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Fourth Meeting on Declaring Independence from the United States

NHexit.US - Wed, 2021-09-01 02:58 +0000

State representatives Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso meet with other liberty activists to discuss how to proceed with a constitutional amendment for New Hampshire to leave the United States. This is the fourth meeting held 2021-08-31:

The Age of Mandates

The Liberty Block - Fri, 2021-08-27 18:55 +0000

In this age of hysteria and with the rapid rearranging of social norms, there is one question that we should all turn our focus to, no matter what our political leanings are.   

How should society ultimately deal with the people who don’t take government/employer-mandated pharmaceuticals?

Now that the FDA has approved one of the coronavirus injections and President Biden has urged businesses to mandate these shots for employees, it’s become clear that there is a coordinated effort to inject nearly everyone. 

However, this is simply not possible without mass amounts of coercion and the dangling of “carrots”. Once the bribes run out, it will be necessary to inflict financial and physical pain on those who are uncooperative. 

What happens when the donuts run out?

I’m not suggesting that these tactics are good or bad. I’m only asking my brothers and sisters, us common people, who have been desperately complying with the whims of our leaders and unelected health officials for nearly 2 years, to think about the implications of this. Consider what the final solution to this “crisis” might be. 

After the non-injected are terminated from their jobs and eventually excluded from society via medical passports, which were once just a conspiracy theory, there will need to be a system in place to manage these undesirables. 

Undesirables can’t be left alone to wander about and skirt the system. These people will have to be physically separated from the rest of the population to ensure the biomedical security of the public. This will necessarily lead to the need for internment camps.     

Perhaps you believe that quarantine and isolation facilities are a sign of humanity progressing to a higher and healthier state of being. Perhaps you believe that forcing humans to consume pharmaceuticals is a sign of peak of enlightenment and health. 

Unfortunately, these are the signs of a dark age nearing. For if we give up the individual claim to our bodies, then we have accepted our own slavery. If you think you’re safe now because you’ve taken the mandated injections, you’re mistaken. Understand that you will never be able to comply well enough because your body will no longer be yours. The booster shots will continue until your death and there will be no limit to the other medical procedures or pharmaceuticals that might be necessary to satisfy the biomedical police state.  

You are trading your human spirit for perceived safety from mild viruses. 

I’ve often wondered how the holocaust and Holodomor could be allowed to happen. Today, I understand it all very clearly. I’ve witnessed the good nature of my friends and loved ones be raped and used against them. I’ve witnessed intelligent people deny their own intuition and be hypnotized into a state of fear through media consumption. I’ve witnessed good people refuse to analyze their environments for themselves using instinct, and instead defer personal health decisions to bureaucrats and ‘experts’.

The logical conclusion of mass hysteria over invisible viruses is increased authoritarianism and ultimately death camps. We were all trained in our high school history classes to identify the signs of this, and for those of you who are having a hard time recognizing them, I’m writing to tell you that the signs are in front of you today.

This is not a call to be alarmed or to become more hysterical. This is a call to calmly and confidently assert your God-given rights at any opportunity you have. Whether you’ve taken the shot or not, it’s time for The People, to rip the control out of the hands of authoritarians and to take back our health freedom and sanity.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

The “experts” at the CDC are now recommending a third booster shot. When will it be enough?

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State Police are investigating the death of a resident of New Hampshire State Prison

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Fri, 2021-08-27 16:54 +0000
  • New Hampshire Department of Corrections
  • For Immediate Release
  • Un-timely Death at New Hampshire State Prison for Men
  • (Concord, NH) – August 19, 2021 –

The N.H. Department of Corrections and State Police are investigating the death of a resident of New Hampshire State Prison who suffered a fatal medical emergency on Wednesday afternoon.

read more

The Ugly (And Pretty) Truth About Kristi Noem

The Liberty Block - Fri, 2021-08-27 02:22 +0000

In light of the recent drama surrounding South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem’s status as a leader in the liberty conservative movement, I’d like to weigh in with some facts and opinions about the controversial governor. Along with many others in the conservative movement, a few members of The Liberty Block’s editorial staff have opined that Noem has totally squandered her chances for a 2024 presidential run and has even relegated herself to the bottom of the barrel in the conservative movement, rendering herself another Romney or McCain. Others in the conservative movement believe that she remains the best leader for liberty in the united states. So, who is right? Do both arguments have merit?

