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Tue, 2022-02-15 20:30 +0000

But not for long, we hope.  Thursday at 2 pm is when we are migrating from our current server to one that is 3X more powerful as I remarked before.

Our hosting company used to do this in the wee hours of the morning but no longer – it’s now a 9 am-5 pm job. They are thinking it will take about 2 hours and then we’ll either be on that new server or will have reverted back to here.

So hopefully, things will go well and we’ll all be better off for it because I’ll tell you, I’m glad for all the new traffic and eyeballs but we have all have earned better uptime!




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Governor Youngkin Believes in “Local Control” … Sun-King Sununu Does NOT

Tue, 2022-02-15 19:00 +0000

Sun-King Sununu does not think parents should get to decide whether their children wear masks in school. According to the Sun-King, the principle of “local control” means that school districts get to decide the issue of mask mandates.

As usual, the Sun-King is spewing BULLSH*T.

Local control means pushing governmental decision-making down to the lowest possible level. That is, government decisions that can be made at a local level should be made at the local level rather than by Concord. It does NOT mean that local government gets to take away rights that belong to parents … such as whether to mask their children. When it comes to masks, local control means letting parents decide.

Governor Yougkin and the Virginia legislature … unlike Sun-King Sununu … understand this. From the Federalist:

The Virginia House of Delegates approved a bill on Monday that would provide parents the power to decide whether they want their child to wear a mask at school. The vote came along party lines, with 52 Republicans supporting and 48 Democrats opposing. … previously passed the state’s Democrat-controlled Senate last week in a 21-17 vote, with three Democrats joining Republicans in supporting the measure.

According to the legislation, “[N]otwithstanding any other provision of law or any regulation, rule, or policy implemented by a school board, school division, school official, or other state or local authority, the parent of any child enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school, or in any school-based early childhood care and education program, may elect for such child to not wear a mask while on school property.”

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Every time Democrats Bring Up J6 You Need to Do This …

Tue, 2022-02-15 17:30 +0000

As we roll inexorably toward the midterm elections the Left has gotten a free pass on their fake J6 outrage and that has to end.

Should people have wrestled their way to the Capitol doors? No! But there is much speculation that the FBI and others planned to rile up the crowd and drive them to occupy the US Capitol. And they didn’t break-in, someone let them in. Someone told the Capitol Police to let them in.

But let’s pretend none of that is true.

What happened after? Nothing. Selfies, maybe a few souvenirs (petty theft?), trespassing in a public building. Only the Capitol police were armed. No one has been charged with a serious crime, not even the officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt.

If that’s the baseline the left has a big problem.

Democrats advocated, pandered too, or underplayed attacks on minority businesses, minorities, arson, theft (looting, assault, rape, and murder).

They held parades to support groups that were assaulting police stations, courthouses, occupying public buildings, and entire neighborhoods.

Not over a few hours but for several months.

Many of their protesters were armed and a lot of people were injured or killed.

The Democrat response? Deescalate police presence and political support for law and order which not only increased the likelihood of personal and property crime, in some minority neighborhoods crime rose as much as 500% and continue to do harm to people of color.

When the Left brings up J6, paint that picture.

Remind them about the State Capitol in Wisconsin. The White House Fence Breach. Texas. The Kavanaugh hearings, there’s quite a list. So-called democratic processes halted or disrupted by outraged leftists.

None of them are in indefinite detention for trespassing.

J6 is a meaningless distraction but Democrats will keep raising its specter uness you make it politically inconveninet to do so.

So, do that.


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Democrat Lawmakers Caught on the Horns of a Dilemma

Tue, 2022-02-15 16:00 +0000

Loyalty has always been considered an admirable quality in the business world and in politics – in life in general.  Many would argue that loyalty is the foundation upon which any relationship is built.

But what happens when loyalty conflicts with conscience?  What if we find ourselves in a situation where we have to choose between doing the right thing and allegiance to some someone, some cause, or some organization?

The radical agenda of today’s Democrat Party will dramatically transform America as we know it.  And it leaves traditional Democrat lawmakers caught on the horns of a dilemma.

If radical Democrats have their way, America’s role as a proud world leader will cease to exist, and we will become a country obsessed with self-loathing – deeply and perennially divided by race, economics, and politics.  We will become a country where chaos rules, a lawless place where police officers are scorned and law enforcement agencies are dismantled and replaced by social workers and drug distribution centers.  The rule of law will become just a meaningless phrase, and those in charge will be free to impose arbitrary laws and regulations that never apply to them.  Free and fair elections, the cornerstone of any democracy, will become a thing of the past, after Democrats eliminate election safeguards, using health emergencies, social justice, or some other inane excuse to justify their action.

With the current pandemic mostly behind us, Democrat politicians will patiently wait for the next variant or a new epidemic, that they’ll use to chip away at more of our personal freedoms and to expand their own political power.

Inflation will continue to rage out of control, spawned by unbridled spending and the elimination of our fossil fuel industry, with no viable alternate energy source on the horizon.

And as millions of migrants from countless poverty-stricken nations continue to scramble across our borders, America will no longer be a melting pot, where new citizens assimilate into the American way of life.  It will become a morass of balkanized enclaves without even a common language to unite us.  The drug epidemic we’re witnessing today will be just a prelude of things to come, as more lethal drugs continue to flow unabated across our borders, and Democrats devise ways to more efficiently distribute them.

And the children of America – the future leaders of America – will learn from their radical teachers that all of it is normal – that it’s all good.

That’s the future, envisioned by the far-left Democrats and that’s the dilemma rational Democrat lawmakers face today.  Do they blithely follow Joe Biden and the Democrat leadership down this destructive path, or do they show a sliver of moral courage?

It may be just a coincidence that 22 Democrats from both Houses of Congress have recently decided to retire from public office.  Or maybe it’s something else.  Psychologists tell us that stressful situations stimulate a fight or flight response.  Maybe those 22 congressmen just decided to flee an impossible situation.

Only three Democrats in Congress have shown enough courage to speak out against Joe Biden’s radical agenda.  They haven’t abandoned their traditional Democratic principles, but they recognize insanity when they see it.

Rep. Henry Cuellar is the only Democrat who has voiced opposition to Joe Biden’s open border policy.  He understands that it’s destructive to the country and completely illegal.  He knows that the free flow of drugs across our border is killing untold numbers of Americans and that among those unscreened immigrants are hardened criminals, and terrorists.  He also knows that the arrival of millions of new welfare applicants will drain our social programs of funds intended for American citizens.  And he knows that, without medical screening, some are bringing with them various communicable diseases, including the virus that shut down this country for so many months.

And only two Democrats in the U.S. Senate have shown the courage, under immense pressure, to stand up to Biden’s other radical policies.  Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have been branded as turncoats because they dared to defy the party groupthink.  Biden likes to blame them, and only them, for the defeat of his Build Back Better plan.  But the plan failed because of 50 rational Republicans and two courageous, clear-thinking Democrats.  Biden may not like it, but that’s how our system is supposed to work.

Democrats in Congress may be self-serving, ruthless, and unscrupulous, but they’re not stupid.  They see the same things their three intrepid colleagues see, but so far, they’ve shown no courage – only a willingness to abandon their conscience and blindly follow their party leaders.

If they’re having trouble mustering the courage to do what’s right for the country, maybe they can draw some inspiration, or at least some common sense from Mark Twain, who suggested, “Loyalty to the country always.  Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.”

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Why a smart TV is better than a normal TV

Tue, 2022-02-15 15:36 +0000

Technology truly is evolving constantly, and in 2007 we were able to witness the rise of the popular smart TV. Although there may not be a difference in physical features for a smart TV compared to a normal TV, even though newer smart TVs may look thinner, the possibilities that can be achieved are second to none compared to a standard TV. If you aren’t too tech-savvy, and a TV is a TV to you, continue reading as we give you a breakdown on why a smart TV is better than a normal TV.

