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“Fiscally Responsible™” Maggie Hassan Helped Add 11.5 Trillion to the Federal Debt in Under 6 Years

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-06 10:30 +0000

In 2016 when Maggie Hassa squeaked out a win over Kelly Ayotte for a US Senate seat from New Hampshire, the Deficit was at 19.5 Trillion. Given that Hassan is selling herself as a fiscally responsible tax-cutter, we might be able to discern the truth of that by looking at what the National debt is today. It just hit 31 Trillion.

If you suffered through 21st-century public school math, let me help you with this. While fiscally responsible Maggie Ha$$an has been in the U$ $enate, she has helped add 11.5 Trillion in new debt.

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That’s a 59% escalation above the debt she inherited when she took office in January 2017. Hassan helped add nearly 60% to the national debt she inherited since arriving in DC. More than a third (37%) of the total federal accumulated in the nation’s history.

In fewer than six years.

Fiscally irresponsible?

Hey Mags, are you ready to admit that you didn’t want those tax cuts for New Hampshire you take credit for in your Television campaign ads? That you were forced to sign off on tax cuts sent to you by a Republican majority legislature. That Democrats in your state party not only ran on repealing tax cuts but still do. Tax cuts, one Democrat State Senator said, “businesses didn’t ask for.”

You know, because it wasn’t money they made or anything.

While Margaret ‘Maggie” Hassan was forced to sign that NH budget as governor, there’s no one in DC twisting her arm to be fiscally responsible, is there? I think we can see that.

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Let’s have some more fun with math. Since your spendaholic gal-pal, Jeanne Shaheen, was elected to the US Senate in 2008, the Deficit has risen from 10 trillion to 31 trillion, or an additional 1.5 trillion in new debt yearly.

Since you joined her, you’ve helped add 1.9 trillion a year in new debt annually.

And while I’m not sure you care, Granite Staters are concerned about the economy, falling behind, and their kids falling behind in education. Business owners find it harder to do business when everything costs more, including borrowing money.

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There’s not one good thing you claim credit for when your uncontrolled spending agenda wipes it out through inflation and recession. And what makes it worse is Maggie is running for office on being fiscally responsible, and cutting taxes, when the only thing she’s good at is the opposite.



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Here’s a Way to Improve Education for Minority Students and All Students

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-06 01:30 +0000

Oftentimes politicians or political activists say they want to help public education, but we can see that it doesn’t necessarily work. With the focus on everything but academics in our public schools, parents are actively challenging their school boards to go back to the basics. Go back to focusing on academics.

School administrators and teachers do sometimes have challenges in front of them when it comes to poor parenting. I can certainly sympathize, but you don’t change the model from an institution of education to a social justice experiment. As we can all see, that is a roadmap to illiteracy, and that doesn’t benefit any child.

I’ve made suggestions to improve the academic standards and testing in New Hampshire. There are other remedies that could improve the quality of education that would elevate our public schools. Since there is so much resistance to these ideas (focusing on quality academics) I sometimes wonder, is there anyone left out there who actually wants our public schools to thrive?

There are examples we can look at that show how to improve public schools. These models are oftentimes found in some of our private and religious schools. What do they do that’s so different from our public schools? Why do they have strong academic outcomes among the student population? Why do they have waiting lists for students while our public schools see declining enrollment?

In Nashville, a Charter school is returning to the old traditional style of education –the classical education model. What some may describe as outdated, and not necessarily innovative, shows that a focus on quality academic content, is paying off.

Majority-minority classical school in TN doubled their Math and English Language Arts achievement compared to district public schools.

“Nashville Classical Charter School has a mission to teach the most disadvantaged children with a classical curriculum.”

“…Nashville Classical has a diverse [urban] student body…”

“Nashville Classical posts higher rates of proficiency in ELA (English Language Arts) and math—both as a student body and by race—than district public schools. Compared with other public schools in the area, Nashville Classical more than doubles its students’ proficiency rates in math (64.5% vs. 29.9%) and nearly doubles their proficiency rates in ELA (49.2% vs. 25.9%) (Figure 1). Black students at Nashville Classical also achieve far higher rates of proficiency in ELA and math compared with their counterparts elsewhere in the school district and the state as a whole. The student body itself is majority-minority: 62% are listed as black, and 8% are listed as Hispanic (the Metropolitan Nashville school district is 27% black and 10% Hispanic). Given the results that Nashville Classical produces, [the school’s founder] Friedman’s goal of ‘[making] sure excellence is celebrated, and that excellence doesn’t have a color’ has been achieved.”


One might think that all of the Social Justice Warriors and DEIJ Directors would jump on this data. One would think that they would become the biggest champions for this approach to learning in our public schools. Something tells me, this isn’t their focus. I would eagerly to to help them in New Hampshire work in this, if they ever want to pursue real change in the public schools.

Do they want to continue down the path of social engineering that denies minority children knowledge? Or do they want to make a significant change that educates black and Hispanic children at higher rates?  This will give those sometimes marginalized groups of children better access to better colleges and jobs.

I know that some Hillsdale Charter Schools in New Hampshire have recently opened. For parents who are done with all of the social engineering in their local public schools and need a change, Hillsdale Charter Schools may offer you a better alternative.



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Dover NH Wants a Rain Tax – Here’s Why It is Unnecessary and a Bad Idea

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-10-06 00:00 +0000

No, the photos are not from Florida. They are Dover after the 2006 mother’s day 100-year flood. Here’s a preliminary look at the pending rain tax, aka stormwater utility fee. Don’t feel left out, Portsmouth and Rochester, your cities are poised to sign onto this deal, too.

Lets walk through the highlights.

NITROGEN: nitrogen and carbon are essential to all living things. Without either one, plants don’t grow, and animals and people die. Whatever this utility or aka tax is, its not equitable or going to do squat for the environment. Besides the fact this burden will fall on an over-taxed, stressed community of renters, retired, and property owners.


1 – The deal with EPA and how the NHDES and UNH are driving the bus.

EPA contract dated 3/25/2021:

This contract, signed by the Dover city manager, is one of the most outrageous contracts to ever happen in this city. Dover would be the first in NH to pass such a tax. States where this has been implemented are faced with lawsuits, and Dover will be too.

NHDES: the trend established by NHDES clearly shows a spike in nitrogen in 2006;




For those who were not here then, that was the mother’s day flood, aka the 100-year flood. I’ve lived here for over 50 years, three houses, and only see flooding that occurred that day one other time on Hampton beach in the 1978 blizzard due to the ocean storm surge.

I’ve attached photos of various areas of Dover that day.



That year nitrogen in Great Bay peaked because the wastewater treatment plants along the rivers to Great Bay overflowed huge amounts of effluent and caused a spike not replicated to date. The NHDES confirmed the number one cause of nitrogen is the wastewater treatment plants, therefore confirming the 2006 data. Nitrogen levels have come down considerably since.

UNH: Here’s where it gets sketchy. According to NHDES, there’s a group of brilliant minds all gathered around computers looking at satellite images of NH. They have mapped out the entire city of Dover by map/lot and applied a number based on what images from space they acquired. Roof square footage and land, no actual field testing. For example, a farm with land in conservation and lots of pole buildings scores well over 5000 and a neighbor about 100. Not one person goes out and collects samples of runoff from anyone’s roof. Now on the other side of UNH, the land grant side, at the UNH extension service, there is another group of brilliant students where farmers, gardeners, and landscapers send soil samples every year to test the soil for growing food and other greenery, and they tell you how much nitrogen to put back into the ground!? I believe that UNH needs to gets these two groups together and discuss nitrogen and its importance for life.


2 – Actual nitrogen levels

I was curious just how much my roof, streams, and water supply is contaminated with excess nitrogen. My roof drains into a swale, as does my septic into groundwater than to a pond that neighboring 52 houses also drains into my property, then it proceeds to the Bellamy reservoir floodplain.

After a big rain storm, I tested water from my roof, 0/neutral high nitrogen. I tested the pond, 0/neurtral high nitrogen. I then tested the runoff in the Bellamy floodplain, 0/neutral high nitrogen. All are within normal limits.

I guess after reading all the EPA and NHDES materials, I thought for certain there would at least be some measurably increased nitrogen, but absolutely none! How odd? Then I checked the NHDES charts on nitrogen in Great bay and since 2006, a spike that year, they have increasingly come down a lot. Again how odd? So I ask, if it’s not a nitrogen problem, why are you implementing a tax related to nitrogen? And why runoff?

Hummm, shouldn’t the houses that flow onto my property pay me reparations?


3 – Storm water

Since equity is a buzzword today, this tax is totally inequitable and has no bearing on real science. All the material provided by the EPA is footnoted, every single projection as ASSUMPTION! Somehow the EPA has the power to stranglehold the city into a contract signed on 3/2021 to mitigate stormwater, but left out actual science that will tell us the reason for nitrogen increases which do not exist, which in fact is decreasing, in Great Bay?

