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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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Will the Response to This Pandemic Go Down as One of the Worst Mistakes in the History of Mankind?”

Tue, 2022-02-22 22:00 +0000

Two years after the onset of Covid, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has assumed the role of Canadian dictator. Science and common sense are out the window, having been replaced by power, fear, and the lust for money.

Fully vaccinated people can contract the virus and spread it to someone, the same as an unvaccinated person. The vaccinated person has some personal protection, but not for anyone else. At this point, the mandates are useless and anathema to a free society.

Why are young children the last to be able to shed face diapers? And that is after being forced to wear useless cloth diapers in their classrooms for hours every day.

We have known for over a year that children are not efficient spreaders of this virus and that classrooms have never been super spreader locations.

We want to thank Russ Wiles for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
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We also know that healthy children have a statistically zero chance of dying from covid. Yet the CDC and FDA are okay with vaccinating little children without knowing the short- and long-term adverse side effects from this emergency-approved experimental vaccine.

The educational, social, and psychological consequences of the lockdowns, masks, and vaccinations will be felt by these children for the rest of their lives. Why was there no risk/benefit analysis done for these children who rely on adults to keep them safe?

Estimates from reputable doctors believe that 65% to 80% of Covid deaths could have been prevented with the use of hydroxychloroquine or Zpak and Ivermectin when used early on after someone has tested positive and is having symptoms from the virus. These are effective drugs that have been around for many decades with a strong safety profile. There can be no other reason than there is no profit involved for Big Pharma.

Testing for hydroxychloroquine was stopped because former President Trump touted its’ potential usefulness in combating Covid.

Ivermectin was castigated for its’ danger in high doses. It is a horse de-wormer and can kill you! Human doses have been used for decades to treat parasitic infections. But these early-onset drugs were used in a hospital setting for patients on ventilators in the late stages of the disease and used as proof of their lack of efficacy.

Until recently, natural immunity was totally disregarded even though it offers longer protection.

To this day, is anyone being advised to take Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, and quercetin to boost their immune system?

Yes, I believe the response to this pandemic will go down as one of the worst mistakes in human history. The medical community has lost its way, to the detriment of a free and healthy society.


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Belknap County Budget

Tue, 2022-02-22 20:30 +0000

The county commissioners are troubled by restrictions placed upon them by the delegation. They have requested to have limits on transfers within the budget removed. Whereas they have a habitude of building into their budgets large surpluses, this would allow for spending far beyond that which is necessary. It is also a typical scheme directed at increasing the fund balance. Such excess taxation without need is egregious in light of the large tax hike coming even if we hold the line on restricting spending to necessities.

The law requires “Appropriations by the county convention shall be itemized in detail.” As such the delegation sets the budget by line items within each department. The commissioners’ request would have us violate the law by giving them a simple bottom line budget for the entire county operation.

The law allows the delegation to appropriate a contingency fund of up to one percent of the budget, ~$300,000, to meet unexpected expenses. As you will see in the 2022 budget, (and this is consistent with past practice) the commissioners use the nursing services department as a buffer for additional spending or for increasing the fund balance. This, in practice, creates a pool of money in the order of 3% of the county budget, which gets redirected to areas perhaps not contemplated for appropriation by the delegation. This unjustly increases taxation.

We want to thank Rep Mike Sylvia for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
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The Covid crisis, created by a manufactured virus and blown out of proportion by a government propaganda campaign, has taken a toll on people around the globe. It has broken our medical care industry. All nursing homes in the county are struggling to find nurses. The county nursing home, funded by taxation, has the ability to outbid all others to acquire nurses at the most inflated costs.

The unseen cost, should we choose to drive pay rates higher, is that we would steal nurses from other homes. Will it force the closure of a privately run nursing home? The adjustments made by the executive committee smartly balance the needs of our facility with the needs of all the county nursing homes.

The Commissioners consider limitations on spending authority (appropriations) to be “a tool to try to bend the Commissioners to a small number of individuals’ political will.” The delegation has elected an executive committee to do the work of assuring adherence to the budget as passed by the delegation.

When the executive branch of government seeks to remove oversight by the legislative branch, red flags should be flying. They are seeking a rubber stamp delegation. The executive committee is not interested in playing games of ‘political will.’ Instead, they seek to hold the commissioners to Follow The Law.

The Commissioners are lobbying for the restoration of $650,000 which was trimmed from their bloated request. This is ~2% of the budget. If we look at the past decade we can see that the budget passed by the delegation – NEVER enough to satisfy the Commissioners – supplies enough on average to leave ~7% to be returned to fund balance. This means that even after ‘cutting the budget to the bone,’ taxpayers were hit with a bill 7% higher than was needed.

Your memory need not be exquisite to recall that just last year after the executive committee finished its work, the Commissioners requested the restoration of $444,824 to the budget. This request was rejected by the delegation.

At the end of the year over $800,000 was returned to the fund balance. The delegation clearly made the right choice in approving the executive committee’s recommendation.

If you want to check my ability to forecast a budget, you can check my comments from last year at “Using such a sensible method will put spending for 2021 at ~$28,900,000.” In fact, the actual (unaudited) spending for 2021 (minus ARPA funds) is ~$29,138,000.

The delegation has high expectations for our department heads, and they always match their performance to that high standard. Our system of government is wisely divided such that the executive branch is not unrestrained.

The legislative branch (the delegation) has a duty to appropriate only those monies necessary for the proper operation of the county. The law allows a contingency fund of 1%, yet the commissioners and delegation have allowed budgets with an excess of 7% more than necessary.

The executive committee has, once again, reviewed the commissioners’ budget and done their best to match the budget to real-world needs. Their years of experience have served the taxpayers of the county well. The commissioners’ condescending remarks are contemptible and unnecessary. The delegation chose the members of the executive to do the work of carefully examining the commissioners’ budget and bringing a prudent budget for the full delegation to vote upon.


Mike also writes at Mike

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Happy Two’s Day – It’s Tuesday 2-22-22 at 2:22:22 PM

Tue, 2022-02-22 19:21 +0000

Because it is, and that’s it.

Well, we did miss 2-22-22 at 2:22:22 am. Sorry. We were sleeping.


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Kyle Rittenhouse is Planning to Sue Celebs and Media for Defamation

Tue, 2022-02-22 17:30 +0000

When Kyle Rittenhouse was found to have acted in self-defense, the response from the usual suspects was more “over than top” than before the trial. Does it rise to the level of defamation? It looks like a few of them may find out.

Mr. Rittenhouse has announced that lawsuits could be filed across the hyperbolic Leftist landscape.

Following in the footsteps of Covington Kid (now multi-millionaire) Nick Sandmann’s string of successful defamation suits against the media, Kyle hopes to send the message again. A message I doubt they are capable of learning. There’s a price to be paid for your outrageous antics, smears, and not just in settlements. The legal fees to defend that are not couch cushion change.

Well, maybe to these folks, because they keep doing this thinking they can get away with it.

But while Kyle Rittenhouse may have a public name, he is not a public person. He’s not elected or appointed to office. He doesn’t run some high-profile business or organization. He is not a media, sports, or entertainment personality. He’s a kid some thugs tried to kill who had the skills, tools, and sense to repel the effort successfully.