You can still access live TV

First of all, some people may be reluctant to purchase a smart TV with the fear of it being way more technical and complex than a normal TV. To answer your concerns, it is not! Although a smart TV will offer several new benefits that relate to an internet connection, which we will discuss further shortly, the option to access live TV and continue using live TV features is not eradicated. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a new TV, opt for a smart TV, you will still be able to catch up on your morning news, your favourite sports channels, and your preferred evening soaps. Just ensure that when you purchase and set up your smart TV you do not get rid of your TV aerial. Although to access internet features, it is not required, it is still needed for live TV viewing. Click here for TV aerial installation or repairs.

Unlimited options with internet access

So, here is the main reason why a smart TV is better than a normal TV, the key feature of being able to access TV programmes, shows, movies, and music through a variety of different apps and streaming services. One thing we would like to highlight is that a smart TV will require internet access, therefore before buying one, ensure that you have a Wi-Fi router available or these features will simply be inaccessible. There is a range of apps to download once your new smart TV is set up including favourites such as YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, and market-leading Netflix. That’s only to name a few! We are sure that you will be able to find other fan favourites in amongst these options. Be sure to note that you will need a subscription to access the majority of these apps and it usually comes at a cost. To put the pricing into perspective, a Netflix monthly subscription starts at a basic cost of £5.99 and can progress to £13.99 a month for advanced features.

Whilst a lot of the streaming apps offer the same service and similar content, we would advise opting for 1-2 subscriptions between apps. If you sign up and subscribe to several apps, before you know it, you are throwing money away monthly on accounts that you potentially have limited time to use! Everyone has their favourites and specific preferences so choose wisely!

No need for cable or satellite TV

Using satellite TV services such as Sky can be pricey, especially for installation and monthly payments. Now that you have access to streaming services on your laptop at a much lower cost, this, if preferred, can be cancelled. Now that you have the option to watch what you want when you want if the variety and endless content was what attracted you to cable/satellite TV, that is no longer needed when streaming services come into play. Therefore, a smart TV is better than a normal TV as ultimately it can reduce outgoing excess costs in the long run.

Voice recognition

Some smart TVs, such as the LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV, offer voice recognition features meaning that you can use a voice-activated assistant, Alexa, to control your actions on the device through your voice. This means that you can select channels without even using your TV remote! As well as this, the voice activation can be connected to other devices in the home such as speakers so that they can be interconnected too!

Similar in price

With these additional options, why would you not want to opt for a new smart TV over a new normal TV? Especially as they appear to be similar in price. Although the automatic assumption is that smart TVs are much more expensive than normal TVs, that is simply not the case. This was the case when they were released back in 2007 as they were hot new products on the market and it was considered a luxury to have a smart TV in your home, much like when iPhones entered the technology market it was a luxury to own one of them. However, now the majority of people you know or encounter own an iPhone as they dominate the market. The same applies to smart TVs as after checking out Amazon, we realised that every 9 out of 10 TVs on the online retailer are smart TVs, and the pricing is very similar to normal! So, it should be a no-brainer.

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Why Did The Biden Admin Ask the Court to Not Release Sealed Report on Dominion Voting Machines?

Tue, 2022-02-15 14:30 +0000

Remember that time, at post-election camp, when all the anti-Trumpers insisted on (at least) three things. (1) Dominion voting machines were not connected to the internet so (2) they could not be tampered with, (3) therefore no one hacked them.

The elections were legit.

The Biden Administration has asked a court to keep confidential a sealed report on these machines. Why?


Top officials at a U.S. federal cybersecurity agency are urging a judge not to authorize at this time the release of a report that analyzes Dominion Voting Systems equipment in Georgia, arguing doing so could assist hackers trying to “undermine election security.”


Hackers might hack voting machines that are not connected to the internet and were never hacked in the first place. To what level does the rise higher? Conspiracy theory or debunking conspiracy theory?

If the report includes details that will make the machines vulnerable what exactly does that mean?

The Biden Administration hid their lover in the bedroom closet and they are pleading with you to not open the door.


HT |Epoch Times


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We Learned Nothing From the Afghanistan Debacle?

Tue, 2022-02-15 13:00 +0000

The American exit from Afghanistan will be the poster story of the Joe Biden Presidency. After one year, the Biden administration has put a lock on the worst Presidency in our history.

Biden will have to fail miserably to usurp the end of our twenty-year involvement in the Afghanistan conflict as the most embarrassing and deadly event. The Russia and Ukraine situation continues to heat up, and Russian troops’ eventual incursion into Ukraine is imminent. We have an undisclosed number of Americans that remain today in Ukraine, with the potential of conflict starting at any moment.

Joe Biden had a one-hour video call with Putin on Saturday. Biden claims he spelled out, in no uncertain terms, to Putin what will happen if Russia invades Ukraine. The call transcript does not support Biden’s claim of being tough on Putin. Many feel that we should have been proactive with sanctions against Russia when Putin started building up troop counts on the border. Being proactive is not in Biden’s DNA. He has done nothing.

Our hands are tied for two reasons for sanctions on Russia. Russia is now our number three supplier of oil. We cannot afford for Russia to shut off their flow of crude oil to America, which they will do if we get involved. The other reason is the financial relationship that Joe and Hunter Biden have with Russia. The Bidens are making millions, and those funds will undoubtedly dry up if we take action against Russia.

As for the remaining Americans in Ukraine, their fate is eerily reminiscent of the Americans left behind in Afghanistan. The American government has put these folks on notice that we will not retrieve them should they stay after a Russian incursion. As with Afghanistan, we do not know how many Americans are in Ukraine today. These folks are on their own. The new American government feels no responsibility for the safety of our citizens in foreign countries.

Poland, which borders Ukraine on the west, has offered to accept and harbor Americans seeking safety. The US Government has put restrictions on Americans looking to enter Poland. They must be fully vaccinated, including appropriate boosters. They also need to test negative on a COVID test before leaving Ukraine. Seriously? These people are exiting a potential war zone, and their fate relies on a Made in China COVID test kit. These folks would be treated better if they got to Mexico and came to America via the Rio Grande. Nobody there will check for vaccinations or test results. You will be flown to the city of your choice for free.

Joe Biden will regret his handling of the Russia/Ukraine situation, and holding off on any penalties for Russia until after they invade is going to prove too little too late. Russia has to be kept out of Ukraine. Once in, they will be there forever. Putin is playing chess with Biden, and Biden is playing Chinese Checkers. You would think with the years of experience in the Senate, Biden would be more assertive on the international front. You would be wrong.

Biden has the luxury of reflecting on his performance in Afghanistan. This should help him avoid the same mistakes and assure a more successful outcome. He has learned nothing, which is disappointing. It will prove disappointing and deadly to the people of Ukraine. God watch over them.

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“Reef” Er Madness!

Tue, 2022-02-15 11:30 +0000

Since the dawning of the Global Warming era, circa 1984, the Climate Cult has been preaching the end of the earth and blaming you. But most people never cared enough, which just pissed them off.

So they spent your money (trillions by now) massaging models and expanding budgets to prove that money can buy a narrative or politicians to push it if they spend enough, but not much else.

Our self-proclaimed government watchdogs in the media will trip over themselves to spin the latest press from Captain Planet or Muppet Greta (who has since – literally – outgrown her usefulness). Pimping the climate crap sandwich full of lies while ignoring actual science because it undermines a plan with which they agree.