Since then, the levels are down significantly, yet they want to eliminate all nitrogen anyway, you know, science. This, combined with lowered carbon, will starve all life in Great Bay, including fish, lobsters, and their food. Yet we keep on developing on the water, the city and golf courses keep on using fertilizer and pesticides, and boats continue to dump effluent into the bay. The green plan is to eliminate dirt and livestock farming.

Black Rock-backed people are working on buying farmland to make vertical farms locally in NH. This is not real food. Like fake meat, fake veggies slapped with organic labels are far from veggies. Climate change efforts are not what they appear. So when your town starts talking about stormwater utility, don’t buy it. EPA is pressuring all towns and cities in NH that have a river that flows to the ocean to sign their contract to lower nitrogen. Pretty much everyone.


4 – Harm

Let’s discuss the harm in your plan. If you plan on trapping all the stormwater and pumping it to the wastewater treatment plant, do you think of what that will do the ecosystem? Many species rely on vernal ponds that would be gone if you remove stormwater.

Legumes will be threatened. Runoff to promote algae and fish! Groundwater stores and the underground flow of water and wells. Even the city wells could be impacted. Middle school science teaches us rain falls, is absorbed, flows into rivers, or evaporates and rains again. Nothing in these documents addresses harm and are driven by data from 2006 and assumptions.

When the levels of nitrogen are too low, you will starve fish, lobsters, and other species dependent on plant life and algae.

In Idaho, they purposely burn in spring to produce nitrogen for growing. UNH extension has been advising farmers since its inception to put nitrogen into the soil to grow food. Even the US forest service has reached out to NH and NH indigenous people to start controlled burning in our state! That puts nitrogen right back into the ground and the air. It’s amazing how disconnected everyone is!!?? Especially the city of Dover.

You will, in effect, destroy farms, the hand that feeds you. Both dirt and animal farmers are stewards of the land and have been for thousands of years. They use BMPs to keep the land alive and productive. Take away nitrogen via fertilizer and runoff. You will destroy the food supply. If you want a window to the future, look at the Netherlands and the damage they are inflicting on farmers there.

What other negative impacts will this effort make? In the real world, CO2 and nitrogen are essential to life. No one in the EPA or DES actually knows 100% that any of these measures will do any good and, in fact, can do harm to the vital food supply, fragile ecosystem, and there’s absolutely no plan presented that will work and cost us money and natural resources! And what if the plan to decrease nitrogen works and fails??


5 – Why stop at roofs? Let’s discuss the many ways to eliminate nitrogen:
  • All waterfront property with a lawn or driveway and no buffer pay more.
  • Funeral homes, graveyards.
  • Pool chemicals.
  • Carwashes.
  • Fire department usage fee surcharge and eliminate fire suppression chemicals that contain nitrogen.
  • All fires produce nitrogen in the air and ground and should be taxed.
  • Hospitals, human waste i.e., body parts, and water usage.
  • Pets, wildlife, and birds that contribute to nitrates.
  • Homeless people, effluent tax.
  • Laundry, dishwasher flushing.
  • Turnkey landfill.
  • Draining pools.
  • Lithium batteries must pay a fee for possible leakage and disposal, EV cars in particular.
  • All towns upstream a usage fee for runoff from their towns.
  • This is the shortlist.


If in fact, nitrogen is the devil, let’s discuss what can be done:

  • All new development pay an impact fee, and new residence impact fee and existing residences’ septic systems should be grandfathered.
  • All new septic systems have to be nitrogen-free.
  • All riverfront properties pay an extra impact fee, like view tax, since they are directly impacting the waterways.
  • All golf courses, lawn owners and landscape companies within a radius of 1 mile of a waterway pay an impact fee as well as stop all pesticides at once.
  • A fine for stores selling fertilizers.
  • Landscape companies need to be licensed according to BPMs and nitrogen free.
  • City stops all use of road and lawn treatment and use non-nitrogen treatments.
  • All boats, yachts etc stop dumping refuse into Great Bay and the ocean and pay a usage fee for using the rivers. We can discuss the leaking oil into the bay another time.
  • Upstream towns pay an impact fee for water nitrogen that passes through Dover.
  • Waste Management pay an impact usage fee for their impact.
  • The State has to pony up its share for the state roads in Dover.
  • All residents on septic are exempt.
  • Anyone caught peeing in the woods is fined/taxed.

Many of these sound outrageous, but no more outrageous than your idea to tax roofs and driveways willy-nilly! Until you can prove, with actual science (like a nitrogen transmitter on every roof and driveway to track said nitrogen and where it ends up!), our roofs are responsible! The monumental effort to replace all septic systems per the EPA list of mitigation is ludicrous, not to mention expensive.

This city talks out of both sides of your mouth! Let’s develop the riverfront and every proposed development plan and then slap a rain tax on them. Somewhere the city lost its way with the open space efforts and allowed overdevelopment causing stress on infrastructure and wanting to punish the property owners for it.

Like the infamous “view tax,” the rain tax is completely subjective and not based on science and disguised as a fee! Legally, several precedents has been established to be unconstitutional in Ohio, Michigan, and other states, and let’s not forget the Supreme Court recently ruled the EPA does not have the authority to make laws!

Putting the horse before the cart. If you used science, you’d first ban private jets, boats, sewage raw into the water, harmful pesticides then watering lawns, actually stick to wetland setbacks and stop waterfront development, use BMPs farmers use for runoff, and all new development use nitrogen mitigation septic systems, nitrogen-free waste management, road treatment, no pool draining, all waterfront property pay more, charge upstream towns usage fee for their nitrogen in rivers and underground streams, actually mitigate Tolend landfill EPA 500 dump (this debacle is a clear view on how mismanaged the city and EPA actually are), give open space land owners city tax credit for not developing (and current use property) oh, and a few bonus items, veterans and seniors don’t pay property taxes and free parking, improve public schools scores, building moratorium until infrastructure is improved, stop pandering to special interest groups and run this city within a budget!!

6 – Closure.

So, until they can prove beyond any doubt that my property and buildings are contributing to the mysterious nonnitrogen, I will not pay a dime. The sad part about all this is they preach transparency, yet it’s an act of congress to find or learn about any of the details. Residents who are not on the internet are SOL, and even if you are, most of the data have to be requested and sent by the NHDES. We all should find this troublesome, as well as the lack of information and vague acronyms in the documents themselves! Let’s begin looking at the cities committee notes with responses and questions:

Ad Hoc committee Stormwater Recommendations.


  1. I’ll start with an editorial note that there are no short or long-term studies to support any of the findings and their long-term effect on the ecosystem and legumes. No data links are listed at all. Runoff does, in fact, ‘soak” into the ground. Then once the ground is saturated, it provides many useful jobs as runoff.
  2. The 2006 flood was a 100-year flood. There is no data that sea levels have risen beyond The opening statement of your report is void of any facts, so let’s begin. Rising seawater! In 100 years sea level has risen 3.2mm. Only speculation on it rising by inches or feet. For every glacier melted, new ice is formed. This whole report is speculative. Unless you’re punishing the residents for errors this city made in proper spending for the city’s sewer system, there is no proof we are contaminating the rivers or great bay. Runoff from a house in a cul-de-sac no one has proven it’s polluting Great Bay!
  3. All projections.
  4.  We pay taxes into a general fund that is supposed to care for our sewers!
  5. And?
  6. Yes, why aren’t you using the fund to replace over the past 100 years? What have you been doing with the money if not the sewer?
  7. The city is the worse offender of this. The treatment plant, the road treatment, city buildings, parks, and other “lawns” that require fertilizers, the EPA 500 Tolend landfill you let drain into the cocheco for over 20 years.
  8. Ditto 7.
  9. Total BS.
  10. Who is the Conservation Law Foundation and why are they involved, and who is governing them?
  11. As it should be.
  12. What stormwater and food projects???
  13. What projects? What on this green earth are you doing?
  14. Of course, you need more money.
  15. More taxation without cause.
  16. Word salad.
  17. Here’s the beef; it’s a second tax on our square footage and an added bonus of impervious surfaces.
  18. Hugh?
  19. More details needed.
  20. What private sector and how much?
  21. Who MAAM???
  22. You should have been doing this for 100 years.
  23. Save money? Are you serious? Who mismanaged the general fund to the point you need another tax????
  24. Again, you are not managing what you have and allowing unbridled development to stress our infrastructure.
  25. What in blazes is fair about this? It is the most inequitable tax yet.
  26. So apparently, you are short on funding for stuff and want to bleed us some more.
  27. Either way, you have no right to tax something as obscure as rain! This has been argued and won.
  28. Why? This is absurd.
  29. I can just imagine the staff to do this, and it’s overstepping your city charterWhat projects? Like???
  30. What projects? Like???
  31. Again, you are barking up the wrong tree
  32. Here it is!
  33. Tell this to someone on a fixed income.
  34. Why is the city exempt when the worse offender???
  35. Seriously” Equitable credit system. What on earth? This would require a huge staff, or is that your end game? Interesting you don’t mention BMPs or farms
  36. if you think any of this gobblygook is understandable to anyone with an ounce of common sense? It’s not. Don’t assume we are all idiots…
  37. Credit system? This whole plan is nothing short of serious over-governmenting into our property. Its bad enough that our taxes are ridiculous for the services returned, but this effort is outside the city’s scope.
  38. So as far as I can tell, the most expensive part of this is “staff” not anything to do with science or nitrogen mitigation.


