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Ruminations of a New Hampshire Republican with decidedly libertarian leanings
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Elon Musk: "Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it."

Thu, 2022-04-14 11:40 +0000

Sophie Mann, Just the News:  Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has offered to buy all of Twitter at a price that values the social media platform at more than $43 billion. Musk called the offer his "best and final," and said if it was not accepted he would have to "reconsider my position as a shareholder."

He made the filing in a regulatory filing Thursday.

"I invested in Twitter as I believe in its potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy," wrote the Tesla CEO in a letter to the company's board chair.

"However, since making my investment I now realize the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company," said Musk.

Read the rest here.

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At Least 20 FBI and ATF Assets Embedded at Capitol on J6

Wed, 2022-04-13 14:22 +0000

Sophie Mann, Just the News:  Court filing states 20 federal 'assets' embedded at the Capitol on January 6

The 41-page motion was filed Tuesday before U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta in Washington, D.C., according to a report in the Epoch Times.

"At least 20 FBI and ATF assets were embedded around the Capitol on J6," a footnote in the motion reads. The motion also states that attorneys "combed through a mountain of discovery" including summaries of interviews conducted by FBI agents and that members of the Oath Keepers, a far-right group, were "being monitored and recorded prior to J6." 

Fischer writes that despite carefully inspecting a significant amount of evidence during discovery, he has not found "one iota of proof" that the defendants pre-planned or had any "intention, design, or scheme to specifically enter the Capitol Building on J6."

Read the rest here.

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Virginia House Bill 936 to End Sales Tax on Gold and Silver Passes Overwhelmingly

Tue, 2022-04-12 19:20 +0000

Jp Cortez, Sound Money Defense League:  Virginia Ends All Taxes on Purchases of Gold and Silver

(Richmond, Virginia - April 12, 2022) - By signing sound money legislation last night, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has ended Virginia’s discriminatory practice of assessing sales taxes on smaller purchases of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins.

Virginia’s House Bill 936, originally introduced by Del. Amanda Batten, was considered by multiple House and Senate committees before passing overwhelmingly out of both chambers and reaching the governor’s desk.

Virginia had been one of only seven states in the United States maintaining merely a partial sales tax exemption on purchases of precious metals. Virginia’s regressive practice of taxing only purchases under $1,000 singled out small-time savers for a tax penalty that larger gold and silver purchases do not face.

By enacting HB 936, Virginia has set an example for legislators in California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York, where smaller-sized purchases (under $500, $1,000, or $1,500) of precious metals are still hit with sales taxes.

The full Virginia sales tax exemption on the monetary metals will take effect on July 1 and remain in effect until at least June 30th, 2025.

Meanwhile, full exemption bills are pending in Alabama, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Tennessee, as the national backlash against taxing constitutional money accelerates in today’s environment of rising inflation and geopolitical conflict.

Including Virginia, 41 U.S. states now fully or partially exempt gold and silver from the sales taxes. That leaves 9 states and the District of Columbia as the primary jurisdictions that still harshly penalize citizens seeking to protect their savings against the serial devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note.

Jp Cortez, policy director for the Sound Money Defense League, explained that “by eliminating sales taxes on purchases of precious metals under $1,000, a huge impediment has been removed to storing one’s wealth in gold and silver.”

In her testimony in support of the bill, Del. Batten explained that it doesn’t make sense for someone to make large purchases of gold and silver tax free, but someone who wants to invest a smaller amount is punished with a tax… a tax which targets those who can afford it the least.

“Inflation has become an undeniable problem due to financial mismanagement by the Federal Reserve and by the politicians in Washington DC. Thankfully, both large and small investors in the Old Dominion can now protect the purchasing power of their wealth with sound money without being taxed,” said Money Metals Exchange president Stefan Gleason, whose company has helped lead sound money policy efforts.

