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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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Here “they/them” come – Samual Brinton

Mon, 2022-02-14 01:00 +0000

Just when we thought the itinerant carnival-like atmosphere surrounding the Biden administration could grow no more depraved, off-putting or destructive, with the toilet paper/ files caper having just been debunked, as “Middle Class” Joe haltingly ramps up for a war with Russia in their front yard with Ukraine, we turn our tired eyes to the Sam Brinton caper, replete with stilettos, lipstick, crinoline dresses and Sam’s stomach-churning pride in “pup” play.

Somewhere, lost in the “they/them”, and shouts of “ain’t she cute”, we have learned that they received dual Masters from MIT, worked in the clean energy movement, since our President named Brinton as the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Energy Department’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

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Will this lad toss on a hard hat and lead-lined toggs when he inspects the existing commercial spent nuclear fuel in “spent fuel pools?” These pools are made of reinforced concrete several feet thick, with steel liners and sport spent fuel up to the brim.  Or will Brinton pull a Kamala Harris, who was placed in charge of the fiasco at our southern border and decided that Paris posing with a phony French accent might offer better results on the world stage – it didn’t, and perform his work via Zoom meetings than actually viewing our growing spent nuclear fuel problem?  However, we know that ionizing radiation may tend to cause noise on video, audio, and radio transmissions.  Or will Sam choose Yucca Mountain and be done with it?

We are the taxpayers and targets in this mug’s game.  As taxpayers, even with a string of Trumps in charge and full employment and low taxes on business, it’ll take us until, what, In the Year 2525 and that Zager and Evans one hit wonder from 1969, to get us back on track after “Blue Collar” Joe Biden’s destruction of the working man while hiring the likes of Sam Brinton?

As Russian targets in a quick Russian nuclear exchange, we can bet that a megaton or two will be aimed at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  With Emperor Biden always a few feet away from the nuclear football while knowing the speed of hypersonic cruise missiles, and guessing the speed at which old doddering Joe can grasp the strategic/nuclear situation, that understanding will mean our lives in New Hampshire.  And knowing a bit about Putin, he won’t launch a major exchange at 11 am when Joe’s full of coffee and vinegar, sporting carbon-lined Depends, sitting near his red phone.  Vlad’ll punch Uncle Sap in the guts at 3 am when Joe’s sawing big wood and the football is sitting on a lap on a chair in the hallway.

Getting back to Brinton’s public profile, “they” have also been advocating against conversion therapy, a pseudoscientific practice of changing an individual’s sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual or their gender identity from transgender to cisgender using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions.  Glad that’s published, but so has been an enormous amount on Brinton’s involvement in “pup” play.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, Brinton has given live demonstrations on wax, bondage & “electro play” as part of their lessons.  “Pup and I have what I feel is one of the most ideally perfect connections between our personal and kink life,” Brinton says.  Brinton goes on, “Both of us have other partners, so we come into this space, and then we come out of it, knowing the boundaries of where your kink and non-kink relationships begin and end.”

Whew, I’m exhausted.

Brinton has boasted about having “worn his stilettos to Congress to advise legislators about nuclear policy and to the White House, where he advised President Obama and Michelle Obama on LGBTPQ+ issues.”  Unlike Zager and Evans, it appears, until all the facts are in, that Sam Brinton is at least a two-hit wonder.

Having worked in LA as a cop, it can now be said that Joe Biden is hell bent on turning his administration into West Hollywood and San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury or worse, Caligula’s Rome.  But instead of Caligula’s horse, Incitatus being made a Roman Senator, Biden has made a “pup” player a deputy assistant secretary of Energy in charge of spent nuclear fuel.

With Sam Brinton walking down the runway, past the “pups”, catcalls and into our government – here “they/them” come!


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Harming Girls in Hampton Falls Over Gender Exclusivity

Sun, 2022-02-13 23:30 +0000

The woke crowd will not be happy until everyone is miserable, so it seems. The latest stunt involves girls and their fathers in Hampton Falls.

Lincoln Akerman School’s Parent Teacher Organization canceled the annual Guys & Dolls dance due to concerns over gender inclusivity. The dance was set up so that girls could attend with their father or preferred “date.”   That could be their older brother, an uncle, or a guardian.

While this event is separated by gender, it remained open to anyone. But according to the letter sent out by the PTO, they said that they were hearing from families who were “concerned the events, defined by traditional gender roles, were excluding some families.”

“We have families in town that only have two girls, two boys, something multi-gender. Those parents are feeling left out because they only get to go deep sea fishing and not to a dress-up event. The boys had a much different event than the girls did.” PTO Vice-President  Candace Cimon

Parents rejected this excuse saying that the dances did not reject anyone who wanted to attend.

Like a few parents in SAU16, community members began organizing a private dance to take place this year.

Those involved with the local public schools seem unwilling or unable to provide activities that bring joy back into the school year.  These father/ daughter dances have provided memories that will bring joy to those who have participated, for years go come. How do I know, because my own daughter has a picture of her and my husband every year they attended the father/daughter dance. Instead of complaining about my sons and I being excluded, I understood the enormous value that the dance has had on her life.

When moms thought of a mother/son dance, it turned out that that was not something the boys really wanted. So some of the moms found other activities they could do with their sons on that same night.

Instead of canceling these events, it’s better to find alternatives.

These are special events in a girl’s life. My daughter chose a song for her father/daughter dance at her wedding, that they used to dance to at the father/daughter dances. Those memories, and that time spent with her father, gave her the love and attention all girls need in their lives.

Stop canceling these joyful events, and find ways to bring more joy into the lives of your sons and daughters. You may have to get creative, but you will create lifelong memories that they will always cherish.

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Is Canada’s Government Still Legitimate?

Sun, 2022-02-13 22:00 +0000

In all the Canadian government’s furor over the truck driver protest, one event is missing: any reports of clear-cut violence committed by the truck drivers or their supporters.  I have been scouring American, Canadian, and international news sites to find a verified report – any report – of a Canadian truck driver who has physically attacked anyone else.

So far, neither the Canadian truck drivers nor their supporters have broken store windows, firebombed police stations or court houses, physically assaulted or shot anyone, and have not robbed businesses.  They seem remarkably well-behaved.

This cannot be said about Canadian “leadership”.  Canadian truck drivers have been threatened with everything from massive fines to confiscation of their trucks and being thrown in prison.  At one point, there was a report that the authorities might use firearms against the protesters to force them to vacate the roads and allow traffic to flow again.

I read a report that spoke of a government threat to use violence against peaceful protesters who only want the freedom to go about their lives without government-based restrictions.

When I read that report, I immediately thought of Tiananmen Square.

For those who may have forgotten, Chinese students went on a multi-month protest in Beijing in 1989.  The students wanted government concessions: personal freedoms, political reforms, reduction and prosecution of corrupt officials, and other economic freedoms.  China’s government, a communist dictatorship, pushed back against the student protests.  That push-back eventually resulted in the death of hundreds (maybe thousands – nobody knows) of student protesters.

With all the news coverage about a “student revolt”, one image remains as the symbol of resistance against dictatorship: a lone person standing on a bridge in front of a line of tanks.

Even China’s leadership knew that killing that individual, whether by firearm or running over with one of the tanks, would have sent the message that the Chinese government valued control over lives – rather than the lives under its control.  It’s axiomatic: the death of hundreds in a crowd is far less impactful than the death of one person standing alone in a street.  The worldwide reaction would have been swift, severe, and long-lasting.

The Canadian truck drivers are reminders of this symbolic stand against tyrannical authoritarianism.  The truck drivers are the single man on the bridge, waiting for the government to make the next move.

Pundits here and abroad have been analyzing statements by both Trudeau and the other provincial leadership.  There has been one common thread: the truckers have been accused of insurrection against “legitimate” government.

But how can a democratically elected government be legitimate if it turns its power against those who elected it?

It is true that Covid-19 killed (possibly) millions of people around the world.  It is also true that governments did not use whatever (possible) therapeutics that could have reduced the death toll.  The reasons are unclear: I won’t speculate here.  That discussion is for a different column.

One thing is clear, however: democratically-elected governments used “emergency powers” to shut down economic and social activity.  The goal was to “get control” over the infection rate.

Those same democratically-elected governments are now refusing to relinquish those “emergency powers” as the voters are demanding.  Instead, they are tightening their control over those who elected them, thus proving that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  They are also proving the adage that “you can vote yourself into socialism, but you have to fight your way out”.

The Canadian truckers are merely the first to show resistance against these democratically-elected tyrants.  The average Canadian does not fully support blocking trade, but is in full-throat support of the trucker’s demands: return freedom to the people.

