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The World Bank’s Recipe for Globalist Food Control

Granite Grok - Sat, 2024-06-01 18:00 +0000

A recent report produced by the World Bank leaves no doubt that what has unfolded against farmers in Holland, Belgium, and France is a precursor to globalist plans of food control and all food production (and diet choices) for humanity in the name of rescuing the planet from cows and destructive agriculture. Woven into the new plan are the usual false claims about farming, which should serve as a warning about the true intentions of this world-dominating proposal.

The ironic title of the report is “Recipe for a Livable Planet,” a prescription for complete food control, profits for corporate “stakeholders,” unfettered wealth redistribution, and the further degradation of traditional small-scale farming. The premise is that “the food system must be fixed because it is making the planet ill and is a big slice of the climate change pie.” This is a dubious claim, as cows and livestock are maligned as huge contributors to climate change threats when, in fact, they are the cornerstone of soil health and carbon sequestration.

Low-hanging Climate Fruit?

The report employs flawed logic to argue that food supplies must be the chief climate target for humanity:

“Until now, efforts to reduce GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions have focused elsewhere — on sectors like energy, transport, and manufacturing, where scaling up a few key technologies has made an important difference in reducing emissions. However, these low-hanging fruits have mostly been harvested, and emissions levels are still far from where they need to be to avert climate catastrophe.”

That “low-hanging fruit” of renewables is far from being “mostly harvested” – grid capacity is inadequate, and the failing EV and solar panel markets reflect not only economic shortcomings but also the failure of these technologies to deliver as promised. The new report gushes about the hidden externalized costs of agriculture while ignoring the tremendous externalized pollution costs of the so-called “renewables” industry, from mining, coal plants to smelt aluminum and produce solar panels, and disposal impacts.

What of the low-hanging fruit of recreational energy consumption? Why are global entities advocating for total food control in the name of saving the planet, while completely ignoring flatscreen TVs, lawnmowers, downhill skiing, golf courses, and recreational jet travel? Such uses are unjustifiable if the world is about to end yet remain unaddressed while food and cows are targeted. Some 800 million gallons of refined gasoline are burned in US lawnmowers each year, with no pollution control technologies in use. That esoteric consumption of fossil fuels goes unaddressed by the World Bank report while food-producing cows are demonized for their flatulence.

Globalist Food Control Blueprint

Naturally, climate change is once again cited as the dominating factor:

“This report, Recipe for a Livable Planet: Achieving Net Zero Emissions in the Agrifood System, is the first comprehensive global strategic framework for mitigating the agrifood system’s contributions to climate change. It identifies solutions that cost-effectively limit agrifood GHG emissions to net zero while maintaining global food security, building climate resilience, and ensuring a just transition for vulnerable groups.”

Pollution, like food production, begins at the local scale. Grand globalist designs push humanity toward state-managed control mechanisms and away from local, independent, small-scale production. Indeed, the report’s scheme to address the evils of industrial food systems is to conjure an even larger omnipotent global food production and processing system, through those very same corporate wrongdoers. The document notes:

“[T]he agrifood system transformation will likely create new types of employment, and it is important for governments to facilitate this transition from farm work to higher-quality nonfarm jobs through skills training (Rotz et al. 2019) and mobility assistance (Fuglie et al. 2020). Likewise, the informal jobs sector can buffer the agrifood sector from job losses and food insecurity and assist with short-term job placement.”

Industrial Consolidation, Not Liberation

This is a continuation of the migration of rural populations into cities, out of farm employment, and into mostly fantasy technology jobs. Yet more people raising local food using sustainable methods is the solution to agricultural pollution: Further consolidation of food production threatens food security, human health, and the ecosystem. Wendell Berry chronicled the devastating losses to the American economy and culture in the farm-to-city exodus in his seminal work The Unsettling of America. The proposals in “Recipe for a Livable Planet” are even more unsettling.

The report claims that restorative justice will be served, people will eat more healthily, and the planet will be spared the destructive impacts of raising food. How? Through the usual boondoggles of greater corporate/government power, reduced livestock herds, higher food prices for meats, subsidies for fake meats, and innovative technologies:

“Nascent, innovative mitigation technologies could greatly contribute to emissions reductions and improved productivity in the agrifood system (Alston et al. 2011). These technologies include using chemical methane inhibitors, feed additives from red seaweed, crop roots to sequester carbon, indoor farming methods, precision machinery, plant-based meats, lab-grown protein, and other protein sources.”

These technologies will hardly transform agriculture, and they highlight the biggest lie of all: that cows are planet-destroying climate culprits that must be corralled into carbon compliance. Cows grazed naturally sequester far more carbon than they emit, rebuild soils, improve water retention, feed the soil microbiome, and replace harmful synthetic fertilizers. The World Bank’s “recipe” is for a few companies to make feed additives for cows, grow food indoors (unsustainable and energy-dependent), build more machines, and make fake proteins without assessing the externalized costs of the ambitious techno-rescues. Humans will eat more plants grown with synthetic fertilizers and be happy.

The solution to the world’s food problems is to permit farmers to farm and jettison technocrats from the food supply. There is no need to eat less meat, just to produce it as nature intended. Properly managed pastures sequester more greenhouse gases than reforestation can ever achieve, so the push to convert farmland to forests is counter-productive. Local farmers stewarding intergenerationally managed, sustainable farms are the cure to industrial domination by multinational corporate conglomerates.

The World Bank’s prescription proposes to dose the patient with more of the same poisons that created this crisis. It is a recipe for disaster.


John Klar is an Attorney, farmer, and author. Mostly farmer… And Regular Contributor to GraniteGrok and VermontGrok.

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You May Have Noticed. The Website Was Down Again …

Granite Grok - Sat, 2024-06-01 16:00 +0000

You may have noticed that the website was down again Friday morning and twice this week. It has been happening almost weekly, and we’re not going to tolerate it anymore!

A few years ago, we had this issue: spikes in traffic would crash the site—high-volume reader traffic. The solution was a more expensive hosting plan, and that worked for a while, but we get spammed a lot these days, too. Hundreds of thousands of attacks a day—it’s crazy. Most of them get blocked by backend security, but sometimes, we get crawler overload plus traffic spikes, and we crash.

And sometimes, three times this year (so far), the issue isn’t that but the hosting company server. That was the problem this morning: down for an hour. It’s gotten to be a problem (they are under new management).

Long story short, we are changing our hosting company and moving to a new server, updating the support tools. It’ll cost more, but we’re doing it anyway.

Getting There from Here

As part of a discussion about the problem and solutions, I was asked what I wanted to see. Apparently, there are a lot of options when you are looking at hosting services, but I’m not into all that, and frankly, I have only one concern. I want a website readers can get to and engage with—period. I want the site up and accessible. That’s what I want.

If there’s an issue, I want it resolved before I even know about it. We think we’ve found that.

We are also close to the new site updates. I know I say that a lot, and then there are delays. Three weeks ago, we were close, but then I had a chance to see the site with a different look. I liked the changes, so that is in process.

The new way the content is sorted and viewed has added some time to launch logistics that need to be overcome. Then, this week, we decided to change vendors and move to a new server. We had to find it and negotiate the details, and I signed the agreement yesterday morning.

Backups, keeping or deleting old images, files, audio, and video, reducing the site size, and getting everything to click through as fast as possible are all moving parts—lots of them.

The newsletter will likely be disrupted briefly (maybe not). We are still dumping Disqus and moving to the WordPress commenting system, which, in my experience, is better at alerting commenters to engagement with their comments  ( a few of you have asked). And they don’t censor you like Disqus has been known to do.

We are looking at a new email service, dropping Edge Ads, and changing advertising packages to make them fewer and less annoying. And yeah, that means even less revenue and the need to raise even more money. The total raised so far for 2024 (to fund fiscal 2025) might cover next year’s operating expenses but not much else (certainly no salary for me yet). We need to raise more, and as always, I appreciate your help.

We have work to do, but I think this is all worth the time and expense. We will update the old site on the old server soon (I hope, but it might be a few weeks), tweak the bugs, make certain it works, and then migrate to the new hosting company.

It looks different. It should run a hell of a lot faster. It solves some lingering backside issues that don’t have much to do with the reading experience. And then maybe we can get to the VIP version of the app later this year.

And, as always, lots of content you won’t get anywhere else, and if you can get to it, I’ll be happy.

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New Hampshire’s Racists Rejoice … Woke Federal Judge Nixes Anti-Discrimination Law

Granite Grok - Sat, 2024-06-01 14:00 +0000

Earlier this week (I’m writing this on 5/30) a federal judge nixed New Hampshire’s anti-discrimination law. Many States have passed laws prohibiting CRT … Critical Race Theory, which is a euphemism for anti-White racism … so it’s fair to say the judge who nixed New Hampshire’s anti-discrimination law was applying the Left’s woke-constitution.

