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Night Cap: Are we still the “Live Free or Die State”?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-02-14 03:00 +0000

We are slipping, folks. Most of us have been proud to live in the state with this distinctive motto. But, is that all it was meant to be…a motto? Let’s talk about this.

Last fall I noticed that convenience stores were scanning driver’s licenses for proof of age, whether you were obviously an octogenarian or not! Just the idea that anyone would want to look at my license to prove I am over 21 was, I thought, a good reason to always make a wise crack about it! For over a decade (maybe 2 or 3 decades…time is hard to gauge once you get just so old), I would be standing in line and seeing balding, very gray-haired men & women asking for their IDs at convenience chain stores. It appeared there was no sign of aging that would be enough proof that a body was of legal age, so ALL licenses must be viewed. Still, a corporation might have to look high and low for employees who could actually do the math when looking at the date of birth. (see how one problem – failure to educate – leads to another?)

Enter scanners. I just want to point out that there are much less expensive ways to enter the mm/dd/yy and have the age spit back. Suspicious Me believes the ability to collect data was a big selling point of these driver’s license scanning systems.

I have to allow that there could be a situation where the Department of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms or Liquor Commission inspectors might be hovering around these vendors, checking to see if IDs are being “thoroughly” checked. There is no doubt that safety and freedom are each a fraction of one whole. More safety means less freedom and vice-versa. Whether Ben Franklin said it or not, this quote is so true: “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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At the time I saw this and became alarmed, I had no idea how fast these scanning systems were being implemented throughout our communities. But, I was alarmed and I did begin a process to stop the use of scanners. See articles describing my experience here and here.

Since those articles were published, quite a few people have contacted me with their personal experiences of driver’s license scanning. Please understand that I realize how busy everyone’s lives are with work and families, and I am not admonishing those who did what they had to do just to get through the day…but…our freedoms are under attack, and we must notice when it is occurring, or we are at high risk of losing freedom.

The 1st step when someone appears to be stepping on one or several of your US Constitutional Rights…walk away if that is an option. Step 2: Do some internet searching or ask a State Rep. if your rights have been violated. Step 3: Keep notes and documentation as much as possible. Step 4: Begin to realize and use your power as a citizen of NH. Step 5: Use our legal system to begin to insist your rights be restored.

Remember, I thought this was a small problem that would be easy to point out and have our system fix the issue. Hopefully, that is the case most of the time, but always remember the truth in knowing “where there is smoke, there is often fire.” We can retain our right to “Live Free or Die” only with enough eyes and ears to guard against the slippery slope.

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Bananas: Taylor Swift Wins First Super Bowl Championship & MVP

Granite Grok - Wed, 2024-02-14 01:00 +0000

It seems like she was just a fresh face out of high school only a short while ago, running up and down stadiums belting out feel-good hits about young love.  Today she is Taylor Swift, Super Bowl LVIII Champion.

After another long season wearing down her body, giving her all to her fans, Swift descended onto the field in Las Vegas for a shot at becoming the first female celebrity Super Bowl champion.  Her pre-game warm-up routine was lengthy and comprehensive, as many were questioning if she had the speed and stamina to play on the world’s biggest stage.  As if!

As has become common practice for Sunday warriors, Swift painted her face with dark black rings around her eyes, likely to intimidate her opponents, and bold red markings around her lips and mouth, evoking an almost savage cannibalistic visage sure to drain the blood from the hearts of the men she would soon destroy.  The famous trail of bodies she has left in her wake, notwithstanding last night’s carnage of masculine football hopefuls, was the thing of legends.  It takes a lot of balls to play in the NFL when you’re a 5’11” 107-pound female.  Luckily, she spent the night collecting them from the unlucky sacks on the field.

Early in the first quarter Swift led her team with an aggressive combo air-ground attack that had the San Fransisco 49ers defense guessing what would she do next?  Her usually electric touch turned to bad luck and bad blood as one of her supporting role players fumbled the ball, leading to a 49ers field goal and the early lead.  As the camera panned to the sidelines, she could be seen mouthing “I knew you were trouble” to the dejected receiver who would not return to the game.

Still in the first half Swift set out to score with the new guy on the field who uncharacteristically also came up short on a third down option-pass-read-delay-up-the-middle-Statue-of-Liberty-screen-fake-sweep-back-to-the-sideline-hot-route that had been working all season, however the Niner’s defense read it like an Hemingway novel and forced a punt.  Swift sat on the sideline with a blank space look on her face before coach Andy Reid told her to shake it off and get back in the game.  Moments later, her boyfriend Travis Kelce nearly knocked the coach over in a tirade for having not been in on the crucial third down play, prompting Swift to separate the two and telling Kelce what every emotionally charged lover needs to hear at a moment like that – “you need to calm down,” which he did immediately.

Trailing at the midway point, Swift, rather than watch the unusually tame half-time show featuring a mostly clothed Usher and friends, took the opportunity to motivate her team.  Taking responsibility for her less-than-stellar performance, she told them, “I did something bad,” before reminding them, “You belong with me.” This moment was like “our song,” finally asking them, “Are you ready for it?” repeatedly until she ran out of cliché song lyrics.

The third quarter began with a couple of streakers running out onto the field only to be apprehended by security.  Game analysts Tony Romeo and Jim Nantzipants had a good laugh, as we all know if you want to be on the field naked at the Super Bowl, you need to be part of the half-time show.

A long march down the field culminated in a score off a cleverly designed play called the getaway car, where Swift faked falling down injured, causing the field full of men to rush to her aid only to quickly pitch the ball to an undefended running back who scampered untouched into the end zone.  The mad genius of Andy Reid and his ability to manipulate the opposing team like a classroom full of children tied the game headed into the fourth quarter.

Attempting to mount a historic comeback reminiscent of Bud Light after they cut Dylan Mulvaney to bring Peyton Manning and Emmitt Smith out of retirement, Swift marched her team across midfield before calling a read-option-sequin-dime-trap-curl-route-matrix-collarbone-shuffle-pass to the flat that led to yet another turnover.  The replay appeared to show her pass had been thrown behind the receiver who she was seen berating on the sidelines.  The cameras could see her telling her teammate, “Look what you made me do,” before walking away, muttering what appeared to be, “We are never ever getting back together.”  Heeeellls naw!

Needing a miracle, Swift headed up to the executive boxes, where some of her friends obliged by calling on the Prince of Darkness to stifle the 49ers, who had packed the stands with Bay Area faithful in the familiar environs of Sin City.  As they waved their spiritual gang signs furiously in the air, Swift could be seen slamming back a drink like the big boss lady she is before running back onto the field and sacrificing a live chicken to Molech.

The fourth quarter saw Swift single-handedly bringing her team back from the brink.  After wisely summoning demonic energy to tilt the odds in her favor, she literally ran over the backs of her linemen before throwing a pass to herself to tie the game.  Cameras panned to the celebrity fan box and caught a gape-mouthed Tom Brady jumping up and down in admiration of this gridiron goddess who was shredding his records like an FBI agent.

In overtime, the 49ers could only manage a field goal, which set the stage for Miss Tay-Tay to do the unthinkable.  After fielding the kick-off, she ran headlong into the heart of the 49ers’ special teams’ defense before breaking into a Siren-like song that mesmerized her tacklers and the stadium half-full of ex-boyfriends.  Then, in what appeared to be a series of laterals to herself, she galloped down the field doing cartwheels into the end-zone, winning her first Super Bowl of what fans believe will be many given the steady stream of league “talent.”   Following the game, she thanked black people for the month of February before giving herself the vaunted Lombardi Trophy.

An emotional and still single Tom Brady was seen openly weeping in the crowd.

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Senate Republicans Help Dems Bloat National Debt – Pass $95 Billion for Endless Wars

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 23:00 +0000

The state of your dollar just took another kick to the McNuggets. The US Senate has passed a 95 billion dollar “aid” package to the Military-industrial complex under the guise of supporting wars in Ukraine and Israel, planned war in Southeast Asia, and nothing for US Border Security.

