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Four Digital Tools Your Company Should Be Using

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 18:10 +0000

With the world becoming ever more digitalized, it’s vital that businesses utilize the internet to their advantage in order to survive. It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in or how many employees you have; a strong online presence is important if you want to attract potential customers or clients. So, if you run your own company, here are four digital tools that you should give serious consideration to using if you aren’t already. Setting up at least one or two of them will go a long way towards helping your business remain competitive and successful.

1. A professional website
To begin with, having a top-quality website is one of the most crucial digital assets a company needs. Without one, you are basically invisible in the online world. It’s most important for businesses that sell products or services that can be purchased online, but even companies such as cafes, bars, and hair salons that only operate in a physical location need to have a presence online. Many people look these types of places up on the internet before choosing where to go, and having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website with all the key information about your company and its services will help persuade them to give you a shot.

2. An interesting blog
For those who already have a website, a blog can be a fantastic feature to add to it. It’s essentially a free marketing tool, which you can use to boost your website’s SEO and drive traffic to it organically. Think about each post as a way to demonstrate your company’s expertise in its field – whether you offer auto insurance in Colorado Springs or run a coffee shop in San Francisco; you can write informative and entertaining articles about your industry that show potential customers that you know what you’re doing and can be trusted.

3. An email newsletter
Email is one of the most effective forms of marketing, so you should definitely set up a mailing list. This enables you to regularly contact people who have shown an interest in your products or services and send out newsletters telling them about special deals or exciting new offerings. Have a sign-up form prominently featured on your website, and consider using an incentive such as a 10% discount code or free e-book if you’re struggling to get people to join. Research suggests that people are much more likely to pay attention to emails than to paid advertising, so it’s definitely worth it.

4. Social media
However you feel about it personally, social media is still a powerful tool for businesses to use. It’s a great way to engage directly with potential customers and show a more unique and human side of your company. Take some time to find out which platforms are most popular among your target audience, and focus your efforts on those. See what your competitors are doing, then think about how you can improve on that. The key is to post regularly (this doesn’t mean it has to be every day), be authentic, and let your brand’s personality shine through.


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When Public Schools Fail: Call in the Parents

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 17:30 +0000

I’ve been researching education for almost two decades now. I began this journey in an effort to provide my children with the best education available. Over the years, I’ve built up a small army of parents who look to me for information and guidance.

I have never received any compensation for this help because I always felt it’s just the right thing to do.

Parents have been frustrated in the past but I’ve never seen anything like this before.  Parents are more involved with their public schools than ever before. They know that they have many good teachers in the school so why are they struggling to keep their children enrolled? That’s a great question.

From my research, parents, in general, want their children to attend their local public school. But sometimes the academics are of poor quality, the lack of discipline causes chaos, the political agendas and bias are too prominent, or they want a partner in education, not someone to take over their parental role.

Home-schooling was fairly new, and a very small number of parents chose that option two decades ago. That has changed significantly. Parents are stepping in when school administrators fail their children.

When the schools shut down over COVID, parents went into action. They fought to reopen the schools but that fight caused many to seek a better education somewhere else. The schools that remained closed unleashed a small army of parents who continue to advocate for their children.  Parents want back in the game, and want a say in how their children will be educated.

Recently there was an article about dads who will now spend time in a Louisiana school after 23 students were arrested over violent acts. How did a school district get to the point where we are seeing more and more violence. One might want to begin a deep dive into the discipline policies, or lack of discipline. Whatever the case, these dads are showing school administrators that violence is not acceptable in their public school.

In Exeter/ SAU16 a group of parents decided to host a Christmas party for the freshman students. After a miserable year of remote learning, parents knew their kids needed to have some fun. This was the same district that took a fun event like the prom last spring and turned it into a national story of branding the unvaccinated, and other ridiculous measures that shouldn’t have happened at a prom.

Sadly, there are a few parents who are harassing the parents hosting this event.

These JOY-KILLERS are warning them that a student could die, even after the event planners made it clear that anyone can wear a mask and would have them available. That wasn’t good enough, these miserable people want to cancel the event so their children who will not be allowed to attend, will not feel bad.

HEY MISERABLE MOMs, quite trying to ruin the fun for these kids.

We’ve seen many of you out without a mask on even though you insist that all students wear them at school. I won’t post those pictures on this blog, but we’ve all seen you at public events. It’s hypocritical for you to insist that a child may die attending this dance while you and your children are running around unmasked at other public events.

Charter schools are popping up around New Hampshire from parents who know they can do a better job. Lionheart Classical Academy will be opening up next school year.

With a Hillsdale curriculum, this will be a massive improvement for the children who attend this knowledge-based Charter School. Lionheart will offer an academically rich curriculum versus the dumbed-down Common Core and Next Generation science offered in the public schools.

When schools fail, good parents are stepping up to the plate.

The only obstacles are the people who want to stop parents from providing a better education for their children. They must be some real miserable people to hang out with!  Can you imagine? How miserable you must be to try to deny a better school or even a fun event for children?

I will never give up the fight to improve public education in New Hampshire, but if there are schools that are failing the children in their care, you can bet I will also be there to support those parents too.

There is no good reason to force children to suffer. Yet that’s exactly what some of these people want for your children. It’s best to just look past them and continue the good work you are doing for your children and the others. Ignore the JOY-KILLERS, they don’t want to see anyone else succeed or be happy.

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Dem Gov Signs Kansas Law Fining Businesses up to 50K for Refusing Almost Any Vaccine Exemption Request

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 15:45 +0000

Note to so-called Republican governors like Chris Sununu. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, a Democrat, just signed a bipartisan bill that protects its citizens from private vaccine mandates by companies that deliberately ignore exemption requests from their employees.