States have been removing sales taxes from monetary metals for the following reasons:

  • Taxing precious metals is unfair to certain savers and investors. Gold and silver are held as forms of savings and investment. States do not tax the purchase of stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, and other financial instruments, so it makes no sense to tax monetary metals.
  • Levying sales taxes on precious metals is illogical because gold and silver are inherently held for resale. Sales taxes are typically levied on final consumer goods. But precious metals are inherently held for resale, not “consumption.”
  • Taxing gold and silver harms in-state businesses. It’s a competitive marketplace, so buyers in states with precious-metals sales taxes often take their business to neighboring states that have eliminated or reduced sales tax on precious metals. Coin conventions also tend to avoid the sales tax states.
  • Taxing precious metals is harmful to citizens attempting to protect their assets. Purchasers of precious metals aren’t fat-cat investors. Most who buy precious metals do so in small increments as a way of saving money. Precious metals investors are purchasing precious metals as a way to preserve their wealth against the damages of inflation. Inflation harms the poorest among us-including pensioners, Virginians on fixed incomes, wage-earners, savers, and more.

The Sound Money Defense League, a non-partisan, national public policy group working to restore sound money at the state and federal level and publisher of the Sound Money Index. Money Metals Exchange is a national precious metals investment company and news service with more than 500,000 readers and 350,000 customers. It also operates Money Metals Depository for vaulting of gold and silver and Money Metals Capital Group, a collateral lending institution.

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Free Speech for Fun and Profit

Tue, 2022-04-12 12:13 +0000
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Matters Before the Special Counsel Include Alfa Bank Hoax

Tue, 2022-04-12 11:38 +0000

Techno Fog, The Reactionary:  Special Counsel John Durham continues his focus on the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Special Counsel John Durham has asked high ranking officials from the Clinton Campaign and Hillary for America, including the Clinton Campaign’s Chair (who we believe to be John Podesta1), about their awareness of the activities conducted by Fusion GPS on Hillary’s behalf.

This confirms an important avenue of Durham’s investigation: whether the Hillary Campaign or Hillary for America were part of a conspiracy to traffic false information to the FBI and other governmental entities.

While we reported on this development back in December, Durham’s latest filing (available here) provides context to his statement that Hillary for America, the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and former employees of that campaign were involved “in matters before the Special Counsel.”

Read the rest here.

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Two Millennials Taking the Fight to the Democrats

Mon, 2022-04-11 18:04 +0000

Cameron Keegan, Dear Rest of America:  What Can Republicans Learn From These Two Millennials?

James David “J. D.” Vance, a candidate running in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate in Ohio, unapologetically defended Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene since she came under intense scrutiny for speaking at a particular conference.

In February of this year, Greene delivered a speech at the third America First Political Conference, organized by Gen Z political activist Nicholas J. Fuentes, which included video messages from elected Republican officials, including Arizona Reps. Wendy Rogers and Paul Gosar, and Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin.

After being asked why Vance promoted Greene’s endorsement, he sprung to her defense at the Ohio GOP Senate debate and highlighted a bitter truth that needs thorough digestion. Referring to “the media,” Vance said, “they play this guilt by association game, where they get us [Republicans] to stab our friends in the back. And then we wonder why the Left always wins, even though we sometimes win elections.”


In contrast to J.D. Vance’s childhood, Republican North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn, born in 1995, was raised in a two-parent, upper-income household and entirely homeschooled through to 12th grade. In 2014, former Rep. Mark Meadows nominated Cawthorn to the U.S. Naval Academy; however, a sudden twist of events left the 18-year-old paralyzed from the waist down, and he now uses a wheelchair. Unlike Vance’s decision, Cawthorn dropped out of a private college, claiming that his injuries had interfered with his learning. Still, he had gained experience and contacts working as a staff assistant in Meadows’ district office and eventually became the youngest member of U.S. Congress.

In a recent interview, Cawthorn didn’t resist from tearing straight into his own party. For starters, he claimed to have seen fellow Republicans, who were involved in leading movements on removing drug addiction, taking a “key bump of cocaine” in front of his eyes.

If that weren’t discouraging enough, there’s more to come. But this 26-year-old burst of optimism is outspoken and straight-talking. This isn’t a political endorsement of Madison Cawthorn (or Mark Meadows) but, instead, to emphasize a damning reality that is too hard-hitting and cannot be ignored anymore.

Read the rest here.