The only reason anyone even knows his name is because the same folks he’s going to sue used him as an excuse to advance their anti-self-defense agenda. They politicized Kyle Rittenhouse and then forgot he was just some kid in Kenosha.

If the media and politicians had not picked up the story and lost their minds over it, almost no one would know his name. His trial would have been a local story of some interest on the right (as a self-defense test), but no one would be facing defamation lawsuits.

But here we are.

And the Sandmann cases were a bit different. The media completely fabricated smears and deliberately edited away or ignored context that invalidated their reporting. They elevated so-called victims who were also lying but sold it as truth without any interest in confirming facts. A court of their public opinion.

It has cost a few of them a pretty penny.

Rittenhouse at least was charged and tried in an actual court but post-verdict the outrage monkeys couldn’t fling enough poo. That may rise to the level of defamation but proving it is never easy. He will have to show a court that he was deliberately harmed and that this harm should be offset with monetary compensation.

Large sums of money.

A price the defamers may pay but not a single lesson will be learned. Progs don’t learn lessons. They don’t know how.



HT | RedState

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Sun-King Sununu Is All About The Free Market And Local Control … Except When He Isn’t

Tue, 2022-02-22 16:00 +0000

Did you catch Sun-King Sununu’s “State-of-the-State” oration?  One of the things his Grace spoke about was “workforce housing.” More specifically, his Grace has decreed that “[w]e can and we must move forward and create more workforce housing.”

Just what is “workforce housing” you ask?  Well … New Hampshire statute, specifically RSA 674:58, defines “workforce housing” as

… housing which is intended for sale and which is affordable to a household with an income of no more than 100 percent of the median income for a 4-person household for the metropolitan area or county in which the housing is located as published annually by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. “Workforce housing” also means rental housing which is affordable to a household with an income of no more than 60 percent of the median income for a 3-person household for the metropolitan area or county in which the housing is located as published annually by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. Housing developments that exclude minor children from more than 20 percent of the units, or in which more than 50 percent of the dwelling units have fewer than two bedrooms, shall not constitute workforce housing for the purposes of this subdivision.

New Hampshire statute, RSA 674:59, already provides that local zoning MUST allow “workforce housing”:

In every municipality that exercises the power to adopt land use ordinances and regulations, such ordinances and regulations shall provide reasonable and realistic opportunities for the development of workforce housing, including rental multi-family housing. In order to provide such opportunities, lot size and overall density requirements for workforce housing shall be reasonable. A municipality that adopts land use ordinances and regulations shall allow workforce housing to be located in a majority, but not necessarily all, of the land area that is zoned to permit residential uses within the municipality.

Stated more succinctly, “workforce housing” includes (but is not limited to) certain (defined by amount of rent charged) “multi-family rental units” (i.e. apartment buildings) and cities and towns MUST allow such apartment buildings.

Here is what the Sun-King is proposing:

#1, as you can see, is to throw $60 million in subsidies at developers who will build apartment buildings.

Maybe they changed the definition of free market when I wasn’t paying attention … but this does NOT, as best that I can recall, comport with my recollection of how the free market is supposed to work. Isn’t the free market solution to a labor shortage caused by the high cost of housing … that businesses pay HIGHER WAGES, thereby making the cost of housing affordable to workers? Especially when the New Hampshire economy is “booming”?:

Correct me if I am wrong … but isn’t Sun-King Sununu’s proposed $60 million in subsidies for apartment buildings the very antithesis of free market capitalism?

But to cut to the chase, my question is this: If it is okay for the government to indirectly subsidize certain businesses by directly subsidizing “workforce housing,” why is it not okay for the government to protect workers by preventing businesses from imposing vaccine-mandates and mask-mandates? The former … it seems to me … is much, much more violative of free market capitalism than the latter.

Now let’s talk about local control. According to the mighty Sun-King there is nothing … NOTHING … more important than local control. Indeed, local control is so sacrosanct, so inviolate that even parental control … more specifically, parents choosing whether their children wear masks in school … must take a back seat to local control.

Yet, in #2, Sun-King Sununu proposes to bribe … his Grace calls it “reward” … cities and towns that fast-track permits for apartment buildings. Isn’t this an interference with the sacred principle of local control? And if it is not, then why has his Grace not proposed a “reward” for school districts that allow parents to decide whether their children wear masks in school?

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Yes, They Canada!

Tue, 2022-02-22 14:30 +0000

If I had several million dollars sitting around — perhaps donated by people who support the Freedom Convoy, and who would like to see the truckers get off without any criminal penalties — I would use that money to start educating Canadians about one of the most valuable, if least known, of their rights:  jury nullification.

Of course, jury nullification is a scary term to a lot of people.  So I would call it something else, like juror empowerment.

The good news is that the Supreme Courts of both the United States and Canada recognize the right of any juror, in any criminal case, to refuse to convict a defendant as a matter of conscience, even if that defendant is clearly guilty of breaking the law.

The bad news is that in both countries, the defense in a trial is prohibited from informing the jurors about that right.

(There is one exception:  In New Hampshire, the defense can inform the jury of its right to refuse to convict even a defendant who is clearly guilty.)

This is astonishing, when you think about it.  How is it even possible that your government can actively prevent you from being informed about a right that people in the English-speaking world have possessed since 1215, when the Magna Carta was signed?

The police are required to inform accused criminals of their rights in proceedings against them.  How in the world can we justify keeping the rights of jurors secret from them?  Even for a government that is practically defined by hypocrisy and unwarranted secrecy, this seems beyond the pale.

Governments find juror empowerment scary, presumably because nowhere within the sphere of government does an individual have more power to make a difference than as a member of a jury.

And they find it scary because it is one of the few places left where a government can act only when it has consent, as opposed to the agreement of a majority.  That is, it just takes one juror to avoid a conviction.

Which leads to a consideration of the mathematics of consent.  Suppose that some percentage p in a population considers a law to be unjust.  If a jury is being selected randomly, that corresponds to a 100-sided die, where p sides are marked with a zero, and the rest are marked with a one.

Empaneling a randomly-selected jury that would be willing to return a conviction — no matter what happens during the trial itself — would be like rolling that die 12 times, and never seeing a zero.  What are the odds of that happening?

In fact, the probability of that happening is (1-p)^12.  Which means:

  • If 50% of the people oppose a law, the odds of getting a jury willing to convict are about 5000-to-1.
  • If only 25% of the people oppose a law, the odds are about thirty-to-one.
  • If only 10% of the people oppose a law, the odds are about three-to-one.
  • If only 5% of the people oppose a law, the odds are even:  about one-to-one.

Consider that last figure.  If only 5 percent of the people oppose a law as unjust, a prosecutor has only a 50-50 chance of a successful prosecution, even if the law and the facts are on his side.

If you’re a government intent on steamrolling a significant minority into going along with a power grab, juror empowerment is the last thing you want anyone to know about.

Which is exactly why everyone needs to know about it.

Of course, juror empowerment only works if (1) the government can’t use voir dire (which is French for ‘jury tampering’) to keep a jury from representing a true cross-section of the opinions of the community, or (2) people keep quiet about their views, during both jury selection and jury deliberation.