So the ‘dogs are feeding at the same trough as Capitan Planet to create that endless supply of crap sandwiches. Each delivered with fear for our consumption.

But there’s still no good reason to swallow any of it.

Last July (for example), we shared proof that The Great Barrier Reef had grown to record size. It is exciting news for the folks who’ve been worried about the prophesied consequences of dying reefs or their collapsing ecosystems. Google it. They can’t stop worrying about it because no one is reporting the truth.

Even today, six months after evidence that the reef bounced back, it’s still doom, despair, and agony ‘cuz you. But you were not even at the dance. And if it’s not a man-made problem, then someone might cut the research funding, and while that’s one scary click-bait headline (THEY CUT THE FUNDING!!!), without the stream of crap sandwiches the funding makes possible, whatever shall the media do?

Well, they could report this?


An 1871 dataset of sea temperatures across the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has been compared to recent measurements logged at the same reef areas. No differences in temperature were found by Dr. Bill Johnson, leading him to conclude: “Alarming claims that the East Australian Current has warmed due to global warming are therefore without foundation.”


Your loose and lavish modern lifestyle has not affected the seawater temps, The Great Barrier Reef, or its Ecosystem. The water temps are the same as they were over 130 years ago. That’s an impressive thing, natural by appearance, but the Climate Cult makes the crap sandwiches they don’t eat them, and this is quite a lot for them to swallow.

Years of reporting the demise of a reef that’s got more coral now than it did in the 1980s combined with this news is a lot to take in, which explains the media blackout. They’re in shock. What do we do? Easy enough to keep lying, so they will.

That’s not to say there are no threats to the reef. That gift shop coral comes from somewhere via someone, via coral mining. And there are coral pirates, but the primary source for that kind of decline probably gets permission from some government that’s blaming you and your fossil fuel lifestyle for there being less reef than before.

It’s madness.

Needless to say, this has an enormous impact on the surrounding eco-system, killing marine life and leaving a barren ocean behind. Indiscriminate destruction also causes sand erosion and removes coastal protection. Ironically, much of the coral has been used to build airports and resorts in places like the Maldives to house tourists who come to marvel at the reefs.

Do you remember the Maldives? They were all supposed to be underwater by now, but the “doomed” Island nation keeps letting global corporations build swanky staycation destinations there. It might be because, despite the over-advertised (impending!) sea-level rise, the earth’s coastlines have been growing since 1984.

Not that the media can make time to that either.


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Your State House 02/11/22: Emergency Powers, Occupational Licensing, Retirement Raises, …

Tue, 2022-02-15 02:30 +0000

This week, the House continued with committee work. My committee heard HB 1321, which repealed all the changes we had made to the governor’s emergency powers in the last year, including the sponsor’s own HB 1037. That was recommended to be killed, 17-1.

HB 1274, establishing a study committee on state agencies’ solid waste practices, didn’t garner to much enthusiasm from the committee, especially after we learned that there already exists at least one study committee on solid waste issues.

HB 1171, exempting some “niche” beauty services (hair styling, eyelash extensions, makeup application) from licensure, brought us the biggest crowd since the midwives. The board of cosmetology has voted to oppose the bill, and we were flooded with emails talking about the need for licensing to protect the public.

Several pro-liberty organizations sent people to testify in favor of the bill: the Institute for Justice, Americans for Prosperity, and the Josiah Bartlett Center. It went to subcommittee to deal with the consumer protection definitions, which the Attorney General said were too broad and too different from existing law. HB 1560, reciprocal licenses for barbering and cosmetology, was simpler and less crowded, with the same people as HB 1171 testifying. It, too, went to subcommittee.

We want to thank NH State Rep Carol McGuire for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

HB 1545, creating a film database, was unanimously recommended to kill since the sponsor found Travel & Tourism already uses one! HB 1287, sleep awareness month, HB 1443, Covid victims memorial day, and HB 1173, proclaiming Indigenous People’s day, all were skeptically received and will probably be killed.

We continued to vote out nineteen more bills. HB 1535, which granted a cost of living increase to people retired at least 5 years, was amended and recommended to pass. The amendment left the current year increase but deleted the retirement system’s mandate to give future increases based on Social Security’s increases. That was estimated to have about a $2 billion dollar cost increase, and the vast majority would be paid through our local property taxes. The amendment also required that the initial increase be funded from this year’s surplus, so there would be no property tax impact.

We sent several bills to interim study, seeing merit in the idea of each but not agreeing on the details:

  • my HB 1191, allowing homeowners to work on duplexes as well as single-family homes;
  • HB 1429, licensing massage establishments;
  • HB 1444, registering medical spas; and
  • HB 1566, on the prescription drug affordability board.

These bills would have gone to a second committee, so we’d run out of time to work on them now.

HB 1354, allowing real estate brokers and agents to receive deferred compensation after they go on inactive status, was amended to specify “passed” rather than “taken” the state specific examination, and otherwise clarify the requirements for people with licenses from other states. It was recommended unanimously to pass as amended.

HB 1497, on optional allowances from the retirement system, was amended to include the language from HB 1557 (which amended the same paragraph of law) and then recommended to pass. We reconsidered HB 1557, and voted to keep it in interim study until we were sure HB 1497 passed.

My HB 1563, enrolling state employees in the deferred compensation plan, was voted to kill, 17-1. Not me – after considering the matter, I decided it was more appropriate to start as a request from the governor, or the employees, than as a mandate from the legislature. HB 1552, transferring the assessor certification function from revenue administration to a new board under the OPLC, passed with a minor amendment to continue all current licenses until their expiration. We killed HB 1314, a study on management of the state veterans’ home, because a previous study (in 2014) still had open actions and the veterans didn’t agree on what else they wanted.

HB 1427, on membership of the speech-language pathology board, was amended to allow for alternate members; HB 1681, updating the state building code, was amended to include the fire code, and both passed unanimously.

HB 1357, on land acknowledgment, was not so harmonious. An amendment to correct spelling errors (Abenaki is not in spell check!) passed 17-1, then a motion to pass with amendment failed, 8-10. After more debate, we voted to kill it, 10-8, not quite party line (one member of each party voted with the other.) The deciding issue for me was that various tribes in New Hampshire were opposed to the bill, as it only recognized one tribe. HB 1587, which restored some of the changes made to retirement formulas in 2011, was argued at length, and recommended to pass, 12-6. I was on the losing side of this vote – after all, I voted for those changes in 2011 and don’t want to see them all reversed. I also voted in the minority for HB 1460, which repealed the minimum ages for a number of professional licenses: we voted to kill it, 12-6. I thought many of these requirements were silly, requiring veterinarians, attorneys and dentists be at least 18 while meeting all the educational requirements!

HB 1288, on terms of some officials in the department of administrative services, was amended to change some titles and passed.

We voted to kill HB 1065, authorizing licenses for art therapists, on a party-line basis, with minimal debate. HB 1417, requiring the state to pay 7.5% of municipalities’ pension contributions, was debated and killed, also on a party-line vote. I (and most Republicans) were opposed because the towns decide how many employees to have and how much to pay them – so having the state take a fixed share of the payment (which is a percentage of payroll) means the frugal subsidize the spendthrift. In addition, we fear that state funds can mean state control: how many teachers to have, how much to pay our police officers…

Next week we meet in session to vote on most of these bills; in Manchester again, for probably the last time out of the State House. We have a lot of representatives who have never met in the House chamber, and it’s a shame.

Representative Carol McGuire

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Sun-King Sununu Finds the Concept of Individual Liberty to be Laughable

Tue, 2022-02-15 01:00 +0000

NH-NeverTrump Journal has a post gushing about Sun-King Sununu’s opposition to a bill that would protect employees from being forced by their employers to choose between taking experimental drugs and losing their jobs:

It is an idea Gov. Chris Sununu finds laughable. Asked if he supports the legislation during last week’s COVID-19 press conference, Sununu replied, “Oh, so you’re talking about the bill that basically says if there’s a vaccine mandate you can decide that the mandate doesn’t apply to you? No.”