A handy chart from NH-NeverTrump Journal summarizing what the law prevented:

New Hampshire’s Woke-Communists … aka NH-Democrats … are, needless to say, celebrating the death of the anti-discrimination law. Woke-Communism is all about dividing Americans into competing groups, tribes, identities, etc., and pitting them against each other as a means for the Woke-Communists to gain and maintain power. For example, here is Damond Ford, a State Rep supposedly representing part of Manchester, who spends a lot of time shilling for Hamas:

And, bitter-clingers, if you support striking down a law that prevents children from being taught that a race or races is inferior to another race or races … that prevents children from being taught some races are inherently racist … that prevents children from being taught that people should NOT be seen as individuals but as members of an identity-grouping … that prevents children from being taught to look past skin color and treat others as individuals … THAT CAN ONLY MEAN THAT YOU SUPPORT ALL THESE CONCEPTS THAT THE LAW BANNED. And these concepts are RACIST.

So spare me the silly comments like, “I understand why Ed is angry,” blah, blah, blah. There isn’t any anger in the foregoing … it’s totally analytical. I’m just not afraid … like so many in New Hampshire supposedly on “the Right” are … to call racism racism.


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Gov. Nuisance Chokes on His Own Minimum Wage Hike

Granite Grok - Sat, 2024-06-01 12:00 +0000

Governments think they know more about everything than anyone, progressive governments more than any other, and California, as the lead fool in this parade of fools, often sets the example for what not to do.

It is very rare, but they sometimes discover just how politically damaging their knee-jerk idiocracy can be—always after the fact, of course. Planned minimum wage hikes, for example, will so heavily burden an already deficit-ridden state budget that paying them would cut into their payoffs to constituent groups doing business as “Liberal Programs.”

Progressives in Sacramento rarely think twice before burdening businesses. But lo and behold, they are having second thoughts about California’s new $25-an-hour minimum wage for healthcare workers. Why? …

The state’s budget deficit has ballooned to $45 billion. Mr. Newsom projects that the new healthcare minimum wage would cost the state $4 billion more a year owing to higher Medicaid costs and compensation for workers at state-owned facilities. Legislative analyses warned about these costs, but Mr. Newsom signed the law anyway.

Thus the minimum wage for healthcare workers is set to rise to between $18 and $23 an hour this Saturday, depending on the type and size of healthcare provider. California’s current minimum wage for all workers is $16 an hour. Nearly all workers at healthcare facilities including janitors will have to be paid at least $25 an hour by 2028.

Say hello to something called “you eventually run out of other people’s money.” And they have. The state has to find a way to pay for the 45 billion in debt it already has – perhaps Putin can invade Los Angeles County, and the feds can whip up a funding bill, but that might require CIA bases on the border or something, so unlikely. That means more taxes on the already heavily taxed Cali residents. More taxes take back some of what they claimed they gave you when the state-mandated wage hikes.

Typically, these encroachments benefit union bosses, who, when pay is forced up, can then hike union dues—and that’s probably still happening—paycheck as a laundromat for more government spending. Add tax hikes, and everyone gets to join in on that scheme, assuming the higher operating costs won’t kill your job or businesses or just drive them out of state. That happens. The unemployed move to the debit side of the spreadsheet, and Gov. Nuisance has to find more money.

And isn’t that an interesting problem? You give people what you claim is a living wage, which you must then steal even more of to pay for all the liberal programs of which the wage hike might make you apart.

It’s not very smart, but the government still thinks it knows better.

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Is It Time to Get Your Kids Out?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2024-06-01 10:00 +0000

Beware of what authority figures tell you about what happened before your birth. Why do modern proponents of evolutionary theory self-edit the full title of Charles Darwin’s revolutionary book “On the Origin of Species”?

It is because it would reveal that Charles Darwin advocated racism rather than science. Darwin’s book is “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.” It is an undeniable fact that throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the ”hate God” movement was led by highly educated scholars. Scientists, biologists, and professors propagating philosophies obsessed with Darwin’s On Origin of Species attack the foundation of biblical Christianity.

The perpetrators of this revolutionary mindset jumped on the “God is dead” bandwagon initiated by Friedrich Nietzsche. Thereafter, the concept of “favored races” seeded the explosion of racism in the 20th century. They do not represent the common man. Hiding behind all their obsession with partiality for Darwinism is at its core a social philosophy rooted in racism. These racist Darwinist philosophical evil theories grew into a worldwide holocaust of hundreds of millions of souls suffering and dying under the boot of the Marxist state: Collectivisms known as communism, socialism, nazism, and fascism.

We want to thank Russ Payne for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

Today, we look back into the 20th-century endurance of hundreds of millions killed in wars and democide (governments killing their own people). The future promises more wars, death, and misery. These are consequences of all Collectivisms when a nation forgets God. Today, public schools and most universities challenge the eternal truth of Genesis 1:26: “Let us make man in our image and our likeness.” Instead, our youth are taught to believe a fairy tale theory that man descended from the apes. Thus devaluing human life and ensuring future tyranny as a nation forgets God.

The symptoms of tyranny that America has suffered over and above the terrible price of war are derived from the devaluation of human life. We can see the devaluation expressed as forced sterilization, abortion, and moving toward euthanasia, called mercy killing. These are the democide of our generation: murder in the privacy of a doctor’s office. When a nation believes there is no God and promotes collectivism, despotism thrives. Do your own research. Educate yourself. The truth will set your mind free. Start here at the incubator of evil:

Government Schools: When Satan Is Welcomed In, Is It Time to Get Your Kids Out?

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Night Cap: Nashua Library Promotes “Trans Women of Color” to Small Kids

Granite Grok - Sat, 2024-06-01 02:00 +0000

The children’s picture book “Sylvia and Marsha Start a Revolution!” by Joy Michael Ellison, self-proclaimed “queer and non-binary trans writer”, makes heroes of “trans women of color” and promotes the bizarre belief that people can change sex. I found it on the Pride display in the children’s room in the Nashua Library last June.

This book is a hagiography about Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, who Ellison identifies as transwomen. The author presents them as selfless heroes who were leaders in the Stonewall Riots and opened a home for trans youth. Fred Sargeant, who was at the Stonewall Riots, says they weren’t at the riots, and their house for trans youth was more like a drug den.

Sylvia and Marsha identified as gay male transvestites. They cross-dressed. They did not identify as transwomen, but that doesn’t fit the author’s narrative. Read Fred Sargeant’s first-person accounts of Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson.

In the notes at the end of the book, the author defines “Transgender girl” as “A person who the doctor thought was a girl, but who is really a boy” and “Transgender boy” as “A person who the doctor thought was a boy, but who is really a girl.”

A child reading this book is going to take those definitions at face value and believe that they can change sex and feel encouraged if they become gender-confused to follow the dangerous protocol of taking puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and having healthy body parts removed in the belief that they can become the opposite sex.

Many people have discovered the hard way that they can’t change sex, and they end up with damaged bodies like detransitioners Chloe Cole and Prisha Mosley. Would the Nashua Library stock picture books about them in the children’s room?

This is the last in a series of reviews I wrote of the books on the Pride Month display in the Nashua Library children’s room last year. Read my other book reviews below.

Grandad’s Pride: Book Promoted by Nashua Library to Small Kids Features Bondage Gear and Nashua Library Doubles Down on Promoting Bondage to Kids

The Meaning of Pride: Gender Cult Propaganda in the Nashua Library Children’s Room

Being You: Library Promotes Gender Propaganda to Toddlers

The Sublime Ms. Stacks: Children Propagandized with Queer Theory

Pride Colors: Library Promotes Book That Teaches Kids to “Love Who You Choose”

What Was Stonewall?: Public Library Promotes Children’s Book Celebrating Violent Action Against Police

My Maddy: American Psychological Association Promotes Gender Confusion to Kids

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Trump Verdict Shows How Pathetic And Useless The NHGOP Is

Granite Grok - Sat, 2024-06-01 00:00 +0000

We are witnessing the 2024 election being stolen … the latest and most obvious: the Kafkaesque sham trial of Donald Trump in the kangaroo-courts of New York … and what is the reaction of the NHGOP? To call for Red States to conduct law fare back against the Democrats? To call for New Hampshire Retirement to divest from New York companies? To call for a tourist-boycott of New York? No, no and no.

Indeed, the NHGOP can’t even bring itself to call the sham, show-trial a sham, show-trial. Instead, the best these feckless, grifting, buffoons can manage is to shed a few crocodile tears about “eroding confidence in the justice system.” There is no rule of law in America. Since Biden stole the Presidency … itself an act of lawlessness … it has been obvious there is no rule of law. J6 protesters incarcerated for years … BLM and Antifa terrorists walk free. Pro-life protesters incarcerated for years. Illegal aliens streaming by the millions across the nonexistent Southern border.

