainment experience while maximizing the value of their subscriptions.
  • Content bundling refers to packing content into bundles, often combining video-on-demand (VOD) services with live TV offerings. Examples include platforms like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV, which stream a variety of major broadcast and cable networks directly to users’ devices.
  • Ecosystem bundling involves conglomerates of big tech companies bundling various services into comprehensive packages with numerous perks. Prominent instances of this approach include Amazon Prime, which offers free shipping and access to movies, books, and other exclusive features.

Now that you have understood different bundling subscription services, let’s look at why you should opt for this as a customer.

Streamlines your bill payment procedure

Juggling monthly bills can become burdensome, particularly amidst a busy schedule filled with work and personal obligations. Without an efficient management strategy, it’s easy to overlook payments, leading to frustrating scenarios like internet disconnection due to missed payments. Bundling services offer a solution to such issues. By combining your internet service and TV package, you’ll receive a single, consolidated bill each month. This simplifies your monthly budgeting and streamlines the payment process, minimizing hassle and settling bills.

Save Money from Overpaying

Combining internet and streaming services into bundles presents notable cost-saving opportunities compared to subscribing to each service individually. Bundling allows you to access exclusive discounts and unavailable promotions when purchasing these services separately. Moreover, consolidating your services into a single bundle eliminates the hassle of managing multiple monthly bills, simplifying expense management.

Access to Various Content

Although individual streaming services offer unique content libraries, subscribing to just one means you are capped to what that particular provider delivers. However, bundling your services opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to access the diverse options available across multiple platforms. For instance, while Disney+ hosts the entire Disney animated catalog, ESPN+ features original sports documentaries. You can relish your favorite sports content and cherished childhood Disney memories. With streaming platforms, you can broaden your entertainment horizons by exploring new shows, movies, and genres, including international content.


Staying competitive in a saturated market demands ongoing innovation and adaptability to cater to subscribers’ continuously changing needs and preferences. Introducing bundle subscriptions to different streaming platforms like YouTube TV can prove highly effective in addressing subscriber fatigue, enhancing convenience, improving customer experience, and attracting new subscribers. Given its numerous advantages, bundling may be the default solution for every SVOD (subscription video on demand) provider.

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Wacky Wendy Thomas Wants Religion Taught In The Public Schools

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 16:00 +0000

Wacky Wendy Thomas wants religion taught in public schools. Not Christianity, of course. No, Wacky Wendy wants climate paganism taught. Children will be taught that those who reject this religion are “climate deniers.” They will be taught that the apocalypse is coming … melting ice will cause massive flooding. What dry land that’s left will be devastated by drought and hurricanes.

But they will be taught that there is still time to repent! Stop eating red meat! Stop driving and use public transportation! Tax fossil fuels … if that means some people cannot afford their heating bills, well, that’s a small price to pay to “save the planet!” Pass the “Green New Deal” … before it’s too late.

To cut to the chase … VOTE DEMOCRAT!

And, needless to say, the children will NOT be taught about the environmental degradation and human misery caused by mining necessary for car batteries. There will be no discussion allowed regarding the obviously absurd claims that both colder-than-normal and hotter-than-normal temperatures are caused by human activity warming the planet.  Religious education does NOT allow questioning of the religion.

Wacky Wendy and her ilk want to turn other people’s children into cultists. This is what Woke-Communists do. This is what Woke-Communists are.

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Abortion To Medically Assisted Suicide, Where Will It End

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 14:00 +0000

Just because other countries do something does not mean we must adopt it, too. America used to pride itself on being the innovator, setting the trends for others to follow. Not any longer. We have entered into the lemming mode where we think it is WOKE to conform to Canada, Norway, Switzerland, or any other progressive country with off-the-wall ideas. We even see individual states doing the same thing. Maine desperately wants to be like Oregon, even though Oregon is already reversing course on many of its failed ideas.

Depending on upbringing and religious beliefs, some may have radical thoughts on abortion and medically assisted suicide (MAS) to the point of being repulsed by the concept. Christians, myself included, have always looked upon life as sacrosanct, with birth and death in God’s hands. That is not the case with many people who think that mankind should be the keeper of the bell. These folks want to decide which fetus is to be born and when adults should die, and they are ready and able to assist with either. They will kill a fetus up to the time of birth or help someone to end their life because they have lived enough.

Oregon first accepted MAS in 1997, starting as a ballot initiative under the Death with Dignity Act. Nine more states and Washington D.C. have followed suit, with 20 more States debating various forms of the law. Should all these states pass their version, MAS will be legal in most of the United States. With each passing bill, the concept seems to grow, and the list of reasons accepted broadens. In Canada, where 4% of all deaths are listed as MAS, there is a documented case of a veteran with chronic leg pain who checked with his doctor for a remedy and was asked if he would consider a MAS option. Unfamiliar with the term, the patient inquired and was shocked that he was being offered a ticket out rather than relieved of his pain. The patient was deemed a burden for the system and a long-term expense for Canada, so the best solution for the state is for the patient to opt for MAS. This example shows how little respect there is for life when you open the door to legal death. It also shows how the bar can be lowered significantly as each state tries to be more progressive than the last.

When this idea was young, MAS was considered an option for people who were in the advanced stages of debilitating diseases with less than six months to live and had exhausted all treatment options. There was also a 48-hour wait period as a final obstacle. Now, it has expanded to mental illness, depression, and even alcoholism. These laws may be reversed when more conservative governments take the reins in these liberal states, but we need to fight them before they become law in the first place. We have to stop accepting we have to stay in the backseat as progressive Democrat leadership runs us off the road. We have to help Jesus take the wheel and remove these Democrat’s hands from the wheel.

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Sen. David ‘Whale Killer’ Watters

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 12:00 +0000

Democrat State Senator David ‘rising’ Watters deserves a new nickname or at least a second one. He earned the first as your atypical environmental legislative radical ranting about accelerated sea level rise (and associated tin-foil-hattery).

His latest obsession is offshore wind; like any good ‘green,’ he’ll have it no matter what anyone thinks.

The offshore wind commission he leads doesn’t post past or future meeting announcements, keeps no minutes anyone can find, and appears to be little more than the appearance of procedural propriety. Look, we had a commission. You can ask questions or offer concerns, but that might get you an email reply about how you will get offshore wind regardless, and BOEM is no different.