Here are my thoughts: 

Kirsti Noem is a politician. She’s a pretty good one. This is not necessarily a jab at her; every person in public office plays politics to some extent. Those that refuse to play politics never really see any electoral or legislative success. However, those who become typical politicians lose the favor of their electorate. Being sincere and transparent means alienating massive chunks of voters, so politicians seek to remain as uncontroversial and popular as possible. 

The good: Kristi Noem appears to be the only governor in the united states that never implemented corona-fascism. She stood up to tremendous pressures from all sides and never forced mask-wearing, never shut down businesses, and never mandated vaccines on individuals. This is one of the most courageous and controversial things that any public official has ever done, and this alone should make anyone who values liberty support and respect her. The other 49 state governors violated many laws and natural rights by shutting out their legislatures and ruling as dictators for at least a short period. My own dictator in New Hampshire, former liberty champion Chris Sununu rendered the legislature irrelevant and issued 86 tyrannical executive orders over a 16 month period. Needless to say, he has totally lost favor with many pro-liberty activists in the free state.

As soon as she was elected, the South Dakota governor signed SB47 into law, allowing all non-felons to carry concealed firearms without a permit. This makes her one of the most pro-liberty governors. Again, this cannot be overlooked or taken away from her. She stood up to massive pressures from the left and signed a momentous bill that drastically improved many lives by allowing them to exercise their natural right to self-defense.

As governor, Noem has signed multiple bills protecting fetal life. Again, this is something that we constantly see conservative champions fail to do. She stood up to political pressure and continued to support life. 

Young Americans For Liberty (YAL) invited Noem to speak at their conference in Dallas in August of 2020. At the last moment, the anti-liberty city council of Dallas cancelled the conference. Noem spoke at CPAC in 2020 and 2021.

Kristi Noem has vowed to refuse to accept any illegal aliens that Biden attempts to relocate to South Dakota. Under Obama, only eight governors refused to accept refugees from anti-American countries. It takes guts to defy a leftist president. 

The bad: A few months ago, many conservatives were disappointed when Kristi Noem rejected a bill that would have prevented transgender athletes from competing in sports that do not align with their biological gender. Despite initially supporting the bill, Noem issued a ‘style and form’ veto for HB1217, sending it back to the legislature for modifications. The conservative movement jumped on Noem immediately and called her out for being a sissy with no backbone to stand up to the left. The socially conservative governor argued that the legislation as written would be rendered ineffective by the courts the moment it is passed; the legislature could make the bill much more durable if they fixed some parts of it. Conservatives rejected this argument and doubled down on their condemnations of Noem. I have been conflicted on the issue. A part of me thinks that she is a fool for preemptively stopping a bill out of fear that the leftist NCAA lawyers may kill it. At the same time, I think that there could be merit to improving a bill before it is killed by the courts. Regardless, this debacle spelled the beginning of Noem’s fall from grace to many conservatives. Noem also launched to help protect biological girls in sports. 

One of the most contentious battles in the united states at the moment involves employers compelling workers to get the COVID vaccine. Conservatives like Ron Desantis have prohibited businesses from forcing their employees to get the vaccine. Pro-freedom lawmakers in South Dakota like Reps. Jon Hansen and Scott Odenbach would like to ban private businesses from mandating the shots for employees. Noem refuses to support the bill on the grounds that she does not believe that the government should ever compel businesses to do anything. I agree with Noem that the government should have zero authority over businesses. However, I have recently come to terms with the sad truth that businesses are no longer private; the government makes the majority of decisions for private businesses via hard and soft coercion (licensing, courts, lawsuits, incentives, regulations, etc.). Therefore, if Noem were as purely consistent as she claims to be about economic freedom and property rights, she would totally eliminate all taxes and regulations on businesses. Until she does that, she should support banning the semi-private companies from mandating COVID vaccines. 

It is important to point out that while I think that Noem is wrong on this issue, I do not believe that she is 100% anti-freedom or that she has no spine. She clearly supports freedom and clearly has a spine. She stood against corona-fascism much more strongly than any other governor in the united states. It is clear that she opposes vaccine mandate bans because she truly believes that such a law is beyond the rightful powers of the government. And she is right, but she is also wrong. Conservatives like Matt Walsh are idiotic for saying that Noem is totally useless to the liberty conservative movement. The blogger/podcaster said that Noem is just a pretty face and would be nothing without her good looks and “you put 50 pounds on her and another 20 years… I don’t think she gets any of the hype.” Walsh went too far for nearly everyone, including conservatives who oppose many of Noem’s policies.