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Twitter Drama Continues...

Mon, 2022-04-11 11:59 +0000

Daily Mail:  Elon Musk refuses to join Twitter's board after becoming the company's largest shareholder with a 9.2% stake

Musk, who disclosed a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter just a few days ago, was offered a board seat on Tuesday, and his appointment was to become effective on Saturday.

But Agrawal announced on Sunday evening that Musk, 50, had decided not to take up his seat.

'Elon shared that same morning that he will no longer be joining the board', Agrawal said on Twitter, adding that he thought it was 'for the best'.

The usually vocal Musk has not commented on his decision but early Monday morning he tweeted an emoji of a smiling face, with a hand over its mouth - supposedly an expression of rapture, a smirk, a shy smile, or indicating happiness. He then deleted it.

Twitter's CEO also did not reveal the reason behind Musk's surprising decision. 

'The board and I had many discussions about Elon joining the board, and with Elon directly,' wrote Agrawal.

'We were excited to collaborate and clear about the risks.

'We also believed that having Elon as a fiduciary of the company where he, like all board members, has to act in the best interests of the company and all our shareholders, was the best path forward. The board offered him a seat.' 

Yet Musk then changed his mind, amid days spent posting a flurry of tweets suggesting changes to Twitter, and conducting online polls - some serious, some seemingly in jest. 

Had he taken a board seat, he would have been limited in how much of the company's shares he could own, with a 14.9 percent cap.  

Musk could now remain a passive investor or plan a hostile takeover of the company.

Read the rest here.

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The Old Marxists Didn't Believe in God — Didn't Believe in People Either

Sun, 2022-04-10 14:52 +0000

Michael Smith:  Fun Facts About "Great" Communists

Marxism is apparently a disease of prosperity, afflicting the children of privilege…but then that does reveal its origins as an elitist orthodoxy based on the childish idea of revolt and rebellion, doesn’t it? The children of the rich and the academics, presuming that their personal “trials” validate their “struggles” against their own wealth as if those “struggles” were the same as those of the hungry in the streets, then using their advantage of family wealth to construct an ideology designed to control others that they deem incapable of making decisions for themselves seems, well, a bit narcissistic.

Ayers, Dohrn and Boudin, who are all quite rich and very white, equated their “class struggle” with those who were black and poor and joined forces with the Black Panthers.

I don’t know, it seems all too self-righteous and self-aggrandizing to me.

Seems to be a touch of mental illness/irrational need for retribution here as well since Stalin killed 7-10 million Ukrainians by starving them and then relocating them by force to Siberia, Mao is estimated to have killed 45 million, Pol Pot had his killing fields where an estimated 3 million died. The glorious revolution of global Marxism is estimated to be responsible for between 100 and 150 million deaths.

Read the rest here. 

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This Week's Favorites

Sun, 2022-04-10 12:09 +0000

PowerLine: This Week in Pictures

See the rest here.

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The Biden Show — Season One Highlights

Sun, 2022-04-10 11:05 +0000

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Green... Renewable...

Sun, 2022-04-10 10:47 +0000
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They Don't Work For Us

Fri, 2022-04-08 19:43 +0000

Stacey Abrams, an activist and politician, went from a net worth of $109,000 to $3.17 million without ever getting elected to office.  We think our elected officials should be accountable to the taxpayers, but Abrams shows how politicians are completely independent of the taxpayers and the voters.  Abrams is a de facto free agent who works for the people who pay her, but your average taxpayer and voter is not among them.

Matt Lewis, Daily Beast:  Here’s Why Stacey Abrams’ Millions Matter

Stacey Abrams is now a member of the millionaire’s club. That’s right. In the four short years since her failed 2018 Georgia gubernatorial bid, Abrams went from a net worth of $109,000 to $3.17 million, according to state disclosures. For some people, losing an election is a crushing blow. For Abrams, it was a goldmine.

Unlike politicians who inherit their wealth or suddenly see their income explode after winning office (the rich get elected and the elected get rich), Abrams had to hustle. (The bulk of Abrams’ money comes from paid speeches, investments, book deals, her role as executive director of the Southern Economic Advancement Project, and her role on the board of Heliogen—a California company whose aim is “replacing fossil fuels with concentrated sunlight.”)