On Feb. 4, the Senate unveiled the text of a bipartisan national security bill to provide aid to Ukraine during its war against Russia and Israel during its conflict with Hamas, along with border security provisions, though it was rejected by the body on Feb. 7 after Republicans deemed the latter provisions inadequate to mitigate illegal immigration. A new version of the bill, stripped of such provisions, was passed by the Senate on Tuesday at 6:37 AM by a vote of 70 yeas to 29 nays in extraordinary circumstances, after the Senate remained in session throughout the night.

Remember when Trump couldn’t get a few billion to finish the southern border wall? The same sort of deterrent Democrats use to protect their homes and neighborhoods. It’s pretty uninviting, a wall (it looks like we need one on the northern border now, too). And if you remind the world that we’re not an open door and will follow existing law, there is less incentive for third parties to pay for ships, busses, trains, and planes filled with third-worlders and move them to places from which they cannot advance into the US.

Alternately, even just one billion would provide travel costs to return a significant number of illegals loitering in local hotels, rec centers, airports, and street corners. Put them on a bus to the airport (unless they are living at the airport) and send them back, or – better yet – ship them to Geroge Soros’ home(s), Bill Gates Estate, and Barry Obama’s island mansion.

In Massachusetts, Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia is asking residents to open their homes to the invaders. She says it is a shared responsibility. No. Following the law is a shared responsibility, and the Biden administration and Democrat cities and states have been ignoring it for years. Now that they know what that looks like, they’d like to blame and burden you.

Councilwoman Julia Mejia, to the best of our knowledge, has not opened her home up to any illegals as the Democrat Administrations she supports (Boston, Massachusetts, and Biden) continue to violate the law to the detriment of actual citizens and taxpayers.

While in Congress, the people we elected to protect us from the government use it to destroy our savings and our nation.

I think Mr. Trump would have had this all worked out long ago by not blocking a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. Biden did that. Back in 2022, his administration got Boris Johnson to convince Ukraine to bail on a peace deal that would have ended the conflict maybe tens of billions of US dollars ago and a lot of lost Ukrainian lives (for those of you still standing with Ukraine).

You’d be right to ask why.


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Federal Commission To Propose Changes To Social Security

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 21:00 +0000

They can say it is bipartisan, which is rare in a Congress with a more secure boundary between the two Parties than our southern border. But I think you can also call it a Hail Mary when the proposed bill is sponsored by two Senators who have announced their retirement from public service.

Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) have joined forces and want to see the creation of a Fiscal Commission to review Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The House Budget Committee recently approved a bill that would form a 16-member fiscal commission to review the retirement program and others that face severe shortfalls. The House proposal was also bi-partisan.

The Social Security program has been in place since 1937 and is relied on by over 60 million seniors. Cuts to entitlement programs have always been considered the third rail of politics, but when you have already announced you are done, you may as well go out with a bang. With net worths of 300M and 10M, respectively, Romney and Manchin are far removed from people who rely on Social Security for $25,000 a year.

It amazes me to see how politicians can talk about cutting a program for people who worked their entire lives to qualify for Social Security, but you will never hear them cut Welfare or Snap programs. Except for Frank Siller and his Tunnels to Towers foundation, you never hear Washington bureaucrats address Veteran poverty or homelessness, but they will vote for more funding for Ukraine. Politicians want to form a commission to study cuts and changes to Social Security, but when did you hear one propose a plan to pay back the Social Security Fund the $3 Trillion the government has “borrowed” from it? Maybe Biden can forgive that debt so politicians never have to speak of it again.

Fiscal Commissions are not often used, but they are a way of negotiating essential programs for the American people with virtual anonymity. The hearings are held behind closed doors. A commission in 2010 recommended raising the minimum age for Social Security and cutting benefits, but Congress voted down both. The commissions do not write bills but develop recommendations for Congress to act on. Some say the reason for the current commission is to force Republicans to support tax increases to prevent cuts in entitlements. The proposal to form the commission has an air of extortion about it.

I want to propose a commission for Congress. It would study the end of omnibus bills filled with unnecessary pork projects to satisfy special interest groups and buy votes until significant progress is made to reduce our National Debt, which is now $33 Trillion. There would be a provision that there are no raises for Congress until every person in the military lives above the poverty level and no veteran is homeless. There will be no more money or benefits given to illegal migrants until Congress eliminates Congressional pensions. I think the chances of any of my plans getting support are nonexistent, but they show how messed up our priorities are in Washington.

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No Farms No Food

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 19:00 +0000

Stalin called the “farmers” enemies of the state. By expropriating them, the state took over food production, and 7 million Russians starved to death.

100 years later, the globalists, EU, WHO, and WEF are opening war on the farmers. But the farmers are protesting en mass. Why and how does this affect us in the United States? They have already implemented similar laws on CO2 and nitrogen here by way of the “green New Deal.”

Our neighbors in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and Canada have already started a Carbon credit system better known as the Carbon Tax.

Right here in NH the EPA has a stranglehold on many communities with their nitrogen limits. The gentrification of NH has brought many here because of the rural environment. Yet, we are losing land and farms every day that will never come back. Only a decade ago, the open space committees in NH towns saw the benefits farms have to the environment and the beauty of our state. Today, they want to end open space in favor of 15-minute densely populated cities by developing open space into housing.

In Massachusetts, they are mapping housing “suitability” starting along the “T” train lines. Decarbonizing Methods in Vermont will work to eliminate livestock.

Just how much will it take for a revolt here?

The EU adopted rules that put a stranglehold on farmers without a thought or care of the repercussions. Backed up against a wall, farmers are revolting. They are moving large amounts of manure and refuse to the cities with tractors. They are starting fires and blocking roads. What the elites did not count on was a bunch of pissed-off farmers with heavy equipment and lots of manure.

In 2022 the trucker convoy on Canada showed us how fragile the economy is and dependent on trucking. Many truckers are still in jail, the Canadian government froze bank accounts and go fund me accounts to benefit the truckers. The government promised the Canadians help but never delivered. The trucks and tractors are ready to roll on April 1 2024. This time, the farmers are joining in the protest against the new carbon tax.

The revolt in the EU (European Union) started in the Netherlands. In 2019, the EU and the Netherlands government went on an all-out war on their own farmers. A report released by Prime Minister Johan Remkes, titled “Not everything is possible,” sparked fear as the farmers did not know if their land would be taken by force, and it was not clear how the government restrictions and buybacks would affect their livelihoods. This started the farmers’ revolt.

Signs displayed by people, “No farmers, no food, how dairy you, proud farmer,” were displayed.

The harsh implications from their government and the climate czars, forced many to take to the cities in their diesel tractors and trucks. The primary government targets are CO2 and nitrogen. It wasn’t clear until the government report put the lion share of the blame on dairy farmers who, according to the EU, were responsible for 80% of nitrogen pollution, yet the percent of dairy farms as a business in the Netherlands is only 1%. Farmers had reduced nitrogen emissions 2/3 since 1990, decided the levy broke.

Hundreds of Dutch farmers signed up to close their livestock farms under the new scheme. The EU has approved a €1.5 billion scheme to buy out Dutch farmers and reduce nitrogen emissions, also known as the “Nitrogen Wars.” They are blaming the water quality on the pesticides used in farming. The EU classified land under the “Natural 2000” document, which includes vast farming lands of France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium, has brought this issue to the forefront. Farming in the Netherlands has decreased by 50% since 1960, and before the EU is done, many more will succumb to the pressures. The protest has started again in the Netherlands in 2023.

Here in NH, the EPA has a stranglehold on towns along the Great Bay watershed with a restrictive contract each town has to sign that has to do with nitrogen from stormwater runoff. They don’t know if stormwater runoff is causing increased nitrogen in Great Bay!? But there is no increased nitrogen in Great Bay, according to NHDES data.