In 2019, Noem vetoed a bill that would have legalized hemp. Liberty conservatives, including those in the South Dakota legislature, believe that people should be free to do what they want, as long as they harm nobody. Despite the claims made by Noem in the last section, she clearly does not believe that people should be free to grow whatever they wish. She has also signed a bill into law that makes it illegal to consume any cannabis in a vehicle. She really seems to hate cannabis.

When I asked her a question in a small meeting, Noem gave a classically disappointing answer that only a politician could manage. She did not even come near answering my question, which was pretty straightforward: 

“How tyrannical must DC become before you begin to consider nullification or full independence?” 

As I mentioned earlier, politicians have excellent instincts for avoiding controversial topics. And state independence is the most controversial topic in modern politics. 

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NY Magazine’s Feature on Crypto Six, FSP, and the Crypto Mecca of Keene

Free Keene - Thu, 2021-08-26 22:47 +0000

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Simon Wood at New York Magazine for an in-depth feature-length story about The Crypto Six and the migration here to New Hampshire and Keene as the Mecca for cryptocurrency users.

Don’t miss this great article.

Thanks to Simon and photographer Mark for the coverage.

Third Meeting on Declaring Independence from the United States

NHexit.US - Wed, 2021-08-25 23:24 +0000

State representatives Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso met this week with other liberty activists to discuss how to proceed with a constitutional amendment for New Hampshire to leave the United States. This is the third meeting held 2021-08-24:

2021 Liberty Rating and Liberty Dinner

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Tue, 2021-08-24 21:07 +0000

The 2021 Liberty Dinner was a big success!

Thank you to all who attended. We released our 2021 Liberty rating.  74 Representatives got an A+ and in total 176 representatives and senators received a B+ or higher.

The Legislator of the Year was the Honorable Michael Yakubovich representing Hooksett – district Merrimack-24. He is a member of the Executive Departments and Administration committee.
He was first elected to office in 2018 and he has received  an NHLA Liberty rating score of A or higher for each year  he has been in office.

Our activist of the year was Kate Baker Demers. Kate has been working  tirelessly for education freedom in New Hampshire for more than 15  years across a number of  organizations.

Our keynote was done in a talk show/interview format with the topic of Solutions to Big Tech censorship.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, all those who donated and everyone that attended.

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24/7 Protest in Lebanon Against Vaccine Mandates for Nurses

Free Keene - Sun, 2021-08-22 23:44 +0000

If you drive to the wrong location in New Hampshire, you may still end up at a protest. Nikki, (a nurse from Massachusetts,) and I intended to drive to the vaccine protest going on in Concord, but we drove to the wrong Dartmouth-Hitchcock location, the one in Lebanon. There is a larger gathering going on certain days at the Concord location, so at first we thought, “Where is everybody?” There was a group of just three guys on the side of the road by the entrance to the hospital with signs saying things like “No forced shots”. We went up to them with our camera and found out that the organizer of this protest and his wife had only left for a bit and would be back, and that the organizer had been sleeping in his military-style truck on the side of the road every night just to keep the protest going. We had accidentally found a second protest, and it was a 24/7 protest!

The organizer and his wife, a nurse named Nicole, returned and I interviewed her about her opinions on Dartmouth-Hitchcock mandating COVID vaccines for all of their staff. Their protest is getting a lot of attention from people driving past, and even getting conversations started. A group of teenagers whose parents flipped the protesters the bird as they drove by later returned without their parents to ask questions. They have on a huge sign that is visible from the road. Keep up the great work, protesters! Here’s the video:

NH Exit – Second Meeting on Declaring Independence from the US – 2021-08-17

NHexit.US - Fri, 2021-08-20 17:05 +0000

State representatives Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso meet with several other liberty activists including Carla Gericke and Pete Eyre to discuss how to proceed with a constitutional amendment for New Hampshire to leave the United States. This is the second meeting held 2021-08-17:

Read the Latest CCJR Newsletter and Report of our Chairman

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Fri, 2021-08-20 00:53 +0000
Read the Latest CCJR Newsletter and Report of Our Chairman Click Here

Newsletter from NH Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform - August 2021 Edition

Past Newsletters - Click

NH Exit / Independence First Meeting with State Reps

NHexit.US - Wed, 2021-08-18 17:17 +0000

Last week, NH state representatives Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso met with several other activists to discuss how to proceed with a constitutional amendment for New Hampshire to leave the United States. This is the initial meeting held 2021-08-12:

Welcome to NH Exit!