The EPA settlement agreement


  1. How anyone can sign this when its all “ASSUMPTIONS” is beyond comprehension
  2. We already have a wastewater treatment plant, and the EPA wants another.
  3. This agreement is nothing but clear.
  4. Why are you holding non-public meetings if you want the public on board or, as you said,” public understanding and full disclosure,” right… the dates are not easy to find either…
  5. Where is the adaptive management plan???? No link.
  6. More funding
  7. After looking at the NHDES data, Rochester has reduced their plant 90% while Dover is maybe at 50%… why?
  8. After looking at the NHDES data, Rochester has reduced their plant 90% while Dover is maybe at 50%… why?

8ci. Right. This city never does any responsible development, at all…

8dii. Seriously?

8dv… You don’t know squat about agriculture or this would not be an issue

8d3. Heres more idiocy. Replace septic systems through a retrofit program. Are you seriously ok with this?

  1. Again, no data on low, med. And high levels all
  2. What project?
  3. You backed us into a wall on this one. EPA just lost big time with CO2, this will be next

A notable part of the EPA document is the Structural Best mg page at the bottom starts all the ‘ASSUMPTIONS”. Every single part of this is an assumption.



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When Did We Lose the Sanctity of Life

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 22:30 +0000

When did we become so numb to senseless death? Was it the video games that we have played for decades? Was it the movies filled with violence that we paid good money to see? Was it CRT being taught in our schools that made our children hate our country and system?

Was it allowing political groups like BLM and ANTIFA to gain credibility when they are glorified gangs? Was it watching our cities burn and calling it the Summer of Love? Maybe it is the entire collection of possible reasons and more, but the bottom line is we allowed America to morph into a callous, turn-your-head society.

These are some ways we are losing young Americans, and neither Party seems willing to stop the carnage.

These are the deaths per year in America

Fentanyl Poisonings   100,000
Homicides/Murders   24,600
Veteran Suicides.         6,300
Overall Suicides.         40,000

That is 465 needless deaths per day from only five causes.

We know we have certain situations that are costing Americans their lives when they are in the prime of their lives. We talk and write about the Fentanyl assault on America, but what are we doing to end it? Nothing. We see senseless killings daily on our big city streets and talk about the new record numbers of deaths each year, but what are we doing to end it? We blame the gun and disregard the shooter. It is easy but sloppy.

Every day we start the news with another senseless assault, usually in one of our big cities. Last week, it was an off-duty EMT who had survived 9-11, but not the walk to the borders. She was assaulted by a stranger, stabbed twenty times, and killed. Totally unprovoked. Wrong place at the wrong time. Someone had a primal need to kill.

Over the weekend at Family Weekend at Marist College, parents and students were gathered in the lobby of a local hotel. Two men enter and begin shooting, leaving one father dead. Parents coming together to celebrate their children turns into a horrific crime scene.

A half dozen women dressed in green stretch suits board a subway car and start beating young teenagers. Kicking, pulling hair, and raining punches down on the faces of innocent commuters. Wrong place at the wrong time, all done to get their senseless act on social media.

In Chicago in June, Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell’s teenage brother was murdered by a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting, kicking off a bloody weekend that also saw a 5-month-old baby killed. Two innocents, an 18-year-old and a baby were gunned down. Wrong place at the wrong time. The shooters are still at large.

This crime spree is spurned by weak Progressive policies of No Cash Bail, reduced sentences, and emptying prisons and mental health facilities. We do not know what motivates people to commit violence, but it is a national problem. It can no longer be political but needs both sides to set aside their differences and solve this problem. We need to get Police forces staffed, and District Attorneys who refuse to adhere to the law removed.

We need to stop the initiative to put 87,000 new IRS agents on the street and put these resources to bolster the Border and shut down the gangs and people suffering from mental health problems from terrorizing the streets of our cities. Our big cities are dying and will not come back until this crime spree is behind us.

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Tell COVID Karen What She Needs is More Vitamin D3

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 21:00 +0000

Before you volunteer to be a human guinea pig for the new emergency use bivalent COVID booster, you might want to consider this. There’s a prophylactic treatment available that is showing a lot of promise. It only costs a few bucks, and you can buy it almost anywhere.

It’s called vitamin D3.

I know we’ve covered a few studies here and there, but the research supporting increased vitamin D blood levels has grown into a nearly unstoppable freight train.

The evidence is not thin or reedy. It is robust and growing.


“The finding that most SARS-CoV-2 patients admitted to hospitals have vitamin D3 blood levels that are too low is unquestioned even by opponents of vitamin D supplementation.”  The German study “followed 1,601 hospitalized patients, 784 who had their vitamin D levels measured within a day after admission and 817 whose vitamin D levels were known before infection.  And the researchers also analyzed the long-term average vitamin D3 levels documented for 19 countries.  The observed median vitamin D value over all collected study cohort


Joel Hirschhorn lists a number of these studies in his piece.

  • The recent German research quoted above is here.
  • [An] important US medical article from May 2021: Vitamin D and Its Potential Benefit for the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • There are now 142 studies vouching for the near-perfect correlation between higher vitamin D levels and better outcomes in COVID patients.
  • From Israel came work that showed 25% of hospitalized COVID patients with vitamin D deficiency died compared to just 3% among those without a deficiency
  • Also from Israel, data on 1,176 patients with COVID infection admitted to the Galilee Medical Center, 253 had vitamin D levels on record and half were vitamin D-deficient.
  • Several studies have come from the University of Chicago.  … more than 80% of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were vitamin D deficient.
  • Studies have shown that people hospitalized with low levels but given the active form of D did not progress to the ICU.
  • Unfortunately, about 42% of the US population is vitamin D deficient with some populations having even higher levels of deficiency.”


The response from the Public Health Industrial Complex?


NIH maintains that “There is insufficient evidence to recommend either for or against the use of vitamin D for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”


That probably means Vitamin D works, but even if it does not, at least it won’t give you myocarditis or the thousand (1,291) natural shocks that flesh is heir to after receiving the so-called COVID  vaccines.

And with winter coming, natural D from sunlight will be reduced, especially for people of color.


Note: We are not doctors, dieticians, or clinicians. This is not medical advice. Like everything else presented on these pages, you should do your own research, arrive at your own conclusions, and consult professionals you trust.


Note 2: Salmon, canned Tuna, Egg Yolks, Mushrooms, and Herring, as well as some cereals and oatmeal, are reputed to be good food sources of vitamin D.

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Alex Jones Sandy Hook Show Trial

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 19:30 +0000

On August 23 Dr. Mary W. Maxwell’s peice appeared with the title Update on Alex Jones’s “Defamation” of Sandy Hook Families, and the Maureen Crowley Quote. I generally enjoy reading many of the articles Dr. Maxwell submits.

We want to thank Stephen Peterson for this Op-Ed Please direct yours to

However in this piece she states the following “The deceit is that MSM implies that Jones lost in court by having his hoax claim refuted.  No, not at all. The matter did not even come up for discussion! The judge in Texas made a default judgment, as Jones did not cooperate in delivering financial papers.”

In my view, Dr. Maxwell is presenting, at best, a half-truth here.  The sense I had when reading this is that Dr. Maxwell is saying that Jones did not cooperate with discovery.  I believe the record shows that Jones most emphatically did cooperate more fully than any other defamation case in history.  The media is denying that Jones cooperated because the evidence they require for their case simply does not exist.

Today a press conference in Waterbury CT took place, and a video was made just 16 minutes long that I urge you to watch:


In this video Alex Jones appears with his attorney Robert Barnes, a well-known constitutional, first amendment, and criminal lawyer. He cites a Hartford Courant article published Oct 3 that states that under the default conviction of guilt, Alex is prohibited from defending himself from accusations nor allowed to discuss anything in a list of a half dozen topics.  Alex is not allowed to say he is innocent, nor can he challenge the falsehood that he did not provide all documents in the discovery, a falsehood on which his guilty verdict depends.

This is not a trial.  The judge has told Alex that he will be held in criminal contempt if he says he is innocent or bankrupt, or that he was not the first person to question Sandy Hook, or over ten other topics. No other judge in US history has ever told somebody what they can or cannot say.  Alex is being ordered to perjure himself if he answers questions, and he will be arrested if he tells the truth.

Attorney Barnes says that this case put the American Justice system itself on trial.  Alex Jones is being denied what everyone knows we deserve, which is our day in court.  Barnes says the court made clear that day that if Jones testifies truthfully, he goes to jail.  But if he answers the way the plaintiff’s attorneys want, then he also goes to jail.  So he goes to jail no matter how he testifies in his own defense.

