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Fred Teeboom is taking the City of Nashua back to the Superior Court

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 21:00 +0000

Enough is enough! Mr. Fred Teeboom is taking the City of Nashua back to the Superior Court to enforce the Spending Cap correctly. It seems that this year the City of Nashua was creative in adding in grant fund expenses over which the Nashua taxpayers have no control.

The City of Nashua did this action in order to spend more money than it was entitled to spend therefore going over the Spending Cap.



July 14, 2022
Petition for Writ of Mandamus
Filed Against the City of Nashua
For Violating the Spending Cap Law
(NH Superior Court Case #226-2022-CV-00252)

The City of Nashua has been ordered to appear in NH Superior Court to respond to a complaint that city government violates the State and local law Spending Cap law.

The Petition for a Writ of Mandamus was brought by Fred S. Teeboom, author of the Spending Cap and a former alderman-at-large.

Spending and tax caps have been ordained in New Hampshire state law since 2011 for any city or town voting to adopt a cap on its local spending and taxes.

The Nashua Spending Cap was adopted into its charter in 1993 following a citizens’ referendum to place a reasonable limit on the annual increase of the city budget and curb excessive and often wasteful spending. The Spending Cap has been cited by the ratings agencies in assigning Nashua its AAA bond rating.

Many thousands voted to adopt the cap, and in a later election many thousands voted to soundly defeat the teachers’ union initiative to eliminate the cap.

The Nashua Spending Cap has prevailed over challenges to its validity in the courts, attempted elimination through election, and deliberate misinterpretation. It was renewed last year with an amendment to the 2011 NH spending/tax cap law that affirmed and re-validated Nashua’s Spending Cap over a 3:2 NH Supreme Court opinion in 2019 that it was unenforceable.

The Nashua Spending cap was enforced by the city for 22 years with an occasional “override” until the Donchess administration took office in 2016 and promptly attempted to eviscerate the cap. The city’s latest attempt is to manipulate and corrupt the Spending Cap so that what is in actuality a FY23 annual budget $8.5 million above the cap has been misrepresented as $113.3 million below the cap.

Enough is enough! We hope to have the Superior Court order the Nashua Spending Cap correctly enforced.

For more information, contact:

Fred S. Teeboom
24 Cheyenne Drive
Home: (603) 889-2316 (primary)
Mobile: (603) 233-8886

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I’m Not Going To Let Canada Tell Me What I Do And Don’t Put In My Body

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 19:30 +0000

One of the more fascinating aspects of the debate regarding COVID vaccine mandates over the past year has been the role of professional athletes in the conversation.

Most Hollywood and music industry celebrities have stayed quiet about the subject, with a few exceptions, such as Eric Clapton and Jim Carrey. But major sports stars have not only been vocal in their opposition to such mandates, they’ve put their money where their mouths are.

Kyrie Irving, who plays guard for the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA, missed most of last season over his refusal to get vaccinated. Tennis star Novak Djokovic was banned from playing in one of his sport’s major championships, the Australian Open, earlier this year due to his vax stance. And Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers created a firestorm last fall when he explained his reasons for not getting vaccinated and his objection to the mandates.

While there have been several MLB players who have also refused vaccination, none have done so in such a colorful manner as Philadelphia Phillies catcher JT Realmuto did on Tuesday. Canada, as you may recall, has taken one of the more tyrannical approaches to vaccine mandates, as illustrated by last winter’s trucker strike. Under the leadership of clownish Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has not backed off their approach and continues to require anyone coming into the country to be vaxxed.

Realmuto’s response was both rational and hilarious. Here’s the video:



When Realmuto lays out his reasoning for not taking the jab, his logic is perfectly sound. He consulted multiple doctors, considered his own experience with the virus and how his body reacted to multiple infections and made an intelligent, well-informed decision.

“I’m a healthy, 31-year-old professional athlete, and I just didn’t feel the need to get it. I got COVID a couple of times and super mild symptoms, back when it first came out. And when it came time to decide whether I needed the vaccine or not, I talked with a couple of doctors that I knew and told them my story and just really decided I didn’t think I needed it.”

But those who support vaccine mandates aren’t concerned with individual freedoms. They don’t give a damn about one’s own opinions and experiences. Similar to their embrace and promotion of abortion, for the pro-vax-mandate crowd, receiving the COVID jab is a secular sacrament. It’s not about protecting oneself against a virus, it’s about kneeling at the altar of governmental control and acknowledging the primacy of the so-called “greater good.”

When pressed by a reporter on the financial impact of his vaccination refusal, Realmuto’s response is priceless.

“What’s money when, I’m… I’m not going to let Canada tell me what I do and don’t put in my body. For a little bit of money, it’s just not worth it.”

Bravo, JT, bravo.

As has happened consistently throughout much of the vaccine mandate saga, Canada has shown us what can happen without the checks and balances we enjoy with our own form of government. While we have had our own bouts with such tyranny, thanks to various legal system victories at the federal level, we’ve been able to mostly limit such oppression to the despots and obedient sheep in blue states.

North of the border, meanwhile, we’ve seen mob rule and the disintegration of individual rights. We’ve seen a judiciary system that acts merely as a dictatorial echo chamber. And we’ve seen the willingness to enforce the mandates at the point of the government’s gun without hesitation, with the swift deployment of law enforcement to confront the vaccine heretics.

There but for the Grace of God go we… and let’s give a big round of applause to JT Realmuto for reminding us of our good fortune.


Jordan Case Writes at The Blue State Conservative

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Suicide Six Culturally Appropriates Abenaki Word for New Resort Name

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 18:00 +0000

Just so we’re as clear as Vodka, we are playing by House rules where “The House” is the culture that drove Suicide Six Ski Resort to change its “insensitive” name in the name of mental health. The New Name is Saskadena to honor “descendants” of the land’s “original” inhabitants.

Or something like that.


“Saskadena” means “standing mountain” in the Abenaki language, the ski area in South Promfret, near Woodstock, said on its website.

“It was chosen by the resort team to honor the original inhabitants of the land and the mountain’s multi-generational legacy and values of community, inclusion, adventure, discovery, and fun,” the ski area said in a statement. “The name sends a powerful message of connection both to the deeper history of the mountain with the Abenaki nation and to the present-day community at large.”


I’m good with that, though I had no objection to the previous one. But, it begs questions, as does everything driven by the culture of sensitivity. How is this new name not a bad thing?

The Cleveland Indians abandoned the name that honored the first American Indian player on that team and in the league. Land-O-Lakes dumped Mia the Indian Princess, whose likeness was drawn by a “Native American,” and honored the populations displaced in the area. The Washington Redskins rebranded not because the people they honored were offended so much as the progressive whining political class that inherited the land was triggered.

Suicide Six has appropriated an Abenaki word in their rebranding, and again – I’m okay with that, but why aren’t the usual suspects snapping like twigs?

An existence built on so many contradictions must be difficult to translate for regular folks. Maybe that’s why Mutual of Omaha dropped its Chief from the Company logo after no one complained.

I wonder if they are rethinking that decision?



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Bonus Meme Overflow-overflow

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 16:30 +0000


I had MONDAY MEMES and a Meme Overflow.  But lately I’ve gotten so many that I’m having to offload some on Friday.


*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***





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COVID in NH: The Real Cure for What Ails US …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 15:00 +0000

“Tool” is an excellent word to describe His Excellency – Gov. Chris Sununu – and his thoughts on the next installment of COVID political theater. “It’s still a little unknown what this new variant might mean, but we are going to have a lot more tools in the toolbox,” Sununu said.