NHexit.US - Wed, 2021-08-18 17:13 +0000

Once upon a time, the people of New Hampshire declared independence from a tyrant in Britain.  It’s long past time to declare independence from the tyrants in Washington DC.  Our relationship is abusive and DC is the abuser.  It’s time to break up and go our own way.  The way of freedom.  Live free or die.  Death is not the worst of evils.

This website will enable you to help us make the vision of New Hampshire as an independent nation a reality.

We’re just starting with the website, so please check back for tools you can use to spread the word and express yourself to the media, your neighbors, and NH reps and senators on this issue.

West Manchester Day

Free Keene - Tue, 2021-08-17 14:17 +0000

A key impetus for is to cover liberty activism in the Free State of New Hampshire. Content often takes the form of documenting an uninvited incident, ousting aggressors, and supporting individuals standing up for their rights. But just as relevant in this peaceful evolution are happenings that proactively seek to grow neighborly goodwill and interconnectedness.

Enter: West Manchester Day, happening Saturday, September 04, 2021.

West Manchester, Free State of New Hampshire

Like many mill towns that sprung up before the automobile was a thing, parts of Manchester, including West Manchester — the portion of Manchester on the west side of the Merrimack River — are quite dense. Despite this proximity, many residents don’t know their neighbors. Individuals are relatively atomized. West Manchester Day is an attempt to change that for the better — to provide a space where residents can meet, partake in joint activities, and share good times.

As this happens real connections form, lessening perceived division. This could mean a new best friend, someone to help with childcare, or new clients for one’s services or goods. This newfound personal rapport makes it more likely for neighbors to look out for each other, and should a conflict arise, more likely to work things out rather than involve an unknown, unaccountable stranger (police employee) prone to escalate.

West Manchester Day festivities begin with a tour of Parkside Gardens — a community garden just south of Parkside Middle School, then transitions to Rock Rimmon Park where there will be games (I’m personally looking forward to the tug of war!), contests, and an ice cream truck. In attendance will be several area entrepreneurs, folks involved with We Heart West, and hopefully you, dear reader.

Please click here for the full itinerary of West Manchester Day.

Rock Rimmon Park, West Manchester, Free State of New Hampshire

Rochelle Kelley Found Not Guilty for COVID Playground Arrest – Full Trial Video

Free Keene - Wed, 2021-08-11 20:37 +0000

Heroic mom Rochelle Kelley went to trial today and faced up to a year in jail after her arrest for daring to bring her kids to a Concord, NH playground in April of 2020 while the playground was closed due to “governor’s orders”. The courtroom was full of supporters and after the pathetic cops testified, the robed man actually found her not guilty! This is the full trial video, only available here on our Odysee channel:

Allen Aldenberg’s Addled Acumen

Free Keene - Fri, 2021-08-06 14:52 +0000

A recruitment pitch made earlier this week by the Manchester Police Outfit touted qualified immunity as a job perk. Qualified immunity being the legalese that says that some people (those with badges) are not to be held accountable for their actions unless their counterparts in legaland deem it so.

Unsurprisingly this post received a lot of attention. And, in keeping with police protocols to limit transparency, it was quickly deleted.

In a follow-up, the the top-dog of the Manchester Police outfit Allen Aldenberg voiced platitudes: “This post was not the place to mention qualified immunity.” Why not? Is it that Aldenberg is against qualified immunity, as asked by commenter Justin O’Donnell?

I don’t think so. Nowhere has Aldenberg questioned the “qualified immunity” guise. So again, if qualified immunity is indeed claimed, why does Aldenberg say that it should not be mentioned in a job pitch?

Aldenberg is motivated to mitigate any discussion around qualified immunity. He does not want us to think about it, because he knows it will only make us realize the utter lack of accountability to which he and his band of cohorts adhere. Aldenberg knows that perception is critical, that unthinking faith in their outfit is necessary to perpetuate their charade.


So long as the evidence seems to support the State’s narrative, the believers have no reason to question their faith. But when the system fails and fails again in spite of the State’s efforts and promises, faith can be shaken. This is the single largest flaw in the armor of the State; it can’t provide what it promises.

So, in some small way, I guess a “Thanks!” is due to Aldenberg for causing many thousands of individuals to be more aware of the double standard he and his accomplices claim, and thusly, further making their coercive institutions less relevant.