Meanwhile, as other pundits have noted, Trudeau and the other provincial leaders are revealing their political impotence.  They have forgotten that Canadians voted them into power.  They are now speculating that maintaining that power, against popular support, may require the use of arms.  Instead of backing down, they are becoming more and more truculent.  The situation is becoming volatile.  The pot may soon boil over.

The question is now: what happens when someone in the Canadian government fires the first shot at a peaceful Canadian protester?


President* Biden needs to watch the Canadian situation very carefully.  Although many states are dropping mandates in preparation for an election (don’t fool yourself – that’s the reason), they are not taking actions to eliminate “emergency powers” laws.  As long as those laws stay in place, those mandates could be put back in place at any time.

Americans are also peacefully protesting against Covid restrictions.  If there is a similar large-scale protest against coercive mandates here in the US, any action taken by the US government to use force could result in serious blow-back: Canada doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment.


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Stop Hurting Kids, Repeal the Therapy Ban

Sun, 2022-02-13 20:30 +0000

In 2018, NH Governor Chris Sununu signed an unconstitutional “conversion therapy” ban bill into a law that bans therapists from helping confused kids and teens to explore whether their same-sex attraction or opposite sex gender identity is something they want to keep or change.

Related: Help Us Tell Moms and Dads the Truth About the Gender Craze

According to Cornerstone, the therapy ban has these devastating consequences.

  • Muzzles therapists and restricts their speech in a clinical setting.
  • Ignores a patient’s right to set their own therapeutic goals. A client dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria would not be able to get the help they need and want.
  • Infringes on the religious liberty of therapists.

This law puts kids and teens on a one-way street with no turning back.

Cari Stella, a young woman who posted a video on YouTube about her experiences both transitioning as a minor, and detransitioning as an adult, reports that no one told her she had any other options.

They don’t tell you that it’s OK to be butch, to be gender non-conforming, to not like men, to not like the way men treat you . . . They tell you about testosterone.

Stella asks how many other medical conditions are there where:

you can walk into the doctor’s office, tell them you have a certain condition, which has no objective test, which can be caused by trauma or mental issues or societal factors, and receive life-altering medications on your say-so?

The therapy ban denies children like Stella even the chance to explore how they can live as their biological sex before making choices they’ll regret. This isn’t therapy, it’s ideology, and our children deserve better.

HB1077 would repeal the unconstitutional therapy ban.

There are three ways to help get this bill passed, starting with the simplest and quickest.

  1. Sign-in in support by clicking here and filling in the form as follows:
    • Fill in your name and info.
    • Select February 15
    • Select the Committee “House Health and Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee.”
    • Choose Bill “2:15 – HB1077.”
    • Choose “I am a Member of the Public” and “I’m Representing Myself.”‘
    • Select “I Support this Bill.”
    • Click “Submit.”
  2. Email testimony to the committee at and ask them to vote to pass HB1077.
  3. Give testimony to the committee at the public hearing for HB1077  at the House Health and Human Services Committee this Tuesday, February 15 at 2:15 PM in the Legislative Office Building Room 210-211.

Listen to Stella’s story.


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Manchester School District Teams Up with Group That Says You are All White Supremacists

Sun, 2022-02-13 19:00 +0000

The Manchester school district, in conjunction with Manchester Proud and 2Revolutions, created “detailed central office staff action plans that helped lay out key next steps to realizing the vision and provided an aspirational, yet realistic, path forward.

In the end, we celebrated the launch of a true community-driven strategic plan with hundreds of participants at a supportive and joyful school board meeting, where the plan was formally adopted in late February of 2020.”  You can read that report here.

Superintendent Goldhardt, who is now leaving for greener pastures, gave this report his full support.

Why did he sign on to a plan that was developed by one of the most extreme Marxist organizations pushing the radicalized Critical Race Theory?  That’s not the kind of leadership Manchester students needed. They needed someone who will work to help children succeed academically. And if children need extra support, he is required to address that too.

The people who’ve had the most influence in the district, have failed these children. Dr. Goldhardt came along and facilitated this failure. Good luck to the families in whatever district he is hired in next.

In the article, “Goldhardt issues response on diversity training right-to-know requests,” there is more you should know about the whiteness training for staff.

Go to the article then click on: Learning for Justice: What is White Privilege Really. Then look for frameworks (at the very top of the page) and click on critical practices. Then download the document CRITICAL PRACTICES. 

It first starts by talking about how SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL learning will be the vehicle for anti-racist education in the classroom. That means that your children and teachers will be blamed and shamed for what slave owners did, and for the color of their skin. That’s what anti-racism is all about. Critical Race Theory comes under the Umbrella of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice.

There is a list of social justice standards on page 23. For example, your child must exhibit these attitudes/values/beliefs in order to receive a passing grade. They will be graded by using competencies which will eventually become digital badges. Grading academics is an objective practice, but when grading your child on their racial attitudes and values, subjective grading is necessary. This kind of competency-based grading is not necessary since there is no law requiring it. School administrators shift to competency-based grading because it’s hard to grade your child’s values using objective measures.

The Common Core English/LA standards are also referenced, which is why you may see this anti-racist (CRT) agenda included in the curriculum.

On page 3 under INSTRUCTION, they begin with a description of Critical Engagement. They reference the writings of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, one of the leading Marxists in education.

In the book Freire authored, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, he argues that oppressed people can regain their humanity if the movement is led by the oppressed people. He blames capitalism for inequality and injustice. (

But in this piece, Paulo Freire’s Mao Problem How Social Justice’s favorite educational theorist defended one of history’s most oppressive regimes; the author exposes Freire, for not just ignoring the horrors of tyrannical regimes, but defending them. ( ) No where in Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education, will you see any of that mentioned. This leaves the reader again, to believe that Freire is some kind of folk hero that should have an influence on educators.  


Teaching critical engagement supports three of the four anti-bias domains: Identity, Justice and Action. 

Identity becomes part of the classroom experience. In this new approach to learning, knowledge and literacy in the core subjects become less important, and breaking down your child’s identity, in order to change it to what they believe are the proper attitudes and values, becomes the main focus. That is why you will see teachers using the classics as assigned books, but then within the lesson, there is a focus on your child’s identity. Self-reflection begins so that they can then begin to change your child’s values. Read more about the push for identity authoritarianism here.


Open-Ended and Higher-Order Questions The questions teachers ask profoundly shape learning. Critical engagement requires open-ended inquiries for which there is no single “right” answer.

This is similar to the focus on moral relativism practiced in classrooms years ago. This is an attempt to break down your child’s values where there is no universal or absolute set of moral principles. It’s a version of morality that advocates “to each her own,” and those who follow it say, “Who am I to judge?” ( ) All of this is a lesson in breaking down the values that your have instilled in your children in an effort to indoctrinate them with a new worldview.

Students should be asked to form and defend their opinions about the meaning of complex texts and social realities. Open-ended questions are prompts like “Which of the rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights do you think are most important and why?” as opposed to “Which five rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are focused on economic issues?” The second question only asks students to memorize and recall. While close and critical reading requires students to ask and answer text-dependent questions, it is important that those questions also promote discussion, stimulate student thinking and allow students to hypothesize, speculate and share ideas.

Parents do not send their kids to school so the teacher can break down their value system, judge it, or challenge it. But that’s exactly what they are doing. It’s also interesting that they reference the UDHR in this reference. The UDHR also says in Article 29: These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Our freedom does not come from the United Nations, but from our Creator as indicated in the Declaration of Independence. This statement in the UDHR is a direct contradiction to the values put forth by our founding fathers who identified our Creator as the bearer of individual rights, and those rights cannot be infringed upon.

Project-Based Learning Project-based learning involves the use of performance-driven projects rather than simple “lecture, drill and test” practices.

They even go so far as to tell teachers how to teach in the classroom via PBL. PBL as a pedagogy used by teachers can become problematic in many ways. First it can reduce learning when the teacher becomes a facilitator versus an instructor. Group learning can become chaotic making it even more difficult to learn the academic content. Students report that they see the most motivated student end up doing the work for the rest of the group. Parents complain that they don’t want their kids learning the content from other students. Often times they are not learning the facts. It can slow down the learning process over the year, etc.

The document goes on to push more of the fads we’ve seen fail in public education versus looking for ways to improve academic achievement or literacy in the core subjects.

5. Values-Based Assessment, Evaluation, and Grading


How can a system of classroom evaluation, assessment and grading instill values such as equity, collaboration, justice and respect for diversity? Teachers can reflect on this question and the list below as they align their own evaluation and grading policies with classroom, school and community priorities.

Here are some questions to consider in evaluating student progress:

• How can we be sure our systems of evaluation promote success for all students rather than fostering competition?

How can they be sure their system of “evaluation” promotes success for all students rather than fostering competition? There are no guaranteed outcomes, unless forced. In a system where content knowledge (literacy) in a subject should be the main focus and evaluated in an objective way, how can a teacher accomplish this when they are faced with students who may put forth little or no effort? Let’s face it, students may not always work as hard as other students. Some of this responsibility should also fall on the parents and the student.