Biden’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has issued a report finalizing its environmental review of the Gulf of Maine Offshore Wind Research Lease.\ as if it did one. It found no significant impacts, which suggests the unexplained rise in whale deaths near offshore wind projects isn’t a concern.

In October 2021, the state of Maine requested a research lease for the purpose of researching floating offshore wind energy technology and its deployment. The research site lies 28 nautical miles off the coast of Maine, roughly southeast of Portland, and if developed would comprise up to 12 floating offshore wind turbines capable of generating up to 144 megawatts of renewable energy.

On May 29, 2024, BOEM will publish the “Notice of Availability of a Final Environmental Assessment for a Wind Energy Research Lease on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf Offshore Maine” in the Federal Register. After carefully considering alternatives described and analyzed in the Final EA, as well as comments from the public and cooperating and consulting agencies on the Draft EA, BOEM finds that the issuance of a wind energy research lease within the proposed lease area offshore Maine, and related site characterization and site assessment activities, would have no significant impact on the environment. As a result, under the National Environmental Policy Act, BOEM is not required to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement in order to issue a wind energy research lease offshore Maine.

The process moves forward without much regard for the unexplained culling of sea life.

I’m no expert. I don’t know if offshore wind is to blame. The whole thing is fishy to me, but I do know that wind is not green, and it will kill sea birds and have some detrimental impacts. If there was a desperate need, we could take time to evaluate the risks further and manage loss because of some higher purpose, but replacing fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emissions is not it. Shutting down cheap, reliable energy for expensive intermittent alternatives is economically irresponsible and will result in real-world harm to people and businesses, including (are you listening, Whale Killer?) minorities.

Even if you believe the warming narratives about CO2, America isn’t the problem. Decarbonizing will only cripple our productivity and performance, hampering economic growth and lending to joblessness and systemic stagflation. India, China, Russia, Africa, and Asia will not leave their people in poverty, and neither wind nor solar, even if they were green and affordable, will ever alleviate that. That’s why they are burning coal, gas, and oil and ramping up capacity.

The sacrifice is literally for nothing, but to progressive resume plumping goofs like Watters, the threat to our lifestyles and sea life is worth it. Look! I got offshore wind! Shower me with accolades.

We will Dave when the whales start to wash up on Hampton Beach.

This is a massive waste of time, resources, and money to pander to a misguided illusion that will cripple the country and our state.

So, what about poor people if you don’t care about whales, dolphins, lobsters, fish, or seabirds? They are already being priced out of the economy by inflation. The influx of illegal aliens is stressing their urban communities. Let’s make everything cost even more, including keeping the lights and heat on in your home. You do know they want it to all be electric, right?

I doubt he believes it or cares. He wants wind. His commission is a bunch of head-nodding bobbles. And I suspect that this project is getting fast-tracked because of the fear that should Trump win, all the federal money (on whose debt and interest advocates have enslaved future generations) might disappear.

So, there is still a chance to stop it. Even if approved, the project won’t reasonably get underway for some time, and, as has happened in states like New Jersey and Delaware, the actual final costs (ongoing operational contrast + real energy costs) will be so high that even goofballs like Watters can’t get it past his own Democrat conspirators. The forward-thinking party probably knows about all this fresh hell but is proceeding anyway while a small raft of Republicans float along for the ride (for reasons I have yet to fathom).

Ultimately, this will prove to be a costly and destructive development, fast-tracked for appearances rather than utility, and expensive even if it never gets built.

Be sure to thank David ‘Whale Killer’ Watters.


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Medical Prostitution

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 10:00 +0000

With some issues, you can’t just jump right into the pool.  You have to ease in a little at a time.

For example, we couldn’t go straight to constitutional carry.  We had to ease into it, by first having shall-issue licensing.

We couldn’t go straight to legal weed.  We had to ease into it first, by having medical marijuana, and then decriminalized pot.

A friend (who is a former state representative) just called me to tell me that, according to his sources at the statehouse, the state is planning to start selling marijuana at the state liquor stores.

My friend was laughing because years ago, during an audience with His Excellency, he proposed that the state liquor stores should sell liquor, sell marijuana, and offer prostitution.  His Excellency was shocked… and yet, here we are, two-thirds of the way there.

What’s missing for prostitution is an intermediate step, comparable to shall-issue carry licenses and medical marijuana.  Why not medical prostitution?  Or, since legislators seem to like alliteration, medical magdalenism.  (This has the added advantage that many legislators might vote for it without having any idea what it means.)

Magdalenism can be used to alleviate many of the conditions (such as depression and anxiety) that are now treated with pharmaceuticals, without any of the dangers of addiction or overdose or government mandates, and (with oversight by the state) a greatly reduced danger of the transmission of certain diseases.

Imagine how it would work.  You’d go to your doctor, who would tell you that you need to get laid.  He’d write you a prescription, and you’d drop by the state liquor store to fill it. And maybe pick up a fifth of bourbon and a bag of sativa gummies on your way out the door.

Or maybe you’d get a medical magdalenism card, which would authorize a certain number of visits over a certain period of time.

Look, it’s going to happen.  The state is leaving too much money on the table to ignore this opportunity to transmute a punishable crime into a taxable vice.  Why not get started on it sooner, rather than later?

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Your State House

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 08:00 +0000

This week, the House met to vote on all remaining Senate bills. Since the Senate has been working away, quite a few bills some members strongly supported have been killed or drastically amended, one way or another. So the practice is to attach your pet bill to another that you think the Senate really wants. Any bill that has passed the House is automatically germane to any other bill, so there are lots of choices…

There was no memorial remarks this week, but one member resigned since he’d moved out of his district. We approved 65 non-controversial bills at once, including five from my committee. The first bill on the calendar, SB 558, on insurance coverage for infertility treatments, was special ordered, 325-32, to be the first one taken up after lunch. At that point it was quickly tabled, 325-32.

SB 418, increasing the penalties for refusing to take a breath test when stopped for driving under the influence, was debated, not killed, 101-253, then killed on a voice vote. A major issue was that the forms used when notifying the driver about this test were confusing and didn’t specify the consequences of refusing.