More like “same old whore, new dress.”

In remarks reported by the Nashua Telegraph – a New Hampshire newspaper for those of you who may have never heard of it – he sounded very optimistic about how prepared we are. But to my ears, his remarks were cringeworthy. He is still pro-vaccine, PPE, and pro-Paxlovid, which he never names, but when he refers to “therapeutics,” he is not referring to Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine.

So, where to begin?

“We’re looking a lot in other parts of the country right now where you are seeing a surge of cases in the south as you typically do in the summer.”

There’s nothing typical about a spike in flu during the summer anywhere, especially in the South, but post-COVID-vaccines that is their new normal. In keeping with the approved narrative Governor Sununu has affirmed this aberration that just two years ago was unheard of, but neither he nor the reporter can be bothered to question. A crucial point of order when you consider this statement.


“As with every variant, you really don’t know the power of the vaccine versus the variant versus its potential connectivity and contagion ability across the environment of your population,” Sununu said.


The only “variant” we should be concerned about is the historical one where an experimental pharmaceutical product, with the help of media and government,  mugged all of epidemiological history and made summer flu typical.

No one’s interested but promoting more of the jabs that made this possible (boosters!) is still a high priority.



“We will have more therapeutics available, we will have more test-to-treat opportunities in this state as well, so if you find out you have COVID, you can get a therapeutic to treat almost immediately,” Sununu said.


He’s referring to Paxlovid. The Feds gave Pfizer billions, so anyone who tested positive and wanted Paxlovid could get it for free. It is another emergency use authorization drug. This application is off-label. And as we’ve reported, Paxlovid isn’t therapeutic.

Related: “4x Vaccinated” Fauci Got Covid (Again), Took Paxlovid …And COVID Came Back, Worse!

It doesn’t heal. It doesn’t treat. It may temporarily reduce symptoms but cannot clear the SARS CoV2 virus. And while you might recover despite it, there’s a good chance your COVID will come back worse and put you in the hospital, which is another point of order.


Asked how the state would now know it is having a surge since most people are testing for COVID-19 at home and not reporting to the state, Sununu said the state would rely more on information about hospitalizations as an indicator and the severity they are seeing in their wards.


People who home test positive regardless of symptoms may seek out the free (but useless) Paxlovid. If they have the virus, Paxlovid could cause it to come back stronger a week to ten days later, resulting in older and high-risk folks landing in a hospital. More hospitalizations will drive the political response, which – using history as our guide – will result in more reported “cases,” hospitalizations, and the authoritarian tick that follows.

I want to be wrong about this, but I do not believe that I am – our “plan” is to fail, and just like every other plan, people will probably die who didn’t need to, and whenever government fails, they need someone else to blame, and that will be the unvaccinated.

So, the next installment of COVID political theater looks like a repeat of the previous installment. A cascade of executive and administrative nonsense that ends with the abrogation of some of our natural rights.

Same tool, same toolbox.

So, what do we do? This is not an endorsement, but the math favors another two years of Gov Flununu. It just does. That means we need a Republican super majority legislature to override the vetoes of pro-liberty and individual health freedom he nixed in the last session.

It’s never a perfect solution, but looking forward, it’s the cure for what ails us, and I’m not just talking about COVID.



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The City Of Nashua Gives Tax Free Breaks To Some Residents

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 13:30 +0000

The motto of the Department of Revenue for the State of New Hampshire “is to fairly and efficiently administer the tax laws of the State of New Hampshire, collecting the proper amount of taxes due, incurring the least cost to the taxpayers, in a manner that merits the highest degree of public confidence in our integrity.”

Nashua is not following the tax laws, and the DRA is not providing the oversight to administer these laws.

What is the problem? Nashua and the DRA are not collecting outstanding property taxes from property owners who repeatedly violate the law. Mayor Donchess actually confirmed this at his recent public coffee, stating that residential property owners are not subject to any legal action from the City if they do not pay their taxes.

City and elected officials are on a spending and bonding spree. They seem unaware of the shift in the financial climate for many of us. As of May 2022, there is a balance of $9.45 million of uncollected taxes, many unpaid properties going back 10 years or more. The data from the June 2022 tax bills are not included. It is easy to understand how someone can get behind or fail to pay for a year or maybe two, but to go 10-15 years without paying and the City turning a blind eye, is corruption.

The July 2023 budget was recently approved by the Board of Alderman with a 303,000,000 appropriated budget, that is, the money needed to be raised by tax dollars. Ten million dollars may seem like a drop in the bucket; it is not and the law requires we all pay our fair share.

The City hired a Right to Know full time attorney and a Right to Know paralegal to handle a pretty low volume of citizen information requests. How about hiring legal assistance to collect unpaid taxes? This is a question I raised during the Budget process and received no response.

Whenever the City of Nashua is questioned about the outstanding property taxes, the city’s first response is always that we have contamination properties but the records show a different story. The contamination property taxes are $1,100,361. The City does not want to assume ownership of contaminated properties.

In the last election cycle former Aldermen Harriet Gathright knew that the city was not collecting on property taxes and tried to get away without paying her property taxes for three years. She was called out during her re-election campaign and lost her Ward Seat. Seated Aldermen must be good stewards of our money and the tax laws.

In reviewing just some of the open accounts:

1) East Hollis building is a warehouse and has an outstanding balance of $351,674 in property taxes through 2021 and has not paid any property taxes since 2006. Why has the city done nothing to collect these property taxes? This property is only assessed for $412,000.

2) Jackson St building is a warehouse and has an outstanding balance of $454,919.63 through 2021 and has not paid any property taxes since 2002. This building is currently being assessed at $368,200. This owner enjoys a property tax free holiday every year!

3) Tanglewood neighborhood has a residential property that owes $403,803.35 in property taxes through 2021 and has not paid since 2010. This property however is currently assessed at $772,500 and will reach the $1 million mark with the new assessments coming out later this year. Perhaps the owner should downsize to a property where they can afford the taxes or simply rent.

4) Mobile homes property taxes owed is $706,041.76. Many properties are not paying taxes. Remember, taxes cover schools, fire, police and public service for your community. Everyone must pay their fair share.

5) Ayer Rd has two residential properties, under the same ownership, that owe $197,841 through 2021in property taxes and have not paid property taxes since 2014. A joke is a joke, right?

6) Perham St is a residential property that owes $105,069.80 through 2021 in property taxes and has not paid since 2009. This property owner also has property on Locke St and is not paying on that property either.

7) Bell St is a residential property that owes $92,125.21 through 2021 in property taxes and has not paid since 2012. Enough is enough.

8) Edgewood is land that owes property taxes of $43,476.66 through 2021 and has not paid property taxes since 2007. This property owner actually owes an apartment building in downtown Nashua and he cannot pay his property taxes on this land. Maybe this property owner should just give the land to the City of Nashua because the current assessment is $59,700.

9) We have one property owner who owns three homes (account #8610, 43354 and 4516) and has a total outstanding bill of $190,705.21 and these bills go back to 2015 to 2021. You do not have to be a very cunning person to know that tax dodging is a permissible offense in Nashua.

Other municipalities use the legal process to collect on outstanding unpaid property taxes. Nashua lets them slide. Senior Citizens in their final years in their homes should consider not paying their taxes, especially those with shrinking bank accounts. The City is happy to wait until you pass to sell the home and collect on the back taxes. In fact, it appears the Mayor prefers this. At his recent coffee, he expounded on the high tax penalty for late payment and the terrific financial opportunity to collect on growing penalties. A corrupt financial investment strategy for the City.