The truth that the plaintiff’s lawyers are terrified the public will hear about is how Alex Jones provided more discovery documents than any media defendant in American libel law history. Barnes states that Internal documents, emails, and financial records were all disclosed to the plaintiff’s lawyers.

This case is in Connecticut, and Dr. Maxwell originally referenced a case in Texas.  There are actually three defamation cases against Jones, two in Texas and one in Connecticut, all using the same illegitimate tactics.

I encourage you to listen to the Oct 4 press conference to get a sense of the other side of this story that the media is not sharing because it is forbidden information.  The justice system is being weaponized against the people, and just as Alex was censored in Big Tech social media four years ago, before a multitude of other political dissenters, so yet again, Jones is a canary in the coal mine.



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Gilford School Board Meeting – They Have Finally Seen the Light! Well, except for One School Board Member

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Monday night was the October monthly meeting of the School Board, and this month was a joint meeting with the Gilmanton School Board (they tuition their high school students into Gilford High). Thus, the meeting was longer than normal; the video of that joint meeting is below.

Please also note that I have abstracted the three Public Comment sessions (one at the start of the joint meeting, at the end of that meeting, and a final one at the conclusion of the Gilford-only meeting; that is also below.

However, the most contentious part of the meeting was after the “joint meeting,” where the again modified JBAB was on the agenda.  It was highly changed (from the parts I was contesting in my lawsuit) and looked far better.  As a recap, I am suing over:

  • Abrogating the Freedom of Speech by Government (the School Board) mandated use of [ever changing] “personal pronouns.”
  • Giving itself the Power, absent any NH State statute delegating such Powers, to enforce staff to lie to Parents about the transgender status of their child.

Imagine my surprise when I saw these two sentences, “highly suggested” by their legal counsel, added on the first page (emphasis mine – Policy JBAB starts on page 4 of the “Second Read Policy Packet included at the very bottom of this post):

“Should” does not mean “shall” or “must” but is a permissive term. Nothing in this Policy limits the rights of individuals under the federal or state constitutions.

(Note: This was moved during the discussion from the first page to section J.  Still, I’ll take it).

Double-take time.  It has taken TWO YEARS of changing “A transgender student has the right to be called by their preferred pronouns and name” to “…Should be called by their preferred pronouns and name” (with Superintendent Kirk Beitler, in a phone conversation, telling me that the meaning of “should” was mandatory -I had to drag that out of him!) to the above.  Combine that with in the Names/Pronouns section (emphasis and markups by the School Board):

C. Names/Pronouns

A student Students under this policy should be addressed by a their preferred name or pronoun that corresponds to the student’s gender identity that is consistently asserted at school. “Should ”does not mean “shall” or “must” but is a permissive term.

So, they moved that last sentence to the first page.  BETTER as it then becomes “more inclusive” (heh!) relative to the entire policy. The end result, however, is EXACTLY what I have been saying for these two long years – a School Board, a mere subdivision of the State that has NO Powers (their own Policy BBA) except for those delegated to them by the State Legislature, can demand Government coerced speech from ANYONE – student, staff, or a visitor that just happens to be on school grounds.


FINALLY, a recognition that the US and NH Constitutions come FIRST in any and all deliberations when it comes to policymaking!

However, one School Board member, Nicole Hogan, continuously insisted that the first quote MUST be deleted from the Policy. Her emphasis, as you will hear in this video, is all about “emotional trauma” and “safe environments.”  During the video, you will hear her talk about that she doesn’t want “should” to be deliberately changed to “must” (a long discussion before that utterance) but doesn’t want the clarification of what the intended usage of “should” is to be (at 22:00 in the video) so that people would think that it IS mandatory to:

prevent wiggle room.

Translation: she was demanding, even with my lawsuit, their lawyer telling the Board they can’t do this, and her fellow Board members she can’t coerce HER brand of speech on others, that the reference to our Constitutional Rights be removed so that she would get her ideological way; the camel’s nose under the tent. She WANTS to coerce peoples’ speech on behalf of her transgender activism (see 22:00).  In fact, around 41:00, Nicole puts mental health over any legal precepts and rejects the Policy, because “should” will be read and applied, now, in a voluntary way AND that Constitutional Rights should be “hidden”.

Jessica Jacques said “Yes, everyone has legal Rights and First Amendment but [those two sentences] only highlight one side. She wants students put over taxpayers. And also holds that simply allowing for Freedom of Speech creates an environment for bullying.

I am presenting the Gilford only and “Second Reading” Policies meeting first. The discussion on Policy JBAB starts at 10:25



I dryly note that School Board member Nicole’s motion to delete that Constitutional reference didn’t even get a second for her motion so it died.  She crossed the Rubicon and THEN discovered no one was following her anymore on this issue. Not a happy camper. Freedom of Speech finally prevailed – but there is still one more Reading to be done before the changes become official.

To the other point of my lawsuit, the Board instructing its staff to lie to Parents (by omission or commission) about the transgender status of their child, that language was also modified:


A. Privacy

The Gilford School Board recognizes a student’s right to keep private one’s transgender status or nonbinary presentation at school. The Board also recognizes a transgender and nonbinary student’s right to discuss and express their gender identity openly. Information about a student’s transgender status, legal name or biological sex gender assigned at birth listed on a person’s birth certificate also may constitute confidential information. School personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status or nonbinary presentation to others. School personnel shall include parent(s) or legal guardian(s) when implementing a written plan for a student to address their needs as it relates to their transgender or nonbinary status.

Sometimes, it is a case of being careful about what you wish for. So, “to others” also include Parents at any time along a time spectrum?  Does “shall” only kick in when parents are brought in?

When contacting the parent or legal guardian of a transgender or nonbinary student, school personnel should use the student’s preferred name and pronoun listed in the student information system. Students’ legal names shall not be changed in the official records unless legally required to do so.

I learned at the last meeting that the student information system has been modified to expand the data elements for a student entity for preferred pronouns and names.  So, is “should” still permissive?  That staff have a choice to use what a student has decided for themselves or the name that the Parents gave their child?  It is unclear.  Ditto for “confidential information” is still withheld from parents.

I did NOT, given the battle over attacking/protecting our Freedom of Speech and the legal/emotional skirmishes, did not bring it up.  There was drama enough over just this issue. Thus, the question of whether or not this still is the understanding.

Here are the videos of the Joint Meeting and then the Public Comment Sessions. In the third video, the Comments, I am the last speaker and I lower the boom on Hogan by repeating her Oath of Office to her in which she PROMISES to support the Constitution:

[Art.] 84. [Oath of Civil Officers.] Any person chosen governor, councilor, senator, or representative, military or civil officer, (town officers excepted) accepting the trust, shall before he proceeds to execute the duties of his office, make and subscribe the following declaration, viz.

I, A.B. do solemnly swear, that I will bear faith and true allegiance to the United States of America and the state of New Hampshire, and will support the constitution thereof. So help me God.

I, A.B. do solemnly and sincerely swear and affirm that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all duties incumbent on me as …………………………………………., according to the best of my abilities, agreeably to the rules and regulations of this constitution and laws of the state of New Hampshire. So help me God.

I also point out that she is forcing HER transgender religion onto me – in effect, she is doing the exact bullying and marginalization (to people of faith that believe God made man and woman only – Christians, Jews, and Hebrews as three examples). I could tell she was rather unhappy. However, see the last video for that as well as “bringing the Science” over the Woke phrase “assigned at birth”.

Joint Meeting:


The Gilford only meeting: reports and “First Read” on new Policies:


Public Comment Sessions: I speak a little in the first one and then the last speaker in the third session.

Note: Superintendent Kirk Beitler also had another corker, this time in the meeting rather than over the phone.  I’m betting, this time, that I wasn’t the only one that took note of it.  This is why I always say that I want Progressives (and now, Wokesters) to keep on talking, talking, and talking some more even as they (like Gilford School Board member Nicole Hogan) wish to shut us all up.

The Second Read Policy Packet – Policy JBAB starts on page 4. Remember, too, that the NH School Board has completely stepped away from this policy that gave out and told School Boards that have adopted it that they are on their own – they saw the legal battles and they didn’t want any part of it.

Hmmm, that gives me more ideas…

10-3-2022 Gilford School Board Second Reading Policy Packet


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Elon’s Buying Twitter

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 16:30 +0000

After months of back and forth with the leftist social media giant, billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk revived his original Twitter offer of $44 billion – or $54.20 per share. The news rocked the stock market, sending Twitter shares into double-digit gains and sets the stage for a final negotiation and handoff.

Newsmax wrote:

Billionaire Elon Musk is proposing to go ahead with his original offer of $54.20 to take Twitter Inc private, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday, sending the shares of the social media firm surging.

Twitter shares jumped 12.7% at $47.93 before trading was halted for the second time, while Tesla Inc., the electric vehicle company that Musk heads, fell about 3%.

Musk made the proposal in a letter to Twitter, Bloomberg reported, citing people who asked not to be identified discussing confidential information.

