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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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A Man of Courage and Conviction

Thu, 2022-02-24 20:30 +0000

Enes Kanter Freedom is a man who may have more love of America and freedom than most natural-born Americans. His story is impressive, from growing up in Turkey to coming to America to play the game he loves, basketball.

His career had him on numerous teams. He is not a superstar, but if you are good enough to play in the NBA, you are an elite professional athlete.

Freedom was making $2.6 Million a year playing for the Boston Celtics, but because of the other passion in this young man’s life, he was recently released and is now unemployed. Freedom was considered toxic by sponsors, so he had no endorsement contracts. Let’s take a look at Enes Kanter Freedom, the man.

Enes Kanter was born in Switzerland to a medical family, his father a doctor and his mother a nurse. The family returned to their homeland, Turkey, when Enes was just a young boy. As a teen, Kanter played basketball as a professional in Istanbul and moved to America when he was 17. Since he was already a professional athlete, high school and college ball were not options. He was drafted into the NBA at 19 and played for five teams in the next 11 years.

Enes Kanter became an American citizen in 2021, and knowing oppression from the time he spent in Turkey, he has an intense appreciation of his new country. He so loved the freedom offered in America that he legally changed his name to Enes Kanter Freedom. Freedom is very outspoken about human rights violations worldwide, and that passion for justice and freedom cost him his job.

One of the situations he spoke about often is the treatment of the Uyghurs by the Chinese government. He has a massive problem with the hypocrisy of the NBA making so much money from China when China is creating genocide on these people. He also spoke out about the world turning its back on the Uyghurs, Taiwan, and other ways China infringes on people’s rights to award China the 2022 Winter Olympics. The intensity of his passion for bringing these situations to light has cost him his job and income. His courage and voice have earned him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination, and nobody may be more deserving.

Freedom is not sure what the future holds for him, but his love and knowledge of this country as a new citizen is inspiring. His passion and conviction to speak out against injustice at the expense of personal gain are unparalleled. His actions are rare for someone so young and successful. His story draws parallels to Collin Kaepernick, but Kaepernick could learn much from this foreign-born young man who saw so much good in America that he has given up everything to be a citizen and a spokesman for human rights.

Enes Kanter Freedom is a young man. He is an immigrant. Enes Kanter Freedom is now an American citizen and has shown by his example what that means. Unlike us born here and lived our lives as Americans, Enes takes nothing for granted. He knows more about civics than ten of us together, but more importantly, he knows what it is like to live in an oppressed country. He has not seen his parents in years as they are not allowed out of Turkey nor him in. But nothing seems to phase this driven man of courage and fortitude.

I can only hope well for him in his next chapter, for he deserves it. He has sacrificed it all for people he does not know, but he knows they need a voice. He is that voice, and they could not have a better spokesman. God Bless you, Enes Kanter Freedom. You do not need a basketball to prove your worth. You were born a hero.


Ray writes at

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So, Is Current Gilford School Board Chair Gretchen Gandini Covertly Endorsing Nicole Hogan and Jessica Jacques for the Open Seats?

Thu, 2022-02-24 19:00 +0000

Tuesday, March 8th, is Voting Day for most SB2 Towns.  The designation of SB2 was the bill that allowed towns to migrate from the traditional Town Meeting style of governance that NH is famous for by splitting the “Deliberations” and then voting by secret ballot (Town meetings do both at the same time with everyone looking around to see how you voted).  That day, here in Gilford, there are two open seats for School Board – Chair Gretchen Gandini is “retiring” and Karen Thurston’s term is up. Right now, there are four candidates that I know about:

  • Koleen Crawford
  • Nicole Hogan
  • Jessica Jacques
  • Michelle Tyler

Of the four running for those two seats, I know that Hogan and Jacques are more Progressive in outlook and have been active in the effort to take away choice from Parents and advocated for Government to decide on masks and vaccination during this WuFlu epidemic.  They spoke up at School Board meetings so I decided to do an RSA 91:A demand to see what they may have demanded of the School Board.

And I did note that only one School Board member responded to their emails but more on that later.

But regardless of what they may say tonite at the Candidates Night, here are their actual pleadings to the Gilford School Board members concerning masks.  In all cases, they want other Parents’ leanings to be ignored. They don’t care what the outlook of other Parents might be – they want THEIR will imposed upon others. Reformatted, emphasis mine

From: Nicole Hogan <
Sent: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 09:13:38 +0000
Subject: Masking

Hi Jeanin,

This email is a formal request to the school board to institute a mandatory mask policy at GES. Our family has been affected by the explosion of cases in fourth grade and this could have been avoided by common sense school-wide mask use. The students at GES are unvaccinated and vulnerable. Sending my own kids to school in masks is NOT ENOUGH to keep them protectedeveryone needs to mask in order for it to work.


We will get through this; however, I do not feel safe sending my kids back to school without school-wide masking. Please consider implementing a policy to take affect as soon as possible. The CDC and State of NH guidelines all support masking. It’s common sense to protect Gilford families.
Thank you,
Nicole Hogan
Sent from my iPhone

And this was sent to Gretchen Gandini, Kyle Sanborn, and Audra Kelly individually around the same time frame as well. Why not Karen Thurston? Oh yeah, I believe she was “all in” for universal masking so no persuasion there.

I have no problem with anyone stating their mind – that’s what Free Speech is all about.  What I DO mind is their sense of “Safetyism” (aka, Safety and Security) is to be shoved upon other families outside of their own. Each time I have seen something similar, why do they think they can impose themselves onto others?  If they were that so concerned about their kids, why don’t they keep them at home and not interfere with the lives of others? Especially those that may well not share their values?

Wouldn’t THAT have been far more considerate and caring?  Not only to mention, safer for her children? To be at home?  Why not homeschool your children?

Jessica Jacques, M.Ed, also weighed in with a couple of emails:

From: Jessica Jacques <
Sent: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 18:23:00 -0500
To:;Danielle Bolduc;;;;;;
Subject: Concern of COVID 19 safety protocols

Dear Superintendent Beitler, Principal Bolduc, Principal Sawyer, and School Board Members,

I am once again finding myself in a predicament where I am disappointed with The School District’s lack of safety protocols and proactive measures to prevent further spread of COVID 19. I am a fellow educator that truly wants to be supportive and understands that we are once again in an unfortunate situation. I want nothing more than my children to be in school thriving. However, this year, I feel school has become unsafe.

Mostly, I am upset with the lack of further safety protocols as cases rise at our elementary school. I am appalled that we can send out a communication to a class that has a cluster and now a total of 5 positive cases ending with, ““Masks are recommended but not required during this time.” I know not everyone in the community shares this same sediment [sic] and many want to believe COVID isn’t that bad. Clearly allowing the mask optional isn’t working and as stated on page 5 of The State of NH COVID 19 school and childcare toolkit. NH DHHS recommends face masks for everyone when responding to cases or clusters of infection in a classroom or facility.

At this point, it feels like the elementary school is about to be considered an outbreak. Something more preventative needs to happen and if it is, then that information is what needs to be communicated out to families. I want to know, when is The District going to start creating safety protocols and plans that are more reflective of the recommendation of the toolkit and more aggressive to combat the spread of COVID once in the school?

