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We Have to Protect the Electoral College

Granite Grok - Fri, 2023-01-06 11:30 +0000

The Electoral College is a difficult concept to understand, and now that Civics is no longer taught in public schools, fewer people know what the Electoral College is or does. The name does nothing to tip you off to its importance, and maybe we should call it the Great Equalizer.

Suppose you live in one of the population meccas like New York City or the Progressive state of California. In that case, you probably agree with politicians who want to do away with the Electoral College and replace it with a popular vote. But that is not how our system of government was designed. It is how folks on the Left would like it to be. That is why the Left often makes the mistake of calling the United States a Democracy when, in fact, it is a Constitutional Republic. Let me try to explain the differences.

Our name gives you a clue as to what a Republic is. We are the United States of America. We are a collection of fifty individual states, each having its own government, and combined, all fifty participate in an election every four years to elect a President. Based on the two Senators combined with the number of Representatives a state has, it gives them the number of votes they cast in the Electoral College that decides our President. My small state of New Hampshire has two Representatives and, therefore, four Electoral College votes. California, on the other end of the spectrum, has fifty-five votes. More people equates to more votes. But the Electoral College makes my vote as important as someone voting in San Francisco. There are a total of 538 electoral votes. Majority needed to elect the President and vice president: 270.

If the country did away with the Electoral College and went with a popular vote count, the high-population areas like California and New York would dictate to the country who should sit in the White House. Since these areas are typically Liberal and vote as such, it would benefit Democrats to change the system. We on the Right can never let that happen.

Hillary Clinton was a strong proponent of eliminating the College, and the Squad has taken up the call. Elizabeth Warren is another that wants to destroy the Republic by going to a popular vote and converting America to a Democracy. They know that with the demographics of our urban areas, making the change would all but guarantee Democrat Presidents forever. No, thank you. An example on a smaller scale is New York State. In the 2022 Midterms, many House seats went to Republicans because much of the state is actually Conservative and Red. But, because the Governor is elected on a statewide popular vote, the voters in New York City dictate who the Governor will be and why upstate New York has to suffer with Governor Kathy Hochul.

The map of the United States at the top of this article shows how the West Coast and the Northeast are Blue, and the rest of the country is quite Red. Preserving the Electoral College will give the people in Red areas a fighting chance at determining who sits in the Oval Office. The Democrats are a shrewd bunch and are always looking for ways to tilt the table. The Electoral College is one, but lowering the voting age, allowing illegal aliens to vote, and non-resident college students voting in the state of their institution are some of the others. There are many more, but I wanted to focus on the Electoral College today. We must preserve it, but we must also do a much better job of spreading the word on why. That is the reason for today’s article. Thanks for stopping by, and God Bless and keep the United States of America.

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Reopen NH: Legislative Session Kicks Off!

Granite Grok - Fri, 2023-01-06 02:30 +0000

The legislative season is off to the races and RebuildNH will be updating you more frequently to keep you informed about bills, hearings, sessions, and activism needed. We will email you with all the most important updates, but for up to the minute updates follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases to
Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

One important development from yesterday is that the slim Republican majority (plus a handful of sane Democrats) rebuffed the Democrat majority’s attempt to institute proxy voting for state reps. Read more about that on our Telegram channel.

New legislator training—your donations at work!

RebuildNH hosted a new legislator training for endorsed candidates on Monday evening. Our seasoned legislators instructed new reps on procedure and tactics to be most effective. It’s your financial support that has enabled us to mould capable legislators to further liberty in New Hampshire. Thank you!

If you want to financially support RebuildNH, you can donate here. Your additional support will give us the resources we need to more effectively advocate on your issues.

HELP NEEDED: Executive Council Task Force

We at RebuildNH need an extra set of hands and eyes to watch the Executive Council. Keeping up with the Legislature is a full time job that we already manage, but we have struggled to have the bandwidth to keep up with the Executive Council. We are looking for volunteers who could help read their agendas to keep us informed so we can fight tyranny in all corners of government.

If you are interested, please email



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I’ll Show You An Embarrassment …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2023-01-06 01:00 +0000

So a frequent poster here is embarrassed … EMBARRASSED … that ten percent of the GOP representatives want to enact real reforms in the U.S. House of Representatives … such as preventing the fast-tracking of another omnibus

… as opposed to mouthing platitudes and then going on with business as usual. So I thought I would show you what an actual embarrassment looks like … the “GOP Leader” in the U.S. Senate … the inflation-enabler, globalist-grifter, warmonger, Mr. Mitch McConnell:

Here is another actual embarrassment, His Wokeness … the man who has turned New Hampshire solidly BLUE, Sun-King Sununu:

And here is another … Mr. Obamacare himself, the “GOP Leader” of the State Senate, RINO-extraordinaire, Mr. Jeb Bradley:

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Survival Sunday – Thursday SITREP Edition

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 23:30 +0000

Forewarned is forearmed.  Thus, this is intended to be a compilation of articles, with my commentary, to try and get like-minded people to grasp what’s coming.  Even merely being aware of events in the world will make you better prepared than the hordes of sheeple.

Please follow both me, Nitzakhon, on Gab… as well as my blog host Granite Grok and also on Telegram Tommy Robinson Official plus his Urban Scoop site.  And don’t forget posts sometimes get cloned on American Reveille as well, which is a good site to check out in general.

For prep materials, please see:

Survival Sunday – PREP Edition – Granite Grok






COVID Tyranny: Federal Judge Rules ‘Public Safety’ Overrides Personal Medical Autonomy – PJ Media





Top of the fold:

Erasing History: West Point to Eliminate Robert E. Lee’s Presence – The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

The nation that forgets its past has no future.  Related:

Cancel Culture Database | The College Fix

POLL: Only 36 Percent Of Likely Voters Think Country Is Headed In The Right Direction

That’s one in three.  One in three people like what they’re seeing.  Try and square that circle.





Do I believe that some people have this ability, whether naturally or trained?  Absolutely.  I know I’ve mentioned my living-lie-detector mother before.  She could see a man on, say, 60 Minutes, swearing up and down that the accusation of X was not true.  She’d casually fling out “He’s lying” and, weeks later, it would be proven she was right – he had been lying.  I don’t recall an instance where she was wrong in this.




Deep State / Coming Tyranny / WEF / Globalists (broad):

Democrats Must ‘Have Something Really Big’ On McConnell – Populist Press ©2022

Not just him.  Look at ALL the GOP squishes that talked fire… until they got elected.  Here he is kissing his master’s ring:

In Your Face: McConnell to Host Biden at Infrastructure Bill Celebration in Kentucky the Day After GOP Takes House Majority


Our Bipartisan Apache Dance | Frontpage Mag

So don’t be fooled by the bipartisan Apache Dance. Most of the time, below the rambunctious theater of partisan conflict lies the progressive consensus, which benefits the bipartisan political guild and their clients, not the people and their rights and freedom.



I’ve been very lukewarm on this guy.  But here, I think he’s being enormously prophetic.  The noose is slowly-slowly tightening.  Speaking of:

Anti-Drunk Driving Systems To Be Required In New Cars In America | Carscoops

There was a short film on youtube that I saw a while back, a dystopian future where a person came home – to what had been England IIRC.  One of the things was the man picking him up on his arrival having to blow into a tube to start his car.

Sellin: Government-Weaponized Public Health: Disease Is Used to Control Populations Like Tear Gas Is Used to Control Crowds (

Government officials nationwide used the pandemic to assume dictatorial powers, impose lockdowns, deny individual rights guaranteed under the Constitution, and rig elections.

And most went along with it like sheep.

A Digital Prison Is Being Built Around You Right Now | StarCrestSoloist (

Video, can’t embed.

Biden’s Director Of National Intelligence & British Counterpart Call For ‘Alliances’ With Big Tech To Make Government-Backed Narratives Appear ‘Trusted.’ – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Controlling the information flow, globally.