We want to thank Rep. Carol McGuire for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

SB 340, allowing schools to communicate information about special education to parents via email, had a floor amendment with special ed reporting requirements. This was adopted, 184-177, and the bill passed, 186-176, and was not reconsidered, 176-188.

CACR 22, putting the first in the nation primary into the state constitution, was not tabled, 175-187, then debated, and failed to pass, 195-164 (needs 60% for a constitutional amendment.) I don’t really think it’s a constitutional matter, but I voted for it to let the voters have a say.

SB 373, easing the air tightness test requirements in the state building code, was debated on the committee amendment, which added a study committee on Native American affairs. I added a few words in support before the amendment failed, 130-215, and the bill passed on a voice vote.

SB 440, expanding the optometrists’ scope of practice, was the hot bill from my committee. We had the committee amendment, a floor amendment that specified four procedures they would be able to do (once they’d been certified after training and mentoring,) and three speakers lined up on each side – but an opponent promptly moved to table and that motion passed, 224-137.

SB 134, setting up a separate disability pension for victims of violence, had been unanimously recommended by the Finance committee. The first floor amendment, adding HB 1111, a penalty for false reports of abuse and neglect, was explained by the sponsor and not passed, 160-201. A second floor amendment, adding HB 1620, forbidding new landfill permits for seven years, passed on a voice vote, as did the bill.

SB 217, setting up an educator incentive program for rural and under-served areas, was debated and killed, 184-174, and not reconsidered, 177-185. SB 311, providing payments in lieu of taxes for Hampstead – because the state bought the hospital there – was amended to use federal funds rather than state, then not amended to have the state pay part of localities’ pension payments, 177-183. The bill passed, 317-45.

SB 337, on doula and lactation provider certification, had a floor amendment from Dan,

replacing “racially” with “culturally,” which passed on a voice vote after he explained it. Another floor amendment would have added the content of HB 378, which told survivors of sexual assaults of their rights. That bill had passed the House on consent, but was indefinitely postponed in the Senate. This amendment did not pass, 164-195, and the bill passed on a voice vote.

SB 352, setting up an early detection cancer screening program for firefighters, passed on voice votes after one of the firefighter representatives spoke in favor. SB 355, newborn screening for cytomegalovirus; SB 369, increased notice requirements for licensing boards; and SB 393, funding regional drinking water infrastructure, all passed without comment (or floor amendment!)

SB 369, appropriating funds to the culinary arts program at the career and technical center at Alvirne High School in Hudson, had a floor amendment offered to expand the school lunch program to be free for most children. This was debated and failed, 177-185, and SB 369 passed on a voice vote.

SB 403, on the health care workforce, passed 241-122, without debate. I (and 121 other Republicans) was opposed because this created a new, rather nebulously defined category of “community health workers” to grab more Medicaid money for fairly minor activities.

SB 404, making more child care workers eligible for child care subsidies, and SB 406, increasing the daily rate for homeless shelters, both passed without comment.

SB 409, allowing Medicaid to pay for ambulance services other than transport, had the committee amendment adopted without issue, then a floor amendment to add HB 1593, an allocation for recreation for a number of developmentally disabled people. This was explained and passed, 210-152, and the bill passed on a voice vote.

SB 417, on out of home placements for children, was debated on the committee amendment, which strengthens the position of a non-abusive parent in such a proceeding. Currently, the law requires this parent to prove their suitability to keep their own children! The amendment passed, 186-178, the bill passed, 361-3, and was not reconsidered, 33-325.

SB 453, creating an online voter registration portal, went to interim study without comment, since we’d passed a similar House bill. SB 455, increasing Medicaid rates for prosthetic and orthotic devices, passed quietly.

SB 456, adding $300,000 to the existing student loan repayment program for nurses, was debated on the fact that it would only benefit six nurses. The bill was not passed, 178-182, killed on a voice vote, then not reconsidered, 174-186.

SB 463, access to counsel for children in dependency proceedings, passed without discussion.

At this point, Rep. Jason Gerhard, from Northfield, moved to suspend the rules and introduce a bill to demand that all legislators be allowed to visit all government facilities. This is needed because he has a criminal record and has been forbidden from the prison and the county jail; he spoke earnestly on the need for actual interactions with the people there to prevent the sorts of abuse that happened in the youth center. The motion failed, 148-216; I voted for it because he’s on my committee.

SB 476, appropriating $40 million for engineering and design of a new prison, had a floor amendment

to add HB 1711, which reports mental health judgments to the federal gun clearance database. This was debated and passed, 202-165, and the bill passed, 212-155. At this point a scuffle broke out between the member who’d moved and spoke for the floor amendment (Rep. Roy from Deerfield) and Rep. Aures from Chichester. We recessed while they calmed down, then another representative – uninvolved in the kerfuffle – moved to reprimand them for conduct unbecoming a representative. Each reprimand was tabled on a voice vote and we continued with out business.

SB 499, a motley collection of anti-hunger programs, was debated at length over the majority committee amendment, which deleted all of them except for a simplification of the application process for seniors. This amendment finally failed, 182-185, and the minority committee amendment was debated and passed, 192-178. This was similar to the majority amendment but also required HHS to work on a program for supplemental food aid in the summer for children who got free or reduced lunches from their schools. Then a floor amendment added HB 1466, emergency aid to towns, 189-181. The bill, as amended, passed 235-136 without further discussion.

SB 553, requiring the public investment pool invest in New Hampshire, is an attempt by the New Hampshire bankers to get these funds, which are currently accumulated from towns, counties, and various municipal trust funds and invested for safety and high returns. The committee amendment, which required 30% of the fund be invested in New Hampshire banks, was debated and passed on a voice vote. The bill was further debated and not passed, 176-190, then sent to interim study on a voice vote.

SB 567, requiring a report on the availability of two abortion drugs, was tabled, 302-54, before debate. SB 591, on the youth development center settlement fund, was debated on the committee amendment, which eliminated the authority to borrow money for these settlements. It passed, 187-173, and the bill passed on a voice vote.