Thinking back to last year at this time when COVID 19 was blowing up in our schools. The District leadership team proposed all schools be fully remote from Thanksgiving to the New Year to combat the increase in the community spread.  At that point in time, the community spread level was substantial at approximately 7.8%. As of today, even though some may argue our numbers are relatively low compared to total population, our hospitalization rate has almost tripled from this time last year, our spread rate is once again substantial, and lastly the community spread is at a high of 9.2%. How is it even possible that we wouldn’t even consider instituting a mask policy for everyone?

Taken from Governor Chris Sununu’s daily update on COVID 19 statement, “The situation here in New Hampshire remains very serious, the data shows that community transmission is increasing, and we expect cases to rise.” “We must all remain vigilant in our daily lives. As we enter these winter months, it will be more important than ever to wear your mask, practice social distancing, and maintain proper hand hygiene.” This needs to stop being a political issue period! This needs to be about preventing the spread, keeping our schools open as well as our children safe. I appreciate you are all in a difficult situation once again. It is time to start doing better by our children!

Jessica Jacques, M Ed

No, we don’t and many more of us actually followed the science by reviewing and watching the NH COVID dashboard where it showed that there was only ONE death amongst the 187,000 school aged children in NH. Yes, a tragedy and yes, other children came down with it. But the cloth masks, as the CDC is NOW just admitting, are worthless (like the TSA security theatre of taking your shoes off before going into the “detection” area of an airport).  So are most paper masks – you need N95 masks – and how many children were already not wearing masks correctly? They did nothing but give folks a false sense of “Safety and Security”; just look at Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess who told folks over and over again that he did everything to a “T” – and still contracted COVID.

Social distancing in classrooms with young children?  Fine to say but impossible to do.

Again, I will say it – if you are that concerned about your kids, keep them at home. Isn’t that the safest place for them to be? And you chose the right profession, holding a Masters in Education!

Again, just like with Hogan, why impose your beliefs on others?

Too often I have heard and seen the same thing over and over – the Maskers demanding their way and just tossing what other Parents want into the trash can. No reciprocity at all. You just didn’t want to put up with the “inconvenience” of having them home.  There’s certainly a disconnect in all that Hogan and Jacques demand along the lines of “Fine for me but not for thee”.

And she wrote another:

From: Jessica Jacques <
Sent: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 12:27:22 -0500
To:;Danielle Bolduc;GretchenGandini;;;;
Subject: Concern with COVID 19 safety protocols

Dear Superintendent Beitler, Principal Bolduc, and Board Members,

Thank you for at least considering some sort of mitigation strategy, but I feel strongly that much more needs to be in place. At this point the continued exposure has taken place. classroom has suffered the consequences for the lack of protocols. It is upsetting that it had to get to the point of cluster status with 6 positive cases in one classroom, for the leadership team and school board to enact some sort of mitigation strategy.

I hope parties at all levels have learned from this week. You have children at GES and the other levels with underlying medical conditions. <redacted>   That is the thing you never know who will be greatly impacted by this virus and who will just have mild symptoms.

I am so angry that people in charge of keeping our children safe, healthy, and learning are making decisions based on popular viewpoints or political issues rather than utilizing resources provided by medical experts and suggestions put together by the NH DHHS as well CDC. It is time to have serious conversations outlining specific safety protocols that will be implemented to mitigate further spread once one case of COVID occurs.. There needs to be a plan for when enhanced mitigation protocols beyond just mask wearing need to be enacted such as if a cluster occurs at a building.

I do appreciate that since my last communication there seems to have been some discussion and movement in the right direction behind closed doors. However, I don’t feel masks for just <redacted> classroom is enough. Especially, since students switch for math and writing. Maybe that practice has paused or should pause. At recess, students mingle throughout the grade and some will have masks and some won’t. With what has transpired this week, there needs to be a more aggressive approach and in my opinion there should be other mitigation strategies in place like moving desks apart (at least 3ft if not 6ft), no more time at the rug for instruction or morning or afternoon meeting, perhaps lunches should be back in the classrooms, and lastly at recess you probably should have classes in different areas kind of like cohorts.

I appreciate your time, I know none of these decisions are easy, and hope to see more progress towards making schools more safe for all children and staff of this district.

Jessica Jacques, M Ed.

Let me pull one line out of that which goes to the heart of why people disagree with her statement:

I am so angry that people in charge of keeping our children safe, healthy, and learning are making decisions based on popular viewpoints or political issues rather than utilizing resources provided by medical experts and suggestions put together by the NH DHHS as well CDC.

I will say again what I said at a School Board meeting: I don’t elect experts to rule my life. The medical people have one and only one thing in mind – their expertise and too many of them demanded that ONLY their opinions mattered. Jacques is just trying to amplify that and demanding that the rest of us “fall into line” and treat our kids the way she wants to treat her own.

Sorry, Life is more than just one issue – it is a multidimensional. LOTS of data points and activities, belief systems, actions, other “stuff” play into decisions and no one person can make a single decision that is right for everyone.  To demand that they can are wrong.

I am concerned, however, that in demanding something from Government, Jacques believes that she isn’t “political”. BY DEFINITION, any time you are interacting with Government, trying to influence Government, or demanding something of Government, you are involved in politics. Say otherwise is just smoke and mirrors.

OTHER peoples’ viewpoints MATTER.  Political issues MATTER. To deny them of their outlook in a Representative Republic should be anathema to any Citizen.

Would this attitude, like Hogan’s, be a portend of what future decisions, and the way they would be made, be problematic for those that dissent?

Oh, that bit about Gretchen Gandini with a covert endorsement?  Her reply to Nicole Hogan’s missive  was short and somewhat cryptic:

From: Gretchen Gandini <>
Sent: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 05:42:16 -0500
To: Nicole Hogan
Subject: Re: Masking at GES

Thank you for reaching out. I will keep trying, Nicole. Thinking of you and your family.

This can only be interpreted that Gandini is/was all in for Universal Masking. But this reply to Jacques makes that much more clearer:

From: Gretchen Gandini <>
Sent: Sat, 20 Nov 2021 07:50:37 -0500
To: Jessica Jacques
Subject: Re: Concern of COVID 19 safety protocols

Thanks for your email. Sharing info with the full Board as you did is the best hope of changing things. I will also be honest with you, yours is the second contact the full board has received from a parent with a concern about the protocols.

As has been the case throughout this pandemic, there must be consensus of the majority of the board to shift protocols and that is not the case at this time.

I also want to remind you, as I have before, that there will be an election again in March with two open positions for the school board. I encourage folks who have a vested interest in policy decisions within the schools to consider throwing their hat in the ring.

I will happily be completing my second and final term on the board in March and certainly hope that some new independent folks come in with energy, enthusiasm and strong voices.

Take care,

Gosh, I contacted the entire Board in the hopes of changing things – see how well THAT worked out, eh?

Yeah, reading between the lines here but I’m not thinking that either the folks that I will be voting for, because of their cherishment of Freedom and Choice, will not be either Hogan or Jacques.



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Requiring ID is Racist, Until It’s Not!

Thu, 2022-02-24 17:30 +0000

While 80% of Americans think showing an ID to vote is good for Democracy and necessary to prevent fraud, the mere suggestion sends Dems into teary-eyed outrage. But it is not racist to require proof of something to have dinner out.

If you want to see a show, a concert, go to a movie or other event, enter a public building, requiring everyone to show an ID (including the majority vaccine-hesitant people of color community) makes sense to them. And why not. You need an ID to access food stamps or welfare (unless you are here illegally).