If any employee is fired or faces other punishments due to their exemption, they will be able to make a complaint with the Secretary of Labor. If the employer is found guilty of violating the legislation, they could face a fine of up to $10,000 per violation if their business employees under 100 people, and up to $50,000 if they employee over 100 people. Any fired employee should also be reinstated, with back pay.

The bill also gives protections to anyone who has been fired over refusing a vaccine mandate, granting them access to unemployment benefits if they would otherwise qualify, along with including a provision that would allow them to refuse further employment at a new business that would not respect their exemption.



In the Governors signing statement, she notes that,


“I have been clear that I believe it is too late to impose a federal standard. States have been leading the fight against COVID-19 for nearly two years. I know there are Kansans who believe this legislation goes too far, and there are others who believe this legislation doesn’t go far enough. But I was elected to lead, and leadership means seeking compromise.

“This bill is the result of compromise in action. Now that it is signed, we need to turn our attention towards pressing issues like growing our economy and passing my plan to Axe the Food Tax, so we can put money back into everyday Kansans’ pockets.”


Does anyone know where we can find a Governor who understands the injustice of allowing a business to discriminate against employees who have any objection to forced vaccination, especially when the thing it is meant to protect them from is really no threat at all?

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A lesson from the First Thanksgiving

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 15:00 +0000

Updates below.

I like reading John Stossel as often he proclaims a down to earth message with common sense appeal.  In addition, what he talks about is grounded in results rather then an ideological background.  When I saw his column, so apropo for today, it does need to be reviewed.

Why?  Allow me to inject a bit of what some might consider politics on a day given over for other-than-politics.  The lesson learned by the Pilgrims is one that we should be paying close attention to, as we are looking to select a new leader, just as the Pilgrims selected Bradford as their new leader. I see the Democratic candidates all running to socialistic tendancies more and more – think “it takes a village” on steroids.  Yet, given history’s results on “the common good” and the hatred that seems to be simmering on the Left for capitalism, sometimes we do need to pay attention to what history tells us of certain choices and actions, lest we repeat them over and over….

Every year around this time, schoolchildren are taught about that wonderful day when Pilgrims and Native Americans shared the fruits of the harvest. “Isn’t sharing wonderful?” say the teachers.

They miss the point.

Because of sharing, the first Thanksgiving in 1623 almost didn’t happen.

The failure of Soviet communism is only the latest demonstration that freedom and property rights, not sharing, are essential to prosperity. The earliest European settlers in America had a dramatic demonstration of that lesson, but few people today know it.

When the Pilgrims first settled the Plymouth Colony, they organized their farm economy along communal lines. The goal was to share everything equally, work and produce.

They nearly all starved.


When people can get the same return with a small amount of effort as with a large amount, most people will make little effort. Plymouth settlers faked illness rather than working the common property. Some even stole, despite their Puritan convictions. Total production was too meager to support the population, and famine resulted. Some ate rats, dogs, horses and cats. This went on for two years.

“So as it well appeared that famine must still ensue the next year also, if not some way prevented,” wrote Gov. William Bradford in his diary. The colonists, he said, “began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could, and obtain a better crop than they had done, that they might not still thus languish in misery. At length after much debate of things, [I] (with the advice of the chiefest among them) gave way that they should set corn every man for his own particular, and in that regard trust to themselves. … And so assigned to every family a parcel of land.”

The people of Plymouth moved from socialism to private farming. The results were dramatic.

“This had very good success,” Bradford wrote, “for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been. … By this time harvest was come, and instead of famine, now God gave them plenty, and the face of things was changed, to the rejoicing of the hearts of many. … ”

Because of the change, the first Thanksgiving could be held in November 1623.

What Plymouth suffered under communalism was what economists today call the tragedy of the commons. But the problem has been known since ancient Greece. As Aristotle noted, “That which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it.”

When action is divorced from consequences, no one is happy with the ultimate outcome. If individuals can take from a common pot regardless of how much they put in it, each person has an incentive to be a free rider, to do as little as possible and take as much as possible because what one fails to take will be taken by someone else. Soon, the pot is empty and will not be refilled — a bad situation even for the earlier takers.

What private property does — as the Pilgrims discovered — is connect effort to reward, creating an incentive for people to produce far more. Then, if there’s a free market, people will trade their surpluses to others for the things they lack. Mutual exchange for mutual benefit makes the community richer.

Secure property rights are the key. When producers know that their future products are safe from confiscation, they will take risks and invest. But when they fear they will be deprived of the fruits of their labor, they will do as little as possible.

That’s the lost lesson of Thanksgiving.

And yet with this history lesson, Santayana’s aphorism still holds true – it is to our Country’s demise that many have not heeded the object lesson above concerning human nature as once again they feel that they are The Ones to successfully implement Socialism where none have ever succeeded before them.

(reposted from 11/22/07, 11/22/2009, 11/22/2012, 11/28/2013, 11/17/2014, 11/23/17, 11/28/18, – as we drift further towards the Obama / Progressive Collective, the more we need to know that it didn’t work for the Pilgrims, it didn’t work in all of the Communist / Fascist countries last century, and it isn’t working this century (e.g., Venezuela).   While many on the Right are looking for the next Reagan (without realizing they must be their own Reagan), the Left is constantly looking for the “right people” to implement socialism correctly – and DO keep looking at themselves).

Update: And now post-Obama, we have the Donald Trump era.  While he’s been at the helm for only 10 months, it is clear that he is moving us from the Obama Statist / Socialist path back to our origins – and the economy is responding.  Will it continue?  Dunno – only time will tell.  What is happening is that he and his Administration are working to move the Government from driving the economy to one more where WE determine our economy.  Let’s see if I think the same thing next year.