SB 596, on how to assess children with special needs for extra funding for childcare, had a committee amendment to convert it to a study committee on the issue. This was debated and not passed, 180-182; the bill also did not pass, 181-182; was not tabled, 182-183; killed, 187-178; and not reconsidered, 177-188. I was surprised nobody went for indefinite postponement …

SB 604, providing a death benefit for the family of Bradley Haas, who was killed in the line of duty while working as a security guard at the state hospital, had a floor amendment from Dan, which put security guards into the list of those employees eligible for this benefit. It passed after he explained it, and the bill passed on a voice vote.

SB 503, requiring a criminal background check for fish & game guides, had a floor amendment to legalize brass knuckles, etc, for adults. This was debated and passed, 183-181. Another floor amendment wanted to add HB 1400, which forbade some parking requirements in zoning ordinances – mostly needing more than one parking space per unit. This was briefly debated and passed, 262-104; SB 503 as amended passed on a voice vote.

SB 402, allowing pharmacists to administer more vaccines and not require explicit legislative approval for each vaccine, had a floor amendment to add three vaccine-related House bills: HB 1213, which deleted the requirement child care agencies keep track of the vaccination status of each child; HB 1194, changing the definition of

“noncommunicable disease” as it related to required vaccines; and HB 1669, restricting data sharing by the immunization registry. This was debated and failed, 177-185; the bill was debated, with the main issue being that approval by the FDA and recommendation by the CDC was taking the place of legislative approval. The bill passed, 231-135. I was opposed.

SB 411, creating a study committee on emergency mental health services for minors, was briefly debated and passed on a voice vote.

SB 419, a fairly minor bill on reports about the medical cannabis program, had a committee amendment that made some technical corrections and also included the content of HB 1231, which allowed users of the program to grow their own. This passed, 236-122, and the bill passed on a voice vote.

SB 461, requiring providers to report some data on abortions, was, as expected, debated at some length and killed, 201-164. SB 505, repealing the sunset of the ban on hemp products containing THC, had a floor amendment to simply move that repeal out by three years. It was debated for longer than I thought necessary, and not passed, 172-190. A second floor amendment added the content of HB 1633, the House version of cannabis legalization and regulation; after some debate, that also failed, 87-278, and the bill passed, 242-124.

SB 559, on the vaccine association, simply adds the RSV vaccine to the existing vaccine purchase and distribution program. A floor amendment requiring that vaccine be of proven safety and efficacy was debated (really!) and failed, 176-185. After more debate, the bill passed, 192-171. I was opposed because adding a vaccine that is not safe and effective is just wrong.

SB 330, allowing the unemployment program to consider remote work, passed without comment.

SB 431, on wake surfing, was debated on the committee amendment which changed the setback to 300 feet. The amendment passed, 193-164, and the bill passed, 214-148. I supported the amendment but not the bill, since the opposition to wake surfing is driven by waterfront property owners – wind causes much more erosion than wake surfing.

SB 527, on student housing, simply created a study committee. The committee amendment added HB 1281, forbidding zoning ordinances that limit fewer than 2 people per bedroom or ban more than three unrelated people. This was debated at length, then failed, 173-179, and the bill passed, 199-154.

SB 358, invalidating out of state driver’s licenses issued to undocumented immigrants, was debated at length, was killed, 176-174, reconsidered 176-175, then killed again! 176-174. I personally don’t have that much of a problem with these licenses, except that many of them can be used to vote – and that is a problem.

SB 469, allowing video surveillance at a park and ride facility under some circumstances, passed without comment. SB 501, on driver’s licenses for non-citizen residents, was debated on many of the same issues as SB 358. It passed, 181-169, with eight Republicans joining all Democrats in favor.

SB 510, simplifying the sale of vehicles sold to Massachusetts residents (now that they use temporary plates) passed without comment.

SB 485, procedures for temporary occupational licenses for military members and their spouses, had a committee amendment to focus on licensing

boards not within the OPLC. That passed without comment, then a member moved a floor amendment with penalties for false accusations of abuse or neglect in family court. After a little talk, it passed, 173-169, and the bill passed 175-169.

SB 543, establishing the state environmental adaptation, resilience, and innovation council, was not tabled, 170-175, then debated at tedious length. It passed, 172-168.

Rather a long day, with the common good start tapering off to a weak finish. More Republicans than Democrats have a life and tend to leave early, so long days are not our friend.

Next week we’ll be meeting to concur (or not) on Senate-amended House bills. They got very busy this week and slapped a lot of bills we don’t like onto others, hoping to get their pets through one way or another.

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Night Cap: Transwoman “…Who Continuously Works for the Betterment of His Community,” … Stabs Five

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 02:00 +0000

Some dude named Jared Ravizza, who identifies as “she” and claims to be “a beautiful soul who continuously works for the betterment of his community,” just went on a multiple-town stabbing spree in Massachusetts.

Jared (she) also self-describes as an artist (just like Joker in the first Tim Burton Batman Movie), so perhaps Jared’s idea of betterment is subjective. The bigoted term for it is assault with a deadly weapon, possibly with the intent to kill (see also attempted murder). And if you care, Jared committed all this alleged community betterment in Massachusetts, specifically an AMC Theater in Braintree (four stab victims, all female – ages 9 to 17), and two more at a McDonalds in Plymouth (one woman who also identifies as a woman and one man who identifies as a man).

I’m not sure what made Jared all stabby, but reports indicate no one sustained a life-threatening injury, so Jared’s not good at this either. All were treated at local hospitals. Jared is in custody after crashing his/her SUV (which he won’t need anyway, so he might as well burn that bitch, am I right?).

After the reported incident in Plymouth, Massachusetts State Police then began to pursue the vehicle before it crashed in Sandwich.

Photos shared with Boston 25 News showed the suspected SUV blackened and charred on Cotuit Road in Sandwich after catching on fire following the crash.

Jared is also allegedly connected to a homicide in Connecticut on which there are no details presently.

And this is the part where I remind everyone that none of Jarend’s victims was likely armed, or Jared might not have gotten quite as stabby. Pepper spray, by the way, can also be a fabulous accessory that, properly applied, makes driving from the scene difficult to impossible. I believe you can carry it in the Bay State now, and you can get it delivered tomorrow from Amazon (I am not sure about age restrictions; you should do your own leg work on that). This is still Massachusetts. It’s filled with illegal alien pedophiles and guys who say they are girls that get stabby.