The DRA is very clear on the collection of taxes as you can see below:


Failure to pay taxes, penalties or interest when due or assessed, or to comply with the tax laws may result in the following actions:

o Liens may be place upon your real estate, personal property, and property interests including bank accounts, accounts receivable, security interests, and similar items. Also, the lined property may be subject to tax sale.

o Distraint (i.e., notice of seizure of property), may be issued and the seized property sold with the proceeds applied to the balance owed.

o If you have a license from the Department, proceedings may be started to revoke or suspend your license.

o You may be required to post a bond to guarantee payment of taxes collected from others.

o Further court action may be brought against you by the Attorney General.

In checking with the City of Manchester their oldest accounts receivable is 2016 so why does the City of Nashua go back to 2002 on regular property taxes and not enforcing the law to collect the outstanding property taxes. Manchester instills a process based on the law and fairness.

Well Nashua is certainly a “welcoming” City to tax dodgers. It is a perfect place to live if you do not want to pay property taxes. His Honor should stop spending money on wasteful Right to Know legal positions. Put the correct employees in place to start collecting back taxes.

Contact your Alderman and the Mayor (603-589-3260) and express your position on paying property taxes. Check out the list below to see if properties in your neighborhood are not paying their taxes.

EAST HOLLIS ST 2006 $491,020.91
JACKSON ST 2002 $454,919.63
TANGLEWOOD DR 2010 $403,803.35
WEST HOLLIS ST 2009 $306,419.35
FRANKLIN ST 2021 $299,893.83
PINE ST 2010 $262,897.25
SOUTHWOOD DR 2019 $253,153.08
AYER RD 2014 $197,841.48
COBURN AVE 2009 $174,724.67
BROOK RD 2021 $161,801.26
LOCK ST 2010 $156,863.53
BROAD ST 2011 $146,604.52
KIRK ST 2013 $136,626.88
NARROWS RD 2007 $135,177.11
NATICK ST 2012 $107,893.29
CAMP AVE 2014 $107,277.77
EAST SPIT BROOK RD 2021 $105,553.65
BARTEMUS 2009 $105,323.23
PERHAM ST 2009 $105,069.80
MARCH ST 2011 $102,789.16
STRAWBERRY BANK 2008 $99,600.91
ELM ST 2014 $99,057.38
FAIRMOUNT ST 1990 $95,592.76
MAIN ST 2020 $94,509.24
BELL ST 2012 $92,125.21
NEW SEARLES RD 2012 $87,164.70
ACADEMY DR 2011 $84,611.73
BEAUSITE DR 2013 $83,816.00
CLAIRMOOR DR 2013 $77,968.99
GRAND AVE 2011 $77,778.11
EDWARDS ST 2011 $77,710.94
CHOKEBERRY LN 2010 $77,467.61
DURHAM ST 2014 $77,246.01
MEADOWBROOK DR 2013 $73,804.24
MEADOW LN 2007 $71,540.21
BURKE ST 2014 $63,764.60
STONEBRIDGE DR 2011 $61,739.50
NORMA DR 2015 $58,520.44
BRIDGE ST 2002 $58,233.93
HOBBS AVE 2015 $54,302.77
BURNS ST 2016 $53,699.33
FARMWOOD DR 2011 $52,725.62
RIDGE ST 2016 $49,797.23
CENTRAL ST 2017 $48,528.76
UNDERHILL ST 2013 $48,056.26
FRIAR TUCK LN 2016 $46,140.45
EASTBROOK DR 2017 $44,358.47
MILLWRIGHT DR 2011 $44,105.73
PONDEROSA AVE 2009 $43,841.31
EDGEWOOD AVE 2007 $43,476.33
SHEDDS AVE 2012 $42,352.17
BANGOR ST 2010 $40,508.13
TWELFTH ST 2014 $39,919.45
CONANT RD 2018 $39,860.43
FARMWOOD DR 2012 $38,685.21
CHICKIE ST 2011 $38,266.11
HIDDEN TRL 2009 $38,118.71
SHAWN AVE 2011 $37,233.82
SALEM ST 2015 $37,153.60
RIVERTON AVE 2014 $37,012.86
KINSLEY ST 2016 $36,537.66
AMHERST 2016 $35,450.17
ONEIDA CIR 2017 $34,637.73
ELDORADO CIR 2017 $33,423.82
WALNUT ST 2019 $32,945.93
BELKNAP ST 2017 $32,122.28
MCKENNA DR 2018 $30,526.50
LEDGE ST 2018 $30,443.00
GILSON RD 2019 $30,297.19
MAIN DUNSTABLE RD 2017 $30,285.66
BIRCH RIDGE TRL 2014 $29,854.92
MARK ST 2013 $29,668.91
OAKDALE AVE 2019 $27,866.36
FOREST HILLS DR 2018 $27,755.07
MULBERRY ST 2019 $27,237.84
FRANKLIN ST 2021 $26,202.51
CANNONGATE 2016 $25,551.78
CHEROKEE AVE 2018 $25,000.00
CHANDLER ST 2019 $24,401.72
MARSHALL ST 2019 $23,870.52
ALMONT ST 2018 $23,725.63
TENBY DR 2018 $23,197.69
EDINBURGH DR 2019 $23,030.78
CHERYL ST 2012 $22,216.23
KNIGHTSBRIDGE DR 2011 $21,757.83
CURTIS DR 2008 $21,744.10
BLOSSOM ST 2019 $20,682.23
TRESTLE BROOK DR 2015 $20,156.05
LEEWOOD TRL 2012 $19,240.72
BLACKSTONE DR 2020 $19,073.53
MIDHURSTRD 2016 $18,847.86
LAKE ST 2019 $18,690.78
GILLIS ST 2019 $18,201.60
WEST HOBART ST 2018 $17,951.54
HAYDEN ST 2019 $17,792.42
PERIMETER RD 2014 $17,361.16
PRESTONFIELD RD 2019 $16,822.89
CIRCLEFIELD DR 2017 $16,319.02
PLUTO LN 2016 $15,961.11
BAHL 2014 $15,486.68
SUNRISE TRL 2017 $15,448.43
CLYDESDALE CIR 2020 $15,321.77
STONEHAVEN RD 2020 $15,047.18
BITTERSWEET 2015 $14,931.84
ROEDEAN DR 2011 $14,874.75
SHADYCREST DR 2018 $14,244.40
TOLLES ST 2013 $13,745.75
IRENE ST 2010 $13,671.72
VALLEY CREST TRL 2012 $13,556.12
DELUDE ST 2020 $13,244.26
NEW DUNSTABLE RD 2019 $13,114.48
SKYVIEW DR 2015 $13,090.67
VINE ST 2021 $12,640.57
WOODGATE ST 2020 $12,600.72
HIGHBRIDGE 2019 $12,544.39
BUD WAY-17 2019 $12,488.89
CHESAPEAKE RD 2018 $11,349.24
VENTURA CIR 2020 $11,016.25
ERIC AVE 2016 $10,981.10
LOUISBURG 2019 $10,909.51
BRENDA ST 2011 $10,630.22
EAST DUNSTABLE RD 2021 $10,199.67
THORNTON RD 2020 $9,992.23
MARIE AVE 2021 $9,940.16
CHERRYFIELD DR 2013 $9,921.93
ASH ST 2021 $9,914.92
SANTA FEE RD 2019 $9,894.45
E ST 2020 $9,429.50
RIDGEFIELD DR 2017 $9,169.23
HIGH ST 22,23 2020 $8,967.54
GILBOA 2021 $8,948.15
POND ST 2018 $8,352.07
TASCHEREAU BLVD 2021 $8,215.17
MERCURY LN 2017 $8,150.69
BEVERLEE DR 2020 $7,978.90
LUNAR LN 2018 $7,681.53
MASON ST 2020 $7,486.33
OLD COACH RD 2021 $7,257.22
DUBLIN AVE 2021 $7,181.27
RIVERSIDE CIR 2017 $6,953.14
SHERIDAN ST 25 2020 $6,858.15
CANAL ST 2019 $6,765.97
HOLLOW RIDGE 2021 $6,745.02
WAGON TRL 2020 $6,647.37
GILSON RD 2020 $6,617.50
MEADE ST 2021 $6,578.57
LATON ST 2021 $6,544.27
LEGACY DR 2021 $6,537.06
LEDGEWOOD HILLS 2021 $6,527.80
KATHY DR 2014 $6,460.01
WALDEN POND DR 2018 $5,889.60
OAK GROVE TRL 2018 $5,729.76
DUCAS AVE 2021 $5,665.83
MANCHESTER ST 2021 $5,652.79
CHERRYWOOD DR 2021 $5,620.27
TREMONT ST 2014 $5,576.64
PLAINFIELD LN 2018 $5,485.67
WAVERLY ST 2021 $5,394.15
FERRY RD 2021 $5,284.98
BELLCREST RD 2018 $5,263.22
STONYBROOK RD 2021 $4,914.29
PINE HILL AVE 2018 $4,801.19
SHADWELL RD 2021 $4,789.94
WILLIAMS ST 58 2021 $4,784.49
TROUT BROOK DR 2015 $4,642.14
BALTIMORE RD 2019 $4,545.14
CASSANDRA LN 2016 $4,516.29
YARMOUTH DR 2021 $4,362.77
HAWTHORNE VILL 2021 $4,278.99
LUMB AVE 2021 $4,266.25
LAMB RD 2021 $4,071.84
CORNELL RD 2021 $4,045.27
THISTLE CT 2021 $4,018.63
PEARSON ST 2021 $3,832.12
GILMAN ST 2021 $3,815.96
HARBOR AVE 2021 $3,517.76
GLEN DR 2021 $3,484.58
ELMHURST LN 2014 $3,410.78
BELLEAIRE AVE 2021 $3,320.25
RICE ST 2021 $3,304.44
VICTOR AVE 2021 $3,152.43
KING ST 2021 $3,082.06
WETHERSFIELD RD 2021 $2,993.25
STILLWATER DR 2021 $2,973.51
EAST OTTERSON ST 2021 $2,771.28
SOUTH ST 2021 $2,713.15
UNIVERSITY DR 2021 $2,693.99
WHITE OAK DR 2019 $2,684.49
FRONT ST 2021 $2,660.23
MEGHAN DR 2021 $2,554.07
CHESTNUT ST 2021 $2,530.74
GRAY AVE 2021 $2,518.18
GROTON RD 2019 $2,497.41
PRIMROSE DR 2018 $2,349.20
TEMPLE ST 2021 $2,250.43
KEITH ST 2020 $2,210.86
PITARYS DR 2019 $2,139.72
GARY ST 2020 $2,106.80
CANDLEWOOD 2021 $2,001.16
MORRILL ST 2021 $1,917.07
WELLMAN AVE 2021 $1,748.37
ROSECLIFF DR 2021 $1,748.21
BROOK VILLAGE RD 2021 $1,659.38
HASSEL BROOK 2015 $1,659.12
TUMBLEBROOK LN 2020 $1,594.77
HAWTHORNE LN 2021 $1,374.80
LARCHEN LN 2021 $1,301.30
MAPLESHADE DR 2020 $1,289.25
NEW HAVEN DR 2021 $1,265.75
PALM ST 2020 $1,243.70
DEWEY AVE 2014 $1,217.24
CLOVERCREST DR 2021 $1,210.64
NORMANDY WAY 2019 $1,130.12
WINDING LN 2020 $1,041.38
PROSPECT AVE 2021 $874.61
EAST GLENWOOD ST 2021 $601.54
CONCORD ST 2021 $590.46
EDWARDS AVE 2021 $578.55
MARINA DR 2021 $425.89
LYNN ST 2019 $397.58
PINE HILL RD 2021 $371.16
BALCOM ST 2021 $352.25
WEST GLENWOOD ST 2021 $289.72
CHARLES ST 2021 $258.01
SPIT BROOK RD 2021 $230.48
SILVERTON 2021 $188.44
COLLEEN RD 2021 $161.09
CARNATION CIR 2021 $140.20
LUKE ST 2021 $106.01
LINWOOD ST 2021 $102.53
DAWN ST 2021 $61.33
LUND RD 2021 $15.93
WARSAW AVE 1991 $631,858.23
INTERVALE ST 1994 $284,061.55
HUGHEY ST 1994 $184,441.22
GRAND TOTAL $9,450,433.38