In New Hampshire, if you are on welfare, everyone in the family 16 and up needs a photo ID. Not to vote, but to receive services (unless you are here illegally).

In other words, the only people who are not likely to have a photo ID they could show when voting are people here illegally (and they are working on that). Asking for it is not a hardship. It doesn’t disenfranchise anyone, and it’s not racist. Most surveys among people of color produce similar results as the rest of America. Showing an ID to vote is a good idea.

Cue Dems descending into teary-eyed outrage.

But not if we’re talking about vaccine status. Leading Democrat dim-bulbs were pimping mandatory ID as soon as they knew an experimental chemical was available.

They even called them freedom passports.

And that’s not racist but hold your bluewater because things move fast when you’re a Democrat.

With over 7000 potential side-effects in play, at least a few of which might shuffle you off that mortal coil, Insurance companies will need to tweak the actuaries.

Having proof of vaccination could make the cost of Life insurance, or even health insurance go up (ironic, that) if you’ve been Jabbed.

Nothing says inequity like jacking up prices on people who were convinced to carry proof they were at higher risk of illness or death.

Cue Dems descending into teary-eyed outrage because this sword has two edges. First, they’ll deny it could ever happen the way they insisted Hydroxychloroquine was dangerous, and Ivermectin was toxic horse paste. That is to say, they will repeat psalm and verse without any connection to fact or reality and label it science. No, that’s scientism and that’s a religion, and if I recall, you’ve also got this thing you cling to about separating church from state.

That’s a lie too. The more accurate alignment is “state as church” because there can be only one. They are the Theocracy they’ve been waiting for – the one about which they warned you. But it’s not coming from the right. It was always coming from the left.

And they will require proof of many things which is not racist unless it’s ID to vote, which is also a lie. Once the Left thinks they’ve achieved a one-party state, you won’t be able to get near a voting booth (even when it’s just for show) without your ID and they’ll kill off vote-by-mail faster than Jeffrey Epstein.

You’ll need ID for everything – what little of it there will be – and that’s what they mean by equality.



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School Board Elections Coming: Parents Demand Academic Excellence

Thu, 2022-02-24 16:00 +0000

As a parental rights advocate focused on literacy and excellence in our public schools for two decades, I’ve watched the decline in public education. But I’ve also advocated for initiatives that would reverse this trend.

Thankfully, I’ve never seen so much action by parents to take back their schools, and demand that they go back to focusing on academic achievement. This new movement may finally be the ticket that refocuses public education on academic achievement.

  1. Recently we’ve seen fads brought into the public schools that harm the education your children are receiving.
  2. Competency-Based Education (dumbed down workforce training)
  3. Social and Emotional Learning (turns your school into a mental health clinic to gather mental health data on your children)
  4. MTSS/MTSS-B Multi-tiered system of support (one-size fits all behavior program pushed on all schools by the feds)
  5. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (Critical Race Theory designed to blame and shame children and divide them by race)
  6. Personalized Learning (Push for students to learn on the computer to profit the Ed Tech industry)
  7. Common Core/Next Generation Science Standards (Dumbed down academic standards)
  8. Pushing political bias in the classroom along with a focus on gender/sexual orientation. (Dumbs down the classroom and pushes agendas that take more time away from learning the academic content)

Parents are fighting back. Not because they don’t believe mental health is important, they do. Not because they don’t appreciate diversity, they do. Not because they don’t want their children competent in the core subjects, they do. Parents discovered that all of the fads that pushed public ed away from a quality traditional liberal arts education, brought their schools additional problems. Schools struggle with proficiency in the core academic subjects, expanding that important task has resulted in poor quality public schools.

They know that if their kids are well educated, they will have a chance in the future. They know that when schools try to become labor managers, mental health centers, race baiters, or a means to profit the ed tech industry, their children will suffer.

Watch this parent in TX explain how the schools have moved away from academics and how that is the problem:

Lynn Davenport could have given the same speech at some of our New Hampshire Schools because many of our public schools are in the same situation.

SAU16 has moved so far away from the mission of educating children, that parents there have organized for change. They are putting forth recommendations for new school board members, putting up signs all over town, and finding a lot of parents are joining them in their efforts. Why? Because they don’t need the school to parent their children, they need the school to educate their children –and they are failing.


They’ve done the homework. They know how school rankings have dropped. They watched their children suffer during remote learning to profit the ed-tech industry, and they want better.



One of those astute parents explained it all here. Peter Lessels has been speaking out at school board meetings, and to anyone who will listen to him. He’s passionate and knows what it takes to bring about a positive change in SAU16. Peter and the others are exactly what is needed to drive excellence in public education.

On a larger scale, Exeter Pact was also set up by local parents to drive excellence in the school district. They’ve even put out a voter guide.



Inspiring Change. Achieving Excellence.

Frustrated with lack of academic focus and politically-charged landscape surrounding our public schools, ExeterPACT has grown into a burgeoning movement throughout our community. We emphasize transparency in everything we do: setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle in pursuit of providing academic excellence to all students.


​SAU16 parents are showing everyone else how to get it done. While many parents simply walk away and enroll their children in a private school or home-school their kids, these parents have committed to changing the current focus back to one that is a key to public school success.

I will keep preaching the ways to save our public schools. It takes a commitment to academic excellence, parental rights, a safe and joyful school environment, and a focus on children. When administrators and board members shut the students out of the school, ignored the horrific emotional impact it had on some of the kids, ignored the science and forced more measures that parents should have decided, you know their focus is not on the well-being of children.

March 8th residents will be asked to go to the polls. They will have to decide if they want to continue down this path of failed policies and leadership. Or they can decide that they want board members who will challenge the status quo. It’s not easy, I know that, but if you stay focused, you can take your public schools back.

It all starts with leadership. Finding a leader who doesn’t follow the national trends and fads but instead, fights off the status quo that wants to call the shots. That’s not easy, in fact it’s near impossible to find leaders like that. But if you make it clear what you expect, these Superintendents work for the school board. They can either step up or move along.

Bravo to all of the parents who have had enough. Who are fed up with the status quo failing their children. Stay the course. Never give up. It’s taken 20 years for me to finally witness this movement. It’s inspiring to watch, and be part of it.

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”― Frederick Douglass. Douglass was an American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. After escaping from slavery in Maryland, he became a national leader of the abolitionist movement. #BlackHistoryMonth #Revolutionary #Hero


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Joe Biden Has Been Funding Putin’s War Machine for Over a Year

Thu, 2022-02-24 14:30 +0000

No matter what Joe Biden and Democrats say about Russia and Ukraine, you should reply with this. “What did you expect after Joe spent the last year funding Putin’s War Machine?”

Trump didn’t do that.

One of Biden’s first acts was to pull the plug on America’s energy independence. Overnight we went from supplying fuels to ourselves and western Europe and putting the pinch on Russian cash flow to paying three times as much for fossil fuels we didn’t need from them when Trump was President.

The US was beginning to supply excess natural gas to parts of Europe at lower prices, but Europe is back on Putin’s Teat and likely to stay there. Biden pulled US support for another pipeline that might have helped free our NATO Allies from Russian energy influence.

The change in fiscal fortunes is significant. Millions, perhaps billions in gas and petrodollars appeared in Putin’s hands and will continue to flow reliably thanks to the stroke of Biden’s pen and with help from Russian propaganda on top of that.