So, you can’t be too careful.

I should also warn you that because this is Massachusetts, just because the state was forced to acknowledge that you have a right to defend yourself doesn’t mean they won’t arrest and prosecute you for attempting or succeeding.

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Detective James McLaughlin and the Police Misconduct List

Granite Grok - Thu, 2024-05-30 00:00 +0000

Are you in favor of destroying the lives of Catholic priests under false pretenses? If not, please read on. Catholic priest Gordon J MacRae is now in his thirtieth year of wrongful imprisonment after rejecting a 1994 plea deal offer to serve one to two years.

The NH ‘Laurie List’ is a once-secret list of police misconduct. Ex-Detective James F McLaughlin was recently removed from the list in a secret ‘John Doe’ hearing.

I previously wrote at the link cited above about newly emerging evidence in the case. The Wall Street Journal boldly took up this matter in a series of articles by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dorothy Rabinowitz and noted civil rights attorney Harvey Silverglate. Their work exposing this wrongful prosecution and police misconduct is collected at “The Wall Street Journal on the Case of Fr Gordon MacRae.”

Newly emerging evidence came to light with a revelation that the police detective who investigated and testified against Father Mac Rae was added to a previously secret list of officers with dishonesty or police misconduct issues. The list was held in secret by the New Hampshire Attorney General until a court ordered publication of the list in 2022. Detective James McLaughlin was added to the list for “Falsification of Records,” an incident or incidents that occurred in 1985, nine years before the 1994 MacRae trial. Because the behavior was known to state prosecutors at the time of the trial, they were obligated by Supreme Court precedent to report this to Father MacRae’s legal counsel before trial. They failed to do so.

This bombshell was first reported by someone at the New Hampshire Office of the American Civil Liberties Union which had been a plaintiff in a lawsuit that eventually made the “Laurie List” public. Father MacRae himself wrote of this development in “Predator Police: The New Hampshire ‘Laurie List’ Bombshell.”

Police officers placed on the Attorney General’s list have the ability to challenge its publication by petitioning the courts to remove their names for cause. Former Detective McLaughlin filed such a petition so, pending a court hearing, his name was blacked out from the public list just hours after it appeared. New Hampshire courts have allowed officers on the list to file their petitions using “John Doe” pseudonyms. A hearing for McLaughlin — though not a public one — is likely to be scheduled early in 2024.

Not everyone is on board with the notion of a judicial system operating in secret. One judge, a former Senior Assistant Attorney General, has objected to the secret forum in which these removal petitions are being heard. (See “Judge: Laurie List Police Lawsuits Are Being Improperly Sealed”). Judge Will Delker’s published objection cites a fundamental precept of democracy that public officials must be accountable to citizens: “Court records are presumptively open to the public absent some overriding consideration or special circumstance. The party seeking to maintain court records under seal must demonstrate a sufficiently compelling interest that outweighs the public’s right to access.”

New Hampshire reporter Damien Fisher has managed to obtain, through Freedom of Information Act requests, some limited, heavily redacted evidence of the matters before the court in former Detective McLaughlin’s petition. He documented them in a December 18, 2023 article, “Laurie List Lawsuit Matches Former Well-Known Keene Cop’s Record.” To force a reporter to such lengths to obtain public information in public records turns the court system into a sham.

Covering Up for Police Corruption

There is a good deal more in the problematic and unconstitutional practices of Detective James F. McLaughlin than what is currently before the Court in his petition to be removed from the public accountability list, but the public is kept in the dark. Citizens should have an opportunity to address concerns about why his name should remain on that published list, but that is circumvented by secrecy. The public cannot learn the identity of the “John Doe” before the Court. Reporter Damien Fisher was only able to discern this from a careful examination of this particular “John Doe’s” petition.

Additionally, the public cannot obtain a Court date or docket number to have their concerns heard. As a result, pertinent evidence is prevented from coming before the Court. The court of public opinion is a different matter, but no citizen should have to appeal to it in order to obtain justice.

Though not a resident and citizen of the State of New Hampshire, I have researched its laws in regard to the conduct of police. The violations alleged against McLaughlin in the case of Father MacRae alone are many and great. No public entity has investigated these and judges hearing MacRae’s two appeals — a direct State appeal in 1996 and a Writ of Habeas Corpus in 2012 — resulted in rejection without hearing from any witnesses privy to said misconduct.

So if we cannot place it before the Court, we place it before you in the form of official excerpts of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated, the very State laws that Detective McLaughlin has broken and for which he should be censured. Each is followed by signed Statements given to a former FBI official investigating this case, but in each case no judge has allowed the Statements or witnesses thereof to be heard under oath and on the record in any New Hampshire court.

RSA 105 : 19 — Reports of Misconduct by Law Enforcement Officers

For the purposes of this section, ‘misconduct’ means assault, sexual assault, bribery, fraud, theft, tampering with evidence, tampering with a witness, use of a choke hold, or excessive and illegal use of force.

1. STATEMENT OF STEVEN WOLLSCHLAGER (Alleging Attempted Bribery)

Introduction: Steven Wollschlager was a friend of accuser Thomas Grover. During Detective James McLaughlin’s investigations in 1988 and 1994, Mr. Wollschlager was interviewed. It is unknown whether the interviews were recorded. Wollschlager states that the interview reports misrepresented statements attributed to him that he never made. In a 1994 pre-trial interview, McLaughlin is alleged to have attempted to suborn Wollschlager to commit perjury before a grand jury with the suggestion of “a large sum of money.” Wollschlager reported being lured into agreement, but later recanted, refusing to testify before a grand jury:

“My name is Steven Wollschlager, DOB 12-7-1973. I give this signed statement at my own free will to Investigator James Abbott with no promises or bribes. I am willing to testify to the following statement to proceed in a court of law or otherwise under oath that I am giving facts and details to the best of my memory.

“I have had opportunities during several periods of my life to know Gordon McCrea (sic). Never in all our meetings or conversations was there any inappropriate talk of sex, sex for money, favors, or any other thing related to such.

“My first encounters with Gordon came when I was age 15 and using drugs. Gordon counseled me through Monadnock Family Counseling, maybe three sessions. During this time he also introduced me to some persons in the AA program. At this time there was never anything inappropriate going on, nor did I ever feel uncomfortable for any reason around Gordon.

