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Orwell Warned Us

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 12:00 +0000

George Orwell did not write his book about a single day, he wrote it about a mindset of control.

“He who controls the past controls the future.”
“He who controls the present controls the past.”

The harbinger of George Orwells novel is about the loss of truth and control. Lying in our society among our elected officials has supplanted the truth.

Political ads are the quintessential method to spread lies. Second, is mailers to citizens. Third, is internal polls released with no survey methodology. Fourth, is the bias media. All four methods have become extremely expensive and used as the tools of deceit by campaigns, political elite, and their bought and paid for career politicians.

My US Senate opponent has spent in excess of 10 million dollars on ads. Her ads present a valid issue to voters, but her overall message exaggerates her accomplishments and lacks the truth. She uses the media to deliver false narratives and she uses mailers and press releases to mislead.

We want to thank US Senate Candidate Gen. Don Bolduc for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to

The truth is that after a year and a half the Biden Administration’s control of our government with the support of my US Senate opponent, Granite Staters and Americans have been waking up every day to bad outcomes.

We are beset by a historic low in American pride, historic inflation, out-of-control spending, a violent crime wave, a border crisis, and foreign policy failures that hurt Granite Staters and weaken American security at home and abroad.

It would be easier to understand if the Biden Administration was just incompetent, but it is worse, it is their plan and my US Senate opponent is on board.

This administration declared war on our American values and principles, our Constitution, parents, schoolchildren, women, and girls; on police officers and the poor minority neighborhoods they serve; on education, nurses and blue-collar workers, science, individual rights, and American history.

Granite Staters and Americans deserve better. The problem with Washington DC is career politicians and a divisive and ineffective political party system.

This system has created an unlimited government (450 agencies and departments, 2.6 million unelected bureaucrats, and 175,000-page register that governs every aspect of our lives). This system uses fear and uncertainty to control us. The backbone of this top-down governance is supported by special interests, selected lobbyists, the military-industrial complex, media, corporations, and wealthy political elite.

Granite Staters and Americans deserve a vision that puts God, family, community, and Country first. A return to our American values and to the bottom-up self-governance embodied in the Constitution.

You deserve committed leaders who will work for you and fight for you on every issue. You deserve leaders who will ensure that the torch of liberty is passed on to the next generation lit, not extinguished.

I have been campaigning for over the past year and a half, and Granite Staters have made their views about our current government leaders and their destructive policies clear to me. Granite Staters do not trust career politicians and view the two-party system as corrupt and ineffective.

Career politicians and their proxies are committed to the status quo. The status quo hurts us all. The root cause of our problems is the broken republican and democratic party. Neither party is capable of coming together and doing the right thing for our economy, our out-of-control spending, and the safety and security of Americans at home and abroad. The bill payer for this will be our children and grandchildren.

Granite Staters are not looking for party unity they are looking for change. This is confirmed by the largest voting demographic in NH is “independents,” and they have left the two-party system because their party left them.

Granite Staters are looking for change embodied in a political outsider with the leadership experience they can trust in Washington DC. Granite Staters want a US Senator that is not a career politician and is going to work for them not the party or the establishment leadership.

Listening and learning from Granite Staters, I was able to put together a bold Granite Strong American Strength Agenda with the following pillars:

  • First, Granite Staters are looking for a leader that will put them and their families first. A leader that will put accountability, responsibility, transparency, and truth before self interest, money, and power.
  • Second, Granite Staters want to restore American pride. We must re-dedicate ourselves to the values and principles in our Declaration of Independence and commit ourselves to our constitutional republic and our Constitution that lays out a form of government and protects the rights of all citizens. We need leadership.
  • Third, Granite Staters want to secure America’s borders secure. No excuses. No compromises.
  • Fourth, Granite Staters want to reverse the ineffective economic policies and stop the out of control spending of federal driving inflation to record highs.
  • Fifth, Granite Staters want America to regain its energy independence and security that Joe Biden, with the support of my US Senate opponent, squandered away.
  • Sixth, Granite Staters want to counter the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. It’s time to overhaul America’s diplomacy, national security strategy and economic policies to create a China-resistant economy and check its hostile ambitions.
  • Finally, we must never let an ever-growing government infringe on our God-given liberties. The rights under our Constitution must be protected fiercely. We must reinvest in our families. We must strengthen our communities. We must do the right thing to ensure that the future of our children and grandchildren are provided for.

The problem is clear, ineffective leadership embodied in career politicians and an infective political system that is hurting Granite Staters and Americans and taking our country in the wrong direction. The direction they are taking our country is a dangerous one. Over 76% of Granite Staters agree.

The alternatives are clear, vote for the status quo or vote for those that will maintain the status quo. Neither of these choices will result in change.

Your best alternative is to vote for a political outsider that possesses the leadership experience and skills to work tirelessly for the change needed to ensure our children and grandchildren can achieve the American Dream.

The solution is clear. We must divest from the model of career politicians and an ineffective political system that is undermining minding our value and principles and fundamentally changing our constitutional republic.

America’s greatest days always lie ahead of her. We are an optimistic, forward-looking, innovative people. We need leaders not career politicians.