Political War (new category):

POLL: Voters Want Republicans To Release Tax Returns Of Democrats Who Voted To Release Trump’s

This is no time for Marquis of Queensbury rules. Related:

Here Are the First 12 Actions the GOP Should Take Once Taking Control of the US House (

SHOULD take.  Any takers on a bet they WILL take these?  Even half of them?  Certainly not under McCarthy.  He’s WEF:

WEF Appointed Kevin McCarthy as Speaker (

Related: Is there ANYONE the WEF doesn’t own / have leveraged?

Biden’s “Respect for Marriage Act” Is an Orwellian Assault on Reality – The Stream

It’s to make you have to speak nonsense.  Channeling this quote:

“Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”


― Theodore Dalrymple

We Must Convince People That The Fascist Far Left Wants To Destroy The US – American Thinker

Must-read.  And the Ayn Rand quote at the top is going into my journal for the kids.  But remember, outlining all the things that are – right now – happening, most will say some form of “But that can’t happen here”.

The Coup We Never Knew › American Greatness (

We’ve been taken over by those who mean us harm.



Protecting Children:

Mother gets city to fly pro-family flag vs rainbow flag (

A win!  Symbolic, but important nonetheless.

Rachel Levine urges doctors to go full Big Brother with sex changes (

Notice how they say their ideology is “proven”.

Texas Supreme Court rules against father seeking to prevent ‘chemical castration’ of his son – Geller Report

I’d contribute to an escape fund.  Failing that, I’d vote “They needed a little killing” if something bad happened to those who made this decision.

World Economic Forum Declares Pedophiles ‘Will Save Humanity’ – News Punch

Anyone who has followed me, particularly at my old blog, understands that I’ve been predicting this for years.  “Intergenerational love”.  Just as I have been predicting – again, for years – “Interspecies affection”.  Take this down – it’s coming too.



National Security (specifically):

Biden Opens Door to China Sabotage in North Dakota :: Gatestone Institute

Biden is wholly owned.  Which is why he won’t do diddly about this:

NASA Chief Warns of Consequences if China Wins Race to Moon (

Iran’s Nuclear Holiday Gift to al-Qaeda › American Greatness ( (link in original):

Fortunately for the Saudis and the rest of the region, the shipment was intercepted before it could make it to the hands of the Houthis. Sadly, however, the shipment was stopped by none other than al-Qaeda. The whereabouts of the weapons-grade uranium remain unknown at this time.

So, a threat that was once isolated to Saudi Arabia and the Greater Middle East has now metamorphosed into a direct threat to the American homeland.

With that weapons-grade, Iranian-made uranium, al Qaeda could fashion a dirty bomb. They could send the weapon from abroad into the waiting hands of their sleeper agents hidden throughout the United States via America’s wide-open southern border. Al-Qaeda could then achieve their dream of killing masses of Americans in one fell swoop, possibly wiping out a major American city while they are at it, all while the Biden Administration sleepily ignores the threat in favor of directing an ever-increasing amount of limited state resources into hunting Russian ghosts at Mar-a-Lago and prosecuting “right-wing terrorists.” 

America is vulnerable. An al-Qaeda dirty bomb attack may be coming sooner than we realize.

What’s coming across our southern border?  Never mind the implications globally.



I came very close to joining the nuclear Navy in college.  But as it turned out I had a friend who taught at the nuke school in Orlando, and he told me that while I’d love the technical stuff, I’d hate the Navy.  Realistically, looking back, I should have anyway.  Given what’s come of it now, no.

TREASON: Gen. Mark Milley Hid Nuke Codes from Trump – Held Secret Calls with Chinese Defense Officials – Then Surrendered to Taliban and Armed Them with $80 Billion in US Weapons (

We’re gonna need bigger gallows.

National security, commercial insecurity

National defense supplies in the hands of foreign countries.  What could go wrong?




(New category – replaces “Shortages” which is now in the PREP edition only.)

The plan by Democrats to keep stealing elections (

2024 is no longer in play unless – by some miracle – things change.  TINVOWOOT.



On The Jab (and Covid)



Bayou Renaissance Man: mRNA vaccines in pork products? YGTBSM!!!

I’ve started paying real attention to my beef because New Zealand is Jabbing their cattle.  I just threw out some beef sticks because the beef within came from there.




Egg Prices Hit A Record High and Are Still Going Up

I love eggs.  This is killing me.  More broad food info:

Grocery Bill Headache? Eggs, margarine, flour, bakery products see big price increases | WZTV (

This will not help either:

Farmers Are Not Happy With Biden’s Waters Of USA Overreach – Pirate’s Cove » Pirate’s Cove (

All the tax hikes hitting Americans January 1 revealed Electricity costs to soar nest egg not safe | Daily Mail Online

BOHIC!  More:

Bend Over and Smile America. It’s That Time Again.

On January 1, the following Democrat tax hikes took effect:

  • $6.5 Billion Natural Gas Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills
  • $12 Billion Crude Oil Tax Which Will Increase Household Costs $1.2 Billion Coal Tax Which Will Increase Household Energy Bills
  • $74 Billion Stock Tax Which Will Hit Your Nest Egg — 401(k)s, IRAs and Pension Plans (This should really piss you off)
  • $225 Billion Corporate Income Tax Hike Which Will Be Passed on to Households.

The cost of these tax increases will be borne by working families in the form of higher prices, fewer jobs, and lower wages.



Inflation watch, and reader feedback

Also see the comments.





Horrible quality on the visual I think.  I skipped past the introduction.  I got turned onto him by this speech of his, transcribed:

Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals “Think” | The Heritage Foundation

His comment in the essay about how liberals view America as having “deserved” 9-11 rang true: not too long after the twin towers fell, there was a column in my alma mater‘s paper about how America was the “pretty & popular girl” who deserved to be taken down a peg or two.  Yes, the Left really does hate America.





Total media blackout of the scariest Second Amendment story of 2022 – Bearing Arms

Control the information flow, control what people believe.  You cannot act on information you don’t know.



Migration / Immigration:







Coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

We have an Afghan working at the local supermarket.  He seems friendly enough… one on one.  Perhaps he is.  But I have to wonder what he’d do if it was me alone – and he knows I’m a Jew since I don’t hide my kippa – and a bunch of his fellows.



Know your Leftist / Globalist & Islamic enemy:

Dem senator called out for misrepresenting 1st Amendment (

Their wet dream, aside from civilian disarmament, is to silence you.

Jan 6 being a Fedsurrection just became highly likely – Flopping Aces

Almost certainly.

Meltdown! Ronna McRomney can’t deal with the failure of Kevin McCarthy (

RINOs too.




Economy at large:

Economist Zoltan Pozdar Warns of End of the Current US Dollar Dominance (

IMHO this is when things truly accelerate downward.  Related:

Is There an Economic Bomb Cyclone Ahead? – American Thinker

100 Million Americans To Be On Medicaid By March, Think Tank Projects | ZeroHedge



Here’s A List Of Biden Tax Hikes Which Take Effect Jan. 1 | ZeroHedge

Bleeding most people dry by a thousand cuts.  My electric bill is pushing $400 a month.

The Great Gold Robbery of 1933 | Mises Institute

We need emergency powers to save the country:

Among other things, the act retroactively approved the president’s closing of private banks throughout the country for several days the previous week, an act for which he had not bothered to provide a legal justification. It gave the secretary of the Treasury the power to require all individuals and corporations to hand over all their gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates if in his judgment “such action is necessary to protect the currency system of the United States.”

Sounds familiar.  Just trust us.

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

— William Pitt the Younger

I wish I had the spare money to buy gold and silver in quantity.  Here’s the issue: ANYWHERE you buy gold from keeps records, and those records can be demanded by FedGov.