Laura Colquhoun

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How Has Ray Epps Escaped Indictment?

Libertarian Leanings - Fri, 2022-07-15 12:33 +0000
Tucker Carlson Breaking Down The NYT Ray Epps Puff Piece & The Questions That Remain About Ray Epps "This is highly strange, & if you're going to spend more than a year looking into January 6th & you ignore this,... Tom Bowler
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Endless War. Isn't that the purpose of the UN?

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The US has been on an insane orgy of military spending since 9/11 at least. This big, bad war machine couldn't even defeat the Taliban after 20 years. That's because the real purpose isn't to win wars or security. It's... Tom Bowler
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NY Judge Rules States’ COVID Quarantine Rules are Unconstitutional

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 12:00 +0000

In February of 2022, after much consideration, gnashing of teeth, and soul-searching (that’s sarcasm), the State of New York imposed a draconian quarantine rule upon the people of the Empire State, ‘cuz COVID! Try not to act surprised. It is unconstitutional.


“Involuntary detention is a severe deprivation of individual liberty, far more egregious than other health safety measures, such as requiring mask wearing at certain venues. Involuntary quarantine may have far-reaching consequences such as loss of income (or employment) and isolation from family,” Ploetz wrote. … [and]

“Respondents offered no scientific data or expert testimony why Rule 2.13 was a necessary response to combat COVID-19, but instead contend only that it would provide a quick and nimble approach to combating the pandemic,” wrote the judge.


Rule 2.13, as written, says that “whenever appropriate to control the spread of a highly contagious communicable disease, the State Commissioner of Health may issue and/or may direct the local health authority to issue isolation and/or quarantine orders, consistent with due process of law, to all such persons as the State Commissioner of Health shall determine appropriate.”

We can agree that COVID was contagious and communicable, but that’s not all. It was also never dangerous to but a sliver of the general population. Getting genuinely sick from the flu sucks but is rare and not as bad as having your government destroy your job, business, or life. And there’s no reason for any of that.

Here in New Hampshire, the average recovery rate for all ages never dropped below 98%, even after the vaccines started killing people from COVID. And some reports pointed out that the average age of death from COVID was above the average life expectancy for US citizens.