The Municipal Alliance for Adaptive Management (MAAM) is researching why the ell grass and snails are in decline and, at this time, does not have a clue. But a rain tax, aka stormwater utility, will fix everything. This disconnect will erode our NH way and make way for further gentrification, which adds further risks to our ecosystem. Each property is assigned a number generated by UNH from grants. See the Web link for your town and property impact. This will be used to “tax” everyone for Total Surface Solubles (TSS), which includes nitrogen and phosphorus. The more land and impervious surfaces you have, the greater the number or impact. Farms are vulnerable due to large tracts of land and pole buildings. There are no exemptions.

Not every EU country is protesting about nitrogen, other factors such as the EU end of subsidies for diesel and buying cheaper food from Ukraine rather than countries in the EU. Billions of European money have gone to Ukraine for food that can be produced within each EU country, yet European farmers saw their income decrease by 12% between 2022 and 2023, according to a report from the insurer “Allianz Trade.” French farmers are those whose income has fallen the most, with -a 22% income over one year.

The Irish farmers are going out of business in favor of Brazilian food farmed on lands taken from developing the Amazon. Large companies manufacturing food and fake meat production in Ireland are reportedly considering killing 200,000 cows in the country to meet the European Union’s climate CO2 targets. The government is actually offering money to cull herds and help the planet. Irish farmers are now protesting their government. Check out an Irish Documentary of what it will be like in 2050! Farmers making Fake milk, growing bugs.

The EU is feeling the pressure according to the BBC, on February 6 head of the European Commission, “Ursula von der Leyen, has announced plans to scrap a proposal halving pesticide use across the EU. Von der Leyen also said the issue of pesticide use had not gone away and that further conversations would be needed before a new proposal to reduce them could be put forward. Tuesday’s announcement that it is being scrapped has been welcomed by some, including the European farmers’ lobbyist COPA-COGECA. Like farmers elsewhere, they demand more flexibility from the EU, tighter controls on the produce of non-EU countries, and more help from their government. But not all farmers, organic farmers, in particular, are in favor of the COOS-COGECA position on NGTs (nongenomic techniques).

The majority of European Parliament (MEPs) voted in favor of weakening biosafety requirements for NGTs but also to maintain traceability of NGTs all along the production and the possibility for national coexistence measures to protect organic agriculture,” said Jan Plagge, president of IFOAM Organics Europe, after the vote. The vote by MEPs is full of contradiction as it acknowledges some major issues associated with NGTs deregulation but fails to provide concrete solutions and would leave farmers and breeders exposed to the corporate takeover of genetic resources through patents.”

Largely ignored, the revolt is only getting worse since the EU and their green agenda, decided to give millions to Ukraine, that not in the EU and send a message that the “peasants” don’t matter. The EU called them a “noisy” outrage. But did nothing help to solve critical problems.

Farms are an easy target for the globalists, WEF, WHO climate agenda. Their plans to end pesticides have failed and will be reconsidered again. The push to eliminate nitrogen and CO2 will cripple traditional farming as both are necessary to grow food and feed livestock. When did farms become the devil? Will the EU stand by their decision and continue to support Ukraine over their own countries? Will they make “pie crust” promises to the farmers? Will this be the beginning of the end of the EU? Time will tell…while the farmers in Europe struggle. But the Ukraine laundry is doing great! So strange they punish farmers and not pesticide companies!? Lots of questions…

Tractor protests spotted in:

(And now the UK)

To be fair, nitrogen is a good/evil element. As are all our “elements,” They cannot answer the basic question, which is “How low can you go before we destroy our ecosystem”? Our industrial evolution has compounded many by-products of nitrogen that are not good. It is true that farming and pesticides can cause erosion and pollution, yet farmers have learned to maximize crops and avoid disaster. Buffer zones maintain runoff to filter excess nitrogen before release into streams and swales.

Farmers are not in the business of “raping” the land as the globalists claim. The land is their livelihood, and they adapt and use BMPs. Livestock farming gets a bad rap, C02 cow farts, methane and nitrogen are all byproduct of modern farming. The largest being manure. Farmers have learned to maximize the waste back into fertilizer returned to the earth. Methane, in some cases, is used to generate electricity. Nitrogen runoff is, at best, minimal.

The issue affects us all and is not limited to Europe. They’ll have us eating bugs and liking it if we allow it.

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Beware The Woke Politics of the Rockefeller Institute’s “After Party Bible Study”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 17:00 +0000

Allie Beth Stuckey of the Blaze Media Group and Megan Basham, culture reporter for the Daily Wire, discussed a recently marketed Bible Study that portrays itself as Christian Centrist with the goal of fostering Christian humility at the ballot box.  Sounds great, right?  Only it’s backed by long-time Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ funder The Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

The name Rockefeller was ubiquitous with American industrial success around the turn of the 20th Century, with its patriarch John D. Rockefeller amassing enough wealth to be called the richest man in the world at one point as he sat atop Standard Oil.  He would use his largesse to not only develop the modern-day pharmaceutical industry but also cunningly put money into tax-sheltered philanthropic foundations, which allowed his family to massively affect American society.

One of his pet projects was then nascent Planned Parenthood at a time when eugenics was becoming popular.  Eugenics is the practice of selective breeding in order to genetically improve the quality of the human race.  However, in the hands of racists, this can mean fewer people from racial groups they don’t like.  His champion, Margaret Sanger, has since been outed for her secretly stated goal to reduce “the negro” population as well as other undesirables, or as Sanger award winner Hillary Clinton might say, “basket of deplorable.”  They continue to get funding, and though they’ve walked back their connection to its founder, Planned Parenthood still aborts black babies at a disproportionate rate nationally.

RPA also has given large amounts to the LGBTQ movement over the years and, in many ways, can be credited for its expansion.  Their purse strings are long and deep, giving to a variety of causes, some $500 million per year to 70 countries.  No longer content to influence American society, the Rockefeller mission is global.  How global?  They also donated the land to the United Nations, and its latest heir, David Rockefeller, bragged about his plan to dissolve America in favor of a global one-world government.

So churches should keep this in mind as the new After Party bible study is marketed far and wide.  Mrs. Basham informs us the packaging is pretty, and the message appears benign and even responsible, but the first red flag is who is behind it. Having sat through the study, she warns not to be fooled by the many platitudes and slogans continually repeated, notably in the absence of scripture.  She noted on more than one occasion, the not-so-subtle message was “voting Democrat is Christian,” even using images of pro-life sign holders as the narrator warns some people may be certain about their views but simply aren’t because Christianity is apolitical, while also being ironic apparently.

Also raising red flags are Curtis Chang, David French, and Russell Moore, all Big Evangelical names with squishy liberal middle sections.  Chang and French were vocally pro-vaccine to the point of even coercing Christians to take it under threat of killing their neighbor if they didn’t.  Moore, once head of ethics for the Southern Baptist Convention, has been found to promote Critical Race Theory and denounce those who don’t.  All three were or are vocally anti-Trump, claiming he has become a false idol while pretending to be apolitical.

This is the group that has packaged a slick new study intended to manipulate the Christian vote prior to the election and positions themselves as having no political motivation while quietly whispering to conservatives, “Did God really say?” (insert conservative Christian political view here).

The watchtower calls for watchmen, however needing as many as we can get we owe a thanks to these courageous sisters for standing on guard as the enemy of the church continues to masquerade as an angel of light and political diplomacy.


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Before You Start Shouting About COVID, Midazolam, and Mass Murder …

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 15:00 +0000

I recently woke to a slew of links to reports suggesting that the UK government had euthanized thousands of elderly patients with the drug Midazolam, reporting the deaths as COVID-related for obvious nefarious purposes. After some research, I doubt it.

The assumption is based on statistical data showing a spike in administered doses that coincide with early deaths among elderly care patients (here is the relevant preprint). I don’t doubt there was a spike but as little respect as I have for the Medical Industrial Complex post-COID-response, we should avoid the desire to jump to conclusions. That is, after all, the hallmark of both Pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical intervention failures in response to COVID.

COVID is the flu. The flu kills the old and frail. There is no doubt that the COVID response resulted in countless unnecessary deaths and that far too many people making those decisions or enforcing them against better judgment are responsible. The problem with the Midazolam mass-murder conspiracy theory is that the drug “can legitimately be used for patients who have terminal restlessness or respiratory distress.”