7. Thoughtful Classroom Setup and Structure


Without saying a word, classrooms send messages about diversity, relationship building, communication and the roles of teachers and students. Consider the different messages sent by these two classrooms:

Classroom 1

Desks are arranged in a U shape. The teacher’s desk is in the front center of the room. On the wall is a poster of U.S. presidents, a copy of the Declaration of Independence and inspiring quotes from Winston Churchill, Robert F. Kennedy and Albert Einstein. Students are working quietly on an independent assignment.

Classroom 2

Desks are arranged in clusters of four with students facing one another. The teacher’s desk is in the back corner of the room. On the wall is a display of student self-portraits, a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and inspiring quotes from Maya Angelou, Aung San Suu Kyi and César Chávez. Students are working with their tablemates on a group project.

More PBL, less instruction from the teacher is conveyed in this description. To the point where students are clustered in groups of four. UDHR is again promoted as a document to be hung in the classroom versus the Declaration of Independence.

Classroom setup should be student centered.
Student-centered versus teacher-centered. Once again, this removes the local stakeholders from deciding how the classroom will be set up.

Restorative Justice is an approach to school discipline (and criminal justice) that emphasizes repairing harm and restoring relationships rather than simply punishing those who have engaged in misconduct. Restorative justice spans a wide variety of practices and strategies, including peacemaking circles, peer jury processes, mediation, conferencing and classroom discussions focused on building empathy.
While an apology may be in order, there are times when consequences are necessary.



While there may be some positive suggestions, this deserves scrutiny. For instance, at the end, there are a set of standards k-12 in Social Justice Standards and Domain. When standards are set, they will be assessed.

What becomes of their assessed views on diversity? For instance, the Identity Standards require students to “develop language and historical and cultural knowledge that affirm and accurately describe their membership in multiple identity groups. (P23) 

Would this compel a student to call a biological boy a female? Or compel them to use other terms that might conflict with their religious vies or even biological scientific facts?

There is a focus on identities of students in the K-2 anchor standards.

Today I participated in a zoom call with Manchester parents and teachers who are questioning the validity of removing leveling from the district. Leveling helps meet students where they are academically but others will argue that it’s not equitable. There are no equal outcomes when everyone is on different levels.

If, however, you remove the levels, then those who are ahead are forced to slow down. Those who are behind may also struggle because they are not prepared for what they will be covering.  Either way, de-leveling hurts those at the top and bottom but ensures equal outcomes. That’s an equity approach to learning that helps no one. No one really benefits from this change, it just makes Marxists feel good that everyone is forced to perform at the same level.

To those who are wondering what to do about Manchester’s problems, look no further than yourself. What are you doing to call attention to the numerous organizations that are doing nothing to help your students in terms of academic achievement and literacy? Why is no one questioning all of the participation from Manchester Proud that has ignored this focus on Marxist agendas versus an agenda focused on literacy?

Marxists do not care about your kids. They care about their political agenda.

Elect to your school board and hire a Superintendent that understands that quality and opportunity can help your underprivileged students perform better. Meet your students where they are at. If they cannot speak English, teach them the language. If your children do not know how to read and write, go back to the basics. Basic math has never failed us, go back to the basics.

Get these toxic Marxists out of the school system and look for people who prioritize academic achievement over those who push political agendas. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, basic math can and should be taught to mastery.

Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards set your children up for failure. Especially if they are immigrants who struggle with language. When you want to hear how, I will be happy to explain that.  For now, Manchester is full of Marxist ideology, and until that changes, expect more of the same.


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Take Action to Stop Vaccine Mandates for our Children

Sun, 2022-02-13 17:30 +0000

How many elected officials does it take to impose a vaccine mandate on your children? Answer: 6. OK, – technically, it’s just 5. The sixth participant is an unelected commissioner, appointed by the Governor.

The decision to force a vaccine on virtually every child in New Hampshire should not be taken lightly. It certainly shouldn’t be possible for a mere six people to impose that kind of a mandate. Unfortunately, current law in our state allows exactly that.

This is why I filed House Bill 1379, which would revoke rulemaking authority for the Commissioner of Health & Human Services with respect to childhood immunizations. If this bill becomes law, then decisions of this magnitude would need to pass a much higher hurdle, by requiring a majority vote in both houses of the legislature, plus the assent of the Governor.

Here’s the more detailed explanation: Most of what we call “law” in New Hampshire falls within two broad categories. When a bill goes through the legislative process and is signed by the Governor, we call it statute. That’s how most people think about the lawmaking process.

The second category is what’s called “Administrative Rule,” made possible when the legislature enacts statutes that delegate authority to unelected officials. It has the advantage of being faster and more flexible than the standard legislative process, but it also hands considerable power over to a relatively small group of people. Administrative rules tend to get far less public attention than bills that come before the legislature. That should be a concern to anyone who cares about good government.

There’s a well-defined process for adopting rules, and it does involve some elected officials, but there are very few people involved in actually rendering those decisions. A commissioner proposes a rule, then it gets a hearing before the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR). Unless a majority of that 10-person committee votes to object to the rule, it eventually takes on the force of law.

Unfortunately, there are people who would love to impose a vaccine mandate on our children. In fact, last week, the House Health & Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee heard testimony on HB1633, a bill sponsored by Bill Marsh that would mandate the COVID-19 shot for school attendance in New Hampshire, including students attending colleges and universities in our state.

I’m predicting that HB1633 will go down in flames, – and I’ll be glad when it does. But we should be equally concerned about the power of a very small group to accomplish the same thing via administrative rule. In recent testimony, DHHS staff testified that they are not prepared to impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate “at this time.” Further testimony indicated that DHHS insiders have not yet reached a consensus as to whether or not there should be such a mandate.

If you need any evidence that they’re considering a mandate, – there it is.

My bill will simply revoke the rulemaking authority currently held by the Commissioner of DHHS. Any new vaccine mandates would need to go through the legislative process.

Please support HB1379.  The hearing will take place this Monday, February 14th at 10:45 AM before the House Health & Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee. Please SUPPORT THIS BILL by taking one or more of the following steps today:

  1. Use the online form to sign in and indicate your support for the bill.
  2. E-mail members of the HHS&EA Committee and urge them to vote “Ought to Pass” on HB1379.
  3. Attend the hearing in person on Monday February 14th. If you are inclined to testify, sign up using a “pink card” and plan on speaking briefly in support of the bill. If you choose not to testify, sign in on the blue sheet at the back of the room and indicate your support.

If you haven’t yet joined the e-mail lists for Health Freedom NH and RebuildNH, I urge you to go to their websites and sign up for updates.

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Sun-King Sununu Declares “VICTORY!”

Sun, 2022-02-13 16:00 +0000

New Hampshire’s Sun-King, Chris I-Am-The-Constitution Sununu, has declared VICTORY over the corona … see his tweet below. What’s that you say? That the Sun-King is saying just the opposite … that it’s too early to declare VICTORY? Give me a break!  Sun-King wouldn’t have used the term VICTORY if he wasn’t declaring victory.

He’s simply hedging in case there is another wave (which there won’t be).

And make no mistake … Sun-King is declaring that the VICTORY is his. And make no mistake … this claim, like virtually everything else Sun-King Sununu has said about COVID over the past two years, is NOT true.

COVD numbers are down because at this point 80 percent of Americans have had some form of COVID. We have reached “herd immunity.”

Everything that the Sun-King did to “protect us” from COVID did nothing to protect us from COVID.

You may have heard of the recent Johns Hopkins study that found that lockdowns were useless and harmful:

lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality. … While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.

The use of lockdowns is a unique feature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have not been used to such a large extent during any of the pandemics of the past century. However, lockdowns during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic have had devastating effects. They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy. These costs to society must be compared to the benefits of lockdowns, which our meta-analysis has shown are marginal at best. Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.

And even the “mainstream” press are admitting that mask-mandates did NOT work either. For example, from Bloomberg:

states with mask mandates haven’t fared significantly better than the 35 states that didn’t impose them during the omicron wave. Rhode Island, where I live, has had a mask mandate since mid-December; nonetheless, we saw our January surge rise far higher than any other state. There’s little evidence that mask mandates are the primary reason the pandemic waves eventually fall — though much of the outrage over lifting mandates is based on that assumption.

Sun-King should not be declaring victory. He should be admitting his approach was WRONG and he should APOLOGIZE, profusely. As should those who cheered him on the past two years.

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Virulent Heterosexual AIDS Variant “Discovered” – And There’s an mRNA Vaccine Already in Trials?