The last time they got expansionist Barry Obama (with help from VP Joe) was doing much the same thing.

Absent that kind of money, can Russia mount and sustain a serious military engagement or occupation, especially if Western allies imposed sanctions?

And can Europe even use sanctions – Putin can turn off the heat or the lights (those wind and solar farms don’t work too well without gas generator backup.

And now, thanks to Joe, we don’t have the extra to sell them as the push has become an invasion.

And while Biden is likely compromised in other ways by both Ukraine and Russia, the irony of it all is this. Sleepy Joe claims he canceled pipelines and fracking in the US for the good of the planet. To save it, for Russia and China, I guess. Two regimes who are major polluters. Neither of which will stop production of the very thing Biden and Democrats claim is killing the planet.

They’ll do the opposite.

Using their Climate math, Biden and Democrats have endangered the West and the planet. Excellent work, dumbasses.

America would have done it cleaner, had more cash on hand and kept Putin from accumulating a significant war chest for actual war. Actions that, just guessing, are going to significantly increase the world’s carbon footprint.

All thanks in large part to Biden and Democrat climate policy.

Between the massive cash flow and repeated blunders on the world stage, Putin is taking advantage of Biden and the Democrats’ gifts. I expect Vlad have what he wants before US November Election with barely a peep out of Joe about peace, democracy, or the environment unless it’s to kneecap America and the west yet again.

Unless it is to distract us from his other failures.

But, sure, let’s talk about collusion…

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Radical Hijacker Chris Sununu, Criminalized Helping Gender-Confused Kids

Thu, 2022-02-24 13:00 +0000

Does Governor Chris Sununu appreciate the irony of asserting in his February State of the State speech that, “I have never and will never let our state be hijacked by these radical elements on either side”?

Sununu is the radical hijacker.

In 2018 he signed a ban to criminalize all therapies except affirmative care for gender-confused children, many of whom have PTSD, anxiety, and depression, sending them down a one-way track of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, sterility, breast amputation, and chemical castration. 

Related: Stop Hurting Kids, Repeal the Therapy Ban

Don’t believe me?

Read the stories of the 26,000 members of the Detransition Subreddit page who live with irreversibly damaged bodies and lives of regret because of uninformed decisions they made as children thanks to therapy bans like Sununu’s.

That is our moderate governor’s legacy.

But now we have a chance to repeal this therapy ban so that children can work with their therapists to get the help most appropriate for them.

Please ask your state representatives and senators to support HB1077.

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Thanks, for Affirming a Basic Democrat Policy: Censorship

Thu, 2022-02-24 11:30 +0000

Well, well now, a Democrat again letting the cat out of the bag – cancel those people that we don’t like and who won’t follow our narrative. Have a dissenting opinion? SHUT UP, she says:

Candace Mouton is running for NH State Rep, Manchester Ward 9, by the way.



A far cry from when I was younger when Democrats actually believed in protecting the Civil Liberties of Individuals  like Free Speech.  Now, I have no problem with the run of the mill Democrat saying that Government should shut down Fox News (well, actually, I do but stick with me here), but when someone is running for Government to play a role in setting our Laws, that’s a bit Nope.

This is the problem with those running for office (and yes, there are Republicans included): if you aren’t inculcating the precepts of YOUR basic Law to follow (the NH and US Constitution), you are just DANGEROUS. You are a menace to the rest of us (as well as everyone else that shares your political philosophy).

She’s trying to figure out whether to run or go to grad school. Please, PLEASE – whatever grad school she applies to, PLEASE accept her.  I’m betting that attending to patients, I hope, she’ll be far less dangerous to the rest of us.

Freedom of Speech is a Foundational Pillar of our Constitutional Republic.  Eliminate that and we might as well be living under the “governance” of Putin and Xi.

Nice to know she’s in favor of that simply because it tells us that [speech] despots live amongst us.

How would she feel if I ran for office and made it illegal for her to use her Gay icon on her Twitter page?  Would she, perhaps, get the nub of the idea that what she believes in is a horrible idea when the “other side” does it as well? I’m sure it would be a Nope to the first question. I’m doubtful that she would “get it” to the second.

Or is it the case that she believes the Democrats will grab, and then hold onto, Power over the rest of us, making my two questions irrelevant.

(H/T: Beth)

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JP Sears – Mass Formation Psychosis: 5 Things You Need To Know”

Thu, 2022-02-24 04:00 +0000

He certainly has a type of style in his comedy, doesn’t he?  He took a bit for me to get used to but there’s no dispute he comes at things from a different perspective:

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

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The Mask Mandates on NH Children AREN’T OVER!

Thu, 2022-02-24 02:30 +0000
We need our elected representatives to make sure schools can’t adopt abusive policies in the future

You may have heard that the State of New Hampshire has dropped its public masking recommendation, but the school boards still think they have broad authority to mask your kids at their discretion. Unless our elected representatives pass a law to protect the People, the state and school boards can mask your kids EVERY FLU SEASON.

Here is our opportunity:

The hearings on the bills to ban masks on school children (HB1131 and HB1371) are FRIDAY at 9am and 10am in Representative’s Hall.

Here’s how you can help:

1️⃣ SIGN and SHARE our petition to unmask NH kids. Forward the petition to every person in your address book! RebuildNH Chairman Andrew Manuse will attend to deliver all signed petitions to Friday’s hearings. We are up to nearly 5,000 signers as of right now. Let’s blow this thing WIDE OPEN to demonstrate to our elected reps that the People DEMAND our children be protected from abuse. 

2️⃣ Sign in on the House website in support of these bills. Select the following:

  • Date: Friday, Feb 25
  • Committee: House Education
  • Bill: 9:00am – HB1131 AND 10:00am – HB1371 (you’ll have to submit the form TWICE to register your opinion on both bills)
  • I am a Member of the Public
  • I Support this Bill


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Did the Slaves or MLK Know Freedom Was Actually a Dog Whistle for White Supremacy?

Thu, 2022-02-24 01:00 +0000

Everything is racist nowadays. Bike helmets are vestiges of Jim Crow, at least according to the city of Seattle. Who knew? I suppose swimming pools are racist too if one considers the hazards for sinking among certain, shall we say, racial demographics.

I will await the defund public pools movement.

Donald Trump is racist. His supporters are racist. The Canadian trucker convoy is racist. And now, add the concept of freedom to the list. Yes, freedom is racist. Quick, someone tell Harriet Tubman! That bigoted woman transported tons of racism across the Ohio River.

An article by an over-educated and underwhelming thinker was published in the Washington Post not so long ago. Now, because leftism kills both brain cells and morality, life is reduced to a struggle for power. In the case of the author, this means that in her Neanderthal thinking, Freedom Convoy Bad! No Freedom Convoy Good! It’s an insult to cavemen and cavewomen everywhere. Even the Denisovans would be right to feel offended.

These are real words written by a real person, so far as I am aware. Someone actually thinks this makes sense:

“The primarily white supporters of the Freedom Convoy argue that pandemic mandates infringe upon their constitutional rights to freedom…The notion of ‘freedom’ was historically and remains intertwined with whiteness…”

“The belief that one’s entitlement to freedom is a key component of white supremacy. This explains why the Freedom Convoy members see themselves as entitled to freedom, no matter the public health consequences to those around them…”

The Washington Post’s content isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, and it isn’t like it has a great track record. In its intellectually and morally corrupt defense of the Biden administration, it has published other articles proclaiming the virtues of steep inflation and admired the prospects of safety and wealth foreign wars could bring us. Aside from the big words, you could be forgiven for assuming this logic belonged to a five-year-old.