Midazolam and Morphine are used to allow patients to tolerate active treatment e.g. high flow oxygen, by managing their symptoms (which were overwhelming). These medications, if used appropriately, aid symptom management. Systematic reviews have shown no respiratory suppression and no hastening of death due to sedative medications.

In preparation for the arrival of the virus, care home residents were asked whether they wanted to be admitted to hospital should they catch SARS-CoV-2 and develop COVID-19. As the only treatment for the frail was oxygen, many said they would rather not be admitted. Consequently, if a resident who had expressed a wish to remain in the care home subsequently deteriorated and was felt to be dying,  midazolam prescriptions, along with prescriptions for painkillers and anti sickness medications, were written in anticipation of these being needed.

Given the large number of people who died of a respiratory disease in April 2020, it is unsurprising that higher numbers of Midazolam prescriptions were written during that period. However, an increase in prescriptions does not necessarily equate to an increase in drugs actually administered to or taken by patients.

Armed with this legitimate medical application as a possible explanation, I went looking for support for or against the notion and landed on Dr. Pierre Kory’s substack.

The seeming perception of policy makers that they were in a mass casualty when it appears they were not led the care home residents to die of Covid at needlessly excessive rates due to lack of access to hospital support devices. Which then led to many developing severe breathlessness in the home with the only available care options to be those of “comfort meds.” It seems the reason why they put in a medication protocol as part of their policies, is that they knew they would be needed as a result of insufficient hospital capacity with inability to make available the use of non-invasive and invasive ventilators and high-flow oxygen devices.

Dr. Kory cites a number of missteps that we’ve come to know well as responsible for needless excess deaths. Many of us know people who got severe illnesses and ended up victims of protocol, not so much from the virus. Malfeasance and misfeasance were rampant.

More from Dr Kory.

Further, these policies likely explain so many of the troubling reports by patients and their families of being denied care and thus causing the premature death of patients. But again, I believe (although I was not there, I have read some of the investigations into what happened) that it was the policies that caused the excess deaths, not the meds (although I suppose one could argue there is little difference given that the meds were part of the policy, but I personally do see a distinction – the meds were secondary, albeit an unfortunate and ugly part of the whole mess in that early wave). …


But again, although terrible actions were taken by some providers out of fear and confusion as to what the “right” thing to do was, I cannot ascribe the intent of murder or euthanasia systematically to a population of health care providers. Although I, like many others, recognize that individual providers in certain situations may have “lost their minds”,, a.k.a “ethical bearings” and thus may have actually committed those acts out of some combination of ethical ignorance and fear but I refuse to accept they did it out of malice.

Mistakes were made. A lot of them, with mortal consequences. This is not an effort to dismiss those. We continue to stand behind our past reporting, but this analysis about Midazolam being deliberately used to murder the elderly before we really even knew what we were dealing with reeks of a counter-intelligence media trap set to ensnare people so embedded in the anti-globalist agenda that they can’t help but repeat it.

More likely, it is hyperbolic clickbait, but there is a medical/treatment explanation for its use, specifically in the UK, where socialized medicine has, for decades, crippled access to care. In other words, the killer in this story is not Midazolam. It is the system that so ruined itself that a spike in comfort drugs was the best they could do, and while people died, the drugs were not administered to kill them.

They died because of the system, not the medication (in this case). At least, that’s how this looks from where I sit.

You are, of course, encouraged to disagree.

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Reminder: Can’t Predict Snowfall a Few Days in Advance, But a Few Years From Now … Doom!

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 13:00 +0000

Schools and Businesses all over New Hampshire announced they would be closed this morning. WMUR shows 78 of them as of 6 am ET. Why? The promise of snowmageddon. A storm that might have dumped up to a foot of white stuff. Also, as of 6 am, we’re getting NoMageddon – less than an inch.

Doctors’ offices, dentists, schools, the list is very diverse. They acted and reacted to forecasts predicting significant snowfall. They canceled appointments, procedures, screening, and classes. The meteorologists had plenty to say, but every report did note that they were watching the storm track and that totals could change.

They did.

The system moved so far south in just two days that southern New Hampshire no longer expects more than a coating to an inch of snow today. But, a few days ago, most of New Hampshire was getting snow, with southern New Hampshire looking at the potential for significant accumulation. Or not. The computer models couldn’t get the facts right on that short runway, but we’re expected to take as gospel model predictions decades or centuries from now.

Can you blame us for being skeptical?

The repeated failure to predict local weather accurately. Climate cultists wearing The End is Near sandwich boards have not gotten anything else right, as none of their cataclysmic predictions has come to pass. Third, there is a lot of money changing hands, much of it ours, to keep this false fearmongering alive. Fourth, the whole cabal of climate catastrophists supports a political agenda to control energy, economics, and human activity.

Activity that came to a standstill at businesses and schools around New Hampshire today is based on another prediction that didn’t come true.

The earth’s climate is far too complex for mere mortals or their computer models – even the ones trying to be honest – to predict. They’ve managed passable scores in the short term, but even those, like today, can be wildly inaccurate.

No amount of technology can surpass the fact that they are guessing, and time and distance make this fortune-telling more prophesy than science.

The only thing the long-range modelers can know is what will get them more funding, and that’s political science, not actual science.

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Taxpayers Are Tired of Paying for Other People’s Mistakes

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 11:00 +0000

It appears that Aldermen Dowd and most of the rest of the Board of Aldermen for the City of Nashua think that the Nashua taxpayers have very deep pockets.

The City of Nashua residents must remember that the city received a total of $44,453,420 in ESSER funds from 2020-2022. That Aldermen Dowd states the ESSER funds were short is a total lie. It seems that the Nashua School District spent the money on other things.

A resident should also remember that ALL of this money only went to public schools, and none went to private/charter schools. Maybe some of the money should have gone to the private schools because they would have tracked the funds that were received accurately.

Currently, the Nashua School budget is $176,664,951, with school bonds totaling $133,011,500 for a grand total of $309,676,451. This is for the lowest enrollment in public schools and in educational scores in the last ten years. Maybe this is why the School District could not keep track of all the money they received.

Last week Aldermen Dowd gave an explanation on the ESSER funds that the City of Nashua received that was appalling. Aldermen Dowd told the board and the public that the city was short on ESSER funds by $4.5 million dollars. Aldermen Dowd said no problem, the School district spent the ESSER funds on other things however that is the school district problem and not the Nashua taxpayer problem.

School officials will just have to cut their spending down by $4.5 million dollars in other places. And whoever made this mistake needs to be fired now. A $4.5 million dollar mistake is no small matter, and someone needs to be held accountable.

Second, if a roofing company gave the City of Nashua a quote to do the two roofs, that is the figure that the Nashua taxpayers should pay. If the roofing company did not realize that there were already two roofs that needed to be removed and now wants to charge the Nashua taxpayers an additional $2 million to remove the old roofs, then maybe taxpayers should not be using them because it appears that they are NOT qualified.

Please stop being so free with the Nashua taxpayer’s money and start holding people accountable for their mistakes.

Nashua residents need to voice their opinions with Aldermen Dowd and other board members. Please send an email to them at and tell them that the Nashua taxpayers are tired of paying for other people’s mistakes.

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What Does Emmys Snub Of “Blue Bloods” Say

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 09:00 +0000

There is only one show on network television that I have watched and have for years. Fortunately, thanks to DVRs and streaming services, I have not had to park in front of a television every Friday night for the last 14 years. Blue Bloods has been a constant for over a decade because it is a rarity.

It is quality acting, with great storylines, favorably portrays the police, and has strong family values. For a primetime show with a lengthy history, Blue Bloods has only been nominated for one Emmy, and that was for a stunt performance. No actor has ever been recognized for their work. Why?

I remember years ago reading about why Tom Selleck joined the CBS show. He was brought to tears by the script of the pilot show and wanted to be a part of what he saw as a quality TV series. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that nearly every show has given me wet eyes. Apparently, 15 years later, Blue Bloods still touches Selleck more than just a TV series. Most of the characters on the show have grown up before our eyes, and some have died. This show is a model of quality and consistency in an industry that lacks both. So why the snub by the Emmys? There appear to be many, and none of them are justified.