Update: And now, we’ve had a couple of years of the Trump era now and yes, the economy has responded to the lifting of regulations and taxes from it.  We’ve got more Americans back at work than ever before and we have an economy that is the envy of the world.  Is everything alright?  Certainly not – but let’s take this day to give thanks for what the Good Lord has given us.  It’s been a rough year here at Chez Murphy but along with the downs, there’s been the up’s as well. A roof over our heads, food in our bellies, clothes on our backs – the necessities of life have been provided.  TMEW and I have the Grandson legally and what a blessing he has been this past year! For all of the adversity we’ve faced, that spotlight, that beacon of ours, continues to shine brightly every time he smiles and giggles at us.

Update: And the gauzy white promises of this Democrat Presidential Campaign (2019/2020) that Government can give you EVERYTHING as long as you let it be in control of your life, the promises will be just as workable as the socialism that the Pilgrims started with – just with the disaster at a scale those folks could never imagine. As they try to “out Left” each other to the brink of full Socialism, they refuse to see its failure even here in America.  Time to gird our loins and support those that would have nothing to do with this!

While we do complain a lot here at the ‘Grok at how the culture degrades along with our politicians, I am thankful for what we have been given.  May we all be thankful to God for all of His blessings.

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SAU16/Exeter: Court Costs Piling Up, What are They Trying to Hide?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 14:30 +0000

Seacoast Online is reporting that SAU16 has expended more than $28,000 in legal costs in less than six months. I’ve been wondering how much money they were spending on legal services to defend all of the court cases filed in this district.

Here is a list of those cases:


  1. Age discrimination brought by a former employee (Case dismissed –judge citing not enough evidence)
  2. Mask mandates brought by parents who wanted the policy to offer choice (That case was dismissed)
  3. A case filed by student who was told to remove Thin Blue Line Flag: charge of violation of free speech  (Pending)
  4. A case filed by a student who was suspended from a football game for saying there are only two genders. Charge of violating his free speech (Pending)
  5. Resident seeking information through a Right to Know Request 91-a but not receiving all documentation requested (Pending)


The legal bills are piling up, and that number can go a lot higher. But should taxpayers be in this predicament?

I don’t know much about the first case, but I’m familiar with the rest of them. Mandated masks on children with no exceptions make no sense. There are plenty of schools that offer choices to parents.  That court case could have easily been avoided.

The case where the student was told to remove the Thin Blue Line flag didn’t have to happen either. When leadership makes it clear that all views are to be respected, they shouldn’t have a problem, to begin with.  If there are mistakes made, a sincere apology can also go a long way.

When there is mutual respect then these things can oftentimes be resolved without going to court. It sure makes you wonder why this has not been resolved. If that student was singled out, then there needs to be a fair settlement.

The student who was suspended from the game after exercising his free speech rights based on his religious views exposed the intolerance in this district towards Christian students. This isn’t the first time a Christian student has been targeted with intolerance by a teacher.  With all of the talk about diversity and inclusion, they are showing a great deal of intolerance in their school policies and how they treat their religious students. You can expect more lawsuits if this continues.

Finally, the resident who required documentation through an RTK-91-a shouldn’t be in court. It is astounding that David Ryan would rather pay a law firm than turn the documents over to the resident who requested them. What is he hiding? That’s what a lot of people are asking.

I requested documentation from Sanborn on the same subject of Critical Race Theory. It took them several weeks to gather the documentation, but they provided it all to me. Why can’t David Ryan do the same?

In court, the SAU16 attorneys argued that it’s not his job. The principals should be providing the documentation. So they are going to pay the attorneys $235/hour to work on this legal case instead of providing the documentation?  Does this make any kind of fiscal sense? This sounds like mismanagement to me.

Why aren’t the board members insisting that these cases be resolved? Turn over the documentation. If SAU16 loses that case, they may be required to pay the attorney fees for the plaintiff too.

At what point will the board members start questioning this kind of management in the district?

I work with many parents who’ve had issues in their districts too. Most of the time these things can be avoided because parents don’t want to take their public school district to court. Most of the time they are dealing with a friendly and thoughtful administrator who wants to resolve issues, not waste tax dollars on attorney fees.

Sometimes these cases cannot be avoided, but the number of cases within the last six months should have the community questioning what is going on in SAU16? This is not the norm.

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The Salvation Army’s New Mission – White People are Racists

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 13:00 +0000

The Salvation Army has embraced a new mission as part of its foundational commitment to “to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination. To pre-discriminate against whites, and they created a study guide to do it.

‘Let’s Talk About Racism’ Starts out sounding as if it means to honestly treat the topic with balance.


Race is not biological. It is a social construct. There is no gene or cluster of genes common to all Blacks or all Whites. Were race ‘real’ in the genetic sense, racial classifications for individuals would remain constant across boundaries. Yet, a person who could be categorized as Black in the USA might be considered White in Brazil or colored in South Africa.


But it quickly devolves into predictable #woke garbage.


Individual racism: refers to the beliefs, attitudes and actions of individuals that support or perpetuate racism in conscious and unconscious ways. The US cultural narrative about racism typically focuses on individual racism and fails to recognize systemic racism.

Institutional racism: occurs in an organization. These are discriminatory treatments, unfair policies or biased practices based on race that result in inequitable outcomes for Whites over POC and extend considerably beyond prejudice.


While Racism is, according to the Salvation Army, not biological, the balance of the document focuses on injustices by whites against people of color. The word “White” appears 119 times, including whiteness, White Communities, White Americans, White Men, White Youth. There’s an entire section on what is whiteness.