Good Bye, Bretton Woods II | ZeroHedge

Buy and hold asset classes that are inelastic on the demand side and stay the hell away from those with elastic demand.

Food and energy are pretty darn inelastic. Netflix subscriptions? Not so much. Capiche?

“Simply put, the global economy is like a Rube Goldberg machine”

Yup.  And all powered by debt created by printing money.



US Stability (broad catch-all):

HORROR: Portland Woman Pushes 3-Year-Old Child Onto Train Tracks (VIDEO) (

And then she sits back down.  As though this is perfectly normal.  If someone had capped her right then and there, I’d have voted “She needed a little killing” if I’d been on the jury.  Jury Nullification if someone had done that.

Irons in the Fire: Isn’t lying under oath a criminal act? (

Again, when people understand there are multiple standards depending on who you are, society falls.  Related to multiple standards:

Lawmakers Voted To Send Billions To Ukraine While Making A Killing On Defense Contractor Stocks…. – Freedom Is Just Another Word… (

They Caught Her Shoplifting, What She Said To The Store Security Is Absolutely… – Daily Headlines

Meanwhile, shoplifting has increased rapidly in New York City. Duane Reade’s competitor, CVS Pharmacy, claims that incidents of shoplifting have increased by a whopping 300 percent since the start of the pandemic under then-President Donald Trump. In addition, Rite Aid closed down a store in Midtown Manhattan after more than $200,000 worth of goods were stolen from the location.

A society cannot survive like this.  And you can feel her sense of entitlement through the text.



World Stability (broad catch-all):

The 8 Warning Signs Before a Russian Nuclear Strike – Ask a Prepper

On Putin going into hiding.  I suspect a LOT of the Globalists will too.  Say, where’s Anal Schwab these days?

Palestinians celebrate how many Jews they murdered this year ~ Elder Of Ziyon – Israel News

Not just about Israel – in general, how do you make peace with people who want you dead?  All over the world, the idea of live-and-let-live, whether internationally or within countries, seems to be dying.

Who Will Start The First Major War Of 2023? | ZeroHedge

So many possible flash points.  And I fear that if one goes, many others will too.  On the Russian front:

Polish Regulars in Ukraine

OK, so not confirmed, but… there are soldiers in Ukraine uniforms apparently speaking fluent English with American accents.  If any of these things are true, it’ll be proven soon.  And we get that much closer to the edge.  Related IMHO:

Putin Sends Warship Armed With Hypersonic Missiles To Atlantic & Indian Oceans | ZeroHedge

101st Airborne Still Deployed In Romania Simulating War With Russia | ZeroHedge

I will keep saying this: WWI started with the assassination of one man.  From that event, countries took what were, at the time and given what was known, completely logical and consistent steps in their own national interest… until the shooting started and then the whole thing blew.  I feel that coming now.

Islamic Republic of Iran: Divisions now appearing among national leaders (

The fall of the Mullahs cannot be anything but good… the question is what replaces their rule.







Specific to energy:

France’s Nuclear Headache Leaves Macron On Brink Of Rationing Electricity

First Third World.

Italy Plans an Energy U-Turn, A Comeback to Nuclear Power as Green Energies “Far From Sufficient”

Viva Italia!







Big Tech in general:

Amazon To Fire 18,000 Workers As Tech Layoffs Surge | ZeroHedge

At least at the layman level, I do not rejoice in people losing their jobs.  But given Amazon’s role in censorship – with book banning, etc. – I don’t exactly have much sympathy either.

Now do google.



Catch-all miscellaneous:

It’s Time To Tell The Truth About Colonialism In Africa (

A fascinating article and I’ll probably order the book.  Certainly things are a lot more… nuanced than one might care to admit.

Nevertheless, narratives that seek to portray indigenous populations as innocent — or “enlightened” in comparison to villainous Western settlers  — have little basis in history. As Gilley’s book demonstrates, native peoples were capable of great cruelties toward each other, and European intervention often curbed such evils as human sacrifice, misogyny, and slavery.

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Will Be Validated In 2023 | ZeroHedge

But will any revelation truly make a dent in the asleeple sheeple’s minds?



Concluding thoughts if I’m moved to comment:

There’s a joke my late father told me.  It singles out Catholics because of the punchline, but really it could be about anyone ignoring / wiping out misdeeds by their in-group, whether racial, religious, national, etc.  Certainly to some extent I’m guilty of that with respect to my fellow Jews, though – example here – I do try to police my own.  For whatever it’s worth.  So…

Two Catholic workmen were doing some repair work on a building, and from their work position they can see into the fenced-in parking lot of the local cat house.  In drove a car, and a local Evangelical pastor snuck in.  One man said to the other, “Such a shame to see a man of the cloth, even a non-Catholic, fallen like that”.  Day after day, people they’d know, or an actual religious person, would park and sneak in to similar comments between the two.

Finally, their local Catholic priest went in.  “Someone must be needing last rights if Father O’Sullivan is going in”.

Unwilling to see what is right in front of their faces, and rationalizing that truth away.

I see this in so many instances.  So many asleeple sheeple simply unable to think that people could be fallen and do bad things.  That doctors and other officials could lie to them about the Jab.  That their government could fail them, whether on the Jab or the economy or food shortages or whatever.

I fear that many people are in for a rude awakening.  And many will not survive, in part because they cannot make the mental switch to a changed world.  Resilience and adaptability will be the watchwords.







Palate cleansers:



And an old engineering saw: “If it doesn’t work, force it.  If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway”!



Given that my nickname for my ex is “Satan’s favorite daughter”, I LOLed.  I remember one time reading about a tornado touching down in the town where we used to live, and she still does… and being sinfully hopeful about a specific house having been scooped up.

No, I’m not bitter.  Why do you ask?




Please check out my MEME collections.  Here’s the last one.


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NYC Mayor Says Enough With The Huddled Masses Yearning To Be Free

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 22:00 +0000

Illegal Aliens have swarmed across the border into America, some with nothing but their iPhones and Nikes. Millions of them. Is that what the Democrats meant by a rising tide?

Breaching the sea wall of the southern border. Burying coastal cities with a change in their “climate.”

No. But border states and common destinations for illegal aliens have been asking for help. Democrats deny there’s a problem. In response, the deluged have been tossing buckets of them at places like New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Busses or planes full of “migrants” arrive to be welcomed in these sanctuary cities, and the Dems put on a brave face at first.


Would you believe it was a Democrat governor that was the final straw?


Jared Polis, Colorado’s Dem governor, called the NYC mayor on Monday night to inform him large numbers of migrants would be transported to the city.

Adams publicly criticized the plan on Tuesday morning and insisted New York has taken its fair share of migrants, adding: ‘There’s no more room at the inn.’

So, no more huddles masses, Mayor Adams?

Adams said during a radio appearance on Tuesday morning: ‘We were notified yesterday that the governor of Colorado is now stating that they are going to be sending migrants to places like New York and Chicago.

‘This is just unfair for local governments to have to take on this national obligation…

‘This has really impacted on the quality of life in New York, and our ability to provide everyday long-term New Yorkers on the needs that they have during this difficult time. So this must be addressed.’


Mayor Adams, who has seen only the tiniest drop from the tidal wave of border-crossers but says there’s no more room at the inn, has to know that it is millions of times worse down there.

Polis, to his credit, is asking for change.


Polis said: ‘No one should play politics with the lives of migrants who came here to escape oppression, and in Colorado, we are honoring our values of treating people with dignity and respect.


‘States and cities cannot continue to bear this burden alone and Congress needs to finally step up – we need an immediate route to work permits, and to finally enact better border security and immigration reform.’


He’s one voice on the Left. Will it encourage more?



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It’s Not Getting Warmer …

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 20:30 +0000

NOAA predicted a drier, warmer winter in the Northeast this season. Depending on where you are, it might be warmer but not drier. From Buffalo to the Eastern Seaboard, precipitation, whether rain or snow, has been above average.

