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Findings of the Special Counsel to the Wisconsin Assembly

Tue, 2022-03-01 17:05 +0000

Margot Cleveland:  Breaking: Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Money Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws

From the details exposed in Monday’s special counsel report, the state legislature has much work to do to address “the numerous questionable and unlawful actions of various actors in the 2020 election.” The first unlawful action, according to the report, concerned the payment of grant funds to five Wisconsin counties that were used to facilitate voting. That arrangement, Gableman wrote, violated Wis. Stat. § 12.11, which prohibits election bribery by providing it is illegal to offer anything of value to or for any person in order to induce any elector to go to the polls or vote.

According to the report, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg providing financing that allowed the Center for Tech and Civic Life to offer nearly $9 million in “Zuck Bucks” to Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay counties. In exchange, the “Zuckerberg 5,” as the report called the counties, in effect, operated Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts. Those grant funds then paid for illegal drop boxes to be placed in Democratic voting strongholds.

The illegal use of drop boxes represented a second area of concern to the special counsel’s office. The report notes state election code limits the manner in which ballots may be cast, providing that an elector must personally mail or deliver his or her ballot to the municipal clerk, except where the law authorizes an agent to act on the behalf of the voter.

The Zuckerberg 5 also violated the federal and state constitutional guarantee of equal protection, according to the special counsel report. The grant money targeted specific voters for special voting privileges, to the disadvantage of similarly situated voters located in other Wisconsin counties. 

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Tying Itself to a Reckless and Dangerous America

Tue, 2022-03-01 13:06 +0000

Lee Smith:  Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble

While the timing of Putin’s attack on Ukraine is no doubt connected to a variety of factors, including the Russian dictator’s read on U.S. domestic politics and the preferences of his own superpower sponsor in Beijing, the sense that Ukraine poses a meaningful threat to Russia is not a product of Putin’s paranoia—or of a sudden desire to restore the power and prestige of the Soviet Union, however much Putin might wish for that to happen. Rather, it is a geopolitical threat that has grown steadily more pressing and been employed with greater recklessness by Americans and Ukrainians alike over the past decade.

That Ukraine has allowed itself to be used as a pawn against a powerful neighbor is in part the fault of Kyiv’s reckless and corrupt political class. But Ukraine is not a superpower that owes allies and client-states judicious leadership—that’s the role of the United States. And in that role, the United States has failed Ukraine. More broadly, the use of Ukraine as a goad against enemies domestic and foreign has recklessly damaged the failing yet necessary European security architecture that America spent 75 years building and maintaining.

Why can’t the American security establishment shoulder responsibility for its role in the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine? Because to discuss American responsibility openly would mean exposing the national security establishment’s role in two separate, destructive coups: the first, in 2014, targeting the government of Ukraine, and the second, starting two years later, the government of the United States.

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Majority of Voters Say Ukraine Attack Doesn’t Happen Under Trump

Mon, 2022-02-28 12:37 +0000

Washington Times:  Poll: 62% of voters say Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president (paywall)

Most U.S. voters say Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were still president, according to a newly released survey.

The Harvard-Harris poll first reported Friday by The Hill found that 62% of registered voters surveyed believe the attack on Ukraine would not have happened with Mr. Trump in the White House, including 85% of Republicans, 63% of independents, and 38% of Democrats.

In addition, 59% agreed that Mr. Putin took military action against Ukraine because “he sees weakness in President Biden,” while 41% disagreed.

There was little in the way of good news for Mr. Biden in the poll, conducted Feb. 23-24 with 2,206 registered voters by the Harris Poll with the Harvard Center for American Political Studies, which was posted online Saturday by Interactive Polls.

The survey found that 53% have doubts about Mr. Biden‘s mental fitness; 64% believe he is showing himself to be too old for the office, and 54% say he is unable to “handle difficult international issues like defending Ukraine from the Russians.”

The president’s approval rating also fell to the lowest point of his presidency at 38%, down from 39% in the Jan. 22 survey.

Mr. Biden had trouble stacking up against Mr. Trump. More than half of registered voters surveyed, or 54%, said that the Republican was a better president versus 46% who said Mr. Biden has been better.

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Historical Origins of the Left

Sun, 2022-02-27 13:48 +0000

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