“The subtle nature of racism is such that people who are not consciously racist easily function with the privileges, empowerment and benefits of the dominant ethnicity, thus unintentionally perpetuating injustice,”


Like the systemic Racism in the Salvation Army ‘Let’s Talk About Racism’ Study Guide?

Don’t get me wrong, Racism is real, and i’s a problem. But not as big a problem as governments and corporations leveraging it for influence and power to create the worst sort of discrimination of all. The despotism of an elite that systemically denies everyone, regardless of color, outside its ruling class, not just opportunities but the natural rights with which we are all born.

The Salvation Army’s new mission is to teach the culturally disruptive Marxist Narrative that leads to a tyranny of the elite.

Think about that before you drop a few coins in the Kettle this holiday season.

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Ron De Santis: “You Don’t Have The Right To Do Wrong”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 11:30 +0000

Last week, in the community of Brandon, Florida, Governor Ron De Santis summarized the vision of governance that should be the model for all aspiring and current conservative lawmakers.

(A full transcript can be seen here and the quote in question comes around the 39:00 mark.)

When asked why he stepped in to prevent Florida localities from enacting mask mandates or the federal government from enforcing vaccine mandates, the reply was concisely precise: “You don’t have the right to do wrong.” Bingo. Government has a role in our lives – and it is to protect us from one another but also, paradoxically, the state itself. No more, no less.

This comment stands in stark contrast to the once-rising Kristi Noem, who in August defended her position of allowing private businesses to mandate the vaccine. This came after her decision to defend delusions of the mentally ill, which indirectly meant the rest of the truth-loving public would have to honor their alternate realities as well.

Noem’s response to the vaccine mandate was that the government didn’t need to interfere in the private workforce. The obvious question to her sudden concern over laissez-faire politicking is: Since when?

The fact is that the government does have a role to play in society. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, the state exists to preserve the rights of people – inherent and God-given rights such as life, liberty, and property: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

It shouldn’t have to be said, but we need the government to perform that significant role. The absence of social organization is a return to incipient homo sapien culture. Is Somalia better off without a government by the people, of the people, and for the people? We need some government.

Read more from Parker on 

The confused libertarian wing of the conservative movement pushes back against this notion and says the state has absolutely no place in a person’s life. Of course, this movement is mostly composed of younger, able-bodied men (I say that not based on empirical data but rather anecdotal and observational data – nonetheless I think I am right about this).

Of no apparent concern to fully committed ideologues of the libertarian religion – yes, it is a religion of amorality – is that not every person has the resources, means, wherewithal, or desire to perform the tasks necessary in a total vacuum of government service.

Do we all handle firearms and act as our own police? Can we even all afford firearms? Should we all be obligated to focus on self-preservation instead of self-actualization? Do we exist in a free market world where, for example, grotesque child labor is tolerated?

If public schools were suddenly banned and no vouchers offered instead, how would the poor, stupid, or injured send their kids to a private institution of learning to be given a fair chance in the world as an adult themselves?

Without a moral guide or common bond, what principles unite and protect us from one another?

All conservatives should have a libertarian bent, but at a certain point, libertarianism sacrifices moral absolutes in favor of an unflinching idealism matched only by leftism. It is certainly as dangerous and chaotic.

With that in mind, then, De Santis captures the essence of a limited and moral government’s role in a person’s life and society’s existence. If the government is to protect the universal rights of the individual and maintain an advanced civilization, then it must recognize basic universal truths of right and wrong, moral and immoral, and good and evil.

A line in the sand at mandates, whether from an overbearing federal government or a small municipality, does indeed protect the rights of the individual and maintain freedom in a society. This is where “you don’t have the right to do wrong” comes into play.

As with all issues involving conservative pushback, it is frustrating to observe how the catalyst for the debate is demanded to be held as true and the observation of the catalyst is deemed to be overreach, intrusion, or hostility.

The left forces gender theory malarkey with all of its concomitant pronoun usage and critical race theory hatred in school, for example. Spreading outright lies and enforcing groupthink is seen as okay; the only problem is when a concerned student, parent, or politician speaks out.

Translation: Only one set of ideas are valid. Is this really freedom? Is this the type of society we want?

In the same vein, a school mask mandate is tolerated but a mandate against masks is seen as government intrusion. Similarly, in the world of the Kristi Noem, somehow a mandate on vaccines (which exists only because government bureaucracies have lied for two years about Covid) is acceptable but a mandate against vaccines is seen as too much government involvement. Again, which action steals freedom and which expands it?

These rhetorical questions serve as a simple litmus test.

In the era of Covid, we have seen where unchecked government power can run amok. Parts of Australia and Europe – formerly free realms in the traditions of Western Civilization – are entirely unrecognizable in their complete tyrannical overhaul. This is pure evil masquerading as public safety.

As De Santis has shown, however, there is room for reform within the conservative movement that can return our political power to the imagined world of the Founders.

This world consists of limited federal powers and delegation of authority to states and localities.

Democracy has been said to inevitably lead to totalitarianism. Perhaps this is true, but the failure of our great experiment will not be because of the envisioned framework for our governance, but because of evil actors who willfully ignore it.


Reposted with permission. If you’d like to read more from Parker Beauregard, please visit The Blue State Conservative.



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Six Dead and Counting

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 02:30 +0000

That stellar hero of the Left, champion of Blacks Lives Matter, and killer of now a sixth victim in the Christian Christmas Parade attack, Darrell Brooks Jr, has been offered bail once again. This time, it is $5 million.

I’m betting a GoFundMe page will soon be opened by BLM supporters. Conditions will be attached if bail is met. He would be required to wear an ankle bracelet and forbidden to drive a car. Well, that makes us all feel safer now.