After his initial offer was made public last April, speculation surrounded the use of spam and bot accounts. Musk initially said he would not buy the company if Twitter’s accounting of fewer than 5% of accounts being bots was inaccurate. Some people pinned the number of bot (i.e. fake accounts) as high as 20-25%.

Newsmax continued:


The news comes ahead of a highly anticipated faceoff between Musk and Twitter at Delaware’s Court of Chancery on Oct. 17, in which the social media company was set to seek an order directing Musk to close the deal at $54.20 per share.


Musk’s return to the table comes just weeks before he was set to appear in court with Twitter concerning the original offer and subsequent withdrawal. In April, Musk had originally offered $44 billion for the entire company, but in July seemingly walked away after expressing concern for the higher-than-publicized number of bot accounts. Twitter’s shareholders had agreed to the sale, despite internal company lefties constantly fretting over his position of supporting free speech.

Notably, many banned accounts returned to the platform after Musk’s initial offer and countless users have since been posting comments that would previously have gotten them kicked off as well. With the deal one step closer to being complete, there is optimism that the 21st century’s public square will allow discourse of all kinds.

And then, there is still massive speculation about if and when former president Donald Trump will return to the platform.



Hailey writes at The Blue State Conservative.

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Local Diversity and Inclusion Council Wants Member Who is Not Like the Others to Quit

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are Newspeak: “The invented language in 1984 to control the thought process and a system of brutal simplification that prevents complex thought or the expression of any concept not in line with the totalitarian government’s orthodoxy.” Need proof?


The Barre City Council got an earful from citizens concerned about three members of the city Diversity and Equity Committee telling fellow committee member William Toborg he should quit because he’s pro-life, and Chair Joelen Mulvaney’s emailed threat to mute him at future meetings.


Nothing says inclusive like suppressing other people’s words which (coincidentally) is a working item on the political Left’s bucket list. Just ask parents, taxpayers, and anyone who dares to say anything contrary to the approved progressive narrative. They label it disinformation, hate speech, or conspiracy theory. Whatever they believe their anodyne sheeple will swallow.


“I am conservative. I am pro-life, proudly….I have always believed in fighting for the powerless,” an attitude that conforms with and inspires his pro-life beliefs, Toborg said. Also, “I was concerned about the anti-Catholic bigotry at that meeting.” …

“I am concerned about the otherization that is going on,” Toborg said, citing a midwestern man running over a teenager because he thought was Republican. “There are forces here that want to divide us. There are forces that want us to express hatred against each other.”


Yes, there are, and many of them are drawn to positions on committees with names like anti-discrimination and equity, diversity, and inclusion.




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Pedophilia Is Not a Side Issue; It Is Central

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 13:30 +0000

Let’s look at pedophiles of high rank in the UK. Joachim Hagopian’s book Pedophilia and Empire, Volume 2, is my source for this material. His book is well-footnoted, though mostly referencing newspaper reports over the years.

We want to thank Mary Maxwell for this Op-Ed Please direct yours to

Hagopian gathers materials that incriminate three past British prime ministers in child sex trafficking: Tony Bair, Margaret Thatcher, and Edward Heath. Heath has also been accused of dumping boys overboard from his boat when he is finished with them.

Tony Blair’s wife Cherie is said to be involved; she was in charge of Barnardo’s Children and got a damehood for her charity work! Recent PM Teresa May is guilty of coverup, at least.

The BBC and the entertainment industry are also covered in Hagopian’s book. Much of the goings on revolve around one man, Jimmy Savile, a sort of children’s comedian. He spent holidays at 10 Downing St. and could show up at Buckingham Palace without needing an invitation. Imagine that! The most amazing thing is that Savile was made the boss of the insane asylum, Broadmoor, where he could carry out any crime unimpeded.

Needless to say, the hottest stories in Hagopian’s book (Volume 2 of a total of 5 volumes) is the royal family. Lord Mountbatten is well known to have been a pedophile. He was killed in 1979 when his boat was blown up allegedly by the IRA. I believe it was his own family that got rid of him. (I also believe they “demised” Princess Margaret and Princess Diana, and possibly the queen, though her age, 96, meant she would not stay on the throne for too long anyway.)

Prince Andrew was accused in court, in Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit, of sex with a minor — herself. She worked for Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The other royal in whom we would be most interested is King Charles III (whose name I have heard pronounced on a read-out machine as “King Charles Eye Eye Eye”). The main crime he is accused of is being best friends with the aforementioned Sir Jimmy Savile, who was the lead child trafficker in London.

Now for lesser personages. As Hagopian reports, on page 326:

“In December 2014, MP John Mann submitted critical information contained in a dossier to police, naming 22 MPs implicated in pedo-parties at the notorious Dolphin Square flats … and boys from Lambeth group homes were being trafficked to nearby Pimlico for abuse as part of a wider pedophile ring. But as always, there has been no follow-up….”

We can inspect the local government oversight of care homes in Lambeth and Islington. You may wonder how so many orphans are still living in “care homes.” I don’t know what caused this demographic, but having seen what goes on in Australia, I venture that kids were taken from their families in order that such “supply” be created.

Joachim Hagopian particularly lashes into Margaret Hodge, MP, whose district includes Islington. (Both Islington and Lambeth are very close to the City of London, FWIW.) Dame Hodge’s maiden name is Oppenheimer; she is related, so to speak to the Los Alamos project and to the DeBeers diamonds.

Her late husband, Sir Henry Hodge, was a High Court judge who helped Tony Blair form New Labor. He was a supporter of PIE (Paedophilia Information Exchange) which proclaimed pedophilia good. So does NAMBLA in America: North American Man/Boy Love Association. Their website is I suppose there are times when a sexual relationship between an adult and a minor is of benefit to the minor, but when I am discussing pedophilia, I am discussing the harmful kind — very harmful.

We know from the thousands of people who came forward to Australia’s Royal Commission from 2014 to 2017 that sexual assault by a teacher, a scout leader, or any person in authority led to a boy’s life being thrown out of balance. Alcoholism failed relationships, and suicide were common sequelae.

People in law enforcement won’t do their job. Granted, in the UK, as described in Hagopian’s books (which are free downloads at, many police tried to spill the beans, but they got killed. Same for journalists. Police commissioners and judges, however, remain silent.

I think it pays to dwell on the belief by the higher-up pedos that they are being “moral.” Surely part of the ease with which they overwhelm the masses of society is their unashamed approach. Today, a few at the top — such as Bill Gates or the Rothschilds — have announced a plan to totally control us. Yes, they say it openly. Gates gives it a very friendly sales pitch.

I recommend that political scientists proceed, in their mathematical way, to measure all the different forces of power here. What is needed to bring about a change, such that millions of children are not the playthings of adults who are motivated in some way to abuse them and kill them?

A very simple picture of the math tells us that a few members — far less than 1% — of our society have accumulated the power to break all rules. We had better stop seeing them as a hidden few behind the scenes. They are not behind the scenes of government — they are the government. The other folks who wear government badges — legislators, cops, even presidents — have no real power. We should stop honoring them as our leaders; they are slaves.

The Great Reset means most of us will be killed, and the remaining ones will be merged into machines. Putting up with this is stupid beyond belief. And yet at this very moment, governments are proclaiming it rapturously. Many, many people have stated their objection via the Internet, but to no avail. Note: The Internet is able to be shut down.

It is widely believed that a hidden coterie of bankers makes all the decisions for the economy. It is pretty obvious that the mainstream media designs our culture. A bunch of Dr. Strangeloves are doing science and medicine. Courts are corrupt.

Hey, I don’t like this! How dare you treat beautiful me like a plaything! How dare you treat the wonderful products of the human mind as worth nothing! How dare you throw my friends into hospitals! How dare you start horrible wars! Get lost, you creeps.



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Vermont Discovers Pandemic Relief Money is for Employees of “Essential” Businesses, Only

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 12:00 +0000

Vermont planned to launch a COVID relief fund backed by the printing presses in DC. It would use American Rescue Plan dollars to reimburse employees who missed work because they caught COVID-19. Any employee. That was the plan.


Vermont’s program would have allowed workers to get up to $21 an hour and it didn’t matter if their employer offered paid sick time or not.

But the feds say not so fast. Their rules state in order for people to get these funds, each business applying would need to have an existing paid sick time policy and have already paid their workers before they would be eligible for that reimbursement grant.


Vermont Democrats neglected to read the not-so-fine-print or, more realistically, failed to get in touch with their corporatist-socialist roots. Ideologically competition is the antithesis of the planned anything. You can’t have just anyone offering products or services, or ideas, so all things must swirl inexorably toward that black hole of Democratic-Socialism (Marxism).

You need oligarchs who dominate every economic sector with unions or licensing cartels or something that can be used as leverage.

If you’d like a COVID-related example, Hospitals have been destroying private practice for years while politicians make it impossible for anything to compete with them. Everyone has to affiliate with the Hospital cartel, which, like health insurance, is spiraling down to just a few significant players.

During the so-called pandemic, politicians shut down mom and pops and allowed big box, chain stores to remain open for no public-health-discernable benefit. The larger their corporate footprint, the more permissions they could enjoy, probably because of the political leverage they could bring to bear if needed.