Sun-King Sununu is neither a conservative nor a Republican. He is an America-LAST corporatist, who pines for a return to the gilded age:

… I think private businesses have the right to do what they want to do,” Sununu said. “And they always have.”

I’ve heard many people say they have voted for Sun-King Sununu because he is the “lesser of two evils” compared to the Democrat. Just how “less” is the operative question.

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We’d Like Your Thoughts on the New “Edge” Ads …

Mon, 2022-02-14 23:30 +0000

We’re moving to a new server that 3X the power compared we have now. Since nothing is free, that is doubling our hosting costs.  So, we tried a deal with the ad server that does those ads.

I was hesitant and was only hoping that they’d show up on the left sidebar where we don’t put our content anyway. They’d get eyeballs, we’d get some extra coin to pay the difference without having to ask you all for money. I seem to be constitutionally unable and uncomfortable to make that ask.

It makes no sense for us to up the user experience in getting a server that serves up pages faster only to make you want to throw stuff at your screen.  And yes, we’ve had complaints.  Now, I’d like to quantify things from YOUR perspective – keep it or deep six’em? If it’s the latter, we’ll figure something else out because the LAST thing we want to do is torque you all off over them.

So, if you would please!  Poll is open through Thursday at 11:59pm.  Vote once, please.

We’ll announce the results on Friday.

What is Your Opinion of Our New 'Edge' Ads?
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New Research: The mRNA Vaccines Can Make You More Susceptible to the Rona … and Other Viruses

Mon, 2022-02-14 22:00 +0000

A new paper poses a serious problem for the Jabbernaughts. It is titled “The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses.” Did you get that? The Jab reprograms your immune system.

Well, of course, that’s what a vaccine does, but is this what they were trying to accomplish?

The researchers note that initially, the mRNA vaccines can protect you from the Rona, but in many cases, this is a short-lived or temporary benefit with a significant downside.

Interestingly, however, the BNT162b2 vaccine also modulated the production of inflammatory cytokines by innate immune cells upon stimulation with both specific (SARS-CoV-2) and non-specific (viral, fungal and bacterial) stimuli. The response of innate immune cells to TLR4 and TLR7/8 ligands was lower after BNT162b2 vaccination, while fungi-induced cytokine responses were stronger. In conclusion, the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine induces complex functional reprogramming of innate immune responses, which should be considered in the development and use of this new class of vaccines.


The body is less capable of fending off a range of potential threats, and this supports what we’ve seen in the real world.


  • Governors, School Boards, Public Health Officials, Everyone – And I Mean Everyone, You Need to Hear This…
  • Dr. Dan Stocks Explains Immune Response, ADE, and Why We Should Stop Jabbing People, Now!
  • BBC: “Nearly 13% of hospital patients with confirmed Covid were unvaccinated.” You Mean, 87% Were Vaccinated?
  • Report Uses Pfizer Vaccine Effectiveness Formula To Show How The Jab is Making Recipients Less Immune than the Unvaccinated
  • 90+% of Deaths and 70% of Those Hospitalized With COVID in New South Wales Have “Been Vaccinated.”
  • Severe COVID Ward Doc Says Majority of Worst Cases Continue to be Fully Vaccinated


Large numbers of vaccinated have been clogging the Hospitals and ICUs with COVID cases.

It was the exact opposite of what was promised by advocates but concerns or observations to that end were tagged on social media as fake news, bad science, or conspiracy theory.

But a year after the Jab rolled out, we continue to see proof that advocates were misled or misleading, a fact that may have contributed to Pfizer retracting its request to get emergency use authorization of children 6-months to 5-years of age.

They claim a need for more studies which means any research because there were none. Pfizer says they’ll do some before asking again but I’m not certain they will. The COVID narrative appears to be burning out. Globalists appear ready to move on to some new terror.

But how do they suppress all of this COVID research that proves them not just worn but guilty of a conspiracy to cover up how wrong? Will they even bother to try and hide the truth? Will we get the “At this point what difference does it make” speech?

Most of the players in the Vaxx food chain were given legal immunity so the only ones at risk appear to be employers who mandated it on the advice of government “experts,” politicians, and the media unless someone can prove RICO level fraud (which is what this was).

And that gets us to the actual virus—the swamp culture.

Elections are great, and a few offices might change hands, but little will change unless they can dig into the bureaucratic foundation that props many of them up.

Trump or no Trump, the problem is the swamp, including the bureaucrats, congressional staggers, and the lobbyists that create and fund the culture of political entitlement.

And in truth, we probably can’t get to that in any immediate or meaningful way, so you need to begin local and clean up your state. One sovereign body at a time because most of the so-called leaders could care less about yours.

And one more point.



So, the government is incapable of serving as a gatekeeper on matters of public health. But then, we knew that already, didn’t we.

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It’s EASY to Make Shared Misery “Equitable”! – Part 4

Mon, 2022-02-14 20:30 +0000

When the other side resorts and is left only with ad hominem retorts, it’s a WIN! Especially as you remain cool, collected, and drawing merely on foundational principles via example.


“…you as the rightwing nutjob you are, filled with hate you come here to harass people making the world better”


They can’t continue except by sputtering. The technique is to change the nature of the debate from theirs to ours.  It’s easy – as long as you’ve done your homework.

And everyone else at that Treehugger post was watching.

Continuing on with the “Marxism via ‘Carbon Equity'” in that the end result, as with any argument based on achieving “equality” ends up in “shared misery”. But it’s still Marxism – merely wrapped up in different wording as “Economic Class Struggle” was such a bust here in America. So, they switched gears to Racism and “Equity” of all types, and at Treehugger, its “Carbon Equity.”

The translation is that you can only use as much energy as anyone else – no more. The ruse is the “1.5-degree lifestyle” in that you WILL be made to live in misery to keep the Earth from rising 1.5 degrees Centigrade which is the tipping point for Climate Apocalypse.

Of COURSE, the only solution, per any Progressive heartache, is more Government.  Freedom of Choice to live one’s life according to themselves (“…pursuit of Happiness”) is a thing of the past.  Or should be. Except there those of us dissenting from this Socialist Conventional Wisdom.

So, back to Bill again who says that ANYONE that does better than others, that has succeeded better than others, have to PAY for their Collective-ignoring insolence:

Or fining those gluttons that make other’s life hard, expensive, they need to pay for the damages they do.

As with Mao’s and Lenin’s Communist revolutions, the Rich (or even middle class), MUST be made to pay – WE can’t be responsible for our state of being, can we?  SOMEONE ELSE always has to be responsible.  Given that Walmart is always a target, I figured I throw that out and raise some folks blood pressure. It worked:

So the Waltons (who started Walmart) got rich by making ordinary peoples’ lives HARDER and more EXPENSIVE? I’ll wait right here for your stats on THAT supposition. How about Steve Jobs making computing (along with IBM) more “equitable” for the masses? Or creating new technologies that made a lot of folks lives more fun?

I dryly note that even just these two example, people VOLUNTARILY spent their dollars for products they believe gave them more value for those dollars.

I also dryly note that the eco-socialists only wish to take others’ “excess wealth” away from them with no value add.

And the following was meant to get the howling mob barking and drooling with madness.

So which set of people is more selfish? Those willing to trade or those actively putting more meaning and truth into the phrase “Taxation is Theft”?