Sun, 2022-02-13 14:30 +0000

Is the fearmongering on COVID19 gearing down because the experts have a new trick up their sleeve? What could be more terrifying than letting the government weaponize flu? How about an HIV “variant” that “experts” claim is more virulent AND more likely found in heterosexuals?

It’s the talk of the tyranny town as articles pop up on the topic and world leaders (Including Sleepy Joe) read from the approved palm cards.

Last week, President Joe Biden commemorated World AIDS Day by announcing his administration’s commitment to ending the HIV/AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus) epidemic.


Joe has lined up billions and billions (say it like Carl Sagan) ‘cuz it’s time to end AIDS. Just in time for the discovery of a variant in the Netherlands that is highly virulent and highly transmissible.


“We found that on average, individuals with this variant would be expected to progress from diagnosis to ‘advanced HIV’ in nine months, if they do not start treatment and if diagnosed in their thirties,” first author Chris Wymant, a senior researcher in statistical genetics and pathogen dynamics at the University of Oxford, told Live Science in an email. The disease’s progression would be even faster in an older person, he said.


But wait, maybe it’s not as bad as you think.


Thankfully, in their study, the team found that antiretroviral drugs, the standard treatment for HIV, work just as well against the VB variant as they do against other versions of the virus. “For an individual on successful treatment, the deterioration of the immune system towards AIDS is stopped, and transmission of their virus to other individuals is stopped,” Wymant said.


I predict they will apply the COVID19 response model to this – something demonstrably more emotionally and physically threatening. AIDS!

You will (probably) need constant testing and, therefore, billions of tests. That information will need to be logged and tracked (passports), and deniers can be pilloried because we’re talking about AIDS!

It gets more dangerous the older you get. There is a treatment, so you’ll need that, quickly and often.

To ensure this, they will need universal access to “health care” (socialized medicine).

Fear, Testing, surveillance, Tracking, Socialism, and yes – An mRNA vaccine.


In a truly startling coincidence, Moderna’s HIV vaccine began clinical trials the exact same day the “new variant” of HIV hit the headlines, and the same week as the NHS’s annual “HIV Testing Week”. Funny old world, isn’t it?


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Sorry, I meant the vaccine or the disease it supposedly prevents?

And don’t you worry about the crappy economy, inflation, high energy prices, empty store shelves, open borders, warmongering with Russia in Ukraine, ascendant Iran, or expansionist Chinese Influence peddling. Get tested, allow yourself to be tracked, and get that new ‘Vaccine.’

Does anyone doubt that if I’m right, you will need to it keep a job, access services, have any sort of life? That seems likely.

And they can always spin up another strain and insist on boosters, and I expect there will be unpleasant side effects, but hey, worse than a fast-acting heterosexual-targeting AIDS? How horrible a person must you be to wish that on someone?

I hope I’m wrong, but I fear I am not. But just in case, what do we call them? You know the Heterosexual Aids Variant equivalent to COVID Karens.

We might as well work that out now.


HT | Off

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Don’t Give Private Abortion Businesses Control of Public Sidewalks

Sun, 2022-02-13 13:00 +0000

HB1625, the Sidewalk Free Speech Act had a public hearing in the NH House Judiciary Committee on February 9 and I testified in support of repealing the unconstitutional buffer zone law.

This law allows private abortion businesses to declare up to 25 feet of the public sidewalk and street outside their facilities as no-free-speech zones where even silent prayer is not allowed. This is my follow-up testimony to the committee.

Related: Fight for Everyone’s Right to Stand, Kneel, Pray, and Speak on the Public Sidewalk

Dear Committee Members,

Thank you for allowing me to give testimony in support of HB1625, the Sidewalk Free Speech Act on Wednesday. I am writing to provide additional information in response to questions that I received after my testimony.

As I said in my testimony, there are no buffer zones around abortion facilities in New Hampshire. The law has never been used.

There is a federal law against blocking entrances or driveways to abortion facilities.

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994 (FACE) makes it a federal crime to physically obstruct the entrance to a clinic or to use force, the threat of force, or physical obstruction, such as a sit-in, to interfere with, injure, or intimidate clinic workers or women seeking abortions or other reproductive health services.

Kayla Montgomery, testifying for PP New Hampshire Action Fund, claimed that there was an incident where the driveway for the Planned Parenthood in Manchester was blocked but when she was asked by Rep. Notter, she was not able to cite a police report.

If such an incident did occur, the FACE Act could have been used to press federal charges. The entire property is under video surveillance so this should be an easy case for the authorities to prosecute if it indeed happened.

I am also providing clarification about the layout of three of the four standalone abortion facilities in New Hampshire. Two of them, Equality Health Center in Concord and Planned Parenthood in Manchester have complained of crowded conditions on the public sidewalks in front of their facilities. While Lovering Health Center in Greenland says they have no problems with those who are praying or offering help. I am including pictures so you can see the layout of these facilities.

The Equality Health Center has no customer parking lot. All their clients have to park on the street and come in through the front door from a crowded sidewalk that must accommodate their group of escorts as well as passersby of their busy downtown location. There is a bump-out from the sidewalk nearby, shown in this picture, that can be used for prayer or to offer help but EHC would rather that the public be blocked from being anywhere on the public sidewalk.



Planned Parenthood in Manchester has a public sidewalk right up against the front of the building. It is a wide sidewalk, providing plenty of room to pray and offer help, but PP does not like having the public so close to their facility.



The Lovering Health Center in Greenland moved from a crowded, downtown location in Portsmouth to a spacious property with a long driveway that provides a built-in buffer between their facility and the public sidewalk. They admit in their volunteer application that they no longer have a need for escorts because of that.



If Equality Health Center and Planned Parenthood moved to a larger property, their issues with crowding on the sidewalk could be solved, too. The public sidewalk is for the public, not for private abortion businesses to control because they don’t wish to invest the resources in buying or leasing a property that accommodates their needs.

Please protect our freedom of speech and vote OTP on HB1625.


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License to Tyrannize

Sun, 2022-02-13 11:30 +0000

In case you haven’t yet grasped just how insidious the idea of occupational licensing really is, here’s a reminder from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking to the truckers in the Freedom Convoy:

If you joined the protests because you’re tired of COVID, you now need to understand that you are breaking laws. You don’t want to end up losing your license, end up with a criminal record, which will impact your job, your livelihood.

You can be pretty sure that President* Biden (or his handlers) will be saying something similar to our own version of the convoy, when it arrives in DC.  And that Emperor Sununu would take the same line if a convoy arrived in Concord.

Although Article 83 of our own state constitution has been twisted like a pretzel to rationalize a state monopoly on education, if you actually read it, you’ll see that it exists to prevent all monopolies and conspiracies that hinder or destroy the inherent and essential right of the people to free and fair competition in the trades and industries.

Which is to say, it forbids occupational licensing laws (in the same way that Article 2-a forbids gun control laws), and it does so precisely to take away from government the power to threaten someone’s ability to make a living in order to force compliance with illegitimate statutes, regulations, executive orders, and court orders — in short, to force submission to tyranny.

In other words:  A government that can make you ask permission to make a living is a government that can starve you by withholding that permission until you do what it demands.

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that whatever good we imagine comes from occupational licensing (which in the end, is always about protecting jobs rather than protecting consumers), it doesn’t begin to compare to the evils that it has enabled in the hands of government officials who claim that ‘public health trumps everything’, and are willing to crush anyone who disagrees with them.


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Thanks to the Cancel Culture Dartmouth College Administration: “Dartmouth Republicans Secure Free Speech — by Fleeing Campus”

Sun, 2022-02-13 02:30 +0000

Really, from being bastions of Free Academic Research and Debate to backing up Cancel Culture.  A great thing to have done, Dartmouth College. You’ve created an atmosphere of fear and repression that your students fear retribution.  Do you consider this your Mission Accomplished?

The following is cross-posted from American Thinker with permission from John Klar.

Many thanks, John!


Dartmouth Republicans secure free speech — by fleeing campus

In an ongoing embarrassment for Dartmouth College, the once-venerable institution has repeatedly demonstrated that it is unable – or more likely, ideologically opposed – to allow students the free speech that once breathed air on its “Live Free or Die” campus.

The school’s student Republican organization has found the Dartmouth doors increasingly closed to any effort to discuss the anti-American ideology with which Dartmouth has surreptitiously polluted every aspect of campus life and curricula. Thugs and criminals rule Dartmouth now, so the Dartmouth Republicans wisely arranged for their latest speaker – nationally-acclaimed author James Lindsay – to speak off campus, where free speech is not (yet) verboten.

Dartmouth bureaucrats claim they favor free speech, while they elevate the rights of permitless, foul-mouthed, speech-silencing protesters over those of a peaceful student organization with a permit. The nation first watched this disgrace when Madison Cawthorn spoke at Dartmouth, and hateful children screamed anti-police epithets to intimidate attendees. But at least that event went forward, under security reminiscent of inner-city or prison policing. The College feigns concern over security, but has clearly demonstrated it has no concern about assaults on speech liberties.