Is there anything more pathetic and useless than the NHGOP?


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The New England Take: School Choice and EFAs in New Hampshire …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 23:00 +0000

Executive Director Kate Baker Demers, New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund, dives into the highly successful Education Freedom Account program, how they have the data to back what they do, and how only politics drive the crazy claims by Democrats.


Editors note: Another week without new content from A.J., so I’ve grabbed something older to fill in.

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I Just Spoke With Hollie Noveletsky Who Is Running for Congress

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 22:00 +0000

I have to make my apologies for my 1st attempt at supporting a candidate because I can’t even get either of her names right. Talk about poor journalism. Her name is Hollie Noveletsky, and she is running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District.

I spend so much time trying to make sure my grammar and spelling are correct that I forgot to spell-check the major subject of my column correctly. My Apologies to Hollie again, and I hope my support for her outweighs my mistakes.

I just spoke with Hollie Noveletsky regarding some issues. As for her support of Mike Johnson, she only supported him in his opposition to the Senate immigration bill. As I mentioned in my earlier piece, she does not support his three mistakes. She is strict on immigration and strict on removing illegal aliens, especially when they commit crimes.

She is also against FISA not needing warrants to monitor people. She fully supports Law Enforcement but also the rights of individuals.

We want to thank Ken Goodall for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

As for Mike Johnson’s support of HR815, originally titled “Removing Extraneous Loopholes Insuring Every Veteran Emergency Act,” but then amended in the Senate to be a foreign aid bill with money for Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific region, this kind of bait-and-switch is exactly what Hollie Noveletsky is against. Also, having bills with multiple issues and spending are all buried deep in the text. She believes in Transparency and Honesty.

She is like many others who use Social Media Platforms mainly for announcements and information. She does not follow them closely, and She does not see the comments, so they do not get replies. It is a point of contention with me. I wish I had remembered to tell her that her webmaster should just turn comments off. I should have had better notes. Either way, still not something that could keep me from voting for her without holding my nose.

Reminder: Content about candidates or by candidates is not an endorsement by or its authors.

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Trump Just Lost The Trial And Won The Election

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 20:00 +0000

With a sham trial choreographed by the Democrat Party, the office of the President of the United States has been shattered. The weaponization of the government shows what can be done when people in office are no longer held accountable, and they can take the Justice Department and set it loose on a political opponent.

With a sleazy DA, Alvin Bragg, a corrupt judge who doesn’t deserve his name mentioned, and a New York jury convicted the former President on all 34 charges. This small group of people may have damaged the country forever. Joe Biden has us on track to a third-world country; this courtroom charade is the final nail in the coffin.

Trump has sat at the defense table for nearly six weeks and probably saw this outcome as inevitable, like the rest of us. The jury is a joke. The total time to contemplate these 34 charges was less than six hours, and they were able to review six weeks of testimony and come back this quickly with 34 unanimous decisions. They listened to a hooker and a convicted perjurer, who admittedly lied to them, and collectively decided to tear Trump and America down.

Maybe I should not get personal, but I feel like I took a huge gut punch. I am disgusted with the new America that can now be corrupted by a few. Joe Biden has been salivating, as opposed to his normal drooling, waiting for this moment so he can now refer to his opponent, Donald Trump, as a convicted felon. Joe Biden had better get better shoes for the backlash he is about to feel, which will knock this feeble, feckless man off his feet. He may have a moment of gloating, but Donald Trump may have the last laugh as he and his MAGA supporters will be energized to do what is necessary to win reelection in November. This proves the fear of too many Americans that whether you are a Catholic, a concerned parent, or the former President, now a candidate, this corrupt system will use its power to bring you down.

This country has taken a blow and is badly wounded. It will take all of our resolve to recover. We have done it before, but usually when all Americans come together to fight back against a common foe. In this case, half the country is foolishly celebrating, and the other half is in shock. It is time for all Republicans to take off the gloves and get ready to fight this battle on the Democrat level. I think about the stupidity of Michelle Obama talking about Republicans going low and Democrats going high. That was the most significant dose of crap ever dished out by a First Lady. The Dems are in the gutter, and it is time to sweep them into the sewer. Twelve people may have convicted Donald Trump, but America will have its say on November 5th.

I apologize for my tone. I have written over 1,200 articles in the last three years and have always worked hard to be level-headed and stick to the facts. In this case, the facts are evident that it was a sham, and Trump was right when he said Mother Teresa could not beat this crooked scheme to take him down. And by the way, ask all your liberal friends what crime Trump was convicted of, and 99% will not be able to answer the question.

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NH Public Schools Now Free to Blame and Shame Your Children for Slavery

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 18:00 +0000

A few years ago, the New Hampshire legislature passed an anti-discrimination law that restricted teachers from blaming New Hampshire students for slavery. Ok, here is the actual information on what the law did.

The Right to Freedom from Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education law was struck down by the U.S. District Court. What does that mean for students in our public schools?

Let’s go back to before this law was enacted in New Hampshire. What were we seeing in the public schools?

Critical Race Theory was beginning to become a subject in k-12 education. While this was normally limited to colleges and universities, the subject of viewing everything through the lens of race became part of the classroom. Prior to this, teachers weren’t limited on what they could teach about history, even though many of the History books written by Howard Zinn were full of anti-American sentiment.   So what changed?

Schools became more political in both race and gender. Parents could see that these subjects were becoming more and more, part of the school day. Some parents began looking for alternative schools as “choice” programs expanded in New Hampshire. If a child is going to be subjected to a radical political viewpoint instead of a quality academic education, families would look for an alternative. Public school enrollments declined while home-schooling and private school enrollments increased. Political operatives in the schools didn’t care about that, they wanted to make sure this political narrative was forced upon students.

As a parental rights advocate, I tried to warn political operatives that abandoning academics for political indoctrination would not help public education. Parents will walk, and they did. You could see the influence on their children, and it wasn’t pretty:



About this time, Condoleeza Rice was interviewed on The View and summed it up perfectly:

White parents do not want their child blamed and shamed for slavery. Black parents want their children to have hopes and dreams that they know they can achieve.

No one wants to white-wash history. We have a history of slavery and racism. All of this needs to be taught. But children attending our public schools should not be caught in the middle of all of this. Teachers should not be blaming and shaming children because of the color of their skin.

What does this mean going forward? For now radicalized teachers will have free rein to push these narratives in your child’s classroom. You can still document all of this, take it to school administrators and school board members.  Let’s make sure our kids are learning history and all of the facts. But there is no reason to harm a child in the process.

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Friday Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 16:00 +0000

To all those who are sending in memes, thank you!  Many, many good ones!  Please do share this post, and if you share an individual meme, consider mentioning you saw it on the Grok!

Speaking of, from this week, Monday Edition.


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***





As a follow-up to my post about the vulnerability of the grid, I just read this:

How Would A Post-Apocalyptic Society Function Without Electricity And Running Water? (There were many people in America who didn’t have electricity and running water well into the 1940s.) (






Because it’s advanced by intellectuals.  As Sowell said, paraphrased, there are some ideas so stupid only an intellectual could believe them.





This echoes other analyses I’ve read over the years.  Understand, though, that the *cough cough* “informed” Warmist will know this is one data set from Greenland ice cores, and sputter “Well, that’s not the whole world”.  As though there’s a worldwide database of past climate temperatures from that long ago.  Which, then, you can turn on them to ask “Then how are you so sure temperatures were lower then”?



You can’t play around with paper ballots that are openly counted with inspectors.  That’s why.




Floyd was not murdered by the police.  He was a dead man walking with that much fentanyl (let alone anything else) in his system.  Of course, the “fact checkers” are out debunking this.

“Saint Floyd of Fentanyl”.








Good for you!  That’s difficult these days.





More broadly, just about every Democrat.  And, sadly, not a few Republicans too.












Another data point in the idea that Fico was not shot by a “lone wolf”… when you get a message of “Play our game or you’ll end up like him, because he didn’t play either”, that’s a damned explicit indicator.














24/7 advancement of perversion, incoming!









16 MILLION?????





There’s money in sin.





As though this wasn’t predictable.




I’ve seen multiple versions of an adage to the effect that nobody likes a person who actually tells the truth.




What’s that expression about being fooled once, then fooled twice?




That’s actually a really good point.









Most people don’t really want freedom, I’m finding.  Oh they’ll talk about it in a good game, but… not really.






Delicious mockery.











Link Section (some mine, some from my Jarhead friend):


Treason Of The Intellectuals And Danger From Within | ZeroHedge

You must remember, they really do view themselves as superior intellects.