This last is sarcasm for those on the Left who may not get it. After all, when we look back at his record, as perhaps the judge should have done and considered, we see he is a career criminal, a registered sex offender in Nevada, Black Lives Matter supporter (aren’t all black criminals), an anti-Semitic and the all-important Trump hater.

This man has been in and out of jails all over.  He skips out on bails routinely, as often as not, so why is he even offered bail with six dead and another forty injured, with some still in critical condition?

Wisconsin allows for no bail under certain conditions, and it’s tough to see how Brooks doesn’t fall into those conditions.

Originally, FBI officials suggested that Brooks and possibly another person in the car were running from a previous criminal escapade (as if that was any extending circumstance?). So far, we hear no more on that or the other person, but many suggest the motive was Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal just a day or so earlier.

As a true believer in BLM and the Leftist media continuing to spread the standard ongoing lies and slanders on Rittenhouse, this could well have inspired/triggered Brooks. Not that it would have taken much with his character being what it is.

My concerns now are, where is the FBI on this now? Does this fall into the Domestic Terrorist category, and why not? Can BLM organizers and the mainstream media not be sued for creating a dangerous environment, known or should have known, selling their lies and misinformation designed to create the perilous hate-filled division within America?

Rittenhouse is expected to be filing civil suites soon, and I would suggest the families of this attack consider doing the same.

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SUCCESS! Climate Change a/k/a Global Warming Defeated. HERE IS THE PROOF!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-11-25 01:00 +0000

Thank you #PresidentPoopyPants.  I see from the tweet below that your regime has defeated climate change a/k/a global warming. What other conclusion are we to draw from Communist mega-millionaire Nancy Pelosi buying a $25 million mansion ON THE BEACH:


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Breaking: Southwest Pilots Win – Vaccine Exemption Requests Have Been Approved

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 23:30 +0000

Pilots at Southwest Airlines have won an enormous victory. The company has announced it will honor all COVID19 Vaccine Exemption requests.


“A pilot at Southwest tells me the company just approved their vaccine exemption and all the exemptions from other pilots they know on the same day,” Starbuck said. “Automakers also just agreed with unions to not require the jab. We’re winning. Biden’s medical segregation policy is falling apart.”


Bad News Biden is suffering setback after setback since trying to use OSHA to mandate The Jab. Over half the State’s AG’s filed a lawsuit against the private employer mandate, which was stayed by the Fifth Circuit. Shortly after OSHA announced, it had abandoned pursuing enforcement guidelines until after the case and worked its way through the court system.

This effectively killed it as it had little to no chance of surviving a constitutional test (words I hope I don’t have to eat). But winning in court was probably ever the point. Making it an issue and getting it out of the narrative mill was, and they did.

Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) proceeded to tell private companies to enforce it anyway. You know, because it’s the right thing to do. And some have, but unions in particular – a typically reliable mule for Democrat policy – have balked all over the nation.

Mandates have been followed by terminations or departures as individuals of conscience or just common sense walk away rather than be forced to abandon the right to self-defense from unwanted medical interventions.

Just say no to drugs, especially if you are healthy. You have more to fear from The Jab than COVID. There are OTC treatments for COVID. There is very little available to protect you from the damage potential from the COVID vax.

Southwest pilots staged a sick-out, causing significant service disruptions. The Airline tried to spin it, but it became clear that pilots were serious about their exemptions, and more of that could be in store.

If we could get vaccinated doctors and nurses to stand up for the rights of their co-workers, the completely avoidable shortage of health workers could have been avoided. Sadly, their position was that some vocal majority could force everyone else to accept a chemical injection even if they had a conscientious objection.

Perhaps the Airline and Auto unions will spark a fire under the backsides of others, and this movement will gain momentum.



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Let’s Try Again – GrokInterview with Cornerstone’s Ian Huyett: Lawsuit over Exeter School District’s Speech Coercion Policy JBAB

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 22:00 +0000

I don’t know what’s gong on with GabTV but I keep getting complaints that the videos we are putting up are not behaving well: “stuttering,” video starts and then stops for good, the video stops but the audio keeps playing, and other scenarios in between.

So, I just put up the video of the interview I did with Cornerstone Actions legal counsel, Ian Huyett, concerning the lawsuit over SAU16 Exeter School District’s Policy JBAB.  In this case, the Vice-Principal and Football Coach decided that a freshman player was to get a week’s long “athletic suspension” simply for having a discussion with a pro-transgender student (not transgender themselves, mind you) and stating that because of his religious beliefs (he is a strong Catholic) he only believes that there are but male and female sexes/genders.

So, for violating the “Government WrongThink Speech” edict which is that anyone can force everyone else to call them by their “preferred pronouns and names”, the unnamed freshman was hit by a suspension (later reduced to a single game).  Imagine that – using the words of our infamous NH Governor Chris Sununu – “Gender Speech trumps Everything”.  At least that’s what the Left is demanding – that you surrender your Rights to their Morality.

Anyways, here are the videos again as I’ve uploaded them to…sigh…YouTube:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:

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Reminder: Grok Gear Sale – Use Code “GROKNH” For an Extra 10% Off Through Friday

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 20:30 +0000

First, thanks for the great response to our virtual store and the new Grok Gear. We’re selling all sorts of stuff, and that’s helping us offset cost increases. We’ve outgrown our current server and need to upgrade.

New Item.


Originally published Nov 14th

To help that along, we are still running a sale on all mugs in the GrokStore. To get an additional 10% off at checkout, use the code ‘GROKNH’ on anything you buy until Thanksgiving.


We added a few more items, some available in more than one color (I just figured out how to do that, thank you.)

Visit the Store


We also added an “I’ve Been Vaccinated (Against Tyranny)” Shirt – available in three colors.