  • Blue Bloods has had consistently high ratings, especially for the Friday night time slot. One of the problems is the age of the audience. The 18-49 age group is not home watching TV on Friday nights. The show is a success, but it is just not popular with the younger set.
  • The show’s creators, Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, were fired from the hit show The Sopranos. This blemish may have harmed Blue Blood’s chances for industry recognition.
  • Two female characters, Jennifer Esposito, who played Detective Jackie Curatola, and Amy Carlson, who played Linda Reagan, were both “killed” off the show under questionable circumstances, which may have cast shadows on the show by insiders.
  • The Catholic League had always supported the show because of its strong family values but had a change of heart when one of the show’s storylines hinting the Catholic Church was “behind the times” regarding its positions on homosexuality. The episode also featured a cardinal struggling with his sexual identity and a nun who admitted being a lesbian. These views were not received well by the industry.
  • Some think Blue Bloods is too pro-police in a time when the police are not in the brightest of lights with the radical left that has deep ties with the entertainment industry.
  • Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynihan, and other cast members may have gotten gun permits to carry in New York because of their connection with the show. This preferential treatment doesn’t sit well with some.

Most of these possible reasons seem petty for a show with such success and longevity, but not surprising in an industry so shallow. Fortunately, millions of viewers like me are not hooked on the show because of awards but for the quality of the show. Maybe there is a message there. Not everyone needs a trophy to live a quality life. Just being good at what you do should be enough.

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Night Cap: You Voted for Joe Biden – What’s Wrong With You?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 03:00 +0000

I had some thoughts about the person that occasionally (rarely?) sits behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. The man can’t seem to find his way onstage. He has difficulty making it to the podium. He appears to shake hands with people who aren’t on the stage.

He frequently speaks to or about people who aren’t there—because they’re dead (e.g., Francois Mitterrand, who died in 1996, Helmut Kohl, who died in 2017, or Rep. Jackie Walorski who died before a conference that she had convened).

He just spoke of asking President Lopez Obrador of Mexico to open the gate between Gaza and Israel. He continues to repeat tall tales about various events that have been fact-checked as false. He slurs words together.

When he is finally done. he can’t find his way off of the stage. Does he seem OK to you?

The latest buzz? The report about the classified documents about Afghanistan and Ukraine found in cardboard boxes in Mr. Biden’s garage and in his office at the Penn Biden Center. As Mr. Biden was the vice-president or a senator at the time, he was not legally allowed to declassify and retain those documents.

Will he be indicted? Per special counsel Robert Hur—no. Why?

Mr. Hur noted that Mr. Biden’s memory was so poor that he couldn’t remember when he was vice president or when his son Beau died, among other things. Mr. Hur stated that Mr. Biden would be a sympathetic elderly defendant and a jury wouldn’t convict. Not that AG Garland would actually issue an indictment against his buddy. C’mon, man

Are you still planning to vote for this person as president of the United States?

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HB1002 and Bribery: Give us Some Cash and We Might Share Some Documents You Already Paid For…

Granite Grok - Tue, 2024-02-13 01:00 +0000

Charging residents for government transparency (see HB1002) increasingly sounds like a bribe to me. Yes, we created these documents at your expense, but if you want to see them, you’ll need to slip us a little cash. It might be a lot of money; we’ll let you know.

The bill passed, was reconsidered, then did not pass but did not fail. It has been rushed back to the Judiciary Committee for emergency resuscitation. The goal of its sponsors [(Prime) Kuttab (R), Michael Cahill (D), Ball (R), Maggiore (D), Ankarberg (R), DeSimone (R), Dunn (R), Nelson (R), Bill Boyd (R), Edwards (R), Grassie (D), Carson (R), Gannon (R), Watters (D), Lang (R), Avard (R)], all of whom have put the state before the people (IMO), is to rearrange the words until it passes the NH House.

The buzz suggests easy passage in the Senate (like sh!t through a goose), and Gov. Sununu signing it seems likely, so this bilking citizens is a wholly endorsed project of the Republican Party.

They are making public document access and, therefore, government accountability a potential hardship.

Ua Nemhnainn, commenting on an earlier article about HB1002, observed that Article 8 of the NH constitution clearly states that “the public’s right of access to governmental proceedings and records shall not be unreasonably restricted.

The only remaining argument against my … points is possibly over the word ‘unreasonable’ in Art. 8. If a fee would impact even a single citizen from accessing government records, it is unreasonable. Overall, this bill would have a chilling effect on low-income and ordinary citizens even making requests, as they would have no way to know ahead of time if they would suddenly be charged $25 or $300 for a request.

This is a point we’ve also made, but Ian Underwood added a new dimension to the conversation – as we expected he would – by pointing out that the system we have without the need for bribes (my words, not his) has things backward from go.

The problem with the current RTK setup is that you have to already know there’s a problem before you can start looking into it. If you want to find the problems, you have to be able to look at everything.

Actual transparency would require towns, municipalities, school districts, and agencies to make all documents that could be subject to an RTK available online as soon as they have been created. That would include all official emails, all RFPs, all bills, all correspondence… everything.

That’s what a Right to Know (RTK) law would require. What we have now is a Right to Ask (RTA) law, which is a very different kind of thing.

We have a “right to ask” but not a right to know, to which the HB1002 sponsors and supporting members of the legislature would like to add a fee, fine, tax, or, as I’ve now suggested, a bribe.

Yes, you can ask, but before you can know, we’ll need some as-yet-to-be-determined sum of money upon whose payment we may then provide the documents we think you requested (if they get it wrong, you’ll likely have to grease their palms again).

All we’re missing is a muscly gold-chain-adorned leisure suit-wearing guy named Vinnie the fixer and a shadowy alley reeking of garbage and piss.



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The Democrat Solution to High Property Taxes Is… More Higher Taxes!

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 23:00 +0000

Since attaining supermajority status in Montpelier, the Democrats’ education policy can be explained as “give the government school monopoly (the VTNEA, superintendents association, etc.) whatever they want!”

This included universal “free” school meals, expanded pre-k spending and control over birth to five care, and a new pupil weighting system guaranteeing more spending on certain classes of students. This cocktail exploded in their – OUR – faces in the form of an anticipated 20 percent plus property tax increase.

Now, they are desperate to paper over this colossal political screw-up, and their plan to do so is not to spend within our means but rather to raise more taxes to feed into the education fund to “buy down” the impact on property taxes. In other words, continue to take more and more money from taxpayers to give to their political cronies, just out of different pockets, in the hopes we can be fooled into thinking we’re somehow getting a deal.

It’s not a new strategy. The Education Fund is currently fed by the property tax, 1/3 of the sales & use tax, ¼ of the meals & rooms tax, the state lottery, and a handful of other minor sources. My friend John McClaughry dubbed the public-school special interests “The Blob” after the 1950 horror movie monster that grew ever larger by subsuming – killing and destroying — everything in its path. It’s an apt description, and The Blob is on the move again!

The House Ways & Means Committee is currently debating what other new revenue sources can be thrown into the expanding path of The Blob. Here are the top candidates:

  • Higher and/or expanded sales taxes. Vermont’s sales tax is currently 6 percent, with some communities adding a local option tax on top of that. It raises $607 million.

According to the Joint Fiscal Office, each 0.1 percent increase in the sales tax would raise approximately $9.3 million. Of course, this would make Vermont even less competitive with neighbors New Hampshire, which has no sales tax, and New York, which has a 4 percent sales tax. It was also pointed out that the sales tax is a regressive tax hitting lower-income people harder than those with higher incomes.

Expanding the sales tax base – the things subject to the sales tax – could squeeze as much as $271 million by including groceries, medical products, residential energy, clothing, and footwear. These things are currently exempt from the sales tax because, well, people need them to survive. Taxing them would be cruel and unusual. But, you know, if the VTNEA wants the money….

  • An Excise Tax on Sweetened Beverages.