I’ll grant you that New York is not New Hampshire or most of America. And finding a state that mishandled COVID as badly as NY is challenging. But a rule authorizing indefinite detention?

It’s a very blue state, so maybe that reaction makes sense, but at least one judge wanted to see some evidence. Where’s the proof that this is not just necessary but that it works? They didn’t have any: no upside and a lot of downsides.


“While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social cost,” the study concluded. “In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”


COVID restrictions prevent or delay care leading to lower quality of life, more hospitalizations, and death. COVID-policy interventions were followed by record-setting all-cause mortality in working-age Americans. Impacts from education loss to mandates will plague us for decades. And all of that results from unscientific demands for compliance with known-failed policies that caused more harm than good.

Mass masking never stopped a virus and never will. Distancing was a goofy tweener school science project. And lockdowns have never had any of the benefits advertised.

New York State prohibited access to health care, restricted family members from access to dying relatives, enforced a policy that killed thousands in Nursing homes, denied children their so-called right to education, and a thousand other shocks.

Placed side by side, the Democrat party, is a far greater threat to the people than COVID. The problem of long COVID is political, not epidemiological. And the only cure for that is elections in a state where the real public health threat is voters who can’t shake the progressive virus to save their lives.



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Goodbye from Bizarro World

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 10:30 +0000

Dear Joe, or whoever is running the White House and pulling the strings on your limbs, you have failed. We gave you eighteen months, and you have been consistent. Consistently wrong, that is.

It would be best if you started today. If you usually put your right shoe on first, start with the left. It is that basic. Every thought you have, do the opposite, for what you have been doing is 100% wrong.

A few months ago, someone referred to you as President Costanza. We all laughed at the joke, but the joke was on us. You accepted the job as leader of our country, but your compass is broken. You have thrown us into Bizarro World, where in is out, and the left is right. We are lost. It would help if you had a Bill Clinton moment; instead, you turn to Jimmy Carter. As I said, you have to do the opposite.

I have no concern for you saving your Presidency. That is far gone. I do have concern for you protecting our country. The damage you have done and are doing will haunt us for years. Some of us will not be here to see the recovery. That is how badly you have hurt us.

I listened this morning to one of your economic advisors, and there is no wonder I’m afraid you might be mistaken in your policies. He tried his best to show the audience how strong the economy was. He needs to be fired immediately. He taunted the strength of the dollar, the number of people working, and the fact that inflation is already on the decline. All said with a straight face. Did he see the CPI yesterday, Joe? Do you allow your people to watch the news? Or are they restricted to Morning Joe?

This same advisor went off the trail and tried to argue that the Middle East is the most secure it has been in years. Joe, Iran is days away from nuclear capability, which is on you. You agreed with this rogue country to renew their atomic testing after Trump had kept them at bay. You know that the first missile is aimed at Israel as soon as they are ready. I hope you pulled his White House credentials as soon as he got off the air, but you don’t fire anyone for incompetence or ignorance. You reward them. Just look at Kamala if you need proof.

This post is not written with arrogance or lack of respect for your office. It is written out of frustration, and you have yet to earn respect. You have a half-century in Washington with little to show for your time, and in eighteen months in the oval, you have shown us how vital the person behind that desk can be. With the wrong person at the helm, the ship can take on water quickly; in your case, only the tip of our tallest mast is above the surface.

Am I being harsh? Not at all. Those of us pushing seventy were looking forward to enjoying the rest of our time after working hard all our lives. You have destroyed our American Dream, and we now have to look to a new job or second career to sustain our lifestyles. That is our retirement and will be your legacy.



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It Is With Pleasure That I Announce My Bid For Re-election As Your State Representative

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 01:30 +0000

Hello, citizens of Laconia, It is with pleasure that I announce my bid for re-election as your State Representative for Laconia District 5.

In my first term, I promised to stand up for faith, freedom, and knowledge. I believe I have delivered on those promises.

I have a solid record of supporting parental rights, school choice, and medical freedom.  I believe that individuals should have the freedom to make medical decisions for themselves and their families. These deeply personal choices should not be dictated by our government.

With New Hampshire’s de facto volunteer legislature, it is important to elect someone that will show up to work. I have a 100% attendance rate in my committee meetings and never missed a House session. Additionally, I volunteered to substitute on other committees to learn more about the legislation affecting Laconia and to allow my colleagues to meet their work or family obligations. If elected to a second term, I will continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our city.

We want to thank Dawn Johnson for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to

Over the past 2 years, I have gained invaluable knowledge about the legislative process and have become an esteemed member of the House Republican Alliance. This organization vets each piece of legislation for its constitutionality and adherence to our Republican platform.

This term, I promise to continue being a strong conservative voice in Concord that supports the Constitution of New Hampshire and the United States.  I will continue to fight for the values of family, faith, and freedom.

I ask for your support and to vote for me, Dawn Johnson, on September 13th in the primary and again in the November General Election. You can support me with a small donation at .

With your help and your vote, we will have a Laconia voice in Concord.


Dawn M Johnson

State Representative

Laconia – District 5



Reminder: Content about candidates or by candidates is not an endorsement by or its authors.

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It is Not Putin, It is Bad Policy

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-15 00:00 +0000

Here is the problem with our economy and the out-of-control inflation numbers that came out today. Since the President and his band of inept bureaucrats have no idea how they created this horrible economic environment, they cannot have a clue how to get us out of the mess. They are not capable of recovery.

The new inflation number came out Wednesday morning. Experts braced for an 8.8% number. The actual number came in at a staggering 9.1%. This inflation number is the worst in forty years, and rather than take steps to reverse the trend, he continues to play the blame game. Biden continues to blame energy and food increases for the inflation number, and nobody pushes back on his mistake. These commodities are not included in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). If they were, the actual CPI would be well over 15%.

Joe Biden promised he would not increase taxes on anyone but the ultra-rich. He lied. Inflation is not a tax, but when bad policies augment it, it becomes a broad-based tax on every citizen who purchases anything. Inflation also impacts low-income people the most because they can least afford to pay the inflated cost of goods and services. Biden is hurting the very people he promised to protect.

As long as Biden keeps at the blame game and people are buying his spin, he does not have to do anything to correct course. Biden is also trying to downplay the inflation number by touting the low unemployment number. Using misdirection, he believes he can make a case for the strongest economy in decades. It just isn’t true.

All of Biden’s surrogates are downplaying any possibility of a recession. Many economists feel we are already in a recession and that it will take a long time to recover from the downturn of the last eighteen months. This is the maddening part of the issue. There does not appear to be anything Biden will do the alter the economic downturn. He will not change his stance on domestic energy. Buttigieg is ineffective on the supply chain issue, and rising energy costs drive the cost of most anything bought in America.

The bottom line is that Team Biden has been working right on cue for his plan to take effect. He is still looking to kill the fossil fuel industry in this country while promoting it in countries like Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Months ago, when the supply chain issue surfaced, the DOT changed the rules for cargo ships to stage further offshore. This put the fleet of waiting vessels out of sight but not out of mind.

The Fed is taking action to mitigate the rising inflation, but the increasing interest rates are also harmful to many Americans. Credit card rates, car loans, and especially mortgages are more expensive. The increases in rates will force some to rethink their position and repair or upgrade an existing home instead of moving on to a newer, more expensive abode.