And, for lack of a better term, the Deplorable Collection.

Visit the Store


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Data Point – How “Poor” Is Really “Poor”?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 19:00 +0000

To the point of being three times the median income. Especially after the Government pours your money at them:

Shot:  Lots of money thrown

In 2018, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the average family with children that was defined as poor by the government received $20,700 in cash, food, and housing benefits, and another $17,000 in medical care and $5,000 in social services.

Taxpayers also spent $22,500 on non-means-tested public education for the family’s children. Total government resources came to $65,200 per family per year.  The average poor family also had $18,100 in earnings and other private resources. Adding this to the government assistance brought the average total resources to $83,300 per poor family.


For starters, the government undercounts earnings in low-income families by a third. Then, government deliberately excludes nearly all of the current 89 means-tested welfare programs when calculating its official measures of poverty and inequality. Of the $65,200 in government benefits and support received by the average poor family, Washington counts only $3,125 as income in its official poverty measure.


The Build Back Better Act would add another $11,300 in annual benefits to the average poor family, bringing total government support to $76,400 per family. Total government and private resources combined (including education and services) would rise from $83,300 to $94,600 per year. Private resources plus government cash, food, and housing would average $48,200 per year, nearly twice the official government poverty level for these families.

…The system is rigged. The taxpayer is trapped like a hamster in a running wheel. No matter how fast the hamster runs, he never gets anywhere. No matter how much the taxpayer spends on welfare, official poverty will remain unchanged. Even worse are the harmful incentives built into the legislation. The bill raises the rewards for teen pregnancy and childbirth and increases the penalties for marriage. 

(H/T: The Daily Signal)

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Israel Leads the Way in Renewable Energy!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 17:30 +0000

As the Biden Administration cuts American energy companies throats so there will be no alternative but renewables in the near future, we can look to Israel for a view of our Ecoluddite utopian future.

Here is a revealing quote from an energy expert in that small, warm climate, country:


“Chen Herzog, chief economist at BDO Israel, sounded more decisive and told the conference that “it is not feasible to meet the government’s goal of 20% renewable energies by 2025,” and that “so we don’t have excuses in 2030, there need to be goals that can be met, rather than utopian ones.”


Israel can’t meet a simple government set 20% goal?

I’m sure the Biden, Shaheen, Hassen, Kuster, Pappas – energy experts have a much better plan for spending trillions of taxpayers and printing machine dollars here in a vast country.

Democrat thought leader Xi Jinping must be very happy. Watching the eventually energy-free, not carbon-free, “free” world destroy their economies like lemmings headed for an easily avoidable utopian cliff… as China builds more coal plants, lots more!


“Commenting on China’s coal boom, Lauri Myllyvirta, lead analyst at the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), said: “Dozens of new coal power projects, equal to the total coal power capacity of Germany and Poland combined, were announced last year in China.”


Has reality ever stopped Democrats from taking bold action on stupid endeavors?

Does New Hampshire’s liberal Democrat lapdog delegation in DC always have to go along with Schumer, Pelosi, and with the CCP agenda?


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Biden’s Department of Education: Looking Out for the Sexual Predators?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 16:00 +0000

In an attempt to appease the Teachers Unions, the Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the Biden Administration is rolling back the data collected on “teacher-on-student” sex crimes:

**The department’s Office for Civil Rights will not ask school districts questions regarding teacher-on-student sexual assault allegations as part of its 2021-2022 Civil Rights Data Collection, proposed Thursday. The change is designed to “reduce burden and duplication of data,” an Education Department spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon. But critics say eliminating the question is the Biden administration’s attempt to appease teachers’ unions.

**The Education Department will still ask districts to report documented cases of rape and sexual assault. But it will not ask school officials to report allegations that resulted in the resignation or retirement of the accused.

**Reporting alleged sex crimes in addition to documented cases provides a fuller picture of sexual violence in schools, as the accused may retire, resign, or seek employment elsewhere before a district can reach a conclusion in the case.

We know that sexual assault cases surged according to the data collected during the Trump administration after former Secretary Betsy Devos added the data to the records. So who’s looking out for your children?

While Democrats are oftentimes concerned about sexual assault on campus at the college level, k-12 sexual assault by teachers, appears to be something they want to avoid.

The Education Department found that reports of sexual violence at schools rose from about 9,600 in the 2015-2016 school year to nearly 15,000 in the 2017-2018 school year. That’s an increase of more than 50 percent.

Have Democrats politicized sexual assault on children? And if so, why?

This is something that should have all parents concerned. With all of the data-mining from vendors who sell their products to schools, the data that remains the most important will no longer be collected.

Will that give parents a false sense of security?

These are important questions to ask our New Hampshire Democrat delegation when they come back to New Hampshire to campaign.
Senator Maggie Hassan
Congressman Chris Pappas

Tell them both as they campaign for re-election, this is unacceptable. The U.S. Department of Education should show some independence and look out for the families in New Hampshire.

Re-instate collecting this important data on teachers. 



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Alexa Rank Update: Grok Still #1 – Is NHJournal in Freefall?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 14:30 +0000

I’m a few days late with the monthly Alexa ran update but let’s write it off as moving the ball toward an end-of-month review. I was also waiting to see if some startling numbers changed before I published. Like how NH Journal has plummeted in global rank to lows not seen in months.

NH Journal (NHJ) first appeared on our list of NH Digital print media sites in September of 2018 at #13 when GraniteGrok was #6. By July of 2019 when GraniteGrok first reached number one, NHJ had risen to the #6 position.

After a bit of drifting by January of 2020, the ‘Grok was back at #1 and NHJ was again at #6.