“In 1988 while in rehab (which Gordon helped my parents get me into), I was interviewed by [Keene] Detective McLaughlin about Gordon. This detective did most of the talking — Did he ever do this or that? — asking me many questions as to whether or not anything inappropriate ever happened with Gordon against me. Never during this time did I say anything to any police officer that Gordon had done anything wrong towards me.

“Years passed and in 1994, before Gordon was to go on trial, I was contacted again by Keene police detectives McLaughlin and Collingworth. I was aware at the time of Gordon’s trial, knowing full well that it was bogus and having heard of the lawsuits and money involved, also the reputations of those who were making accusations. I agreed to meet with the above detectives after being told that I would be reimbursed for my time and gas money.

“Again during this meeting I mostly just listened to scenarios and statements being spoken to me by the police. The lawsuits and money were of greatest discussion and I was left feeling that if I would go along with the story I could reap the rewards as well.

“McLaughlin asked me many times if Gordon ever tried to come onto me sexually or offered me money for any sexual favors. He had me believing that all I had to do was make up a story about Gordon and I could receive a large sum of money as others already had. McLaughlin reminded me of the young child and girlfriend I had and referenced that life could be easier for us with a large amount of money.

“I knew the Grovers’ reputation as well as others involved, many of whom I went to school with. It seemed as though it would be easy money if I would also accuse Gordon of wrongdoing. I left that meeting after being given, I believe, $50, easy money like what would come from lawsuits against McCrae (sic). I was at the time using drugs and could have been influenced to say anything they wanted for money .

“A short time later after being subpoenaed to Court, I had a different feeling about the situation. I did not want to lie or make up stories. After speaking with the Clerk of Courts I was approached by another person. After telling this person that I did not want to be there and I stated Gordon had never done anything wrong towards me sexually or otherwise, I was told I could leave. This person seemed visibly upset that I had nothing to say.”

Signed: Steven Wollschlager October 27, 2008

2. STATEMENT OF DEBRA COLLETT (Alleging Witness Tampering and Tampering with Evidence)

Introduction: Ms. Debra Collett was Thomas Grover’s primary counselor in 1987 at Derby Lodge, a residential drug addiction treatment center located in Berlin, NH. In police interviews with Detective McLaughlin pretrial in 1993/94, Grover claimed to have revealed to Debra Collett that Fr. Gordon MacRae molested him in his teen years. Grover had previously been treated for addiction at Beech Hill Hospital in Dublin, NH in 1985, but his treatment was terminated when he was caught smuggling drugs to sell to other patients. Ms.Collett here reveals that Detective McLaughlin recorded his interviews with her, but neither a report nor the recordings were ever turned over to MacRae’s defense as required.

“I am Debra Collett, DOB 6-17-1952. I am making this Statement to James Abbott, Investigator for Gordon MacRae. My involvement leading to speaking with James Abbott was as Clinical Director at Derby’s Lodge in Berlin, NH. I was individual counselor for Tom Grover when he was a client at Derby Lodge.

“Thomas Grover never revealed to me that Gordon MacRae perpetrated against him. Mr Grover spent a great deal of time being confronted in treatment for his dishonesty, misrepresentation, and unwillingness to be honest about his problems. Thomas Grover did reveal that he had been perpetrated against sexually, but named no specific person except to say that his “step father” or “foster father” molested him. When asked if Thomas meant, “Mr. Grover,” Thomas replied, “yes, among others.”

“Thomas Grover presented as unwilling to join a group of other people who like himself experienced similar difficulties. Instead, he became angry, punched walls, flicked things, and slammed doors to evade and not address his issues.

“When it became evident that [the MacRae case] was going to trial, I was contacted by Keene Police Detectives Clarke and McLaughlin. They questioned me and I had several contacts with them.

“My experience was that neither presented as an investigator looking for what information I had to contribute, but rather presented as having made up their minds and sought to substantiate their belief in Gordon MacRae’s guilt. I experienced Detective Clark as the primary questioner. I was uncomfortable with his repeated stopping and starting the tape recorder when he did not agree with my answers to his questions and his repeated statements that he wanted to put this individual where he belonged, behind bars, that a priest of all people should be punished.

“I confronted Det. Clark about his statements and his stopping and starting the recording of my statement, and his attitude and treatment of me which seemed to include coercion, intimidation, veiled and more forward threats as well as being disrespectful. At that point, and in later dealings, I was overtly threatened concerning my reluctance to continue to subject myself to their treatment with threats of arrest. McLaughlin told me he would personally come to my home, drag me out of it bodily if necessary, and force me to appear in court and testify despite my information to him.

“My overall experience in interacting with these detectives was one of being bullied with their attitude of animosity, anger, and preconception of guilt regarding Gordon MacRae. They presented as argumentative, manipulative, and threatening via use of police power in an attempt to get me to say what they wanted to hear.”

Signed: Debra Collett 05-20-2008

3. STATEMENT OF LEO DEMERS IN A LETTER TO JUDGE ARTHUR BRENNAN (Alleging Witness Tampering and Suppression of Evidence)

Letter dated October 24, 2013:

“My wife, Penny, and I were present in the courtroom throughout most of the trial of Fr. Gordon MacRae. For all these years, I have had many questions about this trial and much that I’ve wanted to clarify for my own peace of mind. I learned recently that both a superior court judge here in New Hampshire and the NH Supreme Court declined to hold a hearing on the evidence and merits of a habeas corpus petition in this case. Now that state courts seem no longer to be involved, I feel more inclined to approach you on what has been bothering me, as you were the presiding judge.

“We saw something in your courtroom during the MacRae trial that I don’t think you ever saw. My wife nudged me and pointed to a woman, Ms. Pauline Goupil, who was engaged in what appeared to be clear witness tampering. During questioning by the defense attorney, Thomas Grover seemed to feel trapped a few times. On some of those occasions, we witnessed Pauline Goupil make a distinct sad expression with a downturned mouth and gesturing with her finger from the corner of her eye down her cheek at which point Mr. Grover would begin to cry and sob on the stand. The lawyer’s questions were never answered.