Gas prices may have come down thirty cents in June, but that will in no way assuage folks who are still deciding between gas and food or gas and utilities. The American people are in pain, and coming off the Pandemic, the last thing Americans needed was economic woes after two years of COVID restrictions. Joe Biden needs to feel this pain, or pay the price in November. One thing we can all agree on is that “transitory” was a mockery, as is “Putin” Inflation.

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Irony Alert: Economy “Created” to Sell EVs is Making Them More Expensive to Drive than Combustion Engine Vehicles

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 22:30 +0000

Democrats are economic illiterates. It’s the only explanation why so many believe an economy they planned wouldn’t be a total disaster. Take energy. They made oil prices rise to make Electric Vehicles competitive before they had the grid bandwidth to charge them.

If you search ‘high gas prices,’ you’ll trip over articles on how electric vehicles are the solution. So what if they cost half again to twice as much more. Never mind that they are not green or there is nowhere to charge them. There is no plan that creates enough capacity ever to meet the promised demand.

Nothing they will agree to can meet that demand.

My assumption has been that this fraud is a trap. The goal is to force you out of your personal conveyance altogether. And it is not a brilliant assumption. It is what Dems have long admitted they prefer, and you can see them doing it. Tiny houses. Walkability. Unaffordable housing. A preference for densely packed urban living. Policies that make more homeless, not less. And energy policy that makes mobility less affordable.

Part of that lie has been an EV age that has been slow to dawn because they are too expensive and too impractical. Instead of breaking down those hurdles through innovation or technology (though Elon Musk keeps trying), the ‘experts’ went about making gas prices so high (something they have acknowledged for more than a decade would be deliberate) that an EVs operating costs could compete outside the boutique niche of the elite.

There are other reasons this will never be, but those same policies have also made electricity so expensive that combustion transportation – while costly to run due to progressive policy – is still more affordable.



According to Auto-Bild, prices of 1,10 euros per kilowatt hour are currently being discussed. With an average consumption of 19 kWh per 100 kilometres, this would correspond to a price of more than 21 euros.

This means that the cost of driving an electric vehicle would be about 50 percent higher than for mobility with combustion engines….The price advantage for electric cars would thus be a thing of the past. On the contrary, electric cars threaten to become even more expensive to run than petrol and diesel vehicles.


But that’s in Germany (or Europe), you might say. Not America. Yes, America. The progs have been chasing the European Green Dream for years. We’ve outlined their descent along the same path, and it’s happening here. Electricity rates in New Hampshire are to double before the winter. Your coal or NG-powered vehicle will get twice as expensive to drive. And while outfits like Eversource are promising more recharging stations, the economy is also making that more expensive.

In other words, the experts wrecked the energy economy and the rest of the economy with it for nothing.

And you let them think you should be concerned about a few mean tweets?

Democrats destroy everything they touch, so the solution, your call to action, is fewer Democrats in elected offices touching things. And not just in the next election, but all of them.

So, let’s get on that, shall we?




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Will China Joe Bail out Beijing With Your Life Savings?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 21:00 +0000

For as long as I’ve been blogging, certain political factions have insisted that the government will take our savings. Be it 401K, other retirement money, or just your ordinary bank accounts, poof – gone. Well, that just happened in China, so it begs the question.

If they are hurting that bad, where do they look for more?

China holds a massive sum of US paper. They’ve bought a lot of US bonds. If bank runs and economic instability are rocking the Communist nation, what to do? Who to call?

Do you call China Joe?

Debt is all America has under Biden, and he’s not the only culprit, but between Obama and China Joe – each with Democrat congressional majorities in their first terms that spent wildly – we elevated excessive spending to a new level. To be fair, Trump wasn’t a saver, but he at least grew an economy capable of eventually beating the debt back if he kept his promise to cut spending in term two, which Dems will do anything to prevent.

Does that include destroying America? I think we have to accept that it does. And the Biden admin has already robbed us with inflation. They have the nation teetering on a reed over a canyon named recession. So, at this point, what difference does it make? It’s just a matter of when not if.

China will have to seize assets and is alleged to be doing that already. As many as 400,000 Chinese had their savings vanish overnight.


Depositors were protesting to demand that their savings be returned as thousands have been unable to access their money for over a month. Banks in Henan first froze client assets, and then the Chinese government changed the victims’ COVID QR passes to red to deny them the freedom of movement. The most recent protest was among the largest seen in China since the pandemic began.

Over $6 billion (39 billion yuan) is missing. A reported 400,000 people have been affected. Imagine going to the bank only to realize that your entire life’s savings were gone instantly? You worked hard, saved, and did everything right for years or decades, only to have it all abruptly taken away


That economic collapse will shake the world markets, and with America by its side or right behind them, the global recession seems imminent.

Biden gave China oil we don’t have, so why not money? What’s stopping him and his friendly bank buddies from seizing assets to pay off some of that debt?

Is it the three hundred million or more firearms in the hands of millions of Americans? China doesn’t have that, or they’d probably have an actual insurrection. And we know or at least suspect that the left is looking for a civil war. Is this what gets them there, or are they too weak to try it. And for those who’d rather not see that happen, what’s the plan?

China’s economic descent will create a giant sucking sound, and not just economically. And what does a struggling giant with a Marxist’s sense of morality do in those circumstances? Maybe they start a war? Take what they need.

But with who?

And does Biden do them another solid and print more money, making yours worth less, or does he take what’s there and from who?

That’s what we’ve been told they would do for years – take our savings – and it looks like China is there now.



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Chuck Morse’s Secret Plan To Prevent 49 Senators From Voting?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 19:30 +0000

Does Chuck not know that there are 100 U.S. Senators? Does he have a secret plan to prevent 49 Senators from voting? Is Dave Carney too busy to proof what the campaign staff post on twitter?

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AFT Battles NEA For Most Dangerous Force on Education

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 18:00 +0000

I wrote about the NEA, National Education Association, just last week and its damaging influence on education, and worse, our children. With millions of members and their dues supporting far-left political issues and candidates, the NEA is more of a Political Action Committee than an entity concerned with your child’s education. The NEA says on their website that they focus more on transforming children and the country than improving math and science scores. They should be disbanded.

This week, the most prominent teacher’s union, the AFT, took its turn in the spotlight. The AFT, American Foundation of Teachers, represents over 1.7 million teachers. The following is their mission as stated on their website:

The American Federation of Teachers is a union of professionals that champions fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education, healthcare and public services for our students, their families and our communities. We are committed to advancing these principles through community engagement, organizing, collective bargaining and political activism, and especially through the work our members do.

Like the NEA, the AFT is more of a PAC than a group concerned with the quality of education in America’s public schools. It is alarming that the head of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Randi Weingarten, makes over half a million dollars per year in her job – more than nine times the average teacher’s salary in the U.S. In 2019, Weingarten received a salary of $489,844 along with $74,392 in other compensation, bringing her total haul for the year to $564,236, according to the AFT’s Internal Revenue Service Form 990 for that year, the most recent year available. 

The AFT has contributed nearly $9 million to various political causes and candidates in 2022. Almost all of the contributions are to Democrat candidates and left-leaning causes. The union knows where their bread is buttered.

This week, Weingarten commented that most union members believed the education system had become too politicized and was not allowing teachers to do their job. Wow, is that misdirection. The AFT and the NEA combine to form one of the largest lobbying groups in politics and were responsible for locking down many of our schools for nearly two years of the Pandemic. They held the government hostage for billions of dollars of COVID relief money, much of which will not be spent for years to come.