It worked, too – one bit on the hook. Hard:

Yes they did. They came in and killed local stores with low prices then jacked them up. They shipped likely 300k jobs to China and mostly sell Chinese crap. Great example.
And just what did I say that stops either? Are you that dense? That was rhetorical .
They need to pay the full cost of their actions, no? Just like those who pollute.
Helping the poor creates wealth too and increases the market as they have money and can get a job, a place to live is better for everyone including those you mentioned.
Fact is you think taxes are great and have provided you with a decent country to live, make money in. No? So you lie off the bat.
Fact is you are only arguing the amount, no?
Or you think we can live well without them?
The selfish ones are those who foist their costs on others and they must pay. You’d be pissed if someone crashed into you and didn’t pay wouldn’t you?
What is the difference between that and FF companies poisoning us loosing 1.7yr of life US average? And rich people make far more pollution. Details you don’t let bother you as the rightwing nutjob you are, filled with hate you come here to harass people making the world better.
And you can’t stand that can you? Why?

And so starts a longer opening for me to make sport of his arguments – sparse that they were.  In fact, it didn’t take long for him to run out because I took each of his points, one by one. And that’s the other think – treat every point on its own.  To often, they spew a word salad and hope that it’s too much to handle for their opposition.

While I’m not going to do all of them now, here’s the first one – and actually, the less important of them all:

Yes they did. They came in and killed local stores with low prices then jacked them up.

It’s called competition. Remember, Walton started with a single store, gave his customers great value, and people voluntarily gave him money.

Then he did for retail logistics what Ford did for the automobile assembly line: highly increased efficiency and productivity. That lowered costs and increased profits even as prices went down.

That’s just plain competition. They outcompeted all the others semi- and Big Box stores (remember KMart? Sears is on its way out, too).

Creative destruction. And my friends work at Walmart. And Lowes as well. And there STILL are small mom and pops here who learned that they could still outcompete the Big Boxes especially when it comes to customer service – and I use them as well.

They shipped likely 300k jobs to China and mostly sell Chinese crap.

The likely part that you assume that Walmart shipped overseas remains to be proven. Hard for you to pick out given that US Administrations and States made going offshore because of higher taxes and work Law and regulations made it easy to go there.

Just like how California is killing itself by slow roasting businesses that have gotten the message and moving lock stock and barrel to more biz friendly States.

And to his point, again, of outsourcing to China

And Walmart is paying the price as they can’t keep their stores stocked. My local one often has long lines of shelving unites as their “China made” is nowhere to be found.

So much for their profits. And my local store is far from being the only one. They made a bet that’s now a losing one.

To be continued as I was just starting to wind up…


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Which Is Worse – Their Presence or Their Absence?

Mon, 2022-02-14 19:00 +0000

I’m referring to those Canadian truckers using their Big Rigs to make statements in various Canadian cities with Ottawa, Canada’s capital, being the main and first target.

They parked outside Parliament and blocked the streets and are blowing their horns. Then onto the bridges between Canada and America.

So, which is worse – their presence or their absence? The lines and question write themselves:







These ordinary, blue-collar workers just want to do their jobs. So, they are doing things right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook because their Elected Representatives refused to listen to their pleas of no more Vax mandates. Saul Alinsky wanted more minorities working at O’Hare airport in Chicago – Mayor Daley refused.  So, Alinsky had his supporters use every seat and urinal to the closest bathrooms whenever a large jet arrived.

Yup, passengers and airport workers complained that they couldn’t relieve themselves and had to make it to bathrooms far away.  After long flights. Drinking.

Mayor Daley caved.

The Elites now, as with Daily, are not amused and have now called out the police to get their way – but six Canadian Province Premiers (having more brainpower than Prime Minister Trudeau have caved and removed their Vax and mask mandates.

And now the question is, are the Canadian Elites are starting to realize that the “cure” to clear the blockages may well be worse than the original problem? What can they do to the truckers if they are all out making deliveries all over – but just not to their cities?  Can’t fine / arrest / jail them now, can they?

They should have sided for Freedom and Liberty right off the bat.

Braveheart would approve of the Freedom Convoy!

(H/T: Instapundit here and here)

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Vermonters Will Get to Vote on Making Abortion a Constitutional Right

Mon, 2022-02-14 17:30 +0000

The Vermont General Assembly has advanced a proposal that will appear on the November 2022 ballot. If approved, it would make abortion a constitutionally protected right.


[Vermont Biz] On Tuesday, the Vermont House passed Prop 5, the Reproductive Liberty Amendment. This completes the final legislative step in a four-year long process to enshrine an individual’s right to reproductive liberty in the Vermont Constitution. Prop 5 includes protections of an individual’s right to continue or end a pregnancy and access contraception. The constitutional amendment will now appear on the 2022 General Election Ballot, giving Vermont voters the final say on whether or not to amend the state’s constitution.


Prop 5 would add article 22.


Sec. 2.  Article 22. [Personal reproductive liberty] That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means.


I have no sense about how the state’s general population might feel about this because the language does not explicitly say “you can kill unborn babies if you want to do that.” They use the term “reproductive autonomy” while claiming this is central to liberty and dignity – to determine one’s own life course.

This reminds us that the Left the unborn are not people who have dignity or life at all, let alone its course or a right to personal reproductive autonomy starting with being born – the quintessential reproductive act.

It also could prove problematic for the authors and the party of central planners.

When convenient, they like to separate clauses in constitutional amendments. In the case of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, the right of the people shall not be infringed is ignored in favor of the word militia for the purpose o infringing on the right.

This attitude about infringement is well documented. What might that mean for Sec 2 Article 22 should voters accept the addition?

Vermont Article 22 starts with, “reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed.” Even prefaced as referring to reproductive freedom, a talented lawyer could leverage it to mean anything, including a constitutional right to refuse the latest vaccine if it might in some way infrgine on that right.

There is voluminous evidence the COVIDmRNA vaccines do that.

And if you are free to choose your life course or the process or reproduction, then who is to say that whether pregnant now or in the future, you could not make the case that something the government wanted or did is an infringement upon that right (measured using the least restrictive means)?

The least restrictive means, in my mind, suggests that courts cannot use the strictest form of scrutiny to ensure that abortions continue uninterrupted. But they never use the word abortion. They also never reference gender.

Reproduction is not possible without both sperm and eggs. And the freedom and dignity to reproduce must encompass more than those who lay claim to a womb.

And what if a minor wants to get pregnant? Having survived the constitutional right to abortion and achieved an age where reproduction is possible, are they not entitled to their own reproductive freedom?

Does Sec. 2 Article 22 create a constitutional right to statutory rape, assuming consent?

I did not see out the year’s worth of debate that led to this iteration of the proposed amendment, nor should I need to do that. Again, using the Left’s process, that would be originalism, and they pretend to abhor that. All that matters are the words before us and whatever we think they mean.

So what do they mean, and are Vermonters prepared to suffer through what they might mean?

We won’t know until November.


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Like Sheep Wearing Elizabethan Collars

Mon, 2022-02-14 16:00 +0000

In the United States, the members and followers of the Democratic Party are veritable sheep. This is a stunning hypothesis, and it is easily laughed off by anyone with an ounce of intelligence.

I have proposed it to various Americans, from my family members to groups in online discussion communities like Reddit’s boards. One frequent retort is that Republicans are sheep, too! Well, let me expand on this.

In life, an ounce of intelligence doesn’t get you very far. Let’s proceed by relating an average sheep as possessing several ounces of intelligence, and postulate that due to the physiological structure of a sheep’s brain, sheep are unable to possess more than several ounces of intelligence. Humans, by comparison, are able to possess tons of intelligence, although the vast majority achieve far below potential. Is this by design? And if so, by whom?