After the NH primary in February of 2020, ‘Grok got spanked by Facebook, which blocked us and locked us, limiting content to what had become a significant audience through that platform. It took us ten months, until Dec of 2020, to rebuild the lost audience and reclaim a hold on the number one spot (for digital print media in NH) and we’ve remained there ever since.

What happened to NH Journal?

In December 2020, when ‘Grok regained the #1 spot, NHJ was #15 on our list but by March of 2021, there wasn’t enough data for a domestic rank for NHJ and their national rank had tumbled to 1,555,892. They crawled back up to the 600-700,000 global rank range 0ver successive months, even making it back into the top 10 in August 2020, before dropping to 16th.

Their stories have leaned more toward the center-left GOPe than center-right while disenfranchising a number of grassroots organizations in the liberty-freedom wing of the Republican Party. An audience they’re not going to just get back and New Hampshire already has a “news” paper in that lane, the Union Leader.

The RINOs will take another lapdog but then they have to split their time between NHJ and the UL. And it’s not as if NHJ is even local. NH Journal in its most recent iteration is owned by Inside Sources, LLC, registered in Delaware, and based in Washington DC.

It has several outlets and boasts up to 25 million readers a month. Just not in New Hampshire, based on the numbers or New Hampshire Journal with our own Ed Mosca calls, NH-NeverTrump Journal.

As I said, we have one of those already.

Here’s our Monthly Alexa Rank Update for November 2021.

Alexa data is from 11/22/21 (NHJ 11/23) – Data is sorted by Domestic Rank unless no domestic rank can be calculated (too little traffic) at which point the list sorts by Global Rank.


Alexa Global Web Ranking
Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
GraniteGrok 11,569 59,411
Liberty Block 13,714 76,036
Union leader 37,750 113,104
SeacoastOnline 44,832 175,257
NHPR 49,046 232,778
Concord Monitor 53,029 190,847
Lawrence Eagle-Tribune 78,475 208214
Manchester Ink Link 78,918 331654
The Valley News 99,770 404,270
Lowell Sun 102,190 263,804
NHBR 130,978 533004
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript 132,146 597450
Fosters Daily Democrat 134,442 347,620
Conway/Berlin Daily Sun 134,533 418775
Indepth NH 135,879 726,817
Nashua Telegraph 180,718 644,498
Keene Sentinel 189,236 415,769
Free Keene no data 909,516
Seacoast Current no data 972,424
NH Journal no data 1027404
Girard at Large* no data 1091224
Business NH no data 1,076,155
NH Bulletin no data 1,222,733
The Derry News no data 1,252,119
J Bartlett no data 1,499,122

*Girard at Large is in the middle of a rebuild and under construction.

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Steve Kirsch: This City is Seeing 29 Times More Stillborn Births Post Vaccine Rollout

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 13:00 +0000

Steve Kirsch on Substack reports that Waterloo, Ontario, is seeing 29 times more stillbirths than before the COVID vaccine rollout. “The good news of course is that this only appears to be happening in areas of the world where they release data to the public on what is going on.”

Waterloo, Ontario, boasts a nearly 75% vaccination rate.

Here is their precautions notice for pregnant women.



And yes, according to the report, all the moms who had stillbirths had received The Jab.

“Death walks faster than the wind and never returns what it has taken.”

We know the COVID vaccines kill adults, healthy adults (athletes), and children, but now we’ve got spikes in pre-born deaths. But wait, there’s more—also, care of Steve Kirsch.


AN investigation has been launched into a spike in deaths among newborn babies in Scotland.

Official figures reveal that 21 infants died during September within 28 days of birth, causing the neonatal mortality rate to breach an upper warning threshold known as the ‘control limit’ for the first time in at least four years.


There’s some chit-chat about how it might be COVID, but the only mention of COVID Vaccines is to note that pregnant women were less likely than women of the same age to get them. And it’s not to chat, but we’ve had COVID since at least the fall of 2019, and we’ve only had The Jab for the last handful of months which might explain the graph that goes with the report from Scotland.


Related: The Myocarditis/Pericarditis Pandemic – Who Has to Die before You Believe?



The problem, as we can clearly see, is the reporting. As soon as we stop writing about the spike in deaths in the first 6-months of life (or any other mortality connections to COVID vaccines), the sooner it will go away. But not everyone is likely to keep quiet. Some people value life and truth, like Dr. Daniel Nagase.


Dr. Nagase: From one of the local doctors in North Vancouver, Dr Mel Bruchet, he has contacts all through Vancouver. And some doulas who work in Women and Children’s Hospital which isn’t in North Vancouver, it’s in Vancouver-Vancouver, it’s one of the birthing centers for Vancouver. They had 13 stillbirths in a 24 hour period. That was what I heard. But the thing is I’ve also heard a similar story out in Waterloo, Ontario. So in Waterloo, Ontario, I have a more reliable statistic that there were 86 stillbirths between January and July. And normally it’s 5 or 6 stillbirths every year.


Related: New Study: “The Higher the Vaccination Rate, the Higher the Excess Mortality.”


Pro-Abortion Democrats must be beside themselves with glee. COVID vaccines might be the best thing to happen to their agenda since RU486. A chemical abortion that works not just inside and outside the womb but could kill almost anyone, including them. And thanks to the unbalanced media, the facts have been aborted since the earliest days of the Wuhan Flu outbreak.

New World Order? Global Reset?

I remember when infant mortality was one of those statistics that identified your nation as having climbed into the second or first world. Now, I guess, the goal is the opposite. It’s about how many people you’ve jabbed, no matter how many ways it might kill them.