We want to thank US Senate candidate General Don Bolduc for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE you would like us to consider, please submit it to

** Mike apologizes to Bob at the Democracy Fund for toning down what Orwell was saying (you may have seen the original).

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The Biden-Regime’s Secret Plan To Rig The 2022 Election

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 10:30 +0000

It’s not speculation; it’s not hyperbole. It is FACT. The Biden-Regime … through the figurehead/imposter President … has ordered federal agencies to use their powers to boost turnout by Democrat voters in the 2022 election.

And it is refusing to disclose those plans. Molly Hemingway explains/sounds the alarm:

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THURSDAY NIGHT! Meet Senate Candidate Kevin Smith and Congressional Candidate Karoline Leavitt!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 03:00 +0000

The Government Integrity Project is continuing their FREE series of Meet and Greets for you to meet two candidates up close and personal.

The next opportunity will be TOMORROW (THURSDAY, 7/14), at 7p in Brentwood. KEVIN SMITH (US Senate) and KAROLINE LEAVITT (US House, CD-1) will be available to share their visions, as well as answer your questions regarding their candidacy. Click the link for details.

Then show up and participate! Learn what you can about these two candidates so you can cast a more informed vote in September… and November in the General Election!

Senator Maggie Hassan and Congressman Chris Pappas are up for re-election, and the GOP has some excellent challengers for you to consider. Before you cast your votes in the GOP primary in September, please do your homework and learn as much as you can about how each candidate will represent NH.

Let them know who you are, and what you expect from them if they are elected! Together, we can hold them accountable!

I hope to see you TOMORROW at 7p in Brentwood to meet with Kevin Smith and Karoline Leavitt.

Best regards,


P.S. SAVE THE DATE (July 18th) FOR THE NEXT MEET AND GREET: US Senate Candidate Chuck Morse and US Congressional Candidate Matt Mowers will be at our next informal Meet and Greet on July 18th. Details will be posted soon. I hope to see you there as well!

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Let Freedom Ring!

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 01:30 +0000

This election cycle you have a clear choice. Do you want to be told what to do? Or do you want to be left alone? If you want to be left alone to go about your business with little to no government intrusion into all aspects of your life, then you value freedom.

Well, which party is the party of freedom? That can be answered by looking at which party wants more government and more taxes and which party wants to shrink government and have you keep more of the money you earn.

What party wants to tell you what car to drive, what fuel to use, what to pay your employees, what school your children can attend and what your children should learn in school, what to inject into your arm, or wear on your face, where to live, what kind of house to have, what healthcare insurance you must buy?

What party thinks you should drive what you want, use the best and most cost-effective fuel, pay your employees what you can afford and what works for your business, send your kids to a school that will teach them what you want, leave your vaccine status or masking up to you, your family and your doctor, live where you want and in whatever home that you see fit, and choose the healthcare insurance that suits your individual needs?

Here in New Hampshire, you have the incredible ability to really control your own destiny. Do you want big government, high taxes, less freedom and rights? OR do you support our NH Advantage and free markets, which makes our state one of the top places for quality of life and places to raise a family?

Do you want to continue to be the “Live free or Die” state? Or do you want to become the “shut up and do what we tell you” state?

The Primary in NH is September 13th, I will see you at the polls!


Gregg Hough

Republican Candidate Belknap County District 6, Gilford, Gilmanton, Laconia ward 2.

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Top Teams Who Could Be Competing for the Next Super Bowl

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 00:16 +0000

Super Bowl LVII is scheduled to be held on 12 February 2023 at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The Super Bowl will be the curtain closer for the 2022 NFL Season. The Los Angeles Rams, who won Super Bowl LVI earlier in the year, will be looking to pip the other 31 NFL teams to the title beginning on 8 September 2022.

The 272- game season schedule was released on 12 May. Since its release, all 32 NFL teams have realized who their opponents will be on each step of their journey to the Super Bowl in February. Fans are now also considering how they will bet on Super Bowl.

Defending champions Los Angeles Rams is said to have the most brutal schedule alongside Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the same time, the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, and Chicago Bears are some of the teams with the easiest schedules among all 32 NFL teams.

Which top teams are most likely to compete for the 2022 Season Super Bowl?
  • Los Angeles Rams

The current Super Bowl champions have a tough schedule on their hands. The Rams will face the Bills in the season’s opening fixture. Many pundits have shared their excitement at the thrill of commencing the season with such a high profile fixture. If the Rams can overcome their tough fixtures, especially the road games, then they stand a high chance of retaining the Super Bowl Title.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With Tom Brady back on the team after retiring, the Bucs have exceptional talent on their hands. The Bucs also have brutal strength of schedule, but Brady’s addition has just increased Tampa Bay’s potential to win the Super Bowl trophy in serious proportions. The visits to Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Dallas will be vital in achieving this feat for Brady and the Bucs.

  • Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have one of the best NFL rosters going into the season, but that is not enough to guarantee they will be champions. Quarterback Josh Allen will hope he and his teammates can eventually turn around the Bills’ fortunes at the Super Bowl this time. They, however, must first deal with the stiff opposition from some of their perennial rivals.


The strength of team schedules has always been a decisive factor that pundits consider when predicting possible challengers for the Super Bowl title. Every team understands what they are up against, and the 2022 NFL season sure holds a lot of promises and surprises for NFL fans.

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