Look at a map of the 2020 U.S. election results by county. This is easy to find on your own by a quick internet search. There is one striking feature of this map to which I will draw your attention—— that is the overwhelming congregation of blue counties in urban, well-developed areas. Almost all of USA’s cities are Democrat-leaning. The urbanized counties surrounding city centers are also Democrat-leaning and voted blue.

We want to thank Kensley Vitoria for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

On the other hand, all un-urbanized land is red—— Republican. There is a marked split between people who live in less-populated areas and people who live in densely-populated areas. Why is it that people who live in less-populated areas choose to support the Republican party?

Rural lifestyle depends on the successful development of many attributes— self-sufficiency, a healthy relationship with society, a direct engagement with county- and state-level governance and law enforcement, a real understanding of self defense and ownership, and a strongly developed sense of courageousness. It takes courage to live in a rural area, apart from the hives that are modern cities. People in rural areas are more attuned to the natural cycles of the planet.

Many of them farm the land, thus their livelihood is dependent upon natural growing cycles and harvests. Interestingly, people who vote red aren’t overly concerned with climate change. Rural folks are typically not wasteful and get the most lifespan possible out of products they buy from markets.

City life, on the other hand, is vibrantly fast-paced. A typical citizen in a city never actually touches the Earth itself. All contact is through paved roads, sidewalks, or floors of constructed buildings. There is a real disconnect from natural cycles. Yet, these people living in cities are almost all in agreement that climate change is a threat to humanity.

City dwellers are dependent upon each other, typically extremely disconnected or distrustful of governance and law enforcement (unless they are a part of either), and largely unaware of the complex economies that allow they themselves to receive refined products in market — like food, computer hardware, anything plastic or steel, and furniture. Waste is a part of urban life— many people in cities throw anything broken away thinking it’s cheaper to just buy new than to repair.

This is a striking difference in lifestyle can be further crystallized by considering openness towards other perspectives. Broadly speaking, in the USA, city dwellers, based on voting patterns, are Democrats. The only way these statements do not hold true is if the US Democrat Party is committing widespread election fraud in cities and winning urban elections purely through fraud.

Let’s look at some real stereotypes about these folks. US Democrats do not want to accept other points of view about the way the world works. Critically, Democrats don’t even want to accept the possibility that there are other legitimate meanings to words and ideas. In Democrat-land, there is one way. It’s the Democrat way.

This is not entirely the case in counties that vote red. If you go to those places and talk to people there, you might understand that people who vote red in the USA do not typically force other people to change their views or opinions. Red state culture is relatively more laissez-faire— people are generally free to do and say what they like without the negative social ramifications that are prevalent in urban blue areas. Only a few areas of the country are rural blue.

Perhaps the most striking societal difference between red and blue in the USA is media consumption. Those who consider themselves Democrats or vote blue read CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo, and major syndicated newspapers and online news media platforms. These sources have one thing in common: they view any news sources that publish a variety of perspective on certain issues as taboo. Recently topics like January 6, the Freedom Convoys, wearing surgical masks to prevent flu transmission, and Hillary Clinton see a drastic divergence in perspectives.

In 2016 and 2017, around the time when the idea of fake news began to take hold more widely, CNN and several leftist corporate media platforms syndicated articles with a list of fake news websites. These were purportedly demonized websites that were considered dangerous to visit. News platforms like ZeroHedge. Breitbart, InfoWars, The Gateway Pundit, and a series of others are generally labelled as right-leaning, alt-right, or far right. The message from leftist syndicated corporate media was clear, “Don’t read these news websites because they are wrong.”

Not surprisingly, tens of millions blindly obeyed, without a trace of critical thought. Like sheep. A good-sized segment of the population only reads CNN and nothing else.

Even if a website like Breitbart broke real news about real things happening, leftist corporate media ignored it, and citizens with leftist alignments (i.e. those buying into the belief that anything but leftist corporate media was inherently taboo) were largely unaware of it.

A case in point is the name of CNN pundit Brian Stelter’s show Reliable Sources, which may be one of the most slanted and opinionated television shows on TV masquerading as journalism. This show only covers a few specific news events, and these are skewed by a surprisingly heavy dose of opinionated political commentary.

Imagine if you only watched Brian Stelter and relied on nothing else for your understanding of world events. Well, there may actually be people like that out there.

The reader would do well to further understand journalism in its modern sense. Corporate news is heavily thought siloed. There are very insulated pipelines from journalism schools like GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs to NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute that train people to think and act a certain way.

Nearly every single one of these institutions is in Democrat-run cities. Any students with views considered right-of-center are typically brainwashed before graduating. The top students become interns for corporate media companies where thinking a certain way is rewarded with promotion.

The field of journalism is divided most starkly into investigative reporters and pundits. Pundits are the guys like Don Lemon and Brian Stelter who are more interested in framing real events in the context of their narrative than in seeing the world for what it is. They are not realists. They are almost like magicians, in the sense that they use spells to make people think a certain way. They project their worldviews, which are rife with political slant, racism, ideological dogmatism, and stigmatisms.

Consider stigmatism. What do the terms right-leaning, alt-right, or far-right even mean? These are highly stigmatized ideas. When someone says them in a way that is critical of information, they typically are attempting to other that information and slander it. By attaching this label, the implicit will is to make that information unreliable, unrepeatable, and counterfactual.

What’s so bad about the political right? Well, I would say— nothing. If anything, recently in the past five years at least, they have become not only right in a political sense, but also in a moral sense. As in, they have no shred of moral grounding whatsoever.

It’s pretty clear that the left has totally abandoned morality. Most Democrat leftists don’t even think in terms of morality. Many leftists are nihilists, having no faith in society and little understanding of the ideas of good, order, and justice. Their actions are not driven by what is good or bad in a more universal sense, but by what is good or bad only for themselves as individuals, and especially what is good or bad for their perceived tribe. They willingly do bad to people who they consider oppose them. Even if those people are their fellow countrymen and women, leftists are willing to do bad to them in order to elevate and enrich themselves.

Historically, the idea of a political right and left derived from French politics around the time of the revolution in 1789, which marked a transition from monarchial rule to a constitutional parliamentary republic. The left side of the National Assembly was where the revolutionaries gathered, while the right was where the supporters of the crown met.

Interestingly, in the French language, the word for left is gauche, which also means wrong, foolish, unhappy, or clumsy. The word for right is also similar to the English word, with connotations of justice, truthfulness, naturalness, and goodness. This is a fascinating juxtaposition in connotation.

Why do leftist political leaders in the USA do the things they do and say the things they say? Are they actors? Are they doing these things knowing their decisions are going to have evil effects on their citizenry, the people that they represent? Or are they doing them out of stupidity and do they lack the brainpower to know better? Do they do these things because they honestly think that they are doing something good and worthwhile? These are important questions, and it may be the case that it is a combination of all three, with other causes as well.

Most essentially, leftists have completely lost alignment with one of the most core components of being liberal— that is democracy itself. Democracy is a system of governance that encourages and enables everyone in a society to participate in governance and the political process.

Yet, modern US so-called Democrat leaders are encouraging the destruction of a decentralized voting system, enabling people to commit voter fraud, abetting violent attacks on their political opponents, breaking established law for personal political gain, fanning the fires of racialized conflict, jailing those who criticize their legitimacy, and weaponizing law enforcement to destroy peaceful protest. None of this is democratic. In fact, all of these actions run directly counter to the very idea of democracy.

Through it all, leftist corporate media ignores any discussion of these fundamental realities. Instead, they refer to it as disinformation or misinformation. Then, they construct other narratives as a distraction. For instance, a possible Ukraine-Russia war or drama surrounding the Olympic Games.

