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Wednesday • March 29 • 2023

Vol.XV • No.XIII

Manchester, N.H.

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LETS Barter – April 1

Sat, 2023-03-04 19:32 +0000
We are looking for 30 people to start a barter group We need a group of about 30 people willing to experiment with a community barter system called LETS for about three months. (Check out the cartoon below to see how this system works.) If we like how it works, we will continue past three …

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Beating a Path to The People’s Reset (updated)

Mon, 2022-08-29 19:52 +0000
Humanity is at a crossroads. Two very distinct pathways are being laid before us, presenting us with diametrically opposed visions for our future. This article explores the basis for the choice and suggests some ideas on how to start conversations for manifesting a future based in liberty and non-aggression.
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It’s Time to Unite All NH Freedom Groups

Fri, 2022-08-26 17:54 +0000
Those of us who can still see and feel are realizing that we are going to have to take matters in our own hands and look after our own families and communities. No one is coming to save us but our own selves. One response to this pressing need for organizing ourselves anew has been the establishing of the Voluntary Civic Action League (VCAL).
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Mask Study: CDC Jumps the Shark (again)

Thu, 2021-04-15 13:28 +0000
By Michael Betrus at Rational Ground. The latest CDC study on masks, purporting a 1% - 2.8% benefit, is marred with problems but as usual was used by mainstream media to hype continued COVID restrictions. (Includes a related LTE by JM Dumais.)
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