The Dartmouth Republicans tried yet again, with national speaker Andy Ngo. This time Dartmouth College canceled the event, claiming vague threats by far-left criminals who appear to have organized with campus Antifa (and perhaps college professors who hate America) to stifle opinions that expose the filth of their hateful cult. The college silenced Ngo just an hour prior to the event, claiming students’ free speech rights were protected because they were allowed to proceed remotely by zoom. Dartmouth officials claim this “separate but equal” discrimination was merited by the criminal threats: Dartmouth favors criminals over the tuition-paying students whose rights it throttles.

This student organization has done an absolutely stellar job of recruiting fantastic, highly-informed speakers to New England, yet they are shunned by a college too stilted by stupidity to remember what “institution of higher learning” even means. So after Andy Ngo was rudely treated and his event destroyed, these brave student thinkers arranged for James Lindsay to speak across the river from Dartmouth campus, at a public restaurant in White River Junction, Vermont.

There was no security presence at this event, let alone the scowling Dartmouth Black-ops bulldogs who treated attendees like prison inmates at the Cawthorn event. Without power to conjure hidden menaces as grounds to shut down free thought, poor Dartmouth was compelled to permit free speech in its students! Doubtless the College is pleased with itself, having protected the ideologically indoctrinated campus majority from any facts or intellectual challenges to its racist, trans-stupid, imploding new religion. Dartmouth should change its name to Jonestown College, and advertise the potent Kool-aid it supplies for young liberals seeking priesthood.

James Lindsay gave an impressive dissertation on the Marxist roots of every aspect of this new far-left hatred that seeks to eviscerate “rights,” hates the working class, and is dominated by a professional class of academics who will rule over the new totalitarianism already displayed by Dartmouth in its recent actions. At least the progressive eugenicists halted their programs when the light of reason exposed their evils – these people wear blinders, and have closed their eyes to truth.

James Lindsay has exposed the threat to America by this ideology in his book (with Helen Pluckrose) Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody, now followed by his new truth-telling effort, Race Marxism: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and Praxis. Mr.Lindsay explained that CRT is designed to cow white people and is built on racist anti-whiteness, and that it will not go away unless Americans who understand their culture and constitution rise up forcefully to resist at every level. He explained that this garbage “theory” is “as big as a lake but only an inch deep”: it is easily dismantled with facts and logic.

Dartmouth College and the fascists it favors desperately inflict those very privations of free speech rights the nation witnesses in all aspects of this partisan battle – because its elitist ideology cannot survive intellectual scrutiny. Pretty ironic that Dartmouth is now the center of opposing intellectual pursuit.

There was not a whiff of violence at the delightful Vermont Turkish restaurant where the Dartmouth Republicans relocated for James Lindsay’s erudite presentation. In future, all such events will likely be arranged off-campus, where Dartmouth has not yet contrived to cancel them. Also in the future, this vile ideology will either stand or fall: if it stands, Dartmouth will be a full-blown indoctrination center and will no longer have to deceive would-be students with pretenses of open thought. If it fails, as with the eugenics movement, the credibility of this institution will lay irrevocably shattered on the ground….

…as it should be.

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It’s Almost Town Meeting Time in NH – And Petition Warrant Article Machinations Have Already Begun

Sun, 2022-02-13 01:00 +0000

Here in New Hampshire, we have the old style town meetings where everyone in a town gets together to hammer the final budgets for the town and schools spending. There’s generally a bunch “warrants” (or articles or questions) about all kinds of sundry things like appropriating money for new equipment like police or fire vehicles, putting in sidewalks or a new school running track and the like and, lately, out-of-town activist find someone to put up a Petition Warrant (a voter initiated Warrant as opposed to one by the Town or School Board) about some political agenda. People speak either for or against each one and then people vote – sometimes by the “Aye / Nay” yelling method, hand raising, or standing. There is also a secret ballot format that’s allowed as well.

The issue, in many cases, is that these Warrant Articles can be modified during the Town Meeting (or, if the Town / School Board is what we call an “SB2” entity in which the gathering still happens but is called “the Deliberative Session” with voting by secret ballots 30 days later).  The practice was often abused in which someone who had spent a lot of time crafting the Petition and gathering the necessary signatures, would see it turned into something completely different by the time the meeting was over.  A NH State Law was passed a few years ago to stop this practice; it protected the “main intent” of the Petition while allowing some minor adjustment to it.

I just got an email from someone in the next town over concerning two Petition Warrants that have been changed.  It’s a good Object Lesson in which one shows the “minor nibbling at the edges” while the other one’s intent was completely destroyed:

At our town’s deliberative session, amendments were made to petitioned articles we introduced that rendered them “a nullity.” They were approved nonetheless. If you have any referral on any individual who may be able to provide insight and guidance on pursuing this matter I would be greatly indebted.

To see if the Town of Belmont, New Hampshire, will vote to Terminate the Appointment of Mark Lewandoski as Chief of the Belmont Police Department [pursuant to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Cease and Desist Order of November 4, 2021, condemning his actions and indicating he induced his subordinates to engage in criminal conduct in violation of electioneering law, thereby undermining public confidence in the integrity of law enforcement].

The strikeout text was removed from the Petition Warrant:

AMENDED VERSION (removed the conduct that formed the basis of the article):

To see if the Town of Belmont, New Hampshire, will vote to Terminate the Appointment of Mark Lewandoski as Chief of the Belmont Police Department.

The main intent was to fire the the Chief. The Petition Warrant was edited so as to remove the reason WHY a number of residents had agreed to put in to inform the others as to WHY the firing was justified.  My thoughts are that the amendment is probably OK – the main intent is to fire him for what seems to be “cause”.  While important, the reason why isn’t the main intent from my unlawyerly eyes.  Don’t get me wrong – the info about the NH AG’s Cease and Desist on electioneering (a really bad thing for an appointed official to be doing here in NH – very much frowned upon as a conflict of interest)) SHOULD have been left in.  That said, I’m betting it’s legal as it still leaves the decision up to the voters of the town.

My source also included this – an effort to be vindictive and put in verbiage to set in motion a cause of retribution against those that had put in the WHY part of the original:

Interestingly, at the Deliberative Session where some shill moved to delete the public record of Lewandoski’s actions, or what he called “the inflammatory language,” thereby concealing Lewandoski’s offensive conduct, they also moved to “dox,” or reveal, the names of anyone that might have signed the petition. The motion was denied by the Moderator. Revealing how they wanted to cloak Lewandoski’s illegal conduct but subject law-abiding citizens to public harassment.

Good for the Moderator for doing the right thing about the doxxing. I’ve also asked my source to get me the names of those who wanted to dox the the original Petitioners – I am not above playing in the mud and if you want to make examples of others, these folks need to know that OTHERS (like GraniteGrok) will simply play by “the new rules” that you have put into place.  Chilling speech in my eyes is a big no-no and should be dealt with appropriately.

HEY, NITWITS!  GUESS WHAT!  With your attempted suppression of the evidence and your maltreatment of others, you’ve now brought MORE attention to Mark Lewandowski’s illegal electioneering.  Hopefully, you too, will suffer the Streisand Effect once GraniteGrok gets its hands on the names.  In fact, and RSA 91:A should be sufficient to get the job done IF the Deliberative Session Clerk took sufficient notes – that’s also a public document.

ON the other hand, the amendment to this next one (same town) is blatantly illegal, IMHO, as it completely obviates the Purpose of the Petition:

To see if the Town of Belmont, New Hampshire, will vote that it be the practice in all elections in the Town of Belmont that such elections shall be made on paper ballots only and all such ballots are to be counted by hand in full view of the public without the use of any electronic means whatsoever.

AMENDED VERSION (removed prohibition on electronic counting, making it discretionary):

To see if the Town of Belmont, New Hampshire, will vote that it be the practice in all elections in the Town of Belmont that such elections shall be made on paper ballots only and all such ballots are to be counted either by hand in full view of the public or with the assistance of ballot counting machines, whichever the Selectmen deem most appropriate [without the use of any electronic means whatsoever].

The main Purpose of the Petition was to revert back to hand counting of ballots. The amendment REMOVED that Intent.

Sidenote: For those outside of NH, we had what has been dubbed “The Windham Incident” (well covered by Grokster Ken Eyring with lots of other contributing to it) in which machine counted votes varied from those hand counted done in a recount because of the suspicious percentages shown by the machine.  Big deal and the “election integrity” issue is still a big one here even if the official finding was that absentee ballots were incorrectly folded by a machine not authorized for that folding; the “fold” distorted the voting marks and were then incorrectly read by the AccuVote machines by Dominion Systems.