“I have been troubled about this for all these years. I know what I saw, and what I saw was a clear attempt to dupe the court and the jury. If the sobbing and crying were not truthful, then I cannot help but wonder what else was not truthful on the part of Mr. Grover. If he was really a victim who wanted to tell the simple truth, why was it necessary for him and Ms. Goupil to have what clearly appeared to be a set of prearranged signals to alter his testimony? The jury was privy to none of this, to the best of my knowledge.

“Secondly, I was struck by the difference in Thomas Grover’s demeanor on the witness stand in your court and his demeanor just moments before and after outside the courtroom. On the stand, he wept and appeared to be a vulnerable victim. Moments later, during court recess, in the parking lot he was loud, boisterous and aggressive. One time he even confronted me in a threatening attempt to alter my own testimony during sentencing. …

“I simply believe that, like so many others, Mr. Grover and those coaching him have misled you and your court. You also seemed to rely heavily in your sentencing of MacRae on the investigation and findings of Det. McLaughlin. My wife and I had some firsthand experience with him and his tactics during his investigation. He was not at all interested in the facts or the truth. He attempted to use coercion and bullying tactics to get my wife and me to change the facts we presented to him, facts that did not support any of his preconceived ideas.

“We are not the only persons to have had this experience with him. I have read that Debbie Collett, Thomas Grover’s counselor, outlined in detail how she was threatened and coerced into altering her testimony. Another witness alleges that he was overtly bribed by this detective to accuse MacRae during that investigation.”

Signed: Leo Demers, August 24, 2013

+ + +

There is much more alleged of this detective that should come before a Court deciding on his public exposure on the Exculpatory Evidence Schedule or ‘Laurie List.’ As long as the Court allows Mr. James McLaughlin to appear as “John Doe” in any hearing regarding his appearance on the police misconduct list which is meant to be public, citizens are prevented from witnessing to the truth in this regard. None of the people mentioned here have ever been allowed to testify under oath about this detective. Now we know why.

This necessitates a Part 2 of this post, hopefully coming next week.

Meanwhile, please share this article. There is nothing more destructive of the cause of justice and the common good than the noise of too few and the silence of too many.

Pray for justice, and for the integrity of our justice system.


Republished with permission.

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Nashua’s Right Not to Know

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-29 22:00 +0000

If normal people think that they are going to get justice in these times – forget it! I just went to court against the City of Nashua for Right To Know information which they would not give me. I assumed that once in court the city employees would tell the truth under oath but I was wrong. The saddest part was the judge believed them.

I did not think that I had to bring more proof to show that they lied because I had already included some information showing that they had the information but were not willing to give it to me. Wrong.

Mr. Cummings, who was in another courtroom recently, could not remember anything and kept on saying “he could not recall.” This is a man that Mayor Donchess just made Chief Operating Officer for the City of Nashua at $160,000 per year. But he could not even remember that he sent out an email, even after showing it to him. He was a total disgrace.

Jennifer Deshaises, Risk Manager for the city also kept saying that the taxpayers did not have to pay anything for insurance on the Performing Arts Center. The premium increased, but there was no problem because the taxpayers paid to insure a property not owned by the taxpayers. Jennifer has her orders not to tell the Nashua taxpayers how much we are paying for insurance on a for-profit corporation.

We have struggled in Nashua with record delays for four years, and the Courts will not help us. The City waited over 100 days to tell a citizen that their request was unclear. The Court says this is not a problem. The Court then footnoted in a ruling that it was concerned with the city’s lack of a response. But more recently, when the City decided it would take 3-4 years to produce emails on the Arts Center, a citizen filed a records delay, and the Court would not hear it as a stand-alone case. My RTK case heard before the Court had a claim that the new Records Administrator hired to help us get records waited over 60 days to inform me that an attachment was not sent after sending the five-day letter, never noting the oversight. The court found no delay with that. The City is playing endless games and the Court is all in with the City.

The courts in Nashua have shown favoritism to the city because taxpayers help pay their salaries. The sad part is that the courts have shown that they do not stand up to the laws in the State of New Hampshire, and that should not be acceptable to any resident.

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Vote For Me … Because I’m Asian-American

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-29 20:00 +0000

Ben Ming is a State Representative from Hollis who wants a promotion to the State Senate. He says that you should vote for him because he is Asian-American and your vote would help make history.

It is very curious, then, that Ben Ming is NOT supporting Lily Tang Williams, as that would also be “making history” and indeed would be considerably more historic, as the position of Congressman is much more prominent than that of State Senator.


Do you get it yet, bitter-clingers? One set of rules for you and a different set of rules for the Woke-Communists. If you don’t vote for Ming it is because you are against diversity and, more specifically, are bigoted against Asian-Americans.

But Ming and his Woke-Communist ilk don’t have to vote for Lily Tang Williams because … well, because the rules only apply to you. That’s how Woke-Communism works.

The Woke-Communists do not care about diversity or about Asian-Americans, except to the extent that it helps them maintain and gain power. Ming would make the State Senate more diverse because he is the right kind of Asian-American … that is, just like all the other “Democrats” in the State Senate he will do and speak and vote as he is told by General Secretary Donna Soucy. Lily Tang Williams would NOT make the U.S. Congress more diverse because she is passionately opposed to Woke-Communism and extremely articulate in exposing the “Democrats” as Woke-Communists. She is not the right kind of Asian-American.

Do you get it yet bitter-clingers?

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Grid Teetering – Coming Sooner Than You Think?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-29 18:00 +0000

It was close to a decade ago when I saw this video by Bill Whittle:


Lights Out! The Chaos When Our Grid Goes Down | Bill Whittle



An EMP Attack on America? | Frontpage Mag

An Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe | Frontpage Mag

Now, I’ve known about EMP for quite a while, but general threats to the grid never really occurred to me to be a real and significant danger absent something like that.  But the security and stability of our electric grid are getting more attention now.  For example, Russia’s recent attacks on Ukraine’s power system drew the attention of the (formerly) notable 60 Minutes (video, 13 minutes).

Dennis Quaid’s documentary is, IMHO, also a must-watch:



The Truth About The Power Grid Outage Risk in America ( (video, about 12 minutes)

Even absent ill intent, our bailing-wire, duct-tape-and-chewing-gum grid is surprisingly fragile.  Add in ill intent and the danger is dire.  For example, I drive around and I see totally-unguarded transmission line towers and transformer stations.  At best there’s a simple chain link fence around the latter.