Now, THIS is the way to deal with pro-Hamas protesters who block traffic (

Or protestors in general.  But I’m torn.  Good on these people for taking matters into their own hands since the cops are worse than useless.

But… not only are these good men being opened to assault charges by the feckless authorities, but they’re also failing to teach a bigger lesson: that non-violent protests only work because of the restraint of those inconvenienced.  Please understand that I’m not advocating actual bodily harm, but OTOH, in a bloodthirsty mode, if a few got their heads drop-kicked they’d soon figure out that people are DONE with their protests.

Then, things get interesting.  Either they go home, faced with actual potential for bodily harm… or they up the ante and get violent themselves.  And then things can spiral.  To wit:

Unmasking the Insurrection: How Gaza Protests Serve a Bigger Agenda – Flopping Aces

Chicago Campus Protestors Announce Terror Campaign Against the U.S. -Capital Research Center

War Room: British Member of Parliament Reveals UK and US Soldiers Are Active in Ukraine Firing Advanced Missiles at Russia (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Letting the cat out of the bag.  We’re already in WWIII.  Related:

The US Is Now More Openly Allowing Ukraine To Use Its Arms To Strike Inside Of Russia | ZeroHedge

It’s one thing to supply small arms.  It’s a step up to supply significant weapons.  But it’s a further step when those weapons you supply cause fatalities INSIDE the other side’s nation.  And doubtless the ante will grow further.  They. Want. WWIII.

Joe and Hunter Biden used a visit to Sandy Hook memorial service to set up secret meet with Chinese over $10m-a-year deal, new emails reveal | Daily Mail Online


Is the Biden administration suppressing evidence of human trafficking? (

Representative Warren Davidson questioned Secretary of State Blinken about why the American government is pressuring the Guatemalan Congress to remove the Guatemalan Attorney General. (This should remind you of then Vice President Biden going to Ukraine to demand the firing of a prosecutor.) The Guatemalan Attorney General is trying to stop child trafficking, and for some reason, this bothers the Biden administration.

Judge Says New York City Jury Doesn’t Need to Agree on Predicate Crime to Convict Trump of Guilt – The Last Refuge (

Red Queen: Verdict first, trial after.  Related to Trump:

FBI Authorized-for-Lethal-Force Mar-a-Lago Trump Raid WAS NOT STANDARD PROCEDURE! Viva & Barnes (

I still think the plan was to have them be armed, false-flag a violent incident when Trump was there, and then Ooopsie! Trump gets caught in the crossfire.

Study: The Amount of Copper Needed for EVs Is ‘Impossible for Mining Companies to Produce’ (

Copper, vanadium, other rare earths that go into solar systems as well.  We literally don’t have the materials to fulfil the dreams of the everything green crowd.

Wheat Jumps To Nine-Month High On Fears Of Dwindling Global Stockpiles | ZeroHedge

Fears of, not necessarily actual.  But yes, this is a multi-front war on the food supply.  From meat to staples like wheat, the plan is to squeeeeeze and induce panic.

May 2024 COVID-19 And mRNA Vaccine Article Reference List – Fatherly Advice and Rants

Not endorsing this as I really haven’t fully gone through it, but it looks interesting.

Biden Used Unsecure, Fake Email for Sensitive Security Briefings. (

And he’s not in jail because… oh, wait, Democrat privilege.

Today’s news is moving us closer to WW3…Potential NUCLEAR WAR on the horizon. | NC Renegades

Video, 14 minutes.  Hard to disagree.  And this?

War Is Their Only Objective | NC Renegades

Moscow reacts to US trade embargo warning — RT World News

Ukraine striking targets deep inside Russia with Western weapons – AFP — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Putin warns West about consequences of long-range strikes on Russia — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Poke poke poke poke poke.  At some point Russia will realize that sooner or later they’ll be forced into war with NATO, and decide to just get their licks in first.

‘Foreigners Out’: German EDM Song With Nationalist Lyrics ‘Ausländer Raus’ Becomes a Sensation Among Youth – Police to Crack Down on ‘Racism’ (VIDEOS) | The Gateway Pundit | by Paul Serran

And there’s apparently a similar French version too.

Look, I think it’s right that people are finally taking action.  But am I afraid that this could devolve into something very bad?  Yes.  But again, I understand it fully.

So much for “peer review” — Wiley shuts down 19 science journals and retracts 11,000 gobbledygook papers « JoNova (

Good that they’re retracted, but this points out that “peer review” is not the guarantor of accuracy that it projects.  Also, on fraud in science:

The Great Betrayal: Fraud in Science

Grant Cardone on the Charlie Kirk Show: “300 Banks WILL FAIL in Next 24 Months” * * by Noah

Ruh roh.  And on the economy:

Here’s the beef: Massive number now say fast-food burgers are a ‘luxury’ | WND | by Bob Unruh

A fast food burger, a luxury.  Thanks Brandon.  Economy-related:

The World Has Accumulated A $315 Trillion Mountain Of Debt, And Global Events Will Soon Bring It Crashing Down – Activist Post

First It Was Cattle, Now They Want To mRNA Vaxx The Chickens! * * by Noah

The slow squeeze on all food.  mRNA related

BILLIONS Still Expected To Die In Coming Years From COVID “Vaccines,” Says Analyst * * by Noah

Many are predicting this.  With a few exceptions, I pray they’re wrong.  But if they’re right, the world cannot stay in a civilization – at least on a global scale – if we’re losing 1/3 of the people.  Related:

Vaxxed Deaths Recorded as Unvaxxed to Make Covid Shots Appear ‘Safe,’ Official Data Shows – Slay News

They falsified data to drive fear that if you were “unvaccinated” you were at greater risk of dying.

Ottawa detective suspended for investigating babies who died from SIDS after mothers took the jab… – Revolver News

A little subtler than it appears on its face, but this does definitely look like blowback for asking inconvenient questions.

Survival Skills You Can Trade After SHTF – Ask a Prepper

Good to have this skill list segmented.  On foraging specifically:

10 Plants Soldiers Looked for During the Civil War – Ask a Prepper

And related:

How Would A Post-Apocalyptic Society Function Without Electricity And Running Water? (There were many people in America who didn’t have electricity and running water well into the 1940s.) (

Hate Crimes Charges Dropped for Christian Who Destroyed Satan Statue in Iowa Capital – The Lid (


The Eye of Microsoft – Bill Whittle

Microsoft takes another hit on their new “Recall” feature.  Bill Whittle.

Good article from the Epoch Times regarding how the “intellectual class” has sold out America to bolster their own power:

Treason of the Intellectuals and Danger From Within | The Epoch Times

Related:  How the “woke” are changing classic literature to match the DEI initiatives.  Because they can’t accept that people LIKE the classics as they are:

Woke Ideologues Loathe the Legacy of English-Speaking Peoples | The Epoch Times

In this article, T.L. Davis makes a pretty good case that we are already in a dictatorship, where the government does what it wants, the pResident ignores SCOTUS rulings, the Three Letter Agencies & the Deep State are who is REALLY ruling us, and anyone who stands up against the narrative gets hammered:

Overthrow the Dictatorship – by T.L. Davis (

Related:  How the CIA got the DOJ to back off of Hunter Biden’s associates:

CIA Blocked Probe Into Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Kevin Morris, Docs Show | The Daily Caller

Congress is FINALLY starting to put the screws to the NIH and get them to admit that 1) they DID help create the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan, and 2) they actively deleted emails and destroyed information to cover it up:


‘You’re Going To Be Haunted By Your Testimony’: Bipartisan Lawmakers Grill Top Fauci Aid Over FOIA Evasion | The Daily Caller

N adds: I will not hold my breath that anything actually comes of it.

The DHS now admits that they are monitoring anyone who buys a 3D printer, or who buys a lot of supplies for same (but they won’t say how much is “a lot”).  One more “big brother is watching you” for the TLA’s:

N adds: Why would they want to monitor 3D printing?  Oh, wait, because of 3D printed guns, no doubt.

More on the lowering of standards in Medical Schools:

Oakland Removes Traffic Lights | Frontpage Mag

Liberalism destroys everything it touches.

Buried in a UN report: Gaza aid workers forcing women into prostitution for food ~ Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News

And THESE are the agencies and people the anti-Israel protestors – especially women – are lifting up?  GET US OUT OF THE UN.

New data show that ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious just got a lot more scandalous – Flopping Aces

Oh look what just got uncovered.

NEW HOAX DROP: ‘Trump Said N-Word 20 Years Ago,’ Claims Ex-Apprentice Producer. (



MY thought?  They see Trump rising among blacks, and The Potato slipping, and they need to invent something to try and stop that.