In the latter case, you (1) answer any questions during jury selection as if you were a supporter of the government; and (2) say nothing during deliberations except ‘I cannot in good conscience convict this person’.  You don’t have to explain why, and you shouldn’t.

(If you get tired of repeating it, you can write it on a piece of paper, and just hold that up whenever another juror asks you why you insist on holding out.)

Consider what would happen if the truckers in the Freedom Convoy started getting hung juries.  Prosecutors hate losing cases the way quarterbacks hate being intercepted — it messes up their statistics.

Once it becomes clear that the chances of losing even an airtight case are significant, prosecutors can be expected to drop the remaining cases.  If a few truckers walk early on, they all walk in the end.

Apparently the Emperor of Canada won’t let you give money directly to the truckers.  But you can still buy ad space in newspapers and on television, as well as in social media!  And an informed citizenry is mostly what the truckers need at this point.

Even though the protests are being dispersed, and truckers are being arrested, can informed Canadians still use jury empowerment to stick it to Justin Trudeau?  Yes, they Canada.

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Politics: Why is Ethanol in Gasoline Suddenly Bad for the Environment? (When it Always Was)

Tue, 2022-02-22 13:00 +0000

The government has been forcing corn ethanol into your gas tank for a while now, and it’s been a scientific fact that this was bad for engines and emissions. That’s been crazy talk for ten years, but there’s been a disturbance in the political force. Suddenly ethanol is bad.

From that right-wing conspiracy rag, Reuters. “Corn-based ethanol, which for years has been mixed in huge quantities into gasoline sold at U.S. pumps, is likely a much bigger contributor to global warming than straight gasoline, according to a study published Monday.”

The study was commissioned by F. Joe Biden’s Department of Agriculture. They are reviewing biofuels as part of their F-America Green Energy Agenda. You know, the plan to cut off all affordable and reliable energy without adequate capacity to replace it. This research will inform policy which is to say it was probably requested to justify the desired policy change.

And King Corn gets “cobbed” in the process.


“Corn ethanol is not a climate-friendly fuel,” said Dr. Tyler Lark, assistant scientist at University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment and lead author of the study.

The research, which was funded in part by the National Wildlife Federation and U.S. Department of Energy, found that ethanol is likely at least 24% more carbon-intensive than gasoline due to emissions resulting from land use changes to grow corn, along with processing and combustion.


That’s a big ear to chew and King corn is pushing back. They point to another government study in 2019 that claims the opposite, thanks to carbon sequestration benefits gained from “planting new cropland.”

So, we’ve got one side saying farming makes ramming corn into gas tanks bad and another saying it’s good (when the real problem is that burning it is bad). The rest is just Green Chess with pretend offsets for a trace gas that can’t do what they claim -not a stretch because neither can they.

So, here’s a crazy idea. Why not keep planting corn (benefits the environment) and stop stuffing it into motor fuel (benefits the environment).

We can then save billions on taxpayer incentives that prop up the cellulose fuel market.

We can lower manufacturing (refining and blending) costs, which could translate to lower prices at the pump.

Lower-cost corn, thanks to surplus, is good both domestically and globally, increasing access to major foodstuff that feeds billions all over the planet, meaning less starvation.

Oh, and none of this has anything to do with the environment.

Corn is only in fuel because of lobbying and lying. Ethanol being good or bad, is more or less a lot of the same. But at the end of the day, gasoline is cleaner without it, and we’ve known that for a very long time. But the fact that Biden and Gren’s groups are colluding to end the practice makes me wonder.


What changed politically?

Exit Question: Do they want that cropland for solar farms and if they take ethanol out of motor fuel it will free up millions of acres.



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NH GOP Leadership Allows House Judiciary to Create More Pro-Abortion Legislation

Tue, 2022-02-22 11:30 +0000

On Thursday, February 17, the full New Hampshire House earned the tragic distinction of becoming the only Republican-led legislative body in America since Roe v. Wade to vote in favor of authorizing unlimited abortion up to birth.

This past Friday, the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of yet another piece of extreme pro-abortion legislation. Like the bill that passed Thursday, the Judiciary-created bill—an amended version of HB 1673—strips out the law’s enforcement provision and adds open-ended exceptions to the law, making abortionists the final word on when abortions can occur.

In effect, this is yet another bill equivalent to the “ROE Act” passed by Massachusetts in December of 2020 over the veto of liberal Republican Governor Charlie Baker. The bill aims to reduce our moderate six-month abortion ban into an empty joke, incapable of prohibiting a single late-term abortion.

This is yet another reminder that Thursday’s historic failure is not merely the result of a “few bad apples” in the Republican party, but of systemic problems in the NH House GOP. Friday’s Judiciary bill was passed with the vote of Chairman Ned Gordon, who Republican leadership installed as chair despite knowing he was a pro-abortion extremist. GOP leadership recently expelled another Committee chair over an embarrassing gaffe, but have consistently refused to remove Gordon even as he consistently thwarts the will of a majority of Republican voters.

Also on the Judiciary Committee is Rep. Joe Alexander, who stood alongside Chairman Gordon in an attempt to gut the six-month abortion ban in October. Friday, Alexander voted against repealing a law that allows abortion clinics to prohibit counselors and protestors from standing on their sidewalks—although Alexander then apparently sought to hide his pro-abortion record by voting for other pro-life measures which he knew would not pass.

Contact Speaker Packard and contact Majority Leader Osborne and ask them why Chairman Gordon still heads the House Judiciary Committee. Pro-life Granite Staters have been patient with the state Republican Party for decades. If last week’s failures and betrayals are not corrected, the Republican coalition in New Hampshire cannot stand. To learn more about the Fetal Life Protection Act, see our FAQ.

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Yeah, a new kind of spambot – upvotes leading to “Dating Sites”

Tue, 2022-02-22 04:41 +0000

Commenter NHNative brought my attention to this; it seems that there’s a new spambot out there that is upvoting just about every comment out there.

Well, of COURSE I had to follow it to see what is happening. There’s a lady’s name followed by bright red lips. If you click on it, it brings you to a DISQUS profile of that “lady” but is linked with a “dating site”:

And right now, there’s nothing I can do to stop it. We’re not the only site – lots of people are complaining but DISQUS hasn’t done a thing about it as of yet. Yet.

Whether or not you click on it is up to you.  “Forewarned is forearmed” as my high school Headmaster kept telling us. I guess he was successful as almost 50 years later, I still remember it.

I will keep you informed.

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NH State Rep Carol McGuire – Your State House 02/18/22: What a busy week!

Tue, 2022-02-22 04:00 +0000

This week, my committee heard its last three bills. HB 1135 required a performance audit of the education freedom account program. We only had the sponsor and some technical testimony.

It seems like a good idea but rather too soon to actually do any good: the program rules are not yet finalized, there are a number of statutory conflicts that need to be settled, and at least 16 bills this year seeking to change the program! HB 1510, a study committee on state hiring processes, is something the division of personnel has been working on for a while. Not sure a study committee is needed…

HB 1395, on administrative rulemaking, wants to require legislative approval before rules can go into effect. There was surprisingly little testimony, but it’s a complex bill so it went to subcommittee.