Today, when a household pet, like a dog or cat, or a farm animal, like a sheep or goat, injures itself, a doctor will typically apply a conical collar to prevent the animal from licking or biting the wound and exacerbating the injury. This device has the indirect consequence of severely limiting vision. It is called an Elizabethan collar, after a European-style ruff worn around the neck in the 16th and 17th centuries. In US cities, where the flow of information is high volume and life is fast-paced, the common citizen unknowingly wears an Elizabethan collar. To their detriment.

This is what modern leftist leaders in the media have done to citizens in cities. Outfit them with veritable psychological blinders. It is a dangerous tactic to willfully stupify the citizenry. A democracy thrives when the maximum number of people are intelligent and well-informed.

Let this be a call to the leftist corporate media syndicates.

Inform the masses. Give people the intellectual tools to see information from various sources and to decide for themselves what to believe and what opinions to support.

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I Won My Pro Se Lawsuit Against the City of Nashua

Mon, 2022-02-14 14:30 +0000

I requested emails from the Nashua Clerical Assessing Supervisor for the months of November and December 2021. The Supervisor left employment on December 25, 2021. The City denied the record request stating that the emails were no longer reasonably accessible.

The City was not willing to disclose why the emails were not accessible until a lawsuit was filed. It turned out the City believed that if emails are moved to a backup tape, Nashua does not have cloud-based storage, they were under no obligation to retrieve the records because it was cumbersome.

In the trial, it appeared that the files were not moved to a backup tape, but were accessible to a City Director. Additionally, the city is disputing email retention.

They are deleting emails within 45 days outside the state retention period for correspondence in furtherance of an employee’s official duties. If we didn’t have digital records, the city would store the paper in boxes in various facilities in Nashua. So, if older paper records were requested, the City would go pick up the box, bring it to City hall, contact the requester and make the record publicly available.

Digital records can be deleted in 45 days. Something is wrong with our public records storage and access.

So, I filed suit:

The plaintiff, Laurie Ortolano, has brought a petition under New Hampshire’s Right-to-Know Law, RSA 91-A, seeking access to records from the City of Nashua’s (the “City”) Assessing Department (the “Department”).

Laurie Ortolano victorious over City of Nashua Original Court Order 2-7-2022 15.06.3 6468137 54D487D4-EEDC-4E2E-B56A-C86968552B6A

And the result:

..Considering the factual circumstances of this case, the parties’ arguments, and equitable principles, the court orders the City to participate in remedial training but declines to enjoin future violations.  Here, the court finds that future violations can best be avoided through requiring participation in remedial training regarding the City’s compliance with Right-to-Know Law records requests…

The entire order is above:


Commentary by Skip (with permission):

I find this entire exercise that Laurie had to undergo really distasteful and it is a blatant example of how our government, at all levels, is slowly turning to be rather dismissive of those it is supposed to serve.  Yes, serve.

In the US, the idea of Government is that we are served by them – we elect our Representatives and they, in turn, hire “our employees” to carry out what we normally we would do ourselves but we have outsourced a lot of those responsibilities to them.  Yes, a division of labor – we also pay them and often, pay them very well.

And those same Elected Representatives get too big for our britches and morph from “Governors” (who merely should govern within the consent of the governed) into Rulers. And our employees (again, that is what they are) more and more believe they are independent of their employers (who are not just those that hire them into Government service) and take on attitudes that because they are unaccountable, we are to have no say at all.

Ignore the Law?  Makeup excuses? Shoddy service?  Yelling at their employers?

And folks like Laurie have to sue them to DO THEIR JOBS and Follow The Law.

And our “Ruling Elite” wonder why the general populace no longer trusts them?  That we are critical of the product they produce?

They treat us like we are the enemy – and are surprised when we pick up on that and then act upon that?

I’m glad Laurie won – I wish, however, that an injunction had been ordered because, with these Nashua snots, they’ll keep refusing to do their jobs correctly, treat her with the respect that is due to Citizens, and Follow the Law.

Who wants to take that bet?



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How About An Illiterate Masculine Carnivore Presenting As a Vegan Feminist Author?

Mon, 2022-02-14 13:00 +0000

Some constructions in the English language demand to be ridiculed, and the Identity Politics Woke-a-Topia is ripe with opportunity. Take this bit about Vegan Feminist Author Carol Adams, who associates meat-eating with misogyny, racism, and white supremacy.


“The assumption that the best protein comes from dead corpses is a RACIST belief.

How do you know the animal would have picked you to feed off their corpse?

Your hamburger comes with a dose of misogyny.

Meat-eating is also one of the ways gender-based structures of oppression are perpetuated.


Meat was not sexist or racist, or supremacist to the earliest hunter-gatherers. It was dinner. Men risked their lives to feed themselves, women, and children because they were stronger and faster. These days their male ancestors can claim to be women to rob them of their rights, safe spaces, and now athletic accomplishments.

They call that social justice, but I don’t see it. It looks to me as if the Left is robbing women of their rights the way they rob them from people of color. You say one thing but then do something else. The party of women is erasing women by claiming anyone can be one. The party of people of color is systematically trapping them on a new crime-riddled plantation of dependency.

When people object, you call them racist, misogynist bigots, and supremacists.

Adams, who is pasty white and probably using her father’s or grandfather’s last name (very feminist), is the author of several page-turners, including  “The Pornography of Meat” and “The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory.”

Adams has been inducted into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame. Was she nominated by PETA they kill animals all the time in the name of animal rights because they’ve not quite figured out how to kill people without it being called murder?

No worries, the Left is working on that.

And congratulations to Ms. Adams on making a living peddling intellectual tripe (Vegetarian Critical Theory) with no productive value whatsoever.

Critical Theory in all its forms is the prattling nonsense of unhappy toddlers and what could be more pretentious than a Vegan Feminist Author. By its mere utterance, the title is a pronouncement of privilege and supremacy. By labeling yourself this, you have defined an avenue of debate that in the world of Theory can’t exist.

Nothing in Theory can.

Language is as much a human construct as gender in a world where women have penises and men can menstruate. If Jimmy Dean had announced with as much sincerity as he could manage that he was also a vegan feminist author who menstruated gravy, it would be bigoted to disagree, at least publicly.

Jimmy Dean the Sausage Queen, and that’s not sausage, and while we’re at it, those aren’t animals. They are plants and tasty ones at that.

This is what happens when you create rules where words mean whatever you want them to mean, and that means nothing.

In that world, people will come along and take the hint, and by people, I mean governments, and the next thing you know, definitions are defined by tyrants at the point of a gun.

This is, of course, the goal of Theory. To create equality of oppression managed by Vegan Feminist authors, assuming they survive the purge of intellectuals that typically follow that sort of government change.

And they think they are more intelligent than the rest of us.



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Gretchen Whitmer is Fooling No One

Mon, 2022-02-14 11:30 +0000

Gretchen Whitmer, the unpopular Governor of Michigan, has shown the world this week exactly why she is a horrific Governor and an even worse human being. Whitmer is an incredible hypocrite and hopes that anyone who listens to her has short-term memory issues.

I need to qualify my disdain for Governor Whitmer due to personal reasons. We had spent months planning a ten-day RV trip to Michigan in 2021. We had the route planned, the sites booked, reservations at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, and hiking routes charted for the upper peninsula.

We arranged everything except for Gretchen Whitmer, shutting down her state tighter than Fort Knox. Governor Whitmer ruled her state with an iron fist during the Pandemic restricting everyone’s lives except her and her husband. It was no wonder that her people turned against her, marching on the statehouse armed for battle.