MSNBC’s Primal Scream: Those Darn Voters Don’t Understand How Dangerous Trump Is (

They’re losing it!  Related:

Top Dems in ‘full-blown freakout’ over Biden’s re-election chances | WND | by Bob Unruh




Pick of the Post:


Last minute update, Trump convicted.  MHO is this:

  1. It cannot NOT get overturned on appeal (but see image below).  So many unprecedented aspects.
  2. The real goal is to keep Trump off the campaign trail.
  3. Also to give the enemedia “Convicted felon Trump” fodder
  4. And if, by some chance, they stick him in jail, then even with Secret Service protection, he’s very much at risk.

Though speaking of appeals, here – apparently – is the appeals court:



I’ll have more to say, likely in a stand-alone piece, but… we’ve crossed a Rubicon here.  The Left pushes and pushes and pushes, and soon – assuming we even have an election in November – it’s time for hard decisions.




Find your inner steel.  Don’t start anything.  But Spicy Time approacheth.




The trees have been cut down.  The winds are building.


A Man for All Seasons – The Devil Speech



This cannot be recovered from; even if the appeals process reverses, the precedent has been set, to the thunderous applause from the Left.





Palate Cleansers:



Damn do I relate to this.  My screwdrivers too.  And that one nut / bolt / screw / washer I need.


Stop me if you’ve herd that one before.  TGIF… I’ll show myself out.




And don’t forget… come back Monday for another edition.  Same Meme Time.  Same Meme channel.

Please do consider buying me a coffee.

Buy Me a Coffee





And please see all my Jab-related cartoons here.

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Crime Boss Wu Gives Boston (Wuville) Dems A Great Reason to Vote for Someone Else

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 14:00 +0000

Michelle Wu is a product of her party, which means failure isn’t just an option. It’s a goal! Maybe even a priority. Wu just unleashed a list of crimes she’d like to stop prosecuting in Wuville because this is how Democrats “reduce” crime.

It might “feel” like crime has gotten worse after these forward-thinking innovations are enacted, but that’s because you are a racist. The records will show crime went down, and that’s what truly matters.


Related: Boston Can’t Seem to Get a Handle on Violent Crime

Or as a tweet!

If anyone in Boston is curious about how this will play out, there are several laboratories within laboratories where Demcorats cities, in Democrat states, have done the same or similar. The abridged edition goes like this: you will get your stuff stolen, and no one is going to do anything about it and this should not be a surprise.

During her 2021 campaign, Wu was asked by left-wing nonprofit Progressive Massachusetts whether she supports Rollins’ list, to which she responded “Yes.” When asked if she supported closing the Boston Police gang database, she also said yes. She also supports firing any Boston PD employees involved in the January 6th protest in Washington DC.

Let me just add that the criminals couldn’t be happier about how difficult it is for law-abiding citizens to legally carry a firearm, a restriction that does not apply to criminals because laws do not concern them.

I know—another urban city run further into the ground by Democrats, elected by Democrats who can’t help themselves no matter how lousy things get. That is assuming this holds water. It has received national and global attention, so there at least a few folks will have some input into the “plan.” Will crime boss Wu get the sweet deal for her thugs (Gans for Wu!), or will someone harpoon the white whale of a crime wave before it has a chance to start?

It will take a lot of Democrat outrage (which we know they are good at) to generate enough pushback, but do they have it in them or, like all those other crime-riddled cities, will they wait until actual crime (not reported crime) is so intolerable that it spawns “peaceful” protests if you take my meaning?


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Trump Verdict: The CCP is Relieved That Our Justice System Is Just Like Theirs

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 12:00 +0000

“Today’s verdict in Trump’s case is an absolute disgrace. From the very beginning, this entire witch hunt has reminded me of the sham trials and political persecution I saw in the People’s Republic of China before I fled to America.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s weaponization of the legal system is a move straight out of the CCP’s playbook. It is a farce and is completely un-American.

Today, the CCP and other hostile countries are laughing at us and will plan accordingly to take advantage of the weak and corrupt Biden regime. I stand with President Trump and will do everything I can to ensure he wins New Hampshire in November. The future of our country is at stake.”

Thank you,

Republican Candidate for New Hampshire Congressional District 2

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So Kids, What Did We Learn From This Week’s House Session (5/30/24)?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 11:00 +0000

Today, we learned that we voted either Concur, Non-Concur, or Non-Concur with Committee of Conference (CoC) on 93 House bills and 20 Senate bills. Most bills passed the recommended motion of the committee chair with a voice vote. Some bills and their amendments were debated, and others were voted on with just a brief explanation of what the Senate’s fingerprints… I mean, amendments… were tacked onto the bills.

All in all, the House didn’t seem to mind a few word changes or adding or removing certain items… it was the tacking on of whole other bills that sent them to CoC land.

We learned that most of the returned House bills that we non-concurred on, or those House bills that were already designated to go to Committee of Conference, had some Senate bill tacked onto it that the House had already rejected or tabled. In fact, SB499, the bill that expands the school free and reduced breakfast and lunch program, along with making it available in the summer, and also expanding food assistance to eligible older adults and people with disabilities, was not only sent to the House on its own, but also tucked into HB1278. A similar House bill, HB1212,was already tabled in the House on 4/11/24. Seems like these free school meal bills keep repeating on us like a bad hotdog.

We learned that the first bill concurred today was HB185, relative to parental rights and responsibilities based on shared parenting. Republicans have been trying to pass this shared parenting legislation for over a decade, and finally, we got it done. Of course House Democrats were opposed to it. The bill also included language to require school governing bodies to post on their official website the amount of funds received by the state, either by allocation or grant. The bill was concurred 191Y-171N.

We also learned that HB1018 will go to a Committee of Conference (if the Senate accedes). The House voted Non-Concur CoC by a voice vote after a Concur vote failed 179Y-190N and a Non-Concur vote failed 180Y-190N.HB1018 was relative to on-premise and off-premise liquor licenses…simple right? But the Senate tacked on a current use bill (SB504) which provides that the owner of land in current use and designated as open space may post that such land is restricted to use for public recreation only and expands grounds for criminal trespass to include violation of open space land posted for recreational use only and when associated with a violation of the controlled drug act or human trafficking. Now why would the Senate do that? Well, SB504 (the current use bill) came to the House only to be amended to include the House version of bail reform (HB318). Well, why did they do that? It’s because the Senate amended the House version of HB318, which is going to a Committee of Conference (if the Senate accedes), which puts the Senate bill version in jeopardy. So everyone is tacking the language of bills that they want into bills that the other body may want in hopes of getting it passed. It can be very confusing… and that is why they call this “silly season”.

We learned that the Senate amended HB1633, cannabis legalization bill, was ultimately non-concurred with a committee of conference with a division vote of 261Y-108N. The House did not like the Senate version, and if the Senate accedes to having a CoC then they will have to come up with some sort of compromise next week or it’s dead. There were some who said we should pass this version and fix it later, especially since it doesn’t take effect for two years. There were others who didn’t think a state solution (like the liquor store model) was the right idea. Then there were House members who didn’t like either the House or Senate version. Rep. Anita Burroughs (D-Bartlett) spoke against the Concur motion and remarked, “I agree with my esteemed colleague [Commerce Chair Rep. Hunt (R-Rindge)] that a gummy before going to bed would be better than a drink because I only drink on legislative days.” That did get a good laugh. Visit Tandy’s after House session and count how many legislators you see there. (Wink)

We learned that the Senate changes to HB1186 was concurred with a roll call vote of 190Y-179N. The vote was basically on party lines. This bill was relative to firearm purchaser privacy. This bill prohibits the assigning of a specific merchant code to the sale of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories. This bill further provides a mechanism for enforcement of this prohibition. The folks voting in favor of this bill basically do not want the government tracking what we buy by putting little notation on our credit card purchases. Nah… we don’t want to be a part of that… but House Democrats do… because of “public safety” or something. Our friend Rep. David Meuse (D-Portsmouth) also just wants to make sure there’s no fraudulent activity going on with your credit card. I really didn’t know he cared so much about my purchases… how thoughtful.

We learned that HB115 brought us yet another turn at changing the date of the state primary. It would have moved our state primary to June. The House did not concur with this attempt to move the state primary and voted down the Concur motion 159Y-202N. A Non Concur motion passed on a voice vote. The issue is now dead. June would have been a good time to have the state primary because that is when the out of state “resident” voters at our college campuses are not around to “participate”, if you know what I mean.