Speaking of children, an unrelated piece attacking freedom as a marker of white supremacy also appeared in Teen Vogue – yes, Teen Vogue – with the headline “Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ Trucker Protests Aren’t About Freedom.”

The idea that their convoy wasn’t about freedom must have been news to the participants of the convoy, who wore shirts and carried signs saying to mandate freedom. I don’t even know what Teen Vogue is about anymore, so it’s hard for me to decipher how old the author is. I also don’t care to look it up, and ultimately it doesn’t matter. A ten-year-old and an adult leftist think alike, so age is irrelevant when it comes to certain politics. This person wrote:

“This op-ed argues that the Ottawa ‘Freedom Convoy’ is really about white supremacy and white nationalism…The protests have included white supremacist and white nationalist imagery, and in that inclusion have given rise to the false and dangerous supposition that those views are a function of freedom, amplifying existing threats to public safety.”

The argument that freedom has any relationship to white supremacy (whatever that means) is absurd on its face and wholly hypocritical. As the title of this piece suggests, freedom is what slaves the world over have desired for as long as there has been slavery. It is what animated the Christian West to abolish the practice in the 19th century and usher in unheralded, unprecedented, and if you were alive in any time prior, presumably unimaginable opportunities.

Freedom in some form or another has animated generations of black thinkers in America, ranging from Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Barack Obama. Black Lives Matter calls for freedom from police oppression every day. To the best of my knowledge, none of the riots after George Floyd took too much fentanyl included chants to “chain us up!” Maybe I went home before the looting started and missed that part.

The cynical side of me thinks that corporate whores publish tripe like this to plant certain seeds and to eventually shift the Overton Window. The idea that freedom is bunk sounds silly today, but will it always sound silly? Leftists are very adroit at playing the long game. I hope I am wrong, although some things are just too stupid to attribute just to stupidity.

This is one of those things.


For more from Parker visit The Blue State Conservative

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Breaking: NH Dept of Education “Politely” Drops the Hammer on School Mask Mandates – Make Them Go Away!

Wed, 2022-02-23 23:15 +0000

This is good news for parents wrestling with mandatory mask mandates in the Granite State. The State Department of Education has released updated guidance on mandates and the authority to require them. Schools no longer have it, so stop requiring them.


I did say politely. They use words like Transition which means, given the timing, by the time your February recess is over, you’d best not have a mandate. That’s my take.

And before the Karens pop a booster, fearmongering domestic terror, parents can continue to punish their children by telling them to wear a mask to school. But based on the new guidance, the school can’t force mask-wearing and must back off any such policy” as quickly as possible.”

Maybe they can use mask “transition closets”? It is a place where teachers permit students to remove their masks and go maskless at school without the parents ever needing to know.

Related: The Mask Mandates on NH Children AREN’T OVER!

Yes, given the environment, they’d likely go the other way and mask the unmasked, but the Department of Education just said not to that in any school setting.

Yes, that probably means School Board meetings held in “school settings.”

It’s a big win but let’s not forget it could be temporary. Any change of the guard toward the left, and those Dems will undo that stuff and embrace facial lockdowns at the first opportunity.

Be excited but vigilant.

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Ending Mask Mandates: 8 Things to Know About Surety Bonds and School Districts

Wed, 2022-02-23 22:00 +0000

As school districts consider whether to keep or drop mask mandates a grassroots effort is pushing the idea of using surety bonds to end them. This strategy recommends that concerned parents can assert a claim against the surety bond that insures school district officials.

They demand the officials rescind their school district mask mandate or else face monetary liability for keeping the mandate in place.

This strategy has some appeal: its proponents claim that concerned parents do not need to use lawyers to implement it, and the mere threat of these officials shouldering individual liability will incentivize them to immediately walk back mandates.

It has appeal here in states New Hampshire because many school districts stubbornly refuse to allow children to attend school without masks.

Like many of the strategies parents have attempted over the last two years to protect their children in school settings, this one has some benefits but also poses some significant challenges. Below are eight things you should know about this strategy:

1. What is a Surety Bond and How Does It Work?

A surety bond is a contract between three parties: (a) the principal, (b) the surety, and (c) the obligee. The principal is the individual or business that purchases the bond to guarantee future work performance. The obligee is the entity that requires the bond. Obligees are usually government agencies that regulate industries and reduce the likelihood of financial loss. The surety is the insurance company that backs the bond.

The surety provides a line of credit in case the principal fails to fulfill the task. The surety financially guarantees to an obligee that the principal will act according to the terms and conditions of the bond. If the principal fails to act according to those terms and conditions, the surety must cover any losses or damages that result from that failure.

Here, the obligees are the parents; the principal is the school district official or school board or district, and the surety is the insurance company.

2. Is There a Surety Bond Requirement in New Hampshire?

Before determining whether your school district or school district officials have surety bonds in place, you should consult the applicable statutes to determine if there is a requirement they maintain a bond.

Some states (like New Hampshire) do not expressly require surety bonds for school board officials. Instead, under RSA 41:6, New Hampshire requires surety bonds for municipal officials with monetary responsibilities (like treasurers, tax collectors, and similar positions).

New Hampshire and other states also require state-level officials to be bonded. For example, RSA 93-B:1 requires bonds for “[o]fficials and employees of all departments and agencies of the state.” School board officials and municipal officials, however, are not state officials.

3. What if There is No Surety Bond?

If the school district does not have a surety bond, they likely are still insured under another form of insurance policy or “errors and omissions” policy that covers school district officials. Such policies would function in the same way as surety bonds.

4. How Do You Get a Copy of the Bond or Policy?

You can request a copy of an insurance policy from your government officials. Under New Hampshire’s Right-to-Know law (RSA 91-A), citizens may request copies of public records. In nearly every instance, an insurance policy will be considered a public record subject to disclosure. You may request a copy in writing (or even verbally). Direct the request to your school district or town clerk.

5. Now that You Have the Bond or Policy, Who Does it Cover?

Once you have a copy of the bond or policy, review it (preferably with an attorney) and determine who it covers. For this strategy to have any potential, your bond or policy must cover school district officials specifically, school district bodies in general, or public officials in general. If it does not cover these individuals, then you likely may not be able to use it in an attempt to force school district officials to end a mask mandate.

6. What does the Bond/Policy Cover?

Assuming the bond or policy covers school district officials, then you should review (again, preferably with an attorney) what kind of conduct it covers. These documents are very specific and will contain a section that identifies what specific conduct it covers and what kind of conduct it excludes from coverage.

Usually, these bonds or policies will insure against financial loss or the mishandling of funds by treasurers or officials in such roles. In other instances, these bonds or policies will cover broader conduct, like mistakes or misstatements by public officials, employment claims, or attorney malpractice.

For our purposes here, a bond or policy should insure against errors or omissions, mistakes, misstatements, breaches of duty, or civil rights violations by school district officials. It is important to review the specific language in the coverage and exclusion sections of the bond or policy to determine if it covers this kind of conduct. If it does, then you are closer to your goal because the implementation of a school district mask mandate usually implicates these types of errors.