Related: CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL… It is Just Not Created by Humans.

Kudos to the partisan geeks at NOAA for being half-right so far unless New England gets to being New England. If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.  There’s also a chance NOAA could be wrong on temperature and right on precipitation. Maybe either way on both. Winter just started. But the warmer trends inspire the climate cultists to peep their pointy heads out of their tiny holes and squeak “global warming.”

I know it’s climate change; because it is not always warming, and acting locally means ignoring everything beyond your own horizon to push the socialist prescriptions for what ails us; freedom.

But since the end of the solar maximum, if you’d like to insist it is about the temperature, temps in the lower atmosphere have not just stabilized; they’ve begun to trend downward.



US surface temperature averages also show a noticeable downward trend.


Related: Climate: If The Science Is Settled, Why Do They Keep Changing It?

NOAA and NASA think the current solar minimum could last up to 35 years or more. It is a situation that will begin to have a more noticeable impact on not just graphs and charts but ordinary joe and jane’s day-to-day. It is why I have postulated that the progs are pushing so much money into an energy transition. If they can get it on the books it will be harder to roll back when spring starts later, and fall ends sooner.

And for the record, that transition has nothing to do with climate. It’s a deliberate shift in fiscal resources away from donors who might give money to opponents to those who would give to them. And yes, you can argue that maybe Republicans support fossil fuels for a similar reason, except for this.

Cheap, abundant energy is good for business, growth, innovation, mobility, and technology (including lower emissions tech), and it ensures people can afford to stay warm without having to announce their featly to their government. It creates independence.

The so-called green alternatives are not green and can’t even replace what we have now. The green future is brown and black. From offshoring emissions and tax dollars to human rights violating second and third-world dictators to a nation that can’t charge its cars and keep the lights on or the hearth warm, there utopia is not bright.

It’s dark. And that is where they want to keep you, in the dark.



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The FBI Is Starting to Look a Bit Like the KGB

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 19:00 +0000

For my uninformed readers, communist Russia had this organization called the KGB. Its responsibility was to support the communist party. KGB is short for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti – which translates to Committee for State Security.

Hmm…Committee for State Security? Isn’t that what the FBI does – advance the security of the state, which every communist understands to be the security of the party? 

Recently it seems that the FBI is willing to go to any length to protect the party – the Democrat National Committee.

The FBI has destroyed evidence of crimes committed by party officials. During the Clinton email investigation, the feds destroyed computers and cell phones at the request of the party official running for President, who also happened to be the target of the investigation – Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The FBI fabricated evidence against officials working for the RNC. That would be people promoting a candidate to prevent the American communists from getting 4 more years of power. An FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, actually changed an email to mean the exact opposite of its intended message – to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign.

After the 2016 election, the FBI participated in a coup attempt against a duly elected president – because he was not of the preferred party. They triggered the appointment of a special counsel to investigate a crime that they knew never happened. They used the investigation, not the existence of any actual evidence, to taint the administration and support attempts to remove the President from office.

In the lead-up to the 2020 election, the FBI hid evidence of crimes by the party’s candidate for President, Joseph Robinette Biden. When the existence of a laptop containing evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption became known, the FBI kept its possession of the laptop secret and worked with social media companies to kill any public disclosure of the evidence. An FBI disinformation operation claimed that the laptop was a Russian disinformation operation. Now we know that the information on the laptop is genuine. its information is almost as disturbing as the lengths to which the FBI went to hide it.

The FBI has also instigated crimes where they would be of political benefit. The bureau used paid human sources to organize a kidnapping attempt against Gretchen Whitmer – another high-level party official. FBI assets recruited the conspirators, did all of the planning, and provided all of the resources. They then arrested the people they had recruited and called them Trump supporters – at the time Donald Trump was running for reelection.

Since the DNC victory of 2020, the FBI has continued its work to consolidate party power. 

hey’ve initiated a nationwide search for political dissidents – those who supported the election of Donald Trump. They’ve tracked down thousands of people and interviewed them – not for committing any crime, but for attending an opposition political rally. Such affronts to the party must be discouraged.

The FBI has implemented the infrastructure to track anyone opposing party initiatives. Bureau databases now categorize and track anyone who has the temerity to challenge what the party is teaching their children. Nobody shall be allowed to interfere with the party’s indoctrination of new party members. Parents are now subject to suspicion, intimidation, and harassment.

Signs of patriotism also run counter to the party narrative. Such displays have been designated potential signs of domestic terrorism – as they are seen to challenge government hegemony. Law enforcement agencies have been advised to watch for Betsy Ross and Gadsden flags. They’ve also been warned that people questioning the 2020 election, government COVID protocols, or federal overreach are potential threats.

The FBI has implemented the infrastructure to collaborate with social media companies to control public information, and access private information. They have assigned up to 80 agents to interface with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, and others.

All of that should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that law enforcement is no longer the FBI’s primary focus. We know that the bureau received a tip that the activities of the Tsarnaev brothers was troubling – before they bombed the Boston Marathon. Do you suppose the FBI had 80 agents looking into the activities of the Tsarnaev brothers? Did they assign any undercover assets to infiltrate the plot? 

The fact that they would detail a large number of agents to censor speech, but not to investigate a terrorism tip says something about the bureau’s priorities – no? It seems the FBI will only do criminal justice if it doesn’t get in the way of other projects.

Thanks to the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter, we’re getting a glimpse of what the FBI has been up to. We know that the bureau was using Twitter to access private information. Does anyone doubt that it was using other social media companies to do the same?

Thanks to modern technology those companies know where we are, and what we’re doing – 24/7. Have you eaten at a restaurant and then received a text asking you to rate the experience? Our phones track our movements and report to the tech giants. How do you think the feds knew that Mike Lindell was at a fast-food drive through when they decided to seize his cell phone – for questioning the integrity of the 2020 election? Social media companies are tracking every move we make. Can you see that such information could be dangerous in the hands of a power-hungry bureaucrat seeking to advance the interests of the party?

Are you comfortable with the FBI knowing when you

  • Visit a target range?
  • Travel between states?
  • Send an email about politics to a friend?
  • Donate to a social cause not aligned with party interests?
  • Attend a social function in which a MAGA donor may be present?

The feds want all of that information, and we’ve learned that they are inclined to use it for the worst of purposes – not for the equal application of the law.

The FBI is starting to look a bit like the old Soviet KGB – more focused on advancing party interests than criminal justice. Luckily, they haven’t “disappeared” any of the party opposition yet. Oh, wait. I forgot about the US citizens placed in solitary confinement, without bail, for the indiscretion of trespassing on property that their taxes paid for – on January 6, 2021.

I have a few questions for the FBI leadership. How many Soviets believed the KGB was a legitimate law enforcement agency? How many Americans believe the FBI is a legitimate law enforcement agency? (Hint: a recent Rasmussen poll found that 53 percent of Americans consider the FBI to be Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo.) Is trust in the FBI growing or shrinking? Can the FBI continue to function without the trust of the people it is charged to serve? By the way, where is the KGB now?



John Green | The Bue State Conservative

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Memory Lane: Remember How They Tried to Treat the Unvaccinated?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 17:30 +0000

A new debate has risen across the social media landscape. Not just not forgiving them but returning their “kindness: in kind. I’m speaking about how the vaxxed ‘treated’ or talked about the unvaccinated.

Related; New Research Confirms Almost No One Was in Grave Danger from COVID-19


Now that it’s becoming more difficult for this Cult to hide the truth about their unsafe-ineffective “bottle of piss,” peddled as the cure for COVID … there are those among the unvaccinated who are pondering a bit of revenge. Not me. At least not the rank-and-file stooges. Not anyone who was forced to get The Jab to keep their incomes, careers, and benefits (like insurance). Even the high-profile fanatics deserve some measure of pity. That’s the word. They bragged about getting vaccinated. They used words like anti-science or anti-vaccine or labeled us deniers. A few scratched that totalitarian itch.