A Mad Max Nation with No Electrical Grid | Frontpage Mag (bolding added):

But is it really too much to imagine ISIS, which has repeatedly threatened the homeland, carefully studying the three connected American grids and their vulnerabilities? Why would ISIS not, let us surmise, make plans to dispatch nine small teams, inserted from the porous Mexican border, to the key transmission substations, which would then plant bombs under cover of darkness set to detonate at a specific time? Such an event would not be “another 9⁄11.” Such an event would be a soft kill on the United States of America.

From later in that same article (link in the original, bolding added):

According to yet another damning study, “Most substations sit out in the open protected only by a simple chain-link fence. All but a few high voltage lines are also in the open.”

Now, I’ve never been in the military, but even I can see how attacking a nation’s electric grid – a nation so dependent on electricity as we are – would be child’s play given the lack of security.  Honestly, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already – at least, not more than the incidents we’ve seen.  Such as (same article, bolding added):

In an April 2013 probing action, unknown terrorists attacked the Pacific Gas & Electric’s transmission substation in Metcalf, California. One terrorist crawled into an underground vault to cut the telephone lines for help. Then a squad of gunmen fired “more than 100 shots and knocked out 17 transformers.” The shooters took their time, blasting away for almost a whole hour, before police finally showed up and the terrorists melted away. The attack caused millions of dollars in damage and required 27 days before the small transformers were replaced and back online.

And how many ISIS-minded people do we have now thanks to The Potato’s open borders?  Chinese SpecOps posing as migrants?  Other hostiles?  Not thousands coming in… tens of thousands.



One more thing – if the grid is taken down nationally, restarting it is not just a matter of flicking on a switch even if there is power in localized areas… and what if those local areas can be predicted and have agents to shut it down again?


What Is A Black Start Of The Power Grid?







“This COMFIRMS the power grid will COLLAPSE and no one is ready” | Redacted with Clayton Morris



Many, including essays on the Grok, have mentioned the growing EV demand for power (video, about 15 minutes).  I’d never considered the added strain by the millions streaming into the country across our southern non-border, but that’s an excellent point.  (Aside: if they’re that dirt poor, how do virtually all of them have smart phones?)

This is not just an American problem.  “Big Green” climate-scam-driven commitments are causing shortages of power all over Western Europe.  Australia is issuing warnings about its own grid stability:

Warning for NSW and Victoria residents to brace for blackouts this summer| things to get worse over the next decade….cant supply enough electricity for your air conditioner but no worries,go out and buy an electric car


Worldwide.  All with the same timing: this year.  Weird, right?  Why it’s like there is a goal of answering the 7.3 billion person question.




I want to be clear before I conclude.  I think this is a likely, indeed very likely, thing that’s coming – but IMHO it’s not inevitable.  Be that as it may, understanding what COULD go south is the first step in preparing for it or, if we had a political class that would work on it rather than lining their own pockets, preventing it.

So, concluding… electricity is much more than lights.  It’s refrigeration.  It’s water pressure (even for us with a well, we need electricity to get it up from the depths).  It’s fuel pumping.  It’s communication.  It’s heating and air conditioning.  The list of what electricity does in our modern world is almost endless.  But that’s just in our personal lives.

Factories require reliable power.  Subways and public transportation require reliable power.  Workplaces of all types require reliable power.  City life, as we have it now, requires reliable power.  Employment and modern healthcare and so much more require reliable power.  And we’re about to have that reliability crash.

That will, indeed, be a “total transformation of America”; backwards, to the pre-electric era, but a transformation nonetheless.  Just as promised by the former still-current President.  Do not doubt, when it happens, that it was planned.

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The Role of Business Concierge Services

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-29 17:00 +0000

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of modern commerce, efficiency is paramount. Every minute saved, every resource optimized can make a significant difference in achieving success. Recognizing this need, an increasing number of businesses are turning to personalized assistance to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and provide unparalleled support to their teams.

Understanding Business Concierge Services

Corporate personalized assistance are specialized solutions designed to address the diverse needs of companies across various industries. Unlike traditional customer assistance that caters primarily to personal needs, business personal assistants focus on assisting organizations with tasks ranging from administrative support to strategic initiatives.

These services are often provided by dedicated professionals or agencies with expertise in corporate management, administration, and customer service.

The Role of Business Concierge Services
  1. Administrative Support: Business concierge service excels in handling administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, managing calendars, arranging travel, and coordinating events.
  2. Customer Relationship Management: Maintaining strong relationships with clients is essential for fostering company growth. Concierge services can play a crucial role in managing customer inquiries, resolving issues promptly, and ensuring exceptional service delivery, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Research and Analysis: In the contemporary landscape where information plays a crucial role, having access to up-to-date and pertinent data is indispensable for making well-informed decisions. Corporate concierge services offer support in performing market research, competitor analysis, and trend forecasting.
  4. Project Management: From small-scale initiatives to large-scale projects, effective project management is critical for success.Corporate personal assistants can support organizations in planning, organizing, and executing projects efficiently, ensuring deadlines are met and objectives are achieved.
  5. Specialized Expertise: Depending on the specific needs of a business, concierge assistance can provide access to a wide range of specialized expertise, including legal, financial, marketing, and IT support.

In summary, corporate concierge services play a vital role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness within organizations.

By outsourcing administrative tasks, leveraging specialized expertise, and accessing professional support, businesses can optimize their operations, streamline processes, and focus on driving success.

As the demand for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions continues to rise, corporate concierge support is poised to become indispensable partners in the journey towards business excellence.

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Midweek Memes – Once More Unto the Breach!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-05-29 16:00 +0000

Someone told me that if I came here, I’d see more memes than I can shake a stick at (pardon the sentence ending preposition).

It depends on the stick, I suppose.

In any case, I’m back pulling temp duty as the mid-week memester and doing what I can to uphold the position with honor and dignity. Who am I kidding? These are memes. Yes, memes. You’d do well to remember that. Almost anything could climb the scroll.

Here we go!





















Click Play





















And finally, some Libertarian Party Jokes.




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