The teacher’s unions conspired with the Biden administration and the CDC to keep our kids in masks at school long after it was deemed unnecessary. They are already lobbying to mandate masks for the upcoming school year. They continue to promote Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project even though parents across the country have argued against them as part of the curriculum.

The unions continue to push for sexual and gender studies in the early grades. The unions are wholly aligned with the indoctrination of our children that has been going on for generations. For union members to complain about politicizing the system is laughable.

Disbanding the teachers’ unions and the Department of Education would be the two most significant improvements to our education system in decades. Returning school control to the state level and encouraging more parental involvement would help to break this systematic indoctrination of our children and return a sense of respect and passion for our country.

It is not coincidental that both unions refer to transforming our country on their websites. We need more education and less transformation, and ending the reign of control of these two PACs disguised as trade unions would go a long way to that goal.

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SAU16/Exeter and the Failed Leadership That Drove Families to Leave

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 16:30 +0000

Problems have been plaguing the SAU16/ Exeter school district for a few years now. Parents have been fighting to improve their schools during this time, only to find themselves dismissed and ignored. What does this tend to do to families who are frustrated that their voices are being ignored?

If they can afford it, they pull their kids out of school and find an alternative. This results in lower revenues because the state will no longer provide funding for children who are not educated in the district. This also means that those who support school choice initiatives have new allies in their political battle.

Here is an email from one of MANY parents who explained to the SAU16 school board members why she is fed up and pulling her kids out of the school district. If you are willing to ignore these parents, then don’t be surprised when they remove their children from the school district and then become school choice supporters.

THIS CAN’T BE THE NEW NORMAL!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Governor Chris Sununu

Good afternoon,

Kindness and moral values are taught at home and school should be reflection of kindness and acceptance. In many instances this is NOT what my children have experienced at SAU16.

I’m currently receiving ESSER fund surveys about prioritizing children’s Social Emotional Learning, from my perspective the adults at SAU16 need to learn this, not the children.

Helen Joyce’s comment to me, “P***, no matter what we do we can’t make you happy,” was true because almost every decision made in the last two years proved NOT to be in the best interest of children. In my opinion this school board put fear before the needs of children and before parental rights.


Multiple studies have shown for schools that remained closed for most of 20-21, children were much worse off socially, emotionally, physically and educationally. Prolonged school closures caused real lasting harm. Dr. Ryan and this school board rejected 80% of the concerned parents plea to return to in person learning.

You also rejected the notion that parents knew what was best for their own children’s mental and physical health regarding masks. In the end mask mandates DIDN’T make a difference! States with mask mandates haven’t fared better than the 35 states that didn’t impose mask mandates. Even when the masks children wore were proven to be little more than facial decorations that caused anxiety, depression and learning loss, this school system doubled down making my elementary school children eat with a mask on their face! Your own policies didn’t make sense! You had children take off their dirty mask, wear them as bracelets around their wrist during recess and put the same dirty mask back on their face. It was ineffective and actually placed children’s health at greater risk.

This fact/failure needs to be acknowledged, not met with the response, “P*** I’m not having this conversation with you, what do you want to do, take away recess or sterilize the toilet seats?!” No, what I wanted was for parents to have a choice about what goes over their child’s face, not neurotic adults.

I was recently standing in line at Stillwells with a group of young heathy Phillips Exeter Academy students who were visibly sweating wearing N95 masks in 90 degree weather, trying to stand under the shade of a tree while waiting for ice cream. When I asked the students why they were wearing a masks outside, they told me they were still required to be masked in any group setting! I found this unbelievable! Yesterday I drove past the school and kids again are masked outside in July!

This is posted on PEA’s website July 3, 2022- Masks will be required indoors in classrooms, dorm common spaces, assembly hall, student center, etc., exceptions are when students are in their own rooms or when actively eating and/or drinking. Masks are optional in outdoor spaces where physical distancing is possible. The approved mask types are N95, KN95, or surgical; no cloth masks will be allowed.

Are you kidding me? This makes my head spin, those poor children! What I also find unbelievable is that SAU16 is one step behind in this extreme thinking. You were sending home letters at the end of this year recommending that parents continue to mask their children. I am terrified for next year, THIS CAN’T BE THE NEW NORMAL!

Growing up I remember reading about propaganda in history books thinking nobody would fall for treating people like this… but I guess I was wrong.

When we let ourselves be bullied into acting in a way that has no rational reasons then we end up not thinking ourselves. We learn that the powers that be, can at any time decide how we should act.

Because of these reasons my husband and I are doing everything in our power to pull our four children out of SAU16. It’s truly sad because we moved here specifically for the school system, however, in the end it boils down to politics. If you lived in a conservative area your children had normalcy with in person learning and schools were mask optional, if you lived in a liberal area schools were closed and masks were required.

My oldest is a freshman and will be attending Saint Thomas HS, our three younger children still remain on a long wait list at Sacred Heart. We pray every day that there will be a space for them next year. This response below from the NH Catholic schools is what we have been craving from SAU16.

“We listened to parents’ desire for a return to normalcy with in-person learning, and now we’re listening again. We believe that our schools are partners with parents in the education and formation of their children. Parents throughout our system will have the flexibility and freedom to make their own decisions on whether or not they want their child to wear a mask at school, and the same is true for our teachers and staff.”

In my opinion SAU16 still has so much to learn. Our children played lacrosse this year and I was shocked sitting in the sidelines. So many conversations surrounded around what was happening at SAU16 and how many parents felt desperate to get their children out! My whole life I believed in public schools, however, after these last two years I now believe in school choice! Things need to change! Never in a million years did I think that what I would have to protect my children from the most was occurring during their school day.


Real examples of how SAU16 adults treated children;

-numbering children on their arm and making them raise their hand every third song if they were unvaccinated at an outside prom, and this is coming from the school that preaches inclusion!
-making children……actually babies in the elementary schools eat in silent lunches.
-making children wear a mask on their face while eating.
-making children wear masks outside/inside (in the heat) while playing sports.
-having teachers tell children that if someone in their family gets sick it’s THEIR fault because they didn’t wear their mask properly.
-making children go out in the hall during class to drink their water bottles.
-yelling at children constantly for two years to pull up their mask and making them sit in the nurses office alone with closed blinds and a fan blowing at them on high when they needed a mask break.
-having a teacher tell my daughter to put tape on her nose to keep her mask up.
-having staff follow my child and her friend (who slept over our house the night before) down the hall, after school hours to yell at them to pull up their mask.
-having our school board chair tell a child she could pull down her mask because she couldn’t hear her speak and yet this board member continually voted to keep children masked.
-having elementary school board members publicly shame people to pull up their mask, when the same people on the board five minutes before the meeting were walking around the crowded Seadog restaurant without masks.
-having staff/teachers post pictures of themselves going to concerts and restaurants maskless on social media then show up to school masked.
-entering CMS with staff (masked behind plexiglass) enforce masks when standing alone in a corridor to sign your child out of school. Meanwhile schools down the street similar in size like Bedford and Catholic schools were mask optional for the entire year not allowing adults to act like dictators.
-having a teacher at CMS the last few weeks of school tell my daughter (who has asthma with a caugh from allergies-pollen) that she’s irresponsible for not wearing a mask and then not wanting to touch her paper in front of the class, treating her like she’s dirty because she coughs!
-having a board member attend a 100-year-old‘s birthday party with seniors unmasked and then vote to keep children masked.
-having children sit on computers and I-Ready for hours at CMS many times in the auditorium 3 to 4 classes a day, this is not happening in other towns, why is it consistently happening here?
-having an eighth grade dance where masked women were going around yelling at young girls to cover up their shoulders, God for bid they show their shoulders at a middle school dance! Can’t anything be normal?
-telling High School kids at a board meeting that having dances with multiple grades (like every other high school homecoming dance) would be, “a recipe for disaster and that they would have to separate the grades and have the lights on in the gym,” I guess it’s because the children are so bad in this district they don’t deserve to have dances?
– these children are also told they are racist and they are learning it in their halls and in their community. They are getting sent the message from Dr Ryan that “we care about the color of you skin,” what about the continent of their character? My eighth grader came off the bus and said, “Mom we had a presentation today that said white people are privileged and black and Hispanic people are oppressed!” This is a dangerous way to teach diversity.
-having my 12-year-old receive an advanced sexual survey that I was told I signed up to have my child receive, which was far from the truth.
Sadly the list is long and continues to grow…..