The JFO ran the numbers on taxing just “sugar-sweetened” beverages – soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, ready-to-drink teas, and coffees, etc. —  at either 1 cent or 2 cents per ounce (so 12 to 24 cents per twelve-ounce can/bottle, but it also applies to syrups and powders to which water is added). This would extract an estimated $15.2 to $29.8 million from thirsty Vermonters. However, Rep. Peter Anthony (D-Barre) floated the idea of taxing ALL sweetened beverages, an idea the chair Emily Kornheiser said she could potentially get on board with, regardless of what the sweetener was. This would roughly double the take. Hey, why not? The VTNEA wants the money.

Of note, no other state has a sugar or otherwise sweetened beverage tax, although a handful of municipalities do. So, look for “Vermont will lead the way!” propaganda to come if this takes off.

  • A “Cloud” Tax on Pre-Written Software Accessed Remotely.

Democrats in the legislature have been salivating about the Cloud Tax on software as a service for over a decade, and this might just be the year! (Because the VTNEA wants the money.) For the most part Vermont does not tax services (more on that in a moment). This tax, which would cost Vermonters roughly $20 million per year, would hit things like your Microsoft Office or Google Apps subscriptions, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Toast or Square, Force, Amazon Web Services, and with cruel irony, TurboTax, so you’ll get to pay a tax to pay your taxes.

While this has implications for everybody, it will be particularly painful for small businesses that need these software services to operate competitively.

  • Expanding the Sales Tax to Services.

Although a general expansion of the 6 percent sales tax on goods to include services – everything from school tuition, legal advice, hair salons, personal trainers, lawncare, etc. – was not part of the JFO presentation, it was raised by members of the committee. The JFO presenter referred them to the Rand Study done in 2023 to determine new revenue streams to fund expanded government-run pre-k. That study showed that expanding the sales tax to services at the 6 percent rate would extract $105 to $143 million, depending upon what and how many exemptions are allowed.

  • Tax candy

Currently, candy is considered a grocery and is exempt from the sales tax. Taxing it at 6 percent would only raise $3.7 million, but as long as you’re stealing, you might as well do so from babies. The VTNEA wants the money!

The tragedy of all this taxing and spending – or perhaps the intent – was pointed out by Representative Scott Beck (R-St. Johnsbury). “Given how we define education spending and calculate the yield, this would be worse because you’d get all of the taxes and not get property taxes down at all.” Asked to elaborate, Beck went on, “If you pour all of this money into the system, the districts are going to spend it up because it’s cheap money. I mean, we’ve added in the last – with Wayfair [v. South Dakota sales tax SCOTUS decision] We’ve added $100 million in sales tax to the Education Fund, and look what’s happened to property taxes. The money’s cheap to the districts, and so they spend it.”

Just like The Blob monster that it is.


Rob Roper is a freelance writer with 20 years of experience in Vermont politics, including three years of service as chair of the Vermont Republican Party and nine years as President of the Ethan Allen Institute, Vermont’s free-market think tank. He is also a regular contributor to VermontGrok.

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Never Stop Applauding … Or Else!

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 21:00 +0000

It’s appropriate that the 28th annual meeting of the United Nations Climate Summit is called the “Conference of Parties.” Each year, they have a party destroying the liberty of the American people.

Most Americans remain ignorant that the U.S. delegates are among the cheerleaders clapping for the tyranny of the global domination goals to regiment the whole world with environmental controls.

President Biden immediately reversed the Trump Administration policies that slowed this process down. For at least 28 years, the globalist left has consistently put America at the forefront of promoting audacious controls. Do you realize that this past December, throughout COP28, in Dubai, UAE, the U.S. and Western governments pledged suicidal energy policies? All the communists, socialists, and Islamic nations celebrate how naive American delegates are at this Conference of Parties. This action to make America first will economically destroy us.

This action reminds me of a similar scenario going on in the 1937 Soviet Union. Standing in the crowd after listening to an impassioned speech praising Joe Stalin by his deputy, Alexander Solzhenitsyn stood among the fear and terror written on each man’s face, clapping long and loud for one of history’s most prolific and evil mass murderers. Fake enthusiasm, intimidated souls mimicking one another, fearing not to stop. Eleven dreadful long minutes passed. Finally, the director of the paper factory boldly sat down, and all the rest followed, ending the applause. That night, this man was arrested and, after interrogation, given ten years in prison. Their final warning to him: “Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.” In today’s America, it is concerning that the Democratic left and RINOs do not fake their enthusiasm for these liberty-destroying policies. They never stop applauding.

We want to thank Russ Payne for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

It is obvious that the goal of President Biden’s policies is not to put America’s interest first. He signed unconstitutional Executive Orders to destroy the energy independence achieved under President Trump. Alex Newman’s TNA 1/29/24 article points out how our delegation to the COP28 Climate Summit puts America last: “Ironically, those coal-fired plants being built across China are powering the very factories producing the economical and environmentally devastating solar panels and windmills subsidized by struggling Western taxpayers — systems that will end up imposing even higher costs on American consumers.” What Hypocrisy? Communist, socialist, and Islamic regimes make oil deals at the UN Climate Summit to phase out fossil fuels, but America must be first!

The New American asks Senators Lisa Murkowski (R – Alaska) and Tom Carper (D-Del) a similar question, “Why does the U.S. government commit economic suicide to “save the climate” even as the regime ruling Communist China keeps building coal-fired power plants at an unprecedented rate?” Of the few answers given, they: “… simply insisted that Beijing should follow suit after the United States jumps off the cliff into economic oblivion.”

Something is terribly wrong when our government, elected by “we the people,” pledges its loyalties to the UNCOP28 plans without the permission of Congress. The silent majority must wake up and speak out when Congress ignores American interests. Contact state and federal representation — Senators and Representatives – with phone calls, emails, and snail mail — to warn them to stop representing the UN’s Agenda 2130 and COP28 pledges. Check out the facts at the Voice of Freedom:

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Biden and the Houthis – Live Shows Daily!

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 19:00 +0000

Within weeks of the Biden Administration embedding itself in the Oval Office (Like a tick), it announced that the Houthi rebels in Yemen were not, as the Trump administration had declared, terrorists. Except they were.

The Houthi movement, which is officially called Ansarallah (or Ansar Allah, for “supporters of God”), brags a slogan which reads: “God is great, death to the U.S., death to Israel, curse the Jews, and victory for Islam.” …

The obvious presumption was that the Bidenistas were tossing Iran’s Proxy and, therefore, Iran a bone, claiming it was about ensuring humanitarian relief. And why not? The Bidenistas hate America and Israel, so it was a better fit than OJ’s glove.

In exchange, the Houthis continued to recruit child soldiers, bomb airports, and kill civilians – they even raided the US Embassy in Yemen before the year was out.

Not much had changed in the intervening years until someone decided to report on the years of “almost peaceful protesting” as if it were something new. Forever wars, distraction from Team Biden failures during a presidential election year, corn pop? Any guess is as good as the next, but the US started bombing Yemen as a matter of policy (so much for the humanitarian aid), and Biden Inc. has had a change of heart on the Houthi. They are to  be rebranded as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist.”

This decision comes after the group has repeatedly attacked United States interests, including commercial ships in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. National Security Official Jake Sullivan stated that this move is aimed at impeding terrorist funding to the Houthis.

This fits (hand-and-glove?) with the Deep State theatrical presentation: we’re mad at Iran for something that reeks of some sort of John Kerry visiting the Mullah co-production stage play. Democrats love Iran and have longed for a shift in regional power away from Saudi Arabia. The distraction is an excuse to increase inflation by throwing billions at weapons makers (who love anyone that gives them money), while the depopulation left gets something the like. Wars kill a lot of people. Sure, they release a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, but someone did some math in case anyone asks.

The number of people killed offsets the CO2 released to kill them or something like that.

War is now a planetary good, so we should expect more of it, but you have to have an antagonist. In Ukraine it’s Russia, in Israel it’s both sides, and in Yemen it is now the Houthi, who Iran may have given up for the sake or perception. Trump winning is bad for Iran and the Democrats, so what’s a few martyrs? They can also find more.