It wasn’t about health or health care, nor was the money printed to backstop the COVID relief handouts. Much is wasted on corporate friends and family or lost to fraud and corruption.

But someone in Vermont thought the people who need the help are folks in small concerns who might not be able to get paid days off for illness. They saw an opportunity to pander to them and figured, let’s get them on the dole too. 

The Feds like the dole, especially states that take deficit dollars. These once sovereign entities quickly become more dependent and docile when the swamp needs them to do something—a favor. Propaandize the kids. Declare parents domestic terrorists. Cut off the kiddie’s body parts. Or disarm the locals. But they need to control the bribes. You can’t let just anyone take a payoff from the Feds. They might vote Republican!

It may work out in the end. The Boss might find a way to get Vermont on another hook. But until or unless that happens, perhaps Vermont Dems can develop their own unsustainable, taxpayer-backed state-level program.

Your universal health care system collapsed. You’ve got a green energy commission with dreams Vermonter can’t afford. And that EV mandate will bite you in the ass.

Why not start your own COVID Paid Family Sick Leave?



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Maybe We Need a Fentanyl Memorial Wall

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 10:30 +0000

How can we get the attention of Joe Biden and his Administration to the crisis of Fentanyl poisoning? We are losing 100,000 Americans per year to Fentanyl Poisoning. It is now the number one cause of death for 18-45-year-old Americans.

This death toll does not appear to be enough carnage to raise an eyebrow behind Biden’s aviator glasses.

I called the Fentanyl situation a crisis, but there are more accurate terms that may be more impactful. Fentanyl is actually a terrorist attack by the Chinese government that condones the manufacture of the poison and allows it to be shipped to Mexico. In Mexico, the drug is processed into tablet form, including the newest form resembling Skittles candy and targeting a younger clientele. Should Fentanyl have every American’s attention? Absolutely. Why not?

The reason I mentioned the Wall is to draw a comparison between the American loss of treasure in Vietnam and the yearly loss to Fentanyl. We erected a beautiful black marble wall to memorialize the 58,000 Americans who died in the Vietnam Conflict. Maybe if we memorialize the Fentanyl War, it will be looked upon differently. These are the death counts for the major conflicts involving the United States.

Looking at other wars in which the U.S. was involved, the loss of life during Vietnam falls somewhere around the middle.

Civil War: 498,332
World War II: 291,557
Vietnam War: 58,220
World War I: 53,402
Korean War: 36,574

Over the past two decades, nearly one million people have died of drug overdose deaths. Still, most of those deaths in recent years have involved dangerous synthetic opioids like Fentanyl. This data means we have lost more Americans to drugs than in all wars since the Civil War combined.

To be fair, this assault on America is over twenty years old. Republicans did little to stop the carnage, although Trump did work to secure our Southern Border, which slowed the Fentanyl deaths, but it was not enough. We must get proactive and start treating Fentanyl as a terrorist attack on our country.

Biden has to shoulder most of the blame for the last two years, but he has company, and they deserve to be called out for their failure. Kamala Harris was named the Border Czar in March of 2021. It is safe to say, at this point, that she has no interest in visiting the Southern Border. She also does not plan on doing anything to secure our Border. It no longer exists, and anyone who wants to come to America can simply walk on in.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas has done a dismal job since he was confirmed. He has done nothing to enhance our security, but it is what he says that gets under our skin. He refuses to acknowledge that we have a crisis at our Border even though as many as four million illegals have entered our country in less than two years. He insists whenever asked that the Border is secure. Stop lying. We have eyes, and we have at least one network with drones giving us the real story.

We don’t need to go through Karine’s part in this misinformation effort. She is the epitome of misinformation. What we do know is that this Administration will not change its stance so we need to do it for them. Starting in five weeks, we need to change the balance of power and then get behind a DeSantis / Scott (Tim) ticket in 2024. These two will destroy anyone the Dems can pull out of the weeds to displace Biden on the ballot.


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Yep, Steve Was 100% On Point about “Hip Check” Debra Altschiller: “On a Positive Note, I Think She Snaps Like a Twig When You Bring It Up.”

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 01:30 +0000

And she did. Bigly. That Moral Superiority bit and all.  Remember, “Hip check” was the one that decided she had the Moral Superiority to give Grokster and friend Susan Olsen a “hip check” into a table when no one else was looking while people were packing up from an NH House hearing (I was there but wasn’t watching from the eyes in the back of my head).

Steve has a post that Mrs. Altschiller decided that properly filling out campaign finance reports was “no big thang”: Debra Altschiller is Not Very Good At Filing Campaign Finance Reports.

You might know Democrat Rep Debra Altschiller for alleged attempts …to censor the press, hit an old lady, suppress free speech on public sidewalks, create speech carveouts for legislators to suppress the free speech of others, and just being an intolerable Democrat stooge, but now there’s this.

AG warns state Senate candidate The Sunday News received a copy of a letter from Attorney General John Formella’s elections unit regarding past campaign finance reports from state Rep. Debra Altschiller, D-Stratham, who is running for the state Senate this fall.

The Aug. 25 letter from Deputy General Counsel Myles Matteson noted that in 2020, Altschiller failed to file seven different campaign finance reports, and the ones that she did did not itemize expenses or document starting balances.

The letter gave Altschiller seven days to refile these reports.

And now she’s just DYING for some of that Streisand Effect as she decided to get more stuff even wrong.  You know, it is rather “interesting” that her husband, Howard Altschiller, makes their living reporting on others (emphasis mine):

Howard Altschiller has been the Executive Editor of Seacoast Media Group since 2003. He has worked as an editor and reporter for more than three decades at news organizations in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. He is the current president of the New Hampshire Press Association and the co-chair of New Hampshire’s Committee on the Judiciary and the Media.

I dryly note that while most of his staff present their headshots, he has decided to hide his visage.  Just differently from how Debra attempted to hide her’s (courtesy of Steve) with triple masking:



But I digress. Steve alerted me a couple of days ago that Hausfrau Altschiller went on a tear. Upon looking at her captured tweets, she also confirmed that old Ronaldus Magnus (President Ronald Reagan for you in the younger set) quote:

“It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Like this first set of “facts” from “Debra’s A Team”:



First, you’re going to have to define what a hate blog is – and then, in order to back it up, cite the “hateful” posts. Like most Democrats that have called GraniteGrok, you can’t. It’s just a word that we expect from you “civil” folks (er, hip check??). And since we’ve had run-ins before because you aren’t always talking or acting civil, I’m not surprised at your yelping.  Remember, “Hate” is always whirled around by Democrats that are losing the debate; it has simply become a word standing for the phrase “Those evil Conservatives destroy all my political arguments all the time, and I must call them names to make them stop. Or make me look good to my base.”

Now, for a moment, I’m assuming she’s talking about me. No, I never was employed by any radio station, but I was part of a radio show on that station that you won’t name.  Thus, I wasn’t fired since I was never an employee.  I never received a paycheck from that station, so there’s one thing you’re wrong about. My real profession and paying gig for over 40 years was as a software engineer and software/business consultant.

While Doug Lambert (currently a Gunstock Area Commissioner of DGF Industrial) DID utter a homophobic slur aimed at NH Democrat Chair Ray Buckley (who as the head of YOUR Party, is now in hot water nationally in claiming that parents of transgender students will murder them – defend that, Ms. Altschiller?) was part of that team, he didn’t work for the radio show either and never received a paycheck from the station either.  IF you are not an employee, to make it clear again, you can’t be fired. But yes, for his antics, the show was canceled.

And for the record, the author of the blog POST that has your panties in a wad didn’t even know that Meet The New Press existed. He was never part of the show, and therefore (if you are referencing him instead of me, your tweet is rather vague on who is who (and I think it is because your info is vague or you don’t have the stones to name names).

So with that basic set of factoids out of the way, here’s this: YOU, Mrs. Altschiller, have now just PUBLICLY defamed me a by calling me a racist without proof. I’m going to check with and have a rather serious discussion with my legal counsel, but calling me a racist with no proof at all is legally actionable.

If I was the racist you are telling people I am, then why was I Herman Cain’s Belknap County Chair? And if you don’t remember, Herman was a Presidential candidate and I interviewed him a number of times before offering to volunteer for his campaign.  And because people like me only see actual individuals, I saw him as a PERSON – Altschiller would only, I imagine, only saw him as a member of the largest Democrat Identity Politics Group but heretical because he, GASP!, was a Conservative. Yes, he was Black.  If I was/am the racist you publicly are calling me, why would have done that, Ms. Altschiller?

Second, about the only thing that I can positively be accused of is supporting traditional one-man/one-woman marriage for which I’ve been called homophobic.  But for you, a public figure, to call me a homophobe for that, you’d best have much more proof than holding to the same value that Democrat Presidents Clinton and Obama held (until it was no longer politically expedient for them to do so – go figure). Go ahead, I’m waiting for real proof.  You only have 17,000 posts to review here at the ‘Grok.