7. If the Bond/Policy Covers the Conduct in Question, Determine if a Court in Your Jurisdiction Has Addressed the Specific Claim You Seek to Assert

If the bond or policy is broad enough to cover the conduct of enacting a school district mask mandate, then you need to determine if another parent in your state has challenged the mandate on some basis in court. If a court has already ruled on such a challenge, then you may be limited with respect to how you can challenge the mandate.

The courts that have enjoined or stayed school district mask mandates have done so on the basis that the school districts in question lacked the authority to pass such broad health measures. If a court has not addressed this issue, and if the bond or policy covers this kind of conduct, then you likely have an avenue for asserting a claim against the insurance company.

There are potentially other claims as well that courts have not addressed (even if presented with a mask mandate challenge) that are cognizable with this strategy. Again, you should consult an attorney for assistance with making this determination.

8. If You Have a Claim, How Do You Proceed?

Assuming all the boxes above are checked off, you should confer with an attorney (if you haven’t already) about how to proceed with asserting a claim against the insurance company. Normally, this is done in writing, through a demand letter.

Folks advocating this strategy recommend sending a “notice of intent” or a “letter of intent.” Those are terms that roughly mean the same thing: a written demand to the insurance company or public officials requesting that the mask mandate be rescinded immediately.

Concerned parents have attempted many strategies over the last two years to protect their children in school settings. This approach has some benefits, but it also poses some challenges that need to be navigated. Hopefully, some combination of strategies will ultimately end school district mask mandates for good.

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We Win. They Lose

Wed, 2022-02-23 20:30 +0000

We win. They lose—a brilliant simple statement by one of the great communicators of our time. Ronald Reagan crafted that statement as he did many others during his two terms as President of the United States.

By the words he spoke and the confident power behind them, Reagan took America from the low stature it had fallen to under Jimmy Carter and put us back up on top of the hill. Reagan called America the shining city upon a hill, and that is where he returned us.

With a love of this country combined with a vision, well-crafted messages, and a sense of power he spread with his presence and deeds, Reagan put the country on his back and transformed her in eight years. Reagan is called the Father of Modern Conservatism which is ironic for a former actor from California, but for America, he was the right person at the right time.

Reagan’s Presidency inherited a Middle East hostage situation, runaway inflation, high unemployment, stagnation, and a country tired after four years of Carter We were a mess at home and no longer considered a superpower on the global stage. Reagan would pull the country and solve all of these issues in his two terms. One of the most successful presidencies in our lifetime. Reagan has made many of us Conservatives yearn for the next Ronal Reagan, who can repeat the trick once more.

Reagan was also wise enough to recognize how dangerous our government could become if left unchecked and allowed politicians to turn service to the country into a lifelong career. These two statements were harbingers of things Reagan warned us.

“No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size” and “A government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on earth.”

Convention of States Action (COS) is working on getting thirty-four states to pass a resolution calling for Congress to convene a Convention of States. At that Convention, fifty delegates, one from each state, will debate the three amendments that COS wants to see added to the existing twenty-seven amendments of our Constitution.

Because our Federal Government has grown so large and so powerful that it no longer serves its people, it has spent America into $30 Trillion in debt, and because so many of the members of Congress have spent their lifetimes taking advantage of the pleasures derived from their office, COS is taking action.

These are the core reasons the Convention of States Action was born and why it has worked tirelessly since 2013 to get us halfway to our goal.

The three amendments proposed by COS will:


  1. Set term limits on members of Congress and Supreme Court Justices
  2. Force Congress to adhere to a balanced budget
  3. Will set limitations so that the Federal Government will have no powers to control Americans’ lives beyond those detailed in the Constitution.


These proposals are not Right or Left, Conservative or Liberal. These are three proposals that any American who believes in the Constitution can get behind and help support by working with COS.

After eight years, COS is halfway, but the infrastructure is in place to take advantage of the momentum built up and push the eight states that have passed the resolution in one chamber to finish the job. There are also twenty-two states with the COS resolution on the legislative agenda for 2022. COS is motivated to get the job done because America needs to get the job done. Getting the Convention called is a milestone but not the finish line. This effort is not a sprint but a marathon, and we are ready to see it to the end.

Ronald Reagan was a great man and a more extraordinary President. He told us nearly forty years ago what needed to be done. We are about to enact a solution to the problems he foresaw. Get off the bench and join us in this race. There is power in numbers, and we can never have too much support. It is time for the people to win



Ray writes at Liberty

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ICYMI – (In the Middle of Dinner) Boston Rescinded Its (Useless) Indoor Proof of Vax Mandate

Wed, 2022-02-23 19:00 +0000

I heard a rumor, but you know about those things, especially when they sound unbelievable. Like, the city of Boston dropping its public indoor vaccine requirement in the middle of a Friday evening. Just, bam! Gone.


Right in the middle of Friday’s dinner rush, Boston restaurants and patrons gave a cheers to change. Mayor Michelle Wu announced indoor businesses no longer need to see proof of vaccination.

“We took down the mandate posters, we told our staff. It’s one less thing we have to manage on a day-to-day basis. We can focus on our guests. It’s so uplifting to hear these things,” said Casey Furtaw at Sonsie.


With nearly 91% ICU bed occupancy? Seems higg. Must be maybe they changed the science or something.

I want to think someone finally admitted the vaccines don’t do anything so these sorts of measures are not just useless, they are dangerous if you are actually at high risk. Alas, not the case. Nor is there any evidence that some sort of process with checks and balances suddenly exists.

Emperor Wu (The Mayor) just up and pulled the plug. But fear not occupants of the cradle of liberty (and masters of its untimely demise), the COVID “shot” heard round the world can still be heard inside the embrace of rout 128 (or maybe 495?).


“I think it’s reasonable to start to tread into that water of okay let’s see how this goes, with the caveat that if numbers go back up, we have to band together as a community and do the right thing and get vaccinated and show our cards and wear our masks and protect our kids,” said Polly Mathewson.


That’s some random Bostonianiodiot with Kool-Aid stains on her mask (I think her real name is Karen). She has consumed every crap sandwich the media and political-public health establishment has served and is ready to feed them to you. For the good of the community.

No thanks. I’ll pass on all of that. You should too.

The vaccine passport scheme was a false flag operation that subjected the vulnerable to more viruses than we can know. People were congregating in their useless masks with their vaccine passports which only meant they thought they were safe when in fact they were all potential carriers who might well be more susceptible than the unvaccinated.

And dopes like Polly Karen still don’t know that.


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Are Biden Supporters Rejoicing Yet?

Wed, 2022-02-23 17:30 +0000

Say now, I’ll just bet all those Biden supporters are celebrating.

Everything they imagined it would be when Joe became President is happening. Well maybe not everything, like the poor people of Ukraine, but well, you know why should you care about anybody so far away?

Besides VP Harris is heading over there and we can count on her to give the problem the same serious attention and dedication she gave the – – the Southern Border – – crisis. Well okay, but Ukraine, Formosa, South Korea, so what; no skin off your noses, right? Besides, you have your very own Marxist Socialists working for your – – – best – – interests? Oh, but never mind, social justice, critical race theory,  massive rises in violent crime, murders, rapes, home invasions, drug overdoses, sex trafficking are all brought to you by FJB’s open borders, hooray!

And besides, that Trump was so rude, so un-presidential. All those crimes he was said to have committed too – – there must be some real evidence of that – – somewhere, right?