And we know who you are. You were not shy. And I get that a few folks might want revenge. But I think the vaccine* and natural selection (another threat from the pro-vax fascists) will take care of that for us. It’s not safe. It wasn’t effective. It has loads of side effects, some deadly, but in many cases, it just makes you more susceptible to COVID the more you get COVID.

They will become the lepers, the burdens on health care, stuck with vaccine-tainted blood that might do nothing to make matters worse.


And I want to be precise. I don’t wish any of this on any of them. I hope those spike protein detox programs work and folks get connected to someone in health care who is not aping the industrial complex line to save their own career. You know, get real care, and maybe learn a thing or two about how we were all being manipulated and that refusing to be a lab rat wasn’t a crime.

Related: CDC Identified Hundreds of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Signals – Ignored Them or Hid Them

It was the right course of action.

While we wait for that to happen, and for some, it will take forever, here are a few pics and videos culled from Twitter (mostly here) to remind us of how the world felt about those of us who refused to be human test subjects for an experimental vaccine* we clearly did not need.

And please, feel free to add yours or those you find in the comments, especially from the local covid-cultists. We enjoy being an archive for such things so here’s an opportunity for that.




















And some video:




HT | Not the Bee

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Power From the People

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 16:00 +0000

We’ve all heard or seen the slogan, “Power to the People,” but it gets things almost completely backwards.

The word “TO” is the wrong word, by far.

Under the system and principles of the founders and old revolutionaries, all power comes FROM the people.

They don’t need to ask for it. They don’t need to beg for it. And they don’t need to demand they get it as a gift from government, or get it back at all.

They just need to take it.

George Mason put it this way in 1775:

“In all our associations; in all our agreements let us never lose sight of this fundamental maxim – that all power was originally lodged in, and consequently is derived from, the people. We should wear it as a breastplate, and buckle it on as our armour.”

This view represented one of the most important principles of the American Revolution. That is, sovereignty – or supreme and final authority – is with the people, not the government.

James Otis, Jr kicked things off – “the beginning of the controversy” with his 1761 speech against the Writs of Assistance, where he forcefully made the case that “an act against the constitution is void.”

If government holds final authority – they get to determine whether or not they violate their own constitution – and the constitution isn’t supreme, the government is.

Sounds familiar today, doesn’t it?

Of course, the British didn’t agree with the revolutionaries, not even close. But in the years to follow, Otis, along with John Dickinson, Samuel Adams and many others kept hammering home this concept of sovereignty belonging with the people rather than “the king in Parliament.”

Thomas Jefferson prominently incorporated this view in the Declaration of Independence:

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it

But it didn’t end with the end of the Revolution. In fact, these principles were just as prominent – if not more so – during the ratification debates over the Constitution.

James Wilson reminded the Pennsylvania ratifying convention that, in the American system, the people were always at the top of the food chain. It wasn’t a document that made it so:

“The truth is, that, in our governments, the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power remains in the people.” [emphasis in original]

In Federalist 49, James Madison, quoting Thomas Jefferson, reiterated this essential principle:

”As the people are the only legitimate fountain of power, and it is from them that the constitutional charter, under which the several branches of government hold their power, is derived, it seems strictly consonant to the republican theory, to recur to the same original authority, not only whenever it may be necessary to enlarge, diminish, or new-model the powers of the government, but also whenever any one of the departments may commit encroachments on the chartered authorities of the others.”

Here we get to the foundation.

If the people hold “supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power,” they certainly have the right to “alter or abolish,” as the Declaration of Independence so eloquently stated.

But, it’s also up to them to keep the branches of the federal government in check – “whenever” any of them goes beyond the limits of the Constitution.

Jefferson reminded us of this in the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798:

the Government created by this compact was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the constitution, the measure of its powers

Here’s the short version:

If the people of the several states are sovereign – and hold final authority –

They create a set of rules for government in a constitution.
And they are the ones to enforce the limits of their constitution on their government
Instead of waiting for the government to stop doing the things they weren’t supposed to be doing in the first place.
Mercy Otis Warren put it this way in 1788:

“The origin of all power is in the people, and they have an incontestible right to check the creatures of their own creation.”

And in the 4th of his influential Fabius letters, John Dickinson asked the essential question, what is to be done with a “bad administration?”

The “penman of the Revolution” told us that “the answer is instantly found … before the supreme sovereignty of the people.”

He continued, ALL CAPS in the original:


Ultimately, it’s not about people asking – or even demanding that those who wield power give it back, or return it, or loan it out.

It’s up to the people to exercise their rights – to protect and preserve their own constitution and their own liberty – whether the government wants them to or not.



| Published with Permission From The Tenght Amendment Center

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Extinction Rebellion Decides To Stop Gluing Themselves To Things

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 14:30 +0000

Extinction Rebellion takes mainstream climate money to appear edgy and different. They are actually just another social justice movement using fake-climate fearmongering to push left-wing cultural engineering. A milquetoast indifference they’ve worked hard to overcome.

They love street theater and even contemplated public suicides to get attention, but you’ll recognize them as the ass hats who most recently glue themselves to things or block bridges.

Someone in the UK divission of ER (surprised more of them have not ended up in the ER) is trying a new approach. The shift will “prioritise relationships over roadblocks.”

The new plan is to disrupt the government.


A new year resolution to “prioritise attendance over arrest and relationships over roadblocks”, was spelled out in a 1 January statement titled “We quit”, which said “constantly evolving tactics is a necessary approach”.

The group admitted the move would be controversial. Other environmental protest groups, such as Just Stop Oil, have stepped up direct actions, notably throwing paint at art masterpieces.


People who joined to watch the world burn from wherever they glued themselves will probably migrate to the more aggressive groups, but there’s something to be said for disrupting the government. Progressive brick throwers used to always show up at global events and … throw bricks. It was a right of passage. Pick a global forum with world leaders, and they showed up like followers of the Grateful Dead (just not as mellow).

Now that the resistance is about promoting whatever the state says, they need something else to do. Groups like Extinction Rebellion fill the gaps. Wear this red dress and draw an hourglass on your hand. We’ll supply the coffin.

But what to do now that they are no longer harassing innocent civilians? Sure, getting “involved” in what your government is doing is great unless you’re a Trump Supporter in DC on Jan 6.


“In a time when speaking out and taking action are criminalised, building collective power, strengthening in number and thriving through bridge-building is a radical act,” the group said.


Sorry that was Extinction Rebellion again, and it sounds like they are hoping to stir the political waters a bit. As a favored constituency, I’m sure the MPs will welcome their input.

I confess, I can’t wait to see what that looks like.


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Let’s Have Rep Thomas Massie (R-KY), age 52, As Speaker of the House

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 13:00 +0000

When I have run for Congress (three times), I have announced how I would honor the Constitution. I would, for example, sponsor bills to get rid of the Department of Education and to modify the War Powers Act.

I would vote against interfering in other countries. I would not be sending huge funds to Israel. I would try to put some DoJ people behind bars. I would oppose sanctions against Russia.

I thought my ideas were anathema to the House, but I have now found that Rep Tom Massie. He is a cattle rancher from Kentucky with a Master’s degree from MIT (not in cattle-ranching, but in electrical engineering), who has already stood for those propositions. He is often a vote of ONE, or he votes with a few on such issues.

I hereby nominate him for Speaker. I had already nominated myself for that job to show that a layperson can constitutionally be the Speaker of the House. (Don’t worry, it is settled law, and on five occasions, a non-member of the House has been nominated.)