We voted to kill HB 1287, sleep awareness month, and HB 1443, Covid victims commemoration, 15-0 and 14-1. The committee is holding fast against special days! We voted unanimously to recommend HB 1446, converting the boards of recreational therapists and respiratory care practitioners to advisory boards. In this case, the professionals were in support of the change, so no soul-searching was necessary.

We want to thank NH State Rep Carol McGuire for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

The House met for two days on all the early bills which are going to a second committee. First, though, we agreed on the Senate amendments to HB 95 and HB 549. HB 95 is Rep. Allard’s bill to include ice cream in the allowable raw milk products, for a constituent; the Senate amendment merely tweaked the required labeling. HB 549 concerns the system benefits charge; we voted unanimously for it in January, and the Senate amendment simply put the basic energy efficiency program into statute, not rules.

One feature of sessions lately is that the committee chairs will move to table bills they wanted to kill so that they can avoid debate (the tabling motion is not debatable.) I’m not a real fan of the procedure and hope that we can resume more frequent meetings in the House chamber so that we can debate the lesser bills – or at least have the opportunity to do so.

We voted for over 100 bills on the consent calendar of non-controversial bills. If anyone representative does not consent, their bills will be dealt with individually, at the end of the day.

HB 1465, on appointment of counsel for juveniles, was amended on a voice vote and then tabled, also on a voice vote; this seems a strange position to take as we usually table before the amendment. HB 1647, on child support calculations, was amended and passed on voice votes, without debate.

HB 1237, adding other types of tobacco to that sold in cigar bars, passed without comment. HB 1469, prohibiting banks from using social credit scores, was amended to make it an anti-discrimination law, debated and passed, 187-168.

HB 1468, a simple cannabis legalization bill, was tabled, 276-79. I voted against the table even though this bill conflicts with other cannabis legislation; it seems fixable to me.

HB 1540, requiring all police interrogations be recorded, had a short debate before passing, 233-122. I voted against it because it is an unfunded mandate on police departments and prosecutors, even if many departments already do this.

HB 1598, cannabis legalization including exclusive sales under the liquor commission, was not tabled, 114-238, and amended on a voice vote. A floor amendment to add a penalty for giving cannabis to a child failed on a voice vote, then we held a fairly lengthy debate. It passed, 235-119. I reluctantly voted for it – I don’t care for the state monopoly, but I think this may be the only way to get a change this year, through the Senate and the Governor.

HB 1516, banning local funds from being used for education freedom accounts, was debated before being killed, 181-174, even though no local funds are used, or planned to be used!

HB 1627, creating a position for a freedom account program coordinator, passed without comment, as did HB 1624, which requires a state plan for co-curricular activities, including students with disabilities.

HB 1657, creating a state-reimbursed farm-to-school food program, was debated even though the supporters agreed the bill was not completely thought out! It was killed, 186-164.

HB 1660, requiring all schools have breakfast and lunch available for every student, was also debated (at length) before being killed, 177-174. The $650 K price tag (at the state level; local costs are extra) for the 30 or so schools that don’t do this already was another factor against this mandate.

HB 1161, coordinating regional career technical education programs, passed without comment. HB 1684, limiting the education freedom account program to its budget, was debated and killed, 182-171. One major concern was that over 1800 students in that program would be unsupported if spending were limited to the initial budget.

HB 1423, setting up a scheme of public funding for state elections, was debated and killed, 191-165.

HB 1482, on ranked-choice voting, was killed, 205-149, even though the sponsors were running a ranked-choice chocolate tasting! (if we’re going to change our voting methods, I prefer approval voting, which is harder to game, easier to implement, and uses current ballot-counting machines.)

HB 1484, requiring a state-wide audit of the 2020 election, was tabled, 273-76. The committee still has a simpler bill, only requiring the audit to cover Merrimack County.

HB 1662, which dealt with privacy issues in Health & Human Services, was special ordered to this time since the sponsor had to leave early. He spoke, then the bill passed on a voice vote.

HB 1496, requiring voter checklists be made available in spreadsheet form to any resident, is an expansion of current practice which allows the public information on the checklist to be available in electronic form only to political organizations, only as the state-wide list. It was debated, then passed 183-169, with the main issue being whether or not current law allows this already!

HB 1226, prohibiting declawing cats, was killed without comment. HB 1584, creating a capital improvement fund for state fairs and funding it, passed 236-105 without debate. I voted against it because if the fairs are as valuable as the supporters claim, they can get local and private funds – the fairgrounds were built with private money!

The first bill from my committee came up late in the afternoon. HB 1417 would require the state to pay 7.5% of local employer contributions to the state pension fund. I spoke in support of the committee recommendation of killing it for two main reasons: first, the towns and cities decide how many employees to hire and how much to pay them, and having a subsidy for some of the costs incites them to hire and pay more; and second, when the state dropped its contribution to zero, in 2011, the employees’ rate was increased to make up for it.

Since a number of other changes were made at the same time, some communities (Nashua!) insist that this was a downshift to them. In any event, a lot of towns and school districts just want more funding… and tell their representatives to vote for any increase. The inexpedient to legislate (kill) motion passed, 173-172.

Then a representative in the back called for reconsideration – and that passed, 180-171. A motion to table failed, 171-180, the ITL motion failed this time, 171-179, and the bill passed, 182-169, with a few more Republicans joining the Democrats on every vote (going from 11 to 15.) It was a challenge to me to come up with a snappy reason for voting against this bill five times when I expected to need only one!

That was enough fun for one day, and we continued Thursday after the Governor’s state of the state address. One representative stood up for the final, ritual applause, and collapsed, hitting his head on the concrete floor. Fortunately, there are at least three doctors, two nurses, and four EMTs in the legislature, and they took charge. The representative was carried out conscious and has reported that he’s doing well. Our touch of drama for the day.

We resumed with the other bills from my committee. HB 1535, which granted a cost of living increase to retirees, was amended and passed without comment, on a voice vote. I was mostly concerned about the amendment, which deleted about $2 billion in property tax increases to fund automatic annual cost of living increases, but everyone on the committee agreed that was not a good policy.

HB 1587, rolling back one of the antispiking provisions imposed in 2011 by tweaking the calculation of average final compensation, had been recommended to pass by the committee (which includes four firefighters, two from each party.) It was debated, on the merits of granting a pension improvement only to Group II (fire, police, and corrections) and not the much larger Group I (teachers and employees,) as well as the fiscal impact, now and in the future. It still passed, 232-113, with Representative Pitaro joining me and 111 other Republicans in defeat.

HB 1590, allowing towns to withdraw partially from the retirement system, was killed without comment, 287-57, since it didn’t address the problem of accumulated liabilities.

HB 1536, expanding Medicaid for postpartum health care, was tabled, 183-161, as was HB 1578, which extended Medicaid to some immigrants, 187-161.

HB 1604, granting conscientious objections to vaccines in state medical facilities, was debated on the amendment, which passed 174-173 on the Speaker’s vote (it had been tied at 173.) The bill passed, 176-174, on the supporters’ report that, with 87% of their workers vaccinated, state facilities have done extremely well in combating Covid.