Now I don’t know about you progressives but we older folks on Social Security and fixed incomes, have found the huge rise in prices from inflation, dependence on foreign oil to heat our homes with, and so on, just makes life a little more difficult for us. But again, no skin off your noses, right? Not only that but who do we conservatives think we are? How dare we choose to believe in God, Law and order, Free Speech, or the Constitution itself?

This past year has proved how much smarter you all are then we – – right? What a better President Biden is than Trump – – right? You are all so much safer, better off, and happier – – right?  Isn’t that what CNN, MSNBC, et al, telling you? What you must think, you must say – – right? Never you mind all those little failures, never mind science or facts, you know all you need to know – – right?

Yup, they told you so.

Now seriously has any President in American history gotten so many things wrong?  Failure should be Joe’s middle name as he is a master of the great plans that snatch failure from success. The COVID mandate plan has created more resistance than fish trying to swim up a dry river. His plan to keep the secrets of what is in the vaccine and what the tests on it were before it was released failed to be approved. Another star-studded failure. If he can keep up this pace he might even manage to get the World into its first nuclear war. That should get him in the history books. Too bad no one will be around to read them.

Oops! Latest word is Tuesday AM. Russia has invaded Ukraine.

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Do School Districts Care What Parents Think?

Wed, 2022-02-23 16:00 +0000

Do you think that school districts care what you think? Hardly.  That’s the answer. And we are finding out, more and more, that plenty of School Districts are all in on this con that they care about your kids the way you do.

They don’t. That’s another answer.  Not the one they want to hear. But when you see a story like this, that answer should loom high in outlook.

Answer to the next question: “The Transition Closet“.  Does the school your child attends have one of those?  Or some other school in your School District?  Reformatted, emphasis mine:

California high school debuts ‘Transition Closet’ for students to hide preferred genders from parents: Report

An Oakland, California, high school is reportedly utilizing what’s referred to as the “The Transition Closet” — a makeshift wardrobe for students to change when they arrive at school if they aren’t comfortable telling their parents about their apparent gender dysphoria. According to a report from the Post Millennial, the program first launched at a Fayetteville, Arkansas, church and was designed to “let trans-identified youth circumvent their parents and socially transition without their knowledge.”

Nice church ( Good Shepard Lutheran Church: “…by anchoring itself as an active and bold progressive faith community in Fayetteville…a church that centers the queer experience as a part of its life”). Nice School. Read that again with extreme sarcasm. Once again, a concentrated effort to:

  • Separate and create a chasm between minor children and their Parents
  • Automatically assume that all Parents are guilty of harming their kids or throwing them out


In a Facebook statement, the Transition Closet wrote:

“We are extremely excited to begin our journey in working with Fremont High school of Oakland California, alongside our favorite teacher of TikTok @justaqueerteacher.”

Below – the justaqueerteacher: Thomas Martin-Edwards

“The goal of the transition closet is for our students to wear the clothes that their parents approve of, come to school and then swap out into the clothes that fit who they truly are,” said Thomas Martin-Edwards, a Spanish teacher at the Oakland Unified School District and founder of the Queer Teacher Fellowship. Martin-Edwards previously served as the Assistant Principal of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

The post added, “The near future holds transition closet(s) and services throughout the school district for students of the Trans/Nonbinary/Intersex and additional LGBTQIA+ Community Members[.] We are currently in need of clothing donations to help kick start the first School Based Transition Closet[.] If you are in or near the Oakland CA area and are able to donate clothing, please reach out to Alexander Brodie at (520)912-6882 Or Instagram @tomofoakland[.]”

And do I really have to go and look for their equivalent of the Gilford School Board’s Policy JBAB?  Which the District gives itself the Power to lie to Parents?  Apparently, this District has done the same.  Like many others (and still waiting to see how the Manchester (NH) incident in which, allegedly, the District was lying to the Parents by omission.

Lies. By commission (actively). By omission (by secrecy. by silence).  As I sit here writing this, I have to ask the question – when did this start? What things had to happen for this TO happen?

When did School Boards and Districts started to believe that Parents were the enemy.

Oh, I know that this moment has been decades in the process.  But why didn’t someone, along the way, raise a hand or stand up or be that brave person, and simply ask:

Are you out of your fing MINDS????

What happened, internally and in their very souls, to the staff that would allow this to happen? They keep telling us that they are the Smart Ones in all this (that teacher’s voice so long ago at a Moultonboro School Board still whispers in my ears). That “SMAHT” means assuming a Messiah, a Savior syndrome, that Parents MUST be disposed of?

For essentially, that is the message of what this post is telling us.

So, Parents, between this AND the stories (the dam is starting to break!) that Teachers and Districts are grooming your kids and turning them towards a gay or trans lifestyles,

What are you going to do?  THEY’RE YOUR CHILDREN?


(H/T: The Blaze)

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Did You Send Your Daughter To College to Become an Amature Online Porn Star?

Wed, 2022-02-23 14:30 +0000

Not that long ago, the internet invented OnlyFans. It’s an online video subscription service that allows you to share anything you think will attract an audience willing to pay you to look at it or watch it. Here’s their description of it.


OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service based in London. Content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content—the “fans”. It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as one-time tips and the pay-per-view feature


You can create any content you like, and after a quick search (Danger Will Robinson), the most common content appears to be porn. And I suppose that’s a decision like any other that an adult might make. But if you are a parent paying massive sums or accumulating debt for your kid(s) to go to college, is porn the career path for which you thought you’d be paying?


The company (OnlyFans) is on college campuses pimping the service as a path to financial freedom. And if that’s what the kiddos want to do, why then do they need that degree in left-handed albino lesbian studies?

Or does that improve their credibility as an amateur porn star on OnlyFans?

You know, the way most “actors” make such good waiters or how “art majors” have a knack for asking you if you’d like fries with that. Except that it probably “pays” better if you are prepared to go down that old dirt road.

True, it might help offset the cost of a degree in something useful or even pay for it if you become that popular. But this isn’t Vegas, so I’m guessing that nothing on OnlyFans stays on OnlyFans. It will follow you forever, even after your shelf-life in that “career” has expired, which for many will be a lot sooner than they think.

Any job you apply for will likely encounter this part of your past, and are the friendly folks pimping OnlyFans to kids on campus bothering to point any of that out?

Probably not. They get their piece of the action no matter what the action is or what becomes of the person involved. It’s all legal as long as we’re talking about consenting adults, but again, they’ve got a table on the college campus.

Have you considered helping us make money by posing nude or having sex others will pay to watch? Or maybe you can play your Oboe or do card tricks or movie reviews or teach left-handed albino lesbian studies for a lot less than the cost of college tuition.

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Yellowstone, 1883, and a Return to Conservatism

Wed, 2022-02-23 13:00 +0000

There is a wave sweeping across America. People have seen the fruits of the Democrat Progressives, and they are not pleased with what they see.

The Progressives walk away from our past. They disavow our history and march towards the utopian new world promised since they were children. In a way, they are still children. Having been coddled their entire lives, they have never had to think for themselves. Their future vision is not based on truth but fake promises. The Progressives are going to cost Democrats their stranglehold on power in government.

Progressives, by definition, have no ties to what has made this experiment called America the most incredible free country in history. They are wrong and have no basis for their accusations and beliefs. This is why they can turn their backs on America and its people and condemn America as a racist country built on slavery.