As for her citizens of Michigan, Whitmer restricted their movement, keeping them close to home. The good citizens of Michigan could not navigate within the state. Business and schools were shuttered, and outsiders were not allowed entrance. She had as firm a grip on her domain and her minions as any Governor dared. She was the poster child for government overreach during the Pandemic and even survived a recall effort.

While she had her subjects nearly on house arrest for almost two years, her husband traveled freely and was discovered attempting to get the family boat out of drydock and onto the water. While she had airline travel in and out of Michigan turned off, she pressured local business owners to use their private jets to get her to Florida. Rules for thee, but not for me, was coined with Governor Whitmer in mind. She had zero concern for the good people of Michigan or its commerce.

For the last two years, her actions and performance have made her comments about the Trucker Protest in Canada almost laughable. Her demands of Prime Minister Trudeau for swift action were a joke. For someone who damaged people’s lives with her decisions and hurt businesses and incomes alike with her restrictions, her criticism of Canada and the truckers sounds exceptionally hollow.

Whitmer takes every opportunity to get her face and voice on CNN and MSNBC to make her position known. She can go on these friendly networks knowing they will protect her. She doesn’t dare appear on FOXNews for fear they would point out the hypocrisy and ask questions to point out how poorly she worked for the people she serves.

Whitmer is an example of the short memory voters have in America. Her approval rating had dropped below 50% and should have dropped lower. She is a poor leader and harmed the people of Michigan during the Pandemic and has done nothing to improve her performance since. Her approval rating, however, rose to 56% in January. How is that possible? It happened because people live in the moment and do not remember yesterday. That is why and how people remain in office, and we look at their careers in twenty years and say what did they do for us.

The Pandemic has given us the gift of insight. We saw how our elected representatives performed for us under fire at all levels. Some did well and deserve to continue to serve. Others did not look out for us, the people, and must be retired from public service.


Ray Writes for The Liberty Loft

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An Evening With Dr. James Lindsay: Warning About the Emerging Woke Religious Movement In U.S.

Mon, 2022-02-14 02:30 +0000

Downtown White River Junction has undergone some serious upgrades in the past ten years. When I moved here fifteen years ago the Lyme-Hanover crowd lamented the sorry state of the once-bustling Vermont town.

I recall their sense of disdain for its dilapidation, not sorrow for the downtrodden denizens, but more the relative bringing down of Upper Valley property values. So it was with a certain amount of irony I found myself seated alongside the Dartmouth College Republicans (DCR) hosting Dr. James Lindsay at the Tuckerbox restaurant in the newly gentrified downtown area. Strange bedfellows with a common thread seem to be the growing theme this evening. Who is the common enemy? By the end of the evening, the answer was clear – Marxist Communists in America and Davos, Switzerland.

The evening began with warm greetings from the Turning Point USA representative in the breezeway, followed by more from the DCR team. Chloe is the energetic and able DCR coordinator for the event and was extremely grateful for those in attendance. Dan Richards, CEO and founder of Global Rescue in Hanover, extended me and my son Joshua, a Hanover High School sophomore, a gracious invitation to join him and a kindly woman [Fran Wendelboe  -Skip] representing the 603 Alliance.

One of Dan’s former football teammates from Hanover who recently returned to the Upper Valley from Colorado shares some of his experiences around his work in private schools compared to his son’s who are in a public school in Connecticut. Essentially, his sons are confused not about their gender but about why their teachers seem inordinately focused on gender and all things woke instead of simple academics like science, math, and history.

Social studies have become the new most challenging subject in most schools. This is roughly the same point Dr. Lindsay began his study into the new “woke” movement.

We want to thank Aaron Warner for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

A brief history of James Lindsay begins with his writing “Everybody Is Wrong About God”, his foray into the new atheist movement. Here is where he partnered with Portland State University professor of Philosophy of Education Peter Boghosian and fellow atheist academic from the United Kingdom Helen Pluckrose.

The three of them shared a growing concern for the rise in student body protests over once necessary traits of college life, such as discourse, debate, and dialogue around academic topics and competing worldviews. Conversely, they noted a drop in the standards of academic literature with the inclusion of pseudo-academic studies journals focused on “grievances” such as feminism, race, queer, gender, and the like.

True to their academic calling they sought to challenge the pretensions of these methods of producing self-serving “science” and began what is now famously known as the “Grievance Studies Affair.”

After national recognition for their hoaxing and exposing the new woke vanguard, they managed to put targets on their backs, namely Mr. Boghosian who became the victim of so much harassment and threats he has since resigned from teaching. Dr. Lindsay has gone from hoaxer to hero of the silenced majority who is slowly waking up to the culture war we find ourselves in.

The clinking of glasses and roomful of conversation have silenced as he is introduced. Though he could fill a thousand-seat auditorium in many parts of the country there is room for maybe fifty people at best. Lindsay, gifted with both intellect and good humor takes us on a brief history of Marxist thought he has since claimed has all of the characteristics of a religion.

The journey begins with the mention of radical social philosophers Rousseau and Hegel, both of whom informed Marx. Lindsay highlights Marx’s theory of oppressor vs. oppressed runs throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries to today where Critical Race Theory has morphed from class-based Marxism to race-based identity Marxism.

He notes the journey it’s taken to get here and the irony of today’s woke movement now hating the working class Marx once championed. He explains the reasoning is not philosophical but religious. Marxism is a cleverly packaged new religion disguised as an economic theory. This is why despite its persistent economic failures around the world it remains popular. People, discouraged by the academic assault on God, seek meaning in Marxism. Consider the parallels to Christianity:



This comparison is not exhaustive, however, you can see the religious nature of Marxism emerges.

As with religions, there is a strong evangelical component, and the Marxists, like Christianity, are heavily funded and well organized. From kindergarten to corporations the movement is being preached via training manuals, teaching lectures, and team sports paraphernalia (NFL helmets, NBA jerseys, etc.).

Eerily absent from the Marxist religion is any moral framework. This is seen by the push to “queer” everything and accomplish the Marxian goal of destabilizing American culture. No, the LGBTQ is not a new movement that spontaneously arose via people’s innate instinct to self-identify.

This was once tried in Hungary under the guidance of one Grigory Lukacs who implemented similar queering and sexual manipulation of school kids that lasted all of a year before Hungarians grew wise to his attempt to pervert their children and summarily threw him and his comrades forcibly out of the country.

It is here Dr. Lindsay rises to his utmost disgust for these tactics. In a three-part series titled “Groomer Schools” on his New Discourses podcast, he goes in-depth at the subtly stated goal of queer theorist Hannah Dyer, essentially, create constant mental illness in children for the sake of making them pliable to the revolution. Yes, she actually put that in writing.

In case you weren’t aware, we are in the mid-stages of a Marxist cultural revolution and our future holds a violent uprising of a purposefully disenchanted youth who are being taught to hate America, their parents, our culture, and methods of faith, because Marxism cannot tolerate competition. It is a union after all.

Strangely this published atheist is now one of the primary defenders of Christianity in America. One only wonders if his views on God are changing as well. Likewise, the Hanover crowd of Republicans will lock arms with anyone in the Upper Valley, even the White River crowd, to protect their liberties and their children.

Lindsay’s admonition to all who will listen is “YOU DON’T GET TO SIT THIS ONE OUT.[Editor Note: or as Erick Erickson famously stated: “You WILL be made to care”  -Skip]. If you love your freedoms, your country, your children, and your future you will educated yourself, figure out where you best fit into the counter-revolution, and bravely go forward into your community to fight back. His suggestions include running for school board, select board, establishing community groups, pulling your kids out of public schools where they’re being indoctrinated, and otherwise offering financial support.

You can start by watching his speech here and then checking out the content on his New Discourses site. He is one of many truly liberal thinkers who are banding together to take on this, perhaps our greatest, menace in American history.



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