HB 1609, adding exemptions for rape or incest to the fetal protection act, was debated at length on the committee amendment, which clarified that ultrasounds are only necessary to confirm the age of the child and deleted the rest of the bill. This amendment failed, 175-177; a motion to table was tied at 176, so the Speaker voted to table. Later in the day, the bill was removed from the table, 178-175, and after more debate it passed, un-amended, 179-174, and went to Finance. Representative Allard was the only one from this district who voted against the amendment and in favor of the bill.

HB 1207, requiring paid time off to vote, was debated, rather poorly, on the amendment rather than the bill, and the amendment had been rejected by the committee, making it inappropriate for a floor speech. The bill was killed, 195-158.

HB 1538, requiring “prevailing wages” on public works projects, was debated and killed, 182-168. This is another perennial labor bill, like minimum wage hikes, that the Democrats push and Republicans stop every session.

HB 1586, authorizing a gift portrait of Wentworth Cheswill to be displayed in the State House, passed without comment, as did HB 1665, establishing a municipal disaster relief fund. This is important since federal funds are frequently delayed, and many towns don’t have enough cash on hand to repair their roads and bridges after a comprehensive disaster.

The committee on Science, Technology, and Energy (which mainly deals with utility regulation) tabled HB 1419, establishing a civilian climate corps (184-158); HB 1506, setting up a clean energy revolving fund (183-166); HB 1601, increasing funding from electric customers to the energy efficiency program, (180-167); and HB 1621, reducing the rebates to the energy efficiency fund (183-165.) This was appreciated since every member of that committee seems to drone on, dwelling on the details, and then the vote is party line! HB 1644, placement of telecommunication antennas, was debated before going to interim study, 245-104.

HB 1100, lowering the penalties for driving without a license, was tabled, 188-161. I appreciated that because I like the idea, but think the bill is poorly written: it seems to exempt people who have never had a license and penalizes only those who hadn’t renewed.

HB 1208, allowing parents to teach their children to drive, was tabled before the debate, 209-141. I voted against tabling because I wanted the bill to pass: driver’s ed has become a big expense that can be avoided by waiting until age 18 to get a license, and many parents can teach their children perfectly well. (Full disclosure: my father taught me to drive, no problem, but my younger sister didn’t understand his approach and resorted to classes.)

HB 1461, increasing penalties for littering was amended, a floor amendment to put these fines into the Highway Fund failed 46-304, and the bill passed on a voice vote, all without debate!

Finally, we dealt with the bills removed from consent.

HB 1176, decriminalizing sex work in one’s own home, was killed, 319-28; as was HB 1340, changing the definition of “domestic violence” to exclude partners and other family members, 322-26; and HB 1392, reducing the penalties for some drug offenses, 319-29. None of these were debated.

From my committee, CACR 30, creating elected inspectors general, was killed, 331-15, with little discussion.

I had pulled HB 1262, commemorating the Pine Tree Riot, since a member of the committee had objected before it left the committee. So I apologized for letting that happen but reiterated my support for killing the bill. There was some debate on the importance of the Riot, then the bill was killed 224-124 as we pointed out a simple letter to the governor would have been more efficient than putting in a bill!

HB 1624, on requiring a blood lead test for enrolling in school or daycare, was debated on whether it was necessary: apparently there is already a requirement to test all one and two-year-olds for lead, but compliance has been poor. A motion to table failed, 162-183; I voted in favor of tabling because putting this paperwork requirement on parents isn’t the way to ensure medical professionals comply with the law. After more debate, the bill passed, 213-131.

HB 1654, on abortion statistics, had been recommended for interim study; after it was pulled from consent we voted, 275-65, to table it.

HB 1397, extending the terms for elected officers in Rockingham County from two years to four, had a committee amendment to extend this to all counties. This amendment was debated since the argument that no other county had testified against it was obviously because the bill title referred only to Rockingham. The amendment failed, 150-189, then the un-amended bill passed, 216-124. We’ll see how they like four-year terms before considering it elsewhere!

HB 1040, a commission to study revenue alternatives to the gas tax, was not tabled, 85-249, then passed without debate. HB 1656, setting up a mileage and weight road usage fee, was tabled 309-29.

A fairly productive session, even though it didn’t all go as I would wish…

Representative Carol McGuire

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Rising to Meet Our Dystopian Present

Tue, 2022-02-22 02:30 +0000

As the despotic political establishment notches an increasing number of victories, it is up to us to rise and meet that challenge in the name of Liberty.

[partial transcript]

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these but with good reason.

As a way of explanation, we need to accept a few things first. There is a statist establishment. It runs Washington DC, and it is run by the Democrat party. We see its end game in their priorities. They want us to live in homes that are smaller that are a bit colder in the winter and a bit hotter in the summer.

They prefer us clustered into cities they run, limited to transportation the control. We are to accept fewer options for travel, be it local, statewide, national, or global. They have a plan for what we should eat, how, and how often. They will decide what medications we need, when, and how often, if we are even eligible, and how we should be treated if we dare say no.

4 min 16 sec



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It Can’t Be a Coincidence That So Many Things Have Gone So Wrong in So Little Time

Tue, 2022-02-22 01:00 +0000

It can’t be a coincidence that so many things have gone so wrong in so little time. We see the Biden Administration doing a national level of what Socialist Sociologists Cloward & Piven did to New York City – setting impossible demands, structurally and financially, on its welfare system to overload it.

In short, to create Chaos.


Liberalism thrives on chaos. As long as there is chaos, Liberals can claim to be the solution, regardless whether they themselves are the cause of the chaos. Chaos makes individuals feel they need something stronger than themselves and Collectivists then offer the ruse of order at the price of individual freedoms.    – Liberal Logic 101


Lenin said that in chaos, there is opportunity. The opportunity for Communism was to wreck the existing Government (in that case in Russia, a monarchy) so that they could swoop in and take over. Power is what was sought, and Power is what he and his fellow travelers got.

Human nature doesn’t really change even if the Democrats-Progressives keep saying that “evolved” word. After all, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be considered a Progressive if he lived here in the State, and he is showing that they, as a group, have not “evolved” at all – they all seek the Power that Lenin grabbed. There is truth to the maxim that “within every Progressive, a Totalitarian is trying to get out.”

Cloward & Piven (and Saul Alinsky) just decided that another means than outright arms was the way to create chaos. Now we see Chaos spread across so many areas, in so many industries, and across so many facets of our lives.

The Left has effectively politicized everything – thus, there are no traditional norms to act as bulwarks against their actions and machinations.  They are hoping (and depending on) that Society is now in such a state of being that it is like glass: strong vertically but with sufficient force, applied from the side and with a sharp blow, it will shatter.

They are creating the problem and have their solutions waiting in the wings. This is the Hegelian Dialectic:

Hegelian dialectic is ‘PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION’ and how it works is like this:

  • The government creates or exploits a problem in which attributes blame to others.
  • The people react by asking the govt for protection and help (safety and security) to help solve the problem.
  • Then, the government offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occurred.

What’s the outcome? The outcome of all of this is: the rights and liberties are exchanged for the illusion of protection and help.