This false premise is causing a chasm in the Democrat party and why the Democrats will feel the tsunami in November.

The Republicans are gaining momentum. People, voters, are abandoning the Left for the party of Conservatives. Whites, Blacks, and Browns are leaving the party of the donkey and the states traditionally run by Democrats.

New York and California are losing residents and Congressional seats as people escape the crime, taxes, and schools of these Blue States. These fleeing folks are streaming into Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. This Democrat exodus is changing the make-up of Congress.

This migration of Dems moving to Conservative states is changing the demographics of this country, which scares the hell out of Democrats.

This adventure moving to the Red States is why the blockbuster series, 1883, resonates with the masses. The journey chronicled as these early pioneers crossed Indian country and faced death on their trip to the Dakotas or the coastline of Oregon exemplifies the yearning of Americans to enjoy their freedoms and self-govern.

Yellowstone is the story of a family that will do anything to hold onto their land, freedoms, and lifestyles. They are the epitome of tough early Americans who had a yearning to explore and move west. They believed in America and had incredible loyalty to the flag and what it stands for. It is them against the world.

The Dems are leaving their families and their home and heading North and West; they see themselves in the fictional series Yellowstone and 1883. These series are rekindling the Conservative vein running through Americans.

Of course, these shows are fiction but done so well you are sucked in through the screen. You are not watching a performance. You are feeling the pain and anguish in your gut.

These are a depiction of life in a bygone era. It is difficult to imagine, but somehow you identify with the characters and appreciate how much pain and loss these people endured securing their freedoms. It is hard work to hold onto the freedom you were given as a birthright. Freedom is fleeting, and that is what Conservatism is all about.


Ray also writes at the Liberty Loft

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I Was Roughed Up at a Teachers’ Rally

Wed, 2022-02-23 11:30 +0000

On, January 31, my husband and I arrived at Nashua High School North an hour before the Nashua Board of Education meeting and stood outside holding signs.

I was carrying a 4-foot-sign that said “No Puberty Blockers” and my husband’s sign was an oversized image of the cover of the book “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” by Abigail Shrier.

Related: Stop Hurting Kids, Repeal the Therapy Ban

Soon after, more than 50 Nashua teachers and their supporters started arriving with signs demanding that the Board of Education acquiesce to their contract demands. They lined the walkway to the school to greet the members of the Board and the parents who came to watch the meeting and give public comments.

The conflicts started almost immediately with one arriving teacher telling us “Our school doesn’t promote that.” I pointed out that a large Pride/Trans/BLM flag is hanging on the wall opposite the auditorium where the meeting was being held. Another told us “Our union doesn’t support that.” We explained that their union does support the medical transition of kids.

A teacher stood in front of me with her back to me so as to block my sign from view and then walked backward quickly using her body to push me off the sidewalk. After I yelled a number of times “Don’t touch me!” someone convinced her to step away and leave me alone.

One teacher was especially upset with us and told us that she put her child on puberty blockers and she insisted that if she hadn’t done that, her child would have committed suicide.

A number of teachers told us that we didn’t belong there. They demanded “Why are you here? This isn’t about that. This is our rally.” When we tried to explain that it is a public place and that we had just as much right as anyone to be there, they were unconvinced.

State senators Lou D’Allesandro and Cindy Rosenwald stood near the front and they graciously allowed me to take their picture. However, when I tried to take former state senator Melanie Levesque’s picture she was furious and rushed at me with her sign aimed right at my face as if to hit me. She stopped just short and I got it all on video.



The next day I and my sign showed up in a picture that the Nashua Teachers’ Union posted on their social media. After I tweeted the picture, I was blocked by the union Twitter account and the picture was deleted from their social media.



We knew that teachers’ unions were demanding and difficult. We didn’t know they would be physically aggressive and try to shut down our freedom of speech.

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Master Class: Wicked Smaht (How to Intellectualize)

Wed, 2022-02-23 02:30 +0000

The first few years of a child’s life are critical to their cognitive development. Thanks to COVID-19 policies and mandates that kept children from schools and necessary nurturing we have, per a study by the super-smarty pants at Brown University, a generation with a 22% IQ deficit. What does that mean? Tomorrow’s geniuses will simply be average and the average child will be an imbecile. Don’t judge, we needed to “stay safe” in order to get that stupid.

Yet in the immoral (sic) words of Alfred E. Neumann, we positively declare the interrogative – “What, me worry?” No, me don’t. Why? Because we have formulated a class so full of intelligentsia you and your children will be like a family of ripe tomatoes playing ketchup in no time. The art of smart is more than just receiving bank deposits of knowledge into your cranial savings account.

It goes much deeper into the brain tissue. One might say it goes super deep, which is to say it goes all the way into the superficial tissue. You read that rightly. This class will have packed you so full of superficial knowledge your mouth will need a cape on it. Good for you early adopters who are already there!

We want to thank Johnny Bananas for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

This is New England after all, home to Boston and Burlington, connected by a superhighway littered with brainiacs who still have a favorable opinion of Joe Biden, Ghislaine Maxwell, and mask mandates. Only true intellectuals can hold such a trifecta with esteem despite the tension of knowing the rest of the world has abandoned them like Americans in Afghanistan.

Intellectuals don’t discard worthless people and their ideas as easily because we know climates change but recycling is forever (shout out to the Hindu-linis! Namaste). Only the truly wise ones still wear masks because A) why take the chance of breathing some stupid person’s oxygen when you can breathe your own CO2, and, 2) if we’re wrong nobody can see how ashamed we are. Strategery.

Welcome to the MASTER CLASS for the Wicked Smaht!

Modules include:

  • Occam’s Razor: slitting your throat with simplicity
  • Mandates and Womandates: transitions in power
  • The IV league: going pro as a drug dealer
  • What’s up, Doc? Choosing a med-school
  • Sophistry’s Choice: using big words or YUGE words
  • DIE: Using Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity to kill your opponents
  • Unite the Klans: choosing solidarity with enemies for political power
  • Grandiloquists ‘R’ Us: polysyllabitizing the proles
  • Idioms and Circle Jerks: Using circular reasoning to create regional idiocy
  • Hyperbole and Hypocrisy: Syntax for Thee Not For We
  • Equi-vocations: Speaking out of both sides of your mouth like it’s your job
  • Red, white and blue necks: identitarianizing the imbeciles
  • Playing God: the art of making crap up out of thin air

And superfluously copious amounts more!

This year’s guest speakers include:

  • Noam Chomsky Presents: Manufacturing Intellect – Using Obscure Language and the CIA-Media Apparatus to Sound Wicked Smaht
  • Michael Eric Dyson, inventor of the Jackson Pollack approach to winning intellectual debates: How To Throw Enough Crap At Your Opponent To Stun Them Into Feeling Racist

Date: April 1, 2021

Time: Morning seminar is 10am-3pm; Late lunch from 3-4pm consists of red or green smoothies and an assortment of exotic kale chips; Evening seminar 4:15pm-9pm

Cost: Priceless (JK – it’s only $799)


Open Air Seating at the Church Street Market in Burlington, VT (weather permitting)

On the green at the Boston Commons in Boston, MA (weather permitting)

**Come early for our team crossword competition where the team who finishes first gets a satchel of slightly used rocks signed by the great-great-great-great-grand niece of Demosthenes**

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