  • Project on Immunity and Accountability from Institute for Justice
  • Why EFF Supports Repeal of Qualified Immunity at Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Abolish Qualified Immunity from Cato Institute
  • The Campaign to End Qualified Immunity
  • Qualified Immunity archive from Cop Block

How Will Mother-Targeted-by-Playground-Police Play Out?

Free Keene - Wed, 2021-08-04 21:15 +0000

I took my children to the playground in April 2020 and got charged with disorderly conduct & criminal trespassing. My trial is August 11, 9am @ Concord District Court (32 Clinton St. Concord, NH). Show up (early if possible) to show your support, with or without signs. The more people the better! – Rochelle Kelley

What: Legaland trial for Rochelle Kelley
When: 9am, Wednesday, August 11th, 2021
Where: Concord District Court, 32 Clinton St., Concord, NH 03302 [map]

UPDATE August 11, 2021: Rochelle Kelley Found Not Guilty for COVID Playground Arrest – Full Trial Video

A bit of backstory and relevant links are below. What this boils down to is that Kelley and others involved questioned the aggressors and refused to cower. This of course is blasphemous to those who demand obedience.

Will justice emerge?

Text on the Concord Police outfit’s website claims that “Our department strives to develop strong relationships with our citizens…” If that were true the initial harassment of Kelley and others would not have occurred, the ongoing legaland threats against them would cease, and in the least an apology would be given. But instead, Stevens and his accomplice have yet to make right. Further, their colleague John Thomas has only dug in his heels.

In an interview with WMUR Thomas made clear the real cause for the ongoing harassment of Kelley, saying they had “No respect to the officers. It was very saddening to see how these folks carried themselves in front of their children in how they spoke to the officers that day.” Personally, I think it’s saddening to see how Thomas and his accomplice acted. What sort of world are they constructing? What sort of world are they apparently satisfied to leave the next generation?

The person who will oversee Kelley’s legaland proceedings is Edwin W. Kelly. His track record seems to indicate a person who’s not too fond of transparency. But, people can change. Let’s hope Kelly does the right thing and chooses to side with the law. (And by “law” I don’t mean legalese, but with the actual law, where a victim must exist before another is held to task.)

The court of public opinion is powerful. Your presence at this legaland hearing may help sway Kelly to do the right thing. If however, Kelly chooses to side with injustice he’ll only succeed in lessening the clout people grant to him and others responsible for these rights-violations. Either way, Kelley will have stood up for what she knows to be right.


April ??, 2020 Two Concord police employees — Steven Carter Badge #72 and an unidentified female — approached parents and children using the playground equipment at Rollins Park in Concord, NH and demanded they leave. Carter and his accomplice pointed-to dictates made by another person not on the scene — Christopher T. Sununu — as justification for their actions.

April 26, 2020 Ian Freeman posted VIDEO: Concord Police VS Parents at Playground in which he pointed-out that Concord police employees “have ignored groups of protestors at the state house but are more than happy to target a small group of parents at a local playground, when called to scene by a local cowardly snitch.”

Freeman concluded, “Kudos to these parents for calling out the police and recording video of their thuggish behavior. Thank goodness some people are standing up for freedom here in New Hampshire.”

September ??, 2020 Many have recognized the audacity and draconian nature of these police actions and have stepped-up. Friend Andrew Manuse started a fundraising campaign to help Kelley, which has raised over 4,000 Federal Reserve Notes.

September 24, 2020 Ian Freeman posted UPDATE: Parents Arrested Several Months After Bringing Kids to Concord Playground in which he shared that after video of the interaction surfaced, arrest warrants for three adults present — Rochelle Kelley, Pamela Jewell, and Tyler Workman — were issued for “Criminal Trespassing” and “Disorderly Conduct”. Freeman continues, “Just to be clear, multiple parents in the so-called ‘Live Free or Die’ state are now facing two years behind bars for bringing their kids to a playground. It’s a perfect example of how insane this Fear World is and how far the state is willing to go to ensure people’s obedience.”

November 06, 2020 Kelley posted, “So I went to court on November 2. They offered me to plead guilty to one of the charges (of my choosing) and pay a $100 fine. I declined, obviously. But that tells me they don’t really have much solid evidence that I committed either crime.”

The Verge Runs Feature-Length Story About The Crypto Six

Free Keene - Mon, 2021-08-02 17:03 +0000

The Verge

Thanks to Russell Brandom at the Verge for this amazing feature-length coverage of the federal attack on the Crypto Six.