The Canadian Govt created the mask/mandate problem. The working class (truckers) complained and protested with their Freedom Convoy. The Government complained and asked for safety and security for itself (imagine that, Govt calling itself a victim while scapegoating Powerless truckers). Their solution was to call the truckers domestic terrorists and insurrectionists and then strip them of their finances, property, and rights. Worse, they “deputized” their financial industries to do their dirty work for them (e.g., Corporatism) just like we are seeing Big Tech doing it here in the US.

So what are we to do – and what are YOU willing to do?

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Crime Minister Tru-Doh!’s Mounted Jackboot Tramples an “Indigenous” Elder at Freedom Protest

Mon, 2022-02-21 23:30 +0000

Any moment now, we should be able to hear the Wokeasaurus crying for justice after an indigenous elder was injured. One of Crime Minister Tru-Doh!’s mounted enforcers knocked her to the ground. Any minute now. Just listen.


I’m not surprised. She’s not an indigenous elder unless she’s promoting the government agenda, no matter how peaceful the protest.



This info appears to be correct.

But there will be no murals or marches or calls for justice. And that’s not because she lived to tell the tale a bit bruised up with a shoulder injury.

Much like any other identity group, the only identity that actually matters is the political one. Whether your skin has some color or your gender is on a spectrum, if you are not “voting” for them or their agenda, those other characteristics bear no weight, just ask Joe Biden.

Related: As Canada Jackboots the Freedom Truckers, A Few Suggestions …

I know I keep coming back to that point, but it’s the one that matters most. It’s an ideological plantation. Deviation from the approved narrative is not allowed. Any expression that wanders outside the fence line could get you canceled.

And while that’s bad, it’s actually worse. The progressive elders can do whatever the hell they want, and while they are free to call you out and ruin your life, or job, or family, if you dare to point out any misstep or hypocrisy among the Liberal elite, you might as well have done that thing yourself.

Candice “Candy” Sero is collateral damage in Tru-Doh!’s war on peaceful protesters. She chose the wrong side.  Being full-blood Mohawk means nothing because she didn’t pick the right side.

An indigenous woman of color is entitled to know her own mind.

That Left-Wing rule applies on either side of the border.

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Biden’s Wonderful World

Mon, 2022-02-21 22:00 +0000

The Amazing and Astounding Accomplishments of the Biden Administration are truly extraordinary. Let’s take a look:

1.) The great energy policy. On the first day in office, Biden managed to successfully shut down our pipelines and destroy our worldwide energy pre-eminence to the point where Joe is now begging Saudi Arabia and Russia to produce more oil. The price of a gallon of gas has skyrocketed almost 100%.

2.) While shutting down our energy supply and increasing gas prices 100%, Biden has allowed Putin to complete the Nordstream pipeline so that Western Europe’s energy supply will be completely dependent on our best friend, Vladimir Putin, who has now positioned 200,000 troops on the Ukrainian border with the apparent intention of guaranteeing Western and Eastern Europe energy supply at a price.

3.) Joe’s other best friend, Xi, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) premier has taken over Hong Kong and will probably invade Taiwan after the Winter Olympics, as the CCP currently invades Taiwanese Air space with numerous jet fighters on a daily basis.  Joe has failed to discuss the release from the Wuhan lab of the Covid 19 pandemic, which, according to some, has resulted in more American deaths than the 400,000 American soldiers killed in WW2 and $60+ billion damage to our economy. Most despicably, the CCP Concentration Camps of Uighurs ( Muslims) and Falon Gong followers are used to supply the world’s elite with much-needed organ transplants, resulting in the mass murder of these religious followers and silence from Joe and the rest of the world. Then again what’s that between friends!

We want to thank Charles Bradley for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
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4.) The horrid international situation couldn’t  possibly be due to the colossally successful withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in gifting $85 billion of the most advanced military equipment in the world, the $10 billion Baghram Air Force Base, strategically positioned to neutralize China’s nuclear weapons and hundreds,
if not thousands of American hostages to the Taliban.

5.) Our international successes under Joe have only been exceeded by our domestic. The misery index ( the inflation rate including food and energy plus the U6 unemployment rate) is currently 21% and has exceeded the remarkable and memorable misery index of the Carter Era.

Apparently, 40 % of the US hopes and prays this tremendous success continues. The rest of the US see this unparalleled success as a catastrophic failure, which may lead to the suicide of the greatest and most generous nation in the history of the world, as well as the end of Western Civilization.

Happy New Year to Bungling, Mumbling, Stumbling Joe. Good luck to the rest of the US.

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More Bull-Schizer: Killing Cows for Profit

Mon, 2022-02-21 20:30 +0000

Yes, indeedy: More deadly droppings from the world’s favorite Big Pharma, Schizer (Because we care…. about our profits). It turns out that Pfizer’s record with vaccines is not that great in animals, either.

In the early 2000s, Pfizer developed a vaccine to prevent mother cows (dams) from passing Bovine Viral Diarrhea onto their calves. It achieved its primary objective, but over a longer-term, farmers noticed that some newborn calves had a strange disease where they would bleed from the eyes, nose, even the skin – nasty.

Of course, it couldn’t be caused by the vaccine, “PregSure BVD,” could it? The company went full-tilt Bull-Schizer, denying the connection with the ferocity of a tobacco company denying lung cancer, even as it was eventually proved to be a form of antibodies in the mother’s milk which were attacking the calves’ systems and destroying blood, bone marrow, and organs, killing up to 15% of calves.

It got worse, literally, with time and dosage, with the alloantibodies in the mother’s milk being much higher for dams that had been given multiple doses, AND got worse over a period of years from when the vaccine was administered. Even after Germany pulled the plug, Pfizer continued to sell the vaccine around Europe until eventually forced to withdraw it and rename/spin-off its animal products division.

Yes, indeed: Schizer, because we care….. about our profits! Now, run along like good little sheeple and get your boosters – after all, what could go wrong?



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Welcome to the Drain, Folks

Mon, 2022-02-21 19:00 +0000

I am currently reading a book that describes the unification of German policy regarding the population, economics, and society to achieve one goal: the final solution to the social question.

As I read I am reminded of the florid pronouncements of good old Ezekiel Emanuel, MD., the brother of Rahm Emanuel, who helped write, or wrote, Obama Care, with its internecine regulations, qualifications, little known codicils, secret funding mechanisms, and requirements.  You remember it, the one you had to pass, according to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), to find out what was in it.

Just as the National Socialists prescribed, Ezekiel Emanuel recommends and prioritizes younger people who have not yet lived a complete life for receiving the better things in medicine, and also incorporates prognoses, ways to save the most lives, and instrumental value principles, etc., etc.

Emanuel also criticized Americans for being too “enamored with technology” and was determined to reduce access to angioplasty, bypass surgery, and hip and knee replacements.

The incurably ill and those with hereditary diseases are to get the short end of the stick and a short-handled shovel, the latter favored by the Soviets for those digging their own graves since that final bullet, as Beria was said to quip, would be welcomed.

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To sum all this folderol up, Emanuel supports medical care for the younger individuals while reducing it for the elderly because, in essence, the medical pie is only so big, and only government bureaucrats have the ability to make the key decisions on what sized piece each and every John Q. Public is entitled to, because equality, justice, and race should be examined nationally, by state, locally and historically – all through the woke prism.