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Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 17:00 +0000

And so another week begins.

Take heart – there will be both a Wednesday and Friday Edition.  Last week’s Friday Edition.

Remember, ridicule and mockery are effective weapons:

  1. Ridicule cannot easily be fought
  2. Ridicule makes the enemy angry, and angry people make mistakes
  3. For those in the “squishy middle” a Thought Splinter (and Part II and Part III and Part IV) can often be hidden inside humor.

Now, let the mockery and mayhem begin.


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***












































Same applies to property taxes.  It’s essentially rent paid to the state for the land they can confiscate if you don’t pay it.










This is an incredibly important point.  As Mark Steyn said, demographics is destiny.

All these illegals are going to be dependent on FedGov for years (assuming we don’t collapse Cloward-Piven style, which IMHO is the whole point of the exercise).




















































Links (some mine, some my Jarhead friend):


Study: Psychological Interventions Do Not Work on Climate Skeptics – Watts Up With That?

So, basically, by force.

Moonbattery Trans Baby Molester Goes Free as Libs Target Dissidents – Moonbattery

I want off this planet.  Stat.

Bayou Renaissance Man: China’s Communist Party gets even more protectionist

China is, IMHO, an economic house of cards.  And not just China:

Soaring debt pushing wealthy nations to ‘fiscal death’ – The Burning Platform

A Bad Day for America :: SteynOnline

Another nail in the coffin for free speech.  More:

To HELL With Free Speech: Democrat Senator Warner Pushes For More Censorship, Big Tech-Government Collusion To Silence Americans ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

Steve Kirsch: CDC FORGOT to warn the public that COVID-19 vaccines cause DEMENTIA * * by Noah

That would explain why a lot of Covidians I know, who have been Jabbed multiple times, seem less sharp than before.  Related:

Embalmers Continue to See White, Fibrous Blood Clots in the Bodies of Vaccine Recipients › American Greatness (

The Covid-19 “vaccine” (and probably the “boosters” as well), are still causing massive blood clots, according to morticians and embalmers.

The “Far Right” Pounces | Power Line (

If the far right consists of those who are horrified by gang rapes of 13 year old girls, count me in.

Me too.

The Feral Irishman: So, Basically, We Are On Our Own… It’s Only A Matter Time…

A sheriff from Ohio lays out that attacks on our country “are not a matter if, but when”, and that when it happens, we are on our own, so prep accordingly.  The video is about 25 minutes and worth listening to.

The Obama ‘Nudge Unit’ Rides Again – American Thinker

The government is “nudging” us again (not that they ever really stopped).  And my own essay on nudging:

The Fly on the Urinal – Urban Scoop

Mail-In Ballot Fraud Study Finds Trump ‘Almost Certainly’ Won In 2020 | ZeroHedge

A new study has shown massive fraud in the 2020 mail-in ballots (up to 25%) and that means that yes, Trump DID win 2020, and was cheated out of the election by fraud.  The question is this:  Who will actually bring this to bear LEGALLY, and hold the fraudsters (and everyone who covered it up) accountable?  Added: What judge has the stones knowing the kind of firestorm they’d be stepping into?

Major News Outlets Continue Losing Millions Amid Anti-Trump Coverage (

In the “What did you expect” department, major news outlets and publications are going under, because people aren’t watching them anymore.  Gee, I wonder why?  Maybe because you sold your souls to the Marxist left and the “news” you publish is nothing but pure propaganda?

Squatters Taking Over Homes All Over The US On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime – The Lid (

As people are forced to leave their homes due to foreclosure, more and more homes are being taken over by squatters & used for crime.

Twitter video: The Great Set-Up

This is a fascinating video, entitled The Great Set-up, Part 1 that ties together the set-up of the Covid-19 “plandemic” and how this was all planned out 15 or more years ago.  But the information was covered up, definitions changed, and laws flat out ignored to push this on the entire world.  Also, the evidence this Doctor uncovered was shown to many people who had the power to do something about it.  But instead, they SQUASHED it.  It’s a little over 34 minutes, but really worth your time, as you need to realize that the world powers (including our own government) are willing to literally MURDER us for profit and/or power.

Horrifying Mid-Flight Emergency: Passenger Dies After ‘Liters of Blood Comes Out of His Mouth and Nose’ – Vigilant News Network

From a good friend of mine comes a link to an article about a man who is VERY sick, but is allowed to board and fly on an international flight.  Midway through the flight, he starting having blood coming out his nose and mouth, and eventually died.  The really strange thing is this:  No one from the flight was quarantined after this happened!  You have to ask yourself WHY NOT?  Do they want a sickness like this to spread?  Well, maybe they do.




Pick of the post:




Two early 20th century cartoons.  Could be talking about today.




Palate Cleansers:





Come back Wednesday for another edition.  Same Meme Time.  Same Meme channel.

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Biden is Done, So, What Next?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 15:00 +0000

How sweet is it that Joe Biden’s political career was torpedoed by the man he has used to destroy anyone who got in the way of the Democrat destruction of America? Special Counsel Robert Hur may have published the scathing report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, but it was Biden’s buddy, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who signed off on and delivered the damning document to Congress and the world.

Some may say Garland never read the report, but what he signed was worse than if Biden was tried and found guilty of espionage. Garland did his best impersonation of Judas and presented the report that proved to the world that Joe Biden is not mentally competent. Joe Biden, President and leader of the free world, is an old man who lacks the memory recall to defend himself, let alone be within ten feet of the nuclear football.

The White House has been in damage control since the release of the report on Thursday afternoon. The report details why Biden will not be charged with illegal possession of classified documents because no jury would ever find an old, feeble, mentally incompetent Joe Biden guilty of the charges. Karine Jeanne-Pierre, Ian Sams, and the liberal mainstream media did their best to spin and distort the Special Counsel report but failed.

The media defended Biden and crucified Hur, but the evidence is insurmountable. The Dems can tell us till they are blue in the face that Biden is of sound mind, but Thursday’s prime-time press conference was all America needed to see. After Biden’s hapless effort to fend off the newly stoked media, it was evident that Joe Biden was done. Stick a fork in him and start planning his Presidential library. Ensure plenty of room for the Corvette, the broken lamp, and the dilapidated boxes of classified documents from the family garage.

The free-for-all starts on Monday. Biden and Doctor Jill will not quit, but Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom, and Kamala Harris will be fighting for the top slot on the 2024 Democrat ballot. There are others like Hochul (NY) and Whitmer (MI) who think they have what it takes, but they need to look in the mirror and realize they are not able to manage a state, let alone 50 states and the endless caravan of humanity crossing the Rio Grande.

It is getting late in the game for a passing of the baton. Super Tuesday is coming quickly, as is the convention. The convention in Chicago may resemble a WWE battle rather than a party convention. Newsom will probably emerge as the front-runner. After all, he has been running since 2023. Obama is the only one who can bring them all together, but after twelve years of Obama’s Presidency, do we really want four more with Michelle as the figurehead? With no political experience and an ego that will match any narcissist, the country cannot handle a Michelle Obama Presidency. Let’s face it. The Democrats are screwed, but they did it to themselves when they put Biden in the White House.

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This Week’s Comment of the Week Winner Is …

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 14:00 +0000

Another good week for engagement between readers with several articles exceeding 60 comments each. And quite a few new names have popped up in the mix. That’s what it’s all about, in our opinion.

It makes my job harder – I say that every week, but it’s true, and I like it.

A few mentions before we crown last week’s winner. Jewbacca (love that handle), Recognizing truth, greenmanpostal, Jay, Tony, J.Page, The Ornery Nurse, Ua Nemhnainn, Ian, Nitzakhon, NHNative, Steve Earle, DiverDuck, TombstoneGabby, Landigns Elf, QuillPig, DavidS, Skip (posting @GraniteGrok), Ken, the other Ken, the other Jay, Jeff, Mike, Cantdog, Dan McGuire, StillStanding, Truth Hurts The Weak, Doyle, Agent Liberty, Jefferson Voltaire, Publius, and many (many!) more.