We learned that HB1410, relative to certain professional licenses and relative to the board of optometry and the regulation of optometry, was tabled 192Y-170N. HB1410 was amended by the Senate to include SB440 since SB440 was Tabled in the House last week. So the Senate made another stab at trying to get this language passed. It would have increased the scope of practice of optometrists to include four new procedures that they currently cannot perform. This ostensibly is meant to alleviate the shortage of people performing those procedures. The ophthalmologists would have none of it, though, and they lobbied furiously to prevent passage of the bill. Optometrists claim they are trained in these procedures and the bill language required them to get more extensive training as well. In the end, we did not see this getting passed.

We learned that the “safe haven” bill was concurred 185Y-174N. The debate regarding this bill centered around an exclusionary clause. This means that if a child is dropped off and it had been abused, that the person handing off the child could not be prosecuted. The opponents of the bill wanted to make sure that abusers would be prosecuted and held accountable for their crimes. The proponents of the bill just want the babies to be dropped off to be taken care of and they claim that people would be more likely to leave the child if they knew they wouldn’t get in trouble for doing so or for whatever they’d done. Testimony during debate indicated that no other state with safe haven laws (or baby box drop offs) prosecute people who drop off babies.

We further learned that HB1215 was non concurred. This bill included language that would have allowed the Town of Hampton to discontinue a particular highway in order to lease that property. Currently, if there is a road in town that the town wants to change the designation (class 6 to class 5, etc.), it goes on a warrant article in a town meeting. This bill would allow the select board to make that decision. House members voted No on concurrence 172Y-180N (roll called) and sent this to a committee of conference on a voice vote.

We also learned that another House member changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. Today the Republican Caucus welcomed Rep. Sherry Gould (R-Bradford, Henniker, Warner) to their side of the House.

Finally, we learned that next week, we’re taking a session break while House and Senate members duke it out in Committees of Conference while listening to The Rolling Stones sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” We’ll be back on June 13th, ready to vote on Committee of Conference reports. See you then!


Editor: A quick thanks to Judy for all of these updates. I’m appending this week’s attendance list to this because we already have a ton of extra content this morning. There were very few roll call votes this week, which is why the numbers are so low, but again, the YTD missed vote totals on the right should interest voters.

5/30 YTD
7 Sanborn, Laurie (R, Bedford) 251
7 O’Hara, Travis (R, Belmont) 200
7 Brouillard, Jacob (R, Nottingham) 76
7 Crawford, Karel (R, Moultonborough) 76
7 Summers, James (R, Newton) 64
7 Dumais, Russell (R, Gilford) 49
3 Trottier, Douglas (R, Belmont) 149
3 Roy, Terry (R, Deerfield) 27
1 Guthrie, Joseph (R, Hampstead) 54
1 Packard, Sherman (R, Londonderry) 22

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Our Modern Day Version

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 10:00 +0000

America is in need of another declaration! Our first was presented in a written form, but in today’s fast-paced world, ears are more adaptable to our living styles. As with America’s first declaration, today’s version also declares an abrupt turnaround from what is current, and in both instances, America’s abrupt turnaround comes from a highly credible source.

Concerning his initial ultimatum, Trump’s 2015/2016 declarations signaled a change from the usual political campaign prattling, and despite his latter-day version lacking Jefferson’s itemized listing, Trump’s campaign announcements constituted his modern list of injustices.

His original run mainly touched upon the public’s long-simmering doubts and uneasiness about why nothing ever changes. Therefore, he lit the hope that possibilities were actually doable, which was believable coming from a man who obviously wasn’t beholden. What followed during Trump’s presidency greatly strengthened the public’s faith by simply fulfilling his campaign pledges.

Now, with this 2024 campaign being as sporadic as it is with all these groundless court appearances, Trump’s messaging is no longer based upon hope, but now with an honest expectancy of what was will be again! And this isn’t just limited to his supporters but also from that mass of anti-Americans who realize that if he gets elected, their communist revolution will be history! In essence, his re-entry into politics, based upon his previous record and latest statements, once again builds a declaratory aura.

So, it’s not difficult to link both his original and current campaigning with a modern-day version of America’s 1776 Declaration! Think about it. The similarities are eerie. These times beckon a historic review since our young country also had to deal with those stubborn Tories, who were bent upon remaining subjects rather than becoming free citizens! Today, it’s backward; modern thought demands dependency rather than freedom!

Connecting our 1776 charter with today should also send chills. Let it be considered today, as it was declared back then that “…Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable…” As is today, a few of those past grievances continue to, “He has refused to assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public Good,” “He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance,” “He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone,” “He has erected a Multitude of New Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our People,” and lastly, “…depriving us, in many Cases, of the Benefits of Trial by Jury.” These and other grievances were included in America’s 1776 Declaration of Independence. By the way, “He” now refers to our present-day President.

It’s fair to say that the cause of today’s turmoil began as Trump’s original campaign gained credibility. His non-political talk and truthful platform caused his foes to circle their wagons and then to show themselves and their methods; which previously had only been suspected. After that, it’s been “Katie bar the door” and “all hands on deck” against Trump and our Blessed America. George Floyd’s reckless self regard and induced passing merely provided the excuse for their anarchy!

This revealing of America’s hidden power structure was costly, but Trump dictated its necessity. Its unplanned “coming out” meant that tomorrow’s revolution was now today’s. Since this wasn’t planned, we need to build upon our enemy’s disruption. Already, Trump’s agenda has uncovered the media‘s “fake news,” which caused a reduced readership. Also, traitorous corporations have shed their masks as China is now their chosen benefactor. And colleges have been unmasked when supporting their student’s hateful anti-American/pro-communist doctrines.

The end result of this election will undoubtedly usher in one of two futures. Similar to the alternatives back in 1776, the outcomes are either the darkness of living as obedient and mindless robots or the blessed light of living and prospering as free Americans.

This is not an exaggeration when considering the many hundreds of American citizens who have been incarcerated for over three years without any charges. And if that’s not abusive enough, let’s not forget the cold-blooded murder of Ashlie Babbit, which still awaits an investigation! From such lawless acts, the lesson is inescapable; as President Trump has stated, “it’s not just me that they’re after, they’re after all of you!” If Trump fails in November, his words will become an uneasy companion!

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Sam Farrington Announces Candidacy for the NH House of Representatives

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 09:00 +0000

ROCHESTER, NH—UNH student and sixth-generation Rochester citizen Sam Farrington has announced his candidacy for the NH House, representing Rochester’s Ward 4.

“I am proud to announce my candidacy for State Rep.” Farrington said, “I have made this decision because my future is at stake. When I look around, I am worried about where we are headed. I stand for values like family, faith, and freedom, all of which are under attack. As a young person, I have skin in the game because my future is on the ballot.” Farrington continued, “As Rochester’s next State Rep, I will fight to advance the interests of Granite Staters. My priorities include decreasing the overall tax burden, lowering the cost of living, increasing educational freedom, protecting the rights of parents in schools, and securing New Hampshire’s border.”

Sam comes from a large and well-known family. His Chesley Hill farm has been in the family since 1913. Over the past few years, Sam has stepped up to manage the property and oversee its renovation. He successfully negotiated with the USDA to secure conservation funding, transforming the estate into a beautiful scene with a successful hay operation.

Sam is an active member of his community. He graduated at the top of his class from Spaulding High School in 2022. He gives back to his city by serving as an American Legion baseball coach and volunteering at Howie’s Field of Dreams, which provides opportunities for challenged kids to play baseball.

“New Hampshire can’t take “Live Free or Die” for granted. We need to elect prudent conservatives with a new perspective to the State House so that we can protect this great state.”

To learn more about Sam or to contribute to the campaign, visit

May 31, 2024


Reminder: Content about candidates or by candidates is not an endorsement by or its authors.

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Finding the Perfect Spark: Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 08:30 +0000

Choosing the right birthday gift for your girlfriend can feel like a pressure cooker. You want to find something unique, thoughtful, and something that truly expresses your love and appreciation. But with endless options available, where do you even start?

This guide aims to take the guesswork out of gift-giving and help you discover the perfect present that will leave your girlfriend feeling cherished and loved.

Unlocking Her Heart: The Key to a Meaningful Gift

The most important factor in choosing a gift is understanding your girlfriend’s unique personality and interests. Here are some key questions to consider:

What are her passions? 

Does she love reading, cooking, music, or spending time outdoors? Tailoring your gift to her hobbies shows you pay attention and care about what brings her joy.

What’s her style? 

Does she gravitate towards classic elegance, trendy fashion, or a more bohemian aesthetic? Understanding her style preferences ensures the gift aligns with her taste.

Does she have any specific desires? 

Has she mentioned wanting something lately? Perhaps a new gadget, a piece of art for her home, or a subscription box related to her hobbies.

By reflecting on these questions, you gain valuable insights into what would truly resonate with your girlfriend.