This Amendment pretty much takes the decision away from voters and places it back, possibly, back to the elected Town officials My response to my source was:

The second one is much more problematic as it negates the intent – counting to be done ONLY by hand.  I’d immediately take it to the SecState’s and AG’s offices pronto.

So, we’ll see what happens. He is going to do that.

Hopefully, to be continued

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Remember That Thing About Labeling Protesting Truckers as Terrorists – Check This Out.

Sat, 2022-02-12 23:30 +0000

About a week ago, reports suggested Canada and the US were coordinating intelligence assets to scry into the lives of protesting truckers. They were labeled domestic terrorists. It turns out that plan may not be limited to the truckers. Anyone voicing support could expect a visit from the regime.

A woman in Ontario got a courtesy visit from the Ontario Provincial police after commenting online about the anti-mandate protests underway across The Great White North.

A courtesy visit, some literature, so I’m guessing she wasn’t protesting the protest.



They print literature on peaceful protest?

Does it have pictures of BLM and Antifa assaulting people in front of burning, looted cities? Wait, that would be the American version, eh?

Is the OPP getting sealed secret warrants to dig deep, or will they stick with “monitoring comments” before a visit? Is the Zuckerstasi helping?

Creepy either way. And a warning to folks living in whatever passes for Constitutional Democracies or Republics. The people “in charge” need to be politely exchanged for those who understand that they work for you, not the other way around.

Elections should have consequences while elections are still allowed.

A local copy of this video is available here.

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No Left Turn in Education NH: Complaints Filed against NH Teachers Who Pledged to Break the Law

Sat, 2022-02-12 22:00 +0000

No Left Turn in Education (NLTE) is a national education advocacy organization. Its New Hampshire Chapter has requested investigations by affected School Administrative Units (SAUs) and the New Hampshire Department of Education into the professional conduct of 35 New Hampshire educators in an array of SAUs across the state.

In a manner wholly inconsistent with American Civil Rights legislation, and the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, these misguided educators from the school systems of Oyster River, Claremont, Concord, Derry, Exeter, Winnacunnet, Keene, Newmarket, Manchester, Nashua Merrimack Valley, Winnisquam, Fall Mountain Regional, Kearsarge Regional, Monroe, Timberlane Regional, and the Mount Prospect Academy have publicly vowed to violate New Hampshire law.

Motivated by decency and common sense, New Hampshire law, prohibits teaching that any individual is inherently racist, sexist, oppressive, or that any person or group of people should be discriminated against on the basis of their race or sex. New Hampshire’s Department of Education, Department of Justice, and Commission for Human Rights has articulated this intent by simply saying:

“In short, do not teach that a person or a group is inherently oppressive, superior, inferior, racist, or sexist. Teach and treat all equally and without discrimination.”

Conversely, the “Zinn Pledge” made by these educators unambiguously seeks to teach racism and sexism. In its own words, following the classic Marxist playbook of creating combative groups of “oppressors” and “the oppressed,” the Zinn Pledge opposes banning education which “identifies people or groups of people… as inherently, immutably, or systemically sexist, racist, anti-LGBT, bigoted, biased [or] privileged.”

We want to thank Dr. Michael D. Breen, MPA Ph.D. for this Press Release. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

By publicly pledging on the Marxist Zinn Project website to violate New Hampshire law, these teachers have pledged to violate their professional code of conduct. In fact, the statute itself mandates that such a violation:

“shall be considered a violation of the educator code of conduct that justifies disciplinary sanction by the state board of education.”

Lost upon these signatories is an understanding that investigations into private mental, emotional, or physical disabilities, gender, race, or private family issues, are not—and have never been, a legitimate function of public education. As suggested by New Hampshire law, an education’s proper role is to simply help any student perform at their best, in spite of the anti-intellectual “identity” constructs these educators have imposed.

By making this type of race and gender discriminatory treatments illegal, the New Hampshire law attempts to blunt the worst aspects of Critical Race Theory (CRT) which is now stressed in virtually all topics under a growing array of pseudonyms. No matter how obliquely taught, sanitized, or word-smithed with labels such as “antiracism, equity, inclusion, social justice,” and/or “diversity,” CRT’s fundamental hate-laden racist, sexist, and anti-scientific dogma, is as well documented as it is bizarre. While openly discarding science and rationality itself, these beliefs advance five foundational ethical and factual absurdities:

(1) It causes harmful often life-altering gender confusion among children. This disorientation is inflicted by wholly unqualified educators absent professional psychological oversight, or even parental knowledge and consent; all under the deceptive guise of the otherwise laudable, albeit inappropriate school-based goal, of assisting the socialization of gender minorities.

(2) Likewise, under the deceptive guise of assisting victims of the evidence-free notions of “systemic racism,” and “white privilege,” it isolates, shames and discriminates against one race. It asserts that every individual of this one race is morally inferior in that they are unavoidably and permanently “systemically racist… and born oppressors,” and must be discriminated against in the future. Its allied science-free belief is that melanin makes one race superior “cognitively, spiritually, and physically.” This blatent racist philosophical foundation is succinctly communicated by CRT advocates. Consider one example; the comments of CRT writer Noel Ignatiev: “If you are a white male, you do not deserve to live, you are a cancer; a disease….  The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.”

(3) CRT inspired education insists upon “instructing through a lens;” e.g.: their antihistorical and anti-scientific preconceptions. U.S. history is presented in a highly selective manner to support conclusions otherwise unsupported by the data or the centuries old professional “lens free” objective analysis by professional historians. CRT oriented conclusions now being taught in many schools nationwide are not simply unsupported; they are demonstrably false. Not surprisingly, as with all Marxist political efforts, their “history” supports concepts of collectivism, as it demeans concepts of individualism, democratic rule of law, equality theory, capitalism itself, and the individual freedoms in which these democratic concepts are founded. In seeking to eradicate these democratic legal pillars, these law violating educators have taken to heart Derrick Bell’s (the father of CRT) instruction, that: “Private rights and public sovereignty mediated by the rule of law need to be exploded.”

(4) Although wholly disproved by aggregate data, police officers, (about one third of which are women or racial minorities), are typecast as a single-minded group of racists and murderers. Children are repeatedly encouraged to fear their police in CRT “equity” styled surveys and in class instruction. Random assassination of police officers is at its highest rate in twenty years.

(5) Honest discourse inconsistent with these anti-intellectual beliefs are verboten by classroom CRT advocates just as they are in the public square. Social science research that identifies genuine cultural reasons for disparities among groups is left undiscovered by students. CRT advocates renounce this science by claiming it is “Masculine and Western.” Parents, students, academics, historians, or citizens attempting disagreement with the encouragement of hateful racism, false history, and gender confusion, are systematically humiliated, perversely labeled and ostracized. CRT proponents trained to employ this bullying practice to distract one from genuine facts. They call the strategy “Upstanding.”

No Left Turn in Education, alongside the vast majority of informed citizens oppose employing our educational system to facilitate harm to vulnerable children and their families. No matter how implicitly accomplished, there is no “free speech right” among educators to deceive children, to coerce them to surrender private information relative to physical, mental, or emotional maladies, income data, gender issues, racial pedigree, or other issues inherently private to their families. Educators do not have a “right” to discriminate against some children, to alienate children from one another, or manipulate them into feeling angry, afraid, victimized, or ashamed. Surrendering parental roles to ideologically driven teachers deliberately undermine the foundation of a child’s basic support structure, the nuclear family. NLTE will assist with any student or family complaints regarding these ideological transgressions emanating from a school environment. We also request that the Department of Education in alliance with other responsible educators protect children from the damage these 35 educators have pledged to promote in violation of New Hampshire Law.


Dr. Michael D. Breen, is the Director of the N.L.T.E. New Hampshire Chapter

[Press Release headers are moved to the bottom for appearance and formatting]

February 11, 2022
New Hampshire Chapter of No Left Turn in Education
P.O. Box 1101, Moultonborough, NH 03254

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Science Didn’t Change, The Polls Did

Sat, 2022-02-12 20:30 +0000

This end of the Pandemic, the Endemic, is becoming the most confusing situation since the government manipulated the COVID data to their benefit. I wrote earlier this week that we would have to pull the power from the dead hands of Democrats, and they are proving this true.

The science hasn’t changed since the birth of Omicron, but the CDC, Fauci, Biden, and Democrat Governors were not ready to give up the control. Reluctantly, states are starting to roll back mask mandates, but school boards and teacher’s unions in some states are saying not so fast. Airlines, trains, and school buses are still hiding behind federal regulations, so they do not have to make a decision. It is always easier to point at the other guy as the bad guy.

We are watching the Democrats struggle to decide whether to go with the Razzle Dazzle or have Biden drop back and launch a Hail Mary. The Dems have waited too long, and time moves quickly in politics. As the ratings continue to slide for Biden/Harris, the down-ticket candidates feel the impact. Campaign contributions will dry up as donors do not throw money into a sinking ship as rich as they are.