We welcome you all and appreciate your engagement, but as we say (almost every week), there can be only one.

David S. Please email me at so I can get a mailing address.

David S (reformatted) [GOP Voters are Not Very Good at Voting]
I think the REAL problem stems from the GOP NOT having REAL PRINCIPLES that they both understand AND stick to. Say what you want about libertarian ideals, but they are consistent.

When I ran for office, I may not have known everything about every subject, but when asked about something I didn’t fully know, my response was always in favor of the individual over the collective, getting rid of the government role, increasing freedom, liberty, choice, and personal responsibility.

Sadly, I think that too many in the GOP suffer from the same “internal schizophrenia” (as I call it) that plagues those in the democrat party. They believe in economic freedom but can’t allow personal freedom (or visa versa for the democrats). They NEVER seem to understand that there is ONLY FREEDOM, not two different kinds that can be separated or treated separately.

If you have NO foundation upon which to build your platform or principles, you can easily be led astray by polls, hollow arguments, or simply raw cash.


The absence of well-rooted principles continues to be a problem, as does the speed with which those claiming to have them depart from that – at all levels of government.

Note 1: Several runners-up are worthy of additional attention, so I hope to find time to feature them in posts later this week.

Note 2: Jim Peschke (last week’s winner), please email me (or email me again) at I still need your mailing address.

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Tucker Is Attracting 6 Times More Viewers Than ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC Combined

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 13:00 +0000

Non-journalist Tucker Carlson, that’s what the REAL media is calling him (maybe he’s just a reporter?), got something none of them could. An interview with the sinister dark lord of the once-fading Soviet Empire, Vlad the Putin. Their jealousy is embarrassing to everyone but them, which is great for us.

We didn’t lie about the Steele Dossier, Hunter’s Laptop, Hillary’s Server, VP Biden’s illegal possession of classified Docs, COVID/the response/the vaccine, but here they are, begging for credibility on the question of someone who has been doing journalism professionally for decades getting someone else’s side on a list of issues from NATO expansion to bombing Russian pipelines, to that war in Ukraine thing.

An interview they wanted but did not get, at which they claim they’d ask hard questions, which we know they would not. The goal would be not to pry the truth from a former KGB agent and Russian President for Life but to control whatever message came out of the conversation.

You and I are too stupid to understand what it all means. It is far too complex for us to manage. Therefore, they are obligated to engage in censorship and message control to ensure our baby-bird brains receive only the information nutrients they deliver.

Musk’s X, Tucker’s TCN, Joe Rogan, and many others (including the ‘Grok, in its own way) keep jumping the speech barriers and side-stepping the censorship landmines to expose you to ideas they can’t control, what the presstitutes and their Big Tech allies call misinformation or disinformation -even malformation.

How’s that working out?

The total for all of these shows combined is just shy of 32 million. Remember, back in 1968, Walter Cronkite drew an average of 27 million viewers just for his broadcast. Compare that to Tucker’s numbers — as of 9:06 pm Saturday night (Eastern Standard Time), it has 186 million views. In other words, Tucker is attracting 6 times more viewers than ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC combined. And he is not spending one dime on advertising trying to attract viewers.

CNN’s numbers are really pathetic. Their “top” show only attracted 733,000 viewers. Tucker blew through that number in the first 30 minutes of his interview with Putin. When you stop to consider the hundreds of millions of dollars the media companies with so few viewers, you must wonder, “How long can this go on?”

How long, indeed. That same REAL media has followed Big Tech’s example and shed tens of thousands of jobs, which, ironically, is what they voted for. Instead of following the Trump economy example post-covid, he did what Democrats always do. He made it more expensive to do business while making it harder to attract business: inflation, energy prices, food prices. The Obama-Era economic new normal that Trump destroyed with record jobs and economic growth returned when Igor (Biden) and his keepers took possession of the Executive Branch.

If the numbers are right, about 90% or more of the people who are losing their jobs in Big Tech, Media, and Entertainment chose that over prosperity and mean tweets.

Elections do have consequences, as does letting a political party steal them, which Democrats do to each other, so let’s not pretend they won’t do it to Republicans. And maybe they realize it, but likley not. The bubble in which they live is thick, like their skulls.

Carlson got what they wanted, and he’s embarrassing them with its appeal as fewer people tune in exclusively to their fits and rants about silencing any “journalism” whose product they cannot control.

If you are in our audience, you’ve likely seen it and decided for yourself, but if not, we’d never stand between you and you making up your own mind. Unlike the left and the Machine Media, we understand that everyone makes mistakes, and only through open debate do we find some agreement on the truth (and maybe just end up agreeing to disagree).

Here’s Tucker and Vlad having a chat.



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Doubtful At Best

Granite Grok - Mon, 2024-02-12 11:00 +0000

Americans have been very lax with their Blessings. In a country that offers so much, how is it that we take it all for granted without caring to ensure its operational integrity? No wonder that today, we are on the precipice of joining the rest of the third-world inhabitants!

Logic and common sense tell us that our freedoms all come with limitations. Think about safety on the highways; posted along with the speed is the word “limit.”
It’s required and even practical since men and women usually require controls. So, on this point, while certain acts have received freedom’s legal pass, explain the actual speech involved when burning our National flag or the value of “privacy” after becoming pregnant?

These queries are citizen-related; what about those that the citizens elect for representation? This two-sided coin meshes and thus increases the election of buffoons or worse. Once again, freedom only works properly when a responsible, alert, and informed citizenry is its guide.

For some time, those graduating with law degrees never once opened up or studied the law of our land, our Constitution. The majority of representatives have law degrees. Although otherwise upstanding, why is this law degree such an attraction for holding office to both the candidate and the voter?

This leads to two obvious injustices which have remained either unnoticed or, more likely, unknown. Over time, both have sewn a terrible web of intrigue and criminality.

The first is this weighty weapon of issuing an “Executive Order.” Its frequent defense is that George Washington issued them! Yes, he did, but what is not mentioned is that he used them sparingly and within the proper legal framework. As its title infers, they were strictly for issuing corrective measures to problems within his “Executive” branch. Today’s version of EO usage is similar to transforming a young and innocent lady into a common streetwalker!

Still, it’s a problem solver. Can’t get it through Congress? “Don’t worry about that old fuddy-duddy document from 1787 or the system of governing which has worked so well, we’ll just pass an EO!” The subsequent results from these illegal actions are the proof! And now, with the American people experiencing this abuse for so long, it’s considered routine!

The second Constitutional crime came with the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment. The basic purpose of its writing was to ensure equal rights to those who were freed. So, it would seem that this needn’t be an Amendment but rather a legal directive with an expiration date. However, even the legal ratification of the Fourteenth seems questionable given the late Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald’s book, We Hold These Truths.

To quote, “Three-fourths of the states did not ratify the proposed amendment, as required by the Constitution; but…Congress had the Secretary of State proclaim it ratified anyway –on July 20, 1868.” He further states, “…the Fourteenth would have foredoomed freedom under constitutional law because it conflicts so sharply with the rest of the Constitution.” Back then, it was an accepted fact that ratification by the rebellious states was a precondition to being re-admitted into the Union.

More affecting and more understandable is this asinine judicial interpretation that once an illegal enters American soil, her forthcoming baby will be granted citizenship! This interpretation directly challenges the purpose of America’s immigration process and requirements if all an immigrant has to do is to sneak in through the southern border so that her child would be automatically rewarded!

Another knock on the Fourteenth is the redundancy. It repeats the “due process clause” of the Fifth Amendment and the “equal protection clause” of its previous Thirteenth Amendment. Still, its judicial referencing continues.

Today’s Courts depend too much on this particular amendment. It has gotten to the point that it is a catch-all for so many assorted rulings. It seems that the late Congressman may have been correct when theorizing “…would have foredoomed freedom…”

Quelling any reader curiosity, Rep. McDonald is a relative unknown today since he was among those aboard the #007 flight of the Korean Airlines, which received scant media notice, simply due to the fact that it was downed by none other than our Russian trading partners.

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