Gift Ideas to Ignite Inspiration: Catering to Diverse Preferences

Here are some diverse gift categories to spark your creativity:


Create lasting memories with a shared adventure like a weekend getaway, a concert ticket, a cooking class, or a hot air balloon ride.


A timeless and elegant choice, consider a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or a personalised piece with her birthstone or initials.

Fashion and Accessories: 

A new handbag, a cosy scarf, a pair of stylish shoes, or a designer watch can be a thoughtful addition to her wardrobe.

Beauty and Wellness: 

Pamper her with a luxurious bathrobe, a set of high-quality skincare products, a spa gift certificate, or a subscription to a beauty box.

Personalised Gifts: 

Show her you care with a gift that has a personal touch, like a custom photo album, a framed piece of artwork with a special message, or a piece of jewellery engraved with her initials.

Gourmet Food and Drinks: 

Spoil her taste buds with a basket of gourmet chocolates, a selection of artisanal cheeses and wines, or a subscription to a coffee or tea of the month club.

Handmade or DIY Gifts: 

If you’re crafty, consider creating a personalised gift like a painting, a knitted scarf, or a piece of pottery. The effort and thoughtfulness will be truly appreciated.

Remember, the most important aspect is not the price tag but the thought and effort you put into choosing a gift that reflects your love and understanding of your girlfriend.

Beyond the Gift: Adding the Extra Sparkle

While the gift itself is important, don’t forget the little details that make it extra special:

Presentation Matters: 

Wrap the gift beautifully with thoughtful paper and ribbon. A handwritten card expressing your love and appreciation adds a personal touch.

Plan a Special Occasion: 

Elevate the gift-giving experience by planning a romantic dinner, a picnic in a scenic spot, or a fun activity you can enjoy together.

Capture the Memories: 

Take photos or videos of her reaction to the gift. These memories will become cherished keepsakes.

By going the extra mile, you can ensure her birthday is a truly unforgettable experience.

FAQS: What if I’m on a tight budget? 

A: There are plenty of thoughtful and meaningful gifts that don’t have to break the bank. Consider homemade gifts, experiences like a hike or bike ride together, or a heartfelt letter expressing your love.

What if I’m not sure what she wants? 

A: Pay attention to her interests and subtle hints she might drop. You can also ask her friends or family for suggestions.

What if the gift doesn’t go as planned? 

A: The most important thing is the thought behind the gift. If she doesn’t love it, focus on the gesture and express your sincere appreciation for her understanding.

What if the experience provider cancels? 

A: If the experience provider cancels due to unforeseen circumstances, WonderDays will typically offer rebooking or choosing a similar experience.

Are there any blackout dates for specific experiences? 

A: Some experiences might have blackout dates (e.g., holidays, peak seasons) when they are unavailable. Check the experience description for details.

What about age restrictions and physical fitness requirements? 

A: Some experiences have age or physical fitness requirements for safety reasons. These are usually outlined in the experience description.

Here’s what WonderDays offer:

WonderDays offers a wide variety of experiences to suit almost any interest, including:

  • Adventure: Hot air ballooning, skydiving, white-water rafting
  • Food and Drink: Afternoon teas, cooking classes, gourmet food tours
  • Relaxation: Spa days, weekend getaways, boat cruises

Some ways to find out more about WonderDays:

  • Website: Visit their website to explore the full range of experiences, pricing, and locations.
  • Social Media: Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

To read more, click here

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Daniel Richard v. Christopher Sununu: Motion for Leave of the Court New Late Authorities

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 08:00 +0000

Now comes, the Appellant Daniel Richard, pro se, pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 16 (7), respectfully gives notice of a new compelling authority from the recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States “SCOTUS”, decided May 23, 2024 in the matter of ALEXANDER v. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE CONFERENCE OF THE NAACP, No. 22-807 602 U.S.___ (2024). [Hereinafter, “Alexander”]. ON APPEAL FROM THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Argued October 11, 2023—Decided May 23, 2024, hereinafter Alexander v. South Carolina NAACP 602 U.S.___ (2024) (See attached exhibit A), where the Plaintiff here argues as compelling precedent applicable to the case at bar.

Accordingly, the Appellant respectfully submits to the court, where Alexander v. South Carolina NAACP—above, is an election law case reaffirming the Appellants previous citation of Moore v. Harper, 600 U.S. 1 (2023), and the New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc., et al. v. Bruen No. 20-843 (U.S. June 23, 2022), and the District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), on August 14, 2023, in the Appellants motion for late authorities this authority is not only appropriate but precedent in the present New Hampshire case, argued and awaiting release of the NH state court decision.

We want to thank Dan Richard for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas joining the majority opinion by concurring in part, in the Alexander v. South Carolina NAACP decision, reinforces the precedent of Moore v. Harper, in the examination of the elections clause of the Constitution for the United States, Article I, §4, cl. 1, reinforcing judicial review by State and Federal Courts who both possess the authority to exercise judicial review also over state legislative actions affecting the time, manner, and place of conducting Federal Elections.

Justice Thomas in his concurring opinion in Alexander v. South Carolina NAACP   has tied Moore v. Harper (2023) and Bruen (2022) together and reinforces the Appellants arguments, by stating a fact in law, that the standard of review for examination of the rights enumerated in the U.S. Const. including the Federal Elections Clause Article I, §4, cl. 1, must be examined under Heller/Bruen methodology, and not by means-end scrutiny.

Quoting Justice Thomas:

Although States have the initial duty to draw district lines, the Elections Clause commits exclusive supervisory authority over the states drawing of congressional districts to Congress—not federal courts. It provides: “The Times, Places, and Manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may it any time by – Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the places of choosing Senators.” Art. I, §4, cl. 1. The first part of the Clause “imposes a duty upon” state legislatures to “prescribe the details necessary to hold congressional elections.” U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, 514 U.S. 779, 862 (1995) (Thomas J., dissenting). The second part “grants power exclusively to Congress” to police the state legislatures’ performance of their duty. Id., at 864. Critically, the Clause leaves the Judiciary out of the districting process entirely.

The Clause’s assignment of rules is comprehensive. For example, a state legislature’s responsibility over congressional elections “‘transcends any limitations sought to be imposed by the people of a State’” through other state actors; the state legislature is the exclusive state authority. Moore v. Harper, 600 U.S. 1, 58 (2023) (Thomas, J., dissenting) (quoting Leser v. Garnett, 258 U. S. 130, 137, (1922)). In a similar vein, the Clause makes Congress the exclusive federal authority over States’ efforts to draw congressional districts, to the exclusion of the courts.

The historical record compels this interpretation of the Elections Clause text. gerrymandering and vote delusion are not new phenomena. The founding generation was familiar with political districting problems from the American colonial experience. See Vieth, 541 U.S., at 274 (collecting examples). But, the framers nowhere suggested the federal courts as a potential solution to those problems. Instead, they relied on congressional oversight. The framers’ considered choice of a non-judicial remedy is highly relevant to context to the interpretation of the elections clause. See New York State rifle& pistol Assn., Inc. v. Bruen, 597 U.S. 1, 26—27 (2022). See pages 26 and 27 in the Bruen decision below. 

Bruen provides:

We categorize these historical sources, because, when it comes to interpreting the Constitution, not all history is created equal. “Constitutional rights are enshrined with the scope they were understood to have when the people adopted them.” Heller, 554 U.S., at 634—635 (emphasis added). The Second Amendment was adopted in 1791; -pg. 25.

-the Fourteenth in 1868. Historical evidence that long predates either date may not illuminate the scope of the right if linguistic or legal conventions change in the intervening years. It is one thing for courts to “reac[h] back to the 14th century” for English practices that “prevailed up to the ‘period immediately before and after the framing of the Constitution.’” Sprint Communications Co. v. APCC Services, Inc. 554 U.S. 269, 311 (2008) (Roberts, C. J., dissenting). It is quite another to rely on in an “ancient” practice that had become “obsolete in England at the time of the adaptation of the Constitution” and never “was acted upon or accepted in the colonies.” Dimick v. Schiedt, 293 U.S. 474, 477 (1935).

Sometimes, in interpreting our own Constitution, “it [is] better not to go too far back into antiquity for the best securities of our liberties,” Funk v. United States, 290 U.S. 371, 382 (1983), unless evidence shows that medieval law survived to become our Founders’ law. A long, unbroken line of common-law precedent stretching from Braxton to Blackstone is far more likely to be part of our law than a short-lived, 14th century English practice. –pg. 26

Thomas has said specifically that these two pages apply as the corrected standard of review of constitutional interpretation of the Elections Clause Article I, §4, cl. 1.