Here in New Hampshire, Senator Maggie Hassan faces a tough challenge for reelection. She is not popular, and the once Red Granite State is returning to its roots. In the last quarter of 2021, Hassan ran ads on FOXNEWS every 15 minutes. Who was she trying to attract on the right-leaning network? The ads were annoying and drew attention to her desperation to preserve her political future. The ads have disappeared, and so has her chance of returning to D.C. Politicians are not graded on results but polling numbers. She falls short on both.

The Left is working hard to put some of their signature stances into reverse. Defund the Police, and COVID restrictions are but two. We saw Biden travel to New York last week to show his support for Police and fighting crime. His visit fell flat as he forgot his cape and mask in Delaware. Not everyone has gotten the message on Cops as Corey Booker pledges to continue her crusade to dismantle the Police. Ilhan Omar is probably in Booker’s camp but really, who cares? She is irrelevant.

The sudden changes in Mask Mandates in Blue states show the Democrat desperation. Suddenly overnight, the science has changed for them, or they are protecting Stacey Abrahms and Gavin Newsome, who can never find their masks. Biden is not onboard with the Governors, setting up confusion in the ranks. The CDC is stuck somewhere in the middle. The Real Clear Politics approval rating for Biden came out this week, and at 39%, the Dems have to hit the brakes.

The new inflation numbers this week were no help for Biden. At 7.5%, inflation is at its highest since 1982. He is still holding onto the phantom 14 Nobel Laureates, who keep telling him that this inflationary period is transitory. Remember that the Nobel committee awarded Obama an award for getting elected. Biden has no answer, and he is floundering. Inflation and safety are number one and two on voters’ minds. They are getting a headache with this dysfunctional mess and resolution.

On Saturday, Biden is to speak with Putin. Putin dislikes Biden and will use this call to his advantage on the international stage. If Biden cannot avoid Russia invading Ukraine with diplomacy, he may as well pack his bag, go to Delaware and hunker down in the basement. Bring enough food for three years. See you after the election.



Republished with Permission from The Liberty Loft

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The School Accreditation Scam?

Sat, 2022-02-12 19:00 +0000

Is your school district accredited by NEASC?  NEASC is the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. They even claim that they can attest to a school’s “high quality and integrity.”  Or is this, as some have suggested, just a big scam on the taxpayers who have to pay for it?

According to NEASC, they are “founded in experience and expertise of practicing educators since 1885.” Their accreditation is “respected, effective, and time-tested methodology for school improvement and growth.”  But are taxpayers and parents getting the quality out of their school district as NEASC claims?

Manchester High Schools are accredited according to NEASC. But Manchester students have struggled to meet proficiency in the core academic subjects. Now they have another Superintendent leaving to go somewhere else.

Here is what NEASC claims they can provide to the schools. But what do former school board members in New Hampshire think about NEASC? Is it worth the thousands of dollars they charge each district to become accredited?

Several years ago, a former school board member in Hollis wrote this report in her local paper:

NEASC accreditation irrelevant Friday, September 2, 2011 To the Editor: “The New England Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation deemed irrelevant.” According to Hollis Brookline High School Principal, Cynthia Matte, this was the response that she received from prestigious Dartmouth University and the University of New Hampshire when she asked them about the importance of the NEASC Accreditation. This bombshell was disclosed at the Aug. 17 Co-op School Board meeting when Vincent Bennett, a resident of Hollis, approached the microphone and asked that very question. His follow-up question to the Co-op School Board was very simple. Are you asking the taxpayers of Hollis and Brookline to potentially pay more than half a million dollars for portable classrooms to meet the space requirements of NEASC when the two major colleges of New Hampshire have deemed this accreditation irrelevant? It is time we put substance over symbolism. We need to focus our resources on ensuring all our students are receiving a great education. We all know a quality education is achieved through exceptional teachers and a first rate curriculum; not square footage. DEBBIE PUCCI Hollis

Another former board member in another New Hampshire town sent me this:

While I can’t speak to the administrative end of things, I can tell you that the accreditation team comes in and pretty much turns your school upside down for a week. We went throgh this process back in 2008 for Prospect Mountain High School. The team from NEACS came – They talk with students, staff, and teachers. They inspect classrooms, schedules, class offerings, etc. – they are into every aspect of the school – from art to the finance office. Most of the members of the accreditation team came from Brown University, which is part of NEASC. Ironically, BU is accredited by…. NEASC. Go figure. They left after 3-4 days, and we received a report, along with their recommendations for improvements, and the certificate of accreditation about three to four months later.

What opened my eyes to how evasive this process was, was when the principal at the time (who is very “unestablishment” – a rebel of sorts – in a good way) said, at a board meeting, on camera, “I wonder who accredits NESAC?!” He was put out by the pomp and circumstance, and we had to defend the money we had in the budget that year for the accreditation process – I think we’d budgeted around $15K that year for everything.

In all of this – we had no issues with students not being accepted to the college of their choice from the time we opened in 2002 until 2008. We had one student not get accepted to a college that she had applied to because of accreditation, but that college was not her first choice – in other words, we saw no harm come to the students graduating that our school was not accredited.

Let me know what else you’d like to know… In my opinion, NEASC is a joke – it’s another player in the game of getting more pubic tax dollars away from the students and someone else telling you how to run things that were running just fine to begin with…. Who made NEASC so darn powerful? It’s another group we should say NO to.

Then there was this report by another former school board member from several years ago:

NEASC accreditation is an issue that we successfully defeated last night at our district meeting with common sense and persistence.  Here is the strategy we used:


  • College Board is the ultimate authority in the college admissions process.  On their website they list the top 10 things that matter most to student admissions for college, ask the following question; where in the top 10 items listed does accreditation fall on their list?  The answer is that it is not even on the list.  Better yet type is NEASC accreditation in the search box on the College Board website and see how often it comes up…the answer is zero.

  • When Massachusetts was #1 in education in the country, what did their administrators think about NEASC?  Please see the letter that was written to NEASC from both EDCO schools and Reading.  Read highlights from these two letters and that will stop your school system from pushing the  NEASC accreditation.


  • Our school was using NEASC to pitch a school expansion that we do not need, compare the quantity of pages between NHED306 (minimum standards) and the NEASC (6 pages of standards) of which have no minimum academic standards…common sense tells you that NHDOE with 64 pages is much more thorough that 6 pages of NEASC. <>

  • The reasons that the schools do not want to use the NHED306 standards is because they are very simple and clear-cut.  For example, part of our expansion was to enlarge our cafeteria and NHED306 says that the minimum standard is that the school must provide a seat and a sufficient amount of time for the student to eat their lunch.  NEASC wants them to be able to have a positive culture conducive to conversation, comfort, and 21st century dining which apparently costs millions of dollars.

The additional piece of information that we used is that we highlighted how a fire code violation was used to deliberately misinform NEASC and our community and showed how this information changed over time in the NEASC reports.

And finally this:

My experience with NEASC was when I was CFO of a small private college.

The group which came on our site to do the Accreditation Review was comprised of school teachers or school administrators asked to serve a cycle on the team.  My experience is such folks are often on official leave of absence from a school.  Perhaps there may be a recent retiree in there but, in effect, when their NEASC time is up most members will go right back to their classroom or piloting their admin desk.  So, reflecting the composition of the team, its recommendations will of course be the most “progressive” or “pie n the sky” or “optimal” and take no consideration of cost to implement.

NEASC threatened the college with loss of accreditation because (a) we didn’t have enough PhDs on the faculty to teach students working on Masters Degrees, (b) faculty salaries were lower than the norm and (c) the college was not providing adequate funding for faculty continuing ed opportunities (workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.).

In my experience, NEASC recommendations are made by educators for educators and don’t have much to do with bettering students.  In other words, it’s a closed loop – this year I’ll do a NEASC stint and come to your school with a bunch of recommendations, then next year you’ll put in time with NEASC and come to my school with a bunch of recommendations.

When the Superintendent insists that your school is accredited, and that taxpayers fund it, make sure you ask questions and challenge that decision.


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Vermont Democrats Want You to Freeze to Death

Sat, 2022-02-12 17:30 +0000

New England has a problem. Its political leaders are committed to making electricity unreliable while insisting homes and businesses only have access to electric heat. It makes no difference if you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) or not.

The commitment to an all-electric future is mathematically impossible (you’ll need lots of nuclear and they hate that too). None of their solutions will ever provide enough power to satisfy current demand, forget about millions of electric vehicles, and now they want a complete conversion from oil and gas heat to electric?

No one is using their damn head.

Regional policy has been pushing in this direction for more than a decade. Much needed infrastructure to move natural gas and even electricity are blocked to force our hand.