Still, these opportunities wouldn’t have been possible without the attention she garnered by running for governor. Complicating matters is Abrams’ refusal to concede her loss, which helped boost her status as both a victim and a leader of the resistance.

Read the rest here.

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Federal Judge Finds January 6 Defendant NOT Guilty

Fri, 2022-04-08 13:32 +0000

Julie Kelly:  Another January 6 Narrative Goes Boom

How does a mob “illegally storm” the Capitol building when police let them in?


Following his acquittal, Martin spoke to reporters outside the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C. “I am very thankful for the judge’s verdict and hoping to get my life back together, get my job back,” said Martin, who was fired as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy after he was arrested a year ago.

As Martin tries to rebuild the life his own government attempted to annihilate over a 10-minute jaunt through a public building which had been vacated by lawmakers, Martin might get the last laugh. His trial blew up one of the most animating features of January 6—that hundreds if not thousands of Trump supporters overran police and unlawfully invaded the Capitol. Despite a trove of video evidence, including security camera footage showing how law enforcement officers stood by as people filed in on both the east and west side of the Capitol, the myth that a “mob” broke down doors to gain entry persists to this day.

But that narrative just suffered a major blow—and by a witness for the government, no less.

Testifying under oath, a U.S. Capitol police official told the court that police indeed had allowed people to enter the building that day. 

Read the rest here.

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Disinformation from the Conference on Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy

Fri, 2022-04-08 11:05 +0000
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Always Good to Have a “Lawyer Acquaintance”

Thu, 2022-04-07 19:37 +0000

Jonathan Turley:  The Stanley Kowalski Defense: Durham Seeks to Force the Clinton Campaign and DNC to Turn Over Evidence in Sussmann Case

The filing not only raises serious questions about the professional position of Perkins Coie and its former counsel. It also raises questions about the position of journalists cooperating in this effort. One such reporter is depicted as eagerly pursuing any allegations against Trump despite the lack of proof of authenticity. In one exchange, a figure at Fusion GPS tells the reporter “do the [expletive] [Alfa Bank] secret comms story. It’s hugely important.”

Many did in reporting on the Steele Dossier and Alfa Bank allegations despite the lack of proof. After all, running these claims was “hugely important” and there was no reason worry: Fusion GPS and the Clinton Campaign have a lot of “lawyer acquaintances.”

Read the rest here.

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Democrats are Done with Joe Biden

Wed, 2022-04-06 15:20 +0000

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While Repeatedly Billing the Clinton Campaign

Wed, 2022-04-06 11:01 +0000

Epoch Times:  John Durham: Ex-Clinton Lawyer Allegedly Lied to FBI in Writing

Special counsel John Durham published potentially conclusive evidence in the case against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann on Monday night, showing alleged text messages the cybersecurity lawyer sent to the FBI general counsel that he wasn’t working for any client when he provided information to the bureau.

Durham’s team charged Sussmann last year with lying to the FBI when he presented information about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to then-FBI general counsel James “Jim” Baker in late 2016. Sussmann allegedly concealed that he was working for the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and tech executive Rodney Joffe when he provided the claim that the Trump Organization had a secret link with a Russian bank, which the FBI later said was not credible.

“Jim – it’s Michael Sussmann. I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss,” Sussmann allegedly wrote to Baker, according to the late-night court filing (pdf). “Do you have availibilty [sic] for a short meeting tomorrow? I’m coming on my own – not on behalf of a client or company – want to help the Bureau. Thanks.”

There's more.  Read the rest here.

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This Week's Favorites

Sun, 2022-04-03 13:41 +0000

PowerLine:  This Week in Pictures.


See the rest here.

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'Laptop from Hell' Story Isn't Going Away

Sun, 2022-04-03 04:22 +0000

Independent Journal Review:  Hunter Biden Probe Broader Than We Ever Realized, Not Even Establishment Media Can Ignore What's Happening Now

The New York Times’ admission two weeks ago that the emails found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop were real was a signal to some of us that the Times was trying to get out ahead of something.