And for the trifecta, sending snark in the direction of people who deserve it that also happen to be female is not sexist – it’s snarkism. Satire, even.  By the way, on that point, what IS a Woman anyways?  Your Party seems to have lot of issues lately in telling us what a woman is.  Failing that test, how could I be sexist if you can’t tell me what a woman is?

What is a woman, Ms. Altschiller?  Can you “wo-splain'” that to your humble scribe?  After all, I’m just a biologist…

To her next point /tweet, I have this in response from your Party luminaries, pundits, and high officials: Bushitler, Trump is a Hitler, DeSantis is a Hitler…the list goes on and on. Almost every top level Republican has been called that over the years and quite unapologetically by Democrats.  The Democrat Party is, far and beyond, the greatest breakers of Godwin’s Law in history. ANd one lowly blogger uses it and YOU go ballistic?  Go ahead, you apologize for the thousands upon thousands over thousands of times your Party has used that construction and I’ll apologize for the few dozens of times it’s been used on this other side.

Seriously, Debra, should we just mimic all of the similar rhetoric we see EVEN FOR ONE DAY that we see from your Party?  I’d be spending YEARS just trying to compile on that…

Kettle, black…

Given your past antics, “grassroots” and “transparent” are not words that easily come to mind. But I can think of a few PACs that would be happy to take money on this side to keep a BidenBro / Obama sychophant from getting into office…

She said it twice, so can we.

But would you really welcome ME to your campaign?  You did use the word “ALL“, right – can I make you live up to your rhetoric? Or SHOULD I make you live up to your own words?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So Ms. Altschiller (a very Public Figure and working hard to become an even bigger one), to recap, has called me a racist, a homophobe, and sexist.  With no proof of any of those three attributes. Legal counsel time.

And you have just brought me upon yourself.  Poke a bear? Don’t be surprised if the bear starts snarling and starts moving towards you (rhetorically, speaking – let’s not have a repeat of the Merrimack Democrat gals that accused us publicly of threatening them only to find out they were liars as well).

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Democrats More Interested with Abortions than Protecting Regular Families

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-10-05 00:00 +0000

Democrats’ ads show that abortion is their top priority. Abortion is more important to Democrat politicians:

— Than your ability to feed your family and pay your housing, heat, electric, phone, and tax bills, etc. (Democrat incompetence created shortages; their votes created inflation.)

— Than protecting children and adults from the deadly drugs coming over our Mexican border that Democrats opened to drug dealers, criminals, and others.
— Than protecting innocent people from the criminals that Democrat prosecutors release without bail, refuse to fully prosecute, and release them arly from prison.
— Than your ability to fuel your car so you can get to work, shopping, doctor or dentist appointments, or do other needed or desired travel.
— Than your dwindling retirement or other savings.

Instead, Democrats demand ultra-extreme abortion laws far beyond Roe v. Wade. Only a few nations have such ultra-extreme abortion laws.

Democrats reject moderate, democratically established abortion laws like in Europe or New Hampshire, which limit unrestricted abortions to 15 weeks typically and 24 weeks, respectively. (

Democrats demand legalizing, nationwide, the barbaric practice of killing healthy, full-term babies at the moment of birth.

They demand that the rapists of underage girls be allowed to get them abortions without notifying their parents. They outlaw requirements that states believe are needed to ensure that women’s abortions are done safely. (

If ultra-extreme abortion laws are your top priority, vote Democrat knowing that Democrats will continue making all your other problems worse.

If you prioritize feeding and protecting your family, affording a comfortable modern life, and letting the people democratically decide the important issues regarding life and death, babies’ rights, women’s rights, and the kind of society we live in, then you better vote straight Republican in November.


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If You Object to the Medical Mutilation of Children the AMA wants the DOJ to Shut You Up

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-10-04 22:30 +0000

People making gobs of money from mutilating children in the name of evidence-based care are upset that the practice rattles some folks. “The American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and Children’s Hospital Association all signed the letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging the administration to “investigate.”

Related: Eugenics Party Advocates Mutilation and Sterilization Disguised as Gender Rights

“Providers of evidence-based gender-affirming health care and their colleagues are facing increased stress and fear on top of the conditions they have faced while working on the frontlines of a global pandemic for nearly three years,” the letter said. “Families seeking care at these institutions as well as our those providing their care fear for their personal safety in the wake of these attacks.”


If you object to cutting off children’s “sex parts” for profit, the AMA wants the DOJ to give you the 5 am morning raid treatment. You are a domestic terrorist for expressing an opinion. And let’s be clear. I’m not talking about people making actual threats to harm or those attempting or succeeding at the same. We have laws to address that without any need for Federal intervention.

It isn’t about that. It is an extension of the assault on free speech that began with the Climate Cult and spread to Public Health during the COVID Cult Karen years. The goal is to silence dissenting opinions by labeling them as hate or disinformation. Nothing more.

The National School Board Association did the same thing when parents became informed and then outraged about their children being discriminated against over slavery, labeled as white supremacists, and second-classed under the rubric of Critical Race Theory.

Related: Pushback: Alabama Senate Votes to Make Hormone Therapy, Surgery for Trans Youth a Felony

The Groomers are working the same scam, but this one has a heftier price tag—mutilating children under the guise of gender-affirming surgery equals big money. Huge money. And we know that while doctors and staff might not all agree, hospitals have no morals. They are businesses, many set up as non-profits making huge profits. COVID proved that. Death by hospital was a gold mine, and so is mutilating children.

With the COVID laundromat winding down, the greedy bastards are looking for a new revenue stream, and this appears to be it. One that might not last, so while they’ve got a favorable political wind thanks to Democrats in Congress and the Biden Administration, they intend to cash in on the scheme.

And they’d like Federal stormtroopers to protect their business model.



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Democrats Trying to Get Left-Leaning Independents into Republican Spaces

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-10-04 21:00 +0000

The Meredith Republican primary had three candidates for the New Hampshire House. Lisa Smart and Tofts are conservatives with traditional values. Cindy Creteau-Miller is pro-abortion and anti Second Amendment. She received a D rating from the NRA. How unusual is that?

We want to thank NH State Rep Jon Mackie for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

The vast majority of Republicans serving in the House are A-rated. There are no D-rated Republicans and she is the only “Republican” candidate this year with a D rating. The majority of Republicans in the House are also pro-life. So why did Meredith Republicans make her the top vote-getter by 31 votes in the primary, 555 to 531 to 524?

They did not. Over 400 independents picked up Republican ballots for this primary. Not all of these were Republican-leaning independents. The Democrat-led Citizens for Belknap PAC spent about $5,000 on ads in The Laconia Daily Sun with their voter guide and other advertising and urged independents to pick up Republican primary ballots to defeat the “extremists” who were under-funding county services and destroying Gunstock.

Since neither Jeanne Tofts nor Lisa Smart were incumbents, they certainly weren’t part of that “extremist” group. Then what was their plan? In Meredith, they supported the one Republican whose views on abortion and gun control are the same as the Democrats. It was a clever strategy. Knowing that Democrats are unlikely to win a House seat in Meredith, why not urge left-leaning independents to pick up a Republican ballot and vote for a Republican who will vote like a Democrat? What can Republicans in Meredith do now? Definitely plan to vote for Lisa Smart in November and hope there is a conservative Republican willing to mount an aggressive write-in campaign to defeat the Democrats and Cindy Creteau-Miller.

NOTE: I strongly good Republicans and Independents to write in Jeanne Tofts on the Meredith ballot to defeat the Democrat-supported Cindy Creteau-Miller. We don’t need a Republican that hates the Second Amendment in the NH House that would be aligned with the Democrats.  THAT’S an Extremist Republican!


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Why Is No One Talking About Alternate Energy?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-10-04 19:30 +0000

As a candidate for State Representative in District 19, Ward 5, Concord, I’ve heard many people express concern about the rising cost and availability of energy.

I’ve always been fascinated with subjects like quantum physics and frequencies and how they work, so I’m bringing some ideas that haven’t been seriously mentioned before to the table. Ideas that would be cost-effective and good for the environment. Why shouldn’t they at least be explored?

Did you know that low-cost energy has been around for a very long time? Why haven’t we ever heard of it? Why are we stuck with energy rates determined by entities like the Public Utility Commission?

Those questions all have a one-word answer: money. If the powers that be can’t make a great deal of money off of it, they don’t and won’t allow it to become known, much less available to the people.

I’m not an electrician, an engineer, or an inventor, so I can’t intelligently describe these concepts to you, so I’ve provided links to some YouTube articles (short ones) that can. At least they might be food for thought.

Have you ever heard of Nicola Tesla? Here’s a YouTube video about him, his inventions, how they work, and why they were never brought into use.



And this one describes the similarities between Tesla’s coil that produces low-cost, universal energy and the Egyptian pyramids.



This video link explains why energy doesn’t have to flow through wires:



Maybe we should demand that these alternative energy-producing inventions be explored and utilized. And if they already are, then support their efforts. Considering some of the things supported by our government, it might be refreshingly sensible.