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Libertarian Leanings - Thu, 2022-07-14 15:35 +0000
By now everybody's heard about the 10-year-old rape victim who was forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana to get an abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The story was first reported in The IndianapolisStar on... Tom Bowler
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The Climate Cult’s Cape Cod Conundrum

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 15:00 +0000

There’s a lot of geologic history to be found on the subject of Cape Cod. A long finger of “land” that “consists almost entirely of sand, gravel, silt, clay, and boulders, with no solid bedrock whatsoever showing anywhere or even to be found at depths of many feet below the surface.”

In other words, there’s not much to it. It is a spit of land from sea level to a few dozen meters in height in most places. And it’s got a problem. Real Estate prices are astronomical. They’ve gotten so bad that long-term renters may be unable to afford to live in homes they’ve occupied for years.

The Boston Globe has a piece from yesterday that leads with” ‘We are losing the Cape we have always loved’: Soaring home prices on Cape Cod put the pinch on longtime renters.”

Much like Portsmouth here in New Hampshire, land at or near the coast is much more expensive than inland which has risen exponentially in value in recent years. It makes no sense. Why would people pay top dollar plus for a home and a mortgage that, according to the “experts,” should literally be underwater?

What bank hands out a 30-year loan on a property that shouldn’t be there before it’s paid off? Cape Cod is doomed, just like Barry and Shell’s 20 million dollar getaway on nearby Martha’s Vinyard.

From Federal to State to Local Government, an entire political party has dedicated itself to reenvisioning the economic system because of the threat.

They’ve used “vaccine hesitancy” to cut air travel (fewer pilots) and trim the number of truck drivers and available road transportation, a primary goal of the unpassed and unauthorized Green New Deal (GND).

Democrats are committed to banning fossil-fuel vehicles whose alternatives we can’t charge and no one could afford before they wrecked the economy.

All of these things, in their minds, lower transportation emissions, a significant goal of the GND. Lately, it has been the biggest target on their tiny minds, from TCI to gas taxes they no longer need to pass because the Biden Administration kneecapped oil production and undercut national energy capacity and infrastructure.

Deliberate misery to advance a goal meant to reduce CO2 to save us from the rising seas – at least on paper.

The seas that would swallow Portsmouth, and Martha’s Vinyard, which – magically – still have some of the most desirable and expensive properties. Valuable to many of the same Libs pushing emissions reduction policy.

And then there’s Cape Cod. It’s still there. It has beaches. It’s not gone. And it is getting costly to live there because of the genuine expectation that it will still be there for many years, no matter what the Dems and the media say.

And you know what they say about what they do? It’s what they do, not what they say.



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Open Letter Denouncing Chuck Morse

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-14 13:30 +0000

The NH Supreme Court recently heard a challenge to the legislatures determined resolve to only afford the rights they find necessary in the NH Bill of Rights. In the challenge before the court, the lawyers for the state legislative branch talked of the constitutional right to ignore the constitution.

They referred to an article that states the House of Representatives and the Senate shall make their own rule and procedures. The legislative branch stated they could collect their checks and never meet; they can run through the highway toll system for free yet never meet.

Never meet means they never have to show up to take on the people’s business unless they feel like it.

It’s a stunning revelation to know there can be a flood that takes out roads and homes, a severe snow storm that strands people without food, drinkable or heat, and an earthquake that literally shakes down the high-rise apartment building, and according to Senate President Morse and his legal team, they don’t have to respond unless HE feels like it because he is the one that calls in the senate WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT as his lawyer stressed to the court and the court accepted the explanation.

So why do I write? I write because Morse wants to join the swamp in DC! We cannot afford another person in DC who only thinks of what is good for them personally. We need someone who cares about the people they promise to represent.

Look at senator Morse’s record. What did he do when a citizen was arrested at an exec council meeting for saying Amen too loudly for the governor’s liking (the same governor who sat down refusing to recite …” with liberty and justice for all” during the Pledge of Allegiance?

What did Senate President Morse do when the richest of businesses received millions of dollars during covid while the small business community was denied because they didn’t have political insiders to direct the banks to give them a chance. Many were told to come at 9 am the first day the money would be available, only to be told at 9:01 that it was all gone. Imagine standing in line and being 1st to find out it was another political hoax on working families.

What did Senate President Morse do when the federal government decided the tax dollars handed out were free and no repayment was due, and oh, by the way, no taxation on the profits it generated? Senate President Morse gave the same richest people a special bill and consideration allowing them to NOT pay the state BET/BPT taxes.

Former Senator Clegg testified that his company worked out of their own pockets, not the taxpayers, and what would they receive in return. The answer was the state couldn’t afford to give everyone the same break, so if you genuinely struggled thank you and thank you for the taxes you will pay to cover the loss of the richest in the state.

Am I the only one who sees a pattern? Yes?

Let’s go to the amount of money Senate President Morse has raised. How much has been raised from those who received free taxpayer money from the federal program? How many have hidden the money in political PACs so they cannot be easily discovered? Why is it the only US Senate candidate with little money is the only one without personal wealth and a steadfast promise he will represent those who pay the tax bill, working families?

There is a new NH Supreme Court case # 2022-0316, which is about taking federal funds at the state level and creating a mortgage upon the state and the taxpayers. Federal money comes with strings, don’t do what we say with it, don’t comply with the rules you agreed to, and pay it back. Right now, there are millions owed to the federal government from the State of NH for not complying with the contract NH signed with the Federal Government.

I asked the legislature to hear my concerns, the concerns of many I have met in the last year. We took 427 million and promised to do whatever the Biden administration demands we do to people who refuse to give up their rights under the Bill of Rights and their God-given rights. We all heard the AG say we didn’t have to comply, and he was correct. We simply had to give the money back, so why take it!

When the President of the NH Senate, the person who becomes the governor when the governor is out of state, sends lawyers into the supreme court at the expense of the taxpayers, the working families, the elderly, and the poor, to say the Senate President Morse has an NH Constitutional right to deny the people of any constitutional right he decides doesn’t fit the vacation schedule of elected legislators, we have a problem. We have a major malfunction in the system where the elected serve us. We don’t serve them.

I will continue to work for and with the people of this state. I am not running for elected office; I am running classes to educate people about their rights, including the ones Senate President Morse sent his taxpayer-funded lawyers to prove he could ignore

I only ask that you do not vote to send Morse to DC. I realize he fits in well, but if we continue to allow DC to be filled with those only interested in themselves, how long before we are Venezuela. Send Morse to DC, and I bet he accomplishes it for his donators in 1 year.



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