Ezekiel’s terms about us being too ‘enamored with technology’ simply means that these late-life surgical rewards for pain reduction and ease of movement following years of manual and intense labor or severe injuries due to hazardous employment are too expensive for Medicare to handle given the current “balance of payments” conundrum.

Ezekiel indicates that the young, most of whom have low paying jobs following a lack of adequate and effective higher education for the tech-heavy current workplace and thus have salaries and corresponding rates of taxation too low to fill Medicare’s chronically empty coffers, cannot be expected to draw on it without reducing the benefits for those older who have already paid for them.

Then, not long ago, in a shocking admission to the continuing nefariousness of our vacation prone chief executive, who has disappeared from the White House for 95 days, or 27% of his total time as president (NY Post 2/18/22) and has held a mere 18 interviews by this point in time (compared to Trump’s 89 NY Post 2/18/22), NBC and MSNBC announced that Joe Biden tapped Ezekiel Emanuel as a healthcare advisor.

This news drops on us like a 30,000 pound GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB),  as if our skyrocketing inflation, our increasing lack of military preparedness, the ongoing supply chain foul-ups, with Hizzonah Pete Buttigieg’s shrill cries for electric vehicles in Pittsburgh on the 16th being necessary to alleviate the backlog in our ports.

The latter was inadvertently countered by chief WH politruk Jen Psaki who has said $10 gasoline will become a staple of our future.  However, one wag was heard to say that if gasoline reaches $20 a gallon, a stable will be in each one of our futures.

So, that’ll be really good.  We’ve got that madcap medical theoretician Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, with his woolly-headed reductions of medical care for the elderly and anybody of that age needing new joints and then limiting your high tech angioplasty and bypass surgery to that same group in order to float them for those who haven’t yet put any money in the pot.

And now we find out that Ezekiel Emanuel’s joining boy genius gender-fluid Samuel Brinton, as both toil for Biden.  Sam is noteworthy with his international orange-colored modified Mohawk haircut (Modified because a full Mohawk on a newly appointed guy by our current concussed president, who turns out in spike heels in a low-cut crinoline dress, sporting bright red lipstick and pastel nylon stockings chairing a committee on nuclear waste disposal would just be too zany.) while jawboning his highly publicized “pup” sex play between asides at an NRC table full of staid nuclear engineers.

With both of these “gentlemen” on the Biden team, we now have a much clearer view of our destination as a country.

Welcome to the drain, folks, and we are circling it in ever tighter and faster circles.

And quite frankly, the closer we get to the drain, the more dissembling and outrageous “Old” Joe Biden’s Vaudeville act becomes, in disappearances, in appointments, and on stage.


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California Green Group Targets Maine’s Lobster Industry

Mon, 2022-02-21 17:30 +0000

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch in California claims the mantle of sustainable seafood watchdog. If they red flag an operation buyers like Disney and Whole Foods won’t touch them and they’ve set their sights on Maine’s lobster industry.


The California-based Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program is considering which species to add to its “red list,” and North American lobster from both the U.S. and Canadian fisheries is a candidate, as are over a dozen other species fished up and down the East Coast, according to a draft assessment.


Maine’s been sitting pretty in recent years with record potato crops and lobster harvests. But the whiney chaps at Seafood Watch are concerned about some whales they say get tangled in the traps. And any fishing that endangers other marine life is a fast ticket to the red flag and the scorn of the green elite.

My first question was, who benefits if Main Lobster, some of the best and most sought after in the world, were blacklisted, and I don’t know the answer. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the benefactor popped in the donor list for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch in California. I know, cynical I may be but wrong, probably not.

Related: Joke? – Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are on a Road Trip…

If Whole Foods were to stop buying Maine Lobster because Seafood Watch red-flagged the entire northeast seaboard up to Canada, someone else is selling a lot of lobster.

Maine raked in 725 million last year, a record. Mabey the same “Global Warming” that caused COIVD is good for lobster?

I don’t even eat the stuff (well, maybe in a nice alfredo over linguine) so I have no claws in this game, but the well-being of Northeastern Fisherman and lobsterman is never too far from my radar because these working-class folks need all the support they can get. The elites love their lobster but between government and eco-terrorists, everyone wants to put these guys out of business.


The threat of losing the sustainability rating comes more than a year after the federal government announced a sweeping set of new regulations designed to help reduce the risk to right whales by 98 percent over the next 10 years.


See what I mean, so following the money may lead back to federal grants or contracts. Not unlike the NSBA letter the Bidenistas asked them to write to their AG so he could then label parents are domestic terrorists. If Seafood Watch has ties to NOAA or fed grants from whatever agency set these new regs, I think we’ll know who is pulling whose strings.

But Maine isn’t panicking yet.


“I think at this point, people know they’re just not a great source of information,” Conniff said about the program. “Choices like this really underscore that.”

Annie Tselikis, executive director of the Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association, agreed and said the change doesn’t pass the straight-face test.

“This sort of feels almost meaningless,” she said. “To take a blanket approach to the entire Eastern Seaboard … it just doesn’t do the real work. Doesn’t get into the nuance, doesn’t look at the data. We know that this fishery is sustainable – we’ve been doing this for years.”


I’m glad they feel that way and I hope they are correct but if they get ted-flagged to the folks at seafood watch grasp the consequences? Places like Honduras will be picking up some of that slack and according to these green weenies, “the lack of safety regulations,… has left nearly half of the Miskito Indian lobster divers physically disabled.”

I didn’t dive too deep into that claim, but I would not be surprised if it were true. Most of what so-called environmentalists want to force on Americans is actually worse for people and the planet as less regulated industries in second and third-world nations pick up the slack.

Why would lobster be any different?


Exit link: Red Lobster doesn’t seem concerned.

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Financial Meltdown 2.0: Covid Vax Kills Life Insurers

Mon, 2022-02-21 16:00 +0000

Yogi Berra called and he says he’s got Deja Vu like it’s the 2008 financial crisis all over again.

In 2008, formerly staid and respectable mortgage lenders found themselves at huge risk from stupid government policies forcing them to lend to people who could not pay back. Never fear, they had spread the risk in the secondary market, which should have had a stabilizing effect, but ended up more like a circular firing squad with banks toppling like dominoes.

History does not repeat, but it rhymes:
In 2021, staid, respectable, and conservative insurance companies suddenly found themselves at huge risk from bad government policies over Covid and adverse reactions to the vaccines, with a statistically improbable increase (average 40%) in insured deaths among prime working age people. Edward Dowd (a former BlackRock stock picker) said in interviews with Steve Bannon and Alex Jones, that life insurers turned to the reinsurance market to diversify their biggest risks, and paid premiums which did not look like a good deal at the time, but may turn out to be brilliant business.

As Dowd said, who will be left holding the bag? Will it turn into a circular firing squad of risk handoffs that will bring down most of the insurance market? Also, insurers do not like to pay out for risks they didn’t factor in – in France, some life insurers are trying to classify death by “voluntarily” taking experimental vaccines as suicide. In the USA it is more likely to become huge litigation against big Pharma, unless the government bails out the insurers.