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Rather Than Call Special Legislative Session, Gov. Sununu Issues Hypocritical, Top-Down Order

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 11:30 +0000

EAST DERRY, N.H.—Gov. Sununu, in an act of utter hypocrisy, issued an executive order yesterday that micromanages private health businesses after throwing a tantrum about lawmakers who want to protect individual liberty and ban vaccine mandates in New Hampshire—a solution that would actually ease health care staffing shortages.

The executive order, citing RSA 141-C, a state statute on communicable disease, directs hospitals to establish temporary acute care centers inside hospitals, increase bed capacity and use whatever “flexibilities”—whatever that means—to combat a “surge” in hospital visits, among several other orders dictating what private health facilities should be doing. And yet, it hasn’t even been a month since the governor has called efforts to protect individual liberty a “communist” idea that “regulates private businesses.”

A quick read of the governor’s executive order uncovers the governor’s propensity for controlling private businesses, just like he did during the entirety of the State of Emergency last year.

“The staffing shortage that we have in New Hampshire right now has been exacerbated because Gov. Sununu refuses to defend the rights of hospital staff, who are being forced out of their careers because they won’t inject themselves with an experimental serum,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of RebuildNH. “If Gov. Sununu would simply call the Legislature into Special Session and ask lawmakers to protect the natural rights of New Hampshire citizens by banning vaccine mandates statewide, there wouldn’t be a staffing shortage at hospitals and there would be no need for him to act unilaterally. In fact, we’d have plenty of health care staff as workers from surrounding states who would flock to New Hampshire and fill needed roles.”

Our founders foresaw the potential for emergency situations such as this and provided a constitutional method for the Legislature to meet and deal with the problem. The Governor and Executive Council have the authority to call a Special Session to manage these types of crises between regular sessions, and Gov. Sununu ought to do that now.

“The Legislature is the constitutionally appropriate branch of government to deal with these complex issues,” said Melissa Blasek, executive director of RebuildNH and state representative from Merrimack. “The representatives of the People have many ideas on how to deal with health care access and staffing, vaccine mandates, and out-patient treatment. We are ready and willing to discuss these bills with the governor, but he hasn’t been open to communicating with lawmakers.”

“If the governor wants to do something positive, he should direct DHHS to educate the public on early and effective outpatient treatment to reduce hospitalizations while working with legislators to increase access to those treatments,” Blasek added. “With New Hampshire seeing massive increases in hospitalizations, but some of the most restrictive access to out-patient care, there are real moves the governor could make in partnership with the Legislature, and that’s the way republican government should be working.”

“Gov. Sununu continues to show his disdain for our constitutional form of government and push well beyond the boundaries of his lawful authority,” Manuse added. “The governor and his arrogant and lawless behavior is directly responsible for the suffering of New Hampshire people, and it’s time for some of the other leaders in our state government to grow some courage and call him to account.”


About RebuildNH

RebuildNH, also known as ReopenNH, is made up of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason in state government.

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Data Point – Polling: President Asterisks (aka, Sleepy Joe Biden)

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 02:30 +0000

This is rather ugly for Biden. However, he doesn’t seem to care as his underlings continue to Cloward-Piven every single US system they can.

Sidenote: and the fact that EVERYTHING is crashing in no small part by the Biden Administration in this short time frame that even moderate Democrats ought to be thinking that the size of the Federal Government needs to be rethought, restructured, and “right-sized”:


I no longer believe that what is happening is by happenstance or a “perfect storm”. Everything can be traced back to government regulations and law – or the willful ignorance or defiance of them.

(H/T: Real Clear Politics  via Hot Air)

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“Friendsgiving” not “Thanksgiving” ?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-11-24 01:00 +0000

Editor’s Note: Yet another attempt by the Left to change our common language out from underneath us?


Looks like the cancel culture is at it yet again. Today I see that President Biden and his handler (Jill Biden) were at a military installation celebrating “Friendsgiving” along with members of the Armed Forces.

For those of you who have served, Thanksgiving” was and still is I think a big deal.

The center of gravity was always the “mess hall” with leadership in dress uniform serving the meal to the troops and their family members. Even when deployed we tried to make this day special and to reflect on our great nation and why we serve.  I guess I never got the word that Thanksgiving Day and what it represents in American history is now sidelined and is being replaced with “Friendsgiving” a nonsense word made up no doubt by the nonsense progressive Left.

I tried to find out how in hell we got to this point. Where did this concept come from? Well, it looks like according to Merriam Webster the word came to us through social media (what a shock) and is supposed to be a large meal among friends during the Thanksgiving season.  Notice the emphasis on friends not family.

We want to thank Dragon 6 for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Webster added it officially in 2020.

I am sure School Boards across the country have picked up the concept as well. It will further their socialist efforts to eliminate another racist holiday from our history.  To be critical of this concept probably opens you up to be called racist – a term grown old and without meaning anymore.

The social justice and cancel culture crowd has made me suspect everything and this is no exception. If nothing else they are certainly devious. So from my foxhole what I see is the Left making new inroads to eliminate our most basic of American holidays by transitioning to a focus that is away from “Thanksgiving” and its historical, religious and family connotations, to a focus on a sanitized and secular view.

One goal I believe is to make the word ‘Friendsgiving” mainstream. Webster and now our “woke” military leadership facilitated with photo-op from Joe Biden are making that a reality.

So in a few years if we are not vigilant “Thanksgiving” will be a distant memory as we all celebrate something called “Friendsgiving”. Is it just me or does this also sound like one of those constant secular festivals you find in the UK?  I can’t wait to be invited to one of these events in this most important of weeks (just kidding).  By the way, I am also planning to celebrate “Christmas” not the “holidays” again this year and will now add “Friendsgiving” to the fight to retain our history and not allow cancel-culture to redefine our great nation.  Keep up the fight never give up!

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