When The Washington Post, CNN, ABC and NBC acknowledged the emails were real on Wednesday, we knew something was up.

On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, multiple media outlets reported that the inquiry into Biden’s taxes which began several years ago has expanded to include possible money laundering and foreign lobbying violations.

On Wednesday, sources familiar with the matter told ABC News that an “increasing number of witnesses have appeared before a grand jury impaneled in Wilmington, Delaware,” over the past few months.

Witnesses are being asked about Biden’s finances, specifically his income from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, where he served on the board of directors. Some have been questioned about “how he paid his taxes in recent years.”


Here are some possibilities:

  1. Hunter Biden could be indicted.
  2. Evidence that President Joe Biden benefited financially from his son’s dealings could surface.
  3. Evidence that Joe Biden was well aware of his son’s underhanded business dealings could come to light.
  4. The story has simply become too big for the establishment media to hide. They have to at least pretend to be journalists.

Time will tell.

Read the rest here.

A side note:  Oddly, the article linked above makes no mention of Tony Bobulinski who has said that Hunter Biden would hold 10% for "the big guy" and that the big guy knew about it.

Nor does the Washington Post mention the company SinoHawk Holdings, which was set up on May 15, 2017, for a joint venture between CEFC and Hunter and his business partners. This was the deal for which Joe Biden was to get a 10% cut, as cited in an infamous 2017 email on the laptop, “10 [percent] held by H [Hunter] for the big guy.”

Hunter’s former business partner, the CEO of SinoHawk, Tony Bobulinski, has publicly said that Joe Biden is the “big guy.” But the Washington Post curiously does not mention Bobulinski, even though his name is all over the emails and documents on the laptop relating to CEFC, and even though the naval veteran held a press conference spilling the beans on the Bidens in October 2020.

The question is not if evidence of Joe Biden's profit from or knowledge of Hunter's dealings come to light, but whether or not anybody will do anything about it.

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Connections: Ukraine, China, Diane Feinstein, HSBC, Epstein, Bill & Hillary, the list goes on

Fri, 2022-04-01 14:06 +0000

J.E. Dyer, The Optimistic Conservative:  The unclubbable Mr. Trump: China, Ukraine, and a surprise banking oversight action

A world, disrupted.

On 20 March, we checked in with a story from the period 2014-2016, when the French bank BNP Paribas was, initially, greenlighted by the Obama administration to do business with Iran, as sanctions were relaxed, and then months later was hit by U.S. government authorities with the biggest settlement forfeiture in banking history for a prior record of sanctions violations (including sanctions on Iran).

In the interim between the first development (January 2014) and the second (June 2014), BNP Paribas flagged – to UK officials – a suspicious transaction by the owner of Burisma, Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky.  The date of the notification, March 2014, fell in the period when Vice President Joe Biden was holding frequent phone conversations with top Ukrainian officials as the “Maidan Revolution” crisis expanded.  About a month after BNP Paribas alerted the UK to Zlochevsky – who had fled Ukraine in February 2014 – Hunter Biden and Devon Archer joined Burisma’s board, and payments from the company began flowing to them.

The prospective settlement for BNP escalated in this period from $1.1 billion to potentially more than $10 billion, a figure reported at the end of May.  In June 2014, the final figure of $8.97 billion was reported.

The story continued into 2015 and 2016.  In September 2015, funds from the bank’s settlement with one of the plaintiffs, New York County, were used by then-DA Cyrus Vance, Jr. to launch a non-profit dedicated to cybersecurity.  The non-profit, replete with former Obama officials, would go on to cross paths with the investigation of the DNC server intrusion in 2016, and the interrelated “research” effort of Rodney Joffe and experts at Georgia Tech that produced the fictional Alfa Bank-Trump narrative commissioned by the DNC and the Hillary campaign.

It’s a good rule of thumb that following the money always pays off.  There are things that can only be fully investigated by government agencies, but for open-source sleuths, following the money often identifies what those things are. Merely pulling the thread on the timing of BNP Paribas’ adventure in the first half of 2014 unearthed a host of otherwise obscure connections.

Read the rest here.

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