Actually, it is clear, just as it was in 2008, who will be left holding the bag – the people, through increased premiums, increased taxation, and increased money printing.

As a nice note, an article on asked if the unvaxxed will have the last laugh – what if the unvaxxed, like non smokers, got a better price for life insurance?

The Edward Dowd interview on InfoWars. The insurance crisis is discussed about minute 16.
El Gato Malo, AKA Bad Cattitude on SubStack talks about Bayesian Data Crimes making the vaccines appear effective.

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Our VP Travels to Europe to Help Secure the Border of Ukraine but What Are You Going to Do to Secure Our Border

Mon, 2022-02-21 14:30 +0000

A sincere question to our Washington politicians referred to here as “you.” What are you going to do to secure our border? I have no words to describe the disgust I have for our current political leadership, of both parties, and their complete indifference to this problem.

Our VP travels to Europe to help secure the border of Ukraine.

We send our young military men and women, along with millions of dollars in military equipment, to defend a foreign country. Yet you, and the rest of our apathetic political “leadership” in Washington, do nothing for the American people to secure OUR BORDER.

You refuse to finish building the border wall, or even allow our Border Patrol Agents to do their job. You refuse to pass common-sense immigration laws or at least enforce the ones we have until you do.

Failing to secure our border poses a real and present existential threat to our country. We’re tired of hearing you talk about it, get it done!

While you dither, drugs continue to pour across our border, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent American citizens.

While you dither, millions of unknown and unvetted foreigners, including real terrorists, human traffickers, and violent criminals, continue to stream across our border. You are responsible for whatever harm they cause.

Your inaction is costing American taxpayers millions of dollars, while also endangering the safety and security of all Americans.

However, what you are willing to do, is to spend more taxpayer dollars to illegally relocate them all across our country, educate them, medicate them, house them and feed them.

All of those actions, along with your inactions, reflect a total disregard for the Constitution, and the oath you took to defend it. So please answer this simple question for me: What are you going to do to secure our border?

Please refrain from responding with phrases such as: Let me refer you to the department of…, it’s in committee, it’s being debated, I’m reaching across the aisle, or someday we plan on passing “comprehensive immigration reform”.

These are all overused political talking points, and they are just as tired and useless as the people who use them.

Here are two antitheticall examples of responses you might want to consider:

“Truthfully, I’m a politician, only concerned with my political agenda and getting reelected. Therefore, I plan on actually doing nothing to secure our border. I am not interested in protecting the citizens and sovereignty of our nation.”

“I plan on taking the lead on this issue. I will immediately be taking the following ACTIONS to secure our border in order to protect American citizens and their families. These actions include________________________.”

In other words, do you plan on protecting your constituents, or illegal immigrants?

So again, I ask you to directly, clearly and succinctly answer this simple question.

What are you going to do to secure our border?

Michael Petruzziello Major, USMC (Ret)

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And You Think That Govt School Are Being Straight with Parents? Not If They Are Being Trained Not To- East Coast Edition

Mon, 2022-02-21 13:00 +0000

From the mid-West back to the East Coast, here’s another School District telling Teachers to use a students’ chosen pronouns but NOT tell the Parents.

This sounds like what has happened in Manchester (NH) in the Manchester School District. Is it time for Parents to fire the whole lot of them?

Burn it down before they steal ALL of our children? Somebody give this Teacher a prize and a new job. Reformatted, emphasis mine:

4th School Accused of Secretly Helping Children Turn Transgender

When former Ludlow, Massachusetts, teacher Bonnie Manchester was told by school administrators to call a female student by “his new gender name” and not to mention that to the child’s parents, that was the last straw.

“I did what any teacher would and should do: I told the parents,” Manchester told The Epoch Times.

The child was just 11 at the time, and as Manchester learned, the school was not only meeting secretly with the girl, but also in private with her 12-year-old brother regarding his purported interest in regendering as a girl.

Is this the primary purpose of “Education” – turning students inside out and creating rifts between child and Parents? As Dr. James Lindsay told us, the answer is yes.

And get this part:

Manchester, who had been a social studies teacher at the district’s Baird Middle School, was fired for telling the children’s parents about the school’s clandestine activity. Principal Stacy Monette called Manchester’s “conduct unbecoming a teacher,” referring to her “inappropriate communications with the parents of a student.”

“You shared sensitive confidential information about a student’s expressed gender identity against the wishes of the students,” Monette wrote in an April 16, 2021, letter terminating Manchester.

Forget COVID – THIS is a more existential threat to our society – and even if the teachers don’t care, the credibility of Government Schools and the systems that have created and sustained this radicalism is going to kill it off anyway.

Already, parents are taking their kids out of those systems that make it clear they are not wanted. Charter schools, pod schools, cooperative homeschooling groups, and families putting their kids FIRST in teaching the fundamentals is what families want.

Not school boards that are all in for the Leftist ideology. Look what happened to the San Francisco school board member that was all fine in eliminating our history by renaming schools (really, Abraham Lincoln didn’t care ENOUGH about the slaves) but kept kids out of the schools. Loudoun County in Virginia has many stories where Parents, having been dissed, are taking back both their kids and their school boards.

And in at least 60 communities here in NH, parents are putting their kids ABOVE the elected representatives formerly known as school boards and running to pitch those SB members to the retirement pool. No longer are they going to put up with no answers and inadequate education. And now that the “Edu-Omerta” silence is being broken, Truth is starting to spill out:

A week earlier in Texas, an anonymous teacher outed her school to a digital media outlet by releasing documents from the district’s training programs that show that teachers were being told to keep parents in the dark about any disclosures their children make at school about gender identity feelings.

DO NOT contact their parents and out them to their families,” the documents advise.

Mary McAlister, senior counsel for The Children and Parental Rights Campaign, said her organization also represents a New York family about to file suit on similar grounds.

Schools are secretly grooming kids to be gay,” McAlister told The Epoch Times, and “they have outside influences teaching them how to do that. Lesson No. 1 is to cut the parents out of the picture.”

…In another lawsuit filed in November 2021 in Florida, the school district admitted it was deliberately not telling parents if their children were having gender identity issues at school because a guidebook warned it could lead to homelessness for them.

Gay and transgender. And with more and more stories popping up of kids being turned, or like in Exeter SAU16 here in NH, retaliating against students that refuse to toe the ideological line being set by those Districts.

According to the Florida lawsuit, which was filed by McAlister’s organization on behalf of the parents, the school withheld the information because they knew the parents were Catholic and wouldn’t agree with the children’s regendering.  The school’s guidance counselor conceded that she had been secretly meeting with the sixth-grader on a weekly basis over a span of four months to discuss gender identity issues, the lawsuit alleges.

YOUR Morality? To be tossed – Government Morality, as expressed by Government Schools, are the only Morality to be taught and obeyed. And you wonder why the Left has been attacking Christianity for so long? They are the Sexuality Missionaries for a New World.

Chaos instilled into children is just a great side effect.


So it isn’t just the teachers – it is EVERYONE from the School Boards and Superintendents on downward. Parents, you are HATED!

Are you good with that? And are you going to go along with that?

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