At first glance, Massie lacks Republican support, seeing as how he was rarely joined in his votes for bills. And maybe he won’t win the love of enough Dems, as he opposes Obamacare and is Climate-change hesitant. (Remember he’s from MIT). But you can never be sure.

It may be that many others have been dying to do what Massie does but felt prevented from disagreeing with colleagues. Please see my Jan 4, 2023 article on that at entitled “The No-Party Party.”

I think Parties have been a curse. The power of “the Party leader” creates yet one more overwhelming force. It has held back many reps from voting the way their constituents want them to vote.

I should point out that my offer to be Speaker had nothing to do with the bills listed above. On the contrary, I wanted to rid the Speaker’s job of its undue claim to be policy-oriented. The Speaker is a coordinator of votes, not a spokesman for his/her legislative preference.

British diplomat John C Coleman in his 1992 book “The Conspirators’ Hierarchy,” said the late Lloyd Cutler (US Executive branch) had been tasked by the globalists with morphing Congress into a Westminster system. Yes, Cutler did a fab job, aided by the propagandist media.

So why do I propose Tom Massie as Speaker? Because Kevin McCarthy seems to have lost his bid, which is causing people to actually have some new thoughts!

Allow me to hold forth on the freedom of each Congressperson, a freedom almost unknown to the public, thanks to the media’s presentation of Congress as Westminster-like, where the Party in power can get anything it wants when the leader snaps his/her finger.

Freedom of the House

The Legislative Branch of government is the strongest branch, per the US Constitution, insofar as it can impeach members of the other two branches. It can pass laws by getting a simple majority from both chambers, House and Senate, plus a signature from the Oval Office.

The House runs its own shop (as does the Senate, separately) as far as procedures are concerned. The House makes Rules for its smooth running which are not laws and which can be altered at any time by a majority vote in that chamber alone.

For instance, whatever you think is a firm rule about the way to assign reps to committees, is not a firm rule at all. It can be scrapped and replaced. Or maybe we should not even have committees. They are not in the Constitution. (I don’t mean they are unconstitutional, just not mandated by the dear parchment.)

So right now, as the new 118th Congress’ House members are sitting there, a bit confused about “the McCarthy debacle,” they are getting a good lesson in the freedom of all 435 members. Each one counts.

See? the intimidating aspect of a Party has been removed from the room. A few Republicans said No to McCarthy and so the robot-like march into repetition of tradition has been ended. “Eeks, what should we do now?”

Actually, they could do nothing, just for fun. They could prop up a cardboard Speaker at the podium and vote to allow members — alphabetically, say, or by date of birth — to take turns being Speaker one week at a time. Or whatever.

Just to debate that, they would soon see that it has no Party tradition, and they can think for themselves. Wow! Maybe reds could be happy talking to blues. You never know.

As I said, constitutionally, the US should not even have a “Party in power.” The People are in power. Isn’t that gorgeous?

Please check the Wikipedia entry on Rep Thomas Massie, for his amazing career.


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Matt Gaetz Explains The Hold Up in the Vote to Elect a Speaker in the US House

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 11:30 +0000

To quote myself, from a piece published last night at NH Journal, “Everyone runs on bringing change to Washington DC, but nothing changes. Maybe the folks forgot what change might look like or what was required to get it, and now that it’s here, they find they don’t have the stomach for it.


“And what’s the worst thing that could happen? Nothing? That’s probably the best thing that could happen. An idle legislature can’t do more harm especially given the current balance in Congress where the only things to get done will be things Democrats want and Republicans who vote for $1.7 trillion stimulus bills might support.

“Until then, we get what looks to some like a slap-fight at a cotillion. But if you don’t want anyone to stand up to leadership that acts like a super-spreader for the Georgetown flu, why bother telling people we need change in Washington?”


Sununu thinks they look like morons, but he’s a machine stooge. ‘Most observers,’ again from the NHJ piece, “say the scene from the floor of the House sends a signal of chaos and incompetence that undermines the GOP’s ability to lead.” Are they machine stooges too?

I know; our own Ray Cardello thinks it’s embarrassing. But if the Democrats were taking a serious look in favor of someone else, the media would have a different discussion. It would be about moving forward, progressing, and getting young ideas into an old institution. Remember the rules. Whatever the Dems and the media are saying, the opposite is often the case.

This is how “democracy” works. It is deliberate about conflict, disagreement, and dragging your opponents to your table and your side. And in this case, to get something for your constituents. How does it look if they rubber-stamp a guy who has been in leadership for 14 years?

Do we have any term-limits supporters out there saying this looks bad?

Do we have any Trump supporters who laughed when he tipped over apple carts, saying this looks bad?

Washington needs to change. This is just a snapshot of what that should look like. A handful of holdouts refuse to budge on something in principle even if it means nothing else gets done, which is a win when it comes to Washington.

Here’s Matt Gaetz explaining why McCarthy isn’t his choice, and I have to say, I agree.


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To A Wonderful 2023

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 02:30 +0000

Praise be to the core of goodness that binds us as devoted lovers of American values. This nation is bleeding under the dark cloak of a tyrant(s).

Since the election(s) of Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, the left has lost its collective mind. They have gone into a stage of sheer lunacy and have not returned. Yet, Americans shall overcome the poison that curses us and turn away from the doctrine of Marxism and destruction to our way of life and construction. People like you hold the key and promise for our homeland’s revival and its complete freedom from the yolk of ignorance that has created great hardship for millions of Americans.

Freedom may suffer retreats periodically and tyranny may advance occasionally. Yet, free people everywhere must meet any challenge and pay any price to safeguard the precious treasure of freedom for themselves and the next generation.

To A Wonderful 2023
Happy New Year,

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You Should Only Mate with Shorter People?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2023-01-05 01:00 +0000

The New York Times, “everything fit to print” fame, came up with this doozy by Mara Altman. Seems Mara believes “mating with shorter people is a step towards a greener planet’ since smaller individuals are “inherent conservationists.”

Related: Tall People are Killing The Planet

So here is her rationale: Taller people take up more resources, food, water, and energy but die earlier, while shorter people live longer.

Wondering if Mara is president of the Hobbit Rights Foundation International, or something. Okay, kind of a cheap shot but doesn’t it seem logical that if shorter people live longer than taller they will consume resources longer thus the overall consumption of those resources will pretty much equal out?

I don’t know who does these kinds of studies or why papers like the Times print them. It would seem to me they open themselves up to accusations of racism, considering blacks tend to be taller on average than not.

I suppose the editors risk a backlash from the environmentalists, on the other hand, if they fail to publish even if this theory has something of a glaring hole in it.

This is the kind of rock and a hard place, darned if they do, darned if they don’t, the liberal world often finds itself in. Consistently inconsistent is a term I often apply to them. Say one thing one day and then the opposite another day.

For instance, global warming. Thirty years ago, Al Gore assured us the world was doomed unless we took drastic action. The Arctic Ocean would be ice-free, tundra would thaw, releasing billions of gallons of methane gas poisoning the atmosphere, and coastal cities around the world would be underwater by 2012.

Little has changed, except now those experts are admitting these global changes take long periods of time so all of us who have challenged their theory have to be patient. Right like a thousand years or so?

How about another gem?

All white people are inherently racist. If history is correct, the only major culture that ever identified slavery for the evil it is and fought wars to abolish and make it illegal were white European Christians. The left ignores the black African princes who sold all those blacks to slavers in the first place.

Many current cultures still engage in slavery, including China, N. Korea, several Muslim nations, and a number of totalitarians that just call it by other names. These are generally excused by the liberal left. It’s only we white Americans who are evil, racist, and said to be an irredeemable race and culture.

I reject the left’s hateful accusations, and I’m proud of my people’s history. We evolved, grew, and overcame past evils, and there are few others who can say the same. We are not perfect, nor is any other, but many of us keep trying to improve in spite of the left’s best efforts to drive us back into the darkness. Hopefully, they will not prevail.