State’s are looking to reduce transportation emissions with no plan to adequate power add capacity to feed the vehicles they want you to drive. And neither population nor economic growth is possible, or even sustainable, given this path and these alternatives.

There isn’t enough land in the Northeast for all the solar panels and windmills we’d need to get close.

This means they are either committed to an exponential decrease in lifestyle, education, employment, quality of life, farming, construction, mobility (freedom), and access to opportunity or they are complete idiots.

A few miles to my Left (in Vermont), this exercise in devolution can be witnessed in Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act and The Clean Heat Standard. Distilled down, the goal is to end all fossil-fuel-based heating in the Green Mountain State by diverting fiscal resources through a carbon credit scheme.

Wholesalers are forced to invest in so-called clean energy schemes (upgrades) or to invest in offsets that reduce emissions by a set percentage annually until the goal is met. Advocates pretend this is not a tax, but that’s a lie. All added costs resulting from legislative force are a tax, and those costs are ultimately borne by retailers who must pass them on to consumers.


The central idea of a Clean Heat Standard is a performance standard applied to all suppliers of fossil-fuel heat in Vermont, requiring them to serve Vermont customers with gradually-increasing percentages of low-emission heat, while phasing down their sales of fossil fuels over time. Just as the electricity RPS’s are replacing coal and gas-fired generation with hydro, wind, and solar power, the CHS would replace fuel oil, propane, fossil gas, and kerosene heat with renewable biofuels, cold-climate heat pumps, advanced wood heat, district heating, energy efficiency improvements, and other low-carbon options.


So what’s the problem? Other than that the AGW scare is a political lie designed to achieve a socialist economic end? Local providers of Oil, gas, and Kerosene in Vermont say they will go out of business.


Testifying before the House Energy & Technology Committee, Paul Beauregard, of OnSite Propane, put it bluntly: “There are a lot of us out there who are smaller providers in the marketplace, and your clean heat credits will put us out of business. We’ll be out of business day one. And those people serve, I would say, twenty-five percent of the market … we’ll just be gone. And it will literally leave tens of thousands of Vermonters scrambling immediately to find a provider.”


The legislative burdens created by the proposed rules would make it difficult or impossible for most providers to operate. With the flick of a switch, they say they’ll be out of business, and thousands of customers that rely on them for oil, gas, propane, or Kerosene will be left out in the cold.

There won’t be enough product or provides to fill their tanks, but that’s only part of the problem.


“… there is not a labor force in Vermont capable of installing heat pumps fast enough to retrofit all those homes. Even if all goes according the best laid plans of the Climate Council, they admit meeting their goals for electrification of the home heating sector will require a five-fold increase in the labor force. And let’s be realistic, that is not going to happen.”


It can’t happen unless the same people pushing this so-called evolution step back from their obsession with trying to get every kid hooked up to a college campus. The Federal takeover of College loans was meant to launder money to fellow travelers in the University system who would then indoctrinate generations of idiots like those in the Vermont Legislature.

You need kids to go to trade schools and apprentice with a declining number of available experts in these fields. That will take years and a near reversal of existing education policy. The Left’s green dream is not compatible with its other priorities.

They need the very people upon whose occupations they’ve laid scorn for decades.

And that degree in gender studies or whatever identity politics voodoo these kids went into generation debt to acquire isn’t going to produce much heat. Once you’ve burned it, that’s it.

There’s nothing left but the constant whining sound until the cold comes for them, and they have only Democrats and their idiot agendas to blame.

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Candidate For US Congress Visits Gilford Manufacturing Firm (NH-1)

Sat, 2022-02-12 16:00 +0000

As the US midterm election season begins in earnest, candidates seeking party nominations start to make the rounds. Recently, Tim Baxter, a Seacoast state representative seeking the Republican nomination for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District (the seat currently held by Democrat Chris Pappas), visited a Gilford manufacturing company to discuss his campaign and hear from potential primary voters.

The business owners and employees of The DGF Industrial Innovations Group engaged in a lively back and forth conversation with Baxter touching on many matters of concern as they consider the country’s future. The most pressing raised was the fast-rising cost of fuel and energy, rampant food inflation, and concerns over radical concepts presented to their school-aged children and grandchildren in their schools, such as CRT (Critical Race Theory).



Additionally, the problem of wide-open borders and illegal immigration that affects jobs and allows for the smuggling of dangerous drugs that kill large numbers of people was acknowledged as a bigger problem than the Covid epidemic. Baxter was also appreciated by the group for his strong pro-Second Amendment stand and his tough position with regard to China.

Tim Baxter currently represents Seabrook and Hampton Falls in the New Hampshire House.

He founded and operates his business investing in and restoring rental properties throughout New Hampshire.

More information about his campaign can be found by visiting his website at

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PTO Caves To Gender Warrior – The Father Daughter Dance is Dead

Sat, 2022-02-12 14:30 +0000

This week, we learned that a one-woman genderizer managed to undermine local tradition. She protested the annual Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances as not inclusive enough. She insisted on a blended affair, to be fair. The sponsor put them on hold pending a discussion and the discussion is over.

There’s no room for either a Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances and a third all-in affair. There can only be one.


On behalf of Lincoln Akerman School PTO, a parent-teacher volunteer organization, in collaboration with School Administration, together we are aligned to reconstruct the separate “Guys & Dolls” girls’ dance and “Ladies & Lads” boys’ event (2022 activity was not determined at the time of cancellation) into one new all-school Carnival for 2022. In order to remain within current COVID protocols for a gathering of such size, this event will be planned for outdoors. The family event will be hosted in April or May (based on planning and availability of services) with more information to come.


That sounds nice, but the objections had nothing to do with a dance. Mother-Son, Father-Daughter dances are traditional bonding events for those family members with other fathers and daughters or mothers and sons. Opportunities to build stronger relationships between moms and sons and dads and daughters. But they are binary, and the non-binary crowd can’t stand them.

As noted here,


Every time you acquiesce (surrender might be a better word), you enable and encourage them. And while many in that “activist” class are not aware of their role, or the threat, that does not change the goals or the response.


The PTO issued a very long-winded explanation for why they caved. Over 800 words.

The correct response to one woman’s demands pushing for change is much shorter.




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Why Are Superintendents Dropping like Flies…

Sat, 2022-02-12 13:00 +0000

Superintendents are dropping like flies around New Hampshire. Dr. John Goldhardt tendered his resignation with the Manchester School District today, and several other districts are looking to replace their Superintendents.

When you see Superintendents jump from school to school or state to state, board members and parents might want to view that as a red flag.

A simple google search may turn up posts on these Superintendents that might reveal the problems they had in the districts where they have worked. Do you want to hire someone who has failed in the eyes of the community? Probably not.

Good leaders are hard to find, but sometimes the people working within the school district stand out as someone who can lead. There are no guarantees, but sometimes an internal track record reveals a lot.

Why are superintendents dropping like flies?

Years ago schools were run by the Principal. In private schools, this is still how things are done. Is there even a need to have another administrator in the district? I’ve been hearing from parents that have questioned whether this position is even necessary.

I’ve found that parents want three things out of their school:
1) Quality academics & teachers
2) Safe school environment
3) Parental respect and engagement

When this is achieved, you have happy parents. When any of those factors are failing, it causes disruption in the school. Families will leave, parents become angry, and it hurts the public school. So why, with such a simple prescription, are we seeing so much discontent in public education today?

Superintendents have lost their way. They have abandoned the simple prescription, and replaced it with fads, poor quality curriculum, unsafe buildings, and have even gone so far as to disparage good parents who simply want to parent their own children.

They follow federal fads, instead of leading towards excellence.

Parents are fed up with what they are seeing in their schools. From books with pornographic content, political social justice, dabbling in pseudo psychiatry, to disrespecting the role of the parent, it doesn’t surprise me that parents are rising up.

Parents do not want their kids exposed to the garbage that has infiltrated their school. They want to make decisions on whether their children wear a mask or receive a vaccine. They want the politics out and their children taught quality academic content.  They are not looking for their kids to become social justice warriors, they want their kids EDUCATED.

It is not up to the school district to turn their kids into community organizers or Antifa warriors.

Administrators need to do some soul searching if they want to work in a peaceful environment. Stop with the fads and go back to the basics. Go back to teaching these kids how to read, write, add and subtract. Bring joy back to the classroom by allowing teachers to do their job, without having to psychoanalyze their students and police them on masks.

Stop pushing gender ideology, and Critical Race Theory on these kids and respect them enough to educate them on history and science. When you do that, parents will rally behind you, support you, and fight for you.

If you cannot do that, or you are unwilling, then maybe it’s time to have that discussion. Why does New Hampshire have School Admininstraties Units (SAUs) with Superintendents, to begin with?

Are they even needed?

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