The attack on the Crypto Six is more evidence that the libertarian migration to New Hampshire is a clear threat to the status quo. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. We’re solidly in the “fight you” phase. The Verge feature will hopefully raise awareness of the ongoing attack on liberty-loving activists here in New Hampshire and bring even more people to the front lines of peaceful activism here. It even mentions secession!

Brandom’s piece covers a lot and mentions the Free State Project, Anypay, Goldback, Free Talk Live, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Free Keene, and confirms Keene’s status as the Crypto Mecca. The article is very well-written and in-depth with some excellent photography.

Please do read it here at the Verge and share it on your favorite social media.

Rest in Power: Johnny Hurley

Free Keene - Thu, 2021-07-22 20:57 +0000

Johnny Hurley was 40-years-old when he was gunned-down by a stranger who had taken an oath to protect others. Johnny’s death cannot be undone. But it can be learned from.

We can learn from and be inspired by Johnny.

Johnny chose to take action. His love of others meant that he sought to protect them.

According to Matt Agorist at The Free Thought Project, “Johnny Hurley was an outspoken activist for freedom and peace and he spent the last decade or more of his life seeking those goals for the world.” Involved with We Are Change Colorado and other endeavors, Johnny’s Facebook profile includes pictures of him enjoying nature, smiling with The Creature From Jekyll Island author G. Edward Griffin, and a humorous take on the don’t-tread-on-me meme:


Though his life was tragically cut short, Johnny’s impact was positive and pronounced.

We can learn from and not repeat the failure of Johnny’s killer to critically think.

Johnny’s killer arrived on the scene and acted thoughtlessly. And right now, that person is very likely feeling deep remorse. Certainly it must have been a tense time, but that doesn’t negate the permanence and injustice of his actions.

Might having an open conversation help to deter this type of thing from happening again? Certainly training methods that encourage a shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later mentality, being inculcated in a culture of fear and suspicion, and legalese that purports to remove personal responsibility, do nothing to bring-about thoughtful action. Would a moment of mindfulness have prevailed, Johnny’s life would not have been extinguished. Hopefully others so-employed see through their programming and take this to heart.

We can learn from the incident the importance of asking questions.

Though the killer is well-known to the local police — because he is their colleague — his name has yet to be released. Why?

The “authorities” know the importance of being “authors” — of controlling the narrative. Any authority they have is given, and can be withdrawn. Shielding wrongdoers because they too don a badge may work in the short term but a legacy of it has caused a gulf between police and those they claim to serve. It’s time to engage, not circle the wagons. It’s time to see each other as individuals, not through some collectivist veil.

Legacy media outlets have largely whitewashed the cause of Hurley’s death. Consider the obituary written by someone employed The Denver Post, which notes:

On June 21st, when a gunman entered the Olde Town Square in Arvada, CO and shot a policeman in the back, many witnesses say Johnny “didn’t hesitate” but ran toward the shooter who had returned to the square ostensibly to kill others. With clear presence of mind, Johnny downed the shooter, and in the ensuing moments also died.

Why so cryptic? Why not give a complete recount? Why deflect attention from the responsible party? Fortunately, some non-legacy media may weigh-in. Word on the street is that Ford Fischer, who lists “Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller” among his skills, is creating a piece about Hurley. Keep an eye out. update: the aforementioned documentary was released on July 23, 2021, here it is:


We can learn to lessen our own fear.

Certainly, when Hurley decided to involve himself in the fray, fear was present. But he acted according to a higher ideal — love of others, of the human organism. So can we. This interconnectedness is visible in the GoFundMe that a friend started for Johnny’s family. Its goal was 8,000 Federal Reserve Notes, and as of this writing, has been met ten times over.

Rest In Power John “Johnny” Michael Hurley 08/09/1980 – 06/21/2021

Henry David Thoreau wrote of his motivation to “Act deliberately.” That is as critical today for each of us as it was for Throeau when penned.


Joint Gold Standard- June 24th, 2021

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Tue, 2021-06-22 12:06 +0000

(white) goldstandard-06-24-21-J.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-06-24-21-J-y.pdf

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2021 Liberty Dinner – Get your tickets now

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Mon, 2021-06-21 00:20 +0000

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance cordially invites you to its 2021 Liberty Dinner on Saturday July 24th from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. Formal attire please. 

We will unveil this year’s Liberty Rating, announce the Legislator of the year, and announce the Activist of the year. In addition to a buffet dinner and an evening with both old and new friends, there will be a silent auction of various items – many of them liberty themed!
Get your tickets here!

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