Similarly, we must also guard against giving post enactment history more weight than it can rightly bear. It is true – pg. 26.

that in Heller we reiterated that evidence of “how the second amendment was interpreted from immediately after it’s ratification through the end of the 19th century” represented a “critical tool of constitutional interpretation.” 554 U.S., at 605. We therefore examined “a variety of legal and other sources to determine the public understanding of [the Second Amendment] after its… ratification.” Ibid. And, in other context, we have explained that “‘a regular course of practice’ can ‘liquidate & settle the meaning of’ disputed or intermediate ‘terms & phrases’” in the Constitution. Chiafalo v. Washington, 591 U.S. __, __ (2020) (slip op., at 13) (quoting Letter from J. Madison to S. Roane (Sept. 2, 1819), in 8 Writings of James Madison 450 (G. Hunt ed. 1908)); see also, e.g.,  Houston Community college System v. Wilson, 595 U.S.___, ___, (2022) (slip op. at 5) (same); The Federalist No. 37, p. 229 (C. Rossiter ed. 1961) (J. Madison); see generally C. Nelson, Stare Decisis and Demonstrably Erroneous Precedents, 87 Va. L. Rev. 1, 10—21 (2001); W. Baude, Constitutional Liquidation, 71 Stan. L. Rev. 1 (2019). In other words, we recognize that “where A governmental practice has been open, widespread, and unchallenged since the early days of the Republic, the practice should guide our interpretation of an ambiguous constitutional provision.” [Emphasis added.] NLRB v. Noel Canning, 573 U.S. 513, 572 (2014) (Scalia, J., concurring in judgment); see also Myers v. United States, 272 U.S. 52, 174 (1926); Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898, 905 (1997). —pg. 27

            But to the extent later history contradicts what the text says, the text controls. [Emphasis added.] “‘[L]iquidating’ indeterminacies in written laws is far removed from expanding or altering them.” Gamble v. United States, 587 U.S. __, __ (2019) (Thomas, J. concurring) (slip op., at 13); see also Letter from James Madison 477 (G. Hunt ed. 1910). Thus, “post-ratification adaptation or acceptance of laws that are inconsistent with the original meaning of the constitutional text – pg. 27

obviously cannot overcome or alter that text.” – pg. 28. Heller, 670 F. 3d, at 1274, n. 6 (Kavanagh, J., dissenting); see also Espinoza v. Montana Dept. of Revenue, 591 U.S. __, __, (2020) (slip op., at 15). 

Bruen stated that the Court has “made clear that individual rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights and made applicable against the States through the Fourteenth Amendment have the same scope as against the Federal Government.” 142 S. Ct. at 2137.—pg. 39.

The Heller decision abolished means end scrutiny as a test for the enumerated rights in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. Justice Scalia writes the following for the majority:

Justice Breyer moves on to make a broad jurispruden­tial point: He criticizes us for declining to establish a level of scrutiny for evaluating Second Amendment restrictions. He proposes, explicitly at least, none of the traditionally ex­pressed levels (strict scrutiny, intermediate scrutiny, rational basis), but rather a judge-empowering “interest-balancing inquiry” that “asks whether the statute burdens a protected interest in a way or to an extent that is out of proportion to the statute’s salutary effects upon other important govern­ mental interests.” Post, at 689–690. After an exhaustive discussion of the arguments for and against gun control, Jus­tice Breyer arrives at his interest-balanced answer: Be­cause handgun violence is a problem, because the law is lim­ited to an urban area, and because there were somewhat similar restrictions in the founding period (a false proposi­tion that we have already discussed), the interest-balancing inquiry results in the constitutionality of the handgun ban. QED. – pg. 635

We know of no other enumerated constitutional right whose core protection has been subjected to a freestanding “interest-balancing” approach. The very enumeration of the right takes out of the hands of government—even the Third Branch of Government—the power to decide on a case-by-case basis whether the right is really worth insisting upon. A constitutional guarantee subject to future judges’ assessments of its usefulness is no constitutional guarantee at all. Constitutional rights are enshrined with the scope they were understood to have when the people adopted— pg. 634

them, whether or not future legislatures or (yes) even future judges think that scope too broad. We would not apply an “interest-balancing” approach to the prohibition of a peaceful neo-Nazi march through Skokie. See National Socialist Party of America v. Skokie, 432 U. S. 43 (1977) (per curiam). The First Amendment contains the freedom-of-speech guar­antee that the people ratified, which included exceptions for obscenity, libel, and disclosure of state secrets, but not for the expression of extremely unpopular and wrongheaded views. The Second Amendment is no different. Like the First, it is the very product of an interest balancing by the people—which Justice Breyer would now conduct for them anew. And whatever else it leaves to future evalua­tion, it surely elevates above all other interests the right of law-abiding, responsible citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home. – pg. 635.

Justice Breyer chides us for leaving so many applica­tions of the right to keep and bear arms in doubt, and for not providing extensive historical justification for those regulations of the right that we describe as permissible. See post, at 720–721. But since this case represents this Court’s first in-depth examination of the Second Amendment, one should not expect it to clarify the entire field, any more than Reynolds v. United States, 98 U. S. 145 (1879), our first in­ depth Free Exercise Clause case, left that area in a state of utter certainty. And there will be time enough to expound upon the historical justifications for the exceptions we have mentioned if and when those exceptions come before us.” District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)— pg. 635.

Fifteen other cases in the last eleven months since June 2023 citing Moore v. Harper are predicated upon this same principle in law and include the following:

“Since early in our Nation’s history, courts have recognized their duty to evaluate the constitutionality of legislative acts.”

“When government is alleged to have threatened any of [the provisions in the New Mexico Bill of [R]ights, it is the responsibility of the courts to interpret and apply the protections of the Constitution.”

Grisham v. Soelen, 539 P.3d 272 (N.M. 2023) 09-22-2023. See also Griego , 2014-NMSC-003, ¶ 1, 316 P.3d 865; Hoffmann v. N.Y. State Ind. Redistricting Comm’n, 2023 N.Y. Slip Op. 6344 (N.Y. 2023); Keefer v. Biden, CIVIL 1:24-CV-00147 (M.D. Pa. Mar. 26, 2024) Election Clause case.

Meanwhile, the Bruen decision has been cited 78 times since June 27, 2022.

WHEREFORE, THE APPELLANT respectfully submits this Notice of New Authorities for additional consideration in this case forthwith.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Daniel Richard

Daniel Richard





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Night Cap: Six Week Trial And Nobody Knows The Crime

Granite Grok - Fri, 2024-05-31 02:00 +0000

The Hush Money Trial of Donald Trump in New York is a stain on the American Justice system that had been the envy of the world. The justice system is another entity that President Joe Biden destroyed. Who could have predicted that Joe Biden, the guy from Scranton, could have successfully put a wrecking ball to so much of America?

Joe Biden has been a loser and liar his entire political life. He had to withdraw from two previous presidential bids for plagiarism and has suffered through three-plus years of lies in the White House. He had the cajones to cart out washed-up actor Robert DeNiro to read a prepared statement in front of the New York courtroom telling anyone who would listen how dangerous Donald Trump is. DeNiro, wearing a mask, was surrounded by a dozen thugs looking like a scene from Godfather 4, which was never shot. This fiasco was on the same day that Biden announced he would have a statement for the press at the conclusion of the trial. Biden is sadly salivating at the possibility of referring to his opponent as “Convicted Felon Donald Trump.” The house money is on acquittal, which is going to make Biden look like the horse’s ass he is. Joe Biden is shallow, devious, opportunistic, and a thief. He may also be guilty of treason, which will be the coup de grace of his legacy, and he can take Hunter down with him.

The trial entered the final arguments stage on Tuesday, after a trial when the crime was never divulged. This trial was scripted with the one intention of Biden being able to label his primary competitor a convicted felon. Every day of the trial gave ammunition for an appeal, but the one remaining fact loomed over the trial: there was no crime. The prosecution spent over five hours yesterday on its closing trying to convince the jury they could believe every word from Michael Cohen, who the defense labeled “The GLOAT” (the greatest liar of all time), and reminded the jury that Cohen had admittedly lied during his testimony. This entire sham of a trial is based on a nameless crime substantiated by a convicted perjurer.

This trial is a classic con game that distracts people from the real issues of the failed Joe Biden presidency. Look at Donald Trump, who is constrained to a chair in a courtroom and unable to campaign. Don’t look at the price at the gas pump. Don’t look at the thousands of young men crossing our southern border. Don’t look at the two wars we are funding. Don’t look at Biden defying the Supreme Court and transferring student loans to every American. Don’t look at the cost of your weekly shopping cart of groceries. This was the plan, but it is not working. The trial is not working out as planned by the Democrats, and people are not falling for the gaslighting. Biden has been trying to convince Americans he was on the right track and they needed to understand the new parameters. He actually insulted the intelligence level of Americans, and Americans do not forget being played for fools.

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