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Omnibus Bill Signed Into Law, Includes 1.7 Trillion More Reasons To Secede

The Liberty Block - Wed, 2023-01-04 23:30 +0000

Congress is supposed to pass 12 separate spending bills each year for the various areas of the government, including the military, healthcare, and other major programs. But the politicians shove nearly every one of their desires into an annual ‘omnibus’ bill, which they all know is going to pass into law. Congress passed the 4000-page bill...

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What A Difference A Decade Makes …

Granite Grok - Wed, 2023-01-04 23:30 +0000

Dear bitter-clingers, remember the midterm results in 2010?  Let me refresh your memory … the GOP won 298 seats in the New Hampshire House. The political macro-environment was at least as favorable to Republicans in 2022 as it was in 2010 … indeed, it was arguably MORE favorable. Yet in 2022 the GOP lost seats, and barely maintained a nominal majority.

When you look at a FACT like this, and the Democrat takeover of federal elections in New Hampshire between 2010 and the present …the only rational conclusion is that the State is rapidly turning blue. All the institutional voter fraud that exists today ALSO existed in 2010. So that is NOT an actual rebuttal.

There are only two rational paths … IF you REALLY want to live in a Red State. The first is to move to a Red State or a Purple State and make it even redder. The second … if you don’t want to leave New Hampshire … is to move to a Red or Purple Town and make it redder … by getting heavily involved in local politics. That is, create a red enclave within Blue Hampshire.

These are your only choices.



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Republicans Turn a Win Into an Embarrassment

Granite Grok - Wed, 2023-01-04 22:00 +0000

The midterms did not produce the tsunami or red wave that most people predicted. The Republicans did not achieve the majority they hoped for, and the Democrats still controlled the Senate.

In the House, we have a slim majority of 222 Representatives; slim but still a controlling majority. All the Republicans had to do on Day 1 of the session was have a vote, elect Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, take the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi, and get to work. Simple? Yes. Could they get it done? Hell, NO.

Kevin McCarthy did not succeed on the first two ballots. Before casting a third, futile vote, the House adjourned for the day to go into council to negotiate a resolution to the demands of a block of Republicans preventing a successful vote. There have been over 20 concessions by McCarthy, but not enough to swing their votes. They are holding out for more and the Party hostage. When McCarthy directly confronted Perry, the de facto leader of the holdouts, and asked him exactly what they wanted to end this fiasco, Perry had no answer.

Kevin McCarthy may not be the perfect choice for Speaker. Many would prefer a more conservative leader, but McCarthy has proven himself effective as Minority Leader. He oversaw recruiting strong candidates and raised millions of dollars for the 2020 and 2022 elections. He even raised money for those who are now trying to undermine him from taking the gavel. The longer this stalemate goes on, the more embarrassing it becomes. If the Republicans are not careful, the House could elect Hakeem Jeffries, the Progressive Representative from New York, who could garner enough votes to become the Speaker.

The 20 GOP representatives who voted against McCarthy are Biggs, Reps. Dan Bishop of North Carolina, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Josh Bechreen of Oklahoma, Michael Cloud of Texas, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Eli Crane of Arizona, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Bob Good of Virginia, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Andy Harris of Maryland, Ana Paulina Luna of Florida, Mary Miller of Illinois, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Andy Ogles of Tennessee, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Matt Rosendale of Montana, Chip Roy of Texas, Keith Self of Texas, and Byron Donalds of Florida.

Most of these Reps are unknowns and lower-tier Congressmen. Their efforts are seen as self-serving by narcissistic individuals grasping at a way to improve their notoriety. That may work for them, but that notoriety may be negative if this goes on too long. They are playing into the hands of the Democrats, who must be enjoying every minute of the Red Dysfunction. McCarthy needs to convince sixteen of these twenty to change their votes. I do not see that happening.

The best scenario at this point may be to convince Jim Jordan (R-OH) that he is the right man to solve this situation. Jordan is, in my opinion, the strongest Republican in the House. He is my choice to run with DeSantis for the White House in 2024. He claims he does not want the job, but it may not be his choice.

Whether McCarthy, Jordan, or some compromise Republican, we need to end this game of chicken before the Republican majority is led by a Democrat Speaker. The voters will never forgive them if this happens. This outcome would be the worst-case scenario and kill any chance of the Republicans making gains against the Progressive Biden agenda.

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Injustice in NH State Courts Now Guarantees Injustice with NH Federal Prosecutions – Conflicts of Interest Rule

Granite Grok - Wed, 2023-01-04 20:30 +0000

In November 2021 Geoffrey Ward, assistant Attorney General – after Gordon MacDonald moved up to the position of New Hampshire’s Supreme Court Chief Justice – deleted the files of approximately 28 police officers whose names were on the Laurie List.

We want to thank Claire Best for this Contribution – Please direct yours to
You can review our ‘Op-Ed Guidelines‘ on the FAQ Page.

The mission statement for the New Hampshire Department of Justice reads as follows:

The mission of the department is to serve the people of New Hampshire with diligence, independence and integrity by performing the constitutional, statutory and common law duties of the Attorney General as the State’s chief legal officer and chief law enforcement officer, to seek to do justice in all prosecutions, to provide the State with legal representation and counsel of the highest quality, to protect the State’s environment and the rights of its consumers, and to provide supervision and leadership of New Hampshire law enforcement.
Geoffrey Ward was also responsible for the Office of Public Integrity within the Attorney General’s Office. He sorted out a generous plea deal with no jail time for Judge Julie Introcaso, who pled guilty to a felony.  Julie Introcaso had been chair of New Hampshire’s Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Council. Geoffrey Ward, I had been assured by assistant AG Jane Young in December 2020 would answer my concerns regarding the misconduct of Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin, whose egregious failures are documented in criminal trial proceedings yet were rewarded by the New Hampshire Police, Fire & EMS Foundation in 2016 It was the same year that corrupt sex crimes police officer James F McLaughlin was rewarded for his lifetime achievement of dishonest tactics which have kept Father Gordon MacRae incarcerated and denied justice since 1994. John Scippa of Police Standards and Training forwarded my complaint regarding Julie Curtin to Jane Young. I did point out to John Scippa that the AG’s office had a conflict of interest: Julie Curtin was working in the AG’s office at the time. She has now left the AG’s office and works in the Epping Police Department, where teenagers will be subjected to her dishonest tactics – tactics of a tainted sex crimes unit which appear to have been a concern for DA Robin Davis per reports surrounding Jennifer Adams v Robin Davis. Now Geoffrey Ward moves up the ladder to become federal prosecutor alongside Scott Murray, former US Attorney and former DA for Merrimack County who gobbled up Julie Curtin’s corrupt practices to prosecute Owen Labrie for a State political coup yielding millions of dollars in rewards and lucrative civil suits relying on the dishonest investigation & representation as well as career advancement for several. The Attorney General’s spokesperson commented: “It’s good cross-pollination,” said Garrity, adding the move solidifies a strong relationship between state and federal prosecutors in New Hampshire.”   Who do Geoffrey Ward and Scott Murray work with? Jane Young, former Assistant Attorney General and now US Attorney. The New Hampshire US Attorney’s office statement reads:
The United States Attorney for the District of New Hampshire is the state’s chief federal law enforcement officer. The office prosecutes criminal cases brought by the Federal government, prosecutes and defends civil cases in which the United States is a party, and enforces the collection of debts owed to the Federal government. The United States Attorney’s Office works to foster strategic partnerships with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as other members of the community, to have a positive impact on the quality of life for all New Hampshire residents. Can the AG’s office or the NH US Attorney’s office begin to quantify to the citizens of New Hampshire the “positive impact on the quality of life for all New Hamsphire residents”?
Jane Young shook hands with former Monsignor Edward Arsenault as he pled guilty to theft and fraud of the Diocese of Manchester. He was transferred from Concord men’s prison to Keene County Jail upon arrival and then had his restitution of approximately $300,000 paid off in full before he was released after a few short years with a new name (Edward Bolognini), new position with a new non-profit (ReServe). Jane Young presided over the grand jury criminal investigation into St Paul’s School which the State then decided to keep secret despite the school’s waiver of privacy. Yet, miraculously, who should get information from the grand jury investigation?  Former NH Supreme Court Chief Justice Chuck Douglas who was able to get rich off several ambulance-chasing lawsuits against the school with the help of Julie Curtin and the NHCADSV who the State claims is a private entity yet which receives less than 1% of its funding from private donations – the rest coming from the State budget. Of course, it was Chuck Douglas, former NH Supreme Court Chief Justice and current Chair of NH Judicial Selection Committee who filed the Jennifer Adams v DA Robin Davis hostile environment suit, which resulted in $165K payout to Jennifer Adams because Robin Davis allegedly made her cry and $35K to Chuck Douglas’ law firm. It was the Griffin Furlotte investigation apparently that triggered the disagreement between Jennifer Adams and Robin Davis. A teenage girl testified that police, public officials, and administrators had lied to her, bullied her, stalked her, and force-fed her enumerated versions of events between her and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Griffin Furlotte. She didn’t get $165K of public money. She had her life turned into a nightmare while Griffin Furlotte was held in jail in pretrial detention and treated as a “monster.” Both teens likely to spend the rest of their lives with PTSD from the experience.
“For months, I was jerked around by the staff at Pembroke Academy, local police and officials involved with the investigation,” she said. “I was manipulated, lied to, kept in the dark and force fed enumerated versions of events that supposedly happened between griffin and I.”
How is any member of the public supposed to have any faith whatsoever in the NH Judicial system, either at the State or Federal level? It’s a revolving door kleptocracy of dishonest police, prosecutors, and collaborators protected by the AG’s office, the New Hampshire Supreme Court Chief Justice, the NH US Attorney and the NH Federal Prosecutors. There is no accountability, no responsibility to anyone except those in their own club. Decades of files regarding child abuse at YDC disappear. Decades of files of police corruption are kept hidden. Decades of reports of child abuse and misconduct. Taxpayers cough up for all of this while members of the judiciary and their attorney & police officer pals get rich with their interests in Children’s Advocacy Centers and CASA NH. The stagnant club reported in 1999 in the Washington Post still goes strong, with the same people getting rich off public funds and private scams while children and families pay to suffer.
There has been widespread dissatisfaction for some time in New Hampshire, they say, with the state’s clubby, closed-door method of handling complaints against judges and other lawyers.
Isn’t it interesting that a Company in Hong Kong called Morning Gate CASA NH has a registered address in Concord, New Hampshire? Who filed a financial statement of interest in CASA NH? Caroline Douglas – legal counsel for the NH Department of Revenue. She filed it for her and Michael Delaney, former AG who coincidentally represented Julie Introcaso. Introcaso who ordered GAL Kathleen Sternenberg to be paid with Apple Pay and who whited out judicial documents. Pandora Papers, anyone?

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Woman Who Was a Man That Stalked and Murdered an Ex-Girlfriend Executed as a Woman

Granite Grok - Wed, 2023-01-04 19:00 +0000

Here’s something you won’t see every day but that I expect we might be seeing more often. A man who identifies as a woman (Amber McLaughlin) was executed for murder in Missouri on Tuesday.


A Missouri inmate was put to death Tuesday for a 2003 killing, in what is believed to be the first execution of a transgender woman in the U.S.

Amber McLaughlin, 49, was convicted of stalking and killing a former girlfriend, then dumping the body near the Mississippi River in St. Louis. McLaughlin’s fate was sealed earlier Tuesday when Republican Gov. Mike Parson declined a clemency request.


AP notes that since the resumption of the death penalty in the mid-seventies, 1558 people have received some form of state execution (deserving or not), of which 17 were women. That’s 1.09% of the total, nearly double the average healthy adult’s odds of dying from COVID-19. So, not a prominent figure, no matter what size the trans woman is.

Should we expect that percentage of trans woman executions to rise with the dysfunctional cultural tide?

I suppose it must.

Trans women come in two varieties. There are those with gender dysphoria, of which there are certainly a few, with a mental illness for which transition is prescribed but won’t always “cure.” Then there are those that will pretend to gain access to women in what were once safer spaces. The latter may or may not post-conviction persist in their parody; there are, after all, more women in the women’s prison. If the government is content to shack you up with your criminal vice, then who are you to object? You’re already in jail.

Mathematically, you are taking men who are not uncomfortable violating established mores and labeling them, penis appended or not, as another one of the girls. Sooner or later, enough of them will do enough terrible things in places with the Death Penalty that it will add up.

Amber is the Yuri Gagarin of space flight, the Neil Armstrong of moonwalks, or Barry Soetoro of Oval Office occupiers. Another first that only a man could be allowed to accomplish. The first man executed as a woman.

You’d think the lefties would be screaming for some red flag law for that before it gets out of hand.

I guess congratulations are in order. The transgender spectrum has its first death row execution.

Have they made a flag for that yet?



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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Wed, 2023-01-04 17:30 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.  Certain about a Friday Overflow-Overflow.  So let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***






Could this judge’s ruling be the dark herald of forced Jabs?  I have zero doubt it will be so leveraged if they can.  Take action to make sure they can’t!

COVID Tyranny: Federal Judge Rules ‘Public Safety’ Overrides Personal Medical Autonomy – PJ Media



And all my Covid-related cartoons here:

CARTOON: We Trusted the Science – Granite Grok








This is actually very thought-provoking.










It’s coming.  There’s no stopping what can’t be stopped.  Get ready.

Survival Sunday – Sunday PREP Edition – Granite Grok

Survival Sunday – Thursday SITREP Edition – Granite Grok








I believe I’ve said this before, but… there’s a scene close to the end of Planet of the Apes where Dr. Zaius, one of the intellectuals of the ape society, warns the main character Taylor “… you might not like what you find…” as the latter goes off into the forbidden zone.  The same warning holds true here.  Despite over 100 million murdered civilians and poverty every time it’s tried, they’re missionaries for their Lord Marx.  And if they succeed, they won’t like what they find.



See this article:

Ignorance Supports Propagandization – Liberty’s Torch (

Also, don’t forget this video about how the history of Communism has been not just ignored, but whitewashed:








What’s in your food?








Pick of the post:



It’s not just that this is true.  It’s that so many asleeple sheeple will not – CAN not – acknowledge that they were wrong.  And get angry at you for being right even as they cannot consciously admit it.

And when the fit hits the shan economically, when the injuries and deaths from The Jab become undeniable, when the 15 minute cities become prisons they cannot escape, and so on, their fury will be hottest towards – not those who did it – but we, the “unwashed deplorables” for being able to see what their superior intellects missed.



Remember, they view themselves as smarter, more educated, more noble, and just plain better people.  It’s not just that their egos can’t handle being wrong, it’s that they will not be able to assimilate that the very people they looked down on with dripping disdain were right… that we warned them time and again to their scorning dismissal… and with respect to The Jab specifically, were right and are going to live and procreate, while they won’t and their Jabbed descendants will be the end of their genetic lines.

On that day when their collective conscience truly grasps this, beware.  I expect their fury will exceed that of a scorned woman.



“People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right—especially if events prove you right while proving them wrong.”

― Thomas Sowell, Is Reality Optional?: And Other Essays







“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.”

— Ayn Rand


“Never underestimate the power of the human mind to believe what it wants to believe, no matter the conflicting evidence.”

― Brian Herbert, House Harkonnen




Palate cleansers:



I think he’s done this before…



What’s really important?  This.



Grounded.  For life.  No, wait, life plus ten years.



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