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Sununu Sends NH Guard Troops to Southern Border for Biden – Guess He’s Okay With “Separating Families,” Now?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-10-04 18:00 +0000

There are a few Republicans who will whine over this fisking, but it wasn’t my douchebaggery. I’m just reporting it. And it needs public airing. Chris Sununu is sending New Hampshire National Guard troops to the southern border in “response to a federal mobilization order from the Department of Defense.” Excuse me?

Related: Family Separation Week – Governor Sununu Carries The Left’s Water


Sununu said the soldiers are going to be focused on surveillance, acting as eyes and ears for the Customs and Border Protection agents handling what’s being described as a humanitarian crisis.

“They’ll be manning surveillance posts along the border that they’re responsible for and that will allow the agents to focus more on the ground and dealing with people coming directly across the border,” said Greg Heilshorn, director of public affairs for the New Hampshire National Guard. …

“This deployment, even more than others, directly affects New Hampshire, when you’re talking about the human trafficking, the drugs, the money and weapons that are coming across the border,” Sununu said. “That’s exactly what these orders are, for these men and women to be there to provide support services to push back on what’s coming across that border.”


When President Donald Trump was trying to stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking “across that border,” Gov. Chris Sununu said, “that while the New Hampshire National Guard has not been asked to send troops to the southern border to enforce the Trump administration’s controversial immigration policy if asked, he would refuse to deploy troops “to separate families.”

At that time, governors, all Republicans, were voluntarily sending Guard troops to help secure the border. Sununu not only did not volunteer guard troops, he said he would not send them if asked and used a Left-Wing talking point (lie) for cover.


Sununu sent New Hampshire Guard troops to support Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s political militarization of the fenced capital compound. And now, the Biden bunch has asked for a political show of support before the mid-terms as if they have any interest in preventing drug or human trafficking, and Chris Sununu is Mr. hop to it!

And it’s always been a matter of separating families. Obama’s DACA inspired drug and human traffickers to take kids from families and use them to get into the US. The mere idea that the border is porous or that there’s some welfare pot of gold separates families when members die or are killed during the journey. Any talk to the contrary is just BS.

And you are sending troops to surveil so US Border Patrol agents can do what? Separate coyotes from the kids they stole or bought to help MS-13 gang members, cartel mules, and assorted terrorists get into America.

Yes, sending them now IS something, but it is so Sununu. It is a decision calculated to appease, not in any way based on principle. If he had any, he’d have been leading the charge to secure the border when we had a president who cared to do it. Obama’s open border policy started the overdose death spiral that has claimed thousands of Granite Stater’s lives and separated our families. Democrats defended that, and when Trump tried to stop it, Sununu leaned Left.

Chris didn’t take the podium, he didn’t suggest solutions, he didn’t ask how we could help, but he will take federal money to address the overdose epidemic or almost any federal money if we’re being honest. Deficit spending that devalues your dollars and aggravates inflation in a recession economy.

And yes, earlier this year, Mr. Sununu did “sign on” to an agreement between twenty-eight states to share information related to the crime that results from the open border problem he never cared to solve. A don’t patch the boat keep bailing strategy that will not solve the problem, and now this. Another show of support for the wrong president, and he says it is because they asked. So, if the Biden Bros didn’t ask?

What if Governor Abbot asked?

That’s what I thought.



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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-10-04 16:30 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.  Almost certain about a Friday Overflow-Overflow.  We’ll see.

Now, let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***








One can legitimately not like the guy or his actions in Ukraine, but this is spot-on accurate in his analysis of Western degeneracy… and I will give him credit for protecting Russian culture and tradition.  More on that:

Russia fines TikTok for ‘LGBT propaganda’, Twitch over Ukraine content (









Now they want to use mRNA Jabs on all cattle.  And doubtless on all chickens.  It’s almost like there’s a world-wide conspiracy to push mRNA into every living thing.  Remember that mRNA gets excreted in milk, so once this starts it’ll not just be in the meat, but in all the dairy products you consume.









ROFL!  But that’s the way my mind goes too.  Every day I look to see what I can buy to increase my – and my family’s – chances of surviving the “Great Culling”.  Remember, they’ve been at this for at least a century.  Two of my essays on that:

The 7.3 Billion Dollar, er, Person Question – Liberty’s Torch (

Proverbs 16:18… and What’s Coming? – Granite Grok

And isn’t this interesting.  I search (on bing) for the first essay by “the 7.3 billion person question” and it pops as the first result.  To find the second, I search for “proverbs 16 18 nitzakhon” and it’s not there.  NO link to the essay.  I tried searching for the cut-n-pasted title itself.  Not on the first page.  Search for this, +”Proverbs 16:18… and What’s Coming?”, and NOTHING on bing.

It’s the third link at google.  The exact title… third link.








Understand, their hatred for Trump extends to anyone to the Right of Stalin.  These are the people who would cheerfully herd you into a concentration camp because you’re not on board with Socialism/Communism.  As Surak keeps saying, “They really do want you dead”.







Pick of the post:



Some will disagree with me and will want to expel all black people.  I won’t sign on to that.  But I expect everyone – from blackest-black to whitest-white – to be part of mainstream American culture, and to contribute positively to American society.  I don’t care what color you are: if you can’t do that, if you won’t assimilate, if you view others as prey not as a partner in America, GET OUT.  GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.



And if, particularly for black people, remember: odds are good you were here because of slavery.  You are in a far better place because slavery happened to your ancestors.  Yes, of course, slavery was a horrific institution… but you are here only because of that institution that existed in every country and civilization until WHITE PEOPLE ended it.




OK, upon reflection a second one:



Again, in line with yesterday’s pick, this is simple, effective, uses humor, and can get through a lot of cognitive shields because it’s so damned true in a dark-humor way.




Back to the slavery thing for a moment:




From Sowell’s notable book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals”:





Palate cleanser:


Wait for it…





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Compassion and Benevolence of Sanctuary Cities

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-10-04 15:00 +0000

To those who have been following the nightmare on our southern border over the past two years, it’s utterly inconceivable that anyone in America would be unaware of the problem.

But until Governors Abbott of Texas, and DeSantis, of Florida, enlightened the residents of a few liberal strongholds, it seems that they were completely clueless about the throngs of foreign citizens illegally swarming into our country every day. Some estimate that as many as five million immigrants have crossed our border illegally since Joe Biden took office.

Seemingly oblivious to the surge overwhelming border towns like El Paso and Eagle Pass, Texas, liberal meccas across the country continue to welcome and harbor people who are in this country illegally – including hardened criminals. Places like New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C have long been “sanctuary cities.” During the Trump Administration, entire states, like Massachusetts, jumped on the bandwagon, becoming sanctuary states. Illegal aliens across the country know full well they will be protected from deportation if they can only reach one of those sanctuary communities, purportedly established as enclaves of compassion and benevolence.

We would all probably agree that compassion and benevolence are not the same. Compassion is what we feel. Benevolence is what we do about it. We might all feel compassion for the plight of immigrants suffering under third-world conditions. Benevolence, on the other hand, refers to generosity – how far we’re willing to go to accommodate them as immigrants. No doubt liberals in those sanctuary communities have convinced themselves that they’re imbued with a generous amount of both attributes.

Recently, while serenely basking in their altruism, liberals in one sanctuary community were jolted into reality by a busload of Biden’s illegal immigrants, courtesy of Ron DeSantis. That’s when they came to realize that there were limits to their benevolence. They also learned that those millions of citizens coming from poverty-stricken nations don’t arrive here self-sufficient – that someone has to pay for their food, housing, healthcare, and education. Maybe they even began to understand that there really are good reasons to regulate immigration.

By delivering a taste of Biden’s open border policies to Martha’s Vineyard, DeSantis was demonstrating that now, every town is a border town, that no community can forever evade the impact of Biden’s policies. It was also his way of saying that those communities that incentivize illegal immigration should be the first to reap the consequences.

Naturally, the politicians in those sanctuary cities were, and continue to be, beside themselves. They’re so busy condemning Abbott and DeSantis as racist, un-American, and un-Christian that they can’t see their own hypocrisy. As they desperately tried to cling to their own version of moral superiority, they wasted no time shuttling those immigrants away from their communities and onto military bases or Republican suburbs. It suggests that there are limits to their compassion as well as their benevolence. If there’s any doubt about that, Nancy Pelosi recently cleared it up. While trying to explain the flood of immigrants and the need for them to remain in the south, she announced at a recent news conference that they’re needed to “pick the crops down there.” It tells us all we need to know about liberal compassion.

The unorthodox tactics used by Abbott and DeSantis highlight one of the less significant consequences of open borders. The unsustainable cost to taxpayers doesn’t begin to address the influx of drugs, the crime, disease, and the potential terrorism that also come with unregulated immigration. Governors Abbot and DeSantis can’t solve the border crisis alone. But they’ve taken a significant step in the right direction. They’ve exposed a critical problem that liberals have desperately tried to ignore.

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